CHALLENGE – 50th Anniversary Celebration QUESTIONNAIRE

1. Action Man was based upon which American ?

2. In which year did Action Man start ?

3. When did Action Man get “gripping hands” ?

4. In which year did the Emergency Range come out ?

5. How many dogs pulled Action Man Arctic Explorer’s sledge ?

6. What was Action Man Patrol ?

7. What were the “Ceremonials” ?

8. Who gave Action Man a Golden Award in 1975 ?

9. How did Action Man Commander give his commands ?

10. Name one of the Special Team.

11. What inspired Action Man to get his realistic hair ?

12. What is the motto of the SAS ?

13. The Action Man Tank was not really a tank. What was it ?

14. When did bring back Action Man ?

15. Where were the Eagle Eyes designed ?

16. Who was the Space Rangers deadly enemy ?

17. What was the first award given to Action Man ?

18. Who produced the 40th Anniversary Action Man ?

19. In which year did stop selling Action Man ?

20. Who was the real Escape Officer at Colditz Castle Prison camp in World War II ?

21. What was the dynamic physique ?

22. The original Palitoy Action Man reappeared for the 30th anniversary in 1996. What was the difference ? 23. What award did Action Man get in 1980 ?

24. How many 50th anniversary Action Men are coming out starting this year ?

25. In which year and by whom was the old Palitoy factory actually closed ?

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Prize for winner – announced on 4th Dec – on Heroes Face book page.

Hand in the completed questionnaire at any time to the Council Offices; to the Action Man Convention on Dec 3rd and 4th (see facebook AMCon16 - at Heartwood Conferencing Coalville); at Coalville Market or at the Hero Project Creative Caravan at Christmas Light Switch on Sat Dec 3rd.

Call Deana on 07974260453 if you need any help.