N O .118 N OVEMBER 2014 The Headmaster writes:

Vale David Fellowes David possessed in abundance, was the way forward. The David Fellowes has appointment of Lorna Stoddart in his DNA; his from the National Trust for father came up to Trant’s in 1937, Scotland to work with David to and his two sons, George and create the skills base we needed Archie were both in Phil’s. David resulted in an ideal partnership. himself came up to Hopper’s in 1963. Sport was his thing. He David is a man of golden qualities. captained Soccer XI, played He is a team player. He is squash for the School, won organised and gives attention to Middle Steeplechase and played detail. He is sensitive to the in VIs. After six months as a feelings of others while holding to Rifleman in the Green Jackets the constructive objective course and an escapade to Australia and of action. He is avuncular and has New Zealand, he trained as an natural charm – he has the party accountant and via several other spirit common among Hopperites! firms started his own accountancy He is patient (even with that rare practice in 1989. It was specimen of OW, the wilfully Winchester’s good fortune when, ignorant and prejudiced). He has on the retirement of Patrick been able to interpret effectively Maclure, David took up the post to the OW community changes in Photo by courtesy of Martin Tod of Secretary of Wykehamist the School’s policies and approach. He has been a major influence Society in 2004. determination and personal integrity in maintaining the blend of tradition and made this transformation possible. The At that time the School had innovation which makes Winchester the creation of Win Coll Soc was quickly recognised that friend-and-fund-raising lively institution it is. needed to be put on a more professional accepted by all parties of good will, footing. It fell to David to implement the consistent with David’s palpable As Headmaster I have enjoyed the Governing Body’s decision of 2006 to commitment to all that is in Win Coll’s happiest of professional relationships with create Winchester Society, best interests. David. To me he is the Trusty Servant, open-handed, discreet, faithful, practical – binding together OWs, dons and parents Once Win Coll Soc was established, and even well-dressed! David is well past and present into one organisation. David could quickly see the scope of its aware of his good fortune in Venetia as his Only a man as trusted by all potential and the structure it needed to partner and support. The entire constituencies as David was could have achieve that potential. The appointment Winchester community thanks them for carried out this diplomatic and strategic of a highly-respected development their loyal and exemplary service and challenge without rancour and with a professional to oversee fundraising takes comfort in the knowledge that in remarkable degree of harmony. His strategy, coupled with the equally- retirement they will continue to be a part combination of clear thinking, important friend-raising skills which of Winchester life . I

1 N O .118 T HE T RUSTY S ERVANT Stephen Winkley

The Second Master writes: And what a place Winchester is! Tradition is everywhere, as is the flow of Stephen Winkley succeeded James people through it, and the imprint of Sabben-Clare as Second Master in minds and lives that have gone before. September 1985, occupying that role Variously powerful faces stare from the until August 1991 when he was appointed walls in the neat symmetrical universe Headmaster of . He Christopher Wren gave us in School. was the last Second Master to run And Old Cloister’s memorial plaques College: the job was split into two when testify to the human flow. And then the his term of office came to an end. little things: the worn stair; the dented Stephen came to Winchester from salver; the graffiti of an idle moment. where he had worked That human flow, while fascinating, for almost twenty years and where he had occasionally overwhelmed us in our hazy, latterly run the sixth-form house. He half-understood struggle to understand brought to our community a worldly ourselves and our place at the end of the scepticism, a quick intolerance of queue to get into the world and see what anything stuffy and an independence of Court) to Mus a¯ . He seemed to enjoy the we would make of it. spirit that sometimes struck his colleagues social side of the job. He and Jenny were Into this world Stephen stepped. I’ve as wayward. He also brought with him his certainly generous hosts: the writer since met people who were at Cranleigh wonderfully good-humoured wife Jenny remembers a wonderful Friday dinner under him and he is an instant bond (whose gracious equilibrium was party in their kitchen in honour of between us. immediately shaken by the speed with George and Zara Steiner, for example, which Collegemen ate their lunch), their and many a merry moment. He was exciting to talk to. He was daughter Imogen and two characterful interested. It was genuine. He had his sons from an earlier marriage, Leo and Joe Bain used to say that a person was own boys our age, whom we knew a bit. Mungo. either a boys’, a parents’ or a colleagues’ Our parents sensed too that he really was Housemaster (or Headmaster), but never in loco parentis . Like so many, he soon fell for the all three. Stephen was unquestionably the romance of College, though that did not first. Late in Cloister Time 2014, a group He could exasperate his colleagues on prevent him from some fairly sturdy of Collegemen of Stephen’s time in office the teaching staff with his disciplinary treatment of individual transgressors, gathered for dinner in College Hall to style, often no more than exasperation including dons who hazarded criticism of honour his memory. Marcus Fysh (Coll, with our wrong-doing, and a colourful his brightest Scholars: his sarcasm in 84-89) spoke; and here gives a Scholar’s- exhortation to grow up, and apologise. response to some clichéd expectation one eye view of this memorable man: Occasionally there were serious might have perpetrated could be matters, which he took seriously; but in wrinkling. In the classroom he liked to go ‘Padding around in his Russian fur my experience he respected those who his own way: to the delight of his pupils hat like a Cold War spy, Stephen Winkley were honest and candid, and he was and to the consternation of his Head of wasn’t regarded as all that Wykehamical wonderfully quick to forgive. Department, he once taught a satire of at first. Juvenal that had not been set – and taught He was certainly a change from our In a place like Winchester which so it in French. much respected Second Master, James readily enthuses its charges about the minds of others - the geniuses, poets and In those days the Second Master was Sabben-Clare. Steeped in knowledge and polymaths - and which made us marvel at also Chairman of Common Room. the traditions of the place, James had our own mental dexterity and powers, Stephen masterminded the move from been a boy at the School, had served as Stephen led us in unexpected directions. the room which is now E5 (on the ground Aulae Prae and Captain of VI, had floor between Moberly Court and Flint returned as a don, and was going on to be I didn’t see this at the time, but in his Head Man.


Div hours he got us studying our own He used his love of theatre to direct and intellectual ideas of the modern hearts and souls, and how people interact us skilfully and passionately in David western counterculture, and a different with each other, or fail to, socially. We Hare and Howard Brenton’s satire of kind of belief in the self, that arose in the studied theories of psychology and journalism and 1980s society, Pravda . And 1960s. interpersonal relationships. And the it was my reading of the psychology and And in retrospect that was a very literature he gave us was, in retrospect, a cultural resonance in Sophocles’ Oedipus Wykehamical thing to have done. stark warning not to lock our souls up, not Rex , and an essay on ethics that I wrote in to shut ourselves off. We read Harold detention, that led him to recommend me Thank you for the respect you Pinter’s No Man’s Land and Hermann for prizes. showed us, Stephen. I feel no Hesse’s Steppenwolf . His interest in the embarrassment at all in saying that you So yes, he actually was a sort of Cold personal and social byways of history were greatly loved and will be greatly War operative. He subtly smuggled into made him more interested in Juvenal missed.’ I our young brains the liberal, emotional than Virgil. The Prize

Laurence Wolff, Head of Art History, writes: great sense of occasion to the Final. There medal be part of the British Museum has been an extraordinarily eminent set of collection, which it now is. The Kenneth Clark Prize has Adjudicators, including two Directors of celebrated its tenth year. It is part of the The talks in this year’s Final the National Gallery, the Chief Executive Div syllabus, and from 2014 onwards will were of exceptional quality. The winning of English Heritage, the Surveyor of the extend from VIth Book to the lower presentation was given by Sam Groom Queen’s Pictures, the Director of the years, involving every boy in the School. (Coll, 09-14) on Annie Leibowitz’s Ellen Courtauld Institute, a Harvard History of The rules are simple. The illustrated talk DeGeneres, Kauai, Hawaii . To me it felt Art professor and the Keeper of Western given must be of under ten minutes and like a small hinge-moment in the Art at the Ashmolean, Professor Timothy focus on one work of fine art, applied art School’s history. Here was the Aulae Prae Wilson (C, 63-67). or architecture. A coherent series or making, amongst other points, a very related set of works is permitted. The connection with Kenneth Clark public plea for humane values, tolerance Firsthand experience of the work being has been most vividly made by the and the acceptance of difference. discussed is encouraged. The presentation presence of his daughter, Colette, as guest The most exciting aspect of the must reflect the speaker’s own approach of honour at the Final. She is the Kenneth Clark Prize is that it has provided and personal response. The talks are competition’s greatest supporter. In the model for a national competition judged on content, structure and delivery. recognition of this, she was awarded the involving thousands of sixth-formers. The Adjudicators look for speakers who can first honorary Kenneth Clark Prize medal. ARTiculation Prize is organised by the give the listeners a deeper insight into, These medals will be awarded to the Roche Court Educational Trust spearheaded and enthusiasm for, the work of art under winners of the competition in perpetuity. by Lucy Salisbury with the support of discussion. They have been designed by Madeleine Bessborough, OW Antony Smith (F, 97- It is up to the div don, but a Director of the New Art 02). By happy democratic vote is often used to select a Centre, Roche Court. The coincidence, the winner to go through to the Semi-Finals. prize was the subject of a adjudicator of the 2014 This makes every member of the div BBC2 Culture Show in competition was Sir consider the qualities that make for an the spring. The Mark Jones, a engaging presentation. An internal group programme followed the numismatic specialist of judges chooses the best eight talks to go progress of the winners and former Director of through to the Final. This has until now of the eight regional the V&A. He was been held in School, but will move into the sufficiently impressed that The Kenneth Clark Prize Medal. refurbished New Hall in 2015. There is a he recommended that the Designed by Anthony Smith; struck by the Bigbury Mint, Devon.


competition to Richard Freeland (Coll, 09-11) for his presentation on René Magritte’s The Two Mysteries . Richard is now reading Mathematics at Trinity College, . The Kenneth Clark Prize gave Richard the opportunity to apply his unusually lucid mind and playful wit to decode a surrealist work for our pleasure. We were told at the end, that the digital image that we were looking at projected on the screen wasn’t a pipe, or a picture of pipe, or even a picture of a picture of a pipe, but actually, just ones and zeroes. I

Left to right: Sir Mark Jones, William Wei, Sam Groom, Edward Horrocks, the Hon Colette Clark The top three places in 2014 were awarded as follows: heats stretching from Yorkshire to Kent. more pupils are getting the experience of Museums and galleries such as the public speaking and reflecting on an Sam Groom Ellen DeGeneres, Fitzwilliam, Ikon, Whitechapel and encounter with a work of art. In 2015 Kauai, Hawaii Arnolfini host the heats. The Adjudicator there will be an ARTiculation Ireland Annie Leibowitz of the Final at Clare College, Cambridge held at Lismore Castle; there will also be Edward Horrocks Christ of St John was the ceramicist and writer, Edmund de an ARTiculation event in association of the Cross Waal. with the British Council held at the Salvador Dalí Venice Biennale. It is now a requirement that all William Wei The Alchemist schools entering the competition must In 2011 Sir Christopher Frayling Discovering Phosphorous run an internal heat. By doing this, many awarded first prize in the ARTiculation Joseph Wright of Derby A Housedon speaks

We continue our series with an interview with precise moment when the School was room; in their place we were going to end the outgoing Housemaster of Toye’s, Patrick starting out on its long programme of up with a large band room (itself Herring. boarding house refurbishments. A day or substantially funded through the two after I was appointed, I found myself generosity of Old Toyeites) and three TS: How has Toye’s changed since you sitting in the Bursary being shown the dedicated music practice rooms next to took over in 2007? plans for the upgrade: Jock Macdonald’s Yard. With some judicious use of steel The main and most obvious Vth Book studies in the 1920s changing joists and the disappearance of a wall difference is a physical one. I took over room at the back of the building were between the former Senior Prefect’s bed- Toye’s from Peter Cramer at almost the going to be re-situated in the 1980s games study and the empty roof void above the


band room we would have a large, airy following the refurbishment, is very high tailor’s shop at 70-71 Kingsgate St, now table-tennis and pool room for the boys. indeed: I am always amazed by the boys’ our House library. Needless to say, he and These and numerous other imaginative achievements. the suit were in first class condition. alterations and improvements to the The 150th Anniversary Reunion in Housemasters love to win things, and building (much of which had begun to be London in June 2010 is another of the so the boys coming home with Schuster, rather shabby by then) took place during stand-out moments of my tenure. It was Bobber and Smith Pots in the space of my first year: I’d been anxious that the wonderful to meet so many Old Toyeites, seven years was another great celebration works would cause untold disruption, but if a little daunting to get up and speak to of the Toyeites’ musical endeavours. in the event the Toyeites were – typically all 250 of them! The sense of loyalty to There has not been much silver for soccer, - extremely patient with it all, putting up the House and the overwhelming feeling apart from a victory in senior six-a-side with the dust, noise and upheaval without of friendship that filled the evening were early in my tenure, and Ellis Pot in 2009, batting an eyelid. The benefits of the tremendously touching. It made me think so I daresay the Jacker will look on refurbishment to the boys have been that what we have here at Win Coll is disapprovingly at this point; but the innumerable. The building functions a very special; Housemasters – beyond their beautiful Kirby foils and Sengeng Cup good deal better, it is infinitely more primary task of looking after the boys in have graced the Grubbing Hall agreeable to live and work in, and the their care - are really the stewards of an mantelpiece for several years in a row, and facilities for relaxation - and in particular amazing heritage and we have a unique I like to think he’d have smiled at this music – have improved the Toyeites’ lot responsibility to maintain that heritage in dominance in fencing. for many years to come. good order. The human bonds that are TS: How would you characterise the TS: What have been the high points of made in our Houses are invariably lifelong Toyeite of today? your Housemastership of Toye’s? and precious, and the environment in which those bonds are made needs to be He is kind, hard-working and an Every two years the Toyeites put on a the right one. I met and talked to some excellent conversationalist; he likes to play in QEII Theatre. These have been remarkable people that day: Brian get stuck into many different sorts of highly rewarding for the boys as well as for Mackenzie left the School in 1938 and he Ekker and will try hard to excel in at the adults involved in guiding them. In was wearing the dinner suit that his father least one of them; he is interested and 2008 we put on some Chekhov sketches; had had made up for him in Albert Gard’s curious about the world around him; he next we did Daisy Pulls it off – a risky but is rarely naughty, and when ultimately hilarious project; he is he tends to learn from two years ago, on a smaller his mistakes. He goes on to scale, we did The Bald lead a productive and Primadonna by Ionesco; and thoughtful life. this November we have three episodes from Fawlty TS: What makes Toye’s Towers . Needless to say, these special? productions generate an The laughter. It provides an immense feeling of teamwork incessant and revitalising and common purpose backdrop to the daily routine amongst the boys in the and rings through every House; I will certainly look space of the building. It is back on them as high points. there as much in the dark, Our annual concerts in long days of winter as in the Music School Hall have tense days of the exam been no less enjoyable, and season. Apart from the these have allowed boys of privilege of looking after an all abilities to show off their extraordinary collection of musical talents to one boys over the last eight another and to the parents. years, it is what I will The standard of music remember most after I step making in Toye’s, fostered as down next summer. I it has been by the excellent facilities we have enjoyed

