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Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 7 R All the Vidée Freedom You Can Use, Ùetthe Ra Outstanding Picture

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 7 R All the Vidée Freedom You Can Use, Ùetthe Ra Outstanding Picture

Glimmer of hope for crossowners Three months later at the Ferris FCC

BroadcastingThe newsweekly of broadcasting and allied arts JanOur 23 47th Year 1978


He's Jack Harris, president of KPRC radio and television. And for the past seven years, he has personally directed KPRC TV's participation in the. Houston Area Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. His efforts have helped bring in $6 million for medical research and made the Houston area telethon contributions the highest per capita in the nation., So, when Baylor College of Medicine, headed by Dr. Michael DeBakey, used part of the funds to complete and equip a new research unit in the Jerry Lewis Neuromus- cular Disease Research Center, it was de- cided to name it after someone who really cared about the work that was being: dcíne, NEURHENSORY CENTER and had helped make it possible. Jack Harris. JF HOUSTON A great honor? Jack thinks so, and set}4et; tliës r est of the KPRC - TV organization. But they know honoewon't get out of wheel chairs and back on their feet. That takeslwpney. So next Labor Day, Jack and the rest of ,the KPRC TV crew are goingtsztawpihack in the studio getting people to send in whatever heyca)f' That's why we think Jack Harris iseas impressive a six million dollar man as you'll find. Next year? We're going to try for eight.

KPRC TV 20 HOUSTON Perey Television, Inc., National Representatives /NBC Affiliate.

_ In a world of moving people, communications can't stand still.

Our job: to provide communica- men, government officials -to tions for moving people. Moving anyone who has to keep in touch communications. Mobile com- in order to serve you better. munications. In a world of moving tech- Were an association of inde- nology, we've kept up. Now, pendent companies across the we're moving ahead. With the nation, making what was once freedom to compete, we're now a fantasy become a reality, with a serving more mobile communica- whole new generation of personal tions subscribers than any com- communications services. peting system. Our Telocator® pagers and The Telocator Network of mobile radio telephones are vital America. That's Communications to doctors, businessmen, repair- on the Move.


For Telocator mobile tele- Kwik Kall Communications Metrocall phone or pager service in the 953 -3311 751 -4550 Washington area, call any of the following members of the Contact of Washington, Inc. Radio Communications, Inc. Telocator Network: 333 -1150 855 -6500 WINNER OF NINE EMMY AWARDS





Don Platt represents a rather new breed of division) is considered by many captains of in- broadcast manager: The professionally - dustry to be the finest "real life" marketing educated, professionally -trained general man- training available. It is there that one learns, ager. The term "general" in this case is particu- firsthand, the need for clear business logic and larly apropos, because Don would be able to the value of on -going management information apply the same finely- developed marketing skills developed through research. Since building and financial understanding to almost any indus- broadcast audience and selling broadcast time try he chose to enter. His M.B.A. training at are both really marketing functions, the industry Stanford University gave him a thorough knowl- must consider itselffortunate to have the profes- edge of the tools of marketing and general com- sional expertise that Don Platt, and others like merce. His real business acumen was perhaps him, bring. best refined, however, at America's. marketing Don is Vice President and General Manager of mogul: Proctor and Gamble. A brand mange - KSFX, ABC -FM in San Francisco .. . ment internship at P & G (Don's was in thefood and a valued client. The Research Group

Perceptual Research for Broadcast Management % Sun Luis Obispo, California Broadcasting Jan23 The Week in Brief

SILVERMAN TO NBC The programer with the golden ARBITRON EXPLAINS Measurement firm says that last touch for ABC will leave that company and replace year's drop in TV viewing levels stemmed from the Herbert Schlosser as president and chief executive comparison of 1977 numbers against those of an officer. PAGE 28. exceptional 1976.1t adds that figures are now back in line with previous years. PAGE 50. REINSCH TO GET DSA Cox Broadcasting chairman selected by NAB for industry's highest honor. PAGE 29. OUT OF COURT A court in Milwaukee throws out the case against Storer's WIT/ -Tv there, brought by fan who IN PUERTO RICO The NAB board assesses its major wanted to force the station to carry CBS's basketball problems including the status of the Van Deerlin rewrite game of the week. The station now says it will carry the and sex and violence on TV. PAGE 29. games. PAGE 52.

LANCE TO TV The former director of the Office of GLIMMER OF HOPE Questions from some of the Management and Budget will do news analyses on WXIA- Supreme Court justices during oral arguments in the media crossownership case boost the confidence of the TV Atlanta and possibly other Combined Communications stations. PAGE 55. plaintiffs' lawyers. PAGE 30.

FERRIS'S FIRST QUARTER The new FCC chairman, three PORNO PROMOTION Turned down by the months into the job, still thinks its "great.' Although the Times when it tried to buy ads for an X -rated film, pace he's set is not as fast as some would have expected, Pussycat Theaters does find three independent TV's he's happy with the work accomplished so far. PAGE 32. there that would accept the campaign. PAGE s8.

ROBINSON TO WARC The former FCC commissioner DIARY TAMPERING A grand jury in Denver is to and U. of Virginia law professor is picked to head U.S. consider whether or not to hand down indictments delegation. Ambassadorship will come later. PAGE 33. against persons suspected of manipulating or selling Arbitron ratings diaries. PAGE 58.

REVISIT To WPIX The eight -year old fight for channel AKRON DUST-UP A letter to FCC's Ferris from Roger 11 in New York surfaces again in oral arguments at the Berk of WAKR -Tv, a UHF there, about his concerns in FCC. Challenger Forum Communications digs up old connection with Cleveland network signals, brings charges of news distortion. PAGE 36. charges of foul from the opposition. PAGE 60.

POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS Common Cause reports DIPLEXING GOING WELL Most broadcasters are who got how much and from whom during the 1976 pleased with the new technique that sends both TV audio campaign. It includes reports on donations by the NAB and video signals on one AT &T circuit. PAGE 61. and the NCTA to Communications Subcommittee members. PAGE 37. IMPORTS The U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments in the eight -year old battle by Zenith over the JAMMED AGENDA INTV heads for San Diego next prices of Japanese -made TV receivers in this country. Sunday for four days of sessions that will touch on all PAGE 61. phases of independent TV operation. PAGE 38. ENGINEERING A COMEBACK As the new president of SEX ON TELEVISION A Doyle Dane Bernbach study of CBS Television Stations Division, Tom Leahy is charged adult Americans finds the public wants reins on such with restoring that Tiffany group of stations to the programing, but is wary of outright censorship or federal prominence that lately had been slipping away. His first controls. More advertiser involvement with the issue is move is to people the division with those who can grow urged. PAGE 46. and accept responsibility. PAGE 61.

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Minority aid banquet, and some as yet undefined negotiation. When that fails with closed- circuit innovations. Meeting starts broadcasters, Mr. Hooks said, groups will Carter administration is about to May 23 at Century Plaza hotel in Los be prepared to file petitions to deny license announce plan to ease minorities' way to Angeles and, if special plans work out, will renewals. broadcast and ownership. probably run one day longer than usual to Program includes suggestions that FCC May 26. give credit in comparative hearings to Money people applicants with minority participation and In addition to engineering and legal permit licensees facing renewal or Squeaker specialist, each member of FCC should revocation hearing to sell station at Tribune Co. of has bare majority acquire personal economist to provide reduced price to minority group of FCC commissioners on its side in its guidance on common carrier matters (BROADCASTING, Jan. 9). effort to stave off challenge of Forum dealing with reasonableness of tariffs in Plan also provides for government loans Communications Inc. for license of its telephone, telegraph, satellite and other and loan guarantees, spells out guidelines WPlx(TV) New York. After oral argument regulatory areas where rate structures are for government agencies to allocate in case on Wednesday (see story page 36), basic. That's view of Commissioner advertising money to minority -owned commissioners went into closed session, Abbott Washburn, whose international stations, and includes training program in engaged in vigorous debate for two- and -a- communications background has station operation, to be carried out by half hours on instructions to be given staff established him as resident expert in Labor Department. as to drafting of final order. When it was satellite communications matters. over, Commissioners Robert E. Lee, Each commissioner (except chairman) now is to Morning line James H. Quello, Abbott Washburn and entitled two professional experts Margita White were understood to favor in Grade 15 (annual pay from $36,170 to Politicking went on beneath palm trees in renewal, over dissenting views of $47,025). Mr. Washburn wants third - Puerto Rico where National Association of Chairman Charles D. Ferris and economist in same pay range -plus Broadcasters joint board met last week. Commissioners Joseph Fogarty and present three of secretarial -clerical rank. Although elections of new board officials Tyrone Brown. Positions could change by FCC Chairman Charles Ferris has three don't take place until next board meeting time final order is adopted, but no one is professionals on personal staff. His in Toronto in June, candidates are lining betting on commission order denying predecessors had four. up like this: current board chairman, renewal. Donald Thurston (WMNB -AM -FM North Commission order favoring wPlx would Adams, Mass.), is shoo -in for re- election, not end eight -year-old fight. Forum's Brown's men unopposed, to second one -year term. counsel, Michael Finkelstein, said if FCC Commissioner Tyrone Brown has Television board chairmanship, currently commission denies its application, Forum picked two legal assistants: Neal Goldberg, held by Kathryn Broman (Springfield will be "in court next day." (Mass.] ), who of Washington law firm of Wilmer, Cutler retires from board in June, is sought by & Pickering, and Booker Wade, of Thomas Bolger (WMTV(TV] Madison, Deflation Department of Transportation. Formal Wis.), current TV board vice chairman. Trend in salesman compensation among appointment awaits Civil Service He is unopposed at moment. Bill Bengtson big television program syndicators is away clearance. (KOAM -TV Pittsburg, Kan.) wants TV vice from commission system and to salary chairmanship. plus bonus. Latest to make change is said SNAFU Both chairmanship and vice to be 20th Century -Fox Television. With chairmanship of radio board will be up for rise in TV prices for production and Situation was normal, but didn't look it, grabs: Chairmanship, now held by Len distribution, commissions were getting when seven broadcasters declined Hensel (WSM- AM -FM-TV Nashville) who out of hand. nominations to National Association of retires from board in June, is sought by Broadcasters radio and TV boards Bill Sims (KOrolAMI- KlozlFMl Laramie, (BROADCASTING, Jan. 16). There were two Wyo.) and Walter May (WPKE(AM]- NAACP turns pro primary reasons: press of business and WDHR[FMI Pikesville, Ky.). Although Former FCC Commissioner Benjamin L. three -way ties in which one nominee deferred to two. It in unannounced, Jerry Lee (wDvRIFM] Hooks is delivering on promise to set up other happens every Philadelphia) is also expected to run. No office of communication at National election, but this time NAB released one has announced yet for radio vice Association for the Advancement of announcement of initial call for chairmanship, now held by Dick Painter Colored People, which he now heads. nominations (BROADCASTING, Jan. 2) (KYSM -AM -FM Mankato, Minn.), who also Office is to be run by Angela Shaw, before all reluctant candidates had chance retires in June. lawyer formerly with FCC Common to remove their names. NAB emphasizes Carrier Bureau and later legal assistant to it won't happen again. FCC Commissioner Joseph Fogarty. Stops out Working with Miss Shaw will be Veronica ABC -TV, simultaneously celebrating 25th Jefferson, formerly with Office of News network? anniversary of its current ownership and Communication of United Church of WPIX(TV) New York is getting closer to management and runaway lead in prime - Christ. New office, in NAACP's New York decision on production of national news time ratings, hopes to make this year's headquarters, will be concerned with show for independents, with start date annual meeting of its affiliates something treatment of blacks by and in radio, either in June or September. Present special to remember. Among possibilities television and print media. thought is to send stations satellite feed at under consideration are active roles for New office will also establish 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. on barter basis, with ABC -TV program stars in sessions departments in NAACP's branch offices time reserved for national advertisers. themselves, instead of their usual stand- to teach members how to deal with media. Project cost is put at $3 million a year or up- and -say -hello appearances at annual Aim will be to resolve differences through more.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 7 r all the vidée freedom you can use, Ùetthe ra outstanding picture.

That's the RCA TK-46, latest version of the most ratio by 3 dB; a 30° tiltable viewfinder with an popular studio camera ever made. It incorporates 8" diagonal screen; simultaneous in /out of band a host of features introduced to the industry by aperture equalization with combing and coring - RCA -successful in more than 1,500 units -the standard, of course. The control panel has been largest universe of any camera series. simplified, and setup controls are virtually Camera excellence doesn't just accident -proof. happen. In the TK -46, it comes Video freedom is available now from years of experience. in the TK -46. And in a huge array of broadcast We planned to set a new standard for studio equipment from RCA. cameras when we introduced the original TK -44- Video is of and we succeeded. Its successor, the TK-46, still freedom the outstanding performance sets the standard, with features that deliver the TK -46. It's the flexibility, features and value of outstanding pictures. Among them: Chromacomp, our other cameras. It's everything you need for the colorimetry adjustment that doesn't change quality TV operation: antennas, transmitters, picture luminance; comb filter and coring, for mobile vans, VTRs, telecine systems, and more. greatly improved signal-to -noise ratio; high It's all available now. Contact your RCA efficiency prism optics for clarity and stability; Representative, or write us. RCA Broadcast scene contrast compression. And such automatic Systems, Building 2 -2, Camden, NJ 08102. features as color balance, iris control and optional centering control. You deserve the latest camera developments. You get them in the TK -46. The TK -46 includes these new features: an advanced preamp that improves signal -to-noise ncn TK-46. Part of the new video freedom. BusinessJLBriefly

eight -week TV flight beginning this week. TV only Daniel & Charles, New York, will buy Rep appointments spots in test markets during early fringe KXYZ(AM)- KAUM(FM) Houston, and prime time. Target: total adults and Folger Coffee Subsidiary of Procter & WERE(AM)- WGCL(FM) Cleveland, children. Gamble features its flaked coffee in five - KPAM -AM -FM Portland, Ore., and Amoco Oil Co.O Light oils will be month TV buy starting in February. KBEO(FM) Kansas City, Mo.: RKO featured in eight -week TV campaign Cunningham & Walsh, New York, will buy Radio Sales, New York. beginning this week. D'Arcy-MacManus & spots in 32 markets during all dayparts. KWJJ(FM)- KJIB(FM) Portland, Ore., Masius, Chicago, will buy spots in 60 Target: total women. and WONO(FM) Syracuse, N.Y.: markets during prime and news time. Eastman Radio, N.Y. Target: men, 18 -49. National Bakers Service Hollywood WKWF(AM) Key West, Fla.: Jack bread will be highlighted in three -month Bolton Associates, Atlanta. Huffman Mfg. o Bicycle and automotive TV flight starting in April. Hopkins, Patwell O WLKR -AM -FM Norwalk, Ohio: service station equipment manufacturer will seek & Associates, Hollywood, Fla., Regional Reps, Cleveland. plans six -to- eight -week TV buy beginning during spots in approximately 50 markets in early April for its bicycles. Sive fringe time. Target: women, 25 -49. Associates, Cincinnati, will schedule Eureka Tent Co. Company features its spots in 22 markets during early fringe Foods McKenzie's country Seabrook tents in 10 -week TV flight starting in early time. Target: women, 18 -49, and children, fry and vegetable gumbo is scheduled for March. Wm. L. Baxter Advertising, 6 -11. 10 TV beginning this -week promotion Minneapolis, will seek spots in 25 & Co., Atlanta, is week. Tucker Wayne markets during news and sports time. Carling National Breweries o Brewery arranging spots in about 12 markets Target: adults, 18 -35. will highlight its Tuborg beer in seven - during day, fringe and prime time. Target: week TV campaign beginning in early women, 18 -49. GAF Corp. o GAF Viewmaster will get February. W. B. Doner, Baltimore, will select spots in 18 markets during prime, news and early fringe time. Target men, 18 -49.

Mego Corp. o Toy manufacturer slates seven -week TV push for its various toys beginning this week. Ted Bates, New York, will place spots in 21 markets during children's time. Target: children, 6 -11. International Harvester Lawn and garden division will spend approximately lite $500,000 on six -week TV campaign t in starting mid -March. BBDM, Chicago, erVings ;rre sonr will buy spots in about 60 markets during i ,ZodS y v obe fringe time. Target: total men. ;petiés Cf BUetkr Ziebart International Corp. Auto cases »betb rustproofing firm slates five -week TV drive ovao beginning in late March. Ross Roy, Detroit, st ti is buying spots in at least 40 markets Vete during fringe and prime time. Target: men, u`rPgi`es 18 and over. . 1 e`i ackontg o`e ng Potato Service Inc. Frozen food 1 S r processor places five -week TV promotion beginning in early February, costing and approximately $180,000. Chapman ead oendSe a sy.ovng Communications, New York, will handle ooel Suspen the y spots in New York, Boston and Presque of ot Isle, Me. Target: women, 25 -49. dYaíná s American Express Co. American teYfu Express card gets four -week TV push ts;yoY`ket. beginning in late February. Ogilvy & Mather, New York, is buying spots during ad fringe time in nine markets. Target: men, MaCom 25 -54. Allen Products Co. Division of

Broadcasting Jen 23 7978 10 These are some of the people to ask when you have questions about Gulf. Finding, producing and transporting energy are complicated jobs. Sometimes the reasons we do things one way instead of another, or do one thing instead of another, aren't clear to anybody outside the business. But the people and the press have a right to know what we're doing and how it will affect them. So Gulf Oil Corporation has an elaborate system for supply- ing answers to questions about our company. The people in the picture are just a few of the people who are in charge of Gulf Public Affairs offices in various parts of the country. Below there is a list of names and phone numbers of the Gulf people to call when you need information. We hope you'll use the system, because probably one of the most important challenges we have to meet is maintaining a free and open dialogue with the press.

Gulf people: meeting the challenge.

1. Atlanta, Georgia Michael M. Kumpf 404- 897 -7738 2. Boston, Massachusetts James T. Morris 617 -227 -7030 3. Denver, Colorado James W. Hart, Jr. 303 -758-5855 4. Houston, Texas James I. Gatten 713-750-2736 5. Raymond Snokhous 713. 6824170 6. Los Angeles, California Ralph E. Lewis, Jr. 213 -553 -3800 7. New Orleans, Louisiana Michael H. Nelson 504 -566 -2667 8. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jack Galloway 215-563-6633 9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Thomas D. Walker 412-263-5938 10. Santa Fe, New Mexico A. Samuel Adelo 505- 988 -8905 11. Tulsa, Oklahoma Jeffrey P. Harris 918 -560 -4305 12. Washington, D.C. Nicholas G. Flocos 202 -659.8720 Gulf Oil Corporation Liggett & Myers slates four -week TV drive fringe time. Target: women, 18 -49, and for its Alpo snap treats, starting in late working women. Radio only February. Weightman Advertising, Philadelphia, is placing spots in 15 General Electric Company features markets during fringe and daytime. its rechargeable batteries in three -week TRW Inc. Manufacturer will launch 52- Target: women, 25 -64. TV buy beginning in late March. General week radio promotion beginning in late Electric's Advertising and Sales February. Media Buying Services, New Arthur Treacher's Restaurant chain Promotion Operations, Stamford, Conn., York, will select spots in 13 markets schedules four -week TV flight beginning will arrange spots during fringe and prime including Boston, Chicago and this week. Sawdon & Bess, New York, will time. Target: adults, 25 -54. Philadelphia. Target: men, 35 and over. buy spots in approximately 21 markets during fringe time. Target: men and Ice House Wines O Ice House wine S.S.S. Co. S.S.S. Tonic gets 20 -week get two TV women, 18 -49, and teen -agers. cocktail will -to- three -week rado promotion beginning this week. push starting in early March. David W. . Tucker Wayne & Co., Atlanta, is selecting Colonial Penn insurance Insurance Evans, Los Angeles, will place spots in spots in 120 markets. Target: adults, firm will place four -week TV buy about four markets including New York 25 -54. beginning in early February. Direct during fringe time. Target: adults, 18 -34. Response Network, Philadelphia, will Boyer Bros. Inc. Sweets manufacturer will handle spots in about 100 markets during Banquet Frozen Foods Company will place 12 -week radio promotion day and fringe time. Target: adults, 50 and feature its fried chicken in two -week TV beginning in early February for its candy. over. campaign starting in early February. Case Mediators, New York, will buy spots in 10 in & McGrath, New York, will buy spots 14 markets including Albany, N.Y., Boston, Jelmar Corp. Tarn -X tarnish remover markets during prime time. Target: Milwaukee and St. Louis. Target: teen- will be featured in three -week TV push women, 18 -49. agers. beginning in mid -February. A. Eicoff & Co., Smithfield Packing Co. Company Chicago, will handle spots in about 60 Japan Airlines Airline schedules four - focuses its markets during all dayparts. Target: total on lunch meats in two -week week radio push starting in early February. TV push in February. Henry women. starting early Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove, New York, J. Kaufman, Washington, is scheduling will handle spots in five markets including Raygold Company will feature its in markets spots eight during day and Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Velamints sugar -free mints in three -week fringe time. Target: women, 18 early -49. Target: adults, 35 and over. TV flight beginning in late February. Don Chicago, will place spots in 56 Anheuser Busch Brewery sponsors Tennant, Tyson Foods Poultry division arranges markets during fringe and prime time. Muhammad Ah -Leon Spinks world four -week radio flight for its rock cornish Target: adults, 18 -49. heavyweight boxing championship on CBS Radio, Wednesday, Feb. 15, hens starting in early March. Brooks - Armstrong Cork Co. Floor division beginning at 10 p.m. NYT, through D'Arcy- Pollard, Little Rock, Ark., will place spots features its Solarian no -wax flooring in MacManus & Masius. Win Elliot and Don in Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee, three -week TV campaign starting in early Dunphy will provide description of bout. spending approximately 550,000 on March. BBDO, New York, will seek spots campaign. in about 20 markets during late fringe Sentry insurance Insurance firm time. Target: women, 25 -49. sponsors one hour ABC -TV special, The Geo. A. Hormel Grocery products Sentry Collection Presents Ben Vereen- division focuses on its chili in two -to -four Tastykake Inc. Bakery schedules His Roots, Thursday, March 2 (10 -11 p.m. week radio campaign beginning this three-week TV push for its Ole South pies NYT), through Grey Advertising, Ben week. BBDO, Minneapolis, will buy spots beginning in late February. Montgomery & Vereen, star of Roots, will be highlighted in about 12 markets including Atlanta, Associates, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., is placing in special spotlighting key events of his Dallas, Los Angeles and San Diego. spots in 12 markets during day and late life. Target: women, 18 -34. Automatic Data Processing Inc. BAR reports t% levIslon- network sales as of Dec. 25. Computerized bookkeeping and ABC $1,222,635,500 (34.4 %) O CBS $1.185,394.300 (33.2 %) n $1,158,119,800 (32 4%) recordkeeping service schedules four - Total Total week radio buy starting in early March. minutes dollars Schaefer Advertising, Valley Forge, Pa., is week week 1977 total 1976 total change ended ended 1977 total dollars dollars from buying spots in 15 markets including year to date 1976 Day parts Dec. 25 Dec. 25 minutes year to date Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas and Miami. Monday- Friday Target: men, 25 -54. Sign -on -10 a.m. 141 S 944,600 7,729 S 51,083,300 S 38,669,700 +32.1 National Coal Association Trade Monday- Friday association places two -to- three -week 10 a.m. -6 p.m. 913 11,922,500 51,289 782,329.100 634,517.400 +23.3 radio campaign beginning in early April. Saturday- Sunday Richard Newman Associates, Sign -on -6 p.m. 240 7,019,100 15.436 408.204.500 340,201.600 +20.0 Champaign, Ill., is handling spots in 30 Monday- Saturday markets including Boston, Chicago, 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. 102 4.851,600 5,118 200,718,600 159,121,400 +26.1 Detroit and St. Louis. Target: men, 25 -54. Sunday 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. 19 739.300 1,075 58,068,700 49,139,200 +18.2 U.S. Air Force Recruiting arm slates Monday- Sunday five -week radio push beginning this week. 7:30 p.m.-11 p.m. 398 32,600.500 21,392 1.820,094,600 1.514,859,800 +20.1 D'Arcy -MacManus & Masius, New York, is Monday- Sunday placing spots in about 80 markets 11 p.m.- Sign -off 214 4.623.000 10.762 245.650,800 217,775,600 +12.8 including Boston, New Orleans, St. Louis, Seattle and Washington. Target: men, Total 2,027 S62,700,600 112,801 $3.566,149,600 82,954,284,700 +20.7 18 -24. Agency was incorrectly identified Source: Broadcast Advertisers Reports in BROADCASTING. Jan. 9.





al fine -part- .ebb a _ up ai c apart- men.. However, Jack is un- ment. However, Jack is un- .. -.rlef aware that the man is an un- aware that the man is an un- dercover cop. dercover cop. Acket Busters." .ers." Q MovN "Ride 'the High Q Movie "Ride the High Country." See index. Country." See index. jests: Dea )ean and ill and Qt kilo of Amherst (R) Julie former Old Cowboys Nover Die Kare. ison Harris stars in this one wom- .Aorrison. Or Do They? Soo "RIDE * the M an celebration of life, spir- THE HIGH COUNTRY" it and poetry of Emily Dickin- and Skis* d Shirley son. e to come up -orne up ( Soh of Amherst (R) Julie Los Espedolos de Silvia action when a ti when Harris stars in this one wom- Hazel helps the Irranges a ® Hazel (R) figes a an celebration of the life, spir- home. .s daughter Baxters sell their uaughter it and poetry of Emily Dickin- Quentin." i ,ohnny Des - $:I5 a Movie "San ,nnny Des - son. index. .zarella king. See .zarella king. a Los Espoclales de Silvio $i30 l Ono Day at o Tim. Ann .Nay Guest: Wil- rl zy Guest: Wil- Hazel (R) Hazel helps the Barbara's pain- journalist, dis- encourages urnalist, dis - Baxters sell their home. fully bashful, but ever -pre- F ig up in a small pp in a small I:1S Movie "San Quentin." sent, worshipper to gather his a See index. courage and ask her for a vie (R) Pyle (R) date. But before the boy 1:30 () Ono Day at Theo Ann i

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AIY`MC`EC/Y1A Production

Distributed by P I T S Films Contact Robin French or Gary Lieberthal 1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 666, Los Angeles, CA 90067, (213) 553 -3600 MondayEMemo R A broadcast advertising commentary from James W. Holland, director of advertising and public affairs, Qwip Systems, New York

Qwip sends a message tioned, by a substantial print campaign. Together, the package amounts to a sus- via radio and television tained, year -long, nonseasonal awareness Manufacturers of facsimile transceivers campaign which we feel will effectively ( "fax" equipment) have made one big launch facsimile in general, and Qwip in mistake in their attempts to introduce this particular. revolutionary device to the business mar- The breakdown of markets to be used ket. They have been selling just another for the 1978 media plan is quite solid. We piece of office equipment rather than an have divided the markets into "A" (ma- entirely new concept in office hard -copy jor), "B" (minor), and "C" (small) communications. This realization, I categories. While the "A" category en- believe, accounts for the tremendous suc- compasses large cities such as New York, cess we have had in the just- completed Dallas, Houston, Washington, Boston and nine-week TV -radio test advertising cam- so on, these markets also happen to be the paign for Qwip Systems in Chicago and nation's communications centers, which Los Angeles. As a result of this success, lends additional meaning to the "major" we are moving right into our national ad- categorization. The divisions are also rep- vertising campaign in broadcast as well as James W. Holland is director, advertising and resentative of the size of our own opera- print, starting this week. public affairs, for Qwip, a position he assumed tions in each locale. Qwip is a simple device that allows the in October 1976. He joined Qwip Systems, a An interesting facet to the campaign is operator to send and receive authentic major manufacturer of convenience facsimile that the television component is not a net- copies of letters, reports, drawings, equipment, when the company was in its third work buy, but a spot buy. In making this sketches, charts, contracts and other time - year of operation. He subsequently was decision, the financial aspect was not the critical documents across town or across instrumental in developing the major concern. With the excellent country in minutes. The only other piece communications strategy and launching an capability of the media department at of equipment necessary to the operation aggressive national marketing program. Before Creamer Lois /FSR, the buying can be of a Qwip machine is the already essential joining Qwip, Mr. Holland had amassed 10 controlled market -by- market so that the telephone. In short, facsimile transmis- years of experience as director of broadcast national spot buy becomes the most effi- sion can be described as long- distance production at Gaynor & Ducas Advertising, cient way to go. We will be shooting for copying done with a telephone. New York news, sports and normal day parts. Fax has actually been a viable business The radio buys will concentrate on simi- tool, since the introduction of the AP lar markets with heavy emphasis on drive Wirephoto of the 1930's. But it wasn't un- last spring, has been aimed at top business time. Radio spots will be off during the til the Carterfone decision of 1968 that it executives through such publications as weekend. Of particular importance in the became possible to use regular telephone Time, Newsweek, Business Week, The radio /TV combination is the definite in- equipment for transmission purposes. Wall Street Journal and Fortune. But the terplay between the two. In the long run, Xerox, 3M and Graphic Sciences (now a broadcast media are the most efficient our audience won't remember whether division of Burroughs) entered the field means for reaching this audience. The they saw it on TV or heard it on the radio, early and began marketing their fax equip- results of the test campaign in Chicago which is the ultimate objective of an ment. We feel their marketing efforts were and Los Angeles corroborated this view. awareness campaign. ineffective. The equipment they offered Although Chicago and Los Angeles are One of the inspired aspects of the whole was expensive, too delicate and sensitive, tough test cities, we chose them because project, aside from the nature of the con- and hence, unreliable. As to approach, we have strong in -place marketing opera- cept and product, is the way George Lois they were selling hardware rather than the tions and were able to follow up on interest attacked the conceptual difficulties in- concept of fax. We immediately realized generated by the test. The usual test cities herent in marketing Qwip. By playing off that top -level executives, not office man- were just too small for a young company of the Qwip name, he created Qwentin agers, were positioned to buy a concept. like Qwip Systems. Qwibble, master of the "Qw" sound. Our advertising campaign reflects this. We The test was unbelievably successful Broadcast market audiences will hear are talking to management with $25,000 - and far exceeded our expectations. Aware- Qwibble offer these friendly words of ad- plus incomes who are involved in making ness rose 475% from pre- to post- testing- vice: decisions to buy equipment worth more a period of nine weeks. And the concur- "Qwip is an inqwedible machine that than $1,000. rent sales volume was very good. Our mails pictures and words electronically by The Qwip 1000 series rents for $29 a agency enlisted the aid of Oxtoby -Smith telephone in four minutes fwat!" month, is extraordinarily simple to oper- Inc. to do a penetration study. This was In the 10 years since Carterfone, only ate, and offers a "repair -by- replacement" done in two waves of interviewing, one 150,000 fax units were placed in the mar- policy which precludes time -consuming, wave occurring before the advertising ket. With a 33- million business phone po- on- premises repairs. These qualities broke in late September, the other coming tential, that figure truly represents only the reduce the marketing thrust to the concep- after it was over at the end of November. merest stirring of the sleeping giant. And tual level which, with the assistance of In each wave 550 target people were inter- Qwip is now leading the way. In 1977, we Creamer Lois /FSR President and Creative viewed. These people were responsible for placed more units than Xerox, Graphic Director George Lois, we have been able major office equipment purchases in their Sciences and 3M combined. This is why to translate into extremely effective adver- firm, and they worked in offices that embarking upon Qwip System's first com- tising. employed at least 25 persons. The target bined national TV, radio and print cam- The competition advertises almost ex- age group was in the 20-54 range. paign is particularly exciting. In terms of clusively in the vertical trade media, The national broadcast campaign is just product features and marketing exper- which, of course, is hardware oriented. now getting under way. The radio and tise -Qwip Systems has it. Now, the na- Our print campaign, which went national television spots will be supported, as men- tional broadcast campaign will flaunt it.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 16 Broadcasters are talking about two exciting new programs from BROADCAST WORKS, DatebookN R,

indicates new or revised listing Television News Directors Association. Sheraton Ritz, the Year" and "Television News Photography Station of Minneapolis. the Year" awards. In addition, NPPA will again conduct its annual competition in the areas of spot news, gen- Jan. 27 -28- Utah Broadcasters Association con- eral news, sports, features, minidocumentaries and This week vention. The Four Seasons motel and convention documentaries. Contact: Sheila Keyes, chairman, center, St. George, Utah. Jan. 22 -24 -South Carolina Broadcasters Associ- Television News Photography Competition, NPPA, ation winter convention. Scheduled speakers include Jan. 28- Hollywood Foreign Press Associations 1819 North Grismer Avenue, Burbank, Calif. 91504. Senate Communications Subcommittee Chairman Er- 35th annual Golden Globe Awards banquet and pre- Jan. 31 Advertising Bureau sales clinic. nest Hollings (D- S.C.), South Carolina Supreme Court sentation. NBC -TV will telecast event. Beverly Hilton -Radio White Plains hotel, White Plains, N.Y. (for New York Justice C.B. Littlejohn, Dan Redmond of Washington hotel, Hollywood. law firm of Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, and Richard City area). Shiben, chief of FCC renewal and transfer division. Jan. 28- Deadline for entries in 10th annual Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards for outstanding Sheraton Inn I -85, Hearon Circle, Spartanburg, S.C. coverage of the problems of the disadvantaged. Pro- February Jan. 22-25-National Religious Broadcasters 35th fessional categories will be broadcast (radio and annual convention. Washington Hilton hotel, Washing- television), print (newspapers and magazine) and Feb. 1 -Radio Advertising Bureau sales clinic. ton. photojournalism. Cash prizes of $1,000 will be Sheraton Airport Inn, Bloomington, Minn. (For Min- awarded the best in each category, with an additional neapolis area). Jan. 23-FCC's deadline for comments in inquiry on $2,000 grand prize for the most outstanding of the Feb. Deadline for entries for Awards in Connecti- problems encountered by "saturated" cable systems category winners. Entries from student print, broad- 1- cut Business Journalism to recognize writers and in complying with FCC's mandatory signal carriage cast and photojournalists will be judged separately media serving Connecticut for distinguished business rules (Docket 21472). Replies are due Feb. 22. FCC, with a three -month journalism internship in Washing- and financial journalism last year. Prizes of $500 will Washington. ton to be awarded. Information: Ruth Dramstadter, ex- be granted writers and producers in eight media ecutive director, 1035 30th Street, N.W., Washington Jan. 26- Deadline for nominations for Sigma Delta categories, Information and entries: Connecticut Busi- 20007; (202) 338 -7444. Chi Distinguished Service Awards. Of the 16 catego- ness Journalism Awards, P.O. Box 3598, Hartford, ries, there will be three in radio and three in television: Jan. 29 -30- Eighth conference on weathercasting Conn. 06103. reporting, public service in journalism and editorializ- (radio and TV) as part of the American Meteorological Feb. 1- American Advertising Federation public ing. Cassettes, tapes or film and a typewritten sum- Society's 58th annual meeting (Jan. 29 -Feb. 2). De 2- affairs conference. Federal Trade Commission Chair- mary, plus scripts are required. Awards will be pres- Soto Hilton hotel, Savannah, Ga. ented April 28 in St. Louis. Sigma Delta Chi Awards in man Michael Pertschuk will be keynote speaker. Hyatt - Journalism, 35 East Wacker Drive. suite 3108. Jan. 29 -Feb. 1- Association of Independent Televi- Regency hotel, Washington. Chicago 60601. sion Stations fifth annual convention. Vacation Village. Feb. 1 -2- Ohio Association of Broadcasters' profes- San Diego. Jan. 25 - chapter of American Women sional sales school. Carrousel Inn, Columbus, Ohio. in Radio and 7bleuision's-luncheon, featuring former Jan. Public meeting, Carnegie Commission on. 30- Feb. 2- Radio Advertising Bureau sales clinic. Pick - Beverly Wilshire, Los FCC Commissioner Benjamin Hooks, who is now ex- Future of Public Broadcasting. Congress, Chicago. ecutive director of the National Association for the Ad- Angeles. vancement of Colored People, speaking on "Women Feb. 2- 3- Arkansas Broadcasters Association winter and Minorities in Television" Women's Republican convention. Speakers will include Arkansas candi- Club, 3 West 51st Street, New York. Also In January dates for the U.S. Senate and Jim Gabbert of the Na- tional Radio Broadcasters Association. Pine Bluff Con- new date for replies in FM quad- Jan. 28- Southern Cable Television Association fi- Jan. 30 -FCC's vention Center and Holiday Inn South, Pine Bluff, Ark. nancial seminar to acquaint lending institutions in raphonic broadcasting inquiry (Docket 21310). FCC. Southern states with cable television. Capitol Airport Washington. Feb. 2- 6- International Radio and Television Inn, Atlanta. Society's faculty /industry seminar. Harrison Con- Deadline for entries in Eastman Kodak Co Jan. 31- ference Center, Glen Cove, N.Y. Jan. 27- 28- Annual meeting of Northwest Broad- and National Press Photographers Association com- cast News Association in conjunction with Radio and petition tor 1977 "Television News Photographer o Feb. 3- 4- Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers 12th annual television conference. Sheraton -Atlanta hotel, Atlanta. Major meetings Feb. 4- Regional conference of Northeast Region of National Federation of Local Cable Programmers which will include seminars on funding, media access, Jan. 22 -25- National Religious Broadcasters meeting. Stouffer's Twin Towers, Cincinnati. production and media for social change. Boston Film 35th annual convention. Washington Hilton hotel. June 7- 10- Broadcasters Promotion Associ- and Video Foundation, Boston. Contact: Sallie Fischer, Washington. ation 23d annual seminar. Radisson St. Paul, St. region coordinator, P.O. Box 75, Derby, Conn. 06418. Jan. 29 -Fab. Association of Independent Paul. 1979 convention will be June 6 -10, 1- Feb. 5 Seminar on impact of cameras in Television Stations fifth annual convention. Vaca- Nashville. -7- courtrooms, cosponsored by Florida Association of tion Village, San Diego. June 13- 17- American Women in Radio and Broadcasters and Florida Press Association and pres- March 4 -8- National Association of Television 7kleuision s 27th annual convention. Los Angeles ented by University of Florida College of Journalism Program Executives conference. Bonaventure Hilton. Los.Angeles. and Communications. Hilton hotel, Gainesville. Con- hotel, Los Angeles. Future conferences; March June 17 -20- American Advertising Federation tact: Pamela M. Zimpfer, division of continuing educa- 10 -14, 1979, MGM Grand hotel, Las Vegas; March annual convention. St. Francis hotel, San Fran- tion, University of Florida, 2012 West University 8 -12. 1980, Nob Hill complex, San Francisco. cisco. Avenue, Gainesville 32603. April 9 -12- National Association of Broad- Sept. 17- 20- National Radio Broadcasters As- Feb. 6 -7 -South Carolina Cable Television Associ- casters annual convention. Las Vegas. Future con- sociation annual convention. Hyatt Regency Em- ation annual meeting. Wade Hampton inn, Columbia. ventions: Dallas, March 25 -28, 1979; New barcadero hotel, San Francisco. Future conven- Information: Vic Nicholls, (803) 271 -8526. Orleans, March 30 -April 2, 1980; Las Vegas, tions: Oct. 6 -8, 1979, Washington Hilton hotel, March 12-15, 1981; Dallas April 4 -7, 1982; Las Washington; Oct. 5 -8, 1980, Bonaventure hotel, Feb. 7- Radio Advertising Bureau sales clinic. Holi- Vegas, April 10 -13, 1983; Atlanta, March 18 -21, Los Angeles; Sept. 20-23, 1981, Marriott hotel, day Inn, Charlotte, N.C. 1984. Chicago. Feb. 7 -Panel on advertisers' responsibility to April 21- 27- MIP-TV 14th annual international Sept 17.20- Broadcast Financial Management society, the first of a series of panels on business marketplace for producers and distributors of TV Associations 18th annual conference. Dunes hotel ethics under a grant from the National Endowment for programing. Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France. and country club, Las Vegas. 1979 conference will the Humanities. C.W. (Tex) Cook, General Foods Corp.; be Sept. 16 -19 at Waldorf Astoria, New York, 1980 Leonard S. Matthews, Young & Rubicam National, and Annual convention of the April 30-May 3- Na- conference will be Sept. 14 -17 at Town and Coun- Joan Z. Bernstein, Federal Trade Commission, will New Orleans. tional Cable 7eevision Association. try hotel, San Diego. speak, respectively, on the advertiser, agency and gov- May 9.10 -Annual meeting of CBS -TV affiliates. Sept 20 -22 -Radio Teeuision News Directors ernment perspectives. Council of Better Business Century Plaza hotel, Los Angeles. Association international conference. Atlanta Bureau is conducting series of panels. Southern Meth- Hilton hotel. 1979 will be New Mar- odist University, Dallas. May 14- 17- Annual meeting of NBC-TV affili- conference at riott hotel. Chicago, Sept. 11 -14; 1980 conference ates. St. Francis hotel, San Francisco. Feb. 8-Radio Advertising Bureau sales clinic. Omni will be at Diplomat hotel, Hollywood -by- the -Sea, International, Atlanta. June 1.3- Associated Press Broadcasters annual Fla. Feb. 8- Arizona Cable Television Association annual

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 18 K100 Los Angeles here's an old saying that in business "THE othing really gets done between hanksgiving and New Year's. We were KIOI San Francisco .ware of that feeling when we decided to RIGHT TO nnounce on November 21, 1977 our new WWWW Detroit eries "THE RIGHT TO KNOW ", KNOW" osted and reported by JOHN DEAN for KRLD Dallas : ROADCAST WORKS, INC. We've since discovered that they were John Dean KTRH /KLOL Houston rong. You can get a lot accomplished .ver the Holidays -if you've got the right WERE Cleveland ,roduct. Broadcasters throughout the ountry have told us that we do. Our WYDD Pittsburgh .riginal announcement of "THE RIGHT O KNOW" has brought us not only a ood of inquiries, but a substantial and KQRS AM /FM Minneapolis pressive early lineup of stations. We're rivileged to print some of these call -letters WTAN /WOKF lsewhere on this page. Tampa /St. Petersburg Our program's start date is Monday, nuary 30, and we guarantee it will be WADV Buffalo novative, provocative and controversial. hanks to our heavy use of actualities and KUPD AM /FM Phoenix nique subject matter, each three minute aily broadcast will stimulate and involve WFBQ Indianapolis sur listeners. Some of JOHN DEAN's opening KYXI Portland isodes of "THE RIGHT TO KNOW" ill include: KIKI Honolulu Teenage Alcoholics -Why they drink and why they're not getting help. WCMF Rochester hy Idi Amin is called Africa's

I itler -An exclusive interview with our WBRE AM /FM ormer ambassador to Uganda. Wilkes- Barre /Scranton he subway train that travels 10,000 iles per hour -It could be tomorrow's KATT AM /FM ranscontinental transportation. Oklahoma City ntiwar activist Jerry Rubin's advice to 'ichard Nixon on how to cleanse his WRAL Raleigh .oul. hy Americans never hear America's KIXI AM /FM Seattle ost expensive radio programming. These stations are but a partial list as of hat it's like doing business with the January 6th (our copy deadline). Stations 'ussians - getting Brezhnev on the dotted are joining the ranks daily. To find out if ne. your market is still available call us at Broadcast Works, Inc. ort Sethi on political humor -who was merica's wittiest President? mmy Carter's position on marijuana. BRORDCRST nd much, much more. WORKS. any broadcasters who have had a inc. ak preview of our first two weeks of .grams have called them "superb ". But, ge for yourself. If your market is still n, we'll be happy to send you a demo 6430 Sunset Boulevard and our first two weeks of programs. Suite 502 er you've listened, we're certain you'll Los Angeles, California 90028 nt a market exclusive, too. (800) 421 -4248 (213) 469 -5129 winter meeting and legislative luncheon. ACTA head- University, San Francisco 94132; (415) 469 -1347. Shreveport, La. quarters. Phoenix. Feb. 15 -17 -Texas Cable Television Association an- Feb. 24- Deadline for entries by FM stations in U.S. Feb. 8-10-New Jersey Cable Television Association nual convention. Marriott, Dallas. and Canada for 10th annual Armstrong Awards for ex- annual meeting. Marriott, Saddlebrook. N.J. cellence and originality in FM programing. Competi- Feb. 16 -Radio Advertising Bureau sales clinic. lion is administered by Columbia University where Feb. 9 annual Abe Lincoln Awards presenta- -Ninth Sheraton Boston, Boston. late Edwin Howard Armstrong was professor of tion of the Baptist Radio -Television Commis- Southern electrical engineering and researcher. Entry forms: Ex- sion. Dr. Billy Graham will be keynote speaker and will Feb. 16-19- Howard University's seventh annual ecutive director, Armstrong Awards. 510 Mudd build- accept the commission's Distinguished Communica- communications conference. Mayflower hotel, Wash- ing, Columbia University New York 10027. tions Medal. Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort ington. Information: Howard University School of Com- Worth. munications, Washington 20059: (202) 636 -7690. Feb. 24 -NBC Radio Network regional affiliate meeting. Sheraton National motor hotel. Arlington, Ve. Feb. 12- 14- National Cable Television Association Feb. 17- Deadline for entries in 1977 Charles board of directors meeting. Boca Raton hotel, Boca Stewart Mott Awards competition, sponsored by the Feb. 24 -25- Industrial forum, "Managing the En- Raton, Fla. Education Writers Association, to honor education tertainment Business by the Graduate School o %Man- writing. Radio and television category awards will be agemen; UCLA. Six panels will feature key executives Feb. 13 deadline for comments to be filed on a -New for single programs or series of reports on the same in film, television, agency and recording businesses. proposal by the ethics committee of District of Colum- subject or theme, but not to exceed 60 minutes. Infor- UCLA. Los Angeles. bia Bar Association 40 amend the association's rules mation: EWA, P O. Box 281, Woodstown, N.J. 09098; to make it more difficult to pass through the so- called (609)769 -1313. Feb. 28 -28 -CBS Radio Affiliates Board meet- "revolving door" between government and regulated ing, Cerromar, Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. industries when changing employment. Previous Feb. 17- 18- Nebraska Associated Press Broad- deadline was Jan. 6. casters Association annual convention. Omaha. Feb. 27 -March 3- Annual Public Radio Conference, sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Feb. 17 -18- Georgia Cable Television Association Feb. 14- Missouri Cable Television Association an- and National Public Radio. St. Francis hotel, San Fran- meeting. Pine Isle Stouffer's resort hotel, Buford, nual meeting. Remanda Inn, Jefferson City, Mo. Ga. cisco. Feb. 14 -15- Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Feb. 17-18-Open call- for- membership meeting of Feb. 28 -Radio Advertising Bureau sales clinic. the new annual winter meeting and state legislative reception/ National UHF Broadcasters Association Hilton Gateway, Kissimmee, Fla. (for Orlando area). dinner. Concourse hotel, Madison. (BROADCASTING, Nov. 21). Atlanta. Contact: Cy Bahakel, Bahakel Broadcasting, Box 2449, Charlotte, Feb. 15 -Radio Advertising Bureau sales clinic. N.C. 28234. (704) 372 -4434. Pittsburgh Hyatt House, Pittsburgh. Feb. 19.20 -Idaho Cable Television Association March Feb. 15- Deadline for entries in 1978 Clarion convention. Holiday Inn, Boise, Idaho. March 1- Deadline for entries for American Bar As- Awards competition of Women in Communications Feb. 21- National Association of Evangelicals sociation's Gavel awards. Television, radio, wire ser- Inc. One plaque and one honorable mention will be 23- 36th annual convention. Radisson South hotel, Min- vices and news syndicates are among the categories in media include radio conferred eight categories that neapolis. that will be judged for efforts during 1977 to increase series or documentary television series or documen- public understanding of the American system of law tary and advertising campaign. Purpose is to honor Feb. 21.23- Washington Cable Television Asso- and justice. Committee on Gavel Awards, ABA, 77 outstanding communication between Jan. 1 and Dec. ciation meeting. Tyee Motor Inn, Tumwater, Wash. South Wacker Drive. Chicago 60606. 31, 1977, in the area of human rights, resources and Feb. 22 Advertising Bureau sales clinic. 1 the community Entry forms: Women in Communica- -Radio March -Radio Advertising Bureau sales clinic. Hilton Inn -Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Detroit. Holiday Inn -National Airport, Washington. tions Inc., P. O. Box 9561, Austin, Tex. 78766. Feb. 22 -24- North Central Cable Television Associ- March 1- Deadline for entries in competition for dis- Feb. 15- Deadline for entries for Broadcast Pre- ation convention. Pioneer Inn, Oshkosh, Wis. tinguished service in health reporting, sponsored by and Media Awards of Francisco the American Chiropractic Association. Cash prizes ceptor Broadcast San Feb. 23- RadioAdvertising Bureau sales clinic. Car- will be honored 28th and medallions of merit will be awarded in radio, State University. Winners during rousel Inn, Cincinnati. annual Broadcast Industry Conference in San Fran- television, newspaper and magazine categories. Entry cisco. April 16 -21. Information: Janet Lee Miller, Feb. 23-24-Louisiana Cable Television Associ- forms: Journalism Awards, ACA, 2200 Grand Avenue, Broadcast Industry Conference, San Francisco State ation annual meeting. Best Western Chez Vous, Des Moines 50312.

