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A woman admires a piece in the “Identities/Perspectives” exhibit at CSU’s Gregory Allicar Museum of Art’s opening reception for Spring 2017. PHOTO BY ASHLEY POTTS COLLEGIAN CSU’s Gregory Allicar Museum of Art opens 3 new exhibits A&C By Ashley Potts Collins community members “We are so proud of our Frickman also addressed re- @11smashley came out to the opening recep- new exhibitions and our perma- cent calls for art strikes across From Juilliard tion last Thursday. nent installations, which seek to the country in light of the politi- The Gregory Allicar Muse- Museum Director and Chief honor a diversity of cultural ex- cal climate. um of Art at Colorado State Uni- Curator Linny Frickman ad- pressions, examine problematic “Many have noted that mu- to CSU versity has opened three new ex- dressed the crowd with an im- stereotypes and to promote an seums are places for civic and PAGE 11 hibitions for spring 2017. Many portant message of acceptance equity of western and non-west- civil discourse, that we are open students, professors and Fort and diversity. ern traditions,” Frickman said. see MUSEUM on page 10 >> COLLEGIAN.COM 2 Tuesday, January 24, 2017 FORT COLLINS FOCUS

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this • campus • says • funny • things • sometimes

“My favorite thing right now is that Uno: The Movie is listed as the highest rated comedy on IMDB.com”

“I’m aesthetically dying on the inside.”

“I don’t really have a laugh. It’s really just more like a gasping fish.” “That was a really visceral description. I’m not sure I’m okay with it.”

“Butter in Colorado is shaped weirdly.”

“Every time I walk into Braiden, I act like I’m the shit.”



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CAMPUS Students speak about experience on deep web By Logan Crizer @logloc19 and is completely untraceable. scam their buyers. The drugs for On only one occasion has the Determined to learn more Because of this, the deep web is purchase range from Adderall to interviewee had interception about her topic and why the pag- a hot spot for illegal activity, ac- ecstasy, and they even sell drugs with the post oŽ ce. es were blocked, the student ac- Editor’s Note: Names have cording to the Guardian. for weight loss. “I ordered some zanes and I cessed the deep web. been changed to protect anonym- According to the Guardian, “I have mostly used the got a letter instead of my package It was then she discovered ity. the deep web is 400 to 550 times dream market to buy molly, but from the post oŽ ce and FedEx the in-depth search ability that The internet is more than it larger than the regular internet, you can buy almost anything, that said your package has been the deep web enables. Marsha appears. Its backdoor access to which, when searched, only re- they even have tapeworms you confi scated,” he said, referring to searched the pages that were an underground and untraceable veals .03 percent of the total web can buy for weight loss,” Andrew the drug Xanax. “It then said you previously blocked on the nor- world creates an environment pages available. said. could come pick it up; I chose not mal search engines. ripe for anonymous activity. The deep web can be ac- Online currency, called Bit- to because that is sketchy, but The pages requested govern- cessed only through torrented coin, is used for the transactions. they had no way to trace it back ment logins and similar block- web pages, which are download- Participants buy the Bitcoin and to me.” ing agents, which prevented her ed by participants through ano- then upload it to their accounts. When the packages arrive from discovering more informa- nymity browsers like Tor, or are “Bitcoin is super easy to get, the drugs come hidden in objects tion. sent to participants by those who you can download an app and to be less detectable, he said. Still determined, Marsha at- already have access to them, ac- buy it,” Andrew said. “Plus it is “I’ve got some coke once that tempted to make a login to one cording to PC Advisor. legal, you just send it to your came inside of a nice pen, some of the websites, but the webpage The untraceable aspect of account and there is no way to acid that was hidden in a birth- began to download something the deep web makes it a hot spot trace it since the website uses day card and some zanes that onto her laptop. for all sorts of illegal activities, encryption.” came inside of a toy car,” he said. “I wasn’t able to delete the according to Rolling Stone. Andrew can then choose This market also has access entire program, and then it Drug market whether or not to send the mon- to a variety of products and ser- started kind of killing my com- Andrew, a CSU student, once ey fi rst, or to send it when the vices including hacking, fake IDs puter,” she said. “It began to de- used the deep web to buy drugs. package is in the mail. and fake passports. lete some things I stored on my The student used a site called The seller lists their require- Although the Dream Market computer like images and doc- TorBrowser logo. FILE PHOTO Dream Market, which is a world ments on the page and has a en- is widely used, it barely skims the uments. I disconnected it from COLLEGIAN wide network for selling and crypted code used to insert the surface of what is available on the internet but then it worked buying illegal substances. An- address. the web. through my laptop and deleted Two Colorado State Uni- drew said it is a main source for Andrew said the drugs can Protected information everything. Then eventually it versity students opened up this purchasing drugs that are used also be bought in any quantity re- Another CSU student, Mar- erased the computer’s start up week about their experiences on the CSU campus, and that he quested for a price almost always sha, was working on a project protocol.” with the deep web. knows quite a few people who cheaper than market value. about biological warfare when The laptop then became The deep web, or the dark have bought drugs o† of it. To evade any investigation she found that most pages that completely unusable, Marsha web, is the expanse of the inter- Each seller has a rating which into the purchase, most partic- explained it were blocked. The said. net that goes beyond traditional indicates how good their prod- ipants use a P.O. box instead of most she could gain access to was Logan Crizer can be reached search engines such as Google, ucts are and whether or not they home addresses. a Wikipedia page. at [email protected]. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY MIKE BERG. COLLEGIAN NEWS Tuesday, January 24, 2017 5 CITY CITY State trooper runs stop Mayor to speak on state of the city Monday By Hailey Deaver sign, vehicle collision @autumn_hail Mayor Wade Troxell will results in serious injuries speak at the annual State of the City address 6-7 p.m. on By Hailey Deaver CRASH team shut down the Jan. 30 at the Fort Collins Ar- @autumn_hail intersection of the collision for mory 314 E. Mountain Avenue. fi ve and a half hours while the The Mayor and the City A collision involving two scene was investigated. Police Manager Darin Atteberry will vehicles at the intersection of believe that no alcohol or drugs explore innovation, co-cre- Giddings Road and Richards were involved in the collision. ation and how the city has Lake Road, about six miles north Because the collision oc- become a platform for both. of campus, resulted in major curred in the 8th Judicial City Council will discuss and injuries Sunday evening. District, involved a law enforce- review the accomplishments A 2017 Buick Enclave was hit ment employee and serious in 2016, and then discuss the by a 2016 Toyota Camry that had bodily injuries the Critical Inci- new city goals for 2017. failed to stop at a stop sign. The dent Response Team is respon- Residents of Fort Col- vehicles ended up northeast of sible for releasing information lins are welcome to the event the intersection in a fi eld. that can identify the state troop- to learn more about solving Mayor Wade Troxell will speak at the annual State of the City address The driver of the Camry is a er. Identifying information on problems as a community and from 6-7 p.m. on Jan. 30. PHOTO BY MIKE BERG COLLEGIAN State Trooper in Weld County in the civilians will be released at a better ways to become more the Colorado State Patrol. The later time by Fort Collins Police. engaged as a community. can be found at voteforwade. com/user/cityo• ortcollins. collision occurred in the trooper’s The investigation is still Doors open at 5:30 p.m. org. Two watch parties are also personal vehicle. ongoing and will be presented and parking will be located in Residents are encouraged available for people to attend The driver of the Enclave to the Larimer County District downtown Fort Collins or at to ask questions prior to the a more informal event at The and the front seat passenger Attorney’s o¡ ce for review after the Old Town Parking struc- event on the City’s Facebook Lyric Cinema Café, 300 E. had serious injuries and were the investigation is concluded. ture at 209 E. Mountain Ave. page or Twitter using the Mountain Avenue or Prost transported to the Poudre If anyone who has more The event will have hors hashtag, #FoCoCrea. Tasting Room, 321 Old Fire- Valley Hospital. The state information on the collision d’oeuvres and refreshments Space is limited, so people house Alley. The Lyric has lim- trooper, and their adoles- and has not spoken to law for residents attending. planning to attend the event ited space and guests are asked cent passenger, were trans- enforcement, they should con- Mayor Troxell also an- are required to R.S.V.P. at fc- to R.S.V.P. in order to reserve ported to the Medical tact Tim Brennan at 970-416- nounced that he will be run- gov.com/stateofthecity. The space. Center of the Rockies with seri- 2229. ning for reelection in the April event will also be livestreamed Hailey Deaver can be ous injuries. Hailey Deaver can be reached 4 municipal election. More on the City of Fort Collins’ reached at news@collegian. The Fort Collins Police at [email protected] information on his campaign YouTube channel, youtube. com



