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FRAZE AT THE FLICKS 49 RADIO GUIDE Staff in repose: L -R LAST WORDS: TRAVELS WITH DAD 50 (from bottom) Tommi Lewis, Diane Moca, Phil Marino, Linda Valentine and Jodl Fuchs Cover: KQLZ'S (Michael) Scott Shannon by Mark Engbrecht

Morning Mania Ballot -p. 15 And The Winners Are... -p.38 XTC Moves Up In Hot Tracks -p. 48

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EDITORIAL DIRECTOR CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Tommi Lewis Ruth Drizen, Tracey Goldberg, Bob King, Gary Moskowi z, Craig Rosen, Mark Rowland, Ilene Segalove, Jeff Silberman ART DIRECTOR Paul Bob CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Mark Engbrecht, ASSISTANT EDITOR Michael Quarterman, Diane Moca Rubble 'RF' Taylor

EDITORIAL ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Jodi Fuchs Jeffrey Lewis; Anna Tenaglia, Assistant

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3 NEWS LETTERS TREND SETTERS Dear RG: When I first saw a copy of Radio Guide, I said, "This is it!" I know you work hard and believe me, your work is appreciated, not only by Dear RG: those who consume radio in large quantities, Enclosed is a money order for a subscription but for those of us in radio who want to reach to Radio Guide. Count mein as a subscriber! new listeners. I really appreciate the various I really enjoy each issue and wish you con- cultural and news programs listed in your tinued success. guide. Radio is a great way to learn about the Adrienne Merrill other cultures in , because you Afternoon Drive Announcer can "peek" into their issues and concerns as KGIL -FM 94.3 they dialogue with each other, and they never have to know you're listening. Thank you! Dear RG: Isidra Person -Lynn Kudos to your "Los Angeles Radio Guide!" Director, Public Affairs I've finally gotten a copy to see what all the Host, Sunday Morning Live, KACE fanfare is about. Any truth to the new rumor Dear RG: that Radio Guide will be doing a guide for I must say Radio Guide is looking good. It's the windy city- ? I sure hope so, definitely the most complete source of listings because great radio shows are hard to find. available. Of course, that's the idea! Keep up the good work, and I'll be looking for Thanks for making such a worthwhile con- the Chicago version to hit the streets in the tribution to the radio industry. near future. Brad Buckley Tim Benko KGIU1260 AM & 94.3 FM Chicago,

Brewer is a wild and frentic guy. He races from one corner of the stage to Chiming with more intensity than a the other like a hamster on fire, ranting jetcraft engine and with no trace of his nightmare poetry while his crew, a theatrics or flash, City's Uve more traditionally rocking ensemble, Skull (whose current , Positrac- lay down a solid beat. You'll hear more tion, can be heard on KXLU and KSPC) from them later on will be headlining a night of adventur- stations. Bogart's is a comfortable, non - ous anti -pop rock when they perform trendy place that has the feel of a live at Bogart's (6288 E. Pacific Coast giant living room. The terraced layout Highway, Long Beach) on April 30. creates decent sight lines for even the Led by the understated Thalia Zedek, shortestvisitors. Ventilation is excellent - a strong, deliberately droning woman no sense of climbing inside an ashtray who'll put up with no part of cutsey- every time you take a breath. Sound is girl plastic sexuality, Skull are primarily usually good. Twenty -one and over a band of guitar overkill. From the only, unfortunately. hookah -esque slink and fuzz of 'Riches -Andrea 'Enthal House" through the ceaselessly pounding beat and distorted wall -of- shimmer in "Circular Saws," they churn OTHER INTERESTS: out great, grating sheets of dark and Pop -folk- Fairport Convention at the shining texture that are sure to scorch Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, a few inner ear canals. They'll be sup- April 26; Bogart's, Long Beach, April 27 ported by equally adventurous locals, Oldies- Bo Diddley at the Green Door, the Jack Brewer Band: the new en- Montclair, April 26; Music Machine, semble of the former Saccharine Trust Santa Monica, April 29 frontman. In contrast to Zedek's feet- Classical Guitar- John Schneider, on -the ground feminist intensity, Crazy Horse, Santa Ana, May 1 RADIOGuide RADIOGuide RADIOGuide

4 1G BY'S Comedy Cabaret


IGBY's Comedy Cabaret... Call [213] 477 -3553 for reservations ...... 11637 ...... Tennessee Place West L.A. La Jolla Hollywood Las Vegas

THE MAIN ROOM "The Best Of The Comedy Store" Tues - Thurs 9:00 p.m. Fri. & Sat. 9:00 & 11:30 p.m. No Cover Monday Night "Potluck" at 8:30 p.m. 8433 Sunset Blvd. 656 -6225 916 Pearl St., La Jolla /Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas L.A. RADIO ATA GLANCE .. . ..o TALK / ENTERTAINMENT- KTWV/94:7;FM TheWAVE /New Age -L.A. Soft Rock -Santo Ana KABC/790 AM Talk/Dodgers-Los Angeles KWIZ/96.7FM KFI/640 AM Talk /Raiders /USC-Los Angeles KFOX/93.5 FM Talk Variety- Redondo Beach KCKC/1350AM Country-San Bernardino KGI L/ 1260 AM News Talk- Mission Hills KCSN/88.5FM Cutting Edge- CSUNorthrldge KIEV/870AM Talk of the Town-Los Angeles KHAY/ 100.7 FM Country Music - KMDY/850AM COMEDY Radio- Thousand Oaks KIKF/94.3FM KICK-FM/Modern-Orange KMNY/1600AM MONEY Radio- Anaheim KLAC/570AM Top Hits /Lakers /Kings- Burbank KORG/1190AM K- ORANGE /folk -Anaheim KNTF/93.5FM Modern -Rancho Cucamonga KRSO/590 AM News Talk -San Bernardino KSON 97.3FM Country Music -San Diego KWNK/670AM K- WINK/Talk- Canoga Park KWDJ/92.7FM Country Music- Riverside XTRA/690AM EXTRA /Talk /Info -San Diego KZLA/93.9 FM Contemporary-Burbank NEWS RADIO KFWB/980 AM AH News -Los Angeles KCPB/91.1 . FM Classical /News /APR- Ventura KNX/1070AM Continuous News -Los Angeles KFAC/92.3 FM Classical-Los Angeles TODAY'S ROCK / POP KSCA/88.7FM Classical/APR -Santa Barbara. Classical /News /APR-L.A. KCME/99.3FM Cable Rock -Simi Valley KUSC/91.5FM KEDG/101.9FM The EDGE /Rock -Los Angeles KEZY/95.9FM Top 40- Anaheim KACE/ 103.9 FM K- ACE /Urban -Inglewood KGB/101.5FM Album Rock -San Diego KDAY/ 1580 AM Rhythm and /Urban -L.A. KGGI/99.1 FM Top 40 /Urban -San Bernardino KGFJ/1230AM R & B Oldies/ Soul / -L.A. KIIS/1150AM KISS/Top 40-Los Angeles KJLH/102.3FM Urban Contemporary-L.A. KI1S/102.7FM KISS/Top 40-Los Angeles JAll / ALTERNATIVE KKLQ/600 AM Top 40 -San Diego Pasadena KKLQ/106.5FM Q- 106/Top 40-San Diego KAZN/ 1300AM ASIAN Radio- KLMU/840AM Rock -Loyola Morymount U. KBOB/98.3FM Big Band -City of Industry Band Industry KLOS/95.5 FM Album Rock -Los Angeles KGRB/900 AM Big -City of -L.A. KLSX/97.1 FM -Los Angeles KKGO/540AM America's Station -L.A. KNAC/ 105.5 FM Pure Rock /Metal -Long Beach KKGO/ 105.1 FM America's Jazz Station KNHS/89.7FM Rock -North High School KLON/88.1 FM Jazz /News /APR -Long Beach 107 FM Music- Pasadena KOLA/99.9FM Contemporary Hits -Riverside KMAX/ Ethnic KPWR/105.9FM POWER /Dance Mix- Burbank KSBR/88.5 FM Jazz /Rock -Mission Viejo. KQLZ/ 100.3 FM PIRATE Rodio /Rock -Los Angeles SPIRITUAL RADIO KROQ/106.7FM K- ROCK/Modem Rock -Burbank KBRT/740 AM All Talk Christian-Costa Mesa KSAK/90.1 FM Rock -Mt. San Antonio College* KFRN/1280AM Family Ministry-Long Beach KSCR/530 AM -U. of S. C. KFSG/96.3 FM Religlous Music-Los Angeles KSPC/88.7FM Eclectic Rock -Pomona KGER/1390AM Religious Variety -Long Beach KUCl/88.9FM Alternative Rock- U.C.at Irvine KKLA/99.5FM Christian -North Hollywood KXLU/88.9FM Rock /Jazz -Loyola Marymount KPPC/1240AM Religious Ethnic- Pasadena XTRA/91.1 FM EXTRA /New Wave -San Diego KTSJ/ 1220 AM Christian Variety- Claremont OLDIES ROCK / POP KTYM/1460AM Religious Variety- Inglewood KBON/103.9FM Classic Rock -San Bernardino KWVE/107.9FM K- WAVE -San Clemente KMEN/1290AM Motown Oldies -Son Bernardino KYMS/ 106.3 FM Religlous Music -Orange KODJ/93.1 FM 50s & 60s Oldies -Los Angeles SPANISH RADIO KRLA/1110AM 50s -6Os Rock n' Roll -Los Angeles KALI/1430AM Contemporary Latino -L.A. KRTH/930AM K- EARTH /50s Hits /Clippers -L.A. KDIF/1440AM Spanish Music -San Bernardino KRTH/101.1FM K- EARTH /605 -70s Hits -L.A. KLVE/ 107.5 FM Contemporary- Hollywood ADULT CONTEMPORARY KNSE/1510AM KENSAY -Rancho Cucamonga KBIG/104.3FM K- BIG /Pop Hits -Los Angeles KSKQ/1540AM International Mix -Hollywood KBPK/90.1 FM - Fullerton College. KSKQ/97.9. FM Contemporary-Hollywood KDUO/97.5 FM Easy Ustenlng-San Bernardino KTNQ/ 1020AM Variety /Soccer -Holllywood KGI L/94.3 FM K- /Adult Hits- MIssion Hills KWIZ/1480AM Non -Stop Spanish -Santa Ana KJOI/98.7 FM K- JOY /Beautiful Music -L.A. KWKW/1330AM Mex. Pop /Dodgers-Hollywood K MET/ 1490 AM Adult Contemporary- Banning KWRM/1370AM Spanish Music -Corona KMPC/710AM Adult Hits /Angels /Rams -L.A. XEGM/950AM International Mix -Santa Ana KNJO/92.7. FM Adult Pop Mix- Thousand Oaks XPRS/ 1 090 AM Norteno /Angels-Hollywood KOCM/103.1 FM K -OCEAN /Hits- Newport Beach PUBLIC RADIO KOST/103.5FM COAST/Soft Hits -Los Angeles KCRW/89.9FM NPR /APR -S. Monica College KPOP/ 1360 AM Mellow Oldies -San Diego KPCC/89.3 FM NPR /APR -Pasadena College KQLH/95.1 FM Adult Hits From 60s -80s- Corona KPFK/90.7 FM Alternative -North Hollywood KRUZ/ 103.3 FM -Santo Barbara KVCR 91.9. FM Eclectic NPR APR -San Dleo KSRF/103.1FM K- SURF /Hits Mix -Santa Monica Publlc Radio: No Commercials

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expenses, if indeed it went towards plastic surgery. By the way, the huge mural featur- ing Thomas' new look is visible from the excutive offices of arch rival KITS.

SITE LIVES KOST, KBIG and KJOI have been attempting to lure former KIQQ /K-LITE listeners by using the word 'lite" in their on -air spots, but San Fernando Val- ley's KGIL -FM went one step further by adopting the 'K -LITE" name as its slo- gan identifier. KGIL's K -LITE format in- cludes lighter hits of the sixties, seven- ties and eighties.

HOLLYWOOD IN NEW YORK What was KITS -FM's evening air per- sonality Hollywood Hamilton recently doing hosting afternoon drive at New York's Z -100? Hamilton's camp says he was just vacationing and doesn't plan to change his name to Broadway Ha- milton anytime soon.


Some gullible KPWR listeners were mighty upset when they waited hours for the free while -you -wait facelifts and breast augmentations, only to find out they had fallen for Jay Thomas' April Fools Day prank. Thomas told listeners the free service would be provided at 1631 N. Vine in Hollywood, a nonexist- ent address next to the old Angelyne mural, which has since been replaced Traffic reporter Bob Tur recently by an 85- foot -tall mural of Thomas' made news by locating and picking head on a very shapely woman's body. up an Anaheim man from a remote A group of 40 listeners were so upset campsite near the Arizona state line they turned up at the station to protest and flying him back to Santa Ana to the gag. One woman even called receive a kidney that matched his KCBS -1V trouble -shooter Judd Mcllvain rare blood type. This isn't the first time and confronted Thomas on . Tur has performed such heroics. In Thomas then offered to hold a tele- 1988, Tur rescued several people from thon to pay for the outraged listener's the damaged Redondo Beach Pier. RADIOGuide RADI OGuide RADIOGuide 8 Radio Buzz


Morning jock Roger Barkley has inexplicably left the folds of KJOI -FM radio. Tom Brown, a veteran of radio stations in , Sacramento, New York and , has filled Barkley's 5 -9 a.m. slot. KI/S GOODBYE - KIIS -AM KIIS -AM has gone back to simul- KROQ's Poorman does "Heathers" casting its FM signal after experiment- ing with That was KABC's Michael Jackson an urban dance format. The appearing as a television talk show AM did exactly what we expected, It pulled a tremendous host in the made -for -TV -movie "The teen audience," said KITS assistant Case of the Hillside Strangler." Also program director look for KROQ's Jim "The Poorman" Gwen Roberts. "With the L.A. market Trenton in the black comedy "Heath- being as competitive as it is, we ers." thought it would be better to pool our resources."


rShannon On His Pirate Island

Jon The notorious Guy Kemp, former before the bomb blew outrageous morning jock on KMPC- FM (now KEDG), hasn't fallen off the During the first week of April, KQLZ's planet. Kemp was last heard doing Scott Shannon made his official debut mornings at WBPR -FM (Power 98) in on the airwaves, after two weeks of us- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. ing the pseudonym But on "Bubba the Love May 1, Kemp will resurface as part- Sponge." For his coming out party, owner /program director /morning Shannon lined up a number of big - show host at KCNA -FM in Oregon. The name interviews including Elvis Cos- station's slogan is "Kickin' A." tello, Eddie Van Says Halen, Guns N' Roses Kemp of his new station's format, "It guitarist Slash and Jon Bon Jovi. The won't be any of that EDGE -crap. It latter read the station's will very first com- be good, old- fashioned , mercial- an ad for Bon Jovi's appear- like KMET in the '70s." ance at the Forum. -Craig Rosen RADIOGuide RADIOGuide RADIOGuide 9 April -May 89

FEATURESGUIDE The following "Features Guide" (pagesl l to 25) lists radio specials and highlights aired from April 21 through May 11. For a list of regular radio programming (shows heard same time, same place), consult our Daily De- pendables Guide on pages 28 to 47.


S m a r k a b I e P comeback, Roy Or- bison was struck E Mlep Gles down, but his leg- C discovered acy continues to and helped I grow. Along with publish Anne jazz great Duke A Frank's dlary Ellington (April 29, L The Jewish community shares their 1899), and Playwright William S story as they recall the day the night- Shakespeare (April 23), radio cele- mare began - May 2. brates the birthday of Roy Orbison " "A Devil's Arithmetic" is a Passover (April 23. 1936). story on KPFK 90.7 -FM: April 21 at 9:30 "The Big 11 Countdown salutes Roy a.m. "Remembering Anne Frank on KRLA 1110 -AM: April 21 at 12 noon. features recollections of Miep & Henk "The Uncle Bucky Show plays Roy's Gies (who helped hide the Franks) on music on KLF 107.7 -FM: April 21 at 3 airs memo- KCRW 89.9 -FM: April 28 at 1 p.m. AND p.m. "Country Datebook on KUSC 91.5 -FM: May 2 at 7 p.m. rabilia from the year Roy was born on "Stars In the Dust recalls the horror KNTF 93.5 -FM: April 23 at 12:20 p.m. through contemporary music in -A "U.S. Hall of Fame presents Roy's music Rememberance of Kristalinacht" on from 1961 -65 on K -LITE 94.3 -FM: April KCRW 89.9 -FM: May 2 at 2 p.m. AND 23 at p.m. 'Off The Record with Mary on KUSC 91.5 -FM: May 2 at 9 p.m. Turner features an interview with Roy on KLSX 97.1 -FM: April 23 at 10 p.m. TOAST To Tacos! "Bubba Jackson spotlights ban- Radio celebrates Mexico's Cinco de dleader Duke on KLON 88 -FM: April28 Mayo indepenence day with food, at 6:30 p.m. "Big Band Jazz & Swing fun and frills: salutes Duke on KLON 88 -FM: April29 "The Food News Hour features reci- at 12 noon. "A Sparkling Parade pes for Mexican dishes on KNX 1070 - reviews Duke's career on KUSC 91.5 - R AM: May 1,2,3,4 & 5 at 10 a.m. FM: April 29 at 6 p.m. "Big Band Jazz "Eduardo Mata's Music of Hispano- & Swing toasts piano duos, including E America showcases classical music Duke Ellington& Billy Stayhorn,on KLON 12p.m. "The We Hour V written by Hispanics on KUSC 91.5 - 88 -FM: May6at FM: May 5 at 12 noon. "The National presents Shakespeare's "MacBeth" on Symphony Orchestra of Mexico fea- KPFK 90.7 -FM: April 21 at 12 midnight. hosts Italian E tures a special concert on KUSC 91.5 - "St. Paul Sunday Morning FM: May 5 at] p.m. "The Food Show & English Rennaisance music on KUSC w hosts Latino Supermarket Queen 91.5-FM: April 23 at 10:30 a.m. "The hosts Shakespeare's work S Regina Cordova on KIEV 870 -AM: May Box 6 at 11:30 a.m. on KUSC 91.5 -FM: May 9 at 9 p.m.


