August 2019

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2 August 2019 From the President Become a Member The Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association is I’m jazzed about the upcoming August Festival. I look for- open to everyone. Our members include people who love to listen ward to hearing great music from the stages and jams in the to music and people who love to make music. As a member, you’ll campground. We have a fabulous lineup and activities for the be invited to participate in bluegrass and old-time music events and celebrations. You’ll receive discounted prices on admission whole family. In particular there are great opportunities to im- to events and merchandise, and you’ll receive a subscription to prove your instrumental prowess with the pre-festival jam camps Minnesota Bluegrass magazine. and the Hands on Workshops (HOW) at the festival. The pre-fes- Becoming a member of MBOTMA is easy and affordable. tival jam camps are a bargain and a lot of fun. After a hiatus, Your membership will not only nurture your own interests, once again we will have an Old-Time jam camp with members of but will help to ensure that the bluegrass and old-time music Steam Machine. I understand that the bluegrass jam camp with tradition is sustained and grows in Minnesota. Monroe Crossing is almost full. Please consider volunteering for a shift or two at the festival. Individual Includes Minnesota Bluegrass, events dis- The volunteer schedule is up on the website and it’s user friendly. $35 counts for one person, and a free classified According to member surveys, most August Fest attendees heard ad. about it from someone else. In other words--tell everyone you Family Includes Minnesota Bluegrass, events know about it. $50 discounts and a free classified ad. In some ways, it feels like the board is in a bit of a lull, but it is Band Includes Minnesota Bluegrass, advance just an illusion. We are working on a new strategic plan. The last $75 booking information for MBOTMA strategic plan was completed in 2009. A strategic plan is akin to a events, a free classified ad, and listings in road map; where are we going and how are we going to get there. the MBOTMA member band directory in Another project involves updating the bylaws, with an incredible print and on our website. amount of legalese. The law firm of Messerli & Kramer P.A. has Bronze Level Includes Minnesota Bluegrass, first-class been been providing Minnesota Bluegrass with legal advice pro $100 postage, events discounts, and a free clas- bono. We appreciate their help. sified ad. The program committee also has a full plate and has been Silver Level meeting regularly. Because of financial constraints, staff capaci- Includes Minnesota Bluegrass, first-class $150 ty, and an insufficient number of volunteers at most of our events, postage, events discounts, and a free clas- . we once again find ourselves in a position wherein we truly need sified ad to scale back on the number of events we produce. As a result, Gold Level Includes Minnesota Bluegrass, first-class the program committee needs to revisit the 2020 program. The $500 postage, events discounts, a free classified program plan for 2021 also needs to be developed and adopted by ad, and more. the full board at our October 2019 board meeting. Platinum Level Includes Minnesota Bluegrass, first-class Board elections will be held with ballots being submitted via $1000 postage, events discounts, a free classified email, snail mail and in person at the Fall Jam. We need to devel- ad, and more. op the roster of candidates well in advance of the election. If you Add $18 for First Class or foreign postage to individual, are interested in serving on our organization’s board of directors, family or band membership. please contact Shane Zach, board secretary. Ideally, prospective candidates will attend a board meeting or two to become familiar with how the board functions. Go to minnesotabluegrass.org and select the Membership tab to join online. Or mail in your personal information and payment to: Inside: MBOTMA, P.O. Box 16408, , MN 55416 From the President 3 Call 651-456-8919 for details or if you would like to join by phone.

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August 2019 3 Minnesota Bluegrass Calendar of Events Concerts and events presented or supported by the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association

The following events are presented or supported in part by the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association and made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a Minnesota State Arts Board Operating Support grant, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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August 8-11, 2019 - Thursday-Sunday November 15-16 - Friday-Saturday Minnesota Bluegrass Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival Fall Jam El Ranch Mañana Crown Plaza Hotel Richmond, MN Plymouth, MN Presented by The MN Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Assn Presented by The MN Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Assn

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4 August 2019 August 8-11 2019 El Rancho Mañana Campground, Richmond, MN

Five Time IBMA Event Of The Year Nominee! Beautiful Main Stage Shaded Seating Area Ricky Skaggs 35 Hours of Concerts Nightly Dances & Thunder Instrument Showcases Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Children’s Activities Over 20 Workshops Monroe Crossing Plenty of Campground Jam Clay Hess Band Sessions 30 Merchant & Molsky’s Mountain Drifters Food Booths Fireside Collective Campground with Steam Machine - Barley Jacks Showers & Beach Barbaro - Platte Valley Boys Shuttle Transportation Cousin Dad - Tony Rook Band A Welcome & Safe Environment Mash Tun - Honky Tonk Jump Kids Are Free! Corpse Reviver - Silver River Band Good Intentions - Sarah Mae & Birkeland Boys Switched at Birth - Georgia Rae Family Band Tickets on Sale NOW!! 1- - www.MinnesotaBluegrass.org 651-456-8919 MinnesotaBluegrass.org

Guitar & Mandolin

August 2019 5 AMAZING Your Chance PRIZES to WIN BIG!

Duet Contest Band Contest Friday, August 30, 2019 Saturday, August 31, 2019 11:30 AM–2:15 PM 11:30 AM–2:15 PM West End Market Stage, West End Market Stage, Minnesota State Fair State Fair ribbons and cash prizes State Fair ribbons and cash prizes to the top three bands ($500/ $250/$100) to the top three duos. ($1,000/$750/$250). First Place Band wins: First Place Duo wins: • A paid set at the 2020 Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival • 5 hours of studio time at Wild Sound • A cover article in Minnesota Bluegrass Recording Studio • 5 hours of studio time at Wild Sound Recording Studio • A cover article in Minnesota Bluegrass • A video session at Baby Blue Arts

Go to www.minnesotabluegrass.org for guidelines and to register. Register early - the contests fill fast! MinnesotaBluegrass.org

6 August 2019 November 15-16, 2019 Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West Hotel 3131 Campus Drive, Stage shows Plymouth MN Fireside Live Open Mic GMUG Workshops Theme jams Canote Brothers Verlon Thompson Lil’ Rev

Tickets and info: MinnesotaBluegrass.org

August 2019 7 MinnesotaBluegrass.org

8 August 2019 Grass Clippings

A New Festival Sheldon Theatre there will be a concert be a free outdoor concert at the Harbor by national finger style champion and Bar just across the river with Annie Mack is Coming to Prairie Home Companion regular Pat performing with her band. Annie has Donohue, along with another national been getting attention lately with her Red Wing, MN: finger style champion and international recording “Closer.” The Great River renowned talent, Tim Sparks, plus the For more information, directions unique and versatile guitar of Dean and to reserve concert tickets, visit Guitar Show Magraw. On Sunday afternoon there will greatriverguitarshow.com

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River lies the town of Red Wing, famous for Red Wing Shoes, Red Wing Pottery and the musical instrument repair school. This town has long been the destination for weekend getaways due to the charm of the historic downtown and Lake Pepin. On September 7 & 8 of 2019 there will be a new attraction in Red Wing, The Great River Guitar Show. This is an exhibit and concert for the public to enjoy the craft and music of stringed instruments. There will be Sept. 13, 14, 15, 2019 hand crafted acoustic and electric guitars, 21565 360th St, Albany, MN basses, amplifiers, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles, from over 30 makers from SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! MUSIC ALL 3 DAYS! the United States and Canada. Parade of Tractors: Bluegrass in the 1:30 pm Saturday, 2:00 pm Sunday The idea began in 2016 when the New Feature Building first show was presented as the Twin Tractors, Cars, & Gas Engines on Display Threshing Demonstrations (till Noon on Sunday) Cities Acoustic Guitar Show. After the Lots of items for Sale Open Mic on stage McNally Smith School of Music closed, General Store - Flea Market - Souvenir Shop the show was forced to find a new home. Open Jam Session at 10pm Lots of Pioneer History demonstrations Friday and Saturday night The Minnesota State College Southeast Friday Evening 7 PM: Pioneer Queen and in Red Wing was an obvious choice Pioneer Princess Coronations in the Saloon Musicians Welcome because the school has been teaching Friday Evening 6 PM: Garden Tractor Pull instrument repair and guitar and Sunday 11:30 AM: mandolin construction for decades. The Wild West Show by Wild Creek Entertainers show is similar to the 2016 event in that CHURCH SERVICES it has a performance stage and amazing Catholic Sat 5 pm, Sun 8 am instruments, but this year’s show has Ecumenical Sat 7 pm added attractions. Players’ workshops have been added with presenters Tim