March 1- Deadline for entries in the 1977 Roy W. 750 open -reel Howard Awards competition for public service last ITC's Series recorder /reproducer year by a commercial radio station and by a commer- cial . Bronze plaque and $2,500 will be given the over -all broadcast winner with $1,000 awards for the first runner -up in radio and the first run- ner-up in television. Contact: F Ben Hevel, The Scrip- ps- Howard Foundation, 500 Central Avenue, Cincin- PROFESSIONAL nati 45202. March 1 -2- Combined television and media workshops of Association of National Advertisers. IN ALL BUT PRICE Plaza hotel, New York, Contact: William Kistler, ANA, 155 East 44th Street, New York 10017. March 4- 8- National Association of Television Pro- gram Executives conference. Bonaventure hotel, Los MONO STEREO Angeles. $2015 $2320 March 5-8-International 7hpe Association's eighth annual seminar: "AudioNideo Update- 19787 Tucson Marriott hotel, Tucson, Ariz.

A marvel of simplicity, yet built Ilke a tank. ITC's 750 Series record /playback equipment com- March 6- FCC's new date for replies in VHF drop - pares in cost to semi- professional or consumer-type machines. But Its so quiet, so depend- in inquiry (Docket 20418). FCC. Washington. able and so flexible in operation that you can use it daily In live studio work and heavy production and editing operations. Many of its features are normally found in only the most March 6 -9- California Community Television As- expensive open -reel machines. sociation's fourth annual congressional -FCC con- ference. Meetings are scheduled during the day on Monitor control with automatic meter switching March 6, 7 and 8 with FCC officials, members of Con- Play Synchronization system /Record gress and White House officials. There will be a pre- Motion sensing and start memory Flip -top head cover conference briefing March 5 by National Cable Televi- Straight -line tape threading sion Association and CCTA staff members. Receptions Manual tape lifter defeat and dinners on March 6 and 7 are scheduled to honor And much more ... all backed by a complete 2 -year warranty on all parts and factory labor, the FCC commissioners and staff and California and plus ITC's famous 30 -day money -back guarantee of satisfaction Arizona congressmen. Hyatt Regency, Washington. How can you lose? For more details on the "professional" 750 Series recorder/reproducer, March 9 -Radio and Television Correspondents phone ITC collect at 309 /828 -1381. Association dinner. Washington Hilton, Washington. March 10- Deadline for students to submit en- tries for annual Radio Television News Directors Asso- ciation scholorships. Entries should go to chairmen or department heads at schools for forwarding to Radio If1TERf RTIOf1AL TAPETROf1ICS CORPORATIOf Television News Directors Foundation. Information: ' Rob Downey, secretary of RTNDF c/o WKAR(AM) East 2425 SOUTH MAIN STREET BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS 61701 Lansing, Mich. 48824. Marketed exclusively in Canada by McCurdy Radio Industries Ltd., Toronto © 1976 ITC March 10- Spring luncheon meeting of New York

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 20 K100 Los Angeles e've had such an overwhelming esponse to our unique public affairs series BETWEEN KMGC Dallas : ETWEEN THE GROOVES that we're onvinced that it is going to become one of he true giants of national radio when we THE WXKX Pittsburgh .egin distributing it Sunday,February 26. Broadcasters are talking about GRC3DVES WLUP Chicago : ETWEEN THE GROOVES because it presents a solution to the dilemma of KDWB AM /FM Minneapolis ow contemporary radio stations can tisfy their public affairs commitments WLCY /AM hile still retaining their audiences. Tampa /St. Petersburg At BROADCAST WORKS, INC. developed BETWEEN THE e've KTLK Denver ROOVES with the idea that public ffairs programming need not be dull or ious. We think it should relate to the type WZMF Milwaukee f audience today's rock broadcasters are :tering to -the 12 to 34 age group. WSAI /AM Cincinnati The result of our efforts is BETWEEN HE GROOVES, a weekly one -hour KUPD AM /FM Phoenix ature which highlights a well -known cording artist or group's thoughts on a WFBQ Indianapolis racially oriented issue, along with their usic. WQRK Norfolk Each BETWEEN THE GROOVES complete with eight ow comes WCMF Rochester 1- second availabilities for sale by you to /FM cal sponsors. We also provide you with outline of all the music used in the WOHO Toledo ogram and a list of participating dividuals and community problems WKDF Nashville ised, for your ascertainment file. Pictured in the adjacent column are just WEEX few of the artists you'll hear on Allentown /Bethlehem /Easton TWEEN THE GROOVES -Harry apin, The Beach Boys, Natalie Cole, KYNO Fresno gland Dan & John Ford Coley and evie Wonder. Elsewhere on this page KQ98 -'re privileged to list some of the radic Omaha /Council Bluffs tions that have already arranged to rry the show on an exclusive basis in These stations are but a partial list as of -ir markets. January 6th (our copy deadline). Stations If you haven't listened to our are joining the ranks daily. To find out if monstration album yet, we'd be happy your market is still available call us at send you one on request. BETWEEN Broadcast Works, Inc. E GROOVES is the show you need to Id elusive contemporary audiences BRORDCRST ile satisfying your station's public affairs mitments. WORKS. If1C.

6430 Sunset Boulevard. Suite 502 Los Angeles, California 90028 (800) 421-4248 (213) 469 -5129 r

Man's best friends.

For more than 20 years, WKZO -TV has been televising Kalamazoo County Humane Society programs. The re- sult has been an increased community awareness of the so often overlooked problem of stray and mistreated animals. Because of WKZO -TV's special sensitivity to the needs of Kalamazoo County's animal population, the Humane Society recently expressed their appreciation for the sta- tion's help. The Society honored WKZO -TV for "the many words and pictures over the years" which "played a vital role in furthering the Humane movement in Kalamazoo County." Focusing attention on the problems of those unable to speak for themselves is all part of the Fetzer tradition of total community involvement.

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WKZO WKZO -TV KOLN -TV KGIN -TV Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Lincoln Grand Island

WWTV WWUP -TV WJFM WKJF(FM) WWAM KMEG -TV Cadillac Sault Ste. Marie Grand Rapids Cadillac Cadillac Sioux City NEW "PRICE" HIKES.

While everything else goes up in price, our "Price" goes up in performance: 22% rating increase over lead -in program in 22 markets! 22% share increase over lead -in program in 23 markets! 52% women (18 -49) increase over lead -in program in 36 markets! 19% rating increase over year-ago program in 23 markets! 19% share increase over year-ago program in 29 markets! 35% women (18 -49) increase over year-ago program in 26 markets! Performance! It's the sign of a blue -chip from Goodson-Todman. Call us for investment opportunities in your market* The Price s Ri with new host Bob Barker Viacom Source: ARB, 11 /77 and 11/76. Audience estimates are subject to qualifications available upon request. and Electronics Engineers Vehicular Technology Con- gospel music, SESAC. Airport Hilton, Nashville. Infor- Market Radio Broadcasters Association. Guest ference. Denver. mation: Gospel Radio Seminar, PO. Box 22912, speakers: Dick Orkin and Bert Berdis of Dick & Bert Nashville new for 37202. Creative Services, Chicago. Americana hotel, New March 24 -FCC's date comments in inqu- York. iry into possible changes in commission's form 395 - May 9-10-Annual meeting of CBS -TV affiliates. annual employment report (Docket 21474). Replies Century Plaza hotel, Los Angeles. March 11 -Joint meeting of Radio T ievison News are now due April 21. FCC, Washington. Directors Association region 13 and Chesapeake AP May 11 -13- Louisiana Association of Broadcasters regional Broadcasters with workshops on broadcast writing, March 29 -NBC Radio spring convention. New Marriott East, Cleveland. meeting. Sheraton Renton Inn, SeaTac Airport, Seattle. elocution and legal pitfalls. Annapolis Hilton hotel, An- May 14-17-Annual meeting of NBC-TV affiliates. napolis. Md. Contact: Ted Landphair, WMAL(AM) March 31 -NBC Radio Network. regional affiliate St. Francis hotel, San Francisco. Washington. meeting. Opryland hotel, Nashville. May 16 -NBC Radio Network regional affiliate March 13- Deadline for comments in FCC notice of meeting. Sheraton Twin Towers. Orlando. Fla. inquiry and proposed rulemaking regarding standards to be established in processing applications for sub- April 1 May 17 -NBC Radio Network regional affiliate meeting. Sheraton Safari, Dallas /Fort Worth Airport. scription television authorizations. FCC, Washington. AprIl 5- Luncheon to induct John Caples, BBDO, March 13 -15- Indiana Broadcasters Association and Dr. George Gallup into American Advertising Fed- May 17 -18 -Ohio Association of Broadcasters spring meeting. Hyatt Regency, Indianapolis. eration's Advertising Hall of Fame. Waldorf- Astoria spring convention. New Marriott East, Cleveland. hotel, New York. March 13 -16- Annual spring conference of May 19 -20- Public Radio in Mid America spring Electronics Industries Association. Washington. April 5 -New England Advertising Research Day, meeting. KCUR Kansas City will be host station. Hilton sponsored by the Advertising Research Foundation. Plaza Inn, Kansas City, Mo. March 14 -New York State Broadcasters Associ. Sheraton Boston, Boston. ation 24th annual meeting. The Turf Inn, Albany. The May 21 -24 -Tenth annual Southern Educational NYSBA legislative dinner will be held that evening at April 5- 8- Annual convention of The National Communications Association conference. WDCN -TV Convention Hall, Empire State Plaza, Albany. Honorary Broadcasting Society Alpha Epsilon Rho. Nashville will be host. Opryland hotel, Nashville. Alladin hotel, Las Vegas. Contact: vice Gary Lico, May 24- National Association of Broadcasters March 15- Deadline for entries in Radio 7blevi. president for public information, SFM Media 27- Service radio programing college. Hyatt Regency hotel, Sian News Directors competitions, including Edward Corp., New York, (212) 682 -0760. R. Murrow Awards for courage. enterprise and social Chicago. April 7 -9- Broadcast Education Association 24th awareness in reporting a significant community prob- May 28 -June Eighth Prix Jeunesse International, annual convention, Convention Center, Las Vegas. 3- lem. There also are RTNDA awards for spot reporting, an international television competition for children's investigative reporting and editorial /commentary. En- April 9- Society of Broadcast Engineers annual and youth programs under the auspices of the Euro- try forms: RTNDA, 1735 DeSales Street, N.W., Wash- meeting. Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas. pean Broadcast Union and UNESCO. Building of ington 20036. Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich, Germany. April 9 -12- National Association of Broadcasters March 15 -FCC's new deadline for comments in annual convention. Las Vegas. inquiry examining economic relationship between ca- ble and broadcast television, including cable demand April 12- Deadline for reply comments in FCC inqu- and penetration, audience diversion, audience - iry and proposed rulemaking regarding standards to June revenue relationship and be established in processing applications for sub- service to public (Docket June 1- 3- Associated Press Broadcasters annual 21284). Replies now scription television authorizations. FCC Washington. are due May 15. FCC, Washing- meeting. Stouffer's Twin Towers, Cincinnati. ton. April 13 -NBC Radio Network regional affiliate June 4 -8- National Association of Broadcasters March 17- 19- National convention of Intercollegi- meeting. Sheraton Airport Inn, Phoenix. third children's TV programing conference. Hyatt - ate Broadcasting hotel, System. Biltmore New York. April 13- 14- Broadcast Financial Management As- Regency hotel, Washington. sociation/BCA quarterly board of directors meeting. March 21 -Fifth symposium on microwave mobile June 6 -NBC Radio Network regional affiliate communication Dunes hotel and country club, Las Vegas. as precede to Institute of Electrical meeting, Logan Airport Hilton hotel, Boston. April 14 -15 -Radio Television News Directors June 7 -NBC region one seminar. Seattle. Radio Network regional affiliate PRODUCERS OF: STAR TRAK WITH meeting. Sheraton O'Hare motor hotel. Chicago. April 15- Regional workshop of Radio 7blevision CANDY TUSKEN DR. DEMENTO June 7- 10- Broadcasters Promotion News Directors Association and Department Association of our. 23d annual seminar. Radisson NATIONAL ALBUM COUNTDOWN na/iem, Duquesne University. Duquesne University. St. Paul, St. Paul. THE SOUND OF MOTOWN IN Pittsburgh. June 8 -10- Alabama Broadcasters Association HOLLYWOOD WITH DARCEL spring convention. Gull Park Resort, Gulf Shores, Ala. April 19-21 -Spring convention of Kentucky Broad- 1 2 H O U R S O F I C H R S T M A S casters Association. Senator Wendell Ford (D -Ky) will June 8-11-Mississippi Broadcasters Association be the principal speaker. Executive West Inn, annual convention. MBA board will meet June 8. Louisville. Ky. Sheraton -Biloxi hotel, Biloxi, Miss. April 21- 27- MIP.TV, 14th annual international June 12 -14- National Association of Broadcasters marketplace for producers and distributors of TV pro- meeting for presidents and executive directors of graming. Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France. state broadcasters associations. Hyatt Regency hotel, Washington. DRD$IONTO April 22- Regional workshop by Radio 7blevision #1 rated weekend News Directors Association and Pennsylvania Associ- June 13- Tknnessee Association of Broadcasters L.A: s with ation Press Broadcasters. Pocono Hershey, near congressional breakfast. Washington. hour weekly Wilkes -Barre, Pa. program. 2 June 13- 17- American Women in Radio and famous April 23- 27- Seventh American Institute of Aero- Tblevision's 27th annual convention. Los Angeles the Doctors nautica and Astronautics communications satellite Hilton, Los Angeles. One of systems conference. San Diego. Information: David vignettes. June 15 -18- Oregon Association Brown, Hughes Aircraft, P.O. Box 92919, Los Angeles of Broadcasters Demented spring conference. of 90009; (213) 648-3786. Salishan Lodge, Gleneden Beach. FREE Ore. a kind. Offered April 24- Twentieth annual Broadcasting Day, spon- Radio June 17- 20- American Advertising Federation an- to ARB sored by Florida Association of Broadcasters and Uni- charge nual convention. St. Francis hotel, San Francisco. basis. versity of Florida College of Journalism and Com- a barter Markets on munications. FAB board will hold its spring meeting on June 21- 24- Florida Association of Broadcasters for non ARB preceding day (Sunday). Reitz Union, campus, 43rd annual convention. The Colony Beach & Tennis Nominal tee Gainesville. Resort, Longboat Key, Sarasota, Fla. FOR CALL NOW April 29 -30- New Mexico Broadcasters Association June 22- 23- Broadcast Financial Management As- Markets. annual convention. Four Seasons. Albuquerque. N.M. sociation/BCA quarterly board of directors meeting. Opryland hotel, Nashville. FREE DEMO- April 30 -May 2- Chamber of Commerce of the 66th annual meeting. Washington. June 23 -24 -Radio Tblevision News DirectorsAsso- ciation board meeting. Atlanta Hilton, Atlanta. 10960 Wilshire Blvd. April 90 -May 2- Action for Children's 7blevision Los Angeles, CA 90024 seventh annual symposium on children's TV. Washing- June 25- 28- Public Broadcasting Service's annual Suite 902 (213) 479 -7713 ton. membership meeting. Fairmont hotel, Dallas. April 30 -May 3- Annual convention of the National WESTWOOD Cable Tblevision Association. New Orleans. July July 12 -16- Combined Colorado Broadcasters As- May sociation /Rocky Mountain Broadcasters Association meeting. Manor Vail, Colo. May 5 -8 -Sixth annual Gospel Radio Seminar. Chair- man of steering committee is Jim Black, director of July 18 -18 - California Broadcasters Association

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 24 PROOF... Superior FM Performance with Harris' MS-15 exciter and MSP -100 audio processor

F\A GtM\a .N°1d' µplts°Ad o VM\°° \e!N°Am, 1 We^ \01?p1 \tnP.0 1\5-\.

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et;n8 taS et MS -15 and S4Va1dStst lateahtS MSP-100 far Get'vice 0111011 a k 15 ¢de tee exceeds 0 90 61301 K-QDáged 4nYC 9 jtpRRi iL ate n o expectations 1°311:1,c/'rwl sac °UY Gena: be beY e¿J sYelit9e ds 10N e& HYy.,-(1132'...00 0 a f a 0 °1d 0 d?.0 Qu OtIYS eRCCitteYa mn_ $°°d 560,00 IS:f1 gR cYansmbis 1 s altea Y K,QDE s aac

Cñeb /foa Improved `eia Sh broadcast Sr181 Qé6¿attpPa vi -to ; s caY miles n ce GN vea\en quality s veYtl Y;t 13ß difteY 90p00 iYCnla ame i>YO YeaSe and Ya s°so in w cta °f a ` at m9 tate ts liediceablette ;n ti°YfyOnt to K-QUB th as ° llke ha;t' lta ;Pm cb a t ateY ea leve1 bal ;n8 in k ;nb Why don't you ?... Great reception in keep. YeWéell keep and fringe areas c1aY °vePage atds 1Nc Xindeat se S BgOPtDGA54ERS. GONS' Notice the TFS tdent difference in Yes CY ;s 4 loudness a H. clarity otQilj EnSlgPd


Contact Harris Corporation Broadcast Products Division an HARRIS COMMUNICATIONS AND Quincy, III. 62301 INFORMATION HANDLING midsummer meeting. Del Monte Hyatt House, Mon- terey, Calif. September BROADCASTING PUBLICATIONS INC. July 16 -19- National Association of Farm Broad- Sept. 10.12 - Louisiana Association of Broad- Sol Talaholt, chairman. casters summer meeting. Fairmont hotel, San Fran- casters lall convention. Royal Sonesta hotel. New Lawrence B. Taishofl, president. cisco. Orleans. Edwin H. James, vice president. Irving C. Miller, treasurer Sept. 15-16-Annual meeting of Public Radio in Lee Taishofl, acting secretary- assistant treasurer August Mid America. WHA(AM) Madison, Wis., will be host station, University of Wisconsin campus, Madison. Aug. 10 -11 - Arkansas Broadcasters Association summer convention. Inn of the Ozarks Motel and Con- Sept. 16 -18- Nebraska Broadcasters Association vention Center. Eureka Springs. Ark. annual convention. Kearney, Neb. Broadcastingii The newsweekly of broadcasting and allied arts Aug. 21- 23- National Association of Broad- Sept. 17.20- Broadcast Financial Management As- casters radio programing conference. Hyatt Regency sociation's 18th annual conference. Dunes hotel and hotel, Chicago. country club, Las Vegas. TELEVISION.

Executive and publication headquarters Broadcasting- Telecasting building 1735 DeSales Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036. Phone: 202 -638 -1022. EMike' Sol Taishofl, editor Open Lawrence B. Taishofl, publisher EDITORIAL Edwin H. James, executive editor Donald West, managing editor Rufus Crater, (New York). chief correspondent. Leonard Zeidenberg, senior correspondent. J. Daniel Rudy, assistant to the managing editor. Frederick M. Fitzgerald, senior editor Good winners tently been a winner with very little fan- Randall Moskop. associate editor a Mark Miller, assistant editor fare, but certainly with touch of class. - Barbara Chase, J. David Crook, stall writers. EDITOR: Your special report on Lester W. Jason L. Shrinaky, Stambler & Shrinsky, Barbara Buoymaster, Kira Greene, Lindow ( "AMST: about to change the Washington. editorial assistants. guard, but not about to drop it "] is ap- Pat Vance, secretary to the editor plauded in this corner. As Vince Lombardi Wrong billing YEARBOOK :1SOURCEBOOK once remarked - "Winning isn't every- John Mercurio, manager Joseph A. Esser, assistant editor thing, it's the only thing." Les has consis- EDITOR: In your Jan. 9 issue, you ac- curately reported Lee Loevinger's refusal ADVERTISING to appear in a forthcoming Ford Founda- David Whitcombe, director of sales and marketing. tion seminar program at Georgetown Uni- Winfield R. Levi, general sales manager (New York). John Andre, sales manager- equipment and versity, Washington, treating the role of engineering (Washington) the FCC in dealing with advertising to David Berlyn, Eastern sales manager (New York). children. An unfortunate inaccuracy oc- Ruth Lindstrom. account supervisor (New York). Bill Merritt, Western sales manager (Hollywood). curred in that article for which I am Television Peter V. O'Reilly, Southern sales manager (Washington). responsible. Sally Stewart, classified advertising. at The The article indicated that Frank Lloyd Doris Kelly, secretary would be one of the speakers at the semi- CIRCULATION nar. My understanding was that Mr. Lloyd Bill Criger, circulation manager New School was expected to represent an FCC view- Kwentin Keenan, subscription manager point in lieu of Charles Sheila Chamberlain. Denise Ehdaivand, Television Journalism Chairman Ferris rated' Waldron, Kevin Thomson, Bruce Weller. Jim Jensen, Anchorman'The who has stated that he will not be making PRODUCTION Six O'Clock Report", Channel 2 News. public appearances during his first few months in office. This information was in- Harry Stevens, production manager TV reporting and broadcasting correct: Mr. Lloyd had not been contacted in the New York area -its impact, ADMINISTRATION and it was undoubtedly embarrassing to power, and possibilities for the future. Irving C. Miller, business manager him to read Mr. Loevinger's criticism of Philippe E. Course #504.8 Weds., 7:45 PM., $60. Begins April 5 Boucher. his supposed views in a context of which BUREAUS Making Television in New York City he had no advance knowledge. Again, the for is New York: 75 Rockefeller Plaza. 10019. John J. O'Connor, TV Critic, responsibility the error mine. - Phone: 212- 757 -3260. The New York Times. Gerald J. Thain, professor of law, Univer- Rufus Crater, chief correspondent. sity of Wisconsin, Madison. Rocco Famighettl, senior editor Guests include Chuck Scarborough, Douglas Hill, Jay Rubin, stall writers. Stanley Siegel, Phillip Burton, Elisabeth Diane Burstein, editorial assistant. Lawrence, Lindsay Patterson and Knows his ABC's Winfield R. Levi, general sales manager Orde Coombes, Ann Berk, and others. David Berlyn, Eastern sales manager Course #527.8 Weds.. 7:45 PM. S60. Begins Feb.8. EDITOR: Among my responsibilities here is Ruth Lindstrom, account supervisor Harriette Weinberg, Priscilla K. Johnson, to instruct a class "Fundamentals REGISTRATION entitled advertising assistants. By Phone Through Jan. 31 only, holders of of Mass Communication." Though this Master Charge and BankAmericard may register course explores many media, the history Hollywood: 1880 North Vine Street, 90028. by calling 741 -5610, 9:30 a.m. -3:00 p.m. Phone: 213- 463 -3148. and regulation of the broadcast media are, Bill Merritt, Western sales manager In Person: Mon.-Thurs.. through Jan. 26, 4-7 p.m., of course, a large portion of the content. Sandra Klausner, editorialadvertising assistant. Jan. 30 -Feb. 2,1 -8 p.m.; Fri., Feb. 3, 1.8 p.m., Feb.10, 10 a.m. -6 p.m.; Sat.. Feb. 4, 9 a.m. -12 noon. As a seven -year subscriber to BROAD- CASTING magazine, I turned to your BROADCASTING YEARBOOK to see whether CENTER FOR NEW YORK !i any would CITY AFFAIRS portion be useful in the course. Sure enough, your "ABC's of Radio -TV" Founded in 1931 as Broadcasting -')'he news Maguau,e e(the is the finest short- yet -detailed summary of Fifth Estate. O Broadcast Advertising was acquired in 1932, Broadcast Reporter in 1933, 7dleeastin 1953 and 7kievision The New the world's most important media I have in 19M. was in Schoòl Broadcasting- Telecasting introduced 1946. O America's First University for Adults found. -Scott W Tilden, director, Office of Microfilms of Broadcasting are available from University 66 W. 12th St., N.Y 10011 741 -5690 Public New Microfilms, 300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor. Mich. 48103.0 Relations, University of 'Reg. U.S. Patent Office. Copyright 1978 by Broadcasting J Haven, West Haven, Conn. Publications inc.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 26 GROWING

1977 -78 season average - 31 rating, 49 share. 17% increase in ratings over the 1976 -77 season. 36% increase in ratings over the 1975 -76 season. MORE TITAN EVER YOU ED "HAPPY DAYS"

NTI 14 -Week Average Subject to Survey Qualifications Available Fall, 1979 ° CCUD E.OECEgEJEEM Vol. 94 No. 4

ports to Mr. Gentry in Los Angeles. Top of the Week Mr. Schlosser was offered, and is con- sidering, an executive vice presidency at RCA. In any event, NBC sources said, he ABC's ace will remain as NBC president and chief ex- ecutive officer until Mr. Silverman arrives to take over those responsibilities. becomes When this would happen was not clear, except that it seemed likely to be at least a NBC's hope few weeks, and might be early June if ABC holds him strictly to his contract. Mr. Programing whiz Silverman is Silverman has had the flu and also, accord- tapped by Griffiths to replace ing to sources close to the situation, wants Schlosser as president and chief to take three or four weeks' vacation executive officer of NBC before moving into the new job. There were differing views as to whether Fred Silverman, who helped lead ABC to he would be free, under his ABC contract, the ratings heights, was named last week to go to NBC before it expired. One ver- to rescue NBC from the depths. The presi- sion was that it contained certain rights dent of ABC Entertainment was named that he might be able to claim had been president and chief executive officer of Silverman breached by ABC, enabling him to leave at NBC, replacing Herbert S. Schlosser. will. Another was that the contract will The move came as a surprise, although permit ABC to keep him until it expires. there had been repeated speculation that What seemed virtually certain was that Mr. Schlosser was in jeopardy as NBC -TV ABC, whether it holds him or not, would floundered from second to third place in not want him to remain active another day the prime -time ratings ( "Closed Circuit," after he had come to terms with a principal Jan. 2). competitor. In a statement prepared for release late What changes might follow Mr. Silver - Friday afternoon (Jan. 20), Edgar H. man's arrival at NBC remain to be seen. Griffiths, president of NBC's parent RCA RCA sources said that Julian Goodman Corp. -who has made no bones about his would continue as chairman and David C. determination that NBC become number Adams as vice chairman, and that they did one in both ratings and profits -said that not anticipate any widespread upheaval in he had been impressed not only with Mr. the NBC ranks. Silverman's programing skills but with his The position of Paul Klein, NBC -TV's desire and apparent capacity to enlarge the chief programer, seemed particularly scope of his responsibilities. "He will be in doubtful to observers, however, since Mr. full charge of the company and he will Klein has frequently expressed disdain for have my full support," Mr. Griffiths said. ABC -TV programing under Mr. Silver- There had been talk that, with ABC -TV man. ABC programing, Mr. Klein has firmly established at the top of the prime Schlosser said, basically appeals to "kids and dum- time ratings and making progress in other mies." A contrary view held that Mr. dayparts, Mr. Silverman, at 40, might want Silverman would not want to risk losing to take on other challenges -at Paramount affiliates and others. him to the competition. Pictures or with some other Hollywood On the other hand, a quiet bitterness Irwin Segelstein, whom Mr. Klein suc- production company -when his ABC con- was gathering at ABC, where Mr. Silver- ceeded late last year as programing chief, tract expires at the end of May. man reportedly had assured intimate asso- was said on the other hand to stand to gain The moods at NBC and ABC began to ciates that, while he might leave the com- from Mr. Silverman's arrival. Mr. Silver- shift noticeably by Friday afternoon, after pany, it would not be for a job with the man and Mr. Segelstein, who became head the first surprise had worn off at each of competition. He had made similar state- of program planning when displaced by those organizations. At NBC, a quiet opti- ments to the press, labeling speculation Mr. Klein, are said to be both neighbors mism and even elation began to take hold, that he might go to NBC "ridiculous." and long -time good friends. The two were propelled by the opinion of senior execu- Mr. Silverman has seemed to dominate said to have been together at New York's tives that Mr. Griffiths had executed a ABC programing so completely that "21" Club a couple of nights before the "brilliant coup" in bringing in the one speculation as to his successor got off to a news of Mr. Silverman's new job broke. person whose selection could not be slow start. Those said to be among "logical The changes apparently caught NBC of- challenged on any count (save perhaps choices" are Stephen Gentry, vice presi- ficials, as well as the broadcasting and ad- that of experience beyond the programing dent of programs, West Coast; Lewis vertising business generally, by surprise, area, and NBC is not in conspicuously Erlicht, vice president of programs, East Mr. Schlosser reportedly got the news from short supply in those quarters). As one Coast, Ed Vane, vice president and na- Mr. Griffiths on Thursday. He had planned put it, Mr. Silverman's selection "put tional program director, or Brandon Stod- to go out of town but canceled the trip, ac- everything on hold," referring to escalat- dard, vice president, dramatic programs cording to NBC sources, after being called ing criticism of NBC from Wall Street, and motion pictures for television, who re- to Mr. Griffiths's office.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 28 technologies with suggestions that broad- want to be in that reactive posture," he casters should be willing to pay a "tax." said. NAB boards: Mr. Wasilewski said there is no connection (The joint board was said to have been between the two. deeply impressed by the remarks of laid back in Much of the board's discussion Eugene Cowan, ABC's Washington vice revolved around the recent exchange of president, whose summary of the rewrite Puerto Rico letters between Mr. Wasilewski and Mr. situation reportedly included a review of Van Deerlin, NAB's asserting that the where the votes are Winter meeting has no conflict; on key House subcom- broadcasting industry- represented by mittees. Mr. Van Deerlin's support is opposition to rewrite and code NAB willing to cooperate but not to weak, Mr. Cowan said.) language on sex dues -is reaffirmed; trade, Van Deerlin's restating the need for radio code integrated with Mr. The television board revisited the TV to trade. Several board members objected NAB fees; approval given for filing sex issue last week out of concern that the to Mr. Van Deerlin's verbiage, particularly code amendment passed last amicus brief in WBAI case September to his remark that Mr. Wasilewski isn't had not been taken seriously by the net- It may have been the soothing influence of paid to "uncouple the gravy train." Jack works. TV code subscribers should con- sun and sea, or it may be that the winds of Younts of WEEB(AM) Southern Pines, sider the "family atmosphere" in which the broadcasting industry are equally N.C., said, "I frankly resent it. I don't like their programs are viewed, and should balmy, but things were remarkably inani- his gutter talk." Bill Sims of KOJO(AM)- avoid "graphic portrayals of sexual acts by mate at the National Association of Broad- KIOZ(FM) Laramie, Wyo., said "The small - sight and sound," the new standard says. casters winter board meeting in Puerto market broadcaster isn't on any damn "Subscribers shall not broadcast any Rico last week. gravy train ... we're lucky to make a profit material which they determine to be Meeting Tuesday through Friday at the of 8% before taxes." obscene, profane or indecent." But the Cerromar Beach hotel, the boards -joint There was another side of the coin in network's vice presidents for program radio and TV -took four major actions the board's discussion. William practices, all members of the NAB TV with a minimum of fuss and always O'Shaughnessy, WVOX(AM) -WRTN(FM) code board, indicated to BROADCASTING in unanimously, according to participants in New Rochelle, N.Y., said he was con- subsequent statements last fall that the the closed meetings. (1) The joint board cerned that NAB is "stonewalling" the code provisions would not change their ac- reaffirmed its stance in opposition to the rewrite. He said he tried unsuccessfully a tions much. Those remarks upset several House Communications Subcommittee week prior to the board meeting to get Mr. TV board members. "They [the networks] rewrite of the Communications Act, par- Van Deerlin to meet in Puerto Rico, so can't take it lightly, for Christ's sake," said ticularly against the notion of industry that NAB might "treat" with the critic. Bill Bengtson, KOAM -TV Pittsburgh, Kan. trade -offs. (2) It reaffirmed its new TV But Mr. O'Shaughnessy concurred in the In response, the network representa- code amendment urging restraint by NAB board's reportedly unanimous opinion tives on the TV board reportedly argued members, especially networks, and TV that NAB is in the proper position. that NAB's message had gotten through producers and writers, in the depiction of NAB will not be totally passive, how- loud and clear. The quotes in BROADCAST- sex on television. (3) The radio board con- ever, said Joint Board Chairman Donald ING were regrettable, said Peter Kenney, solidated its radio code dues structure Thurston, WMNB -AM -FM North Adams, Washington vice president for NBC. That with its radio membership structure to Mass. If the association's lobbyists see the the networks have and will continue to cut boost sagging code membership. And (4), subcommittee moving toward something back on violence and sex "is obvious," he the joint board decided to jump into the like a tax the association will begin said. case now before the Supreme Court on the mobilizing the membership. "We don't The board also decided to continue side of WBAI(FM) New York, the Pacifica station cited by the FCC for indecent language on the air. The board said that while not condoning DSA to JLR. J. Leonard Reinsch, chairman of Cox Broadcast- the station's broadcast of comedian ing, prominent industry leader and a broadcaster for more George Carlin's "Seven Dirty Words" than 50 years, will receive that industry's highest honor -the routine, it felt compelled to file a friend - National Association of Broadcasters' Distinguished Service of -court brief on the station's behalf be- Award- during its annual convention in Las Vegas April 9 -12 cause "NAB strongly endorses the princi- ( "Closed Circuit Jan. 16)- His selection was made last Mon- ple of editorial independence and full First day in Puerto Rico during the annual winter meeting of the Amendment freedom for the electronic NAB's joint boards (see story above). Mr. Reinsch retired from media." the Cox presidency in December 1973 and was named chair- Although avoiding the fray until this late man last July. hour (the case originated in 1975) the Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Cox's board's vote was declared to be holdings include five AM's, seven FM's, five TV's and the unanimous, although there was one abs- Christal Co. and TeleRep representation firms. It is also tention (by Pat Murphy, KCRC -AM -FM engaged in business publishing, motion picture production Enid, Okla.). and is a major operator òf cable television systems. On the subject of the Communications Mr. Reinsch served as communications adviser to Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Act rewrite, the joint board produced no Johnson, handled Mr. Kennedy's arrangements in the 1960 "Great Debates;' was broadcast clear NAB battle plan, but after what was consultant to the Democratic National Committee during the sixties and executive director reported to be an hour and a half dis- of that party's national conventions in 1960 and 1964. He was a member and for a time cussion, several things were clear: NAB chairman of the U.S. Advisory Commission on Information during the Kennedy, Johnson continues to hold that there's no need for and Nixon administrations. an "attic to basement" revamp of the act. The 69- year -old Atlanta broadcaster entered radio as an announcer with WLS(AM) It will not provide a proposed draft, as has Chicago while attending Northwestern University in 1924. He joined the Cox organization the United Church of Christ (BROADCAST- in 1934 when former Ohio Governor James M. Cox and James M. Cox Jr. asked him to put ING, Jan. 2), and it will not accept "trade- WHIO(AM) Dayton on the air. When WSB(AM) Atlanta was acquired by the Cox interests in offs." Indeed, said NAB President Vincent 1939, Mr. Reinsch went there and remained to manage the expansion and development of Wasilewski, talk of trade -offs has been all Cox -owned stations as executive director. He became president of Cox Broadcasting in confused. He said House Communica- 1964. He was chairman and chief executive of Cox Cable Communications until its merger tions Subcommittee Chairman Lionel Van into Cox Broadcasting last July (BROADCASTING. Aug. 1, 1977). Deerlin (D- Calif.) has linked talk about Mr. Reinsch's numerous local and national awards include the 1973 Gold Medal of the future threats to broadcasting from new International Radio and Television Society.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 29 public town meetings similar to those WPTF(AM)- WQDR(FM) Raleigh, N.C., said Vegas, April 7 -10, 1985; Kansas City, staged last year by NAB and the TV code they expect the move will cause some cur- Mo., April 13 -16, 1986; and Atlanta, board in Boston and San Diego, and urged rent NAB radio members to drop out, but April 5 -8, 1987. that the TV code board and TV Code Au- they could not project how many. On the It also picked future January board thority continue dialogues with the net- other hand, they said it could almost dou- meeting sites: Wailea Beach hotel, Maui, work presidents, Hollywood writers and ble subscribership to the radio code. That Hawaii, Jan. 14 -21, 1979; Canyon hotel, producers, and public interest groups that only 39% of NAB radio members now sub- Palm Springs, Calif., Jan. 20 -25, 1980; have been active in the area of TV pro- scribe has long been an embarrassment to Arizona Biltmore hotel, Phoenix, Jan. graming. the association. Messrs. Hensel and Ven- 17 -23, 1981. Also on the subject of the TV code, TV ters argued that the move will also bring Code Board Chairman Robert Rich of cost efficiencies in the long run through KBJR -TV Duluth, Minn., said last week that simplified administration of radio money. Crossownership there is to be a major re- examination of In other actions: the NAB code operation, prompted by the The joint board appropriated $10,000 future lies recent heavy activity in the area of sex and for the World Press Freedom Committee, violence -the Los Angeles district court's a group that seeks to counter communist in Supreme Court family viewing decision and the threats to the free press in Third World heightened pitch of criticism from citizen countries. Arch Madsen, Bonneville Inter- Broadcasters -publishers take groups. The examination will focus on the national, a member of the committee, also some comfort in questions structure of the Code Authority and its re- asked the NAB to host the 1979 conven- justices ask during arguments lation with the public, following the TV tion of the Inter- American Broadcasters For a little more than an hour and a half in March. It code board meeting scheduled Association at an estimated cost to NAB of last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard to will culminate in a set of option papers $50,000. four lawyers argue different sides of the be presented to the TV board at its next The radio board rejected, for a sec- newspaper- broadcast crossownership Mr. Rich said. meeting in June, ond time, a request that NAB petition the case. And when the arguments were The radio board's decision to consoli- FCC so that spots in network radio news finished, lawyers for publishers and broad- date NAB radio membership and radio not be counted as commercial minutes casters involved seemed to leave the court code was a controversial one, be- FCC time The radio dues under standards. with a bouncier step than when they en- cause it will increase dues for the majority board also put off the suggestion that NAB tered. of NAB radio members without bringing accept advertising in its monthly Radio- One reason was that Justice Thurgood in more money to the association. active magazine. Marshall, for one, appeared to have been Under the board's resolution, stations The joint board was told that NAB taken with the argument that an FCC rule to to the code, will not be forced subscribe membership in all categories reached new prohibiting newspapers from owning a but they will be paying the same amount highs last year. Total AM membership in- broadcast station in the market where they in dues, regardless. To offset the $240,000 creased by 163 to 2,548. FM increased 228 publish violates the First Amendment, or budgeted for separate radio dues under the is now 4,453. TV to 1,905. Total radio at least exceeds the commission's statu- old system, the association will raise the members increased by 24 to 551. Associ- tory authority. Another was that several normal association dues. Talk in Puerto to In ate members increased by 104 482. other justices indicated by their questions Rico centered on a 12% increase, but, in acknowledgment of that record, NAB pro- a readiness to support the commission's any it will not be higher than 15 %, case, moted Wayne Cornils, NAB director of decision to permit existing crossowner- the board resolved. NAB Radio Board membership, to vice president for mem- ships to remain intact. WSM -AM -FM Chairman Len Hensel of bership. At issue is a decision of the U.S. Court Nashville said the radio board expects that The joint board approved annual con- of Appeals in Washington. It affirmed the with the increase the association will break vention sites from 1985 through 1987 commission rule, adopted to promote even. (sites for 1978 through 1984 were already diversity of ownership, banning the crea- Mr. Hensel and Carl Venters of certain; see "Datebook," page 18): Las tion of new crossownerships of newspa- pers and broadcast properties in the same community. But it overturned the com- The brass's green at NAB. NAB's joint board approved without change a fiscal 1978 -79 mission order grandfathering most exist- budget of $5.5 million (BROADCASTING. Jan. 16). It also approved staff salary increases as ing crossownerships. ( "Nothing can be follows (former salary in parentheses): President Vincent T. Wasiliewski. S105,000 (S100,- more important than insuring that there is 000); Executive Vice President and General Manager John Summers, $75.000 ($70,000) a free flow of information from as many ( "Closed Circuit;' Jan. 2). Government relations department. Donald Zeifang, senior vice divergent sources possible," the court president, $66,360 ($63.200); Roy Elson, vice president, $51,450 ($49,000); William Carli- said.) The court directed the commission sle, vice president, $45,000 ($42,500); David Markey, lobbyist, $45,000 ($42,000); George to initiate a new rulemaking aimed at Gray, special representative, $35,000 ($32,500); Terence Mahony, lobbyist, $30,000 ($25,- breaking up existing co- located 000); Belva Brissett, lobbyist, $27,500 ($24,500). Legal department. Erwin Krasnow, crossownerships, except where compelling senior vice president and general counsel, $57,500 ($49,200); Brenda Fox, assistant gen- public interest considerations for waiver eral counsel, S33,500 ($30,000); James Popham, $32,500 ($29,000); Richard Wycoff, at- can be shown. torney, $29,820 ($28,400).0 Station services department. James Hulbert, senior vice presi- Erwin N. Griswold, the former solicitor dent, $62,370 ($59,400); Jane Cohen, vice president, television, $40,500 ($38.500): general who was representing publishers Charles Jones, vice president, radio affairs, $43,700 ($41,200); Wayne Cornils, vice presi- and broadcasting interests, including the dent, membership, $33,000 ($30,000); Ron Irion, director of broadcast management. American Newspaper Publishers Associ- $25,600 ($24,100); Darryl Dillingham, director, community affairs office, S25,500 ($24,- ation and the National Association of 000).0 Public affairs. Shaun Sheehan, vice president, S35,000; Candace Greene, director, Broadcasters, contended that a "blanket media relations, $24,000 ($22,500).0 Engineering department. George Bartlett, vice presi- rule" regarding newspaper ownership - dent, $42,000 ($37,800); Christopher Payne. $28,400 ($26,800). O Research department. and one that does not take other factors John Dimling, vice president and director of research, $45,000 ($41,700); Roley Altizer, into consideration - raises a "serious con- assistant to the vice president, $26,200 ($24,600).0 Code Authority. Jerome Lansner, vice stitutional question." (Publishers and president and general manager, $43.695 (S40,895); Richard Burch, assistant general man- broadcasters argue that conditioning ager, $35,000 ($26,284); Lome Williamson, manager, New York office, S33,469 ($31,169). broadcast ownership on a surrender of a O Planning and development. Harold Niven, vice president, $39,000 ($35,300). O Adm- right to publish a local newspaper violates inistrative. Michael Harwood, secretary- treasurer, $34,000 ($32,000); Donald Pearce, the First Amendment.) If the government $30,200 (S28,400); Larue -(Bud) Courson, vice president for administrative services can prevent newspapers from owning a sta- S27,400 ($25,700); Sheila Boland, assistant to the secretary- treasurer, $24,650 ($24,000). tion where they publish, Mr. Griswold

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 30 said, the next stop could be barring news- papers from such ownership "every- where." And as for the argument that a rule designed to promote diversity serves the goal of the First Amendment, he said, "The First Amendment is a shield, not a sword to promote diversity." Furthermore, Mr. Griswold said, even if the constitutional issue is not reached, the commission cannot be assumed to have the authority to adopt such a rule; Con- gress, he said, has not delegated to the commission the authority to regulate newspapers. And in response to questions from Griswold Armstrong Justice Byron White, Mr. Griswold laid out the traditional argument for regulating broadcasting, which does not apply to newspapers: "The limitation of the spectrum" they use -a limitation to which newspapers are not subject. The spectrum - scarcity rationale has been accepted by the Supreme Court in a number of cases, in- cluding the one in which the commission's fairness doctrine was affirmed (BROAD- CASTING, June 16, 1969). As solicitor gen- eral in 1969, Mr. Griswold argued before the court in behalf of the doctrine. Echoes of these arguments were heard in Justice Marshall's questions during the Wallace presentation of the FCC's associate deputy general counsel, Daniel Armstrong. "Do you mean that someone could own Gener- also said that in barring the creation of which had appealed the commission's al Motors, Atlantic steamship lines, new crossownerships, the commission is rule. Amtrak, four bars and grills and operate a creating a "disparity in treatment" in a Mr. Firestone also said the commis- broadcast station but a newspaper can't ?" "constitutionally protected area." sion's action was "irrational," asserting That, he said, does not sound "neutral" (This point appeared to interest Chief that if the commission cites "the free flow to him. Justice Warren E. Burger. Several times he of information" as the "greatest factor" in He also expressed doubt that the corn - asked lawyers to relate the commission's the decision to adopt the prospective rule, mission has authority over newspapers. policy to the situation in Washington, "it can't grandfather." But when he said But Mr. Armstrong said it does -when where Joseph Allbritton was required to the commission was "arbitrary and newspapers seek broadcast licenses. choose between the Washington Star and capricious" by failing to support from the Mr. Armstrong also argued that the broadcast properties he had acquired in record the reasons it gave for grandfather - although the prospective rule constitutes a purchasing the Washington Star Com- ing, Justice Rehnquist indicated it would reasonable exercise of commission au- munications Inc. [he kept the newspaper] be sufficient for the agency to rely on its thority designed to promote diversity of while the Washington Post Co. was per- expertise rather than on the record. ownership of the media, the decision to mitted to keep the newspaper and its But, said Mr. Firestone, when the com- grandfather most existing crossowner- television station, wroP -Tv. The Post and mission gives reasons, it must not be arbi- ships -the FCC ordered the breakup of 16 Detroit News have announced plans to trary. involving "egregious" cases of swap their stations.) One unexpected development was what monopoly -was "rational" also. The com- But in response to Mr. Wallace's argu- seemed the critical questioning by Justice mission, he said, relied on a "bias against ment that the commission failed to give Rehnquist of the right of the Department retroactive rulemaking," and added that weight to certain considerations, Justice of Justice, which normally represents the the grandfathering was consistent with William H. Rehnquist said, "The commis- commission before the Supreme Court, to what the commission has done in the past. sion is entitled to give weight, and it is en- challenge a commission rule. Mr. Several justices appeared to pick up on titled not to give weight." And when Mr. Armstrong, who took the question, said this argument in questioning the lawyer Wallace attempted to point out what he that since the commission permitted for the Justice Department, Deputy Solici- considered the irrationality of the commis- Justice to participate in the rulemaking tor General Lawrence Wallace, who said sion's localism argument in favor of proceeding, it didn't oppose Justice's par- that the grandfather provision is "irra- grandfathering by stating that one -quarter ticipation in the court case. tional" and that the matter should be re- of all crossowned stations are not locally Justice's opposition to commission ac- manded to the commission for further owned, Justice John Paul Stevens asked, tions-in rulemakings and license -renewal consideration. (The Department of "Is it rational as to the three -quarters that proceedings -is a matter of concern within Justice, however, agrees with the broad- are ?" the FCC, but commission officials say casters, publishers and the commissiqn in In any event, Mr. Wallace noted, the there is a reluctance to make an issue of holding that the appeals court exceeded its commission "has approved transfers over such feelings. authority in directing the commission to the years resulting in a diminution of local Justice Marshall made clear he had no hold a rulemaking and in specifying the ownership." concern about Justice's participation: result to be reached -an issue that did not Justice Rehnquist also raised the issue "You'll recognize its right to intervene in account for any questions from the of agency "expertise" in questioning both this court at any time." Justice Rehnquist, bench.) Mr. Wallace ( "isn't the commission however, said while the commission may "We don't believe the grandfather pro- presumed to have expertise for applying need the solicitor general to represent it in vision the commission has adopted is ra- that [localism] ground? ")and Charles some cases, "it's another matter" to say tionally justified by the considerations it Firestone, counsel for the National the solicitor general can appear in court on chose to rely on," Mr. Wallace said. He Citizens Committee for Broadcasting, any side he chooses.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 31 construction of a seventh trans -Atlantic cable. It was the most significant action Ferris likes taken by the commission in the last three months. And two weeks ago, the staff the work made him look good when it presented a plan to break the impasse over the fee -re- and the company fund issue (BROADCASTING, Jan. 16). Mr. Ferris, at his Senate confirmation hearing, But he's setting slower pace had promised to make resolution of the fee than he's led people to expect issue one of his first orders of business. in initial stages of tenure But there have been some rough patches, too, and one involves making Three months into his job as chairman of good on another of those confirmation - Ferris the FCC, Charles D. Ferris last week hearing commitments. He had said he seemed as buoyant and cheerful about it would have recommendations for person- one point, he said "a couple." But beyond as on the day he was sworn in, in the East nel to staff the stalled network inquiry that, he would not elaborate. Room of The White House, by Vice Presi- within 30 days of his being sworn in. Later, That matter aside, Chairman Ferris is dent Walter Mondale. Never mind that he amended that to 30 "working days," not moving with great speed to put his things are not going as smoothly as he but that deadline has since passed, too. stamp on the commission. Since selecting might have expected, or at least hoped. The task of finding even a single person- a general counsel, Robert Bruce, and Asked how he felt about the job, he said, a staff director -has proved exceedingly some members of his personal staff - "Great. I love it." difficult. If a candidate had the necessary Frank Lloyd and Frank Washington -he "Intellectually, it's very exciting," he qualifications, it seemed, he was unable to has made no other major personnel said. His colleagues on the commission he break free of present commitments to changes, though not, apparently, for lack finds "extraordinarily exciting and com- tackle the job. of ideas about such matters. patible ... One couldn't ask for a better But last week, the chairman was hopeful He is reported to be planning to replace group of people." And "the quality of the that the search is nearing an end. Some Charles Higginbotham, chief of the Safety personnel in the bureaus is remarkable." details remain to be "tidied up," he said, and Special Radio Services Bureau, with And those extraordinary folks have co- but he thought he would be able to make Carlos Roberts, now head of the Office of operated to give him some good days as an announcement "by the end of the Plans and Policy, and to bring in someone chairman. Two months ago, a majority of month." And when it is made, he said, the of his own choice to run an expanded OPP. the commission sided with him in the con- announcement will include more than one (An expanded OPP is another goal he set troversial decision to refuse to approve name. He is talking of "key people " -at for himself in the confirmation hearing.)

