Reading List for Field Examination in

March, 2004

Candidates planning to take the field examination in Middle English will compose a list of works in consultation with members of their examination committee. For both the major and the minor field exam, the list will include the required primary reading outlined below. For the major field exam, the list will also include further primary reading (approximately 25-30 items) and secondary reading (approximately 25 items). For the minor field exam, the list will include further primary reading (approximately 20 items) and secondary reading (5-6 items). A full reading list, containing recommended editions of the primary works listed below, further suggestions for primary reading, and details of secondary works in the field, is available to aid students in drawing up their supplemental lists. Students may also make their own proposals of primary or secondary works not included on this reading list. When submitting their lists, candidates should specify the particular editions to be used for their study and for the examination. A brief written rationale for the optional elements of the reading program should accompany the completed examination list.

Primary Works

Early Middle English: The Owl and the Nightingale Ancrene Wisse Lazamon: Brut Selections from Early Middle English and , ed. J.A.W. Bennett and G.V. Smithers

Chaucer, Geoffrey Tales Book of the Duchess House of Fame Parliament of Fowls Legend of Good Women

Selected source study:one or more of: Vergil (, Books IV and VI; , and Heroides; , Consolation of ;Macrobius, Commentary on the Dream of Scipio; Alan of Lille, De Planctu Naturae, Anticlaudianus; Romance of the Rose; Dante, Divine

Gawain- Sir Gawain and the Green Patience Cleanness

Langland,William , B- and C-Texts

One of the following:

A. Middle English Two of the following -cycles: The Plays The Chester Mystery Cycle The Towneley Plays and The Wakefield Pageants in the Towneley Cycle The N-Town Play Plus a selection of non-cycle plays chosen from one of the following Medieval Drama, ed. David Bevington The Macro Plays, ed. Mark Eccles Non-Cycle Plays and Fragments, ed. Norman Davis The Late Medieval Religious Plays of Bodleian MSS. Digby 133 and E. Museo 160, ed. Donald C. Baker, John L. Murphy and Louis B. Hall Jr

B. Malory, Sir Thomas Works, ed. Eugene Vinaver

C. 15th-Century English Lydgate, John, The Minor Poems, ed. H. N. MacCracken Troy Book or Siege of Thebes or Fall of Princes Hoccleve, Thomas, Regement of Princes Minor Poems, ed. F. J. Furnivall and I. Gollancz Skelton, John Complete English Poems, ed. John Scattergood

D. 15th-Century Scottish Poetry Robert Henryson, Poems, ed. Denton Fox William Dunbar, Poems, ed. James Kinsley Gavin Douglas, Selections, ed. D. F. C. Coldwell Longer Scottish Poems, ed. Priscilla Bawcutt and Felicity Riddy

Middle English Reading List

This reading list supplements the Reading List for Field Examinations in Middle , and should be read in conjunction with it. It specifies recommended editions of the primary works listed as required reading for the Middle English field examination (see sections 1a-4a, 9a-12a), and also contains further suggestions for primary reading, and details of secondary works in the field, as an aid to students in drawing up their supplemental lists. In each of the optional sections, notional requirements are suggested, with the aim of helping to give the list a proper range and coherence. Students may also make their own proposals of primary or secondary works not included on this reading list.

Required Reading

• Chaucer (section 1a), major works (Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Criseyde, Book of the Duchess, House of Fame, Parliament of Fowls, Legend of Good Women), plus source study • Langland (section 2a), Piers Plowman, B- and C-Texts • Gawain-Poet (section 3a) (Sir Gawain, Pearl, Patience, Cleanness) • Texts specified in the Early Middle English section (4a) • Primary reading listed under one of the 15th-century sections (9a-12a: Drama, Malory, 15th-Century , 15th-Century Scottish Poetry), as specified on the Reading List.


1a. Primary

The following editions are recommended.

The Riverside Chaucer, 3rd edition, ed. Larry D. Benson (Boston, 1987) Complete, ed. Larry D. Benson (Boston, 2000) [revised/updated version of Riverside CT] Troilus and Criseyde: A New Edition of 'The Book of Troilus', ed. B.A. Windeatt (, 1984)

Study of Chaucer should include acquaintance with a substantial portion of his sources and analogues, which will also serve as an introduction to the wider contexts of medieval European literature. A selection from the following should be agreed on with each student.