Sparks, Pat Donohue, Jerry Kosak, Mark MinnesotaBluegrass.org Kreitzer, and Mike Cramer. There will be GATES OPEN: 7 AM - FREE PARKING movies to see; Acoustic Uprising by Drew Admission: $10.00 per day $18.00 Season Pass Kids 12 and under Free (when accompanied by an adult) Roller and Don’t Get Trouble in Your Primative Camping on grounds - $25. Camping Donation - Service Dogs only! Mind by John Whitehead. Plus, there will Event Sponsored by: The Stearns County Pioneer Club be open acoustic jams, a special exhibit of Look for us on Facebook (Stearns County Pioneer Club) unique and historic stringed instruments, door prizes by D’Addario, and food on WWW.ALBANYPIONEERDAYS.COM site. Admission is only $15. FOR GENERAL INFORMATION CALL 320-845-7410 On Saturday evening at the historic

August 2019 9 ON TOUR SUMMER 2019 North Morristown 4th of July Celebration Thursday, July 4 1:30 & 4:00 pm Morristown, MN 507-685-4372 4th of July Grounds, 10500 215th Street SW Battle Lake Public School Auditorium Saturday, July 6 7:00 pm Battle Lake, MN 218-862-5222 402 Summit St. W. Music In The Park Sunday, July 7 5:00 pm Longville, MN 218-363-2281 Salem Lutheran Church Gazebo, 1340 County Road 5 Plymouth Summer Music Tuesday, July 16 7:00 pm Minneapolis, MN 612-377-8680 Temple Israel, 2323 Fremont Ave. S. Wednesday, July 17 6:30 pm Harmony in the Parks, Lions Park Bandshell Lindstrom, MN 651-257-0620 Thursday, July 25 at 9:00 pm Brantling Bluegrass Festival Sodus, NY 585-415-9641 Friday, July 26 at 2:30 & 7:30 pm Brantling Ski Slopes, 4015 Fish Farm Rd. Saturday, July 27 3:00 & 8:00 pm Danby Olde Country & Bluegrass Festival, 245 Tifft Road Danby, VT 802-293-5515 Friday, August 2 7:00 pm Sounds of Spirit Lake, Spirit Lake Beach Area Menahga, MN 218-564-5462 Saturday, August 3 1:00 - 3:00 pm Stieger Park Bandstand, Victoria, MN Victoria, MN 952-443-3200 Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities Sunday, August 4 9:30 am Minnetonka, MN 952-935-3419 Minnetonka Campus, 16023 Minnetonka Blvd JOIN US FOR BLUEGRASS JAM CAMP at the Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival August 6-8! Register at www.minnesotabluegrass.org. Thursday, August 8 & Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Festival Times TBA 27302B Ranch Road 651-456-8919 Friday, August 9 El Rancho Manana Campground, 27302B Ranch Road 9:15 & 10:30 Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities Sunday, August 11 Minneapolis, MN 612-312-3411 am Minneapolis Campus, 4100 Lyndale Avenue South Tuesday, August 13 7:00 pm Concerts in the Park, Central Park North Branch, MN Grand Marais Playhouse Presents Saturday, August 31 7:30 pm Grand Marais, MN 218-387-1284 Arrowhead Center for the Arts, 51 West Fifth Street

Go to www.MonroeCrossing.com for the latest information on all of our concerts. Booking: Derek Johnson, 612-720-3746 or [email protected] MinnesotaBluegrass.org

10 August 2019 Burgers, Brats, Music all the corn on the 4-8pm cob you can eat! $10 entry fee, ueg 5-8pm $20 with food al Bl rass nu Fe n st A Saturday - August 3, 2019 iv h The Baudette Depot, Baudette, MN a t l 5 Featuring

Meet the High 48s and workshop: 2-4pm MinnesotaBluegrass.org

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota, through a grant from the Region 2 Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

August 2019 11 Cover Story: Pert Near Sandstone: 15 Years in the Rear-View Mirror by Nate Sipe

When Pert Near Sandstone he was in the coolest rock band at Park Lost City Ramblers. I became obsessed performed on A Prairie Home Companion Center), Kevin was singing karaoke and subsequently bought Harry Smith’s back in 2008, its host reminisced with country songs, and I was performing with Anthology of American Folk Music, us backstage at the my grunge band, still one year off from which left me forever altered. I was in about the corn and potato fields that attending high school myself. We all had awe of sounds so foreign but yet timeless separated us from where he grew up in mutual friends and were semi-familiar and eerily familiar. Folk music was as the neighboring town of Anoka. Though with each other. Kevin even auditioned as valid now as ever, I believed. I dreamed fewer than in our childhood, those singer for a band J was in with a talented of bluegrass jams in Loring Park, near fields are now completely relegated to a guitarist from Osseo named Ryan Young. where I was living in my first apartment, bygone era of suburban Minneapolis. I Ryan was also a practiced violinist and attending classes at MCTC and working nostalgically recall Brooklyn Park in the was present at these newly founded at the Wedge Community Co-op. A 90s as a youthful world of discovery— Tuesday jam sessions, learning folk and revelation was about to occur. long days and warm, winterless nights. bluegrass tunes from popular recordings I had spent the summer months For me, bicycling hitch-hiking around and playing the Pacific Northwest baseball beside the and Canada. When I Mississippi River returned to work after was in time traded three months absent, for skateboarding half expecting to be and rock music. fired, I had instead The local radio been given a raise. stations kept us There was also a new on the popular employee who had just music pulse and returned from a trip out announced shows west hopping freight at ’s trains. He instilled Main Room a deep fascination and elsewhere. with this alternative Dancing in a transportation mosh-pit to rock method that struck bands channeled a direct chord to the an urge to form music I was becoming our own groups. I increasingly enchanted already knew the J Lenz, Justin Bruhn, Nate Sipe, Kevin Kniebal, Matt Cartier with; he also suggested other founding Photo by Jayme Halbritter I see the new Cohen members of Pert Brothers film that was Near Sandstone then, before high schools of the time like the Shady Grove album by in the theaters, Oh Brother, Where Art had the internet and every single person Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Thou? Still one of my favorite movies, had a smart phone, and before social I veered from grunge when I upon seeing it I knew it was going to media. Little music communities thrived discovered psychedelic rock, and the be the thing to derail music into a stir in basements and at garage parties. blues roots of that genre, which led me about traditional sounds. And it did, Pursuing music each in our own down the garden path to folk music. I beyond belief. My dreams about jams way, Kevin, J, and I met years later to find began pursuing music in reverse. My in Loring Park came true with mini- they were playing acoustically on regular electric guitar and amp were pawned festivals, and so too were there buskers on Tuesday nights. The last time we were all for an acoustic guitar and mandolin. I buses, bluegrass on the pop radio waves, in the same space was at a pep rally where stumbled upon recordings at the Central and Pert Near soon playing our first J was the homecoming king (because Library by Bill Monroe and the New coffee house gig in Dinkytown, down the MinnesotaBluegrass.org

12 August 2019 street from where Bob Dylan debuted as a started seeking out gigs, we found that Turf Club, Acadia Café, and Palmer’s scrappy Woody Guthrie wanna-be. there were other broadcasts being sent. were laboratories to try new approaches After one of several trips hopping Unbeknownst fully to us, the folk and and collaborations with the musicians we freight trains around the country, roots scene in Minnesota established in were becoming friends with. I came home to get a proper job and prior decades was still thriving in the At this time we played anywhere needed music as a therapeutic and social bars and cafes we were hoping to play. we could. Dulono’s Pizza was the only outlet. I convinced the Pert Near guys These seasoned pros fueled a new batch of venue that featured bluegrass every to attend the Minnesota Bluegrass and songsters and bands. We attended every weekend that we knew of. Likely because Old Time Music Festival at El Rancho show possible every night of the week of Pert Near’s raw sound and somewhat Manana. I had been to the festival when in support of our adopted community. random repertoire, we were unable to it was in Zimmerman and was get booked there. Kevin had mesmerized by all the jams at the idea to host a regular what seemed like every fire music showcase of our own, pit across the campground. bringing together our friends I didn’t attempt to jam, just and reaching out to new bands absorbed all in excitement. I we discovered. The Hexagon remember asking an old-time Bar was a perfect juke-joint circle if they knew a common type neighborhood dive bar bluegrass song, to which I where we really learned how received snickers and a polite to perform as a band and play response of “I think you’re at for an audience. In memory the wrong fire.” I didn’t yet these were like punk shows; discriminate between the two, too loud, packed and sweaty, and I still don’t like to. It was filled with cigarette smoke only folk music to me, and I and disgruntled waitstaff. We enjoyed it all. That experience wanted to feature the other filled me with resolve to bands as much as we wanted study the music, which I did to play, sometimes swapping in earnest. Now with my sets in experimental formats own band at the new festival and usually playing a set grounds, I was eager to see if I together. I wish I could recall could hang with these players all the bands we played with and possibly wedge into this there during those few years. traditional community. Pert One memorable show was Near Sandstone was neither with The DitchLilies, who old-time nor bluegrass; we featured Julie Young clogging just played what we liked, and for a couple tunes. We thought stayed up until dawn playing that was a pretty unique along with anyone who had a idea, and a year later Andy song. At this festival we also Lambert was often found on met The Wilders from Kansas stage clogging with Pert Near; City, who played a raucous it slowly became an integral style of old-time music mixed Pert Near Sandstone: 2008 part of our performances. with honkytonk. Gathering Nate Sipe, Jeff Swanner, J Lenz, Ryan Young, These monthly shows around a single mic, they had Kevin Kniebal - Photo by David Ellis grew out of proportion to casual banter between songs the Hexagon’s size. Having MinnesotaBluegrass.org which made them easily accessible, and KFAI community radio, who supported opened for several touring bands on the they were really good. Pert Near had our friends alongside our heroes, gave stage at the Cabooze, the Cabooze was found our mode of delivery and have been us confidence to take ourselves seriously. quick to work out a deal with us for a using a single microphone ever since. I was inspired by the feeling that we monthly show. Their loyal patrons were “Pert Near Spacedock” is what J Lenz each were a link of connective tissue the jamband fanatics we wanted to appeal jokes another proposed band name could interpreting the tradition from our to, and they embraced us. They were have been, giving the impression we’re perspective and volleying it along. But mostly young, bluegrass-loving hippies playing Earth music and broadcasting it was all mainly for the fun of playing. that were hungry to follow shows around to some unknown planet. When we Venues like The Viking, Dusty’s, The the country and quick to begin dancing