FCC Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. Fitzpatrick denied InzzBrief license renewal to Bartell Broadcasting's WMJX(FM) Miami (for- merly moo) in initial decision released last Wednesday. Judge found that station had broadcast "false, misleading and deceptive matter" with RCA earnings in fourth quarter of 1977 reached $65.5 million, regard to two station -conducted contests. Station's newscasts also per- breaking fourth -quarter record set nine years earlier and bringing total petrated "distortion and falsification" of material in connection with con- to $247 million for year, RCA's most successful since its founding in tests, judge ruled. Decision becomes effective in 50 days unless ap- 1919. President Edgar H. Griffiths said that among contributors to record pealed. were seven divisions with record earnings of their own, including NBC, which on 15% sales increase "produced its third successive year of new Former FCC Chairman Newton N. Minow has been recommended highs, with pretax profit up 27% despite heavy costs of unusually in- as next chairman of board of Public Broadcast- tense competition" RCA's total 1977 sales reached record S5.92 billion. ing Service, PBS search committee announced up 10%, while million earnings represented gain $247- 39% (25% exclud- Thursday. Pending final action by full board at Feb. 3 ing $20-million in special charge connection with RCA's Oriel Foods meeting in New Orleans, Mr. Minow will replace Group). Earnings per share were $3.23 as compared with 1976's $2.30. outgoing Chairman Ralph B. Rogers in June. Now at- Previous record, was set in 1973. $2.39, torney with Chicago law firm of Sidley & Austin, Mr. Minow was under consideration for position on board Long- standing litigation challenging union -shop code of American of Corporation for Public Broadcasting last year but Federation of Television and Radio Artists ended week last when con- declined to disclose his financial holdings (BROAD- servative broadcast commentators E. Jr. and M. William Buckley Stanton CASTING. Aug. 8, 1977). Mr. Minow is presently member of PBS board. Mr. Evans and AFTRA in signed stipulation Southern District Court in New Rogers will remain as board member representing KERA -TV Dallas. York. Agreement means TV -radio performers and newsmen must pay union dues and initiation fees but need not join union. National Right to President Carter's budget for fiscal year 1979, being submitted to Work Legal Defense Fund, which joined commentators in their litigation Congress today (Jan. 23), is expected to include request of $67,035,- dating back to 1971, claimed "victory" in that AFTRA has agreed to non- 000 for FCC ( "Closed Circuit," Dec. 19, 1977). This would provide agen- union membership clause. AFTRA insisted it has always held that cy with $3,068,000 more than in current fiscal year, and permit addition affected employes need not join union but must pay dues and fees. of 58 new positions, 20 of them in Common Carrier Bureau. New Na- tional Telecommunications and Information Administration is in budget CBS President John Backe has written Speaker of House Thomas P. for $12 million (BROADCASTING, Jan. 16). O'Neill Jr. (D- Mass.), that CBS is opposed to having House employes operate microphones and cameras during projected coverage of its ac- Jim Gabbert, president of National Radio Broadcasters Association tivities. Mr. Backe wrote that Mr. O'Neill has been quoted as saying and member of Representative Lionel Van Deerlin's (0- Calif.) Corn - "some of high- ranking people of largest networks" favor system under munications Act rewrite advisory committee, is attempting to restore which House employes would man broadcast equipment. Mr. Backe contact between committee and congressman. He has called meet- said, to his knowledge, "responsible officials" at other networks share ings of radio and television members of advisory committee for Feb. 22, his viewpoint. He added CBS's position is and has been that broadcast in Rayburn Office Building on Capitol Hill and says Representative Van coverage of House floor should be in hands of professional journalism Deerlin and members and staff of his Communications Subcommittee organizations and said use of government employes would raise ques- will participate. Mr. Gabbert expressed regret at letter committee tion of credibility. sent to congressman in December, stating refusal to list rewrite pro-

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 32 The replacement of Raymond Spence as that focus the commission's energy and chief engineer is also said to be likely. give it direction. His office indicated the Chairman Ferris does not confirm or first would be published early in January, Robinson quietly deny those reports. But he has said but on Jan. 13 he informed the commis- enough about such matters to indicate that sioners that there would be no hard sched- named to head he feels the individuals involved should be ule for the first quarter other than two -day given the opportunity to make their own regular agenda meetings every other week. WARC delegation departure plans. Mr. Higginbotham, for in- He said the staff was still presenting items Former FCC member and U. of Va. stance, is expected to retire in April. that might be appropriate for special meet- law professor picked by Vance; However, one personnel change is being ings in February and March, and attached ambassadorial title to come later; made this week. Howard Kitzmiller, head what he called a "partial list" of them, U.S. positions for conference aren't of the general counsel's legislation divi- though without dates on which they would set in stone, but most of work sion, whose impending departure from be considered. (Most of these dealings has been done by FCC and OTP that post was reported weeks ago, starts with broadcast and cable television mat- work today (Monday) as a special counsel ters were reported last week Most of the time, former FCC Commis- to Broadcast Bureau Chief Wallace [BROADCASTING, Jan. 161.) sioner Glen O. Robinson serves as profes- Johnson. He is expected to provide a com- The chariman's failure to commit him- sor of law at the University of Virginia, in mission resource for legislative initiatives, self to a three -month schedule grows out Charlottesville. But part of the time -it's at least in broadcasting matters, and his of a reluctance to issue a calendar that been a couple of days every other week - first assignment will be to provide a focus might be based "on wishes, rather than on he spends in an office in the State Depart- on those matters in the Communications hard judgments." He wants to determine ment, working at his new job as chairman Act rewrite, now proceeding in the House the commission's ability to meet shorter - of the U.S. delegation to the 1979 World Communications Subcommittee. range goals before adopting a three -month Administrative Radio Conference. The question of who will replace Mr. calendar. For the present, he said, "We're The appointment, by Secretary of State Kitzmiller in the general counsel's office just getting a good data base." Cyrus Vance, which had been long ex- was left unanswered by the chairman last The lack of passion for haste may be pected (BROADCASTING, Dec. 12, 1977), week. But he has someone in mind; he taken as a sign Chairman Ferris intends to was announced earlier this month, but said an announcement could be made this be around for a long time. On the other with so little fanfare that even White week. hand, those who have watched the com- House officials who played a role in the Personnel is not the only area in which mission over the years say that things left selection process were not aware the action he is proceeding at what might be called a undone have a way of piling up faster than had been taken. measured pace. He has not yet started the snow was accumulating on Washing- As time for the 1979 WARC draws issuing the three -month work calendars ton streets last Friday. near -it will begin on Sept. 24, 1979, and

posais. Mr. Gabbert last week said "stonewalling" is not good for Report that Bill Moyers would leave CBS News for public broadcast- broadcasting Industry. He noted other interests are providing sug- ing berth was current again Friday (Jan. 20) in New York -this time gestions, and said broadcasters should, too. joined by speculation that Harry Reasoner would leave ABC News for return to CBS. CBS News President Richard S. Salant would say only CBS Sports has again been accused of airing misleading tennis that "nothing on either side is by any means final; Bill Moyers is under promotion, this time for Grand Slam of Tennis tournament to have contract to CBS and Harry Reasoner is under contract to ABC:' aired last weekend (Jan. 21 -22). Network reportedly told Super Bowl viewers that tennis champion Guillermo Vitas would participate, when in Betting also was that outgoing NBC President Herbert S. Schlosser fact he had cancelled for health reasons two days before Super Bowl. would not accept offer of RCA executive vice presidency, instead might Also, International Tennis Eederation is said to have complained to net- turn sights westward to Hollywood, where he scored spectacular career work and to House Subcommittee on Communications that "Grand success before eastward and upward elevation at NBC - perhaps to Slam" moniker "cheapens" traditional concept of term -winning in one major production company post of sort passed over by Fred Silverman year of French, British, American and Australian championships. when he decided to take Schlosser job at NBC (story page 28).

Last week communications world noted its past and future with marking of 75th anniversary of exchange of wireless messages between William S. Hedges, 82, retired NBC vice president, died Jan. 19 in President Theodore Roosevelt and Edward VII of England and inaugura- Scarsdale, N.Y., nursing home of complications tion of satellite "hotline" between Washington and Moscow. President following surgery month ago. Mr. Hedges was radio Carter noted that on Jan. 18, 1903, President Roosevelt sent message to editor of Chicago Daily News and simultaneously British monarch from Cape Cod and received radio reply. President manager of paper's WMAO(AM) Chicago from 1922 to Carter called radio invention that makes possible "global communica- 1931 and remained with station after it was bought by tions system that allows instant contact, not only between heads of NBC. He went on to numerous executive assignments state, but peoples of all nations. New Washington- Moscow "hotline" with network. He was among founders of National As- hook up, engineered by ITT World Communications Inc., connects world sociation of Broadcasters and was its president in capitals with two independent and parallel circuits using completely 1928 -29. Survivors include wife, Meg; two daughters, separate satellite systems for transmission. Systems use U.S .'s Intelsat Mrs. Helen Kidder of Vail, Colo., and Mrs. Margaret Wicker of Greenwich, IV and Soviet Union's Molniya Ill satellites. Conn., nine grandchildren and one grandchild. Funeral will be Tuesday O (Jan. 24) at 2 p.m., St. James the Less Church, Scarsdale, N.Y. National Association of Broadcasters and National Cable Television As- sociation squared off last week as FCC considered waiving its dis- TV actor Carl Betz, 57, best known for roles in Judd for the Defense and tant signal carriage rules for cable systems in VHF service -less The Donna Reed Show, died Wednesday (Jan. 18), of cancer, in Los New Jersey. "Grant of petition [by New Jersey Office of Cable Televi- Angeles. sion]," said NAB, "would constitute unwarranted and indeed outrageous departure" from FCC's regulations. FCC grant "would be issuing open Raymond J. Steiner, 50, recently appointed president of Sony Corp. invitation to many more such requests :' NAB argued. But NCTA said of America, died of heart attack in Tokyo Jan. 19. Death came same proposal "represents significant step toward obtaining concrete empiri- day company announced new general manager of Sony Broadcast: W. cal data to demonstrate that importation of distant signals by cable Arnold Taylor, formerly national sales manager for Ampex Corp. He television systems will have no appreciable impact upon ability of replaces David MacDonald, who will stay with Sony through National As- broadcast television licensees to serve public." sociation of Broadcasters convention in April.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 33 plan would afford them. pointment as chairman of the U.S. delega- For the most part, the U.S. position that tion to WARC, was to visit the FCC. He will be presented at the 1979 WARC is paid a courtesy call on Chairman Charles being developed by the FCC and the Office D. Ferris, and later discussed WARC mat- of Telecommunications Policy. The corn- ters with Commissioners Robert E. Lee mission is building its proposals through a and Abbott Washburn, both of whom series of notices of inquiry. Among other have demonstrated interests in interna- things, for instance, it has come out tional telecommunications matters. against any change in the use of the UHF portion of the spectrum (BROADCASTING, July 4, 1977). Wires, NAB lose As for Mr. Robinson's role in these mat- ters, it will be relatively limited, at least ini- fight against tially. For the immediate future, he says, he expects to steep himself in the pre- new AT &T rates paratory work already done, and in the issues. He will also be participating in the FCC won't grant more time to selection of a group of 10 to 20 persons Telpak end links; they'll be who will provide the core of the delega- replaced by new MPL service tion that may include as many as 100 and higher costs; commission members. starts up inquiry looking to He and the core group, whose members lower charges for wire users will be picked for specific skills in various disciplines, will help shape the U.S. posi- Major newswire services and trade associ- tion. ations last week lost their battle before the To some extent, the amount of in- FCC for a further extension of an AT &T Robinson fluence Mr. Robinson has will be limited transmission service the commission by the considerable amount of work al- found illegal two and a half years ago. As a run for 10 weeks -Mr. Robinson ready done, which in part is based on dis- result, beginning today the wire services presumably will attract more attention. For cussions that U.S. teams have had with will pay rates they say will increase costs the upcoming WARC is being described representatives of a number of foreign more than $8 million each year. by those involved in its preparations as governments. However, Mr. Robinson ex- However, in the face of the knowledge one of the most important WARC's in pects to play a role in working out com- that much of the increase will be passed on years. And in leading the U.S. delegation, promises between the FCC and OTP on to broadcast stations and newspapers, not Mr. Robinson will carry the title of am- various issues, as well as in defining the all of them financially robust, the commis- bassador. However, that appointment, by various options the U.S. will present. sion directed the staff to restart an inquiry the President, will not be made until next And over the longer term, as the date begun in 1975 to assess the need for year. for the WARC approaches, he and the core preferential telephone line rates for the WARC '79 will be the first general radio group will develop the negotiating strategy press (BROADCASTING, Nov. 10, 1975). conference since 1959 and will be con- that will be followed. That will involve The commission voted 7 to O to deny cerned with the over-all table of alloca- determining not only what the U.S. wants petitions for a five -month suspension of tions. It will have, the State Department to see achieved but what proposals it can the service AT &T has proposed as a said in announcing the Robinson appoint- trade off to get them. substitute for the one found illegal -so- ment, "the potential of conditioning the The full delegation, which is not ex- called Telpak end links, which are single development of communication -electronic pected to be named until shortly before circuit extensions of the multiple -channel equipments and the operation of national the start of the conference, will be drawn services used mainly by newswire and and international telecommunications from the private as well as the government other multipoint private line users. systems into year 2000." sector. A State Department spokesman The commission in September 1975 The issues are seemingly without end. said members will be chosen on the basis found the service like another AT &T pri- But one that broadcast industry interests of expertise in various areas; that will vate line service, but priced at a lower and, will watch involves the future of UHF - probably mean that persons from affected therefore, illegally discriminatory rate. AP, whether provisions should be made for industries will be chosen. The spokesman UPI, and other newswires, along with the sharing it with other services. Another in- also said the department is making a National Association of Broadcasters volves the question of whether the present special effort to include minorities and fought the action before the commission AM band should be extended. women on the delegation. "We're sensi- and in court. But last week's action The questions involving satellite com- tive to this," he said. marked the end of the fight. munications will pose tough problems for For Mr. Robinson, who is 41, the ap- They had argued in their petitions that the U.S. The question of whether prior pointment adds further luster to his the Multi- Schedule Private Line service consent of nations should be required reputation as an expert in communications AT &T has offered as a substitute is identi- before broadcasting to them directly by matters, which he began developing as a cal to the service they had been receiving satellite is expected to be an issue -and law professor at the University of Min- but would result in costs between 33% and the U.S. is almost alone among the nations nesota, where he began teaching in 1967. 93% higher. They have challenged the law- of the world in opposing such a require- He became known in the communications fulness of the new tariff, and said that a ment. community through his articles on com- five -month suspension would be an ap- The conference is also likely to deal with munications law and appearances before propriate means of delaying the effects of the question of whether communications congressional committees, and in 1974, the MPL rate structure. satellite orbital slots should "prefixed" - the Nixon White House, largely through Although the commissioners were not assigned to nations in advance in accord- the efforts of former FCC Chairman Dean moved by those arguments, they did ex- ance with a specific plan -or made on a Burch, then a White House aide, and Clay press concern about the effect of the rate flexible or "evolutionary" basis. The U.S. T. Whitehead, then director of OTP, increase on newswire services' customers, favors the latter, fearing that a prefixed named him to a vacancy on the FCC. He and asked the staff to move rapidly on system would inhibit the development of served until the term expired in 1976, reactivating the preferential press rates in- satellite technology. Many nations, partic- when he returned to teaching at the Uni- quiry. ularly those of the Third World, want the versity of Virginia. The staff expects to have the necessary guaranteed orbital slots that a prefixed One of his first activities after his ap- order before the FCC within a month.

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In exchange for exclusive freely over a broad spectrum of business and rights to the Business Report, we are looking business -related topics, and includes stock for a credit line with each newscast, and air market highlights. It's as lively, timely and in- time (to be negotiated) for commercials pro- formative as The Wall Street Journal itself... moting The Wall Street Journal. the kind of reporting you just tleof Call or write for detailed can't find anywhere else. It S atsons broadcasting Th ll teeet ' complements and rounds off Journal Business Report on an exclusive information. basis are: We're sure you'll want to your regular news coverage. WOR Newyork WALL Middletown (N.Y.) And gives listeners a real in- WBBM Chicago W WTC Minneapolis explore this unique opportu- KNX Los Angeles WNOG Naples (Fla. ) nity further, so we've pre- centive to tune in to your WCAU Philadelphia WAMB Nashville station to stay WEE[ Boston WWL -FM New Orleans pared an information kit -and tuned. KMOX Sc Louis W'KIS Orlando KRLD Dallas KTAR Phoenix which spells out all the details Eight opportunities a day to WJ W Cleveland KYXI Portland and includes samples of KIRO Seattle WHPM Poughkeepsie boost business. WTOP Washington, D.C. WEAN Providence actual newscasts. For more WHLO Akron KFBK Sacramento Lots of advertisers are eager 1VRNG Atlanta WSGW Saginaw (Mich information, write Donald to reach the upscale audience 1VSOC Charlotte San Francise- Sutphen. Or call collect WLQA -FM Cincinnati KXRX San Jose (Cal.)' attracted to The Wall Street WRFD Columbus WQSA Sarasota (Hal at (609) 452 -2000. WVCG Coral Gables KSPO Spokane Journal Business Report. KDEN Denver WNUS West And you'll have eight oppor- W INJ Detroit Springfield (Mass./ WBIG Greensboro KFH Wichita tunities a day to sell those KEYH Houston WARM Wilkes- Barre' The prospective clients WILK Jackson (Miss.) Scranton (Pa.) -with KMBR -FM Kansas City W1LM Wilmington Wall Street morning and evening drive - WIOU Kokomo (Ind.) WSBA York (Pa.) time newscasts, and with six W WEE Memphis WSMX Winston -Salem Journal newscasts (on an hourly Business ., basis) in between. Also, The Report Wall Street Journal Business P.O. Box 300, Princeton, N.J. 08540 under the disadvantage of having to argue Media against the conclusions reached by an ad- ministrative law judge in the case. Judge James Tierney had dismissed the news - Eight -year -old distortion allegations as of little conse- quence. He said they were "few" in num- WPIX(TV) case ber and the responsibility of a particular news producer, Ted Kamp, and that there is aired at FCC was no evidence of deliberate distortion by the licensee. He recommended renewal of Oral arguments were held last week; the WPIX license, and held Forum to be challenger Forum Communications disqualified; he said it suffered "fatal digs up old news- distortion charges defects "in terms of financial qualification in attempting to unseat Tribune Co. and ascertainment of local tastes, needs Old stories of filmed television reports that and interests (BROADCASTING, Dec. 16, had arrived by plane carrying "via 1974). satellite" supers and of audio reports from And Robert Beizer, counsel for WPIX, Vienna being identified as originating urged the commission to accept the ALJ's from Prague at the time of the Soviet inva- decision. He said "only a handful of inci- IT WORKS sion chased each other across the land- dents" of alleged distortion "during a scape of the FCC's memory last week as short time period" -from August through WITH 18 -49 the seven commissioners heard lawyers November 1968 -are involved. "And look debate the right of the Tribune Co. (Wptx at the other service the station provided, Inc.) to continue operating WPIX(TV) New and what community leaders thought of ADULTS! York, as it has for the past 30 years. the service. They evaluated it as good." The Tribune Co. is being challenged for Mr. Beizer also contended that the news that right by Forum Communications, reports at issue were accurate, if not the which filed its competing application in labeling. But that cut two ways. He had WAIA 1969. Forum consists of present and argued that claims of distortion were exag- Miami -Ft. Lauderdale former broadcast executives, performers gerated in light of the fact that wplx was and ethnic leaders. And although there are not being accused of the kind of distortion other issues in the case, allegations of that had been proved against CBS pro- news distortion by the station in the fall of grams involving a staged pot party or a 1968 and of inadequate supervision of the "starving" baby that turned out to have station's newsroom continue to dominate. been born prematurely. In neither case was The news- distortion issue in most cases a license lost. does not involve the factual basis of the re- However, Messrs. Finkelstein and ports as much as their presentation. Silberman said the First Amendment Besides incorrect "via satellite" supers offered no protection to broadcasters in and originations of reports being credited such matters. "This has nothing to do with to cities where the action was rather than news judgment," Mr. Finkelstein said. Mr. where the reporter was broadcasting, the Silberman made the same point, and ad- station also presented film of a tank pho- ded, "It was a distortion of the source of tographed in Fort Belvoir, Va., as being news." Adults made in Vietnam's Central Highlands, Mr. Beizer said "a sensitive area" was 1849 and gratuitously added to a story about a involved and that "the law was not fully Adults 18 -34 driver being stopped by Maine police for settled" on the question. But he also did Women driving too slowly a sentence suggesting not think the question had to be reached. 1849 he had been jailed. The incidents, he said, did not warrant Women 18 -34 Michael Finkelstein, counsel for punishment. Chairman Charles D. Ferris Forum, said such actions constituted said, "These are promotional acts." Acting efforts to "deceive station viewers" and against them wouldn't involve "stepping were "an attempt to hypo news ratings. It on the First Amendment as closely as ac- SOURCE: was a :T. LAUDERDALE - simply matter of greed" The prin- tion taken against content," he said. "It HOLLYWOOD cipal action the station took when a re- doesn't even skirt the First Amendment." ARBITRON OCT- porter brought the matter to the attention Commissioner Joseph Fogarty agreed: )V '77.6AM -MID MON-SUN AVG of Fred Thrower, then president and gen- "I don't think it's a First Amendment SHARE METRO eral manager, was to fire the reporter, he question." And Commissioner Tyrone SURVEY AREA said. WPIX Inc., he added, should be held Brown said such actions might be con- to be unqualified to be a licensee. sidered "deceptive trade practices." The Broadcast Bureau's David Silber- However, determining that the practices man agreed. "WRix repeatedly falsified, are not protected by the First Amendment misrepresented and distorted the news to (and overruling Judge Tierney on that improve its ratings," he said. Manage- point; he said they were) would not neces- ment, he said, ignored complaints from sarily mean that wPtx would lose its the staff for several months until it finally renewal. The commission could decide conducted "an ineffectual investigation simply to give WPIX a comparative demerit that is entitled to little weight," and at- rather than disqualify it as a licensee. And tempted "a cover-up." He warned the even assuming the commission overrules commissioners that other licensees are Judge Tierney to the extent of finding watching the WPIX case "to see what they Forum qualified, it could still rule in favor can get away with." of WPIX on a comparative basis. Judge 274 County Road The bureau is recommending a grant of Tierney said WPIX'S 1966 -69 record Tenafly, N.J. 07670 Forum's application. earned a "well done with a plus." Both attorneys, however, were laboring And at least three commissioners ap- 201- 567 -8800 A Division of Bonneville International Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 Corporation 36 peared to favor renewal. Commissioner ported by Common Cause because it did James Quello, for instance, said the com- not contribute more than $30,000 in 1976. mission should consider "what was done The breakdown of contributions to Mr. by an overzealous newsman, but have the Van Deerlin: $1,500 from the NAB- affili- punishment fit the crime. We're engaging ated Television and Radio Political Action in overkill. "He said the commission Committee (TARPAC) and $100 from the should weigh against "a few incidents" National Cable Television Association Po- the fact that top management was not in- litical Action Committee (NCTAPAC). volved in them and that the station's over- Those were not the only groups with com- all record is good. munications interests to contribute to the Commissioner Abbott Washburn asked chairman's campaign, however. Groups whether it wouldn't be "dicey for the com- affiliated with the United States Indepen- mission to reach down into the news dent Telephone Association, General operations of licensees and make judg- Electric Co., General Telephone & ments as to the means of presentation. "He Electronics and the Recording Industry noted there was a difference of opinion be- Association of America contributed tween the ALJ and the Broadcast Bureau another $1,400. Mr. Van Deerlin received as to whether the "ultimate sanc- a total of $20,500 from special- interest tion" should be imposed on WPIx. contributors for his campaign. Commissioner Robert E. Lee on several Nor was Mr. Van Deerlin alone in bene- IT WORKS occasions harked back to cases in which fitting from trade associations and com- i the networks stood accused of distortion - panies concerned with the activities of his CBS's Hunger in America and Selling of subcommittee. Louis Frey (R- Fla.), the WITH 18 -49 the Pentagon -or of committing fraud on ranking minority party member of the the public through the quiz shows of the Communications Subcommittee, received ADULTS! . late 1950's -but were never punished. $500 from TARPAC and $600 from One element in the case that did not ap- NCTAPAC. Mr. Frey also received $200 pear to stir much interest among the com- each from USITA and General Electric. missioners involved the departure from There were also some senators who re- Forum of Lawrence Grossman, the former ceived substantial contributions from KSTP-FM New York advertising man who had been NAB. Former Senator Vance Hartke (D- Minneapolis -St. Paul the organizer, president and major Ind.) received a $2,000 NAB contribution stockholder of the applicant. He resigned toward his unsuccessful re- election bid, from Forum in February 1976 to become and Senator J. Glenn Beall, another in- president of the Public Broadcasting cumbent who failed to be re- elected, re- Service. Mr. Beizer made a point of noting ceived $2,300 from NAB. Former Senator Mr. Grossman's depurture from Froum, James L. Buckley (R -N.Y.) received a and the sale of his stock to Oppenheimer $1,500 gift, and Frank E. Moss (D -Utah) & Co. It is now the largest stockholder in received $1,700 for his unsuccessful try Forum, with 36 %, but has no broadcast for re- election. experience, Mr. Beizer said. NAB contributed $20,875 to 23 Senate candidates, 11 of whom lost. In fact, NAB contributed higher sums to losing candi- dates than to winners. The association's Political average contribution to losing Senate Democrats was $1,180 while only $797 Adults 1849 contributions: went to winners. On the Republican side, Adults 25 -49 $1,100 went to the average loser and $400 who got how to the average winner. John Melcher, the Women 18 -34 freshman Democrat from Montana, re- Women 1849 much from whom ceived a $1,000 contribution from NAB and took a seat on the full Senate Com- Women 25-49 Common Cause report details merce Committee. Howard Cannon (D- campaign giving by Industry groups; Nev.), a member of the Communications SOURCE Subcommittee, received a $900 NAB gift, MINNEAPOLIS- members of Commerce Committees, ST. PAUL Communications Subcommittees get and Robert A. Durkin (D -N.H.) received ARBITRON OCT- $200 (as did his opponent, Louis NOV 77. ÓAM -MID broadcasting, cable donations MON -SUN AVG Wyman). SHARE METRO Representative Lionel Van Deerlin (D- Both NAB and NCTA made substantial SURVEY AREA to members of INDIVIDUAL Calif.), chairman of the House Com- contributions the House STATIONS munications Subcommittee, received a Commerce Committee, NCTA contribu- total of $1,600 from the political action tions are given first, NAB's second. Those committees of the National Association of congressmen who also sit on the Com- Broadcasters and the National Cable munications Subcommittee are indicated Television Association for his 1976 re- with an asterisk ( "): election campaign, according to a report Democrats -John E. Moss (Calif.) issued last week by Common Cause. $200, $500; John D. Dingell (Mich.) Both groups, according to the 1,742 - $100, $300; Fred B. Rooney (Pa.) $100, page report, contributed funds to the cam- $300; 'John M. Murphy (N.Y.) $100, paign coffers of most of the members of $500; Bob Eckhardt (Tex.) $200, $200; the full Commerce Committee as well as Richardson Preyer (N.C.) $200 from those of most of the members of Mr. Van NAB; *Charles J. Carney (Ohio) $300, Deerlin's subcommittee. $700; Ralph H. Metcalf (Ill.) $100, $300; 274 County Road In all, NAB contributed $51,400 to po- James H. Scheuer (N.Y.) $200, $150; litical campaigns. NCTA's total was not re- 'Henry A. Waxman $100, $400 and a Tenafly, N.J. 07670 201 - Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 567 -8800 37 A Division of Bonneville International Corporation. $200 contribution the California Cable p.m.), and a panel discussion on news on Television Association; Robert Krueger independents (10:45 a.m.- noon). The (Tex.) $100 from NCTA; 'Timothy E. moderator will be Joseph T Loughlin, vice Wirth (Colo.) $555, $475 and $200 from president and general manager of CCTA; Philip R. Sharp (Ind.) $100, $200; WvTV(TV) Milwaukee, and the panel will James J. Florio (N.J.) $300, $200; Jim consist of Robert S. Fransen, vice presi- Santini (Nev.) $200, $800; Andrew dent and general manager, WTCN -TV Maguire (N.J.) $100, $200; and 'Marty Minneapolis -St. Paul; Jack E. Matranga, Russo (Ill.) $500, $500. president and general manager, KTXL(TV) Republicans - 'Samuel L. Devine Sacramento, Calif.; Mr. Pope and Harold (Ohio) $300, $500; James T. Broyhill E. Protter, vice president and general man- (N.C.) $400, $700; Clarence J. Brown ager, KPLR -TV St. Louis. (Ohio) $300, $500; Joe Skubitz (Kan.) The luncheon speaker on Monday will $100, $400; James M. Collins (Tex.) $300 be FCC Commissioner Abbott Washburn. from NAB; Norman E. Lent (N.Y.) $200, The afternoon session from 2:30 -3:45 $200; Edward R. Madigan (Ill.) $200 from p.m. will focus on alternatives to the use of NAB; Matthrew J. Rinaldo (N.J.) $100 AT &T lines. The moderator is Eugene from NAB; and 'W. Henson Moore (La.) McCurdy, president and general manager $200 from NAB. of WPHL -TV Philadelphia, and panelists are Ken F. Leddick, senior marketing IT WORKS engineer, Scientific -Atlanta Inc., Atlanta; John A. Tagliaferro, vice president, com- Jammed agenda munications services, Paramount Televi- FOR STATIONS, sion Distribution, New York, and Robert faces INTV J. Wormington, president and general FOR LISTENERS, manager, KBMA -TV Kansas City, Mo. in San Diego The INTV board of directors will meet at 4:15 p.m. FOR SALES, Van Deerlin to address The entire morning session on Tuesday, banquet Sunday night; Jan. 31, will consider the subject of selling FOR ADVERTISERS. four -day program to touch the independents. It will be moderated by all phases of independent Martin H. Ozer, vice president and direc- Stations prefer it because it's operations including sales, tor of sales for Metromedia Television, promotion and a report New York. flexible! AM or FM. Live, semi - on the Washington scene At 8:45 -9:05 a.m. James W. Packer, automated or fully- automated. president of Mission -Argyle Productions, The vistas and vexations of the nonaffili- Los Angeles, will speak on "The Indepen- 1849's prefer it because the ated TV station business will again be ex- dent's Secret Weapon." A panel dis- sound is on target! An active, plored at the fifth annual convention of cussion will follow at 9:05 -9:50 a.m. on consistent sound. Adult radio the Association of Independent Television local sales successes. Participants will be without the nonsense. Stations (INTV) Jan. 29 -Feb. 1. Richard Goldman, general sales manager, A record attendance of more than 400 is KTVU(TV) Oakland, Calif.; Robert R. Hart- Advertisers prefer it because expected at Vacation Village in San Diego man, general sales manager, WUAB(TV) to hear and participate in discussions on a Cleveland; Sam H. Horel, general sales it gets results! The only wide range of subjects applicable to inde- manager, KMPH(TV) Tulare, Calif., and syndicated MOR format with pendent TV stations. Topics will include Kevin P. O'Brien, vice president and gen- proven major market perform- news, research, the regulatory scene, eral sales manager, WTCN -TV. of program and repre- ance. And in the right high - transmission commercial The views of advertisers, national material, sales, outlook for programing sentatives and agencies will be presented spending demographics. and the views of advertisers and agencies. during a segment at 10:05 -11:15 a.m. The convention will open Sunday after- Panelists are David S. Allen, senior vice noon (Jan. 29) with a sales advisory meet- president, The Katz Agency Inc., New ing at 1 -3 p.m.; a new independent TV sta- York; James R. Barker, executive vice tion workshop at 2 -4 p.m. (for outlets with president, Erwin Wasey Inc., Los Angeles, construction permits); a reception at and Isabel Ziegler, senior vice president, 6-7:30 p.m. with XETV(TV) Tijuana -San Ted Bates & Co., New York. Commenta- Diego as host on the occasion of its 25th tors during this session will be Gerald B. anniversary, and dinner at 7:30 p.m. The Baldwin, vice president and director of guest speaker at the dinner will be Repre- local broadcast, Young & Rubicam, New sentative Lionel Van Deerlin (D- Calif.), York, and Sue Baron, media manager, chairman of the House Subcommittee on Olympia Brewing Co., Olympia, Wash. Communications. INTV will hold a closed business meet- Pete Wilson, the mayor of San Diego, ing from 11:20 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. It will be will welcome the delegates to the city on followed by luncheon, at which the guest Monday morning (Jan. 30). Brief reports speaker will be E. B. Brogan, national ad- on INTV will be given by Leavitt J. Pope, vertising and public relations manager for chairman of the association and president Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc., Torrance, of WPIx Inc., New York; Herman W. Calif. Land, president of INTV, and Nicki The entire afternoon of Jan. 31 will be Goldstein, vice president- operations, of given over to research. Serving as modera- that organization. tor will be Albert M. Holtz, vice president The remainder of Monday morning will and general manager, WPGH -TV Pittsburgh. 274 County Road be devoted to a report on the Washington Participants will be Roy H. Anderson, ex- scene by J. Laurent Scharf, counsel, Pier- ecutive vice president, media research ser- Tenafly, N.J. 07670 son, Ball & Dowd, Washington (10 -10:30 vices group, A.C. Nielsen Co., New York;

201- 567 -8800 Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 A Division of Bonneville International Corporation. 38 David R. Mackintosh, vice president - TV beckons Gabbert. James J. Gab - client services. W. R. Simmons Associates, bert, president of the National Radio New York; Theodore F. Shaker, president, Broadcasters Association, intends to Arbitron Co., New York, and Pro Sher- enter television, which he calls an "ex- man, executive vice president, Broadcast citing medium" He plans to file an ap- Advertisers Reports Inc., New York. plication with the FCC for channel 20 in An early -bird sales workshp has been Honolulu. Mr. Gabbert owns KIKA(AM) and scheduled on Feb. 1 at 7:15 -8 a.m. Dis- has a construction permit for KHUI(FM) cussing co -op advertising opportunities there, and also owns K101(AM) and Kloi(FM), will be William L. McGee, president of both San Francisco. Broadcast Marketing Co., San Francisco. Alvin M. Eicoff, president of A. Eicoff & Co., Chicago, will speak on new dimen- gram director, WMBG(AM) Williamsburg, sions in direct marketing. Va.; Brian Bastian, anchorman -producer, The in's and out's of TV station promo- KFWB(AM) Los Angeles; Rena J. Blum- tion, advertising and marketing will be ex- berg, community relations director, plored by a panel consisting of Mary M. WDOK(FM) Cleveland; Bill Cusack, vice Barrow, publicist, KTLA(TV) Los Angeles; president and general manager, WBZ -AM- Ivan Ladizinsky, promotion manager, FM Boston; Ed Hinshaw, editorial director, vice KTVU(rv) Oakland, Calif.; Bill White, WTMJ Inc., Milwaukee; John McKay, vice president and general manager, KBHK -TV president and general manager, KMOx-Tv San Francisco, and Michael P. Davis, presi- St. Louis; Paul Raymond, vice president dent, New York Film and Videotape Com- and general manager, WAGA -TV Atlanta; munications, Narberth, Pa. Moderating Richard M. Schafbuch, vice president and will this panel, set for 9 -10:15 a.m., be general manager, KOA- AM- TV- KOAQ(FM) William C. McReynolds, vice president Denver, and Charles Thornton Jr., general and general manager, KPHO -TV Phoenix. manager, WTRI(AM) Brunswick, Md. The final session of the convention The SBRTC also confirmed the selec- (10:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.) will be an assess- tion of G. Richard Shafto, retired presi- ment of programing for the independents. dent of Cosmos Broadcasting Corp., Co- WORK IT Evan C. Thompson, president of the lumbia, S.C., to receive the Vincent T television division of Chris -Craft Indus- Wasilewski Founders Award ( "Closed BEST WITH tries Inc. and general manager of KCOP(TV) Circuit," Dec. 19, 1977). Lps Angeles, will be the moderator. In making the formal announcement Speakers are Art Frankel, senior vice Paul M. Stevens, president of the commis- BONNEVILLE! president, administration /production, sion, noted that the Wasilewski award is Paramount Television, Los Angeles; given "when a broadcaster distinguishes From the solid success of MCA TV, Louis N. Friedland, president himself in raising the image of the indus- Beautiful Music to new New York; Leonard V. Koch, executive try in the eyes of the public." Administra- the vice president, Syndicast Services Inc., tors of the award, created by Dr. Stevens, excitement of Contemporary New York; William A. Schwartz, vice are FCC Commissioner Robert E. Lee, MOR and general manager, KTvu(rv), Bonneville can make president Willard Walbridge, senior vice president, it and John A. Serrao, vice president and Capital Cities Communications Inc., and happen! director of operations and programing, Pe- Mr. Wasilewski, president of the National try Television, New York. Association of Broadcasters. For more information on Earlier, the SBRTC had announced Contemporary MOR, Soft other honors that will be conferred Rock, Traditional MOR, Lincoln finalists (BROADCASTING, Jan. 9): They include: The Distinguished Communications Beautiful Music, call or Southern Baptist radio -TV Medal that will be presented to Dr. Billy write today. organization trims list to nine Graham, the keynote speaker at the for its two highest honors awards ceremony. Certificates of excellence to be given to The list of nominees for the two top Abe Norman Bagwell, KTVY(TV) Oklahoma Lincoln broadcasting awards has been nar- City; Walter E. Bartlett, Multimedia rowed to nine. The Southern Baptist and its WLWT(TV) Cincinnati; and Television Commission, which has Eugene Bohi, WGHP -TV High Point, N.C.; been sponsoring the awards program since Don Chaney, KTBB(AM) Tyler, Tex.; Jeff 1970, said that the two winners would be Davidson, WXIA -TV Atlanta; Rick Devlin, announced at the SBRTC's annual WOR(AM) New York; Leta Powell Drake, ceremonies at the Tarrant County Con- KOLN-TV /KGIN -TV Lincoln, Neb.; Harry M. vention Center in Fort Worth. Durning, WBZ -TV Boston; Billy Evans, The other seven will receive Abe Lin- WQXE(FM) Elizabethtown, Ky.; A. B. Hart- coln Merit Awards for their contributions man, KDKA(AM) Pittsburgh; Fred Heck- to the quality of life in America, both as man, WIBC(AM)- WNAP(FM) Indianapolis; private citizens and as professional broad- Al Hobbs, WTLC(FM) Indianapolis; Father casters -the same criteria used in the Don Kimball, KFRC(AM) San Francisco; commission's other selections. Norman Knight, Knight Quality Stations, Master of ceremonies for the Feb. 9 pro- Boston; James L. Loper, Community gram and dinner will be Andrew M. Television of Southern California, Los Ockershausen, executive vice president of Angeles; Joseph B. Riley, wwNH(AM) WMAL Inc., Washington, who received an Rochester, N.H.; John Salisbury, KXL -AM- Abe Lincoln Merit Award in 1977. FM Portland, Ore.; Fred von Stade, wrvN- 274 County Road The nine 1978 Abe Lincoln Awards Tv Columbus, Ohio; Gene Strul, nominees include Danny K. Albus, pro- WCKT(TV) Miami; Paul K. Taff, Connecti- Tenafly, N.J. 07670

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 201 - 567-8800 39 A Division of Bonneville International Corporation cut Public Television, Hartford, Cullie M. and covenant not to compete. Seller is is on 1340 khz with 1 kw day and 250 w Tarleton, WBT-AM -FM Charlotte, N.C. principally owned by Vernon H. Baker, night. KWWR -FM is on 95.7 mhz with 55 The Southern Baptist Radio and Televi- owner of WESR -AM -FM Tasley and kw and antenna 300 feet above average sion Commission is one of the world's weoo(AM) Smithfield, both Virginia, and terrain. largest producers of religious programs for WGIC(AM)- WBZI(FM) Xenia, Ohio. Buyer is KEXS(AM) Excelsior Springs, Mo.: broadcast in public service time. principally owned by John H. Prince, gen- Jeffco Television Corp., licensee, sold by eral manager of stations, and minority in- William Kassman, Larry Falkner and terests are held by local professionals and others to Mr. and Mrs. Willie Williams for Changing Hands businessmen. Neither Mr. Prince nor any $295,000. Mr. Kassman, who owns ap- of other buyers has other broadcast in- proximately 75% of licensee, is in in- terests. WJiC is 250 w daytimer on 1510 Mr. Announced surance business in Columbia, Mo. khz. WNNN is on 101.7 mhz with 3 kw and Falkner (5 %) is general manager of station The following station sales were an- antenna 300 feet above average terrain. and will remain so, without ownership in- nounced last week, subject to FCC ap- Broker: Larson /Walker & Co. terest, under new owners. Remaining proval: WSIM(FM) Red Bank, Tenn. (Chat- shares are held by 26 others. None of WIRC(AM)- WXRC(FM) Hickory, N.C.: tanooga): Sold by Roy Davis to WsIM Inc. sellers has other broadcast interests. Sold by Foothills Broadcasting Inc. to for $450,000. Mr. Davis has no other Buyer, Mr. Williams, is real estate broker Broadcast Ltd. for $825,000. Seller is broadcast interests. Buyer is owned by and developer in Raytown, Mo. Neither principally owned by estate of Edmond H. William E. Benns Jr. and members of his he nor his wife has other broadcast in- Smith (co- executors are Mr. Smith's immediate family, who also own WFLI(AM) terests. KExs is 250 w daytimer on 1090 widow, Margaret, and A.J. Burgess) and Lookout Mountain, Tenn., Chattanooga khz. Broker: Ralph E. Meador. Joseph A. Moretz. None has other broad- area station. WsIM is on 94.3 mhz with 3 WETO(AM) DeLand, Fla.: Sold by West cast interests. Buyer is owned by Thomas kw and antenna 22 feet above average ter- Volusia Broadcasters Inc. to James S. Beat- A. Swatzel Jr. (40%) and William A. rain. tie for $270,000. Seller is principally McDonald III and Jerry W. Oakley (30% KXEO(AM)- KWWR -FM Mexico, Mo.: owned by Keith Walker, who has no other each). Messrs. Swatzel and McDonald are Sold by Adrian Broadcasting Corp. to broadcast interests. Buyer, Mr. Beattie, Hickory businessmen with no other broad- KxeO Radio Inc. for $418,449. Seller is owns WEXY(AM) Oakland Park, Fla. (Fort cast interests. Mr. Oakley is owner of principally owned by W. Earl Dougherty Lauderdale), and has minor interest in WFBS(AM) Spring Lake, N.C. WIRC is 1 kw and his wife, Sarah, who have no other wssA(AM) Morrow, Ga. WETO is on 1490 daytimer on 630 khz. WxRC is on 95.7 interests. Buyer is principally broadcast khz with 1 kw day and 250 w night. mhz with 27 kw and antenna 350 feet owned by Galen O. Gilbert, who is also last above average terrain. majority owner of KSWM(AM) Aurora and Other station sales announced week included: wsuz(AM) Palatka, Fla., W11C(AM) Salem, WNNN(FM) Canton, KBTN(AM) Neosho, both Missouri; Case Va. (see page both New Jerséy: Sold by Jersey Informa- KTLQ(AM) Tahlequah, Okla.; and and WMEK(AM) City, tion Center Inc. to PJF Broadcasting Inc. KPET(AM)- KCOT(FM.) Lamesa and 64). for $460,000, plus $75,000 consultancy KZEE(AM) Weatherford, both Texas. KXEO Approved Station sales approved last week in- cluded: KRLW(AM)- KCAC(Ftd) Walnut Ridge, Ark.; KLEI(AM) Kailua, Hawaii; FEATURED BY KWNS -AM -FM Pratt, Kan.; KOYN(AM) Billings, Mont., and KMFM(FM) San An- AMERICA'S OUTSTANDING tonio, Tex. (see page 65). MEDIA BROKER i Two in New Mexico have renewal problems

Stations in Roswell and Farmington, both Mid -Atlantic New Mexico, have had their license renewal applications designated for hear- ing by the FCC. $340,000 The commission set for hearing the ap- plication for renewal of Gordon L. Gay for Medium market full time AM. Good KKAT(AM) Roswell (dark for more than revenues three years) and the application for assign- and profitable under absentee ment of the station from Mr. Gay, the ownership. Ideal for owner -operator. trustee in bankruptcy, to Rosendo Casarez Real estate included and very attractive Jr. The FCC also included the competing terms available after down payment of application of Andromeda Broadcasting System for the 1430 khz facility. $100,000. The commission said the hearing was necessary to determine several matters, including whether there had been an unauthorized transfer of control to Mr. Casarez, whether Andromeda misrepre- BIACKBURN&COMPANY,INC. sented facts to the commission and is fi- nancially qualified to construct and run

RADIO TV CATV NEWSPAPER BROKERS / NEGOTIATIONS FINANCING APPRAISALS the station. The other action involves the applica- WASHINGTON, D.C. CHICAGO 60601 ATLANTA 30361 SEVERLV HILLS 60212 tions of E. Boyd Whitney for KRZE(AM)- 20006 333 N. Michigan Ave 400 Colony Square 9465 Wilshire Blvd. KRAZ(FM) Farmington. Among the 1725 K Street. N.W. (312) 346 -6460 (213) 274 -6151 1404) 692.4055 charges the FCC was investigating in- (202) 331 -9270 1/23/78 cluded whether the licensee or manage- ment misrepresented facts to the commis-

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 40 sion concerning the sale of the air time to He is still a director. But Mr. Bates's son, stockholder, a successful conclusion of the music promoters and whether the licensee Kenneth, who is a director and general suit "could involve an unauthorized threatened not to play the records of artists manager of the station, and the corpora- transfer of control." Accordingly, late in whose agents booked them with pro- tion's third director, David Mylander, December, Judge Shaw called the chief of moters other than the licensee. voted him out of his post as president. the transfer branch, Roy Stewart, who ad- Nevertheless, Judge Henry E. Shaw Jr. vised him of the commission's respon- of Delaware county accepted the injunc- sibility in transfers of control of licensee tion suit filed by Mid -Ohio, and granted a corporations. Outsiders may have preliminary injunction that, pending a That conversation apparently was hearing on the merits of the case, bars the reflected in a paragraph in the order which second thoughts on elder Bates from having any contact with hedges it. It directs the parties "to take ap- offer of help to FCC the station, even from entering its prem- propriate steps to bring the entire case ises. before the FCC, at which time and if nec- Commission's refusal of more time The concern of the younger Mr. Bates essary to so ... this court will modify the for cable -broadcast economic and Mr. Mylander, they said, was the instant decree if the requirements of the probe may spell finish to study senior Bates's allegedly erratic and ir- law so require." funded by broadcast groups responsible behavior. "Wild Bill," for in- stance, often drove his personal van to Charles River Associates, a Boston re- shopping centers and danced on top of it search firm, is prepared to start on a in what he called a "Wild Bill disco Media briefs $500,000 econometric study for the FCC's routine." This, the corporation said, led cable- broadcast economic inquiry. Com- some advertising accounts to withdraw ments in the proceeding are due March 15. their business from the station. (In a sepa- Audience participation. Corporation for However, the commission has refused to rate action, the corporation is seeking Public Broadcasting announced plans to grant additional time for this undertaking $50,000 in damages as a result of business 24- member Task Force on Public which it says "could take well in excess of allegedly lost because of such actions.) Participation in Public Broadcasting with a year if there are no complications." Judge Shaw credited that behavior as major objective "to recommend areas of The proposed study was to be funded by one reason for granting the preliminary in- appropriate public participation at both na- Capital Cities, Taft Broadcasting and junction. tional and local levels." Task force will in- McGraw -Hill, but a lawyer representing The order was issued on Jan. 5. But clude 12 members representing public one of those firms indicated that even they before that point was reached, Mr. Bates radio and television and 12 from public at may decide to give up on the project in and his attorney had been in touch with large. Names of those to be asked to sit on light of the commission's refusal to grant FCC Broadcast Bureau personnel. And board were not disclosed. First meeting an adequate extension of time. Martin Levy, deputy chief of the bureau, will be held in Washington Feb. 16 -17. The commission appeared interested in advised one of the attorneys involved that, Star and Tribune expands. Minneapolis the proposed study, which it said would be since the elder Bates is the majority Star and Tribune Co. has reached agree- "unquestionably a worthwhile undertak- ing." But, the commission said, no "useful purpose would be served by grant- ing a formal extension of time well into 1979!' Negotiations "No one study will resolve finally the issues raised in the inquiry;' the commis- Appraisals sion said. "If the Charles River Associates study is in fact undertaken we would Radio welcome its findings in whole or in part, during the inquiry or in connection with T. V. pertinent rulemakings, if any." Newspapers Major Market- CA TV Suburban Son vs. father in Financing Fulltime AM fight over WBBY Local judge ousts 'Wild Bill' Bates from station, but acknowledges Covers large suburban market and the FCC has to get into the act (703) 821-2 552 much of major market Priced at less than 2 x gross A family squabble over control of wasv(FM) Westerville, Ohio, has resulted $375,000 all cash. in a decision by a state judge that, in effect, Call Bruce Houston. transferred control of the station. Or did Cecil L. it? The judge, aware of the FCC's role in such matters, included a paragraph in his A Confidential Service order saying that it might be modified after Richards, to Owners the case is considered by the commission. And he directed the parties to bring the and Qualified Buyers case to the agency's attention. inc. The central figure in the dispute is a man who likes to call himself "Wild media brokers Bill " - William R. Bates. He is majority stockholder in the licensee firm, Mid - Suite 408, 7700 Leesburg Pike Ohio Communications Inc., and until last Falls Church, Va. 22043 month was president and director as well as chief engineer.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 41 RADIC Now Presents Thr


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Yes! Send me a demo of the most exciting formats in radio today. % Radio Arts, Inc. Name Title Suite 104. 210 North Pass Avenue Station Present Format Burbank, California 91505 (213) 841 -0225 Address City State Zip Telephone ment in principle to acquire majority con- National Football League. Bairds subse- Buying its own. Board of directors of trol of Sun Newspapers Inc., commercial quently contended they were overtaxed for Schering- Plough Corp., group station printing firm and publisher of 17 com- 1967 and 1968 because they had not been owner and pharmaceuticals manufacturer, munity newspapers in Minneapolis -St. allowed to depreciate Falcon's share over Kenilworth, N.J., has authorized purchase Paul area. Star and Tribune also owns the life of $4.2 million CBS -NFL contract. of up to two million shares of corpora- KTVH(TV) Hutchinson, Kan., and WDRB -TV tion's common stock to be used for future Louisville, Ky. No financial details were More shares, more money. Multimedia requirements of its employe benefit plans. disclosed. Inc., Greenville, S.C. -based group broad- Up to 800,000 shares are to be purchased caster and newspaper publisher, has an- this year. There are approximately 54 mil- Falcons shot down. U.S. Supreme Court nounced three -for-two stock split and 15% lion shares outstanding. let stand lower court ruling that contracts increase in cash dividend. Split will be dis- professional sports teams sign with broad- tributed Feb. 15 to stockholders of record Looking for blacks. Arbitron Television casters are not depreciating assets. Ruling, Feb. 1, increasing number of common will institute special interviewing and issued originally by federal trial court in shares outstanding to approximately 6.6 weighting procedures to account for black Atlanta and affirmed by Fifth Circuit million. Quarterly dividend of 11.5 cents viewers in two additional markets during Court of Appeals, involved E. Cody and will be payable on split shares Feb. 15; February sweep period- Beaumont -Port Joanne H. Baird, minority owners of company previously paid 15 cents quar- Arthur, Tex., and Little Rock, Ark. Ar- Atlanta Falcons. Case history goes back to terly on presplit shares, equivalent of 10 bitron now uses special techniques for 1966, when Falcons organization joined cents after adjustment for split. blacks in 33 markets.

returned to normal: The staff ground out dies that spirit in documenting the life of Booknotes renewal grants, commissioners remained the NBC -TV show that was the high mark uninvolved and the processing rules were of Saturday night TV programing from ignored." Feb. 25, 1950, to June 5, 1954. The many The book also contains support for the behind -the -scenes anecdotes also chroni- Reluctant Regulators: The FCC and the view of some observers that the staff exer- cle the emergence of TV programing from Broadcast Audience, by Barry Cole and cises a Svengali -like influence over the its pioneer days to an era of class program- - Wesley Mal Oettinger. Addison Publishing commissioners. In renewal matters, at ing. While it perhaps was a pinnacle for Mass. Co., Reading, $10.95, 288 pp. plus least, the authors say the staff is "the stars Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca, it was appendices. gatekeeper of information and is the real the take -off point for many others such as As the title suggests, this book deals with decision maker." What Mr. Cole found Carl Reiner, Howard Morris and Mel a subject that has formed the basis of more "particularly disturbing" was that dis- Tol kin. than one critic's appraisal of the FCC -the agreements within the staff regarding the commission's reluctance to hold broad- proper disposition of a case were never re- casters to high standards (or, in the view ported to the commission. The New York Times Encyclopedia of of some, any standards in some cases). The authors do not suggest the staff is T levision, by Les Brown. Times Books, But if the authors do not break new activist by nature, however. In discussing New York, 492 pp., $20. ground in that regard, they do bring in- the policy statement the commission siders' insights to their work. issued on children's television program- From AA Rating e 'a measure of the size This is particularly true in the case of ing, the authors note that the commission of a program's audience ... ") to Vladimir Mr. Cole, a consultant to the commission did revise the license renewal form to ob- K. Zworykin ( "U.S. electronics engineer from 1970 to 1975 and, as such, on the tain from broadcasters information de- and inventor considered the father of scene when decisions were made and ac- signed to determine whether they were modern television ... "), this book is de- tions taken. Mr. Oettinger covered the complying with the statement. The signed to serve as an in -depth introduction FCC as a trade press reporter for a number authors say that "the commissioners [as for the layman as well as a quick reference of years, several of them with BROADCAST- of June 1977] have shown no interest in source for the television professional. The ING. learning what the answers are" and that, well- informed broadcaster may not need a The incidents they have collected and "as with other renewal problems, the staff two -paragraph description of the National set down disclose no conspiracy on the doesn't want to stir up a hornet's nest on Association of Broadcasters, but if part of broadcasters and commissioners to matters in which the commissioners have perchance there's interest in forgotten facilitate broadcasters' passage through the evinced no interest." minutia such as Grindl ( "situation com- shoals of regulations. But they reveal an The commission's new chairman, edy vehicle for Imogene Coca .... NBC attitude that Representative Lionel Van Charles D. Ferris, has said he plans to introduced it in 1963 but it was unsuc- Deerlin (D- Calif.), chairman of the House reopen the inquiry into children's televi- cessful ...") or in the names synonomous Communications Subcommittee, in a sion programing to determine how well with broadcasting's growing years such as bookcover blurb, calls "disturbing." broadcasters are living up to the obliga- Rosel H. Hyde ( "long -time commissioner (Another who endorses the book, on the tions set down for them in the policy state- [1946 -69] and twice chairman of the FCC ment. The book indicates dust jacket is Henry Geller, the presumed Cole -Oettinger . "), the information's here. Add to that nominee to be assistant secretary of com- he will be working virgin territory. the subjects on page 175 alone: Golden merce for communications and informa- As a matter of fact, their study offers a Rose of Montreux, Leonard H. Golden - tion.) number of other areas he might want to seon, Dr. Peter G. Goldmark, Gomer Pyle, The authors report, for instance, Mr. look into. USMC, "Gone with the Wind" and The Cole's disappointment with the commis- Good Guys. With help from contributing sioners in 1975, after they adopted stan- editors, Les Brown, New York Times dards for determining which renewal ap- Your Show of Shows, by Tad Sennett. Mac- television writer and author of the earlier plications could be granted by the staff and Millan Publishing Co., New York. 179 pp. "Bu$ine$$ Behind the Box," guides the which, because of apparent deficiencies $14.50 ($6.95 paperback). reader, researcher and trivia enthusiast they reveal in the performance of broad- through television, from people to pro- casters involved, would be referred to Ted Sennett is a master of nostalgia. His grams, from technological development to them for review. The FCC lost interest books on the performing arts regularly dip legal development, from past to present - after being "exposed to some renewal ap- into yesteryear with a warm and accurate a book, in the author's ambition, to plications that raised problems," the jogging of the memory. "bring together all the flickering parts of authors said, adding, "Things soon In "Your Show of Shows," he again kin- television."