Latin Sources: Vergil, Aeneid, Books IV and VI, and Ovid, Metamorphoses XI 410 ff. [Ceyx and Alcyone] and Heroides VII [Dido]; use the Penguin translations, or the Loeb -English texts. Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy, in Chaucer's translation (in the Riverside Chaucer) a modern translation, such as the Penguin Classics version (by V.E. Watts). There is also a parallel-text version in the Loeb Classical texts series, by H.F. Stewart and E.K. Rand. Macrobius, Commentary on the Dream of Scipio, trans. W.H. Stahl (New York, 1952) Alan of Lille, The Plaint of Nature, trans. James J. Sheridan (Toronto, 1980) ---- Anticlaudianus, trans. James J. Sheridan (Toronto, 1973) Sources: The Romance of the Rose, trans. Frances Horgan (Oxford, 1994, World’s Classics; also trans. Charles Dahlberg (Hanover, 1983) Dante, The , especially Inferno, cantos 3 and 5, and Paradiso, canto 22 (use the translations in the parallel-text versions by John D. Sinclair, London, 1958, or by Charles Singleton, Princeton, 1970-75)

For more detailed source-study, consult the following:

Bryan, W. F., and G. Dempster, Sources and Analogues of the Canterbury Tales, rev. edn. (London, 1958) [in original languages, with English summaries in margins] Benson, Larry D., and Theodore M. Andersson, The Literary Context of Chaucer's Fabliaux (Indianapolis, 1971) [English translations] Correale, Robert M., and Mary Hamel, Sources and Analogues of the Canterbury Tales, vol. I (Cambridge, 2002) [updated version of Bryan and Dempster, with facing-page translations] Gordon, R.K., The Story of Troilus (1934; repr. Toronto, 1978) [Benoit de Ste-Maure (selected); Filostrato; Troilus; Testament of Cresseid] Havely, N.R., Chaucer's Boccaccio (Cambridge, 1980) [translation of Filostrato and excerpts from Teseida and Filocolo, with translated excerpts from other Troilus stories in appendices] Miller, Robert P., Chaucer: Sources and Backgrounds (Oxford, 1977) [thematically organised translation of key sources on love, marriage, the friars, the three estates, etc.] Windeatt, B.A., Chaucer's Dream Poetry: Sources and Analogues (Cambridge, 1982) [English translations of French, Latin and Italian works]

1b. Secondary

For a succinct introduction to Chaucer criticism, see the bibliographical guide at the back of The Cambridge Chaucer Companion, ed. P. Boitani and J. Mann. The following list is very selective.

Bennett, J.A.W., The Parlement of Foules: An Interpretation (Oxford, 1957) Bennett, J.A.W., Chaucer at Oxford and at Cambridge (Oxford, 1974) Boitani, Piero, Chaucer and the Imaginary World of Fame (Cambridge, 1984) Brewer, Derek, Tradition and Innovation in Chaucer (London, 1982) [collected essays] Brewer, Derek, Chaucer and his World (London, 1978) Burnley, David, Chaucer's Language and the Philosophers' Tradition (Cambridge, 1979) Clemen, Wolfgang, Chaucer's Early Poetry (London, 1963) Cooper, Helen, The Structure of the Canterbury Tales (London, 1983) ———, Oxford Guides to Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (Oxford, 1989; 2nd edn, 1996) [a tale-by-tale guide to the CT, with selected bibliography for each individual section] Crane, Susan, Gender and Romance in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (Princeton, 1994) Dinshaw, Carolyn, Chaucer's Sexual Poetics (Madison, Wisconsin, 1989) Donaldson, E.T., Speaking of Chaucer (London, 1970) Frank, Robert Worth, Jr., Chaucer and the Legend of Good Women (Cambridge, Mass., 1972) Frese, Dolores Warwick, An Ars Legendi for Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Gainesville, 1991 Kolve, V.A., Chaucer and the Imagery of Narrative (London, 1984) Leicester, H. Marshall, The Disenchanted Self: Representing the Subject in the Canterbury Tales (Berkeley, 1990) Lowes, John Livingston, (1934: repr. Bloomington, 1958) [includes good introduction to astrology, Chaucer's life, Chaucer's reading] Mann, Jill, Chaucer and Medieval Estates (Cambridge, 1973) ———Feminizing Chaucer, new edn (Cambridge, 2002) Minnis, A.J., Chaucer and Pagan Antiquity (Cambridge, 1982) ———Oxford Guides to Chaucer: The Shorter Poems (Oxford, 1995) Muscatine, Charles, Chaucer and the French Tradition (Berkeley, 1957) Patterson, Lee, Chaucer and the Subject of History (London, 1991) Payne, Robert O., The Key of Remembrance: A Study of Chaucer's Poetics (New Haven, 1963) Pearsall, Derek, The Canterbury Tales (London, 1985) Derek Pearsall, The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer: A Critical Biography (Oxford, 1992) Robertson,D.W., Jr, A Preface to Chaucer (Princeton, 1962) Salter, Elizabeth, Chaucer: The Knight's Tale and the Clerk's Tale (London, 1962) Strohm, Paul, Social Chaucer (Cambridge, Mass., 1989) Wallace, David, Chaucerian Polity: Absolutist Lineages and Associational Forms in and Italy (Stanford, Ca., 1997) Windeatt, Barry, Oxford Guides to Chaucer: Troilus and Criseyde (Oxford, 1992) [comprehensive account of previous work on all aspects of the poem, with further reading on each, and new insights of its own] Wood, Chauncey, Chaucer and the Country of the Stars: Poetic Uses of Astrological Imagery (Princeton, N.J., 1970)