August 2019 13 BLUEGRASS GOSPEL CONCERT (There may be a little West Swing too) AUGUST 1, 2019 7 P.M.


Grace Lutheran Church 11185 27th Av S Becker, MN 55308 612-237-3284 763-262-7782

/ThePurpleHulls .com /ThePurpleHulls MinnesotaBluegrass.org

14 August 2019 and merrymaking. We now had the room historical outlet, opened in 1959, was a having four composers in the band, we and credibility to bring in bigger national direct link from the folk-boom era. I had embraced our development as musicians acts. The Wilders were at the top of the list. the privilege of getting to know some of and our varied ways of writing songs. Once we began to sell out the Cabooze, my heroes, such as Leo Kottke, and made Never having a proper “band leader,” the we supplemented local appearances with quick friends with other local musicians members of Pert Near have been open an annual two-night stand at the Cedar regularly buying a set of strings or picks. to nearly all ideas, trusting each other’s Cultural Center, which we named the Jack Torrey of The Cactus Blossoms judgment, filling roles where needed, and Winter String Band Gathering. The recently reminded me that I sold him his above all keeping the project focused on first was in 2010 with “Spider” John first acoustic guitar. a downhome sense of enjoyment between Koerner as the featured guest. The Although I was the merchandise the musicians and the audience. When networking and seed tensions ran high, idea for producing they were quickly a music festival was dispelled by the continuing to grow. sheer fun we have Now having on stage together. established a strong Going with local fan base and the flow became purchasing gear to key when the properly play club revolving door of shows, we were set to band members begin touring. Still began. Ryan fully eager young upstarts, joined Trampled we stayed up ‘til dawn By Turtles, so picking at afterparties we were down an while expanding our instrumentalist. I touring circuit and took the challenge fanbase, crashing on to work my fiddle whatever floor was into the show available and then alongside hired going to our jobs on players. We also Monday. Trampled couldn’t find a bass By Turtles took us player that was able along for our first Photo by Megan Johnson to make our tour extended West Coast schedule work for tour, and we’ve been touring the country manager at The Podium, merchandising long, but each bassist brought a refreshing diligently since. The Cedar shows was an afterthought to live performances energy to the band and left a sustaining continue annually, but we’ve moved for Pert Near. We taught ourselves to impact. Our “bass brigade” as we called our club performances to First Avenue’s record, just to create something for the them, consisted of Sean Roderick, Jeff Mainroom, where I relished seeing bands people asking for a recording. Once Swanner, Eric Struve, and Adam Kiesling. as a kid. Our last performance at The hearing ourselves played back, we could After about 10 years as a band we found Cabooze was a mini-festival that Pert begin to refine our sound and imagine both a clogger who was able to travel with Near Sandstone produced in their plaza, new sounds. The basement where J and us, Matt Cartier, and a bassist who fit further priming us for future events. Ryan lived became an acoustic workshop At our busiest we were playing about every Tuesday night. Pert Near produced LaPlant Instruments 150 shows a year. So many nights in so a live demo and two studio recordings maker of fine many towns; they are now smeared into fully on our own, thanks in great part to mandolins & guitars MinnesotaBluegrass.org an impression of one long abstract tour, Ryan Young, who led the recording and all the good shows greatly eclipsing the mixing. After working with the acclaimed Buy - Trade bad nights. Meeting many kindred spirits, Wild Sound Studios for several albums, Sell - Repair we learned we had to keep traveling to we have returned to Ryan, who once again (stringed instruments) stay valid. Some of us became freelancers is engineering and mixing our upcoming or arranged flexible and remote work album. Songwriting has become central 31751 LaPlant Road hours. J was teaching lessons at The to our performances, but our original Podium Premium Guitars in Dinkytown songs were snuck in and tried alongside Grand Rapids, MN 55744 which helped me score a job there. This our traditional repertoire. Consistently 218-326-4456

August 2019 15 August 31st 12-8PM - Tickets $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.northfolkwinery.com/tickets

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM No Man’s String Band No Man’s String Band truly ventures into places no string band has been before. The group is tight in tune and original and posses a uniue voice. httpnomansstringband.cominde.html

3:30 PM – 5:30 PM Red Tail Ring The very best of the st century’s minimalist and highly original folk and bluegrass music…a peerless duo. httpsredtailring.com 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM The High 48s ain or shine the event They’re a band with one foot in tradition and the other in will take place under the the world of music today and one of the very few who can large tent and Bring find an overlooked bluegrass classic song by M. ard or the awn hairs lash then throw down hard on a standard by Bill Monroe. httpsthehighs.com MinnesotaBluegrass.org

16 August 2019 with us really well, Justin Bruhn. As good at singing, songwriting, and banter with the audience as he was on bass, Justin also brought a welcomed levity to the long van rides. The first extended tour with the new lineup was opening for The Travelin’ McCourys across . In Denver, we were approached at the merchandise table by a man and his son. When asked if we’d be interested in performing at their festival in Eau Claire, WI, J’s response was something like, “Sure, man. Sounds good. Contact our manager.” You never know who you’re talking to, or if it’s just talk, but Jim and Mark Bischel did contact our manager, and before long we were standing in the Whispering Pines Campground 2018 Blue Ox Festival outside Eau Claire and imagining the Photo by Scotify Photography possibilities. At first, Jim wanted to know supportive audience of this region, who is bigger than any one person or group. if we would play a campground stage at have embraced Blue Ox as their own. Folk music has always been that way. It’s their massive Country Jam USA festival. A supportive community has kept a privilege to help carry it while we can, Standing among the rolling, forested hills Pert Near Sandstone going through the trusting it will always be in good hands. and looking across a meadow where a years, and will for as long as I can foresee. For more about Pert Near stage could sit, we pitched the idea of The music strings us all together, keeps Sandstone, visit their website: http:// a standalone bluegrass and Americana developing, and forms a living legacy that pertnearsandstone.com/. festival. We knew there was a great opportunity for an event of this type in our region. Pert Near agreed to curate the festival. We borrowed ideas from the best festivals we attended, including Telluride and the MBOTMA festival, hoping to produce an event among the best in the nation. After five years, The Blue Ox Music Festival has continued to grow and become fine-tuned, with whole families attending, instrument workshops, campfire jams, and a lineup on three stages worth getting excited about. I still get as much pleasure standing in the concert bowl with the audience as I do shaking hands and visiting with artists backstage, or even playing the stage myself. It’s a heartwarming feeling to help MinnesotaBluegrass.org provide a space for people to see world class musicians, and to ensure the artists themselves feel comfortable and enjoy this audience in this environment. We are blessed to work with the Bischels, who have decades of production experience; our management agency, Periscope, that works tirelessly booking bands and orchestrating all moving parts; and the

August 2019 17 SEMBA

27th Bluegrass Festival

Aug. 15, 16, 17 & 18, 2019 BLUEGRASS INSTRUMENT WORKSHOP WED. See www.semba.tv for The Finley River Boys - MO Sat. & Sun, August 14, further info or Call (507) ------9:00 am - 4:00 pm 251-1884 Kevin Prater – KY Coordinated by Thurs. & Fri. Bill Cagley ------