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 44 Widen your audience's world of entertainment. Instantly.

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United States: 3845 Pleasantdale Road, Atlanta, Ga. 30340, Telephone 404-449 -2000, TWX 810-766-49U, Telex 054 -2898 Canada: 678 Belmont Avenue West, Suite 103, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2M -1N6, Telephone 519- 745 -9445, Telex 069 -5239 Europe: 1-7 Sunbury Cross Centre, Staines Road West, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex TW16 7BB, England, Telephone Sunbury on Thames 89751, Telex 896015 threaten their existing concepts of family industry should be aware of the real con- Programing institution. They overwhelmingly reject cerns of viewers about their children and programs dealing with young children in social morality, and take these into con- prostitution and pornographic films -fully sideration in planning ... DDB study finds three out of four feeling that such material "While television should continue to be definitely is not suitable for television en- innovative and experiment, it probably public wants reins tertainment programs. Strong majorities also should leave the evolution of new also reject homosexuality and mate -swap- sexual patterns to the many political, edu- on television sex, ping as unsuitable subjects, while a ma- cational and religious institutions in jority finds sex between a young teen -ager society which traditionally have been but shies from and a mature adult improper for airing. responsible for change. "They express moderate levels of con- "Information obtained from surveys of total censorship, cern about rape, partial nudity, prosti- the public can enable advertisers to make tution and adultery. the most prudent recommendations federal controls "They are less concerned about those regarding program selections - indicating things which do not deal with children and things to be avoided but also preventing ITT given report conference which do not directly challenge the integ- overreactions to situations which are in that some advertisers suggests rity of the family -premarital sex, scenes fact benign. should get more involved of couples embracing in bed and women in "We do feel that the ultimate decision Sex on television now rivals violence on revealing clothing." regarding program selection or rejection of sensitive programs must rest television as a source of concern for many The report found the public "more potentially Americans, but their reactions vary ac- tolerant of these subjects when they are with the advertiser [and that] advertising cording to the subject matter and how it's placed in the context of educational or agencies should provide their clients with treated. cultural programing, but still shows strong as much information and counsel as possi- This was one of the findings made repulsion for the most sensitive areas such ble ..." public last week from a survey conducted as child exploitation and homosexuality." last month by Doyle Dane Bernbach What would the public like to see done among 400 adult Americans -200 men about sex on the TV? and 200 women -selected to be represent- The three most frequently volunteered Federation of Decency were to the when ative of the public as a whole. answers show programs hunts down TV sex Joseph R. Daly, DDB chairman, said children are not viewing (19%), take them people worry more about sexual themes off the air completely (15 %) and tone ABC shows the most of it, that seem to impinge on the welfare of them down (13 %). American Home Products sponsors their children or their concepts of normal Given their choice among three specific the most, according to family life, and they consider sexual sub- alternatives, Mr. Daly said, "the great ma- monitoring by Tupelo group jects less suitable for treatment in com- jority selected an option which reflected edies and dramas than in documentaries, their willingness to retain sex -related ABC leads the networks in sex program- news specials and cultural programing. material on television -79% choosing ing, followed by CBS, then NBC, and But "whatever their views," they do not either scheduling of programs at hours American Home Products (Anacin), Ford "as yet" want the government to exercise when children are not likely to view (44 %) Motor Co. and Sears are the top sponsors control over program content, Mr. Daly or having no restrictions [and] having par- of sex on television, according to a study said, and do not feel that advertisers ents with the responsibility (35 %). Only by the National Federation of Decency, should do so, either. They feel the primary one person in five would advocate the ex- Tupelo, Miss. responsibility for what is shown should treme position of removing ail sex -related The study covers 864 hours and 30 rest with the public (named by 91% of the programs from television. minutes of prime time network program- sample) and networks and stations (44 %), "Significantly, even among those people ing, which was monitored in San Diego, with other nominees in this order: con- with children at home, few would favor southwestern Wisconsin, northeastern sumer organizations (37 %), advertisers outright censorship ". Mississippi and Houston by persons who (22 %) and government (10 %). Mr. Daly said the study found that con- "represented a wide range of ages and Mr. Daly's report on the survey was cern over violence in television had educational backgrounds," according to presented last Thursday at the Interna- declined as TV violence declined, and that the Rev. Donald E. Wildmon, executive tional Telephone & Telegraph Corp.'s 1978 concern over sex had risen with rising inci- director of the NFD. corporate relations and advertising con- dence of sex on TV. "We do not believe, The study claimed the networks showed ference, held at Key Biscayne, Fla. Mr. however, that concern with sex has as yet a total of 2,433 scenes of suggested sexual Daly was unable at the last moment to be reached the level achieved by violence in intercourse or sexually suggestive com- present and the report was read in his the past," he added. ments, 2,155 of which were depicted out- behalf by Dr. Ruth Ziff, DDB senior vice Asked generally to compare the quality side marriage. The incident factor was 2.81 president and director of research and of TV now with that five years ago, 46% per hour. Of the 459 incidents of sug- marketing services. rated it worse now, 26% better and 28% gested intercourse recorded, 201 were on The survey, the report said, found that about the same. Of those rating it worse ABC, 121 on CBS and 137 on NBC. Of the the public sees both good and bad aspects now, 37% cited reasons related to violence, 1,974 suggestive comments recorded, 908 in sex on TV: 33% to sex /permissiveness and 16% to were on ABC, 656 on CBS and 410 on "They desire to maintain a channel of unsuitability for family or children. NBC. free thought that reflects what is happen- Of the total sample, 54% said they were The top 10 sex -oriented shows were led ing today, depicts other life styles and pro- dissatisfied and 46% satisfied with TV's by ABC's Soap, followed by Three's Com- vides adult entertainment. Yet at the same handling of sex -related themes or scenes. pany (ABC), James at 15 (NBC), time they feel a responsibility to shelter The study found dissatisfaction "higher Charlie's Angels (ABC), 79 Park Avenue their families, particularly the children, among women, older persons, lower -in- (NBC), Busting Loose (CBS), Love Boat from ideas and practices they find undesir- come individuals, married people, resi- (ABC), All in the Family (CBS), Laugh - able or aberrant, or which they feel televi- dents of the Midwest and West and small- In (NBC) and Redd Foxx (ABC). sion presents in a distorted manner." er places and among light and medium The 10 top sponsors of sex on television The report said that "the public is par- viewers and those who have not viewed were found to be American Home Pro- ticularly sensitive to programs which show several episodes of potentially sensitive ducts, Ford, Sears, Roebuck, General children being sexually exploited or which programs." Foods, Bristol- Myers, Unilever -Lever contain ideas and behaviors which seem to Among Mr. Daly's conclusions: "The Bros., General Motors, Procter & Gamble,

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 46 Dow Badische's Melt -Spun Fibers Help Make The Greenville-- Spartanburg Market 37th in the U.S. A fascinating process nearly 1,500 workers. The farming, transportation and which heats polymers to a Anderson plant is part of a tourism activities. A stable, viscous, honey -like solution, worldwide organization prosperous labor force then extrudes it through jointly owned by Dow Chem- 600,000 strong is a target spinnerets to form strands, ical of the U.S. and BASF of worthy of your marketing results in nylon and poly- West Germany, two of the strategy. In our 29- county esters which eventually end world's largest chemical ADI are 510,700 TV house- up as handsome home fur- manufacturers. holds* effectively served by nishings, apparel, and auto- The WSPA -TV market WSPA -TV. For availabilities, mobile fabrics. The process teems with modern plants check our national reps. takes place in Dow Badische's oriented to the chemical, Anderson, S.C. plant, and textile, rubber and elec- WSpiITVO provides employment for trical industries, backed by Owned and Operated by Spartan Radiocasting Company m vy v Walter J. Brown, President .,. TV7AM95FM98.9 Q ®ií..ti CBS Affiliate in the Nation's 37th Market' e National Reps: H -R Television, Inc. ' Arbitron '77.78

fi.;.,,Rra. ,t 7,t4 k ,: IIIIia t . ..II ,u 11,11111C I,_, IIIIIIW! mumiui II_ I Illill I,,, IIIlillll'i;llll- / unum 1 mnn` ®11111'I I m nn!nuunn I,II III ;;.I 1111 ! III t 1111I11

I: . .iili III IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIII W(IyI 11 Ihl wPlY ppl L , lli w .,nll , 1 _;. 1.ITJ m'I,,,:n¡n_ ÌIIi.llll^ óh unu, 4\41i'"y .° .114:1 unIIV"1 /t... .= p1lP .. IIIII IIIIIIIIIII ç--55'4 - IIIIIIIh11 - _... IIIIIIIIII IPd1_¿qpyul.nuh liIJtti(441iµlllll IIIIIIII III I Yn1 IIII! hw141u8 Ib tWINn+WMR1'+dNY'Itln_ L, ,.,,., ,, 'Gr1+Ç1?4 li h ((Ild nk¡MI'H(S'dl'SYlnwrv,... 1 Sterling Drug, Richardson -Merrill and advantage of the football frenzy by sched- Warner- Lambert. uling "Superdome" as its Monday Night Hanes Corp., with its ads for Underalls, Movie (Jan. 9), which pulled a 38 share Drake- L'Eggs and Hanes hosiery, was designated and wound up the 11th -ranked program of the top user of sex in commercials. The the week. The lowest -rated show of the next nine: Unilever group of Lever Bros. week was NBC's Henry Kissinger: On the O h en au It's (Caress soap and Close -Up toothpaste), Record, which scored an 8.6 rating and a Pfizer Inc. (Smitty, Emeraude and Nuance 14 share. CBS's 60 Minutes, airing at 10:47 perfumes), Chesebrough -Ponds (Aviance p.m. the night of the game, pulled a 25.7 and Cachet perfumes), Colgate -Palmolive rating and a 48 share. (Ultra Brite toothpaste), Bic Pen Corp. Averages for the week had CBS with a (Bic lighters and shavers), Teledyne Inc. 24.1 rating and a 36.7 share, ABC with a (Water Pik Shower Massage), Revlon 21.5/33 and NBC with a 16.1/24.7. AOR (Jontue perfume), Squibb Corp. (Rive Season -to -date averages, Sept. 5, 1977 - Gauche & Jean Nate perfumes) and Jovan Jan. 15, stand at 20.6 for ABC, 18.5 for Inc. (Jovan perfume). CBS and 17.9 for NBC. CBS -TV's use of two new technological gizmos. (BROADCASTING, Jan. 16) was CBS -TV says noticeably slight during the network's Super Bowl broadcast. Action Track, which Super Bowl was traces the path of any moving part of the ON picture, was used only during two extra - an all -timer point replays. Electronic Palette, the com- puter- assisted TV painting system demon- WJNO -FM for sports strated on the show by artist Leroy Nei- man, was seen mostly as background for Average rating of 46.9 meant statistics. MORE THAN some 86 million watched and Producer Robert Stenner explained helped network win entire week; after the game that he was sparing with the Action Track, Electronic Palette new devices because he "didn't want to DOUBLES make low -key debuts during game ram them down people's throats." He also said that the Action Track system was Super Bowl XII may not have been much found to be too confusing for football. IN FIRST of a football game, but about 86 million "With 22 players out there" he said, "it people in more than 34 million house- gets a little mushy." holds watched at least part of it. Perhaps the most surprising innovation That was the audience estimate given by of the broadcast, however, was an im- BOOK* an elated CBS -TV when A. C. Nielsen's promptu half -hour special preceding the figures for the first prime -time Super Bowl game, hosted by CBS Sports President came in. CBS also reeled off a list of other Robert Wussler. The network had planned ratings superlatives to describe the game's to use the Phoenix Open golf tournament We deliver! WJNO -FM is #1 in performance, which put the network in as part of its lead -in to the pre -game show. the competitive West Palm first place for the week ending Jan. 15. Ac- But the tournament was rained out, a de- cording to CBS, it was highest -rated sport- Beach, Florida, market. AND, velopment difficult to anticipate for an ing event ever televised and, except for Arizona event. Faced with an empty half not only with the traditional "Gone With the Wind" and parts of hour, Mr. Wussler pulled together a sort of album rock audience, but also Roots, the highest -rated national program "behind the scenes at the Super Bowl" of all time. #1 with all Adults 18 -49. Drake - story. At 4 p.m. NYT he went on live, say- That was undoubtedly happy news for Chenault's AOR -100 moved ing "A funny thing happened on the way advertisers on the show, who paid a top to the Super Bowl. We lost a golf tourna- 4.9 to a WJNO -FM from a price of $344,000 for a minute's time in ment" He then led viewers on a visual whopping 11.0 share. the game. CBS said there were 20 minutes tour of CBS's broadcast facilities, talking sold in the game itself (which lasted from to various producers and technicians and 6 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. NYT), plus 14 minutes at one point switched to Barry Frank, Mr. For Ratings & Revenue success, more in both the hour -and -a -half pregame Wussler's second -in- command at CBS follow the leaders. show and the half -hour postgame wrapup. Sports, who took over the announcing Given expenses of $4.5 million for the duties from the network's remote facilities Call The Programmers, rights, $600,000 for production costs and on the field. Toll Free 15% commissions to the agencies (there was no affiliate compensation), CBS prob- 800 -423 -5084 ably in the million on (California and outside the continental cleared area of $2 United States, please call (213) 883- 7400.) the deal besides getting a considerable Four up the flagpole boost in its prime -time ratings. The game's average rating of 46.9 with a ABC -TV to see how the wind blows 68 share beat the second -place show for in March for fall hopefuls the week, ABC -TV's Laverne and Shirley, by 9.3 rating points. The third- ranked Two situation comedies, a series about show of the week was CBS's post -game pregnancy and a western are to be given wrap -up, which pulled 37.1/54. Predicta- "limited run" tryouts on the ABC -TV bly, the Super Bowl wiped out the com- prime -time schedule beginning in March. petition on ABC and NBC. ABC's Hardy Time periods for air tests of the fall series Eight formats in syndication. Boys Mystery and Six Million Dollar Man hopefuls have not been announced, but 'Audience estimates for WJNO-FM average quarter 15 hour Adults 18 -49, Oct. /Nov. 1977 Arbitron. pulled and 20 shares, respectively, ABC Entertainment President Fred Silver- Mon. -Sun., 6 am- midnight, metro, and subject to while NBC's "Willy Wonka and the man has said they won't be shunted into qualifications issued by rating service. Chocolate Factory" pulled a 21. ABC took slots now occupied by failing or marginal

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 48 SEND FOR YOUR F-14 OWNER'S MANUALI YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE BUYING THE WORLD'S FINEST FIGHTER AIRCRAFT You are a part-owner of the forest fighter /interceptor in the sky. The Grumman F-14 Tomcat. It can take on six different airplanes -or even cruise missiles -all at once. Although it can fly and turn with the best of them, it doesn't have to combat other aircraft one-on -one, as all other fighters do. Nothing carrying a man can outrun or outmaneuver one of the F -14's six Phoenix missiles. And they can be launched from over a hundred miles away. There's a lot more that the F -14 can do, of course. So much more that we've published a booklet outlining the capabilities of this amazing aircraft. We'd like you to think of it as your owner's manual. Because the F -14 really does belong to you. For your free copy of the taxpayer's guide to the world's finest fighter aircraft, write Grumman Corporation, Dept. GCP, Bethpage, New York 11714. GRUMMAN

THE RELIABLE SOURCE programs (BROADCASTING, Jan. 9). systematic use to propagandize, distort higher in November 1977 than in Novem- The new series are: truth and otherwise attempt to control the ber 1974 or 1975, and in the afternoon A.E.S. Hudson St This show will minds and behavior of people." these demographics were unchanged from depict "the comic frenzy" of a hospital those years (except children 2 -11, which emergency ward, according to ABC. Its ex- were up 9 %). ecutive producer is Danny Arnold, who In early fringe (4:30 -6 p.m. Monday -Fri- also produces ABC's Barney Miller and day), the same demographics were down Fish and who is under exclusive contract Arbitron's 5% -6% from 1975 but close to 1974 with the network. levels -HUT was off 3% while total Young Pioneers. An "inspiring explanation for women and women 18 -49 were unchanged drama of teen -age newlyweds," the series from 1974 and children 2 -11 were up 3 %. features a "gritty" young woman who those falling During news time (6 -7:30 p.m. Mon- "follows her husband to an unknown day- Friday) HUT was off 4% from 1974 destiny in the newly opened Dakota Ter- viewer levels but the others were unchanged (compared ritory." Produced by the Waltons team, with 1975 HUT was also off 4 %, while Lee Rich and Earl Hamner Jr., Pioneers Reason for last fall's declines, total women were unchanged, women aired as an ABC special in December it says, is that numbers were 18 -49 were up 4% and children 2 -11 were 1976, pulling a 32 share. measured against an exceptional down 6 %). Having Babies. An anthology series 1976; figures are now back in On Saturday mornings, HUT levels were revolving around maternity, the limited line with those of previous years the same in 1977 as in 1974 but children run version is to feature guest stars pass- 2 -11 were off by 3%. ing through the office of Dr. Julie Farr, Arbitron Television has concluded, after a For the other day parts the analysis ex- portrayed by Susan Sullivan. Babies has review of homes -using -television levels amined only HUT levels. In prime access aired twice on the network as specials, in over the past four years, that 1976 was just time 1977 HUT levels were down 4% from October 1976 and in the same month a an exceptionally good year, and last fall's 1974 and also from 1975. In prime time year later, pulling 36 and 33 shares, respec- decline merely brought HUT levels into they were off 2% from 1974, 3% from tively. line with those of 1974 and 1975. 1975. In late fringe (11 -11:30 p.m. Mon- The Harvey Korman Show. The This conclusion, Arbitron said last day- Friday) they were unchanged from former Carol Burnett sideman stars as "an week, was based on a series of analyses. both 1974 and 1975. In late night (11:30 eccentric actor, still aspiring to stardom, They were undertaken after the Nielsen p.m. to 1 a.m. Monday- Friday) they were who keeps the wolf from the door by run- national rating service and both the Ar- off 5% from 1974 but unchanged from ning an gnconventiopal acting academy in bitron and Nielsen local measurements 1975. And for total day (9 a.m. to mid- his home." last fall indicated a drop -off in television night, Sunday -Saturday) the HUT level usage from the comparable 1976 periods was off 3% from both 1974 and 1975. (BROADCASTING, Nov. 7, 1977, et seq.). Among the findings in earlier studies in Duffy shoots facts back the series were indications "that 1977 at television's detractors viewing levels were more similar to those of 1975 than 1976." In the latest -and NBC tries for Television critics who claim the medium final- analysis in this sequence, Arbitron a difference has become "too powerful for the good of extended the comparisons back to 1974. society" were answered by James E. The analysis used Arbitron November in `Sportsworld' Duffy, president of the ABC Television sweep results for 19 markets selected to be Network. representative of the U.S. Off -beat events, news segment In a talk to the Young Presidents Orga- Arbitron offered these "observations" will set it apart from efforts nization in Dallas, Mr. Duffy rebutted from its four -year review: by other two networks, says charges that television was to blame for "1976 appears to be the atypical year producer Ohlmeyer of show that the youth revolt of the 1960's, that TV has in this four -year trend. Levels -achieved in was to have its debut over weekend a negative effect on the minds of children 1976 were higher or equal to those of the and that the medium spurred violence and other three years analyzed for all demogra- NBC -TV was to have premiered its new exploited sexual themes. phics and dayparts [that were studied). Sunday afternoon sports program, Mr. Duffy said TV coverage helped end "1977 viewing levels were very simi- Sportsworld, yesterday (Jan. 22), and, ac- the violence of the 1960's by showing par- lar to those of 1974. The greatest cording to executive producer Don ticipants that the riots were "fruitless and difference between 1977 and 1974 levels Ohlmeyer, there's one question most peo- self- defeating." He said that television, was a two -point HUT drop during news ple have been asking about it: How will it with its accent on children's educational time and access time -both of which, be any different from ABC -TV's Wide programs in recent years, has helped however, only represented a 4% decrease. World of Sports and CBS -TV's Sports youngsters become "quicker, more per- The largest percentage difference was a Spectacular? ceptive and more knowledgeable." 10% increase in viewing for women 18 -49 "The difference will be that we'll try to As for the sex issue, Mr. Duffy con- and children 2 -11 during the morning have a little more fun with sports than the tended that TV is "more relaxed and less daypart. competition," he said. "And," he added, puritanical" today but is still the most con- "For the dayparts analyzed, 1977 "the journalism segments." servative entertainment medium. He dealt viewing levels for total women and women The fun part will be in the show's with violence by pointing out that it may 18 -49 either increased or remained the coverage of off-beat events such as the have been an issue but in recent years the same compared to 1974. Zuider Zee from the Netherlands. That's a incidence of violent acts on TV has been "In three out of five dayparts, contest in which people jump off a 10- reduced sharply and that they are now children 2 -11 viewing levels increased meter diving platform in all sorts of weird being shown "in a socially redeeming con- from 1974, and one time period showed contraptions, the object being to see who text. no change. This observation is particularly can stay aloft the longest. Nobody, it "I believe that television is an ex- impressive due to the fact that in these 19 seems, stays aloft very long. tremely powerful medium of communica- markets as well as nationally, the children On the other hand, Mr. Ohlmeyer takes tions, a very influential one in our population dropped 4% from 1976 to the journalism section very seriously. society," Mr. Duffy said. "But I also 1977 " The first show was to have contained a believe, by definition, it cannot be too In weekday mornings, the demogra- report on fan violence, for example, and powerful - unless it were sufficiently con- phics analyzed -HUT, total women, Mr. Ohlmeyer said that in the future he trolled by the state or any one group for women 18 -49 and children 2 -11 -all were wouldn't consider as off limits such sub-

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 50 e most important na on radio since WW1

ricY ö 'o rx ashington radio in recent years. but none to match the excitement and anti- cipation generated in the Washington community by WRQX. As the newest member of the ABC Owned FM Radio Station group, WRQX is the beneficiary of over to years of successful FM develop- ment by ABC Radio. With our proud heritage and exciting new direction, we're setting the standard for Washington contempo- rary radio. In addition, we're also helping the ABC Owned FM Stations reach nearly 5 million listeners every week. If you're trying to reach young adults in the Washington, Maryland and Virginia market place, it's important to remember, we've changed our name from WMAL FM to WRQX.

WRQX 4400 Jenifer Street. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20015 (202) 686 -3078 An ABC Owned Radio Stations Represented Nationally by McGcrvren-Guild

4 bmNp(YINw 00,m3 1P pab,fbNl.,S , meMesma000co,m,çComones : jects as the business aspects of profes- nounced for that time period, has been lege basketball series on NBC -TV. sional sports clubs or even the goings -on postponed, but an NBC spokesman said it As part of its first network deal, in network sports departments. "We're will appear sometime in the spring. Gong Paracom, representing the Amateur not going to skirt the issues," he said. Show producer Chuck Barris's variety Basketball Association of the U.S., will be "It's really a matter of us asserting our in- hour ran as an NBC special on Dec. 20, packaging, producing and promoting an tegrity. If we don't, I guess we can go back scoring a 15.8 rating and a 25 share against invitational tournament with the U.S., to being shills." ABC's Happy Days and Laverne and USSR, Cuba and Yugoslavia. The finals of The main focus of the show will be on Shirley. Those two shows remain the com- this first match are to run on NBC -TV Olympic -style events as a build -up for the petition for Mr. Barris' new series. April 9. network's coverage of the 1980 summer Paracom also is planning two as- yet -un- Olympic games from Russia. At the same sold international competitions through its time, Mr. Ohlmeyer said, the network will role as representative of the Federation In- be building its own production expertise, Local court throws out ternationale du Sport Universitaire, a also in preparation for the games. group that covers student competitions. The show is to be divided into three WITI basketball suit Plans are for a special on track and another areas each week: a "major event" usually on gymnastics for airing this summer. related to the Olympics, taking between 45 But Milwaukee station agrees On the company's syndication front, 18 games and 60 minutes; a "minor event" not to broadcast anyway, half-hour episodes of The Way It Was usually seen on TV, and the journalism as long as the ratings hold up begin their run on some 50 stations this segment. Chester R. Simmons, president month, amounting to about 65% U.S. its in of NBC Sports, said the show will vary in Wm-Tv Milwaukee made point Mil- clearance. That series is to be followed by waukee last week. So length from one hour to 90 minutes or two County Circuit Court 18 Sports Challenge shows. However, ac- is to hours. Its premiere was set for 2:30 -4 p.m. now the CBS affiliate prepared give cording to Mr. Einhorn, should The Way It local basketball fans what they say they NYT. Was prove a hit, it may continue longer want -the CBS professional basketball than the minimum 18 weeks. games on Sunday, at least as long as the ratings warrant it. Warner Bros. TV The Storer station was hauled into the racks up record '77 local court earlier this month by a local at- SIN raises volume torney and Milwaukee Bucks fan who had of satellite feeds Some established standbys plus filed a class- action suit seeking to force the big prerelease prices for follow -up station to carry the National Basketball The Spanish International Network, which to 'Roots' get much of the credit Association games. The station had has been offering Spanish -language shows chosen not to air the NBA contests be- via satellite since September 1976, last Warner Bros. last week announced that cause of the low ratings they achieved last week beefed up its weekly program hours worldwide sales for its Warner Bros. year (BROADCASTING, Jan. 16). on Western Union's Westar bird from 19 Television distribution subsidiary The station's lawyers argued that the to 52. skyrocketed to more than $140 million last case should be dismissed on the ground The additional programing, including year, more than doubling any previous that the court lacked jurisdiction, and sports, continuing dramas and musicals, year. Judge Robert Cannon, a sports fan him - comes from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Co- Crediting the "strong leadership" from self-he was involved in a futile effort to lombia and Venezuela. Live coverage of Charles McGregor, the subsidiary's presi- block the move of the Milwaukee Braves World Cup Soccer from Argentina also is dent, Warner Bros. President Frank Wells baseball team to Atlanta- agreed. He to be transmitted and SIN is maintaining added that 1977 also saw all -time monthly threw out the case. its policy not to offer reruns or dubbed that sales records broken, with a high of Having demonstrated court suits U.S. programing. $19,531,501 last November. He said that cannot be used to affect programing deci- The eight SIN satellite affiliates, five "this is clearly one of the highest annual sions, Hank Davis, vice president and gen- owned by Spanish International Com- totals for any company in the industry's eral manager of the station, said WITI-TV munications Corp.: WXTV(TV) Paterson, history." "will carry the games." But, he added, N.J. (New York); WLTV(TV) Miami; KWEX- Contributing substantially to the suc- "we'll study the ratings, and we'll con- TV San Antonio, Tex.; KMEX -TV Los cess, according to Mr. McGregor, were the tinue to present the games if the ratings Angeles; KFTV(TV) Hanford (Fresno), feature film package "Volume 21," The justify the broadcasts." Calif.; KDrv(TV) San Francisco; KORO(TV) Waltons, Roots and Welcome Back, Kotter. Corpus Christi, Tex., and KLOC -TV Especially in foreign distribution, which Modesto, Calif. increased by more than 100 %, Roots was Of the 19 original hours that affiliates said to have led the way, as well as generat- Paracom breaks out continue to receive, 12 are for an "all - ing unprecedented prerelease prices for syndication with day" variety show on Sundays. Other pro- Roots: The Second Hundred Years, to air of graming consists of an hour -long live news on ABC -TV in early 1979. two international program from Mexico (which includes satellite reports from other countries), soc- sports sales to NBC cer, boxing and specials. According to SIN President Rene An- NBC brings in two subs Paragon Communications (Paracom) has selmo, more than 60 hours of satellite pro- announced its entrance on the network graming are expected to be offered within Prime -time tinkering continues as NBC - scene, with two international basketball six months and more thereafter. TV last week announced the addition of games sold to NBC -TV, the first to air in two new shows to its schedule. April and another later this year. The com- Premiering in a special one -hour pany, through its Sports Syndication Inter- episode on Feb. 24 (8 -9 p.m. NYT) will be national Ltd. subsidiary, began selling to Albeck at UA helm Quark, a science- fiction comedy starring individual stations last year with The Way after mass resignations Richard Benjamin. On subsequent Fri- It Was and Sports Challenge (BROADCAST- days, Quark will air at 8 -8:30 p.m., taking ING, Aug. 29, 1977). Andreas Albeck, United Artists Corp. CPO Sharkey off the schedule. Heading Paracom is Eddie Einhorn, senior vice president, has been elected as On Feb. 28, The Chuck Barris Rah Rah who had been president of the TVS Televi- the company's president and chief execu- Show will debut in the 8 -9 p.m. time slot. sion Network and who continues with tive officer, filling part of a void created The Hanna- Barbara Hour, previously an- TVS as executive producer of its 1978 col- earlier this month when UA's five chief

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 52 officers submitted their resignations. Television Inc., to develop, package and an attempt "to provide up -front funding The departing UA top echelon includes distribute TV and radio programs for net- for meritorious documentary proposals by Arthur B. Krim, chairman; Robert Ben- works and syndication. Staffs are to be both stations and independent producers" jamin, finance committee chairman (and maintained on both coasts, under direc- One of those documentaries, Plutonium: former chairman of the Corporation for tion of Philip Howort, general manager, an Element of Risk (produced by KCET(TVI Public Broadcasting); Eric Pleskow, presi- former vice president -programs, Don Los Angeles), Mr. Grossman said, "fell dent and chief executive, whose roles now Kirshner Productions. short of the system's journalistic stan- will be filled by Mr. Albeck; William Golf classic. Six stations already have dards." Bernstein, senior vice president for busi- signed for second annual Kathryn Crosby/ ness affairs, and Mike Medavoy, senior Honda Golf Classic, combining sanc- vice president for production. tioned Ladies Professional Golf Associ- The resignations reportedly stemmed ation tournament and celebrity participa- Group W readies from disagreements with the parent Tran- tion on March 18 and 19 from San Diego. samerica Corp., with the UA leaders seek- Line -up of stations for live telecast, start- new daily series ing more autonomy in their positions and ing at 11:30 p.m. NYT, is being arranged near a spin -off of the subsidiary. The five by Air Time International. Stations already 'EveryDay' pilot completion; will be departure from format former officers are said to be considering set include KABC -TV Los Angeles; xOO -Tv it says the formation of their own film distribu- San Francisco; KGTV(TV) San Diego; of , syndicator tion company. WBNS -TV Columbus, Ohio; KHTV(TV) Taping was completed and post- produc- Transamerica has let it be known that no Houston and wxix -TV Cincinnati. tion began last week on the pilot of Every changes in company operations are antici- Legend comes alive. More than 100 TV pated. Day, a 90- minute entertainment /infor- stations have signed for fifth season of mation strip series that Group W Produc- Greatest Sports Legend, half -hour series tions is counting on as its next original en- Program Briefs on outstanding sports personalities. Series try in the syndication market ( "Closed will run from April through September on Circuit," Jan. 9). wOR WLS- On board. By first week of year, Dancer - stations including -TV New York, Described as "the next generation of Fitzgerald- Sample's Program Syndication TV Chicago, KYW-TV Philadelphia, KGO -TV reality television" by Group W Produc- Services had cleared 58 markets as well as San Francisco and WBZ -TV Boston. Tom tions Chairman David Salzman, who cre- Canadian CTV network for pilot of Honest Seaver, Cincinnati Reds pitcher, will be ated the concept and is serving as execu- Al's A -O -K Used Car & Trailer Rental host of Legend and will conduct inter- tive producer, EveryDay is said to go Tigers. Show, about little league football views with athletes including Ted beyond traditional talk shows in its team, is to air this month. Another PSS Williams, Mark Spitz, Bob Feller, Rod amount of original material, preparation product -90 minute special, Peanuts to Laver and Johnny Longden. and rehearsal time. the Presidency, concerning Carter cam- The shadow knows. Punxsutawney (Pa.) The daily series is to operated with a paign -has been picked up thus far in nine Groundhog Club will mark its 91st year of "family" concept, including hosts markets including WNEW -TV New York and reporting Groundhog's Day shadow- sight- Stephanie Edwards, formerly of ABC - KTTV(TV) Los Angeles. ing Feb. 2 with two -and -half minute taped TV's A.M. America, and singer /actor feed of result available to radio stations at John Bennett Perry, as well as six regulars: Cross -over. Show Biz Inc. reports having no Call after 7:30 a.m. (814) Tom Chapin, Anne Bloom, Murray 30- minute charge. cleared Tony Brown's Journal, Robert Corff and public affairs series, on 40 stations thus 938 -6000. Langston, Judy Gibson, Emily Levine, whose credits involve com- far, including NBC -owned WNBC -TV New binations of singing, composing, acting, York, WRC -TV Washington, WMAQ -TV writing. NBC -TV Tonight Chicago. Show previously had run on Grossman notes comedy and and Howard Broadcasting Service under title, show veterans Paul Block Public problems with the Black Journal. Deals are on barter basis Papush are producers. to Mr. Salzman, the show is for Pepsi -Cola. two PBS offerings According being produced for play "at any time" but War stories. In first two weeks of selling, He calls 'Visions' and 'Cavett' with a "focus on late afternoon time Time -Life Television says it has signed 19 uneven in report to board periods." And while the series is expected key markets for new prime -time access to cost in the neighborhood of $200,000 a show World War II: G.I. Diary. Among Two much ballyhooed public television week to produce, Mr. Salzman says it will buyers are CBS -owned WCBS -TV New programs this season have not met the ex- be "moderately priced." Tentative plans York, KNxT(TV) Los Angeles and WCAU -Tv pectations of the Public Broadcasting Ser- call for marketing with stations paying Philadelphia. Weekly series narrator is vice. In his fourth -quarter report to the cash but with some commercial time for Lloyd Bridges. PBS board, Lawrence Grossman, presi- national advertisers. Carter, now Koch. Edward Koch, mayor of dent of the public network, called Visions The EveryDay set is described as a New York, was to field questions from and Dick Cavett "uneven." "free -form arena -in- the -round with eight a listeners during special two -hour live call - Mr. Grossman said that Visions, series staging areas" And aside from audience in program yesterday (Jan. 22) over of original television plays, had disturbed participation in the studio, segments are to wces(AM) there from 2 to 4 p.m. Broadcast some local stations "by the incidence of be done on location. An "Around Ameri- was to be similar in format to program car- adult material and rough language." He ca" feature will call upon stations taking ried on CBS Radio last year in which Presi- said some of the Dick Cavett interviews the show to supply regional and local dent Jimmy Carter replied to questions "were also markedly uneven." Mr. Gross- coverage. Guest stars, contributors and from listeners. Moderator was to be Lou man said such a record was "inevitable" "life- style" specialists also are to appear. Adler, news director of WCBs. and the "unavoidable price of striking out With the announcement of the series, onto new, untested paths." He added that Group W Chairman and President Donald Chance to talk. Carnegie Commission on such programs were necessary, however, if H. McGannon said: "The president of our Broadcasting will hold Fugure of Public public television was "going to move Television Station Group, Win Baker, and special evening meeting Wednesday (Jan. beyond commercially acceptable I have every expectation that EveryDay in York to hear from independent 25) New mediocrity." will be as successful as our other major filmmakers and video firms. Meeting is in The remarks were included in PBS's syndication program, The Mike Douglas to request from Association of response fourth -quarter report to its governing Show ... for which a lengthy future is Video Independent and Filmmakers. board. Also contained in the report was assured." Interpublic debut. McCann -Erickson, Mr. Grossman's evaluation of PBS's re- Messrs. McGannon and Baker were New York, has established Interpublic latively new revolving documentary fund, scheduled to screen the pilot this week.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 53 ABC's 25th Anniversary

The Silver Has Turned to Gold

Keeping up with ABC one week at a time is challenge enough. Capturing 25 years worth is something special indeed.

But that's what we'll do on February 13. The whole:

A special report on the 25th anniversary of the merger of ABC and United Paramount Theaters that produced what is now American Broadcasting Companies Inc. The parts: The Story of ABC Television. From back of the pack to top of the heap in one of broadcasting's most stunning upward bounds. The Story of ABC Radio. From almost out of the network business to proprietor of the longest line -up in audio history. And, on the stations side, from just -also- running to the leading edge of contemporary AM and FM programing. The Story of ABC's `Everything Else. "A coast -to -coast diversification that has involved the company importantly in records, theaters, publishing and leisure attractions. And including:

The ABC corporate history, with special attention to Leonard H. Goldenson, who put it all together. And a touching -of- bases with the key figures in ABC's past and present. And a complete list of all radio and TV affiliates. And ...

Well, you'll read all about it on February 13.

Make sure they read about you. Advertising deadline: February 6.

You belong in Broadcasting Feb 13 Broadcast Journalism a Lance joins ex- politicians as commentators on television He's hired by WXIA -TV Atlanta but may go on other stations owned by Combined

Bert Lance, the former director of the Of- fice of Management and Budget who resigned that office last year amid what many observers considered a press bar- rage, announced last week that he was joining a growing list of political figures on television news programs. Beginning Feb. 6, Mr. Lance will deliver 90- second corn - mentaries on Combined Communications Corp.'s WXIA -TV Atlanta, an ABC affiliate whose local news programs have consis- If you can't beat 'em. Jeff Davidson, president and general manager of WXIA -TV Atlanta (I), tently been third in that city's ratings. and Bert Lance make the announcement that the former director of the Office of Man- Combined Communications is also con- agement and Budget will become a regular commentator on that station's 6 p.m. and 11 sidering the possibility of distributing Mr. p.m. news shows. Lance's spots to its other television sta- tions as well as to other station groups. Jeff Davidson, president and general Henry Kissinger, who have agreed to pro- (BROADCASTING, Jan. 16). manager of wxIA -rv, said Mr. Lance had vide irregular commentary and analysis Whether Mr. Lance is seen regularly signed to do up to five commentaries each for NBC News; former California Gover- outside the Atlanta area will depend on week "as his travel schedule and other ac- nor Ronald Reagan, a syndicated broad- the issues he chooses to discuss, Mr. tivities will permit." James Sieger, director cast commentator; Carl Stokes, the former Siegler said. "Inflation and things of that of corporate news for Combined Com- mayor of Cleveland, and former Oregon nature," he said, would have importance munications, said Mr. Lance was expected Governor Tom McCall. "not just in Georgia." to average about three news analyses a Among journalists, however, there is Both Mr. Sieger and Mr. Williams em- week. some dissatisfaction with the trend toward phasized, however, that Mr. Lance was an Neither Mr. Lance nor the Combined politician- commentators. One Atlanta Atlantan with strong "regional roots" and Communications officials would discuss newsman, for instance, doubted that an interest in state and local issues. "To us what the new analyst would be paid by the WXIA -TV's news would profit considerably down here," Mr. Williams said, "Bert channel 11 outlet, but broadcasting from Mr. Lance's new position at the sta- Lance is not just the ex- budget director. sources in Atlanta said that the going rate tion- although, he said a "country -smart He's the fellow who built the highways." in that city for television commentators kind of guy" such as Mr. Lance may be (A reference to Mr. Lance's former posi- was in the mid -to- high -$20,000 range. Mr. "rather popular" among television tion as commissioner of Georgia's Sieger would say only that Mr. Lance viewers in that Southern city. transportation department.) would be getting "nothing like he's used Mr. Sieger defended Combined Com- An official at a competing station to." He added that Mr. Lance's salary is munications' hiring of Mr. Lance and said pointed out, too, that whatever Mr. "not going to pay off his debts." the former budget director was a "private Lance's national reputation, he is "very Mr. Lance's new job raised anew ques- citizen" and an "ex-politician." "Who well thought of down here. "Another said tions in journalism circles about the does the color at a football game ?" Mr. that the sentiments of most people in Mr. propriety of political figures assuming Sieger asked rhetorically. "Ex- football Lance's home state "are still pretty posi- positions heretofore reserved for newsmen players." Mr. Williams pointed out what he tive" despite his experiences in Washing- and editors. Dick Williams, news director called a "Pavlovian reflex" among local ton. at WXIA -TV, said that even he had had a viewers to listen to politicians about politi- The day after the announcement last "mixed bag of feelings" about Mr. cal issues. Local newsmen, Mr. Williams week, Mr. Lance and his wife, LaBelle, ap- Lance's new position and said that "on a said, are too often looked on by viewers as peared on ABC's Good Morning, Ameri- purely philosophical level I would prefer to "conduits of information and not of opin- ca. leave commentary to journalists." ion." But, Mr. Williams said, as a "practical Combined Communications also admits matter" he felt there was a place for politi- that its new commentator is a likely candi- cal figures on the "op -ed pages" of televi- date for broader circulation. Mr. Sieger said Weather reporter stirs sion news programs. "John Lindsay [the that "at first" Mr. Lance will probably ap- up storm for himself former mayor of New York]," he said, pear only on WXIA -TV, but he "would "certainly brings something to [ABC - think" that other Combined Communica- New Bern station fires him TV's] Good Morning, America." Nor, he tions stations would "very likely" be in- after newspaper prints interview pointed out, is Bert Lance alone in making terested in airing some of the commen- that is uncomplimentary to TV the move from newsmaker to news taries. One of those stations may provide analyst. Other poltical figures who have Mr. Lance with a re-entry to the Washing- Josh Humphries, weather reporter and taken positions on the news shows of vari- ton scene. Two weeks ago Combined producer of the 12 at Noon talk show at ous broadcasters include former President Communications received FCC approval wCTI -TV New Bern, N.C., was suspended Gerald Ford and former Secretary of State of its purchase of wJLA-ry in the capital following the publication of an inter-

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 55 view with him in the Raleigh (N.C.) News restraints on program content. The pur- and Observer in which he was quoted as What's news? pose, NAB says, is to "stimulate, recog- describing his weathercasting as a "suc- nize and reward broadcast editorializing cessful hoax." Two days later, after con- The results of a special Harris Survey indi- designed to awaken the public to broad- sultations between station management cate there are sharp differences editors, casting's lack of full First Amendment and corporate headquarters, Malrite news directors, reporters and the general protection and impending threats to Broadcasting, Cleveland, Mr. Humphries public on the types of news that interest freedom of broadcast press." Entries, was fired. readers. Harris conducted its poll among a which must have been broadcast after Bill Jenkins, WCTI -TV general manager, national cross -section of 1,533 adults and March 1, 1977, and received at NAB by said Mr. Humphries's comments "were 86 top editors and news directors and 76 March 1, 1978, will be judged on origi- inappropriate and not in line with the ob- reporters and writers from the various nality, research, quality of writing and jectives of the station, and we felt he had news media. For examples, although 34% clarity. A panel of three judges comprises damaged his credibility to such an extent of the media executives said they felt that William Leonard, CBS Washington; Her- that we would have to terminate the re- people are "very interested" in national bert Hobler, Nassau Broadcasting Co., lationship." news, a much higher 60% of the public Princeton, N.J., and Charles Wright, What did the weatherman say? Follow- said they had a high interest in national WBYS -AM -FM Canton, III. ing are excerpts from the published inter- affairs. Similarly, 75% of the media profes- view: sionals voiced the opinion that the public "People could find out a lot more about is "very interested" in sports news, while D.C. police back off the weather if they'd pick up the phone only 35% of the public expressed such an and call the real professionals at the interest. In a number of areas the esti- The newly designated District of Colum- weather bureau, but they will sit there and mates of the media leaders approximated bia chief of police, Burtell Jefferson, will listen to me and think I know what I'm more closely those of the public. not pursue an attempt by his predecessor, talking about. All I know is what the Maurice Cullinane, to draw up a formal weather bureau reports. agreement between police and news media "I lie to [the viewers] all the time ... NAB promotes editorials regarding terrorist coverage (BROADCAST- Hell, I don't know if it's going to rain, but on the First Amendment ING, Dec. 12, 1977). I act like I do. Chief Jefferson said it would be im- "I really think I'm successful with the The National Association of Broadcasters possible to draft a "monolithic" set of hoax. is running a contest for the best broadcast rules to cover hostage situations and pro- "If someone bothers me during dinner editorial on the First Amendment and posed three general objectives instead: to ask for an autograph, I might really broadcasting. Entrance is not limited to avoiding disruption of negotiations be- unload on them. After I finish with them NAB members; any radio and TV licensee tween police and terrorists, avoiding they may not watch me again, but I've got may send unlimited entries -on subjects broadcasts that reveal tactical police move- 20,000 people watching and I can afford to such as the fairness doctrine, the equal ments and assuring that police provide lose one every now and then." time law, reporters' access to news events, more timely and accurate information to Mr. Jenkins said that as of last week the government bans on advertising, prior reporters. station had received only "eight or 10" in- quiries into the matter.