Essay Collections

Andrew, Malcolm, ed., Critical Essays on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (Milton Keynes, 1991) Barney, Stephen A., ed., Chaucer's Troilus: Essays in Criticism (London, 1980) Benson, C. David, Critical Essays on Chaucer's 'Troilus and Criseyde' and his Major Early Poems (Milton Keynes, 1991) Boitani, Piero, ed., The European of Troilus (Oxford, 1989) [the Troilus story from antiquity, through the , to modern times] Boitani, Piero, and Jill Mann, ed., The Cambridge Chaucer Companion (Cambridge, 1986) [this and the following volume have selected bibliographical guides to the study of Chaucer] Brewer, Derek, ed., Writers and their Background: Geoffrey Chaucer (London, 1974) [systematic survey of Chaucer's relation to history, language, other , science, religion and philosophy, visual arts] Salu, Mary, ed., Essays on Troilus and Criseyde (Cambridge, 1979)


Chaucer, The Critical Heritage, ed. Derek Brewer, 2 vols (London, 1978) Penguin Critical Anthologies: Geoffrey Chaucer, ed. J.A. Burrow (Harmondsworth, 1969)


2a. Primary

The following editions are recommended:

The Vision of Piers Plowman: A Critical Edition of the B-Text, ed. A.V.C. Schmidt, 2nd edn (London, 1995) Piers Plowman: An Edition of the C-Text, ed. Derek Pearsall (revised edn, Exeter, 1994)

The overlaps and differences between the different versions of the poem can be most easily studied in the parallel-text versions of W.W. Skeat (2 vols, Oxford, 1886) and A.V.C. Schmidt (vol. I, London, New York, 1995)

2b. Secondary

diMarco, Vincent, Piers Plowman: A Reference Guide (Boston, 1982) Pearsall, Derek, Annotated Critical Bibliography of Langland (New York, 1990)

Aers, David, Piers Plowman and Christian (London, 1975) Alford, John A ., ed., A Companion to Piers Plowman (Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1988) Alford, John A ., Piers Plowman: A Guide to the Quotations (Binghamton, 1992) Baldwin, Anna, The Theme of Government in Piers Plowman (Cambridge, 1981) Barr, Helen, Signes and Sothe: Language in the Piers Plowman Tradition (Cambridge, 1994) Clopper, Lawrence M., “Songes of Rechelesnesse”: Langland and the (Ann Arbor, 1997) Frank, Robert W., Jr, Piers Plowman and the Scheme of Salvation (New Haven, 1957) Justice, Steven, Writing and Rebellion. England in 1381 (Berkeley, 1994) Justice, Steven, and Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, Written Work: Langland, Labor, and Authorship (Philadelphia, 1997) Kerby-Fulton, Kathryn, Reformist Apocalypticism and ‘Piers Plowman’ (Cambridge, 1990) Salter, Elizabeth, Piers Plowman: An Introduction (Oxford, 1962) Scase, Wendy, ‘Piers Plowman’ and the New Anti-Clericalism (Cambridge, 1989) Schmidt, A.V.C., The Clerkly Maker: Langland's Poetic Art (Cambridge, 1987) Simpson, James, Piers Plowman: An Introduction to the B-Text (London and New York, 1990) Stokes, Myra, Justice and Mercy in Piers Plowman (London, 1984) Vasta, Edward, ed., Interpretations of Piers Plowman (Notre Dame, 1968) Wittig, Joseph S., Piers Plowman Concordance (London and New York, 2001)


