Rev Grant Celebrates

13001634305871180 **CR 43 20 Year as Pasto Of HCKSVL PUBLIC LIBRARY 169 JERUSALEM AVE Lutheran -HICKS HICKSVILLE Rede NY 11801 HIS.

Incorporating The Hicksville Edition of the Mid-Island Herald NEWS ©1987 Anton Community Ni of island Vol. 2 No. 14 Thursday, September 3, 1987 50¢ All Rights Reserved. pod Phone: 747-8262 InfectiWas Stora Cas Resolve By RITA LANGDON F The Town of Oyster Ba has issued a restraining order on American Medical Waste System that prohibits the presence of any infectious material a its Duffy Avenue REV. DR. THEODORE S. GRANT is site, a town attorney said recently. celebrating 20 years as pastor of the According to Irving A. Cohn, PC., attorney Redeemer Lutheran Church, Hicksville. for the Town of Oyste Ba a decision was reached ata court on 26that all Acommunion service will be held in honor hearin Aug, “red material was to be removed from of the Rev, Dr. Theodore S Grant wh is bag AMWS, formerly V & Rubbish Removal celebrati 20 yearsas pastor of the Redeemer andno Lutheran Church. Company Inc., b midnight Aug 29, new infectious material was to be brough The service will take plac on Sunda Sept onto the premises. 6 at 9:30a.m. at the church, 17 New South Rd. Formore than twomonths, the Duff Park Hicksville. : Civic Association and many other local civic Rev. Grant’s Background groups have bee protesting AMWS, located Rev. who was raised farm Grant, ona in East at 344 Duff Ave., Hicksville, for itsstorage of Meadow, attended Hempstea Hig School. infectious hospita waste material. He was graduated from Adelphi University Th civic associations have been concem- in.gso and later served in the Armed Forces. ed with “airborne viruses” which may pose He was ordained Lutheran minister in 1955 athreat to students at Old Country Road and after he was graduate from Gettysbur Burns Avenue Elementary Schools, nearb Lutheran Seminar in Gettysbur Pa. Later, residential homes, as well as visitors of he became assistant pastor of St. Paul’s Cantiague Park accordin to Kath Del Rosso, Lutheran Church i York, Pa. Rev. Grant then B president of Duffy Civic. served subsequentl at Epiphan Lutheran ASPECIAL MOMENT for Karyn Sanginarioof Hicksvillewhocongratulatesh In a letter addressed to Mrs. Del Rosso in gene Church in Laurelton, Queens and St. Luke’s Sister Maureen Chase, 0.P., co-director of the Catho Chaplaincy atthe NassauCounty mid-July, Larry Lawrence, manager Medical Sister Ma her ‘Ser- of AMWS said “thaton oral Nov. Lutheran Churchin Woodhaven, Queens. He Center, pr 1,198 vice to children at the medical center. Th Community Award, given by the all businesses to the of in- then came to Redeemer Lutheran in 196 Civilian relating handling American FederationofPolice, presented.oSiste Maureen for Rev. licensed social re- w -fectious wastes will be removed from the Grant,.a worker, care. she tochildrenMassap the exceptional gave ”.Mrs. Del Rosso said that she felt ceived an M.S.S. degre from Adelphi in social | PB AMWS shouldbe out of the community work, He also received a doctorate in ministry “l amabsolutely thrilled and relieved” about from San’ Francisco Seminary. Boar o Educatio Discuss Go for ’87-’88 the injunction placed on AMWS, said Mrs. Rev. Grant is executive director of the CATHERINE J. TOKAR \Del Rosso. “I owe a lot of gratitude to the Ecumenical Consultation Center which sup- B Town of Oyster Ba and Irving Cohn for his for the H is plie counselin services area. the situation” F. the handling of of social work atthe Wurz- *President Thomas Nagl opene Dr, said that, in grad adjunct profess Fento generall on 28, Mr the Hicksville Board of Ina telephon interview Aug. Social Work-Yeshiva Univer- 26 meeting of when a class size reaches 3 weiler School of August four to six, said that AMWS is “committed to Iris Wolfson’s elec- Lawrence in Manhattan. Rev. Grant is also one of Education by announcing students th class is split In grade one to sity the infectious wastes out by Saturda which tionas Area Il director. Mrs. Wolfson thanked learning skills, havin the founders of the Hicksville ILN.N. three, when children are basi Restraining Order On Transfer the the board fo their support and said sh would considered the clas when serves lunches daily to needy Dr. Fenton splittin Station work hard in her new position enrollment exceeded 29. transfer station toa former in- Aconstructionand debris *Mr. Nagl also respond Dr Fenton madeit clear that classe which also located at Duff Ave. currentl has quiry regardin telephon numbers printe this fall will be before the 344 may be spli spli because could a restraining order the on school buses, whereb a resident All efforts are made temporary — school term begin bein for the of driver However, are in the “incorrect zone type report any drivin unsafel to count student population in all grade business the are conducting,’ sai Phylli Mr. Nag said that this would not be possi will contact if their child& Principal parents informa- “With all he said, Souther, spokespers fo the publi ble. goo intentions,” clas will be split This will occur before the tion office of the Town of Oyste Bay. This sta- “many buses are owned b private com- Fred Parola term begin Transfert Inc, is Guest Speake and conflicts would result.” the tion, American Company, of the panies, *Two one-year goal were adopte b termed There willalsobea representative advised that resident who located in an area zoned for what is Mr. Nagl any board. On includes an of computer and updat should be in an Nassau County Police Dept. toadvise as “light industry” whe it sees a school bus driver driving unsafel skills in K to 12. The other an Watch grade requests Ms. Souther hel establish the Neighborho should down th license number, area zoned for “heav industry,’ write plat upda in the progress of the K to 12 enrich- “We feel we areinaligh program. bus name, and the time and place explaine — company Poll ment program. indeinvolv- Bring your complete Opinion The board will handle says Mr. Lawrence, “because we are of the account. any: *Mr. Nagl outlined five 5-year goal The forms to the meeting to be present to ed in manufacturing and processing Mr. necessary actions. include improving skills in math, languag Mr. Parola. Send in nominations for Lawrence said that he was “very surpris- your *The next board meetin will be held basic skills and improving the also Officers of the Executive Board to arts, guidanc ed” with the order. “We feel we at 8:1 in ¢ administra- restraining William Septembe 30 p.m. secondar program. Nominating Chairman: Mr. are properl zoned. Just bein a zoning issue tion building *All members agree to accept cur- 22 Dakota St. we feel there is no need for a temporary Spettman, *Dr. Catherine Fenton reporte that there riculum committee’s recommendatipnx to order.’ will be two for administrators. restraining workshop a Curriculum Project for grad adop Writing Th is currently under litigation. One will deal with board of education case Wate Commissione Result goal one called “From Seeds to Plants.” and the other will have a guest speak *The board also unanimousl agree to votes were casted One hundred and “ forty time management. : Globe Life Science” and “Globe re-election of adopt School Close on Monda evening for th Class Sizes At Elementary Schools Physic Science” for seventh and eighth Richard A, Humann to serve a year term as *Classsizes at the schools was ‘grad science classes. For Ros Hashana ‘Water Commissioner of the Hicksville Water elementar will *Mr, Hall recommended that the board alsoaddressed by Dr. Fenton. The board and offices in the Hicksville District, oppose none. Allschools and will look into the award bids to the lowest possibl bidders Chairman of the Board Richard A, Humann be profilin a class Public School District will be closed on in th meeting specification athletic sup- who out following: number of students class; district and of Rosh expresses his thanks to those came Sept. 24t 2sthin recognition the of the students; thenumber of bi- plies #23,215.5 audio-visual equipment: New Year. to vote. abilit Hashanah the Jewis and how have been $18,000.0 and computer supplie +4,992.5 lingu students lon the The two day of Rosh Hashanah are the educational Th total, #46,208. was unanimousl ap- INSIDE: in U,S,; speci assignment observed b prayer, meditation and repen- well as resource room proved Flashback as assignments; tance in the Temple and the holiday spirit remedial in math and reading; *Mrr Hall also asked that the board approve Swim Team Wins- programs is carried into the home. Cantiague the Income Guidelines for free and and their abilit to Eligibilit riote on their calen- evaluatin teache h Parents asked to see sports page school are certain and, speci reduced price meals for the year Social Notes situations; mainstreaming dars the reason for this school closing. education students. 1987-8 All approve Ce_”|

1987 Bage-2 - - 3. ‘Hicksville Illustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. Thursday, September

- Great Neck Alerts 198 Para Line- 6 - Bellmore - Merrick

5th Divsion Ist Division Marshal: Ex-Chief Owen Magee Ex-Chief Charlie Saurer Marshal: Aide: Ex-Chief Gus Cotsonas Ex-Captain Richie Magee Aide: Ex-Captain Joe Milito 1- Jerich Fireman John Hanifan 2- Glenwood 1- Manhasset Lakeville - Hempste 2 - Bethpag Ba Co #1 Steamers 4- Oyster - Oyster Bay Atlantic - Inwood 4- East Meadow 6 - Hewlett

- West Hempste 7 - Lindenhurst 6 - Plainview

7 - Freeport 6th Divsion Marshal:’ Ex-Chief Commissioner Ro 2nd Divsion Schaaf Ofenloch é Marshal: Ex-Chief Medard Ex-Chief Commissioner Cliff Hicksville Fire at last year’s parade. Ex; Chief Louis. Mertz ‘THE ME OF the Department Davis Aide: Aide: Fireman Donald Zinkhan for Labor Parad Ex-Captain Conrad Schlauch Fin Work Has Begu Da Fireman Donald Duerbeck 1- Hillsboro for the West Joh Street and West Barcla 1- Westbury work has Broadway : “Th final begu 59t 2- South Hempstea Parade and Drill the Street. 2- Floral Park Annua sponsore b - Wantag the is at the - Hicksvil Fire Department. The West Barcla Th best place to view para Syoss Babylo Villag Admissio is free New Park 4- site has been with West Barclay Street drill site, 4- Hy ‘Street drill bus activity - East Rockawa be of - Oceanside the last few in for the to the para and there will plenty for day preparatio 6 - Island Park the there 6 - Riverhead weeken festivities. Grandstands to accom- available seats. Followin parad will be a block and Las Night with modat the anticipated 10,000 peopl atten- party Vega refreshments, and amusement games. 3rd Divsion ding the parad and drills are being music, The weekend schedule will include the Marshal: Ex-Chief Mario Misturini MIA/POW Observance Constructe and will be complet b Frida Fashioned Fireman&# Drill Auburn evening. New Yor State Old 193 10 a.m. Ex-Chief Walter Telender At Eisenhower Par This year’ para will be led b Grand Mar- on Saturda Sept sth beginni at on Aide: the Lt. Cammarata of Independent The parade beginnin at p.m. Sunda will observe MIA/POW sha Jim Albert Merk Nassau County and Grand 6th, and the motorized fireman drill Captain Engin Company 2, by Honorary Sept week with a candleligh vigil on Thursday a.m. 1- South grac Nick of Engine on Monday at 10 Farmingdal Memorial Avenue of Marsha Ex-Captain Brigan Sept.1 at Veterans Flags Sch Admission to the Old Fashioned Drill will 2- East Norwich Company 7 Participating inthe parad alon in Eisenhower Park East Meadow, at 7:3 p.m. for children over five Levittown the various fire department will be be 42.5 for adults; #1.00 3- will be coordinated the with Th program b thez and seniors. The Motorized Drill admission 4- Rosly Highlande several veterans groups, the Nassau County Nassau County Veterans Advisor Commit- children - and U.S. Marine willbe #4.0 for adults and $2.50 for Port Washingto Police Department, the Corps tee and will be hosted by Count Executive five and seniors. The Fire 6 - North Merrick Color Guard, and over 20 marchin bands over Department and Veterans Services _ Thomas S Gulotta

- ’ will kick that d not bring coolers Point Pleasant from across Long Island The para request you inany director Dunne. Presidin clean Dennis Hempstea Firehouse and or glas bottles—for safety:an up Off at the Marie Strect procee Supervisor Josep N. Mondello will deliver Hicksville via Avenue, reasons. 4th Divsion throug Jerusale ‘ comments with guest speak Marshal: Ex-Chief Commissioner William speci along LeBoutillier. Donlon former U.S. Congressman, John During the program the names of the 28 miss- Ex: Chief Specht ee hel Joh An Apology.. LOOKING FOR A CAREER? Need ing servicemen from the Nassau/Suffolk area Aide: - The Llustrated send its apologie t Lt. with your resume? Schedule a meetin: will be read alou to enhance public atten- Ex-Captain Richard Russell Fire with the career counselor at the Hicksville Owen Magee of the Hicksville tion to their Fireman John Bergin obtained t for incorrectl spellin his last Public Library Tuesday and Saturda Additional pliinformation may be 1- Call for an Farmingdal Veterans Ser- in last week&# story on the evacua- hours are available. appoint; b calling the Nassau County nam 2- Carle Place tion at Micro Contacts. ment, 931-1417. vices Agency at 535-3220. | - North Bellmore

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-e RENTALS e VISA ¢ MASTERCARD ¢ AMEX a _e@ MORTGAGES e REFINANCES & ee e CONV. G.1./F.H.A.: Cemc tanket i dee ite 418 South Broadway, Hicksville, N.Y. (616) 931-0441 234 OLD COUNTRY RD. HICKSVILLE ONE BLOCK NORTH OF OLD COUNTRY ROAD Monday-Friday 9 to 9, Saturday 9-6, Closed Sunday 938-2900= Hicksville Bilustrate News - Hicksville, N. Y. - Thursday, September 3, 1987 Page-3 Lori Santantonio We L John Wand Social Notes and Personalities Mr. and Mrs, Michael Santantonio of Hicksville have announced the marriage of their daughte Lori on Augus 29, 198 to 1st Lieutenant John Wandelt. Lt. Wandelt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Wandelt of Hicksville. Proud Grandparen ..and James Simon of Cambridg The bride and groom are both graduat of Hicksville Hig School and Brigha Mr. and Mrs. Francis Schoner have Drive is also listed on the Spring ’8 Dean’s Young University. Joh is a computer scientist at Maxwell Air Force Base, and Lori proudl informed us that in Septembe their List at SUNY, Binghamton is involved in social work. Kristina will granddaught (Tina) Sachs, More About the ’67 Reunion. After a honeymoo cruise, Lori and Jo will reside in Montgomery, Alabama, ~ the Boston School of . . . attend Conservatory where is stationed. We received note from Oakland, John Music for advance studies in the Musical a Califor- from Theater. nia Valerie Jean (Scapperotti) Cook. In it she states: “A note of community interest was the Hicksville HS. graduatin class of 67 who hel their 20 year reunion Friday, Aug, 14 at the Villa Victor. It was very well attended as approximately 500 graduate danced to the music of the *6os and reestablished old friendships. Among the members of th class was the talented and popul artist Billy Joel who has recentl returned from a successful tour of the Soviet Union. Enclosed is a photo of Billy with classmates Valerie Jean (Scap- perotti) Cook (L whos family still lives in Hicksville but who now makes her hom in California, and Pam (Poole) Ross (R.)” Yo can see that the Illustrated is read all

over—even in California. Thanks for the photo Valerie. A Happ Grandmother Writes: “T am the happy grandmothe of a Tina Sachs beautiful granddaughter Meagan Ist Lt. and Mrs. Joh Wande Elizabeth born on August 1 at Central Tina u Hicksville and attended grew in Meagan is the daughte Gue the Burns Avenue School and Hicksville To Kevin of Elizabeth and Donald Muller of and Senior Schools. She Atti Staten and the all Junior High arid Island, two bridesmaids Hicksville.” Congratulations. M graduated last year from Northport High wore gowns of royal blue satin. The Don&# the Labor Parade School and has performed in numerous Forge Day bridegroom& best man was hisbrother, Fra school, community theater and regiona Hope to see yo all at the Fireman’s Parade Guerra of Plainview. theater praductions— on Long Island Sunda evening. Th parade starts at p.m. Following the ceremony, a reception was and in California. She has recentl been and it end up on West Barcla Street. This held at the Marina Del Rey Bronx, N-Y. employed as stage manager and house year the Labor Day Fireman’s Tournament attended by 150 guests. week manager for the Arena Players a profession is sprea over the three da weekend. Many The newlyweds enjoyed a two and La acting company located in Farmingdal of you oldtimers will remember that Labor honeymoo trip to Hawaii Vegas of Plainview .. Her grandparen and all of her Hicksville Day was one of our biggest celebrations in Kevin is a graduate High of St. friends wish her much happines and success. Hicksville. We used to really dance up a School and Mar is a gradua Jea I Manhattan. Hats Off To. storm at the Block Party that was held in the Baptiste High in .. field across from the fire house. The happy couple both work in Manhat- Pvt. Michael F. son of Dolores Papile, palWhat tan and are residing in Brooklyn. Papile of Hicksville and Francis Papile of Th brid is the niece of Mr. and Mrs. Frank has basic train- Second Naval Reunion Westfield, Mass., complete Jopp of Hicksville. ing at Fort Dix, N.J Tommy and Lu (Risolo) Heltz have Best of Luck to you Michael. returned from a three da weekend in Machinist Hicksville Illustrated News Another Person Identified Dayton, Ohio. Tommy was a Mate 2nd Class on the shi USS Dayto during is presently engaged in an extensive mail- that newcomers to our In Photo... . so Myster World War II. Last year the had their first ing program area can read our weekly endea- Amelia (Santoriello) Zippel identified reunion in New was so successful Jersey—it vors and become regular subscribers. James Metzger, the bo on th left in the that the decided to hold another one this St. Class of middle row, in our Ignatius 1944 year. The naval cruiser was named after the Yes!...1 want to subscribe is the mystery photo. Still unidentified bo city of Dayton, Ohio and this year the city to Hicksville IMlustrated News to the right of Jessie DeMonaco. The went all out with making these men mystery p appeared in our Aug 6th and welcome. The mayor declared Aug 22 as USS Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Guerra NAME 3ot issues. Dayton Day and many dignitaries attended the affair. Mary Attina, daughte of Florence and Welcome To Our World ~ of was married on ADDRESS Tommy states that the shi was christen- Robert Attina Manhattan, Cathy and Patrick Lombardo of ed in in a star Sunda November 16, 198 to Kevin Guerra PiMadelpbi 1944 b gol & Hicksville have become the happ parents of Plainview. Kevin’s Martha and mother in 1944. The 61/79bottle of champagn that parents, CITY/STATE/ZIP of ason, Patrick Charles Lombardo born residents of she christened the shi with was wrappe in Frank Guerra, are long time August 12 at Winthrop- Hospita Plainview. a netting, Sh saved the broke bottle. Sh PHONE in Mineola. Congratulatio RC. ha since but her son and other The wedding took plac at St. Josep pass away 2 ©) $6.50 per yr. C $11 for 2 yrs. Named to Deans List members of her attended the Church in Manhattan. The bride wore a white . family O $15 for 3 yrs reunion—and the bottle with them. satin and lace with a long detachable One of the 300 students named to the brought gown Senior Citizens WWII the USS train. The maid of honor Yvette Neste of Dean’s List at Dowling Colleg is Richard During Dayto operated ©) $5.50 per yr. (1 $10 for 2 yrs. Sherman. To be for the Dean’s List, with the 3r Fleet, which also included the (0 $14 for 3 yrs. clibigl originally of Hicksville) was stationed on. Richard ha to achieve a cumulative USS Chica which George Karman (als of Add $5. per year for addresses average Tommy also told me that while at the re- was-stationed on and the US off Long Island - of at least 3. while carrying a minimum of Hicksville) union he meta fellow that was stationed with Method of Payment: (enclosed) credit hours, Atlanta—a shi that Tommy Foote (also 12 himon the US Dayton wh isnowa resident Oxo Check of Hicksville. He originally came from Lae Dt Queens— the war his family moved to Card Expiration: Plainview. He became friendly with Andy Heberer and is now a resident of Hicksville. MAIL TO: Santos. Small world, His name: Ralph isn& Anton Newspap _ Community it! P.O. Box 1578, Mineola, LI, NY 11501 Happ Weddin Anniversar © On August 28th Gail and Mike Fagan danced to the tune of the Anniversary Waltz. The Hicksville Illustrated News (USPS346-720) : The Fagan were married 1 years ago, Their Postmaster: Send address changes to Matthew ‘children Mike, Sean and helpe Long Island Community Newspapers, Inc. them celebrate. Mike is one of the owners P.O. Box 1578, Mineola, N.Y. 11501. Entered of the F.&a M. Deli on Levittown Parkwa as second class paid postage at the Post Office at Mineola, N.Y. and ad- to a Congratulations very specia couple ditional mailing offices under the Act of eFrank and Jeanne Wing also Congress. celebrated their weddin anniversary on Published weekly on Thursdays by Long Island 132 August 31st The Wings have been married Community Newspapers, Inc. East Second Street, Mineola, NY 11501 for them celebrate this 1 years. Helping (P.O. Box 1578) Phone - (516) 747-8282. special day were their children Kara, Subscription $6.50 per year. (continued on page 4) a

3, 1987 Bage-4 - Septembe Hicksville BllustratedD News - Hicksuille, N.Y. Thursday. Annual Commencement in Oakdale on Jun with Nick Figliola from ith, James celebrated his birthda o July 24th along hubby Rousso, Fusco was awarded Bachelor of Notes and Personalities had her Boston Park, N.Y.,and Cassandra Angelo Social e Vera Caglion of Utica Street from Beac N.Y. Science degree and Haralambos birthday 16th. Belated Barbara’s aunt Long bi celebratio Augus a (continued from page 3) was extra were Kouroupakis received Bachelor of friends Vera. Makin the da speci wishe from your family and sure and Kristin and Frankie. husband Frank, son Frank, Business Administration degree e ..,.and Debbie Roberts of Blueberr Barbara’s _,...and what? Frank is also an owner Renei’. Position guess Lane ha plenty to celebrate on Augus 23rd. daughte New the Court also is of the F. & M. Deli. Guess all really Debbie Kevin Kolm of Lawrence get- She became ig years old on tha day. Richard B. Solomon of April Lane, — and con- fromhis family celebrated. Congratulations is atten- congratulatio is a H.H.S. graduat class of 86 and ting birthda Hicksville is now employed b Goldman in delicatessen his on tinued success your and friends, He celebrated birthday ding New York Tech. Sachs & Co., an Investment Banking firm in .now | know why it’s called business... © of Lane 28th. The DeStefano family Mayfai August . Deli..... home on Courtland Avenue F&am on The Gilmor had a very speci family gatherin Aug. Richard is a of Hicksville Hig of those Birthday’ graduat _ that ‘was the source ‘Happ Birthdays Birthday Birthday 28th Barbara celebrated he birthday da and a of the James Jr. School June, 198 graduat she was heard on Augus 30th. wishes are in orde forthe but was not admittin to the number songs you of Hartford. Belate birthda but his dad, University celebrated his12t birthday... . . Richard. Cummings hom on Link Lane. Agnes celebrating had lot Best of luck to you Barbara& James Sr. two day before that celebrated her special da Jul 21st, Karen Among the honored guests were candles to blow out as he celebrated St 8th Grade Reunion brother Frank and his wife, Joan Gilroy more Ignatiu had her da on July 27th— a very specia Hudson, he sister Doris his August 28th birthday Word is out that the 1972 8th Grade One too a she celebrated her 17th birthday. from Irving on N.Y.; *Happ Birthd Everyon graduatin class is holding their 15t year The will a Boston U Graduate reunion Saturda Oct. 3rd. reunion be held in the new school cafeteria of St. Ig TO YOUR HEALTH of Boston Among the 4,191 graduate natius Loyol School in Hicksville M.D. was Hicksville resident ~ RICHARD H. BLAU, this By University spring Ahot buffet with dancing tothe music of James D. Houston, wh received a J in a DeeJ will be offered for #30.0 pe person. Law. - that this Arthritis Treatment A Comprehensive Approach If you know of anyon was in clas Graduates have them call 271-9 for further in- IV - Exercise and Arthritis Dowlin Colleg pleas _Par old were among formation. They& enjoy renewing it is natural Two Hicksville youth the 37 One of the most common questions When joint pain occurs, _ at Dowling 25t friendships the However, strict rest can receiving degree College’s asked of me by my patients is if exer- to rest joint. Studies have shown that a cis is helpfu in the treatment of ar- be harmful. _ muscle can lose of its bulk thritiss My answer is usuall yes. 30 percent Exhibits At Hicksvi lle Public Librar week, can lose of | However, the type of exercise depend in one and percent leather and belts ha her work in its function when maintained The exhibits at the Hicksville handba on th type of arthritis and the joints per da Septemb the th showcase. In the exhibit, Ms. . to catch lobb at strict rest. Public Library are varied enoug library affected. tells the of leather with be because of all viewers. Hodg story sample of therapeutic exercise Patients should cautious interest ‘Th purpose who of both leather and snakeskins. over-exercise can the Delores Pass, a Long Island artist, fs not to maintain joint flexibility damag joints. only Helen Hanna, an and exercise include works in watercolor and has her com- accomplishe quilte and muscle but to increase the Sign of excessive per- pastels, strength has her in the Fiction Room and on in the community room. teacher, quilts to dail ac- sistent pain fatigue, weakness, joint positions displa "Pati ability perfor Showcase. Mrs. Hanna will be teaching Ms. Pass after a resumed stu- 4 recom- : raising family tivities. Active exercise is usuall swelling residents and has worke in all media. She week quilt worksho to Hicksville those with joint Rheumatologis have beefi trained in dyin art mended for patients this October. her worksho is a member of several art league Registration for disorders. counseling and designing specific who and makes starts Sept. 21, at 6:3 p.m. at the library. exercise tailored Joan Hodges designs &qu exercises used are a combination therapeutic programs,

