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Paola Ardizzola, Visiting Professor at Florentine Baumann (*1974) studied art at Thierry Fabre, essayist, scholar and exhi- the Department of Architecture and Urban the Berlin University of the Arts and German bition curator. He lives and works in Planning at German University in Cairo. language and literature at the Berlin Marseille and is currently the Director of Previously she was Assistant professor at Technical University. For about twenty years, the Mediterranean programme at the Institut LAU—Lebanese American University, Beirut. she has worked as an art teacher at the méditerranéen de Recherches Avancées She holds a PhD in Nelson Mandela School, a public internation- (IMéRA). He is the founder of Rencontres and Urbanism. She is co-founder (2013) of al school in Berlin. Florentine Baumann d’Averroès, an event held annually on the the Department of Architecture at School teaches high-school students in German coast since 1994, and was editor-in-chief of of Art and Architecture, Antalya International and English and prepares them to sit the the journal La pensée de midi. His books University (Turkey), where she served as International Abitur or Baccalaureate. In Traversées and Eloge de la pensée de midi Executive Dean and Department Chairperson addition, she heads the school’s art are published by Actes Sud. He was Director till August 2017. She is a member of EAHN— department, works as a school consultant of Actes Sud’s Collection Bleu and Director European Architecture History Network, of for art and cultural education in Berlin of Cultural Development and International IAA—International Association of Aesthetics, Region 3 and trains future teachers in her Relations at Mucem in Marseille. of AISU—Associazione Italiana di Storia specialized seminar. Urbana, of AIS/Design—Associazione italiana For the past four years, she has Helen Ferguson is a Berlin-based conference degli storici del Design, in 2010 she was coordinated project work with the - interpreter (aiic) and translator from German, awarded the Bruno Zevi International Prize. Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin French and Italian into English. Born in At present her research focuses on the as an integral part of the school’s internal Edinburgh, Master of Arts in French and impact of unbuilt architecture on realized curriculum, for which an optional course German (with Art History and Logic and projects, and the relationship between «School Goes Bauhaus» was established. Metaphysics) from St. Andrews University painting and architectural practice. Fields of For the past 15 years, all students from (UK). She has worked on a freelance interest are History and Theory of Modern- grades 1 to 13 have engaged continuously basis for many years, specializing in the ism, 20th century Architectural Criticism, in aesthetic research on art, design, and arts, architecture, film, intellectual property 20th century German Art and Architecture. architectural concepts through the «Visual law and international politics. She is also She has published widely, inter alia on Journal» that she introduced at the school. a copy editor and consultant for funding Bruno Taut, his different vision of Modernism, applications. his works in Ankara, Neues Bauen, space Chin-Wei Chang, PhD Candidate in conception and architectural Turkish Architectural History & Theory, The Bartlett Raquel Franklin, Head of the Theory of tradition, on design and resistance, the School of Architecture, University College Architecture Department at Universidad design protest of Hans Scharoun during London. He was trained as an architect and Anáhuac México. She also teaches on Nazism, on the importance of history (History obtained a master’s degree in urban design the History and Theory of Modern and will teach us everything. Bruno Zevi and the in Taiwan. His previous research addressed Contemporary Architecture at Universidad innovative methodology for future design, social production of spatial forms within Anáhuac México. She obtained her Doctor 2018), on architecture education, aesthetics non architecture consequences, every- of Science degree in Architecture from the of the memento. day landscapes, and their conflicts with mo- Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in dernity in the contemporary built environ- 1997 with her dissertation «Hannes Meyer in Andrea Bärnreuther, research associate ment. Nowadays, as PhD Candidate in Mexico (1939–1949)». She holds a Master bauhaus100 at the Bauhaus-Archiv / Architectural History & Theory, he focuses of Architecture degree from the