FREE WITH SEMBA Bring Lawn Tony Rook Band – MN WRISTBAND, For More Fri. evening, Sat. & Sun. Chairs (Low information – call (507) ------251-1884 back please) Don Joy/Melanie - MO

Thurs. & Fri. ------Gid-R-Done – IA/TX Festival Information or Tickets Fri. afternoon, Sat. & Sun. SEMBA P.O. Box 93, Rushford, MN 55971 ------Phone: 507-864-8109 Website: www.SEMBA.TV The Paul Family-MI e-mail ~ [email protected] Thurs. & Fri. ------Potluck 6:00 pm evening prior to the Festival Rain or shine – have building CASH OR CHECK Cedar Valley - MN, IA & WI Thurs. ------

Admission August WORKSHOPS Riverbottom Ramblers – IA All Four Days ~ $40 (Advance $38) Fri. & Sat. Saturday ------Friday ~ Sunday $35 (Advance $33) 9:00 ~10:00 Betty Rydell - MN Sat. ~ $20 – Thurs. or Fri. ~ $16 am Sat. Sunday ~ $10 ------Cagley/Bjordal/Njoes – MN OPEN STAGES Aug – Thurs. 11:00 – 12:00 - Friday 9:30 ~ Thurs. 12:00 & Saturday 10:45 ~ 12:30 The Biscuit Boys– MN B ring your INSTRUMENT as Jamming is always present Sun. throughout the campground!! No Alcoholic Beverages or Pets ------allowed in Fest Building or Concert Area August Show Times Food Service by Relay for Life Thurs., Fri., & Sat. 1:00 -4:45 pm & 6:30 – 10:15 pm Camping Information - Contact - Cushon’s Peak Sun. AM Gospel 9:00 ~ 11:40 am Campground (in a beautiful valley on the Root River Bike Trail) Sunday afternoon 12:15 – 3:15 pm 18696 State Highway 16, Houston, MN 55943 Tel. 507-896- 7325 www.camppeak.com email: [email protected] Annual $20 SEMBA Membership Clean modern restrooms & Showers. Electric & Water sites $$ entitles you to a discount on vary - non electric sites also available Onsite Dump Station festival tickets & you will receive All shows are ASCAP & BMI Licensed a monthly newsletter.

Information subject to change.

This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts & cultural heritage fund. MinnesotaBluegrass.org

18 August 2019 th Walnut Valley Festival National Flat-Picking Championships 48 September 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 2019 Winfield, KS Over • Over 200 Hours of Acoustic Music on 4 Main Stages 100+ Luthiers and Juried Fine Arts and Crafts Show $115,000 • in Contest Prizes • 8 National and International Instrumental Contests • Around-the-Clock Jam Sessions • Hands-On Workshops ♫ 2019 Performers ♫ Muriel Anderson ♫ Appalachian Road Show ♫ ♫ The Cowboy Way Family-Friendly Festival ♫ Bryan Bowers Band Well-policed grounds. No animals, beer, alcohol or ♫ Roz Brown & Jim Ratts drugs. No motorcycles in campgrounds due to noise. ♫ Bing Futch ♫ Della Mae Matchsellers / Bluegrastronauts ♫ R.W. Hampton ♫ Hootin’ Annies Online Ticket Sales ♫ J2B2 ♫ JigJam at www.wvfest.com ♫ Christie Lenee Trio ♫ Ashley Lewis & Legacy Save money and order tickets in advance! ♫ Matchsellers / Advance tickets guarantee admission Bluegrastronauts Name ♫ Andy May JigJam Address ♫ Tim May & Stephen Smith City State Zip ♫ John McCutcheon Phone ♫ Old Salt Union Email After ♫ Barry Patton Aug. 24 ♫ The Quitters 5-day Full Festival x $95 = $ $100 ♫ Ruth & Steve Smith 2-day Fri/Sat x $75 = $ $85 ♫ Socks in the Frying Pan Special Consensus 2-day Sat/Sun x $65 = $ $75 ♫ Special Consensus Friday only x $45 = $ $55 ♫ Still on the Hill Saturday only x $45 = $ $55 with more to come! Total $ No refunds. $35 will be charged for returned checks. ♫ Payment: ___Check ___Visa ___MC ___ Discover Cardholder Signature Card # MinnesotaBluegrass.org 3 or 4 digit Security Code Exp. Date / Socks in the Frying Pan For advance ticket prices, orders must be received by August 24. Thursday ($50) and Sunday ($20) tickets available at the gate. Only full festival ticket holders allowed on grounds prior to September 17. Send form, payment and self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Walnut Valley Association PO Box 245 Winfi eld, KS 67156 For phone orders, call (620) 221-3250 [email protected] Hootin’ Annies Della Mae www.wvfest.com August 2019 19 Armadillo Sound & Design Minneapolis, MN

Serving the acoustic music community for over 35 years. Complete audio production services: sound - multi-track recording – live/studio. You know Doug’s attention to audio detail. Let him help you craft your next recording project! Equipment: Midas, Behringer, dbx, Shure, AKG, AudioTechnica, Crown amps, RCF speakers, Countryman, Radial, Protools Doug Lohman - 612-306-3490 [email protected] - armadillosounddesign.com MinnesotaBluegrass.org

20 August 2019 Cameron 14th Annual Bluegrass Festival

September 6,7,8, 2019

Pioneer Village Museum 1866 13 1⁄2-14th Ave. (Cty. Hwy. W) Cameron, WI 54822

Featuring: Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass The Kody Norris Show The Stringsmiths Kody Norris Show Doubledown Daredevils The John and Rose Band River City Ramblers Highview, Gospel Notes R Country Offspring St. Paul Mudsteppers Maple Ridge

• Music begins Friday night at 5pm • Vendors, Jammin’, Workshops and more • Tommy Brown

• For more information or directions MinnesotaBluegrass.org contact Kathy Krug at (715) 458-0181 & the County Line Grass • Food and refreshments available

Gate Fee: Fri. $10, Sat. $15, and Sun. $10; $30 for weekend pass The Stringsmiths Rough camping is an additional $10 per day

August 2019 21 The Great American Tear Jerker by Wayne Erbsen

Fans of traditional country music, hazards would. Anyone who lived to be the publisher claimed it would bridge the and bluegrass music in particular, have fifty was thought to be a certified “old- entire state of from Chicago to the always had a soft spot in their hearts timer.” Mississippi River. for the good ole tear jerker. If you write Then came the Civil War, which Many of the most popular songs a song about getting run over by a train would claim the lives of nearly 40% of the during the Civil War were songs like while holding a baby on the way to your young men of the Confederacy alone. To “Home! Home Sweet Home,” which were mother’s funeral, you’re bound to have comfort soldiers on the battlefield and clearly nostalgic. These songs reminded a hit. Let’s take a little trip back in time those that stayed behind, the publishing soldiers of peaceful, happier times before and see where the idea of the tear jerker industry in both the North and South a war that pitted brother against brother, came from. started producing and printing songs father against son. Mid 19th century America had a lot virtually around the clock. In 1863 alone, Another popular Civil War era to cry about. If the high infant mortality the North’s biggest music publisher, Root song was “Lorena,” which spoke about rate didn’t kill you, any number of other & Cady, published 258,000 pieces of sheet a heartbroken lover. The song was so music. If these sheets were laid end to end, widely sung, especially by Southern soldiers, that some have actually blamed the Confederacy’s loss on “Lorena.” Apparently, so many soldiers got lonesome for their wives and sweethearts that they deserted and went home. Desertion was such a big problem, particularly for the Confederacy, that several Southern generals forbid their soldiers from singing “Lorena.” “The Faded Coat of Blue” (or “The Nameless Grave”) is a classic example of a Civil War song which clearly laid the foundation for what became the tear jerker. Written by J.H. McNaughton near the war’s end, the first verse will give you the flavor of this song, which was included in a book entitled Heart Songs (1909). In early country music this song was recorded by Owen Mills and Frank Welling, Buell Kazee and Maybelle Carter.