If suffer — O isometric and isotonic contractions. to an individual arthritis. you What Hicksvil le Is Readi should be a In isometric exercises, muscle strengt from arthritis, exercise part before under- books re- is gaine with minimal joint motion. of your therapy However, The following were highly should last week at the Hicksville Public "T exercises are considered to be takin an exercise program you queste ‘idea for maintaining muscle strengt in consult your physician Library: Active Arthritis strikes one out of seven peo- patients with joint inflammation. NONFICTION the facts. Call for FICTION exercise can be used to increase ple. Learn your com- “isotonic SUPER IMMUNITY — Paul Pearsall — Crichton 1. of The 1. SPHERE Michael of mation of the joint, plimentary copy joint Approach endurance, range ANNA — Duke 2. GOLDEN CUP — Belva Plain 2. CALL ME Patty - Arthritis Overview” and to increase An strength COMMUNION — Strieber 3 PRESUMED INNOCENT — Scott Turrow 3 Whitley THE CBS MURDERS — Richard Hammer 4. VOYAGE OF VENGEANCE — L. Ron 4. Dr. Richard H. Blau is a board-certified Rheumatologist practicin NANCY Hubbard 5. THE SEARCH FOR THE REAL in Manhasset, 516-482-682 and Westbury 516-997-682 REGAN — Frances FINE THINGS — Danielle Steel Spatz Leighton Copyright Richard Blau, M.D. 1987 5. AS len a Moore’s Interior Z Regal (D Ga Paint Sale Septe 3-1


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(One Block South of The RR Tressel on Broadway [Rte. 107] About One Hundred Feet West on Marie Stre OPEN 10AM-6PM Monday a Saturday -|

——————___ Hicksville Illustrated News - Hicksville, N-B. - Thursday, Septembe 3, 1987 Bage-6 Independ Art Soci Meet Septem

&qu Independe Art Society will open its The second film, entitled ‘Winslow new Fall season with two inspiring films Homer-The Nature of the Artist”, depict the secure from the National Galler of Artin developme of the famous artist from his Washingto “American Light The Luminist earl sketches on. Movement 1850-1875& features landscap Everyon is invited to attend on Tuesda Painting b American artists noted for their Septemb 8, at 7:30 p.m. in the community dramatic use of light in their painting of New room at the Hicksville Public Library, 16 Engla scenery. Jerusale Avenue.

a Schult’s Deli ®

HOMEMA OVEN ROASTE tile ROAST (LtoR) MichaelCapaldo, Anita Kelleher, Patricia Breslin and Keith Pastuch. Both women $ were recently inducted into the Hicksville Kiwanis Club. Mr. Capaldoand Dr. Pastuch, who the members with Kiwanis information BEE (By the Ib. only) qos are their sponsors, present new a packet. (Photo by Sieg Widder) DELI $ 99 Kiwanis Club Inducts More Women HAM (By the Ib. only) 1 LB. Two more Hicksville business women, An- troduced to the membership by their ~BOAR& HEAD spon- ita Kelleher, the proprietor of Giese Florist on sors with a brief biograp prior to bein BOLOGNA 3 $489 South Broadwa and Patricia Breslin, the ban- voted inas regular, active members of Kiwa- quet consultant at Antun’s Old Country nis, Mr. Michael Capald sponsored Anita LIVERWURST ey tne w. onl Manor on Old Country Road were induct- Kelleher and Dr. Keith Pastuch sponsored BAR-B-QUE ed as members of the Hicksville Kiwanis. Patricia Breslin. 2 LITER COKE Th prospective new members were rein- CHICKEN $399 : WITH, EVERY HOT TAKE-OUT ORDER OF CHICKEN OR Chowder Marches — COC COLA CHICKEN & RIB DINNER Socie The aroma of clam chowder der be BBO CHICKEN TUB-O-CHICKEN appetizing Societ meeting will prepare accard- SIXPACK | cookin over an open fire will fill the air at ing to an 183 recipe, predating the New N-RIB COMBO 16 pcs. Fried Old PLUS TAX & DEPOSIT sag9 Bethpa Village Restoration when the Englan and Manhattan varieties popula to- 2 Chowder meets on Visitors can th : pe chick Societ Saturda Septem day purchas old-fashioned . Choice COCA COLA ° 2 Ibs. Salad 6; and chowder in the Restoration’s Potato, Macaroni bers Sunda Septemb Monday Sep cafeteria. LITER Potato,! 2 $q19 jo choi or Cole Slaw tember 7 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The _ PLUS TAX & DEPOSIT Old Restoration is only Serves only weekend&# activities will also include perfor- Bethpa Village oper- terre ated b the Museum Services Division of the $9G95| sq ges mances of traditional sea chanties and fiddle BUDWEISER Nassau County Department of Recreation . music. and Parks. [tis located Round Swamp SUITCASE $ MEISTER BRAU Nassau County Executive ThomasS, Gulot- on Road Q@ in Old one mile south of the tasaid that the Chowder will re-create Bethpag Lon 24/1 oz. cans 12 PACK Society Island Expresswa exit 48 The Villag isopen PLU TAX & DEPOSIT PLUS TAX & DEPOSIT $349PACK one of the all-male social groups that were from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be closed informall organize durin marshin season on Tuesda Septemb 8 instead of its usual CATERING 3’ -6& HEROS on Lon Island durin the 1850 and 1860s. The Monday closing. A cafeteria, gift shop, and marshing s¢ason traditionally began in car- SPECIAL *6** PER FOOT picnic area are on the premises. Th last ad- ly Septembe whenlocal men gathere at the mission ticket is sold one hour prio to closing HOT AND COLD PLATTERS AVAILABLE shore to cut marsh ha and spen a few day camping out, swappin stories, and living off Admission to the Villa is +4 # for Nas- COM SEE OUR BEVERAGE DISCOUNT CENTER ¢ FRESH BAKING DONE ON PREMISES clams, ducks, and other delicacies found in sau County residents, and ¢2 forall children, Rd. Levittown WE _,892.Newbridge New store Hours the nearb bay age 5-17 and senior citizens. Parkin is free. 1-404) Not Responsible for Typographical Errors 7 Days 6-11 The clam chowder mad during the Chow- For further information, call 420-528

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Mismeasure of aMan ability. Scores, ETS said, | The have spent little money on But parents and students kids studying analogies could not be improved by advertising our enrollment are thrilled: 150 points can when could b Every year, thousands of they coaching of any sort. has doubled term. make the difference isiand school every learning Shakespeare?” high The reasons? Princeton between admission PaStudents take the toa Don&# SAT, In 1979, the FTC Review blame the disagreed, students have mediocre college and a Many without ever that messenger for the finding a good coach, raised their scores an very good one. _ learning what the test The Review Stanley H. Kaplan, could average of 150 points. message. measures or how to doesn’t teach Plato raise scores an average of for it. And The Ethics of Prepare 48.9 points (combined they have done so in Coaching because the SA fails to math and an enjoyable and non- reward real So verbal). Some parents don’t like knowledge. we teach only the Fo We are Born threatening way. con- years, the Educational to see students so cepts and skills tested on _ Service : puttin Testing (ETS) The Princeton Review was much timeand effort E is worried, Results this into the SAT. But what we _ Claimed that the SAT founded in 1981 with only Preparing for the SAT. measured good undermine the teach, we teach well. innate reasoning 15 students. Although we Credibility of the test. “Why,” they ask, “are these

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EH SLIMINARY SESSIONS BRENTWOOD Er 4 Septemb 7:00 — 8:30 PM. Suffolk Community College | Sunday, September 6 2:00 — 3:30 PM. GREAT Necn (Gamma Lounge) Thursday. September 4 7:00 — 8:30 BM. Beth-b1 Temple Thursday. September 10 7:00 — 8:30 BM. Wednesday, 2 September 7:00 — 8:30 P.M. Ohin Congregation Sholom 1 . Wied, g 7:00 — 8:30 PM. Saturday, September 5 FIVE TOWNS “‘Nuesday. September £:00 — 8:30 PM. Friday. September 11 7:00 — 8:50 BML. Woodmere \eademy 6 Sunday September 2:00 — 3:30 PM. GARDEN CITY ‘Vhursday. September 10. 7:00 — 8:30 RM.. Vhe Saturday, 5 Cathedral school , September “2:00 — 3:30 PM nity College + b the Cathedral School Friday, September 1 7:00 — 8:30 PM ‘(Stadent C t Institutes)

_ The Princeton Review Lon Island

© Brookville Great Neck © Garden City @ Selden @ Brentwood ® Merrick © Woodmere 516/935-2999 a

- 1987 Hicksville Bilustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. Thursday. Septemb 3, Paye-7 BACK TO SCHOOL...

American Tradition and European Flair for Kids THE SCHOOL AGE

Two more weeks of summer, and “Johnny” goes back td clothes and shoes style with Europea fashion flair and American comfort and ease. The Wheatle Shoppin Plaz in Greenvale, and The Americana Shoppin Center in Manhasset, are becomin TH places for all your children’s clothin and accessories needs, Piccolo Amore (13 Wheatle Plaza 621-744 is a boutique featuring European designe clothing for children from sizes up to 10-12 (from infants to 8 to 9 year olds “We keep up to date on European children’s fashions, instead of waiting for Europea trends to arrive here [ofte two year seasons after the European lead],” says owner Michele Mansouri. “You won&# find most of our style anywhere else on the Island, either,” he commented...’“Pic- colo Amore is unique.” The store carries Ipswich of Englan hand crocheted and knitted blank sweaters and elega christening wear for infants; and Absorba Layette items, for the real “newcomers” to your life. For the older child, Piccolo Amore features Oilily children’s wear...colorful prints in hig styl separates and accessories that mix and match and lend themselves to every occasion. Lil Shoe Box, still “walking tall” in Green-

vale’s Wheatley Plaza has just opene a The Airborne Collection =~ = * new store in Manhasset’s Americana, 2048 Ca you believe this story we have to read? Northern Blvd. Lil Shoe Box is a speci plac for our speci little people Their employee are trained and certified b the L.L. Podo Pediatric Center, an organization of physician specializin in children’s feet.,..they’re trained to fit children’s feet and to spot foot abnormalities (it’s also the only shoe store utilizing this service! Say Mike Sanchez, manager of the Manhasse store, “We' brand new here, but we carrying the store’s established tradition of service, fit and style We got the larges selection of children’s shoes in Ne York, our prices are competitive, and our style are what the youngsters want for today’ active lifestyle.” Lil Shoe Box carries Enso, Ellesse LeAr- to, Stride Rite, Toddler University, Con- Collectio verse, Reebok, Nike, Fila and many more, The Survivors Collection The Amiana with many designe especiall for styles Did you see our new gym teacher? them, particularly the European brands. Ther are speci back-to-school shopp ing hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:30-7; Thurs. 9:30-9; Sat. 9:30- and Sun. 12-5. Phone: Wheatle Plaza 484-384 or Manhasset - 627-11 Little Doll House has been at Wheatley THE LIL’ SHOE BOX Plaza for eigh years. It specializ in qualit foun at the commer- toys not usuall big A Special Plac for Little Feet In addition, one third of cial toy outlets. (516 484-3824 the store is devoted to miniatures. The two

owners - Loretta Conway and Bette Eile, an the principa employe Joy Land, all are former teachers and have strong in- teres in learning toys The regularl at- tend the trade toy shows looking for the latest in contemporary toys. © Little Doll House carries toys and related items for ages infant to 14. Most of the mer- ghandi is importe



of Blace Wheatle Le lone Spoct Glen Cove Road and Northern Boulevard. Greenvale Exit 39N on the Long Island Expressway X Bey=a-

1987 — - 3. Page-8 Hicksville Bilustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. Thursday, Septembe

Pettorino. Prince Ate Note Fro and “what do you know” Art Hicksvill Studen Visit Joh Hill on the Senior Citizen reporte Kim Lancersaid. will be going back toschool next photograp editor Sh en- - Jericho Program. Everyo the Yearbook joyed taking pictures around campus. Hicksv Doctor Gross won the raffle week, but 198 Hicksvill Hig lot Staff little took a trip to “Walsworth taugh us a about putting Propose new member Ellen,Bernstein went early The to in a this book, and I think the 198 Rotar sponsore by Harry Peltz. Princeton University participate year- togeth year- which included boo is to be a goo one— had Golf Classic is Oct. 1st tee off time is 8 a.m. book workshop, many going we ‘Th Augus 2oth meeting opene prompt- editor Walker said. be held the State Park Red schools from alon th eas coast. some fun,” sports Tony ly at 12:3 with President Al Levine leadin to at Bethpag which includes Th staff left for New Jerse August 16 the Hicksville staff usin the of and amoment Course. Th fee is #75.0 Inasmall competition, Pled Allegianc of their advisor Ms. breakfast, cocktail hour, and dinner. There under the supervision was awarded second place, which entitles of silent prayer. The thre day at Princeton color for their " will be many for Gelber stay them to two free book Al introduced our Ellen prizes golf shar shooting Joa pages President guest learn about provided an opportunity to valued #500. Sor = aroun Bernstein and there were n visiting ATTA hosted creating a yearboo The workshop, and r Rotarians. As a matter of fact there were very “I’m very excited about this year’ staff,” b Walsworth Publishin Co., taug the staff diffic few member Rotarians, Ms. Gelberg said “They’re so int itand can’t Juried Art Show about making layouts for the yearboo The isalw: Wha ever happen to - wait to get back to school tostart on th also leamed photography com- year- _ participants enjoy Augie & Squat were probably playing The Independe Art Society Twelfth An- book.” of a theme, art, adver- thinking selling ~ its Sck _ puters, gol.gol . nual Jurie Art Exhibition will be presente It looks like the 198 Hicksville Yearbook and selling of the yearbo itself. for D’ & Fred Stanwise were the Hicksville Public tising space m: Jo probabl at Librar 16 Jerusale little about is to turn out nicely, and we wish Ms. The students also learned going seek t &qu vacation. Avenue from November 1 to . Sunday, and what Gelber Editor-in-chief Laura Catanzariti and each other; peopl the met there, ceptic Bill was probably sailing. November 13. whole staff the best of luck. : the _ it islike tolive ata -~" “love freedom,” 198 yearbo Walter & Bob were probably with Entries will be received on Frida October ship in thi: _ Augie and Squat 23at p.m.-9:30an on Saturda October 24 Middle/Senior Scho Galile Eli was at the bar. from 1o a.m.-12. There will be a wine and Ne Scho Hour for Hig _ probabl Frank Markland was with November 8 be an probabl cheese reception on Sunda Schooland the twelfth hours will be from Both th Hicksville Middle grades 7:51 to 2:17 coffee & Squat & Walter & Bob. from at which time awards will _ Augie 2:30 p.m.-4:30, School will have new runs will at Hicksville Senior Hig p.m. Transportation begi 7:15a.m. incon Irwin Solomon was probably readin be presente school hours starting Sept. gth ‘On Sept. gth ouly gradesnin andten should ceedi1 th sports page. The show will be judge b two prominent The Middle School, (sevent and eight report to school fora half- which will end Fred was his Robert Carter and Webb. bardo _ Meyer wishing program artists, Jeffery hours will be from 8:11 a.m. to 2:41 at 11:31 a.m.N The school year for all _ grades begi would have showed up to fill up the Works will be critiqued at the Monday Journ. runs will at on 10th. . p.m. Transportation begi 7:40 grade Sept th bulletin. meeting November 2 at 7:30 p.m. by Mr. say a.m, Allparents and students are requeste to Dollars from Sam Carr, Kevin Webb, Full information will be available at to be _ Happy take note of these © The Senicr Hig School, (ninth throug change Shaughnes Ellen Bruner, Harry Smith, Jan the librar at 931-1417. He Manaskie even Al Levine, Fred Meyer, Russ annot * and at Marciano Jim Grossman (from Eli Zambaka Me Lea Be Ne Ye —————— that a The Glen Cove, Hicksville, Syosse Leagu reservations. joyab I On Mai \\ of Mercy Hospit will start the coming season For an evening of theatre entertainment, Italiar Ser with a buffet luncheon at the Peter Allen is the answer. The ha memt Al(Now Serving all of Nassau & Suffolk) Huntington leagu Gif Certificates Available ae Yacht Club on Sept. 9. The officers are Irene tickets available for his Westbury Music Fair brand Totone, (Plainview) Pres.; Dorothy Mann, show on Wed., Nov. 11 at 8 p.m. Tickets are a festi Also Available (Hicksville) Vice Pres.; Josephin DiPasca, 420. Call Marie at 681-47 for reservations. pear it (Syosse Rec. Sec.; Joan Kellner, Corres. Sec.; dateo Clearin Theleague’ first monthly bus trip to Atlan- can, Evely Budnick, Fin. Sec.; and Helen Zorvich, joyme Gee tic City will be Monday Sept. 28. The buses vcr” E Treas. (all of Hicksville.) come remain at Atlantic for nine hours. Cost With the new season City is som , many interesting _ HOUSE CLEANING HEAVY DUTY per person: #22. Call Rose at 935-36 for reser- are planne Fri., Oct. 9, the leagu Pre: ¢vent vations. Hours a Same Domestic Each Time The HOUSE CLEANING is a Buffet Dance at Savini’s | 6 Day, Doing holding Bingo

Following: 5 We Do The Things You Crystalbro Starlight Room in East Meadow. Mercy League have been formed toraise for th Floors Washed and Waxed *Ovens & Refrigerators ~ Don’t Want To! a There will be dancin two hours of unlimited money for Mercy Hospital To help in their memt fabinets and Furniture Polished Let Us Disinfect and Sanitize members of the invite © Dusti & food and four hours of unlimited liquor. Cost: endeavors, the leag it’s yo ing Vacuuming Your Whole House With Our ® Baseboards and Windowsills Call at for to their various functions. Professional Chemicals. 43 per person. Dorothy 938-817 everyone support ® Bathroom © Wash ¢ Linens Changed Call For Information © Beds Made © And MUCH MORE!!!


| _555 Broadhollow Road, Melville, NY 11747 ¢ & Wai Also

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oo Hichaville Bllustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. - Thursday, Septembe 3, 1987 Page-9 New Teacher and Professio Staf Lo At Hicksville Hig News Th is the of the Ga following names new Rose Pavesi...... Foreign languag teachers and professional staff in Hicksville Josep Rayzak...... Science School for the school Scalia; Hig 1987-8 year. Josep 3.3...... ae President Jo Giordano’s Message Englis Administrative change Gar Schwartz. ....Mathematics ‘Fortune does not chang men; it unmasks them.’ Mary Su Carr Assistant principal (she was Barr Greenspan...... Social studies Old Saying formerl departme chair of physic educa- Dawn Silverberg....-...... Specia ed. Somebody said that the once greatest gift of life is the abilit to enjoy oneself. Yes, to know tion and health) Thomas Smithy.(5.:...... 3) Englis and realize or understand what enjoyment is all about, It sounds and so Aronowitz - chair of Stea arts/art ae Fine quite simple Stephe n yet Department Mary ss. difficult for many people And here is where the Galileo Lodg enters the picture, for it Englis Christine Szumagala...... Speci ed. is endeavoring in alway set motion the wheels to - to help brin about the condition we call Eileen Geigen Guidance Chair Nancy Ulrich: Foreign languag For enjoyment. example on Saturda the 19t of September the Galileo Romano - of academic .Guidance Lodg presents Gregory Supervisor Christophe Volpe . counselor its Scholarship- Dance for everyone& edification and althoug this affairis held enrichment programs Mary Ann Waters...... Speci ed. for many the reasons, primary purpose is to offer enjoyment and pleasure to all those who Patrick Pizzarelli - Supervisor of physica seek these two states,of mind. This dance naturally commemorates the Galileo Lodge’ in- education and health K-12 Th following teachers have been transfer- the for the ception, sets up machiner distribution of the Louise E. Massiello Memorial Scholar- Th teachers listed below have been red to the hig school from other schools: Awards and to a member or officer whois deserving shi - pays homa of praise and attention, transfered to the hig school from the mid- Phili Grusemeye - Fine arts/music from in this case its Massiello. ex-president Peter Pete Massiello was a successful leader of the dle school for the 1987-8 school year: Fork Lane/Old Country Road School Galileo fora number of Tickets sell Lodg years. at +35.0 per person and in th offering will Callman Aronson...... Science RuthHrus Librarian - from Burns Avenue be an cocktail appetizing hour, a delicious hot dinner with all the beer, soda, Bell. The teacher listed below was excessed in trimmings, ee. tiie . Jame Englis coffee and unlimited and cake liquor some fine listening and danceable music from the Armondo Belli; Science and for the 20). _June19 bi 6..05 hasbeenrehire 1987-8 Richard musical combo. An Ad will incomparabl Lagnes Journa also be part of the pro- David Bouton...... Science school year: : and the involved in this ceeding membersstrong activity are Ski Monteforte, Rocco Lom- Anthony Correri...... Mathematics Joa Buffalino - Physic education bardo.and Armand Delcioppo. Then, of course, there is the Dance committee and the Ad Fred Gullo...... Specia education These teachers have been recently hiredan Journal committee. The importance of this dance to the Galileo Lodg is very obvious, to Fred to the school for the Healy. 2020208. 06. Mathematics assigne hig 1987-8 the naturally members ; : say least, so all of the Lodg itself and the Ladies Auxiliary are asked Hormozi Farrokh...... Mathematics school year: to be highl represented on this night. Klein. Dr. Mark Jac ...... 000% Social studies Daybock...... Psychologi ask for another form of Hey yo enjoyment, well, worry n further, as the Galileo Lodg William Lemmy...... Social studies Susan Feyler...... Attendance teacher that announces on Friday, the gt of October, it will hold a Italian night Naturall the mood Joh Miller...... Guidance counselor Susan Galland...... Business ed. and atmosphe and part of the proceedin will be of an Italian nature, bu I assure you Ann'Murtagh.... Guidance counselor James McFeely...... Foreign languag that anyone, Italian or not, will and can enjoy what promises to be an extraordinary en- William Owens). Paula 20. oo. Englis Weinberg...... Foreign languag joyabl night A highl talented musical aggregation from Naple Italy, will embellish the Italian environment with their particula brand of entertainment and that is because the pene this group pla musical instruments, sin and dance and offer their delightfu SCHOOL’S OPEN bran ofenjayment to all those who will attend. I c it Italian night, but actually its reall a festival. There will be further news about this event in forthcoming articles that will ap- pear in this paper. So if you like your enjoyment in rather different way, why not put the DRIVE dat of this Italian Festival on your must-attend list. As say, happine is happines and en- joyment is enjoyment, so it doesn’t matter in what form they come in, just as lon as the come in. This statement might sound rather confusing but I guess if you think about it there is some degr of credulity i it. CAREFULLY} President Joe Giordano once again announces that help is still needed for the Lodge Bing sessions. So little effort and time o the part of our members can do a grea deal for the financial position of the Galileo Lodge President Joe Giordano states t when members work at the Bing sessions, they are actually working for themselves. So, it’s true, A. it’s You it and it Angelo your Lodge help help you. Your Community Newspaper Is Delivered Delligatti Your Reliable Letter-Carrier Oyst Ba : B Counil Long Island Savings Bank Continued Growth Has Created Many Entry Level Opportunities in Several Of Our Locations In The Nassau and Suffolk Areas. Some Of Our Current Openings Include:

TELLERS - Full Time/Part Time e Bay Shore @ Garden City e Huntington @ Levittown ¢ Manhasset e Massapequa Park e Merrick e Rockville Centre e Seaford ¢ Wantagh e @ Valley Stream Syosset : .