Unfettered news agencies in Third World countries urged

A UNESCO conference on Latin Ameri- can culture held in Bogota, Colombia, last week was the scene of an intense debate on the subject of government- supported Third World news agencies. In what was reported to be a "blistering attack" on the present international news organizations, especially those headquartered in Ameri- ca, Guido Groscoors, the Venezuelan am- bassador to Colombia, accused the news agencies of "informational imperialism" Philadelphia story. When word leaked out earlier this month that the Justice Department and said that his country favored the crea- was planning to replace David Marston, the U.S. attorney general for the eastern district of tion of alternative organizations "so that Pennsylvania, Philadelphia TV journalists began pursuing a local story that soon became we will not remain colonialist countries" national. Westinghouse Broadcasting Cos KYTV there launched an editorial campaign, of the existing news services. offering the White House address and phone number for viewers' comments. It also con- Mr. Groscoors's proposal did not specify ducted a poll that showed, 1,263 to 48, that local residents favored retaining him. The how the new agencies would be funded, scope of the story expanded as reports surfaced that Mr. Marston's removal was being but he said he was not proposing govern- urged by Representative Joshua Eilberg (D -Pa.) whose motivation for a switch in attorney ment control of news organizations. He general might be more than the routine replacement of a Republican with a Democrat by suggested that such agencies could be the administration. Word broke that Mr. Marston was investigating the involvement of Con- jointly financed by their respective coun- gressman Eilberg's law firm in securing a local hospital for a client, with federal and state tries and by private capital. funds also brought into the picture. George Beebe, publisher of the Miami During the first week of the still- continuing controversy, CBS owned- and -operated wcAU- Herald and president of the World Press Tv claims it was first in revealing that Mr. Eilberg had requested Mr. Marston's dismissal; Freedom Committee, said the thrust of Capital Cities Communications' wpw -Tv says it had an exclusive in showing a direct con- the proposal was "for more government reports. And, as shown in the above pictures, KYW -Tv has its share of exclusives. Reporter control of the media." He cautioned that Jim Hickey nabbed U.S. Attorney General Griffin Bell prior to a press conference Jan. 12 governmetrts could create news when President Carter was questioned on the matter (Krw -TV also showed Mr. Marston monopolies that report only "the govern- watching the conference from Philadelphia). The following day Mr. Hickey, with help from a ment's truth" wxIATV Atlanta cameraman, tracked down Mr. Eilberg in Puerto Rico for another exclusive.

eroadceeting Jan 23 1978 56 The Broadcasting PlaylistE Jan 23

Contemporary Playback

Last This Love -hate relationship. For a number one record, Short People week week Titte o Artist Label (Warner Bros.) by Randy Newman has some prominent opponents. But the proponents have won: this controversial tune hits the top of 2 1 Short Peopled Randy Newman Warner Bros. "Playlist" this week, reflecting its rank as the most -played -single on I 2 How Deep Is Your Loueo Bee Gees RSO contemporary stations across the country. The problem is that Mr. 4 3 You're in Rod My Heartn Stewart Warner Bros. Newman's lyrics ( "They got little noses and tiny little teeth, they 3 4 Come BackO Player Baby RSO wear platform shoes on their nasty little feet. Well, I don't want no 8 5 Just the Way You AreD Billy Joel Columbia short people 'round here ") have been "taken at their face value" by 10 a Staying AliueD Bee Gees RSO some listeners. "If you have no sense of humor" says Warner Bross Marion Perkins, "then of course its insulting ... No one is free from 7 7 We Are the Championso Queen Elektra the whim of Randy Newman:' But no matter what his intentions, 5 8 Here You Come Againo Dolly Parton RCA some formidable radio stations are abstaining. WNBC(AM) New York is 9 9 Sentimental LadyO Bob Welch Capitol one and Program Director Bob Pittman points to the station's re- 15 10 Turn to Store° ELO UA/Jet search: "It showed up as one of the most popular records and also 14 11 Dance Dance Dance° Chic Atlantic one of the most negative. The ratio is one positive reaction to one 6 12 Blue Bayou° Linda Ronstadt Asylum negative reaction. On an average record, it is 20 positive to one nega- tive" In Boston, wee -FM People. Says Ned 13 13 Come Sail Awayo Styx A &M decided against Short Foster, executive producer: "Even if those offended are only a small 18 14 We Will Rock YouO Queen Elektra percentage, why play it? Our responsibility is to the listeners ... who 211115 Sometimes When We Touch° Dan Hill 20th Century are we to impose on them ?" But wRKO(AM) Boston is playing it and it's 23 0118 Desireeo Nell Diamond Columbia number one there. Program Director Harry Nelson claims the "posi- 17 17 Native New Yorkero Odyssey RCA tives far outweigh negatives. The greater majority loves it" That's 11 18 You Light Up My Lifeo Debby B Warner Bros. what Glenn Morgan of wAec(AM) New York reports, too. "There are 22 19 Emotiono Samantha Sang Private Stock more votes for it than against it. It's number three in retail sales here ... and complaints have been minimal." 29 M 20 Loue Is Thicker than Watero Andy Glbb RSO 261121 Serpentine FireD Earth, Wind & Fire Columbia 19 22 Slip Sliding Awayo Paul Simon Columbia Country 20 23 Hey Deanieo Shaun Cassidy Warner Bros. 16 24 Back in Loue Againo LTD A &M Last This week week Title O Artist 30 N 25 What's Your Name° Lynyrd Skynyrd MCA Label

12 26 Don't Make My Brown Eyes Blued C. Gayle.. United Artists 2 1 To Daddy° Emmylou Harris Warner Bros. 42 27 Go Paul I Crazy° Davis Bang 1 2 Mike This Job and Shove Ito Johnny Paycheck Epic 32 28 Ffuno Con Funk Shun Mercury 8 M 3 Lonely Streeto Rex Allen Jr Warner Bros.

28 29 Point of Know Return° Kansas Kirshner 10 fa 4 I'm Knee Deep in Louing YouO Dave & Sugar. RCA 25 30 Don't Me Let Be Misunderstood0 L. Gomez.... Casablanca 6 5 SomethingtoBragAbouto M.K.Place& W. Nelson . Columbia 31 31 Your Smiling FaceD James Taylor Columbia 7 8 What a Difference You've Made: Ronnie Milsap RCA 27 32 It's So Easyo Linda Ronstadt Asylum 4 7 You're the One° Oak Ridge Boys ABC 47 N33 Poor Poor Pitiful Meo Linda Ronstadt Asylum 17 01 8 Out of My HeadO Loretta Lynn MCA 48 le 34 Wonderful World° Art Garfunkel Columbia 19 01 9 The First Timeo Billy "Crash" Craddock ABC 39 35 Name of the Cameo Abbe Atlantic 13 10 Middle Age Crazy° Jerry Lee Lewis Mercury 24 0 36 Run Around Sue° Leif Garrett Atlantic 3 11 George Keeps Pulling on My Ringo C. Twiny MCA 44 37 Theme from "Close Encounters "o John Williams .... Arista 12 12 Here You Come Againo Dolly Parton RCA 35 38 PegD Steely Dan ABC 14 13 Mister D.J.D T.G. Sheppard Warner Bros. Ll 39 Lay Down Sallyo Eric Clapton RSO /Polydor 16 14 I Want to Be Your Euerythingo Connie Smith ... Monument -N40 Too Hot to 7}oto Commodores Motown - 1115 Don't Break Heart That Loves Youo M. Smith WarnerBros. 33 41 Heaven on the Seventh Floor° Paul Nicholas RSO 221118 (Just Wish You Were Someone I LoveD L. Gatin.. Monument - 42 The Way You Do the Things You DoD R. Coolidge A &M 11 17 Come to Meo Roy Head ABC 40 43 Theme from "Close Encounters "D Nebo Millennium 20 18 How Can I Leave You Again° John Denver RCA 37 44 We're All Aloneo Rita Coolidge A &M 5 19 My Wayo Elvis Presley RCA -N 45 Street Corner Serenade° Wet Willie Epic 24 20 Standard Lie Number OneD Stella Parton Elektra -, 48 Our Loueo Natalie Cole Capitol 18 21 May the Force Be With You Alwayso Tom T. Hall RCA 43 47 Isn't It Timed The Babys Chrysalis 15 22 Sweet Music Mano Kenny Rogers United Artists 36 48 You Make Lovin' Fun a Fleetwood Mac Warner Bros. - 23 Do I Loue Youo Donna Fargo Warner Bros. 34 49 The Way I Feel Tonightó Bay City Rollers Arista 21 24 Come a Little Bit Closero Johnny Duncan Columbia 46 50 1 Loue YouO Donna Summer Casablanca - 25 1 Don't a Thing At Allo Gene Watson Capitol

These are the top songs in air -play popularity as reported by a select group of U.S. stations. Each has been "weighted" in terms of The Pulse Inc. audience ratings for the re- porting station on which it is played. A Ol indicates an upward movement of five or more chart positions between this week and last.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 57 dictments. "Our grand jury is very busy," Brand Advertising, Chicago O "Straight Up, for Broadcast Advertising he said," and we don't bring something to WCLR(FM) Skokie, Ill., by Duck Soup Productions (sta- tion promo, ID's. news its attention unless there's something promos). there or we need the subpoena power." Buntin Advertising, Nashville O "60 Minute Loan :' L.A. independents He said that some witnesses have for Liberty National Bank by Jayan Productions (ser- carry spots for refused to cooperate with his initial in- vices: banking and financial). vestigation, and that some radio station Burrell Advertising, Chicago O "Street Song" for porno movie employes are among those to be ques- Coca -Cola USA by Mason -Stearns Productions (food: tioned the Tooley added soft drinks). Theater group there, pushed out by grand jury. Mr. that the FCC has expressed interest in the of 'Times' by new policy, Campbell -Ewald, Detroit O "Chevette Gas Station" case, and he said he intends to cooperate gets ads for 'Jennifer Welles' for Chevrolet Motor Division by Myers & Griner/Cuesta with the commission when the grand (automotive: cars). on three local TV stations jury's secret deliberations are over. Carr Liggett Advertising, Cleveland O "Monkeys :' Known to be one of the stations in- Three TV stations in Los Angeles have for Blue Cross & Blue Shield in Northeast Ohio by volved in the investigation is KHOW(AM) Asch & carried spots for an X -rated film, "Inside Associates (services: insurance). Denver, which has been accused by Jennifer Welles." Cole former employes of tampering with & Weber, Seattle O "Illo Gauditz: "Dr. Steve Jimmy Johnson, vice president for ad- Ross: "Davey and the Trees" for Weyerhaeuser Co. by April -May 1976 report. At- vertising for the Pussycat Theaters there, Arbitron's Cole & Weber (commercial products: agricultural). tempts to tamper with the ratings service's said last week he was "very pleased" with October /November 1977 report are also Coils & McVoy, Minneapolis O "Polaris Cobra:' for the campaign, which ran on independents Polaris division of Textron by Film Factory (recreation: being investigated (BROADCASTING, Jan. KCOP, KTTV and KHJ -TV from Dec. 31 to equipment). 9). Jan. 7. its Conahy & Lyon, New York O "Karate:' for Borden "We think we're the first theater chain Arbitron notified recipients of Denver report that broadcasters there had Corp. by Tibore Hirsch Production Co. (home furnish- to advertise hard -core porno on TV," he ings: decoration and remodeling). alerted Arbitron of two attempts to sell di- said, "and we know we're going to con- aries for the fall 1977 report, and that the Conahy & Lyon, New York O "Supermarket: for IBM tinue to use TV, either for another round homes to which the diaries were sent had by Myers & Griner /Cuesta (image building, customer on 'Inside Jennifer Welles' or on another been located. said that one the relations). release." Arbitron of diaries had never been returned and that Mr. Johnson estimated that about Cramer- Kresselt Co., Milwaukee O "Happy Birth- the other was returned after the attempt to day,' for Associated Hospital Service Inc. by Chuck $10,500 of an estimated $26,500 in adver- sell it failed. Both diaries were eliminated Olin Associates (services: health and safety). tising spent on the film went into the from the sample, according to Arbitron. television campaign to promote its presen- Cunningham & Walsh, New York "Bridge:' tor St. tation at three Los Angeles area theaters. Regis Paper Co., by Fred Levinson & Co. (photogra- phy). A 30- second spot included a slide of the film's star and director, Jennifer Welles, The pick of the TV spots D'Arcy-MacManus d Maslus, St. Louis O "Holiday" the sound of a heartbeat and the voice of for Anheuser -Busch by EUE /Screen Gems (food: an announcer reading excerpts from Commercials festival honors beer). TV advertisements in annual reviews of the picture. A 10- second ver- D'Arcy- MacManus & Maslus, St. Louis "King sion also was used. Another $16,000 was presentation in Chicago Spectacular,' for Anheuser-Busch by Creative Film spent on area newspaper advertising. Arts (food: beer). D'Arcy -MacManus & Masius, St. Louis, He reported that three Los Angeles sta- D'Arcy -MacManus & Maslus, St. received the Chairman's Special Award - Louis O "Wed- tions, KTLA, ABC -owned KABC -TV and ding:' for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. by N. Lee NBC -owned KNBC, do not take advertising Best of Festival at the seventh annual U.S. Lacy Associates (services: public utilities). for X -rated films. KNxT, the CBS -owned Television Commercials Festival in Chicago. The D'Arcy commercial, "King Edwin Bird Wilson, New York O "The People: "The TV station, declined to take the spots be- City' Spectacular," was for Anheuser -Busch and "The People and the City" series, for Manufac- cause, he said, it objected to one of the turers Hanover Trust Co. by Lipson Films Associates quotes from Playboy magazine's film was produced by Creative Film Arts. (services: banking and financial). reviewer. The festival recognizes "the best" U.S. Gardner Advertising, St. Louis "Caesar' for and Mr. Johnson said the theaters's move Canadian television commercials in 17 Ralston Purina Co. by STF (pet products: food). into TV was prompted by a new policy different subject categories and also adopted by the Los Angeles Times last honors outstanding production tech- Gardner Advertising, St. Louis "Cyrano:* for summer banning advertising niques. Busch Gardens division of Anheuser Busch by Joel of X -rated Productions (recreation: theme parks). films. He reported that until the prohibi- The 1977 American winners follow: tion, Pussycat Theaters had allocated Gardner Advertising, St. Louis O "Drums:' for Busch Subject winners about 75% of its advertising budget to the Garden Division of Anheuser -Busch by Fred Levinson Co. (recreation: theme parks). Times. N W Ayer, New York O "Begin with Belgium: for Sabena -Belgium World Airlines by David Dee Produc- Gardner Advertising, 9L Louis "Swims Too: for tions (recreation: travel). McGraw- Edison by Ampersand Productions (house- wares). Denver grand jury N W Ayer, New York O "Impressions:' for AT &T by Fred Levinson and Co. (services: public utilities). Grey Advertising, Minneapolis O "Mr. Shirley,' for looking into Dayton's by Bandolier Films/Dick & Bert (sales event). charges N W Ayer, New York O "Twelve Months to Say Good- bye: for U.S. Army Myers of diary tampering by & Eisenstat (services: Hesselbart & Mitten, Akron, Ohio O "Stop Motion:' recruiting). for Penn Athletic Products by Hesselbart & Mitten by stations there (recreation: equipment). Ted Bates & Co., New York O "Hostess & Kids/ Dancing:' for ITT Continental Baking by DeSort & Sam Hutchins / D'Arcy Inc., Rochester, N.Y. "Jolly Jack: A grand jury in Denver was to begin hear- (food: meal & dessert). ing testimony last week to determine in- (or Rochester Telephone Co. by BF &J productions if (services: public utilities). dictments will be handed down against B BDO, San Francisco° "Dinosaur,*"Dollar Bill: "Hide & Seek" series. for Chevron USA by Kurts Friends persons suspected of tampering with or & Kircher Halton Collett, Dayton, Ohio O "Follow the ( automotive service). selling Arbitron ratings diaries. Bouncing Ball:' for WHIO -TV Dayton by Dave Kelleher Inc. (recreation: entertainment events). District Attorney Dale Tooley said he B BDO, New York O "Ranch: "Skateboard" series, for Pepsi -Cola hopes to conclude the presentation of evi- Co. by Denny Harris of California (food: Uller, Neal, Bettie & Undsey, Atlanta "Dominos:' dence and wind up the investigation in soft drinks). for Southern Forestry Cooperative by Jayan Film Pro- ductions (public service announcements). February, and he believes there is sub- Botsford Ketchum, San Francisco O "Clothes for stance enough to the charges to justify in- Living:' for Gap Stores by Wakeford -Orloff (clothing). Richard K. Manoff, New YorkO "Ice"'Store, "'Truck:'

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 58 for Kraft Inc. by Gomes -Loew (food: meal and McCaffrey & McCall, New York O "Random House tomobiles. dessert). One -Book Encyclopedia:' for Random House by Liber- "The implications of this important ty Pictures (art and animation). media finding seem evident," Richard M. McCann -Erickson, Portland. Ore. "Barn Raising :' for Georgia -Pacific Corp. by Myers & GrinerlCuesta Richardson, Myers & Donofrio, Baltimore O "Apa- Brescia, CBS Radio vice president and (image building, customer relations). thy,' for Maryland Crime Commission by BF &J Produc- general sales manager, said. "An adver- tion Co. (copywriting). tiser trying to reach as many men as possi- McCann- Erickson, Los Angeles O "Shake Hands:' ble would be well advised to include in his for U.S. Borax & Chemical Co. by Ross McCanse & Rosebud Advertising, New York O "Marathon Man" Associates (personal products: personal hygiene). series, for Paramount Pictures Corp. (editing). weekday media plan the midday hours in- stead of only the conventional, and nor- Marketinc, Greenville. S.C. "Breakfast, for Liberty J. Walter Thompson, Chicago "If One Doesn't Get mally more expensive, morning and after- Life Insurance Co. by Marketinc (services: health and Him Another Will" for Jovan (copywriting). safety). noon drive periods." Tinker Campbell -Ewald, New York O "Morley Tak- Nadler & Lorimer, New York "Restaurant;' ing Care;' for British Airways by James Garrett & "Welder,' for Faberge by Gomes -Loew (personal prod- Partners (talent). Advertising Briefs ucts: women's products).

NBC Advertising and Promotion, New York O "NBC Profile: David Brinkley.' for NBC -TV by EUE FCC Screen Gems (station promos, ID's news promos). Signed up. Former Chairman NAD report for December Richard E. Wiley will participate in Ford Needham, Harper á Steers, New York "Bank Foundation -sponsored seminar on FCC's Teller II;' for Bristol- Meyers Co. by Phil Kimmelman includes 1971-77 resume role in matter of television advertising Associates (pharmaceutical: remedies, preventa- directed at children. Seminar, one of a tives). The National Advertising Division of the series being presented by Georgetown Council of Better Business Bureaus re- Needham, Harper & Steers, New York O "Fiber Op- University Law Center, will be held on ceived 13 challenges to national advertis- tics :' for ITT by PDRIWarner Bros. (image building. Feb. 27. Mr. Wiley, now in private law customer relations). ing, including three on television, during practice in Washington, was invited after December 1977. Northllch, Stolley, Cincinnati "Store Visit:' for another former commissioner, Lee Tetley Inc. (Tetley tea bags) agreed to Baldwin Piano & Organ Co. by Wilson -Giak (recrea- Loevinger, declined invitation (BROAD - modify a TV commercial at the suggestion tion: home entertainment). CASTING, Jan. 9). of NAD. Reviewed and found acceptable J. W. Schoen Advertising, Chicago O "Smoking by NAD were television commercials for Stinks" series, for American Cancer Society by Film Not for states. National Association of Beecham Products (Cling Free fabric Fare Studios (public service announcements). Broadcasters has filed friend -of -court brief softener) and Fram Corp. (Autolite spark in class action suit against Mattel toy corn - J. Walter Thompson, Chicago': "If One Doesn't Get plugs). Him Another Will" for (personal products: pany in California state court, arguing ac- Jovan NAD also reported that from its incep- women's products). tion by state in matter is pre -empted by tion in mid -1971 through 1977, it had pro- federal law. Coalition of California media J. Waiter Thompson, New York O "Time to Sow:' for cessed 1,244 challenges to national adver- is charging Mattel with Eastman Kodak by Fred Levinson & Co. (personal arti- tising, exclusive of challenges to interest groups cles gift items: cameras). deceptive and misleading advertising in children's advertising. The claims in 485 TV commercials aimed at children and Tinker Campbell-Ewald, New York "Morley Tak- of these were found to be substantiated by parents -but without naming specifc com- ing Caret' for British Airways by James Garrett & NAD. In 395 instances, advertising claims mercials. NAB said matter is not for state Partners (recreation:travel). were either modified or discontinued. courts to consider, or there might develop NAD referred 13 unresolved advertising Young á Rubicam West, Los Angeles "Pick of the 50 sets of regulations for ads on national Crop:' for Armour Food Co. by Wakeford Orloff (food: matters to the National Advertising TV. Rather, broadcast advertising matters meal and dessert). Review Board for panel adjudication (18 are properly handled by FCC, Federal additional cases were referred by others) Production technique winners Trade Commission and NAB TV code, as- and closed 285 matters for administrative sociation pointed out. B ODO, San Francisco O "Dinosaur;' "Dollar Bill:' "Hide reasons. & Seek" series, for Chevron USA by Kurts & Friends From mid -1971 through last Dec. 31, (automotive: service). NAD handled 76 challenges to advertising Brighter. Federal Trade Commission has B rand Advertising, Chicago "Straight Up" for directed to children. The claims in 14 were added to its sunshine act rules provision WCLR(FM) Skokie, III., by Duck Soup Productions (art found to be substantiated; 52 were for and animation). disclosure of explanatory materials modified or discontinued, nine were prior to each open meeting. Public will be Cunningham á Walsh, New York O "Bridge:* for St. closed for administrative reasons, and one given copies of agenda items so that those Regis Paper Co., by Fred Levinson and Co. (photogra- case still pends. who attend meetings "can understand dis- phy). cussions more readily;' commission an- D'Arcy- MacManus á Masius, St. Louis O "King nounced. Materials may consist of draft Spectacular' for Anheuser -Busch by Creative Film rule or other staff proposal as well as ex- Arts (music). cerpts from staff memorandum or sum- Doyle, Dane, Bernbach, New York O "Star Warsï for Study emphasizes maries and will be made available in public 20th Century -Fox Film Corp. by Hawk Productions male radio audience reference room day before open meeting. (production). outside drive time Gardner Advertising, St. Louis "Balloon:' for Kraft at 75. To celebrate 75th anniversary Busch Gardens division of Anheuser -Busch by Joel Productions (music and direction). CBS Radio released last week an analysis of Kraftco Corp., Glenview, Ill., NBC of the spring /fall 1977 RADAR data and Radio will carry special program featuring Chester Gore Co., New York O "Hard to Sag' for concluded that more than one of out of music and comedy from best Kraft Music Carillon Importers by Griner /Cuesta (production). every five adult men in the U.S. (more Hall radio shows of 1930's and 1940's on Heckler & Associates, Seattle O "Cold Pack Days:' than 15 million) listen to radio during the Feb. 12 (8:06 -8:58 p.m. NYT). Kraft, for Rainier Brewing Co. by Kaye -Smith Productions average weekday quarter-hour between 10 through J. Walter Thompson, Chicago, (production). a.m. and 3 p.m. will sponsor special, which will present Ingalls Associates, Boston O "Convenience' for The main reason for the "generally Eddy Arnold as host and Ed Herlihy as an- Springfield Institute for Savings by Pat Pitelli Produc- unrealized strength" of radio listening by nouncer and co -host and include seg- tions (talent). men in these time periods CBS Radio said, ments with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, is that almost one (46%) takes place Groucho Marx, Jimmy Durante, Mary Richard K. Montt, New York O "Harbor' for The -half Joseph Garneau Co. by Fred Levinson & Co. (photog- in such "other places" as offices, public Martin, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson raphy). locations, service establishments and au- Eddy.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 59 the other Summit stations -three AM's hiring practices concerning women and Cablecasting " and three FM's -should also be available minorities were within commission for scrutiny. guidelines. Finally, he said, the commission should Group owner enters cable. Harte -Hanks Akron letter issue Mr. Berk a letter of admonishment Communications announced agreement -up and insert it in the files of the Summit sta- causes dust tions. Something more than "unconcern to purchase assets of Pasadena CATV (Lester Kamin, general partner), opera- in Washington is indicated if there is to be a reversal in the attitude of treating the rules [of pro- tor of cable system in Pasadena, Tex., for undisclosed price. Pasadena system has Broadcaster's plea to FCC chairman cedure] as if they were mere guidelines," approximately 7,500 basic subscribers brings charge of foul from the Mr. Schildhause said. This incident, he ad- with 5,400 taking pay San An- opposition; issue on the sidelines ded, affords the commission an oppor- service. tonio, Tex. -based Harte -Hanks owns 26 dramatizes center ring dispute tunity "to take a stand against the ap- and non pearance of the corrosion of process" daily newspapers 54 -daily over cable nonduplication rules WFMY The Schildhause letter was followed by publications in 33 markets and -TV Greensboro, N.C., WTLY(TV) Jacksonville, A minor flare -up has developed alongside one from William J. Dempsey, counsel for KENS -TV the main controversy over whether the Scripps- Howard Broadcasting Co. Ile said Fla., and San Antonio. commission should exempt significantly that according to the Berk letter "any con- Cox in Iowa. Through local referendum, viewed television signals from the cable sideration would obviously involve a Cox Cable Communications Inc. has won television network nonduplication rules. deviation of the most prejudicial kind from cable franchise for Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Roger G. Berk, president of Summit the commission's established rules and with plan to build 350 miles of plant, pass- Radio Corp., licensee of WAKR-TV (ch. 23) procedures." He asked the commission to ing 37,000 homes. System will be owned Akron, Ohio, started it with a letter to consider "the serious question of what 80% by Cox Cable; remainder will be in FCC Chairman Charles D. Ferris, express- sanction should be imposed upon Sum- local hands. First service, perhaps 80 -100 ing concern over a report that the commis- mit." miles, is expected to be available by end of sion might reconsider the rule requiring year. Use of Home Box Office pay service the blackout of significantly viewed signals also is anticipated. Cox Cable, which al- (BROADCASTING, Dec. 19, 1977). Cable Briefs ready serves more than 483,000 subscri- Sol Schildhause, counsel for Moscow bers in 41 systems, has another referen- Cable TV, Moscow, Idaho, fanned the dis- dum in Marion, Iowa, scheduled for Jan. pute with a follow -up letter to Chairman Citizen group rebuffed. FCC denied peti- 24. Ferris, calling on the commission to open tion by Concerned Citizens Coalition for the Summit stations' finances to public Open Media of Worcester (Mass.) and scrutiny and to admonish Mr. Berk for his refused to revoke certificate of compliance approach to the commission. Moscow Ca- of Teleprompter of Worcester Inc. for its Local origination: ble is seeking reconsideration of the rule cable television system there. Group had Patience pays off as well as a waiver of it. contended that Teleprompter had failed to Mr. Berk told the chairman that Summit make its equal opportunity employment If you're a cable operator not finding much Radio has invested more than $2 million plan and records available for public in- overnight success with locally originated and suffered losses of over $5 million with spection; had not hired women and programing, don't scrap the project. It the Akron UHF television station. He at- minorities in proportion to their popula- takes time to nurture. And although you tributed the losses to the overshadowing tion in community; ceased its access pro- may not make a financial killing or even a of Akron "by the three powerful, profita- graming, and committed various other profit, you'll make up for it in public ser- ble VHF, network -affiliated television sta- breaches of its certification. But commis- vice and public image. tions in Cleveland," 30 miles away. WAKR- sion ruled that Teleprompter had already That general philosophy emerged last TV is an ABC affiliate. moved to correct its public file and that its week at a conference sponsored by the Mr. Berk said that after 24 years of Alternative Media Center of New York losses, the station will show "a modest University's School of the Arts. Discussed profit" in 1977, and credits that to the net - Hobson resigns. James Hobson, chief were the experiences of 28 interns sent wor]c,exclusivity WAKR-TV is afforded as a of the FCC's Cable Television Bureau, across the country as part of a four -year result of the present rules. If the station has submitted his resignation, effective CATV apprenticeship program. The pro- loses its nonduplication protection, either March 1. Chairman Charles Ferris, in a gram was funded with $422,000 from the through reconsideration of the rule or "Dear Jim" response, said Mr. Hobson National Endowment for the Arts as well through a pending request for special relief had been an "extraordi- as matching grants from cable systems and filed by Scripps- Howard's VHF ABC affili- narily capable public nonprofit organizations. ate, wEws(TV) Cleveland, "it is highly servant:' and "reluc- A detailed report, in book form, is to be likely that Akron will lose its sole local tantly" accepted his published by New York University this television service." resignation. No im- April. He said he was not attempting to "pre- mediate decision on a According to Robert Pinto, apprentice- judge the merits of the case," but to in- successor appears ship program director, the interns' find- form the commission of the "critical im- likely, as Chairman Fer- ings showed the necessity of high- interest portance" of the nonduplication rules to ris, in his letter, ex- local programing as well as adequate "smaller, local TV stations." pressed hope that Mr. penetration by a cable system within the Although all parties in the controversy Hobson might be avail- community. Unless a system serves a sub- involving requests for waiver or special able to remain with the stantial number of households, he said, it is to relief as a result of the rule were served Hobson commission after difficult gain funding or advertising to copies of the letter, Mr. Schildhause con- March 1 "in some ad- support local programs. tends it was "unusually offensive because visory capacity, at least to permit an or- He added that it may take three or four it menaces due process" He called it an at- derly transition of your responsibilities:' years before local origination comes up to tempt "to intimidate," with its reference Mr. Hobson, who has not yet made a speed, citing the time it takes to build au- to the possibility of WAKR-TV being forced decision on his future, said he would dience interest as well as train a staff to to cease operation. provide such assistance, to the extent "feel comfortable using the medium." "Something more than a rejection of permitted by his personal plans. Mr. Another key to success, he said, is cooper- the letter is indicated," he said. The fi- Hobson, who joined the commission in ation from various parts of the com- nances of WAKR-TV are "at issue," he said. 1972, has headed the cable bureau munity, cable systems and independent What's more, he said, the finances of all since May 1976. access centers.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 60 previously used to carry audio signals. expand into fiber optic system develop- Equipment & Engineering However, a spokesman for the company ment and manufacturing. The two firms said he doesn't expect a price cut for have already developed and installed a transmission so much as he hopes for a fiber optics telephone system in Las Diplexing debut slow -down in price increases, and execu- Vegas. tives at the commercial networks said they Valtec will increase its common stock going well know of no campaign to force price cuts. from three to five million shares and will Another benefit of the diplexing system use 1.4 million shares for the acquisition Most broadcasters are pleased for both AT &T and broadcasters is ex- in which Comm /Scope shareholders will with new technique that sends pected to be the reduction in the number receive three Valtec shares for each of both TV audio and video signals of switching errors because of the elimina- their Comm /Scope issues. Valtec stock, on one AT &T circuit resulting in tion of the separate audio transmission. which trades over the counter, closed last improved audio frequency response Jerry Cohan, product manager for AT &T Tuesday (Jan. 17) at $6.50. Long Lines, said that the company plans Valtec said that Comm /Scope will func- AT &T kicked in its "diplexing" system to file with the FCC for use of the higher tion as a wholly owned subsidiary with no for transmitting both audio and video TV end of the band for the second audio chan- changes in management, operation or signals over a single circuit last week nel within the next few months. Given location and Comm /Scope Chairman (BROADCASTING, Jan. 16), and initial reac- that approval, he said, stereo TV broad- George Hutton and President Frank tions from broadcasters was reported to be casts may be possible, if not actually func- Drendel will become Valtec directors. generally positive. tional, by late this year. The system stacks the audio signal onto Stations can now broadcast network and the unused portion of the video spectrum other outside feeds with the same sound (the 5.8 mhz subcarrier frequency), with quality as local originations. Most viewers High court will review diplexing encoders at the transmitting end won't be able to notice the improvement, case against imports and decoders at receiving terminals. The however, unless they have one of the bet- is diplexed audio channel transmitted over ter new TV sets or one of the older "home The U.S. Supreme Court last week agreed a bandwidth of 15 khz, as opposed to the entertainment centers" that combined to hear arguments in the eight -year court previous five, significantly enhancing the high fidelity sound equipment with the TV battle waged by Zenith Radio Corp. over sound quality. There is still room for a sec- set. Stereo broadcasts would, of course, re- the prices of Japanese color television sets ond audio channel to be placed further quire modification of both transmitting sold in this country. If the court rules that above video the (at 6.4 mhz subcarrier and receiving techniques and apparatus. In a commodity tax imposed by Japan on sets frequency) that AT &T believes could be Mr. Barnathan's view, the problems of sold there but not on those exported to the used for stereo TV transmission by as doing so would outweigh the benefits - U.S. requires that this country establish early as the end of the year. "For what, voices ?" he said. But he added "countervailing duties" on Japanese sets AT &T engineers reported no problems that the ability to use two audio channels sold in the U.S., Americans can expect to complaints with the after its or system first can be used in other ways, such as broad- pay more for electronics imports. If the few days in operation. Engineers at NBC - casting simultaneously in two languages. court rules against Zenith, however, there CBS he TV and -TV also reported no trouble. That has already been done in Japan, will be, as one industry group said, no end But Julius Barnathan, president of ABC said, and would require only a simple to "the flood of Japanese color television Broadcast Operations and Engineering, decoding box on the viewer's set. sets now being imported into the United said that his network had experienced in- States." terference frame stores, which he at- with Zenith asked the court to overturn a tributed to the system. He diplexing Valtec purchase of July 1977 U.S. Court of Customs and Pa- speculated that the problem might be an fiber -optics firm OK'd tent Appeals ruling that the Japanese inadequate decoding of the diplexed sig- remittance of its commodity tax on ex- nal. But the system's biggest drawback, Stockholders of Valtec Corp., a West ported sets is not an unfair international Mr. Barnathan said, is that in times of net- Boylston, Mass. -based manufacturer of trade practice. In a 3 -to -2 decision, the work technical trouble, stations will always electro optics and fiber optics products, lower court ruled that Japan was not pay- lose both audio and video at once; in the and Comm /Scope have approved the ing for or bestowing a grant requiring the days" two weeks ago, there was a "old of purchase of Comm /Scope by Valtec. United States to impose countervailing the chance of keeping one or other. Comm /Scope, headquartered in duties (BROADCASTING, Aug. 1, 1977). Frank Flemming, vice president of Catawba, N.C., manufactures cable, pri- But Zenith, which won one round of its engineering at NBC, said he expects some marily for CATV systems, and will now fight last spring in the U.S. Customs Court bugs will show up in the early days, but that he's happy to have the 15 khz sound. "It's such a vastly improved audio," he said. "We're delighted." To protect against bugs, AT &T has left its previous transmis- sion system intact for the breaking -in period. Specifications for the diplexing system were worked out over the last few years by the Network Transmission Committee, which consists of engineers from the three commercial networks, the Public Broad- casting Service and Bell Laboratories. PBS has decided not to convert to the For the bird. Public broadcasting officials signed a $12.9-million agreement with Rock- system, because of its plans to go to all - well International's Commercial Telecommunications Group for approximately 192 receive- satellite transmission. AT &T has dis- only radio earth terminals. Signatories were (I to r): William D. Houser, director of the Cor- tributed briefcase -sized decoders at all sta- poration for Public Broadcasting's satellite interconnection project; R.L. Wolf, vice presi- tions with AT &T terminations, while the dent of the Commercial Telecommunications Group; Henry Loomis, president of CPB, and networks have been supplied with en- Frank Mankiewicz, president of National Public Radio. Plans tor the construction of the coders. system call for preliminary work. including site studies for the 4.5-meter antenna dishes, to The system will result in considerable begin immediately. Delivery. installation and testing are expected to be completed by Jan. savings for AT &T by freeing the circuits

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 61 in New York (BROADCASTING, April 18, one -inch helical scan recorders and ac- cast market are being sold through dealer - 25, 1977), asked the Supreme Court to cessories. distributor channels. correct the "mischief" of a decision that, Extended disk. Development of two -hour if allowed to stand, "would constitute double -sided video disk was announced New monitor. Gorman -Redlich Manufac- judicial cooperation in the executive's by Philips and MCA Inc. Companies said turing, Athens, Ohio, offers new digital refusal to honor the exercise by Congress disk system is to be introduced to con- AM antenna monitor. Model CMR is fully of its constitutional power and duty to sumers later this year. Announcement remotable, features true ratio readout, un- regulate foreign commerce." follows development of two -hour disk symmetric modulation, and has DC out- Friend of the court briefs supporting systems by Matsushita and RCA. puts for remote phase and ratio readings the to Zenith were filed by Committee New distributor. Marconi Communica- plus LED displays with continuous phase Preserve Television (COMPACT), Color tions Systems Ltd. has been named world- sign and BCD outputs. Price is $1,990 for Corp. and Bethlehem United States Steel wide distributor for Orrox Corp.'s CMX two antenna towers. told the that Steel Corp. COMPACT court series video -tape editing systems. any decision reached would affect "the en- Upgrading in New Orleans. RCA Broad- tire consumer electronics industry. "The All set. Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. cast Systems, Camden, N.J., reports two steel companies also sided with (Toshiba) will open TV set factory outside WVUE(TV) New Orleans has ordered RCA Zenith. Bethlehem said it would likely Nashville with production expected to transmitting and studio equipment valued "sustain substantial long -term harm" if start in summer. Three firms, Sony, Mat- at about $900,000. Equipment includes the appeals court decision were upheld. sushita and Sanyo, already have U.S. two RCA TT-25FH 25 kw transmitters, The Treasury Department, which is ask- plants and Mitsubishi and Hitachi have videotape cartridge recorder and portable ing the court to uphold the decision, said plans to build. Action stems from U.S. production camera. that a reversal would "not only risk a sig- government- imposed 1.75 million unit nificant breakdown in international trading limit on Japanese color sets starting next agreements and retaliatory actions from July 1. Japan exported 2.96 million color Dickinson honored. Electronic Industries our trading partners, but also would un- sets to U.S. in 1976. Association has chosen William A. dermine our negotiating flexibility" in Dickinson to receive its 1977 engineering future trade negotiations. Anothr vote for Type C. NEC America award of excellence. Award recognizes Mr. Inc.'s broadcast equipment division will Dickinson (design engineering manager, manufacture one -inch helical tape electronic tube division, GTE Sylvania) recorder in Type C (Sony- Ampex) non - for contributions during 30 years on EIA Technical briefs segmented format, it was announced last Joint Electron Devices Committee, of week by R. Denis Fraser, general manager. which he was chairman for 12 years which Dutch Sony. Sony Corp. has formed Neth- Subsidiary of Japan's Nippon Electric Co. "insured the orderly development of pic- erlands subsidiary for sales of broadcast will have first production models available ture tubes during the phenomenal growth video equipment. Main products are to be in August. NEC's products for U.S. broad- of television."

Fates & Fortunes4i

agency, joins WNAC -TV there as advertising man- wINN(AM) Louisville, Ky., promoted to opera- Media ager. Lie Giniusz, with advertising department, tions director. appointed promotion coordinator. Jonathan Hall, director of National Associ- James Madaus, weatherman- announcer, ation of Broadcasters Radio Information Office, Chris Michaels, creative head -public relations WREx -TV Rockford, Ill., named promotion man- Washington, will join Radio Advertising director, WGU(AM) Babylon, N.Y., named pro- ager. Bureau, New York, as assistant to president, motion administrator, WYNY(FM) New York. Roy S. Lamberton, program manager, non- effective March 1. Mr. Hall was also editor of NAB's Radioactive magazine, post that will go Buddy Leathers, president and executive commercial KETR(FM) Commerce, Tex., named director, Communications, director -manager, Kuou(FM) Norman, Okla. to Sandi Barclay, now associate editor. Carolina Christian named general manager of that organization's associate director radio ac- Diana Calland, of ch. 22 UHF under construction in Raleigh, N.C. tivities at Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Permittee has applied for WLFL -TV call letters. Washington, named director of radio activities. Broadcast Advertising last She succeeds Tom Warnock, who left CPB Sharman Sickels, assistant to general man- Joseph Brouillard, president of J. Walter December to become senior VP at National ager, WNIC -AM -FM Dearborn, Mich., appointed Thompson's corporate communications divi- Public Radio, Washington (BROADCASTING, assistant general manager of stations. sion, named executive VP of parent organiza- Dec. 5, 1977). tion, J. Walter Thompson Co., New York. Mark A. Kravetz, director of sales, wTOB(AM) Michael Waterkotte, advertising and promo- Winston -Salem, N.C., appointed station man- John Caples, VP, BBDO, New York, and tion director, WXYZ(AM) Detroit, named to same ager. George Gallup, chairman, The Gallup Organi- position, WLS(AM) Chicago. Mary Lou Heimbrock, with WCPO -TV zation, New York, elected to American Adver- Ken Miller, general sales manager, KMPC(AM) Cincinnati, appointed personnel manager. tising Federation's Advertising Hall of Fame. Los Angeles, named to additional post of assis- Mr. Caples is known for early work in direct - tant general manager. John A. Bulmer, general manager, WPNM(FM) response advertising and is credited with creat- Ottawa, Ohio, named VP of licensee, Triplett ing ad, "They laughed when I sat down at the Barbara A. Clark, assistant to senior VP -com- Broadcasting. piano. But when I started to play He has munity affairs, weiRDv) New York, named to .." been with BBDO for 50 years. Dr. Gallup is rec- newly created position of manager, community Mark Greeley, with WPRB(FM) Princeton, N.J., ognized for his work in public opinion research affairs. appointed station manager. and his pioneering efforts in measuring adver- Barbara Harland, with Jon Carter Co., Boston Neal (Moon) Mullins, program director, tising audiences and ad effectiveness.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 62 William S. Baker, executive creative director, named advertising account manager, Ketchum, Robert N. Brand, director of dramatic series Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago, and Ronald MacLeod & Grove, Pittsburgh. development, MGM Television, New York, named VP, program development. Philip I. Rabin, account supervisor, Henry J. Kaufman & Associates, Washington, and Beth Susan Howe, programing secretary, WLW(AM) A. Wright, market research bureau manager Cincinnati, promoted to operations assistant. there, named VP's. John Proffitt, former director of programing, Sheldon Taule, VP, VanSant Dugdale, KCMO -TV Kansas City, Mo., joins KENS -TV San Baltimore, elected senior VP Burt Davis, Antonio, Tex., as director of programing and media supervisor there, named VP. operations. Teresa Kay Booker, broadcast manager, Gim- C. Stephen Currie, program -promotion man- bels department stores, Pittsburgh, named ager, w5FA -TV Montgomery, Ala., named to retail account executive, Byer & Bowman, Co- same post, WDSU -TV New Orleans. lumbus, Ohio. Baker Hall Frank Taylor, director, KOIN -Tv Portland, Ore., William Frey, account executive, KKTV(TV) named production manager. Hoff, FC G. executive creative director, &B's Colorado Springs, named to same position, New York office, named executive VP's. Tom Heinsohn, former Boston Celtics coach, KOLO(AM) Reno. named color commentator for Boston College William T. Crowell, general sales manager, Dick Ferrin, account executiv, KRAM(AM) Las basketball on wLVI -Tv Cambridge, Mass. KMOX -TV St. Louis, named to same position, Vegas, named to same position, KORK -AM -FM KPLR -TV there. there. Jack (Bucks) Braun, music director, WINN(AM) Louisville , Ky., named program Jon Hirshberg, account executive, CBS Radio Charles S. Schnell, with Shopper News, director. Spot Sales, Chicago, named sales manager, Cleveland, joins WCUE(AM) -WKDD(FM) Akron, CBS's WEEI(AM) Boston. Tom affairs director, Ohio, as regional account executive. Richards, public WMGX(FM) Portland, Me., named program Philip Naquin Jr., VP- management super- Rigby Wilson, account executive, WLYH -TV director. visor, Norman, Craig & Kummel, New York, Lancaster, Pa., named assistant sales manager. appointed senior VP Richard Howell, account Atlanta Flames (hockey) left winger Eric Vail supervisor there, named VP. Phil Zachary, with WTAG(AM) Worcester, and marathon runner Gayle Barron join WAGA- Mass., joins WNEBIAM) there on sales staff. Tv Atlanta sports staff. Tino Pappas, research planner, marketing and research department, Petry Television, New Elliot Lazarus, sales manager /senior market- Herbert Glass, editor -in- chief, Performing York, appointed planner supervisor. Joan ing consultant, KoR1(FM) Garden Grove, Calif, Arts magazine, Los Angeles, named program Aveni, senior research analyst in department, joins KNAC(FM) Long Beach, Calif., sales staff. development consultant, noncommercial appointed analyst supervisor. KUSC(FM) there. James G. Edwards, general sales manager, David B. Skillman, Eastern sales manager, WCIV(TV) Charleston, S.C., named VP- sales. He David Terrasi, financial analyst- director of tax WBBM -TV Chicago, named general sales man- is succeeded by Stephen G. Brock, wcty services, Metro -Goldwyn- Mayer, Culver City, ager, WPIX -FM New York, replacing Dick New- national sales manager. Calif., named assistant treasurer. man who is forming New York -based syndica- tion -sales consultancy. Robert Longwell, regional manager. Programing McGavren -Guild Radio, Detroit, named na- Broadcast Journalism tional sales manager, WRIF(FM) there. Richard N. Hughes, senior VP- Pamela Hill, documentary producer, ABC Lois Turner, account executive, KYOK(AM) community WPlx(TV) New News, named executive producer of television Houston, named to same position at KTRK -TV affairs, documentaries there (BROADCASTING, Jan. 9). there. York, takes on addi- tional responsibilities Michael R. Whitney, newswriter- producer, Stephen P. Arbeit, VP- director of planning, for programing, filling CBS Radio News, New York, named news edi- McDonald & Little, Atlanta, named executive vacancy left by depar- tor. VP- director of marketing services. ture of programing VP Shay, who Mona Rivera, assistant assignment editor and Richard C. Candor, VP- associate creative Robert joined KNXTITV) Los newswriter, WPIX -TV New York, joins WNEW(AM) director, Campbell -Ewald, Detroit, named Angeles (BROADCAST- there as news reporter. senior VP- executive director, creative services ING, Jan. 16). for Goodyear account. Robert K. Schuman, news director, KLIF(AM) Hughes Robert Doudell, assis- Dallas, named to same position, wsniosM) Tim O'Sullivan. general sales manager, tant head of produc- Cincinnati. woL(AM) Washington, named account execu- tion, Warner Bros. Television, named director tive, WINS(AM) New York. Bob Perkins, formerly with KDKA -TV of production operations, Metromedia Pro- Pittsburgh, joins WPEZ(FM) there as morning James A. Calderone, associate creative direc- Nona Parmelee Brown, literary ducers Corp. news anchor. tor, Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove, Pittsburgh, liaison, Quinn Martin Productions and Interna- named VP. tional Literary Agents Ltd., named MPC direc- Larry Richet, executive news producer, tor of development. KBTV(TV) Denver, named to same post, WDSU -TV Phyllis Ham Pentecost, saleswoman with New Orleans. various Washington -area media, joins WTOP(AM) Herb Lazarus, VP and general manager, Co- Washington as account executive. lumbia Pictures Television, Los Angeles, joins Bill Rice, with KVI -FM Seattle, appointed news Television Representatives International there. director. Don Schuster, with WTCM(AM) Traverse City, TRI is involved in representing independent Mich., joins WW1 -FM Detroit as account execu- Mark W. Barash, production manager and television producers and in consulting for pro- tive. sports director, WGSM(AM) Huntington, N.Y., ducers and broadcasters. It also distributes joins KFSN -Tv Fresno, Calif., as sports director. Marilyn Hayden, promotion director- account Carol Burnett and Friends TV show. executive, WTOP(AM) Washington, named ac- Jeff Starr, with WICE(AM) Providence, R.I., ap- Richard Traum, programing administration count executive, W1LATV there. pointed news and sports director, WNEB(AM) manager, NBC -TV, New York, named director, Worcester, Mass. Mary Marr, account executive, ABC Radio late night programs and administration. Spot Sales, New York, joins ABC -owned Mary Ann Eads Sturgeon, reporter and after- Martin J. Groothuls, director of business KABC(AM) Los Angeles on sales staff. noon desk editor, WOMI(AM)- WBKR(FM) affairs, 20th Century -Fox Television, Beverly Owensboro, Ky., appointed news director. G. Steven Dapper, partner-executive VP, Hen- Hills, Calif., named VP- business affairs, syn- derson & Dapper Advertising, New York, dication, production and distribution. Terrance Bynum, reporter -photographer,

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 83 WEYI -TV Saginaw, Mich., appointed news man- media director, Benton & Bowles, New York, ager. Allied Fields died of cancer at Point Pleasant (N.J.) hospital on Jan. 10. He is survived by his wife, Tim Granahan, news director, KNOR(AM) Raymond L. Randall, assistant director of Elizabeth, and two daughters. Norman, Okla., named to same post at Federal Trade Commission's Washington KGOU(FM) there. regional office, named acting director of FTC's Susan A. S. McCall, 35 former VP at Mc- office of public information. Congressional Radio -TV Correspondents Asso- Caffrey & McCall, New York and copywriter at ciation has elected new officers for 1978: Joe John H. Spellman, associate, Hamel, Park, Young & Rubicam and Ted Bates Co., died in Benton, Post- Newsweek Stations, chairman; McCabe & Saunders, Washington, named New York on Jan. 11 after suffering stroke. She Phil Jones, CBS, chairman -elect, 1979; Linda partner in that law firm. is survived by her husband, David McCall, Werthheimer, National Public Radio, vice chairman of McCaffrey & McCall, and R. Grange Il, with law firm of chairman. Other executive committee members George daughter. are Don Farmer, ABC; Vic Ratner, ABC; Zuckert, Scoutt & Rosenberger, Washington, there.. Russ Ward, NBC, and Joe Tomko, Evening joins law offices of James A. Gammon Don Gillis, 65, composer and former producer News Broadcasting. Tom W. Brown, counsel for Georgia Associ- of NBC Symphony radio broadcasts under Ar- ation of Broadcasters, has joined firm of Morris, turo Toscanini from 1944 until 1954, died of a O'Brien & Manning, Atlanta. He had been with heart attack Jan. 10 in Columbia, S.C. More re- firm now known as Kutak, Rock & Huie. Mr. cently he was composer in residence at Univer- Cable sity Brown is son of Walter J. Brown, president of of South Carolina and chairman of its media arts department. He is his Carl A. Sambus, with Viacom, New York, ap- WSPA -Tv Spartanburg, S.C. survived by pointed director of business affairs for Viacom's wife, Barbara, two daughters and son. pay television subsidiary, Showtime. Don Mallory, 54, senior news correspondent, David Korte, formerly consultant with New Deaths KGBT- AM -TV- KELT(FM) Harlingen, Tex., died Jan. York State Commission on Cable Television, 10 of heart attack. He is survived by his wife Albany, joins Cable Television Information Martin A. Trapp, 42, former VP and associate and five children. Center, Washington, as regional director. Lois A. Pearl, with Continental Cablevision of Miami Valley, Dayton, Ohio, appointed com- Former Senator Clarence C. Dill (D- Wash.), 93, who helped draft mercial sales manager. the Communications Act of 1934, died Jan. 14 in Spokane, Wash. Death was ascribed to a "general weakness" that he had been suffering in recent years and for which he re- entered a Spokane Equipment & Engineering hospital Dec. 14. Mr. Dill served in the House of Representatives from 1915 to Carl J. Cangelosi, general counsel; Dennis 1919 and in the Senate from 1923 to 1935. It was while he was W. Elliott, director of finance, and Charles H. chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee that he co -spon- Twitty, director of industrial relations, RCA sored the Dill- Rayburn bill (S.3285) which became .the Com- American Communications, Piscataway, N.J., munications Act (BRADCASTING, June 15, 1934). It abolished the Fed- named VP's. eral Radio Commission after a seven -year tenure and established the present Federal Communications Commission on July 1, 1934. John Gable, Ben Greenberg, and Joe Du Maltz, with engineering staff, ABC, New York, After leaving the Senate, Mr. Dill returned to private law practice in appointed managers, Audio /Video Systems Spokane and Washington, D.C. He ran again for Congress in 1942, but was unsuccessful. Group. Survivors include a brother, Walter Dill, and a nephew, Wendell Dill.