5 N O .118 T HE T RUSTY S ERVANT Memories of a very jun don

The Rev’d JST Woolmer (Co Ro, 63-75) plays, hiding in the garden to catch errant remembers: boys going out to a rave, drinking whisky when there was a crisis (frequent) or I was appointed by Sir , drinking cocoa when there was a huge on the day after my 21st birthday, to crisis (just once). I was very grateful to deputise for Eric Emmet who had asked to Peter and Leila for their friendship and take time out because of severe deafness. encouragement: Peter was a brilliant The Mathm a¯ department was led by the Housedon; he and Leila were very charming Tom Jones and contained such hospitable and for ever encouraging my luminaries as Roger Montgomery, Peter romantic efforts! Tombling and the formidable John Hunter Durran. The School Mathematics I also enjoyed running the Chess Project, the brain child of Club and helping Peter Gwyn with the (C, 41-42), whose 90th birthday party I Bridge Club. The chess team, led by was privileged to attend in the junior international Walter Moberly, Athenaeum, had just begun in eight pilot reached the last eight of the national schools: Tom Jones took a huge risk with competition. Podge Brodhurst and I Win Coll’s scholarship record by umpired jun-jun cricket: on one occasion, becoming one of these. He and Roger he allowed me to escape to drive a car for were producing an erudite book called A an NHS expedition to the new Forest, Winchester Calculus; John Durran was Court: I thought that he would look over which was described as an ‘adder hunt’. producing his statistics book and I was and see that my room was empty (if I had No adders were seen. I caught a Green asked to join the writing team. Working known him better, I would have realised Hairstreak butterfly. An old childhood for SMP was good for one’s humility: I that nothing short of an explosion would interest was rekindled which culminated wrote a chapter for an A level text book; have caused him to look away from his in ‘The Grand Surprise – Butterflies and the someone rewrote it; I had another go; and own flock). I put on my gown and started Kingdom of God’ . the general editor, Geoffrey Howson, to write on the blackboard to an empty I was very surprised in 1967 to get a completely rewrote it. Still it paid well – classroom. After about five minutes, I very clear (and very reluctant) call to the royalties financed about 10 years of had a second panic (what if JHD looks ordination. Sir Desmond gave me two summer holidays! On one occasion, on a across and sees me teaching an empty pieces of advice. One I have forgotten; Marlborough-Winchester Field Day, JHD classroom?). I fled. Foolishly, a year later I the other was ‘never preach about the discovered three Marlborough authors told a new don, Henry Thompson, and Gadarene swine’. Curiously, since hiding in a bunker rewriting his A-level the story did the rounds. becoming involved with the church’s statistics contribution. World War 3 Bachelor dons were invited to lunch ministry of deliverance, I find that the nearly broke out! in different houses. Food in Freddie’s was Gadarene swine incident is the best I found it difficult to keep order: I marvellous; elsewhere less good: ‘I am so source of information on the subject! had a particularly rowdy Middle Part set sorry the stew (inedible) isn’t as good as 1969 was a watershed year. John who persuaded me just before exam time usual’ said one delightful Housemaster’s Thorn, the new head, commanded me to to give them a booksch a¯ . I was glad to wife. Conversation was varied. ‘Woolly, it’s write a religious drama for Chapel. Aided oblige and be released from my weekly better to be teased than ignored’ said by Peter Gwyn, I did some research on Friday afternoon chaos. That evening, at Badcock. ‘Why should 400 atheists sing John Wesley. The best episode concerned supper in the Rough House, JHD Hark! Angels Sing in the his visit to a place I had never heard of remarked ‘It’s at this stage of the term Cathedral?’ said one laconic senior prefect. called Shepton Mallet (where I was that idle dons like X (name available on One of my happiest duties was being subsequently Rector for 20 years!). His request) give booksch a¯ s’. I panicked. My House Tutor for Dr Partner at Kenny’s. diary contained the following: ‘a mob, classroom was opposite John’s in Flint This involved producing open-air House made sufficiently drunk, pursued me into a


house. They proposed setting the house on Between 1 and 20 would attend. I asked distinguished missioner attracted just 20). fire. The leader of the mob, happening to JLT if Keith de Berry could give a series of 70 came back for after-meetings. On the remember that his own house was next door, addresses: he came in October 1974. In third night, about 70 stayed behind to with much difficulty dissuaded them’ . I also August, in Austria I had one of the only enquire about a serious Christian noted John Wesley’s comment ‘I went to visionary experiences of my life. I was commitment. About 30 made the step. convert the Indians – but who will convert praying in a camp site on the edge of a Christian Forum grew from 20 to 50 me?’ This struck a chord with my efforts cornfield. It had about 30 stooks at the overnight. Long after I had left, the in the College. I wrote to Keith de Berry, base of the field and a long line going meetings led by Peter Krakenberger grew (my mentor and Rector of St Aldate’s, over a crest on the right hand side of the to 100. Many were called to key Christian ). He invited me to join a house- field. I felt the Lord say ‘there will be service. These included a , several party at Lee Abbey. There I met a young about 30 new Christians next term and it clergy - some in very influential positions, undergraduate called Jane and life was will go on for some time’. That was a gifted writer and evangelist and the never the same (we married five years exactly what happened. founder of a mission amongst the Jews. later). In the summer, my mother died; I Keith’s talks began badly. He was After I left Win Coll in 1975, I was on then had a disastrous term at theological addressing the Upper School in New the staff of St Aldate’s, Oxford. There, to college. ‘Death of God theology’ prevailed Hall. The audience, displeased at having my surprise, I discovered that I was called to and I felt in turmoil. Then my father died to attend, looked bored. In his high- be involved in both healing and tragically. John Thorn, Peter Partner and pitched voice, he told a terrible joke: ‘the deliverance. I spent 20 years at Shepton Jane kept me going. The bishop sent me man went to the lunatic asylum. He said Mallet and five working for Springboard to St John’s, Nottingham for a year. ‘why are you all here?’ the reply came (George Carey’s initiative on evangelism) I was ordained in 1970. Podge and ‘because we are not all there’. The boys and running a church which met in schools Meg Brodhurst gave me a lovely party in fell about laughing. 200 attended his first and pubs in a deprived part of Leicester. their garden. I founded Christian Forum. talk in Michl a¯ (the previous Lent a Now I enjoy a happy retirement. I Spirit of ’49 and ’54

A ‘fly on the wall’, not mentioned in his It was a reunion to celebrate the (Coll, 39-43), who had coached both report yet no mean oarsman himself, Winchester VIIIs’ victories in 1949 and crews. Adrian Stokes (I, 41-46), who had witnessed the following proceedings on 1954 in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge coached the ’54 crew, was one of several Tuesday, 6th May 2014. Cup at Henley. The day started with a old blues present, but the only one who champagne reception and a few words of had been President of OUBC. Michael The invitation said the Warden’s welcome by our host for the day, David Lapage, who had coached the ’49 crew, Lodgings, but would we be able to Fellowes, Win Coll Soc’s Director. The was the only Olympic medallist in the remember where that was? None of us guests of honour were, of course, the party, from the GB VIII of 1948 (silver had been inside before. We need not members of the two crews, of whom nine medal). have worried – we were received as were present, and their coaches, of whom royalty by the team from Win Coll Soc, We proceeded to the dining room for three were present. Also attending were all-smiling and most helpful. With the lunch, where John Giles, stroke of the ’54 some wives and offspring of the guests of invitation we had been sent a splendid crew, set the rhythm of the day, reciting a honour, representatives of ICENA, some 24-page booklet with the guest list, the long and amusing Grace, as he explained: current parents, the President of Boat reports from The Wykehamist , old photos ‘in homage to E Naylor’s Benedicite in G, Club, and other hosts or hostesses and and other archival material. That allowed as sung in canon in Chapel in the 1950s drivers and helpers. David welcomed us all a little pre-event mugging up: the careers under Mr. Havergal’: individually, and said a few respectful of the guests of honour ranged from words about those seven no longer with us O all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the medicine to the military, business and and the two unable to come. Lord, praise him and magnify him for ever. banking to brewing, politics to O all ye boats propelled upon the journalism, farming to the church. Sen. Man, and still with a marvellous waters, bless ye the Lord; twinkle in his eye, was Colin Badcock


O all ye eights, fours, pairs and sculling clinker skiffs to be seen. It’s all quad sculls had been killed in 1944, the same year as boats, bless ye the Lord; and whiffs for the U15s these days. And she had lost her husband. O all ye oarsmen and oarswomen, bless ye the dreaded rowing machines for torture – That led fittingly to the naming the Lord, very professional. The squad was in ceremony of the new School eight, Praise him and magnify him for ever. especially good spirits having just had a gleaming on its trestles on the hard and successful weekend at Wallingford O all ye boathouses and landing-stages, proudly bearing the name ‘Spirit of ’49 Regatta on the Dorney Rowing Lake. bless ye the Lord, and ’54’. Champagne was duly poured O all ye rudders and riggers; oars, The guests of honour paraded over the bows by Presidents Breyfogle and buttons, swivels, stretchers and sliding through an arch of oars. Speeches were Sutcliffe – without any unseemly shaking seats, bless ye the Lord, made by Daniel Pounds, the don i/c and squirting, thus leaving some for a O all ye FIXED PINS, bless ye the Lord, Rowing, and by Joseph Johansen (I), the quiet tipple afterwards. Praise him and magnify him for ever. President of Boat Club, who emphasised The First VIII then took the boat out the special spirit of oneness in rowing O all ye coaches and coxes, bless ye the for its inaugural outing. Before dispersing, with quotes from the archives. These were Lord, the guests proceeded to Tun Bridge for a responded to by the Presidents of the two O all ye boatmen, especially any named row-past by the First and Second VIIIs crews. Peter Breyfogle, who had flown Jack, bless ye the Lord, and the Junior VIII. Our sincere best from Canada with his son, Nick, O all ye officers of Boat Clubs, and wishes to them and their coaches for a especially for the event, recalled how he organisers of commemorative lunches and successful season, and equally sincere came down to Boat Club as a new man reunions, bless ye the Lord, thanks to all who made it a memorable expecting to go canoeing, but was Praise him and magnify him for ever. and moving event. I immediately buttonholed as being useful O all ye fellow oarsmen, friends and in the engine-room of a The winning crews: supporters, present today, united in junior four; he spoke College loyalty and shared successes, bless movingly of how much 1949: 1954: ye the Lord, the Boat Club RW Lister (I) Bow *RW Snow (C) O all ye fellow oarsmen sadly absent experience had meant to AD Gavin (I) 2 MJ Hall (B) today, but remembered and deeply missed, him. John Sutcliffe told *KGN Alcock (D) 3 JJdesC Virden (C) bless ye the Lord, us about the eight they ACF Thomson (C) 4 PN Breyfogle (C) Praise him and magnify him for ever. used in 1949 that had *ATF McNeill (C) 5 *HN Armstrong (G) Amen. been presented to the *D Pasteur (K) 6 *PA Drake (C) School by the Countess DA Cross (F) 7 JP O Gibb (C) We had an excellent lunch. There of Midleton, named JHV Sutcliffe (C) Stroke JR Giles (G) was room only for 23 in the Warden’s ‘Francis and Michael’ *D Macquaker (F) Cox HA Stephenson (C) Lodgings, so a few younger members of after her two sons who * Deceased the party were cast into Outer Darkness (The Wykeham Arms); I was assured that they had a jolly lunch too. After lunch we proceeded to Boat Club where we were received by members of three of the current School rowing squads and their coaches. The respect and admiration between the two groups was mutual – the tallest in the party, with a fine physique for rowing, was the current President of Boat Club, and the enthusiasm and devotion and will to win in the current squad was striking. The Boat House appeared superficially unchanged, but all those colourful, sleek and shiny shells amazed the old guard; no heavy tub fours or beamy second-hand Peter Breyfogle leads the way


The crew are, from left to right: Christopher Huang (G, 09-14), James Temple: VP (C, 09-14), Freddie Benham-Crosswell :VP (F, 09-14), Henry Brown (D, 09-14), Alexander Vaughan-Williams (K ), Joseph Johansen: President (I, 09-14), Alexander Davies (F, 09-14), Robbie Boswall (E) and Richard Spanos (G, 09-14). Back row: Hugh Stephenson (C, 51-57), John Giles (G, 49-54), Adrian Stokes (I, 41-46), John Gibb (C, 49-54), Jonathan Virden (C, 50-55) Front row: Jonathan Hall (B, 49-54), Richard Lister (I, 44-49), Peter Breyfogle (C, 49-54), Colin Badcock (Coll, 39-43), John Sutcliffe (C, 44-50), Michael Lapage, (don, 48-50) Diarmid Cross (F, 45-50) In absentia: Alastair Gavin (I, 44-49), Alastair Thomson (C, 45-50)

9 N O .118 T HE T RUSTY S ERVANT Great War Commemorative Parade: Sunday, 19th October 2014

Gen Sir Nick Carter KCB CBE DSO of 2,488 from Winchester served in the A young man commemorated in War (H, 72– 76), Chief of the General Staff, conflict and 513 died: something to Cloister shares my name: 2nd Lieutenant took the Salute at the Great War reflect on as you hurry through War Gerald Francis Carter of Kenny’s and the Commemorative Parade in Meads. Here is Cloister on your way up to books each King’s Royal Rifle Corps fell in Sanctuary his address to the School: morning. Wood near Hooge in July 1915. He was so admired by his riflemen that four of them It is a great honour to be invited to risked their lives to recover him back to take the Salute at this commemorative the British lines. Sadly, he died of his parade this morning. wounds. He was one of four Wykehamists It is fitting that we are here today on to die in the King’s Royal Rifle Corps in the 19th October, when a 100 years ago Hooge that day. He was eighteen years old today the first Battle of Ypres began, - the same age as many of you. ending the so-called ‘race to the sea’ and Despite popular depictions of lions leading to our Army being committed to led by donkeys, and general disillusion 4 years of trench warfare. with conflict, most Wykehamists saw It is humbling to reflect on the level fighting in the First World War as a duty of suffering endured by so many. If you that came with the privilege of attending had been a boy in the School a hundred this School. The autumn of 1915 was the years ago, you would have volunteered to only occasion in the last five centuries serve, and one in every five of you would when Winchester did not send a single have perished; a further two in five of you boy to Oxford or Cambridge: 90% of would have been seriously wounded. As Wykehamists leaving here that year you heard in Chapel this morning, a total joined the Armed Forces. Of the six years


in the face of firepower more intense than ever before, risking wounds and death, and himself being prepared to kill’. These words are as relevant today as they were in 1914. Another Wykehamist Field Marshal lies in Old Cloister under a simple headstone recording the name ‘Wavell’. This remarkable soldier was one of our greatest Second World War generals, serving in North Africa through the most difficult period of that campaign before leading in India and the Far East. A Wykehamist friend wrote to him once the Japanese had been finally cleared from Burma, simply saying ‘congratulations on and, whatever happens, you must hotting the enemy over Worms’. remember that’. Wavell served in the First World My predecessor by fourteen as Chief War, losing an eye and being promoted of the General Staff, Field Marshal the from Captain to Brigadier. The School Lord Carver, was also a Wykehamist. I obviously thought highly of him: Dr remember standing in Chamber Court as Fearon, the Head Man at the time, a 17-year-old at his Ad Portas when he advised Wavell’s father that there was no caused a stir by replying to the traditional need to send him into the Army as he had greeting in plain English. We boys ‘sufficient ability to make his way in other were pleased as we could understand what walks of life’ – I cannot imagine my father he said, but he was firmly admonished by receiving similar advice from John Thorn The Wykehamist the following week. This 40 years ago. intellectually uncompromising armour This school develops the type of officer allowed himself a moment of person the Army needs in this uncertain emotion when describing the role of the Gen Sir Nick Carter world. The application of intellectual infantryman in the First World War as rigour, not tainted by unnecessary preceding the First World War, 531 out of ‘almost unimaginable in its brutality; how cynicism and reinforced by objective 594 leavers volunteered to serve: the War they stuck at it I just don’t know’. analysis, is a powerful tool in the hands of defined their generation and these young This view led Lord Carver to describe a leader; as are humility and a willingness men overwhelmingly volunteered to fight the ‘virtues and skills’ of the soldier as to serve our fellow men. ‘Serve to Lead’ is in it. follows: ‘he must be alert, steadfast and the motto of the Royal Military Academy There is not a single unifying reason brave, and he must be able to endure Sandhurst and that matches exactly the why, but I strongly suspect that the values hardship of every kind. He must be virtues espoused by our own Trusty they learned here influenced their prepared to stay where he is or go forward Servant. decision. Both morally and intellectually Winchester lost a generation of Wykehamists would not sit back and let young men in The Great War: they others pick up the burden, and four served our nation and fought for an Victoria Crosses were won by First World overwhelmingly righteous cause. Their War Wykehamists. A Collegeman - 2nd sacrifice will never be forgotten. Lieutenant Douglas Gillespie - wrote movingly to his parents the evening Thank you for your attention and before he died saying: ‘I never could be all congratulations on a splendid turn-out, that a happy warrior should be, but it will drill and bearing: I wish you well in please you to know that I am very happy, whatever career you choose to follow. I Generals Bucknall (A, 72-76), Pike (I, 56-60) and Carter