CLERICALS - Full Time * e Commack ¢ Rockville Centre Syosset _ Hours: for Clerical Are 8:30 to 4; Mondays through Friday

We Offer: Paid Training ¢ Excellent Opportunities to Advance e Competitive Salary « Comprehensive Company Paid Benefits Package


For your convenience interviews may be scheduled at several locations WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER MF H/8 every5a

3, 1987 Page-10 -—— - Hicksville Ilustrated News - Hicksville, N.B. Thursday. Septembe Flashback: 3 Year Ago Augu 195 Fire in the Firehouse founded in 1986 by Howard J. Finnegan Callahan an alarm three stories *A fire ina television set owned b DW. put Se RITA LANGDON EDITOR Callahan at Sunda morning, Aug, 22. JAN MANASKIE ASSOCIATE EDITOR FLO GRIES SOCIAL EDITOR square above th fire apparatus 1:2 occupi floor of the firehouse at 20 E. St. HOWARD FINNEGAN CONTRIBUTING EDITOR the custodian’s apartment on the third Mari Post Office Box 70 © Hicksville, N:Y. 11801 the rescue and out the TV Harry (Spik Cecizil of Co. 2 went to put blazin Incorporating the Hicksville Edition of the Mid-Island Herald No alarm was sounded. founded in 1949 by Fred J. Noeth set. News is every Thursday Overtime Hicksville Ilustrated published Emergen Crews Work by Anton Community Newspapers of Long Island 132 East Second Street, Mineola, New York 11501 T Hurricane Damag 516-747-8282 Untangl Carol lashed the Mid-Island area this week, but damage were &l *Hurricane considerabl less than the hurricane visitations of previous years. for from a few hours to more Many homes were without power perio varying limbs tore down wires. Traffic on South Broad- than 24 hours as fallin trees and ofa tree down wires, a traf- Brtter Readers Hicksville, was detoured because statel pullin From @® way, fic signa and also covering a car. ‘Letters to the editor are welcomed b the editors and publisher of the Anton Community Newspapers. rainfall flooded many and intersections. Power failure caused short as Th heavy streets However, the must follow certain guideline in order for us to print them: they should be a possi the bottom stores and offices to close for the day Ble; we reserve the rig to edit in the interest of space; they MUST be signe (atyped nameat numerous + ad, winds blasted must incl sothat we can verify theirauthenticity. Hours before Hurricane Carol, pelting rain and lashing 13,000 Lon use ‘We receive many letters which we would lik to share with our readers, but we are unable to with the fine Island telephon out of service. Several camps cooperate Lightin them because they are unsigne or have a typewritten name only truck for three hours. publish their floodlight We cannot we rec because of li but we try to present both sides Compan and provided Pp letter spac will be the installers, repairmen, splicers and linemen of al issues. Personal attacks and letters considered to-be in poor't not printed B 8a.m., company had 4,000 of operating on “Castrophe Routine,” a highl integrate system scouting out and onastreet by basis throughout the 274 square miles of Nassau, This lette is publishe upon School to the Syosse group at a rental dama street _ bein reques Thomas F. Nagl Pres. which will take ten years for the district g20 square miles of Suffolk. : ‘Hicksvill Board of Education to recoup its investment. Federal Aid For This is an and a betraya of goo $472,42 Building We Hicksville residents and taxpayers outrage

_ who are faith to the taxpayers of Hicksvile, aid toward school construction was stroni objec to the board’s decision in *Notice of eligibility for federal officially with in desperat need of qualit child care. Teasin space to a Syoss organization on Aug. 23, 1954. We demand to know to whom the given no financial or person ties to the Hicksville If the district is to receive th allocation, the federal government will have to board not the residents of is beholding- the board Stony communi in the steps involved in takin bids and rardi contracts,” this community? “participat plasti We the undersigne wh pay the ex- was advised Fred Tilney of Government Statistical Corporation. It’s our school and we should morally b well a _ orbitant school are in need Road and Dutch Lan School taxes, desperat hav first to The board allocation of the Old Country and financially preferenc any anticipates of 7 “of spac for a child care center and are see- the board is with the of-contracts space available in the school district. additions. Meanwhile, proceeding awarding of 21¢ ing our tax dollars wasted on an “outside” Pat Keller for the additions to the Fork Lane and Burns Avenue Schools, Fre _ organizati President Parents Association Us to Date Suffo We strongly urge all board members to Wee Care Learning Centers, Inc. Repor Bring U &q resou reconsider their position in leasin space lof *A checkon traffic movement over Hicksville railroad crossings overa 16-hour to this Syosse grou without first maki To The Editor: ment from7a.m.to11p.m. showed that the gates closed a total of 519. minutes, available one of the modular units located We are very lucky to have such fine period 8.6 hours. at either the Dutch Lane School or Burns newspaper as the Hicksville Illustrated or Avenue | to Wee Care Learnin News. It is sad however, that there are so *Hicksville is an ‘unincorporate area,’ and has surface elevation varying from child Hicksville advertisers, I Center Inc. for its care center. few regula prefer 14 to 16 feet abov sea level, sloppi in a southerl direction. The groun water

_ of these has business to advertisers. Our inspecton premises to give my your level varies from 7 to go feet below the surface. The bedrock formation is about determined that with a minimum outlay Giese Florist is a little bit further ‘but its 1,000 feet below the ground surface, Between us and bedrock are glacia sands, between three to four thousand dollars, worth th Antun’s is a to O trip. great plac and gravel clay deposits . it will be sufficient to refurbish these units for for a party. The food is goo and: the Reso into a comfortable and beautiful center, price is reasonable. I was there for Sheila *Population in 1954 was 44,000. awar« with a much rental return to the Noeth’s and it was a to meet tric F greater party pleasur *During the last ten years the entire Hicksville area has change from a “school district than the-one hundred and this wonderful lady. Thanks to and all * tiona you predominantl rural area to a suburban residential and industrial area. Hicksville eighty thousand dollar outla planne for advertisers. . Scho your has become a main shoppin and commercial center for the resultant greatl the renovation of the Jerusale Avenue Karin Frey increased population junio ident —Compiled by Catherine J. Tokar She Wrote youn Garba thec

: By LAURA TAMBER materials before they ever-enter the waste Auto First Aid Course gram The Antique Show stream: _ Afriend called methe other day to tellme simplest way to accomplish this preci how relieved she was tohear that a resource is to have the homeowner separate out cer- The Standar First Aid/Advanced First Aid Gene tain At Beach "reco facilit was bein planne for our materials, e:g. paper, glas and metals. Tappe Progressio Course will begi on Wednesda datio “town. “It’s about time,” she said, “that These materials can then be reused in either Septemb 9, from7 p.m. to11 p.m., and will and f their a altered somethin was done around here about present, orin form. Paper can Septemb 1 be held at the American Red Cross Chapter ing t be and mad into new 26 Old Mineola. _ repulpe paper House, Country Road, recycling!’” pro- The fourth annual Automobile \ Antique “The term ‘resource recovery’ is ducts, Glass and metals can be melted down, The Standard Course consists of seven con- Dire: Show will take plac at Tappe Beach in Sea I is notatall purified, and mad into new productsas well. secutive evenings from vide “Misleading replied “recyclin _ Cliff Wednesday on Sunda Septemb 33, from 11 a.m. Ad- what the Town of Oyster Ba has in mind.” Septemb 9 throug October 28, The giver all this recyclin seems like alot of trou- to 4 p.m. Suggest donation for adult is Moreand more often peopl are confus- vanced Course follows with six consecutive plan ble, consider the following facts: 41.5 children are free. e between the terms ‘‘recycling’’ and evenings from November 4 through: the © is Th event isa fund-raiser Recyclin nonpolluting. for the volunteer the _ “resource recovery;” andit’s easy tosee why December 9 with the exception of work © [t uses 20 times as much fuel to mine new Sea Cliff. Police unit and for the Lon; November aluminum 11 holiday wor ___ Asused toda the term resource recovery as to recycl and use scrap. Islan Division of the Horsele Carriag Cl Pre-registration is required For more in- Abil means incineration. The major resource be- © Ferrous metals such as steel take twice of America. formation and to call Red Cross as much to mineasto and More than register pleas emp ing recovered is energy in the form of steam. energy recycl use 100 automobiles of vintag 1942 at 747-3500. can be used as is; or it’s converted in- scrap. and older will be on han for show. Visitors Stea worl © can be will to electricity. Other resources, such asmetals Newspape recycle many times, be asked to vote for their favorites in a duc but once burned for an paper, may be recovered, but the major energy, it’s gone. public ballot. Cars will include some classics Where To Obtain The _ © Materials collected for be busi functio of this facility is to burn garbag recyclin can such as the 1907 Ford, 1908 Buick, 1910 Rolls — offsettin the cost of garbag Royc and Simple Indian Hicksville Illustrated News “Wh should anyone mind burninga lit- 19 Motorcycl veis per with tl ; sideca plu loads of Ford Model A’sand a garbaget createelectricity? you migh Additional copies of the Hicksville © Ever bit of garbag recycle ismaterial T&# The show is the most " “It’s certainl better than bargi it prestigiou antique Illustrated News may be obtained at the that need not be burned, landfilled, event inthe New York around the Northern Hemisphere!” Or isit? or car metropolitan area, followin locations: shipped been held for 20 having previous years at © Ace Stationery, Bethpage Road,d __ Burning garba creates harmful emis- Thinkofit. reduce Hill ie . .by recyclin wecan Sagamor in Oyster the former home a .. Ba Hicksville _ sions. dioxin emissions are the most Althoug the volume of our sell the of former ULS. President & garbag recycle Tedd Roosevelt. © Brooks not the Stationery, 224 Old Country notorious, they are only problem. materials, and the environment for In addition to the entertaining improve collection Road Hicksville: - chloride and acid can be formed Vinyl gases usall. This must be done, and the time to start of cars, there will also be an Antiques & Col- © New Country Deli, 26 Old Country " pastics are burned. And, of course, par- is now! such fine bits of lead and other Road, Hicksville ticulates as ae Police will their pop man © F & M Deli, Levittown Pkwy., " must be removed from the stack gases. Editor’s Note: Laura Tamber is a profes of refreshment stand with hanib ho 99 _ Hicksville Recyclin means the removal of reusab Physi Scienc at Nassau Communi Colle dogs sodas and beer. ee ———- +. Hicksuille Silustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. - Thursday, Septembe 3, 1987 Page-1


Letters Hrom Our Readers CA Beite fro Lill... is wonderful and I read all the ads in and .. Advertising my magazines newspapers and I learn all about what’s new and what&# in...but what I can’t stand is the prolifera- To Thé Editor: tion of scented sheet of perfum ads that nearly asphyxiate me as I turn th pagest!!...It The Perils of Plastics Incineration state, that tor the past decade-and-a-half, was unbearable whe there was one perfum ad in a beautiful gloss magazine— Wh can forg the catastrophi conse- has been pressurin it’s 62 counties to recy- now they are havin two—different and competing— (I can’t dignif them b quences of the “Towering Inferno” fires cle has finall begu its own (3- Program the word “fragrance” in one issue... don’t know how the mailman makes it with his the of the recent past, or the ‘not too infre- Recover it, Recycl it, and Reuse it! As ba full of these periodicals but I know, for myself the smell is so overpowering, that, where quent jet plan crashes, tenants or second largest produce of waste, our state even if I like the scent, I couldn’t buy it because it has alread overcome me..and, the the Passengers are asphyxiate by toxic government is willing to forgo one reall the scented pag is never even close to the perfu itself.,.1 wonder if the manufac- fumes from fires of million dollar annual benefit derived from raging interior plasti turers reall believe that this is goo merchandising...bu speakin of perfume in a furniture, and electric wire in- about of its waste drapes rugs incinerating 50 percent more positive way, have you ever noted how enchantin the containers have become?..all sulation - has been rendered almost in favor of Thomas Stubbs of the escape recycling the designe seem to have outdone themselves to give&# bottles which reall decorate impossible state’s General Services Office said, our dressin tables—the onl problem is that they are far too pretty to throw away Many scientists are of the opinion that “Everyon agrees that recyclin and reus- when they are empty—but I alway put them into dresser drawers and they make dioxin gas emissions are carcinogenic! Diox- ing paper, plastics, and aluminum is by far everythin smell so good— mak it a pleasur just to open the drawer... in is a chemical compoun formed by the - outweig any of the benefits you could burnin of some plastics, exemplifie b reap b shreddin it, burnin it, or last September’ hall closet fire at the whatever other means there are of dispo © Anton Community Newspapers-HHHH University of Stony Brook, where a stack ing it”. of plastic- buffing pad melted and Markets are available for recyclin all gave off toxic dioxin fumes. These sorts of plastic and in addition there is dangerou fumes, travelin throug the technolog readil available in Ne Jersey, School’s Open- Carefull ductwork, forced the (eventual closin of that will convert mixed, contaminated Thomas S. Gulotta the Jac Javits Lecture Hall and four other Town plastic waste into product such as By related fatalities accounted for another third and Executive classrooms - all still closed! flooring fencing, posts, barriers, crates County of the county’s fatal accidents. When our N.Y. State Research flower Energ pots! In just a few days schools will be re- The message in this report is that most fatal & tests incinerators Either we are misled, or are Developmen Authority bein opening througho our County as anxious auto accidents are caused by factors which for dioxin and fura it does so dur- ourselves about the ob- levels, misleadin very school children return to meet their new are within human control. Therefore, it is a combustion before the flue ever vious benefits from ing gases overwhelmin accruing teachers and class-mates. goo time to reinforce the importance of enter or leave the control ‘Maximum as oppose to ‘Mass- pollution equip- Recyclin With th influx of traffic generate b the preventive programs designed to address the ment. This method could project favorable Burn Incineration’. Thus, this letter is a vir- school reopenings. . . especiall pedestria very factors which can lead to driver and En- tual S-O-S to resident, emissions, which can be misleading every of every villag traffic near school zones. it is . . an important pedestria error. vironmental Chemist, Ted Goldfarb at within our Great Town, to personall peti-- time for all of us to renew thos safety fac- Nassau has a population of about 1.3 Brook, told me that most chlorinated tion our Town and councilmen, Stony Superviso tors which should influence our driving million, with about one million registere chloride, etc. as to plac a “Hold” on propose mass-burn plastic (PVC polyvinyl technique throughou Nassau County all autos traveling on 5,000 miles of roadway It ” well as can incineration until more relative health-risk polyurethane generate upward year round. is absolutely necessaty that motorists pay of different dioxins and furans total studies are and successful in- 7 13 ( completed, I recently had the opportunity to review strict attention to the road and that all steps tensive is the of 210 toxins). recyclin given opportunity a detailed study prepared by the Nassau be taken to minimize the chance of accident. and reduce our Fred Drewes, a professo of biology at to flourish significantl County Police Department regarding fatal Motorists and pedestrian alike must pay Suffolk Community College refers to Town’s need for such massivel proposed traffic accidents. The report indicates that strict attention to all safet precautions and resource-recovery incinerators as, ““Wasters incineration! driver and/or pedestrian error is the most must avoid being lured into complacenc ‘ ‘Richard resident 'of&qu And in our own state govern- J Singer, common cause, accounting for over 45 of when travelling the highways and roadsof the Port ment we now find similar thinking Our Washington the accidents; at the same time, alcohol county. GE Foundatio Fund Proj Fo Disable Student

and in Dr. Edwin W. Martin, President, Human “job coach” supervisor developing ap- behavior and skills. Once Resources Center, recentl announced the propriate job pro- Elec- is achieved and work award of a $15,00 gift b the General ductivity positive behavior has bee established, trainees are tric Foundation in support of the Center’s na- * tionally recognize model “Transition from assisted in obtaining permane employmen School-to-Work”’ Project for hig school and job coach services are provide during who were the initial employmen phase. juniors and seniors with disabilities The students served are disabl- identified as not “colleg bound”. physicall and/or visual “On behalf of our physicall disabled ed, sensory impaire (audi benefit from disabled, educable mentall retard- young adults wh will greatl learning ed or handicapped. the continuation of this very important pro- multiply the Schools are: gram,” stated Dr. Martin, “I express my ap- Some of participating of the Bellmore-Merrick, Carle Place, East Meadow, preciation to Paul Ostergar President Garde Glen Cove, Herricks, Hicksville, General Electric Foundation and to the Foun- City, School, Levittown, Locust ry, dation’s Boar of Trustees. Training programs Human Resources LI Lutheran H.S., Manhasset, Mineola, ill and foundations across th nation are follow- Valle Plainview - Old Bethpag Roslyn, and W. er ing the progress of this project.” Under the direct supervision of the Project Tresper Clarke. “The General Electric Foundation’s Director, participating young adults are pro- sup- for the Human Resources Center&# vided with assessment counselin and are port pro- These is design to hel these students achieve given individualized training plan ject and be said Senior Coordinator, Human Resources Center; Paul M. plansinclu transitional trainee jo sites in all hat the can, independent, (L to R) Jessica Swirsky, of General Elec- Ostergard, President, General Electric Foundation; and Edwin W. Martin, Ph.D., Presi- the Center’s facilities, i.e., food service Paul M. Ostergar President “‘As the of the dent and CEO, Human Resources Center. workers, building and ground maintenance tric Foundation. growth workers and, in American work force slows over the next workers, gift shop sales spussamam ans sits demonstration decade, the United States will need produc Abilities, Inc., a non- educational, vocational, social tive more than ever. This project will tatives from the N State Office of Vocational to providing employme workshop, as wirers, assemblers peopl area and recreational for physical in the help not onl Long Island youngsters shap Rehabilitation, metropolitan employer opportunities and inspectors. Participants Project but its other school administrators, children and ly disabled individuals. toward th of increasing pro- their futures, b model, help parents, work goal their Work Tran- communities, both here and overseas.” rehabilitation For information on School-to level to standards set within professional ductivity Swir- The Transition Project is assisted by an The National Center on Employme of sitional Services Project, contact Jessica business and industry. General the Disabled at Human Resources Center is sky Senior Coordinator, Human Resources adults in the work with their employment- Advisory Young Projec dedicated Council comprise of Center staff, represen- a private, non- organization Center, 747-5400.


o ——— Hicksville Ilustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. - Thursday, September 3, 1987 Bage-12 (NAWBO) t cett 6 p.m. at the Holiday For information call 333-0533. Also appear- mation call 249-0525. inn, Plainview. Speaker: Karen Vetrone. For ing on Sept.6. e The Nassau Mid-Island Chapter of the reservations and information call Arlene Community eThe Arrows Hockey Association for the Preservation and En- Society Ezratty at 829-6390. Free. for all-star at Can- - begins tryouts teams couragement of Barber Shop Quartet ® The Homemakers Council of Nassau tiague Park Rink, Hicksville. Paticipation Singing in America, will meet at 8 p.m. at Calendar County meeting, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the is open to all with no residency restric- Winthrop Hall, Church of the Advent, 555 Community Church on Stewart Ave., tions. -For information call 352-5830, Advent Ave., Westbur New member are Hicksville. New member registration from 826-6620 or 546-9447. wanted. For information call 489-2644 or 9 to 10 a.m. Please address all notices of local events to Sunday, September 6 938-1062. ® Hicksville-Jericho Club Calendar Editor, 132 E. Second Street (P.O Box ° ex- Rotary will Sunday message: ‘‘Healing e Recovery Inc., the Association of Ner- 1578 N-Y. 11501 or phone 747-8282. meet at 12:15 at the Milleridge Inn. Mineola, perience involved without attachment,” vous and Former Mental Patients, will Calendar items must be submitted two weeks 10:30 a.m. at Science Church of e Cancer Religious meet at 8 p.m. at Parkway Community Support Group monthly prior to the event. Long Island, 17 Maple Place, Hicksville. Church, Stewart Ave., Hicksville. meeting, 7:30 p.m. at Oncology Unit (SW), Fellowship and a “rap” follows the Sunday patients’ lounge in Mid-Island Hospital, Thursday, September 3 e Films: “American Light: The Luminist message. 4295 Hempstead Tpke., Bethpage. Free. ® Slideshow tour of & Sons’ Movement 1850-1875&quo and ‘‘Winslow Steinway 7 For information call 520-2215. Monday, September . grand pianos and uprights. Sept. 3 and 5 Homer-The Nature of the Artist,” 7:30 p.m. ¢ Diabetes Club meeting, 7:30 p.m. at” at Steinway 109 West 57th St., New in the community room at the Hicksville e The Business and Professional Hall, the Mid-Island Hospital, 4295 Hempstead York Free Admission. Informal Public Library. Women’s Club of Nassau County, Inc. din- City. recep- Tpke., Bethpage, the first Monday of each tion the show. is limited. ner meeting, 6:30 p.m. at Hofstra University after Seating month. Guest speakers at each meeting. e Suburban Art League, Inc. meeting, 8 3 from 6:30 to 8:30 and 5 _Clubin Uniondale. Guest speaker: Miriam “Sept. p.m. Sept. for information call 520-2212. p.m. at Syosset-Woodbury Community Ravard. ‘Howto from 10 a.m. to noon. For reservations call Park, 7800 Jericho Tpke., Woodbury. Topic: Improve Organiza- ¢ Young Judea, the national Zionist tional Communication.” Fee: $14 includes - (212 246-1100. 9 Friday, September 4 youth movement sponsored by Hadassah, Wednesday, September dinner. For information and reservations is their new week this with © Hicksville Kiwanis Club meets at 12:30 _* St. Monica’s Interfaith Social Group starting year call 922-2343. clubs in all areas for children grades 3-6, at the Milleridge Inn, Jericho. dance at the Elks Lodge, Barclay Street, p.m. 7-8 and 9-12. For information call 433-4960. Friday, September 11 Hicksville, from9 p.m. to a.m. Admission e Roger Whittaker will perform at 8 © Greek Festival, Sept. 11, 12 and 13 at is For information call 433-2437. Tuesday, September Westbury Music Fair. Tickets: $19 and are e 7:45 at Con- the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 20 e September 5 Fund-raising activity, p.m. available at Westbury Music Fair box of- , Field Ave., Hicksville. Free. e Irish “Americ Society of Nassau, gregation Shaarei Zedek, Old Country Rd. fice. For information call 333-0533. Hicksville. and Queens annual Labor and New South Rd., ® The Other Vic Theatre Co. presents Suffolk Day e Emphysema Club meeting, 1:30 p.m. in Refreshments served. “War, Sex and Death,” three one-act com- Dance, 9:30 p.m. at the Irish American the Mid-island Hespital Conference © of Fire 8 at Hicksville Public Center, 297 Willis Ave., Mineola. Admis- Hicksville Fire District Board Room. For information call 579-6000. edies, p.m. Library, sion: $7.50. Coffee, tea and soda bread will Commissioners meeting, 7:30 p.m. in the Thursday, September 10 169 Jerusalem Ave., Hicksville. Free. For in- be For information and reserva- board room. of the fire headquarters on formation call WE1-1417. served. ° VFW Ladies Auxiliary meets at 8:30 tions call 746-9392, Monday through Fri- Marie Street. p.m. at the VFW Hall on South Broadway, 12 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 Saturday, September da between p.m. ¢ Retired Police Association of the State Hicksville. © St. Ignatius Loyola’s Saturday night Benson will at of New York will meet at the VFW Hall, Post _*George perform e Hicksville Elks Lodge No. 1931 will fall series will resume this year one week Music Fair at 7 Tickets: $21. No. 7277, Veterans, For infor- Westbury p.m. Massapequa. meet at 8 p.m. at 80 East Barclay St., later than usual--on Saturday, September Hicksville. For information call 931-9310. 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the old school aditorium. ACCIDENT? e Fund-raising activity, 10:45 a.m. at e Dr. Anita Richelieu and Dr. Frank Ric- INJURY Congregation Shaarei Zedek, Old Country chelieu will be at the Religious Science Call the: Rd., Hicksville. Refreshments served. Church of Long Island, 17 Maple Place, from 9 a.m. to 3 “A e New Outlook for the Widowed Hicksville, p.m. Topic: “‘Welcom Back Party.” Fee: $5. Music, dan- breakthrough to achieving everything you Hom or Hospital Appointments want in life, but were afraid to claim.” cing and refreshments at the Mid-Island Y, Expect Legal Advice 45 Manetto Hill Rd., Plainview. For informa- ¢The Vietnam Veterans Resource tion call 822-3535. Center Salutes Women Veterans, 1 at the service deserve p.m. et us give you personal you the 23A Jerusalem Hicksville. ° Auxiliary to William M. Gouse Jr., Post center, Ave., ersonal Injury Cases our Specialty No. 3211 Veterans of Foreign Wars will For information call 935-6858. Free. meet at 8 at the VFW Hall, 320 South p.m. Sunday, September 13 Hicksville. Broadway, ° Meditation for “Liberation and Light,” Low Risk Science e Cancer Support Group meeting, 7:30 7:30 p.m. at the Religious Church 4295 Island. All welcome-free YOUR I mmediate FREE Consultatiin p.m. at the Mid-Istand Hospital, of Long witt of, KNO Hempstead Tpke., Bethpage. Every second fering. RIGHTS N added worries - we handle case from start to finish the month. address Thursday of Meetings e The North Shore Society of the Al the fears, questions and problems that Call: 741-5252 Every case our top priority cheological Institute of America 20th An member has cancer. arise when a family niversary season slide lecture on “Art in For information call 520-2212. the Age of Suleyman the Magnificent,” 8 Block & P.C. e of The National at the John F. Sander Sanders, Byrne, Long Island Chapter p.m. Kennedy School, 332 Willis Ave.. Mincola, N.Y. Association of Women Business Owners Grassfield Rd., Great Neck.