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With: Chapman Croskell & Grace Reader OPINION 6 Tuesday, January 24, 2017 NOPE LETTER TO THE EDITOR DOPE

Using being sick as an excuse for Cupcakes. Feeling satisfi ed by con- Students for Life, your everything. #Flakey suming a whole cake but not feeling like death afterwards. right to free speech is Getting pulled over for not having a one inch sticker on your car. #Alter- not being violated nativeTags Meeting a Rockies player. Being wrong about words. Seriously! Penny pitchers. By Erik Petrovich give “unbridled discretion” to The English language is tricky. #AfterCollegeIt’sCalledAlcoholism the fund allocation committee In their lawsuit against to “favor the speech of popu- CSU claiming that their rights lar groups and to exclude the Skateboarders being ambiguous inbe- Cool middle names. Few and far be- were violated, campus organi- speech of unpopular ones.” tweeners of pedestrians and bikers. tween, but still incredibly dope. zation Students for Life makes Despite the apparent #RoadRage wild, unverifi ed and overblown destruction of this marketplace, claims. they are still allowed to sell pro- Free speech is a grow- life ideas and organize as an o“ - LETTER TO THE EDITOR ing topic of conversation on cial campus political group. Their university campuses across the hypothetical stall in the market- country, with a growing number place of ideas hasn’t been torn of students claiming that their down, and they can still share Happy Birthday, Ed Verne Roberts right to free speech has been their platform without Josh By Dylan Moran violated because their school Brahm coming to tell them how CSU Student Veterans Organization school, fi nishing all his credits Reasoner asks Roberts, “they decides not to allow certain to do it better. They are not the but two that he is incapable of told you it might have been speakers on campus. With the only group to have been denied a Circling the endless doing. Physical education and better if you died?” Simply likes of Breitbart News technol- speaker on the CSU campus: possibilities of learning by driver’s education. Student A after learning that the doctors ogy editor Milo Yiannopoulos The group claims that “it accidentally clicking the google was denied a diploma from his supported his attitude towards creating national followings o€ is impossible to fi nd a speaker logo while trying to research high school and the chance to suicide. Whether it was of being banned from speaking who is entirely unbiased and to something else can be a precar- further his education. That medical expertise or regret from schools (and from Twitter), create an event where everyone ious way of fi nding knowledge. student was Ed Roberts. of not getting him vaccinated it should be of no surprise that will necessarily feel a“ rmed.” Sometimes getting distracted for polio in time, it is never some of that mindset would Despite this, they chose to and forgetting about your acceptable to leave someone to trickle its way here to sunny Fort fi le a lawsuit against CSU after homework, yet still fi nding fi ght these battles of self-worth Collins, Colorado. inviting a speaker who would something of value. alone. Last week, on-campus have never enticed pro-choice As a broadcast on CBS Roberts went from pro-life organization Students students or faculty to his event. in 1989, in the show 60 minutes, “Ed Verne Roberts, the 120 pounds to 50 pounds, “I for Life fi led a federal lawsuit The goal of the Equal Rights In- the Disability Activist Ed Verne also discovered how powerful against Colorado State Universi- stitute is to educate already pro- Roberts had a conversation fi rst student with severe the mind is” says Ed Roberts. ty because the university chose life activists and citizens into with Harry Reasoner. The show disabilities; diagnosed For most people suicide is a not to provide funds for a pro- being able to convince others cuts straight to the chase with with polio at age 14, just quick out, a bullet in a gun life speaker to visit campus. The that bring pro-life is right, and a sensitive topic that is worth and a pull of the trigger, a speaker would have been Josh that being pro-choice is ethically discussing. The show begins before the vaccination noose and a kick of the chair; Brahm, president of the Equal and morally wrong. quoting Ed Roberts “fi rst of came out, an American- but for Roberts it was the Rights Institute, an organization Students for Life claims that all…” at this point the man who disabilities rights ultimate struggle to commit which provides online courses CSU has violated their constitu- is speaking has proven such a the tragic act of taking his and real-life training to pro-life tional rights and caused “irrep- joy for life that no one expected activist, the pioneer of own life. It makes you think, activists who want to know how arable injury” to the group by what he would say next, “I tried the independent-living that maybe, with the support to persuade others that being forcing members to pay activity to kill myself.” movement.” of his doctors, his school and pro-choice is philosophically fees to the university. Well it’s a good thing the people around him he wrong, and that being pro-life is Most importantly though, that he didn’t. Ed Verne would of never of even tried. a declaration of body rights. and with no sound basis, the Roberts, the fi rst student with So is talking about suicide The thing that Students group accuses CSU of allocating severe disabilities; diagnosed enough to keep those who for Life does not realize is, just activity funds based on its own with polio at age 14, just are challenged aware of their like every other right we have, viewpoints, with “no criteria or before the vaccination came options? Maybe it takes more free speech is not granted by standards.” out, an American-disabilities “There are very few people than that. CSU and cannot be taken away Despite this, in 2015, CSU rights activist, the pioneer even with the most severe The student and stu- by CSU. It is a right guaranteed allowed Ryan T. Anderson, who of the independent-living disabilities that can’t take dent veteran organization at by the Constitution and the believes in conversion therapy movement; to be accepted control of their own life… the Colorado State University are U.S. Government that you will for homosexuals and was an to the University California, problem is people around us battling suicide in a di€ erent not be imprisoned or other- advocate for a traditional defi - Berkley. Yet the things he had don’t expect us to.” The 60 way than Roberts did. He did wise persecuted for speaking nition of marriage, to speak on to overcome to get to that minutes episode focuses on it alone with strong mind and against the government or for campus. point would be a cruel and Roberts’ persistence to commit spirit. But, YOU ARE NOT expressing your own ideas about And in 2011, climate change outrageous shortcoming of suicide. How he would refuse to ALONE. Thanks to the work society. Free speech is not a right denier Fred Singer, who called humanity. eat, for lack of other means to of Ed Verne Roberts and to demand that public-funded the media “brainwashed” and Let’s put ourselves in do so, in his tenacious attempts many other activists, advo- universities provide funding for said fear about climate change Robert’s shoes for a second. he found out how powerfully cating so people with disabili- controversial speaking trainers, is a “psychosis”, was allowed to Let’s say student A is above willed the brain can be. “You ties can still live normal lives whose words would only matter speak on campus. average learner, profi cient have to be pretty creative when without being discouraged. to a very select few organizations Students for Life, your right with his subjects in school, you’re paralyzed from the neck With the purpose of support- and like-minded individuals. to free speech is not being ripped plays competitive sports and down” Roberts says in a light ing life all together simply In their suit, Students for from your arms. even has a crush on one of manner with a smile on his after learning that the doc- Life makes many wild, unveri- On-campus organizations the smart girls in his class. A face. tors supported his attitude fi ed, overblown claims. seem to not know the di€ erence year passes by, and student To see such a happy towards suicide. Happy birth- The group claims that the between guaranteeing free A contracts the devastating man overcome such disbelief day Ed and thanks for living a marketplace of ideas on the speech and thought for every- disease polio. These things by the people around him long and fruitful life. CSU campus has been violated body, and demanding a bigger do happen, with no control of is both inspiring and heart because funds allocated through microphone for yourself to turn the individual. Yet, student A wrenching to hear that no one the university’s Diversity Grant others to your view. prevails and continues high believed he could do it. Harry SPORTS Tuesday, January 24, 2016 7