3a. Primary

The following editions are recommended:

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, ed. J.R.R. Tolkien and E.V. Gordon, rev. Norman Davis (Oxford, 1968) Pearl, ed. E.V. Gordon (Oxford, 1953) Patience, ed. J.J. Anderson (Manchester, 1969) Cleanness, ed. J.J. Anderson (Manchester, 1977)

All four poems are edited by Malcolm Andrew and Ronald Waldron, The Poems of the Pearl , with very full notes, glossary, and introduction., and also (with glosses on the same page) by A.C. Cawley and J.J. Anderson , Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl, Cleanness, Patience (, London, 1991)

3b. Secondary

Benson, Larry D., Art and Tradition in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (New Brunswick, N.J., 1965) Bishop, Ian, Pearl in its Setting (Oxford, 1968) Bowers, John M., The Politics of Pearl: Court Poetry in the Age of Richard II (Cambridge, 2001) Brewer, Derek, and Jonathan Gibson, ed., A Companion to the Gawain-Poet (Cambridge, 1996) Elisabeth Brewer, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Sources and Analogues (Cambridge, 1992) Burrow, J.A., A Reading of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (London, 1965) Clein, W., Concepts of in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Norman, Oklahoma, 1987) Howard, D.R., and C. Zacher, ed., Critical Studies of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Notre Dame, 1968) Keiser, Elizabeth B., Courtly Desire and Medieval Homophobia, New Haven and London, 1997 Putter, Ad, An Introduction to the Gawain-Poet (London, 1996) Putter, Ad, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and French Arthurian Romance (Oxford, 1995) Spearing, A.C., The Gawain-Poet: A Critical Study (Cambridge, 1970) Stanbury, Sarah, Seeing the Gawain-Poet: Description and the Act of Perception (Philadelphia, 1991)


4a. Primary

The Owl and the Nightingale, ed. E.G. Stanley, corr. impression (London, 1962) The Owl and the Nightingale: Text and Translation, ed. Neil Cartlidge (Exeter, 2001) Ancrene Wisse, [ed. from CCCC 402], ed. J.R.R. Tolkien, EETS o.s.249(London, 1962) Lazamon: Brut, ed. G.L. Brook and R.F. Leslie, 2 vols, EETS o.s. 250, 277 (London, 1963–78) Early Middle English Verse and Prose, ed. J.A.W. Bennett and G.V. Smithers (Oxford, 1966): V (The Fox and the Wolf); VI (Dame Sirith); VIII (Lyrics); IX (Cokaygne); XV (De Clerico et Puella); XIX (Sawles Warde)

4b. Secondary

Georgianna, Linda, The Solitary Self: Individuality in the Ancrene Wisse (1981) Hume, Kathryn, The Owl and the Nightingale: The Poem and its Critics (1975) Turville-Petre, Thorlac, England the Nation: Language, Literature and National Identity, 1290-1340 (1996) Veldhoen, N.H.G.E., and H. Aertsen, ed., Companion to Early Middle English Literature, (Amsterdam, 1990) [essays on lyric, ' lives, Havelok, Foris and Blauncheflour, Dame Sirith and De Clerico et Puella, Fox and Wolf, Cokaygne] Vinaver, Eugene, The Rise of Romance (1971), Ch. 1-3


5a. Primary

Notional requirement: the , and Gower’s Latin and French works in translation.