1:30 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS JAZZ 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY 12 -5:30 JAll WITH DEL COOK Jazz: Pianist Dave Frishberg Classical: Stravinsky, Haydn, Jazz: Singer Lorez Alexandria 88FM>KLON Prokofiev, Dvorak 88FM>KLON 92.3FM >KFAC 2:00 -3 POETIC LICENSE 9:30-1:30 JAll W/ ROY DANIELS Talk: Jay Kugelman news & 8:00.9 4 QUEENS JAll NIGHT Jazz: Charles Earland, Organ interviews with Ellen James Jazz: Vibraphonist Terry 88FM >KLON 90.7FM>KPFK Gibbs from Las Vegas 88FM>KLON 9:30 -12 A DEVIL'S ARITHMETIC 3:00-4 UNCLE BUCKY SHOW Drama: Uncle Ruthie Buell Oldies: Roy Orbison Music 8:00-9 CHAMBER MUSIC/ L.A. reads a Passover story by Jane 107.7FM >KLF Classical: Gail Eichenthal Yolen that takes now & hosts: Stravinsky, Arensky place 5 -5:55 VOICES during the time of the Holo- FROM LEFT 91.5FM>KUSC caust for a family's Seder Talk: "Socialist Perspectives 90.7FM>KPFK 90.7FM >KPFK 9:00 -12 THE KUSC OPERA Classical: Gene Parrish 10-11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD 6:00-7 KATHY VASQUEZ hosts: Weber: "Der Freischutz" Wine & Food Talk: Italian Talk: Tom & Ginny Carr, 91.5FM >KUSC Triflle Recipe & Call in & A authors of "Waiting Hearts" 11900AM>KORG 9:00 -10 KNX DRAMA HOUR gourmet meal is cooked on air 870AM>KIEV Drama: The Lone Ranger 6:30-12 BUBBA JACKSON JAll "Walt & Sandy Carver, a son Jazz: Birthday artist Guitarist Jeopardizes his relationship 12:00-1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Mundell Lowe (1922) with his father when he makes Oldies: Johnny Hayes salutes 88FNi>KLON an important business Roy Orbison in celebration of decision without his consent; his birthday (April 23) 7:00 -8 SENIOR SCENE Adventures of Harry Lime 1110AM>KRLA Talk: Valley Presbytherian "The Swindle," The Internatio- Hospital's Oral Restorative mal conman sets a sucker up 12 -1:30 NOON CONCERT Surgery Rep discusses dental for a swindle in Paris Jazz: Art Blakey "Live implants for people dissatisfie 1070AM>KNX Messengers" at the Village with dentures Gate, August 1961 88.5FM>KCSN 88FM>KLON 7:00 -8 AFROPOP 12:20 -:23 COUNTRY DATEBOOK African Music: George Country News & Interviews: Collinet features Love Songs When & Porter 89.9FM>KCRW Wagoner performed together for the last time (1974) 7:00 -9 L.A. CHAMBER ORCH. 93.5FM>K TF Classical: Dennis Bade hosts, Sir Charles Mackerras conducts: Mozart, Britten 91.5FM>KUSC 7:00 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Pros: "Angels Warm -up" then Silly Wranglers: vs. Oakland - away - Riders in the Sky followed by Angel Talk" 710AM >KMPC LONESOME PINE Country & Humor: "Riders NEXT MYSTERY THEATRE in the Sky" & Silly Wizard Drama: "Turnabout Is Foul, 88.5FM>KCSN Play," by Sid Slon with himself, Vicki Vola, Mason Adams 0:00 -12 M. HODEL'S HOUR 25 Marian Seldes, Jackson Sci Fi Talk: Straczynski & 71 0AM>KMPC DiTillio interview Dave Holland author of From Out 7:05 -END DODGERS GAME of the Past" & "A Pictorial Baseball: L.A. vs. San History of the Lone Ranger" David Warrilow Francisco - home 90.7FM>KPFK in Becken Festival 790AM>KABC In Spanish 11:00-12 SOLID GOLD 1:00 -3 MATINEE PLAYHOUSE 1510AM>KNSE Country: Featuring a Glen rama: 'Embers" by Samuel 1330AM>KWKW Campbell Birthday Salute Beckett, i 93.5FM>KNTF lead character is 7:20 -END LAKERS haunted by the sound of the Pros: L.A. vs. Portland - away sea, his wife & child & the 12:00 memory of his 570 AM> K LAC -3 THE WE HOURS dead father; Variety: Shakespeare's "Words & Music," a docu- 8:00 -12 LARRY KING SHOW 'Macbeth," with Michael mentary & interview with score writer Morton Feldman Talk: Acting Coach Eric Morris Redgrave & Barbara Jefford 89.9FM>KCRW 640AM>KFI 90.7FM>KPFK FEATURES RADIOGUIDE


12:00 -5 BIG BAND SWING the 12:00 -5 SCOTT WELLS JAll Jazz: Jay Roebuck hosts Jazz: Supersax / Louis Arm- strong sessions 88FM >KLON 88FM >KLON 5:00 -6 FUTURE HITS DATEBOOK Top 40: Joel Denver hosts 12:20 -:23 COUNTRY John Cougar Mellencamp Country: Birthday salute to >KIIS Glen Campbell (1936) 102.7FM 93.5FM >KNTF 6:05-6:30 YOUR COMMUNITY 12:3 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Interviews: Elena Peters - Home Nursing Care Peter Pros: "Angels Warm -up" then California vs. Oakland - away - Whited -Recycling, Gary Foss - Foster Care L.A., Gerry followed by 'Angels Talk" Balcazar -Long Beach Health 710ANI>KMPC 1390AM>KGER 12:5 -END MEN'S BASEBALL 9:00 -12 NOTHIN' BUT BLUES College: CSUN vs. Cal State Sacramento - home Jazz: Bernie Pearl hosts "Whit= 88.5FM>KCSN Boy Lost in the Blues" featuring Sting Me Michael Franks,Franks Jimmy 4:00 -9 ORIGINAL R & R Rodgers, Eric Cream, 1968" Stevie Ray Vaughan Oldies: "The Class of HBO WORLD STAGE 88FM >KLON 930AM >KRTH Rock Concert: Sting in Japan's Toyko Dome HIGH VOLTAGE 9:00-3 METRO OPERA 5:00-7 performs hits from The Classical: Wagner Pure Rock: Tawn Mastrey Police & his solo career 92.3FM >KFAC unleashes "Fresh Blood:" w;th Brandord Marsalis- Meliah Rage sax, Kenny Kirkland- 9:50 -END GAME OF THE WEEK 105.5FM>KNAC keyboard, Jeff Campbell - Kansas City Royals guitar, Tracy Wormworth- Baseball: 5:00-8 W/ ALAN HARVEY vs. Boston Red Sox at Boston JAll bass, J.T. Lewis -drums & 1070AM>KNX Jazz: Features The Woody Dollette McDonald-back-up Herman Big Band vocalist simulcast on HBO 10:00-11 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD 88 FM >KLON Cable Channel Food Talk: Fennel Sauce 101.9FM >KEDG 870ÁM >KIEV 5 -6:30 IN CONCERT Rock: Little Feat 10:00 -12 PHILADELPHIA ORCH. 11:00-12 THE RECORD SHELF 99.3FM >KCME Classical: Bruckner: Sym. #8 92.3FM>KFAC Classical: Jim Svejda hosts 7:00 GOLD SAT. NITE "The Goon Show, "a tribute to -12 SOLID music's greatest eccentrics Adult Hits: Herman's Hermits 10:00-11 BEST OF THE BBC 91.5FM >KUSC 94.3FM >KGIL Classical: "Giulini at the Proms," Philharmonia R 11:3 -11:5 ALL ABOUT BOOKS 7:00 -12 ORIGINAL R & Orchestra: Verdi, Dvorak 1968" Talk: "Molly Dear, The Autobi- Oldies: "The Class of 91.5FM >KUSC ography of an Android" by 103.9FM >KBON 11:00 -12 LIVE FROM GILLEYS Stephen Fine, the story of the DODGERS 21st Century's most notorious 7:05 -END GAME Country: Hank Williams, Jr. fugitive, P9 Baseball: L.A. vs. San Fran -h 94.3FM >KIKF 90.7FM>KPFK 790AM >KABC In Spanish 11:00- endSATURDAY NIGHT CD 11:3-12:30 THE FOOD SHOW 1510AM>KNSE New Age: "Distant Thunder" >KWKW Food Talk: EnQoron & 1330ÁM by Checkfield in its entirety 94.7FM >KTWV Vieweger host 'Kitchen BOHANNON SHOW Futures," with Rosalind Adams 8:00 -12 JIM of "Lifestyle" Publishing on Talk: Dick Allen, Phillies 3rd 11:00 -12 COLLECTOR'S ITEM Computer Software for the 640ÁM >KFI Classical: Don Tait hosts Kitchen; Jack Eikenger of Mr. Berlioz's "Symphonie fantas- new products like an 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY tique" by Rhene-Baton Coffee on Schubert, Haydn, automatic ice tea maker & Len Classical: 91.5FM >KUSC Korn of Brother International on Dvorak: Stabat Mater r,-,i new Hi -Speed Ovens 92.3FM>KFAC 870AM>KIEV 12:00-6 12 O'CLOCK ROCK 8:00 -12 JAll W/ KEN POSTON Eclectic: Anti -hit radio Jazz: Reedman Buddy Collett features worldwide non -stars, 12:00-5 WEEKEND CLASSICS 88FM >KLON from rough & grungy to Parrish hosts: danceable to 100 proof noise Classical: Gene DRAMA HOUR Mozart, Dvorak, Harris, Bach, 9-9:30 )(NX 90.7FM>KPFK Walton, Haydn Roussel Comedy: "The Jack Benny Stravinsky, Telemann, Brahms, Program, Jack & Mary 12:30 -2 IN CONCERT Nielsen Livingston are joined by Ozzie Rock: Little Feat >KUSC & Harriet Nelson 95.5 FM> KLOS 91.5FM >K


12:00-2 BACKTRACK 7:30 -10 FOLKSCENE 12:00 -5 SCOTT WELLS JAll Rock: hosts Folk: Howard & Roz Larman Jazz: Charlie Shoemake "Anniversary of Earth Day" host Ann Harvey & Friends 88FM >KLON 99.3FM >KCME 90.7FM >KPFK 12:20 -:23 8:00 -12 KFAC 5:00-6 JAll AT SUNUP COUNTRY DATEBOOK OPERA Jazz: Bill Brannan's Jazz Country: Celebrating when Classical: Handel: II pastor Gallery Portrait of Red Nichols Roy Orbison is born (1936) fido, Capella Savaria 88FM >KLON 93.5FM>KNTF 92.3FM> KFAC 12:2 -END LAKER$ BASKETBALL 9:00 -10 KNX DRAMA HOUR 7:00 -9 SUNDAY MORN. LIVE Dragnet "The Big Talk: "AIDS: It's Scarier Than Pros: "Lakers Line" then L.A. Drama: vs. - - Small," Sgt. Joe Friday You Thought," Dr. Robert Seattle home followed checks a a kind & Strecker, author of the Strecker by "Post Game Edition" out case of old lady 570AM >KLAC a bad check; Adventures of Memorandum that tells the Hopalong "real" origin of the AIDS virus Cassidy "Mystery of 103.9FM>KACE 12:3 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Skull Valley," Gold coins keep Pros: "Angels Warm -up" then Hoppy on a bloody trail 7:00 -9 MUSIC OF BAROQUE California vs. Oakland - away 1070ÁM >KNX followed by "Angels Talk" Classical: Handel 710AM>KMPC 9-10:30 91.5FM>KUSC Classical: Michael Barone 12:5 -END MEN'S BASEBALL 7:00 -9 R &R NEVER FORGETS hosts "The Byzantine vs. Sketches," Henri Mulet's Rock: Downes & Coppola with College: CSUN Cal State Country Joe McDonald Sacramento - home Esquisses byzantines 95.5FM>KLOS 88.5FM >KCSN 91.5FM>KUSC 10:00-11 OFF THE RECORD 8:00 -10 LA VOZ LATINA Rock: Mary Turner presents Latino Music: Abe Hernandez an interview Roy Orbison hosts classics from 60s to 70s 88.5FM>KCSN 97.1 FM>KLSX 10:00 -11 RADIOSCOPE 8:00 -10 BACKTRACK Rock: Jim Ladd hosts Entertainment Magazine: "Anniversary of Earth Day" Jody Watley, Skyy, Georgio 101.9FM>KEDO 102.3 M>KJLH 11111111 10:00-11 NIGHT SCENE 9 -10:30 SUNDAY MUSIC L.A. Happy Classical: MaryAnn Bonino Urban: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Birthday Fresh in Concert celebrates the Feast of St. Mark: Gabrieli, Monteverdi, r 103.9FM >KACE Albinoni, Stravinsky 91.5FM>KUSC 10:00 -11 IMRU Talk: Gonzales & Archuleta 10:00 -11 LOST LENNON TAPES 1:00-5 SUNDAY OPERA present "Radio Gay & Lesbian Rock: "People 'I' Angela" Classical: Verdi: "Aroldo" Latinos Unidos" & an update 90.7FM>KPFK on the 1990's Gay Games Ill 101.9FM>KEDG 90.7FM>KPFK 10:30-12 ST. PAUL SUN. MORN. 1:05 -END DODGERS GAME Classical: Bill McGlaughlin Baseball: L.A. vs. San Fran -h 10:30 -11 FUNNY STUFF hosts Italian & English music 790AM>KABC Comedy: "Fear of Flying," for Shakespeare's birthday In Spanish routines about airline travel 91.5FM >KUSC 1510AM>KNSE 89.9FM >KCRW 1330AM>KWKW Ì7-1,J 10:30 -11 ROCK REVIEW 12:00-5 WEEKEND CLASSICS 2:00-5 FORWARD INTO PAST Rock: Rick Anthony interviews Classical: Gene Parrish plays Variety: Randy Brian hosts WASP & Blackie Lawless all Prokofiev selections old -time dramas "One Man's 99.3FM>KCME 91.5FM>KUSC Family" & "Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy" & music 10:30-12 DEUTSCHE WELLE 12:00-5 BIG BAND SWING 88.7FM>KSPC Classical: Haydn, Schubert, Jazz: Jay Roebuck features Mendelssohn -Hensel, Mozart Clarinetist Artie Shaw 5:00 -8 TRADITIONAL JAll 91.5FM >KUSC 88FM>KLON Jazz: Buck Creek Jazz Band 88FM>KLON 11:00-12 STUDS TERKEL 12:00 -1 IN FIDELITY Talk: Engineer Robert Parker Talk: Peter Sutheim discusses 6:00 -11 U.S. HALL OF FAME discusses the remastering of home audio and video & call in Rock: Roy Orbison 1961 -196 classic jazz recordings 90.7FM>KPFK 94.3FM >KGIL 89.9FM>KCRW

12 -12:50 DON'T TOUCH A DIAL 7:00 -8 SUNDAYS AT SEVEN 11:00-1 AMER. JAll FESTIVAL Old Time Drama: "One Man's Classical: Musica Serena Jazz: Alto Saxophonists Lee Family" & "Vic & Sade" performs from the Baroque Konitz at Duke University and 88.5FM>KCSN 92.3FM>KFAC Bobby Watson at 88FM>KLON FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 13 ñAD10/iCT/Yii RGCrossA Tron This week our roving flash man, Robby Robo The T,' stalked the wild Los Angeles causeways for the unsung heroes of safe crossings. Believe it or iot, crossing guards listen to radio on the job and have a lot to say about what they hear and what is played. Below are a few champions you might watch for next time you have to get across a sheet.

Curtis on the lookout for JaybIrds

ELAINE CURTIS "KJOI (98.7 -FM) plays music "I'm a religious man, and I listen to that keeps me happy. I also like to KTYM (1460-AM) for all that look for big band tunes religious talk & music.- up & down the dial." HUGH "Well, the talk and news from KNX (1070 -AM) really keeps me company during the day."

JEANETTE RENO GRACE Talk "KITS (102.7 -FM) helps me pass he ' 1 Ike 'young' music on KBIG (1104.3 - "I love Georoe Putnam's wait'n for those wacky kids." FM) 88 classical KFAC (92.3 -FM;." Back' on KIEV 870-AM." lime IA I 1 RADIOACTIVE Morning radio war has been declared, so let's put our little toy soldiers together and see which one's a winner. Could It be that pirate Scott Shannon from KOLZ? Or maybe R's those KLOS Marines Mark and Brian? Or is the Patton of radio- - here to stay? Call our HOTLINE NUMBER (213) 306 -9722 or, if you'd like, fill out the ballot below and let us know who YOU listen to in the morning. Remember, you can vote for whoever is your fave morning DJ...they don't have to be listed: i

Rick Dees IS Jay Thomas /KPWR 105.9 FM Mark and Brian /KLOS 95.5 FM KRLAS Tuna Ken and Bob /KABC 790 AM Mark and Kim /KOST 103.5 FM KoDJS Michael window *Bill & Sylvia /KBIG 104.3 FM *Steve Moms /KRTH 101.1 FM Peter Tilden /KLSX 97.1 FM

Charlie Tuna /KRLA 1110 AM KBIGS Sylvia Aimedto * Michael and Dean /KODJ 93.1 FM K LSX S Peter Tilden Raechel Donahue /KEDG 101.9 FM Robert W. Morgan /KMPC 710 AM China & David /KTWV 94.7 FM Rodger Layng /KKGO 105.1 FM Thrasher /KNAC 105.5 FM KABCS Bob Arthur Freddy Snakeskin /KROQ 106.7 FM KEDG'S Raechel Donanué Name: Address: Age: Occupation: Ma I this ballot to "Morning Wars" 3307-A Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405 not! or call us at [213] 306-9722 and tell us who's the BOSS and who's ek

RADtoAcrtve ! /5 FEATURES APRIL 24 & 25 12:00-1 NOON CONCERT 7:00 -9 L.A. PHILHARMONIC Jazz: Art Blakey "Live Classical: Gail Eichenthal. Messengers" at Village Gate Schumann, Tchaikovsky 88FM>KLON 91.5FM>KUSC 1 -5:30 JAZZ WITH DEL COOK Jazz: Sax'er Jimmy Heath 12:20 -:23 COUNTRY DATEBOOK 8:00 -12 LARRY KING SHOW 88FM>KLON Country: When The Oak Talk: Sen. Jake Garn, Utah Ridge Boys' "It Takes A Little 640AM>KFI 6:00 -7 RADIO COLLUSION Rain" reaches #1 on Richard Eclectic: "1973," Paul Sanoian Sterban's 44th Birthday (1987) 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY & the year of the newt 93.5FM >KNTTF Classical: Handel, Nielsen, 90.7FM >KPFK Beethovorn, Chausson 1:30 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS JAZZ 92.3FM>KFAC 9:30-1:30 ROY DANIELS Jazz: Ron McCroby, Piccolo Jazz: J.J. Johnson 88FM>KLON 8:00 -9 LE JAll CLUB 88 FM> KLON Jazz: ClaudeTissendier 1:30 -2 BOOKWORM Sextet 9:3 -11:30 MARIO'S WORLDS Talk: Poet James Merril & 88FM>KLON Jazz: Bob Young hosts "New Stephen Yenser, professor, on Orleans & Beyond," including "Changing Light at Sandover" 9:00 -11 MATCH NIGHT American Jazz Quintette, more 89.9FM >KCRW Talk: Susan Block w/ Michael 90.7FM>KPFK Lowry from Heartbreak Cafe 2:00-3 KCRW PLAYHOUSE 93.5FM>KFOX 10-11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD Drama: "A Murder of Quality," Food: Chicken Monte Carlo "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," 9:00 -10 KNX DRAMA HOUR 870ÁM > KIEV 89.9FM >KCRW Drama: The Six- Shooter- Ponset avenges a friend's 10:06 -11 KNX FOOD NEWS HR 6:30 -12 BUBBA JACKSON JAll murder; Gangbusters- police Food: "Fast, Fresh & Tasty" Jazz: Bassist Charlie Mingus avenge the death of an officer 1070ÁM >KNX 88FM >KLON 1070AM>KNX ,J 6:30 -END ANGELS BASEBALL 9:00-10 POLONICA NOVA 12:00 -1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Pros: California vs. Baltimore Classical: "Polish Avant - Oldies: hits from 4 -24 -1957 - home - then "Angels Talk" Garde of the 60 & 70s" 1110AM >KRLA 71 OAM>KMPC 91.5FM >KUSC

1:00.2 CASTAWAY'S CHOICE 8:00 -12 LARRY KING SHOW 9:30 -1:30 JAll W/ ROY DANIELS Interview: John McNally talks Talk: Abortion is Discussed Jazz: Harmonica Player Jean to Actor Sam Wannamaker 640ÁM >KFI "Toots" Thielemans 89.9FM>KCRW 88FM >KLON 8:00-10 GAS COMPANY 2:00 -3 PLAYHOUSE Classical: Janacek, Bach, Drama: Steptoe & Son, Shostakovich, Chopin Harold arrives home to find 92.3FM>KFAC the old man's legs locked while doin Yogga & frees him 8:00 -9 WORLDWIDE JAll for a fee; "Babbitt, " conclusion Jazz: J.J. Johnson Sinead 89.9FM>KCRW 88FM>KLON O'Connor 4:00.5 LOCAL MUSIC SHOW 9:00 -10 THE OPERA BOX When Irish Local Bands Rock: Racer X, Classical: Forgotten Heads Are Hyde, Lyric & Screamin Mimis 91.5FM >KUSC 107.7FM >KLF Shining 9:00-10 KNX DRAMA HOUR 4:35 -END DODGERS GAME Drama: The Black Museum, Baseball: L.A. at Chicago Scotland Yard detectives are 9:3 -11:30 FOLKSCENE 790AM> KABC led to a murderer; Box 13, Folk: Roz Larman hosts British In Spanish Holiday investigates a death Isles & Ireland music & "On the 1510AM>KNSE 1070AM>KNX Edge," music & words about 1330AM> KW KW teenagers & growing up 10:00 -11 OFF THE RECORD 90.7FM>KPFK 6:30 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Rock: Mary Turner & The Fixx Pros: California vs. Baltimore 99.3FM>KCME 10 -11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD -home- then "Angels Talk" Food: Strawberry Lime Pie 710AM>KMPC 11:00-12 TRADITIONAL TURN -IN 870AM >KIEV Country: "Lost In The Fifties" 7-7:30 TELL ME A STORY from 1953 - 1954 Drama: "Three Heroines" by 570AM>KLAC 12:20 -:23 COUNTRY DATEBOOK Peter Taylor, an elderly Country: Michael Johnson's mother tells the family history 11:00 -12 SOLID GOLD first hit enters the charts (1986) from before the Civil War Country: Country "Memories" 93.5FM>KNTF 89.9FM >KCRW 93.5FM>KNTF FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 16 FEATURES APRIL 26 & 27