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Thomas Venning (Coll, 87-92) and Eugenio most exacting modern standards. Beckett ; and with the remarkable collection Donadoni (Coll, 96-01) are respectively Head of bibles on which Warden Harmar drew In the Library, too, what was of Department and Specialist in Medieval and when working on the King James Bible, immediately striking was not simply the Renaissance manuscripts in the Books and housed in the study which he built – and treasures it contains, but the continuity of Manuscripts Department at Christie’s. also with ’s oldest dateable bed their provenance (and in the book trade (every library should have a bed), which For two old Collegemen who have provenance is everything!); the substantial deserves an article to itself. strayed into the rare books and manuscripts surviving body of books presented to the trade it was a richly enjoyable if somewhat Library, many with donation plates set into The humbling part? That we had humbling experience (of which more later) the bindings which seem to be a known so little of all this in our years at to be able to pass an August day away from particularity of ; and, the School. The worst moment was when the bustle of London visiting the College’s especially, the corpus of donations from the we had to admit that, in our combined archives and library under the auspices of Founder and other early benefactors which decade of eating three meals a day in Suzanne Foster and Geoff Day. make this the best documented secular College Hall, neither of us had ever, even medieval library in Britain. for an instant, wondered what lay behind We spend our working lives in the stout oak door next to Hatches. Here, archives and libraries, so what stood out for The books and manuscripts after an encounter with the ever-youthful us? First was the extraordinarily stable themselves are of course something else: Dom in the College Kitchens, we history of the College: it is hard to having a specific interest in things discovered the Exchequer and Audit overstate how rare it is to find an archive documentary and medieval, we were rooms, from which the earliest bursars ran still housed in precisely the room and, particularly taken with the illuminated the administrative aspects of the College: indeed, the atmospheric conditions original manuscript of the Statutes intact medieval offices, complete with planned for it more than 600 years ago – (evidently the smart copy, to be brought graffiti on the roof beams from bored (if even the furniture has remained largely out on grand occasions); with the impressively agile) quirister office-boys - untouched. The Muniments Room commonplace book of the early 15th- perhaps the most surprising in the series of perched above Chapel Vestry is one of the century Fellow Robert Heete containing extraordinary spaces which house these great archive spaces in the country: secure, his life of (in a near- extraordinary collections. And to think well-lit and, as Suzanne pointed out, with a perfect contemporary chemise binding that, with boyish confidence, we had structural stability of temperature and which is in itself an amazing survival); with always assumed we knew every nook and humidity sufficient to comply with the William of Wykeham’s copy of the Life of cranny in College inside out! I Winchester College at War

An exhibition was held in Mus a¯ from The exhibition explored that Although never a military school, September 13th - October 20th and formed impact, from the agricultural work, the Winchester was inevitably affected by part of the School’s commemoration of the rationing and the focus on the Officer the spirit of high idealism that swept the centenary of the Great War. Rachel Wragg, Training Corps that occupied the boys in country in the early phase of the war. Of Museum Project Manager, writes: school to some of the stories of those the 112 leavers in 1914, 95 joined the who went straight from the classroom to Army. In 1915 Headmaster Monty Rendall the Army, many of them securing a said in his end-of-year report: ‘War has 2,488 OWs and staff served throughout junior commission that assured them of a profoundly affected every aspect of our the four long years of conflict: 513 were ticket direct to the front line, where school life; nothing has remained quite as killed and a dozen more lives cut short in their life expectancy as a junior officer it was. War has left a mark on the school the following decade as a result of wounds was just six weeks. which nothing can efface.’ sustained on the battlefields of Europe.


With an average of 450 boys in the School community. The exhibition And in what pasturing the green flies feed, between 1914-1918, it is fair to say that complemented the Winchester College at Or that he feels he’d like to cry Winchester lost more than a generation. War website launched earlier this year, When tons of lead go tumbling by, which provides an interactive database of And, frankly, does not want to die- The exhibition brought together the School’s Roll of Honour and easy My feet are cold, indeed. collections that are normally dispersed access to information for a much wider across the School, supplemented by audience. Or if it means he does not like the dark, generous loans from Wykehamical When tired men slumber and the trench is families: we were fortunate to be lent the We print here two poems, first stilled, VC awarded to Second Lieutenant Denis published in The Wykehamist : When it is his to pace, and peep, and Hewitt (G, 1911-15), of the The Mist hark, Regiment, Winchester’s youngest And he has time to think of being killed, recipient of the honour, killed at St Always the rolling mist, Of tangled wire that tears and twines, Julien, during the Third Battle of Ypres on Wrapping the scene in wet and fleecy fold, Of mangling bombs and leaping mines, July 31st 1917, aged 19. Moved as a curtain by the sluggish wind, Lifting, and swaying, falling damp and cold Of getting left between the lines- It sweeps, yet passes never, soft and blind. My feet are fairly chilled. Have sunbeams never kissed These dreary hills and life-forsaken slopes And if he has no taste for sleeping out, Hidden like women’s shoulders in a gown For lice and maggots in his bed begot, That mars their beauty? For bucket-washes and the gnawing doubt Only shattered hopes and ghostly fears If dinner will occur to-day or not, people the shadowed down. But loves a life of ordered ease, These sunless wreaths are curling round Not dust, not digging, not disease, my heart: Not sunstruck eyes, and palsied knees- The deadening fingers of the passing years My feet are far from hot. Are closing, and I cannot thrust apart Their tightening grip.... No ray of sun Or, if it means that blood is in his dreams, appears, And shattered jaws, and heads precisely Only the rolling mist. holed; And quiet midnights shot with sudden JE Crombie (C, 1909-14) screams, Huts, France, December 1916 And snatched Field-Dressings ne’er to be Died of wounds 23.4.17 unrolled, Or that at times he wakes in tears Cold Feet Second Lieutenant Denis Hewitt With ‘STRETCHER-BEARERS!’ in When in the Mess we chatter round the his ears, hock And knows those stretchers will be biers- And bold young blades some idle talk Ah me, my feet are cold. repeat, With obvious relish but an air of shock, But if it means he does not in his soul, That Smith or somebody ‘has got cold Whatever filthiness the fight may send, feet.’ Whate’er the torment and whate’er the I wonder what exactly is toll, This pest of the extremities, Long to go back and be beside his friend, And whether mine, perhaps, like his, But, knowing all, would Iiefer lurk Are not the proper heat. In some soft specious barrack work, Than see it out with Johnny Turk- For if it means the fellow shrinks from My feet do not offend. The exhibition proved of enormous shells, AP Herbert (C, 1904-09) interest to boys and OWs alike, while And little loves to see his comrades bleed, July 1916 I public open days enabled us to welcome Has learned too well the way a dead man visitors from beyond the Wykehamical smells,

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Do Co Ro miscellaneous poems, presented to the Treasury News Fellows’ Library in 1821 by the Rev’d. We offer a warm welcome to all the John Falconer, former Curator of Treasury, Peter Hall. following new faces in Common Room this writes: half: Michael Bruzon (Art), Jane Cleary Science Successes As a postscript to the campaign to recover (maternity cover in Art), Matthew In the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge our lost Greek vases, we publish this Dedynski (Winchester Junior Fellow, Mod for Lower Sixth last June, 3 Win Coll Lang), Patrick Elliott (Divinity), pupils achieved silver awards (top 14%), Alexander Humphreys ( Mathm a¯), Megan 16 won gold awards (top 8%) and 3 McCusker (Winchester Junior Fellow, gained coveted roentgenium awards (top Sport), Justin Pinnells (Winchester Junior 0.8%). The roentgenium winners were Fellow, Mod Lang), Emily Thomas Guy Cheng (Coll), Oliver Yu (I) and (History), Sean Travers (Winchester Junior Harry Metrebian (Coll), the last two of Fellow, History) and Oliver Welsford whom came equal 1st in the country. (Divinity). Whether their stays with us are long or short, we hope that their experience Also, in the Biology Olympiad held in of Win Coll is a happy one. Bali in July Adam Heath (ex-Coll) came photo of a fragment showing a satyr 16th in the world with the highest mark chasing a maenad. It was last seen here in Fellows’ Library in both the UK and Europe. Congratulations to Lucia Quinault of the the early 1960s when it was catalogued by English department on the recent Medieval Wall Martin Hammond. Unlike the complete publication in New College Notes of her A medieval wall has been discovered vases, which found their way via Newbury article ‘It’s a girl! A Winchester poetic during the refurbishment of New Hall. It and London to various dealers and manuscript of c. 1719’ (see was uncovered during the opening of a collectors, this one may just have slipped ). In this heating trench by the site’s developers, unnoticed on to the floor. But if anyone piece Lucia explores the provenance and Kingerlee Ltd of Oxford, and was recorded knows where it is, we would be most poetry of Frances Cross, the original by a team from Wessex Archaeology led by grateful to hear from them. Details of owner of a small notebook containing Phil Harding of Channel 4’s Time Team . some of the other missing vases can be found on the College website. I Old Wykehamist News

Academic 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Entrants David. His dissertation was entitled: from across the country initially read or ‘Practising Oversight, Friendship and JRG Griffith (E, 70-75) has been Interim recite a passage of their choice, 3-5 Reconciliation in Church Staff Teams: Headmaster of the Pilgrims’ School, minutes in duration. Sam won his local A Case Study of How the Staff Teams of Winchester, since January of this year. His heats and then represented the Two Large Anglican Churches Dealt with successor arrives in January 2015. Winchester & Portsmouth Dioceses at Disagreement in Team Meetings’ . He JSM Groom (Coll, 09-14) has won the the National Finals, where competitors continues as Executive Director of Senior Prize in the National Finals of the must recite their chosen passage by heart. Bridge Builders Ministries while training Cranmer Awards 2014. This is an annual part-time for ministry in the Church of AJM McKay (I, 77-81) has been competition run by the Prayer Book England. awarded a Doctor of Ministry degree by Society to introduce young people to the the University of Wales, Trinity St


Excellent tidings of two of our former AP Watt (B, 76-80) has been appointed death. Based on the author’s extensive geographers: Luke Samuel (Coll, 06-11) to the newly established UK Board of the interviews with Gregg and access to has just graduated in Geography from St National Philanthropic Trust, a donor- Mackenzie family archives, as well as those John’s College, Oxford and was awarded advised fund that ranks in the top 25 of of the Italian partisans, this book tells their the Gibbs Prize for the best undergraduate the largest grant-making institutions in story. Written on a ‘not for profit’ basis, it is performance in Finals. In addition Fred the United States. Since NPT was available on Amazon at only £6.75 + p&p. Richards (F, 04-07) has just graduated, founded in the States about eight years ISBN: 9781495930614. also from Oxford, in Earth Sciences and ago, it has secured $4 billion+ and has CM Arden-Close (F, 62-65) has edited and was also awarded the prize for the top made more than 90,000 grants totalling translated The Poetics of Early Russian undergraduate of his year. This is a fairly $2 billion to charities across the globe. In Literature , by DS Likhachev (published by remarkable double: there is no addition to his day job, where Andrew is Lexington Books, Maryland U.S.A., recollection of either accolade having the President and CEO of the Association March 2014). previously been won by an OW. of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), he also chairs the American Friends of Peter Hilken (B, 50-55) has produced Announcements Winchester College. English lyrics to Top Dog - 32 new RI Mabey (K, 99-04) announced his children’s songs for home and school with engagement to Lottie Vos on 8th May. He Arts music and original Dutch versions is currently pursuing an MBA at INSEAD. PW Barker (G, 75-77) is currently Course composed by Jeroen Schjpper. The songs Leader for BA(Hons) Product Design at Appointments / Elections touch on the Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts & concerns of Nick Bence-Trower (A, 70-75) was Design in Central London. Peter would children: elected Master of the Drapers’ Company be delighted to hear from any OW, visiting the on 22 July: he became a Freeman in 1978, current Wykehamist or members of their dentist, riding a a Liveryman in 1982 and was elected to families who are interested in studying at bike, listening the Court of Assistants in 2006. He is the College. to echoes, outgrowing one’s clothes. following in the footsteps of five Books There’s a calypso about a fruit market, a successive generations of Trowers dating jazz number in which black and white back to 1834. SP Anderson (don since 1980) has just creatures mock the gaudy peacocks and published (with James Morwood) A Little CE Garrett (C, 76-81) has recently been parakeets, and a rock song featuring a Greek Reader , a textbook, largely for the appointed HM Ambassador to Macedonia. naughty Christmas tree angel. Pirates’ American university market, providing Parrots, Mr Octopus and Set to Go allow SC Henderson (I, 89-94) has been original and unadapted reading material the imagination to roam. The website appointed by the Provost & Fellows of to illustrate a variety of grammatical provides examples of the songs: as Head Master with effect constructions. Published by OUP (New from September 2015. Having read York). ISBN: 9780199311729 History at AAT Larman (K, 94-99) has written Shaun Hullis (don, 02-08) has written a Brasenose Blazing Star , the first major biography of book about Donny Mackenzie (B, 28-33) College, the poet John entitled Captains Courageous . Captain Oxford, he Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Tresham Dames ‘Gunner’ Gregg (Royal taught at Eton Rochester, to be Tank Regiment) and Captain Archibald from 2001-09 published in the Donald ‘Donny’ Mackenzie (Cameron and was Head past 40 years; the Highlander) first met in an Italian of History book offers a prisoner-of-war camp, PG29 Veano, near 2005-09. He revisionist and Piacenza. When in September 1943 the was appointed lively account of Italian armistice led to their release, they Deputy Head Rochester’s did not head for safety but joined the (Academic) of in April tempestuous life and fledgling Italian partisan movement in the 2009 and then Headmaster of Bradfield times. It focuses Nure valley. In the summer of 1944, at the College in September 2011. both on his many wicked exploits and his head of the ‘Stella Rossa’ partisan brigade, poetry, and attempts to paint a balanced JR Sanders (F, 56-61) has recently been they liberated the entire valley, earning the and fresh picture of a controversial and elected an Honorary Fellow of Green enduring gratitude of the inhabitants. much-maligned figure. It was published in Templeton College, Oxford. Their partnership was only dissolved by July by Head of Zeus: ISBN 1781851093.