For the RecordE R1

As compiled by BROADCASTING based on address: 3350 Watt Ave., Sacramento, Calif. 95821. WDOT(AM) Burlington, Vt. and 35% .of 578,950; first -year operat- Fla., and Phillip M. Knight, 28 %, filings, authorizations, and Estimated construction cost WTMC(AM) Ocala, petitions other ing cost $61,116; revenue $65,000. Format: MOR. director and 6% owner of WTMC(AM). Both own actions announced by the FCC during the Principal: Carroll E. Brock (100%) is vice president of (50%) WDAT(AM) Ormond Beach, Fla. Buyer is 30% period Jan. 6 through Jan. 12. contracting and development company, escrow compa- owned by John C. Clancy, president and general man- ny and mortgage company and has interests in ice skat- ager of WFLR -AM -FM Dundee, N.Y.; 35% by Robert Abbreviations: ALI- Administrative Law Judge. ing arenas in Sacramento. Action Jan. 1 1. L. Hinson, Penn Yan businessman, and 35% by alt.- alternate. ann.- announced. ant.- antenna. Donald L. Stork, Penn Yan insurance broker and secre- aur.- aural. auxiliary. critical hours. aux.- CH- CP- tary- treasurer WFLR- AM -FM. Ann. Jan. 10. construction permit. D -day. DA- directional anten- na. Doc. - Docket. ERP- . Ownership changes WETO(AM) DeLand, Fla. (1490 khz, I kw -D, 250 freq.- frequency. HAAT- height of antenna above w-N) -Seeks assignment of license from West Volusia average terrain. khz -kilohertz. kw- kilowatts. Broadcasters Inc. to James S. Beattie for $270,000. MEOV- maximum expected operation value. mhz - Applications Seller: principal owner Keith Walker, has no other megahertz. mod. -modification. N- night. PSA- KWAV(FM) Monterey, Calif. (96.9 mhz, 18kw)- broadcast interests. Buyer, James S. Beattie presently presunrise service authority. SL- studio location. Seeks assignment of license from A -B Chemical Corp. owns WEXY(AM) Oakland Part (Fort Lauderdale) SH- specified hours. TL- transmitter location. to James E. Brown & Associates for $550,000. Seller: is Fla. and 2% interest WSSA(AM) Morrow, Ga. Ann. trans.- transmitter. TPO- transmitter power output. wholly owned subsidiary of National Distillers and Jan. 10.

U- unlimited hours. vis.- visual. w- watts. -non- Chemical Corp. which has decided to sell KWAV(FM) WSUZ(AM) Palatka, Fla. (B00 khz, 1 kw-D)- commercial. and thus terminate its broadcast investments. Buyer: Seeks assignment of license from Wayne E. Bullock to 51% owned by James E. Brown and 49% by his wife WG Enterprises Inc. for $155,000. Seller: has no other Anne L., has no other broadcast interests. Ann. Jan. broadcast interests and would like to pursue some New Station 10. other field in broadcast industry. Buyer is 50% owned by James Stephen W.Va. den- WWJB(AM) Brooksville, Fla. (1450 khz, 1 kw-D, Wilkerson, Charleston, 250 w -N); -Seeks assignment of license from Hunter - tist with no other broadcast interests; and 50% owned Action Knight Broadcasting Inc. to Hernando County Radio by August Joseph Greiner, Florida clothing retailer Grass Valley, Calif- Broadcast Bureau granted Inc. for $275,000. Seller: is principally owned by with no other broadcast interests. Ann. Jan. 10. Nevada County Broadcasters 1250 khz, 500 w -D P.O. William A. Hunter, 55 %, who owns 381% of WLAK(FM) Chicago (93.9 mhz, 6 kw) -Seeks

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 64 assignment of license from Sudbrink Broadcasting Inc. daughter and son -in -law own KNOI(AM) Pullman, to Radio WLAK Inc. for $4,250,000. Seller: is prin- Wash. Ann. Jan. 10. cipally owned by Robert W. Sudbrink and his wife Call letters Margareta S. It also owns WLYF(FM) Miami, Actions WFUN(AM) South Miami; WEZW(FM) Wauwatosa, Wis., and WPCH(FM)- WIIN(AM) Atlanta, although Applications KRLW(AM) KCAC(FM) Walnut Ridge, Ark. applications to sell WEZW, WPLH, WIIN and WLYF (AM: 1320 khz, kw -D; FM:106.3 mhz, 3 kw) Broad- Call Sought by are pending with commission. Buyer is a wholly -owned cast Bureau granted transfer of control of Lawrence subsidiary of Storer Broadcasting Co., publicly- traded County Broadcasting, Inc. from William H. Cate (40% New AM's group owner. Ann. Jan. 10. before; none after) to Danny J. Coker (20% before; WJXL H -M -S Broadcasting. Jacksonville. Ala. 60% after). Consideration: $140,000. Principals: Mr. WBOW(AM)- WBOQ(FM) Terre Haute, Ind. (AM: Cate also owns 51% of Madison County Broadcasting WRSM Stanton Broadcasting. Sumnon, Ala. 1230 khz, 1 kw -D, 250 w -N; FM: 107.5 mhz, 46 kw) - Co., licensee of KFTW(AM) Fredericktown, Mo. Mr. Seeks assignment of license from Ohio Broadcasting New FM's Coker is 9% owner of Madison County Broadcasting. Corp. to WBOW -WBOZ Inc. for $750,000 plus adjust- Balance of stock in licensee is held by R.O. Norris. Ac- ments. Seller: is 90% owned by Eastern Broadcasting, KOOK -FM Malle]. Billings. Mont. tion Dec. 28. of which Roger A. Neuhoff is principal stockholder, KWRO -FM KWRO Broadcasting. Coquille. Ore. owner of WCVS(AM) Springfield, Ill; WHUT(AM)- KTAS Pendleton Broadcasting. Pendleton. Ore. KWUN(AM) Concord, Calif. (1480 khz, 500 w- WLHN(FM) Anderson, Ind., and through subsidiary, 'WRAC Radford College, Radlord. Va. D;) Broadcast Bureau granted transfer of control of WRSC(AM) -WQWK(FM) State College, Pa. WBOW- - Adler Communications Co. from William D. Adler WBOQ Inc. is wholly -owned subsidiary of Quincy Existing AM's (100% before; none after) to Arthur C. Youngberg Newspapers Inc., licensee of WGEM -FM and 88% of (none before; 100% after). Consideration: $475,000. WGEM- AM -TV, all Quincy, Ill.; WSJV(TV) Elkhart, KGNR KCRA Sacramento. Calif. Principals: Mr. Adler has no other broadcast interests. Ind., and KTTC(TV) Rochester, Minn. QNI is Illinois KWLS KWNS Pratt. Kan. Buyer is syndicated journalist. He formerly owned corp. owned by 40 stockholders, principal among them WROD WBCM Bay Mich. City. KPRL(AM) Paso Robles and KVON(AM) Napa, both FM. Lindsay Jr., chairman of the board, and his family California. Action Dec. 21. (Price was stated incor- individually and in trusts. Ann. Jan. 10. Existing FM's rectly in BROADCASTING, Jan. 9.) KEXS(AM) Excelsior Springs, Mo. (1090 khz, 250 KNTF KSOM -FM Ontano. Calif. w -D) -Seeks transfer of control of Jeffo Television WNFO WTLD -FM Lake City Fla. KLEI(AM) Kailua, Hawaii (1130 khz, 10kw -U);- F. Broadcast Bureau assignment Corp. from William Kasmann and others (100% WSAK WFWA Sullivan, III. granted of license from before; none after) to Willie A. Williams and Aubrey K -LEI Corp. to Carland Dorothy Schuele for $238,- KWLS-FM KWNS -FM Pratt, Kan. Williams (none before; 100% after). Consideration: 720.01. Seller is principally owned by William W. WOXB WRIL Grenada. Miss. $295,000. Principals: E William Kasmann owns 85 %, Fisher, Cary J. Norman and Joseph A. Rateau (31.17% 27 others own remainder. Buyer is 55.56% owned by WPCM WNCB Burlington. N.C. each). Balance is held by two others. None has other Willie A. Williams, Raytown, Mo. real estate salesper- KSKD KORI Salem. Ore. broadcast interests. Buyers married and equal owners, also Action Dec. son, and his wife Aubrey 44.44 %. Ann. Jan. 10. KNFO KEFC Waco. Tex. own KRUX(FM) Santa Barbara Calif. 30. KXEO(AM)- KWWR -FM Mexico, Mo. (AM: Grants 1340 khz, 1 kw -D, 250 w -N; FM: 95.7 mhz, 55 kw)- KWNS -AM -FM Pratt, Kan. (AM: 1290 khz, 5 kw- Seeks transfer of control of Adrian Broadcasting Corp. Call Assigned to D, 500 w-N; FM: 93.1 mhz, 29 kw) -Broadcast Bureau from W. Earl Dougherty (100% before; none after) to granted assignment of license from O'Malley- Kieffer KXEO Radio Inc. (none before; 100% after). Con- New AM Communications Co. to Lesso Inc. for $277,000, plus sideration: $418,449. Principals: Transferors own all $99,000 covenant not to compete. Sellers are Donald J. outstanding stock Mr. Dougherty 33 %, Ms. Dougherty KAWS Sabine Broadcasting. Hemphill. Tex. O'Malley (70 %) and George D. Kieffer (30%), who 20% and Ms. Mossman 8 %, and have no other broad- have no other broadcast interests. Buyer is owned by cast interests. Buyer is principally owned by Galen O. Now FM's Laurence E. Steckline (95 %) and William D. Kuhn Gibert, 50.5 %, majority owner of KSWM(AM) KCLY Taylor Communications. Clay Center, Kan. (5 %), owners of KJLS(FM) Hays, Kan. Mr. Steckline Aurora, Mo., KBTN(AM) Neosho, Mo.; KTLQ(AM) WWSL H &GC Inc.. Philadelphia, Miss. is applicant for new FM at Liberal, Kan. Action Dec. Tahlequah, Okla.; KPET(AM), KCOT(FM) both 28. Lamesa, Tex., and KZEE(AM) Weatherford, Tex. 'WERV South Carolina Educational Television, Beaufort, S.C. Ann. Jan. 10. KJMC Sewer Valley Broadcasting, Richfield, Utah KOYN(AM) Billings, Mont. (910 khz, 1kw -D)- WIRC(AM)-WXRC(FM) Hickory, N.C. (AM: 630 Broadcast Bureau granted assignment of license from Existing TV khz, I kw -D FM: 95.7 mhz, 27 kw) -Seeks transfer of Meyer Broadcasting Co. to R &R Broadcasting for control of Foothills Broadcasting Inc. from Estate of KYEL-TV KBLU -TV Yuma. Ariz. $425,000. Seller: is licensee of KOYN -FM, KFYR- Edmond H. Smith Sr., Joseph A. Moretz, Scott H. AM-FM-TV, Bismark, ND; KMOT -FM -TV Minot, Smith, et al. (100% before; none after) to Broadcast Existing AM's ND; KUMB -TV Williston, ND; 90% of Meyer Great Ltd. (none before; 100% after). Consideration: $825,- Falls Inc. and pending CP for new commercial TV WPJL WRNC Raleigh. N.C. 000. Principals: Margaret A. Smith and A. H. Burgess broadcast station (ch. 7) to serve Dickinson, ND. KNIT Abilene, Tex. are co- executors of the estate of Edmond H. Smith KEAN Seller is owned principally by Marietta M. Ekberg. 60% owner of Foothills, Joseph A. Moretz 23% is other Existing FM's Buyer's one third owner, John Stephen Rails, is former principal owner. None has other broadcast interests. sales manager for KTCM -TV Helena, Mont. Robert J. Buyer is 40% owned by Thomas L. Swatzel Jr., 30% by KJYK KAIR -FM Tucson Robinson and his brother, Michael, are Helena legis- William L. McDonald III, both Hickory businessmen 'KLRE-FM KLRE Little Rock, Ark. lative assistant and accountant, respectively. Action and 30% by Jerry W. Oakley, president, general man- WKKI WMER Calina. Ohio Ian. 9. ager and 100% owner WFBS(AM) Spring Lake, N.C. woxY WOXR Oxford. Ohio Ann. Jan. 10. WALK-FM WALK Union City, Tenn. KMFM(FM) San Antonio, Tex. (96.1 'mhz, 60

1 kw) Broadcast Bureau granted assignment of license KYNG(AM) Coos Bay, Ore. (1420 khz, kw -D)- KEANFM KNIT -FM Abilene. Tex. - Seeks assignment of license from Pacific Western from Rosa Lee Pennington to Classic Media Inc., for 'KGSU-FM KCDR -FM Cedar City, Utah Broadcasters Inc. to Sequoia Broadcasting Inc. for $317,500. Seller: Mrs. Pennington is widow of original $425,000. Seller: is wholly -owned by Phillip C. Waters, WAVA WAVA -FM Arlington. Ve. licensee, Harry Pennington Jr., and has no other broad- no other broadcast interests, who wishes to retire due cast interests. Buyer is owned equally by Stuart W. Ep- to heart condition. Buyer is Oregon corporation prin- person, his wife Nancy, Edward G. Atsinger Ill and his cipally owned by Richard J. Behrendt, 47.50% and wife wife Mona. Mr. and Mrs. Epperson own WKBA(AM) AM -FM St. George, Utah both of which are owned by Susan G., 47.50 %. Ms. Behrendt owns 10% Vinton, Va.; WRBX(AM) Chapel Hill, N.C., and 55% his wife Julie P Miner. Ann. Jan. 10. KAST(AM) Astoria, Ore. and 11% KOIN- AM -FM- of KCFO(AM). Tulsa, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. Atsinger TV Portland, Ore. Sequoia Broadcasting will be apply- WMEK(AM) Chase City, Va. (980 khz, 500 w-D)- own KDAR(AM) Oxnard, Calif. Messrs. Epperson and ing for FM channel in Coos Bay in near future. Ann. Seeks transfer of control of Mecklenburg Broadcasting Atsinger recently sold KBIS(AM) Bakersfield, Dec. 28. Jan. 10. Co. from John L. Cole Jr. (75% before; none after) to Calif. Action Arthur A. Moran Jr. (25% before; 100% after). Con- mhz, 3 WSIM(FM) Red Bank, Tenn. (94.3 kw)- sideration: $99,384.75. Principals: John L. Cole Jr. is Seeks assignment of license from Roy Davis to retiring president of Mecklenburg and has no other WS.I.M. Inc. for $450,000. Seller: has no other broad- broadcast interests. Arthur A. Moran Jr., vice presi- Facilities changes cast interests and is restructuring finances subsequent dent of Mecklenburg, has no other broadcast interests. is corporation with to period of poor health. Buyer new Ann. Jan. 10. no other broadcast interests wholly -owned by WFLI AM applications Vernon, Wash (1470 khz, 500 w- Inc., licensee of WFLI(AM) Lookout Mountain, KAPS(AM) Mt. WFWR Fort Wayne, Ind. -Seeks CP to change SL Totem Broad- Tenn. WFLI Inc. is principally owned by William E. D, DA) -Seeks transfer of control of and TL, trans. and change hours of operation to U. B.. (100% before; none Benns Jr., 43.3 %, remainder by his immediate family. casters Inc. from George Aller Ann. Jan. 12. Ann. Jan. 10. after) to Valley Broadcasters Inc. (none before; 100% after). Consideration: $380,000. Principals: Mr. Aller is WBUK Portage, Mich. -Seeks CP to increase power KDLT(AM) Delta, UTAH (540 khz, 1 kw -D)- retiring and has no other broadcast interests. Buyer: is Jan. 12. Seeks assignment of license from Glen S. Gardner to 60% owned by Bruce Shorts, Seattle real estate inves- to 2.5 kw, change SL and trans. Ann. John Miner for $120,000. Seller: has no other broad- tor, and 40% owned by James J. Keane, KREM -AM- cast interests. Buyer is general manager of KDXU- FM Spokane, Wash. sales manager. Mr. Shorts WSPF Hickory, N.C. -Seeks CP to increase power

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 65 to 5 kw and change type trans. Ann. Jan. 12. WCLE Cleveland, Tenn. -Seeks CP to increase Summary of broadcasting power to 2.5 kw and change type trans. Ann. Jan. 12. WRRA Frederiksted, St. Croix, V.1. -Seeks CP to FCC tabulations as of Dec. 1977 add nighttime power of 500 w, change hours of opera- 31, to and CP's CP's tion U SL. Ann. Jan. 12. On air on Total not Total KQIN Burien, Wash. -Seeks CP to change freq. to Licensed STA air on air on air authorized" 810 khz, increase power to 5 kw non -DA, change type Commercial AM 4,487 6 20 4,513 48 4,589 trans. and make changes in ant. system. Ann. Jan. 12. Commercial FM 2,927 1 73 3.001 123 3.124 Educational FM 895 0 31 926 BO 1,006 WJJQ Tomahawk, Wis. -Seeks CP to increase Total Radio 8.309 7 124 8.441 251 8,699 power to 10 kw and install DA. Ann. Jan. 14.

Commercial TV 723 1 3 727 53 780 AM actions VHF 513 1 2 518 6 522 UHF 210 0 1 211 47 258 KKBJ Memidjo, Minn.- Broadcast Bureau granted Educational TV 242 3 14 259 6 265 mod. of CP to change nighttime power to 2.5 kw VHF 93 1 7 101 3 104 (BMP- 14,517). Action Dec. 21. UHF 149 2 7 158 3 161 Total TV 965 0 o 988 59 884 KLAV Las Vegas- Broadcast Bureau granted CP to FM Translators 199 199 change TL and SL, conditions (BP- 21,063). Action 0 o 85 284 TV Translators 3,482 o o 3,462 454 3.916 Dec. 28. UHF 1,082 o o 1,082 249 1,331 VHF 2.380 o o 2,380 205 2,585 FM applications WFIT Melbourne, Fla. -Seeks CP to change freq. 'Special temporary authorization "Includes off -air licenses to 89.5 mhz, change type trans., ERP: 2.97 kw and HAAT: 92.6 ft. Ann. Jan. 12. James K. Cullen Jr. scheduled prehearing con- KRMQ Provo, Utah -Seeks CP to change TL, type granted CP to install trans. from proposed TL to be ALI ference for Jan. 17. Action Jan. 3. trans., type ant., make changes in ant. system; ERP: 50 operated on 92.9 mhz, ERP: 5.7 kw (h &v) and ant. height: 2090 ft. (h &v) (BPH- 10,816). Action Dec. 23. kw (h &v) and HAAT: 2728 ft. (h &v). Ann. Jan. 12. FCC decisions WYXE -FM Sun Prairie, Wis.- Broadcast Bureau FM Commission granted Alabama Citizens for Respon- actions granted CP to change TL and SL, install new trans., sive Public Television stay of FCC ALI Lenore G. WQEZ -FM Birmingham, Ala.- Broadcast Bureau new ant. and make changes in ant. system; change Ehrig's Oct. 20, 1977, action closing record in Alabama granted CP to change TL, install new trans., ant., make TPO, ERP: 3 kw (h &v) and ant. height: 300 ft. (h &v) educational TV proceeding (Does. 20675 -6). Action changes in ant. system, change TPO, ERP: 100 kw (BPH -10,809). Action Dec. 23. Jan. 4. (h &v) and ant. height: 890 ft. (h &v) (BPH -10,707). Action Dec. 28. KISR(FM) Fort Smith, Ark.- Commission ac- of Megamedia to change KLRV -FM Carmel, Calif.- Broadcast Bureau cepted for filing application ant. site and increase facilities of KISR(FM). Action granted CP to redescribe TL and SL, change TPO and In contest Jan. 11. ERP: .80 kw (h &v), ant. height: 590 ft. (h &v) (BPH -10,800). Action Dec. 27. KZSU(FM) Stanford and KFJC(FM) Los Altos Hills, both Commission granted applica- WYYD -FM Raleigh, N.C.- Broadcast Bureau Petition to deny California- tions of educational FM stations to increase their granted CP to change aux. TL, use aux. trans. with KCOP(TV) Los Angeles- National Association power. Action Jan. 11. ant., ERP: 26 kw (h &v) and ant. height: 930 ft. (h &v) For Better Broadcasting. Received Jan. 4, ann. Jan. 11. (BPH -10,812). Action Dec. 28. Designated for hearing KREM -FM Spokane, Wash.- Broadcast Bureau Bozeman, Mont.- Commission has designated for hearing mutually exclusive applications of Burt H. Fines Oliphant, Western Media Inc. and Northern Sun Corp. for new FM on ch. 229 at Bozeman. Action Jan. 11. WEQO(AM) Whitley City, Ky.- Broadcast Bureau QUALITY TALKS Woodstock, N.Y.- Commission has designated for ordered licensee to forfeit $500 for repeated violation hearing mutually exclusive applications of Woodstock of rule that operator in charge of transmitting system FOR Communications Inc., Woodstock Radio Inc. and must read ant. meter while carrier is being modulated. Kingston Broadcasting Inc. for new FM on ch. 261 at Action Jan. 4. Woodstock or Saugerties, both New York. Action Jan. KFRU(AM) Columbia, Mo.- Broadcast Bureau or- 3. CHAT dered licensee to forfeit $500 for operating at more Procedural than five percent of 1,000 w and nighttime operating Edmonton. Alberta rulings power of 250 w. Action 5. Burbank and Pasadena, both California, George E. Cameron Jr. Communications et al., AM and FM pro- KRFG(FM) Greenfield, Mo.- Broadcast Bureau ceeding: (Ducs. 20629 -31) -ALJ John H. Conlin ordered licensee to forfeit $1,000 for criticizing or granted request by Broadcast Bureau and continued opposing candidacy of Howard Rader for sheriff of prehearing conference scheduled for Jan. 5 without Dade county without notifying him. Action Jan. 5. date. Action Jan. 4. KSTF(TV) Scottsbluff, Neb.- Broadcast Bureau Fresno, Calif., McClatchy Newspapers (KMJ-TV) notified licensee of apparent liability for $350 for hav- and San Joaquin Communications Corp., TV pro- ing greater than six months time between two power ceeding: (Dots. 21274 -6) -AU Thomas B. meter calibrations. Action Dec. 27. Fitzpatrick scheduled further hearing conference for WMTR(AM) Morristown.N.J.- Broadcast Bureau Jan. 13. Action Jan. 6. denied review of order to forfeit $500 for failure to Coral Gables, Fla., Independent Music Broad- abide by terms of station license. Action Dec. 15. casters, FM proceeding: (Doc. 21494) -Chief ALI WALK(AM) Patchogue, N.Y. - Broadcast Bureau Chester F Naumowicz Jr. designated ALI Reuben notified licensee of apparent liability for $300 for Lozner to serve as presiding judge, scheduled preheat- failure to make available for inspection data concerning ing conference for Feb. 22 and hearing for April 5. Ac- equipment performance measurements. Action Dec. tion Jan. 9. 21. Continental's 317C is the best Bardstown, Ky., Nelson County Broadcasting et al., WDEF-TV Tenn.- Broadcast Bureau for any 50 kW AM trans- Chattanooga, measure FM proceeding: (Does. 21241-3)- ALI Lenore G. notified licensee of apparent liability for $400 for mitter purchase. Performance, Ehrig continued without date further hearing now failure to make required monthly measurements since 125% positive modulation and scheduled for Jan. 11. Action Jan. 6. Oct. 6, 1976, of visual carrier freq. and difference be- reserve power capabilities are Jeffersontown, Ky., 1-Town Radio Co. and Publicast tween visual carrier freq. and center freq. of aural trans. unbeatable. Today's best sound Communications, FM proceeding: (Docs. Action Dec. 28. in 50 kW AM is Continental. 21344- 5) -ALI Walter C. Miller cancelled Jan. 6,'Jan. 20 and Jan. 27 procedural dates. Action Jan. 6. Write for Continental Electronics brochure: Rochester, N.H., Strafford Broadcasting, FM pro- Mfg. Co. Box 270879 Dallas, Texas 75227 ceeding: (Doc. 20619) Byron E. Harrison Other actions (274) 381 -7161 -ALI revised certain procedural dates. Action Jan. 3. Media, Pa., Alexander S. Klein Jr. et al., FM pro- Commission directed staff to make planned refund Ccrn-tirt-i-n-t-al-eLexijuy,ticA. % ceeding: (Docs. 20567 -9) -ALJ David I. Kraushaar of portion of $163 million in fees collected between scheduled preheating conference for Jan. 17. Action 1970 and 1976 and move ahead with process of devel- Jan. 3. oping new fee schedule for future applications. Action Jan. Gilmore, Tex., KHYM Broadcasting and Daniels 11. Broadcasting, FM proceeding: (Dots. 21281 -2)- Commission issued revised listing of acceptable edi-

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 68 T403. AM -FM BROADCAST STATION PLANNING T417. GUIDE TO PROFESSIONAL RADIO 8 TV how to use available sales tools to the best ad- GUIDE by Harry A. Etk in A comprehensive guide NEWSCASTING Robert C. Sitter A practical, self vantage and how to deal with competition. You'll to planning. building. and operating a radio broad- study guide for those who want to get started or learn ways to sidestep Oblections, how to recog- cast facility-AM. FM. or combined operation. get ahead in broadcast Journalism, 224 pages. d- nize the "opportune moment;' and how to convert Based on a lifetime of experience and intimate lusuated. 59.95 a "No" to a "Yes" 320 pages $12.95 association in broadcasting. 8'L x 11 ". illustrated. $12.95 TODAY'S RADIO STATION byJay 1418. HANDBOOK OF RADIO PUBLICITY & PRO- 1423. MANAGING Holler. evolved by the author MOTION by Jack Macdonald. This handbook is a Outlines principles 1404. THE ANATOMY OF LOCAL RADIO -TV COPY his years as a broadcaster 288 virtual promotion encyclopedia -includes over during 20 pages. by William A. Peck. Leading station executives illustrated $12.95 250.000 words over 1500 on -air promo themes have called This book the one that sets the scan. adaptable to any format: and over 350 contests. dard for radio -TV copy at the local level. Loaded stunts. station and personality promos! One idea with hundreds of ways to increase station billing alone of the hundreds offered can be worth many T428. MODERN RADIO BROADCASTING: Man- with sales- proven copy. 146 pages. $5.95 times the small cost of this indispensable source - agement 8 Operation In Small To Medium book. 372 pages. 8'[ x 11" bound in long-life 3- Markets by R. H. Coddington. A comprehensive ring binder. $29.95 guide to successful practices of radio stations in small -to- medium -sized markets. 288 illus- T405. BROADCAST STATION OPERATING GUIDE pages. trated. by Sol Robinson. This comprehensive reference $12.95 encompasses every level of broadcasting. The 1419. HOW TO BECOME A RADIO DISC JOCKEY secret to success in broadcasting, as in any other by Hal Fisher Essentially a course in showman- 7434. RADIO PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES by Jay business. is knowing what to do and how to do it. ship. this book leaches all the techniques needed Holler. Here's an all -round book for everyone in This book tells it like it is. 256 pages. $12.95 to become a successful broadcast announcer for radio -performers producers and directors, and disc lockeyl. 256 pages. illustrated $12.95 sales and engineering personnel. Covers every phase of radio production from announcements to the overall station "sound"- in fact, every crea- 1408. THE BUSINESS OF RADIO tive aspect of today's radio ... with special em- BROADCASTING T420. HOW TO PREPARE A PRODUCTION BUD- by Edd Routt. How to operate a a phasis on sales. Tells how to produce results for station as profit- GET FOR FILM & VIDEO TAPE by Sylvia Allen able business and serve the public interest as an advertiser, and how to develop production ex- Costa. A complete guide to determining finances well. This is the first text to with pertise, and how to use the elements of pacing deal broadcast for any video tape or film production. from TV station operation from beginning to end. Clearly and timing in every production. Covers record commercials to feature -length films. Jammed explains proven techniques follow. screening, tingle use. news, on -air promotion, to and cau- with facts covering every aspect of estimating tions to observe. 400 pages, illustrated public service, contests, public affairs. remotes. $12.95 costs. Tells how to estimate every cost associated talk and farm shows. etc. Practical data on sales with any size including the production, production includes idea development, writing, and how to location, cameras and accessories. sound equip- create more effective commercials. 240 pages, il- ment, light gear, raw film stock or video and sound T435.RADIO PROGRAM IDEABOOK by Hal Fisher. All the lustrated. $12.95 recording tape, lab developing, printing and pro- programing ideas you need to build and hold an au- cessing lees. personnel - (creative, technical. dience! A virtual theaurus of ideas on radio and talent). scenic elements, location expenses. showmanship loaded with suggestions to help push 1437. RADIO STATION SALES PROMOTIONS by surveys of remote shooting locations, film and station ratings to the top. Fresh and surf ire pro- Jack Macdonald. 300 merchandise -moving tape editing. optical ellects and animation, plus a gram ideas. 256 pages. ideas! A compendium of creative selling ideas $12.95 host of miscellaneous expenses such as writer designed exclusively for radio stations -sales fees, animals. effects requirements, and special tools that work. A vast supply of ready- to-use insurance. Also included are typical rate listings ideas for producing sales in 43 categories. from eight budgets. representing TV com- and sample air conditioners to washing machines. 72 pages. mercials. documentaries, and feature -length 8V" x 11" 510.00 1411. COMMERCIAL FCC LICENSE HANDBOOK films. 192 pages. $12.95 by Harvey F Swearer A unique study guide and reference manual. combining theory and applica- tions with up -lo -dale questions and answers for T421. HOW TO SELL RADIO ADVERTISING by Si T443. DIRECTIONAL BROADCAST ANTENNAS: A 1st. 2nd. and 3rd Class Radiotelephone license Willing. The right lormula for sales depends on Guide To Adjustment, Measurement 8 Test- exams plus broadcast and radar endorsements the individual and the prospective advertiser ing, by Jack Layton. A complete and practical - Complete detailed answers to questions on via Therein lies the secret as Si Willing illustrates it but nonmathematical -book about installing. ad- wally any subtecl you may be asked when you by theory and by practice. You'll hear all sorts of lusting and maintaining directional antennas. lake your exam, plus sample questions on each oblections !including a few you haven't heard!) Describes the directional antenna and ils con- element (with answers in the back of the book) and how they've been successfully countered. struction Iront the ground up. This is one book ev- Also lot practical elerence in your profession. From the dialog between salesman and prospect ery station should have. and every DA must have. 444 pages. 150 illustrations $10.95 you'll learn the approaches and the clinchers. 210 pages, 50 illustrations. $12.95

BROADCASTING BOOK DIVISION 1735 DeSales Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036 Book No. Price

Send the books whose numbers are indicated at right. Payment must ac- company your order.



T City State Zip Total $ rions of forms 301 -A, 309, 313, 324 -A, 341, 345, 349 -L (BPTT- 3384). Action Dec. 20. Carolina Cablevision Properties, for Cheraw, S.C. and 349 -P Action Jan. 6. KOSG1 Buford, Colo.- Broadcast Bureau granted (CAC -12275); interim authorization. CP to change freq. from ch. 12 to ch. 5, add Upper Sammons Communications, for Elk City, Okla. White River area to present principal community, (CAC -12284); WYAH -TV Portsmouth, Va. change type trans., increase output power to 10 w, Dudley Cablevision, for Dudley, Mass. change primary station to KBTV Denver, change via to Rulemaking (CAC -12294); interim authorization. BPTT-3300 White River area and make changes in ant. system for VHF TV translator station (BPTTV- 5851). Freebum TV Cable, for Freebum, Phelps, both Action Action Dec. 12. Kentucky, Delorme, W.Va. (CAC -12321 -3); interim authorization. Chief, Broadcast Bureau, on request of Golden K061J Meeker, Wilson Oil Camp, both Colorado - Spike Television, extended from Jan. 6 to Jan. 20 time Broadcast Bureau granted CP to change freq. from ch. Cablevision of Lindsey, for Lindsey, Okla. for filing replies in matter of proposal to remove non- 7 ch. 6, change primary TV station to KBTV Denver, (CAC- 12324); certificate of compliance. commercial reservation of ch. 9 at Ogden, Utah, (Doc. change via to BPTT- 3298 Wilson Creek and Meeker, Court Cable, for Sabina, Ohio (CAC -12325); cer- 21358). Action Jan. 6. change type trans. and increase output power to 10 w tificate of compliance. for VHF TV translator station (BPTTV- 5850). Action Dec. 12. Warner Cable of Hampton, for Langley AFB, Va. (CAC -12333); certificate of compliance. Translators Lakland Cablevision, for Detroit Lakes, Minn. (CAC- 12335); WTCG Atlanta. Actions Cable Ingles TV Cable, for Guin, Ala. (CAC- 12336); WOWL -TV Florence, Ala. K45AB Kasilof, Alaska - Broadcast Bureau granted Applications Sayre TV Cable System, for Sayre, Okla. CP for new UHF TV translator station to rebroadcast (CAC -12337); WTCG Atlanta, WYAH -TV KAKM Anchorage (BPTT- 3398). Action Dec. 20. Following operators of cable TV systems requested Portsmouth, Va., KAUZ -TV Witchita Falls, Tex. K6IAX Wellton and Mohawk Valley, both certificates of compliance, FCC announced Jan. 10 Community TCI of Colorado, for Lakewood, Colo. Arizona- Broadcast Bureau granted CP for new UHF (stations listed are TV signals proposed for carriage): (CAC- 12338); WYAH -TV Portsmouth, Va., WTCG TV translator station to rebroadcast KAET Phoenix Marion CATV, for Marion county, Ohio Atlanta, KTLA Los Angeles. (BPTT-3380). Action Dec. 20. (CAC -11017); WYAH -TV Portsmouth, Va., WTCG Cable TV of Lake Tahoe, for El Dorado, Calif. K63AV Welton and Mohawk Valley, both Atlanta. (CAC-12339); certificate of compliance. Arizona- Broadcast Bureau granted CP for new UHF Galaxy Cablevision, for Kanawha Fall, W.Va. TV translator station to rebroadcast KTAR Phoenix (CAC -11300); interim authorization. (BPTT- 3381). Action Dec. 20. Certification actions Kirby Cable, for Kern, Calif. (CAC -11620); interim following operators of cable K65BB Welton and Mohawk Valley, both Arizona - authorization. CATV Bureau granted Broadcast Bureau granted CP for new UHF TV trans- TV systems certificates of compliance: Keyser Television, for New Creek Districk, Cabin lator station to rebroadcast KOOL Phoenix Suburban Cablevision, for Essex Fells, N.J. (CAC - Run, both West Virginia (CAC -11639 -40); interim au- (BPTT- 3382). Action Dec. 20. Tenn. thorization. 09413); Crossville Cable TV, for Crossville, K67B1 Welton and Mohawk Valley, both Arizona - (CAC -10250); Roanoke Valley Cablevision, for Broadcast Bureau granted CP for new UHF TV transla- Circleville Cablevision, for Circleville, Ohio Roanoke and Vinton, both Virginia (CAC -10085 -7); tor station to rebroadcast KTVK Phoenix (BPTT- (CAC -11774); certificate of compliance. Cable Equities, for Elgin AFB, Fla. (CAC -10281); Jim 3383). Action Dec. 20. Bedford Improved TV, for Dedford, Snake Springs, R. Smith and Co., for Tombstone, Ariz. (CAC -10666); Variety Cable TV Inc., for West Middlesex, Pa. (CAC - Valley, Npier, East St. Clair, Colerain, all Pennsylvania K69BQ Welton and Mohawk both Arizona - 08274); Community Cable, for Big Stone City, S.D. Broadcast Bureau granted CP for new UHF TV transla- (CAC -11860.5); interim authorization. (CAC -09385); Community Cable , for Ortonville, to tor station rebroadcast KPHO Phoenix Colony Cable TV, for Laurel, Ky. (CAC -11876); Minn. (CAC -09387); Warner Cable of Danville, for certificate of compliance. Danville, III. (CAC -09527); Warner Cable of Coos Fleetwood Multi Video, for Maiden Creek, Pa. county, for Coos, Ore. (CAC -09573); Liberty TV Ca- (CAC -11900); interim authorization. ble, for Port Arthur, Tex. (CAC -09654); Cable TV of Durango, for Durango, Colo. (CAC -09691); Salida Ca- Bettervision Systems, for Mannington, Buckhan- ble, for Salida, Colo. 09692); Alamosa Cable non, Mt. Hope, Pine Grove, Reader, Wetzel, Salem, (CAC- TV, for Alamosa, Colo. (CAC -09694); Community Industrial, all W. Va. (CAC-11920.35); interim autho- Vista, Services rization. Communications, for Leadville, Monte both Colorado (CAC-09695-6); Catoosa Cablevision Net- Point View TV Cable, for Point Pleasant, New work, for Ringgold, Catoosa, both George; (CAC- Haven, both West Virginia, Middleport, Pomeroy, 09850-1); People's Cable, for Pittsford, Perington, both Ohio and Mason, W.Va. (CAC -11936 -40, 45); Gates, Greece, Pennfield, all New York (CAC - interim authorization. 09871-6); Vision Cable Television, for Clifside Park, COMMERCIAL RADIO Bettervision Systems, for Laurel Valley, Good N.J. (CAC -10003); Delaware County Cable Televi- MONITORING CO. Hope, Lost Creek, Harrison, all West Virginia, Oak- sion, for East Lansdowne, Pa. (CAC -10038); Nor Cal PRECISION FREQUENCY Lake Park, Deer Park, all Mary- Cablevision, for Butte, Calif. (CAC -10038); MEASUREMENTS, AMFMTV land, Lock Lynn, Mt. land, Madison, Holly Hills, Lincoln Court, Upper Teleprompter Cable Communications, for Big Fork, Monitor. Repaired 8 CertiRed Flathead, Columbia Falls, Kalispell, Pulson, 103 S. Market St. Rukers, Third Street, Boone, Danville, Hill Street, Lee's Summit, Mo. 64063 Calloway, Brownton, Simpson, Taylor, all West Virginia Whitefish, Lake, all Montana (CAC -10475 -83); G -F Phone (816) 524 -3777 (CAC -11947 -69), interim authorization. Cable TV, for East Grand Forks, Minn. (CAC -10576); American Television and Communications, for Canon K and K TV, for McDowell, Leckie, Pageton, City, Colo. (CAC -10636); Vumore of Laredo, for Skygusty, Eckman, all West Virginia (CAC -12062 -70); Laredo, Tex. (CAC -10687); Better TV of Zanesville, CAMBRIDGE CRYSTALS interim authorization. PRECISION FREQUENCY for Yorkville, Falls, Newton, South Zanesville, San Manuel, Ariz. Wayne, all MEASURING SERVICE Betterview Cablevision, for Springfield, Washington, Ohio (CAC -12177); interim authorization. (CAC -10712.8). SPECIALISTS FOR AM -FM -TV 445 Concord Ave. Subscriber Cambridge, Mass. 02138 Please send Service Phone 16171 876 -2810 3 years $90 Broadcasting i 2 years $65 C' 1 year $35 dalawonld i. Tne newsweekly of broadcasting and allied arts Technical broadcast data base (Canadian and other international subscr otions Engineering computations add $8 per year.) FCC actions "flag" service Name Position 1978 Cable 1302 18th St.. N.W.. Suite 502 Sourcebook $20.00 Washington. D. C. 20036 Company (II payment with (202) 296 -4 790 order: $15.00) Business Address 1978 Yearbook $37.50 a Home Address Of payment with CHLADEK 8, ASSOCIATES order: $32.50) City Cable Origination /Access /M.D.S Stem Zip Payment enclosed Bilt me (212) 475.1550 110 East 23rd St., BROADCASTING, 1735 DeSales Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036 New York, N.Y 10010 i ADDRESS CHANGE: Print new address above and attach label from a recent issue. or print old address including zip code. Please allow two weeks for processing.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1970 68 Professional Cards

ATLANTIC RESEARCH CORP. EDWARD F. LORENTZ A. D. Ring & Associates COHEN and DIPPELL, P.C. Jansky & Bailey & ASSOCIATES CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS CONSULTING ENGINEERS Telecommunications Consulting Consulting Engineers 527 Munsey Bldg. Member AFCCE 1771 N St., N.W. 296 -2315 1334 G St., N.W., Suite 500 (202) 783 -0111 5390 Cherokee Avenue 347 -1319 WASHINGTON, D. C. 20036 Washington, Washington, D.C. 20004 Alexandria. Virginia 22314 D. C. 20005 Member Ihm b AFOOE Member AFCCE (703) 3543400 AFCCE

SILLIMAN, MOFFET & KOWALSKI CARL T. JONES ASSOCS. LOHNES & CULVER A. EARL CULLUM, JR. Jones) Washington, D.C. Area (Formerly Gautney & Consulting Engineers CONSULTING ENGINEERS CONSULTING ENGINEERS 8701 Ga. Ave., Silver Spring, MO 20910 1156 15th St.. N.W., Suite 606 INWOOD POST OFFICE ROBERT M. SILLIMAN, P.E. 2990 Telestar Ct., Suite 405 Washington, D.C. 20005 BOX 7004 (301) 589 -8288 (703) 560.6800 (202) 296 -2722 DALLAS, TEXAS 75209 1925 N. Lynn St., Arlington, VA 22209 Falls Church. Va. 22042 JOHN A. MOFFET. P.E. Member AFCCE (214) 631 -8360 Mámber AFCCE (703) 841 -0500 Member AFCCE Member AFCCE

STEEL, ANDRUS & ADAIR HAMMETT & EDISON, INC. JULES COHEN JOHN S. HEFFELFINGER 2029 K Street, N.W. CONSULTING ENGINEERS & ASSOCIATES Washington, D.C. 20006 Radio Cr Television (301) 827.8725 Box 68, International Airport 9208 Wyoming PI. Hiland 4 -7010 Suite 400 (301) 384.5374 San Francisco, California 94128 1730 M SL, N.W., 659 -3707 (202) 223.4664 141S) 342-5201 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 64114 Washington, D.C. 20036 Member AFCCE Member AFCCE Member AFCCE

VIR JAMES CARL E. SMITH E. Harold Munn, Jr., ROSNER TELEVISION CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEERS Appt icatiens and Field Engineering & Associates, Inc. SYSTEMS 8200 Snowville Road Computerized Frequency Surveys CONSULTING & ENGINEERING 345 Colorado Blvd. .e oadcast Engineering Consultants Cleveland, Ohio 44141 -80206 (303) 333.5562 Box 220 250 West 57th Street Phone: 216 -526-4386 DENVER, COLORADO Coldwater, Michigan 49036 New York, New York 10019 Member AFCCE 11, niber AFCCE Phone: 517-278-7339 (212) 246 -3967

JOHN H. MULLANEY HATFIELD MERL SAXON L DAWSON MIDWEST ENGINEERING Consulting Radio Engineers, Inc. ASSOCIATES CONSULTING RADIO ENGINEER Consulting Engineers 9616 Pinkney Court Broadcast and Communications Consorting E yieeusu 622 Hoskins Street Potomac, Maryland 20854 3525 N. Stone Way esv A e UNIVERSITY' PEOr11A rlIINOISarera Lufkin, Texas 75901 301 - 299 -3900 Seattle, Washington 98103 COY) ef2R217 (AC 713) 632 -2821 Member AFCCE 634-9558 (208)833 -2885 Member AFCCE Member AFCCE

MATTHEW I. VLISSIDES, P.E. DAWKINS ESPY Satellite Telecom STRUCTURAL CONSULTANT C. P. CROSSNO & ASSOCIATES Services, Inc. Consulting Radio Engineers TOWERS. ANTENNAS. STRUCTURES Applications /Field Engineering Studies. Analysis. Design Modifications. CONSULTING ENGINEERS Management and Engineering P.O. Boo 3127 -Olympic Station 90212 Inspections. Supervision of Erection Consulting Services BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF -Rol BURFORD DRIVE McLEAN.VA 22101 O. SOX 11312 2971 Flowers Rd. So. 12141 321.a1w DALLAS. TEXAS (213) 272 -3344 Tel (7031 356 -9504 7621 Atlanta, Ga. 30341 Member AFCCE 404 -4558369

KESSLER ASSOCIATES D. RADIO ENGINEERING CO. DON'T BE A STRANGER L. MARKLEY To Bioaocashng s 357000' Readers Consulting Engineers & Associates, Inc. Po Bor 2352 Pains Verdes Ca 90274 Display your Prolessronal or Service CONSULTANTS Card here II will be seen by the deco AM. FM-TV- Microwave Systems CONSULTING ENGINEERS ALLOCATIONS. INSTALLATIONS. FIELD sionmaking station owners and man 1511 N.W. Sixth Street 31018 W. Harmon Hwy. ANTENNA d TYPE ACCEPTANCE MEASUREMENTS agers. Chief engineers and technicians. for AM. FM. TV and buyers of Gainesville, Florida 32601 Peoria, Illinois 61604 NORWOOD J. PATTERSON applicants 309/673 -7511 broadcasting services (904) 376-3157 (904) (2131 541-7379 '1977 Readership Survey showing 44 373.5225 Member AFCCE Serving Broadcasters over 35 years readers per Copy

LAUREN A. COLBY contact Clifford J. Bond, III Attorney-at-law BROADCASTING MAGAZINE IS N. Court Street Attorney 1735 Wales St. N.W. Fredeick. Md. 21701 Attorneys Washington, D. C. 20036 Tel. 301 -663.1086 ATLANTA 1- 800334.8690 Speoaliveg in matters involving the WASHINGTON for availabilities 1919) 7271255 Federal Communications Como:mu n WINSTON-SA LEM Phone: (202) 638 -1022 See last page of Classified Section for rates, Classified Advertising closing dates, box numbers and other details.