3:30 -5 MIDWEEK WEDNESDAY Political Talk: Gun control 9:00 -10 HIGH PERFORMANCE 90.7FM>KPFK Classical: Andre Previn hosts: Mendelssohn, Albeniz 6:30 -END ANGELS BASEBALL 91.5FM >KUSC 9:00 -12 MORNING BECOMES... Pros: California vs. Detroit - h Eclectic: Tom Schnabel hosts 710AM>KMPC 9:00 -10 KNX DRAMA HOUR Samir Hachem of the Holly- Drama: This Is Your FBI, the International wood Reporter's 8:00 -12 LARRY KING SHOW agency is on the trail of a Report to discuss Arab's versatile imposter-swindler;i greatest singer Om Kalthoum Talk: Guest Frederick 89.9FM >KCRW Forsythe, author of "Day of Thatre Royale "Markheim, the Jackal," talks about his After loosing in the Market, a new novel "The Negotiatior" man chooses evil or death 9:3 -11:30 INDEPENDENT MUSIC 1070AM >KNX Eclectic: John Glass hosts 640AM >KFI "From to America," Sweden 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY 10:00-11 ALL -STAR OPERA Emigrant & Immigrant songs 90.7FM>KPFK Classical: R. Strauss, Classical: Nilsson hosts The Mozart, Kodaly, Schumann 13th Richard Tucker Gala, 92.3FM >KFAC KCET, Channel 28, simulcast 11:2 -END DODGERS GAME 91.5FM >KUSC Baseball: L.A. at Chicago 790AM >KABC 8:00-9 MOVEMENT L.A. Talk: Freedom Now Ken Carr 10:00-11 LEGENDS OF ROCK In Spanish 90.7FM >KPFK Rock: Ray White hosts a 1510AM >KNSE salute to Fleetwood Mac, part 1330AM>KWKW one, with music & interviews 99.3FM >KCME 1:20 -END MEN'S BASEBALL 10:00 -11 LOST LENNON TAPES vs. Cal College: CSUN Rock: The subject is John & Lutheran - home Yoko Way Out West 88.5FM >KCSN 101.9FM >KEDO 2:00 PLAYHOUSE -3 11:00-12 TRADITIONAL TURN -IN Drama: "The Very Idea" & "Lost In The Fifties" "Fan of the New York Mets" Country from 1955 - 1956 89.9FM >KCRW 570ÁM >KLAC THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY 2:00-3 PLAYHOUSE 8:00 -9 VINTAGE JAll Lee, 10-11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD Drama: "Rough for Radio ll" Jazz: Singer Barbara Pianist -singer Bob Dorough & Food Talk: Cassata Siciliana by Samuel Beckett, an animator & stenographer draw cornetist Dick Sudhalter 870AM>KIEV some unkown testimony; interpret Hoagy Carmichael 88FM >KLON 11:00 -1 N. SLONIMSKY BD "Mutiny on the Bounty, crew goes mad & mutiny ensues Classical: Gail Eichenthal 89.9FM >KCRW 8:00 -12 LARRY KING SHOW hosts a 95th Birthday Party witY Talk: Ex Referee Bruce Hood David Raksin & the 4:00-5 LOCAL MUSIC SHOW 640AM >KFI "Failed Wunderkind" & guests 91.5FM>KUSC Local Rock: Cone of Silence, Wired, D'Molls & Cassonova 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY Von Weber, - 11:2 -END DODGERS GAME 107.7FM>KLF Classical: Saint Saens, Hydn, Atterberg Baseball: L.A. at Chicago 790AM>KABC 6:30 -END ANGELS BASEBALL 92.3FM >KFAC vs. Detroit - h In Spanish Pros: California 1510AM>KNSE 710AM >KMPC 9:00 -10 THE RECORD SHELF 1330AM>KWKW Classical: Jim Svejda hosts 7:00-9 CHICAGO SYMPHONY "Mengelberg at the Pops" Classical: Hummel, Mahler 91.5FM >KUSC 12-1:30 NOON CONCERT 91.5FM >KUSC 9:00-10 KNX DRAMA HOUR Jazz: Roy Daniels hosts Jam "Montreux '77" 7:00 -8 OFF BEAT W/ ROGER Drama: Sgt. Preston, After 88FM>KLON Interview: Ginger Baker & robbing police, a man uses , drummers of the un,fprm to commit murder; 12:00-1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Cream & Lights Out, a trip to a sub - 89.9FM >KCRW world of tunnels & terror Oldies: Johnny Hayes plays I070AM>KNX top hits & memories from other 7:30 -8:30 LAPDOG FUNCTION April27, 1965 MOUNTAIN 1110 AM> KRLA Media Talk: Edward Herman, 9:00 -11 STAGE co- author of "Manufacturing Folk & Roots Music: Larry 1:20 -END WOMEN'S SOFTBALL Consent," calls the media con- Groce hosts Lucinda Williams College: CSUN vs. U.C. frontational & Ilustrates how with England's Clive Gregson frames news & & Christine Collister & the Riverside - home ownership the 88.5FM >KCSN profits determine presentation eclectic Celtic band Metamora 90.7 FM> KPFK 88.5FM >KCSN FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES. 17 FEATURES FRIDAY APRIL 28

7:00 -8 HEALTH VIEWS 12 -5:30 JAll WITH DEL COOK Medical Talk: A.S. Omawale Jazz: Trombonist Glenn Miller hosts the environmental, 88 FM> KLON physical & mental health status of the African commu- 9:30-1:30 JAll W/ ROY DANIELS nity, including spiritual health, Jazz: traditional medicine & the 88FM>KLON international implications of health disasters 10 -11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD 90.7FM>KPFK Food Talk: Roast Leg of Lamb Piero Recipe & Call In & he Our Fearless Leader 8:00 -12 LARRY KING SHOW cooks a gourmet meal on air George Bush Talk: William F. Buckley, Jr. 70AM>KIEV 3 -3:30 AMER. DIALOGUES 640AM>KFI r Political Talk: "Special Operations in the Bush : 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY 12:00 -1 NOON CONCERT Classical: Bach, Stravinsky, Jazz: Roy Kinder & Gentler...or More Daniels hosts Count Covert?" Robert Foxworth Onslow, Walton Basie Jam "Montreux '77" on 92.3FM>KFAC Pablo CD hosts Former CIA operatives John Stockwell & David 88 FM> KLON 4 MacMichael, who now oppose 8:00-9 QUEENS JAll NIGHT covert operations & give their Jazz: Bill Berry & Tenor 12:00 -1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Saxophonist Don Menza from Oldies: Johnny Hayes plays projections for the future under the first former CIA Director to Las Vegas top hits & other memories from 88FM>KLON April28, occupy the White House 1960 90.7FM >KPFK 1110AM>KRLA 8:00-9 CHAMBER MUSIC /L.A. 5 -5:55 VOICES FROM LEFT Classical: Gail Eichenthal Talk: "National Lawyers Guild" hosts: Schubert: Piano Trio 90.7FM>KPFK 91.5FM>KUSC

5:35 -END DODGERS GAME 9:00 -12 THE KUSC OPERA Baseball: L.A. at St. Louis Classical: Gene Parrish 790ÁM >KABC hosts: Bizet In Spanish 91.5FM>KUSC 1510AM>KNSE 1330AM>KWKW 9:00 -10 KNX DRAMA HOUR Drama: The Lone Ranger 6:00-7 KATHY VASQUEZ "Frontier Day Race, " a boy, Disabled Talk: Guest is Dick fearing that his poularity is Wooten of the Abilities Expo at due to his riding ability, quits the L.A. Convention Center a famous rodeo," Adventures 1190AM>KORG of Harry Lime "Coins," a Mama Mial female bandit relieves 6:30 -END ANGELS patrons of their coins and the The Judds BASEBALL Pros: "Angels Warm -up" then international conman of his traveling California vs. - home - rights followed by "Angels Talk" 1070AM>KNX COUNTRY DATEBOOK 710AFI>KMPC ountry Music & 9-9:30 LONESOME PINE Interviews: When the 6:30 -12 BUBBA JACKSON Country: The "Riders in the Judds' first hit, "Mamma He's JAll Jazz: Birthday artist Ban- Sky" Music & Humor with the Crazy" enters the charts Buddy Guy Blues Band (1984) dleader / Pianist Duke Ellington (April29, 1899) 88.5FM>KCSN 93.5FM >KNTF 88FM>KLON 10:00-12 M. HODEL'S HOUR 25 1:00-3 MATINEE PLAYHOUSE 7:00 -8 L.A. Science Fiction Talk: J. Drama: "Remembering CHAMBER ORCH. Anne Michael Straczynski & Larry Frank," features interviews Classical: Dennis Bade hosts with Bach, Copland DiTillio discuss Mars with Miep & Henk Gies on their 91.5FM>KUSC scientists from JPL talking personal recollections when about exploration they plans assisted the Franks in 7 :00-8 AFROPOP 90.7FM>KPFK hiding & found Anne's diary, African Music: George with excerpts from the drama 11:00 -12 SOLID GOLD "Anne Frank Collinet hosts So. African Jazz Remembered" 89.9FM >KCRW Country: Songs about Songs 89.9FM>KCRW 93.5FM>KNTF 1:30 -5:30 HELEN 7:00-8 SENIOR SCENE BORGERS JAll 11-12:30 SUPERSTAR CONCERT Jazz: Singer Bessie Smith Senior Talk: Mel Blanc, the 88FM>KLON voice of cartoon characters like Rock: Foreigner in Concert Bugs Bunny & Woody 95.5FM>KLOS 3:00 -4 UNCLE BUCKY SHOW Woodpecker, talks about his Oldies: The Four Seasons book Not All, Folks" 107.7FM>KLF 88.5FM >KCSN FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 18 FEATURES SATURDAY APRIL 29.

11:5 -END WOMEN'S SOFTBALL 7:00-12 ORIGINAL R & R 12:00-5 SCOTT WELLS JAll College: CSU at Northridge Oldies: Dick Bartley hosts Jazz: Tenor Saxophonist vs. Bakersfield - home songs from Creedence Wayne Shorter 88.5FM>KCSN Clearwater Revival 88 FM> KLON 103.9FM>KBON 5:00 -6 FUTURE HITS 12:00-5 WEEKEND CLASSICS 7:00 -12 SOLID GOLD SAT, NITE Top 40: Joel Denver hosts Classical: Gene Parrish Adult Hits: Leslie Gore Cyndi Lauper hosts: Bach, Bax, Tallis, 94.3FM>KGIL 102.7FM>KIIS Beethoven, Turina Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Mozart, 8:00 -12 SHOW 6:05 -6:30 YOUR COMMUNITY Mendelssohn Talk: From Disneyworld Local Interviews: Richard 91.5FM>KUSC 640AM>KFI Navarro & Bea Finley interview Dr. Kirk Hastings- Children of 12:00-5 BIG BAND SWING 6:00 -10 GAS COMPANY Alcoholics, Dr. O'Carroll -The Jazz: Jay Roebuck salutes Classical: Bizet, Beethoven, Headache Institute Barbara Duke Ellington's birthday,1899 Vivaldi, Schubert Labitzka & Nancy Morningstar - 88FM>KLON 92.3FM>KFAC Foster Care O. Co., Vonette Bright- National Day of Prayer 12:20-:23 COUNTRY DATEBOOK 8:00 -12 JAll W/ KEN POSTON 1390AM>KGER Country Music & Interviews: Jazz: Vocalist June Christy When "Eighteen Wheels And 88.FM>KLON 8:30-9 RADIO WITH VISION A Dozen Roses" becomes a Talk: Archival programs on number 1 single for Kathy 9:00 -10 KNX DRAMA HOUR freedom of the press issues in Mattea (1988) Drama: The Jack Benny Pacifica's history 93.5FM>KNTF Program from March 13, 90.7FM>KPFK 1949 with Mary Livingston; 4:00-9 ORIGINAL R & R The Burns & Allen Show from 9:30 -12 METROP'LITAN OPERA Oldies: Dick Bartley hosts October 25 1945, with Classical: Donizetti Creedence Clearwater Revival George & Gracie 92.3FM>KFAC 930AM >KRTH 1070AM>KNX

10:00-11 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD 5:00-7 HIGH VOLTAGE 10:00-11 THE BEST OF THE BBC Wine & Food Talk: Vitello Pure Rock: Guest DJ Author Classical: "Britten at the Tonnato Recipe & Call In Stephen King packs raw Proms, " Benjamin Britten is 870AM>KIEV energy from hot bands both composer & conductor 105.5FM>KNAC with members of the London 10:2 -END DODGERS GAME Symphony Orchestra: Purcell Baseball: L.A. at St. Louis 5:00-8 JAll W/ ALAN HARVEY 91.5FM>KUSC 790AM>KABC Jazz: Quincy Jones Big Band in Spanish 88FM>KLON 10:00-12 PHILADELPHIA ORCH. 1510AM>KNSE Classical: Shostakovich, 1330AM>KWKW 5-6:30 SUPERSTAR CONCERT Prokofiev: PA. Choral Arts Rock: Foreigner in Concert 92.3FM >KFAC 11:00-12 THE RECORD SHELF 99.JFM >KCME Classical: Jim Svejda hosts 11:00-12 LIVE FROM GILLEYS "Mengelberg at the Pops" 5:20 -END GAME OF THE WEEK Country: Loretta Lynn 91.5FM >KUSC Pro Baseball: New York Mets 94.3FM>KIKF vs. Houston Astros at the Astrodome, Houston, with 11:00-12 COLLECTOR'S ITEM Gene Elston & Steve Busby Classical: Don Tait hosts live 1070 AM> KNX recordings of choral music 91.5FM>KUSC 6:00-8 A SPARKLING PARADE Variety: ATribute to Duke 11:00-endSATURDAY NIGHT CD Pizza King Ellington," in honor of the New Age: Andreas Vollenwei- Duke's 90th Birthday, Gene der's "Dancing With the Lion" Ed la Dou Parrish reviews his career in its entirety of Caioli 91.5FM>KUSC 94.7FM>KTWV Restaurant 6:00-7 POETRY CONNEXION Arts Talk: Austin Straus & 12:00-6 12 O'CLOCK ROCK THE FOOD SHOW Wanda Coleman host dynamic Underground Rock: Andrea oo a /k: "Italian Food & performance -poet Jude Narita Enthalg& Eric Stone host NO Wine," Ed Engoron & J. 90.7FM>KPFK soft hits & NO love songs Vieweger interview Ed La 90.7FM>KPFK Dou on innovative ways with 6:30 -END ANGELS BASEBALL pizza; Christoper Styler, Pros: "Angels Warm -up" then 12:2 -END AUSTIN CITY LIMITS author of Italian Cookbook California vs. Toronto - home - Country: Buck Owens "Primi Piatti" & Dottore Lucio followed by Angels Talk" simulcast on KCET-TV, Sorre of Ban fi Vintners on 710AM>KMPC Channel 28 fine Italian wines 93.9FM >KZLA 870AM >KIEV


12:05 -2:3 DON'T TOUCH A DIAL 7:00 -8 SUNDAYS AT SEVEN 12:00 -5 SCOTT WELLS JAll Old Time Drama: Sunday & Classical: The Fine Arts Jazz: Bandleader and pianist Lynes host "One Man's Brass Quintet chamber music Stan Kenton Family," "Tribute to Mandel recital in Barnsdall Park 88FM >KLON Kramer," "Yours Truly," 92.34M>KFAC "Johnny Dollar," "Counterspy" 5:00-6 JAll AT SUNUP 88.5FM >KCSN 7 -7:30 AMER. CONTINENTAL Jazz: Bill Brannan hosts Jack Eclectic: Wolfgang Schneider Teagarden's Gallery Portrait 12:20 -:23 COUNTRY DATEBOOK plays Schlager 88FM>KLON Country Music & Interviews: 88.5FM>KCSN When Joe Stampley's 'All 7:00-9 SUNDAY MORN. LIVE These Things," destined for 8:00 -12 KFAC OPERA Public Affairs Talk: "If I Knew #1, arrives on the charts Classical: Mozart: The Magic Then What I Know Now: (1976) Flute, Furtwaengqler/Vienna Scams, Ripoffs & Schemes" 93.5FM>KNTF 92.3FM >KFAC 103.9FM >KACE 12:30 -END ANGELS BASEBALL 9 -10:30 PIPEDREAMS 7:00 -9 MUSIC OF BAROQUE Pros: "Angels Warm -up" Eclectic: Michael Barone Classical: Bach: Mass in b followed by California vs. hosts "Trumpet & Organ," 91.5FM >KUSC Toronto - home - followed by Iberian peninsula, British Isles "Angels Talk" 91.5FM >KUSC 9:00-12 R'NR /R'NB 710AM>KMPC Rock W Roll & Rhythm W 9:00 -10 KNX DRAMA HOUR Blues: Steve Propes plays 1-1:30 TENOR OF THE TIMES Drama: Dragnet & Hopalong listeners requests from April Classical: Fred Hyatt tributes Cassidy, starring William Boyd 88FM>KLON Eugene Conley, American 1070AM >KNX tenor of the 40s, 50s & 60s 9 -10:30 SUNDAY MUSIC L.A. 90.7FM >KPFK 10:00 -11 IMRU Classical: MaryAnn Bonino Talk: Michael Kearns' hosts "Principia musica. " music 1:30 -5 SUNDAY OPERA inspiring "Forget Me Not," a of Newton's time recorded in Classical: Fred Hyatt hosts concert reading of letters by 1987 to celebrate his "Principia Stravinsky: "Rake s Progress" people with AIDS & friends mathematica" 90.7FM >KPFK 90.7FM >KPFK 91.5FM >KUSC

10:00.11 LOST LENNON TAPES Rock: The subject is John & Yoko Nay Out West 101.9FM>KEDG

10:30-12 ST. PAUL SUN. MORN. Classical: Bill McGlaughlin: Schubert, Chopin, Debussy 91.5FM >KUSC The Fizz Calm Animals on'ON The Record- 11:1 -END DODGERS GAME Baseball: L.A. at St. Louis 790AM>KABC 2:00 -5 FORWARD INTO PAST 10:00 -11 OFF THE RECORD In Spanish Variety: Randy Brian hosts Rock: Mary Turner & the Fixx I510AM>KNSE old -time dramas "Eddie 91.1 FM >KLSX 1330AM>KWKW Cantor" & "Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons" & plays big 10:30-11 ROCK REVIEW band, early jazz, soundtracks Hard Rock: Rick Anthony 12:00-5 WEEKEND CLASSICS 88.7FM >KSPC interviews Little Ceasar Classical: Gene Parrish hosts: 99.3FM >KCME Strauss, Mozart, Dvorak, Bach, 5:00 -8 TRADITIONAL JAll Debussy Schumann Bruch, Jazz: Bob Epstein hosts a 10:30-12 DEUTSCHE WELLE Haydn, Beethoven, Gibbons, 1920s Dance Party Classical: Debussy, Scriabin, Williams 88 FM> KLON Wolf, Field, Brahms, Franck, 91.5FM>KUSC Blacher 6:00 -11 U.S. HALL OF FAME 91.5FM >KUSC 12:00-5 BIG BAND SWING Oldies Rock: Featuring the Jazz: Jay Roebuck features Beatles from 1959 -1968 10:30-11 FUNNY STUFF Trumpeter Roy Eldridge 94.3FM>KGIL Comedy: "Flanders & Swan," 88FM >KLON Bob Claster hosts rarely heard 6:00 -8 AT CARNEGIE HALL gems & humor from English 12:00-1 IN FIDELITY Variety: hosts masters of after- dinner revue Consumer Talk: Peter Chet Atkins, Butch Thompson, 89.9FM>KCRW Sutheim hosts a report from Robin & Linda Williams & Kate Northern California's recent hi- MacKenzie with a new 11:00-12 STUDS TERKEL fi show monologue, a Powdermilk Talk: Guests is author Donald 90.7FM>KPFK Biscuit skit & music by "The Katz on his study of the Sears Perfect Gospel Quartet" Company, "The Big Store" 91.5FM>KUSC 89.9FM>1(CRW FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 20 FEATURES MAY l&2

2:00 -3 KCRW PLAYHOUSE 8:00-12 LARRY KING SHOW Drama: "A Murder of Quality" Talk: An airline pilot discusses by John Le Carre, retired the book "Captain X" is 640AM >KFI 1 -5:30 JAll WITH DEL COOK George Smiley brought into Jazz:Capp /Pierce Juggernaut mj ystery at a boarding school; 88FM>KLON "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY by John Le Carre, retired Classical: Handel, Respighi, 9:30 -1:30 ROY DANIELS George Smiley is asked to Haydn, Stenhammar Jazz: Bobby Hutcherson solve a mystery at the heart of 92.3FM>KFAC 88FM >KLON the "Circus" 89.9FM>KCRW 8:00-9 LE JAll CLUB 10 -11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD Jazz: Trio of Bassist Patrice Food Talk: Chicken KIEV 5:00 -6 AMNESTY INTERN'T'N'L Caratini, accordianist Marcel 870ÁM >KIEV Political Talk: Interview with Azzola & Guitarist Marc Fosset the U of C at Irvine Amnesty 88FM>KLON 10:06 -11 KNX FOOD NEWS HR International Service Group 9:00 -11 MATCH NIGHT Food Talk: Melinda & Mel 88.9FM >KUCI "Celebrating Cinco de Mayo" Talk: Susan Block hosts with Mexican dishes all week 6:3 -11:45 BUBBA JACKSON Singer Tom Acousti 1070AM>KNX Jazz: Saxophonist Houston 93.5FM> KFOX Person & Vocalist Etta Jones 88FM>KLON 9:00 -10 POLONICA NOVA 12:00 -1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Classical: "Witold Lutoslawski Oldies: 25 -year veteran 7:00 -9 L.A. PHILHARMONIC - His Work & His Significance" Johnny Hayes plays 1970 hits Classical: Gail Eichenthal 91.5FM>KUSC 1110AM>KRLA hosts: Crumb, Mahler 91.5FM>KUSC 10:00 -12 ORCHES. 12:00 -1 NOON CONCERT Classical: Verdi: Requiem Jazz: Tito Puente "El Rey" 7:05 -END DODGERS GAME 91.5FM>KUSC 88FM>KLON Baseball: LA vs. Pittsburgh -h 790AM>KABC 11:45 -12 FELIX THE GREAT 1:30 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS JAZZ In Spanish Jazz: Episode 1 of 26, written Jazz: Pianist Ahmad Jamal 1510AM>KNSE & narrated by Robert Shure 88FM>KLON 1330AM>KWKW with music by Heikki Sarmanto 88FM>KLON