The critic and broadcaster Lisa Hilton has explains how the young Scots officer, as and Chaplain to the Speaker of the House said of it that ‘Larman charts the peerless brigade major, helped stall the Japanese of Commons. He married Sarah, daughter peer’s merry road to hell with a dash, onslaught when it invaded Malaya in of the Second Master William Collins. dexterity and dazzle even his subject might December 1941. Available from: The book tells the story of Philip and have admired.’ [email protected] Sarah’s marriage via their weekly letters - £25 plus p&p. whilst he was at work in London, leaving Canon PdeN Lucas (Coll, 47-52), with the Sarah in Winchester. The letters are a rich help of Richard Eckersley, has written Winifred Dawson, lately librarian at St source for social history and marital Uncommon Partners , about which he ’s School, has researched the short politics, for local and national events, and writes: ‘Win Coll has long been but interesting The Porter’s Daughter: the they also tell us much about life in accustomed to looking beyond its domestic life of Amy Audrey Locke , daughter of Winchester and in Winchester College in boundaries to fulfil the Founder’s Alfred Locke, a porter at Win Coll from the late 18th century. Priced at £25 ($40), beneficent 1883 to 1908. The Locke it is available from College Archivist, intentions. For family had very humble Suzanne Foster ( [email protected] ), or the best part of a beginnings but Alfred did direct from the publishers: Scholarly century, well for himself, acquiring Sources, Portsmouth has a number of houses on 21 Marston Gate, Winchester, SO23 7DS, been the scene of College Street and [email protected] , or 01962 861913. the Mission, first Kingsgate Street and by the dockyard gates and then at turning the Porters’ THIRTY YEARS ON! A private view of Rudmore, where from 1908 a fresh Lodge into a museum of Wykehamical public schools by Mark Draisey. Draisey was initiative took shape. Uncommon Partners curiosities. Amy was born in 1881 and she granted unrivalled access to each of a focuses on this part of the story and draws attended the Winchester High School number of schools, including Winchester, on the vivid correspondence between two (later St Swithun’s) and was awarded the to photograph the everyday life, traditions Wykehamist brothers, giving us a gallery of first Charlotte Yonge Scholarship to and games that men and masters at Winchester and of Somerville College, Oxford. From there, make the those who became their friends at she became a researcher for the Victoria independent Rudmore. It is ‘a fascinating and County History series, with a particular school system so important’ story (Dr Alan Wilkinson). At contribution to the volumes for unique. Now, the same time as being history, it has Hampshire; but it is the friendships she some thirty years resonances for the present, when privilege developed at the Reading Room of the later, the images needs to be absorbed into the common British Museum with two men, the depict a bygone wealth.’ The book is obtainable from librarian Arundell Esdaile and the artist time, having been taken just before a P & G Wells bookshop in College Street William Thomas Horton, which form the universal movement to improve boarding at £14.95:and from Paul himself: basis of Mrs Dawson’s book which is accommodation, sports and teaching 11 Fisherton Island, Salisbury SP2 7TG, available from Wells. facilities at the majority of independent at the same price, plus £2.00 for postage. schools. Published by Halsgrove ISBN 987 The Speaker’s Chaplain & The Master’s 0 85704 2118 at £19.99. SJ (Hamish) Macdonald Lockhart (B, 62- Daughter by Barry Shurlock is based on a 67) has published a memorial biography, collection of 133 letters relating to Philip Business and Commercial Finding Angus , written by his cousin, Mary Williams and his JD Coppel and TJM Davenport (both E, Gladstone, of their uncle, CA Macdonald family preserved in 02-07) have now launched a new brand of (B, 26-31), brother of JMM (B, 21-26) the archives at town bicycle, ‘Fred’s’. The bicycles have and SFM (B, 29-34)). What happened to Winchester College. been designed to have a retro feel and Major Angus Macdonald, Argyll & Philip was elected a were initially inspired by a classic British Sutherland Highlanders, after he boarded Scholar in 1755 and design which Tom encountered in Uganda a Dutch ship at Padang on the west coast came back to in 2011. After almost three years of of Sumatra? Hours before the British Winchester as a product development and safety testing, surrender to the Japanese on 15th Fellow from 1769 to they are now ready for the road and have February 1942, Macdonald and others 1819. In addition, he been on sale online and from pop-up stalls evacuated Singapore Island, but, held various College since August this year. Customers may opt tragically, their bid for freedom met with livings, was rector of for a range of accessories, including lights disaster. This remarkable story also Compton in Hampshire and baskets, which are included in the 'all

16 N O .118 T HE T RUSTY S ERVANT singing, all Honours Medical dancing Fred Professor JC Dancy (Coll, 33-39) and AN Shah (E, 94-99): having completed Astaire’ CGC Rae (Coll, 34-39) have drawn sub-specialist training in medical & package. The attention to a not very well publicised surgical retina at the Sussex Eye Hospital launch party, initiative of the French Government to in Brighton, Anish started his held in mark D-Day 70, which acts as a rather appointment as Consultant Ophthalmic September, pleasing postscript to the OW September Surgeon at the Jersey General Hospital in featured a raffle 2013 Normandy Pilgrimage: all surviving the Channel Islands in September. in support of Bicycles Against Poverty. veterans of the 1944 Liberation of France, Tom and Jonny intend to continue the including RN and RAF personnel who Politics association with this charity which, operated in support of the landings and The House of Commons Select Committee appropriately, distributes bicycles in rural subsequent operations, qualify for an on Defence was presented with a Uganda. Contact email: award of the Legion d’Honneur. We are Wykehamist double act on 24th June, [email protected] aware that a number of qualifying OWs when EdeG Lucas (A, 76-80) and K have been contacted on this matter by Simpson-Giles (K, 81-86) gave evidence Alex Maycock (B, 91-96) is now a regimental associations and the MoD. together on the Russian annexation of Partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Crimea and intervention in Ukraine. Their OBE: Lt Col HTS Ricketts (F, 81-86) in working in the Transaction Services comments were used to bolster strongly- the 2014 Birthday Honours. division of their Sydney office, focusing worded recommendations for dealing with on Infrastructure transactions and In September, Dragon Capital, an Russia in the Committee’s report, available primarily government privatisations. By integrated investment group centred upon here: http://www.publications.parliament. interesting coincidence, Alex is currently the emerging financial markets of uk/pa/cm201415/cmselect/cmdfence/358/35 working on an engagement for the Vietnam, held a function in Ho Chi Minh 802.htm Queensland government under the City to mark its 20th founding anniversary Services direction of Nicholas Robb (E, 73-77). and to receive the Labour Order (third class) from the State President for its WB Fitzgerald (C, 86-87) was promoted Nicholas Phan (G, 05-07) went to the contributions to Vietnam’s capital to Lt Colonel, Special Operations, U.S. University of markets. The prestigious award, a rare Army w.e.f. 1st May 2014. Bristol where he accolade for foreigners, was given to both read Economics Sport the firm and its chief executive Dominic and Management Scriven OBE (D, 77-81). On 5th September, Tom Van Every while under an (A, 83-88) successfully completed a solo international swim of the English Channel in a time of scholarship. He 14 hrs and 6 mins. The swim was from then worked in England to France, without a wetsuit and London as a with water temperature around 18 degrees management C. The odd route relates to the tide consultant; after two and a half years, he sweeping up and down the Channel. decided it was time to pursue the path of entrepreneurship. After one and a half The only other reference to an OW years spent working full time on a business swimming the Channel is in The Trusty idea, Biju Bubble Tea has now officially Have any other OWs ever held awards from Servant for Nov 1997: there is an article launched with a store in Soho. Biju’s both the UK and Vietnamese governments? there by Alec Clarke (K, 80-84) about his successful attempt. launch and product have been well Legal received, with coverage in the Huffington Post and frequently reviewed as the best TAW Lloyd (Coll, 59-64): having been bubble tea in London. He now has called to the Bar in 1970, appointed as a partnerships with big brands like Juicy High Court Judge in 1996 and to the Couture and Asics. The response has Court of Appeal in 2005, Sir Timothy been so good that he is looking at a site retired as a judge on 30th September 2013. for a second store.


George Nash (K, 02-07) rowed in the together for the occasion. In presenting Hockley Golf Club - Centenary Great Britain men’s fours team that won some silverware to Richard, he also said a Celebrations gold at the European Rowing few words of appreciation in recognition (and a special green-fee offer) Championships in Belgrade. London 2012 of his sterling service, not just as Club A four-cornered match took place on gold medallists and President, but also as an OW cricketer Saturday, 28th June, involving had been paired with Moe (being a member of all three of the Club’s representatives from the OW Golfing Sbihi and only two weeks winning Cricketer Cup sides) and, of Society, Hockley Golf Club, present-day before the Championships, and the course, as Captain of Lords in that Wykehamists and dons. This was one of quartet produced a dominant performance famously thrilling victory against Eton in several events that marked the Club’s to win by more than a length. 1965 on New Field (‘Verity’s Match’!). Centenary and which reflected the strong Win Coll Soc had also prepared a pour Tom Walsh, the New Zealand Shot Put link between School and Club. Even the mémoire booklet, drawn from various record holder, threw a Commonwealth torrential rain that fell on those who were annals, archives and photographs that Games record in qualifying (21.24m); he first to tee-off, with nobody else managing tracked RJP’s career as a ‘Wykehamist went on to win the silver medal in the final. to escape entirely unscathed, could not Cricketer’. Thank you, Richard. He was at the School for the summer of dampen everyone’s enjoyment of this 2009 and played for Lord’s (one of WEJ Holland (F, 79-83) was elected to special occasion, nor their appreciation of Winchester’s best ever seasons, winning succeed Richard in January this year. the course itself, which was in tremendous 15 of the 17 games played). Tom was an shape. The golf was followed by a dinner excellent fielder and brought a harder in Hockley’s newly extended clubhouse, competitive edge to the dressing room attended by the Headmaster and at which and out on the field. the guest speaker was Tim Brooke-Taylor (C, 54-58). No fewer than four OWs played for the I Zingari team in a match in Oporto on Those OWs who took part were: Nigel 24th May against the Oporto Cricket Agar (D, 46-50), Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Lawn Tennis Club. The lucky few George Close-Brooks (F, 90-95), Chris were: David Rosier (I, 64-69), James Fell (K, 75-80), David Fellowes (I, 63-67 - Roundell (F, 65-69), Alan Gibbs (I, 66- playing for the dons), Rodney Hall (B, 70), Philip Davy (C, 67–72). As the 57-62), Jeremy Knight (G, 56-61), average age of the IZ team was 63 and Patrick Maxwell (H, 78-82), David that of the Oporto team c. 30 the result Parkinson (C, 58-63), Michael Philips (F, was predictable: although they could 53-58), Ian Ross (B, 62-67), John Sanders still bat, the IZ team (with the (F, 56-61), Nyren Scott-Malden (Coll, exception of James Roundell) could no 63-68) and Peter White (I, 58-63 – longer bowl or field! playing for the Club). The School was represented by the following dons: Lew Old Wykehamist Sporting Societies Chatterley, Anthony Dakin, Rob Moore OW Cricket Club and Christopher Palm, and boys: Alex Richard Priestley’s retirement from the OW Golfing Society Cheung (D), Charles Cooper (A), Presidency of the OW Cricket Club Sinister Pot Raymond Kwok (D), Anton Mathiesen The annual challenge for the Sinister Pot (F), David McKenna (I), Sang-Hoon Oh The OWCC held an informal intra-club (B), Sergej Stojiljkovic (F) and Henry 30 over match on New Field on Sunday, took place at Sandford Springs Golf Club on 1st July. The Sinister (left-handed) Whaley (G). The winning four were 10th August to celebrate the end of Maxwell, White, Dakin and Mckenna. Richard Priestley’s 20 years as Club men were captained by CD Brims (K, 63- President (and before that, his service to 68) and included AJ Bligh (D, 61-66). The Club is very keen to strengthen its the Club as Hon. Sec. and a long- The Dexters were led by GC Scott- relationship with the School (which is its standing Committee member). The result Malden (D, 62-67) and included JN landlord after all!) and with that in mind of the match matters not, but we Scott-Malden (Coll, 63-68) and AJC has provided a very generous offer to all managed a win, of course! Rupert Normand (F, 76-81). The match result Old Wykehamists. The opportunity is Morton, the Hon. Sec., had worked was a comprehensive win for the extended to play 18 holes at any time tirelessly, as ever, to bring everything Sinisters. The series score is now Sinister during the year for the reduced fee of £20 7, Dexter 5, with one match halved. (50% of the normal member’s guest fee).


Hockley Golf Club - Centenary Celebrations Further details are available on the website: OW Sailing Club Alex Humphreys reports: The annual Seaview weekend in Mermaids took place on the 20th -21st September. This was my first trip with Winchester College, having joined the staff just two weeks before: 35 of us sat down for dinner on Saturday night - 10 boys, 2 dons (Eric Billington and I), 7 OWs (and wives) and 14 from Radley. Sillars, Morley, Napier, Hunter, Byatt, Toogood, Dobbs The following day everyone raced as part of the worldwide ‘Bart’s Bash’- a charity event in memory of Andrew Simpson, Gold and Silver Olympic medallist, who drowned training for the America Cup in San Francisco Bay. After lunch the OWs took on the ORs and the boys took on Radley in the best-of-3 team races. There was plenty of wind and sunshine throughout the day and Peter Hunter (I, 53-58) set excellent courses. The OWs were dominant in the Bart’s Bash race (and so retained the Reggie Bennett Trophy and raised £187.50) and in the afternoon comfortably beat the ORs for the Duke of Wellington trophy. The boys reversed their fleet racing performance and beat the Radley team for the Mermaid trophy, sealing a Winchester Any OW interested in joining WSC [email protected] or the clean sweep. should contact the Commodore, secretary Claire Webster at David Anderson, at [email protected]


Old Wykehamist Tolling Club ahead into the modern world’s Brian Biddulph After 24 years running the OWTC, educational scene; and, once again, we CPE Barran (K, 69-73) was particularly David Jenkins (C, 60-65) has handed enjoyed being together and set a firm date saddened to have read of Brian Biddulph’s over to Anthony Doolittle (Coll, 98-03). early next year to do repeat the death in the May 2014, having spent During these years, OWs have had a great proceedings. We cordially invite any many hundreds of hours in Metal Mill run of success at the annual Thames other OW anywhere near Perth to make with him. Another area in which Brian Alumni Race and have always fielded the contact: ( [email protected] ). was influential on Charlie’s life was the largest team. This is owed to Colin Obiter Dicta love of the outdoors and walking: they Upton’s legacy at the School: his teams were both part of the CCF summer camp dominated this sport to an extent which AMFAS 40th Reunion to the Torridon area of Scotland in about has probably never been matched by any A reunion of the cast of A Man for All 1971. One particular achievement of other school for this or any other sport. Seasons was held at Inner Temple, Charlie’s stands out: in the season 2011- London, in June to mark the 40th 2012 he walked ‘Te Araroa (The Long This year’s event is at Wimbledon on anniversary of a 1974 production in Pathway)’ from one end of New Zealand Saturday, December 13th. To join a Theatre Workshop (now QE2 Theatre). to the other (including Stewart Island) as winning team, email The play was produced and directed by a single through-hike. It took six months [email protected] Peter Leanse (E, 71-75) while still a man and covered around 3,200km. As the path OW Meetings overseas in the school. Several members of the cast was only officially opened in December were assembled, including John Campbell 2011, he believes he must be in perhaps Antipodean OWs (Coll, 71-76), Roland Stephen (K, 71- the first dozen or so to complete the entire Western Australian Annual Lunch – July 26th. 75), Richard Morse (K, 72-76), Dominic trail in one go and is therefore most John Prince (Coll, 37-41) writes: Houlder (Coll, 71-76), John Kleeman probably the first Wykehamist to do so! (Coll, 73-77) and Dominic Scott-Malden It is almost exactly 20 years since Michael (A, 71-76). The occasion was Harford (E, 39-43) used a new Address honoured by the presence of Roll to find that there were several other Dame Julie Mellor, the present OWs living in Western Australia. He and Parliamentary and Health Elizabeth invited us all to bring our wives Service Ombudsman, who had to dinner and I think the inclusion of played the role of Meg More as wives has been a significant factor in the a guest from The Westgate successful outcome. We numbered 10 on School. Also in attendance that inaugural occasion, which became an were Katie Dodd, who played annual meal, now a Saturday lunch at Cressida in the following somebody’s home with everybody term’s production of Troilus bringing their share. This year our hosts and Cressida , and also Mick were Andy Byk (F, 82-87) and Lanie for McCarthy (K, 70-75) and what was, actually, our much delayed 20th George Davis (E, 71-76) who had been in JR Somes (C, 77-82) writes: ‘I was sorry reunion, each attempted date for 2013 the original audience. A special toast was to read of the death of Brian Biddulph having failed to attract a quorum. This made to departed and absent friends from (TS117 ). I have in my garden a small year we numbered just nine, as we had to the cast. trowel I made in my first half in 1977 go ahead without Christopher Oakeley under the firm and watchful gaze of BCB. (H, 54-59) and Margaret who were still in The evening, organised by Peter Leanse, It probably took me the whole term to the state but 2000 miles away, hiking in was hugely enjoyed by all concerned. It make it, and my early prowess was never the magnificent Kimberley ranges. was agreed that Robert Bolt’s version of furthered. Nonetheless, 37 years on, Tudor history was preferable to the somewhat battered, it still sees regular Others present were Richard Evans ephemerally popular Wolf Hall , which (B, 57-62) and Faeghe, Mac (Robert) active service. As of today, it is deals with the same subject matter. A 34- christened ‘Brian’ and I retain high hopes McArthur (Q, 50-52) and Helen, minute snatch of one of the performances together with the Venerable (in both that it will continue its duties for many has survived and was enjoyed at the end years yet.’ senses) Michael and Elizabeth Harford of dinner. and myself as sen man. We had all responded positively to the portrayal in A virtual hot was held and awarded to May’s Trusty Servant of Win Coll forging Commoners.