Universidad Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin. After on architectural profession and academy, Nacional Autónoma de México and a Master studying art history, theater studies and with special attention on histories and of Arts in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies modern history in Erlangen/Nuremberg and dissemination of design education amid from Brandeis University. Vienna, she received her doctorate with China, Europe, and the US. She is a founding member of the a dissertation on Nazi architecture and urban Mexican Chapter of DOCOMOMO. From planning: «Revision of Modernism under Hila Cohen-Schneiderman is an Israeli cu- June 2013 to December 2014 she was the Swastika. Planning for a New Munich». rator. Since 2018 she has been Chief a fellow of Germany’s Kulturstiftung des Shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall, she Curator of MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam. She Bundes at Stiftung Bauhaus , working began her professional career at the specializes in site-specific projects based as co-curator, together with Werner Möller, Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin, on artistic research and explores how artists on the exhibition The Coop Principle: Hannes and worked in the National Gallery of and art relate to the public and the urban Meyer and the Idea of Collective Design the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (SMB), at realm. Between 2016–17 she curated the presented at the Stiftung , the first joint exhibition of both National Liebling Project—a multi-disciplinary artists’ Germany, from May to September 2015, Galleries in East and West Berlin before residency in collaboration with the Tel Aviv in the Gallery Archizoom of the Ecole their reunification, as well as in the SMB Art Municipality Conservation Department, Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Library’s architecture collection. rethinking the concept of urban conserva- Forum d’Architectures in Lausanne, She worked as an exhibition curator at the tion. From 2012–2016, she worked as Switzerland, from September to October National Gallery (e.g. Centennial Exhibition) a curator at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art 2016 and the Franz Mayer Museum and as Head of Communications, Media, and between 2010–2011 she acted as cu- in Mexico City from March to May 2017. Publications at the Art and Exhibition Hall of rator and director of the Spaceship Gallery She is a member of the editorial board of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn. She at Hayarkon 70 social complex, Tel-Aviv. the journal DeArq of the Universidad de conceived and organized academic, She teaches at the Bezalel Academy of los Andes, Colombia. discursive and cultural programs in the Art and Design, Jerusalem and Shenkar College, Directorate General of the Staatliche Museen Ramat Gan. She is a graduate of the «Revivim: Lilian-Astrid Geese, conference interpreter zu Berlin (e.g. InselPerspektiven on UNESCO Honors Program» and holds an MA in Hebrew (aiic) and translator for English, French and World Heritage Museum Island; public Literature from the Hebrew University of Spanish in Berlin. Born in Bonn/Germany, discussions on issues of cultural diversity in Jerusalem. Some of her recentexhibitions studied and passed her MA at FASK (im)migration societies) and at the University include Eliyahu Fatal’s solo show: Since Then, Germersheim, Johannes Gutenberg Uni- of Rostock. The focus of her research Measurements Have Begun, Bat Yam Museum versity Mainz. She has worked for many interest is on 20th century art, culture and of Art 2020; the trilogy Plenty—New Age— years as freelancer for the art and culture architecture in a socio-political context The Believers, Bat Yam Museum of Art, 2018– scene, theaters, centers of literature, and on a transnational and transcultural con- 2019; Transferumbau: Liebling-Dessau, at museums, galleries and publishing houses cept of cultural heritage as a network Bauhaus Dessau & Liebling Haus 2019; The in Germany and abroad. Selected refer- of relationships, understood with regard Crystal Palace & the Temple of Doom, Petach ences: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, to museums as an impetus for change. Tikva Museum of Art, 2016, and many more. Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, 484 Authors and Publication Team