2:00 -3 KCRW PLAYHOUSE 12 -5:30 WITH Drama: "A Rememberance of JAll DEL COOK Kristalinacht," commemorates Jazz: Alto Sax'er Lee Konitz the night when Nazis 88FM >KLON destroyed Jewish businesses Mlles Davis 9:30-1:30 ROY DANIELS JAll & dragged Jews to concentra- Jazz: Vocalist Nat tion camps; "Stars in the Dust' Jazzier "King" Cole a cantata by Samuel Adler 88 FM> KLON recalling the horror of the than 10 -11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD Holocaust in contemporary thou/ musical language using Wine & Food Talk: Cheese synagogue7iturgy themes Cake Cesare Recipe & Call In 89.9FM>KCRW

4:00 -5 LOCAL MUSIC SHOW 7 -7:30 TERRITORY OF ART Variety: "Suite, Machines," 12:00 -1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Rock from Local Bands: Panther, Joker & Bitch the roars of industrial Oldies: Johnny Hayes plays 107.7FM>KLF machinery arranged like top hits & other memories from music & operators narrate May 2,1963 89.9FM >KCRW 1110AM >KRLA 4:00 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Pros: `Angels Warm -up" then 7:05 -END DODGERS GAME California vs. Baltimore - away 12 -1:30 NOON CONCERT LA vs. - followed by Angels Talk" Baseball: Pittsburgh -h Jazz: Tito Puente "El Rey" 710AM>KMPC 790AM>KABC 88FM>KLON In Spanish 6:3 -11:45 BUBBA JACKSON JAll 1510AM>KNSE 1:00 -2 CASTAWAY'S CHOICE 1330AM>KWKW Talk: John McNally interviews Jazz: Pianist Alan Broadbent Pianist Johanna Harris 88FM>KLON 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY 89.9FM>KCRW 7:00 -9 ANNE FRANK'S DIARY Classical: BeethovenBeethoven, Documentary: "Refugees," Arensky, Mozat, Cor,+ 1:30 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS 92.3FM >KFAC Jazz: Trumpeter Miles Davis part one (of 4) of Miep Gies's memoir of helping hide the 88FM>KLON Frank family in honor of 9:00-10 STARS IN THE DUST Holocaust Remembrance Day Drama: A Remembrance of 91.5FM>KUSC Kristalinacht 11, 91.5FM >KUSC FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 21 FEATURES MAY 3&4

2:00 -3 KCRW PLAYHOUSE 8:00-10 GAS COMPANY Drama: "Dispersal" by Will Classical: Handel, Milhaud, Weaver & "Susanna Dancing" Brahms, Shostakovich 12 -5:30 JAll WITH DEL COOK by Elizabeth Herron, both 92.3FM>KFAC Jazz: Drummer Dick Berk winners of PEN's short story 88FM>KLON contest; Saratoga Springs 9:00 -10 HIGH PERFORMANCE "Those That Owes" Classical: Andre Previn 9:30 -1:30 ROY DANIELS JAll 89.9FM>KCRW hosts: Schubert: Violin Jazz: Sax'er Plas Johnson Sonata in a 88FM>KLON 4:00 -END ANGELS BASEBALL 91.5FM>KUSC Pros: "Angels Warm -up" then 10 -11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD California vs. Baltimore - away 10:00-12 VIENNA FESTIVAL Food Talk: Roast Turkey Piero - followed by "Angels Talk" Classical: Einem, Mahler 870AM>KIEV 710AM >KMPC 91.5FM>KUSC

OREIE 6:30 -8 BUBBA JACKSON 10:00-11 LEGENDS OF ROCK 12:00 -1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Jazz: Birthday Artist Trum- Rock: Ray White hosts a Oldies: Memories from 5 -3 -57 peter Yank Lawson (1911) salute to Fleetwood Mac, 1110AM>KRLA 88FM >KLON music & talk 99.3FM>KCME 12:00 -1 NOON CONCERT 7:00 -9 CLEVELAND ORCHES. Jazz: Fats Waller Live Vol. 2 Classical: Malthus, Bruckner 88FM>KLON 91.5FM>KUSC

12:15 -1 DAME MYRA HESS 7:05 -END DODGERS GAME Eclectic: Christorpher Baseball: L.A. vs. St. Louis -h Laughlin plays Barrios, Villa 790AM >KABC Lobos, Brouwer, Castelnuovo- In Spanish Tedesco & Pearson 1510AM>KNSE 91.5FM>KUSC 1330AM>KWKW 1:30 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS JAll 8:00 -12 LARRY KING SHOW Jazz: Vocalist Sarah Vaughan Talk: Jerry Garcia in San Fran Enya builds a wall of sound 88FM>KLON 640AM>KFI

THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY 2:00 -3 KCRW PLAYHOUSE 7:05 -END DODGERS GAME 12 -5:30 JAll WITH DEL COOK Drama: Selected Shorts "YMA Baseball: LA vs. St. Louis -h Jazz: Pianist Roland Hanna Dream" by Thomas Meshan 790AM>KABC 88FM>KLON read by Christine Baranski; In Spanish "One of These Days" by 151 OAM >KNSE 9:30 -1:30 ROY DANIELS JAll Gabriel Garcia Marquez read 1330ÁM >KWKW Jazz: Trumpeter Bobby Shew by Steven Gilbom & "The 88FM >KLON View from Riverside Ceme- 8:00 -9 VINTAGE JAll tery" by Mary Jane Moffat Jazz: "A Tribute to Johnny 10-11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD read by Linda Lavin Guarnieri, " concert at St. Food Talk: Cannoli Siciliana 89.9FM >KCRW Peter's Church honoring the late jazz pianist & featuring 4:00 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Billy Taylor, Classic Jazz Pros: `Angels Warm -up" then Quartet members, Derek 12:00-1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN California vs. Toronto - away Smith, Bucky Pizzarelli, Joe Oldies: Johnny Hayes plays 710AM>KMPC Bushkin, Panama Francis & hits & memories from 5 -4 -68 his protege Jim Turner 1110AM>KRLA 4:00 -5 LOCAL MUSIC SHOW 88FM >KLON & Talk: In Studio 12:00 -1 NOON CONCERT Interview with local band Fire 8:00-12 LARRY KING SHOW Jazz: Fats Waller Live Vol. 2 107.7FM>KLF Talk: in San 88FM>KLON Francisco 6:3 -11:45 BUBBA JACKSON JAZZ 640ÁM >KFI 1 -1:30 SOUNDPRINT Jazz: Vocalist Sheila Jordon Documentary: "The 24 -Hour 88FM >KLON 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY World" explores the concept of Classical: Dvorak, Mozart, time & work & the growing 7:00-9 CHICAGO SYMPHONY Grieg, Bloch: Sym. in C movement to save time Classical: Vivaldi, Villa - 92.3FM>KFAC 89.9FM>KCRW Lobos, Haydn, Beethoven 91.5FM>KUSC 9:00 -10 THE RECORD SHELF 1:30 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS JAll Classical: Jim Svejda hosts Jazz: Sax'er Coleman Hawkins 7:00 -8 OFF BEAT W/ ROGER "Mengelberg at the Pops," 88FM>KLON Interview: Ginger Baker & Wagner's "Tannhauser" John Densmore, drummers of Overture & "Bolero" by Cream & The Doors Maurice Ravel 89.9FM>KCRW 91.5FM >KUSC FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 22 FEATURES MAY 5 & 6

6:00-7 KATHY VASOUEZ Disabled Talk: Guest Cheryl Richard McMannis talks about people Jordan loins with in the media 12 -5:30 JAll WITH DEL COOK disabilities Jazz: Milt Jackson Mark Taper 1190AM>KORG Forum Tribute 88FM>KLON 6:3 -11:45 BUBBA JACKSON JAll 10 -11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD Jazz: Tenor Saxophonist Paul BD (May 7, 1921) Food Talk: Turkey Cutlet Quinichette MATINEE PLAYHOUSE 88FM>KLON Milanese Recipe & Call In & a rama: "An Evening with gourmet meal cooked on air 7:00 -8 AFROPOP 870AM >KIEV Vaclav Havel." tributes & readings from the Mark Taper African Music: °Percussion PME Forum he impris- Styles around the Continent" 12-1:30 NOON CONCERT oned Czech playwright & 89.9FM >KCRW human rights activist Jazz: Nat "King" Cole "At the 7:05 -END DODGERS GAME Sands" on Capitol Records 89.9FM>KCRW 88FM >KLON Baseball: L.A. vs. Chicago - h 1-2:45 ORCH. OF MEXICO 790AM>KABC 12:00 -1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Classical: Beristain Chavez. In Spanish Ponce, Revueltas, Enriquez 1510AM>KNSE Oldies: Johnny Hayes plays 1330AM>KWKW hits from May 5, 1964 91.5FM>KUSC 1110AM >KRLA 1:30 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS JAZZ 8:00 -12 LARRY KING SHOW 12:00-1 HISPANO- AMERICA Jazz: Singer Joe Williams Talk: Shelly Berman, comedy Classical: Eduardo Mata's 88FM>KLON 640AM>KFI sampler of the best, including 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY Revueltas, Villa Lobos 3:00 -4 UNCLE BUCKY SHOW Ginastera, Moncayo, Chavez Oldies: Music of Buddy Holly Classical: Mendelsohn, 107.7FM>KIF Mozart, Shchedr:n, Brahms 91.5FM>KUSC 92.3FM>KFAC 4:00 -END ANGELS BASEBALL -12 THE KUSC Pros: California at Toronto - 9:00 OPERA 710AM>KMPC Classical: Donizetti: L'elisir... 91.5FM>KUSC SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY AWE 11:3 -12:30 THE FOOD SHOW 4:00 -9 ORIGINAL R & R 12:00 -5 SCOTT WELLS JAll Food Talk: "Is There Life Oldies: Neil Diamond Jazz: Vocalist Mark Murphy After Cinco De Mayo ?" 930ÁM >KRTH 88FM>KLON Regina Cordova on Latino 7:00 -12 103.9 F M> K B O N Supermarkets & a Discussion 6:05 -6:30 YOUR of the future of Olvera Street 7:05 COMMUNITY 870AM>KIEV -END DODGERS GAME Interviews: Barbara Labitzka- Baseball: L.A. vs. Chicago - h Foster Care Orange County, 790AM>KABC Andrew Weisser-AIDS Project 12:00 -5 WEEKEND CLASSICS In Spanish L.A., Lucille Baker -Long Beach 1510AM >KNSE Senior Services, Bonnie Classical: Gene Parrish 1330AM>KWKW Taylor- Mothers hosts: Beethoven Dvorak, Overcoming Haydn. Handel, Brahms, Molest Situations 8:00 -9 THISTLE & SHAMROCK Mozart, Shapero 1390AM>KGER 91.5FM>KUSC Folk: "O'er Hills, O'er Moun- tains," from the time of Bonnie 9:00 -12 NOTHIN' BUT BLUES 12:00 -5 BIG BAND Prince Charlie & his retreat Jazz: Bernie SWING Pearl looks at Jazz: Piano duos: Ralph 91.5FM>KUSC work & the blues: "Work Song" for International Workers Day Sutton & Jay McShann, Dick 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY 88FM>KLON Hyman & Dick Wellstood, Classical: Albert Ammons & Pete Schumann, Clementi, Ravel, Haydn 10:00-11 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD Johnson, Count Basie & Peterson, 92.3FM >KFAC Wine & Food Talk: Eggplant Oscar Duke Ellington & Billy Stayhorn Dip Piero Recipe & Call In 88FM>KLON 10:00 -11 BEST OF THE BBC 870AM>KIEV Classical: "Mozart at Proms" 91.5FM>KUSC 10:00 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Pros: California vs. Toronto - 11:00-12 COLLECTOR'S ITEM away - then"Angels Talk" Chris Rea Classical: Don Tait hosts Sir 710AM>KMPC looking for Hamilton Harty, conductor a New 91.5FM>KUSC 11:00-12 THE RECORD SHELF Light Classical: Jim Svejda hosts 11:3 -END AUSTIN CITY LIMITS "Mengelberg at the Pops" Country: Showcase 91.5FM>KUSC KCET -TV, Ch. 28, simulcast 93.9FM >KZLA FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 23 FEATURES MAY 7 & 8 1 70-8 SUNDAYS AT SEVEN 12:00 -5 BIG BAND SWING Classical: Paulina Jazz: Jay Roebuck features plays a birthday tribute to 7:00 -9 SUNDAY MORN. LIVE Reedman Jack McVea Johannes Brahms live Talk: "Chains or Change: 88FM>KLON 92.3FM>KFAC Mental Liberation in the African American Experience" 1:05 -END DODGERS GAME 8:00.12 CHICAGO OPERA I03.9FM>KACE Baseball: L.A. vs. Chicago - h Classical: Verdi: La Traviata 790AM>KABC 92.3FM >KFAC 7:00-9 SPRING FESTIVAL In Spanish Classical: The Westminster 1510 AM> KNSE 9 -10:30 PIPEDREAMS Abbey Choir with English 1330 AM> KW KW Classical: "Dupre in Boston" sacred music over 4 centuries 91.5FM >KUSC 91.5FM >KUSC 2:00-5 FORWARD INTO PAST Variety: Randy Brian hosts 10:30 -11 ROCK REVIEW 9:00-12 R`NR /R'NB old -time dramas "The Fat Hard Rock: Rick Anthony Rock & Blues: Jessie Belvin Man" & "Ed Wynn, The Fire interviews Jon Butcher 88FM >KLON Chief" & plays show tunes, 99.3FM>KCME jazz & soundtracks 9:00 -11 SUNDAY MUSIC L.A. 88.7FM >KSPC 10:30-11 FUNNY STUFF Classical: Monteverdi Comedy: Bob Claster plays 91.5FM >KUSC 4:00-6 LINCOLN CENTER LIVE Billy Crystal's only record Classical: "Chamber Music 89.9FM >KCRW 10:00-END ANGELS BASEBALL Society of Lincoln Center 20th Pros: "Angels Warm -up" then Anniversary Concert," 10:30-12 DEUTSCHE WELLE California vs. Toronto - away - simulcast with KCE1 Channel Classical: Haydn, Albre - followed by "Angels Talk" 28: Ravel, Poulenc, Schubert chtsberger, Ries, Mozart, 710AM>KMPC 91.5FM >KUSC Stamitz, Haydn: Sym. #103 91.5FM >KUSC 11:00-4 WEEKEND CLASSICS 5:00 -8 TRADITIONAL JAll Classical: Gene Parrish Jazz: Bob Epstein features 11:00-12 STUDS TERKEL hosts: All Tchaikovsky & the Circus Square Jazz Band Talk: Humorist Calvin Trillin Brahms alternated 88FM >KLON on his columns "If You Can't 91.5FM >KUSC Say Something Nice" 89.9FM >KCRW

6:30 -11:45 BUBBA JACKSON 1-5:30 JAll WITH DEL COOK Jazz: Birthday artist Pianist Jazz: Carmel! Jones, Trumpet Mary Lou Williams (1910) 88FM >KLON 88FM >KLON

9:30-1:30 AOY DANIELS 7:00 -9 L.A. PHILHARMONIC Jazz: Sax'er Hank Mobley Classical: Gail Eichenthal 88 FM> KLON hosts: Beethoven: Fidelio Overture, Tchaikovsky 10-11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD 91.5FM>KUSC Food Talk: Pan Fried Trout 870AM>KIEV 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY Classical: Schumann, 10:06-11 KNX FOOD NEWS HR Boulez, Beethoven, Strav- Food Talk: Melinda Lee & Mel insky Baldwin's recipes for "Mother's 92.3FM>KFAC Day Brunches" all this week 1070AM>KNX 9:00-11 MATCH NIGHT Not 'King' Cole keeps on lammin' Talk: Susan Block hosts Im- pressionist Louise Duart P12:00 -1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN 12:00.1 NOON CONCERT 93.5FM >KFOX Oldies: Johnny Hayes plays Jazz: Nat "King" Cole "At the hits & memories from 5 -8 -58 Sands" on Capitol Records >KLON 9:00 -10 POLONICA NOVA 1110AM>KRLA 88FM Classical: "Krzysztof Pen- derecki His Work in 1:30-5:30 HELEN BORGERS JAll 4:00 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Retrospective"- Jazz: Singer Helen Humes Pros: "Angels Warm -up" then 91.5FM>KUSC 88FM >KLON California vs. Detroit - away - followed by "Angels Talk" 10:00-12 MINNESOTA ORCHES. 2:00-3 KCRW PLAYHOUSE 710AIW>KMPC Classical: Mendelssohn, Drama: Raffles "The Ides of Hindemith, Beethoven March," a detective on the 5:00-6 GAY & LESBIAN WEEK 91.5FM>KUSC wrong side of the law whose Talk & Music: Interview with hobbies are cricket & crime#1 the University of Cal at Irvine "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," 5 Gay & Lesbian Student Union 89.9FM >KCRW 88.9FM >KUCI FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 24 FEATURES MAY 9&10&11


10-11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD 930.1:30 ROY DANIELS JAZZ 12 -5:30 JAll WITH DEL COOK Food: Chocolate Meringue Pie Jazz: Saxophonist Stan Getz Jazz: Guitarist Mundell Lowe 870ÁM >KIEV 88FM >KLON 88FM>KLON 10 -11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD 9:30.130 ROY DANIELS JAZZ 12:00 -1 NOON CONCERT Food Talk: Royal Pastry Jazz: Pianist Duke Pearson Jazz: Julian "Cannonball" 870ÁM >KIEV 88 FM> KLON Adderley "In Europe" 88FM >KLON 10-11:15 CHEF PIERO'S FOOD 12:00-1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Food Talk: Calamari Affogati 12:00-1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN Oldies: Johnny Hayes plays 870AM>KIEV Oldies: Hits from May 9. 1966 hits & memories from 5 -10 -71 [1!,I 111 OAM>KRLA 1110AM >KRLA 12 -1:30 NOON CONCERT 12:15-1 DAME MYRA HESS Jazz: Ro Daniels hosts The Classical: Gene Parrish hosts Hanna-Fontana Band "Live at The Viklarbo Ensemble: the Concord" on Concord CD music of Bartok & Brahms 88FM >KLON Simon Jones 91.5FM>KUSC with tunes 12:00 -1 BIG 11 COUNTDOWN he loves 1:30 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS JAZZ Oldies: Johnny Hayes pla s Jazz: Leader Quincy Jones hits & memories from 5 -11-61 88FM>KLON 1110AM >KRLA CASTAWAY'S CHOICE 2:00 -3 KCRW PLAYHOUSE 1:00 -2 SOUNDPRINT a : ohn McNally hterviews Drama: The Sound of Writing Documentary: "Los Tapiros" Actor Simon Jones star of "Putting the Babies to Bed" by a squatters community, helps "Hapgood" at the Doolittle Marianne Gingher & "Transac- examine the politics of poverty 89.9FM >KCRW tion at the Walk -in Bank" by & opulation, the economics Ruth Hammond 2:00-3 PLAYHOUSE Saratoga of pU.S. industry policies & the Springs "Sham 'n' Eggs, #8 conflict of worker rights & Drama: "The Fat Girl" & "The 89.9FM>ICCRW company responsibility Persistence of Desire" 89.9FM >KCRW 89.9FM >KCRW 4:00 -END ANGELS BASEBALL Pros: "Angels Warm -up" 130 -5:30 HELEN BORGERS 4:00-END ANGELS BASEBALL then JAll California vs. Detroit - away - Jazz: Dinah Pros: California at Detroit followed by Angels Talk" 88FM>KLON 710AM>KMPC 710AM>KMPC 2:00-3 KCRW PLAYHOUSE 4:00 -5 LOCAL MUSIC SHOW 4:05 -END DODGERS GAME Drama: "The Jumping Frog" Rock from Local Bands: Baseball: L.A. at Pittsburgh by Mark Twain read by Britton, Copperhead & Troy 790AM>KABC George S. Irving; "Charley" by 107.7FM>KLF In Spanish Russel Maloney read by Josef 4:05 -END DODGERS 1510AM >KNSE Sommer & " First Husband" GAME 1330AM>KWKW by Nora Ephron read by Baseball: L.A. at Pittsburgh Mercedes Rhuel 790ÁM >KABC 6:3 -11:45 BUBBA JACKSON JAZZ 89.9FM >KCRW In Spanish Jazz: Pianist Herbie Hancock 1510AM>KNSE 88FM>KLON 4:00-5 LOCAL MUSIC SHOW 1330AM>KWKW Local Band Rock: Assassin, 7:00-9 CLEVELAND ORCHES. 7:00-9 DE PARIS Idle Tears & Dead Ballerinas ORCHESTRE Classical: Dvorak, Helmuth 107.7FM >KLF Classical: Messiaen Xenakis, Rifling, Mahler: conductor Sym. #1 in D 91.5FM>KUSC 6:3 -11:45 BUBBA JACKSON JAll 91.54M>KUSC Jazz: Reedman Eric Dolphy 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY 7 -7:30 88FM >KLON TERRITORY OF ART Classical: Rutter, Mozart, Drama: "Radio Waves" Schubert, Bartok 7:00-8 OFF BEAT W/ ROGER 89.9FM>KCRW 92.3FM >KFAC Talk: Steffens talks to the One 8:00 -10 GAS COMPANY Take Wonders, including John 9:00 -10 HIGH PERFORMANCE Shearin, Charlie Davis & Rich Classical: Couperin, Debussy, Classical: Andre Pre vin hosts Bizet, Boulez De Malo, about their mothers' 92.3FM>KFAC Strauss: Don Quixote treats, trials & tribulations 91.5FM>KUSC 89.9FM >KCRW 9:00 -10 THE OPERA BOX 10:00-12 VIENNA FESTIVAL 8:00-10 GAS COMPANY Classical: Jim Svejda hosts Classical: Einem, Kodaly, "To Sing Classical: Boccherini, or Not to Sing," Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra Beethoven, Boulez, excerpts from operas based on 91.5FM>KUSC Shakespeare's plays Schoenberg 91.5FM >KUSC 92.3FM>KFAC FEATURES RADIOGUIDE FEATURES 25 R - R COVER S TORY


