Three Act Hollywood Structure in Skyfall

Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 . Bond kills Silva Opening Development Resolution in the chapel and makes amends with before Midpoint. Silva is introduced Dark night of the soul. she dies. midway through, unsual in a Bond realises they’ve three act narrative. Although been “one step behind” Severine is killed, Silva is Silva from the start. They apprehended. A dramatic decide to lure him into a trap at his childhood Bond midpoint to break Act 2. Break in two. home in Scotland. commits to the by resolving to get back into shape and pursue the terrorists. Break in three. Bond, M Denouement. Bond Catalyst. Patrice escapes with the and Kincaid prepare a receives a gift from M, trap for Silva at Skyfall Eve takes a desk job files, inciting the with MI6. The mistrust B story. and lay in wait for the and Mallory becomes Bond’s relationship with M is between Bond and final controntation. M.v damaged when she orders Eve to M, a key B story, is shoot, Bond barely survives and is developed further. All is lost. Bond is unable left a physical wreck. to prevent Silva’s next attack and barely rescues M, they flee to Bond’s childhood home in The Opening image. Scotland to wait for Silva. opening shot establishes Bond, a Finale. Silva’s troops already close in on Skyfall and familiar to the . there is a dramatic gun Fun and games. Bond fight. Silva pursues M to Final image. Bond has travels to where an old chapel. recovered from his he fights Patrice, flirts with injuries and is ready to Eve, seduces Severine in Bad guys close in. go on with his next a casino and beats up Silva’s relationship with mission. some thugs! M is revealed. As he escapes, Bond realises Set up. A frantic chase this might have been through the streets of part of his plan… .

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The Debate. Despite the perceived betrayal, Bond’s ‘pathetic love of country’ compells him to return to London and stop Source: Save the Cat by Black Snyder, How to Build a Great by David Howard. the terrorists.