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BATTLING INJUSTICE 16 Women Nobel Peace Laureates 2017, Non Fiction, Biography/Memoir 496 Pages by Supriya Vani

BATTLING INJUSTICE 16 Women Nobel Peace Laureates 2017, Non Fiction, Biography/Memoir 496 Pages by Supriya Vani

BATTLING INJUSTICE 16 Women Nobel Peace Laureates 2017, non fiction, biography/memoir 496 pages by Supriya Vani

An authentic record of women's cultural history, told through the lives of some of the most remarkable women since modernity.

Malala Yousafzai, , , , - these women and others like them shaped the history of their peoples through their fight against political persecution, social deprivation and gender discrimination. The memorializes their achievements and courage and ability to inspire hope in others. Through the life portraits of sixteen women Nobel Peace laureates, peace activist and Supriya Vani ORIGINAL LANGUAGE argues that the fate of the world is inextricably tied to the emancipation of English, HarperCollins women, and that the cause of world peace urgently requires women leaders

AVAILABLE MATERIAL Since the inception of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1901, only sixteen women have English pdf ever had the honor of becoming a Nobel Peace Laureate. Supriya Vani profiles each one of these remarkable women, detailing their heroic deeds, vast RIGHTS accomplishments, and crucial wisdom. on behalf of the author World excl English (Indian Subcontinent) BATTLING INJUSTICE is a colourful and gripping depiction of courage told through the lives of women, who fought for social justice and spoke out for . We learn in what adverse circumstances they had exhibited that rare grit, determination, grandiose vision and tenacity of purpose in the pursuit of their cherished goals. These stories show how we have much to learn from the laureates, from the events that shaped their work to their inner journey of spirit.

An inspiration to all men and women and more particularly the youth of the world to work for world peace.

REVIEWS »Supriya Vani's book is for everyone across the globe, I am sure it will spur every soul to tread the path of selfless service to the humankind to pervade a life of peace and love instead of conflict and disputes.« Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Laureate

»The lives of the women Nobel Peace Laureates detailed in this book by Supriya Vani are clear evidence of my belief that women are naturally more sensitive to others' needs and well-being. They have a greater potential for expressing love and affection. Therefore, when, as now, compassionate leadership is required, women should take on a greater role in making this world a better place for all of us.«

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»Supriya Vani's stories of Nobel Peace Laureates amount to much more than a sincere tribute to some of the world's most fearless women. By bringing us their voices, their vulnerabilities, their wisdom, she inspires us all to make a difference in the world by tapping into our better angels.« Arianna Huffington

»This book by Supriya Vani is a true inspiration for all. Through the pages of this book, I call upon everybody to assume their responsibilities with utmost agility and honesty of purpose and work towards thecreation of a world that is happier, safer and peaceful for all.« , Nobel Peace Laureate

»This impressive book by Supriya Vani is not only a fitting honour to these 16 women Nobel Peace Laureates who dedicated their lives, often at great peril and self-sacrifice, to make our world a more peaceful one, but also an inspiration for generations to come; the young of the world today and the women of the future to follow in their footsteps and act as agents of change for a better world.« Fatou Bensouda- Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

»Supriya Vani's book effectively motivates people towards gender equality and inspire women to rise up with all their potentials. The book will inspire parents to not clip the wings of their daughters and let them fly and that makes the difference.«

»Supriya Vani's book pays tributes to some of the many women that forged themselves a path through a patriarchal world by confronting the social, cultural and political norms to create a better world for the future generations.« Najet Zammouri, Vice-President And Treasurer At The Tunisian Human Rights League, Nobel Peace Laureate

»This book is a monumental effort by a vivacious young woman with her eye on the human potential for goodness.« Sharon Stone

© Courtesy of the author

SUPRIYA VANI Supriya Vani is a noted peace activist and human rights campaigner, who has interviewed and discussed the issues of human rights and world peace with numerous Nobel Peace Prize laureates, international celebrities and world leaders, including Jacinda Ardern. She regularly speaks at universities and government embassies, and attends international gatherings and forums such as the world summit of Nobel Peace Prize laureates. She is a recipient of an honorary James Patterson fellowship from , Nashville, Tennessee, and a board member of the Hague Justice Portal and Caravan for Peace, an NGO with more than fifty international Olympians in partnership with Peace and Sport. Supriya’s debut book, Battling Injustice (published by HarperCollins India), based on her interviews with all the Women Nobel Peace Laureates, won her acclaim and endorsements from a number of prominent international figures, including Malala Yousafzai, , former United Nationes Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, , Arianna Huffington, Sharon Stone and His Holiness the . Supriya Vani lives in New York.

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