The English Works of , ed. G.C. Macaulay, 2 vols, EETS (London, 1900) The Major Latin Works of John Gower, trans. Eric W. Stockton (Seattle, 1962) Mirour de l’Omme, trans. William Burton Wilson, rev. Nancy Wilson van Baak (East Lansing, 1991)

5b. Secondary

Minnis, A.J., ed., Gower's Confessio Amantis: Responses and Reassessments (Cambridge, 1983) Olsson, Kurt, John Gower and the Structures of Conversion: A Reading of the Confessio Amantis (Cambridge, 1992) Simpson, James, Sciences and the Self in (Cambridge 1995), Chapters 5-8


6a. Primary

Notional requirement: at least eight romances (unabridged) chosen from the following collections:

Middle English Metrical Romances, ed. W.H. French and C.B. Hale, 2 vols (1930; repr. New York 1964) Middle English Verse Romances, ed. D.B. Sands (New York, 1966) Six Middle English Romances, ed. Maldwyn Mills (Everyman: London, 1973) Middle English Romances: authoritative texts, sources and background criticism, ed. Stephen H. S. Shepherd (Norton, New York, 1995) Medieval English Romances, ed. Diane Speed, 2 vols, pbk, 2nd edn (Durham, N.C., 1989) Amis and Amiloun, Robert of Cisyle, and Sir Amadace, ed. Edward E. Foster (Kalamazoo, 1997) ’s Death: The Middle English The Stanzaic Morte Arthur and The Alliterative Morte Arthur, ed. Larry D. Benson and Edward E. Foster (1994; rev. edn Kalamazoo, 1996) The Middle English Breton Lays, ed. Anne Laskaya and Eve Salisbury (Kalamazoo, 1995) Sir Gawain: Eleven Romances and Tales, ed. Thomas Hahn (Kalamazoo, 1995) Sir Perceval of Galles and and Gawain, ed. Mary Flowers Braswell (Kalamazoo, 1995) Three Middle English Romances, ed. Alan Lupack (Kalamazoo, 1990)

6b. Secondary

Aertsen, Henk, and Alasdair A. MacDonald, Companion to Middle English Romance (Amsterdam, 1990) Barron, W.R.J., English Medieval Romance (Longman: Harlow, 1987) Crane, Susan, Insular Romance: Politics, Faith and Culture in Anglo-Norman and Middle English Literature (Berkeley, 1986) Fewster, Carol, Traditionality and in Middle English Romance (Cambridge, 1987) Ganim, John, Style and Consciousness in Middle English Narrative (Princeton, 1983) Putter, Ad, and Jane Gilbert, ed., The Spirit of Medieval English Popular Romance (Harlow, 2000) Ramsey, Lee C., Chivalric Romances: Popular Literature in Medieval England (Bloomington, 1983) Weiss, Judith, Jennifer Fellows, and Morgan Dickson, Medieval Insular Romance: Translation and Innovation (Cambridge, 2000) Wittig, Susan, Stylistic and Narrative Structure in the Middle English Romances (Austin, Texas, 1978)


7a. Primary

Notional requirement: a selection from the following anthologies, to be agreed on with each student.

Medieval English Lyrics, ed. R.T. Davies (London, 1963) The Harley Lyrics: the Middle English Lyrics of MS. Harley 2253, ed. G.L. Brook, 4th edn (Manchester, 1968) Medieval English Songs, ed. E.J. Dobson and F.Ll. Harrison (London, 1979) The Early English Carols, ed. R.L. Greene, rev. edn (Oxford, 1977) The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, ed. F.J. Child, 5 vols (Boston, 1882-1898; repr. New York, 1965) The Faber Book of Ballads, ed. M. Hodgart (London, 1965) The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, ed. B. H. Bronson, 4 vols (Princeton, N.J., 1959- ) Rymes of Robyn Hood: An Introduction to the English Outlaw, ed. R. B. Dobson and J. Taylor (rev. edn Stroud, 1997) : The Forresters Manuscript, ed. Stephen Knight (Woodbridge, 1998)

7b. Secondary

Dronke, Peter, The Medieval Lyric, 2nd edn (London, 1978) Fein, Susanna Greer, ed., Studies in the Harley Manuscript: The Scribes, Contents, and Social Contexts of British Library MS Harley 2253, TEAMS (Kalamazoo, 2000) Gray, Douglas, Themes and Images in the Medieval English Religious Lyric (London and Boston, 1972) Hodgart, M., The Ballads (London, 1950) Knight, Stephen, ed., Robin Hood: An Anthology of Scholarship and Criticism (Woodbridge, 1998) Woolf, Rosemary, The English Religious Lyric in the Middle Ages (Oxford, 1968)


Notional requirement: any three of the following works/authors, to be agreed on with each student. Where alternative editions are given, students may use either/any.