Scott Shannon in his private marring jungle Shannon and company. w hen KODJ -FM morning team 'This is definitely, shaping up tc Dean Goss and Michael Winslow be the biggest radia wcr in the his- recently broadcast from a tank on tory of Los Angels, and we are Sunset Boulevard, it couldn't have going to be a player." said KODJ been more appropriate -- morning program director Kurt Kelly, drive -time airwaves have become a While Kelly mays be optimistic battlefield these days. that his station has a hcfnce to bat- Morning drive, the equivalent to tle it out wth the bg toys, Pircte television's prime -time, has always Radio is likely to be the only new- been competitive in Los Angeles comer that has the strategy and where millions of listeners share their personality to be a serious con- commute to work with their favorite tender with the elite cast that has radio station. Yet when Westwooc topped the morning ra`ings for the One announced it had signed New last two years. York's top -rated air personality and Their names are familiar. KPWR's programming mastermind Michael Jay Thomas. KABC's Ken. and Bob Scott Shannon to its new Los KITS' Rick Dees. Until ecently, Dees Angeles outlet, local radio, as we was the undisputed 1. nç of morning knew it, virtually exploded. drive, but the smart-ass Thomas and Even months before Shannon's the veteran Ken and Bob team debut on KQLZ -FM- Pirate Radio, have been chipping away at the there was a flurry of activity. KPWR- throne. FM -Power 106 adopted the "morn- Shannon is Dees' new thorn In ing zoo" tag which Shannon had the side. During Pirate Radio's first coined years earlier. KITS stole some week of broadcasts, using the of Shannon's contest ideas, and the pseudonym Bubba the Love management at KNX -FM decided it Sponge, Shannon launched person- would be better off turning to oldies al attacks cn Dees' prvate parts. (now KODJ) than facing off with But Shannon isn't the only one 26 I COVER STORY 04

making noise in morning drive as a contender. Mark and Brian, the wise- cracking tag -team heard on KLOS, follow closely for their morn- "Maybe we're a Ille bit carry, ing antics. KLSX's rising newcomer but lien we're all Peter Tilden has classic rockers in a little corny at Ines. morning stitches. And KOST's Mark And s and Kim offer a more civilized alter- that native for folks who like their rock what 1A001It8." soft and humor subtle. Bob Arthur ojhABC's Ker & Bob "We aren't going to be the num- ber one morning show in Los Angeles, especially going up listen us against Scott Shannon, but I would "People who to like to be the alternative," says KOST are keeping their eyes on program director Jhani Kaye. When the nteret rates, people get tired of all the gimmicky hoping the varak1e rates yuck -yuck morning radio, if they on tieir more aren't going is go up." Mark Waaengv n of KOST's Mark & Kin

"When Perri State comes out to play USG, is USC frighieneá? No. This is my lyne cart, and I've been here a whie. Rick Dees is mum on Shannon I'm going to do the same show no matte! who comes to ttwn." want some information, a humorous look at something and some music, Jay Thomas. I'PWR they come to us." At least for now, Los Angelenos are tuning into the fast -paced morning shows of KPWR and KITS "There's room far everybody, and the fun talk of KABC, but and I thiic Shannon's camp is determined to competition is healthy. muscle their way to the top. We're going to have hot fun "It's a tall order to ask people to upside yowl read, change their habits in morning w' drive," said KPWR program director Rick Shannon Thomas"' Jeff Wyatt. "We had a tough task Michael Wiisbw, of l' C J's (with Jay Thomas), and Scott has a Dean and Michael much tougher one." -Craig Rosen COMER STGRY 27 The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

AM W/ RICK LEWIS Top 40 Hits, O.C. news MUSIC MORNING ZOO 95.9FM>KEZY Top 40: Jay Thomas 105.9FM >KPWR RICK DEES IN A.M. Top 40: Spinning Hits GOSPEL NITE TRAX BILL & SYLVIA 102.7FM>KIIS Spiritual Music Pop Vocal Hits RAECHEL 1 220 AM> KTSJ 104.3FM >KBIG DONAHUE Full Spectrum Rock, Lady & FROM BEYOND BREAKFAST CLUB Doorknob, Sci Quiz, Scarry News Funk, & Rap -Tues. Only Adult Hits: J. Lawrence 101.9FM >KEDG 103.1 FM >KOCM 88.9FM>KXLU THRASHER rlo ROBERT MORGAN Pure Rock:Team Antics Adult Contemporary Hits 105.5FM>KNAC MOLOTOV COCKTAIL 710AM>KMPC Bossa Nova: Rat Man -Mon. Only THE MORNING SHOW 88.9FM>KXLU CHINA & DAVID : Freddy Snakeskin New Age: Smith & Hirsch 106.7FM>KROQ .-prl+ 94.7FM>KTWV riai MARK & BRIAN MUSIC OF FAITH RON YOUNG Album Oriented Rock Spiritual Music Country Music 95.5FM >KLOS 92.7FM>KWDJ 99.5FM >KKLA PETER TILDEN MARIO TALBOT MORNING JAZZ & NEWS Classic Rock & Comedy Spanish Music Jazz, news, weather, traffic, biz & 97.1 FM>KLSX sports: Ken Borgers & Tim Smith >KWIZ 1480AM 88 FM> KLON AL CONNORS Oldies: 50s & 60s THE BREAKFAST ZOO 930AM>KRTH Urban Contemporary, calls, contests, news, sports, guests: STEVE MORRIS Steve Woods & Sam Putney Oldies Music & Good Clean Fun - 103.9FM>KACE M to F: Comedy Club -Wed.; Romance -Th.; Art Of Dating -Fri. CLIFF WINSTON 101 FM >KRTH Urban Contemporary 102.3FM >KJLH PEPE BARRETO Music Amy Grant Leads Us On Spanish BRUCE BONNHEIM 107.5FM >KLVE Adult Hits for the Morning Oldies 95.1 FM >KQLH HUMBERTO LUNA Spanish Morning Show 1110AM >KRLA :{ell 1020AM>KTNQ MERCER IN THE MORN. MORNING Oldies: Classic Hits & Comedy RODGER LAYNG PROGRAM Classical: Dennis Bade 103.9FM >KBON Jazz in the Morning 105.1 FM >KKGO 91.5FM>KUSC SCOTT SHANNON Rock & Pop Hits: Pirate Radio LEE SCOTT AUSTIN HILL Contemporary 100.3FM >KQLZ Modern Country Morning Christian 93.5FM >KNTF 106.3FM>KYMS JEFF & JOHN Top 40: Ervine & Kobik STAN CAMPBELL 96.7FM >KWIZ Top Country Hits 570AM>KLAC MORNING CRUISE THE BREAKFAST CLUB Easy: Randy Chase Top 40: Deaner & David & Inland JOHN DRISCOLL I03.3FM >KRUZ Empire News & Weather Country Flare 99.1 FM>KGGI 93.9FM >KZLA ,ìele v 0-MORNING CREW BOB TAYLOR ALVIN -JOHN WAPLES Adult Contemporary Jack Murphy & Terry McKeever Heart & Soul /Motown Classics - 600AM>KKLQ 94.3FM >KGIL M to F; Plus Trivia -Tues. & Thurs. 106.5FM>KKLQ GENE PRICE SHOW 1290AM>KMEN JOHN SANTANA Country Music & Comedy Classical music 94.3FM>KIKF 92.3FM>KFAC GREG O'NEILL HINDI INDIAN Ehnic Language Music Program TOM BROWN Adult Hits Blend 103.1 FM>KSRF 107.1 FM >KMAX Beautiful , Easy Music 98.7FM>KJOI MARK & KIM =XIÁei -rV DEAN AND MICHAEL Soft Hits 63 MINUTES Upbeat 50s & 60s Oldies 103FM>KOST Solid Adult Hits Blend 93.1 FM>KODJ 103.1 FM >KOCM 28 DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

NOON CONCERTS JO-JO "COOKIN "' KINCAID New Host & Genre Daily Contemporary Hits 90.7FM >KPFK 600AM>KKLQ MEE LUNCH WITH LOU 106.5FM>KKLQ Requests, dedications & contests: DAMION BIG BANDS BEAT Lou Friedman Classic Rock Birth of Blues to Cool 107.7FM>KLF 97.1 FM >KLSX 89.3 F M> KPCC BY WOMEN FOR ALL MARK GOODMAN AM BECOMES ECLECTIC Judith Terry plays rock, folk, jazz, Full Spectrum Rock-Fri. Only Classical to Pop: Tom Schnabel blues, reggae; Picks Artist & 101.9FM>KEDG 89.9FM>KCRW Neanderthral of Week -M. Only 88.7FM>KSPC DOUG VINCENT 4l41ala. .;r: Country: Best of the West ¡off: Cì,'rl 93.5FM>KNTF REQUEST LUNCH Top 40: Pat Matthews SHOW ROBERTO GONZALEZ 96.7FM>KWIZ Eclectic:Tin Pan Alley, early 1900s Spanish to the Rock Era -Wed. Only 1480ÁM >KWIZ ALL REQUEST HOUR Country 89.9FM >KCRW SCOTT TAYLOR 92.7FM>KWDJ CENTER DIVIDERS CD'S Oldies: 10 in a Row Classic Hits Freeway Stranded listeners 103.9FM >KBON LONG PLAY Choose Three Favorite CD Cuts NANCY JOHNSON Pure Rock: Long Paul 88.5FM>KSBR 105.5FM>KNAC Heart & Soul / Motown Classics JIM LANGE 1290AM>KMEN NOON NUGGETS Adult Hits: Savvy & humor Album Rock: Bob Coburn 710AM>KMPC 95.5FM>KLOS TIME CAPSULE CLASSIC CUTS Korean selections from the 20$, Classic Rock: Shana JOE HUSER 30s, 40s, 50s: Young Ho Choi 97.1 FM>KLSX American Jazz 1300AM >KAZN SOLID GOLD 105.1 FM >KKGO .u. Country: Straight Hits FRANKIE ROSS 93.9FM>KZLA Urban Contemporary JOAQUIN GARZA BEIRNE'S NOONER 102.3FM>KJLH Hispanic Music 107.5FM >KLVE Oldies: Brian "Mr. Rock & Roll" KEN TAYLOR 101 FM >KRTH Urban Contemporary JIM ROSE LUNCH OLDIES 103.9FM>KACE Contemporary Country 93.9FM>KZLA 60s, 70s, 80s: Bob Taylor DON BURNS 94.3FM>KGIL New Age: Relaxing tunes JOHN MAJHOR LUNCH WITH MANON 94.7FM >KTWV Top Country Hits 570ÁM >KLAC Adult Hits Blend: requests BRYAN SIMMONS 103.1 FM >KSRF Soft Hits: "Coast" Home DON JEFFEREY GOLD SCRAPBOOK 103FM>KOST Modern Country Music 94.3FM >KIKF Country: Dick Bartley JOHN NOVAK 930ÁM >KRTH Top 40 BILL GEORGI 96.7FM >KWIZ Country Music 92.7FM >KWDJ IC ST 103.5 FM The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

SHAWN DEMORY JUMPIN' BLUES Top 40 M to F; Orange County's Blues: Gary Nissley -Fri. Only Hot 30 & interviews -Fri. Only 89.3FM >KPCC 95.9FM>KEZY D- TUNING MUCHO MORALES Diverse Acoustic Performances: GENO MITCHELLINI Top 40: Freeway Hot Hits Doug Johnson - Thurs. Only Album Oriented Rock 105.9FM >KPWR 89.3FM>KPCC 95.5FM >KLOS 414z1k17,+ S*N*A*P BRUCE VIDAL Folk +Rock +Talk = Deirdre Top 40 LOVE SONGS ON KOST O'Donoghue -M.. Wed., Th., Fri.. 102.7FM>KIIS Adult Hits: Laurie Sanders plays 89.9FM>KCRW listener requests & dedications SHADOW STEELE 103FM>KOST GET THE LED OUT Rock & Pop Hits: Pirate Radio Rock: spins five 100.3FM>KQLZ CLASSIC LOVE Tunes Romantic Soul Spins 95.5FM>KLOS HARLEY 1230AM>KGFJ Top 40: Plus Traffic for Inland THE HOLE THING Empire, Orange Country & L.A. TWENTY FIVE WESTSIDE A Complete Jazz CD 99.1 FM>KGGI Adlut Contemporary Countdown: 88.5FM>KSBR TAWN MASTREY John Lindstrom -Fri. Only 103.1 FM>KSRF SOUL LOVE Pure Rock Urban Love Songs 105.5FM>KNAC 1230AM>KGFJ J.J. JACKSON 70'S AT SEVEN NITE TRAX Rock Variety -Mon.. Tu., W.. Th. Oldies: Jay Coffey -M to F; Double Mix of Progressive. Relaxing, 101.9FM>KEDG Shot -Tues. Mostly Instrumental New Age THE REAL DON STEELE 101 FM >KRTH 94.7FM>KTWV Oldies: Mon. to Fri.. Fri. kicks off a ALL REQUEST BLOCK weekend focusing on one theme Solid Country Favorites 1110AM>KRLA 570AM>KLAC CRAIG HINES Pop Hits kX)t:al.lf 104.3FM>KB1G ROCK LINE ADRIENNE MERRILL Bob Coburn Interviews -M. Only Top Adult Hits 95.5FM>KLOS 94.3FM> KG IL t LOCAL MUSIC SHOW Fine Young Cannibals Interviews & Music -Tu.. Thurs. Drive Us Crazy REEL UNDERGROUND Eclectic: Notes from the Under- 107.7FM>KLF OLDIES JUKEBOX ground Scene -Wed. Only STEVE DAY Oldies: All Request Show 88.7FM>KSPC Adult Hits Blend 930AM >KRTH "B" SIDE RADIO 103.1 FM>KSRF DEDICATION SHOW Funk & Rap: D.J. Dove blends DANNY GILCREST Oldies: Humble Harve Super del jams -Fri. Only Adult Hits 1110AM>KRLA 88.7FM>KSPC 95.1 FM>KQLH GUY DAVIS, BY REQUEST NEW HORIZONS RICH CAPPARELA Favorite Pop Hits: Calls. Contests Latest -Fri. Only Classical 104.3FM >KBIG 88.5FM>KSBR 92.3FM >KFAC EVENING AT THE BEACH STRAIGHT AHEAD AFTERNOON CRUISER Love Hits: Rick Taylor Jazz instrumental, vocals Adult Hits: Rich Watson 103.1 FM >KOCM 105.1 FM>KKGO 103.1 FM>KOCM AFTERHOURS VIBES SO NICE PHIL ROSS Adult Contemporary: Shannon Reggae & Carribean: Barbara Contemporary Christian McRae Has a Full Album Barabino -Thurs. Only 106.3FM>KYMS 95.1 FM>KQLH 93.5FM>KFOX UNCLE BUCKY SHOW LARRY'S TIME MACHINE Oldies Music, Requests & Celebrity BILTMORE LIVE Soft Rock. Jazz, R & B, Oldies: Guests -Fri. Only Chuck Niles Hosts Jazz Live Larry Winn & Guests - Fri. Only 107.7FM>KLF Remote from the Grand Avenue 93.5FM>KFOX Bar at the Biltmore -Tues. Only Ofgralial 105.1 FM >KKGO CLAUDINE ST. CLAIRE CITY BILLY HOMEFRONT Beautiful Music Classic & Contemporary Country: Country Concert from Kentucky - 98.7FM >KJOI Rene Engel & guests -M. Only Wed. Only 89.3FM>KPCC 88.5FM>KCSN 30 DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

NOISY NEIGHBORS SIDRAN ON RECORD Local Rock: John Logic Hosts -Tu. Jazz - Thurs. Only Only; Live from Club Lingerie -First 89.3FM >KPCC Tues. of the Month (at 9 p.m) 101.9FM>KEDO SURFWAVE Rock: Jim Drufund's Surfin' Safari POCK TODAY Music - Thurs. Only Fock: Music News, Interviews & 88.9FM>KXLU REVIN AT 11 Lpdates On Musicians Writing STRAY POP Scores & In Movies - Thurs. Only Pure Rock M to F; Manic Metal Hour -Mon.; Top 11 Requests of Rock: Music & Interviews with 99.3FM >KCME Fri. Week -Tues.; Legends of Rock - Stella Only ROCK LEGENDS Wed.; Concert connection -Fri. 88.9FM>KXLU Pock: Ray White Hosts British 8 105.5FM>KNAC L'. S. bands -Wed. Only SKANKSHAFT 99.3FM>KCME HAPPY TRAILS Mod, Ska, 60s Black Calypso, Traditional Country Sounds -Wed Rock,Oi, Reggae -M. Only FRIDAY NIGHT HOT MIX 88.9FM >KXLU 88.9FM>KXLU Live at Club Metro in Riverside - Fri. ONE NIGHT STAND 99.1 FM>KGGI SITTIN' IN Country Artists Act As DJ & Play Big Band: American -Tues. Only TIME CAPSULE Their Own Music & Favorites 89.3FM>KPCC P8B: -F. Bill Gardner Only 92.7FM>KWDJ FINAL COUNTDOUWN 89.3FM>KPCC Mon. Only Punk: Adam Bomb -Tues. Only ISABEL HOLT: SOLO 94.3FM>KIKF 88.9FM>KXLU Eclectic Jazz: Wed. Only L.A. AFTER DARK 89.3FM>KPCC Urban Ballads & Jazz BEGIN THE BEGUINE 102.3FM>KJLH NEW SOUNDS Big Band: J.R. Ybarra -Mon. Only DOO Electronic to Ethnic. John Schaefer WOP HEAVEN -Mon., Wed., Thurs., Frl. 89.3FM>KPCC Oldies 3 Songs in a Row PIANO JAZZ 1110AM>KRLA 89.9FM >KCRW Marian McPartland - Thurs Only 89.3FM>KPCC SIX PACK Album Rock: same Artist SOLID GOLD BIG BAND JUMP 95.5FM>KLOS Country -Mon., Tu.. Wed., Thurs. America's Heritage -Tues. Only SOLID GOLD 93.9FM>KZLA 89.3FM>KPCC Country Interviews. tunes >KNTF ROCK CHRONICLES LOST LENNON 93.5FM Profiles & New Cuts from old & Rock: John's Archives -Wed. Only MILLION DOLLAR SHOW New - Wed. & Fri. Niles Only 101.9FM>KEDG Paul Bowman Country Show 95.5FM >KLOS AFTER DARK 93.5FM>KFOX ALBUM ARCHIVES Oldies: Joe Daniels M to F; Classic Rock Full A.'bum Weekend Preview -Thurs.; All ALBUM SPECIAL Modern Country 97.1 FM>KLSX Beatles -Mon. >KZLA 101 FM>KRTH 93.9FM ALBUM SPOTLIGHT Urban Contemporary -Wed. EZ'S MOOD FOR LOVE TURN -IN HOUR Only Traditional Country Hits 103.9FM >KACE Urban Contemporary EZ Wiggins - 570AM>KLAC Mon., Tu , Wed., Thurs. 103.9FM>KACE LATE NIGHT NOTES Eclectic: Unusual blend -Tues. REGGAE REVOLUTION BARN DANCE Best and newest Reggae: Egil Country: 89.9FM>KCRW and at the Palomino Club -Tues Roberto -Wed. Night Only 88.5FM >KCSN 108.7FM >KR KINDNESS, J OY, LOVE and HAPPINESS

