St Cyprian’s Christmas Fayre Saturday 24th November 2007 10am till 3pm

His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ Matthew 25:21(New International Version) The Magazine of St Cyprian’s Church Lenzie November 2007 1 Scottish Episcopal Church Vestry Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway @ (Chairman) Lay Representative@ Barbara Parfitt & Primus: 11A Kirkintilloch Road, Lenzie G66 4RW. The Most Revd. Idris Jones ) 776 0543 Bishop’s Office, Diocesan Centre Secretary@ Sally Pitches, Inchwood Cot- 5 St Vincent Pl., Glasgow G1 2DH tage, Kilsyth Road, Milton of Campsie, ) 0141-221 6911 fax 0141-221 6490 G66 8AL ) 01236 823880 email: [email protected] Treasurer Eric Parry, 9 Uist Drive, Kirkintilloch G66 ) 776 4991 Property Convenor Adrian Clark, Solsgirth Lodge, Langmuir Road, Kirkintilloch G66 Cyprian ) 776 2160 Elected Members Susan Frost, Paul Hindle, Moira Jamieson, Sandy Jamieson, David Parfitt, Vivienne Provan, Andy Robb, Kevin Wilbraham. Contacts The News Magazine of St. Cyprian’s Church, 3C Group@ Susan Frost 776 4135 Beech Road, Lenzie, Glasgow. G66 4HN Altar Guild@ Anne Carswell 776 3354 Scottish Charity No. SC003826 Altar Servers Eric Parry 776 4991 Alt. Lay Rep@ Glennis Tavener 775 2895 The Scottish Episcopal Church is in full Bible Rdg Fellowship Prim Parry 776 4991 communion with the Church of England and Car Pool Eric Parry 776 4991 all other churches of the Anglican Fair Trade@ Vivienne Provan 776 6422 Communion throughout the world Gift Aid@ Aileen Mundy 578 9449 Rector Hall Bookings@ David Parfitt 776 0543 Link@ Kathryn Potts 578 0734 The Revd. Geoff Scobie, Magazine@ Paul Hindle 776 3237 3 Norfolk Cres., Bishopbriggs, fax 578 3706 Glasgow G64 3BA Pastoral Visiting@ ) 0141-772 2907 Moira Jamieson 775 1161 email: [email protected] Protection Officer@ Kathryn Potts 578 0734 Reader Emeritus: Reg Council Rep Vacant Gordon W. Moore Scottish Bible Society@ Pastoral Assistants: Glennis Tavener 775 2895 Moira Jamieson ) 775 1161 Social@ Andy Robb 578 1220 Eric Parry ) 776 4991. Sunday Coffee Val Fallon 776 2767 Tear Fund@ Vivienne Provan 776 6422 Music Team Youth@ David Jamieson 775 1161 ) Fred Gunnee 578 1937 @ These people can be contacted through email: [email protected] email by using the Mary Boyd ) 776 2812 ) job/group name before the @ without any David Jamieson 775 1161 spaces, e.g., [email protected]. 2 Rector’s Letter

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter, my mind is focused asking in order to get a response? There is a on the Gospel for the coming Sunday, resounding ‘No!’ to all these questions. So what is the answer? Trying to understand the Luke 18 vv1-8. In this passage, Jesus is point of the parable takes us to the more gener- teaching about persistence in prayer. al question, why do we need to pray at all? Prayer is such a vital part of the Chris- After all God knows our needs, God knows tian life and yet we can only ever what He is going to do, He doesn’t need us to scratch the surface of its meaning and tell Him what needs to be done. incredible power to comfort and to Luke’s introduction to this parable may change. give us a clue. He says Jesus told them the parable about “their need to pray always and It is worth saying at the onset that prayer is not to lose heart.” In other words, prayer is for for every Christian, no matter what your tal- us, not for God. God does not need our prayers, ents, skills, or circumstances. It should be our but praying helps us!! We often claim that first and last resource not only in times of prayer changes things. Perhaps it would be trouble but in our daily living. However, like more accurate to say that prayer changes us many aspects of our Christian faith, we are and then we change things. After all, we are asked to act without fully understanding why God’s body in the world. God wants us to operate in this particular way. So what happens when we pray? The ma- In Luke’s Gospel passage Jesus tells the jor factor is that as we pray we are focused on story of the Unjust Judge and the Persistent God and our priorities begin to change; we are Widow. The judge has no interest, or concern, better able to reflect God’s love for the world. about the widow’s case but because of her As we focus on Him, we also begin to see more persistence he gives her justice to get her off clearly the needs of those around us and begin his back. How much more, Jesus says, will to pray more effectively for them. Prayer God, who is interested and concerned about us, enables us to put our problems and difficulties give justice quickly to His people. into perspective. In this way, the psychological The parable seems fairly straightforward stress we suffer is relieved as we are enabled to until we ask ourselves what our persistent resolve hurts, conflicts and problems. Prayer prayer is meant to achieve? Is God not paying changes our attitude to what is worrying us so attention to our plight? Is He not interested in that we can cope. Other people notice the the problems we face? Do we need to keep on change in us and this continued overleaf 3 from previous page results in a change in Finally, may I thank all those who unani- them and their attitude. This is for me the way mously registered their support for me to con- God works in the world, through the prayer life tinue at St Cyprians at the Congregational of an individual. meeting. I was delighted with the outcome. I have not addressed the question of how The Vestry Secretary has written to the Bishop our prayers affect God. But I don’t think we and we now await his reply. will know that until we are with Him in heaven. Our task is simply to keep praying and to Yours in Christ, watch as God changes the world through our prayers. Geoff

