HANNES MEYER Director HANNES Director 1919-1927 MEYER “Architecture begins where “Building is just organizaon: Director 1928-1930 engineering ends” social, technical, economic and

physical organizaon” Architects were more like arsts than engineers. Ulitarian … “Put the needs of the Buildings were part of a people before the needs of luxury” total work of art.

Meyer has his Housing worked with Georg own estate project Metzendorf architect architecture with Munich, Germany office in 1889 1905 Metzendorf 1921 born: Basel, career as a 1916 1916 1919 Based on his Switzerland mason and design, the draughtsman Freidorf communal housing estate was built in 1921. Sums up Co- op works by wring the book “The Becomes New World” second director 1923 1926 1927 of the Bauhaus Carried out a Meyer begins to Becomes 1927 whole series of 1926 collaborate with director of works for the co- Hans Wiwer on St. the Bauhaus operaves which Peters School, Basel building allowed him to department explore the new means of expression. parcipated in the Standardgor Project and was the director of the scienfic commiee Under the for residenal and Stalin regime, public buildings at Meyer is the academy of forced to move architecture back to Basel 1930 1930 1937

Meyer emigrated Teaches at 1932 1936 the to the Soviet WASI, an cooperave Union with a academy for children’s group of former civil holiday home Bauhaus engineering. Mümliswil was students. built under his direcon. Meyer is responsible for Bauhaus’ two most important projects, -Törten Balcony Apartments, and the Federal School of the German Trade Union in Bernau.

Meyer established Principles still used today. Balcony Apartments the apartments. the apartments. on extends Meyers Gropius, by designed Originally Meyer’s design was revolutionary at the time emphasizing a building as a shelter for those inside. ADGB Building Germany Germany Berlin, just outside area a forested in of north Bernau the in buildings administrative and of teaching complex Worth of the building was in what it did and how well it did it. Meyer considered environmental circumstances. His buildings had efficient structure and practical construction, Meyer even went as far always keeping in as to consider mind the environmental qualities usefulness of the and materials of his buildings building.