Berlin, Berliner Festspiele, Staatliche Museen shown in nine different locations until 2007. a blog on education and family. As an MA zu Berlin, KW Institute for Contemporary In 2011 he presented his theses on the student, she contributed to the development Art, Berlin, Berlinale, Schaubühne, Berlin, specificity of Modernism in GDR architecture of the SpielRaumStadt concept (Turit Fröbe/ and HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin. Consultant at the «Denkmal Ost-Moderne» interna- Kirsten Winderlich (eds.): SpielRaumStadt. interpreter for festivals and competitions, tional symposium at the Bauhaus University Baukulturvermittlung für Kinder, Athena including IFFF International Women’s Film Weimar; these were published in 2012. Verlag 2017). In 2016, she joined the Stadt- Festival, ilb international literature festival, In 2019/2020 he worked on the exhibition denkerei team, in this context also organizing LoA Hamburg, berlin biennale, documenta, and publication project of the Hermann events around Flensburg harbour in 2016. Europan. Book reviewer and film critic. Henselmann Foundation Bauhaus—Shang- In the summer of 2020, in cooperation with More info and pics at www.comunicada.de. hai—Stalinallee—Ha-Neu. Der Lebensweg the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) des Architekten Richard Paulick 1903–1979 exhibition Bildungsschock (Education Shock), Simone Hain, Architectural and planning at Café Sibylle on Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin, she hosted a project week at the Hannah historian. Her research focuses are the and at the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau (2020). Höch Campus at Märkisches Viertel, Berlin, history of modern planning and building, His activities also include expert opinions where she developed and implemented GDR architectural history. From 2006 to on heritage conservation for 20th-century a design concept for the schoolyard together 2016 she was professor at the Institute for buildings in Berlin. with the students. Urban and Building History at Graz University of Technology. She has held numerous Titia Rixt Hoekstra, Lecturer, Creative Eduard Kögel (*1960), researcher special- lectureships, including at Humboldt Technology, University of Twente, Enschede. ized on the exchange between Europe University Berlin, Kunsthochschule Berlin- She is an architectural historian. She teaches and Asia. He studied architecture, urban and Weißensee, Bauhaus University Weimar, history and theory of creativity at the Uni- landscape planning at the Gesamthoch- Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg, versity of Twente. In the past she worked schule Kassel. He has been a research as- University of California, Berkeley, and in as a research associate at the Leopold sociate at the Chair of Planning and Building 2000 a Visiting Professorship for Architec- Franzens University of Innsbruck, where she in Non-European Regions at the Technical tural History at Hochschule für bildende teached theory and history of architecture, University of Darmstadt (1999–2004), Künste Hamburg. In 2005/2006 she taught and also as a research associate at the and wrote his doctoral thesis at the Bauhaus at the Bauhaus University in Weimar Bauhaus University of Weimar. University in Weimar (2007) on Rudolf (Gropius Professor for the History of Modern Hoekstra studied architectural history in Hamburger and Richard Paulick in China. Architecture). In 1990 she became Depart- Groningen, the Netherlands, and received From 2009 to 2011 he worked on a re- mental Head of the Theory and History her PhD in architectural history in 2005. search project on Ernst Boerschmann at Department at Institute for Urban Develop- Her publications include: Building versus Bil- the Technical University of Berlin. Kögel is ment and Architecture of the GDR Bauaka- dung. Manfredo Tafuri and the construction a member of the Advisory Board of ABE demie. She played a significant role in of a historical discipline (2005) and Lost Journal, an online, open-access peer- developing the scholarly collections at the in Translation? Tafuri on Germany, Tafuri in reviewed magazine for European architec- Institute for Regional Development and Germany, a history of reception (2008) ture, also beyond Europe (2013–2019). Structural Planning in Erkner (IRS), where and Thinking about the Bauhaus from the He has held lectureships at the Technical she headed the research area «Modern Other Side: the history of the Bauhaus University of Darmstadt, Technical University Architectural and Planning History». In Colloquium in Communist Germany (2013). of Berlin and Bauhaus University Weimar. conjunction with Hartmut Frank, she initiated Her research interests focus on His publications include The Grand the first all-German architectural-historical the status of criticality in