GO BACK TO SCHOOL WITH A ° ca There are 16 10% Senior NEW LOOK AMERICAN DENTAL discount CENTERS throughout e Prompt scheduling of YOUR FRIENDS the metropolitan area. intments At every one of them e Most insurance plans ENVY. - you& find pleasant, accepted as full or WILL professional, and partial payment affordable dental care e The convenience of- HAIR CARE SPECIALISTS as well as a friendly, nearby locations efficient staff. ¢ Our own laboratory CUT. CUT (SHAMPOO, BLOW-DRY) for quick service and MEN $9 e Multi-chair facilities quality assurance ; WOMEN su offering a full range TS CHILDREN UNDER 10 $5 of high-quality dental Call today for an tc PERMS Svienona DENTA GAR 2:2; COLOR $10-20 « Th latest in dental Experience the CELLOPHANES $2 technology comfort of dental care from THESE PRICES AVAILABLE WITH e Expanded weekday FRO PEOPL people who care. THIS AD ONLY! and Saturday hours _ e Most specialist areas BODY EXPERTS available 0 Ya LEG vee LIP $5 BACK To SCHOOL nn FULL LEG 0 EYEBROWS $5 . BIKINI S1O Is CHECK-UP TIME! NAIL CARE CENTER MANICURE $4 PEDICURE sIO AMERICAN DENTAL CENTERS FRENCH MANICURE $7 MANICURE & PEDICURE $i ACRYLICS & FEATURING TH

NEW “GLASS GLAZE NAILS” NASSAU (Hicksvitte) (MANHAT SUFFOLK ( WESTCHESTER (White Piains) 35 Broadw 235 W ‘Street 3001 Express Drve Noa “ Farston Seon Block vaNom o LRa R Street Level Plans Malt Off Ex 57.19 the Communn Heann te (5 433.1800 (a2) 586° (914) 949-6800 NEWLY DECORATED! Plin of Sifiohk Baten MASSAU (Hempstead) (516) 582-6200. 582. MANHATTAN Flushin Futon Ave 853 Broadwa Soaa M sr 7 at Hsia Unw HOLLYW HAIR Corner 14th (91 Foor) Block off Northern Bia 434A Albee Squar West (516)Blo W481-9 Opposite Albee Square Ma (212) 477-3100 {718) 539-1200 (718) 658-9211 & BODY CARE ‘SUFFOL (Commack BRONX STATEN ISLAND 305-307 East Fordham Road 134.12QU (O Pork 61 Jen Tumpand Larkteld Roads. 1106 Ba Street Corner Kingsbridge Road Brwn é oreace t | Com‘0040 ‘gi RD. Vanderbilt Ave (242) 385-4900 (718 322 420 NEWBRIDGE Bbodesyaae u i SUFFOLK Islip) BROOKLYN ¢ HICKSVILLE 433-2639 Bronx Boulevard 1212 on 1 W Son STATEN ISLAND a King 1659 Rich ock North of 233rd Si t Hey 13m Sueers 234-9300 mond secre u (916) (212) 994-1800 ay718) 376-6;Ce IN TOWER PLAZA * ACROSS FROM Corner Victor Boulevard i HOLY TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL (718) 983-6300 ©| TS TH

es LS ————_ Hicksville Flustrated News - Hicksville, N.B. - Thursday, September 3, 1987 Page-13 Funeral Home, Hicksville Chapel & Francis W. Larkin : or Francis W.. Larkin, a resident of ie @Obituaries Religions Services Hicksville, passe away on Aug. 22. Mr. Larkin is survived b his wife, Cecilia Virginia Revans (Morley), his daughter Cecilia Reilly, Revans, a resident of Hicksville, Virginia Cathleen Annello, Denise Talt, Patricia Ken- on ~ passe away Aug 19. Francis and New South Rd. and Old Coun- and Deirdre Larkin, his sons, tion Shaarei Zedek Pre-deceased b her husband, Howard _ ny try Rd., Hicksville, 11801. Tel:933-0420, 938-0422. Rabbi Yitz- and b He Church 5 Fordham Ave., Hicksville, 11801. Tel: * Thomas, thirteen grandchildre Holy Family chok Shuster. Services: Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. J. Mrs. Revans is survived b her daughte 935-1345, The Rev. Bernard J. McGrath, Pastor, The Rev. Peter was also the father of the late Joh L. Duveisdorf, Asst. Pastor, The Rev. Domenick Graziadio, LUTHERAN Helen her sons, Howard and Kevin, Mager, said at Masses: Sundays in the Church-7:30, 9:00, 10:15 A Mass of Christian Burial was The Lutheran Church of St. Stephen 270 South Broadway, Edwin Kearns and five 12:45 and 7:00 p.m. In the Schoo! at 10:00 a.m. her brother, grand Hicksville, 11081. Tel: 931-0710. The Rev. Frank L. Nelson, St. R.C. Church on Aug 26. J 9:0 a.m. and 5:00 and 7:30 p.m. Ignatius Loyol Pastor. Services: Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and Wednesdays at 8:00 children. Ou Lady of Merc R Church 500 South Oyster Bay Road, Interment followed at St. Charle Cemetery p.m. Burial said A Mass of Christian was at © Hicksville, 11801. Tel: 931-4351. Tne Rev. Msgr. James E of Thoma Dalton ~ Redeemer Lutheran Church 17 New South Road, Hicksville, under the direction F, Boesel, Pastor, The Rev. Charles A. Gartner, The Rev. William Church on 11801. Tel: 938-8693. The Rev. Dr. Theodore S. Grant. Services: Our Lad of Mercy R.C. Aug. Donnelly, The Rev. John Fencik. Masses: Sundays in the Funeral Home, Hicksville Chap at 9:30 am. at the U.S.V.A. Church-Saturday evening a 5:00 and 7:30 and Sundays at 7:30, Sunday 24. Interment followed Lutheran Church 40 W. Nicholai St., Hicksville, 11801. (In lieu of donations to Rev. Man- 9:15, 10:30 and 11:45 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. In the lower Trinity flowers, Tet: 931-2225. The Rev. Dr. John H. Krahn, the Rev. W Puls. Calverton under the direction church-8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. Family Mass Cemetery, St. an ni Camu, c/o Services: Saturdays at 7:30 Sundays at 8:15, 9:4 Alby Philipine Ignatiu ‘o the third Sunday of every month at 11:00 a.m. in the lower p.m. Home. 9:30 of Stock Funeral 11:15 a.m. Sunday School and Nursery Care on Sunday at Henry J church. Weekdays at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:0 a.m Rectory or St. Ignatius Human Services, a.m. Christian Schoo! with full academic program for Nursery- to Our of Mercy St. Ignatius Loyola B.C Church 129 Broadway, Hicksville. Contributions Lad Lift Grade 8. Hicksville, would be appreciate Tel:931-0056. The Rev. Frederick Harrer, Pastor. Rev. Alfred Fund, would be appreciate Rogers and Rev. Thomas Costa, Assoc. Pastors. Services: METHODIST at 5:00 and 7:30 DeCesario Weekend masses, Saturdays p.m. Sundays Edward W. Hours At United Methodist Church Old Rd. and Nelson Ave., at 7:30, 8:45, 10:00 a.m. (10:30 in the auditorium) and 11:15 a.m. Country Holid Hicksville, 11801. Tel: 931-2626. The Rev. Richard Smeltzer, a resident of 12:30 and 6:00 p.m. Weekday masses at 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. Edward W. DeCesario, The Rev. Dale White. Services: Sundays at 8:00, 9:15 and 11:00 Monday through Friday. Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. & on 21, Sunday from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. The Bus Ministry Hicksville, passe away Aug. a.m. schoo! Hicksville Librar COMMUNITY of the Church operates every Sunday to bring people to Sun- Mr. DeCesario is survived by his wife, day Schoo! or the 9:15 a.m. worship service. The Parkway Community Church Stewart Ave at Levittown Helen his Arleen Giar- Th library is Open from 10 a.m. to5 p.m. Parkway,.Hicksville, 11801. Tel: 938-1233/031-9055. The Rev. NON-DENOMINATIONAL (Lupinski) daughter at these Martin Luther Douglas R. MacDonald. Services: Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00 rizzo, Helen Titone, Barbara LaRocca-Mates, on holidays King Day, 0 The Church of Hicksville 17 Herzog Place, Hicksville, 11801. a.m. Church School and Infant Care at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. Columbus Election Tel: 822-6330. The Rev. Walter K. Muench, Pastor. Services: his Theresa Lincoln&# Birthda Day, Midweek Bible Study on Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m. and Caroly Taylor, sister, Sundays at 10:30 a.m, Sunday schoo! at 91:30 a.m. Bible Study and Veteran’s EPISCOPAL at 7:30- a Arthur and twelve Day Day. on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. Prayer meeting on Fridays Walsh, brother, gran with full p.m. Home Bible Study Groups; Christian School The library is Closed: New Year& Day, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 130 Jerusalem Ave., Hicksville, children. — academic program for grades through 12 from Monday to 11801. Tel: 931-1920. The Rev. Domenic K. Ciannella, Rector, Memorial 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. * Christian Burial was said at Washington’ Birthday Day July Friday, _ A Mass of The Rev. William H. Russell, Deacon, The Rev. Anne E. Lyn- and on at Christ 105 Hicksville, 11801. Tel: Fourth, December dall, Deacon. Services: Holy Communion Wednesdays Church of Broadway, St. Ignatius R.C, Church on Aug. 24. Inter- Thanksgivin Day, 24 a.m. Minister. Services: Sundays 9:30 a.m. Holy Communion on Sundays at 8:00 and 10:00 935-3855. The Rev. Tom Goodlet, December closes 10:00 Mid-Week Bi- Rood December 25. 31- library Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. worship at 11:00 a.m. Bible Schoo! at a.m. ment followed at Hol Cemetery . _ Is ble Studies, call for time and location. A staffed nursery under the direction of Thomas F. Dalton at 12:3 p.m. provided for all services. ——WELCOME

The Family of God extends an open hand to all men Grand and women who desire to seek and find the Lord Jesus Opening in the Family of the Catholic Church. Catholic If you are searching or curious as to what the Church ha to share. this invitation is for you. Come and see! Please phone’: Sister Bernadette DeMayo

996-45 : St. Paul the Apostle Church Se Swamp Road. Brookville, N.Y. 11545

island : telephone answering The Original Discount Dairy Deli service inc. : 89 North Broadway, Hicksville MAIN OF FICE WElls 5-4444 931-6429: 13 FULL @ PART TIME VACATION SALE ENDS SUNDAY Sept. HOURLY OR MESSAGE RATE |

National Westminster Benk USA Building oe DELI SPECIALS Si, 20 JERUSALEM AVE., HICKSVILLE,N.Y “N 1945 / Serving Nassau and Suffol Since Boars Head Boars Head #1 Ham 2.99 Ib. Coney Island Loose Franks Ib. sliced to order 1.99 DAIRY DEPARTMENT Royal Dairy Grade A Butter ©9E doz. 1.79 Ib. DON JUAN Large Eggs rN TL

The Best Mexican Restaurant SUN FULL 10O% SUN FULL Fruit Drinks North oF the BORDER Pure Orange Juice e Tin Assorted Flavors piezo |(o)a) rom Ya Gal. 69¢ 2 Gal. 29¢ f gee = Rene ~ 10 J 0 88k sO ye Coca Cola = we se ate ov09 SPECIALS - puren Gers BREAKFAST 2 Liter Bottles w WH Ey an Entenmann’‘s ef iw Ea Wh wyr O crnnt 0-48 2 Eggs on a Roll (warm only) ER Su0 ote goor 0} 50¢ Bacon or Ham Q9Q Asst. Flavors Off Coffee or Tea Plus tx. 99¢ Pu

st Catering For All Occasions 535 Old Country Road HERO OF THE WEE FREE The Melendez Westbury 3-4-5-6’ Heros Family DELIVERY (516) 333-1020 HAM HERO ONLY 99¢ At Discount Prices & Dinner Open For Lunch NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS 7 Days "°°"&—_vt=_a§|

Hicksville Illustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. - Thursday, Septembe 3, 1987 Page-14

- Defensive Drivin Course Two Nassau County defensive driving tion as well as the collision portion of the Graduates of the defensive courses will be held at Hicksville Hig School insurance policy. M. Gous In Post No. 321 course are entitled to the discount for William on Mondays Sept 21and 28 and on Mondays drivin three after of the Nov. 23 and 30. up to years completion both course. In addition, of the course By P-P.C. CARMINE A. SOMMA tion of #16.00 per person. Contact the Allclasses meet from7 to 10 p.m. on completio ’ are The fee for the course is also deducts three from the motorist’s “ chairman, Joe Messana, at 822-3954.3954 We dates. #3 points Weare our “Voice of Democracy : - the New York State also havin raffle for a Truckload of Cheer Successful completion of the course en- license b Department Ess Contest”. It is open t all the students a o titles listed as driversto of Motor Vehiclesif have been in- inthe Hicksv School 01 the same night. motorists princip violatio thes District,Formorein. month 3 reduction on th liability portion of curred during the 18 perio prior to "forma about the Voice S Democracy Chaplain’sReport—Chaplain Pierre Gas: 10 Clut their auto insurance policy if the auto in- takin Contest, call the V.FW. Hall at on our Comrades and Sisters th Ess 931-78 que reporte Pasiis il o dig -Sutance polic anniversary isin 198 For auto Registration b mail only. Persons in- or the Commander call at and families who have been TI give 935-60 5 hospitalizeddu insurance with anniversaries on or terested in the course shoul call to t at Nor- policie 249-333 the month. Kaufman was ° hard believe that : Itis to Labor Day willbe ing Jack : Legi after January, 198 motorists will beentitl- have registration materials mailed to their hereand gone andthe summer will he over _thport Carmela Vitiello’s mother was tobe edtoa10% discounton both th liability por- home. and the kids back in school. On Septembe hospitalize Al Brauer’s brother, Bob is out 144. 6 ourRitual TeamCaptain HowieBergeron at Northport with the flu. Our condolences * inG: and his will be in the Fire to the of Graham, He was MS Serv boy marchin go family Josep Societ Worksh . fe een the Graham, both Sgt. Jame The Long Island Chapt of the National Hospi Volunteer Neede cere

i i tao ayrae o tMonwi ee pethis post. i i A o Fischer President of ot e fi Ai nicel B the si Th earar the Post welcome new eee GAS capce teta Este th Auxilia vil in Mineola, streets, is POW.- members Winth -University Hospit Septemb 13 throug 19 Justin VarricchioandJamesMcKa —_Giyid 8 were diagnos with Multi 2 ate e nVites men and women to the to Bob on his Woe join hospita M.LA. Recognition Week.OnSeptember18 Congratulation Obermeyer 1 a fa t : is tig V and/or the volunteers. A wide range , at the Veterans Memorial in Eisenhower Park, 35t year with the Hicksville Water Depart- E cau ‘a ee an Hu Auxilia at 8: hOn of : Our Las Nite will be therewill candlelig vigilforallPOW. ment. next Vegas tington Adelph Campus, 16 Pidgeo Hill serve ar co cu ber nets ~ MLAs all The n the Road. ie aeoliaec ee natu a thei ew H ; Starts at 8:00a o thwapublic is eerewelcome. eater(ou May send away forafree co ol - four es P p.m., : new also make wor- - Information the On Octob 3 we are havin our 50’ and Social Security to Consumer n cak EG nc ae ma frien sep thwhile contribution to the Call 60& Dance at the hall with a roast beef din. Center, Pueblo Colorado community. Department 31, ao eee ber or friend. A $2 I poaeeeer Clare Guille, Director of Volunteers, at nerand unlimited beerandsodaforadona- 81009 i Seve : Sonat dtohel Per pers Is request t e& 663-23 for further information. eaelefra costs. Registration is requiréd. Call con 421-385 . Cha tack C

SOSCOSSSSSSSSSOSOOSO a e The Lynn Schwartz Equation \ i fi PS P Content + Techniques = Higher Scores PSAT ri ITALIAN the y. CLASSES AND SAT, titu

FEAST 11:0 a TUITIONAL PROGRAMS Sent. Oth ’sheay: oth ae BEGIN WEEK Of} ‘a oH ete we shur RA rage (s10)926-5367 ~ &l 2-12 Midnight Sat., 2-11pm Sun. boc

cE - FOOD GAMES - a a ei] : - RIDES MUSIC verr acl _oAT i900 G dor DRAWIN et . FIREWORKS SUNDAY NIGHT If you want the highest scores. you have no other choice THE waneon EAT sxc 8 ENTRA ro.neupere * repare ERI ou“ JOHN MARINO LODG erat ele by: Seats tre t Ld. Tac, e seen: eae Scores e : ican eae e as & SHick S ‘on right) bear left Rd. to Hempstead Soon ane ve D Lae MU : Fall W Sho : : So : No Cover, 25 & Over Proper -Amire



OPENING DINNER include com- e STEAKS GRAND SPECI limentary glass of wine and: e Baked Clams e e CHOPS ° Lettuce

©S ° ¢ Potatoor Jui Grela SalA o Desse & Jomafee, Tea ° SEAFOOD Vege * Potato e LATE NIGHT * BRING AD TO RECEIVE THESE QREAT SPECIALS * SNACKS BROILE FILLE O SOL MYKONO STVLE...... 58.95 Fresh Sauteed Garden Vegetabl with Feta Cheese 933-8475 SE | M BOB...... cccscceseeeseee $950] of Scallop ShrimPi Crabmeat American Express fiew/Fresh S tables & hice Pila Car fasnch BROILE STU BROO TROUT...... s7.95 With Crabmeat Stuffing 5 BROILE SH SANTORIN STYLE...... $9.25) Fr American Grated & oefozzarella SaChees in WineTeenBroiled perm ChStyl ATTORNEYS AT LAW BLUEFISH...... 57.25 1w/SauteedFR ae fegetablesSAU “ 25 - #9 Accidents Personal Sted Sires oananian Faden AUTO - DEFECTIVE PRODUCT - NEGLIGInjuri ae DELICIO GREE STYL BROILE or : “Arrested? All Criminal Matters ROAST fb. CHICKE ...... 00.000682.6.95) (Gra Le dake Sa ene a - ‘ _ MISDEMEANOR - FELONIES DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED On Rice Pilaf s ® BROILE CHICKEN BREAST...... :-:$8.50}, Divorce/Separation/ Sued wth coie of Fresh or Crabmeat Broccoli, Spinac Stuffing: Served w/Rice . R Estate Residentia - Commercial DOA ee Wills and Estates - Corporati $ AKFAST SPECIA COMPLETSPECIA roavsawek $4,555 LUNCH 54 75 Starting ote. Starting fi speSee 257 North Jerusalem Road, North Bellmore, N.Y. 11710 ‘oyea a Ores with SeviSone ( Blocks Eas of ‘Newb Road) HOURS: Sun.-Thurs. 6am-2am/Fri. & Sat. 24 Hrs.


Hicksville Iilustrated News - Hicksville. N.Y. - Thursday. September 3, 1987 Bage-15 Police Repo

Legionnair Lo © The Second Precinct has reported the August 21- A house on Boulevard Drive By GREG BENNETT was was mad a following: . Entry through rear Charles Wagner Post #421, Hicksville ¢ August 18- An audio/video store on Old window. The included #10 in cash. Country Road in Hicksville was burglarize The © August 24° A break-in occurred at a | loss included cash and radio. business O Sunday, Augus 23, | attended the christenin of the Glen Cove Harbor patrol vessels, building supplie on Bloomingdal The Eighth Precinct has reported the Road. Tw arrests were made. the Sp Georg Langan the Sgt Major Dan Daly The ceremony wasat the Glen Cove Yacht following: It wasa privilege to congratulat Georg Lang as he wears the Medal of Honor with aignity. The County meeting of Friday, Augu 28, was opene with colors poste b Hicksville A great place to spend the day... Legionnaires PC Artie Rutz and Greg Bennett. Ther will be a legislativ breakfast on Oc- tober 18, The Past Commanders Dinner will be on Saturda October 24, at Williston Post 144. A Back To Go program will be held on October 25 at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City at 3:00p.m. County Commander Hockhbrueckner and Nassau County Veteran Service Agency Officer Dennis Dunn both spok about the Septembe 17t POW/MIA cerémony at Eisenhower Park starting at 7:30 p.m. Dunn told fellow Legionnaires that Viet- level nam will not officially state it is holdin POWs, but POWs could be hel at a local b villager PC Ra Gamble spo about revitalizing the Son of the American Legion program at each post. We will hold our intallation ceremony for new post officers on Tuesda Septemb 8, Installation and at 8:00 p.m. at Hicksville VFW. Commander Christo promises an impressive refreshments will be served. Several of our current Past Commanders will be honored for their accomplishmen PC We Tietjen ha tickets for sale for our post dinner at Roosevelt Racewa o Friday, Septembe 11. Tickets are 420.00 per person. I wrote Newsda to complain about their recent headline, “D-Day For Garbag Barge. Several veterans have stated this headlin offends the valor and sacrifices of D-Day vets b comparin the invasion with the recent docking of th trash barg Legionnaire also stated of the atomic bom at- Channel 7 Eyewitnes News recentl mentioned the anniversary aircraft. .Old School of the Holy Child. tacks on Japan but gave credit to the wrong type of . . Westbury 6. Our post will have a Color Guard in the Labor Day Parade on Sunda Septemb Anyone Old School of W invite you to take a closer look at Westbury interested, me at or who wants to march will wear the blue blazer. If you are call 938-93 and the Holy Child. Our classes are small; our faculty dedicated of officers know. let one our post and tank warfare shoul visit talented; and our academic program stimulating challeng- PC Arti Rutz states that anyone interested in militar histor or The members of the class of 1987 are attending some of the the American Armoured Foundation exhibit of field pieces and armoured vehicles at Mat- ing. U.S. tituck. For information, call Bill Gasser at (51 543-660 The exhibits are open Sunday from finest colleges and universities in the and honors all veterans. 1:00-4:00 p.m. This exhibit is free with donations accepte it Asan Catholic school, founded in 1959, we are one Did know that CBS News mounted a successful recovery operation in Cambodia in independent you of the four killed when four com- of the international of schools under the Sisters Holy 1970, using local mercenaries to retrieve the bodies of employe system hands whe the and Carh- munists ambushed their jeep. CBS took matters into its own U.S. Child. would have the same bodian governments refused to help. I wish our government and are I donot con- W would be to show you Old Westbury eager determination as the private sector does when faced with the PO situation. pleased this about the fine education we The admissions don private rescue missions, but our leaders must resolve situation soon. to tell you provide. 8. Lets attend the POW/MIA Director of Admissions, Our next post meeting will be the Installation an Septembe process begin with a telephone call to our world that our nation remembers. vigi ceremony as a strong united group to show. the 626-9268. Old Westbury School of the Holy Child is located at ’ 25 Store Hill Road, Old Westbury, N.Y.

Blood Grades: Coeducational (Nursery - 12) college preparatory day Donate school.

LONG ISLAND BLOOD SERVICES Students of all races, religions and ethnic origins are welcome and encouraged to apply. ea er a) tte a ae at a eee 516) 752-7300

Everythin You Alway Donovan a Yavelang Wanted To Know REAL ESTATE e TAXES But Didn’t Know Who To Ask. KAREN DONOVAN


Getting ready to move takes organization. Two or three months ahead is not too soon to get estimates from the movers, arrange for packing cartons and make an inventory of what you own. Fill out change of address cards now, and transfer school and insurance records. Gather up medical and dental records. It’s smart to get rid of excess belongings in a garage or tag sale. Start packing little at a time. It’s a big job. Set aside + clothes for the trip (if you’re relocating) and items you want to move yourself in your car. Transfer bank accounts to your new location. Arrange to disconnect phone and power here and have them connected there. Last-minute jobs include emptying and defrosting the refrigerator, cleaning the stove, checking appliances. Are all closets empty? Windows closed? Load your vacuum cleaner on JOSEPH D. DONOVAN the van LAST, so it’s ready FIRST in your new location. The FIRST step in successful moving is to list your house with: ATTORNEY-AT-LAW DONOVAN REALTY 211 NEWBRIDGE RD. 68 ‘HICKSVILLE, N.Y. 11801 JERUSALEM AVENUE HICKSVILLE 935-4774 SP 5-8; REAL ESTATE. TAXES e INSURANCE 822-1222 FINANCIAL AND RETIREMENT PLANNIN _7|

oO open ae

3, 1987 Page-16 - Hicksville Bliustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. Thursday, Septembe



BS&quSuperviso: COLB COMMEN _ another week the cian’s documentation that the child has had _ Injust or so bright eager ~ faces of young children will be entering a particular diseas is considere proof of classrooms throughout the Town. immunization. a of For some it will be their first experience Older students will require a booster in an Educational setting—a situation that the combined diphtheria/ vaccine " excitement in some, apprehensio in and oral polio every few years to insure con- others and waterworks in a few. tinued protection.