BASEBALL Colorado Rockies winter caravan coming to Fort Collins By Chad Deutschman @Chaddeutschman able to see the players and see minutes to meet with players Bud Black, see our sta­ ,” said before they move on to go to the Warren Miller, Colorado Rock- Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant The Rockies are coming to ies director of communications. in Old Town for an invitation town. “Just to have sort of informal only lunch. Following the lunch, The Colorado Rockies an- conversations and really cele- the organization will visit the nounced details of their fi ve-day brate our fans.” Poudre Valley Hospital before 2017 Winter Caravan tour across When the caravan visits Fort heading up to Wyoming for an- the Rocky Mountain region, Collins on Wednesday, fans will other fan session and the Uni- which will stop in Fort Collins on be able to meet with outfi elders versity of Wyoming basketball Wednesday, Jan. 25. David Dahl and Gerardo Par- game against UNLV. The tour is designed to of- ra, pitcher Carlos Estevez and “You know it is hard during fer fans an opportunity to con- catcher Tom Murphy. the year to really reach out to nect with Rockies players and “I think (the players) are our fans with players cause sta­ in addition to conversing excited,” Miller said about the they are on the fi eld and they with members of the organi- player’s enthusiasm for the trip. are busy, but this gives them a zation about the current state “I think it gives them a chance to chance to really meet and greet of the team. Some of the player relax and sort of joke with fans with our fans and to engage with The Colorado Rockies; David Dahl (26), Tony Wolters and Charlie Black- names highlighting the tour in- and joke with each other, and I our fans,” Miller said about the mon (19) scramble to get a ball hit by the Texas Rangers. clude: Chad Bettis, Jon Gray, DJ think the fans like that interac- mission of the caravan. “It is all LeMahieu, Trevor Story, Tony tion the players have with each about the fans. We obviously about our team.” “A lot of these guys are busy,” Wolters and David Dahl. Rock- other when they are relaxed and play in Denver but we have so The caravan is set to visit Miller said. “It’s the middle of ies manager Bud Black, who was they’re not at work, they’re not many fans not only around the Colorado Springs and Littleton their vacation time, it’s the mid- hired in November 2016, and in the ballpark, so that’s import- Denver area but beyond, wheth- on Jan. 24, Fort Collins and Lar- dle of their workout time, and for general manager Je­ Bridich ant.” er it’s Colorado Springs or Fort ime, Wyoming on Wednesday them to come (on the trip), its will also be joining the caravan at The meet and greet with the Collins, and beyond in other Jan. 25, Grand Junction and Salt awesome.” select stops. players will take place in the states. It’s just important for us Lake City, Utah on Thursday Jan. Collegian sports editor Chad “It’s just to meet and greet Lory Student Center at 11:15 to go out and have those conver- 26 and Albequerqe, New Mexico Deutschman can be reached by our fans, and for them to just be a.m. Fans will have around 30 sations to see what fans think on Jan. 27 email at [email protected]. So you want to be a writer? The Rocky Mountain Collegian is looking for new reporter5x6s for the Spring 2017 semester. Any student who is interested is covering news, sports, arts & culture and opinion is invited to attend one of the upcoming informational meetings. Monday, Jan. 23, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 24, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 25, 7 p.m.