architecture in Documentation. Ernst Boerschmann and retrospective Two German Architectures relationship to the legacy of the Venice Chinese Religious Architecture, Berlin/ 1949–1989, an Institut für Auslandsbeziehun- School, on gender-studies and on the histo- Boston 2015, and Architekt im Widerstand. gen travelling exhibition (2004–2017) which riography of . Rudolf Hamburger im Netzwerk der returned to Germany in 2020. Geheimdienste, Berlin 2020. Kögel’s exhi- She is the author of numerous publica- Annemarie Jaeggi (*1956 in Washington, bitions and research focus on contemporary tions, addressing inter alia , Mart D.C., USA), Director of the Bauhaus-Archiv / and historical architecture in China and Stam, Hannes Meyer, Bruno Taut, modern Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin since 2003. post-independence architecture in South- urban planning, East Berlin’s planning history, After studying art history in Zurich and east Asia. He has been conducting research the avant-garde and Socialism, the archi- Freiburg/Br. and subsequently completing on the exchange between Europe and tectural doctrine of «national traditions», and a doctorate, she was an assistant at the Asia for 25 years. www.eduardkoegel.de industrialization in the GDR. Institute of Art History at the University of www.seam-encounters.net. Karlsruhe. Following her habilitation, she Ulrich Hartung, Architectural historian, Berlin. held various professorships. She teaches at Elke Krasny, PhD, Professor for Art and Ed- He studied art history and classical archae- Berlin Technical University and is a lecturer ucation and Head of the Department of ology at Humboldt Universiy of Berlin at the Accademia di Architettura in / Education in the Arts at the Academy of Fine (1986–1991), where he received his doctorate Mendrisio. She is a founding member of Arts Vienna. Krasny’s interdisciplinary in 1996 with a dissertation on the theme of the German Society for Design History and scholarship, academic writings, curatorial GDR Houses of Culture in the 1950s, which a German Design Council Board Member. work, and international lectures address was published in 1997 as Arbeiter- und She has published extensively, including questions of care at the present historical Bauerntempel. His research focuses on GDR articles on Adolf Meyer, Egon Eiermann, and juncture with a focus on emancipatory and Traditionalist and Modernist architecture the Fagus factory. transformative practices in art, curating, as well as on the functionality and aesthetics architecture and urbanism. Her interdisciplin- of National Socialist architecture. Carina Kitzenmaier (*1990), freelance ary approach connects feminist theory, In 2001–2002 he worked as a research architect. She studied architecture at the care ethics, cultural history, environmental assistant in the Brandenburg Gedenkstätten Berlin University of the Arts and at the École humanities, and memory studies. Stiftung, Stiftung und Museum Oranien- d’Architecture Paris Val de Seine (BA 2015, The 2019 exhibition and edited volume burg-Sachsenhausen. Together with Andrea MA 2018) and works for Seckler Schick Critical Care. Architecture and Urbanism for Riedle, he designed the permanent exhibition Architects, and for the Bauhaus-Archiv / a Broken Planet, curated and edited with Die Stadt und das Lager (The City and the Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin, where she Angelika Fitz, was published by MIT Press Camp) (since 2004). In 2004, together with coordinated the interface between stu- and introduces a care perspective into Andreas Butter, he realized the exhibition dents and researchers for the symposium architecture addressing the Anthropocenic (and accompanying publication) Ostmoderne. «taking a stand. debating the bauhaus and conditions of the global present. Her 2020 Architektur in Berlin 1945–1965 about GDR modernism». Since 2015, she has writ- essays «In-Sorge-Bleiben. Care-Feminismus post-war Modernism architecture, which was ten articles for «Tollabea» (www.tollabea.de), für einen infizierten Planeten», published as 485 Authors and Publication Team a transcript in Michael Volkmer’s and Karin Joaquín Medina Warmburg, Professor of Since 1996, she has been owner of Werner’s volume Die Corona-Gesellschaft, History of Building and Architecture at edition metzel [founded as Verlag Silke and «Care Feminism for Living with an the KIT Faculty of Architecture, Karlsruhe. Schreiber in 1982]. edition metzel publishes Infected Planet» (https://www.akbild.ac.at/ He studied architecture at ETSA Sevilla and books on art history of the 20th and 21st Portal/universitaet/uber-uns/corona_essays/ RWTH Aachen, where he received his centuries. The program includes monograph- care-feminism-for-living-with-an-infected- doctorate. He has taught and researched ic titles and artists’ writings as well as planet) develop a care-ethical perspective for at various European and American universi- studies on aesthetics, style, genre, and visual pandemic times. ties, most recently at the Universidad de culture from Modernism to Postmodern Navarra and Princeton University. From 2011 and Contemporary art as well as discourses Ryan Fred Long, Associate Professor of to 2015 he headed the on topical issues. Spanish at the Department of Spanish and Chair of the German Academic Exchange Portuguese, University of Maryland. He Service (DAAD) at the Universidad Torcuato Winfried Nerdinger, President of the Bavarian is Associate Dean for Academic Standards Di Tella in Buenos Aires. Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Professor and Policies, the Graduate School at the His teaching and research activities fo- Emeritus of Excellency for the History of University of Maryland, Member of the Core cus on the history of architecture and urban Architecture and Building Construction, Faculty, Comparative Literature, at the planning in the 19th and 20th centuries. He Technical University, Munich. He has made University of Maryland. From 2008–2013 he is particularly interested in the processes seminal contributions to research into the was Assistant and then Associate Professor of cultural internationalization that have led and architecture, as well as of Spanish at the University of Oklahoma, to contemporary globalization discourse raising public awareness of architecture’s 2001-2002 Lecturer of Spanish at the Texas in architecture and urban planning. The importance. His research focuses include A & M University. approach he pursues is rooted in the notion history and theory of architecture in the 18th He holds a PhD in Spanish from the of comparative and unifying history. This to 21st centuries, the city of Munich’s Duke University (2002) with the thesis encompasses a particular focus on questions architectural and art history, and the history Challenging the Foundations of History: The of technology and the environment in the of National Socialism. He attained particular State, 1968 and the Mexican Novel. Among sense of an ‹environmental history of recognition in the Chair of Architectural his numerous publications are Fictions of architecture›. His books include Proclamas History at Technical University, Munich. In Totality: The Mexican Novel, 1968, and de Modernidad: Walter Gropius, escritos setting up the Architekturmuseum, he the National-Popular State (2008) and The y conferencias 1908–1934 (Barcelona 2018), created the largest specialized and research People’s Print Shop: Art, Politics, and the The Construction of Climate in Modern archive for architecture in Germany. In 2012 Taller de Gráfica Popular (2017). He delivered Architectural Culture, 1920–1980 (with he was appointed founding director of several presentations about Hannes Meyer, Claudia Schmidt, Madrid 2015) and Proji- the NS Documentation Centre in Munich, e.g. «Hannes Meyer’s Directorship of the zierte Moderne: deutschsprachige Architekten a project he had initiated; he oversaw its Taller de Gráfica Popular, a Case of Cultural und Städtebauer in Spanien, 1918–1936 inauguration in a new building in 2015 and Transnationalism», 2009; «Visualizing Public (Frankfurt 2005). directed the centre until April 2018. Education in 1940s Mexico: Hannes Meyer’s He is the author and editor of numer- Photographic Archive», 2012; «Hannes Doreen Mende, curator, researcher and ous ground-breaking publications on the Meyer in Europe and Mexico», 2017. Hannes theorist, Associate Professor and Director of Bauhaus. One focus is his engagement with Meyer in Europe and Mexico: The Politics the CCC Research Masters and PhD Forum Walter Gropius. 