- - the ‘Wot to worry! Having been through the - Your family physicia can provide I learn- immunizations or want _ @xperienc my own children necessary you may . CAN AM GAMES GOLD MEDAL WINNER: Hempstead ed the all adjust to take advantag of the free services offered MONDELLO MEETS WITH Town Joseph N. Mondello (2nd right) and Hempstead Town Super- Being prepare knowin what to expect, by the Nassau County Department of Health Presiding Supervisor visor P. Peterson (left) meet with Ralph Marchese (center) of Hicksville, the gold _ make transition easier and clinic located at Old Road in Gregory Can the many 153 Country Pacific Games for the Disabled medal winner of the recently held Can Am target shooting schools have developed that Plainview. (2nd left) of Garden and Seckler programs | event. Also pictured are: Michael Manzer City Jerry Clinics hours for immunizations are AM smooth the way. (right) of Eisenhower Park, East Meadow. Children must also be physicall prepare to 11 AM and 1 PM to PM on Mondays, since schools require that they have specifi Tuesday Wednesday and Fridays On immunizations before they enter Thursday the are open from 1P to PM Kindergarte Some of these immunizations and PM to PM. For further information “must be repeated during the educational contact the clinic at 420-5200. A child’s enthusiasm a the start of school years. eS The New York State Department of Health approach is wonderful to see. But, if your “requires that all students be protected from child is ‘stuck at home’ becaus of in- the classic childhood diseases of polio, complete or missing immunizations it will diphtheria measles, mumps and rubella. bea frustrating experience for both of you. The recommend that young children, ages A.H.R.C. 2 to 6 receive H.1.B. (Haemophilu Influen- Meeting Za Type B to prevent spina meningitis. The Levittown-Hicksville-Wantagh aux- Mandated immunizations include three iliar of the Association for the Hel of Retard- Or more doses of diphtheri (DPT toxoid; ed Children (AHRC will meet on Monday three or more doses of trivalent oral poli Sept 1 at Levittown Hall, at 8 p.m. or four or more dose of inactive polio vac- a business the Barber- _ Following meeting,

: cine; one dose of live measles, live rubella sho Quartet will perform. HICKSVIL N.Y. 1180 and live mumps vaccine—either ad- The meeting is open to the public and 42 ANDRE RD ministered separatel or combined. A physi refreshments will be served.



244 OLD COUN AD, TeRsviIL : ov 1-3300 SCORING HIGH ON THE SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE _KROGMAN REALTY TEST (SAT) WILL GUARANTEE - COMMERCIAL ¢ INDUSTRIAL ¢ RESIDENTIAL ACCEPTANCE INTO THE COLLEGE OF YOUR Zam not part of any conglomerate, CHOICE. | and feel that I can best serve you with | special. knowledgeable and dignified The Harvard Education Review recently stated: there Professionalism, born of 28 years ex- “Clearly is evidence that students can suc- train for the SAT, and that the Perence on Long Island, availing you of cessfully more time all services, including M.L.S. they devote to independent training, the higher their scores will be.” 420 SO. BROADWAY HICKSVILLE eal The National Achievement Network has iden- Effe C.K tified. a self-help course which is the most 939 ° 2800 Licensed Real! Estate Broker thorough SAT review you can find anywhere and A will enable you to score high on the SAT.

With over 500 pages of on-target help, easy to read, easy to follow strategy information, six full tests, a aaa a length practice complete explanatory LOUDER THAN WORDS. Epre answers, this preparation course will enable every 0 Wed high school student who is going to take the SAT WE GIVE YOU BOTH! a to score their highest possible score. Flower For Our f Action Warranty spells out exactl what a We guarantee that we will provide you with we going: to. sold. comprehensive preparation material for the SAT, a Call us for action... Eve | or your money will be refunded. 1

Bride Nee Send $45.00 in check or money order to: National Achievement Network P.O. Box 448 Williston Park, NY 11596 SILK KEEPSAKE ; __ | Please send me the COMPLETE SAT PREP COURSE. “The Home Tow AVAILABLE Advantage” ‘ BOUQUETS l | enclosed a check or money order for $45.00.

NOW OPEN SUNDAY Name Address gh aro E FLORIST e 931-0241

S. BROADWAY © HICKSVILLE 248 . (Next to Roberts Chevrolet) Each Office is independentl Owned Opera: i

(#1 Century 21 Otti iene bee . Ries pe OLD P POP? A TAREwaiveco_8

Hicksville Dilustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. - Thursday, Septembe 3, 1987 Page-17

NOTICE C pursuant eteublic ‘will be held inthe Hearin; tolla ofth Building, Audrey pH Oystmee anton Tuesda Septemb 15th, 1987, at Nicka.m. time, or as soon thereafter as je, to consider amendin, Section 23 tl Pract40 of Article I, Appendix (Building Zone Ordinance), of the Co dinances ofth Townof& Oyster Bay, by deleting th aforesaid initseurrent form new ver- sionof aforesaid, andaddNassa Coun. ty Ordinance No. 24 e - juires water recycling equipment for ai Reece and refrigeration w -and car washes and fleet maintenance facilities and additionally, to adopt said County Ordinance, with certain modifications, with regards to enforcement and penalties and said amendments to Section 23 through 40 of Ar- ticle AppendixA {Buildin Zone nance) of 1, , the Cod SE ae shall include the following: Ee ndix A (Buildin: OM Zone Ordinance); Article ar neral, Section

- - Air Conditioning Systems, Section 24 Car ENERG - E Wash and Fleet tenance; Section 25 En- g, forcementand Penalties, Sections 26-40- Reserv- ed. All have opportunityinterestto potaonupon thsh sea crane alias cad Tee of Gierk wd eS Ordias ensles 5 tlie&# usiness n ma) oe iatesc regular B kaetet patrons. SHOW & SALE r Bay,eer Yo BAY. THE MOST Div SELECTION OF WINDOWS, WN BOARDO THE TOWN O OYSTER 3 JOSEPH COLBY, Supervisor. ANN R.OCKER, GREENHOUSE n Clerk. ~ 09-08-87-1T-#H-124-Hicksville NOTICE TO BIDDERS | HICKSVILLE WATER DISTRICT Notice is hereby given that SEALED PRO- &

POSALS for: } 30 KITCHE & BATHROOM FIXTURE BATHROOM PLANT NO. 11 -CONTRACT NO.2 REFINISHING, BEEPERS, CAR PHONES, AiR CONDITIONING,L CHAIN LINK FENCE ead ATION, VANITIES, CHIMNEYS, SHOWER SAVERS, . onl will be received by the BOARD OF COMMIS- SECURITY SHUTTERS, COOKINC SHOW, HOME SIONERS of the HICKSVILLE WATER IMPROVEMENT FINANCING, INVESTMENT INFORMATION... DISTRICT, at the office of the 4 Dean AND MUCH, MUCH MORE.|... FOR THE DO-IT-YOURSELFER, OR IF YOU WANT IT DONE FOR YOU! Street, Hicksville, New York, untilBoar7:00 P-M., on .. Thursday, Se rem 10, 1987, at which time and place they wil be pub ope and read. Instructions,to Bidders posal, Specifica- SEPT. 1° PaLe tions and Contract Forms may be obtained at the o office of the Hicksville Water District, 4 Dean a] Thur.6 pm-10 pm pir eat PTR eth Street, Hicksville, New York, on or after September 3, 1987. A of Fifty Dollars ($50.00)isr uired for eachSepset of documents fur- nished, which will be refunded to bidders who D return ications within ten (10) days of bid in other will UNIONDALE, NY opening condition; deposits EXIT M4 FROM MEADOWBROOK PKWY MITCHEL FIELD COMPLEX, either go ly or refunded. ‘Pepan submittedort must be proposal accompaniedt FOR EXHIBIT RICK STUTS. «tours Ween aalas el anl (on Escertified check or th bond, payable to the PARK ual Tem 3 =.\ Dba cksvill Water District, in a sum equivalent to Cla tu sw nle | 100 WEST Nias five percent (5%) of the total amount ofthe bid, and CONTACT Piyb (ao = acommitment by the Bidder that, if his bid is ac- 11, 18 & 25 at 7:30 p.m., Saturday Se 12,19 - cepted, he will eater contract work and inio oe .m., Sunday Sept 13, 20 & 27 willexecu&#th faithfh further security as maythe Clip Out P be required for performance of the $ RESULAR ADULT ADMISSION at 2 p.m.aoeand Sept 20 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are contract. nese ana @pf“Pet +1 for adults, 410 for senior citizens and The the To0 Rear Cosmmtuni ne Ey ’ Mibids any on Ber For, se @mthe children. Specia group rates and backstag to tnformalfther an t Offic . a all bi Rica s se&# are se tours available for of 10 or i gofallages groups more. accept the bidwalwhic in its in the best terest of the Water District.init Fo tickets, call 560-664 for other informa- ‘TED: September 3, Pa ____tion, call Betty Mull OF COMMISSIONERS B Boos HICKSVILLE WATER DISTRICT — rein Gilbert E. Cusick, Chairman Richard A. Humann, Treasurer Nicholas di, Secretary 09-0: J a \T-#H-125-Hicksville “Lexie of Health Care’ Available

many which may familiar but Are you confused by all of the health care of be not fully choices available to you today Whether to understood. secan MD,aDO, an NPora PA? And whether The “Lexicon” includes information on to choose an HMO, an IPA or a more tradi- health care provider (doctors nurses, physi tional health insurance plan cian assistants, therapist and technicians on Th health care environment has chan health insurance programs (including ed rapidl and dramaticall in recent years. Medicare and o different kinds of health New kinds of health provider a variety of care settings. It’s design to hel you, the health insurance and a virtual “alphabe plans consumer, make the most informed choice of health care languag have emerg- soup — about a very important subject your ed. These have caused confusion change health. among consumers about what it all means. of the “Lexicon” To hel sort out the many health care For one or more copies choices, the American brochure, contact the New York State Socie- Academy Assistants of Physici Assistants, 427 Kenwood Ave., of Physicia (AAPA has ty nation develope the “Lexicon of Health Care.” This Delmar, NY 12054 (51 439-09 or the North easy-to- dictionary contains some of the office of the AAPA, 1117 19t Street, more common new terms used in health care, Arlington, Virginia 22209, (70 525-4200. Artist Promoti Works October the session will focus on The quality of an artist’s promotional O 15, materials can make the difference between critical examination of the complete port- galler show or being rejected folio. Press materials, resumes, promotional anes need practica help inadvancing photograph exhibition card and catalogu will be discussed. Artists will learn how toim- a profession career will have an opportunity materials ata two-session workshop at the Manhasset prove their current promotiona and mak successful to Librar Thursday October 15 and 22, from presentations pro- 13 p.m, spective gallerie Thesessio will be led b Joa Digb who During the final session, participants will their own materials for criti- Ba has wide experienc in galler negotiations, bring portfolio ar wa rice n, you by se of She The also discuss structuring ari 43! ys media and advertising is que. grou will any Pro’ e SPE n (7) promotion, . ces cit has a show, dealers, and th jor&q fo ptthin business manager of collagi Joh press. O eesw ys pea Dig The fee e uyritte written pn for “Arts Magazine isa pro- Registration begin Septemb 9. ‘utretinsa fessor at CW. Post. is #10. pre ro te es a‘Eng ane nerat Home Rule Fe golden Services For Battered Women “Your violent and The Nassau County Coalition Against are in a threatenin relationshi need a safe Domestic Vidlence (formerly the Coalition would like to talkand/or plac call the Coalition’s hotline: at for Abused: Women) operates ’a ‘shelter to stay, 8am. to1a.m. which provide safe emergencychildhousin for ne thetr SEP a batter women and Ifyou IIIIL EE Aa_

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eee E 1987 —__— - 3, Page-18-——— Fiche ville Bilustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. Thursday. September } A N C E Bem s InNeEsS S A N D F I N Forum Soar With First Spea of Fift Ye ceeoRreee Investor Corner “sane Commerical Real Estate Develop Gh mentonLong| will be the topic of the By JOSEPH P. FREY, Ph.D. da forthe North Shore Business Forums first luncheon meeting of the new season on & % Wednesday Septembe 9, at the George A Horse Tale - Part Washingto Manor in Rosly Donald E. Ax: inn, Chairman of the Donald E, Axinn Com- will Ireland paniesof Jericho, real estate developers - [became interested in horses when I was asked to join trip to goo old be the guest speake The were of a owned horses in Ireland. in Jun of 198 peopl part group that Mr. Axinn, wh has had a 29-year career name that would hav indicated an international operation and The hada wonderf as real estate develope isalso an aviator small rather affluent with unlimited resources. In realit the were a group of poet. His company, founded in 195 was one He had the Americans. On of the men in the group was the spar plug the engine. of th first to specializ in building and of industrial on Long Island. gotten his friends togethe to get involved in the breeding raising modem- par and To date the company has constructed over thoroughbred to race for fun, profit, and a tax shelter. The now own nine, million feet of industrial and office : 2. squar th first in Ireland. The are all thrilled. i racing in Long and New Jerse and ha the to spac Island and I were invited, throu a friend of a friend in group, go My wife received numerous major architectural i that did the and the fo the Irish Derby and a tour of the farms breeding training, awards.

i . Not onl was it a wonderful part of a delightful vacation, it was a great learning The North Shore Business Forum, now in DONALD E. AXINN bee interested in horses as a tax shelter, actively in- its fifth isa luncheon b experience. I have tryin to year, monthly meeting then. in businessand the Lee, both of Port Washington, are crease myknowledge of horses as an investment since for menand women pro- Scotty those located in Forum Directors. ; tha the tax act of would kill the investment portion of the “sport”. fessions especiall [though 198 Please call Nassau County, to promote their businesses The meeting will beg at 11:45. All that did wa to cause a temporary uncertainty in the advisabilit of investing, act for information and reservations. lost. and widen their contacts. Betty Bingha and 883-093 It caused the investment form to change None of the old advantage were as limited o Prior to the 198 tax act, most syndicate were structured partner- Phil Munson Name and the came ship Th risk of loss was born by the genera partners, money the and th mostly fro th limited partners in return for a bi patt of losse pro- Restauranteu o the Yea the the business. fits, if anyThere were alway bi up- losses becaus of nature of G. Munson, owner of the historic That saved taxes. It’s still true today Philip that Maine Maid Inn, located in Jerich and the What the tax law did was force a of the of business structure chan type in New bona Nassau Inn, a catering facility Hyd the shelter would use. The first type that was adopted was generally a real, Park, has been named by the Long Island was liable as an owner/partner. fide partnershi In that case, everyone equall Chapt of the New York State Restaurant with this because their liability Many investors were not too happ arrangement Association as its Restauranteur of the Year minimal. the structure is was unlimite and their control was Today generall for 1987/8 of a cor- Mr. Munson, who isknown fo his involve- an “S” type corporatign Riis ie fubella” “sho Oug! protection € ment with community and educational _~-——-and live mumps vaccine—either ad- The mshi be honored at LIRCA’s must take an active organizations, will ed separatel or combined. A phys refreshmenefits, Annual to be held at another »n has half a brain and 24t Banque th Inn, located in e historic restaurant, La Grange ‘asonabl careful. ; West Islip, on October 20. activities Shaiva parry; govern gamblin In makin the announcement, A. Kenneth 3 SHO PAR g ALL owners be registe Svendsen, president of the Long Island of made a a @REUNION PARTY jntage ownershipusually Chapte said, ‘Phil Munson has ekacter. contribution to Long Island ean 2. ee significant and ask if would like to enter the winner circle throug his caring restoration manage- au it De tun? I onl hav to you G. MUNSON mentof thehistoric Maine Maid Inn, by main- PHILIP with horse. That’s what happen when your horse wins. At least one syndicato you food and service for developme of cordial relations the winner taining hig standards in continuing that wants all owners of a horse in the syndicat to go to This done know both individual dining and group catering, with the dining-out public. is mo matter what the of ownership association effortsand circle, percentage and his deep person involvemen in com- through cooperative week. of acentral information ser- W will continue next munity affairs, especial in the educational the maintenance tell how NOT t be involved. Ther is one horse vice for members and the public Bu before we close, I-want to needs of young peopl seekin culinar AG the I know to LIRCA a membershi newslet- owner, extremely rich, whom I know, who is giving up “sport”. Since careers, It isa pleasur for our association publishe the has done so much for ter and a and catering guide. The that owners usuall make money (nicely sheltered) and that this person loves recogniz a man wh dining and Guid isavailable all of us in the restaurant field.” 1987/8 Dining Catering sport, I aske why he was not making money. Why did he want to give it up Mr. Munsonand his wife maintain homes without charg at the office or b mail fora the H said that he was o the horse His answer provide answer. makin money The is located in Northport and Remsenbur The Long $ handlin charg association but he was on the betting, His philosophy wa that if you own them, racing, losing Island Chapter of the New York State at 15 Broad Hollow Road Melville, NY 11747. them. For him that was the fun, But last he figure that he lost #500,00 you bet year Restaurant Association has as its constant goal For additional information about the associa- is that if own them, don’t bet way That&# not fun. The moral of the story you the continuation of hig standards in the tion or tickets to the annual banquet, tt foodservice industr on Long Island andthe 549-36 ; Some more next week o this fascinatin business that can be fun and profitable. LIU/C.W. Post Doctor Frey is a professo of investments and finance at Campus Stat Inc Files and Keep Bancor Registrat Statem on Lon Island. If you wish a copy of his “Ten Rules to Get Rich It, Too,” send self-addressed to Anton Community Newspapers, of State _ large, stamped envelope Thomas F. Goldrick, Jr., president 1987. have shareholders « 13 East Second Street, Mineola, NY 11501, Attn: Dr, Frey. If you questions Bank of Long Island, New Hy Park, an- Th offering to is expected number. statement toremain from date of effectiveness of you wish answered, send a separate envelope include your telephone nounced a fili of registration open with the Securities and Exchang Commision th registration statement until Septembe Dr, Frey will answer your questions as his time permits. relating to the proposed offering of up to 18 198 If the offering is not fully subscrib- 171,73 shares of State Bancorp, Inc.Common ed for b the shareholders, the remaining ~ until Stock, par value # per share. shares will be offered to the publi up Certifica Progra Op Mr. Goldrick said “The shareholders of October 16,-198 : record of State Bancorp Inc. will have the StateBancorp, Inc. currently anticipates Certificate programs to prepare adults subject for licensure of salesperso and righ to subscribe for one share of Common tha the offerin price for the Common Stock for néw Careers in paraleg studies, real brokers. Stock for each five they own as of August 10, will be at #2 per share. estate, security administration and The Security Administration Program employe assistance will be offered thi fall trins people to meet the demand for per- by the Office of Continuing Education at sonnel who know substantive areas of Instruction In Business the C Post Campus of Long Island security. management, organizationa who did not in meet and from Universi ; development, personn processes, com- Colleg graduate majo every Monda Wednesda business Nov. The Finance and The Parale Studies: Progra which has puter security and budge management. can receive introductor graduat Sept 1 to 1. been approve b the American Bar The Employe Assistance Program, level instruction in accounting, manage- Marketin courses meet on the same night finance and the from Nov. to Dec. 21. Association educates men and women to available at C.W. Post for th first time this ment, marketing through 4 Graduate Business Certificate at The 12 credits be to. work withattorneys in areas such as inter- fall, offers men and women entry into the Program may applied a of Island viewing Clients, preparing witnesses for business. and mental health fields. the C.W. Post Campus Long Master’s degr in Business Administration admission to an MBA The court appearances, researchi cases in law Employe assistance personn work at University. upon program. and The offers an intensive, 12-credit courses for the certificate be librari organizin case materials and con- preserving job as well as savin money program require may with and lives educational and treatment curriculum which has been. designe for complet in either one or two semesters. ducting business police govern- . by offering ° and enhanced For information and ment officials. options to troybled employees men women seeking .per- an application, con- sonal advance- tact the Office of series of courses leadin to a certificate For information, contact the Office of development, professional Continuing Education, The is also ed the Real Estate Institute Continuing Edcation, C.W. Post, Brookville, ment or new career opportunities. C.W. Post, Brookville, 1154 or call 299-223

: cover O Call Accounting and Management courses state-required 1154 299-22 ,

y oe TF S ee ee |

Hicksville Ilustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. - Thursday, Septembe 3, 1987 Page-19 STAGE, SCREEN AN D CONCERTS

and the program follows at 9 a.m. Fee for

the seminar is $160. For information call - Campus 299-2364, Sunday, September 13 ¢ Hofstra University College for Conti- Attractions nuing Education, Hempstead, offers a Compiled By Rita Langdon course entited, “Long Island: Bicycling the By-Ways. Program runs through Oct. 11. 8:30 a.m. Fee for Please address all notices of local events to course is $36. For infor- Calendar Editor, 132 E. Second Street (P.0. Box mation call 560-50 1578) Mineola, N.Y. 11501 or phone 747-8282. Calendar items must be submitted two weeks Danc Thea prior to the event. Will Join Wednesday, September 9 In Arts Celebratio e Dr. David Steinberg, President of Long Island University and an expert on the Dance Theatr of Lon Island will perfor Philippines, will lecture on the current at Nassau County’s Celebration of the Arts and economic situa- Philippine political on Sunda Septembe 6, at p.m. at Nassau the CW. Post LIU tion at Campus of at & County Center of Fine off Northern For information call 299-2333. Arts p.m. Boulevard in Rosly e Real Estate Salespersons Qualifying Dance Thea$ Nina Brzorad and Ralp Course will be offered at Molloy College DiRienzo danc the de deux from from 7 to 10 p:m. in Kellenberg Hall, wil pas Fokine’s “Les Rockville Centre. For information call Sylphides, with music by 678-5000, ext. 206. Chopin and Ms. Brzorad willalso danc a solo from “Swan Lake.” Heather ° “Meet the Faculty Night” for all pro- Tchaikovsky spective students at Hofstra University, Berest will dance “Aria,” created especiall Hempstead. Dining Rooms A, B.and C of for her b Ali Pourfarrokh, and set to music the Hofstra Student Center, 6 p.m. For in- from Villa Lobos’ “Bachianans Brasilieras No. formation call 560-6816. 5.” Yasmine Bosinas, Kell Sloug Monica 10 Thursday, September Trogani Della Weinheimer will dance An- ¢ Ann Garrould, Keeper of Drawings of an ton Dolin’s “Pas de to Cesare the Moore Foundation will lecture in the Quatre” Pugni’ Debra Litwak (Peter) captivates (from left): Daniel Maher (Michael), Doreen Chila_ ana the finale will be the Hofstra University Cultural Center Lecture musi jazzy (Wendy), Tom Verutes (John) in Hofstra’s Gray Wig production of ‘‘Peter Pan.”’ Hall. Reception and exibit view after lec- “Tangerin Beach,” anew work by Mr. Pour- ture. 8 to 10 p.m. For information call farrokh. Peter Pan Flies Onto Hofstra Stage 560-5671. The event is free, and sponsore b the ¢ Hofstra University an the Hofstra Nassau County Office of Cultural Develop Friday Sept 1 at 7:30 p.m., “Peter Pan” will The show stars Lydi Gladstone and Debra Museum present “Mother and Child: The ment. For information, call land on th of Hofstra Litwak the role of Peter, Herb (51 944-385 . stage University’s Joh sharin Art of Henry Moore” an exibition of art Cranford Adams Playhous in a gal musical as Captain Hook, Doreen Chila as Wendy,Ro work by the sculptor. Emily.Lowe Gallery, extravaganza. This full-scale Broadway Tom Verutes as Joh and Daniel Maher as Hofstra Cultural Center, 10th floor, Library musical that makes everyone feel like a child Michael. and Memorial Quad. Exibit runs through Amber Rose a Theatre Pro- Productions, will Nov. 21. For information call 560-5672. be presente b Hofstra Universi- Performancesat the Joh Cranford Adams duction is resumes aga Company, accepting | Saturday, September 12 ty’s Alumni Repertory Theatre, Th Gray Playhous (south campus) are Friday Sept. for its 198 season, Directors, * The Continuing Educat Program at Wig, 11,18 & at musical 2 7:30 p.m., Saturday Sept. 12,19 CW. Post Island choreographer directors, stage the Campus of Long The renowned Flying Foys who have & 26 at 2 & 7:30 p.m., Sunday Sept 13, 20 & 27 will hold an house for their managers, musicians and technicians are University open choreographe many theatrical production at 2 p.m. and Sept 20 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are Continuing Ed programs. 10 a.m. to p.m. wanted, Compensation is involved. Send including the Broadway productio of “Peter +1 for adults, #10 for senior citizens and in the Tiles Genter of CW. Post, Brookville. to: Amber Rose Productions 405 Kirkman Pan” starring Sand Duncan, will join the Gray children. Special group rates and backstage For information call 299-2236. Ave. Elmont NY 11003 or call Edward Wig cast in entertainin; g of all tours are available for groups of 10 or more. ° tax conference to Ambrosino audien age An all-day analyze (516) 775-3359 The Gray W: eadac of “Peter Pan” For tickets, call 560-664 for other informa- and explain the provisions of the recent will be directed i by Bill Holland, tion, call Betty Mullon 560-663 change in New York State procedures will be held at CW. Post Campu of Long Island Your Communit Newspap Is Delivered University in the Hillwood Commons Lec- B Your Reliable Letter-Carrier ture Hall Registration begins at 8:15 a.m.