Sales Manager for Northern California AM -FM. Will Adding to statt. Salary definately open. Top an- RADIO be responsible for training new sales staff. All sales nouncer for easy listening. Minimum 3 years commer- resume to HELP WANTED MANAGEMENT tools you'll need. Salary plus override. Send cial experience. Regular salary increases. EOE. S. Mel Peterson, KUBA, P.O. Box 309. Yuba City, CA Lubin WVOS AM -FM Liberty NY. General Manager wanted with strong track record 95991. for top upstate New York fulltime AM. Salary and WCNC adult contemporary station in Elizabeth activities, small town environment ? ?? City, NC signs on at 6 AM. If you'd like fringes plus share in profits. Send resume of Like big city to be the an- KYMN, 1000 watt clear channel, in two college town nouncer that says Morning, call J L references, qualifications to Box A -126. Good Lamb 919- 35 miles from Twin Cities, looking for salesperson with 335.4379. Our Ideal- Candidate will have a minimum of 5 proven track record. Take over active account list. morning personality. years radio experience. Able to sell, service and ex- Resume, salary requirements to Wayne Eddy, Box 201, California small market seeks Contemporary style for Adult 740. Program should be pand an excellent list of solid active accounts. Ready Northfield, MN 55057. creative, informative and adult oriented. Controversy to accept and effectively carry out Administrative and with track record. Number OK. involvement a Management responsibilities. Community Oriented. Wanted: Sales Person Community must. Must have ex- one in small Virginia market. Liberal draw cellent production. Strong voice 3rd Sports Oriented: News Oriented. Able and ready to station desired. endorsed with good opportunity for ad- OK, but first is No time temp An function in all phase of radio except engineering. We against commission better. and DJ please. vancement. Good account list. Call Cliff Davis 703- EOE station. Tape and resume to KOBO, Box 1056, offer a solid -stable -growth oriented, small group lo- 382 -6106. Yuba City, CA 95991. cated in the Midwest. A really good, sound, career op- incentives, portunity Excellent pay package, and Michigan - Immediate opening in Bay City- Saginaw- Major Market 50 -KW seeking experienced an- fringes. information A -149. Send complete to Box Midland market. Need problem -solving salesperson nouncer who can present music, news, and informa- on creativity with ability to write and sell cam- Attractive opportunity for manager exists in full strong tion in a bright adult/contemporary manner. Send paigns, Established list. Company benefits. Confiden- resume. Box B -27. time east Tennessee AM facility. Must have the ability tial replies to Craig Collins, Box 1440, Bay City, MI to carry station's No. 1 account list and provide leader- 48707. Texas SMSA Station has opening for Announcer ship for staff of eight. Excellent earning potential and E.O.E. with production ability. Good facilities. Advance as you good fringes with this expanding firm. Forward resume Rich, Beautiful Lancaster Pennsylvania ...WDOL/ desire. Box B -48. to Box B -11. WNCE the region's fastest growing most dynamic sta lions have immediate opening for a Pro. You'll get an Looking for that first break? WDRL -FM Monmouth, General Manager fulltime AM - Class C FM list; reasonable draw vs commission; Illinois is now accepting tapes and resumes for future purchased by small market group. Opportunity for established grab in this reference. We will accept news, sports, MOR and' AOR Equity with proof of success. Growth opportunity. mileage; and all the business you can booming area. Call Joe Taylor, General Manager air checks. Send tapes and resumes to Operations EOE -MIF Send resume and salary history. Box B -43. W DDLIW NCE if you have the experience and the drive Manager. WDRL -FM. Box 507, Monmouth, IL 61462. HELP WANTED SALES ... 717- 397 -0333. An Equal Opportunity Employer. E.O.E. An- Radio Sales in the mountains of Montanas second HELP WANTED Modern Country Station seeks experienced nouncer- Program Want person to run largest city, Great Falls, Montana. Newest 25.000 watt ANNOUNCERS Director. strong FM format. Station just purchased. Call Steve Feder inside. Salary above average. Delightful place to live by lake area in warm climate. Exceptional schools, ex- 312-751-7141. for announcer. First Tickets only. Immediate opening cellent medical plans. Send resume indicating start- Write KPOW, Box 968. Powell, WY 82435. EOE. Our Ideal- Candidate will have a minimum of 5 ing salary requirement and tape. Jeffrey Miller, years radio experience. Able to sell, service and ex- Immediate openings for two country air per- WKUL, Cullman AL 35055. Equal Opportunity Employer. pand an excellent list of solid active accounts. Ready sonalities and a Production Director. Medium Market to accept and effectively carry out Administrative and contact, Rick Warren, Program Director of WBHP P.O. Immediate Opening for mature voiced Contempor- Management responsibilities. Community Oriented. Box 547, Huntsville, AL 35804. Area code 205- ary MOR Entertainer. Salary based on ability. Resume, Sports Oriented. News Oriented. Able and ready to 534.3521. function in all phases of radio except engineering. We tape to William Bland, WNCC, Broadcast House, Bar - nesboro, PA 15714. offer a solid -stable -growth oriented, small group lo- Outstanding East Coast Contemporary FM seeks cated in the Midwest. A really geod. sound, career op- an afternoon drive personality with solid on -air and AM /FM Combo needs experienced anncr wlproduc- portunity Excellent pay package, incentives, and production experience. We're the leading station in a tion -copy background. Board shift plus production. Ex- fringes. Send complete information to Box -A -149. small- medium market; facilities are modern and ex- cellent pay, medium size college community. Send ceptionally attractive. This is a truly fine opportunity tape resume to Mgr., KRUS /KXKZ, P.O. Box 430, Need morosely', self- starting salesperson with a Box A -127. Ruston, LA 71270. professional attitude. Should have a successful "track - EOE. record" before applying. Our station is a well estab- 50kw WFNC needs personalities for Country AM WKRG -FM 100 going live, offers top money new fa- lished adult contemporary, automated FM with great plus production for rock FM. Tape & resume to Randy cilities, relatable management, and number 1 market potential. Here's an opportunity to grow, earn $15 -20: Jenkins, PD; WFNC; PO Box 35297; Fayetteville, NC potential to the most talented, ambitious and 000 per year in a fine Central Wisconsin community 28303. Minorities Encouraged. - agressive pop /adult winners we can findl If you're great for family living and the outdoors person. Really good and ready for one of the South's most progres- ideal living and working. A fine benefit package. Send Adult Contemporary Morning Personality, sive and beautiful areas, send tapes and resumes to R. resume to: Jack R. Gennaro, W103, Wisconsin Rapids, humorous, good production, minimum 1 year commer- Blaine Kelley (WKRG -FM 100) 162 St. Louis St., WI 54494. An Equal Opportunity Employer. cial or extensive college experience.. E.O.E. Send tapes and resume to Steve Mechling, PD, WKST, 219 Mobile. AL 36602. An equal opportunity employer. Unique small market contemporary station with No. Savannah-Gardner Rd., New Castle, PA 16101. Morning person capable of news and considerable 1 ratings against 50KW competition is looking for production, opportunity for Small and Medium Market self -starter salesperson who likes money Sports and/ PRO -FM 92, Capital Cities Communications in Pro- talent to polish your act. Tapes and resumes to Jim or news background helpful, but not absolutely neces- vidence has a choice opening for an afternoon drive Pastrick; Post Office Box 1550; Utica, NY 13502. sary. You will replace a good person who is joining a personality. If you have experience in Top 40, do knock 315- 735 -2785. major market station. Good account list. Indiana. out production, hold a Third Class License, and carry impeccable references, send a tape and resume to: Phone 219 - 665 -9554. Boston area AOR requires professional communica- Gary Berkowitz, Program Manager, WPRO -FM, 1502 tor with solid programming /production experience WPHM in Port Huron, Michigan, has established list. Wampanoag Trail, East Providence. RI 02915. WPRO- and an aggressive attitude towards sales, marketing, Equal Opportunity Employer. Mr. Tyrrell, 2379 Military, FM is an Equal Opportunity Employer. and promotion. Eventual program management possi- Port Huron, MI 48060. Vermont's largest radio station has immediate ble. Tape and resume to Dan Murphy, WCAS, 380 Needed Aggressive, self -motivated sales-person. opening for night announcer. Good pay benefits, work- Green St., Cambridge, MA 02139. No calls. EEO. Established list with excellent growth potential. Send ing conditions. Air check. resume to Gary Wheelock, The Lucky 13 -WMID has opening for morning drive resume to: Dale Sternhagen, WLIH, New London, WI WVMT, Box 1044. Burlington, VT 05401. EOE. announcer with good production background. Tape 54961. E -O -E. Our First AM drive opening in 15 years and we need and resume to Gary Lane, PO. Box 1137, Atlantic City. NJ An Help wanted- sales, news: Sales news position an Adult Contemporary personality who wants the 08404. Call if interested 609 - 344 -5113. Equal open for person who likes being part of small com- good life working at a good station. Opening is im- Opportunity Employer. munity. Call John Schad, KEMB, Emmetsburg, IA. mediate. Send resume and tape to Al Sellers, WRIG/ 712- 852 -4551. WDEZ. 529 Third Street, Wausau, WI 54401. EOE. Combo Announcer -technician: positions open for 2 experienced broadcast personnel. Good air voice, Aggressive salesperson for Long Island area -AM- Central Ohio MOR station needs experienced staff know technical operations, 1st class FCC license (3rd FM operations in excellent market, managerial oppor- announcer for midnight shift. Send tape and resume to with endorsement considered). Equal Opportunity tunity, WHLI, Box 219, Hempstead, NY 11550. Equal Roger Fischer, WMRN, Box 518, Marion, OH 43302. An Employer. Pat Finnegan, WLBC, Muncie, IN. 317- opportunity employer. equal opportunity employer. 288 -4403.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 70 HELP WANTED ANNOUNCERS Chief Engineer for Midwest Medium Market Class A WKBW Radio, Buffalo, is seeking the most creative, CONTINUED and Local class II AM. Must be experienced and energetic, professional News Director we can find. strong on maintenance. Insurance Plan, profit sharing, Must be strong on administrative and motivational North Jersey Adult MOR. Entry level. Bright, alert one and many other benefits go along with working for a skills. A demanding. yet rewarding position with a to one, with SMILE. Well teach. Tape, resume to five station group. Salary is commensurate with ability. Capital Cities' station. Applicant must have at least 5 WNNJ, Box 40, Newton, NJ 07860. EOE. State salary requirements with initial contact. Contact: years previous broadcast journalism experience, with President, Filippi, WKKD- management experience desired. No phone calls Immediate opening for an experienced country an- Russ Salter, or Chuck GM, please. Forward resume to nouncer at WRIC in Richlands, VA. Good pay and FM. 312 -898-6668. or write 1884 Plain Avenue, and qualifications Sandy Beach, WKBW, 1430 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14209. An fringe benefits for the right person. Send tape and Aurora, IL 60505. equal opportunity employer. resume to Box 838, Richlands, VA 24641. Chief Engineer for directional AM. New York Southern tier. Experience a must. Excellent oppor- Male News Director needed at fastest 50kw FM in metro Washington DC market needs or Female tunity for the right person. E.O.E. Reply Command growing station in rapidly increasing Central Market. two personality DJ's now! These are nitetime posi- Broadcast Group. Box 511. Beacon, NY 12508. Good facilities and excellent working conditions. Send tions, 7 -12 & 12 -6 AM. Not formatted jukebox station tape, resume, and salary requirements to WZNG ... personality a must! Must be able to read news. Sal- Maryland AM and FM stations need chief engineer, Radio, 1505 Dundee Road, Winter Haven, FL 33880 ary negotiable. EOE. Send resume, we will contact you strong on maintenance, good working conditions. Call E.O.E. for tape. Box A -95. or write WASA/WHDG, Box 97, Havre de Grace, MD 21078: 301 -939 -0800. /Sales opening at one of the coun- WFBO, Indianapolis, has immediate openings for Sports director tries most progressive AM -FM small market stations. talented AOR personalities. Tape and resume only to: Opportunity is here for the person who wants to grow Dave Parks, Operations Manager, 6161 Fall Creek HELP WANTED NEWS with us. Resume tape to Dave Ziebell, The KAGE Road, Indianapolis, IN 46220. No phone calls. please. and Stations, Box 767, Winona, MN 55987. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Newsperson needed with investigative reporting for Num- experience and good on- the -air presentation HELP WANTED PROGRAMING, Morning Personality... No. 1 station Western Mas- Radio Station with strong news im- ber One Southwest PRODUCTION, OTHERS sachusetts, WHYN Springfield. Outstanding oppor- age. Full company benefits and top money for top peo- for individual. We are a tunity bright, experienced ple. Equal Opportunity Employer. Send resume and WBT Radio, Charlotte, NC, is looking for a creative, Rock station, and offer excellent salary, fringe benefits tape to: Bob Durgin, KTOK Radio, Covenant Broad- talented, mature person to do production with some voice, and security. Applicants will be judged on per- casting, P.O. Box 1000, Oklahoma City, OK 73101. air work. Send air check and complete resume to Andy sonality, and talent. Send tape and resume to Program Bickel, WBT Radio, 1 Julian Price Place, Charlotte, NC Radio, 1300 MA Anchor -reporter with interest in sports. At least two Director, WHYN Liberty St., Spfld., 28208. An Equal Opportunity Employer. 01101 E.O.E. years experience. Good air delivery a must. Will help with polishing writing- reporting skills. Starting salary Excellent opportunity for drive -time caliber air per- WANTED HELP TECHNICAL range, $180 -230 weekly. Annual reviews. Great bene- sonality. Familiarity with Country Music a plus but not fits. Closing Date: 1- 23 -78. Send tape and resume to: a must. If you are ready for a super opportunity in a Assistant Chief Engineer. ABC O &O. Extensive ex- News Director, Box 17000, Raleigh, NC 27609. An major market, resume to Tom Allen, perience required. Equal Opportunity Employer. Reply send tape and Equal Opportunity Employer, M /F. KBOX Radio, 9900 McCree Road, Dallas. TX 75238. to Chief Engineer, KXYZ /KAUM, 1201 Fannin Bank Equal Opportunity Employer. Building. Houston, TX 77030. WLKI Angola Indiana is looking for a strong news and sports director to help maintain our No. 1 ratings. for growing Southwest AM /FM operation seeking experienced Production oriented copy person Experienced sports voice. only. Phone 219- Central Florida Station. Strong on creativity with ability Chief Engineer. Automation and RF knowledge essen- 665 -9554. to write, produce and voice sellable spots. Send pro- tial. EOE. MIE. Opportunity for capable person. Send duction tape and copy samples to Paul Hershey Resume to Box A -93. Aggressive morning drive, anchor- reporter for WSIR, PO Box 633, Winter Haven, FL 33880. state news network. Must be super strong on air. Good Chief Engineer wanted for 5,000 day. 1,000 night salary. Annual reviews. Great benefits. Closing Date: Only the best, bright, creative PD to lead top -rated directional, Pueblo, Colorado, KIDN, Box 293. 81002. 1- 23 -78. Send tape and resume to: News Director, Box medium market AM -FM. Some air work. Creativity and 303 542 -5570. - 17000, Raleigh, NC 27609. An Equal Opportunity leadership are essential. Come live where the air is Employer. M /F. Ohio Metro Area AM /FM needs experienced Chief clean and the bucks are good. Send adult contemp Engineer. Should be strong on audio with automation tape and resume to Roy Knotts, WTBO, Box 1644, Experienced News Person wanted as News Direc- Cumberland, MD 21502. knowledge and able to take charge three person staff. tor for Suburban Western Massachusetts station Group operation, excellent salary, all benefits includ- where news comes first. Contact Mike Dion, WDEW, Immediate -Maines No. 1 50 kw Contemp. ing retirement. Very stable, first engineering opening opening Westfield. MA. Looking for bright, creative PD. with good pipes, pro- in 15 years. EOE. Resume Box A -144. motion, production and good at detail. Must have ex- Newsperson. Top Chicago FM AOR station looking AM & high perience. Call Turner Porter 207- 443 -5542. Chief -Quality Oriented Directional for a laid back style with an emphasis on great writing. power FM stations. Formal electronics training re- Minimum two years medium market news experience. Program Director, a mature creative professional quired. Detailed resume and salary requirement to Send resumes and tapes to Richard Rieman, News who's looking for an opportunity to improve his Personnel, WSLC/WSLO Radio, P.O. Box 6002, Manager, WMAO /WKOX -FM, Merchandise Mart, talents -qualified to direct a community involved old Roanoke, VA 24017. AM /FM /TV Group. Excellent ben- Chicago, IL 60654. No phone calls, please. An equal line Kentucky station with modern plant facilities. efits. Looking for a good member for a good team. opportunity employer. Responsible for total air sound, including staff, music, production, copy and promotion. Good air voice - job Chief Engineer wanted at WSRO, Marlboro, Massa- looking for Small market Northern California station opening within 60 days -also need good air- produc- chusetts. Contact Manager 617 -485 -9291 or send strong journalist. Rip and read, or newspaper rewriters resume-Equal Opportunity Employer. tion people for both AM P. FM. Send complete resume don't apply. Must be able to dig for local stories and with tape, starting salary to station manager, Box 70. develope leads. Commitment to community involve- Chief Engineer & Asst Chief Engineer openings with Fort Knox, KY 40121. EOE. ment required. Strong, authoritative voice required Midwest Family Stations. Wisconsin & Illinois loca- Good conditions, new studio and benefits. Tape, tions. Candidates must be familiar with AM direc- SITUATIONS WANTED MANAGEMENT resume and examples of ability to KOBO, Box 1056, tionals. Stereo FM, STL's, SCA, Remote control systems Yuba City, CA 95991. An EOE Station. & Automation. Please send resume & salary require- General Manager -31 yr old dynamic motivator - ments to: Chris J. Cain, Engineering Director, Box Newscaster /Reporter- Immediate need for described as "Promotional Genius " -Exp. all formats 2058, Madison, WI 53701. agressive broadcast journalist with good sound. solid including Black. Incredible track record! Impeccable reporting and writing ability. Good salary and benefits. references. Med to large markets only. (Prefer South- Major Midwest Market Daytimer seeks part time Please send tape and resume to Rick Hansen, WNLKI east) Box A -112. qualified station engineer to help establish and main- WLYO, Box 1350, Norwalk, CT 06852. EOE. tain new facilities. Equal Opportunity Employer. Box Strong sales orientated General Manager, solid B -32. Newsperson. Expanding news operation. Resume ideas, will motivate and organize staff. Heavy Com- and tape to Don Dornberg, WDVH Radio, Box 1068, munity involvement. Key Management background in- Chief Engineer- experienced directional AM, Stereo Gainesville, FL 32602. EEO. cludes daily operations of Radio, TV, Cable Television. FM Studio and Automation. South Central Gulf area. Prefer Sunbelt. Interested in buy in or stock options. Box B Equal Opportunity Employer, -39. Aggressive -Energetic -Experienced news person. Solid background. Box B -12. Looking for the person who really likes to dig and has Immediate opening for Assistant Chief Engineer at strong desire to beat the competition. Some produc- Once In a while a perfectly good station isn't reach- Illinois station. Transmitter and studio maintenance. tion and possibly PBP Call now. Lyle Richardson, ing its full potential. If the reason is management (and Excellent working conditions, good opportunities. KUDE /KJFM, Oceanside, CA 92054. 714- 757 -1320. it usually is), then its time for a change you can afford. benefits. EOE. Resume to Box B -41. An Equal Opportunity Employer. II you'll consider offering a percentage of profit in- creases-in cash or equity -we can scale a salary to Chief Engineer Needed for WOFM, Milwaukee. Anchor /Reporter /Essayist. Must be highly your budget. Have resurrected all -sized stations Good Company, pay, equipment, & working conditions. seasoned, versatile; distinctive writer; authoritative, before/ am doing it now/ will do it again. Reply to Box Emphasis on audio. Contact: Irwin Gerber, Corp Eng. memorable reader. Opportunity for impact, recogni- B -46. WDIZ, 2699 Lee Rd. Winter Park, FL 32789. tion, creativity. Equal Opportunity Employer. No Calls. Major Market with Program Chief Engineer, 5000 watt directional AM -FM. Send Send tape, resume, cover letter to: Ted Landphair, GM Sales and back- ground seeks major or medium market opportunity resume to Mel Peterson, KUBA, P.O. Box 309, Yuba Manager, News and Public Affairs, WMAL Radio, 4400 Excellent references. Box B -47. City. CA 95991. Jenifer Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20015.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 71 SITUATIONS WANTED MANAGEMENT 1 talk and don't just play records. All night show. Expe- Soul Program Director and Personality looking

CONTINUED rienced, third, dependable. Warm climate. 1 -904- 919 - 483 -6530. 255 -6950 Mike Hon, 373 Williams, Daytona, FL University or small to General Manager -for 32018. Mature, Creative man seeks position witt future at medium commercial market; Solid background - station or production company. Experienced in all Radio and TV; have built and owned station, can leach Broadcast School Grad. 3rd Endorsed, looking for facets of Radio, including heavy production. Call and work for advanced degree. Prefer Rocky Mountain first job. Phone weekdays 716- 834 -4457. 714 -244 -4991. West. Box B -56. Gentleman rocker, 10 years experience as an- Looking for position with Future in production or SITUATIONS WANTED ANNOUNCERS nouncer, PD, chief engineer, wants back. Call John, related field. Also interested in learning sales and 502-368-6108. Television production. Write Rob Box B -28. Major Market (Adult & Teen) Top 40 jock. Seeking to program /manage air staff in medium market. Ten Top 40, MOR Experienced DJ, with third endorsed. Knowledgeable, Experienced young programmer. years experience, super production and promotions, Tape and resume available. Will relocate immediately, Ten years in radio, college educated, excellent idea man, stable, solid references. Want good growing dependable. Ron Jenkins 201 - 926 -5770. 278 references. Pop /Adult and Top -40 medium and major a future. Ratings community, station with competition Schley St. Newark, NJ 07112. markets, with preference for West Coast, I'm a hard no A -68. obstacle. Box worker and love winning. Box B -37. FM Announcer for the last five years in a major mar- PD's. Trained Attention: Small Market "Pro' avail- ket, looking for a stable situation. Good production. Competent Broadcaster seeks return to Radio after able who doesn't mind tight budgets. Tape has Bob: 301- 951 -0249. four year absence. Fifteen years"experience: announc- Newscasts & DJ. Box A -83. ing, programming, sales, management, ownership. SITUATIONS WANTED TECHNICAL DJ, 5 months experience Top 40 /MOR. Tight board First Phone, Too. Prefer to host talk/interview show ratings Program Solid back- operation, news and commercials, ad -libs, promotion, and /or boost as Director. Need young Combo or First Phone with some back- ground a beginner. Willing to relocate. Serious production and programming. Prefer a station within a -not ground who delivers more than promises. Anywhere detailed replies only, please- Minimum salary $18; 60 mile radius of N.Y.C. Call Tom 201 -943 -5816. O.K. Box A -84. 000. Box B -42. Female, 22, 3rd endorsed, experience in Top -40, Experienced Chief, over 25 years, AM- FM- DA-in- major market PD and personality seeks MOR, seeks position in same. Will relocate im- Jarrett Day, stallation. Prefer Western states. Medium to small includes KILT, mediately, anyplace. Call 312- 331 -0154, or write Pat programming position. Experience market. Box A -102. 411 Katy, Lacey, 541 Thornwood Drive, South Holland, IL 60473. KXYZ, KEYH, and WCBM. Concordia Drive, TX 77450 or call 713- 371 -0707. degree. experienced in Personality looking for move up to med /large mar- Chief Engineer -BS CET, directional antenna systems, automation, and remote for commercial ket. Good experience, versatile. Wants Top 40, AC, or Instructor at Junior College 3 years, control. 505-437-5249 or Box B -1. experience, seeks fulltime advisor of college Radio MOR. Call between 6a.m. & 3:30 p.m. E.S.T. 814- 948 -4822. and /or teaching. Dave Downing, 4100 Devonshire, SITUATIONS WANTED NEWS Lansing, MI 48910. 517- 882 -1302. Experienced 3rd Endorsed looking for Country or Rock in Southwest. 4629 N10th Street, Phoenix, AZ News Director- Reporter Talk Show Host. 10 yrs. 2 Years Experienced, seeking Live Contemporary 85014. Chapman Graham 602- 279 -7092. exp. Excellent track record $800 monthly -available small market with programming emphasis, preferably now -Bruce, 312 - 246 -1121, Noon -6 p.m. in or near Ohio. Brad Lovett, 421 E. College, Coldwater, Five years full and part time experience. Looking for OH. a good, small or medium market. Mike Jay, 417 -1/2 Young aggressive, white female newscaster. Profes- Fifth St., Huntingburg, IN 47542. 812- 683 -3291. sional. B.F.A. Degree in Radio -N. Film. Wants to move up to larger market. Prefer Dallas -Ft. Worth Area. Box Capable, Ambitious, Adaptable jock needs break! A -96. TELEVISION Ivy league MA, Broadcast school. Third Endorsed. Prefer Northeast. Call Martin. 212 -847 -8308. Young and aggressive -with a proven record of ex- HELP WANTED SALES cellence. Seeks news and /or sports position in MOR, Top 40, AOR. 4 years experience (3 Southeast! medium -large market. Box A -132. Midwest Network Affiliate needs aggressive, expe- college, 1 commercial). Quality voice, good produc- rienced Sales Manager to direct retail and national tion and news. 3rd endorsed. Marc 404- 252 -7079. News and Public Affairs Specialist seeks Manage- sales. Must have experience retail sales development ment level position with growth opportunities. Box and management. We are a group operation and will For Personable male /female combo. Potential Sure; A -133. consider only applicants with management potential. Plus. Box B -6 Send resume and salary requirements. Box A -59. Experienced sports announcer wants good mar- Young college grad, single, 3rd phone seeks full - Professional play -by -play, group owned ABC now en- time position. 1.1/2 years commercial experience. ket, Major college sports. Sales Manager affiliate show. sports program production. Out- to Some announcing; also assisted in programming and sports talk joying exciting growth offers enormous potential from - who loves television production. Extensive knowledge and collection of standing references present employer. Solid all salesperson everything about in in from to oldies, 1950 to present. Prefer New York and surround- around broadcaster addition. B.S. Broadcasting. sales personal contact achieving maximum from Must have ing states. Box B -21. Box B -2. each salesperson. experience, proven track record and ability to take full charge. No 6 years experience. MOR /Easy /Rock /News. Good More than a newscaster. Radio journalist, B.A., M.S. armchair approach please. Must desire on the street looking for delivery, excellent production, 28 yrs old. Married. 1st. broadcast journalism, 3 years experience, selling of agency and direct accounts, with manage- or news Phone. 3 years producing all talk /farm /news. Major reporter news director position. Sound judge- ment know how to maintain outstanding sales depart- market, 50.000 w. Would like advancement -on or off ment, intelligent writing. Box B -5. ment. Excellent starting salary, override and incentive air to management. No direct sales. Write Box B -29. bonus. Stable company, attractive Great Lakes area Top Notch all -news anchor seeking Radio news market. Abundant recreation, fine schools, diversified Industrious, caring announcer seeking Midwest position. Highly -experienced. Award -winning. industry and tourism. Near major cities with superior station. Now employed as music director and staff an- Bachelor's Journalism. Excellent references. Major or life style of medium size community. Should expect to medium market only. Box B -15. nouncer. Good pipes, Third endorsed. Box B -22. double income in next five years. EOE. Resume Box A -142. Classical or "Easy" Music Announcer -newscaster/ Sportscaster: DJ, 3 years experience as SD, PBP & sports talk programming. Also 3 years experience as Broadcast Journalist: Solid education, fluent linguist, Number One affiliate in Southeastern market look- trained in all areas of performance. All offers very jock. Will relocate anywhere: South preferred. Avail- ing for experienced, aggressive, intelligent sales per- able now. 413 -3094, or Broadcasting Box B -20. negotiable. Wayne Wunderlich. 35 Blackburn Place, -967 son. Good pay. Group owner. EOE. Box B -45. Summit, NJ 07901. Experienced Sportscaster. Medium Market, willing Experience salesperson wanted for growing South Seven years in a major market, 1st phone and de- to relocate, seek Play -by -Play and/or Sportscasting Texas television station. Good "closer" has great op- gree. Call Dan before 8:30 am CST at 504- position. Box B -40. portunity here. Equal Opportunity Employer. Send 241 -2486. resume to Box B -51. Former capital city newsman seeks reentry break. Hundreds of PD's Have said no. Despite my Organized, dedicated. Call Michael Ward 716- HELP WANTED ANNOUNCERS aircheck, I've been number one since 1972.1 must be 884 -8022. doing something right. Unique morning personality TV Hosts Wanted in Top Ten Market for morning looking for medium or large opportunity. Say yes. Call SITUATIONS WANTED PROGRAMING, variety, talk, news, information program. Must have ex- toll free, 800 -824 -5136, California 800 -852.7631, PRODUCTION AND OTHERS tensive background for interviewing newsmakers, en- Ext. M2166 and leave number for return call. tertainers, et cetera. Personality a key for the right per- Looking for a Program Director or Operations Man- sons. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Please send a for major Unique Specialist: Airline Captain carrier ager for your M.O.R.... Let's start the New Year right, complete resume and salary requirements to Box with network voice seeking specialty voice track together. Will be coming to you with the best of recom- A -117. assignments. Extensive background in radio -tv. DJ. mendation's from one of the Nation's Major F.M.s... in production, weather, national agency network com- the top ten ninety minute markets. Box A -65. HELP WANTED TECHNICAL mercials. stage MC, country music. Voice is friendly, warm, with modern country accent. If your needs call Creative Music Director /Anncr with syndication Television Maintenance Engineer. Must know for a special voice, will audition your copy. Capt. and production experience looking for position in troubleshooting. Must be experienced. No trainees. William Mauldin, 979 SW 17th Street, Boca Raton, FL music -programming syndication firm. Ed Klein, 4 For- Full color facility. Write, Bill Brister C.E., WGNO -TV, 33432. 305-395-8383. restal Road, Kendall Park, NJ 08824. 2912 ITM Bldg, New Orleans, LA 70130.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 72 HELP WANTED TECHNICAL CONTINUED Television Engineer Trainee candidate for partially Freelancers in Washington: Reporters, producers, funded Minority Training Grant for television broadcast courtroom artists needed by small network news Television operations engineer needed for new cor- engineer. BSEE or Associates in Electronics desired. operation, for per diem assignments. Resume and porate television production studio. Operate and Equivalency in education with strong experience tape to Bureau Chief, ITNA, 2419 M St., N.W., Wash., maintain the latest ENGIEFP video systems. 30% background in digital technology also considered. DC 20037. travel throughout U.S. Salary commensurate with ex- Contact: Roland Desjardins, WCBB, Lewiston, ME perience. Excellent benefits. Send resume with salary 04240. TV News Producer needed to take over 6:00 p.m. history to R.J. Hope. Air Products & Chemicals, Inc, and 11:00 p.m. news of Southeast top 40 market, No. 1 P.O. Box 538, Allentown, PA 18105. T.V. Studio Maintenance Engineer. Prefer experi- news station. Must have two (2) years minimum expe- ence with Ampex 1200, RCA TR -70, RCA -TK -45 and rience as News Producer. Letter should include ex- Maintenance Engineer needed now. Minimum two Sony BVU 200. Experienced only. Write or phone Don pected salary. Excellent fringe benefits. Send resume years experience in transmitter and production equip- Smith C.E. -WRDW -TV, Drawer 1212, Augusta, GA to Business Manager, P.O. Box 1833, Orlando, FL ment, maintenance and 1st class FCC license. $8,700. 30903, 803- 278 -1212. An Equal Opportunity 32802. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Contact Linda Solyak at WSKG Public Television and Employer. Radio, Box 97, Endwell, NY 13760. 607-754-4777 Writer /producer for California major market EOE /M -FIAA. Maintenance technician experienced with color weekend TV newscasts. Must have producing experi- studio production equipment including quad and heli- ence. Equal Opportunity Employer. Box B -18. -Petry TV's new WPTY-TV Channel Chief Engineer cal VTR's. Studio and eng. cameras, editing systems. 24 Memphis. Must be experienced in all phases of Many benefits including 3 weeks paid vacation plus Co- Anchor. Eastern market station seeks experi- and maintenance. Write studio equipment transmitter 10 holidays, free hospitalization insurance. Large TV enced news co- anchor Monday- Friday twice nightly John Fergie. 166 Thalia Drive. Feeding Hills, MA production facility in Southeast. An Equal Opportunity news. Require writing, news production experience. 01030. Employer. Box B -58. knowledge of film editing and production. An Equal Maintenance Technician. Heavy maintenance, col- Opportunity Employer. Send resume to Box B -30. FCC Radio or studio and control room, 3/4" E.N.G. production Broadcast Technician, First Class Telephone license required. Minimum expe- Street Reporter for expanding medium market net equipment, ITFS transmitters and receivers. Require- two years affilliate, Midwest. Must have degree in R -TV journal- ments: FCC 2nd and experience, indicating ability to rience. Applicants should be able to perform light ism and one year experience. Excellent benefits. An repair equipment described. Send resume to: Person- maintenance and video operations. Salary commen- EEO station. Women and minorities encouraged to ap- nel. Department of Education, San Diego County, 6401 surate with experience. Contact: William R. Yordy, Sr., Chief KCST -TV, P.O. Box 11039, San Diego, ply. Send resume to Box B -31. Linda Vista Rd., San Diego, CA 92111. Phone: 714- Engineer. CA. 92111. An equal opportunity employer. 292 -3715. Assignments Editor. More than logistics and police Broadcast Technician. Duties include operation Immediate Opening: Chief Television and Radio scanners. Must be able to sparkplug story ideas. and maintenance of TV broadcast equipment. First Engineer -operation and maintenance of campus TV begin shaping the newsday before producer takes class FCC license plus two (2) years technical school studios, closed circuit distribution system, and FM over. State -of- the -art -equipment. Live Remote, ENG, required. TV maintenance experience preferred. Send public radio station. Must be familiar with quad and etc. Medium Market, Midwest. Equal Opportunity resume and salary history to: Personnel Director, P.O. helical VTR's, cameras, switching gear and high Employer. Box B -49. Box 741, Dayton, OH 45401. An Equal Opportunity power transmitters. Two -year AAS in electronics, five person needed for agressive Employer M/E years experience, and 1st class FCC license. Sug- Prime weather anchor Texas television station. Individual must be able gested salary: $20,000. Reply: J. Richard Pfund, South report weather and have at least Radio -TV Engineering technician. Graduation from Director of Learning Resources, State University Col- to gather, edit, and television weather anchor experience. Full a standard high school and two years of experience lege, Oswego, NY 13126. 315-341-2182. Equal op- two years weather of preparing with the operation and maintenance of a variety of portunity Employer. knowledge of and capability Radio and Television equipment required. FCC first forecasts important. Equal Opportunity Employer. class radio -telephone license preferred. Salary Chief Engineer. University Communications Depart- Send resume to Box B -50. S9.584.00 annually. Excellent employee benefits. ment. First Class License, three years experience with Front Line responsibility for early and late Please send resume to: Florida Atlantic University, video and audio equipment. Responsible for mainte- Producer, Friday. format. but flexi- Personnel Department, 500 NW 20th Street, Roca nance, repair, system design, operation. Salary: news Monday through Within ble. Experienced only. Upper Midwest Medium Market. Raton, FL 33431. An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative $15,000 plus benefits. Dr. William Hammel, Depart- Box B -52. Action Employer. ment of Communications, Loyola University, New Orleans, LA 70118. Master Control- Maintenance Engineer. Must have Reporter -photographer -with part -time anchor knowledge and experience good on transmitters, tape, Top 5 Midwest Market seeking top notch television work. The person we're looking for must be able to microwave, ENG, and all studio equipment. Contact engineer. Operator, strong maintenance RCA and gather, edit, photograph and report news well, and Ken Renfrow, Engineer, KOAA -TV, 7th Ave. Chief 2200 Ampex vtr's, Norelco cameras remote and studio. must have two years radio or television news reporting Pueblo. Colorado, 81003. Phone 303 -544 -5782. - Min. 7 yrs. exp. similar position. Box B -7. experience. Also, must want to work with aggressive Qualified maintenance technician with two years team in great South Texas climate. ENG experience is experience in maintaining latest television studio South Florida television station needs an Engineer preferred. Equal Opportunity Employer. Send resume equipment. Nations newest television station. The pay with 1st phone. Experience required on the operation to Box B -53. isn't great, but the living is. Work, live, ski and breathe and maintenance of studio, ENG and microwave TV Reporter wanted: Must be street wise, have clean air in Central Oregon. Contact Jess Ortega, equipment. Equal Opportunity Employer. Reply Box B -24. good feel for pictorial continuity. Experience with ENG KTVZ, P.O. Box 149, Bend, OR 97701. helpful. Applicant must have 3 -6 years experience. Broadcast Technician I. KHKE and KUNI, the Uni- Our organization is seeking 1st Phone Broadcast Send resume, desired salaries, and audition tapes to versity of Northern Iowa's dual service FM public radio Engineering Technicians and would like to hear from James V. Allday, News Director, WRCB -TV, 900 stations, seek qualified first class licensed engineer to you if you are seeking a challenging opportunity in a Whitehall Road, Chattanooga, TN 37405. An Equal help stations move into new facilities. Engineer will challenging market. Box B -38. Opportunity Employer. also perform transmitter maintenance and carry out construction projects. Knowledge of solid -state broad- HELP WANTED NEWS Wanted: News Reporter/Talk Show host for small cast and radio broadcast technical experi- Middle Atlantic news operation. Must have on -air ex- equipment A progressive AM -FM -TV Operation, covering Il- ence preferred. Starting salary $9.845 plus excellent perience and able to accept responsibility. ENG back- linois, Missouri and Iowa, is looking for an experienced fringe package. Apply before February 10, 1978, to ground preferred. Send video tape and resume to radio news person. Opportunity for some TV news Personnel Services, Baker Hall, UNI. Cedar Falls, WVIR -TV, P.O. Box 751. Charlottesville, VA 22901 or work, as well as AM -FM radio. Sports experience IA UNI is an E.E.O.IA.A. Employer. call 804- 977 -7082. EOE. 50613. helpful. Excellent advancement possibilities with a Wanted Maintenance Engineer, KWTV Oklahoma growing chain. An Equal Opportunity Employer. Send Broadcasting Journalism Graduate with a serious City High school diploma plus up to two years of addi- resume to Box A -92. appetite for hard work and development in TV News in Must have Reporting. Also ... ENG Photo /Editor with hands -on tional specialized training electronics. Medium market, Midwest network affiliate needs Two experience. Contact Tom Moo, N.D., WTVW -TV, First Class radiotelephone operators license. weekend weather person who would also be street re- years prior related experience. Contact Bill Green, Evansville, IN. 812- 422 -1121. An Equal Opportunity porter three days a week. Send resume of Box A -104. Chief Engineer, 405 -843 -6841, PO Box 14159 Employer. Oklahoma City, OK 73114. Equal Opportunity TV Weather. New group -owned VHF. Prefer Orleans Associate Producer, Washington. Small network Employer. meteorologist with knowledge of Gulf Coast weather. expanding to add hard worker who will assist in all An Equal Opportunity Employer. Send tape and needed by KPBS -TV. phases of news feed production. Excellent advance- Operations Supervisor resume to Program Director, WVUE, P.O. Box 13847. Responsible for master and technical pro- ment opportunity. Some news experience required: the control New Orleans, LA 70185. duction operations. Must have operated quadraplex radio considered. $150 -200 per week. Resume to and helical videotape formats, time base correctors, Anchor needed- Experience necessary. Must be Bureau Chief. ITNA, 2419 M St.. N.W., Wash. DC 20037. color cameras, etc. Must be able to train and supervise bright and energetic. EOE. Fast growing sun belt area. Television Meteorologist needed to fill vacancy on operators. Qualifications: Equivalent to high school Send cassette and resume to Art Angelo, VP KPLC -TV, weather staff. Extensive on -air experience required. At graduation: two years recent related experience. Box 1488, Lake Charles, LA 70601. No phone calls. Supervisory experience and First Class least a B.S. degree in meteorology desired, with Seal Radiotelephone license strongly preferred. Salary: Co- anchor reporter -Major Southeastern Market. of Approval preferably, or qualifications to acquire it. $15,576 - $18,744. Apply before 2 -3 -78 to Employ- Three years experience on- air /news required. Send Three or more years of experience to qualify. Send ment Division, San Diego State University San Diego, resume, salary requirements, tape to Jon Mangum, tape and resume to Ray Leep, Weather Director, WTVT, CA 92182. An Equal Opportunity /Affirmative Action/ News Director. WFBC -TV, Box 788, Greenville, SC P.O. Box 22013, Tampa, FL 33622. An equal oppor- Title IX Employer. 29602. E.O.E. tunity employer.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 73 /Director. Midwest ETV Station. 2 -3 years Executive Producer or Program Director. Creative HELP WANTED NEWS Producer of varied production experience, B.A. /B.S., 16mm film person with good communications skills and major CONTINUED background desirable. Start $11.000 - $12,000. Send market experience in all phases of live, film and resume to Don Peterson. Radio -TV Dept., University of videotape production. Write for resume. Broadcasting TV Weatherperson Wanted. If you are young, vital, Nebraska at Omaha, Box 688, Omaha, NE 68101, or Box B -9. energetic, know your weather and want to move up to call 402- 554 -2516. Deadline: February 15, 1978. the 63rd market ... call Claude Evans, WALA-TV, E.O E Mee Gulps -I got out -now want back in. 3 yrs. ex- Mobile, Alabama. 205 -433 -3754. One year TV perience, BA. Would like Directing or Promotion. Prefer weathercasting experience necessary. EOE. We are SITUATIONS WANTED MANAGEMENT Midwest, Reply Box B -19. ready to hire the right person. General Sales Manager- Seeking major market, If you're reading this ad, I'm what your looking for! Experience switching, assisting news depart- Exceptional Opportunity for experienced, experienced, age 35. resume, and references. Box on air ment in editing news inserts for local broadcast, enthusiastic on -air reporter. Small market experience A -19. and preferred. Excellent benefits. Send resume and tape to director of mini -newscast. I can give you maxi results. Station Manager, WABI -TV. Bangor. ME 04401. E.0.E. Station Operation Manager seeking comparable Box B -36. position or GM. Experienced all phases including Production Manager, 20 years in Television. Dedi- sales, license renewal, programming. Box B -23. HELP WANTED cated professional will organize and train dynamic PROGRAMING, Manager TV. Strong sales background in- creative department. Box 8 -55. PRODUCTION, AND OTHERS Sales cludes station and spot. Prefer East. Age 48. I with you and grow with you. I have pro- References. Box B -54. want to start Top 10 Market VHF has immediate opening for Pro- duction experience in film, TV and records. I write TV ducer/Director Three to five years experience required SITUATIONS WANTED NEWS scripts, do TV reporting, free lance still photography, in studio, remote and news. Resume and salary re- and radio programing. If you want a hard worker and quirements in first mailing to Box A -91. Woman, 30, MSJ; 10 years top -60 market experi- loyal staff member, write or call Steven Leigh Piva, ence: interview host, producer, reporter, anchor, col- 2300 Sedgwick Avenue, New York, NY 10468. Home Take -Charge TV Promotion Manager wanted for lege journalism instructor. Awards. Specialty: inter- telephone 212- 364 -0188, 24 hr. answering service. aggressive network affiliate in growing Southeast mar- view show. Box A -97. 212 -691 -7950. Full resume, letters of reference and ket. Effective on -air promotion and publicity skills a Sony KCS10 3/4" cassette or Sony 1/2" video tape

Must. Will consider No. 2 ready for move to No. 1 spot. Sharp Reporter /Anchor, 27, three years television V1OH reel available on request. Send resume to Program Director, Box A -114. experience in medium market, news and sports. Box A -129. Graphic Artist. 10 Years Television Experience. Up- Promotion. Group -owned VHF in major Southern per Thirties. Immediate. Van Rinehart, 201 Claremont market looking for experienced on -air promotion per- Award -winning TV reporter. Excellent background Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206. son. Must be creative writer with good knowledge of with highly- regarded news station. Experience in- film, tape, graphics and music. Strong emphasis on cludes: network feeds; investigative mini -dots; and Production Manager. Currently Production Super- news promotion. Equal Opportunity Employer. Send stint as medium market News Director. Seek post in visor for a top 12 No. 1 rated Network affiliate and resume to Box A -124. South, Southwest, or West. Box A -141. looking for a challenging position with growth poten- tial. Production Manager, Promotion, Producing, Pennsylvania ABC affiliate looking for production TV News Director. Record of achievement in Directing and Sales experience 26 years old with 7 person with hands on experience in producing com- medium market. A thoughtful, innovative approach. years experience. Don Helms 314- 878 -8965. mercials in studio and on location. Salary commensur- Superb background as large market reporter. Desire ate with experience. Great fringe benefits. Group ND slot in medium -large market in Sunbelt or West. TV Feature and Documentary Producer, unique ap- operation. EOE. Reply Box A -143. Box A -145. proach to presentation, proven success, major national credits. PO. Box 014335, Miami, FL 33101. Director for major public television station. Will Knowledgeable Weatherman. Top 30 veteran direct programs for local and national broadcast. wants a new opportunity. Very experienced, persona- Community Affairs are crucial. 10 -yr. producing (2 Nat'l Emmys) and marketing pro with Ph.D. seeks Heavy experience and demonstrated creative judge- ble. Minicam environmental /scientific /news reports - ment are required. Salary open. E.O.E. Box B -14. charts, graphics, the works. Salary secondary to good challenging responsibility as Dir. Community /Public station and location. Box A -147. Affairs. I offer fresh insight, sound judgment, wealth of TV Director -for New England network affiliate management skill and experience, deep commitment, Duties include production of local programs, remotes. One of the country's finest medium market young and solid background for major station with progres- promos and commercials, some writing. Two years anchors is looking. He's in no hurry. But is willing to sive management and realistic budget for ascertain- commercial TV experience and college degree (or consider possibilities both immediate and future. ment, PSA, Children, Religion. Education, Consumer, equivalent) required. Salary commensurate with Background includes 4 years political public relations etc. 314 -382 -0975. ability and experience. Equal Opportunity Employer. and 5 years broadcast journalism. Only those organi- Detailed resume to Box B -33. zations dedicated to news excellence need inquire. All WANTED TO BUY EQUIPMENT inquiries treated in confidence. Box B -4. Medium market Midwest ABC affiliate seeks pro- Wanting 250, 500, 1,000, and 5,000 watt AM FM ducer for early evening newscast. We need someone Assignment Editor- Producer of number one rated transmitters. Guarantee Radio Supply Corp., 1314 experienced in newsroom operations, assignments, news in top -100 market, seeks similar position in ma- Iturbide Street, Laredo, TX 78040. Manuel Flores and repatorial skills to put it all together and help us jor market ... will consider medium markets in Califor- 512- 723 -3331. maintain early news top ratings. BA in Broadcast Jour- nia. Arizona, Nevada and Florida. Box B -8. Wanted: UHF TV Instant cash paid nalism preferred. Salary negotiable. We are an Equal Transmitters for all models, Call Bill Kitchen: 904 -837 -2798. Opportunity Employer. Box B -34. Professional broadcast journalist seeking Televi- sion reporter /anchor position. I'm a highly- experi- 16mm SOF Camera -want used sound rig in good for a with an extensive pro- enced radio newsman: Street reporter, all -news We are looking director condition. Steve Grissom, 813- 936 -0195. duction background in studio commercial production, anchorman, news director. A.P. award winner. who wants to go with a growing station in a growing Bachelor's Journalism. Hard working, aggressive. FOR SALE EQUIPMENT market. Excellent facilities, good working atmosphere, Great appearance too. Box B -16. creative staff. Located in Mid -South area. An Equal 5" Air Hsliax- Andrews HJ9 -50. Can be cut and ter- Opportunity Employer, MIE Reply, stating experience. Recent college graduate seeks entry level news re- minated to requirement. Below Mfgrs Price. Some 3" salary requirements to Box 8 -35. porting opportunity. Single. B.A. in journalism, Sigma also available. BASIC WIRE & CABLE 860 W. Delta Chi, strong talk -show background. Four years Evergreen, Chicago. IL. 312- 266 -2600. Producer /Director: Minimum 2 years experience in college radio experience, including TV news intern- commercial, sports and program production for major ship at medium market CBS affiliate. Living in Har- 1 -RCA TT25BL, Transmitter with spare visual commercial production station. No phone calls. risburg. PA area, but will re- locate. Box B -17. final, complete with side band filter and harmonic Resumes and tapes only to J. Hark. WPHL -TV. 5001 filters. Now on air, Available April-1978. Mr. Harry Law- Wynnefield Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131. Sharp -writing, sharp -looking Columbia U- trained son, C.E., WBRC -TV, PO. Box 6, B'ham, AL 35201. print journalist seeks position as T.V. reporter. Have Phone 205-322-4701. Senior Faculty Position for television producer - academic background in broadcast journalism. Expe- director professor to begin fall, 1978, in an ACEJ ac- rienced, available. 26. Call Roger Smith 617 -522- Sony D- 100's, Grass Valley Switcher, Norelco Audio credited broadcasting program. Must have had exten- 0810. Console. Time Base Corrector and Datatron Editing sive network quality experience as commercial televi- Controller. Reasonably priced. Call 202 - 783 -2700. sion producer -director and appropriate education. Sal- SITUATIONS WANTED PROGRAMING, ary extremely competitive. Send resume, list of PRODUCTION AND OTHERS Complete Stereo Production studio, includes two references to Dean. Cqllege of Journalism. University Ampex 601 -2 Recorders, all for 52,000. Priced for quick sale. 404- 934 -2742. of South Carolina, Co rimbia, SC 29208. USC is an T.V. and Radio Copywriter. Have written copy for affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. Hollywood T.V studios. 203 -9318. -523 For sale: General Electric TT -36 -A High Band 50KW TV Transmitter with many Tuned Media Director for Boston based theatre company. Switcher /Director, 10 years experience with NBC extras. to Channel 10; 2,000 ft. of 3 1 /8" Prodelin Transmission Coordinate and place Radio and Television for current affiliate, very strong and tight on news blocks. 33 Line. General Electric TY -42 -B Helical Antenna for Channel 10. All films. 25 markets New England to Midwest. Create years old, married 10 years, one child. 5 years previ- equipment now in use. Will in 1978. promotions. Need strong personality with broadcast ous Radio experience, knowledgeable in all facets of be available April, Contact Richard A. Swank, experience and supervisory capabilities. Please send TV /Radio Production. Looking for warm climate. Mini- Chief Engineer, WILX -TV, P.O. Box 30380, Lansing, MI 48909. 783 -2621. resume and salary requirements Box B -44. mum pay: S12.000. Please reply Box B -3. 517-

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 74 Norelco PC -70 Color Camera, Super FET. Seperate 1978 "Tests- Answers" for FCC First Class Help Wanted Announcers Mesh Light Bias Tubes, IO to 1 Servo Zoom Lens with License. Plus -"Self-Study Ability Test" Proven! S9.95. Continued Shot Box. Excellent Condition. Call R. Hippler 313- Moneyback guarantee. Command Productions, Box -B, San -, 548 -2500. 26348 Francisco 94126. For Sale: Used studio equipment ideal for schools or Radio License institute offers extensive preparato- Sun Belt Power Station! business. Complete Color Video Package Includes: ry training for the FCC first class license. Over 90% of (2) IVC 90 Cameras, Telemation Switcher, It IVC 825 our students pass their exam the first time. Both six - 1" VTR colorizer and encoders, 200 foot video cable week daytime and eight -week nightime classes avail- Talk Show host. included. For complete information call or write: Triton able year round. State approved for Veterans. RLI, 216 Adding muscle to News and talk formal. Looking fur College. 2000 Fifth Avenue, River Grove, IL 60171, E. Montague SI.. Charleston, SC 29406, 803- Talk Show host who is witly, warm, intelligent audience Attn: Dr. D. Kozlowski, 312-456-0300 x 460. 744 -7189. stimulator no agitators. Must be highly organizes and have a good track record. Pair Tapecaster Cart Machines. Mono, one record Cassette recorded First phone preparation at play. Three months old. $900. 212 - 792 -7689. home plus one week personal instruction in Boston, Atlanta, Seattle. Detroit, Philadelphia. Our twentieth Sportscaster Oates BC IF 1,000 watt Transmitter. Good condition. year teaching FCC license courses. Bob Johnson Strong on -air personality -strong reporter. No 'Gee $1,250. Contact Lyle Richardson, KUDE, Oceanside, Radio License Training, 1201 Ninth. Manhattan Beach, whiz" types please. Full particulars in first reply. CA 92054. 714 - 757 -1320. CA 90266 213- 379 -4461.