1993 saw the publication and Aesthetics of Place and Displacement, at the School of Art and Design of Bauhaus-Moderne im Nationalsozialismus: a book project and an interactive digital HEAD, Geneva, co-founder (together with zwischen Anbiederung und Verfolgung platform, is in progress. Tom Holert and Volker Pantenburg) of the (1993), which he developed in conjunction Harun Farocki Institut, Berlin. Her research with Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestal- David Maulen de los Reyes, researcher in the projects draw on transgenerational and tung, Berlin, based on the 1991 confer- interface between art, science, technology multi-perspective readings to address ence; it is the first systematic examination of and society, specializing in Chile and South the metabolism of the archive, politics of the role of Bauhaus modernism in National America. representation, the decolonization of Socialism. His most recent publications He holds a degree in art from Universidad Socialism, and the economy and geopolitics are Das Bauhaus. Werkstatt der Moderne de Chile, 1998, a master’s degree in of exhibition processes after 1989. Her (2018) and the intellectual biography Walter Communication from Universidad Austral de curatorial projects include «Hamhungs Gropius. Architekt der Moderne (2019) Chile, 2014, and a Diploma in Critical Culture. Zwei Waisen (Für Konrad Püschel)» (2018/19) that is balancing the Bauhaus founder’s role One research topic is Bauhaus and Bauhaus within the context of bauhaus imaginista as the creator of a myth that still holds pedagogy in Latin America, especially in Moscow, Berlin, Bern und Istanbul; sway today with his role as the creator of in Chile, one of his research projects «The «Navigation Beyond Vision» (2019) together world-class architecture and of an epoch- reform of ‹Integral Architecture› at the with the Farocki Institut and e-flux journal making school. Universidad de Chile, 1945–1948», published at HKW, Berlin; «The Undutiful Daughter’s in Magazine Bauhaus, Nº 7 (2015): «The Concept of Archival Metabolism» (2018) Susanne Neubauer, art historian and guest Integral Architecture. Co-op in Chile». for e-flux journal; «The Navigation Principle» researcher at Universidade de Brasilia Bauhaus as well as Chilean contemporary art (2017) at Dutch Art Institute; furthermore (together with Co-Author Marcelo Mari, is also the focus of his curatorial activity: publications, e. g. for Sternberg Press and Adjunct Professor, Istituto de Artes Visuais, He participated in Migrant Bauhaus (later Oxford Handbook for Communist Visual Universidade de Brasilia). She studied bauhaus imaginista), a joint research and Cultures (2019). Mende initiated the research art history, economics and film studies at exhibition project of the bauhaus cooperation project «Decolonizing Socialism—Entangled the University of Zurich and completed her Berlin Dessau Weimar, Goethe-Institut, Internationalism», funded by the Swiss doctorate with a thesis on the installation and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin National Science Foundation (2019–2023). work of the American artist Paul Thek in (2017–2019). He was Regional Curator She is Co-founder of the collaborative 2011. She was curator at the Kunstmuseum of the exhibition project The whole world is European Forum for Advanced Practices Luzern (2002–2009) and has since worked a Bauhaus, organized by the Institut für (EFAP). Mende holds a PhD from the as an independent curator and scholar for art Auslandsbeziehungen and staged by the Goldsmiths College, University of London. academies and museums (Moderna Museet ZKM, Karlsruhe (2019). He has a wide range She lives in Berlin and works in Geneva. Stockholm, Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg, of teaching experience, especially in the Vorarlberger Kunstverein). She was lecturer, field of contemporary Chilean art, theoretical Luise Metzel studied art history in Gießen, fellow and visiting professor at Kingston foundations of modernity, theory and Frankfurt a. M. and Munich and graduated University London (2009–2014), University of methodology of design, history of design, in 1977 with a dissertation on art criticism on the Arts London (2012), HBK Braunschweig visual perception, architecture and vanguard. the documenta, Kassel. (2014) and Universidade de Brasília (2017) 486 Authors and Publication Team and was research assistant to the direc- Artes (MNBA) since 2019. Trained as an archi- Associate Professor at Chalmers University tor of HGK (2013–2014). In her last tect, he graduated from the Universidad of Technology, Gothenburg. position at Freie Universität Berlin, she Católica de Chile (PUC) in 1977 and obtained After studying architecture at Technical researched projects of postwar modernity his doctorate in architecture at the Escuela University, Munich (1994–2001), he com- in Brazil and Germany. In 2018, she was Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de pleted a doctorate there in architectural a scholarship holder for cultural criticism at Barcelona, UPC in 1981. From 1990 to 2000 history (2009). His dissertation was pub- the Landis & Gyr Foundation in London. he was Dean of the Faculty of Architecture lished in 2011 as Die moderne Architektur in and Fine Arts at the PUC, where he has Island