Pastoral Care During November please pray especial- One of the important purposes of ly for: Christ’s church is to provide the love · Revd David Wostenholm and the congre- and care we all need. gation of St Matthew, Possilpark, as he If you, or anyone you know, would like begins his ministry there. a visit from a or the opportunity for a confidential chat and a prayer, please con- · For all families in our local communities tact the Rector, Revd. Geoff Scobie, who affected by war and conflict, as we ap- will be happy to help in any way he can. proach Remembrance Sunday on 11th No- St. Cyprian’s also has a number of peo- vember. ple who are authorised to visit and simply · For our Anglican Communion and the be a trusted friend who can be there to listen preparations for the Lambeth Conference if you wish. Geoff can put you in touch of in 2008, remembering especial- with an appropriate person that may be best ly Bishop Idris who will represent our Epis- qualified to help. Please telephone Geoff on copal Church as Primus. 0141-772 2907.

Magazine Deadline The Link The next issue of Cyprian Life should be For the latest information about events available in Church on Sunday 2nd De- at St Cyprian’s, please check the Link cember. each week in Church or on our web site, Please pass notes, articles, photographs and . anything else that may be of interest to other The Link in Word format and this magazine members of the congregation to me by 18th in pdf format can be downloaded by clicking November in order to give time for typesetting on the links on the Publications page. If you and printing. Electronic format is preferred would like to add an event to the Link and/or since this is usually quicker and more accurate. the website, please email the details to This will be a two-month issue. Thank you. [email protected] or phone Kathryn Paul Hindle Potts on 0141 578 0734. 4 On the afternoon of Sunday 30th Sep- The Covenant commits each tradition to developing the already shared ministry at St tember 2007 a Covenant was signed in John’s and to continue to provide a place of St John’s Scottish Episcopal Church, worship for those seeking not only to witness Dumfries, between the Diocese of Glas- in the Episcopal but also in the Methodist gow and Galloway and the Glasgow Cir- tradition and to forge stronger ties between cuit of the Methodist Church in them. As part of the arrangement the Rector of Scotland. St John’s will become an Associate Methodist Minister and St John’s will be listed in both the The words of the Covenant include the Methodist and Scottish Episcopal directories. following: We shall seek to widen our Ecu- menical Partnership to invite and include all Part of the celebrations included the dedi- other Churches in Dumfries, wherever possi- cation of St John’s new porch windows and ble, so that our working together may be as glass doors engraved by David Gulland, a glass wide as possible and our diversity not hindered artist and member of St John’s congregation. by ongoing dis-union and rivalry. The doors display engraved logos of the re- In this spirit, it was signed during a ‘Big spective churches below traditional symbols of Sing’ of Charles Wesley’s hymns (to celebrate the Christian faith. his tercentenary) to which singers from all the It was great to be part of this celebration in Christian churches in the Dumfries area were Dumfries where such a model of local ecumen- invited. Over 400 people witnessed the cove- ical partnership can show the way forward to nant signing and I certainly thought the roof other churches in Scotland who are seeking would be lifted off as the first hymn “O for a closer links. thousand tongues to sing” resounded through Revd Sandy Montgomerie the church. Ecumenical Relations Coordinator

Action Group for Spirituality GLASGOW CHAMBER CHOIR November concert Saturday 24th November 2007 7.30pm Saturday 8th December 2007 St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, 10am for 10.30am - 4pm approx Great Western Road, Glasgow We shall explore the glorious world of the A quiet day is to be held in each of the court of Louis XIV, coupled with moving seven regions of the Diocese at the same works by Parisian masters of the twentieth time. The one for our region, Glasgow century, Poulenc and Durufl. North-East will be held at St Matthew’s, For information and for tickets, please visit Possilpark in Balmore Road, Glasgow. 5 Signs & Symbols A group of eight Christians visited the explained: “Those who go in the sanctuary take church in India recently and learned off their shoes. everyone else keeps theirs on.” something about church floors. Aaagh. Simple really. To accentuate the Importance of the sanctuary area, it was the When they arrived at the church where only part of the building with a carpet. Every- Sunday worship was to be held, they decided where else was a painted concrete floor. to take off their shoes. We’d got it into our “I must say, I’ve never preached in my heads that as you take off your shoes to enter socks before!,” she confessed later. “It really peoples houses because of hygiene and the did make me think differently about where I condition of the roads that one walks upon that walk. The feel of the floor under my feet, the we’d take our shoes off to enter the church. temperature. the bumps and indentations, the This idea was reinforced when the Bishop potential hazards, and so on.” from the Diocese they were visiting, took his We often think of God as “ground”; Moses shoes off and left them at the door. So we stood on “Holy Ground” when God spoke to followed him and left our shoes at the door and him; we talk about Christ as our “Sure Founda- in the eight of us went. The local people com- tion”; we say that Jesus is “The rock on which ing in behind us did the same. But halfway I stand” down the aisle the Bishop said “No, no. put on This month, have a think about what you your shoes.” stand on. What holds up your life? Perhaps So back the English went to their shoes, have a look at the reality of the floor in your and put them on. Seeing that, the local people church building and see what it may say to you went and retrieved theirs also. about God and where you walk. Then the Bishop spoke to the one ordained Revd. Jo White English clergywoman there and said: “No, no, Contributed by Vivienne Provan take off your shoes.” At her bewilderment, he