8a. Primary

Julian of Norwich The Shewings of , ed. Georgia Ronan Crampton, TEAMS pbk (Kalamazoo, 1994) A Revelation of Love, ed. Marion Glasscoe (Exeter, 1976) A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich, ed. Edmund Colledge and James Walsh, 2 vols (Toronto, 1978) The Book of Margery Kempe, ed. Lynn Staley, TEAMS pbk (Kalamazoo, 1996) The Book of Margery Kempe, ed. S.B. Meech and H.E. Allen, EETS (London, 1940)

Richard Rolle, English Writings, ed. Hope Emily Allen (Oxford, 1931) , Prose and Verse, ed. S.J. Ogilvie-Thomson, EETS (Oxford, 1988)

Walter Hilton, The Scale of Perfection, trans. John P.H. Clark and Rosemary Dorward (New York, 1991)

The Cloud of Unknowing, ed. Phyllis Hodgson, EETS (London, 1944) The Cloud of Unknowing, ed. Patrick J. Gallacher, TEAMS pbk (Kalamazoo, 1997)

Deonise Hid Divinite, ed. Phyllis Hodgson, EETS (London, 1955)

8b. Secondary

Edwards, A.S.G., Middle English Prose: A Critical Guide to Major Authors and (New Brunswick, 1984) [gives further bibliography]

Aers, David, and Lynn Staley, The Powers of the Holy: Religion, Politics and Gender in Late Medieval English Culture (University Park, Pa., 1996) Baker, Denise Nowakowski, Julian of Norwich’s Showings: From Vision to Book (Princeton, 1994) Bauerschmidt, Frederik Christian, Julian of Norwich and the Mystical Body Politic of Christ (Notre Dame, 1999) Beer, Frances, Women and Mystical Experience in the Middle Ages (Woodbridge, 1992) Glasscoe, Marion, ed., The Medieval Mystical Tradition in England (Exeter, 1980) [proceedings of the 1980 Exeter symposium; there are five further volumes of proceedings with the same editor and title, published in 1982, 1984, 1987, 1992, and 1999] Glasscoe, Marion, English Medieval Mystics: Games of Faith (London, 1993) Hodgson, P., Three Fourteenth-Century English Mystics (London, 1967) Lochrie, Karma, Margery Kempe and Translations of the Flesh (Philadelphia, 1991) Mueller, J.M., The Native Tongue and the Word: Developments in English Prose Style 1380-1580 (Chicago, 1984) [on biblical translations] Staley, Lynn, Margery Kempe’s Dissenting (University Park, Pa., 1994) Watson, Nicholas, Richard Rolle and the Invention of Authority, (Cambridge, 1991) DRAMA

9a. Primary

The following editions are recommended:

Cycle Plays The York Plays, ed. Richard Beadle (London, 1982) The Chester Mystery Cycle, ed. R.M. Lumiansky and David Mills, 2 vols, EETS (London, 1974-1986) The Towneley Plays, ed. A.C. Cawley and M. Stevens, EETS (London, 1994); also The Wakefield Pageants in the Towneley Cycle, ed. A.C. Cawley (Manchester, 1958) The N-Town Play, ed. Stephen Spector, 2 vols, EETS (Oxford, 1991) Non-cycle plays Medieval Drama, ed. David Bevington (Boston, 1975) [a very wide-ranging and useful anthology] The Macro Plays, ed. Mark Eccles, EETS (London, 1969) [Castle of Perseverance, Wisdom, Mankind] Non-Cycle Plays and Fragments, ed. Norman Davis, EETS (London, 1970) [ The Late Medieval Religious Plays of Bodleian MSS. Digby 133 and E. Museo 160, ed. Donald C. Baker, John L. Murphy and Louis B. Hall Jr, o.s. 283, Oxford, 1982