in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahr- Co-Author Marcelo Mari, Adjunct professor, worked since 1974. He is currently a lec- hunderts. Transferprozesse zwischen Art theory and history, Universidade de turer there. From 1987 to 1990 he led the Adaption und Eigenständigkeit by Verlag Brasília. His current research focuses on the Escuela de Arquitectura at the PUC where für moderne Kunst. He subsequently worked heritage of art and modern architecture and he later was Director of the Centro del as a lecturer on architectural history at the their relationship to Brazilian politics. Patrimonio Cultural. In 1990 he was Visiting Institute of Art History, Friedrich Alexander Design Critic at Harvard University and University Erlangen-Nürnberg (2012–2013), Anh-Linh Ngo, Architect, author and Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Latin as Assistant Professor (2015–2017) co-editor of ARCH+. He is co-founder of the American Studies, University of Cambridge, and Associate Professor (2017–) for Theory international initiative projekt bauhaus, which in 1996. In 2000 he was appointed Simón and History of Architecture at Chalmers from 2015–19 critically examined the ideas Bolívar Professor at the latter university. University of Technology, Gothenburg. of the Bauhaus with symposia, workshops, In 2007 he was a Research Fellow of the One focus of his research is the Bauhaus pop-up exhibitions and a performance. He Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study. and Modernism in the Nordic Countries: was a member of the Artistic Advisory This includes the exhibition and accompany- Board of ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehun- Olaf Scholz is German Federal Minister of ing publication for Reconstructing the gen) (2010–16), for which he developed the Finance and Vice Chancellor (since March Stockholm Exhibition 1930. Stockholms- touring exhibition Post-Oil City in 2009. 2018) and SPD candidate for chancellor utställningen 1930 rekonstruerad, Royal 2018 saw the premiere in Berlin of the ifa (2021). After studying law, he began a career Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm exhibition An Atlas of Commoning: Places of as a lawyer in 1985. A member of the Ger- 2016 as well as the publications Akzeptiere. Collective Production that he co-initiated man Bundestag since 1998, the politician Das Buch und seine Geschichte (2019); and co-curated, which subsequently went on has held numerous offices at the federal The Construction Kit and the Assembly a ten-year worldwide tour. It was on show state and national levels, as well as Line—Walter Gropius’ Concepts for Ratio- in Pittsburgh, USA, in 2019 and at the in the SPD: Senator of the Interior of the nalizing Architecture (2018), and From MUCA, Mexiko City, in 2020. Since 2018, he Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (May 2001– the Continent to the North. German Influence is a member of the Board of Trustees of October 2001), First Parliamentary Secretary on Modern Architecture in Sweden (2016). the IBA 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart. On the of the SPD parliamentary group (2005– occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Fall 2007), Federal Minister of Labour and Social Simon Steinberger, designer. His work of the Berlin Wall, Anh-Linh Ngo was invited Affairs (2007–2009), Deputy Chairman of concentrates on book design, printed matter, by the Neue Berliner Kunstverein to con- the SPD parliamentary group (2009–2011), communication, and display systems within ceive the exhibition 1989–2019: Politik des Deputy Chairman of the SPD (November 2009– the cultural and contemporary art context. Raums im Neuen Berlin—an­ investigation December 2019), First Mayor of the Free His work is based on research, experimen- into the politics of space after the Fall of the and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (2011–2018), tation, and dialogue, leading to a varied visual Berlin Wall. Acting Chairman of the SPD (February vocabulary, informed by the content and 2018–April 2018). character of each project. Philipp Oswalt, architect, writer, Professor of Architecture Theory and Design at the Ronny Schüler, Research assistant at the Martin Wecke is a Berlin-based designer University of Kassel. He was director of the Chair of Theory and History of Modern Archi- and web developer. His work is focused Bauhaus Dessau Foundation from 2009 to tecture, Bauhaus-Universiy Weimar, and on creating online and offline publication 2014. In 2015 he co-founded the internation- PhD Candidate. His dissertation topic is formats that are informed by both