‘It was a pity. My flatmate had a wonderful first experience of Christmas, but there was no place for me.’ (Chinese student)

For 20 dred more had to be disappointed and none years, more so than the many who were hoping for HOST has invitations in Scotland. been linking If you think you might be able to offer an in- international vitation this Christmas, please look at students at British, or call HOST’s voluntary universities with volunteer hosts, for short, regional organiser: Anne-Marie Ringler on enjoyable and mutually beneficial visits. Last 01698 386100. HOST is a registered charity, year, several hundred adults, from all over the founded by the British Council and the For- world, enjoyed discovering Christmas in pri- eign and Commonwealth Office, to promote vate homes across the UK. Sadly, several hun- international friendship and understanding. 6 Stop Human Trafficking cuit, the Baptist From 2-6 p.m. on Saturday 8th Septem- Union, the Ro- ber, George Square rang with the sound man Catholic of Christian bands and solo artists. The Church, the event was staged to highlight the prob- United Free lems of human trafficking in Glasgow. Church of Scot- The Primus of the Scottish Episcopal land, the Moth- Church opened with prayer. Baillie ers’ Union and Catherine McMaster spoke on behalf of the Evangelical the Glasgow City Council. Alliance. Thirty stewards in their bright Freedom for All T- This was the first time Christians from dif- ferent denominations and churches had staged such an event in George Square. The programme in- cluded the Korean and Perth choirs who were memorable followed by rappers whose enthusi- asm held the youngsters’ attention in the crowd. There were bands and solo artists. There were about 200 people stand- ing or sitting and listen- ing at any one time. The speakers were very eloquent. They shirts circulated and collected 1,500 signatures explained how trafficking was a form of mod- for the petition. ern day slavery: The need for society to be- Trafficking is big business - £4 million a come aware that year. It requires a political will, backed up by trafficking was public concern to rescue the victims and jail happening in cit- the traffickers. That is why we are asking peo- ies all over the ple to sign a petition which we will present to UK, including the Scottish Government at the end of Novem- Glasgow. ber. We are also asking churches to have a Speakers in- retiring collection to help us continue to fund cluded a Bishop the event and the petition. Trafficking and from Kenya, the traffickers prey on vulnerable women and chil- Salvation Army, dren, suffering poverty and adversity. Their the Methodist nightmare is on a scale we cannot imagine. Glasgow Cir- Enid Scobie 7 acts Service Thursday, 11th October 2007 Kirkintilloch Baptist Church

This provided a great opportunity to experience the new Baptist Church in action. With over a hundred in the con- gregation and good representation from all the affiliated churches, we explored more of the horrendous information and statistics regarding human traffick- ing throughout the world with special reference to the problems in Glasgow. We were shown two DVDs and Geoff gave a powerful presentation all drawing our atten- tion to the size of the problem within our midst. Father Hurley led the evening thoughtfully in prayer. This was a poignant last official duty for the Lenzie and Kirkintilloch ACTS Group as he retires from St Ninian’s on 21st October. Rousing music was led by the Baptist Group with keyboard, drums, guitar and young sing- ers (below). Following her move to Drumchapel five weeks ago, Audrey Jamieson, who has steered the ACTS group with immense enthusiasm ing gift and thanked her for all her efforts and over the last couple of years, returned to read inspiration (below). the Bible text. Geoff presented her with a leav- Concordia (opposite page right) sang the spiritual “Deep River” to lead into the Message that was given by Iain Whyte (opposite page left) who has been consultant to the National ACTS working group in 2007 and was former secretary to 8 Christian Aid. His highly informed sermon traced the history of slavery through the years, putting today’s problems in a long term per- spective and drawing attention to key events along the way. Finally, representatives from the local ingful act of prayer for everyone and there was churches came forward to participate in Inter- a strong feeling of unity amongst all present. cessions that addressed those in the community As a final act, those who had not signed the trapped and enslaved by problems of modern petition seeking government action in this area, day existence (above). They were depicted on were invited to record their support. a very profoundly moving banner created by Altogether, it proved a powerful and suc- the young people of the Friday Night Live cessful ecumenical exercise. It highlighted the youth group of KBC (left). We sought forgive- very strong message that in the 200 years since ness and release from the shackles of these the official abolition of slavery, it remained a evils that included, abuse, greed, depression, major problem and concern within our com- poverty, racism, hatred, anger and addiction. munity today. We prayed for freedom through the love of Mary Boyd Christ and that people could be freed from Hon Secretary these and all other elements that distort and Kirkintilloch & Lenzie ACTS Group seek to destroy our lives. It was a very mean-