VPN theatres






Cera i aeae a |


high-voltage, Matt Adler stars as a thrill set amid| politicor- ” MAIDPinTO ORDER ridors of se in D.C. and = PENETENTARY Iii padi‘o ton Big Clock” waves at Hawaii' rapa ve ete19 Kev CoCost and Gene beach. Of course, Hawaii wins. Hackman co-star as rivals ina Mixed in among the surfing - the romantic triangle that lead to footage is a coming-of-age ® —STAKEOUT murder of a young party girl (Sean romance with a local beauty Nia The ® WISH YOU WERE HERE played by motion to er t eetacti het dialogue is heavy withHeepadolescent to this --fetched but and words most DIRTY DANCING And bringoff far- expression potentially intriguing idea, lots of familiar to surfers. A classic surf- SASS Sa eS Pyl and breathless pacin come ing contest is featured in the spec- a bad 2:00P 7:30PM 4:30 JERICHO T 364.0700 into However, it’s sig tacular climax. (PG) plathe film is most interesting as i’ that Children 12 and under $1.50 oft (Thursday throug Sunda performance only) PROTOC before: th murder takes place. (R) —~ Racio to benetit Association ‘| THE BIG EASY Bon ETH Muscul Dystrophy ——— a STAKEOUT DISORDERLIES MASTERS OF THE

UNIVERSE The Fat Boys, three overweight rap music stars, play bumbling Comic book adventure on medical in WESTBURY ORIVE IM THIPLEX with aee hirof an. [BRUSH HOLLOW RD..NSTATE PKY Ext 3e the screen Dolph hope of speeding Of 334 3400 Lundgren as the ailing Palm Beach millionaire. good-f ® PENETENTARY Ill He-Man squaring | the opposite happens. against the evil Skeletor slapsti are corny, oaLots andante — 3 DIRTY DANCING Langella) for a planet& soul. awkward gross especially of laser zapping and grotesque scenes showing the boys stuffing with food or THE BIG EASY creat fill the action their mouths slapping

_ rethe The Fat Lundgren is imposing one another in the face, he is em Boys try hard to capture the Three pecw But Cael eedite the noise and overbearing style. Larry, Curly en tS Prana l pen effects, the production adds StooMoe can rest peacefully. meer tier at ‘tedium. (PG) op up to so much Commer75-0391&|_CallUre—)_|AVT|

eee emer eet oe AOA: Epitope ov Sata bec omar come

— —- 1987 - Pagel - Week of 31. - Section August Anton © 6 Classified Mailed To 125,000 Homes With Over de Readers Service Gui 300,000

Limousine & Painters/Plasterers r Service Wallpaperers counseling ue oEEne improvem Beauty | CARTWRIG LIMOUSIN PAINTING DECKS SKIN CARE WOMAN WOMAN Announces the inauguratio of Interior Exterior ro its new service, Featurin 1986 J. Baade, Jr. w TE has a proven Theod COU ELI‘Woman DECja desifor you. Limousines ® COMMERCIAL fall a NSE OU In Linceec & South ¢ pte GAL DA Psychotherapis DEC N jorth Shore RESIDENTIAL Individual & ott Ou 6th year buliding SerShore Communities. Free Estimates Prote ional Ka Z Mari fine decks. ConsultantMa counseling in sites eats) Hinges lems at Wie Siv Stre Debbie McGinley © Glass & Screens * Closers 628-2664 Biema | 795-9197 ces 484-1967 patio Doors calmagecam 516.933- st PANELS & KICKPLATES Masonry PAINTING PROBLEMS? Carpentry Dressmaker EVANS MADE! Call Professional Solve them TAXE MAINT Landscape Design a | Quality Workmanship ‘eaerit dove t ig the first time. DRESSMAKING We D A Mas“ e FREE ESTIMATES insured. W stil use Seieiroi Dor é : Belgian Full and [Altera‘tensions epairs B Bl sic “ problems returns. i o°* pemea aod of fia coma. YO Rate Kitchens Baths ti rvew s Sto Wa Reasona o ReslGWork SKY CONTRACTING thoroug preparatio scraping, y clot jectrician ° Cove aie Gall formand deliver on jcen: mamen& Se Construct! W * Gro machine sanding We putt A) _ 718-961-1825 bao’ ig tee inure F Appoint 516-931-6976 cin De 2) Icaulk windows & doors. Solve mildew ass: + Wo 488-60x e problem Servin Nassa only. —_ Port ‘Washin Instruction ROB! 466-0573 Fully Insured References Air PO7-0347 BRADLE TILTO Duct Weather-Tam Your Home ACTING FOR KIDS & EAST, Movers 671-179 Ceaning Storm & Vinyl Window TEENS af = Driveways DRE Air Ducts from Reneat epeclali Call Lee MOVER DIRT matallaie UnpredictableErep N r Cust Trim, Decks, pe EXPeRE for hire. BLACKTOP DRIVEWAYS Fo eating Season § SAM PAINTING Replace Window Tuc cei 100 small. Vee eta o cus ‘BROTH ba Gal FAR bi - Exterior al Built. Asphalt Resurfaced, se i 6-334-3690 Interior 1 Foe exte eos ao las to fo 759-2526 CLARINE SA LESSON Finest Quality Paints clea SABRINA WOODWOR ‘ to th thoroughly Alr. HalSe JERICH STUDI Neat, Rellable, Insured 427-3252 = inner FREE Estimate Omni-Vac _ I BENNET SON MOVIN peers 6 tose’ ‘nat eae 616-796-7973 HOME IMPROVEMENT & lar —— Prof. Movers 333-9740. 549-5455 GENERAL CONTRACTING © Free Intro lesson Dependable, Chimney p All Phi f t and S a. eens speciali in Kitche 938-9014 Licens: & Insured, Do! SEAL YOUR DRIVEWAY NOW. * ths, Decks, a Chi t Pri ces i in T rown A CHIMNEY MAGICIAN eal Tile, and Painting PROFESSIONAL Pers gard coe Caos si tase IPAPERHANGING ONLY cof Real enwee a 423-7286 ee 423-0642 Bill Pelligrino RU a _K frovi a 30 Years Experience prote — ch&a wR — KUNG Removals (ieezaa & H AIRS. Painters/ arialREMO Neat, Clean, Courteous * serving your town Exterminator Shaolin Hung gar * Insurance Donation IMPROVEMENT | Esta Distribution a est. HOME Plasterers cor (tiger/crane style Seau Geter | SERVICE FREE PHONE ESTIMATE #40700 by the Vice Pres. of DALE Supervised Wallpaperers PAUL 979-7120 333-10 EXTERMINATING CO. Genera! Carpentry & Electrical Eastern U.S. Kung Fu Work - Guaranteed & Insured Federation Low Cost Monthly Services} AMBIENCE DECORATION Call Now For Prompt Reliable Master Anthony Lau & NEW BUILDINGS ALL SEASONS Etc... Parties Roaches, Ants, Fleas, - State-of-the-Art of interior Additions/Alterations Reasonable Service. elop: & pai Entertainment Residential/Commercial 588-2981 © Strength 516-674-3347 wallp& jomes Hestord 767-9160 All Work Confidence & cleaned from th root s ly ANGEL’S & Insured © Self Defense Skills eExPeB S elined, rebuilt, repaire Licensed Sg Charmians Center a finish. PARTY PLUS Asphait HOME & OFFICE an A-1 244 Glen Cove Ave., profess remoted. SR. DISCOUNTS. . "62 Sealing Glen Cove, New York 11542 796-4063 © ¢ FRE ESTIMATE CONSTRU LIMOS DJ VCR * Partitions + 516-747-211 Ask For Paul: 671-0242. CALL ROACH EMBARRAS YO Weddings ¢ Birthdays BLACKT DRIVEWAYS ° Accoustical ceilings PEST CONTROL Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Call J&a e Small repairs to large Licensed Exterminators | COLONY PAINTING [CHIMN KIN 379-8254 yourself of all inte CLEANIN ni ects & Rodents Ref. 30 n ae Residential/Gommercial Residentialicom fears experience Leve rem REPAI FREE ESTIMATES GaryPlaceatn‘Paint lea Contracts Available aint. Cameo ‘Licensediin SPECIALIST & with Ellen Diaz. Wallpaper, Pape Removal, en'REIT BLACKTOP UNMARKED CAR Draners Welcot Ceramic Tile, Sheetrock. String Fireplaces-Stoves-Oil Gas, _ Full Insure Meme&qu 516-354-1256 Quartet Bipe cal Licensed & Insured ten chimn 1170 Old Norther Bivd., 367-8675 3 Nest Removed. functions Roslyn Music for social "DRIVE Fi Cleaning Furniture tailored to our specific 2nd Cleaning $24.95.oes The Quartet has a PAINTING . Stainless steel! KENNY CUNNEN vert pertoire of selec: a $55-60 most chimneys. CHAIR RECANE $14.9 EXPERIEN COMMUNI 10 Experi Done RUSHIN $49.95 CAT INTERIORVEX tio fo all ccossio by ELECTRIC lady wiB. : Who Care. Refinishing, Gluing, vou of ‘B Firetighters Residential Electric Kevin? halt Call Lacquerin Bleaching jegr ha awaren Service a o fine craftsmen! will tut hild i ne (516) 775-0957 corera Bonded sche! 516-223-SOOT plem “TH 6 E 7 6 1 4 Bpeciat E.P. PAINTING ANTIQU WORKSHO 7 4 “a 794-1212 i 829-8742 CHILDREN’ MAGIC SHOW F

LINOLEUM PLUS Good Prices, oe Ores — Free catedable Prices. Deal* Directly wit saga T1e-<an 7676 Al Ma Bran VOICE LESSONS Call EDGAR call F © Armstron: First Lesson Hag 516-944-8472 * Congo Sy aM t Cleani ° Nafco, Etc. accepting all levels. esoae teve. at pr tro iM 933-6877 All enull Learn to free s types Ask For Danny your jes. 821-9691 voles. Penetope Huni GRANATH PAINTING [Hoceum Wil d pre shotgiins. handgm ALSO partion oF Commercial - Residential D& Crosman a 516-759-2848 Na hoot- Factory ac | SERVICE Ave., Sarv ‘al wammow CLEANI 324 Jackson “rissa SSI ies. uls, OFFICES §16-921-0134 |Sterse-zees_| ni ieee o. FL & CARPETING casein AY = an ja Mo Pai ° WE DO IT RIGHT ‘Asg a. ° FREE Home Of carpentry. Quality ALOHA INTERIOR Guay ALL Te performance only. COMPLET LIN OF FABRICS Tom Grana’ 744-2141 D.J. DAVE

516-676-2415 improvements + References readily * New Reupholstere furniture 6 P.M. “Your All After available. Also licensed © Occasio Drape verticals mini blinds pausic Wan © FIX YOU! & insured. . istered Walls HOUSE PAINTER Big Bands to Disc VAL OLDER CAR FREE ESTIMATES AT HO Rayco Call OFFICE CLEANING Reker Canoe M-F 929-8089 AM Call MIKE, Anytime: Hone Reli 271-8000 Complete ot 102 744-6301 PM Hunt. Eee 20 West Jericho Tpke, Maintenance, FI GENERAL 516-352-5783 Excellent Ref Window Glesni = vee, Service CONTRACTIN Co., Inc. Expert Quality Landseaping ae 2 aS , with a © Kitchens 8-462-501 Joseph F The Last Detail ppereon anytime. ELEGANT MUSIC ¢ Bathrooms Custom Carpentry J & A LANDSCAPING — AUT POLISH — Porter, © (Cole Irving Carpentry Doors & Moldings Fieee Berlin, © Basements etc.) « Finished Basements peu aa Washing for or © © J’S PAINTING your private Flooring Paneling Reliable & Experienced Fertilizing - Liming ¢ Waxing © ue © Closets &am TING corporate party. ° Ceilings No Job Too Small Emerganc Crab Grass Killer Simonizing (By WE OO IT ALL Tree Work - FIR Ties - Fences Ecor 922-6537 Hand Or oes Geshe 674-3466 ait CALL 326-3294 a1 r Free Estimates — et, Great Neck - Port Washington a ee D ainteryi RAPA NUI CONTRACTIN Manhasset - Roslyn interior & Exterior Magi & Come Aluminum in sheetrock Our Specialists Joe After 6 PM “Quality For All Occasions _ FR PHONE M.A.C. InsulatSid Sidin installation, Extensions, EstimateSpeci & 4539 Fre are . demolitions, paintin taping & * Doors & Paint Aluminum ceramic ite, Alan Garber, Magician Windowsvin Moe ae y floors, teR callities, wndow: oe ° Work Guaranteed FOR YOUR 671-5732 GROUPS Z door a ie Mten 51 6-489 20 PAREN pices insu |renovations. FREE ESTIMATES compe prorssion 933-7592 fit Call now for scheduling PeBia and Mic xbuli ee Hi B tr mS 563-4154 423- Kathle Joyce, P.D. PONY PARTY Repair & Installati Aluminu colum speciali SHARP LE ME CU YOU LAWNS Tae Riding, feeding, petting, all Kitchen 51 3 home. Professional Carpenti apie (European Method) ‘Tubs, Tollet Vanities, Add eleganc to your i occasions, oa, Hot Plum he Bat taeclean-ups, garages ‘Sink, 747-6 Replace wood columns with Electrical, PAPER REMOVAL video HeatersHeaNo Wat. Spricleaned, and available, insured. JToomie fluted Windows, INTERIOR PAINTING Information Free Esti Kitchens, initifiles,setCF trim BLINDS free, Lic.insured STEIN Gara railDoors Install 77-7313 Free Estimates! Baur ie ited Construction Call Licensed Insure Very Reasonable repaired. 718-539-2784 or Dreams Additions Relati 277-9882 883-7223 864-2840 385-9111 944-7937 s he —_—_—<—<—<—<—_Special&——CallL__ae—_|

Newspapers - Classified Section - Week of August 31, 1987 - Page 2

Mailed To 125,000 # Homes With Over Service Guide 300,000 Readers

pet Tennis Video Weight word services Repairs instructions Services Control Windows Processing — J & R ELECTRONICS TENNIS LESSONS VIDEO SERVICES WEIGHT CONTROL Qual Replec WORD PROCESSING You Serious? Do You Want To: © Group Lessons Videotape Your Precious Repairs- Hook-ups on Priva ‘A Pen, |RAGHU RACQUET SHOP + Bo of Yo Wei VCR, TV and other audio abi teseest Gho SEE Mae RESU ie ¥ 7 and video equipment. Newlctto Instructor - Raghu Karpi Captured. apsros ul Brem Wind Reo enTAG eal mai a Semen | ao ent o ontwher eeein i eettientene 781-8827 466-2555 esate aes “gapemraeae | asesoe? Docum ck up o Closed Mon., for appt. Dependabl Water Treatment Professional (516) 883-7395 NEW ATTITUDE w Weahi Windows fork Pric Systems aReason 704 Port Wash. Bivd., Pt. Wash. 944-9644 (616) 822-5457 pri re Wind IGutt one lo z your family’s A-B-M Window Cleanin service with 1 d ———————————_ charge repair. | | i Tye |&q TOPSOIL, FIM, waterwhnanai Ta fas touc {fav Yo mina COME AND anon fa work Professionaem sane whole house system. ‘cellent guarantees Cleaned the ADVERTISE IN le sete fact At CALL 516-735-498 Calor #:froe water test. our trade THE SERVICE 24 “Servi Fun ne ra Dauu Winio CO AG KE | ison FILL Huntington Station, NY 11427 TOPSOIL 365-8872 Cal 822. . r for Bo aoe ae [TREES Sze eome L ‘Serve Repaire MATE soma GRONE Free Hom estimate guarantee DELI sa | ope reg gare C.A. Montesano, D.V.M. IMA’ On Excavation, Emergency: Leaye Message Roofing &a Drainage. Then Dial Beepe Number Siding Practice Limited to the Enquine 516-234-8972 Leave 516-499-2619 AJAY GENERAL Message 25 Stonywell Court CONTRACTING CO INC. Dix Hills, N.Y. 11748 moot AR U lacem . T rees x ing-Rep! Part Time Telephone Sales Windvinor alumina R. PIERCE Pianos Commercial or Residential (Nes Lic #h1847540000 Tree Work AA N a fr PLAYER PIAN FO SAL E | insure ed Se Ran Refinish - Rebuilt Evenings Plus Commissions Re REY SL Salary 671-6904# to PIANO TUNER EXCELLEN WORKMANSHI 6:00pm FRE ESTIMATE Pleasant Worki ConditiConditions ED MARTIN 9:00pm Working Slate & Tile 516-628-2445 Roofing Is Our Only Business TREE WORK! 516-724-6279 TREE WORK!

Piano Tuning - $31 TREE WORK! Repairs additional. Selling ATTENTION Pruning, Stump Grinding, Kaway Grand players MIKE’S Removal, Spraying, CALL: Pete Nyquist and Console. Land Clearing Available ROOFING Reference FIREWOOD! Bruce Ryndflelsz (816) 7472-8282 eEx:i. 171 Gusrato Soalo FIREWOOD! INDUS 10AM to SPM 516-822-5936 conlAN FIREWOOD! New & mee $99. a“ cord Plumbing N eo t OFo delivered Job Big al DO ree Heating Free Estimate-Immediate Service TREE SERVI Anton Community Newspapers AL GON Call 718-270-011 Mon.-Fri. 0-6 944-6497 EWE AN DRAI CLEANIN * Sewers ¢ Sinks ¢ Tubs Typing of Long Isiand ° wers ‘FED UP Basements pumped Services 24 Hour Service DISGUSTE AGGRAVATED Licensed GIVE YOUR Typing DIAL 516-328-CLOG PROFESSION WORD Has your roof been leaking for PROCESSING MORE? Contract ALL REPAIRS & ‘ 1 5, hoye S Call * INSTALLATIONS LEA STOP a Text Express Ste Bec & REPAIR ¢ DIAGNOSIS - Jay Orains & Sewers Elect. 484-5452 Bridge SKY ROOFING Cleaned - Water Mains License Number 858 718-961-1825 Complet Heatin Syste Boilers we pacceser Complete Two Birds with One Stone ese: 621-2696 ryniAesu7 Rubbish Removal 997-00COM Days East dealer. suit and stops you from scoring ATTENTION HOME dummy&# fifth club. AND CONTRACTOW North-South vulnerable. Man with truck to do clo and WORD NORTH When the deal occurred, South Vincent J. Bono OB'remove construction debri dependabPROCES 73 cashed the queen of clubs at this Plumbing & BOB& TRUCKIN Si a& Residential, CommercialHeati & point and then finessed the queen of in Lists 9 1065 it Industrial Minor Repairs. CLEANUPS in effort to score his ninth Maintenance © 865 spade an Major Alterations. Altice Garages L Reports/ But the lost the Drain Sewer Cleaning. Basem & AKQ42 trick. queen to king Boilers & Work. Apartments-Storefronts Dissertations/Theses Heating and West cashed three diamonds to industri Bldgs. ANNEMARIE 754-0327 WEST EAST 829-5080 ‘All Rubbish Removed. declarer down bem @ K105 & 3982 put one. Complte A-1 RESUMES In to the aneed— ured 9sj3 9 Q9742 choosing try spade Li 7 Days © 7 Ho © Se ic finesse, South missed the opportunity 516-883-4518 Writing aor. TypinPETE inting o KJ932 & Q107 THOM R PRUDEN for an unusual play that would have 922-633 &I9 &am PLUMBING HEATIN & scholarship SOUTH more or less assured the contract. Servin the Manhasset and & After cashing-the first two clubs, his Port Washington areas for SCHOLARSHIP MATCHING Trucking & AQ63 over 25 years. Repairs - Databased 9 AKB best chance by far was to lead Stoppage - Alterations Delivery SystemComputeOver 4,000 Sources: dummy’s last diamond and’ discard a Gas oA4 Hot Water Heaters Guar. Min. Match service Searched club on it! Conversions & 10865 bec or NO CHARGE that this allows FREE DETAILS WE SHIP ANYTHING The bidding: Granting play 944-363 ANYWHERE! East South West North West to cash three diamond tricks, at 427-2700 Con: Dne Item or the Entire. Pass 1NT Pass 3 NT the same time it enables declarer to Of- tents of your Home or unblock the club suit, thus — three of diamonds. restoring Senior Citizen fice. Antiques, China, Opening lead

- and his Serwice Stemware, Vases any Assume you&# declarer at three his club winners to five LARR GRAZIOS Including Your Valuable, notrump and West leads the three of overall trick total to nine. In effect, ING. INSURANC Car or Boat! diamonds. You allow East’s queen to the diamond lead from dummy at brie HEATjerations, Ne EIMBURSEME We&# Pick it Up Wo Sa Available for in-home Wrap It, Pack it & win the first trick and take the next trick five kills two birds with one 2 ROU diamond with the ace. stone. ROTO SER ofall Maj aacab bbl : prep Medicare Plans The risk involved in 671-7254 Medical or Gall 516-783-1300 for At first glance there seems to be only leading 516-671-2272 Tre eat ee nothing at all to the play, since it the diamond at trick five is that West after P.M. can might started with Professional Center, 3310 you Wanta:Sun spewtwo a ca andiv a o diamond.ick, — percentagewise,ha an unlikelyaidiamo meca “ Highway, hearts, spade possi- _ Services But when you lead the A-K of clubs bility. Furthermore, in this particular WHITE GLOVE AGENCY [HOUSEKEEPE WANTED video and East discards a heart on the case, where West opening lead of, realize the three was his fourth- RN - Aldes - Feo $ No Services second club, you suddenly presumably LPig. best diamond, West Homema Live- aano an Experie Must there is a genuine problem. Although theoretically &qu leading the queen of clubs would can have more than five diamonds, &q to one Els rme CTO O a ea VOR yoa ‘w GLORIA’S AGENCY hookups. Install video drop West jack, your ten (or any making the recommended play virtu- Wa l In 100 certain succeed. 466-5 Call (516) 944-9733 579-21 1 other club you have left) blocks the ally percent to IE8/|


2 & o | Rceop RK 10 a M VI H om iS mo zi

PREMIER CROSSWOR By Jo Paqui Confrontation

126 Hairdresser 36 Brilliant 77 War god ACROSS coffee 89 Surface formulas, 37 January, to 79 Encircled: name spoiler 1 Its capital is 48 Girl&# Poetic 91 Does a Bra. perhaps juan Shillong 60 Oversprea 80 Town in zilian dan 127 Kut today 38 Old-time 6 Rains Iowa “Th 92 Thin surface 128 grass slaves Gia 41 Plods 81 “Play — for 10 Swindle layers Zz2000 “ 43 Old Greek Me” (movie) 94 — Marner” 1 Kindergarten 14 Taxi passen- 53 Hockey man- lessons 83 Stone or Iron euver 95 “The Rime of garment gers and 44 Fall bloomer 86 Confronts — 2 Brown 19 of 55 Evel the Mar- Abzug 45 with courage s iner” Untidy politics 3 One-armed 47 Pronged 88 English trol- 20 Gem stone Kale 96 Dangerous fea- 48 Barrel ley 56 curve bandit 21 Zhivago& “Goo 90 In the air 97 Actuality ture 49 Hairdo love girl 91 Cain land 4° — of bread. 51 Glamorous Dagger 22 Bell town 57 Hlist & 99 and...” sto) 93 Perfumed 23 Embezzler, concern 100 Swiss painter 53 Like a cut 95 Relieved - — 5 Grimace 58 Mardi — 101 Sandra for one 98 Part of * 6 Transform 24 Historic ship 60 American O'Connor “gem Each 54 Value of sec- NATO 25 Scandinavian Indians 102 Tourist’s 7 “M ‘3NO 2 ‘34JVUID ‘}—UM0g Horse urities 100 German yond "9° 8 , -SEB measure 61 Prescribed companion $001 6 ‘HOU ‘2 &quo ’ “133N & '3 || —Ss00V blanket 57 Sam of astronomer 26 Poe divi- amount 104 Anonymous song made 102 Polite sion 62 Needs 107 Jellied dish 9 High note them WRITING Lessen THE REBUS BY 110 Biblical 10 Serb or too long 103 wo 27 Bristles 63 Pele’s sport GOIN THE NAMES OF THE PICTURE Croat 59 Catch of the 28 doc 65 “I&# — name CLU AND ADDING OR Roe eAcTi THE LETTERS. Dog& 29 Genus of Tomorrow” 112 Psych. org. 11 Israelite day, perhaps 66 Keaton of 113 Official leader 62 New Guinea 7a grasses | of town border of 30 West Ger- filmdom decree 12 Spheres Trim conflict 64 Eternity 107 Vipers man seaport 68 Irregular, as 117 closely KNIGHTS 67 Notwith — 3108 Former WHAT 31 if eaten 118 Afrikaans 13 Directs King, queen ruler RODE CameLtsl 70 river 119 Crafty 14 Plastic sur- standing | or jack 69 Fragrant of Iran 34 Doughnut- 73 irriSolt 120 Hamelin’s geons? - oleoresin Liver like rolls 76 Table bird deliverer 15.U‘S. presi- 109 treat 36 Victory sign 78 Rich soil 121 Outdoor dent 70 Century “ 16 Dancer 111 Exclamation 39 Golfer' 82 — Expec- lounging Sally plant French South Seas warning tations” area 17 Grafted: Her. 71 city 114 72 Means of 40 Dawn god- 84 Blind 122 Miss Kett 18 Presently port control 115 Calendar dess 85 123 Arrow poi- 29 Worship 74 abbr. 42 Highway publi son 32 Mets pitcher Dregs Gaelic monster? 86 Italia physi- 124 Stumbles 33 Responds 75 Fairylike 116 35 Ostrich’s 76 Large, noisy 119 Come in 43 Scotch cap cist 125 Sandbar or -bt ‘4 insect first WSs 46 One type of 87 Dismount reef cousins a (SLHO «SLHOIN NVIGVHV., ee e _ SHLHAMSNY ee


ee CHARGE LESS THERE ooA ONE DOLLAR COVERPeersCHARGE.” United Feature Inc. to evo © 1987 Syndicate 'SM NIVM3dIS ' S.A08 “NOG ‘NOWST 'S3 301 ‘m ‘an Lasts MOB YIVHHIV ‘SUSMSNV