Each meeting will last up to one hour and take place in the Rocky Mountain Student Media offices, Room 118, Lory Student Center. No experience is required. All majors are welcomed. Contact Jim Rodenbush at [email protected] with any questions. SPORTS 8 Tuesday, January 24, 2017 BASKETBALL Tough road ahead for men’s basketball From dealing with star guard maining, including a pair with ous foul trouble, but reserve for- ship. Gian Clavell following his arrest San Diego State and Wyoming. ward Braden Koelliker fi nished Omogbo has been a dou- Justin for false imprisonment with a The Rams will also travel to both the night with four. ble-double machine and both Michael domestic violence enhance- Nevada and UNLV and play host At some point, Colorado Clavell and Nixon have really ment and subsequent nine-game to Boise State and Fresno State, State is going to be in a situation found their groove as scorers. All @JustinTMichael suspension, losing Che Bob, both of which have beaten CSU where someone fouls out or can- three have raised their scoring Devocio Butler and Kimani this season. not fi nish the game and that is totals in conference-play and re- Jackson to academic ineligi- Assuming that the team when this team is really going to ally upped their game since a de- bility and a postgame skirmish is able to get through these 11 be tested. moralizing loss to Kansas State It hasn’t been smooth sailing between Emmanuel Omogbo games without losing anybody The reality is that we cannot at the Pepsi Center on Dec. 17. for Colorado State men’s basket- and University of New Mex- else, the sheer amount of min- expect them to play perfect bas- How long will these three be able ball. ico assistant coach Terrence utes that the core players will ketball for the next two months to shoulder the weight though? While the team is coming Rencher, the Colorado State men’s have to play is going to take a tole and even Eustachy has admitted It will be interesting to see from a road victory at Utah State, basketball team has certainly by the time the Rams head to Las that the state of the roster will how the Rams handle the rest of a tough road lies ahead for a faced its fair share of adversity. Vegas for the Mountain West likely hurt them in tight games. the season, but without Che Bob CSU team that has only seven Despite getting through all Tournament on Mar. 8-11. The players have stepped up in and Devocio Butler to provide a scholarship players and a of this with a 12-8 overall re- In the most recent victory a di” cult situation, but having spark in the o ense and Kima- recently added walk-on from the cord, 4-3 Mountain West, just over Utah State, Gian Clavell only eight players on the ac- ni Jackson to provide depth in track team. one game out of fi rst place in the played all 40 minutes while Em- tive roster means this team is a the post, winning the Mountain Since the season began with conference, the road ahead is not manuel Omogbo (32), J.D. Paige ticking time bomb and that is a West is going to be a daunting an exhibition against Regis exactly smooth. (30) and Prentiss Nixon (38) shame because there is enough task. Nov. 8, it has been littered with Larry Eustachy’s team still each logged 30-plus minutes. talent for this team to compete Justin Michael can be distractions. has 11 conference games re- The starters did not get into seri- for a Mountain West Champion- reached at [email protected]

NATIONAL Quinn says no worries about o -fi eld issues for Falcons at Super Bowl By Michael Cunningham Starr Man of the Year Award for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution high moral character. Robinson, now a radio The last time the Falcons analyst for the Panthers, cau- went to the Super Bowl they tioned that team’s players before su ered a disappointing loss they traveled to play in last year’s following an embarrassing and Super Bowl. distracting incident the night be- “I told them I cried all fore: safety Eugene Robinson’s night,” Robinson said, accord- arrest on a charge of soliciting a ing to the Charlotte Observer. prostitute. “Dude, I cried all night. How did The Falcons are returning to I get way over here when I was the Super Bowl for the fi rst time way over here? Well, it is easy since that 1999 game. Coach to lose your way when you’re Dan Quinn said he’s not con- selfi sh, and you’re thinking about cerned about any of his players yourself, and that’s what I did.” getting into trouble next week in There have other publicized Houston before the Falcons play incidents involved Super Bowl the Patriots on Feb. 5. participants, and both of their “I recognize the question,” teams also lost their games. Quinn said at his Monday news Raiders o ensive lineman conference. “Honestly, on some Barrett Robbins disappeared other teams I’ve been a part of, from the team on the Friday you might have worried, but not prior to the 2003 Super Bowl in this team. This team is so tight San Diego. Robbins showed up and the accountability they have to the team hotel disoriented for one another is so strong and the night before the game and so, to me, that’s why (there is no checked into a hospital the next worry). morning. “They totally rely on one Robbins later said he was another. This brotherhood is diagnosed with bipolar disorder so strong, they care about one and was experiencing a manic another and they are play- episode at the time. ing for something bigger than Bengals fullback Stanley themselves. For this team and Wilson went on a cocaine binge this group, I totally trust them.” and missed his team’s 20-16 loss The Falcons lost 34-19 to to the 49ers in the 1988 Super the Broncos in the 1999 Super Bowl in Miami. Wilson resur- Bowl. Robinson was arrested the faced on the Monday following night before after Miami police the game. He has said that he’s said he o ered an undercover struggled with addiction for o” cer $40 for sex. The arrest years. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan celebrates with Julio Jones, connecting for a 70-plus yard touchdown came hours after Robinson had Content from Tribune News pass for a 31-0 lead over the Green Bay Packers during the third quarter in the NFC Championship game on been presented with the Bart Service. Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017, in Atlanta, Ga. PHOTO BY CURTIS COMPTON ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSITUTION The Rocky Mountain Collegian | Tuesday, January 24, 2017 9 ARTS & CULTURE 10 Tuesday, January 24, 2017