3847 CRENSHAW BL.. LOS ANGELES. CA 90008 12131 299.5960 FAX 12131 290.1283 The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

SANTA ANITA Horse Racing -W, Th, Fri SO. CALIF. TITLE 870AM>KIEV Finances - M, Tu, Th, Fri 870AM>KIEV 'F-éc }:4 PACIFIC RIM MORNING W/ DAN & BOB SURF REPORT Pacific Financial Markets Light notes & Interwoven humor Sean Collins: beach, surf 1600AM>KMNY 740AM>KBRT 105.5FM>KNAC FOR THE PEOPLE MARKET REPORT Legal & Financial: Consumer Today's Stock Market EaREAMII Advocate Chuck Harder 1600ÁM >KMNY TOP OF THE MORN. I 190 AM> KORG PREMIERE COMEDY News & Traffic Network of Laughs -M to F; Carl the 102.3FM>KJLH c I Engineer -Mon., Wed., Fri.; Captain NEWS REPORT EUROPE CALLING Goody -Tu., Th. With Sports & Traffic Stock Trading Capitals 93.9FM>KZLA 103.9FM>KACE 1600AM >KMNY BBC WORLD NEWS News: British Viewpoint Y3441!: Y, 91.5FM>KUSC NEWS & TRAFFIC GOOD MORN, Team keeps you updated News: Live CALIF. Comedy -Tues. Only 111 OAM>KRLA 89.9FM >KCRW 88.7FM>KSPC 89.3FM>KPCC 8ÏOOAMII ON THE TOWN Pioneering Lifestyles: Shirley VERA'S VOICE Firestone - Tues. Only Financial Wizard Gold 93.5FM >KFOX 1600AM>KMNY CIRCLE OF SUCCESS USA IN THE A.M. Finance: Richard Southern -Wed. Jim Bohannon 93.5FM >KFOX 1260AM>KGIL MIZ BIZ 640AM>KFI Pioneering Lifestyles: Jude BUSINESS CLOCK McGee & Mary Rich - Thurs. Only News & Pre- Market Conditions Bob & Yvonne Turnbull: 93.5FM >KFOX 1190AM >KORG A couple at news -hounds QUEST FOUR New Age Conciousness: Damien Simpson & Stacy Hunt - M. Only BOB & YVONNE 93.5FM>KFOX FIRST EDITION News, Traffic, Interviews, Features News from the local team with the Turnbul/s FAMILY TALK 640AM>KFI 1190AM>KORG Medical Self -Help: Dr. J. Portnova ZORN & SIRMONS & Marc Bachrach- Fri. Only News & Dr. Joyce Brothers ',Ì 93.5FM>KFOX 1070AM>KNX LIVING IDEAS KEN & BOB CO. Dr. Rischliev's Mind Minyard & Arthur "Egbok" 870AM>KIEV DR. SMUDDE SHOW 790AM>KABC Roy's Holisitic Health 41,9-_r r,s 870AM >KIEV BROKER'S HOUR Trading on Wall Street MORN. MAGAZINE LOCAL HEADLINES 1600AM>KMNY Headlines. commentary News: Orange Co. Voice 90.7FM >KPFK 88.5FM>KSBR MORN. NEWSTALK Mark Williams & Jim Laslavic DR. HORNADAY ALTERNATE NEWS 690AM >XTRA This Thing Called Life Alan John Harns 870AM>KIEV 90.7FM>KPFK BACK TO BASICS OWENS & LOHMAN Dr. Gary Reddig on Health -Tues. Lunacy with Gary & Al NATIONAL LAMPOON 88.9FM >KUCI 640ÁM >KFI Comedy: True Facts FISHING WITH FRIENDS 97.1 FM>KLSX BREAKFAST EDITION Dr. Brain Porteous on fishing talk, news & tips -Wed. John Swaney & Guests '1k11?c1 I 1260AM>KGIL 88.9FM >KUCI COMANDANTE LAW SHOW Covert Political Comedy With Concerns with the legal system & Baldy & Scout -Wed. Only profession - Thurs. 90.7FM>KPFK 88.9FM>KUCI 32 DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear al these same times every Monday hrough Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

ALL ABOUT HEALTH OPEN FORUM Kingsley Gardens- Fri Only Valerie Kirkgaard Interviews 870AM>KIEV Influential Types - Th. Only 93.5FM >KFOX MENTAL HEALTH MAG. HAVEN OF REST READ ABOUT IT Medical Self -Help: B. Oliver & M. Ministry of Joy Talk Show Chuck Moore Op Ed Utane - Mon. Only 1460ÁM >KTYM 90.7FM>KPFK 93.5FM>KFOX SOUNDINGS FLASH'S CULTURALES RUSH LIMBAUGH Education Reform -Fri Only Spanish Culture Programs Call for Topical, Poliical Issues 90.1FM >KBPK 950AM >XEGM 640AAA>KF1 HEART OF MATTER MIND OF MAN NEWSBREAK Medical News -Tues. Only Dr. Steve Mason & others - Thurs. Pomona Valley, LA 3asin 90.1 FM >KBPK 88.9FM >KUCI 88.7FM >KSPC TOWN HALL QUESTIONING MEDICINE THE CAR DOCTOR Government -Wed. Only Self-Help: Dr. Murray Susser, MD Auto Talk: Call Mark Koch About 90.1 FM>KBPK 93.5FM>KFOX Quality, Price, Mecl-anical Problems, Maintenance -Fri. Only SCIENCE DIMENSION FOOD SHOW 93.5FM >KFOX Genetics, Ethics, more -Th. Only Jackie Olden 90.1 FM >KBPK 1260AM>KGIL ri CRYSTAL CLEAR ROY MASTERS MICHAEL JACKSON Psychology: Valerie Kirkgaard & Control Your Emotions Smooth Talker modern life techniques -Tu. Only 870-11M> KIEV 790AM>KABC 93.5FM >KFOX FOR THE PEOPLE MIDAY MAGAZINE SOUTH BAY SEX Legal & Financial: Consumer Jim Simon & Guests Medical Self -Help: Jo Ann Advocate Chuck Harder 1260AM >KGIL Woodward R.N.C.N.P. -Wed. Only 1190AM>KORG 93.5FM>KFOX COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT ASK THE DOCTOR Lou Friedman interviews on San ARCIE'S KITCHEN Call Dr. Martha Johns (800 -421- Fernando Valley issues -Tues. Cooking & Recipes: Arcie Nishkian - 1690, 619- 471 -1690) 107.7FM >KLF Thurs. Only 690ÁM >XTRA 93.5FM>KFOX t 5":, r , r{ SCREENING ROOM MATURE MINISTRY Scarry's Film Rap- F. Only LUCES Y ESTRELLA Dr. Ramona Woods 101.9FM>KEDG Spanish Interviews & Farandula 146041M >KTYM 950AM>XEGM MUM NATURAL HEALTH CLINIC HOLLYWOOD REPORT Terrance Leon Sullivan DR. TONI GRANT Bill Harris tells who's hot 1460AM> KTYM Shrink rap on love, sex 104.3FM>KBIG 640.4M>KFI AMEX BUSINES WEEK ASK THE Investment News -Thurs. Only WAKE UP TO SUCCESS Call Dr. Steve Pittman (800 -421- 90.1 FM>KBPK Pioneering Lifestyles: Paul & 1960, 619- 471 -1699) Sarah Edwards- Wed. Only 690AM>XTRA 93.5FM>KFOX The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

DR. GERSHON LESSER Health Connection -Wed. Only 89.9FM >KCRW PASTOR BILL SHOW Inspirational Talk THE GOOD LIFE 1570AM>KPRO Controversial Interviews & Call -in: Rich Buhlen CASOS Y COSAS Karen Tyndall's Candid Talk Talks From 1190AM>KORG Del Pasado: Culture Programs 950AM >XEGM The Heart LOVELIGHT TO YOU FRONT Linda Lawrence -Mon. Only PAGE Talk, Call -in: Historian Harvey 93.5FM>KFOX Stromberg- Thurs. Only WHOLISTIC APPROACH 89.9FM>KCRW BOOKWORM Health & Success Self-Help: Dr. J. WORLD MARKET Michael Silverblatt talks to writers Portnova - Tues. Only & readers & cranks -Mon. Only Commodities Report-Tues. Only 93.5FM >KFOX 1600AM>KMNY 89.9FM>KCRW INNER VISIONS BEHIND THE SCENES GARDEN SHOW Call -in: Sharon Johnson Reads Arts: Don Richardson - Thurs. Lili Singer -Fri. Only Tarot Cards & Future- W Only 89.9FM>KCRW 93.5FM>KFOX 89.9FM>KCRW BONUS PLAN HOMBRE NUEVO Psychology: Learn Nancy Bonus' Spanish Language Family Topics; MALTIN ON VIDEO Weight Control Plan of Personal Plus Variety- Thurs.; Plus Catholic Leonard Maltin Reviews New Topics- Mon., Tu., Attitude And No Dieting -Th. Only Wed. Releases in Video Stores 93.5FM >KFOX 107.1 FM >KMAX 1070AM>KNX DANIELLE LIN SHOW Pioneering Lifestyles - Fri. Only TALKBACK 93.5FM>KFOX POETIC LICENSE Bob Larson & your ideas Local Culture: Jay Kugelman I 220 AM> KTS4 Hosts News, Views, Reviews & Interviews - Wed. Only JOY OF EATING CALIFORNIA BREEZE Call Bill Nelson on Politics 90.7FM>KPFK Food: Molly Groger - Wed. Only 93.5FM>KFOX 1390AM>KGER INVESTORS CLUB Business: Buz Schwartz COMMUNITY CONNECT'N MONEY MATTERS George Chamberlin & 1600AM>KMNY Bruce Fortine hosts reports & Guests interviews on the San Fernando & 690AM>XTRA EXECUTIVE MONEY Santa Clarita Valleys BEST BARGAINS Investment with Wellington 88.5FM>KCSN Shopping: Geri Cook Tells Where 870ÁM >KIEV The Best Values Are -Wed. Only 4#11)-4;)71, DR. DAVID VISCOTT 93.5FM>KFOX Call & Feel Better ASTROLOGY HOUR WHOLE LIFE RADIO 790 AM> KABC Farley Malorrus & Your Stars New Age Human Potential: CAROLE HEMINGWAY 93.5FM>KFOX Richard - Greene Mon. Only Call for Controversy GEORGE PUTNAM 93.5FM>KFOX 1260AM>KGIL Call in & Talk Back MASTERMIND HOUR T. >KIEV New Age COLE -WHITTAKER 870ÁM Human Conciousness: Human Potential: Inspirational Marc Bachrach - Th. & Fri. Only DR. SCHLESSINGER Speaker & Author Terry offers >KFOX Call Psychologist Laura 93.5FM her perspective - Tues. Only 670AM>KWNK 93.5FM >KFOX NEWSTAND SANTA BODY CONSCIOUSNESS Ruth Hirschman, Harding -M to F; ANITA New Age Human Potential Daily Double- Wed,Th, Fri Amnesty International Reports on Movement: Dee Riggs- M. Only the Last Friday of the Month 870AM>KIEV 93.5FM >KFOX 89.9FM>KCRW *Zi . ái4 RELAT'NSHIPS IN ACT'N NEWS UPDATE - MONEY TALKS Advice: Shirley Fenton Th. Only Korean Language Newscast with 93.5FM >KFOX Bong Hoo Song Investment - Thurs. Only 1300AM >KAZN 1600AM>KMNY SMILE YOUR WAY TO... INVESTOR DIGEST Health: Dr. Roda- Fri. Only PA .91'.ú^ Investment -Mon. Only 93.5FM>KFOX ART OF INVESTMENT 1600AM >KMNY TALK FROM THE HEART Business: Real Estate with Art Pastoral Counseling & Advice. & SPECULATORS Guests: Call Rich Buhler Groesbeck - Wed. Only Investments-Tues. Only 1600AM >KMNY 1600AM >KMNY 740ÁM >KBRT 34 DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

FRESH AIR 1190 SPORTSBEAT Terry Gross & Pop Stars Interviews, Features, Scores & 89.9FM>KCRW Call -in: Lon Brunk 90.7FM>KORG PAINE WEBBER Financial Topics -Mon Only 4' I' LOOKING GOOD 870AM>KIEV Pioneering Lifestyles: J. B. LOCAL NEWS INVESTING In -depth staff summaries Schwartz - Thurs. Only Economy: M. -Tues. & Wed. 88.5FM>KSBR 93.5FM >KFOX 870AM>KIEV WINE & DINE LINE SPOKEN WORD Call Ed Masciana for advice on t14ci.11;4,y, Poetry or fiction readings -Tues. 88.9FM>KUCI Proper Wine To Enjoy As A ALL THINGS CONSID'RED MealTime Beverage -Fri. Only NPR News & Features G.P.A.C.S. 93.5FM >KFOX 89.3FM>KPCC Political & Social Issues -Wed. 88.9FM>KUCI LET'S FIND OUT GREAT AMERICAN TRIVIA Korean Language Phone in Talk Game Show: Allen & Alexander ALAN WATTS Show with Jin Y. Park Lecture on Philosophy -Fn. 1300AM>KAZN 93.5FM >KFOX MARKETPLACE 88.9FM>KUCI flXìk4:1,', 1.,: Michael Creedman Hosts Global REVISTA FAMILIAR in Spanish Medical -Tues. &Thurs. GROWING OLDER Business News & Opinions Relation to Other Affairs 107.1 Information: Political concerns of FM>KMAX older adults; children with aging 89.9FM>KCRW MARKETPLACE parents- Thurs. Only CHALLENGE Daily Business Activity 90.7FM>KPFK Disabled Talk: Live guests & open 91.5FM>KUSC phones -Th. Only WINK & BILL SHOW CALNET NEWS Martindale & Smith + 13 Others 90.7FM>KPFK State Legislative & Regional 790AM>KABC 89.3FM>KPCC TOM LEYKIS PAUL WALLACH CALIF. REPORT Call for Verbal Combat Hendrix -Tu. Restuarant critic's advice Business & Politics: 640AM>KFI 870AM>KIEV 104.3FM>KBIG INDIAN AIRWAVES SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL VERA'S VOICE American Indians in L.A. -Tu. Only from Vera Gold Live advice and call -in Finances 90.7FM>KPFK 670AM>KWNK 1600AM>KMNY AFTERNOON NEWSTALK NETWORK NEWS SPORTSLINE Art Finley & Newsmakers Call (800 From Joel Meyers 421 -1690, 619- 471 -1690) 710AM>KMPC 690AM>XTRA 88.5FM >KSBR MEDIA RARE ALL THINGS CONSID'RED News: & Montagne Talk: Interviews Siegel Arts Paul Lion 89.9FM>KCRW VIVA KOREA Creative Unusual Mavericks - 1st, Korean Language Freeway Info. 3rd, 5th Fri. of month JAZZ CALENDAR Car Phone Call -in & Pop Tunes 90.7FM>KORG Local Live Entertainment 1300AM>KAZN ASK A DOCTOR 88.5FM>KSBR Johnny Rhondo & Francis Foo ON SPORTS discuss topics, take calls -Wed. Bud Furrillo 1190AM>KORG 93.5FM >KFOX

94.7 K T W V 's Unique Radio Station The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

SPORTSNITE YUGOSLAVIA Lee Hamilton Polls Listeners & Yugoslav Language -Wed. Only Investigates the Sports World 107.1 FM >KMAX 690AM >XTRA AMHARIC MONEY NEWS Ethnic Language - Thurs. Only FRASE AT THE FLICKS Investment - Thurs. Only 107.1 FM >KMAX Film: Latest Offerings 1600AM>KMNY WALLY GEORGE 97.1 FM >KLSX AIRTALK Talk: Right Wing Lunacy - Mon. Larry Mantle & Guests & Calls 570AM>KLAC 89.3FM >KPCC RADIO OMID FINANCIAL REPORT Iranian World Markets: Ron Irwin REYNOLD'S RAP Gorgin: Show Finance: R.G. Reynolds -Mon., 93.5FM >KFOX 93.5FM >KFOX Tues., Thurs. Wed., TOM SNYDER 1190AM >KORG Big Name Interviews 790ÁM >KABC HEALTH DIMENSION SPORTS MAGAZINE Chris Roberts Hosts Business Health - Fri. Only 1600AM>KMNY 640ÁM >KFI TALKING SUCCESS SPORTS BEAT Randy Kerdoon Sports Magazine Real Estate - Mon. Only 1600ÁM >KMNY 670AM >KWNK Work in Progress - Wed. Only 89.9FM>KCRW Brad Sanders Gives GOLD & SILVER Wacky Advice Forum : Money Talk 870AM>KIEV 's Haphazard Music & Comedy -Mon. Only TIRONE ON THE PHONE ;}.(ji Comedian Brad Sanders 89.9FM >KCRW I 580 AM> KDAY SPACEWATCH ON WOMEN Concert & Events Info MONITORADIO M. Pador & T. Sanford - Wed. News: Clint Jones on today's 88.7FM>KSPC 88.5FM>KCSN headlines & in -depth features WORLD MARKET FUN TALKS 89.3FM>KPCC Business: Commodities Report Eppie Epstein - Thurs. Only 91.5FM>KUSC with Rick Bell- Wed. Only 870ÁM >KIEV 1600AM >KMNY NEWSBREAK RX FOR SURVIVAL Pomona Valley, LA Basin MUTUAL FUNDS Physicians on the Issues - Thurs. 88.7FM >KSPC Business: Mutual Funds and 90.7FM >KPFK Market Timing- Mon. Only CALNET 1600AM>KMNY SOUNDPRINT News With Eric Roy Documentary: Series on 88FM>KLON SPECULATORS Americana - Thurs. Only Business: Commodities Invest- 88.5FM>KCSN NEW DIMENSIONS ments -Tues. Only Ron Watson discusses Health 1600AM>KMNY HEALTH VIEWS 1190AM>KORG Al Huebner & guests & calls -Fri. 90.7FM >KPFK EVENING KALENDAR SENIOR SCENE EVENING EDITION Ken Fusion: Concerts Public Affairs -Fri. Only News & Traffic 106.7FM >KROQ 88.5FM >KCSN 102.3FM>KJLH , 80'S & BEYOND ;peli . Handicapped -Tues. Only ART TALK 88.5FM>KCSN MACNEIL I LEHRER Art: Ed Goldman Hermitage News Hour DR. BOB MOORE Museum - Mon. Only 91.5FM >KUSC Psychology -Mon., Tu., Thur., Fri. 89.9FM >KCRW 1190AM >KORG RADIO PACIFIC JAPAN .a ,e Japanese News & Music THE CAR CORNER 107.1 FM>KMAX Service Help: Bob Chandler -W. FRESH AIR 1190AM >KORG BRUCE WILLIAMS Arts: Terry Gross & Guests >KPCC Money & People & More 89.3FM 4e}. cì `, 1260AM >KOIL CAMBODIA TOUCH Cambodian Language -Tu. Only TENNYSON SPORTSTALK Better Health for Business 107.1 FM >KMAX Fred Wallin covers it all Professionals - Thurs. Only 790AM >KABC 160041M>KMNY 36 DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear at these same times every Monday through Friday DAILY DEPENDABLES MONDAY THRU FRIDAY

COLLAGE BRUCE WILLIAMS Orange County Life, Issues & Call & ask him Anything Organizations -Tues. Only 640AM >KFI 88.5FM>KSBR FAMILY LAW FORUM News: Jacqueline Des Lauriers' live !wit Al Eaton - Fri. Only coverage -Tues. Only 870AM>KIEV 89.9FM>KCRW MYSTERY THEATRE Classic ALL ABOUT LOVE OLD TIME RADIO 690AM>XTRA Dr. Chapman - Mon. Only Country Variety -1st Fri. of month 870AM>KIEV 88.5FM>KCSN IRA FISTELL He Knows lt All TENNYSON TOUCH Business Health Self Help - EAST WIND 790 AM> KABC Culture, Politics & Issues of So Cal's Every Other Thurs. Only Asian Community -M. Only NEIL MYERS 870ÁM >KIEV 90.7FM>KPFK Wine, Travel, Love 1260AM>KGIL SPORTSNIGHT Sports Scores & Highlights: THE CAR DOCTOR Steve DeSaegher SPORTS BYLINE Auto Talk: Mark Coch - Fri. Only 1190AM >KORG Ron Barr Interviews & Call In 93.5FM>KFOX FILIPINO PHONE-IN 670ÁM >KWNK Phone patch broadcast from L.A. `YOUNG & RESTLESS' BIZ to Philippines with requests & Comedy: Cla'ence Update READ TO SUCCEED dedications & news 106.7FM>KROQ Phonetics: Myrna Culbreath - Tu. I 300 AM> KAZN 93.5FM>KFOX CONTINENT-CONTINENT Ron Wilkins, Matthew Jackson & aMoFio1 ':¡,i MIME Wendy White - W. Only SWEET DICK 90.7FM>KPFK ROCK TODAY Whittington's Late Shtick Musician Interviews - Thurs. Only 870AM>KIEV MUSIC MAGAZINE 99.3FM>KCME Hosts Rene Engel & Matt Wright, RAY BRIEM Guests, Reviews & Calendar of NITESIDE L.A. Insomniac's Friend Upcoming Events - Wed. Only Gregg Hunter on the offbeat 790AM>KABC 89.3FM>KPCC 870ÁM >KIEV TALKNET WAYS & MEANS AFGHANISTAN Dara Wells' advice Finances: Call Don McDonald News -Tues. Only 1260AM>KGIL 1190AM> KORG 93.5FM >KFOX ASK THE PSYCHOLOGIST mom ASK THE DOCTOR Best of Dr. Steve Pittman Best of Dr. Martha Johns 690ÁM >XTRA FILIPINO VARIETY 690AM>XTRA Rey Pascua & Manny Calpito play 41}-tcíoìra!, foreign music, take calls, read THEATRE letters, provide public services, MYSTERY Repeat of previous day's drama discuss America, health, physical RIDERS RADIO fitness, love Variety: Country & Western Style 690AM>XTRA 1300AM>KAZN music, comedy & fun -Mon. Only 88.5FM>KCSN The Nosiest oO

Mo Show Peter TildenMornings In Los geles KLSX!J7.1 Radio. LA's Classic Rock RaowAcrrvs Your Winners! be Sound Of SEX As soon as FM radio popped on the dial, sex slid with a hush into our bed- rooms. Every night we'd get seduced by those low, slow voices. Those breathy women. The Nightbirds and Early Morning Talkers. Well, sex sounds different these days, if you o by RADIO GUIDE's latest poll. It isn't found in the whisper- ing murmurs or inflections of a radio personality s articulation. Now, it's more the whole package. Sexy is everything. And the winners are....