9 St Cyprian’s Christmas Fayre Saturday 24th November 2007 10am - 3pm Lenzie Public Hall

This is our big fundraiser of the year and we need your help to make it a success. The help required and the tim- Jewellery ing are illustrated opposite. In particu- lar we need extra help to move things Wanted from the Church Hall on Friday and to The Jewellery Stall at the Christmas clear the Public Hall on Saturday after- Fayre is looking for any unwanted noon. Also the stall-holders need help items of jewellery—beads, necklac- with donations (see adjacent panels for es, bangles, bracelets, earrings, particular appeals), setting up and brooches, rings, watches etc. plus clearing up (the ‘suspects’ are shown unwanted jewellery and watch box- overleaf). es. Please hand to Anne Carswell or leave in the Choir Vestry. Thank you. Crafts Wanted Finished or Home Baking Unfinished Lots of home baking is needed for The Craft Stall team is making a the Home Baking Stall and for the plea for crafts especially knitting Tearoom. Please see Val Fallon and Avril Critchlow for details of what is They are also very happy to receive needed and how it should be pre- half finished items provided they are hand- pared for use on the stall or in the ed in early enough for them to be finished tearoom. in time for the Fayre. Many thanks from the craft ‘team’ Pam The home baking stall can also sell Bentley, Mary Stephens, Prim Parry and jams and sweets, Glennis Tavener. It is Glennis who is willing to finish Many thanks. items.

10 Friday

Church Hall opens 10am for collection of tables, crockery, donations, etc.

Lenzie Public Hall ready for stall-holders to start setting up 11.15am. Hall open till 4pm and then from 6.45pm till 9pm. Gill Inglis’ garage at 10.30am for collection of books. Saturday

Public Hall opens at 9am for final setting up. 10am to 3pm Christmas Fayre in full swing!

2.30pm strong helpers arrive to assist with clearing.

11 St Cyprian’s “Who dun it?” Aileen in the Kitchen with the tongs Glennis in the Daphne in Sewing Room the Ballroom with the needle with the candlestick or tree Saturday Jane in the 24 Nov 2007 orangery with the Gill in the Library 9am onwards wreath

Avril in the Conservatory with the teapot

Val in the Morning Room with the Cake stand

12 St Cyprian’s “Who dun it?” Come andthe joinfun! Anne in the Pat & Paul Daphne in Study with in the the Ballroom the diamond Games room encrusted with the hat-pin Bottle of candlestick poisoned wine

Mike in Gill in the Library the Hall with the with the Bag of encyclopaedia money

Kathryn in the Nursery Val in the with the Morning Room with Teddy the Cake stand

13 2007 Poppy Appeal

This year’s appeal comes at a crucial It’s not just older people time for The Royal British Legion. who benefit Once again, events in Iraq and Afghan- from Poppy istan have shown us the very high hu- Support. The Legion man cost of conflict, and it is clear that helps people of all ages, the work of The Royal British Legion is providing financial, social needed now more than ever. and emotional help to all those who have been affected It is just weeks since we launched our Hon- by conflict and increasingly we see younger our the Covenant campaign, lobbying for im- people coming to us for help. Beneficiaries proved conditions for the Service community range from children to widows, from single and clearly there is much still to be done to mothers to pensioners, in fact anyone who achieve this. finds themselves in need. Some 10.5 million Our annual Poppy Appeal is the Legion’s people – that’s one in six of the UK population major fundraising campaign and our aim this - are eligible to approach us for help. year is to raise an unprecedented £27.5 million allowing us to continue the work that means so The 2007 Poppy Appeal campaign high- much to the thousands of serving and ex-Serv- lights the following stark facts about those in ice people and their families who approach The need of assistance from The Royal British Le- Royal British Legion every year for help. gion. Last year the Appeal raised a record total of · 900,000 ex-Service people with a disability £26 million and yet this only accounts for a 180,000 ex-Service people without visitors third of the £75.5 million required to carry out · the Legion’s work. Much of this money goes · 40,000 families who need our support to fund Poppy Support, the Legion’s range of welfare services set up to support those who Over the last year the number of beneficiar- have served and continue to serve in the British ies of our work aged 35 or under has increased Armed Forces. This year we have added new by 30%. This strongly points to a growing need Poppy Support services to increase the range for our services among younger serving and and breadth of ways in which are able to sup- ex-Service people port the ex-Service community. With British Service people on active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq and in many other Advance Notice parts of the world, a large proportion of whom Christmas Decorating are currently under 30, the Legion’s role of safeguarding the welfare and interests of serv- The church will be decorated for the ing and ex-Service people will be needed for Christmas Festival on Saturday 22nd De- many years to come. cember at 9am. More than 16,000 British Service men and Donations of flowers, holly and ivy would women have been killed or injured on active be much appreciated. service since 1945 in conflicts up to the present Many thanks day, including Bosnia, the Falklands, Afghani- Anne Carswell stan and Iraq. 14 Advent Reflections African Evening Advent Sunday Friday 16th November, 2007 2nd December 2007 7.30pm 6.30pm Rev Dr Lukas Njenga will speak about St. David’s Memorial his life in Kenya, and his work in Glas- gow. There will also be an opportunity Park Church to learn about MU projects in that Kirkintilloch country. An evening of music and verse There will be an African Singing Group with Concordia and African music. African food will be served. Promises to be a great evening. All Welcome All Welcome