MOVIES & TV ‘Hidden Figures’ teaches important lesson

By Nate Day ell. As if that were not enough, roles to give heartfelt and his- cause of the cast and the mu- tance is just as strong today as it @CSUCollegian the fi lm has already racked up torically accurate performanc- sic, but because of the writing was in the 1960s. In 2017, it can The fi gures involved with several award nominations, in- es that sincerely round out the as well. Humor in the movie is be easy to write o“ eras of overt NASA in 1961 may have been cluding two Golden Globe nods. story as well. seamless and breezy, as is the discrimination as merely being hidden at the time, but they cer- Needless to say, the cast Also interesting was the chemistry between the three in the past, but this fi lm reminds tainly are not anymore. does an incredible job, and each music behind the fi lm. Pop and leading ladies. Possibly most im- us that it is not just history. Ex- Fox 2000’s latest picture and every one of them truly R&B artist Pharrell Williams portantly, the fi lm does not have cept for some small details such details the incredible true story embodies the men and women penned several powerful songs a single boring beat, despite fo- as women of color being forced of three scientists, Katherine they were tasked to portray. Of that completely embrace the se- cusing on intense sciences and to use separate bathrooms, the Goble, Dorothy Vaughan and special note is Taraji P. Henson’s verity of the situations that the mathematics. movie could have easily taken Mary Jackson, and the obstacles Katherine Goble, a character trio of scientifi c and civil rights The fi lm has very few down- place in modern day. The trio facing them as African-Amer- vastly di“ erent from Henson’s pioneers face, while also high- falls. The biggest being that of women face scrutinizing as- ican Women in Hampton, Vir- character on “Empire,” show- lighting the optimism, love and all three women have such in- sumptions and a lack of atten- ginia. ing her elasticity and dedica- energy that they each pour into credible stories that they could tion and gratitude for the work Directed by Theodore Mel- tion to her craft. Surprisingly, their lives. Williams also teamed have benefi ted from their own they do, which is still an issue fi , “Hidden Figures” boasts an Janelle Monáe transfers from up with famed composer Hans fi lms, making this fi lm feel a bit that we face today, “Hidden all-star cast, headlined by Os- music to fi lm seamlessly, and Zimmer to score the fi lm, which stu“ ed. But besides that, the Figures” is a delicate but com- car-nominee Taraji P. Henson, after this fi lm and her turn in turned out nicely as well. Do not worst part is Kirsten Dunst’s manding reminder not to un- Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer “Moonlight,” do not be shocked be surprised if Williams brings awkward come-and-go accent. derestimate anyone, especially and Janelle Monáe, and sup- to see her appear in more mov- a few awards home for his work Should you watch it?: Yes not based on their skin color or ported by the likes of Kevin Cos- ies in the future. Both Jim Par- on this fi lm. Perhaps what was most gender. ner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, sons and Glen Powell deviate The fi lm is enjoyable from beautiful about the fi lm, howev- Nate Day can be reached at Mahershala Ali and Glen Pow- from their wacky television start to fi nish, and not just be- er, is that its message of accep- [email protected].

>> MUSEUM from page 1 tad collection, which makes up to all, that we honor diverse voic- much of the museum’s perma- es and opinions and that this nent collection. is extremely important at this “Tor Tanstad, your transfor- time,” Frickman said. mative gift has already changed She invited everyone to keep the museum, but we are so enjoying the museum as they pleased to highlight beautiful 17th continue their important dia- and 18th century drawings from logue on these issues through your collection,” Frickman said. art. The new exhibitions deal These pieces will be on dis- with those issues directly. play in the Works on Paper Gal- The “Survivance” exhibit lery in the museum through presents native North American April 21. art from the past and the present. The third new exhibition This exhibit is particularly spe- is the “Identity/ Perspectives” cial, as it was curated by under- exhibit. Frickman curated this graduate students in ART 317: exhibit with the help of CSU pro- Native North American Art. Last fessor Eleanor Moseman. spring semester students in the “She and I put together a se- class worked with pieces from ries of concepts relating to the in- the museum’s permanent collec- teraction between text and image, tion as part of their fi nal research or text as image, and conceptions papers. of how the body is used in con- “It wasn’t just the tradi- temporary art, and how space is tional academic research paper activated in contemporary art, where they read a lot of sources and how political or activist mes- and studied what anthropolo- sages are conveyed through at- gists said, they also made a huge tention to either ethnic or racial e“ ort to reach out to contem- identity,” Moseman said. porary indigenous knowledge This exhibit is all about chal- bearers within the communities lenging ideas of what is normal. that the art forms are represent- It was put together in a very non- ing,” said ART 317 professor linear fashion. The works play Emily Moore. o“ of each other throughout the Moore taught the class last gallery space, and none is meant spring semester and said she to represent a high point in the Child looks at a piece in the “Survivance” exhibit at CSU’s Gregory Allicar Museum of Art’s opening reception for Spring 2017. PHOTO BY ASHLEY POTTS COLLEGIAN took great pleasure in working collection. with her students on this project. “We thought of it as individ- Their exhibition is part of the ual themes that are intercon- tally thinking about what to do Frickman was excited to add Art History,” Frickman said. permanent collection and can be nected, and work by these artists with their collection and they more contemporary art to the The Gregory Allicar Muse- viewed in the Native American that speaks across these di“ er- wanted to give to collections museum’s collection, much of um of Art is open from 10 a.m. to Gallery of the museum. ent themes relating to contem- where they know that students which came from the Addison’s 6 p.m. Tuesday through Satur- The new “Drawing on Tra- porary experience of the self in will be able to study the work collection. She also expressed day. It is located in the University dition” exhibit features a num- society,” Moseman said. and to have faculty be able to use her gratitude for the professors Center for the Arts at 1400 Rem- ber of Baroque style works from The exhibit is made up en- this kind of artwork in teaching,” who volunteer their time to help ington St. More information can 17th and 18th century Europe. tirely of work donated by Polly Moseman said. curate at the museum. be found at artmuseum.colos- The pieces display a wide range and Mark Addison. The Addi- The “Identity/Perspectives” “The museum could not do tate.edu or on the CSUArtMuse- of drawing mediums from many sons are Colorado natives and exhibition will be in the Gri¥ n what we do without the volun- um page on Facebook. countries in Europe. The works long-time art collectors. Foundation Gallery of the muse- teer service of these professors Ashley Potts can be reached at are part of the Hartford-Tans- “They have been incremen- um through May 6. from the Department of Art and [email protected]. ARTS & CULTURE Tuesday, January 24, 2017 11 MUSIC CSU welcomes trumpet professor, Juilliard graduate By McKenzie Moore had listened to growing up. To be There is nothing better than @mkenziemoore1`72 asked to join a group with such making music with others who a legacy and prominent place in share a similar passion and com- The School of Music, The- the music world was incredible, mitment. It’s about constant dis- atre and Dance at Colorado and it’s something I don’t ever covery, the pursuit of excellence State University introduced a take for granted.” and the joy of creating some- new trumpet professor this year: Canadian Brass has per- thing meaningful.” Canadian Brass member Ca- formed almost 300 concerts and Hudson looks back on his leb Hudson. Hudson graduated recorded four albums since Hud- own musical history, including his from Juilliard after a lifetime of son joined in 2013. The group teachers and mentors through- pursuing music. puts an emphasis on education, out the years, to guide him in his “I started playing the trum- and the interaction with young teaching future at CSU. pet when I was 10 years old, and music students inspired Hud- “All I want to think about it was my fi rst, and only, instru- son to pursue teaching his craft. is what’s best for the students,” ment,” said CSU trumpet profes- However, when it comes to being Hudson said. “What can I do now sor Caleb Hudson. “My parents a professor for CSU’s trumpet to be the best resource available bought me a used, dented, rusty studio, Hudson admits that he is to them? How can I use my tal- horn from the classifi eds, and I a total rookie. ent, knowledge and platform to fell in love with it immediately. “I’ve never held a previous serve in the best capacity? When Caleb Hudson teaches as the professor of the CSU Trumpet studio as I have vivid memories of those college teaching position,” Hud- I think of legacy, I immediately well as performs with the popular brass ensemble, the Canadian Brass. initial years, waking up at 5 a.m., son said. “I’ve taught in many think of my own teachers. The PHOTO BY NATALIE DYER COLLEGIAN getting ready for school and then di‹ erent capacities all over the best of them were true mentors practicing my trumpet until the world, but all of them were fair- as well. They exuded a generosity that leaving behind a legacy for atric facilities and AIDS shelters, school bus came. I would stare ly short-term. A coaching here, of spirit and made sacrifi ces. All young musicians is one of his top I began to realize that my artist- out the window and dream about a masterclass there, private les- of the musicians I respect most priorities. ry had a place in my community. getting into Juilliard and be- sons interspersed as well. My po- are those kind of inspiring teach- “I think that when it comes As I began to teach young un- coming a trumpet soloist. Very sition at CSU is exciting because ers, and I want to be like them.” to the love for any art form or dis- derprivileged students from the soon after I started playing, I was I have the chance to build some- CSU’s Center for the Arts cipline, the natural expression is fi ve boroughs of New York City, overcome with a hunger and a thing here and to have a signifi - included Hudson in multiple to pass it on,” Hudson said. “I I learned that I could be useful passion for music, and thankful- cant impact on my studio.” performances in the fall semes- did not enter Juilliard with the in having a meaningful infl uence ly it hasn’t subsided since.” According to Hudson, pas- ter, including a feature with the intention of teaching in any ca- on others.” After graduating from Juil- sion and connection with his stu- University Symphony Orchestra pacity. I was focused on perfor- Hudson looks forward to liard, Canadian Brass invited dents are his top priorities while at their fall concert in Septem- mance, and refi ning my musi- another semester full of perfor- Hudson to audition. teaching at his trumpet studio. ber. Hudson will also join other cianship and technique. Then I mances, teaching and leaving his “My world was rocked when “Whether or not music plays members of Canadian Brass in started participating in various mark on CSU. I was invited to audition for Ca- a prominent role in their careers hosting a master class on Sunday, teaching and outreach programs McKenzie Moore can be nadian Brass,” Hudson said. is secondary,” Hudson said. “Mu- Jan. 29. Despite his busy perfor- at Juilliard. As I performed with reached at entertainment@ “This was an ensemble that I sic is worthwhile for its own sake. mance schedule, Hudson said other students at hospitals, geri- collegian.com. RAM DEALS