My brave lad he sleeps in his faded coat of blue, In a lonely grave unknown lies the heart that beat so true. He sank faint and hungry among the famished brave. As they laid him sad and lonely within his nameless grave. Among the most important early professional Civil War songsmiths was Henry Clay Work. His best known songs included “Kingdom Coming or Year of the Jubilo” (1862), “Marching Through

MinnesotaBluegrass.org Georgia” (1865), “The Ship That Never

22 August 2019 Returned” (1865), and “My Grandfather’s Recorded by Vernon Dalhart (1926), Dixon Brothers (1936), Monroe Brothers Clock” (1876). But it was Work’s song Ernest V. Stoneman (1927), Bradley (1937). “Come Home Father” (1864) that really Kincaid (1928). “He’s Coming to Us Dead” (1899). clinched the tear jerker as an important “In the Baggage Coach Ahead” Grayson & Whitter (1927), Doc Watson, American genre. The song tells the sad (1896). Recorded by Fiddlin’ John Carson Ralph Stanley, Dry Branch Fire Squad. story of a drunken father who won’t come (1924), Vernon Dalhart -12 times, Mac “One Little Word” (1899). Recorded home to see his dying child despite the and Bob (1928). by Carter family (1937), Morris Brothers pleas of his grief-stricken son. To top it “Just Set a Light” (aka “Red and (1939). off, the dying child’s last words are that Green Signal Lights” (1897). Recorded by The lyrics, melody and history of he misses his dear father and wants to Vernon Dalhard (9 times!), Grayson and “Maple on the Hill” can be found in Wayne see him. Whitter (1928) the Chuck Wagon Gang Erbsen’s book Rural Roots of Bluegrass. Most authorities point to Charles K. (1938) and Wayne Erbsen (1998). For a FREE catalog of Wayne’s songbooks Harris’ song, “After the Ball” (1892) as the “Make Up and Be Lovers Again,” and instruction books for bluegrass and most successful of the early tear jerkers, aka “Jack and May,” (1893). Recorded by clawhammer banjo, mandolin, fiddle with total sales approaching five million Roy Harvey & Posey Rorer (1927), Fields and guitar, visit www.nativeground.com, copies. “After the Ball” has been called Ward and Ernest Stoneman (1929), Darby email banjo[@]nativeground.com or call the “watershed song” that helped launch and Tarlton (1930), Carter Family (1935), (828) 299-7031. the song publishing industry. Close on the heels of Charles K. Harris was an unlikely champion of the tear jerker, a young black man named Gussie Lord Davis. For fans of bluegrass music, Davis’ name should be more well known than it currently is. Born on December 3, 1863 in Dayton, Ohio, Davis went to Cincinnati and applied to Nelson’s Musical College. He was refused admission due to his race, but he managed to work as a janitor in exchange for musical instruction and fifteen dollars a month. In addition to his regular janitorial duties, Davis managed to sweep up enough musical education so that in 1880, at age 18, he composed the words and music to “We Sat Beneath the Maple on the Hill.” The song went on become extremely successful and help make Davis one of the most important songwriters of the Tin Pan Alley era. The song was first recorded by Vernon Dalhart in 1926. In 1935 Wade Mainer and Zeke Morris recorded it with a different melody, and had a huge hit with it. Both Mainer and Morris told the author that the song was their first big money maker and said, “it beat anything MinnesotaBluegrass.org that Jimmie Rodgers ever wrote.” In addition to “We Sat Beneath the Maple on the Hill,” Davis made important contributions to what became known many years later as “bluegrass music.” Here are some of Davis’ songs that went on to be performed and recorded by early country music and bluegrass artists. “The Fatal Wedding” (1893).

August 2019 23 Wegen’s Guitar Picks

Michel Wegen is a recognized Dutch model maker using sculpting and airbrush art techniques to meet the needs of clients such as theme parks, ad ® agencies and museums. 6625 Penn Ave. S. Richfield, MN 55423 In his search for new markets, (612) 861-3308 Michel some years ago took on www.homesteadpickinparlor.com the design of the lowly pick. The results have been phenomenal. [email protected] and you can find us on Facebook Wegen Picks endanger no animal species, and they are a fraction of the price Making the world safe of the illegal picks that do. We have eight for discerning fans of models for guitar and mandolin on hand in Traditional Music a variety of thicknesses. Try one out on since 1979 your next visit. MinnesotaBluegrass.org

24 August 2019 Bluegrass Saturday Morning By Phil Nusbaum

The August Festival It’s waxed and waned over the years, but all things organizations, businesses and individuals that share the mission considered, the Minnesota Bluegrass “August Festival” has to benefit the local community. Farmers markets are of course always been our biggest tadoo. Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky part of a national movement, but the interests making them Thunder heads a talented roster of artists at the 2019 calling up differ from place to place. At Bluegrass Saturday Morning together of upper Midwest bluegrass. Ricky is a must-see. During broadcasts originating in farmers markets, I have opportunities the past few years, I had the pleasure of listening to two Dakota to talk to some of the players that lend character to each market. Club performances by Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder. This time I was set up to talk with Ger of Cha Veggies. Ger is Each time I came away wondering how any band could play at part of a family that farms and carries the produce to farmers the elevated tempos of Kentucky Thunder, and with so much markets around Our Town. In a way, theirs is a family farm, feeling. Prepare to be blown away by the Minnesota Bluegrass but to the family, the farming and farmers market sales is more performances by Ricky and the band. of a hobby than a business. I also had the pleasure of speaking But of course, Ricky’s band is not the only attraction. The with Henry Kisitu whose business, JaJJa, markets a traditional full lineup is printed elsewhere in this issue. But even more than wellness beverage based on traditional Uganda recipes handed that, the reason to attend is the opportunity to hang out in a down from his grandmother. bluegrass atmosphere set in a beautiful late summer spot. It truly Check the KBEM website www.jazz88.fm for information on doesn’t get any better than this. additional Bluegrass Saturday Morning broadcasts originating Farmers Market from farmers markets. Bluegrass Saturday Morning did it again! We had another successful Farmer’s Market appearance on July 6, 2019, this time Music Listings at the Midtown Farmers Market, located on Minnehaha Avenue To access the Acoustic Music Listings, at www.jazz88.fm, just south of Lake Street in Minneapolis. Kevin Barnes took care click on schedule. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on of the logistics, market manager Jenna Yeakole welcomed us in, Bluegrass Saturday Morning. Then scroll down to Blog Posts and and Justus Sanchez and Michael Jamnick handled the technical click on Bluegrass Saturday Acoustic Music Calendar. setup. All I had to do was slide into my seat, spin a few CDs and introduce performers Rhubarb and Matthew St. Francis and The Weekly Playlists, Listen Online - www.jazz88.fm Roe Family Singers. Fine crowds gathered to take in these two To stream KBEM programming, at www.jazz88.fm, click on groups. It was uplifting to have so many listeners come up to “listen live.” Bluegrass Saturday Morning playlists are located at say hello or to shoot selfies. I never get over the high degree of www.jazz88.fm. At the top of the home page on the right-hand community feeling experienced at the farmers markets. side, select “playlists.” Then click on the desired date. To listen to KBEM-FM is a community radio station. The station works archived shows, at www.jazz88.fm, click on “on-demand.” Then with local cultural institutions such as farmers markets, as well as click on the date and show.

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August 2019 25 Coming Up

Venue abbreviations 318: The 318 Café, 318 Water Street, Excelsior, 952-401-7902, FITZ: Fitzgerald Theater, 10 E Exchange St, St Paul, 651-290- www.three-eighteen.com 1200, www.fitzgeraldtheater.publicradio.org 331C: 331 Club, 331 13th Ave NE, Mpls, 612-331-1746, GINK: Ginkgo Coffeehouse, 721 N Snelling Ave, St Paul, 651- www.331.mn 645-2647, www.ginkgocoffee.com AST: Aster Cafe, 125 SE Main St, Mpls, 612-379-3138, www. GKb: Grand Kabaret, 210 N Minnesota St, New Ulm, 507-359- astercafe.com 9222, www.thegrandnewulm.com BSC: Black Sheep Coffee Cafe, 705 Southview Blvd., South St. HOB: The Loft at Hobgoblin Music, 920 State Hwy 19, Red Paul, 651-554-0155, www.blacksheepcoffee.com Wing, 877-866-3936, www.stoneyend.com BTC: Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua, Bayfield, WI, 888-244- MER: Merlins Rest, 3601 E Lake St, Mpls, 612-216-2419 8368, www.bigtop.org OAK: Oak Center General Store, 67011 Hwy 63, Lake City, 507- BoDD: BoDiddley’s Pub and Deli, 129 25th Ave S, St. Cloud, 753-2080, www.oakcentergeneralstore.com 320-252-9475 RIV: Riverview Café & Wine Bar, 3747 42nd Ave S, Mpls, 612-729- CED: Cedar Cultural Center, 415 Cedar Ave S, Mpls, 612-338- 4200, theriverview.com 2674, www.thecedar.org SHL: Sheldon Theatre, 443 W 3rd St, Red Wing, 800-899-5759, CJ: Celtic Junction, 836 Prior Ave, St Paul, 651-330-4685, www. www.sheldontheatre.org thecelticjunction.com TAP: Tapestry Folkdance Center, 3748 Minnehaha Ave S, Mpls, CrH: Creek House Concerts, www.creekhouseconcerts.com, 612-722-2914, www.tapestryfolkdance.org 651-633-5353. MUST call and reserve for these events. UMC: Underground Music Café, 1579 Hamline Ave N, Falcon DAK: , 1010 Nicollet Mall, Mpls, 612-332-1010, Hts, 651-644-9959, undergroundmusiccafe.com www.dakotacooks.com WmH: The Warming House, 4001 Bryant Ave S, lower level, DuG: Dunn Brothers on Grand, 1569 Grand Ave, St. Paul Mpls, 877-987-6487, thewarminghouse.net EAG: Eagles Club, 2507 E 25th St, Mpls, 612-729-4469, ZUM: Crossings at Carnegie, 320 East Ave, Zumbrota, 507-732- www.Mplseagles34.org 7616, www.crossingsatcarnegie.com