This magazine incorporates selected [email protected] or c/o Glasgow items from the Diocesan News. Those & Galloway Diocesan Centre, 5 St Vincent ) articles have the heading style of this Place, Glasgow. G1 2DH 0141 221 item. It is published ten times per year 5720/2694. Any copy for the next issue should by the Scottish Episcopal Church, Unit- be sent to Ali. The deadline is Monday 12th November 2007. ed Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway. Please let me know about what is important If you would like to read all the available to you. It is great to be able to report family news, please contact me. Normally, the news events and things happening in our local com- can be downloaded from the diocesan website: munity., but at the time The views expressed in Cyprian Life and of writing, the recent issues are not on-line. the Diocesan News are not necessarily those of The DNS Editor role is being covered by the Editor of either publication or the Diocesan the Revd Ali Chesworth, Convenor of the Di- Information and Communications Group. ocesan Information and Communications Paul Hindle Group, ) 0141 959 3730 or e-mail: 15 Under the diocesan constitution, the · Obtaining successors for the outgoing Di- Bishop’s Staff Group is responsible to ocesan Treasurer, and Surveyor the Diocesan Council for the day-to-day · New developments in Scottish Charities management of the Diocese and its re- legislation sources. It accounts for its actions and · Support for a book on Glasgow - Medieval decisions at each Council meeting. City In addition it reports after each meeting to · Monitoring Child Protection compliance each Region, Diocesan Council member, and · Ministry to young people through DNS to the diocese. It currently consists of the Bishop, the · Dissolution of St George’s, Maryhill Dean, the Provost, the Synod Clerk (as one of · Arrangements for Diocesan Synod and the diocesan trustees), the Diocesan Treasurer Special Synod and the Diocesan Secretary · Arrangements for and reporting to Dioce- san Council meetings Over the past year the Staff Group has dealt · Conveners for Interfaith and Education with the following matters: · Guidance of vestry treasurers · Proposed Diocesan Festival, subsequently dropped due to lack of support · St Matthew Centre · Vacancies at: South Ayrshire, Bishop- · Compliance with Health and Safety legisla- briggs, King’s Park, Possilpark, Lenzie, tion Kilmarnock, Renfrew & Johnstone, Cam- · the Chathouse and Heart of the City buslang& Uddingston, Cumbernauld, Ca- · the Diocesan loan to the cathedral thedral, Kirkcudbright & Gatehouse of · Cathedral Support Grant Fleet, Gourock, Clarkston · Negotiations with Argyle Energy to supply · Further development and support of the power to charges and rectories Drumchapel Partnership · Consultations on the draft Anglican Cove- · Construction project at St Mark’s, East Kil- nant bride · Administrative support for the Human · Management committee of the St George’s Trafficking Rally Building · Diocesan information and communications · Gothenburg Diocesan Partnership · Monitoring management accounts · Arrangement for the purchase of new flat for the Cathedral · General Synod pre-meeting · Fees for Funerals, etc · Monitoring the work of the Property Com- mittee · Winding up the diocesan Special Projects Fund The Staff Group is also responsible for the operation of the Diocesan Centre under the 16 ‘The Cathedral of The Isles’ is offering the following group retreats in the early part of 2008: February 22nd-28th: ‘A Celtic Monastic Experience’ Prayer, plainsong, calligraphy, walking meditations, community activities, a visit to a Celtic monastery, ‘lectio divina’, personal spiritual guidance and the Daily Office. For a few days come and be part of a Celtic, monastic community. March 10th-13th: ‘Life Through Imprisonment’ A study of the life and writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Readings and lectures to discover how confinement can be creative. April 6th-10th: ‘Jesus the Jew’ An exploration of the religious background of Jesus ministry tracing his path through a Jewish childhood, his liturgy and his life as an adult practising Jew. April 25th-30th: ‘Celtic Art and Poetry’ An examination of the history of the Celts through manu- scripts, artwork, poetry and the monastic life including a visit to carved stones and a Celtic monastery.