Buckle Cup: sharpened at both ends. to report back to their respective The School has However he adds that: ‘a companies or face dire consequences the recently acquired a few years after leaving following day. A friend of mine and I duly jug which Winchester, I was with my volunteered with one proviso: we should commemorates good friend John Garnons share the same dressing room as our team- Matthew Perceval Williams (F, 59-64, died mates. We were told in no uncertain Buckle (H, 1883- 2007) and his father, Basil terms that if we played for the Ladies we 86) winning (Coll, 20-25). For some had no other option. Sadly in the event, Steeplechase in reason or other, we two more ladies then dropped out on the 1884. Son of Vice- discussed notions and following day, so we ended up playing two Admiral Claude BHGW asked if we knew mixed sides and had great fun, even if, in Edward Buckle, he what a Smuggler was, which spite of my selection, I never won that also played in of course we did. He then much coveted cap.’ went on to say that in his Commoner VI and Film - Queen of the Desert in 2nd XI (cricket). day it was not just used for a pencil, but by extension A film chronicle of Gertrude Bell's life as After Sandhurst he could be applied to a traveller, writer, archaeologist, explorer, joined the Royal West Kent Regiment. anything that was the same at both ends cartographer, and political attaché for the He fought in South Africa, being severely ‘including the Reverend Quirk, who was as British Empire at the dawn of the wounded and receiving the DSO and bald as a coot!’ twentieth century is to be released shortly. twice mentioned in Despatches. He The film stars Nicole Kidman as Gertrude passed out of Staff College with Two OW sporting tales and Damian Lewis as her admirer Charles distinction and subsequently served as Reading the In the Steps of Pendlebury Doughtie-Wylie VC, CB, CMG Brigade-Major of the 2nd Infantry Brigade tour booklet stirred some Mediterranean (Coll, 1882-87), the subject of the 2011 at Aldershot, and as instructor at the memories for John Galpin (E, 42-46): in Wykeham Patrons’ trip to Gallipoli. Indian Staff College, Quetta. 1947, while serving on HMS Phoebe, he played rugby against the Palestine Police Poem in Haifa. ‘On returning on board I was Offered by Warren Hibbert (B, 60-65, greeted by the Captain of Marines, MB Captain of Soccer XI ‘65) Reynolds (D, 34-39), who was going ashore with a hockey stick over his Pro - The Modern Way shoulder and asked me why I was They wear gloves playing rugger as we didn’t play it at Orange boots Winchester; I pointed out that we didn’t Banking their millions play hockey either!’ At Coutt’s CM Mallett (D, 49-54) mentioned in When tackling foul passing to David Fellowes at the Silk & With dangerous knee Salt Dinner at Arley Hall in June that he ‘Who me?’ they plead once played cricket for England …. To referee England Ladies, that is …. sort of! Intrigued as you might expect, a full But goals are still scored ‘match report’ was called for: ‘One of the And history made highlights of my cricketing career was in By lucky club In early August 1914, he went to France the early eighties when the England Making the grade with his battalion and was killed on Ladies were playing in a sponsored two- Cheering or jeering October 27th, 1914, near Neuve day match against a side captained by Fans crowd stands Chapelle.The cup will be awarded annually ex-England and Yorkshire captain, Brian Sporting team colours to the winner of Senior Steeplechase. Close, all male, in Cheshire. On the first Like tartan of clans evening the Ladies’ captain, Rachel Yet more about ‘Smugglers’! Heyhoe-Flint, was scouring the bar Everyone glad to be at the game GA Ellis (F, 60-64) agrees with the looking for two players of either sex, as Everyone glad to be the same I consensus view that it is a pencil two of the ladies had been told they had

21 N O .118 T HE T RUSTY S ERVANT Obituary

If you would like a copy of any press obituary referred to, please contact the Winchester College Society office. You can request either by email to [email protected], telephone +44 (0)1962 621217 or by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the Director, 17 College Street, Winchester SO23 9LX. ‘Obit’ indicates that a copy of some other tribute is also available.

Bernard John Arthur Tanter (Staff, 81-02): Uppingham 1991-06: his time there marked their four children, eleven grandchildren died 15.8.2014. Father of AMBT (K, 82- an increased emphasis on academic and four great-grandchildren. 87) and SLRT (H, 87-89). Educated St achievement and the introduction of co- John Dering Majendie (I, 33-37): died John De la Salle College, Southsea. Exeter education. Finally he became Headmaster 28.5.2014 aged 94. Brother of AEM (I, 31- College, Oxford 1958-61, MA Modern of 2008-13. During this time 36). Co Prae. RMC Sandhurst 1937-39, Languages. Exeter College 1st VIII. his son became Headmaster of St Peter’s SUO. RMC Riding Team. Commissioned Commissioned Durham Light Infantry York – rare to have father and son Somerset Light Infantry 1939. Volunteered 1961. He served in Hong Kong, Berlin, simultaneously Heads of HMC schools. A for Commando Forces and took part in the Zambia, Madrid, Gibraltar and Northern pupil once described him as a teacher who Lofoten Islands Raid. He was with 4th Bn Ireland. Ecole de Guerre, , Overseas passed on not only knowledge, but a SLI during Operation Epsom following the Staff College. As Assistant Military manner of thinking. Married (1) 1968 D Day landings in Normandy and was later Attaché, Madrid, he played an invaluable Georgina Smart (dissolved) and (2) 1983 wounded at Hill 112 (Mouen) and role in gauging the opinion of middle and Jennifer Burt who survives him with his two evacuated. He returned to 1st Bn SLI to upper-middle ranking officers in the sons and two daughters. serve in Peshawar on the North West Spanish Armed Forces in the period after James Francis Monk (A, 29-34): died Frontier where his Company dealt with a the death of Franco. Retired as Major. He 8.5.2014 aged 98. Fifth Sen Man. Father of mutiny by an Indian Signals Regiment. 1st arrived at the school to help with running CJMM (A, 65-70) and MRMM (A, 75-80). Bn SLI was the last British Bn to leave the Corps but was soon teaching in Born in India. Set the school high jump India. He retired from the Army as a Major Modern Languages Department. His divs record of 5' 5" 1934. Trinity College, 1949. He first tried farming and then two enjoyed him for the sense of the world and Oxford. 3 Nat Sci, BM, BCh 1937. Trained years on the beat with the Metropolitan reality that he brought to the class room. at St Thomas’s Hospital and qualified as a Police, before working as a lighting engineer He was a Chawker’s House Tutor 1985- doctor 1941. Commissioned RAMC 1942, with GEC 1952-68. Later he worked for 2002; rowing coach and master i/c serving in North Africa, Tunis, Sicily and Kent County Council as Lighting Engineer 1985-2002. After retirement he continued Italy. Demobbed as Major having 1968-84. Aged 91 he received to lunch regularly in Furley’s and Chawker’s commanded the Malaria Research Unit at Sternberg Active Life Award for his work and he attended the University of Woolwich: his thesis on Malaria gained him over 25 years organising pilgrimages for Winchester with a view to working for a his DM 1950. In 1947 he moved to Goring Veterans to Normandy, the last of them in Phd in Creative Writing. Married 1966 Jo and began his lifelong work there as a GP. 2013. He also established close links with Burnham-Slipper (dissolved). He is As the junior partner he took nine surgeries 9th SS Panzer Division against which he survived by two sons and two daughters. a week and carried out all the more remote had endured one of the bloodiest of battles. Stephen Charles Winkley (Staff, 85-91): home calls. Retired 1981. Ornithology ran He was made an honorary citizen of Mouen died 3.4.2014. He was the last Second as a thread through his life: his interest in and in 2014 his widow unveiled a plaque Master also to act as College Housemaster: bird watching in the desert had been which gave the name of John Majendie to a thereafter this role was taken on by the stimulated during his war service in North new square. He retained his interest in Master-in-College. Educated at St Edward’s Africa. Over a period of 32 years he held riding: he was a ‘possible’ for the GB 1952 School, Oxford. Scholar Brasenose College, office in the British Ornithology Union Olympic Modern Pentathlon team and Oxford. D Phil 1973. He then embarked on (BOU), from Assistant Editor of IBIS , the rode in Point to Points from 1939-71. He a long and successful career as a journal of BOU, to President. For his was Churchwarden at St Mary’s Platt where schoolmaster. Before coming to Winchester services to BOU he was awarded the Union he was clock winder for over 30 years, he was an assistant master at Cranleigh Medal in 1988. Publication: Birds for all requiring him to climb the steep spiral 1969-85. During his time as Second Master Seasons: Chronicles from the Thames Valley staircase before the service each his range of interests helped to broaden the 1997. Together with his wife he cared for Sunday. Married (1) 1940 Rosalind Colvile, minds of those in College. He left and enriched the community of Goring. with whom he celebrated their Diamond Winchester to become Headmaster of Survived by Diana, his wife of 66 years, and Wedding Anniversary before she died in


2001, and (2) 2005 Christine Feltham, who Ripon College, Cuddesdon. Ordained in 1952. President . survives him with a son and three daughters 1985, he was at Charlbury 1985-87 He commenced his teaching career at of his first marriage. and later at Ibstone. He was also Chaplain Wellington 1949-59. In 1959 he started his at HMP Grendon Underwood and YOI 25 years as Headmaster of Stanbridge Earls Edward (Ed) Home Griffiths (C, 34-39): Aylesbury And as if all that was not School, Romsey. During that time he built died 3.6.2014 aged 93. Exhibitioner, Co enough, he was a District Councillor 1956- up the school so fast that at one point the Prae. Commissioned Royal Marines 1939. 60 and Berkshire County Councillor Governors told him that the fees for any Served in East Indies and on Malta 1976-85. A man of great integrity, his life pupil over 150 would be taken from his convoys (torpedoed) 1941. He was with was characterised by service to others, salary. He founded a Dyslexia Unit, then an Assault Landing Craft on D Day 1944. He always much respected for his fairness and unknown concept in the UK. In 1962 he later served in Korea 1951-53 and with 45 sense of fun. Married (1) 1944 Alison became a Lay Reader and was instrumental Cdo at Suez 1956. He served on the staff of Sutherland (died 1981) and (2) 1987 in the creation of the school chapel. He was Plymouth Group, Royal Marines and on Pamela Bolton who survives him with a Chairman, Society of HMs of Independent the Intelligence Staff at HQ SACLANT, son and a daughter of his first marriage. Schools 1982-84. After retiring he was Norfolk, Virginia. Retired as a Major in Chairman of Governors of the Purcell 1964, one of few to serve on D Day, in Ian Trelawny Morshead (E, 35-40): died School of Music, Cokethorpe School and Korea and at Suez. He joined the Kent 16.8.2014 aged 92. Son of HTM (E, 1896- Hordle School. He was a JP River Authority (later part of the 01), brother of HSM (E, 34-38) and father for 25 years, at one time chairman of the Environment Agency) 1966-81. It was of HTM (E, 68-71). Co Prae, VIII. Romsey bench. In later life he sailed, fished during this time that he took up his third Kitchener Scholarship, Magdalene College, and played bridge. He and his wife worked and most rewarding career as an artist. He Cambridge 1940. 3 Econ 1941. indefatigably for local charities including exhibited at the Frances Iles Gallery, Commissioned Royal Signals 1942. Served organising the Parish Appeal Rochester 1981-99. He enjoyed living in India and Burma 1942-45 including following the storm of 1987 which raised another 50 years after reading in the 1992 actions at Kohima and Imphal. After £85,000. He made an enormous impact on OW Register that he was thought to have demob he returned to Magdalene College. so many lives – he listened, cared and died in 1964. Married 1943 Anne Robson, BA 1947. Swimming half blue. He then helped. Survived by Erica, his wife of 67 with whom he celebrated their Diamond followed a career in investment years, and their three daughters. Wedding Anniversary before she died in management, first with Eagle Star 2005. He is survived by their two Insurance followed by the National Coal (Edmund) Russell Mark Hill (Coll, 37-41): daughters, six grandchildren and nine Board Pension Fund, at a time when there died 11.11.2010. Vere Herbert Smith Prize. great-grandchildren. were 750,000 miners, and finally with the Exhibitioner Magdalen College, Oxford Pension Fund. He left the City 1941-42 and 1946-48. 2 Hist. Robert (Bob) Douglas Baird (F, 35-40): in 1964 and for fifteen years supported his Commissioned Westminster Dragoons died 5.7.2014 aged 92. Brother of HHB (F, wife’s highly successful tupperware business. 1943. Brought up a Protestant, he tested the 29-34) and AKB (F, 37-42). State Bursary His father had been killed in suspicious water at Oxford listening to a wide range of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. circumstances in India in 1931: the enquiry preachers including William Temple Mechanical Science 1943. Commissioned had been called off by the Raj but fifty years (), but on Easter REME 1944 and served in Italy, Austria later after painstaking research he wrote Day 1944 he attended Mass for the first and the Middle East. Demobbed as The Life and Murder of Henry Morshead. As time and knew that this was right for him. Captain 1946. He continued Emergency a Scottish Country Dance enthusiast he He was received into the Roman Catholic Reserve Training until retiring as Major was a member of the London Church in September 1944. Given the 1958, during which time he qualified as a demonstration team at the Festival of religious name Edmund, he followed his Commando and was awarded the Britain 1951. Survived by Jennifer, his wife cousin into the Dominican Order 1948; Emergency Reserve Decoration 1957. In of 61 years and their son and daughter. ordained priest 1954; and assigned to the 1947 he began his 37 years as a master at Hawkesyard Priory in Staffordshire. He was Eton, serving as a housemaster 1960-76. Richard John (Dick) Gould (K, 36-41): then sent to South Africa in 1966, first to St He was also heavily involved in rowing at died 7.6.2014 aged 91. Son of BJG (Coll, Nicholas Priory, Stellenbosch and later to Eton and it was from his idea that there 1897-01) and brother of CRG (K, 37-41). St Peter’s Seminary, Hammanskraal. Whilst would be benefit in rowing on still water Head of House, VIII (President 1941). on sabbatical in England in 1973 he found that grew Eton Dorney, the rowing venue Commissioned KRRC 1942. Having landed himself prohibited from serving in South for the 2012 Olympics. He pioneered the at the Mulberry Harbour in Normandy he Africa and on his return he was conveyed development of Computer Science at Eton served in NW Europe and later in Tripoli. from the airport with a police escort direct and became Head of Computing in 1982. Demobbed as Captain 1946. Christ to Lesotho, where he remained on the staff After retiring from Eton he attended Church, Oxford 1948. 2 PPE 1948, MA of the St Augustine Seminary until 1994,