ALEC REVIEWS MUSIC Need to get someone off your back? As It Is brings fresh music to pop-punk By Alec Erickson @CTV_ace most notable things is that none a big role in “Hey Rachel,” which of the tracks necessarily feel like is about not being there for a It is not often that we see a fi ller track, everything on this sibling. There is also a lot of re- bands completely open up in record either serves a purpose or fl ection of the past in tracks like such a blunt way with their mu- tells a story, which makes listen- “The Coast Is Where Home Is.” sic. When it does happen, it is ing through a lot more enjoyable. “Okay.” is one of those records Ignore them and check out our blog. something to be impressed by. In addition to the improved writ- where it not only tries to refl ect The latest release of from pop- ing skills we are also seeing the on past experiences but also is collegian.com/blog punk band As It Is is not trying band add some more heavy work written in a way that looks for- to be relatable for the sake of in this record. There is plenty being relatable. “Okay.” is some here that keeps the sound fresh of the most refreshing music to and appealing. welcome into the scene. There is Musically, we are seeing a Includes a lot that this latest record brings lot heavier elements and more to the table. focus on guitar this time around Where To Buy FREE UK based band As It Is is with “Okay.” There is a lot of that iTunes: $9.99 UNLIMITED relatively young in comparison classic light pop-punk sound Gym Memberships tanning & to a lot of the bands in the pop- that we have grown used to with Amazon: $9.49 24/7 access punk scene. After starting back As It Is with tracks like “Pret- Best Buy: $11.99 *Some terms and around 2012, the fi ve-piece band ty Little Distance” or “Okay” conditions may apply. represents a good mix of the pop- but after that, the record really From $29.95 *Key card deposit. punk and emo scenes and are begins to open up with a more some hard-working musicians refreshed sound. Melodies are 970-472-1777 By Kings Soopers at Taft & Elizabeth as well. In their now almost fi ve memorable and there are tracks years they have released four with some pretty good hooks in extended plays, and one other them as well. On a technical level ward to the future. There is a lot full length record “Never Happy, tracks like “Patchwork Love” or of hope with this record, whether Ever After” back in 2015. While “Until I Return” really show the that hope is about relationships the album did well in the UK, it band’s true skill as musicians. If or failures or family, there is did not climb nearly as high in you really want the tracks that something that everyone should CLASSIFIEDS the charts here in the states. It earn that punk title though, you fi nd relatable here. www.collegian.com was only a matter of time before do not have to look further than Should you listen to it?: Yes another record would make its “No Way Out” or “Soap.” Even As It Is may be the new kids 970-491-1683 way out and after releasing a cou- if you are just a casual fan of the on the block in the pop-punk ple of singles in 2016, we fi nally genre, “Okay.” has a wide va- genre, but they have more than have the sophomore record from riety that is appealing enough proven their worth with “Okay.” As It Is, “Okay.” that you should not really have a This is one of those records that “Okay.” is an 11-track record hard time at all fi nding a favorite even if you are not that into the FOR RENT FOR RENT that clocks in to be around 37 track. scene it is worth checking out. AVAILABLE NOW SIX MONTH LEASE ON FUR- minutes long. Structurally, from Lyrically, we see the band There is a lot here for everyone, Deadline to submit classi ed ads is 4pm the day prior to publication. front to back, this record gets open up on a lot of past struggles and while it is more on the short- AWESOME 2 BED 2 BATH, NISHED 3 BEDROOM. Perfect more emotional as it goes on. here, and they really emphasize er side, this record is really well HARDWOODTo place an ad FLOORS, call 970-491-1683 LARGE or clickfor semester “Classi eds’ abroad. at Collegian.com. Our model While it is a lot more well-round- the point on how it is OK to be written both lyrically and mu- BEDROOMS, JUST BLOCK is available Aug to January for ed than “Never Happy, Ever sad. We see tracks like “Curtains sically. As It Is are proving that FROM CAMPUS. $1000. the- $560 per room. thebrandtcompa- After,” it does have some of the Close,” which tackles the idea of 2017 is going to be a good year for brandtcompany.com ny.com band’s best writing to date. It is divorce at an older age and what music. a lot more emotionally charged that is like to go through it. Addi- Alec Erickson can be reached Buying or Selling a condo in Fort than previous works. One of the tionally, the family element plays at [email protected] Collins! THREE BEDROOM JUST 2 Give us a call for more information BLOCKS FROM CSU on our sales 3 bed 2 bath near campus avail- services and what properties we able for prelease Aug 1, 2017. have coming soon. Call to schedule showings at 35 years serving Student Inves- (970)482-4000 visit website at the- tors. Erin or Dane at brandtcompany.com for multiple The Brandt Company (970)482- properties updated weekly. 4000.