For details of further group retreats led by Helen Hamil- ton and ‘Music breaks’ led by Alastair Chisholm, please view our website: Helen Hamilton trained as a teacher, worked as a prison governor and became an Anglican religious before reading for degrees in Jewish/Christian liturgy at London and Cam- bridge. She has been Warden of The Cathedral and College, Isle of Cumbrae since 2006 and offers individual guided retreats, spiritual guidance and counselling to guests. management of Mrs Jean Graham. The staff here carry out a wide range of duties including: · Liaison with the General Synod Office · Maintaining diocesan accounts · Custody of title deeds and other documents · Arranging deputising cover for charges af- · Office support for action networks and di- fected by transition and illness ocesan committees · Providing administrative and office support · Providing all logistical and administrative for the Bishop and Primus services for Synods · PAYE on behalf of charges who require · Maintaining records as required by the such help Canons, Charities law, and other legislation Gib FitzGibbon · Dealing with queries from within and out- Diocesan Secretary with the diocese

17 Vestry Notes

There have been two vestry meetings as Rector, if this since the summer break, held on 15th was the wish of August and 26th September respective- the Vestry and the congregation as a ly. whole, and both he and the Vestry The Vestry have considered and supported members all a range of different items, including agreed that the most desirable outcome would · The formation of a new Mothers Union be to have the Rector appointed as an incum- branch at St Cyprian’s bent. They also agreed that it would be appro- priate for the issues of where to have the Peace Creating a new office in the church for · in the service, to be raised at the meeting, administration · The SEC booklet on “Protecting Vulnera- Stewardship ble Adults”, which provides helpful guid- Glennis Tavener has been co-opted as a ance on good practice in this area new member on the Vestry, and will be able to · A report on the very successful anti Slavery advise specifically on this area, as she is the event held on Saturday 8th September in North East Regional Council representative on George Square, which went very well, and the Diocesan Stewardship Committee. the proposed subsequent petition, and dis- Financial cussion with government, seeking im- Various letters of thanks have been re- proved facilities for rescued women. ceived for donations from St Cyprian’s. The Property Treasurer has reported on issues regarding fire Various property matters have been dis- inspection and fire equipment training, copy- cussed and a number of repairs and upgrades, right renewal, the Rectory letting and the im- such as the new sound system, notice boards, pact of the new charity legislation. repairs to lighting, gutter clearance etc have He has prepared the draft accounts, which been actioned in the church and hall. The were discussed fully with the Vestry at the Vestry have considered the various storage and October meeting, prior to the AGM. He also container options, and after looking at planning confirmed that David Calder, Treasurer of requirements, have agreed that the best way Lenzie Old Church, had kindly agreed to be the forward will be to purchase a metal storage Independent Examiner. The Vestry were hap- shed. The Property group will look at the py to approve this appointment, which will, of possibility of organising a team to repaint in course, require to be ratified by the congrega- the church, under the heaters. tion at the AGM. Rector Appointment Church groups The Vestry have also considered, at length, The Vestry received reports from a number the various potential options, for the appoint- of church groups: ment of a Rector, in advance of the Congrega- · The Marketing Group, who have worked tional meeting held on 30 September. The with the new website, produced an infor- Vestry were very pleased that Rev Dr Scobie mation leaflet and is looking at other pro- indicated that he would be happy to continue motional resources. 18 Invitation The Coach House, Balmore, 14th November, 10.30am-5pm Bearsden Public Hall, 28th November, 10am

Each year, The Balmore Coach House dedicates part of its profits on one day to help The Caledonian Award. This is The Caledonian Award’s annual awards an ideal time to go along and have a ceremony takes place on Wednesday 28th coffee or a meal and to buy cards and November. Everyone is invited to attend, but gifts as well as Traidcraft and other fair please let Susan Frost, the Award Director trade goods. So please go along on know by Monday 12th November so she can organize the catering etc. Here office number Wednesday the 14th. You’ll be able to is 0141 931 5678 or 0141 943 1445, email: support two good causes at the same [email protected], fax 0141 time. The Coach House is located at the 942 9562. The ceremony takes place at cross-roads in Balmore, on the A807 one Bearsden Public Hall, 69 Drymen Road, mile west of Torrance. Bearsden, G61 3QT, which is also the Award’s postal address.

· The Constitutional Group, who have pro- duced a report and a draft constitution with several proposed changes, following the Girlguiding Cormack report, and the recent changes in charity law. Award for · The Pastoral Group, who are undertaking visits to members on the congregational list. Sally · The Social Group, who have held a number of events recently, such as the very success- Our Vestry Secretary, Sally Pitches, ful beetle drive. who is Executive Director of · The 3Cs group, who organised the recent Girlguiding Scotland, has received jumble sale and are busy planning other the Scottish Chief Commissioner’s community and fund raising activities Award for her contribution to guid- · The Music Group, which will be extended ing locally, nationally and internally to include one or two member of the con- both as a staff member of the organ- gregation on this group to help with sug- isation and as volunteer. gestions for the church music. Sally Pitches We send our congratulations to Sally Vestry Secretary and thank her for all she is doing for St Cyprian’s as a volunteer here too.