when he retired to Blackfriars, Cambridge. the Northern Region and later in the 1953–60 in London and East Africa. He He wrote many theological books, but it is Cabinet Office in Lagos. He resigned from then became a teacher first at the for his translations of St Augustine that he the Colonial Service in 1962 and joined the University of York as Granada Arts Fellow. will be remembered. His first, Nine Sermons Security Service (MI5) where he served in After moving to USA, he was visiting of Saint Augustine on the Psalms was the counter subversion and counter lecturer at University of Illinois 1965-67 published in 1958. He played a significant espionage branches. Appointed CBE in and visiting professor at Boston University role in making Augustine approachable and 1984 before resigning to look after his first 1969-70. Writing ran like a thread even enjoyable. He loved the Africans and wife, who died in 1985. For eleven years he throughout his life: in his first foray in 1950 would have preferred to have ended his days then worked with charities for the blind and he won a New Statesman competition to there. Survived by the youngest of his three partially sighted. He was a reader and editor write the first 150 words of a story in the brothers. for the Talking Newspaper Association and manner of Graham Greene. His first novel, for four years he was chairman of the East Mr Nicholas, 1952 was written under the Peter Anning Revell-Smith (B, 38-43): Sussex Association for the Blind (ESAB): nom de plume of Thomas Hinde to avoid died 14.5.2014. Father of MAR-S (B, 77- he met his second wife whilst swimming upsetting his father: it was described by CP 82). Co Prae, VI, and VIII. In those days with a group of swimmers from ESAB. Snow as the best first novel of that year. He the VIII cycled 12 miles to Southampton Married (1) 1950 Evelyne Kateley (died later wrote a further 14 novels before and back to train for Henley on the Itchen. 1985) and (2) 1996 Vera Daunt (died turning to non-fiction. In 1977 he wrote Commissioned Coldstream Guards 1944. 2005). He is survived by his son and The Great Donkey Walk , an account of his He served in the Guards Armoured daughter of his first marriage. family’s journey by foot and donkey from Division in NW Europe, including the Santiago de Compostela to Salonika. Rhine Crossing, Liberation of Belsen and Boris Henry Ruebner (H, 39-41): died During the walk he was detained by the German surrender at Luneburg Heath. 11.6.2014 aged 90. Born in Düsseldorf, a Franco’s police as a suspected spy. He wrote McGill University, Montreal 1946-49, 2 German Jew who escaped to Britain in time the biography of Capability Brown 1986 and Commerce. Columbia University, New to come to Winchester for Short Half 1939. several histories of public schools, including York, MScBA 1950. On return to the UK Grierson Bursary Medical School, Marlborough. Fellow, Royal Society of he worked for Unilever 1951-56. Edinburgh University. Dunlop Scholarship, Literature. Succeeded as 3rd Bt 1955. Investment Banker with the Lowson Group MM, ChB 1946. MD 1956. Before moving Survived by Susan, his wife of 62 years, and 1956-74. An elected member of the Court to USA he practised Pathology at their son and three daughters. of Common Council 1956-98, during Hammersmith Hospital. Thereafter he was which time he was heavily involved in the successively Assistant Professor of Pathology Peter Robin Kirwan-Taylor (D, 43-48): City of London Corporation. Having at Dalhousie University 1957-59 and died 1.3.2014. Father of CPK-T (D,71-75). overseen the sale of London Bridge to an Associate Professor Pathology at Johns Sen Co Prae 1948. Won the Belt of Honour American he attended its opening in Hopkins University, Baltimore 1959-68 at OCTU and he was commissioned into Arizona. Chief Commoner 1989. He played before becoming Professor of Pathology at the Rifle Brigade for National Service. Later a leading role at a lunch for Gorbachev; as University of California, where he was a served for six years with 21 SAS (Artists Gorbachev was leaving he called out ‘Come founding faculty member of the School of Rifles) TA. Captain Combined Universities back soon’. Raisa turned and said ‘We will’. Medicine. The Ruebner-Rosenquist Skiing Team 1951-53 and was a member of Appointed CBE 1990. Chairman of Outstanding Teaching Award was created the British Team 1949-53. Articled with Trustees, City of London Museum 1991-98. in 2010 in recognition of his work as an Peat Marwick Mitchell 1951-59. He was Married Jacline Ravel with whom he internationally respected Gastrointestinal then launched on a successful career in celebrated their Golden Wedding a year Pathologist. He was always grateful to have finance. Successively he was Director Hill, before she died in 2011. She had served in had, largely owing to anonymous sponsors, Samuel & Co, London/NewYork 1960-70, the SOE and later acted as Private Secretary the opportunity of attending Winchester, Director English Property Corp, London/ to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. He is which he regarded as the turning point in New York 1970-75, President Maxwell survived by their son and daughter. his life. Survived by Sue, his wife of 57 Cummings & Sons, Montreal 1976-81 and years and their son and daughter. Vice-Chairman, Danville Resources Inc Martin Osbert Maconachie (I, 38-43): died 1981-85. In 1996 he moved to Hong Kong 10.4.2014. Co Prae, VI and Vere Herbert Thomas Willes Chitty (D, 39-43): died as Managing Director of the Asian arm of a History Prize. Commissioned into 7.3.2014. Son of THWC (D, 1904-09) and Canadian property group. He was proud to Coldstream Guards. Served with Guards brother of JHWC (D, 45-50). 3rd be Sen Man at several Old Wykehamist Armoured Division NW Europe 1944-45 generation of Wykehamists father to son. Hong Kong dinners. Apart from his (wounded). After demob he attended Special Entry , Sub-Lt 1943-47. successful career in finance his love of cars Colonial Service Course at University Served in MTBs in English Channel. predominated: he designed the original College, Oxford. He served in Nigeria from University College, Oxford 1947, 3 History Lotus Elite and set up the Lotus Group, later 1948 to 1962, first as a District Officer in 1950. He worked with Shell Petroleum Co


overseeing its flotation by Hill Samuel. A Banque Nationale de Paris 1967-83; National and he bred Observer Corps, larger than life man with a propensity for serving in Sydney as assistant general which won the Cathcart Challenge Cup at hard work and a great sense of fun. Married manager, Australian Group; Toronto as 66/1 on Gold Cup Day at Cheltenham in (1) 1951 Julia Ogden (dissolved), (2) 1966 senior vice-president, Canadian Group 1989. He is survived by Rose, his wife of 56 Michelle Clarke (dissolved) and (3) 1970 and finally in Houston. Later he was years, and their two sons. Nancy Norman (died 2001). Survived by Director of Investment, Water Authorities Richard Geoffrey Thompson (I, 45-49): his two sons and three daughters. Obituary Superannuation Fund and finally Chief died 7.2.2014. Son of GLT (I, 11-15). . Financial Executive, Kent Economic National Service, Green Howards. Trinity Development Fund. Despite having been Colin James Harper (E, 44-48): died College, Cambridge. Agric. His first job sent on a North Sea fishing trawler whilst 3.3.2014. He spent his early life in Burma after university was as farm manager on the still at school to dampen his enthusiasm where his father was with the Burmah Oil Isle of Mull. On the way over in the boat he for sailing, he retained a passion and took Company. His tégé on arrival in the School spoke avidly of the skills required to manage part in both the Fastnet and Sydney- was CCH Burne (E, 44-47). They both a herd of 50,000 sheep only to discover he Hobart races. Survived by Catherine, his married Australians, lived in Melbourne was talking to the Laird himself! After a wife of 55 years, and three sons. One son and remained friends to the end. National spot of hop farming in Kent he owned and predeceased him. Service, Royal Norfolk Regiment, BAOR. managed his own dairy farm in Sussex. He first worked for two years with Zinc Michael John Halford (B, 45-49): died Later he sold fertilizer for Humbert Corp NSW 1950-52. He returned to 27.3.2014. National Service, Life Guards Fertilizers and feed for Aaron Feeds. He had England and qualified as a Chartered 1950. Lloyd’s 1951-57. R Agricultural a smile that lit the darkest room and a laugh Accountant, then moved back to Australia College Cirencester 1958. Farming 1959- that would wake the soundest of sleepers. in 1958 and joined Anglo Australian Corp 96, Grange Farm in Huntingdonshire. He is survived by Valerie, his wife of 53 (AUC), one of the first Merchant Banks in National Chairman, Tenant Farmers years and their son and daughter. Australia, becoming General Manager and Association 1992-94. He was a Tax Thomas Vincent Edersheim Overton CEO in 1968. He retired from AUC in Commissioner for 35 years. Trustee and (E, 47-52): died 30.3.2014. Son of AEO 1978 to follow a career as a full time non- Director, Little Gidding Trust and Editor of (E, 06-11) and brother of HTAO (E, 36-41) executive company director of numerous Abbots Ripton parish magazine. and DJDO (E, 39-44). National Service, leading Australian companies and Publications – Pens to Ploughshares and Tales Royal Engineers in the Canal Zone, Egypt. subsidiaries of UK and US companies. He from the Graveyard. Married (1) 1954 Anne Exhibitioner, New College, Oxford 2 Cl was a guiding force in transferring the Burberry (dissolved); (2) 1969 Wendy Mods 1956, Lit Hum 1958. He attended incorporation of ANZ Bank from UK to Williamson (dissolved) and (3) Judith Wycliffe Hall Theological College 1958-60 Australia and served on its Board for 23 Frasier (died 2009). He is survived by his along with fellow Old Wykehamists, Martin years. As Chairman of CSL Ltd he oversaw four sons and two daughters. Peppiatt (E, 46-51) and Kenneth its growth to one of the world’s leading Glynne Herbert Charles Clay (H, 45-45): Habershon (D, 47-53). HO 1960. He biopharmaceutical companies; he served on died 12.3.2014. 3rd generation of served first as Curate, Holy Trinity the Boards of Opera Australia, the Winston Wykehamists, father to son. Son of JCC (H, Hampstead 1960-63 and then St George’s Churchill Memorial Trust and the 11-15) who played in one Test Match for Leeds 1963-67, before becoming Assistant Australian National Theatre; and was a England, and brother of MJC (H, 43-47). Secretary, Overseas Students, Inter-Varsity member of the Melbourne Grammar National Service, . Trained Fellowship 1967-71. He then served with School Council for 17 years. Married (1) as a stockbroker in London before moving the church in Thailand 1971-77, where he 1955 Barbara Marsh (died 1977) and (2) to Cardiff where he became a Senior learnt Thai to minister to his flock but 1979 Margot Hardy, who survives him with Partner with Lyddon and Co. Later he set continued to read his Greek New two sons of his first marriage and four up the first offices of Rothschilds in Wales Testament each day. On return to the UK stepchildren. where he was Managing Director. At he was successively Rector of Knossington Arthur David Morse (B, 44-49): died various times he was Chairman, Cardiff in Leicestershire 1978-81 (in which parish 30.7.2014. Brother of MHM (B, 47-52) Business Club; President, Cardiff and there was a village called Cold Overton!), and father of EDSM (B, 74-78) and NRM County Club; Chairman, Red Dragon Rector of St John’s, Bedford 1981-90, and (B, 77-81) and cousin of CJM (K, 42-46). Radio (a pop station); and Chairman, finally Vicar of Leigh near Tonbridge 1991- Co Prae, Soccer XI, VIII, Steeplechase Chepstow Racecourse. He was also Steward 99. Married 1974 Sally Toft who survives (twice) and Reading Prize. National at Hereford and Chepstow racecourses. him with their son and daughter. Service, Scots Guards in Malaya. Alongside his stockbroking career he was a William (Billy) Peter Curtis (F, 48-53): died Scholarship to Trinity College, Cambridge successful trainer and breeder of racehorses: 25.4.2014. Son of PC (F, 20-24) and great 1949-51. 2 History Part 1. MA. He his horse Sixer ran in over 100 races and nephew of Sir Edward Grey (C, 1876-80), embarked on a career in banking with was narrowly beaten in the Welsh Grand


Foreign Secretary at outbreak of the Great John Geoffrey Wyatt (I, 50-55): died signal at sea declaring that National Service War. National Service, 16/5th Lancers. 31.5.2014. Son of RJPW (G, 1906-10) and was to be curtailed by six months. As this Trinity College, Oxford 1955-58, 3 Mod brother of HRW (I, 47-52). 3rd generation would have denied him a visit to Hawaii he Hist. Accountancy training before working of Wykehamists, father to son. . did not pass on the information! for Booker Brothers in London 1960-70. Christ Church, Oxford 1957-60. He then Exhibitioner, Trinity College, Oxford. 2 Royal Agricultural College Cirencester embarked on a long and successful career PPE BA 1961. Massachusetts Institute of 1971-72, Certificate of Merit. He then in teaching. He first taught French and Technology MSc 1965. He first worked for worked as a land agent in Northumberland Russian at St Lawrence College, Ramsgate Morgan Crucible and RTZ. He later set up and Devon before returning to Hampshire 1961-63 and Choate School, Wallingford, his own manufacturing company, in 2006. Fishing was his pastime on the Conn, USA 1964-67. On return to the Clavercars, which provided a happy outlet Test and Itchen. He succeeded his father as UK he taught successively at City of for his ingenuity and inventiveness. At the 7th in 1976. Survived by his London Boy’s School, as Head of Modern different times he worked as a volunteer for two sisters. Languages Department, at Rutlish both FullEmploy, involved in enterprise Comprehensive School and at Emmanuel training for ethnic minorities, and The Rupert Ean Edmund Stewart-Smith (Coll, School, London SW11. In 1982 he set up Prince’s Trust. His impulse to resist 48-54): died 27.4.2014. Son of EKS-S (Coll, his own Co-ed , convention and do something different 20-25) and brother of CDS-S (Coll, 54-59). Canbury School at Kingston-on-Thames. characterised his life. He played tennis Cap Prae. Producer of the College Play, He retired in 1997 but continued as a regularly at the Hurlingham Club and died Richard II . National Service, 2/Lt Life Governor. Survived by his brother. poised to serve in a tennis match on the Guards in the Canal Zone. Exhibitioner grass court which he had built and tended at King’s College, Cambridge. 1 Econ. MA John Richard Carr Gardham (E, 51-55): his home. Survived by Judith, his wife of 51 1962. He first worked as an economist with died 6.8.2014. Duberly Prize 1955. Trinity years and their two sons and daughter. Courtaulds 1959-67 and was subsequently College, Cambridge, 2(1) Nat Sci, BA director and company secretary for British 1958. Medical training at Middlesex Nicholas Peter Brooks (C, 54-59): died Sidac Ltd and UCB (Investments). Despite Hospital. MB 1961. FRCS (England) 2.2.2014. Brother of CJWB (C, 49-54). being diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis 1964. MD 1976 (Sir Lionel Whitby VIII 1958-59 (President 1959). Magdalen early in his working life he successfully Medal). From 1976 he was a consultant College, Oxford 1959-62. Lothian History completed a full and successful career until surgeon at Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield. Essay Prize 1961. 2 Mod Hist. After two retirement in 2000. He was his mother’s He believed that if an operation was worth years research in Medieval History at mainstay (now in her 101st year), especially doing it was worth doing properly. He once Oxford, he was Lecturer in Medieval over the last thirty years since her second saved a patient’s leg by following this credo History at St Andrews University 1964-85. husband died, and he continued to be so against the advice of the anaesthetists who He then moved to Birmingham where he until his end. The kindest and most loyal of had suggested that it was time to give up. was Professor of Medieval History 1985- men, he never married. He became one of the country’s leading 2004. DPhil Oxon 1969. Elected Fellow vascular surgeons, practising in London British Academy 1989, he was both a Peter Rundle Caswell (Coll, 50-55): died but spending his spare time on Exmoor. He Historian and an Archaeologist. Anglo- 18.10.2012 in a tragic accident on the M4. was a devoted follower of the Devon and Saxon Canterbury was central to his life’s Running Stripe, Vere Herbert Smith Prize. Somerset Stag Hounds with whom he rode work: his DPhil on the Canterbury Scholarship, Trinity College, Cambridge out twice a week. At the end of his Charters was published as The Early History 1960. He and two of his brothers were all memorial service the huntsman blew of the Church of Canterbury 1984. His was up at Trinity College in one year. Having ‘Gone Away’ on the hunting horn. He was the kind of scholarship that reached out to transferred from Natural Sciences in his churchwarden at St Mary’s Oare. Married the public: he identified one of King third year he completed a two year History 1968 Mary England who survives him with Alfred’s forts and was the man best Part 2 in one year. He first worked for the their two sons and daughter. equipped to propose solutions for the Civil Service before moving into computer ‘Staffordshire Hoard’ in 2010. He was on science. He worked for the rest of his Barton Roger Wallop William-Powlett (E, the fabric committee of both Canterbury career for Hoover Ltd as a systems analyst 51-56): died 7.8.2014. Grandson of Admiral and Worcester Cathedrals. He brought chiefly setting up systems in France and of the Fleet Lord Keyes and son of infectious enthusiasm and profound Germany. A keen conservationist, he was PdeBVWW-P (K, 17-21). His happiest learning to whatever he did. After a member of The Royal Botanic Gardens times at Winchester were in Mill where he retirement, he joined the Birmingham Kew and the Perivale Local Nature built a ‘Firefly’ dinghy: he enjoyed his Choral Union and played bridge but not Reserve. He never married but is survived woodwork skills for the rest of his life. seriously. He was received Ad Portas in by his daughter and three brothers. National Service, Royal Navy 1956-57. As May 2011 with Fellows of the British the Ship’s Signals Officer he received a Academy and the Royal Society. Married