3 bed 3 bath 3 story close to 3 bed 3 bath 3 story close to CSU and bus route. Preleasing CSU and bus route. Preleasing for August 1, ONLY $1450 rent. for August 1, ONLY $1450 rent. thebrandtcompany.com thebrandtcompany.com JOB OPPORTUNITIES

PRELEASING SUPER ONE PLAY SPORTS! HAVE FUN! BEDROOMCLASSIFIEDSMAKE MONEY! Recently updated very open Top-rated sports camp needs fun sunny fl oor plan.www.collegian.com Rent $800.00. loving counselors to teach all land, HEATHERIDGE 1 BED nice water & adventure sports. Great carpet views of lake970-491-1683 only $850.00 summer in Maine! Call (888) 844- visit thebrandtcomppany.com for 8080; apply at www.campcedar. more info. (970)482-4000. com Deadline to submit classi ed ads is 4pm the day prior to publication. To place an ad call 970-491-1683 or click “Classi eds’ at Collegian.com. ARTS & CULTURE Tuesday, January 24, 2017 13

CULTURE & COMMUNITY This week’s best-sellers from Publisher’s Weekly Here are the best-sellers 2. Food, Health, and Happiness. Dell ($9.99) for the week that ended Sun- Oprah Winfrey. Flatiron 9. Preacher’s Hellstorm. Wil- day, Jan. 15, compiled from data ($35) liam W. Johnstone. Pinnacle from independent and chain 3. Three Days in January. Bret ($7.99) bookstores, book wholesalers Baier. Morrow ($28.99) 10. Clawback. J.A. Jance. Pocket and independent distributors 4. Hillbilly Elegy. J.D. Vance. ($9.99) Today: nationwide, powered by Nielsen Harper ($27.99) BookScan (c) 2017, The Nielsen 5. Jesus Always. Sarah Young. TRADE PAPERBACK Virtuoso Series Concert - John McGuire, Horn Co. Thomas Nelson ($15.99) 1. Hidden Figures (movie tie-in). 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. 6. Killing the Rising Sun. O’Reil- Margot Lee Shetterly. Mor- Organ Recital Hall HARDCOVER FICTION ly/Dugard. Holt ($30) row ($15.99) CSU faculty artist John McGuire is joined onstage by keyboardists 1. The Mistress. Danielle Steel. 7. The Magnolia Story. Gaines/ 2. A Dog’s Purpose (movie tie- Tim Burns and Joel Bacon as he performs a diverse and exciting in). W. Bruce Cameron. Delacorte ($28.99) Gaines. W ($26.99) program of music from the Baroque all the way through modern. 2. The Whistler. John Grisham. 8. The Princess Diarist. Carrie Forge ($14.99) Doubleday ($28.95) Fisher. Blue Rider ($26) 3. Apprentice in Death. J.D. Pieces include Christoph Forster's Concerto in E-flat for Horn, 3. The Underground Railroad. 9. Tools of Titans. Timothy Fer- Robb. Berkley ($7.99) Songs of a Wayfarer by Gustav Mahler, and Richard Strauss' Colson Whitehead. Double- riss. HMH ($28) 4. Uninvited. Lysa TerKeurst. Concerto #1 for Horn. day ($26.95) 10. Zero Sugar Diet. David Thomas Nelson ($16.99) 4. Cross the Line. James Patter- Zinczenko. Ballantine ($28) 5. The Games. Patterson/Sulli- son. Little, Brown ($29) van. Grand Central ($15.99) 5. Below the Belt. Stuart Woods. MASS MARKET 6. The Girl on the Train. Paula Tomorrow: Putnam ($28) 1. Sweet Tomorrows. Debbie Ma- Hawkins. Riverhead ($16) 6. Two by Two. Nicholas Sparks. comber. Ballantine ($7.99) 7. Green Smoothies for Life. J.J. Info Session: Semester at Sea Grand Central ($27) 2. The Murder House. James Smith. Atria ($19.99) Jan. 25th, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. 7. The Chemist. Stephenie Mey- Patterson. Vision ($9.99) 8. My Grandmother Asked Me to LSC 372 er. Little, Brown ($28) 3. Mulberry Moon. Catherine Tell You... Fredrik Backman. Join us in the Lory Student Center for an information session 8. No Man’s Land. David Baldac- Anderson. Jove ($7.99) Washington Square ($16) about Semester at Sea. Learn more about this exciting education ci. Grand Central ($29) 4. A Dog’s Purpose (movie tie- 9. Fifty Shades Darker (movie 9. Small Great Things. Jodi Pi- in). W. Bruce Cameron. tie-in). E.L. James. Vintage abroad opportunity and how you can take CSU courses and earn coult. Ballantine ($28.99) Forge ($9.99) ($15.95) credits towards your major while sailing on a floating ship 10. Night School. Lee Child. 5. Alaska Skies. Debbie Macomb- 10. The Instant Pot Electric campus and visiting between 10 and 12 countries over the course Delacorte ($28.99) er. Mira ($7.99) Pressure Cooker Cookbook. of a semester. We will provide an overview of the program 6. Crash and Burn. Fern Mi- Laurel Randolph. Rockridge including logistics, costs, first-hand accounts by past participants, HARDCOVER NONFICTION chaels. Zebra ($7.99) ($14.99) and you will have an opportunity to ask any and all questions. 1. The Lose Your Belly Diet. Tra- 7. Wyoming Brave. Diana Palm- vis Stork. Ghost Mountain er. Harlequin ($7.99) Content from Tribune News ($25.95) 8. Rogue Lawyer. John Grisham. Service. This Week: CSU Women’s Basketball vs. San Diego State Jan. 28th, 2:00 p.m. Moby Arena