an al initiative projekt bauhaus. He was the «Der Stildiskurs im Britischen Mandatsgebiet experimental and user-centered design leading curator of the project Schrumpfende Palästina und die erste hebräische Architek- approach. Städte (Shrinking Cities) for the German turzeitschrift Habinjan Bamisrah Hakarov». Federal Cultural Foundation and co-initiator In research and teaching he deals with archi- Kirsten Zenns studied aesthetic art edu- of the research project Urban Catalyst tecture in Israel between tradition and cation at the Berlin University of the Arts and and the project Volkspalast in 2004. He is modernity. His numerous presentations and obtained a doctorate on Erwin Blumenfeld a member of the Advisory Board of ARCH+. publications on the Bauhaus and modern and fashion photography: https://opus4. He has written or edited numerous architecture in Palestine include the recently kobv.de/opus4-udk/solrsearch/index/search/ publications on the Bauhaus, including published article «Forms, Ideals, and searchtype/authorsearch/author/Kirsten+ Bauhaus Streit 1919–2009. Kontroversen und Methods. Bauhaus-Transfers to Mandatory Zenns/rows/10 (Consulted October 2020). Kontrahenten (2009/English edition 2010: Palestine» (2019), The Transfer of Modernity— For twenty years she has taught various Bauhaus Conflict 1919–2009. Controversies Architectural Modernism in Palestine subjects in all class levels, her main focus and Counterparts); (with Thomas Flierl) (1923–1948), Conference Proceedings, ed. being art lessons in SEK II [second-stage Hannes Meyer und das Bauhaus. Im Streit der with Jörg Stabenow, Berlin 2019; further- secondary education] in Berlin, Wildenbruch, Deutungen (2018), Hannes Meyers neue more «The Architectural Revolution and its and Qatar. Since 2016 she has been Bauhauslehre: Von Dessau bis Mexiko (2019). Framework—The Establishment of a Modern the Bauhaus Agents Program Manager and He is project manager and co-curator of the Building and Planning Culture in Eretz Israel» Coordinator for the Paula Fürst Gemein- exhibition bauhaus / documenta. Vision und (2018); «The Urban Planning of Tel Aviv schaftsschule, Berlin, where she is also Marke, at Neue Galerie, Kassel, and co-editor 1908–1938—The Transfer of Western Urban responsible for teaching and an advisor for (with Birgit Jooss and Daniel Tyradellis) of Planning Concepts» (2017); «Sharon+Wingler. final-year students specialized in art. Film, the publication (2019). His book (with Julia Zur Etablierung einer deutsch-israelischen photography and fashion are her main areas Meer) Marke Bauhaus 1919–2019: Der Sieg Bauhausrezeption» (2016). of interest and the focus of her research. der ikonischen Form über den Gebrauch was published at the beginning of 2020. Atli Magnus Seelow, architect and architec- Zoe Zhang (Chunyan) has been Assistant tural historian. He is currently teaching Director of China Design Museum Fernando Pérez-Oyarzun (*1950), intellectual, and researching at the Institute for Art His- (CDM) since 2017, and Head of Research De- researcher and academic. He has been tory at Friedrich Alexander University partment of the Art Museum Group of Director of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Erlangen-Nürnberg; he was previously an the China Academy of Art (CAA) since 2015. 487 Authors and Publication Team

She has been a guest lecturer at the Archi- tecture School of CAA since 2015. She holds a PhD in History and Theory of Design at the CAA. Her own research interest is the dis- semination and translation of modern discourses including «Bauhaus» in China from the beginning of the 20th century. She has been Curator and Research Fellow at the Bauhaus Institute, CAA since 2012. She co-curated the China section of the bauhaus imaginista exhibition at China Design Museum, Hangzhou (2018); she was co-director of the theatre project Xiang Peng—Figural Space Cabinet. She curated the permanent exhibition Life World: The Collection of Western Modern Design at China Design Museum, Hangzhou (2018), the exhibition Design as Enlightenment at the National Museum of China, Beijing (2014) etc. She was Junior Chair of Session 4 «Appreciation & Utility» at Comité Interna- tional d’Histoire de l’Art (CIHA) 2016. She has published widely, especially on the Bauhaus: Daiward Iron Works and the Anonymous Bauhaus; Bauhaus and the Design of Public Residence and Daily life in China (1950–1980); The paths and periods of Bauhaus spreading in China (1920–1990); Bauhaus: Design as Enlightenment; Art Utopia of Situationism International, City Space From Situationism International; Between Myths: Bauhaus as Multi-versions.