19 Anglican & Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Daily Prayers:- and nursing homes NOVEMBER 14th For hospital chaplains and the ministry 1st Thanksgiving for living fellowship of healing. 2nd The departed 15th For relief from the continued struggles 3rd Those who mourn of the African peoples 16th For the poor and the orphaned Sunday 4th November (Margaret of Scotland; BBC Children in Need) ANGLICAN 17th For St Cyprian’s congregation, Vestry The people of the diocese of Ukwa in the and Geoff, our Interim Priest as we Province of the Niger Delta, Nigeria, and their prepare for our Annual General Meet- Bishop The Rt Revd Kelechi ing tomorrow DIOCESAN The Church of St Francis of Assisi, Kirkcud- bright and St Mary’s, Gatehouse of Fleet Sunday 18th November where there is a vacancy with the Revd Tony ANGLICAN Mann acting as Interim Priest The diocese of Waiapu in New Zealand and Daily Prayers:- Bishop John William Bluck 5th The work of the Mission Aviation Fel- DIOCESAN lowship, Scotland The churches of St James-the-Less in Bishop- 6th The people of the Sudan briggs with the Revds Shelley Marsh and Bry- 7th The Scottish Poppy Appeal and Gill an Owen; and St Matthew’s in Possilpark with Inglis the Revd David Wostenholm. 8th For those who died in war and their Daily Prayers:- families 19th For wisdom and integrity within the 9th For all ex-service men and women, Civil Service incapacitated by war 20th For the Diocesan Centre Staff; Jean 10th For the Erskine Hospital and nursing Graham and Christine Hughes home in Renfrew 21st Remembering Hiroshima: for a world free from nuclear weapons Sunday 11th November 22nd For the people of the Church of Ireland 23rd For the 3C Group as we preparation ANGLICAN for the Christmas Fayre The diocese of Vanuatu in Melanesia and their 24th For love, fellowship and happiness at Bishop The Rt Revd James Marvin Ligo our Christmas Fayre DIOCESAN The churches of St John the Evangelist in Dumfries with Revd Robin Paisley; and Christ Sunday 25th November Church in Dalbeattie with the Revds Kenneth ANGLICAN Stephen, Beryl Scott and Richard Stephens The diocese of Wellington in New Zealand and Daily Prayers:- their Bishop The Rt Revd Dr Thomas John 12th The National Meningitis Trust (21 Brown years old today) 13th Staff and patients in hospitals, hospices

20 DIOCESAN DECEMBER The Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin in 1st For all suffering with AIDS and for Glasgow (St Mary’s Cathedral), Provost Kel- those infected with HIV vin Holdsworth, the Revds Caroline McKillop and John Riches, and the Cathedral Chapter Sunday 2nd December Daily Prayers:- ANGLICAN 26th For the Scottish Episcopal Church and The diocese of West Texas in Province VII of +Idris, our Diocesan Bishop & Primus the USA and their Bishop, The Rt Revd Gary 27th For the Diocesan Information and Lillibridge also for The Rt Revd David Mitch- Communication Group; Ali Chesworth ell Reed and Ian Ansdell 28th For all at the Caledonian Award Pres- DIOCESAN The churches in the East End Team: St John entation in Bearsden; Susan Frost and the Evangelist, Baillieston; St Kentigern’s, Jenny Proctor Dennistoun; and St Serf’s, Shettleston with the 29th For the Park Centre and others like it, Revd Clive Wylie and John Woodley nationwide 30th For the people of Scotland and the Scottish Government (Andrew)

Sunday Readings and Readers

Trinity 22 Trinity 24 Advent 1 Nov 4, 2007 Nov 18, 2007 Dec 2, 2007 Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4 Isaiah 65:17-25 Isaiah 2:1-5 Eric Parry David Parfitt Enid Scobie Psalm 119:137-144 Psalm 98 Psalm 122 II Thess. 1:1-4, 11-12 II Thessalonians 3:6-13 Romans 13:11-14 Kathryn Potts Gordon Moore Moira Jamieson Luke 19:1-10 Luke 21:5-19 Matthew 24:36-44

Trinity 23 Sunday before Advent Nov 11, 2007 Nov 25, 2007 Haggai 1:15b-2:9 Jeremiah 23:1-6 Catherine Gunnee Vera Petzold Psalm 145:1-5, 17-21 Psalm 46 II Thess. 2:1-5, 13-17 Colossians 1:11-20 Vivienne Provan Glennis Tavener Luke 20:27-38 Luke 23:33-43

21 Kalendar

1 Nov (Thu) All Saints Day 10am Holy Communion in the Choir Vestry 2 Nov (Fri) All Souls Day 4 Nov Trinity 22 9.15am Holy Communion (said) (4th before 10.30am Sung Eucharist Advent) 3pm Holy Communion at Lillyburn 6.30pm Evening Service 8 Nov (Thu) 10am Holy Communion in the Choir Vestry 11 Nov Trinity 23 9.15am Holy Communion (said) (3rd before 10.30am Sung Eucharist with Act of Remembrance Advent) 6.30pm Evening Service Remembrance Day 14 Nov (Wed) Caledonian Award Day, Balmore Coach House 15 Nov (Thu) (Margaret 10am Holy Communion in the Choir Vestry (16th)) 16 Nov (Fri) Margaret of African Evening in the Hall with Revd Dr Lukas Njenga Scotland (1093) 18 Nov Trinity 24 9.15am Holy Communion (said) (2nd before 10.30am Sung Eucharist Advent) 12noon (approx) Annual General Meeting in the Church Hall (after the 10.30am service) 6.30pm Evening Service

22 Nov (Thu) 10am Holy Communion in the Choir Vestry 23 Nov (Fri) Preparation for Christmas Fayre 24 Nov (Sat) 10am - 3pm Christmas Fayre in Lenzie Public Hall 25 Nov Last Sunday of 9.15am Holy Communion (said) Trinity 10.30am Sung Eucharist (Sunday before 3pm Old People’s Service Advent) 6.30pm Evening Service 28 Nov (Wed) Caledonian Award Presentation in Bearsden Public Hall 29 Nov (Thu) (Andrew 10am Holy Communion in the Choir Vestry (30th)) 30 Nov (Fri) Andrew, Apos- tle, Patron of Scotland 22 Please see the Link for changes to the Kalendar. If you missed getting a copy at Church, it can be downloaded from the website.