Upcoming: President’s Open Forum Jan. 31st, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Cherokee Park Ballrom

Registration Closes for Most Classes Feburary 1st

All Campus Career Fair Feb. 14th - 15th 14 Tuesday, January 24, 2017 | The Rocky Mountain Collegian Daily Horoscope NATIONAL Nancy Black TODAY’S BIRTHDAY VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — 8 (01/24/17). Coordinated group — It’s all for love over the next e orts provide far-reaching few days. Practice your arts. A chilling look at ‘Slenderman’ case results. New directions in a Forgive someone with a short partnership provide terrain for temper. Passions are in high By Meredith Blake lish the basic details of the case. people it’s easy (or maybe just Los Angeles Times a profitable run. Surmount a gear. Look before leaping. Though Geyser was allegedly comforting) to assume they are. personal challenge, allowing a LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) — 6 the one who stabbed the victim Weier’s father worries about romantic spark to kindle into — Slow down and relax. Home In simpler times, anxious –Payton “Bella” Leutner, her the influence of technology on flame. Collaborate for love. and family take priority today parents worried about what best friend since fourth grade his daughter and is seen trying, and tomorrow. Get expert might happen to their children –it was Weier who allegedly unsuccessfully, to pry his son To get the advantage, check the assistance with repairs; or risk at the park or on the walk home egged her on. “Go ballistic, go away from the iPad. Peyser’s day’s rating: 10 is the easiest learning the hard way. from school. These days, par- crazy,” she reportedly said, ac- mother recalls worrying that day, 0 the most challenging. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. ents fret about the dangers that cording to police. her daughter never got upset 21) — 8 — You’re especially might lurk behind a closed door As with other such duos– watching films like “Bambi”: “If ARIES (March 21-April 19) — 8 clever with words today and in their own home. Leopold and Loeb, Dylan Kle- something bad happened to the — Fulfill a professional fantasy. tomorrow. When opportunity “Beware the Slenderman,” bold and Eric Harris–Peyser main character, she wouldn’t Grab an opportunity for cre- knocks, open the door. Show running Monday on HBO, will and Weier complement each have empathy for them.” ative work over the next two respect, and keep your word. do little to quell fears over other in terrible ways. Weier What really sets “Beware days. Experience pays. Keep Write, publish and share your screen time, social media and is socially isolated and bullied, the Slenderman” apart is its practicing. Finish preparations view. the influence of technology on spending seemingly most of her attempt to place this gruesome before sharing. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. young people. The story it tells free time online. In one of the case in a broader cultural con- TAURUS (April 20-May 20) — 21) — 8 — Today and tomorrow is – at the risk of sounding like film’s more a ecting sequences, text. Brodsky spends a consid- 6 — The completion of a proj- get lucrative. Do what worked a local news promo – every par- Brodsky re-creates one of Wei- erable amount of time inter- ect opens time for something before. Self-control is required. ent’s worst nightmare. er’s browsing sessions, clicking viewing – via Skype, which more fun. Plan your vacation Try not to break anything. The documentary, directed through ephemera like an “Are seems apt – experts in memes, over the next few days; or if Maintain your budget, even if by Irene Taylor Brodsky, exam- you a psychopath?” quiz and a digital folklore and the Broth- you can get away, go. it’s tough. ines the disturbing case of Mor- YouTube clip of a woman feed- ers Grimm. They argue that, GEMINI (May 21-June 20) — 8 CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. gan Geyser and Anissa Weier, ing a mouse to wild cats. similar to the Pied Piper or — Opposites attract even more 19) — 9 — Enjoy a confident, two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls Peyser initially seems the other menacing fictional char- now. Discuss shared finances, powerful phase over the next who police say lured a friend more dominant and calculat- acters, the myth and choose priorities together. two days. Polish your personal into the woods and stabbed her ing of the two, but we gradually reflects the particular anxieties Manage money for growth to- presentation. Pamper yourself 19 times (she survived). The learn that she’s a bright young of its time. day and tomorrow. Discipline without spending a fortune. two are awaiting trial in the woman with a strong a¨ni- Evolutionary biologist is required, and it pays. Simple ingredients satisfy. 2014 case. The motive for their ty for fictional worlds. We see Richard Dawkins even weighs CANCER (June 21-July 22) — AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. alleged crime? Pleasing Slen- snapshots of her dressed as a in, describing a meme, even 8 — Work with a partner over 18) — 6 — Enjoy a thoughtful der Man, or Slenderman, a fic- Vulcan and hear how she be- something innocuous like the the next few days. Practice planning mode today and to- tional boogeyman popularized lieved in Santa Claus until she Ice Bucket Challenge, as “a vi- your moves together. Don’t be morrow. Rituals and routines through Internet forums, blogs was 11. rus of the mind spread by being afraid if you don’t know how. provide strength. Organize and and social media that, police Both girls have mental listened to or seen.” Patiently listen to a master. strategize. Gather materials, say, the girls believed was real. health issues that slowly came Fittingly, Brodsky incorpo- LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) — 9 and get the highest quality you “Beware the Slenderman” to light but that were not nec- rates (surprisingly non-cheesy) — Energy and demand for can a ord. joins a growing list of docu- essarily obvious to their family dramatizations of Slender Man your work are high today and PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) mentaries that fall under the members. The two find refuge into the usual doc blend of in- tomorrow, requiring mental — 7 — Teamwork is the crucial true-crime banner but that of- in their shared interests. Like terviews, police interrogations, and physical discipline. Don’t ingredient over the next few fer something more than lurid millions of other tweens, they home movies and news reports. push yourself too hard, or risk days. Let others carry the ball. sensationalism–“,” love scary stories and spend The final third or so of illness or injury. Keep your share of the bargain. “Making a Murderer,” “O.J. hours reading and sharing hor- the film also raises questions Made in America.” In this case, ror tales on the popular web- about childhood mental illness it’s a deeply unsettling look at site Creepypasta. They both and the justice system, where childhood mental illness, the become particularly fixated high-profile crimes such as this blurred line between the virtu- with Slender Man, an unusu- one are often handled with an al and real, and the potency of ally tall and thin, faceless man eye toward retribution rather Internet memes. who, according to lore, abducts than rehabilitation. Sadly, de- “Beware the Slenderman” children. 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