1967 Chloë Willis who survives him with Road 1964-66. After a year with Asher customer. Married 1973 Mary Clay their son and daughter. Obituaries The Storey and Co Ltd, Shippers, he was (dissolved). Survived by his son. Guardian and the Daily Telegraph. joint founder and managing director of Bow Duncan Alexander Cavenagh (F, 71-75): Wine Vaults in the City, 1967-84. He then Christopher Corrie Roundell (F, 55-60): died 13.6.2014. Son of AJMcMC (F, 43-47) founded and was managing director of died 20.3.2014. Son of HRMR (F, 28-33) and brother of JAMcMC (F, 70-74). Pavilion Wine Co Ltd 1985-99. He moved and brother of HJR ( F, 61-66). Bisley RMAS. Commissioned Royal Scots to France and was a Partner, Les Vins David 1959-60 (Captain 1960). Having qualified Dragoon Guards. He served in BAOR and Gilmour, Rieux-Minervois and Lunac- as a Chartered Accountant with Whinney, Northern Ireland. After leaving the Army Aveyron 2000-02. A dinner at his home Murray & Co, he first worked with BOAC in 1980, he worked for the Distiller’s was quite something to remember. Married and ICL and later with Occidental Company as sales and marketing manager 1975 Sheena Hunter who survives him with Petroleum as a tax specialist relating to for Gordon’s Gin and Buchanan’s Whisky their son and daughter. their North Sea gas operations. He was the 1983-87. He continued with Dunhill Ltd author of The Consumer Association’s Richard Herbert Stephen Wells (Coll, 56- until 1989. Subsequently he ran his own Which? – Guide to Country Shopping 1995. 61): died 24.7.2014. Bib Prae, Richardson clothing (shirts and ties) business 1990- Based on that experience, he founded in and Spanish Prizes, Editor, The Wykehamist 2001 before becoming managing director of 2001, an online 1961. Major Scholarship Trinity College, the William Evans gun company. During his department store stocking a large selection Cambridge. 1 Maths, Senior Wrangler (the short time in the Army he made lifelong of goods made by artisans and small best first in Mathematics). He followed a friends, with a group of whom he derived a producers. A passionate fly fisher, career in the Civil Service, first with the great sense of achievement in climbing The particularly on the Itchen. Married 1997 Board of Trade and HM Treasury with Three Peaks within the specified 24 hours. Charlotte Roads (dissolved). Survived by secondments to the Department of In later years he became a stalwart member his brother. Economic Affairs, the European of the veteran’s crew at his local rowing Commission and the Government of club. Married 1998 Harriet Talbot who Gavin Richard James Dallmeyer (A, 56- Gibraltar. Whilst in Brussels he was in the survives him with their son and daughter. 59): died 11.8.2014. Son of CJYD (A, cabinet to the British Commissioner, 20-25). Following a Short Service We are aware of the following deaths and George Thompson. He loved Gibraltar and Commission with the Royal Inniskilling will be including further information in the Gibraltar loved him. On his death Chief Dragoon Guards with whom he served in next issue: Minister Bossano wrote: ‘The Gibraltar Cyprus, he read Zoology at Edinburgh Government is immensely grateful for his John Ramsay Darling (Staff, 55-83) died as University. He first worked as an valuable contribution to Gibraltar at a a result of a tragic accident 27.9.2014 investigation officer for the Scottish Tourist difficult time.’ His love of mathematics Board. He then became a farmer, first at David Charles Egerton Helme ( F, 34-39) never left him: he was a winner and a recent Morayston and then at Drynie. Later still he died 31.8.2014 setter of mathematical problems for The built Craigiewood at North Kessock and set Richard Anthony (Tony) Priday (A, 36- Magpie . He also spoke ten languages. up his own landscaping and garden business, 41) died 9.10.2014 Appointed CBE 1994. Fellow, London Zoo. Posh Plants. He also became a guide to Married 1970, Ditte Gregersen, who Walter Raleigh Trevelyan (E, 37-42) died gardens in Scotland. In 2010 he led a survives him with their son. 23.10.2014 pilgrimage to St Valery for many whose Derek Russell de Courcy Trasenster (G, 38- fathers had been involved in that debacle. Michael Brian Readhead ( F, 60-64): died 42) died 31.10.14 Member of the Royal Company of Archers. 4.6.2014. Brother of RMR (F, 57-62) and He leaves as his legacy many gardens in the father of SMR (A, 89-94). French and John Austin Hungerford Leigh Hoskyns Highlands and beyond as a lasting German Prize, Athletics and Squash (A, 40-45) died 20.10.2014 testament to his vision and skill. Married colours. Scholarship to read History at Anthony John Chalmers (Coll, 42-46) died 1970 Araminta Morgan who survives him Christ Church, Oxford. After a year, 7.9.2014 with their son and daughter. prompted by an overland trip through Colin John Rodier Mather (H, 46-50) died Beirut, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, he switched to David Allan Gilmour (I, 56-61): died 23.10. 2014 Turkish and Arabic. He first taught at a 22.4.2014. Son of AMG (I, 30-35) and David Hamilton Grant Duff Bruce (D, 47- Secondary School at High Wycombe. brother of CEG (I, 60-64). Bisley 1960-61 52) died 1.10.2014 Plagued by health problems he later moved (Captain 61). He was first a banker with to Stockbridge. He retained his interest in Desmond Marcus Stewart Hampton (F, 54- Standard Bank of South Africa in London History and wrote articles for The Georgian 58) died 11.10.2014 1961-64. He then embarked on a successful Society. The Public Records Office in career in the wine trade: firstly as manager Stuart James Calder (I, 76-78) died in the Winchester regarded him as their best of Bristol Vintners wine shop in the King’s Cornwall surfing tragedy 26.10.2014 I

27 N O .118 T HE T RUSTY S ERVANT Winchester College Society

Office From the (nearly) new Director 17 College Street DWLF significant input from the donee, by Tim Winchester the book-binder behind P&G Wells SO23 9LX The Headmaster has paid tribute whose works make the most wonderful of Telephone: 01962 621217 elsewhere in this issue to David Fellowes’s gifts if you are ever short of an idea and are Facsimile: 01962 814614 tenure at Wyk Soc and Win Coll Soc and walking down College Street. E-mail: [email protected] any efforts from me in this regard would Web site: pale into insignificance. I would like to David’s departure reduces by a third those Directors: Lorna Stoddart record my appreciation for his engineering with the Headmaster’s sanction to wear Alex Roe (G, 72-75) Dep. Director: Tamara Templer what I hope will prove the smoothest of brightly-coloured corduroys during Don Assoc: Michael Wallis handovers and for countless words of working hours – the others being the (also Director of The Friends ) guidance and wisdom - still forthcoming Estates Bursar and the Aide to the Warden by the way - pro bono ! and Headmaster - and my hopes of The Council throwing away City Suits have been At a farewell dinner in the Warden’s Simon Toynbee (D, 57-62) dashed. Indeed the dons’ (and the boys’) Lodgings on 9th September, David was Nat Hone (F, 68-72) dress knocks the so-called ‘smart casual’ presented with a leather-bound collection Alex Roe (G, 72-75) – Director of Win attire of many large financial institutions of the last twenty-one editions of The Coll Soc into a rather scruffy corner- mens sana in Trusty Servant which cover his period in Richard Morse (K, 72-76) corpore compto perhaps? Winston Ginsberg (I, 81-85) post, splendidly created, albeit with Paul Cleaver (H, 85-90) Alasdair Maclay (Coll, 86-91) - Chairman Michael Humbert (B, 90-95) Mark Toone (E, 90-95) Ed Matthews (K, 91-96) Freddie Bjorn ((H, 95-00) Conrad Griffin (I, 04-09) Dr Ralph Townsend - Headmaster Lorna Stoddart - Director of Development Tamara Templer - Deputy Director of Development Michael Wallis - Don Associate and Director of The Friends TEN SEN MEN AGCF Campbell Murdoch (C, 24-29) JST Gibson (Coll, 29-34) Lt. Col. The Lord [GNC] Wigram MC (H, 28-34) PW Ward-Jackson (G, 29-33) JL Pinsent (E, 29-35) BB King (Coll, 30-35) Dr GRA Conquest CMG, OBE (D, 31-35) PH Harman Jones (D, 31-35) TA Bird DSO, MC (E, 32-36) JI Watson OBE, DL (F, 31-37)

Outgoing Director: David Fellowes, on the left, as a sporting youth and on the right, displaying his favourite socks


OW News volume, which contains career details, if JT Steer (B, 1929) provided, of all living OWs and dons, ER Hawkins (H, 1938) The Editor and I remain indebted to those excluding the most recent arrivals, now is M Smith (E, 1940) who send in news and articles relating to the time to put this right and discover JC Mayer (C, 1942) any Wykehamical matters: nearly what your contemporaries got up to! everything gets published in some form Additionally we would welcome any and we are reliant on our readership for The first such publication began with the information about the following, who much of our material, and I don’t just year 1835 and there has been continuous have been out of contact for many years mean the ten pages of obituaries in the coverage from then onwards. The sixth and for whom we have no evidence of May 2014 edition! All readers, and not edition covered the period from 1930- their possible decease: only those with intimations of mortality, 1975 and the seventh, an imposing RN Eddy (B, 1936) should please make sure that our records volume consisting of almost 1000 pages in EDC Bolton (F, 1937) are up to date and include achievements an illustrated dust-jacket, takes on from PJ Broomfield (G, 1937) and points of interest in their lives that there, although OWs who left, and dons BN Graham (G, 1938) would flesh out the bare bones recorded in who arrived, after July 2005 will have to CI Richmond-Watson (C, 1939) the Register. I have been rather impressed await the next edition. In addition to the PM Foot (G, 1942) by our database (which is considerably Wykehamist biographies, there are FAF Ellenberger (E, 1943) better than any Client Relationship sections covering the Warden and RAG Joseph (F, 1943) Management system I saw in the City) Fellows, Headmasters and other senior and there is plenty of room left in it! posts, Housemasters and Quiristers, as Electronic Communications well as 20 pages recording dates of death. Contents of The Trusty Servant In an effort to keep down printing costs, the following is proposed: current parents This is my first attempt at journalism – To order a copy please send a cheque for and recent leavers will be sent an email although DWLF has kept a gentle hand on £40, payable to Winchester College, to link to The Trusty Servant when it is the tiller for this edition. I would welcome Kate Ross at the Win Coll Soc office. published; if they would prefer to receive any thoughts on how, if at all, the TS could Lost Bros hard copy, please let the office know if be improved: I am the last to make a change In an effort to reduce still further the they have not done so already. All other for change’s sake and am conscious that, in incredibly small number of Wykehamists recipients will continue to receive it attempting to appeal to a broad church of who left within the last 130 years and for through the post, unless they would like OWs, we will fall between a number of whom we have no date of death, we to ‘go electronic’, which we would stools – enough mixing of metaphors! record the names below in the hope that encourage. Don Soc help may be provided (date of arrival at While the new Director loves writing Win Coll): The infrastructure of Don Soc is gradually letters, it is appreciated if as much being established. Sixty or so former dons EW Harrison (B, 1886) communication as possible can be via have responded to the letter of invitation CDS Wilkinson (D, 1892) email; and, if event bookings can be made by returning information to the Win Coll CN Flint (I, 1897) via the Win Coll Soc website, that is also Soc office. We hope for more. The office WH Thornton (C, 1899) extremely helpful. would be grateful for details of widows and G Tod (I, 1902) If you did not receive an electronic widowers of former dons who would like DC Forbes (G, 1904) invitation to the OW Annual Reception to be kept in touch and involved. Please RA Paul (G, 1904) on 13th November, that is an indication feel free to suggest any ideas you have for DS Persse (K, 1908) that we do not have your email address. Don Soc. The inaugural Don Soc lunch AH Hamilton-Gordon (D, 1911) Please email it to: will be in School on Saturday 25th April AH de Bosdari (Coll, 1912) [email protected] Over to you! 2015, the first Saturday of Cloister Time. NEF Baumann (H, 1913) Winchester College Register – CGH Kennard (F, 1913) OW Guilds - Are you keeping ALM Meuleman (Coll, 1915) connected? or Wykehamist Who’s Who PF Dennis (H, 1916) “I wonder what happened to Maclure CR Pigott (D, 1918) Why not network with other OWs in and Stevens?” CEHJ Phillips (K, 1921) your profession, help give careers advice RJP Sedgwick (F, 1922) to current Wykehamists and OW If you have not already bought a copy of JA Dennis (H, 1923) undergraduates or those just starting out the Seventh Edition of this hard-back GM Levering (A, 1924) in business?


October has been a busy month • If you are not able to come to any of the organise a re-run on 22nd March 2015; for the Guilds: events, then you can still get involved and this time Win Coll Soc will pick up virtually! Join over 1200 OWs on the the bill for lunch (but not the beer in The • The Law Guild met on 9th October for Old Wykehamist Network on Queen afterwards!). [email protected] inaugural drinks, with guest speaker Sir LinkedIn, an easy way to keep David Fellowes has donated a pot, to be Jonathan Parker (D, 51-56). 60 OWs in connected. the profession gathered at the London presented to the winning VI each year, in offices of Shepherd and Wedderburn to The 2014 Telephone Campaign – honour of his old friend, fellow Hopperite hear Sir Jonathan discuss sharing Winchester’s most and member of the experience between guild members and successful to date! Houses Hot in helping the current generation of 1967, Michael Wykehamists. Winchester College is Nevin. The pot immensely gratefully to the will celebrate • 12 OWs of the newly-formed Arts OWs and parents who took part Michael’s Guild held their first meeting at the in this summer’s telephone remarkable Club for Acts and Actors in Covent campaign. Over £380,000 was contribution to so Garden on the 9th October. raised in support of the Annual many aspects of • Paddy Dear (C, 74–79) hosted a small Fund. The 14 young OW callers, life at Win Coll dinner on 9th October in London for who were especially recruited since he joined current Wykehamists interested in and trained for the role, spoke to Common Room in working in the City. nearly 1,000 OWs, parents and 1973, including, of past parents. The money raised will help course, all that he did for ‘Winkies’ (aka • The OW Entrepreneurs joined others to support a variety of projects in the ‘Our Game’!). for a Meetup Group at Google on 22nd forthcoming year, including bursaries and October. the draining of Gater Field, at the same Commoner Mascot • The Annual Guild Dinner was held in time also safeguarding the School’s Suzanne Foster, College Archivist, reports London, at the Cavalry and Guards endowment. It is important to remember that an old Commoner mascot has Club on 28th October. See report that it is not only the School that benefits recently arrived in the archives. It was below. from the Campaign: it also provides a sent to Dr Romans (Housedon, K) wonderful opportunity for the callers, all anonymously some years back along with • The Hong Kong Guild hosted a lunch, recent leavers, to take full advantage of a few other Commoner football items – with guest speaker Dr Ralph Townsend, the wealth of experience on offer when old caps and on 5th November. talking to members of the Wykehamical shirts. Mrs Forthcoming events: community. This year, Nick Ferguson Romans was (C, 61–66), a Fellow of the College, in worried about • The next Law Guild talk will be taking addition to being the challenge donor, moth place in February. was also the ‘Campaign Champion’. To infestation and • Following the success of the first OW help motivate the callers, he offered an it was finally Entrepreneurs Guild pitching event, we internship at BSkyB for the most agreed that the will be holding another event on successful, and kindly agreed to sign collection of Monday 26th January at The Oak, 137 references for them. This helped memorabilia Westbourne Park Road, London, W2 significantly with the recruitment process would be better 5QL. Four companies will be pitching and of course added an element of focus off elsewhere. They think it was returned for investment and contacts and it will and healthy competition! by a former Commoner Captain: ‘He (i.e. be a great opportunity to network with To all of you who rose to the challenge the mascot!) is rather moth ridden and OW investors and entrepreneurs. Please thank you for supporting the work of the will be shortly confined to the freezer for a contact Win Coll Soc for details. School; and thank you to the callers for few weeks to kill off any remaining bugs’. • Further information about the Guilds working so hard. Suzanne would welcome any information and related events can be found at OW Winkies Festival – Nevin Pot as to the origins/history/name. The, under ‘Our earliest photograph found of the mascot is Network’. Such was the success of last year’s event dated 1949/ 50. that Oli Wettern (G, 06-11) has agreed to