To post gigs and events to this calendar, Go to this link: Event Submission Form Or, request the link to our online event submission form: [email protected] SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS Minnesota Bluegrass SEMBA Bluegrass Lakes Bluegrass Festival Vines Bluegrass Festival August Festival Festival Aug 21-25, Wed-Sun Aug 31, Saturday August 8-11, Thurs-Sun Aug 15-18, Thurs-Sun Pine River, MN North Folk Winery El Rancho Mañana Cushon’s Peak Campground www.lakesbluegrassfestival.com 43150 Blackhawk Rd Richmond, MN Houston, MN See ad pg 29 Harris, MN, 651-674-7548 See ad page 5 See ad pg 18 High 48s, No Man’s String Band, Red Tail Ring, See ad pg 16

7/28 – Sunday Milaca, milacarecfest.com Bandshell, 4135 W Harriet Pkwy, • The She Shells, UMC, 11am • Swing Brunch with Patty & The Mpls, 612-230-6400, 7:30pm • The Good Intentions, East Cedar Lake Buttons, AST, 11am 7/30 – Tuesday Beach, Mpls, 3pm • Barley Jacks, Slice of Shoreview Days, • Curtis & Loretta, Lakeville Heritage • Bill & Kate Isles, Ursa Minor Brewing, 4580 Victoria St N, Shoreview, 1pm Center - Pete Seeger Show, 20110 Duluth, 1pm 7/29 – Monday Holyoke Ave, Lakeville, 952-985-4620, • Loring Park Art Festival with Sister • Roe Family Singers, 331C, 8pm 1pm Tree, MN Mandolin Orchestra, Paul • Roux La La Cajun Band, EAG, • Cajun Crawfish Hotdish, Sea Salt Imholte, more, Loring Park, 1382 7:30pm Eatery, Minnehaha Park, Mpls, 6pm Willow St, Mpls, loringparkartfestival. • Mick Sterling Presents: Spiritual Songs • Brian Wicklund and Mike Cramer, com of Bob Dylan, DAK, 7pm Lowell Park Amphitheater, 216 N 4th • Milaca Rec Fest, with The High 48s, • Juggsluggers, RIV, 7pm St, Stillwater, 6pm Singleton Street, Tony Rook, more, • Sherwin Linton, Lake Harriet 7/31 – Wednesday MinnesotaBluegrass.org

26 August 2019 • Lenz & Frenz, 331C, 9:30pm Nicollet Ave, Mpls, 6:30pm WmH, 8pm • Lula Wiles, Concerts In The Park, • Tony Rook Band, Northfield Tavern, • Gloryland Gospel Band, Echo Ridge Central Park, Red Wing, 7pm Northfield, 8pm Presbyterian Home, 1033 Gershwin • High 48s, Depot Park, 402 E Lake St, • Uke Jam, WmH, 10am Ave N, Oakdale, 6:30pm Wayzata, 7pm • Barley Jacks, Brookside Bar & Grill, • Two Tone, Captain’s Lakeside Grill, • Nancy Olson, Mears Park, 221 5th St 140 Judd St, Marine On St Croix, 3pm 27821 Bayshore Dr, Isanti, 6pm E, St. Paul, 651-266-6400, 12pm • Hoof on the Roof, Minnesota State 8/8 - Thursday 8/1 Thursday Old Time Fiddle Championship, • Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival, • Allyson Road, UMC, 7pm Merritt Elementary School, Mountain El Rancho Mañana, Richmond, See • Letitia VanSant, Little Birds, WmH, Iron, 1pm ad pg 5 8pm • Troy Flemming, Meeker County Fair, • Paul Garding Celtic Music Showcase, • Mother Banjo, Minnehaha Falls, 4801 1230 N Armstrong Ave, Litchfield, UMC, 7pm S Minnehaha Dr, Mpls, 612-230-6400, 11:30am • Gaelic Storm, BTC, 7:30pm 7pm • Two Tone, Dunn Brothers Excelsior, • Georgia Rae Family Band, WmH, • Steve Earle and The Dukes, BTC, 11 Water St, Excelsior, 952-401-8004, 8pm 7:30pm 7pm • South Side Aces, EAG, 8pm • The Swamp Poppas, EAG, 8pm 8/4 - Sunday 8/9 - Friday • The Purple Hulls sponsored by • Fitzwater, 331C, 3pm • Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival, Trackside, Grace Lutheran Church, • Michael Shynes, 318, 6pm El Rancho Mañana, Richmond, See 11185 27th Ave SE, Becker, 7pm • Monroe Crossing, Bethlehem ad pg 5 8/2 - Friday Lutheran Church, 16023 Mtka Blvd, • Irish Fair of MN, Harriet Island, St • Randy Anderson, AGr, 6pm Minnetonka, 9:30am Paul, 4pm to 11pm • Becky Schlegel and Heath Loy, ZUM, • Brass Lassie, Vintage Band Festival, 8/10 - Saturday 8pm Northfield, vintagebandfestival.org, • Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival, • Anna Stine & Robert Bell, GKb, 4pm El Rancho Mañana, Richmond, See 7:30pm • Dick Kimmel & Kelly Coyle, Sunday ad pg 5 • Monroe Crossing, Sounds of Spirit Concert Series, Patrick’s on Third, St • Luke Smith, Contented Cow, 302B Lake, Spirit Lake Beach Area, Peter, 4pm Division St S, Northfield, 7pm Menagha, 7pm • Switched at Birth, Gasthaus Bavarian • Irish Fair of MN, Harriet Island, St • Joe Jencks, Roots Cellar Music Series, Hunter, 8390 Lofton Ave N, Stillwater, University Baptist Church, 1219 3pm University Ave SE, Mpls, 612-331- • Two Tone, Crow River Winery, 14848 1768, 7pm Hwy 7 East, Hutchinson, 320-587- • Steve Earle and The Dukes, 2922, 6pm Minnesota Zoo, 13000 Zoo 8/5 - Monday Boulevard, Apple Valley, 952-431- • Roe Family Singers, 331C, 8pm 9200, 7:30pm • Bill & Kate Isles, Duluth Folk School, 8/3 - Saturday 6pm • Dan Rumsey, DuG, 7pm 8/6 - Tuesday • Matt Yetter, RIV, 7:30pm • Cajun Crawfish Hotdish, Sea Salt • Richard Kriehn w/ Dakota Dave Hull Eatery, Minnehaha Park, Mpls, 6pm & Adam Kiesling, 318, 8pm • The Low Liners, 318, 7pm • Monroe Crossing, Victoria Art Fair, • Chris Silver, Univ of WI, River Falls, Charlston Thun Bandstand, Victoria, Wall Amphitheater, River Falls, WI, 1pm 7pm • Alternate Route, BSC, 10am • Altan, CED, 7:30pm • Southside Aces, Vintage Band Festival, • Rough Draft Songwriter Night, WmH, Northfield, vintagebandfestival.org, 8pm 7pm • Blue Groove Bluegrass, Normandale

• Contra Dance with Fiddle Buddies, Lake Bandshell, 5901 West 84th St, MinnesotaBluegrass.org TAP, 7:30pm Bloomington, 7pm • Curtis & Loretta, Farmstead Creamery • 8/7 - Wednesday & Cafe, Hayward, WI • Jugsluggers, RIV, 7pm • David Huss and the Headwaters, • Gaelic Storm, Minnesota Zoo, Apple WmH, 8pm Valley, 7:30pm • High 48s, Depot Bluegrass Fest, • Good Morning Bedlam, Baudette Mills Cultural Center, 24 Main Ave. • Ring of Kerry, Chippewa County Fair, N., New York Mills, 218-385-3339, 529 S 1st St, Montevideo, 3pm 7:30pm • Tim Sparks, The Icehouse, 2528 • Willi Carlisle, Bad Posture Club,