‘Answer to Crossword Puzzle No. 275



ia \_| Ble mS LIA N ION] Ie Al | RI Average time of solution: 70 minutes. hd RI CRYPTOQUIP A 8-30 S| el ECBA VBZA. CZBYCRQ OMCBZIM oD UBE ZIL i KIA eRE ENVII [


sr6uriz OUI! QBDZE. AVERR ONE OVERWORKED CANDLE TO Today’s Cryptoquip clue: E equals S ANOTHER, ON THE SHELF: “THERE IS NO REST Ro THE WICKED!” 427:2767_6882611&_ChaGaret9fo:FPF|]§asHr—1!«||f|o_1|]||}|

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— - - Anton Community Newspapers Classified Section Week of August 31. 1987 - Page 3

CLASSIFIEDS Mail T 125,0 Hom Wi Ov 300, Read

— 147 East Northport Voice Farmin Observer Floral Park Dispatch — Garden City Life Glen Cove Record Pilot Great Neck Record 8282 — Hicksville Illustrated News Levittown Tribune Jericho Tribune THE ANTON PAPERS

— Islander Long Manhasset Press Massapequan Observer 132 East Second Street Mineola, N.Y. 11501 — Mid Island Herald Nassau Illustrated News Northport Journal e — Oystér Bay Enterprise Pilot Port Washington News Roslyn News (OR, IN SUFFOLK) — Syosset Tribune The Elmonitor Westbury Times 427 Announcements - Reunions 6 Services 22€ - Child Care 24 - Hel Wante 24 - Hel Wanted

- BAY RIDG HS, Class of 1937.50th 000 BABYSITTER For2smallchiidren, AUTO MECHANIC Reunion. 883-3265 (a.2.a.p) FESTA CONCRETE - PLUS 3 eves, ‘own Good GRANDE my Import preferred. salary CAREER BRONX HS OF SCIENCE, -Sidewatke curbs 'ra 671-4457 workin conditions. ITALIANA 25th 19 Nov CARING: OPPORTUNITY ReunTower 7 peraan to . Sa imest 199 oS {| & *Foundations are for our 10 month old treasure. rts wesneeeet an Counterperson ° 0144724781. 2dave.toleronces t 04s-0677- aM Wil} s block, stone Experie THE LONG-ISLANDER Man tpesotbrich, . * 13 1961. 25ih telat proterrSern ca Bia ANNE Sunday September Re- Responsible, competent necesasey vey, ERASMUSHunion. Se 12, 1987. New 313 Main Street Sept York Fast & reliable service. SARI‘Needed for infant 5 Plan benefits. Park Penta Hot 212-753-6614, care, PRUDENTIAL BayAnne, (212) 696-7681 N.Y. Hempet Har days. Auto Tect Insurance Huntington, 11743 ERASMUS HALL Class o 638-6645 Agency 3 oe 3 daysiwk. Hrs Full Time, 10am- CA ood sia “4 salary. Warm, per flate rate Professional Benefits 3 reunion to coincide with school: aemen Training, is ic zotant f fil oer: Fireworks Sunday Sept 13 person new- Hr“B&q Excetient Fri ee nat $400/500 zo Birthd Ca Na SyoC Maar. Oppor Salary Weekly halal 921-608809. or 921-6870 Call Mr Miller —aaODAYSERVICES”«C|:-FARMINGDALEHS, i *DIVINE* Body Shop an RATE PER LINE MATURE, Non-smoker t car for M-F tininn Now 14, 1987 497-0927 3 Sam-4pm, SERVI eves AUTO POLISH month ‘olgir in 2 pfiG HOL | my sick CRS hunpeconel ce. $5.50 (min. lines) 5100 Pe ” Huntington home. Monday-Fi er FAR ROCKAWAY HS, 1930-1945, PSY Potential. CALL 627-147eeiOoraeeaor Washing 8:30am-5 pm. Exp. Engli speak. SINGL COLUMN BOX 1967, and 1976. Call 764-8833 for 035- Cleaning ig. $41.75 PER INCH TT FO ILL Hoa ¢Waxing = th R econ four cl ity in m P t union. CARPENTERS Counseling September, Info: 764-8 Was o home. B8S081 sGompou¢Simanizing LONG TERM & GLEN COVE HS, 1957. Gala Reun- MATURE, Responsible mother will

ion, é Carp Hel fo 1-0-1 Info: 944-6209 care for your child In my Elmont qua DISPLAY RATES. Counse§ fo “Anxl INSIDE & OUT ease mlew ongr to GREAT NECK NORTHHS, Class of home. 528-0487 Deprescohol. Relati Dru 70 Cedar Swamp Rd Glen Cove top skills. boy . FREE ARE ALSO 4962. 25th Anniversary Reunion. ESTIMATES NON-SMOKING rel 626-0476jan 626-3322 loving call-Parts Mgr 759-2233 ATR. Sept 19, 1987. GREAT NECK T SO, REASONABLE RATES babysitter needed Tue: \after- Service Mgr 759-3300 ‘imothyh SH: janes, t Inc AVAILABLE. Class of 1963 in May, 1988. Cali noons. Other times possible. Body shop Mgr 759-3300 General Contractor Tricla McDonald, 764-8833 details SAME DAY SERVICE PLEASE CALL FOR ————————____ Prefer own transp. 466-3043 i Locust Valley - Huntington GREAT NECK SOUTH HS, 1968. Health & Fitness 671-5732 RESPONSIBLE Woman for child ——__ FURTHER. May 1088. Guasner into: care in Port Washington. 3 GAR WASH -Hicksville area, FIT - F/T AP moe INFORMA’ TION ELECTROLYSIS BY MIRIAN Os daysiwk. RefExcel salary, wkeCa Bam t Ae — b feartrot vi M-F Prone in sva0 lesen) for oP) M oeref Apapexperien CASHMOn- T © ne —E——— IER Ser only 10th Roun. Positi aor Nabi ap Ve reason rates Pa 621-7717 ee t HICKS 197 - Ro days Co e availabl SeCres C 24 Hel Wanted Hcta tale: 21. 8508 See G «= Day orevenings. rete Bay ars Light typing. Friend DEADLINE: 6 MASSAGE _ _——_—___ = Call Sr11 tuxmnaris, 19son R at Mouday 581-378, - Personals Nara In the convenience of your ADMINISTRATIVE y Ta nome. Ta a hour to indul ASSISTAN yourself. Relleve weariness, ERRORS S Garcia Gore BANKINGN : i Ca Jo iat ‘ : aaa ees tity mith ran Bo Del ia titamete cies. Cnera The Anton Papers and on 967-2874 or write: Pleunion, Bak sense o well IN MEMORIAM duties, light typing, 22iwiliat Pa, NY 11508 TELLERS The Long Islander are bly priced. N.S. licensed and CARDS Will JAMES MONROE HS -Bronx. At- reon traon co not for certified, Women only please. -Donation for cards payable to: puter. Sala commenau: has responsible ith exper The t Savin & Loan in the Nation now open- eT S10 regular and P/T Tellers n tts Great Neck int wor 1910. i crro Devo fo rohanCare, in for Anna Elman, 764-8833 for detalls. THE CHAPTER COVERS THE — a ae should have cash FOLLOWING COMMUNITIES: AIDES NEEDED forcafeteria, hall, pp! handling experience, Elemen- curate and customer service skill All Ads Must Be Oo WEIG! “GREAT & clerical duties. H.S. & typing skills, good het NE tary, PIT & F/T Sine. Call kio ase spon Work in a office. benefits Pre-Paid Check, —pogiti pleasant, congenial Excell vini CONT LOUGHLIN oir wgrin and competitive salary. Money Order,

ivi i LASS OF 1947 Evening calls Preferred MasterCard or Visa Volpnean o ceos FAMILY Call PAT Or BO At: (a & Reuntrads: complete supervisio aa To Participate ene Compa pi medical dacton Cobimey De f 487-6350 e C#l!: 9 Lest and non-amoker. Cooking, MAHENDRA PATEL, M.D. Foun Cleaning. I tilary. FRANK EVERS Call 89-76 Springfield Blvd. Mefermcesjomeee require ita Morales “Toston. svosser oe Patricia | Queens Village, NY 11427 437-0752 an 767-0171 August 19 Anewers to days ue aunervinon (718) 465-2798 for Appt., small 3 883-2736 eves G S es free brochure. Siivert'eartbroken owner!Poo364-674yr PORT WASHINGTON HS, 1037. es OFA 3 50th Reunion. 1987. Nassau S County.Octo Into:1 AMENILA Reunions n = Domestics ITY : = = = PS. 247, 50th Reunion. oeSunday, GUA Assistant ps Sept 13, 1987. £1 Caribe Country gagysiTTERS/HOUSEKEEPERS SECUMI Equal Opportunity Employer Club, Brooklyn. Info: 718-259-7349 : Place Your ive insQut. Exc Salary & Benefits. T Reunion Listing Here Registry & e 546 7 Fu Partt po a. Wage itr $25.00 -5 Lines - 5 Weeks creases. $7/h. G Mone 4 - Travel HEA AIDnee ooa7 congas ASSISTANT FOR os at

Ask weer, urs. ; For Casaltied Department et eis PROOFREADING DEPT. Jane Vale TED! dog after 6pmare INCOLNH 1945-50. WANTE! re Hart 2 Info &am F/T in Midge Ap 4088. Gall HOUSEKEEPER wanled Oyster Assist proofreaders in collating copy. Fill In as a ATTENFoe, MO ahaa mine Sane Rent Travel Trailer when needed. No experience neces- AERAAM To Store oGesosas & Mmire ted Ta613 Proofreader HSGala Re- tio train. Must good command of the Carol Wilson ee ee ornare sage sary, will possess te ‘o S47,4048,10 196Ploe For e i Fio Pa wil n LI. estate. sibilities incl: Blanche call Ho ov Ma pe Jaye us soon at (210) $100-8125perweek.CailDanAt: gen'inousek ing ‘AV 1-800-367- 5:00pm. ForP inf information,tion call ry send your information to: Reunion, 718-470-0224 all Rue ett ae Lincoln Celebrat PO. Box “R& grounds. References a must. ceE at work or home. Toll Free. NJ 07724. cellent bene 212-310-0605 1-800-367-2866 747-8282, ext 133 Eatontown, I MARMADUKE®) by Brad Anders



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- Anton Community Newspapers - Classified Section - B pf Augu 31, 1987 Page 4 Hel Hel Wanted Hel Wanted Hol Wanted Hel Wanted Hol Wanted Wan

PARTTIME : NTS, COMPUTER & AUDIO CUSTOMER SERVICE : MANA Tall otroct POT WASHERS : VISUAL EQUIPMENT REPAIR | HAT ersd BOCES y ol Wall Sire ce PARTTIME DRIVERS phot ‘ City FOOD SERVE FILE CLERK ing Ren MeBone e available in Roslyn Full & Part Time Gemeeerce call Ma TRAI a perience necessary. Retired Positieig!jaights a Old Brookville Bae ee em iiseo ; ieee commercial person welcome. eimo of small Temporary paper call bank. for ierecer under “SECRETARIAL”! Cc l KITCHEN AIDE -for Senior center or send resume to::D CALL MR FOX nutrition 20 h Helen Allen, Elmont Road tions background. Bank mediate positions for individu- program. (616) 829-8010 must be 55 or older School, Elmont NY 11003 perience a plus, but willin; -als with clean drivers licen: plicants THOMSON f meet ral OS Guide: train qualified candidates. vans. set lines. 7 penJeannie. Astinlinearmotion technology staifarting salary B antemporary positions offeri 9610, CO SPRING shar- flexible full time at benefits including profit or part LAB HEL ing and vacation and holiday days and evenings. PIT position, 5-9pm, MEDICAL ASS' HARBO IMMEDIATE Corporate Incen- call for pay. Please an ap- Good si To Must be atleast 16 yrs old.portinNo. on 25Aopposite fish hatchery tive Gifts Co seeks ass' to the Ca Part time, Mon-Tues-Wed, oc- pointment: please eierriocall 516-367eee pap needed. Fort Washington. Equal Oppt’y Employer M/F Sales Marketing Director. Sats. CLERIC FIRST NATIONAL by and apply in pano 767-1800. EOE. r communication skills. yr corp __TH EKG, BANK OF LON ISLAND sales ex pref. Alli, 759-5272 ture, X-Rays, general office JUNIOR 671-4900 COLD SPRING LADIES’ LOCKER | keeper. FIT, PIT, pountryci Preferred, but will train. PART TIME SECRETARY. LAB Huntington. Excel pay Call 549-1600 Positions Avaliable ‘HARB Call Tues-Sun, fish benefits. 9- for an interview Our Engineering Dept ssept ASK FO DEBBIE, 692-6550 COUNSELOR/OUT- ne vi Consumer Loan Department - C DATA ENTRY Offers & REACH COORDINATOR sa oe foss MIF office duties. Ex- malle rowth Gennce preferred, but not re- Opportunity NON-PROFIT YOUTH un Light typin Monday - ORGANIZATION for © S ATOR Ru If you thrive in a busy environ- inaivid DRIVER Wanted, Print Shop Friday, a.m. or p.m. seeks individual to coordinate Bri g Tespon LAUNCH BOYS you shoul check: ‘out this area. F/T, PIT. 484-1844 outreach activities, cri- with good typing skills. One .Roslyn with our | position leading brav on IBM PC re- WORK! sis short term year EASY PT WASHINGTON YACHT CLUB Good aptitude required. manufacturing firm located ores Ahearn at: counseling,Interventreferral, supervise quired. Call H, EXCELLENT PAY! Heavy rorsfiling. Trainee welcome of N: an Inc. drop-in center. ‘Mintur 2yrs McKeige Ca, Assemble products at home to Friday, 5 required (optional sta -up materiats avall appl mbad S relie Gin itin telle- hours pe: wi ing, Bmor spenenwith worki $25.) For info phones, | and photocopyi sume ‘minimu re 312-741-6400, ext A-eall starting salary includin bone Inetu Profit shar. lary to: DELI PERSON, Mon-Sat, 8-4. Ex- and vacation & eaeBEN. Yout Center jerred, Ing pey. 4 Road Call for an appointmerRoti strong inteerp: Pine Hollow sary. Frederick' Deli, 1900 fanizati New York 11771 and of or Oyster Bay, Bis Manhasset. Call BOY needed PIT. Top MUSICITenor, soloist position in THE FIRST NATI paleskills. Som word orienen LAUity. Good woreing North Shore Episcopal Church. A BANK OF LONG ISLAND STA HYGIENIST Unti supplied. Callccona883-9623 first class choir doing quality mus- 671-4900 Wee Wili totrein on Ree FIT. No 883-6810 and ask for Matt. ic, 922-2414. the IBM DisplayWrite 3. Saturdays COUNTER HELP Wanted tor food just be. PENTA OF exp Sourwork Sat Keaand 9: :30am to ceMatu S aSemnt shit chairside/receptionist. Sal an

port. Full or part time consi- BO 1163 dered. 1068 Anton Community CPA. Needs jet assis- 132 East Second Street tant bookkee; etti§ ryois com- Mineola, New York 11501 mensurable up Soeiee Fr EXCELLENT INCOME Receptionist/Secretary- FOR HOME ASSEMBLY WORK TELLERS or PIT. Call 294-5814 ‘employer mit Bea nes, appointments, greet- For Information oe ISP h eats knowledge of insur- 504-646-1700, P1044 ance & typin helpful. Will train, EXCELLENT INCOME FOR CLERI returnees welcome. 883-5227 A PART OF OUR Part time home work BECOME ICAL “aro pucke assembly than CUSTODI For info, call 312-741-8400 typi ext 1182. available ON LONG ISLAND! pho ng skit W Coe SUCCESS aian for DRIVER FIT jor $19. al uses Will ieagec department if ca FACTORY HELP -Greenvale. ic y ar e PFOR DELIVERY train to work on small Work ( For over 200 The Bank of New York has been a leader in har worki close to home. 621-322:pee years, hi CLER -FIT or PMT will train. Fit- Must be reliable and ania the financial services industry. Our expansion on Long Island B {an ransportation, w ing, phones, cal Necqu Maidel at offers you an opportunity to become a part of this tradition of Returnee welcome.tigP «t in RY WORKER M/F 367-8328 for immediate con- excellence. Sesus Van ary + Start incentives Medical Ne sideration or dropinal pply quired. $5/nr. company Deno Ca Ad- person. ea benstle pvacan Ou Teller Development Program offers rapid advancement for ¢ TYZA PLAST INC. ienced Teller and Teller Trainee. AS a member of The COLD SPRING 747-8 a im Bank of New York Team, you will participate in: HARBO CUSTSERVI e salary program ]°? Galee Hero NY e Soaicerti bonus wiabiliyionan © to Branch Man- CARRIER - FANTASTIC EARNINGS Mail- Career Development Program leading oxc Equal Oppt&# Employer bor PRIVERI insportatian o ulars. High steady pay agement c yor are never outof Interoffi m for child care 0 c . You Send $1.00 GPO WAREHO agency. of Brooklyn ‘jo to: PM, You can become part of our winning team by completing an S{Gusens G Box 1086, Dept A, New York NY HANDLERS at one of our 79 branches. Or contact our Personnel IAL helpf11253 10016 application req Department at 1401 Franklin Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530. iittng red. wi train, CUSTODIAN N f for vari dutle:ties. PERMA | Or call 516/294-2486. Equal Opportunity Employer M/F i FLORAL Bra ne pulidhave car. F .. Mus (5 671-5910. needs workersPA CANbeCor Little ex- 437-8400 10-4 p.m. Ask for Mrs. DRIVER/MESSENGER Pearl. necessary. Please call PART TIME perie (516) 775-6174 a TIME. Will torun THE Position Li. \ aa lsc oe Mailing Shop seiEquipment. commercia: tal BANKING (516) 248- BANKOF OPPORTUNIT Northern Ne counties. jent GAL FRIDA) travel agency. opportuni- % ty for individu- Knowledge of Spanish 759-2002 NEW “RECEPTIONIST a1 Valld tue Clar 7 clean N miverali af Position In Glen Cove ‘ar and Bana GALIGUY FRIDAY -for presti- YORK 4] North icon vacationn andholiday gious country club on Situation has diversified duties including Shore. Diversified clerical work typing, tel- pay, and profit area ephone contact, and meeting with customers. call for an appointshari Mia typing. PorWashin NEEDLE CRAFTERS -Yearn to NATI ee Competitive salary and benefits. THE FIRST LEGAL to stiton’? Fres Wainbg. BANK OF LONG ISLAND & an-1 Hin leave & For further information, SECRETARY : call: 671-4900 GAS ATTENDANT - PORT WASH SHIPPING & GETTY STATION © 683-0484 3 ne year legal experience NURSERY SCHOOL RECEIVING (516) 759-3420 - GERIATRIC AIDE -for Senior Activi- with steno processing SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS Assist in &wo CLERKS Needed. Long t nonudnesd& pe te: ycont enon cee Small Garden Cityoftice ; 9-13 Glen Street DRIVERS 3 Divers Must be early childhood lic: : dutiprogre.750hr, Mp hr wk. Call ering Harbor Laboratory | nesed and experienced. Good 747-3690 Coaa toeedi te fo Glen Cove, New York 11542 & VANS 759-9610, ask for Jeannie. locally PI. openings towor me shippi and receiv- GLAMOROUS CAREER-Eam $200 Leegpportua eae Earn to ing clerks. Successful candi ‘am-pm. u Fura poe Te eu Oe An ‘$8.50/hr. Paid vacatio AgBeautyContrbesser Fashion/Col e Great Neck, NY 11021 Incentive days, Cosmetic Consultant. 673-9133. LIBRARY PAGES P holidalife insurance. Verlous hours. Port will GLAZIER&# jor Public Library. 883-4400,Washin -NORSTAR BANK 883-6711 train. enedee ing rience | OFFICE POSITION open FIT inter- adefinite pilus. We offer good & LONG ISLAND offic CLEA LIMO DRIVERS viewing scheduling personal. starting salary and pleasant man ner. Small office. 516-704-5052 phone working environment. Excell DRIVERS—Taxi, immediate!!! 23 & Call Pat. 671-9205. An Equal Opportunity Employer NEEDED F/T position for returnees or college over. Clean license, new cars. N. Student. Please call Personnel, ‘Shore; FIT, PIT. 466-8780. Mon-Fri, 10am all TOP PAY! Major Airport Service to 4pm, 516-367. NG ft AT HOME PART TIME . Good Salary + Tips Write:Cotta Industries Marketing Research Company, Equal Oppt&# Employer M/F 1407% Jenkins, ii 883-1900 earn extra TT ELLERS Norman, Oki: N sell- Ing, will train, hours flexible - P/T 9am-1 noon. For cleaning, eves, wknds. Office near tables, books, In Great Neck. Also seek- i TRAINEES/EXPERIENCED ‘HOM Cleaning Sevice. Must LI movwork. ideal carryi laanl ie ple bes MAIDS, PORTERS, WAITERS, BOOKKEEPER, part time or Wua LIBRARY nye2. I £0 8 t area. 496- eal WAITRESSES, BARTENDERS - full time. Call 486-6882. ~We have Nassau for local FIT, PIT CLERICAL position open lite openings throughout County Ce eee fae F av typing, fiting, small office. Permanentheaposition. Hrs. flex. Call Trainees & Experienced Tellers. tant to Supervi- Orvg2 tacos eee ea MAILR As Pat. or enthustic PART TUME OR FULL TIME We offer a competitive salary plus a fo righ Opportunity to PIT CLERK/TYPIST for Senior 516-643-0347 person. POSITIONS AVAILABLE Xerox 9400. Huntington Vil- Center company-paid comprehensive loo eoee Excellent Pay and Benefits. We hrsfwk. Applicantnutriti| Programust be 58yrs benefits are looking for mature, quick Ce older Frosting Federal insur- program: stot Okert idelines. Call. 759-9610 teamimedict _Hospital/surgical/major medical coverage. ing Prt Sat/Sun. IMMEDIATE service operators. Must be MAINTENANCE LocaleDrivePO Boxmeto Dental available 73, Roslyn;.NY, coverage. Life insurance SECRETARY -for Great Neck evenings and law firm. Exollent ste- MECHANICS Must So to Educational assistance pocenbeast eea win Word eroceney:typinRealEs- Pension 2 eee ‘Opport and savings incentive pia n eS company benefits & salary mechanic with 2-3 years ex- Gal Applicatio accepted daily at all Branches between commensurate with experience perience in small factory o066 viet machinery maintenance? Then v 487-8500 Pon and 3 p.m., or stop in at: we are interested in hearing am. from you! Sam-Spm Mon-Fri. 666 Old Country Road We offer a secure job with a good jolt FG Garden benefits. PART TIME City pa clenpget Pisss person needed to t| Immediate Respon in and tit out aappli work TV. Rental Coin atocal hospi- — d Sat, Sp $4.50 tal F Sun per NORSTAR BANK SECURITY GUARDS Full and Part-Time Positions ‘== Sitter Available. Doctor, COLD SPRING || LONG ISLAND. Denta! Benefits.HospitP Vacation, OR LAB LAB - Rolldaye andw eases. HAR PHO TECHNICIAN Call, Mon-Fri,1 682-4 fish hatchery Exp& If right person, will train. Equal bait ‘comm flex Opportunity Employer pon NY. Hours sary. Cosmet! jing. Flexi- Call Mr Rosen at 627-8852 222-7900 cael ble hours. -Port Washington. (516) 883-4107 o” se° 26° &aos.PIT,eeePk,NoatHB_

- - - ——_— — Anton Community Newspapers Classified Section Week of August 31, 1987 Page 5