TK -27 with all modifications. Three PC -70 1st phone test preparation. Free information. V.A. Cameras. One CDC Model VSA102 Audio Video benefits. Financial Aid. A.A.B. 726 Chestnut Philadel- Switcher Bill Orr, WBNS Stations. 614- 460 -3912. phia 19106. Phone 215- 922 -0605. Revox A -77 New, factory guarantee S699. Val -tronics Bill Elkins and his famous sixweeks First Phone Help Wanted Management Inc. Call collect 717- 655 -5937. course are back! Prepare with the masters now and avoid proposed license and examination changes. new, factory wound, 24 for Audiopak Cartridges Elkins Radio License School, 332 Braniff Tower, P.O. FEMALE OR MALE CONSULTANTS $39.95. Val -tronics Inc. Call collect 655 -5937. 717- Box 45765, Dallas, TX 75245, 214- 352 -3242. Well established "Executive Search" firm is expand- COMEDY ing and were interested in adding 2 consultants to our RADIO stall Candidates must be comfortable working with Dooleys: New, sure -fire comedy! 11,000 classified lop-level broadcasting executives and enjoy the Help Wanted Announcers High energy one liners. $10. Catalog free! Edmund Orrin, 41171 -B challenge of solving client problems. verbal skills essential Grove Place, Madera, Calif. 93637. level and excellent written and 10 success as a recruiting consultant. Limited travel to new "Free" D.J. Catalog! Comedy, Wild Tracks, Produc- SUPER TALENT all areas of the country Irom attractive. offices near Airport. Send resume. and letter staling tion. FCC Tests, more! Command, Box 26348 -B, San O'Hare The sunshine is waiting .... An expand- this unique opportunity. Lee Francisco 94126. why you are interested in ing new group operation will be adding Hague. Ron Curtis & Company. Renaissance Plaza, 213. Park Ridge, Il- Free sample of radio's most popular humor service! one or two personalities for the new 1460 Renaissance Drive. Surte linois 60066. All replies answered promptly O'LINERS, 366 -C West Bullard. Fresno, California year. Contemporary modern country 93704. presentation. Only big leaguers and ex- Hundreds of Deejays renewed again! Guaranteed ceptional up and coming talent need funnier! Freebie. Contemporary Comedy, 5804 -B apply. Voice, presentation, production Twining, Dallas, TX 75227. abilities a must ... top compensation SUN BELT and benefits ... E.O.E., Tape & resume ail Have you ever worked for a radio station mal in KNOCKERS! A great set of funny recorded bits for creased revenues 500% the frrsl year and doubled your show Sample. Box 1008, Kaneohe HI 96744. to: Tom Allen sales the second year, IOne thousand percent in- Program Director. WVOJ crease over 2 years I KLAZ m Little Rock ac- MISCELLANEOUS 1435 Elks Rd. S. complished This feat and also tripled audience to be- Jax, Fla.. 32205 Come the highest AR8 rated FM station in the top 100 markets. Profits in our thud year will be substantially Have a Client who needs a tingle? Call us. Custom greater than the purchase price. jingles in 48 hours. Honest! Philadelphia Music Works. Box 947, Brynmawr, PA 19010. 215 - 525 -9873. Our Tulsa radio station, KWEN, is enjoying the same kind of record breaking growth and we're ready to start for promo- HEAVY MOR PERSONALITY Prizes) Prizes! Prizes! National brands acquiring new stations as soon as we can develop tions, contests, programming. No barter or trade ... replacements for the management and Sales people better! For fantastic deal, write or phone: Television & We very seldom have openings for air -staff positions we will be sending to our next market. Radio Features, Inc., 166 E. Superior St.. Chicago, IL simply because most of our personalities just don't 60611. call collect 312- 944.3700. want 10 work anyplace else. So. when we do look for If you have exceptional talent and the desire to move someone. he or she must be extra special. If you're a ahead quickly, we can promise a learning experience Editorial Capsule Opinion research weekly. Trial polished. professional entertainer interested in joining not available anywhere else in the radio industry. This subscription -$3.78 Broadcast Service Assoc.. 663 one of the finest stations in the country, we'd love to may be the opportunity you have been seeking to ad- Fifth Ave., New York, 10022. hear from you. We're the dominant outlet in the 38th vance your career. Unless I hear from you. we will market and we offer an unusually attractive package never know. Radio and TV Bingo. Oldest promotion in the indus- of earnings. security, facilities, beaches and sunshine try. World Wide Bingo -PO. Box 2311, Littleton, CO Rush tape and in -depth resume, including salary Send resume. salary requirements, and letter stating 80160, 303 - 795 -3288. history to Mike Harvey Program Director, WFTL Radio. your short and long term goals to Ron Curtis. Renais- PO. Box 5333. Ft. Lauderdale. Florida 33310. All sance Plaza, 1460 Renaissance Drive, Suite 213. Park replies in complete confidence. Ridge. Illinois 60068. All replies answered promptly. INSTRUCTION

REI teaches electronics for the FCC first class license. Over 90% of our students pass their exams. Help Wanted Technical Classes begin February 13. March 27. Student rooms at each school.

REI 61 N. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, FL. 33577.813- 955 -6922. WEST COAST OPPORTUNITY REI 2402 Tidewater Trail, Fredericksburg, VA 22401. 703- 373 -1441. Engineering Manager 1st class FCC, 6 wks, $450 or money back guarantee. VA appvd. Nat'l. Inst. Communications, Expanding West Coast broadcast equipment manufacturer offer's an excellent 11488 Oxnard St., N. Hollywood, CA 91606. opportunity for an above average engineer. This position requires the ability to OMEGA STATE INSTITUTE, training for FCC First evaluate RF- linear and digital.circuitry as well as strong supervisory ability and Class licenses, color TV production, announcing and a minimum of 5 years experience. Both manufacturing and broadcast experi- radio production. Effective placement assistance, too. ence are desired. 237 East Grand, Chicago. 312 -321 -9400. If you are ready for a new challenge forward your reply and resume to Box A-94. Free booklets on job assistance. 1st Class F.C.C. An equal opportunity employer license and D.J. -Newscaster training. A.T.S. 152 W. 42nd St. N.YC. Phone 212 -221 -3700. Vets. benefits.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 75 Situations Wanted Programing, Help Wanted Technical Books Production, Others Continued DAVE DONAHUE MAINTENANCE for Country programing pro, Group PD, ENGINEER Consultant .... NUMBER ONE Three to five years prior mainte- Broadcasters results ... everywhere is AVAILABLE nance experience will put you on .... Now. Call 319- 365 -8726. this up -to -date facility's team. Ex- cellent benefits and future with a 304. AUDIO CONTROL HANDBOOK -for radio and television broadcasting, 4th edition. No. 1 in market, CBS Southeast Revised and Expended by Robert S Onngel affiliate. Closely following the formal of the three earlier TELEVISION editions. the fourth has been almost entirely rewritten Reflects changes in equipment and Help Wanted Management Equal Opportunity Employer M/F techniques. while digging deeper into all lechnr cal and electronic aspects of audio operation Contact: Jack Becknell 192 pages. illustrated index 810.00 MANAGER V.P., Engineering Sales and Marketing WCSC -TV background prelerred PO. Box 186 324. TELEVISION NEWS, 2nd Edition, Revised for growing Charleston. SC 29402 Cable System. and Enlarged by Irving E Fang Revised Southeast (803) 723-8371 throughout and reset. including many new illus. Send resume to Box A -64 trations, expanded treatment of radio news up- An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F dated discussions on First Amendment problems related to electronic lournalrsm 384 pages. 6 t /8' x 9 1/4 ". about 100 illustrations $12.50 Help Wanted Technical r VITAL HAS A FUTURE 332. THE TECHNIQUE OF THE SOUND STUDIO, LAS VEGAS FOR YOU Radio, Television, Recording, 3rd Revised Based remote videotape facility company wants top Dynamic growth opportunities tor video Edition by Alec Nisbett The basic approach of Maintenance Engineer. Experience preferred with engineers with experience in video this widely -used text and guidebook emphasizing Noreico Cameras. Ampex VTR 1200/2000's d Grass general principles rather than rule-of- thumb. has Valley accessories. Some travel required. switching systems. Enjoy Florida living. the latest technological developments 558 Call Collett (702) 873 -3050 Work for hi- technology company. Send pages. 5 1/2" x 6 1/2 ".234 diagrams. glossary TransAmerican Video Inc. of Nevada resume to: Dale Buzan, Vital Industries, 1114.50. Fifty Plaza Vegas 3355 Spring Mountain Road Inc., 3700 N.E. 53rd Avenue, Gainesville, Las Vegas, NV 89102 Florida 32601. 307. CLASSROOM TELEVISION: New Frontiers In ITV by George N Gordon When to use rnSlruC

1 sonal television. when not to use R, how lo use it. and how not to use n 320 pages. 6" x 9 ". 133 dl $8.95

312. THE TECHNIQUE OF TELEVISION PRO- DUCTION, 9th Reviled Edition by Gerald SALES Mtllerson Now revised and updated throughout to reflect the latest techniques and with a new chapter on color TV. this book consolidates its leadership as the standard in the held 440 pages. 1.160 illustrations. bibliography 1114.50. ENGINEER Broadcast Equipment Division

358 VIDEOTAPE RECORDING: Theory and Prac- Experience in RF including UHF VHF solid state, transmitter & microwave tice by J F Robinson Provides a comprehensive systems with the ability to translate information to meet customer requirements. coverage of the whole held lar the student and Basic television industry background helpful with an EE degree. Willingness to the professional Describes VTR equipment in travel within the continental U.S. Compensation includes base salary plus com- current use. closed circuit systems material on mission plus company car. cassettes and cartridges. and a chapter on edil rng binary al mow nml.Geuxl 7rlrnnlgpld. 320 n pages 6" 9" grrphs diagr,nns not.- {ire + ^, glossary $18 50 ENGINEER Experience in digital video, analog video as well as some mechanical aptitude. field BROADCASTING BOOK DIVISION Willingness to learn new & exciting products in the broadcast equipment with the capability of developing systems & interfacing with various types of 1735 DeSales St., NW electronic equipment. Attractive base salary, with some limited travel. Washington, DC 20036 Please submit resume with salary history in confidence to please send me book(s) numbers -. my check in the amount of is enclosed NATIONAL SALES MANAGER


Firm or Call Letters NEC NEC AMERICA Broadcast Equipment Division Address 130 Martin Lane, City Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007 An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F

State - - - Zip

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 76 Help Wanted Technical Help Wanted Programing, Business Opportunity Continued Production, Others Continued SALESPEOPLE WANTED Experienced, freelance radio salespeople to sell new, BROADCAST unique live -minute radio program on Alcoholism; WSNS, Chicago Bill, the Alcoholic. Program already proven in sales and listener response. 40 Contact is looking for qualified baseball camera operators and Earn percent. FIELD ENGINEERS Bill Rust, Box 1131. Greenville, Texas 75401. studio personnel to operate audio, lelecine and studio Phone 214-455-1336 RCA Service Company has immediate cameras ... some residual directing involved ... EX- opportunities for field engineers with at PERIENCE NECESSARY! EGE. Send Resume: c/o least 3 years experience in the mainte- Rich Plotkin, WSNS -TV, 430 West Grant Place. Chicago, lllmois 60614 nance and repair of VHF and UHF Public Notice television transmitters, television tape and /or color studio equipment. Suc- The City of Burkburnett, Texa, cessful candidates should have a 1st Help Wanted Sales Class FCC Radiotelephone license, plus will accept applications for a CATV system until 5:00 pm., April 17, 1978. Application forms may be °b- a strong digital electronics background. lamed from the City Manager's Office. 415 Ave. C. Burkburnett, Texas. 76354. Positions offer salaries commensurate with qualifications and experience, plus outstanding benefits including: "r Southwest Miscellaneous Free medical insurance for you and your family Regional Sales Free life insurance. BUILD A BETTER Paid vacation and holidays Liberal retirement program Manager STATION Call Aderhold Construction Relocation unnecessary if you are now Company. A complete con- located near good air transportation ser- struction management team The Grass Valley Group, Inc. seeks a capable and vice. of architects, builders, en- creative individual represent products to our as gineers and designers. No Regional Sales Manager for the Southwestern problem too large or too For immediate consideration, send United States. resume to: Mr. V.D. Eichenlaub, RCA Ser- small. 404/2335413. vice Company, 102 Gaither Drive, Mt. Based in the Dallas, Texas area, this key position re- Laurel, NJ 08054. quires someone with an excellent technical back- Aderhold Construction ground in broadcasting. Preference will be given to Company individuals with proven sales experience. Our com- Equal Opportunity Employer F /M. 3384 Peachtree Rd. NE / Atlanta. Georgia 30326 pensation package includes excellent company ben- efits in addition to our sales and commission pro- gram. Free Golf /Car Rental

Interested applicants please submit a resume in con- RC" FLORIDA FREE GOLF fidence to Val Marchus, Personnel Manager, The Grass Valley Group, Inc., P.O. Box 1114, Grass Valley, Completely furnished delux condominium apartments for 21 greens fee CA 95945. An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F two S55 per day until April with in- cluded at nearby top -rated Deer Creek C.C. Rent -A- Car available through Apex-Courtesy Car Rental. WE A Tektronix Company FEATURE FORDS. Help Wanted Programing, Write or call Production, Others VILLA LAGO APARTMENTS 3910 Crystal Lake Drive Pompano Beach. Fla. 33064 (305) 782 -3400 TV Personnel The Grass SORRY, NO PETS Needed Valley Group Wanted To Buy Stations The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc., a non -profit, religious corporation and producers r 1 of "The 700 :' has a need for t Club continuing experienced personnel in all areas of pro- TV ACQUISITION graming, production, and engineering to help spread the Gospel to the world. Please key Radio Programing Privately held company interested in TV ac- resume with a "B" and send to CBN Per- quisition. Must have positive cash flow. Cash or sonnel, Virginia Beach, Va. 23463. Equal THE BIG BANDS terms. Replies treated in strictest confidence. f Opportunity Employer. ARE BACK ^- Box A -87. f One 55- minute weekly program of Big Band sounds with host Jim Bolen. Jyrr., i /R PROGRAM PUBLIC COMPANY PRODUCER -WRITER 11 Vista Drive f/ Little Rock, Arkansas 72210 interested in acquisitions 501 -318.0135 To produce and write audio -visual programs tor and /or mergers. Health Care Professionals. Production primarily in video with some slide /sound work. Applicant will be T.V.- Radio. responsible for total production coordination with par- Profitability not a factor. ticular creative responsibility for writing proposals and scripts. Reply Box E -69. Programing varies from educational to public re- lations to promotional with heavy emphasis on educa- LUM and ABNER tional. Person to work with internal and external pro- 5 - 15 MINUTE duction facilities. PROGRAMS WEEKLY VHF -TV Interested in a person with 3 -5 years of broad pro- duction experience. B.A. degree or equivalent re- Program Distributors quired. Salary 516,000- $22,000 with liberal fringe 11 VISTA DRIVE in Top 50 Market wanted for broker's benefits. Send resume and complete salary history to LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 72210 client. (UHF considered.) Media Center, American Hospital Association, 840 Phone (501) 378 -0135 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611. Box B -25

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 77 For Sale Stations For Sale Stations Continued

Fulltime AM ASSO+CIATES with FM CHAPMAN Absentee Owned. Within 100 miles of Wash media brokerage service ington, D.C. Underdeveloped facility has good growth potential. Priced at 7.5 times cash flow Includes real estate. Principals only Box B -26 STATIONS CONTACT

W Small AM $142k $36k Galen Gilbert (214) 387 -2303 S Small AM $150k 29% Paul Crowder (615) 298 -4986 W Small AM /FM $350k $101k Bill Hammond (214) 387 -2303 RALPH E. MEADOR MW Small AM /FM $655k $175k David Kelly (414) 499 -4933 Media Broker W Med AM /FM S1.1kk 29% Ray Stanfield (213) 363 -5764 AM - FM - TV - Appraisals P.O. Box 36 To receive offerings of stations within the areas of your interest, write Lexington, Mo. 64067 Chapman Company, Inc., 1835 Savoy Drive, N.E., Atlanta, Ga., 30341 Phone 816- 259 -2544

LARSON /WALKER & COMPANY BROADCASTING'S MEDIA BROKERS Brokers, Consultants 6 Appraisers Los Angeles CLASSIFIED RATES APPRAISERS Contact Washington William L. Walker RICHARD A. Suite 417, 1730 Rhode Island Avenue. N.W. Payable In advance. Check or money order only. u Washington, D.C. 20036 z (Billing to stations and firms: 202- 223 -1553 charge $1.00). 435NORTHMICHIGAN -CHICAG06061r ..r When placing an ad. indicate the EXACT category 312.46710040 desired: Television or Radio, Help Wanted or Situations Wanted, Management, Sales, etc. If this 11.B. I.a Rue, Media Broker Information is omitted. we will determine the ap- propriate category according to the copy No make goods will be run if all information is not included.

Powerful fulltimer, good metro area of WEST COAST, 120$ SUSS sa1La1M0. SAM PMAMC,SCO,Ch,roRCIA GA, real estate, billed about $300,- The publisher is not responsible for errors in print- ing due to illegible copy. All copy must be clearly 000. $590,000. BAST COAST: III CAST SORO ST.. MO. SO, Sew Vs. 10022 Class A FM, GA city, 50% for $175,- Bmr

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 78 Stock _ Index

Approx. Total market Closing Closing Shares capitali- Stock Wed. Wed. Net change 3 change 1977.78 PIE out zation symbol Each Jan /8 Jan. 11 in week m week High Low ratio (000) (0001

Broadcasting ABC ABC 39 1/4 37 3/4 1/2 1.32 46 3/4 36 3/4 7 18.152 694.314 CAPITAL CITIES CCR 57 56 3/4 1/4 .44 60 1/2 44 3/4 11 7,491 426.417 CBS CRS 47 3/4 47 5/5 1/9 .26 62 47 1/8 8 28,103 193419775 COX COX 33 1/2 34 3/8 - 7/8 - 2.54 35 1/4 25 1/2 9 6,360 2139060 GROSS TELECASTING GGG 14 5/8 14 3/4 - 1/8 - .84 15 1/2 li 5/8 7 800 11,700 KINGSTIP COMMUN. KTVV 6 1/2 7 - 1/2 - 7.14 7 3 7/8 12 462 3.003 LIN LING 23 21 5/8 1 3/8 6.35 25 L/4 16 1/2 9 2.745 63.135 MOONEY MOON 2 5/8 2 5/8 2 5/8 1 7/8 425 1,115 RAHALL RAHL 19 1/4 19 1/4 19 1/2 à 5/8 21 1,281 249659 SCRIPPS -HOWARD SCRP 32 33 1/2 - 1 1/2 - 4.47 37 31 1/2 7 2.589 82,848 STARR SSG 8 1/8 8 1/8 8 1/8 6 1.487 129081 STORER SBK 20 19 3/4 1/4 1.26 26 7/8 19 3/8 7 4.976 97.520 TAFT TFB 30 1/8 29 3/4 3/8 1.26 33 7/8 24 5/8 7 4,071 122.638

TOTAL 789829 3,094,265

Broadcasting with other major Interests ADAMS- RUSSELL AAR A 6 1/2 6 1/4 1/4 4.00 6 1/2 1 3/4 8 1,229 7,988 JOHN BLAIR BJ N 17 5/8 16 7/9 3/4 4.44 19 3/4 11 1/8 5 2,432 42.864 CHRIS -CRAFT CCN N 8 7/8 8 5/8 1/4 2.89 9 3/8 4 1/2 17 5.310 51.563 COMBINED COMM. CCA N 30 3/8 29 1/2 7/9 2.96 33 1/4 19 10 6,799 206.519 COWLES CML N 16 1/4 16 1/4 18 12 1/2 18 3.969 64.496 DUN E BRADSTREET DNB N 28 1/4 29 - 3/4 - 2.58 31 26 1/4 14 26,356 744.557

FAIRCHILD IND. FEN N 15 3/8 14 1/4 l 1/8 7.89 16 1/2 0 1/2 9 5,708 87,760 FUQUA FOA N 9 8 5/8 3/8 4.34 13 3 5 90396 84.564 GANNETT CO. GCI N 35 3/4 35 1/4 1/2 1.41 40 3/4 32 3/4 14 22.430 801,872

GENERAL TIRE GY N 23 3/4 22 3/4 1 4.39 29 1/4 22 3/8 5 22,242 528.247 GLO9E BROADCASTING GL3TA 0 4 3/8 4 1/4 1/8 2.94 4 3/8 ? 1/3 2.772 12.127 GRAY COMMUN. 0 13 11 3/4 1 1/4 10.63 13 S 475 6,175 HARTE -HANKS HHN N 33 1/2 32 7/8 5/8 1.90 36 26 12 4.477 149.979 JEFFERSON -PILOT JP N 27 5/8 28 1/4 - 5/8 - 2.21 32 3/8 26 5/8 9 23.400 646.425 MARVIN JOSEPHSON MRVN 0 13 12 3/4 1/4 1.96 17 1/4 1) 1/4 7 19981 25.753

KANSAS STATE NET. KSN 0 8 1/4 7 1 1/4 17.85 8 1/2 4 3/4 8 11727 14,247 LEE ENTERPRISES LNT A 23 23 3/4 - 3/4 - 3.15 28 1/6 22 1/4 10 5,010 1150230 LIBERTY LC N 21 3/8 21 1/4 1/8 .58 24 3/4 IC 6 6,762 1449537 MCGRAW -HILL MHP N 17 3/8 17 3/4 - 3/8 - 2.11 19 5/8 16 5/8 9 24.675 4289728 MEOIA GENERAL MEG A 14 3/4 14 3/4 20 13 5/8 7 7,277 107.335 MEREDITH MDP N 25 5/8 25 3/4 - 1/9 - .48 28 7/8 17 3/9 6 3.074 78.771 METROMEDIA MET N 34 3/8 32 1/4 2 1/8 6.58 34 5/8 25 1/4 7 6,707 2309553 MULTIMEDIA MMED 0 24 3/4 24 1/4 1/2 2.06 27 1/2 21 1/2 10 4,394 108,751 NEW YORK TIMES CO. NYKA A 17 16 7/8 1/9 .74 19 1/2 15 3/4 7 119422 194,174 OUTLET CO. OTU N 19 1/4 18 5/8 5/8 3.35 24 L/4 16 5/8 7 2,290 441082 POST CORP. PCST 0 22 3/4 23 - 1/4 - 1.08 24 lo 1/4 7 867 19.724 REEVES TELECOM RBT A 2 5/6 2 5/8 3 1 3/4 44 29351 6,250 ROLLINS RCL N 18 1/2 18 3/8 1/8 .68 24 1/4 17 1/8 10 33,000 6109500 RUST CRAFT RUS A 23 7/8 23 1/2 3/8 1.59 24 i 1/2 14 2.297 54.840 SAN JUAN RACING SJR N 9 1/2 8 3/4 - 1/4 - 2.85 11 3/4 7 5/8 13 2.509 21,326 SCHERING- PLOUGH SGP N 29 1/4 28 1/8 I 1/e 4.00 44 3/4 25 1/8 9 54.084 1,581.957 SONDERLING SOB A 10 5/6 10 5/e 6.25 12 7/8 3/8 5 1,103 11.719 TECH OPERATIONS TO A 3 1/4 3 1/9 1/8 4.00 4 3/4 2 3/8 15 1.344 41368 TIMES MIRROR CO. TMC N 23 3/4 23 3/8 3/e 1.60 25 3/8 20 3/4 9 33,911 905.386 WASHINGTON POST CO. WPO A 32 1/2 31 3/4 3/4 2.36 35 1/8 21 3/4 9 8.545 277,712 WOMETCO WON N 12 1/2 13 - 1/2 - 3.84 14 3/4 10 7/8 8 9,404 117,550

TOTAL 362,259 8.438,629


ACTON CORP. ATN A 6 1/4 6 1/4 7 3/8 3 1/8 7 2,710 16.937 AMECOea . ACO 0 1/2 1,200 AMERICAN TV C COMM. AMTV 0 40 3/4 39 1/4 11/2 3.82 41 3/4 17 3/4 22 3.856 157,132 ATHENA COMM.** 8 0 7/8 7/8 7/9 1/9 2,125 19959 BURNUP C SIMS BSIM 0 4 1/8 3 7/8 1/4 5.45 4 3/4 3 1/8 19 89370 34,526 CABLE INFO.* D 5/8 5/0 7/8 1/2 3 663 414 COMCAST 0 5 3/4 5 1/4 1/2 9.52 5 3/4 3 3/4 10 1,651 9.493 COMMUN. PROPERTIES COMO 0 8 3/8 8 3/4 - 3/8 - 4.28 9 1/4 3 5/8 20 4,816 40.334 ENTRON ENT 0 2 1/4 2 L/4 2 1/4 7/8 2 979 2.202 GENERAL INSTRUMENT GRL N 20 1/2 19 3/4 3/4 3.79 23 17 5/8 8 7.508 153.914 GENEVE CORP. GENV 0 11 5/8 11 1/2 1/8 1.08 12 1/2 7 1/2 1,121 13,031 TELECOMMUNICATIONS TC') 3 10 3/4 10 3/8 3/9 3.61 10 7/8 2 7/8 54 5,291 56,777 TELEPROMPTER TP N 8 3/8 8 1/2 - 1/8 - 1.47 9 3/8 6 3/4 19 16,793 140,641 1EXSCAN TEXS 0 1 1/2 1 1/2 2 1 1/4 9 786 1,179

TIME INC. TL 4 36 5/8 35 5/8 l 0 2.80 39 1/4 31 3/4 9 20,349 745,282 TOCOM TOCM 0 3 3/4 3 3/4 4 5/4 2 1/4 9 694 3.352

UA- COLUMBIA CAPLE UACC 0 23 22 1 4.54 26 15 1/2 15 1.670 38.617 UNITED CABLE TV UCTV 0 8 5/8 8 7/8 - 1/4 - 2.81 9 1/4 3 7/8 30 1,880 160215 VIACOM VIA N 17 7/8 17 1/4 . 5/a 3.62 20 9 1/2 13 3,750 679031

TOTAL 86.411 1.498.925

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 79 Approx. Total market Closing Closing shares capitali- Stock Wed. Wed. Net change % change 1977 -78 PIE out zation symbol Exch. Jan. 18 Jan H in week in week High Low ratio (000) (000)

Programing COLUMBIA PICTURES CPS V 15 1/8 15 1/2 3/9 2.41 20 1/2 7 3/8 6 6.748 162.063 DISNEY DIS N 36 36 1/2 1/2 1.36 47 5/8 32 1/2 14 31.894 1.148.184 FILMWAYS FWY A 8 3/8 8 1/4 1/P 1.51 9 7/8 6 7/8 6 2.579 21.599 FOUR STAR 1 1/8 1 1/9 1 1/4 3/4 11 666 749 GULF WESTERN Gh N 11 3/8 11 1/8 1/4 2.24 18 3/8 10 1/4 4 49.215 548.445 MCA MCA N 35 1/8 35 1/8 .35 42 3/4 32 8 18.554 651.709 AGM MGM N 27 1/4 25 1/2 1 3/4 6.86 23 16 12 14.111 384.524 TELETRONICS SERVICE 0 4 1/2 4 1/2 6 1/2 3 1/2 6 1,013 4.558 TRANSAMERICA TA N 14 13 1/2 1/2 3.70 16 1/2 13 1/2 6 66.928 936.992 20TH CENTURY -FOX TF N 22 1/2 20 7/8 1 5/P 7.78 25 7/8 10 4 7.684 172.890 WAPNFR WCI N 30 1/8 30 1/4 1/8 .41 32 3/4 25 3/4 6 14,352 432.354 WRATH ER AC1 A 9 8 5/ti 3/8 4.34 9 1/4 4 1/2 9 2.243 20.187

TOTAL 214,987 4.424254


BAUD INC. B800 0 24 1/4 24 1/2 - 1/4 1.'12 29 3/4 22 1/2 7 2.513 60.940 COMSAT CO N 3C 3/4 29 3/4 l 3.36 36 3/4 28 3/4 8 10,000 307.500 DOYLE DANE BERNSACH DOTE C 19 1/8 L9 1/4 - 1/8 .64 22 16 3/4 6 1.876 35.878 FOOTE CONE C .BELOING FC6 N 15 5/8 15 3/4 - 1/8 .79 18 14 3/4 7 2.304 36.000 GREY ADVERTISING GREY 0 29 29 32 16 1/2 5 716 20.764 INIERPt18L1C GROUP IPG N 26 1/8 26 3/4 - 5/8 2.33 39 1/4 27 1/2 7 2.387 62.360 MCI COWMUNICATIONS MCLC 0 4 1/4 3 1 1/4 41.66 4 1/4 7/8 43 20.137 85.582 MOVIELAB '0V A 1 1 1/8 - 1/0 11.11 3 1 7 1,410 1.410 P'PC VIOEOTRONICS* MPO A 5 5 9 4 7 520 2.600 A. C. NIELSEN NIELB 0 22 21 1/2 1/2 2.32 22 1/2 19 7/8 12 10.832 238.304 OGILVY C MATHER OGIL 0 37 3/4 37 1/2 1/4 .66 41 3/4 31 7 1.905 68.138 J. WALT. -. THOMPSON JNT N 23 1/2 23 1/4 1/4 1.07 24 5/8 13 1/8 e 2.649 62.251

TOTAL 57.149 981.727

Electronics /Manufacturing AEL INDUSTRIES AC LBA 0 4 1/2 4 1/2 6 2 3/9 5 1,672 7.524 AMPEX APR N 11 10 L 15.00 11 7 3/9 11 10.024 120.164 ARVIN INDUSTRIES ARV N 18 16 1/2 1 1/2 9.09 2.1 3/4 IA 1/2 4 5.959 107.262 CCA ELECTRONICS* CCA 0 5/8 5/0 5/8 1/8 3 897 560 CE TEC CFC A 3 1/2 3 1/4 1/4 7.69 3 L/2 1 3/4 il 1.654 5,789 CONU CON A 2 7/8 3 - 1/8 - 4.16 3 1/2 2 1/8 1.^79 5.114 C ONRAC CAX N 20 3/4 20 3/4 27 1/4 19 5/8 7 1.803 37.412 KODAK EASTMAN EASKD N 49 5/8 49 1/2 1/8 .25 86 3/4 49 1/2 13 161.369 8.007.936 FA'LINDN FARN o 8 8 1/4 - 1/4 - 3.03 12 ír 8 4.628 37,024 GENERAL ELECTRIC GE N 46 1/2 46 1/4 1/4 .54 56 5/8 45 10 184.531 °.563.016 HARRIS CORP. HRS N 40 1/2 39 3/4 3/4 1.88 45 3/4 28 11 12.164 492.642 .MARVEL INDUSTRIES* HARV 0 4 1/4 4 1/4 5 1/2 , 1/8 11 480 2.040 INTL. VIGE^ COPP. I VCP o 5/8 5/6 2 3/E 1/4 2.701 1.688 I4ICROWAVS ASSOC. INC MAI N 28 1/2 25 1/4 3 1/4 12.87 28 1/2 2, 1/4 11 1.320 37.620 ?N H4A N 47 1/2 46 1/4 1 1/4 2.70 57 45 1/4 14 115.265 5.475.087 M7 TOP OLA MOT N 36 1/4 35 5/3 5/e 1.75 56 7/8 34 1/4 11 28.544 1.034.720 N. AMERICAN PHILIPS NPH N 27 26 5/8 3/8 1.40 36 26 5/8 6 12.033 324.891 OAK INDUSTRIES N OAK 17 1/8 17 1/8 19 7 5/8 19 1.697 29.061 RCA RCA N 23 3/4 22 3/4 1 4.39 31 3/4 22 3/4 8 74.812 1.776.785 ROCKWELL reek INTL. N 29 29 36 3/4 2' 1/4 I 32.700 948.300 45C INOUSTRIES RSC A 1 7/8 7/8 1 2 3/8 I 5/8 8 2.690 5.043 SCIENTIFIC- ATLANTA SFA A 21 5/8 21 5/E 2.97 23 1/2 16 3/4 13 1.646 35.594 SONY COR °. SNE N 7 3/4 7 1/4 1/2 6.89 10 3/8 7 12 172,500 1036,875 TEKTRONIX TEf 35 34 I 2.94 6i 1/2 2P 1/4 12 17.804 623.140 TELEMAT ION TIMT 0 1 7/8 1/8 1,2.28 1 1/2 1 1.050 1.050 VARIAN ASSOCIATES VA. N 17 3/4 17 3/4 21 14 3/4 11 6.33E 121.374 WESTINGHOUSE NX 17 3/4 17 1/4 1/2 2.19 22 16 1/4 6 87.434 1.551.953 ZENITH ZE N 13 1/2 13 1/4 1/4 1.98 2A 13 1/4 18 18.811 254.043

TOTAL 565.762 30.963.707

G-. 4710 T1TAL 1.765.397 49.401.511

Standard & Poor's Industrial Average 99.7 108.7 -9.0

A- American Stock Exchange Over -the- counter bid prices supplied by 'Stock did not trade on Wednesday. closing PIE ratios are based on earnings per -share M- Midwest Stock Exchange Hornblower 6 Weeks. Hemphill -Noyes Inc.. price shown is last traded price. figures for the last 12 months as published N -New York Stock Exchange Washington. No PIE ratio is computed. company by Standard & Poor's Corp. or as obtained 0 -over the counter (bid price Shown/ Yearly high -lows are drawn from trading days registered net loss. through Broadcasting's own research. Earn- P- Pacilic Stock Exchange reported by Broadcasting. Actual figures "'Stock split. ings figures are exclusive of extraordinary may vary slightly +Traded at less than 12.5 cents. gains or losses.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 80 Profile

Tom Leahy: engineering Mr. Leahy speaks of "nobody waiting to get a reading on what the house position a comeback for CBS's is," His philosophy, he says, is that "'I owned -and -operated TV's don't know' is an acceptable answer." but if you've got an opinion, "you'd better be Tom Leahy isn't one to rattle off his ac- able to defend it." complishments. Be it modesty, admiration The flexibility that he hopes to bring to for his colleagues or team strategy, he's his staffers apparently was the same as he quick to direct attention from himself. brought to clients. Mike Moore, senior Ask about his first job in broadcasting, vice president and director of media man- as an NBC -TV page, and he'll talk about agement at Benton & Bowles advertising, being "allowed to stand next to and says: "He is the kind of guy who will ask among the movers and shakers." Look for the question: 'How can we work it out ? "' the reasons he was chosen last September And when Mr. Moore calls him "a very as president of the CBS Television Stations good businessman with honesty that Division and he'll mention being "lucky shows through" and with "talent written enough" to have worked with people from all over him," it's an appraisal similar to whom he could learn. one offered by Ted Shaker, president of What Mr. Leahy doesn't mention is that the Arbitron Co. He's a "fast study," Mr. he faces the major challenge -and what Thomas Francis Leahy -president, CBS Shaker says, adding that Mr. Leahy is could be the major accomplishment -of Television Stations Division; b. June 30, 1937, foresighted and innovative enough to anti- his career thus far. Tom Leahy is a man New York; BEE, electrical engineering, cipate and respond to crises before they with a big assignment: to restore the Tiff- Manhattan College, New York, 1959,; active occur. any group of CBS owned- and -operated TV duty, U.S. Army Reserve, 1960; page, NBC-TV, In particular, Mr. Shaker recalls that it stations to the prominence that lately has 1958 -59; salesman, Link Aviation, Binghamton, was through Mr. Leahy's urgings and been slipping away. N.Y., 1959 -60; account executive positions at "perserverance" about five years ago that ABC daytime television network, 1960-61; Try to find out what he plans for the Arbitron uncovered and corrected a prob- wct+ry Chicago (New York office), 1961 -62; division and he'll say: to "people [it] with lem regarding its diary records of late -eve- wces -Tv New York, 1962 -64; CBS -TV Chicago, that can grow accept those individuals and 1964 -66; CBS -TV New York, 1966 -69; director ning viewing. responsibility." of daytime sales, CBS -TV New York, 1969 -71; Although he admits missing the It's a management philosophy that's vice president, CBS Television Stations, "hands -on" responsibility that he had as close to home. Back in 1960, the ABC 1971 -73; vice president, general manager, general manager of WCBS -TV, Mr. Leahy sales force took a chance on a young man wcesrv, 1973 -77; present position since claims now to be reaping the rewards to be with an engineering background and once September 1977; m. Patti Flanagan, May 5, had from "orchestrating people "- direct- he made it over to CBS two years later, it 1962; children -Patti Ann. 14: Allison. 12. and ing, encouraging and "hopefully inspir- was a steady progression up the organiza- Thomas Jr., 9. ing" his staff. tion. Aside from working with packagers to Tom Leahy's entry-level job in broad- develop new program types for the 7:30 casting was more for convenience than out He entered the management ranks in p.m. access-time period, personnel is a of any great love for the business. The 1969 when he became director, daytime major priority for Mr. Leahy. By hiring hours required of an NBC -TV page sales. In 1971 he was repositioned with the people who can grow with the company, he meshed well into his schedule as an CBS owned- and -operated TV stations, in is looking to create a "farm team" of electrical engineering student at Manhat- the newly created role of vice president, sorts. Over -all, he claims that "we have an tan College in his native New York. sales. Next came the job of vice president ample supply of effective, efficient man- Although he "applied cold" for the job, and general manager for WCBS -TV in 1973 agers" but "where we're running dry" is without any broadcasting aspirations, the and last year the presidency of the division on those who bring "imagination" and experience started him thinking. responsible for WCBS -TV, WBBM -TV "creativity." When graduation came a year later in Chicago, WCAU -TV Philadelphia, KMOX -TV While his hours extend beyond 9 -5, Mr. 1959, however, he was hesitant to forsake St. Louis and KNXT(TV) Los Angeles, as Leahy's time isn't exclusively CBS's. his hours in engineering classes. As he well as CBS Television Stations National When not with his wife, Patti, and three puts it, he "went legit," taking a job as Sales, the representative arm of the five children (a fourth is due in March) at his sales trainee for Link Aviation in stations. suburban New York home, he's likely to Binghamton, N.Y. An active -duty stint in It's been a long time and innumerable be filling organizational board seats both in the U.S. Army Reserve followed and by client calls since Tom Leahy was debating and out of broadcasting. mid -1960, Mr. Leahy was back in New how hard it would be to transfer engineer- A glance at his resume shows him as a York City -and back in broadcasting. ing credits and switch his studies. In board member of the Greater New York In approaching a career in television retrospect, he's glad he didn't. Electrical Red Cross, a trustee of the Big Brothers, sales, Mr. Leahy's own self-confidence engineering courses may not be the classic not to mention activities that don't stop proved his best credential. "I knew ins- way into television sales but he says the with the boards of the New York State tinctively I could do it," he recalls. His ins- discipline taught him the "mental gym- Broadcasters Association and the Interna- tincts didn't steer him wrong. nastics" necessary to get to the heart of a tional Radio and Television Society. From ABC -TV to the New York sales problem -with emphasis on the "practi- Closest to his heart, however, is his role office of WON -Tv Chicago, through the cal" and the "bottom line." as a trustee of Fordham Preparatory sales teams of was-Tv New York and the Yet getting to that bottom line doesn't School, his alma mater -a "hold -out of CBS -TV network in New York and necessarily mean following pat formulas or quality" education, he says, in a now eco- Chicago, Mr. Leahy spent almost all of the carrying a rule book in hand. In describing nomically deprived section of the Bronx 1960's as an account executive. the kind of operation he's trying to run,, borough of New York.

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 81 EditorialsN

Everybody's medium casters, except those in small markets who feel threatened by the competition that cable can import. Elsewhere cable growth is pro- The principal programing of Sunday, Jan. 15, provided an instruc- ceeding at a rate that encourages broadcasters to think an over - tive exhibition of the range of service that television delivers to the -air system will be in business long after present mortgages are the American public. No two events could be less alike than the paid. memorial service for Hubert Humphrey in the rotunda of the This year the NAB's Distinguished Service Award will mean U.S. Capitol and the Super Bowl and related hysteria in New exactly what it says. Orleans. Only a miracle of modern science could produce a communica- tions system that can present both Isaac Stern and the Kilgore Where it belongs Rangerettes without electronically regurgitating. At one moment Robert Merrill singing The Lord's Prayer and at another a We do not intend to get into the merits of the dispute now, but we Denver cheerleader wriggling for a cameraman -and on the same think that Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., having decided to tube the same day. block any increase in network commercials on its TV stations, the Yet between the solemnity of the Humphrey memorial and was right in the way it implemented the decision. That is, gross excess of ballyhoo that is the Super Bowl there was a Westinghouse itself acted, instead of asking the government to can universality of experience that only television provide. How act. else could millions watch the farewell to a respected figure at the Westinghouse stations plan to cover with public- service an- that Capitol last Sunday morning and join the huge audience nouncements any network commercials in excess of the levels broke television attendance records at the raucous Super Bowl that existed on Jan. 1 (BROADCASTING, Jan. 16). Since only five that night? stations are involved -one ABC affiliate, two CBS and two a the whole Television is indeed mass medium, encompassing NBC -this in itself is not likely to deter any network from in- no better, and certainly no spectrum of public tastes. It can be creasing its commercial load if it wishes to do so. But it is a game worse, than the culture it reflects. other affiliates can play, and if enough feel as strongly about it as Westinghouse does, the problem for the networks could be quite formidable. Two for one Westinghouse did suggest that the help of "regulatory bodies" might be needed as a last resort. It may also be argued that Combined Communications Corp., which two weeks ago won Westinghouse won't really need to ask for government help, on FCC approval of its latest acquisition, WJLA -TV Washington, has the theory that the essence of the present dispute is encompassed been on a collector's binge. It has filled its portfolio of television in the elaborate petition that Westinghouse filed 16 months ago stations, is approaching the FCC limit in radio ownerships, has for a general FCC inquiry that is still very much around. picked up the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Oakland (Calif.) Di- Nevertheless, we like to see businessmen settle their bune, and last week it got Bert Lance. differences among themselves. It is hard to invoke regulatory help Mr. Lance has been hired as a commentator on Combined without at the same time invoking regulatory hindrance. Communications' television station in Atlanta, where he remains a popular figure no matter what those pointy- headed liberals in Washington say about him. Surely, however, the company will not deny itself access to Mr. Lance's nonjournalistic skills as well. Mr. Lance retains his palship with the President of the United States and old contacts with U.S. bankers. His attraction to an expan- sion- minded corporation with a liking for leverage is obvious. He may become a hotter property off camera than on.

At last

The selection of J. Leonard Reinsch to receive the 1978 Dis- tinguished Service Award of the National Association of Broad- casters :s a belated recognition of a career that should have been honored long ago. It is also an indication that broadcasters may be outgrowing a neurotic fear of cable. Matching Mr. Reinsch's record against that of several DSA re,. cipients who come to mind suggests how large a handicap he has carried into NAB councils when, before retirement, he headed both the broadcasting and cable operations of the Cox Broadcast- ing Corp. To the conventional broadcasters who tend to dominate NAB affairs, cable has been thought of as the enemy. Theré were Drawn for BROADCASTING by Sid Harns those who perceived less rigid colleagues, like Mr. Reinsch, to be traitors to their class. "Can 't complain. l'ue been in three commercials, a made-for -TV That attitude is diminishing among most television broad- movie and played the token black in seven series."

Broadcasting Jan 23 1978 82 x'r-. I

EASTMAN 7250 FILIVT A NEW HIGH -SPEED FILM FOR "ANIII.ABLE DARKNESS" If you've ever had to pass up a story for lack of light, we'd like you to know about new Eastman Ektachrome video news film high speed 7250 (tungsten). It is a companion film to our Ektachrome video news film 7240 and uses the same Process VNF 1 procedures. It is, however, far faster (EI 400), and it can be pushed two stops and still provide you with an image of excellent broadcast quality. It is an ideal solution for news assignments when additional lighting would be inappropriate or prohibitively expensive. For available light, available twilight, or "available darkness :' Kodak has a film to help you get the news. For literature or a call from one of our Sales and Engineering Representatives please write: Eastman Kodak Company, Dept. 640, Rochester, N.Y. 14650.

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Mobile multi -track recording console WBS Model 76042 (wBB) Tomorrow's Technology Today.

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