1 Dec (Sat) World Aids Day 2 Dec First Sunday in 9.15am Holy Communion (said) Advent 10.30am Sung Eucharist (Advent 1) 6.30pm Advent Reflections with Concordia at St David’s Memorial Park Church, Kirkintilloch Note: Lillyburn Service transferred to 9 Dec 6 Dec (Thu) 10am Holy Communion in the Choir Vestry

Altar Guild Traidcraft Rota

Pam Bently Second Sunday in the month 4th, 11th & 18th Avril Critchlow November Vivienne Provan 11 November Jean Kinnon 25th November Vivienne Provan 9 December Anne Carswell Prim Parry 2nd & 9th December & Eileen Ferry * 13 January Avril Critchlow 16th December Gill Inglis * 10 February Glennis Tavener

* Advent - brasses only 9 March Kathryn Potts 22nd December 3Cs Group and Decorating for 13 April Enid Scobie helpers Christmas 11 May Audrey Groom 30th December & Anne Carswell 6th January 8 June Vivienne Provan Rotas - for you? Volunteers are the life-blood of all The contact people for these rotas are: churches. St Cyprian’s currently needs Sidesperson: Dave Parfitt ) 0141 776 0543 more because many tasks are being un- Coffee: Val Fallon ) 0141 776 2767 dertaken by a very small number of Altar Guild: Anne Carswell ) 0141 776 3354 people. The Sidesperson Rota, the Cof- Your help will be very much appreciated and fee Rota, and the Altar Guild is in par- volunteering is a good way to get to know ticular need. other members of the congregation better. 23 Potts Sally Moira Kevin Parfitt Pitches Barbara Kathryn Jamieson Counting Eric Parry Eric Wilbraham Andy Robb Andy Susan Frost Susan Paul Hindle Paul Dave Parfitt Dave Parfitt Coffee Gunnee Carswell Helen Kerr Helen Wilbraham Eileen Ferry Eileen Val Val Fallon & Kevin Kevin & Fiona & Kinnon Jean Anne & George & Anne Dave & Barbara & Dave Jean McConnell Jean Glennis Tavener Glennis Fred & Catherine & Fred Audrey Groom & Groom Audrey Volunteers please Volunteers Paul & Pat Hindle Pat & Paul Avril Critchlow & Critchlow Avril Volunteer Val Fallon Val Fallon Val Enid Scobie Enid Jean Kinnon Jean to be advised be to Sides Persons Sides Val Val Fallon & Andy Andy Robb & Andy Robb & Dave Dave Parfitt & Dave Parfitt & Dave Parfitt & Jean Jean Kinnon & Sandy Jamieson Sandy Glennis Tavener Glennis Kevin Wilbraham Kevin Wilbraham Kevin Sandy Jamieson & Jamieson Sandy Glennis Tavener & Tavener Glennis Enid Potts sions Boyd to to be Moira Gavin Moira Parfitt Scobie advised Glennis Barbara Tavener Kathryn Interces- Jamieson Jamieson Eric Parry Eric Parry Eric 10.30am New Vera Potts Boyd to to be Moira David Gavin Parfitt Moore Provan Petzold Gordon advised Gunnee Glennis Tavener Kathryn Vivienne Jamieson Catherine Testament Old Enid Vera to to be David Parfitt Parfitt Moore Scobie Provan Petzold Gordon advised Gunnee Barbara Vivienne Catherine Eric Parry Eric Parry Eric Testament istrants Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Servers Admin- SundayDuty Rota Paul Paul Sally Clark Clark Server Aileen Aileen Hindle Hindle Adrian Adrian Mundy Mundy Pitches Gunnee Catherine Eric Parry Eric Parry Eric Paul Sally Sally Clark Moira Moira Aileen Hindle Adrian Mundy Pitches Pitches Gunnee Gunnee Crucifer Jamieson Jamieson Catherine Catherine Eric Parry Eric Clark Clark Clark Clark Clark Moira Moira Moira Moira Moira Server Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian Adrian 9.15 am 9.15 Jamieson Jamieson Jamieson Jamieson Jamieson If you change duty with another person, please update the rotas posted in the Choir Vestry and at the back of the Church Date 6 Jan 6 2 Dec 2 Dec 9 4 Nov 4 16 Dec 16 Dec 30 23 Dec 23 11 Nov 11 Nov 18 25 Nov 25 24