JACKIE STEVENS CAROLE HEMINGWAY KJLH, News, weekdays KGIL, 2 -6 p.m., weekdays "I'm really surprised. There's some "I think this is wonderfully fun. It's massive competition here in L.A. And really unexpected. People may think it means I'm rating. See, I do news and it's incongruous because they are public affairs. I'm not a jock, so normally always thinking feminists don't have a that type of person would not have the sense of humor and feminists aren't numbers of listeners a jock would. interested in sex. But that's a myth.

I've been told all through my I don't try to project a sexy voice. career my voice is sexy. But I have a lot of passion about what But I'm a news person and a journalist. I'm talking about, and I'm very clear

With that you want a commanding and straightforward and intimate. I sound. But I guess there's still a unique- love my callers. I don't care if they fight ness about a female voice being on with me or joke with me. I get connect- the air, and basically people just relate ed with them, and there's an intimacy it to being sexy. that evolves that is sexy. And people I'm going to put this on my bio. often say they love my laugh. And a Sure . My biggest award was for good genuine laugh is sexy. Because number two position in Broadcasting sex is also fun. Magazine, news category. That was six Sex certainly goes beyond the years ago. And so L.A.'s sexiest FM voice. It just hits you in a way you don't radio voice may be right next to it. really know where it's coming from.

When people meet me they aren't And since on the radio all I have to surprised. The look goes with the sound. communicate with is my voice, I think

Or should I say, the actual look is equal what's happening is I'm obviously com- to the look they've conjured up of me. municating me.

I think often, especially with the male I'm going to call my Aunt Betty, my voices, listeners' images aren't one with mother and my brother. My brother will the real people. Have you noticed go into a tirade about how superficial most males in radio...are short?' media is. And this will be the capper.°


flush the toilet at the same time when said 'Go.' Well, what happened was, it messed up the drainage system. The Department of Water and Power had a lot of problems. There's a lot of power in being on the radio.'

HOLLYWOOD HAMILTON KITS, afternoon drive-lime At 15, H.H. built his own bootleg radio station in the basement of his par- ent's home, in Reno, Nevada. He com- bined Radio Shack equipment with his mom's stereo. On a clear day he DON STEELE spoke to aboutl2 people. Then the KRLA, afternoon drive -time FCC knocked on his door and We nabbed The Real Don Steele demanded it be dismantled. Now H.H. and gabbed in between all the button record spin- is FM radio's sexiest voice. Maybe sexy pushing, announcing and has something to do with H.H.'s irrever- ning that makes this guy a true sleight ence for rules. of hand magician. He doesn't miss a his name to "This is funny. I like this a lot. I never beat. Maybe he'll change thought of myself as having a sexy "Oh So Sexy Don Steele." it thought that my voice voice at all. I figure I'd definitely win "I've always for the Mr. Squeaky category. I'm pretty was probably The Sexiest of All. Finally much myself on the radio. There's no someone else appreciates my closet I on the closet. I'm going set rap. I don't read liners. Everything talent, heavy first I'm do is ad lib. I'm maybe not as obnox- to call Pirate Radio up because ious in real life. Or that loud. Or that vying to become Bubba the Love egotistical. When people hear you Monkey. Sexy...means everything. night after night, they build up such an (from the booth) 'Hey baby we're image in their mind. An image you will bringing back the good times with your never live up to. It's all theater of the favorite oldies all the time, listen to this - mind. And hundreds of thousands of is this sexy or what? KRLA, dig. AM final- people do this to me. It's amazing. ly got sexy baby.' Getting sexiest voice is definitely Well, it's only rock and roll but I like something to talk about on the radio. I it. And again I am thrilled and delight- would definitely thank all the people ed with this sex sweepstakes Sexy who voted for me, from the bottom of means everything. my toes to my head. It's all so subjec- (from the booth) 'What it's all tive. Every listener has their own opin- about baby, all oldies all the time, KRLA ion about voices. From loving a deep with me the Real Don Steele. Hey voice kinda guy to a young sounding mobile phone, let's check out the mess guy. Everybody's got their own sound. that's happenin with Denise Fondo. My voice does go through an Good Afternoon Denise, do you think Optimod, which makes me sound old- I'm talkin pretty sexy today ?' (aside) er. Everybody sounds a little older than Projection is half the game. what they actually are, at least on KITS. So, what do you think I'll get for The radio's an amazing medium. sexiest voice? If it's a T -shirt, make it an

One night I told everybody in Orange extra large, folks!" County to go into their bathrooms and - Ilene Segolove RADIOACTIVE 39 The following radio snows appear at these same times every Saturday DAILY DEPENDABLES SATURDAY

GENESIS OF MUSIC Eclectic: National & International Music from 12th to 20th century SOUNDS OF JAMAICA MIME 90.7FM >KPFK Reggae: Ms. Wirewaist 90.7FM>KPFK SPACE MUSIC Eclectic: Progressive MUSIC SURVEY 88.5FM>KSBR Pop Hits: Bill & Sylvia BIG BANDS BEAT BLACK RHAPSODY 104.3FM>KBIG Jazz Swing. Carl Weldon 89.3FM>KPCC Urban: Bill Gardner COUNTDOWN 89.3FM>KPCC Urban: FlyjockTom Joyner SATURDAY SWING SHIFT 103.9FM>KACE Country' Pat Kowalick H , 88.5FM>KCSN 20 COUNTDOWN ARTIST'S CORNER Contemp. Christian Magazine ALBUM FEATURE Jazz: Helen Borgers 106.3FM>KYMS One Feature Artist 88FM>KLON BLUEGRASS 107.9FM>KWVE ROCK ON LONDON Javorsek & Yearwood British Rock 88.5FM>KCSN 95.5FM>KLOS ROMANIAN MORNING Ehnic Language Music Program BREEZE 107.1 FM>KMAX Acoustic & Electronic New Age IN THE STUDIO 88.5FM>KSBR Rock Recording Talk: Guests REFLECTION 95.5FM>KLOS Spiritual Music 1390AM>KGER POLKA SHOWCASE CLASSIC OLDIES Worldwide- Leonard Wojtowicz II Urban: Leo Knott 88.7FM >KSPC 102.3FM>KJLH SPANISH LANGUAGE COUNTDOWN Salsa a Carrlbean: Ethnic Music Urban Contemporary: Walt Love 107.1 FM>KMAX 102.3FM >KJLH CALL BERNADETTE _yilo Oldies Requests & Dedications 930AM>KRTH PAT BOONE SHOW BREAKFAST WITH... Spiritual Soothing Sounds STAR PROFILES Oldies: All Beatles 1220AM>KTSJ Pop: Craig Hines & Guest 103.9FM>KBON 104.3FM>KBIG IN CONCERT SERIES DICK Superstar Rockers Live CLARK 99.3FM>KCME Adult Hits Blend INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC 103FM>KOST Music to Soothe the Soul GOSPEL TRAIN 1570AM>KPRO Gloria Jean Belle 1460AM> KTYM HIGH VOLTAGE BILLY VERA PARTY Hard Rock: Tawn Mas trey Oldies: Vintage Rock & Roll and 105.5FM>KNAC Rhythm Gel Here, & Blues Extravaganza AMERICAN COUNTDOWN Brenda 89.9FM>KCRW Top Country Hits for the Week RussellI 100.7FM >KHAY PEPE VEGA 12 O'CLOCK ROCK Lo Mejor Underground: De Humberto New Releases GENESIS OF MUSIC 1020AM>KTNQ 90.7FM>KPFK From 12th to 20th century ALMA DEL BARRIO STEPPIN' OUT 90.7FM >KPFK Salsa Music Big beat, funk & reggae GROOVE TIME 88.9FM>KXLU 89.9FM>KCRW World Beat: Big Red COUNTDOWN COUNTRY TOP 30 88.9FM>KXLU Top The 40: Rick Dees Week's Finest in Country JAZZ FOR DINING 102.7FM>KIIS 97.3FM>KSON Jazz: Rodger Layng RAP COUNTDOWN 105.1 FM>KKGO Album Oriented Rock THE AFRICAN SANCHO 95.5FM>KLOS BEAT Salsa, Jazz, DooWop Ethnic & 3rd World Beat: CC Smith CASEY'S TOP 40 & Solomon Solo Egbuho 89.3FM>KPCC Counts 'em Down 89.9FM>KCRW 600AM>KKLQ 106.5FM>KKLQ

40 DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear at these same times every Saturday


GUMBO YA -YA Taggart Cajun: Chuck KEZY HOT MIX 89.9FM>KCRW Top 40 Dance Mix: Craig Powers IN THE STUDIO Live from Irvine's Happy Daze Rock: Guests rap on recording 95.9FM>KEZY HONKY TONK NITE 95.5FM >KLOS SATURDAY NITE HOT MIX Riley Live Country: Dick :}{claYi[i Dance Mix: Pat Dee &Gunn 94.3FM >KIKF 99.1 FM>KGGI MUSIC SATURDAY CONCERT FOLK & INDIE Folk: John Davis hosts IMPORT Beautiful Music Concert Ethnic 99FM>KJOI 90.7FM >KPFK 93.5FM >KFOX SOLID GOLD SAT. :N61il:rJ',( SAT. HOUSE PARTY Hits: Grass Adult Contemporary ECLECTIC Soul: Party Favorites Roots Flashback 25 years MOSTLY 1230AM>KGFJ 94.3FM>KGIL Tropical Mix of Latin, R & B, Carribean: Tomas hosts METAL SHOP DANCE PARTY 93.5FM>KFOX Rock: Charlie Kendall Interviews Big Band: Chuck Cecil 99.9FM>KCME 710AM >KMPC BLUES IN NIGHT Blues: Harold Battiste ALL REQUEST 88.5FM >KCSN Oldies: Michael Moore REGGAE THE TIME MACHINE 101 FM >KRTH Doo Wop: Jay Warner Ehnic Language Program CANTO TROPICAL 107.1 FM>KMAX 1230AM >KGFJ Caribbean & Latino Afro DELICATESSEN SATURDAY NIGHT CD 90.7FM >KPFK PSYCHE Age: One Full CD Eclectic Music New REGGAE MUSIC 88.7FM>KSPC 94.7FM >KTWV Jamacian & Island Beats: Tomas SHOW HOT MIX MILLION DOLLAR 88.9FM >KXLU Paul Bowman Country Music Contemporary Hits Dance Remix 600AM>KKLG 93.5FM >KFOX 106.5FM>KKLO LIVE FROM GILLEY'S SAT. DANCE NIGHT Country: One Live Act Top 40: J. Servante & T. Parker IN THE MIX 94.3FM >KIKF 105.9FM>KPWR Urban Contemp.: Elvin Bridges 103.9FM >KACE REVIN AT ELEVEN Pure Rock Request Hour 105.5FM>KNAC COUNTRY'S TOP 10 Country: Chart Toppers NIGHTSONG f; p{i l 93.9FM >KZLA Blues & African: Mara Zhelutka 89.9FM >KCRW AUSTIN CITY LIMITS GONZALO GONZALEZ Simulcast from KCET -TV Bailables Del Sabado FUSION & BEYOND 93.9FM>KZLA 107.5FM>KLVE Progressive Rhythms: Dr. Don 90.7FM>KPFK f. NOSTALGIA MUSICAL VfF M I) )A', Spanish Language Show SOMETHING ELSE 1510AM>KNSE European Imports & Mix 89.9FM >KCRW

LIVING IDEAS with Dr. Frank E. Richelieu

Tune in each morning for inspiration and a fresh start to your day! /110 KTYM 1460 AM 8 -8:15 a.m. daily The following radio shows appear at these same times every Saturday DAILY DEPENDABLES SATURDAY

LIGHTER LIFESTYLES Sue McGrann & Irma Grime 1190AM >KORG

I1114K10 r+cr NEWSTALK SHOW Call Chuck Walsh HALFWAY DOWN STAIRS Family 790AM>KABC Stories & Fun Songs Teen 90.7FM>KPFK MASTER GARDENER Topics CASOS Y Jerry Baker's Health Info COSAS 1260AM>KGIL with Del Pasado: Culture Programs Hadrian 950AM>XEGM GARDENING SHOW Local Couple Sprouting Lesser SATURDAY SINGLES Single Living: Ann O'Brien -Baker 870AM>KIEV 740AM>KBRT WEEKEND EDITION News: NPR's iSIXTid i,I 89.3FM>KPCC LITTLE PEOPLE HOUR YOUTH Music, Stories, Interviews and & HEALTH ISSUE Fun For Teenager Hadrian Lesser Children: Debbie & Scott SPECIAL EDITION 88.7FM >KSPC With 1260AM>KGIL Bob Larson TOM LEYKIS SHOW 1220AM>KTSJ =f#cl4;.`l,', Combat Radio

rK0j ,',l SKI REPORT 640AM>KFI From Mammoth SUPER HANDYMAN to Aspen PET TALK 105.5FM>KNAC Dr. Jim Humphries Al Carrell Can Fix it All 1190AM>KORG 1260AM >KGIL -?14#1ì1r1ú I CONSUMING INTEREST GERMAN I AMER. SHOW Consumers: Jennifer Bauman Tibor Paul hosts RESTAURANTS 1600AM>KMNY 89.3FM>KPCC Restaurant Reviews: Larry Lipson MORNING W/ DAN & BOB THE CRUISE CLUB & Bill Barry wine & dine Light notes & Interwoven humor KIEV Travel Show 1260AM>KGIL 740AM>KBRT 870AM>KIEV VERA'S VOICE Financial Advice i GARDEN ADVISOR Wil Caplinger 1600AM>KMNY SURF REPORT 640AM >KFI COMING OF AGE Sean Collins on beach & surf Focus on Mature Adults 105.5FM>KNAC :rxtuv,L'1 89.3FM>KPCC 7212111110 WHERE CATHOLIC MEET CAR SHOW Religious John Retsek DIET TO END DISEASE & Len Frank Dr. Erlander's Consultation 1190AM>KORG 90.7FM>KPFK 870ÁM >KIEV IF1fy,y,'I HEALTH TIPS Dr. Steenblock C BEST BARGAINS 1190AM>KORG Geri Cook's Shopping Tips ARABIC 1260AM>KGIL Ehnic Language Variety b4cIofXül 107.1 FM>KMAX FOOD FOR THOUGHT GREAT TAPES Diane Worthington GARDENLINE Testimony Preach: Helen Fabian Host Bruce Asakawa 790AM>KABC 740AM>KBRT 690AM>XTRA FINANCIAL WORLD TRAVELSCOPE Interviews: Mark Baker covers Travel HEALTH CONNECTION Writer Joseph Rosendo Economic trends, the budget & 870AM>KIEV Dr. Gershon Lesser & Son global finance for the layman 1260AM >KGIL 1600AM>KMNY -0 i SOUND MONEY DINING WITH ARLINE MONEY TALK Bob Potter & Investments Food: Wolff & restaurant owners Bob Brinker on Finances 88FM>KLON 670AM>KWNK 1260AM>KGIL MOTHER TO MOTHER URDU INVESTORS CLUB Sherri Martinelli Ehnic Language Music & Variety Money & You 1190AM>KORG 107.1 FM>KMAX 1600AM>KMNY SATURDAY SOUND -OFF CRUISE TALK Mark Williams & Art Finley. Margie Do/gin 690AM>XTRA 670AM>KWNK 42 DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear at these same times erery Saturday


THINGS TO THINK ABOUT Leo Robinson hosts meta -physical lectures DR. HARVEY RUBEN & philosphy Psychiatric Consume- Info Call -in 88.9FM>KUCI 1260LM>KGIL AUTOTYME WORLD Call In for Helpful Auto Hints & ENTERTAINMEN' BUSINESS DIALOGUE Hunter interviews Repair from Norm Lafave Gregg Allen Sivarman celebrities, takes calls, reviews 1190AM >KORG 1190AM>KORG 870AM>KIEV 110}-;-:. -21 ',I MEETING OF THE MINDS TENNYSON TOUCH Steve Allen brings historical CHINESE together for fctional talks; Dr. Victor on Business figures Foreign Language Cultural June Foray moderates 88.9FM >KUCI 1600AM>KMNY 88.5FM>KCSN REAL ESTATE HOTLINE George Chamberlin i 690AM>XTRA LOU EDELBERG Arbitration and the law BRITISH CONNECTION GOVERNMENT 870AM>KIEV Lifestyles in Englanc': Mo Potok Politics In Action 870AM>KIEV 870AM>KIEV =NM LET'S TALK ANTIQUES DINING OUT Dianne Harman MY WORD! & MY MUSIC! Restaurant Reviews With humor: 1190AM>KORG Merrill Shindler BBC musical hijinks &quiz connoisseur Muir KABC Dennis Norden & Frank 790AM> 91.5FM >KUSC ALL THINGS CONSIDER'D RIDERS THEATRE NPR News & Features COMEDY HOUR Western Music & Comedy >KCRW Starring Dick Caver 89.9FM 1190.AM>KORG >KCSN 89.3FM>KPCC 88.5FM rrl' sil:a;, DRAMA PLAYHOUSE CHUCK ASHMAN MODERN TIMES Call In, Interviews & Bitch Box "Joe Frank: Work it Progress" Larry Josephson >KCRW 640AM >KFI 89.9FM >KCRW 89.94M 4ÓO;.Ä POINT / COUNTERPOINT w-4 011 i Mediates DR. DEAN EDELL Bill Pearl TOM HALL All around Medical Tips 790AM>KABC Variety, Talk 790ÁM >KABC SPORTSNITE 790 AM> KABC BOB MADIGAN Brad Cesmat Hosts JACK CATRAN Financial Problems 690AM>XTRA Celebrity Guests 1260AM >KGIL SPORTS DIGEST 1260AM>KGIL MONEY NEWS Dr. Ron Brenner FREE FORUM Investors & Consumers 1190 AM> KORG Laura Brown Interviews 1600AM>KMNY 93.1 .FM >KODJ

KIEV AM The Talk of the Town A BEATON STATION George Putnam Paul Wallach "Sweet Dick" Whittington Chef Piero + over 100 talk shows weekly - 24 hours a day! 10,000 Watts in Stereo The following radio shows appear at these same times every Sunday DAILY DEPENDABLES SUNDAY