TS117 page 39: Three ‘Page 3’ Win Coll Soc Events mid-May The Trusty Servant . This also contains a Girls – the answer 2014 to mid-October 2014 postscript which provides a brief insight into the life of another Wykehamist, They are to be found high in the north Spirit of ’49 and ’54: Boat Club 6th May George Jellicoe (E, 31-36), who shared window of College Hall and are the coat See article on page 7. important features with Pendlebury. of arms of Edward Cardwell, a commoner Malvern Hills Lunch: a special lunch (see biography here: http://www.oxforddnb. College Dinner: Collegemen of the late was held at the home of Philip Archer (C, com/view/article/4620?docPos=2 ). A Stephen Winkley’s vintage (85-91) met 43-47) and his wife, Elizabeth, on request for a photo came from a local up in College Hall on 30th May to Thursday, 15th May, looking out over the historian in an Australian town named remember their Second Master, who died sunlit and stunning Malvern Hills. after Cardwell. earlier this year. Max Fysh paid tribute to Among several special features of the Stephen’s caring and individual approach There is a little booklet about the glass in occasion was the unveiling, and swift to each of his Collegemen and College Hall, informing us that Gleadowe consumption, of Winchester’s answer to remembered fondly Stephen’s readiness to created the designs and an artist, Rachel ‘Eton Mess’ - the delicious ‘Wykeham be amused by schoolboy high-jinks that Tancock, much of the glass painting. Torte’ (pun intended), the recipe for had less than amused some other dons. There are other examples online of 3 which can be found on page 44 of May Master in College Ian Fraser reminded female heads which have the same 2014 issue of The Trusty Servant . Sen Man everyone of the unique qualities of heraldic description as Cardwell’s, but Fane Vernon (H, 37-42) presented his curiosity and intellect that have always they are shown only from the neck up. ‘Eton Mess’ challenge cheque for £1,000 been the characteristics of a Collegeman. to David Fellowes, destined for the Trant’s Caption Competition A highlight of the evening for the 25 House Bursary Fund, and also a bottle of Collegemen and 10 wives present was the What was it that HM said to his Aide at champagne for the winning contestant, invitation to participate in Preces in Goddard Day that caused so much mirth? Kate Ross (Win Coll Soc office), who had Chapel, before being joined by the Best answer to [email protected] wins a cooked the pudding. Officers for pudding and coffee back in bottle of champagne! Parents Summer Drinks Hall. Returning to College for a meal of a Reception: on Thursday quality far above the fare remembered 22nd May over 200 parents from school days was universally popular gathered at the Courtauld and there was talk of there being a repeat Gallery for the first again soon for all former Collegemen. See Winchester ‘all-parents’ appreciation of Stephen earlier in this issue. drinks reception. Organised by the Parents Events Committee, ably chaired by Aisling Sykes and her Deputy Helena Stranack, with support from Win Coll Soc, the evening proved to be a sell-out! This was a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet each other, Erratum whilst surrounded by a remarkable collection of famous Impressionist and We must apologise for having misspelt the Post-Impressionist masterpieces! name ‘Bowly’ on page 6 of the November 2013 issue. The relevant sentence should 26th May to 2nd June – Wykeham have read: ‘After moving eulogies for Patrons’ trip to Greece & Crete: a party each, wreaths were laid at the graves of of 26 embarked on a seven-day journey ‘in Lt Col Humphrey Woods DSO MC* the footsteps of John Pendlebury’ (D, 18- (I, 1929-34) and Major Horace Bowly 23). Given the story that surrounds this (F, 1926-31).’ remarkable Old Wykehamist and the nature of the trip, a special ‘Pendlebury Supplement’ accompanies this edition of


Winchester Match: the weather gods duly smiled on the day, Saturday, 21st June, making a welcome change from last year’s cold wind. Maintained as immaculately as ever by Head Groundsman Stuart Churchill (now in his 44th year on the staff) and his team, the grounds were looking their very best, adorned with tents in Lavender Meads and general activity in every direction, sporting and otherwise. After Chapel, guests of Win Coll Soc enjoyed the opportunity to sample the various goings-on, before making their way to the spacious marquee, pitched alongside Hunter Tent. There they were Winchester Match entertained to drinks followed by lunch, produced by the superb Catering Team, led by Viv Nutbeam, whose service to the School stretches back over 50 years. Lords beat a weaker-than-normal OWCC team by 102 runs, whilst on Meads OWCC 2nd XI just managed to take the final wicket before close of play to even up the score. Please make a note of the date of next year’s Winchester Match: 20th June 2015. ‘Silk & Salt’ Dinner at Arley Hall, Cheshire: Old Wykehamists, young and old, their wives and parents, both past and present, were fortunate enough to enjoy a special evening dining at the home of Lord and Lady Ashbrook on Thursday, 26th of Great War soldiers, 120 June. Even more fortunate were those who members (a record) of the turned up early enough to accompany Zoe Goddard Legacy Society Ashbrook on a private tour of her beautiful repaired to a large marquee in gardens, for which Arley Hall is renowned. Meads for drinks and lunch. Tribal banter was exchanged between Goddard Chairman Robin Fox Michael Ashbrook, an Etonian, and David (A, 50-55) thanked David Fellowes during their respective speeches, College Hall. Grouped by houses, Fellowes for his ten years at Win Coll but suffice it to say that the Amicabilis entertainment was provided by the Soc and his contribution to the Society; Concordia remains very much intact. outgoing Director, whose last public the Headmaster then gave an update on Charles Foster (C, 45-50) was technically outing this was. Silently ushered into the state of the School. Peter Luttman- Sen Man, but as he lived upstairs, being Chamber Court, parents then listened to Johnson (C, 33-38), who had earlier Lord Ashbrook’s brother-in-law, honours a lusty rendering of Domum and watched been greeted as Sen Man, made an were amicably shared with Chris Mallett their sons descend College Hall staircase impromptu speech thanking the Win (D, 49-54), who had rather further to for the last time. Coll Soc team for their organisation of come. Giles Wingate-Saul QC (F, 58-63) the event. After lunch and delighting in Goddard Day: following a Chapel made the responding speech. the glorious sunshine, the attendees service on 13th September that included made their way to Mus a¯ to view the Domum Dinner: 285 parents, dons and a wonderful performance of Stanford’s Te Great War Exhibition, curated by Rachel their wives amassed in marquees on Deum in C and an entertaining address Wragg, the Museum Development Meads for drinks and dinner on 5th July from the Headmaster linking Goddard, Manager. All were agreed that it had while the 2014 leavers were dining in Sydney Smith and the wit and stoicism been a splendid occasion.


Left: Walking sticks dressed smartly to right and left Below: Fane Vernon and Dennis Armstrong

Below: Paddy Wettern and Karen Carpenter 65+Years-on Lunch: 33 members of the for giving a splendid rendition of the senior cohort of Old Wykehamists Phil’s Sunday Grace. Andrew Joy (C, 70- paraded at the Cavalry and Guards Club 74), who has been a Fellow for the last on Wednesday 17th September for the year, brought the assembled company up- 65+ Years-on Reunion Lunch. Alex Roe, to-date with the state of the School - and brand new Director of Winchester also discovered a distant cousin, David College Society, hailed Colin Rae (B, Middleton (K, 40-45). Jeremy Morse (K, 34-39) as Sen Man, wished Henry 42-46) replied on behalf of the guests, Brooke (I, 36-41) a happy 91st birthday thanking Andrew for such an and thanked Paddy Wettern (G, 41-45) informative speech.

Left: Goddard Chairman speaks Left: Shane Gough Below: 61 years apart: Sen and Jun Men Below: The new Warden and old Director Peter Luttman-Johnson and David Hogan-Hern


30 Years-on Dinner: 27 OWs from the class of ’83, ’84 &’85 gathered at the Cavalry and Guards Club for dinner on 25th September. The Senior Tutor provided an amusing speech on the subject of changes at Winchester over his 34 years at the School (not that many really apart from the new timetable!). The Sen Man, Tim Mitchell (Coll, 78-83), replied on behalf of the guests. The Director thanked Ian Greet (Coll, 79-84) for travelling all the way from New South Wales and Richard Lucas (G, 79-84) from Poland. The American Friends of Winchester College: on Tuesday 30th September the American Friends of Winchester College hosted a drinks party in New York at the home of Michael Donovan (A, 54-59). Held in honour of the Headmaster and Nicholas Ferguson (C, 61-66), Fellow, this event was attended by over 35 OWs, Top left inset: Richard Lucas and Jeremy Musson. Right: Tim Mitchell and Ian Shearer parents and friends. The guests on the first stop of his gap year. AFWC, Chair of the Parents Events Committee, represented a range of eras from James chaired by Andrew Watt (B, 76-80) plays who set out plans for the 2015 Parents Thresher (Coll, 43-48) to Freddy Pringle a material role in the support of Summer Party- details to follow. (B, 09-14) recently arrived in New York Winchester College and encourages a 60 Years-on Lunch: 48 OWs of the greater understanding and appreciation of Classes of ’53, ’54 & ’55 gathered for lunch its extraordinary legacy of academic at the Cavalry and Guards Club on 22nd excellence. October – the Kennyite troop mustering Years 1&2 Parents Reception: 160 13 of the total! Among these the Rev’d. parents gathered at the Royal College of Kenneth Habershon (D, 47-53) said Surgeons for this event on 9th October, Grace and was also declared Sen Man. which has proved to be an excellent The Warden spoke about the current platform for new parents to meet those healthy condition of the School and the from other houses as well as from the 2nd priorites for the future. James Macdonald Year. The Headmaster and the Director (G, 50-55) replied wittily on behalf of the both spoke, as did Mrs Aisling Sykes, guests and proposed Stet Res Wiccamica .

Mary Emerson, Executive Director of AFWC and Michael Donovan

Dan Gordon, HM and Nick Ferguson


OW Annual Guild Dinner: 57 OW guild members gathered at The Cavalry and Guards Club on 28th October and were welcomed by Tamara Templer. Guest speaker Richard Fuller (H, 73–77) ), Executive Director of Fuller Smith & Turner PLC, spoke about 'The challenges of a long term family business’ and then opened up a most interesting general discussion on the topic. Chapel Choir News Owing to a technical hitch the BBC were unable to broadcast Choral Evensong from Chapel on 1st October. The service, celebrating the music of Sir George Dyson, former Master of Music, 50 years after his death, was however recorded, Above: Richard Fuller and Radio 3 li Top right: Alan Lovell and Harvey White steners were able to hear it Bottom right: James Irvine-Fortescue, George in the repeat slot on Sunday 5th October. Close-Brooks and Sam McArthur Win Coll welcomed James Bowman to Music School on 5th October to give a All from the Same Place Wykehamists of all ages, wonderful concert with Malcolm Archer, including leavers. We have full sets of promoting their new CD - T hus Angels Malcolm Burr (C, 46-51)’s The books themselves are Sung - a collection of some of the finest superb trilogy of books: All available at £10, to those songs across 300 years. from the Same Place , More wishing to complete their set, Quirister tour to Jersey: 12–15th from the Same Place and Y et as is the slip-case, though December 2014. More from the Same Place , should you wish to purchase bound respectively in blue, the full set of books and the 18th December 2014 – Carol Service red and brown – and also a slip-case, this will cost only sung by Chapel Choir in St. Luke’s, useful and appealing slip-case £35. The cost of postage will be Chelsea; interested Wykehamists in to hold all three editions. We assessed with each order. Please London are encouraged to attend. are finding that these make contact Kate Ross should you wish 1st February 2015 – we will be delighted excellent presents for to place an order [email protected]. to welcome the King’s Singers, including David Hurley (E, 76-80) to Winchester for a workshop and concert with Cantores Trusty Servant Antiques Episcopi, Chapel Choir and the Quiristers. A reminder that ODN White (G, 97–02) Tickets will be on sale shortly. This concert manages Trusty Servant Antiques, an online is part of a series celebrating the opening of business dealing in antiques and collectibles the newly refurbished New Hall. relating to Winchester College. From CD Recommendations antiquarian books and rare manuscripts to collectable silver and porcelain, Trusty Chapel Choir recordings – recent disc of Servant Antiques has the ideal gift to The Choral Music of Charles Villiers remind the Old Wykehamist of his time at Stanford, due for release November 2014. school. Cantores Episcopi - CD of Christmas Oliver has kindly agreed to make a donation favourites on sale once again this year. to the Bursary Fund of a percentage of the gross profit made on sales to OWs or others Please contact Jamal Sutton, Assistant connected with the School, so please be Director of Chapel Music, at sure to mention your connection to him! [email protected], for copies.


Dates for your Diary

2014: 27th May – Parents Summer Party: in Meads. Future House 150th 11th December – Illumin ¯a: in Meads Anniversaries: 2015: 20th June 20th June In 2018: Kenny’s and Freddie’s, 30th January – Under 25s Dinner: at Winchester Match: Winchester Match: In 2019: Chawker’s, Phil’s, Trant’s The Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall. ticketed lunch on New Field; ticketed lunch on New Field; and Hopper’s 27th February to 9th March – OWCC v.Lords and 2nd XI. Wykeham Patrons’ trip to India: Delhi, OWCC v.Lords and 2nd XI. Agra, Bharatpur and Shimla – in the You can register and pay online for events Footsteps of Wavell (with a touch of 4th July – Domum. Pataudi). You can register and pay online for 11th September – Wykeham Patrons events. All payments are processed 28th February – XVs: Commoners v. Annual Dinner: in Winchester. through Blackbaud Merchant Services OTH: kick off at 2.30pm on College which ensures the highest levels of Canvas. 12th September – Goddard Day: in security are applied. You should be a Winchester. 28th February – 30 Years-on Dinner for registered user of the website to book online for events. New user registrations the Classes of ’84, ’85 & ’86: in 23rd September – 40 Years-on Reunion Dinner for the classes of ‘74,’75&’76: can take up to two days to be processed Winchester after XVs; Tea, ‘Div’ in if registration is completed over a Chantry, Drinks, Chapel etc. at The Cavalry and Guards Club in weekend. Register at London. 10th-11th March – Dinner events in Delhi and Mumbai. 29th September – 50 Years-on Reunion Please read the following carefully: Lunch for the Classes of ’64,’65 &’66: CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT 14th March – VIs: Commoners v. at The Cavalry and Guards Club in OTH: kick off at 2.30pm on College All data on Old Wykehamists, parents and others London. is securely held in the Winchester College Society Canvas. database and will be treated confidentially for the TBC – 1st & 2nd Year Parents benefit of the Society, its members and Winchester 14th March – 60 Years-on Lunch for Reception: in London the Classes of ’54, ’55 & ’56: in College. The data is available to the Win Coll Soc 6th October – 25-40s Dinner: at The office and, upon appropriate application from its Winchester after ‘Div’ in Chantry, Drinks membership, to recognised societies, sports and and Lunch before VIs. Cavalry and Guards Club in London. other clubs associated with the School. Data is used 23rd October – OW Bristol & Bath for a full range of alumni activities, including the 19th March – 20 Years-on Reunion distribution of Win Coll Soc, Wyk Soc and other Dinner for the Classes of ’94, ’95 & Dinner: at the Merchant Venturers Hall. School publications, notification of events and the ’96: at The Cavalry and Guards Club in Guest speaker: The Warden. promotion of any benefits and services that may be London. 21st October – Guilds Annual Dinner: available. Data may also be used for fundraising programmes, but may not be passed to external 22nd March – OW ‘Winkies’ VIs at The Cavalry and Guards Club in commercial or other organisations, or sold on Tournament: in Winchester - please London. auction sites. contact Oli Wettern (G, 06-11) should 24th October – OW Medical Society you wish to play – [email protected] Dinner: a Tripartite event in College 25th April – Inaugural Don Soc Lunch: Hall in the company of their Old Etonian in Winchester. and Old Harrovian counterparts. 23rd May – OW Lodges Dinner: in 10th December – Illumin ¯a: in Meads Winchester. 2016: 9th to 12th May – OW Great War Commemorative visit to the Somme battlefield.