August 2019 27 Paul, 11am to 11pm • The Common Ground Company, Turf • New London Music Festival, Neer • Alternate Route, BSC, 10am Club, St. Paul, 7pm Park, 311 2nd Ave, New London • Contra Dance with Northern Aire, 8/15 - Thursday • Sister Tree, Dubliner Pub, 2162 TAP, 7:30pm • SEMBA Bluegrass Festival, Houston, University Ave W, St Paul, 9pm • Curtis & Loretta, Old Wadena See ad pg 18 • Switched at Birth, MER, 8:30pm Rendezvous, near Staples, MN, • Scott Mulvihill, DAK, 7pm • Tom Lieberman, AST, 9pm oldwadenarendezvous.org • Brian Leighton, Falconer Vineyards, • The Fish Heads, Grandma Ray’s, 19 • Grand Glad & The Trumpeteers, Erik 3572 Old Tyler Rd, Red Wing, 7pm - 1st Ave W, Grand Marais, 218-387- Loftsgaarden & The Whiskey War, • Dan Rumsey, UMC, 5pm 2974, 8:30pm WmH, 8pm • Kids’ Open Mic, WmH, 6pm 8/18 - Sunday • Michael Monroe, Lake Harriet • Open Mic, WmH, 7pm • SEMBA Bluegrass Festival, Houston, Bandshell, 4135 W Harriet Pkwy, • Two Tone, House of Pizza, 1733 Pine See ad pg 18 Mpls, 612-230-6400, 7:30pm Cone Rd S, Sartell, 6pm • Greenwood Tree, Glewwe’s Castle • Old-Time Jam, WmH, 10am 8/16 - Friday [Root Beer] Brewery, 4620 207th St E, • Sherry Minnick and Phil Nusbaum, • SEMBA Bluegrass Festival, Houston, Prior Lake, 1:30pm St. Paul Farmers Market, 290 5th St E See ad pg 18 • Kindred, Renaissance Festival, in Lowertown, St. Paul, 9am • Brethren Bones, UMC, 5pm Shakopee • 8/11 - Sunday • Hannah Cooper, WmH, 8pm • Two Tone, Avon Amphitheatre, Lake • Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival, • The Langer’s Ball, Dubliner Pub, 2162 Woebegone Trail Park, Avon, 2pm El Rancho Mañana, Richmond, See University Ave W, St Paul, 9pm 8/19 - Monday ad pg 5 • Tony Rook Band, SEMBA Bluegrass • Joe Fingers, DuG, 7pm • Irish Fair of MN, Harriet Island, St Festival, Houston • Bill & Kate Isles, Duluth Folk School, Paul, 11am to 7pm • Bob Bovee, John Lane, Ann Carter, 6pm • Monroe Crossing, Bethlehem Lanesboro Barn Dance, DreamAcres 8/20 - Tuesday Lutheran Church, 4100 Lyndale Ave S, Farm, Wykoff, MN, 7:30pm • Cajun Crawfish Hotdish, Sea Salt Mpls, 9:15am • The Fish Heads, Sir Benedict’s Tavern, Eatery, Minnehaha Park, Mpls, 6pm • Curtis & Loretta, Old Wadena 805 E Superior St, Duluth, 218-728- 8/21 - Wednesday Rendezvous, near Staples, MN, 1192, 6pm • Jugsluggers, RIV, 7pm oldwadenarendezvous.org • Troy Flemming, Le Sueur County Fair, • Bill & Kate Isles, Sir Benedict’s Tavern, • Phil Heywood, The Icehouse, 2528 320 S Plut Ave, Le Center, 5:30pm 805 E Superior St, Duluth, 218-728- Nicollet Ave, Mpls, 11am 8/17 - Saturday 1192, 5pm • Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, • SEMBA Bluegrass Festival, Houston, • Lakes Bluegrass Festival, Pine River, BTC, 7:30pm See ad pg 18 www.lakesbluegrassfestival.com, See 8/12 - Monday • The Washboard Brothers, DuG, 7pm ad pg 29 • DL Cajun Band, EAG, 7:30pm • Jason Paulson Band, Excelsior • Katy Vernon, Silverwood Park, 2500 • Roe Family Singers, 331C, 8pm Brewing, 421 3rd St, Excelsior, 8pm County Rd E, St Anthony, 763-694- • Joe Fingers, DuG, 7pm • Dewi Sant, Contented Cow, 302B 7707, 6:30pm • Bill & Kate Isles, Duluth Folk School, Division St S, Northfield, 7pm • Honky-Tonk Jump, Music on the 6pm • Dan Rumsey, RIV, 7:30pm Mississippi, Bemidji, 6pm • Dan Newton & Cafe Accordion, • Stephen Chopek, UMC, 5pm 8/22 - Thursday Como Lakeside Pavilion, 1360 N • Greenwood Tree, Prior Lake Farmers • Richard Smith & Jon Garon, Leo & Lexington Pkwy, St Paul, 651-330- Market, Main St, Prior Lake, 9am Leona’s, W1436 WI-33, Bangor, WI, 8872, 7pm • Alternate Route, BSC, 10am 7:30pm 8/13 - Tuesday • Americana Jam, WmH, 8pm • Dave Cofell, UMC, 7pm • Cajun Crawfish Hotdish, Sea Salt • Contra Dance with Contratopia, TAP, • David Stoddard, Mike Agranoff, Eatery, Minnehaha Park, Mpls, 6pm 7:30pm WmH, 8pm • Clay Borrell, 318, 7pm • High 48s, Art Stevenson & High • Lakes Bluegrass Festival, Pine River, • Monroe Crossing, Concerts in The Water, Gandy Dancer Festival, www.lakesbluegrassfestival.com, See Park, 6194 Main St, North Branch, Mazomanie, WI, gandydancerfestival. ad pg 29 7pm org • Ring of Kerry, Montgomery Memorial • FTW/GNB Rough Draft Songwriter • Jillian Rae, Lake Harriet Bandshell, Park, 500 5th St SE, Montgomery, Night, WmH, 8pm 4135 W Harriet Pkwy, Mpls, 612-230- 7pm 8/14 - Wednesday 6400, 7:30pm • Troy Flemming, Brownsdale Public • Double Down Daredevils, Concerts • Kindred, Renaissance Festival, Library, 103 Main St E, Brownsdale, in The Park, Central Park, Red Wing, Shakopee, 6:30pm 7pm • Locklin Road, Dancing Dragonfly • Two Tone, The White Horse, • Jugsluggers, RIV, 7pm Wintery, St Croix Falls, WI, 12pm Common Roots Festival, 809 W St • Gloryland Gospel Band, Lake • Lowertown Guitar Festival, Como Germain St, St Cloud, 9pm Minnetonka Shores Senior Residence, Lakeside Pavilion, 1360 N Lexington • Blue Groove Bluegrass, Historic 4527 Shoreline Dr, Minnetonka, 3pm Pkwy, St Paul, 651-330-8872, 2pm Eidem Homestead Concert, 4345 MinnesotaBluegrass.org

28 August 2019 August 14th Annual 21-25, 2019 Pine River, MN Cass County Fairgrounds Featuring the Best in National & Regional Bluegrass Bands! Plus workshops, dancing, camping, jamming, food & more!

Baker Family Kody Norris Nightflyer Tennessee Ohio Sat. & Sun. Fri. & Sat. Fri. & Sat. The Malpass Brothers North Carolina Fri. & Sat.

Sara Mae & The Birkeland Boys Joe Mullins Tim & Cindy Ohio Minnesota & Friends Sat. & Sun. High 48’s Sat. Minnesota Minnesota Thu. & Sun. Thu. & Fri. Rain/Sun Shelter in Concert Area New! Added Electrical Camping Sites

Shaffers Lost 40 Festival Schedule Minnesota Thu. & Fri. Gates Open Tues. at 3pm Clay Hess Band Main Stage Ohio Thu. 5 - 11pm Fri. & Sat. Fri. & Sat. 11am - 11pm Sun. 10am - 2pm

Workshops MinnesotaBluegrass.org Tony Rook Band Minnesota Fri. & Sat. 10am -5pm Thu. & Fri. Eric’s Dance Band Minnesota Wed. Night Old Time Dance Purchase Tickets in Advance or at Gate. 800-728-6926 • [email protected] www.LakesBluegrassFestival.com