LIVE FROM THE 60'S 20 COUNTDOWN Oldies: The Real Don Steele Christian Contemp. Magazine 103.9FM >KBON 106.3FM >KYMS EUROPEAN MUSIC With Tibor Paul POLKADOT & MOONBEAM 89.3FM >KPCC SUNDAY SINGS JAZZ Brit's Eclectic: Mina Milani u POLKA PARTY Jazz: Host Tim Hauser of the 89.9FM>KCRW Polka Music: Al Propper Manhattan Transfer PARTY AMERICA 88.7FM >KSPC 89.9FM>KCRW Top 40: Jay Thomas AMERICAN BACKTRACK 105.9FM>KPWR COUNTDOWN Rock Classics: Top Country Hits for the Week Jim Ladd M 100.7FM >KHAY 99.3FM>KCME MORNING BREEZE 92.1 FM>KOW i1(,re;?.ä¡ New Age & Acoustic CASEY'S TOP 40 SWINGIN' YEARS 88.5FM >KSBR Top 40 countdown, quips Oldies: Chuck Cecil COUNTRY ROADS 105.9FM>KPWR 89.3FM>KPCC Contemporary Country ROCKIN' AMERICAN DOUG JOHNSON 93.9FM>KZLA Top 40 C'ntdown: Scott Shannon Big Band Extravaganza FUSION 40 600ÁM >KKLQ 89.3FM>KPCC 106.5FM >KKLQ Urban Contemp.: Derrick Filer LI. 103.9FM>KACE ,AIt ll :1 THE REGGAE BEAT REELIN' IN THE YEARS Hank Holmes & Chuck Foster AMERICAN TOP 40 Rock of the 60s 89.9FM >KCRW Countdown: Shadoe Stevens 95.5FM >KLOS 102.7FM >KIIS COUNTDOWN DISCREET MUSIC Top Modern Country Hits BOURBON STREET Eclectic: Dean Suzuki 93.5FM>KNTF Finest Jazz 89.9FM>KCRW yy. v 88.5FM>KCSN !q!ki; _!; ALMA BIG BANDS BEAT DEL BARRIO L'CHAYIM Salsa Music That Is Hot Jazz: Carl Weldon Jewish Music & 88.9FM >KXLU Bulletins 89.3FM>KPCC 88.5FM >KCSN COUNTRY ROADS OPERA Country Hits: One Theme ENCORE Classical: Duff 570ÁM >KLAC Murphy & CONCERT HALL Southland Music Events Spiritual: Sacred Sounds SUNRISE WITH BEATLES 89.3FM>KPCC 1280AM>KFRN 60s Rock: Robin Banks 93.1 FM>KODJ f. SUNDAY OLDIES Urban Contemporary COUNTDOWN USA 102.3FM>KJLH Top 40 Hits of Week: Dave Sholin Spikes lt Up 95.9FM>KEZY POWER CUTS Album Rock: Geno Mitchellini's music, news & views Rock: College Students Play D.J. 95.5FM >KLOS 101.9FM>KEDG COUNTDOWN Top 40: Rick Dees AMERICA'S #1'S ROCK NEVER FORGETS Country's Best Hits Oldies: Steve Downes 102.7FM>KlIS 570AM>KLAC SUNDAY BRUNCH 95.5FM>KLOS LIVE FROM Adult Hits: Mark & Kim THE 60'S CRUISIN AMERICA Oldies: The Real 103.5FM >KOST Don Steele Aa !It Hits: Cousin Brucie 1110AM>KRLA 95.1 FM>KQLH COUNTDOWN USA : Top . e 30 Hits of Week ECM 95.1 FM>KQLH COUNTRY LINE USA BACKTRACK COUNTDOWN American Country Hits Roc with Jim Ladd Country: Don Jeffrey Live 570AM>KLAC 101.9FM>KEDG 94.3FM >KIKF 92.7FM>KWDJ HAWAIIAN SOUNDS it .1 W. LOVE COUNTDOWN Eclectic: Keala, Maybelle & Barry Urban Contemp.: Walt & Guest 1260AM>KGIL THE SHOW 103.9FM >KACE Bluegrass & Zydeco: Jordan 88.7FM >KSPC DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear at these same times every Sunday DAILY DEPENDABLES SUNDAY

AIWA NASHVILLE LIVE FEAST OF FRIENDS Country: Lon Helton Interviews Rock: Jim Ladd & Guests 94.3FM >KIKF 101.9FM >KEDG BLUES HR :1-1011 ' ,',1 B.B KING Urban Artist: EZ Wiggins Down Home Blues Legends LATIN JAZZ 103.9FM>KACE I 230 AM> KG FJ Jazz: Enrique Soto ON A COUNTRY ROAD 105.1 FM>KKGO Country Hits: Lee Arnold 570AM>KLAC DR. DEMENTO DEAD HOUR Wacky Tunes & Trivia Rock: 92.7FM>KWDJ 97.1 FM >KLSX 97.1 FM>KLSX 7TH DAY HITLINE U.S.A. MILLION DOLLAR SHOW 7 Joe Benson Rock Ablbums: NewTop 40: Brenda Ross Paul Bowman Country Music 95.5FM>KLOS 105.9FM>KPWR 93.5FM>KFOX CSUN CONCERTS SOUNDS ARTISTRY IN S.K. Music Dept. SINATRA Classical: CSUN Adult Contemporary Classical: Harris, Kenton 88.5FM>KCSN 710AM >KMPC 89.3FM>KPCC AMERICAN COUNTDOWN REVIN AT ELEVEN Contemp. Country: Bob Kingsley Pure Rock: Lady Die A CUT ABOVE 105.5FM>KNAC Full Spectrum Rock: Cynthia Fox 93.9FM>KZLA 101.9FM>KEDG GEE... IT'S A WURLITZER SITTIN' IN Theater Organ: Hal Sanguinetti Country Artists Act As DJ ROCKIN' AMERICAN 94.3FM>KIKF Top 40 C'ntdown: Scott Shannon 89.3FM>KPCC 600AM>KKLQ 92.7FM >KWDJ 106.5FM>KKLQ UP CLOSE STAR STREAMS Rock Interviews -every other Sun. LUCKY BUCKET New Age: New Music 101.9FM >KEDG Mix from jazz to showtunes: Skelley 94.7FM>KTWV 88.7FM>KSPC :tÿ40[II.r1, DANCE TRAXX SOLID GOLD SCRAPB'K Top 40: Jeff Wyatt HEADSETS Oldies: Norm N. Nite 105.9FM>KPWR Rock: Jim Ladd 103.9FM>KBON THE METAL SHOP 101.9FM>KEDG EZ'S MOOD FOR LOVE Pure Rock: Music & Interviews KING BISCUIT HOUR Urban Contemp.: Love Songs 105.5FM >KNAC Classic Rock 103.9FM>KACE 97.1 >KLSX REELIN' IN YEARS FM COUNTRY OLDIES 60s Rock Up to date Aging but still Good to Hear 95.5FM >KLOS 97.3FM>KSON LATE NIGHT NOTES KING BISQUIT HOUR Eclectic: Rick Lamm COUNTRY TODAY Bill Minken Hosts Live Concert & Modern Country Profile of One Group 89.9FM>KCRW 93.9FM >KZLA 99.3FM>KCME

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tGlt{ It" COMEDY SHOW Call T. & R. Magliozzi Starring Dick Cavett MEM11111 89.9FM>KCRW 690AM>XTRA WEEKEND EDITION AUTO ADVICE ALL FINANCES News: Susan Starnberg Leon Kaplan Various Aspects 89.3FM> KPCC 790 AM> KABC 1600AM>KMNY YARICKS' YARD ANTENA IBERO DR. DEAN EDELL Grow That Garden Music Interview from Spain He's In To Take Calls 870AM>KIEV 950ÁM >XEGM 790ÁM >KABC l-tX 1', GARDENLINE ASK THE EXPERTS Host Bruce Asakawa Financial Experts Ron Insana & BUSINESS NEWS 690AM>XTRA Hugh Broma AMEX Financial Tidbits 640AM>KFI 99FM >KJOI raMAIM LE SHOW TOWN HALL CLASS REUNIONS Harry Shearer's humor mixed w/ Local City Government Art Laboe's Calendar inappropriate, haphazard music 93.9FM >KZLA 1110AM>KRLA 89.9FM>KCRW DR. HUMPHRIES -Tt:1,', i I Call Veterinarian Jim ltltìI a, 1260AM>KGIL MEDICAL PAGE VERA'S VOICE Dr. Steven Reznick Money Matters VIEWPOINT 1260AM>KGIL Richard Lee Interviews Inland 1600AM>KMNY Empire Movers & Shakers GARAGE SALE REAL ESTATE 95.1 FM>KQLH Buy, Sell or Trade Sonny Bloch Action Line AMERICAN KNOW -HOW 930ÁM >KRTH 670AM>KWNK Diet, Nutrition: Kathy King -Helm WEEKEND EDITION ASK THE EXPERTS 690AM>XTRA News: Susan Starnberg Health Talk: Plastic Surgeon Dr. 89.9FM >KCRW Sheldon Rosenthal ASK THE EXPERTS 640AM>KFI NEWSWEEK Attorney Bill Handel NATIONAL LAMPOON Associated Press 640AM>KFI Skits & Songs from Comedians 88.5FM >KCSN WAKE -UP WITH D. LIN 97.1 FM> KLSX Danielle Hosts New Age Health 103.1 FM >KSRF 103.1 FM>KOCM LOCAL CALENDAR Lectures, Films, et al =1v _1',i 88.7FM>KSPC INSIDE GOSPEL Interviews with Gospel Stars, Richards' Religious & Christian Issues MONEY TALK public 1 580 AM> K DAY Bob Brinker on finances affairs 1260AM>KGIL INVESTORS CLUB CYNIC'S CHOICE Not For Members Only British Humor: Brian Clewer 1600AM >KMNY SUNDAY SHOW 103.1 FM>KOCM ASK THE EXPERTS Stoney Richards 103.1 FM >KSRF 93.9FM>KZLA Travel Experts Elizabeth TRAVEL SECTION Harriman & Paul Lasley KSURF LISTENS Mike Lundy on cruises 640AM>KFI Westside Interest Stories 1260AM >KGIL 103.1 FM>KSRF END OF THE ROAD COMMUNITY Tom Bodett Has Stories & Songs CHUCK ASHMAN Kevin O'Neill Interviews 690ÁM >XTRA Call In 640AM>KFI 93.5FM>KNTF PHIL BLAZER AMERICAN KNOW-HOW Jewish News & insight Al Carrel the SuperHandyman 870ÁM >KIEV 690AM>XTRA 30 MINS. TO CURTAIN 1260AM>KGIL Original Drama -Every Other Sun. 88.5FM>KCSN ORANGE CO. CLOSE UP COMMONWEALTH CLUB News: Ken Guerrero Business & Politics 94.3FM >KIKF 1600AM >KMNY 46 DAILIES DAILIES DAILIES The following radio shows appear at these same times every Sunday


IN TOUCH WITH ANAHEIM Local Topics PR'RIE HOME COMPAN'N 1190AM>KORG Storytelling: Garrison Keillor c}IéTo+' 91.5FM>KUSC NaJa :!;. SAME TIME SAME STAT'N FREEDOM OF VOICE BOOK REPORT hosts live call -in talk Ciji Ware's Literary Lane Drama: John & Larry Gassman Mark Sugars 89.3FM>KPCC (714- 856 -KUCI) 790AM>KABC 88.9FM>KUCI CAR SHOW OLD -TIME RADIO Car Repair Experts Golden Age w/ Bob Lynes SUNDAY SHOW 670ÁM >KWNK 89.9FM >KCRW Stoney Richards 570AM>KLAC CHIPS & YOU COAST TO COAST Affairs Bob Costas on Sports IN TOWN TONIGHT Public Service McNally 950AM>XEGM 640AM>KFI Music & Comedy: John 690AM>XTRA 89.9FM>KCRW

;t411-i 7 1, k.:. THE IRISH HOUR LINE Tom McConville Hosts EXPLOSION RELIGION ON SWANSON Dennis Prager 870AM>KIEV Biz Sports Talk: Joe McConnell 1600AM>KMNY 790AM>KABC KMPC FORUM ELMER DILLS k-:;`,t Glenn Gorden Restaurants & Fun ENTERTAINMENT WORLD 710AM>KMPC 790AM>KABC Gregg Hunter & callers interview 870AM>KIEV Love Advice from The Poorman & BONNIE CHURCHILL Albert Celebrity Interviews, Info Dr. Drew & Attorney Lee 1260AM>KGIL 106.7FM>KROQ YOUTH ON THE AIR Teen Reporters probe their issues ,15R10101AL1.1 BOB MADIGAN 88.7FM>KSPC COMMUNITY RAP Kevin O'Neill Interviews Financial Problems .. 1260AM >KGIL 93.5FM>KNTF CHROMAN WINE SHOW VALLEY PAGE SUNSET REVIEW Wine Expert Nathan takes calls Variety: Roger Allen's potpourri of Ed Ziel Hosts talk & music & comedy 870AM>KIEV 1260AM>KGIL 88.7FM >KSPC ' IP±i!,_:' THE CAR SHOW CONSIDER THIS NATIONAL LAMPOON & Retsek Host Len Frank John Interviews w/ Experts on Health, Top Name Comedians 690AM>XTRA Nutrition & Finance: Chris Little 97.1 FM>KLSX 1190AM>KORG 11.4. . iO4i^'.. TOM HALL Late night Talk SPORTSTALK 790AM>KABC Business View: Roy Firestone NHL TALK FREE FORUM 1600ÁM >KMNY Sports: Jack Buck & Hank Stram Laura Brown: All Topics 1070AM>KNX 93.1 FM>KODJ Kathy Vasquez A Show For People With Disabilities Every Friday Evening at 6:05

On Orange County's own talk station K- Orange 1190 -AM Hor TRACKS FRESH TRACKS -----:l:=--y-- These are the FASTEST These are the NEWESTAND RISING records heard on these HOTTEST records added to L.A. music stations: L.A.'s music stations' lists: URBAN Levert, "Just Coolin "' (Atlantic) KACE, KJLH URBAN Karyn White, The "Love Saw It" Neville (Warner Bros) Brothers, KJLH, KDAY "Sister Cherrelle, Rosa" "Affair" (A &M) (Tabu /CBS) KJLH, KACE, KJLH Cherrelle's Jonathan got a hit KDAY, Butler, "More Than Friends" (Arista) KACE KACE, KJLH The Controllers, "Temporary Lovers" Reporting stations: KACE, KJLH, KDAY (Capitol) KJLH, KACE, KDAY La Rue, "I Want You Back" (RCA) ROCK KACE, KDAY XTC, "Mayor of Simpleton" (Geffen) KROQ, KEDG Replacements, "I'll Be You" (Sire) KROQ, KEDG Julian Lennon, "Now You're In Heaven" (Atlantic) KLOS, KEDG , "God, Part II" (Island) KLOS, KEDG 0 Mica, Reporting stations: KLOS, KROQ, "My One KEDG, KNAC Temptation" COUNTRY (Island) KACE, Keith Whitley, "I'm No Stranger to KJLH Rain" (RCA) KNTF, KIKF Don Williams, "Old Coyote Town" (Capitol) KIKF, KZLA Reporting stations: KACE, KJLH, K.T. Oslin, "Hey, Bobby" (RCA) KIKF KDAY Reporting stations: KIKF, KZLA, KNTF POP ADULT CONTEMPORARY Debbie Gibson, "Electric Youth" Vanessa Williams, "Dreamin "' (Atlantic) KITS, KPWR (Polydor) KBIG, KOST, KQLH Waterfront, "Cry" (Polydor) KITS, Kenny G w/ , KPWR "We've Saved the Best For Last" (Arista) KBIG, KOST Reporting stations: KITS, KPWR, KGGI COUNTRY Paul Overstreet, "So In Love" (RCA) KIKF, KNTF Reporting stations: KIKF, KZLA, KNTF Bangles, "Eternal Flame" (Columbia) Information compiled courtesy of KBIG, KQLH Radio & Records. Reporting stations: KOST, KBIG, KQLH

RADIOGuide RADIOGuide RADIOGuide 48 Film Review THE DREAM TEAM Fraze... confidence as human beings. It's an Interesting premise and with an uplifting ending. And a pretty in- teresting little film. Although once again, I didn't see it, so how would I know? I gave It a nine on my scale because I have no scale. Who knows what that means? Well that's it for Froze at the Flicks this week. I'm going to go back to dreaming about It's bigger than a breadbox having a bigger picture.

Can we get this picture of me Frazer Smith Is on 97.1 KLSX 10 p.m. to 2 any smaller? I'd really like to be a postage a.m. Saturdays. Froze at the Flicks, pro- stamp at some point...1 wouldn't wont my duced by Premiere Radio Networks, can ego to go out of control. Maybe I can get be heard M -F at 5:20 p.m. You can also KLSX to put up a bunch of MINI billboards- see Frazer live at the Ice House every 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch....put up five million all Tuesday and Wednesday nights and the over town. People would say, "Yea, who's Laugh Factory every Friday night that little guy? I wanna listen to him!" ...at the Flicks Anyway, The Dream Team, star- ring Michael Keaton, Stephen Furst, Peter Boyle and Christopher Lloyd, has a great cast, but my Idea of a DREAM TEAM would be Michelle Pfieffer, Traci Lords, supermodel Paulina and Marilyn Quayle. Now, there's a dream team. The Dream Team is about a group of psychiatric patients who are on a field trip in . They get separated from their doctor and have to fend for themselves in the Big Apple. In the process, they run into all kinds of incidents, including many supposedly normal people who turn out to be far crazier than they are. At the end of the movie, they have pulled to- gether as a team, solved a crime, reunited with the doctor and made a big step Sweet Dreamers: Christopher Uc yd, Peter towards gaining their self esteem and Boyle, Stephen Furst and Michael Keaton

TUNE INTO TRAVEL RADIO! LISTEN: KIEV 870AM Saturdays 12:30 PM Joseph Rosendo, KIEV DISCOVER: WIN: 4111 Lincoln Blvd., #203 Getaways Free Vacations Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Travel Tips Free Dinners Travel Hotline: (213) 397 -1787 LAST WORDS

TRAVELS WITH DAD My father was not a talkative man. father said, "and We would he did the two worst often ride in the car for hours things an epileptic could not saying a thing do." to each other. I "What ?" I would watch asked, baited. buildings go by, racking "He rode a motorcyle," my brain for ways to make interesting "No," I said, conversation. disbelievingly, He nodded. And he worked in He seemed to always be thinking, construction. The trying to type of job where chip away in his mind at the you're up in a sky- scraper, enormous raising and debt that faced our family. lowering those huge metal beams." And I could never think of a topic that The sports wrap up would would alleviate occa- that financial burden, sionally spur some banter about sports even if only momentar- figures. This is how I ily. I wanted so much for learned that my fa- him to like me, to under- ther's favorite team stand why I always vol- was the Miami Dol- unteered to ride with phins. This is how I can him, to hear me say amaze my friends something with perceptive, things like who made or ingenious, or funny. I wanted up the triumvirate of him to enjoy my power that drove the company. But I could Dolphins to back to never easily think of back superbowls: anything Jim to say. Kiick, Bob Griese and Sometimes I'd ask Larry Csonka. Their Jer- him if we could listen to sey numbers were the 66, radio, and it was a 12 and 39, respectively. very sticky question. And that Larry Csonka There was very little first broke his nose at music that my father nine when the could bully stand. So we lis- down the block hit him tened to the all -news station. I can with a brick. These were the things clearly my remember the station identifi- father would tell me as we rode along cation- KFWB, News 98- with that listening to All News 98. ticker -tape clicking sound in the back- In a few months, just before I turned ground. 13, my father left town in the middle of I used to be fascinated by the lilt the night. There was a note to my with which anchors imparted the news. mother explaining how this was the The sound had a poetic rhythm and best solution to their problems. And for meter to its authority. We would ride in some reason, the question that people the wine interior of the expansive always seemed to ask me for the next Cadillac Seville, our thoughts punctu- few years was "Why do you really think ated by the tempo of their voices. he did it ?" And even though I would

Sometimes, with any luck, there'd shrug my shoulders, I knew. be a story that would inspire a question The thing is that on the radio, if you from me or an audible comment for made a mistake, it wasn't such a big my father's benefit. A story about a deal. In an hour, the news would start celebrity who died during an epileptic again, and you would have a chance fit initiated a conversation about a to do it from the beginning. And you college buddy of my father's with could keep trying it over and over, until epilepsy. you got it right. But my father realized "His nickname was 'Boob,'" my things just weren't like that. - Krysfyna Kaszydd

- RADIOGuide RADIOGuide RADIOGuide 50 Takes The Due Stands! to overwhelming public response, RADIO GUIDE Magazine is now available for 35 - Newsstands, Bookstores, Convenience stops and other outlets from Ventura to San Diego County! r /;, OP- For more information on where to buy RADIO GUIDE Magazine, you can call us at (213) 828 -2268 or contact our distributor at (213) 668 -0293 If you prefer the convenience of having RADIO GUIDE delivered to your home or office, you can subscribe at our introductory low -cost offer and get your copies mailed to you first class. Don 't Miss An Issue of RADIO GUIDE MAGAZINE! GET a year of RADIO GUIDE for only $16. "Yes!, Send mel7 issues (one year) of RADIOGUIDE conveniently mailed to my home for only $16. Name Address City State Zip Occupation Age EUROPE. FROM AN AMERICAN POINT OF VIEW

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