9b. Secondary

Axton, Richard, European Drama of the (London, 1974) Beadle, Richard, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Theatre (Cambridge, 1994) Beckwith, Sarah, Christ's Body: Identity, Culture and Society (London, 1993) Beckwith, Sarah, Signifying God: Social Relation and Symbolic Act in the York Corpus Christi Plays (Chicago and London, 2001) Briscoe, M., and J. Coldewey, Contexts for Early (Bloomington, 1989) Cawte, E.C., et.al., English Ritual Drama (London, 1967) Denny, N., ed., Medieval Drama, Stratford-upon-Avon Studies 16 (1963) Gibson, Gail, Theatre of Devotion: East Anglian Drama and Society in the (Chicago, 1989) Kolve, V.A., The Play Called Corpus Christi (London, 1966) Nelson, Alan, The Medieval English Stage (Chicago, 1974) Neuss, Paula, ed., Aspects of Early English Drama (Cambridge, 1983) Rastall, Richard, The Heaven Singing: Music in Early English Religious Drama (Cambridge, 1996) Robinson, J.W., Studies in Fifteenth-Century Stagecraft (Kalamazoo, 1991) Rubin, Miri, Corpus Christi: The Eucharist in Late Medieval Culture (Cambridge, 1991) Stevens, Martin, Four Middle English Mystery Cycles (Princeton, 1987) Taylor, J., and A.H. Nelson, Medieval English Drama: Essays Critical and Contextual (Chicago, 1972) Twycross, Meg, ed., Festive Drama (Cambridge, 1996) Wickham, Glynne, Early English Stages, vol. I, 1300 to 1576 London, [1959] corr repr 1963; vol. II, 1576 to 1660, Part I, London, 1963, vol. III, Plays and their Makers to 1576, London, 1981 Woolf, Rosemary, The English Mystery Plays (London, 1972)


10a. Primary

The following edition is recommended:

The Works of , ed. Eugène Vinaver, rev. P.J.C. Field, 3 vols (Oxford, 1990); unrevised version in a one-volume Oxford paperback.

10b. Secondary

Archibald, Elizabeth, and A.S.G. Edwards, ed., A Companion to Malory (Cambridge, 1996) Benson, Larry D., Malory's Morte Darthur (Cambridge, Mass., 1976) Edwards, Elizabeth, The Genesis of Narrative in Malory’s Morte Darthur (Cambridge, 2001) Field, P.J.C., Romance and Chronicle (London, 1971) ———, The Life and Times of Sir Thomas Malory (Cambridge, 1993) Hanks, D. Thomas, Jr, and Jessica G. Brogdon, The Social and Literary Contexts of Malory’s Morte Darthur (Cambridge, 2000) Kennedy, Beverly, Knighthood in the Morte Darthur (Cambridge, 1985) Knight, Stephen, The Structure of Sir Thomas Malory's Arthuriad (Sydney, 1969) Lambert, Mark, Style and Vision in Le Morte Darthur (New Haven and London, 1975) Lynch, Andrew, Malory’s Book of Arms: The Narrative of Combat in Le Morte Darthur (Woodbridge, 1997) Riddy, Felicity, Sir Thomas Malory (Leiden, 1987) Spisak, James W., ed., Studies in Malory (Kalamazoo, 1985) Takamiya, Toshiyuki, and Derek Brewer, ed., Aspects of Malory (Cambridge, 1981)


11a. Primary

John Lydgate, The Minor Poems, ed. H. N. MacCracken, 2 vols, EETS e.s. 107 and o.s. 192, (vol. I London, 1911, repr. 1962; vol. II, London, 1934, repr. 1962) John Lydgate, Troy Book, ed. Henry Bergen, London, 1906–, EETS e.s. 97, 103, 106 (3 vols repr. in one, Woodbridge, 1996); Part IV EETS e.s.126, (London, 1935, repr. 1973)) John Lydgate, The Siege of Thebes, ed. A. Erdmann and E. Ekwall, EETS e.s. 108 and 125, 2 vols (vol. I, London, 1911, repr. 1966; vol. II, London, 1930, repr. 1973) Lydgate, John, The Siege of Thebes, ed. Robert R. Edwards (Kalamazoo, 2001 John Lydgate, Fall of Princes, ed. H. Bergen, 4 vols., EETS e.s. 121–4 (London, 1924–7; repr. 1967) Hoccleve’s Regement of Princes, ed. F. J. Furnivall, EETS e.s. 72 (1897, repr. New York, 1988) Hoccleve’s Works: The Minor Poems, vols. I and II, ed, F. J. Furnivall and I. Gollancz, EETS e.s. 61 and 73 (London, 1892, repr. 1970)

John Skelton, The Complete English Poems, ed. John Scattergood (Penguin: Harmondsworth, 1983)

11b. Secondary

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