August 2019 29 101st Ave N, Brooklyn Park, 7pm Bandshell Stage, State Fair, St Paul, 1 • Minnesota Americana-Roots Duet 8/23 - Friday pm, 2:30pm Contest, Schell’s Stage at Schilling • Juggsluggers, DuG, 7pm • Hoof on the Roof, Minnesota State Amphitheater, State Fair, St Paul, • Bonny & The Clydes, Contented Cow, Fair Fiddle Contest, West End Stage, 11:30am 302B Division St S, Northfield, 7pm Minnesota State Fair, 11:30am • Broken Heartland String Band, • Lakes Bluegrass Festival, Pine River, • Two Tone, Millner Heritage Winery & Reunion, 501 Division St S, www.lakesbluegrassfestival.com, See Cidery, 32025 State Hwy 15, Kimball, Northfield, 8pm ad pg 29 MN , 1pm • Honky-Tonk Jump, Minnesota State • John Guari and Cassondra Lea, 8/26 - Monday Fair, Ramberg Music Cafe, 10:30am WmH, 8pm • Roe Family Singers, 331C, 8pm 11:45am 1:00pm • The Langer’s Ball, Victoria Burrow, • Bill & Kate Isles, Duluth Folk School, 8/31 - Saturday 7999 Victoria Dr, Victoria, 8pm 6pm • Jim Pellinger, RIV, 7:30pm • The Northerly Gales, Charlie’s Irish • Cajun Dance with Shawn Glidden, • Greenwood Tree, Prior Lake Farmers Pub, 101 Water St S, Stillwater, 7pm Amelia Biere & Friends, EAG, 7:30pm Market, Main St, Prior Lake, 9am 8/24 - Saturday • Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra, • Monroe Crossing, Grand Marais • Greg Forcier, AGr, 6pm Como Lakeside Pavilion, 1360 N Playhouse, Arrowhead Center for The • Billy Johnson, 318, 8pm Lexington Pkwy, St Paul, 651-330- Arts, 51 W 5th, Grand Marais • Alternate Route, BSC, 10am 8872, 7pm • Alternate Route, BSC, 10am • Bluegrass Jam, WmH, 10am 8/27 - Tuesday • Contra Dance with Community • Contra Dance with Jump Drive, TAP, • Cajun Crawfish Hotdish, Sea Salt Contra Band, TAP, 7:30pm 7:30pm Eatery, Minnehaha Park, Mpls, 6pm • High 48s, No Man’s String Band, Red • Deliberate Kin, Matt Hannah, WmH, • Rough Draft Songwriter Night, WmH, Tail Ring, Vines Bluegrass Festival, 8pm 8pm 43150 Blackhawk Rd, Harris, MN, • Lakes Bluegrass Festival, Pine River, • The Common Ground Company, 651-674-7548, See ad pg 16 www.lakesbluegrassfestival.com, See Father Hennepin Bluff Park, 420 Main • Honky-Tonk Jump, Ramberg Music ad pg 29 St, Mpls, 612-230-6400, 7pm Cafe Stage, State Fair, St Paul, 3:15pm, • Richard Smith, CrH, 7pm • Two Tone, Minnesota State Fair, 4:30pm, 5:45pm • The Minnesota State Fiddle Farmers Union Pavilion, Dan Patch • Kindred, Renaissance Festival, Contest, Schell’s Stage at Schilling Avenue, St. Paul, 2pm Shakopee Amphitheater, State Fair, St Paul, 8/28 - Wednesday, • Minnesota Americana-Roots Band 11:30am • Lenz and Frenz, 331C, 9:30pm Contest, Schell’s Stage at Schilling • The Northerly Gales, Charlie’s Irish • Chris Koza & Band, Concerts in The Amphitheater, State Fair, St Paul, Pub, 101 Water S, Stillwater, 7pm Park, Central Park, Red Wing, 7pm 11:30am • The Quebe Sisters, Leinie Lodge • Jugsluggers, RIV, 7pm • Bob Bovee, Tim Foss, Rina Rossi, Bandshell Stage, State Fair, St Paul, 1 • Gypsy Chicken, MoonCats, WmH, Forestville State Park, Preston, 6:30pm pm, 2:30pm 8pm • Sherry Minnick and Phil Nusbaum, • Barley Jacks, Ruttger’s Bay Lake • Pert Near Sandstone, Schell’s Stage at Mill City Farmers Market, 704 S 2nd Lodge, 25039 Tame Fish Lake Rd, Schilling Amphitheater, State Fair, St St, Mpls, 11am Deerwood, 7pm Paul, 8pm 9/1 - Sunday • Broken Heartland String Band, • Pushing Chain, Schell’s Stage at • Bill & Kate Isles, Ramberg Music Cafe Phoenix Grill, 2095 10th Ave, Schilling Amphitheater, State Fair, St Stage, State Fair, St Paul, 10:30am, Baldwin, WI, 6pm Paul, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm 11:45am, 1pm • Hoof on the Roof, Minnesota State 8/29 - Thursday • Bob Bovee, Pop Wagner, Steam Fair, West End Stage, Minnesota State • Dan Newton, DuG, 7pm Machine, Curtis & Loretta, Fox Valley Fair, 11:30am • Rebel Fiddle, 318, 8pm Folk Festival, Chicago, • Pert Near Sandstone, Potter’s Shed, • Kaleb Braun-Schultz, UMC, 7pm 9/2 - Monday Shell Lake WI, 260 Industrial Blvd, • Brandi Carlile, BTC, 7:30pm • Laughing Waters Bluegrass Festival, Shell Lake, WI, 7pm • Pert Near Sandstone, Schell’s Stage at Minnehaha Park, 5000 W River Pkwy, • Blue Groove Bluegrass, Whitetail Schilling Amphitheater, State Fair, St Mpls, 1:30pm Woods Regional Park, 17100 Station Paul, 8pm • Bill & Kate Isles, Ramberg Music Cafe Trail, Farmington, 5pm • Pushing Chain, Schell’s Stage at Stage, State Fair, St Paul, 3:15pm, 8/25 - Sunday Schilling Amphitheater, State Fair, St 4:30pm, 5:45pm • The She Shells, UMC, 11am Paul, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm • Bob Bovee, Pop Wagner, Steam • Lakes Bluegrass Festival, Pine River, 8/30 - Friday Machine, Curtis & Loretta, Fox Valley www.lakesbluegrassfestival.com, See • Chris Silver, Vino in The Valley, Folk Festival, Chicago, IL ad pg 29 Maiden Rock, WI, 6pm • Kindred, Renaissance Festival, • No Man’s String Band, Lake Harriet • Brandi Carlile, BTC, 7:30pm Shakopee Bandshell, 4135 W Harriet Pkwy, • Honky-Tonk Jump, Ramberg Music 9/5 - Thursday Mpls, 612-230-6400, 2pm Cafe Stage, State Fair, St Paul, • The Swamp Poppas, EAG, 8pm • The Quebe Sisters, Leinie Lodge 10:30am, 11:45am, 1pm • Will Payne Harrison, AST, 8pm MinnesotaBluegrass.org

30 August 2019 Tab: Tom & Jerry By Bob Douglas

Back when I was a young fellow player from Moncton, New Brunswick, Fiddle Favorites (County 707), Benny (maybe 50 years ago), I graduated from who joined them after living several years Thomasson, Legendary Texas Fiddler college with a BA in Art. For some reason, in France. The String Band blossomed (County 2737), and Major Franklin Texas employment was difficult to find. After into a three year adventure that added Fiddle Favorites (County 724). Also a year of sampling short-term jobs, I John Berquist, included three European by John Ashby, Old Virginia Fiddling decided it was time to explore different tours and two LP recordings. The music (County 727), The Dillards with Byron possibilities. So I bought a three month certainly changed my life prospects. So Berline, Pickin’ And Fiddlin’ (Elektra round trip ticket to West Germany with as not to duplicate the instrumentation of EKS-7285), Lyman Enloe, Fiddle Tunes a suggestion from John Berquist to visit the band, I started playing mandolin and I Recall (County 762), Mark O’Conner, some Canadian friends who were playing learned tunes from both John and Louis. Pickin’ in the Wind (Rounder 0068), and music on the streets of Heidelberg. The “Tom and Jerry” was one of the tunes many, many others… new friends graciously enfolded me into learned from John and it’s a grand tune. Listen to two or three of these players their jug, old-time, and bluegrass music “Tom and Jerry” has been played and you will easily hear the tune has many sound. So I let go of my return ticket and traditionally by fiddlers from Missouri, permutations. My version stays pretty stayed in Europe to play the streets, folk , , Texas, Virginia, basic, but please be free to build on it to clubs, festivals, and concert stages, not Mississippi, , and Arizona. Some make your very own “Tom and Jerry!” returning to Minnesota until 15 months old-time fiddle versions are in AEae cross later. John & Susie Everatt were the tuning. It was recorded by Uncle Dave Still teaching tunes on mandolin. married core of the group. Susie played Macon in 1927 as well as by the Log Cabin Bob Douglas guitar while John played fiddle, banjo, Fiddlers in 1929 on 10” Okeh recordings. 651-778-1395 and guitar. They had recently become a It’s been recorded by National Hall of trio with Louis Leger, a fiddler and spoon Fame fiddlers Herman Johnson, Texas

Tom & Jerry MinnesotaBluegrass.org

August 2019 31 Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Twin Cities, MN Permit 343



Pert Near Sandstone, 2010 Minnesota Bluegrass August Festival Photo by Doug Lohman