Hel Wanted

SECRETARIALJUNIOR MOST BANKS GIVE YOU A JOB....AT STAFF WRITER WANTED LINCOLN WE GIVE YOU A CAREER! ENGINEERING W are currently interviewing for F/T positions. If you The following positions are available at our Jericho office: are interested in a in work- ‘See ad under Clerical pursuing career writing, Acct Clerk Underwriter our Payable ing on both news & feature articles, please contact Service Representative Verification Clerk the EDITORIAL at: gustaredit Trainees Jr Accountant Secretaries BOX 1163 DEPARTME B Microfilm Clerk Residential Loan Processor Anton Community Newspapers Mortgage 132 East Second Street PIT Life insurance Clerk P/T & F/T Tellers Bookkeeper Typists Mineola, New York 11501 WE OFFER AN EXCELLENT SALARY & BENEFIT PACKAGE SC n Please send Any a resume or call Carolyn Rubin TAXI DRIVERS forGreat Neck age- SECRETARIAL ment light NEEDED: tertyp! Ron-iting,ting, NCOLN ren n oe phor Very busy North ce 3 Immediate Wo erane a pl Full Good equipment LUN VERY GOOD $$$ BANK, FSB Opportunities benefits. Salary open. Call CATHY 466-7552 869-8404 100 QUAD., SUITE 343 JERICHO With A Steve JERICHO, N.Y. 11753 with ellent prep co —————— World stn aver SHIPPING CLERK for 932-3442/3441 printi We have interestingLeaderand d ra jean neede Truck or Equal opportunity employer mit Sined Seponunitice Gomp back- drivers license Good ‘our modern corporate head- grou we van experience a plus. TEACHER hei unowe benefits, pension plan. Call quarters. in the following will tral mpany-paid Colle Degree AIDEr TOM 333: departments: benefits Cold Spr Harbor School PIT ROSLYN PUBLIC SCHOOLS inc BANK bursement p! tutio ee 692-8036 cafeteria workers & school moni- Dll ‘ PERSO tors Call for ap- Research & 2-3hourd$Si RE '6-8 SMALL OFFICE IN plication. 621-4900 Mon thru Friday GARDEN CITY PIT SECRETARY, ap nes per wk. Development Diversified-duties: bookkeep- phone: TEACHER' AIDES some knowledge of WP. Non- ing, SECRETARY in typin comput‘arespon- NURSERY SCHOOL P/T Great Neck. 482-4295, smoker. You involved with cor- get SECRETARY/OFFICE MNGR pers Sa- working with children Excellent opportuniti are available for order PIT SODA FOUNTAIN PERSON jpondence, tracking, siti mad harawo Speal k English & Spanish varied ft seeks Afternoons, Eves, weekends. personable detail-ori ted individuals filing, and respon- Competitive salary, Leerivo Sosible, Ne m individual Good Olde Times, Roslyn with good figure aptitude, Previous ial responsibilities. We take-charge s4sorte working plea $4.00/hour. 621-7117 days ta typi mini- with strong typing, word sales/cashier teller Keo skilistoru PhylsondHe experience required; mum), some knowledge processing Men desirable. of compute wo bea plus. small office. Excellent salary & STOCKPERSON Family League experience highly 427-1768 P/T STUDENTS, anizational ability and benefits. Busy Cove communication skills are Mon-Fri,St 9 am chermto 5 ADULTS FULL-TIME POSITIONS Call Judi at tir Bol 676-2p musts. 487-7763 Call at TEACHERSI/ASSISTANTS Needed

- TELEMARKETING AVAILABLE: for toddier & Pre-K programs. F/T, EAST Mineola Area Marketing Srun experienced. Harbor Day Care WESTBURY, Ladies’3 boutiqu seeks exp&# Center, New H 248-7048 No experience necessary, SECRETARY SALESPERSON for permanent JR SECRETARY TEACHERS -Pt Wash Nursery we&# train you. SEA CLIFF, PIT position. Northport area. Your responsibilities will in- P/T. Clerical, typing, pleasant Ihas 2 available. ’ 757-8525 Salary + commission. BETHPAGE, filing, and real On withree yr olds, one wifour yr office. t olds. Certitied & exp&# pret&# Com- 6p to 9pm, evenings. Washington area. Please call: for EAST NORWICH P BROKER tive salary, tuition some word procesing ex. erock TRAINE petid. Cait 883-414{re Call PETE, 10am to Spm at IB 365-5780 Position available for! We offer a competitive starting salary ence to train on Fe HERS AS: Pre school, Some For Interview, 747-8282, ext 171 DisplayWritewiin3). previous Mon-Fri. 484-9150 & a 1:30-5:30pm, |. comprehensive company-paid perience would be benefits which includes den- mark ex package plus. jec secretarial tal insurance, incentive savings plan & school grad O full tuition reimbursement. SECRETARY PIT, MonThurs. Flex FILE CLERK hrs. Good typing shorthand. Call TELLERS Time Daysi Part PART-TIME We&# count on you to maintain mom POSITIONS order files, log sheets. If you are customer oriented, personable, interest- This trafficking paperwork. SECRETARY P/T in Huntington ed In a career, and good with fig jures... AVAILABLE: time position offers thge law office, 1-5. Legal exp not on. for professional growth! Good working con- Mr. HUNTINGTON, necessary. WE HAVE FULL TIME & PART TIME modern ent eeext. i ditions, equip. t 747-8282 We offerg POSITIONS FOR YOU LONG BEACH, and acomprehensive package of employee benefits which in- Excellent Benefit Package WESTBURY, cludes 401(k), tuition reimburse- eOvertime Compensation BETHPAGE, SECRETARY PIT Photography-Exp. or eager to “For woman for small Friday Evenings” learn photographic please ‘send your resume or Responsible ELMONT, SEA CLIFF al Estateoffice. in video store. F/T or procesPIT Mov write outlining your ex. ©Doubletime Compensation land US.A. 227 E. Main St. Hu Part-time premiu tellers earn up to perience andqualitications-to For S aturdays 549-1731. or call our Personnel Depast- tington $B.00 hour and leave. per vacation Ment at (51 883-8000, ext 6 THOMSON INDUSTRIES, INC. For immediate consideration, qualified Shore Road at Channel Drive, at FIDELITY candidates should call Monday— Port Washington, NY. 11050. We 627-6530 are an em- REAL ESTATE to an inter- equal opportunity Friday, 9am— arrange ployer mif. START AT THE TOP! view appointment: NEW YORK For info on a career as part of the NUMBER 1 home selling 212-808-9255 THOMSON SECRETARY -congenial office. system in town, give u a call lo- 746-8500 Excellent skills required. Good day. Beginners welcome. 1st in linear motion technology Call Personnel benefits. Port Washing- Department CENTURY 21 =EMIGRANT ton/Rostyn area. 621-5900, ext M/F PARKVILLE REALTY SAVINGS BANK 131, Mr Kent. Equal Oppt’y Employer 294-1900 ‘An equal opportunity employer MIF SECRETARY

Busy Great Neck hi for per- RECEPTIONIST P/T Medical REC Office- Weekends manent position. Job responsi- 3pm-7pm or 7pm-1ipm. RECEPTIONIST/CLERK PIT. Typi forms billing, Good Ideal for bilities: phone receptionist, Bam-3pm or 3pm-lipm. Pleasant phone personality. Im- & presentatio personal phone typing, filing, billing. Will train, WO TELEMARKETING students. Call 484-9229 mediate. Benefits. Returnees Will train. 482-5996. full time, 9am-5pm. Excellent welcome. Port Washington. Mature office. 767-2400 RECEPTIONIST, non- benefits. Small frien RECEPTIC smoker. Cat 482-3030 A S office. Mon-Fri, 3-7pm. Light typ- Operator. p B AT&am 25 system. New offices. ing. Call 333-2233 RECEPTIONIST Floral Pk import co. Call btwn RECREATION —P/T, 20 hrs. NYS. 10-4, Pearl 437-8400 Attendant certified activities preferred. SECRETARY Nursery of crafts. HAF in Glen Knowledge Neck Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm Cave. 2010 conge Are Starting September RETAIL SHOES ic Tennis CPA firm statisti. Club, Roslyn or Returning Homemak- requires exp& to Beginner W are seeking full & part time telemarketers join F/T. wigood secretarial currently y er considered. RECEPTIONIST 484-9229 c typird processing helpful. a the at our Mineola based newspaper publishing Pi knowl a +. friendly staff - Port Washington & 829-6150Excell - benefits fringes. s Marina SALES and a command y Candidates should possess typing skills of c Immediate opportunity with our RECEPTIONIST AD SALES Yacht salesdivision. You should y Will train in calling hig level, SECRETARY English. have the a8- PIT 4to8 pm. weekdays, Some ° phone clien- weekends. Retiree welcome established, corporate + commission, vaca- d for persona heavy Full & Part Time Positions We offer an excellent starting salary paid Excel- tele. Major career earnings. Sea sentvolume of c: handlipl Some typing necessary. Real Estate Office t filing Cliff. Call: Congenial and typi skills. lent hourly way tions & holidays, and benefits. it light o DANIEL GALE ° W offer a will train. good starting salary $8 £38 671-2502 Locust Valley/East Norwich Experience is not necessary, we and comprehensive employee Call Kathey Stachecki bene! To arrange for an interview, please call: sideration call: 427-6600 ‘SALES HELP WANTED. PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Ne Store In Huntington Station, Ext 123 or 125 pie RECERTIOMInt phone, Im- Will Train. 10 am to 5:30 pm SECRETARY FIT -steno/typing 747-8282, ext 698 medi its. Call 569-0434 skills, international trade. nor Ret - Welcome. Pt Washington. SUNS mun Pleasant Gi le Cove office. Good run 767-2400 i jary & benefits. Call Rose at m/f/h/o L SALES saa dp 759-2727 linearOMSO exp&# Great Neck. 287.0 a m/f Friedland. equal oppt&# employer THE O.B.E.N. Youth Council RECEPTIONIST -for prestigious SALESPERSON, Counter. Print needs Secretarial hel Ip. PIT, FIT. . but will train. country club on North Shore. shop. Exp pref, SAVINGS OF AMERICA Secretarial skills, Flexible Benefits. area. 484-1844 Port (SECONDARY) bookkeeping & computers. hours. Typing. Call Reo of the nation’s largest savings and loans cur- Benefits. Excellent starting sa- ee Must be NYS certified. Send re- 365-7500 & sy Glen Cove in our lary. Mon-Fri, day hrs. rently has the following positions available ‘sume to: a E Relp but not necessary Alert, loan Or Browne, assertive, 676-2 East Northport conventional department: Front Desk Peeiti Mr Boll Cold SpringbetHarbor Schools, aul for E North- Ha learner for diversified Real RECEPTIONIST FIT -Job re- SALESPERSON -{F/T) SECRETARY ‘Turkey Lane, Cold Spring ‘THREE (3) BUS PEOPLE duties. n& shoe store. Must be New 11724 quires good phone personality. port bor, York needed day or ta phones. TypiF/T. fling a able to work Sat, Call Howard at sy an lunch Pleasant GENERAL Fullimmediaor part time. ex- Bene roo Cal CLERK 944-9721 perience necessary. Wewill R Call 0800 offer jary and Tesum in person: SALES REPS interes candidates, please send or sup INTENDENT _ ai HANDYMAN The Barge At Capri Semi-retired pei for su- Port Washington bt ote! attendant PASTE—UP ARTIST f ComemrcialCo offioof Bullctng Delivegage in GreatG Da Must live invicin- PRODUCTI ON DEPT. er seeks highly. ity. N 21 SAVINGS &a 3 MEDICAL For local chain. 921-6100 newspaper eee SECRETARY Good for college student. OFAMERICA SUPERINTENDENT for grounds & opportunity Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Part Monday-Wednesday neral maintenance o estate. time, SALES - RETAIL CLOTHING 1:30pm to 6pm. Cail for more information Sharp ci nial female for Coun- Wed, 1:30pm to 8:30pm. inci East NY 11317 try ro Shop. 5 days 1941 Jericho Tpke, Northport, ap 8 nt wkends.oe $250-$300. Bay referen ext 139 Oyste Equal Opportunity Employer benefits. Send re & 676-2626 747-8282, Tarook 922-0463, 922- to: Box 150- Oyster Bay, NY 11771 ————_—__[souTnoLD333-5159271-7321WESTS4STREET‘Mon-Fri,4338179YORK.Sancly‘PORT&Sees$500BoatART6amGuaGall130nee—_aq.NY3DSt.for|_|1!oftoot©|)|]|!||sr-|

a aioe

- Week vf 31/1987 - Page 6 - Section Augus Anton © M 4 Classified

- - 37 Antiques/Art - 36 Articles fer Sale Hel Wanted 26 - Situations Wanted 27 Besiness Opportunitie 32 Instruction ean STEAM —— — a Allexams Cast Iron Many Sizes tn ACCOUNTING Luxurious Contemporary Elementary thru coltege. ro e Pitan ‘Teachers $70 exo con team OF TH Custom Homes & subjects. Cec a 339-2300 ask for Vick! 740-5460 rb&18732 NEW In Your Home. 10019. 262-53 All Your Accounting Needs. thet retail for owesWEST 5a STREET NEW YORKCNY — LEARN On REVIEW (21 Reasonable Rates $17.00 Per Sq. Ft. ci vinaTOR Deep-Freezer, 54& x TYPISTS Weekly at home! south France. a 297 Works furnitid interloy desi chai Send self: dictation. individua in- great. | onth ago, featuring information? Minimum bullai two provincial $400 Per Month all the furniture & walnut and there are styies: struction: ind Nearly monty of fruits The furniture has carved N Assoc, 155 Boston Ave, Mas- Mra. B 627-4 MOVING SALE Rook Maple and urban. an DAYS 671-1509 provimade for in the “Tha NY 11758 $200. 6easy- more sapequa, PRIVATE TUTORING Licenced twin BReet,8 pce Befurnitu that was countrysi Teak 3 streamlined Art EVES 759-1733 grado jall- chaire $35 ea. t desk, clientele, who l cavedin! ‘or! oe acta ‘was made for a more sophisticated ty English & Social Studies. Enid wood ES SS Eves. $75, 3file kane cabin ‘Telnestin ta- Mau eiictticter | com tire ESF] itis bin vor oo concrete | Mmmremrcars Fi cme Beat] mine vos 234-1694 - & genuily has resutted in housing structor, 20+ yrs exp, Rees eet ae itr 4 THURSDAY, 4 1987 te work with doctors w THE NEW YORK TIMES, - JUNE oS en e eee ares STUDY BKILLS SPECIALIST. Wilti in privatehomes, in PANASONIC Accounts fe Clerk Full sickpeopte wd unpreve nao teac rei Mens 22° 10 Speed Bicycle th favorSoo ote pea toate lcensed ocpbporturi wii pe e lary skills thr effective and proven (Sliver & White Sport DX) 42 - Wanted to Buy 43A - BenB years exp Call 718-217: 98 Pane Windows Sailboats 1 techniques. 773-6085. BRAND NEW F 217- 96 51 954-8893 study Cathedral Collings USED : wal ITERS 5 ees D i n shitt pa NEVE DESPERATELY SEEKING ANCHOR 12, Ask for Mr * Exterior Decks BIRD CAGE sai Will train. $175.00 trailer, cover.SAILBExcellent ¢ 2 jon . Construction For : i Private 33 - Pets for Sale 747-8282, ext 162 La Mac Parr e rie O7e- &g and WA Accopeed GaiTnese = * Bulltin Computer Center ORIENTAL RUGS-Old Oi! Paint- PEAR 76 EXPERIENCED. 6 pM-2aM HOUSE grad cii14TZU PUPPIES, Spunky Size/Cor which allows the home to wormed, tri in Highest Cash-Any VHF, excellent cand IBRARY student forSITTI Rella le/Cove Playmates, shots, reg. 760% OFFI ANYTIME. | SALE! dition. 334-0500 aallVE for cruising at 883-3122 Call oe 2246 many functions for Aristocratic Bundies of Love & De- y Call John or Al areas. perform elan LI ORIENTA RUG $21,000 tion. 549-0236. so F the Teehing. arrow WANTED-PAINTINGS By James FIT PIT. Hrs « tore : WAITRESS or interior Design Flexibility = postio w unite Free Long Scudde and Fianger- 1973-26&qu Must sell. KITCHENHELP P HOUSES Pr with go Bi Ful ; ed, Responsible paintings. equip. In the water. Ready to eal len Cove. 671-3184 EAGLE NEST HOMESis sook- 4 (G00 423-0163, anytime. iterenoes seeks housesitiing 34. Pets for Adoption No reasonable offer tutus Avail to establish position. Non-smoker. ing representatives ee 935-9312 immed. Robert. 265-4260 retail sales. FOR ADOPTION- smooth Maired —_ 43 - Boats for Sale retriever-collie mix. Gentle, good - Unamtted Income Potential 36B Collectibles - Instruction months 430 Boat |__| ako 17” angler model, 7ohp Defined Territory ol |< NURSES AIDE ava wiexcellent witchildre elg Evenrude. Certified trailer, all 1971, Fectory Training private references to LIONMAKIN TrainsAMERICWanted FLY & hospi Estate License | fish box plus care duringthe day © Reet Coleco Honest sPa. 486-6 console, Zbalt wolls, OYSTER BAY peo - ta ‘Own Gar. 468-3923. 36 Articles for Sale forwar moter bracket, VHF, bimini top. SAILING SCHOOL by Model a - to A{fco Guard cquipmen clec- Home GRANDNewstanderdwindeurer. 42 Wanted Bu WAREHOUSE PERSON stecring ote. © Basic Sallin; Free style. $800. 944-6113 | tric start, telofiox toSpm. the $5500. 944-3072day 767-0201 © Coastal Cruising Vacati 27 Business Opportunitie Cube WANTED! Old Oi! any COMM! | Walker, refriger- © onert Or WAREHOUSE -Stock person want- ee) Pai eves. ator. Call after 676-2415 cond (even torn). Al: 8: S BaBoa Ca ed FIT. Call 488-3121. 1 hour Sp 10 200XL Gud- Te wiin house any ingoldoranti REGAL Empress Full: 574-0216. in-water avail. Stock Clerk, fullor EElab. For sale. Pa Housecalls. dy cabin, slip Floral area. Call retiring. ‘cond. Prof maint’d. part time. Park Sa studio-owner WANTED Antiques, Furniture, Showrm or 347-6800 $11800./best reasonable offer. & aart Even rugs, Ching, Wicker, Paintin Cash.Wis Tom 944-8026 Jewelry, Linens, Trunks. ee ILBOAT: Tours, Lessons, Parties. Shore community. Cata “Westbu 334-4117. WEST WIGHT POTTER 1987, 16 ft “TRI Affiuent North Hourlyibally Rates Call: Business Brokerage Dept sailboat, sleeps 2, seats 4, never Maj brokerage firm, top BUYING BOOKS O fiction, mys- Gift Certificates. Northport. 21- Folan, 944-9721 wma! sed. Must sell! Boat & trailer, benefits. Will train. Nassau Century tery, military, maritime, illus & CAPTAIN DICK 368-3292 conditi 781-72 btwn 9-2 pm 333-8259 . County. | 671-8830 others. Phone 565-471

Store for Rent Homes for Sale 44 Apart for Rent 44 Apartments for Rent Real Estate SEA CLIFF VILLAGE Ston FLORAL Pk. Viil Hi-ranch, MID, ‘Two Beauties! 6 over 3 +Fin De Exot Nea All, PORT GLEN COVE 1 BR, tst f., $700 + $400 & $575 ea Us $299,000, 2 Pashia ahs Uti. others available. $750; GIL REALTY 671-2300 ‘SALVATO REALTY 676-7613 parking $975. RS. GLEN COVE FOUROAKS 944-8500 Brand new Colonial GLEN COVE-26R, no or 3 BR, LA, DA, 2 Baths, pets. $925 incl all. 759- en Deck basemen garage, GLEN COVE 3% rms, ret Incl PORT WASHINGTON king $279,000 OAK REALTY GLEN COVE HIGH MOTEL COVE office COVE REALTY 621.6161 2 BR New $775 Brand New 3 SOUTH JAMESPORT GLEN space 671-6522 676-9287 and mint inc! elec. resort floor, in renovatedety i 2 BR mod tor. Basement,8RDuplex.reimmed occupancy. ON THE BAYA beautiful offices, r ee $1200 mo. washer. Mot tudiv B Ta Lg.3BR,DA,mod EIK, toca z GLEN COVE Ce ed HIGH OAK REALTY Pvt. o gult dec , newly LEGAL TWO FAMILY profesional C = Town .& Country 671-6522 676-9287 72213468 GHERINEGK ofiios 2yearold con fiatr, alt

i carpeting. 3 8FVZ 883-5200 tehwelting fouls roolear sumunfur- NORTHPORT -Studio, 1 BR, kitch- applianR, skylights. Asking $325,000 GLENWOOD LANDING 2+ BR, ‘shed enette, pyvt bath & entrance. Ma- ciat OAKS REALTY WATERFRONT d ee jo pets. $450 Inc! araesssr zbsneeemit compin. 676-9287 Sar HUNTINGTON-2 rooms-ground 671-6522 house rentals. ‘ingall 1200 a offices, Rental Labor floor of old colonlal bidg. $475. ec teen HIG OA REALT Stee Mem Dto Combianat 671-2300 era oy SBR, 4 allrmooms over: 571-6522 676-9287 ‘ MANHASSETaeraIdeal 1 person ¥ BARRY ing &doc GLEN HEAD 7 yrs. young, spa- = O s ac tole, season. ia $12,00 Fa elec ac cious, immaculate, Col. $0 ine Eentall 27-6609 2244 include:fro 3q. Sicorar70 o 516-765 In 4 BR, 2% baths, CAC, frpic,Soesky- inolasere COVE REA 621-6161 lites,’ Many extras, Owner, hig GLEN COVE modern 2 BR EIK, PORT WASHINGTON PORT WASHINGTON $300&# 516-759-2618 OLD VILLAGE GLEN HEAD magnificent newer GOVE REALT 621-6161 FURNISHED 3 BR 1% baths, 3% bath, LR with RETIRED Florida couple seek fur. colonial. one has it all! Ask- Ranch. youli GREAT NECK an Spanish: cdiceiling, frplc an pl layrm. $2100 nished or housesitting situa- io GLEN COVE new 2 br 2bath duplex LR- SUMMER AT apt s itchen,ond. waik to beach. tion. June-Fall. FLEXIBLE. Gil Beat 671-2300 garage patio $1200 So Move in $1600 9 BR, 2 bath, LA w-frpic, DR, MONTAUK 937-6647 eves. GOVE REALTY 621-6161 mod EIK, beautiful % acre. GLEN COVE new 3 BR 1% bath FURNISHED 3 BR, 2 bath, LR, $2100 room want- INSPECTIONS faundryrm, wiak DR, modern EIK, familyroom pool, large deck, month Days 487-4511 Eves MRa ed for protessor thru july ‘88. Detailed enginering eens with bar & frpic. $1700 Town & Country Village. Weekly/Monthly ren- for David $52 to $70 week. Call Inspections within 24 hours. tals. Off-season rates. Call Ask per letely renovated 4 BR, 2 883-5200 997-4700 Ext. 40 GUARDIAN ABT aoe 46h, Bartn frpic, dining area, eetsige pew modern recroom, finished tennis and CO RE 621-5 basement, patio, PORT WASHINGTON 4-5 BR, 2 beach Bayview Colonial. APT right walk beach, 2 te PORT WASHINGTON Modern YOUNG PROFESSIONAL HUNTINGTON _ GLEN HEAD 2 BR baths, EIK, ED Ter Oe Spe immediate occ: bus. Heat-hot water included. NA 10 w-socialac- ingco carrage house-apt. genet con oa Western LI need solitude. C Walk toWnei & juding utilities Available 10-1, $1500-month: fhuit Jan& Feb. 4020058 je_parking. Ava Oct 1. WE HAVE ALL PORT ings 516-044-9433 eese 201-228-2977 after Spm bor from 3BR Ranc: Ha HIG OAKS REALTY. IHASSET Siosh 676-9287 REAL ESTATE BOARDS LISTINGS PORT WASHINGTON fer Rent 52 D Ce-ops/ SAMMIS REALTY Spac PORT WASHINGTON Port Bivd. 300 sq. ft. interior space. $450 per 4700 Condominiums Cold Spring Harbor month with new installation. C ectea 516-387-4500 8 ft 2 levator, sprinkier, heat AMVEST PROPERTY 883-5577 ACCENTS neElle, fabulu deck tor on NORTH HILLS New 3 BR Spruce tertaining. You love it! $1800 ee apo LardAek PORT WASHINGTON Large street Pond below price REAL ESTATE gri 00 level office with waterview. Suita- Gulla Main St. Co sa 163 CENTURY 21 00 HUNTINGTON MUSTAPIK CAPE WASHINGTON =a wo walk toRR.Berean$800 PORT MA 12yrs young. LR, ~ 627-8360 944-8500 944-7171 FOLAN AGENCY 12st, water_ Inclu Cal FOUROAKS counng, SBR,kitoh3baths, CAC, Sminute walk to 944-9721 Building for Sale N26A., immaculate! Im- ROSLYN spacious 3 BR 1% bath Professional e Occup, Owner.-$269K 378 PORT WASH. BLVD. Prim garage frpic. $1050, option. MINEOLA OFFICE BLDG. 2,600 OPEN SEVEN DAYS WKLY. 8q, ft, free bido. Walking Member Pt. Wash. Board of Realtors etuee | stand COV REALTY 621.6161 Gi CoWiR 5 Gistance to court house, hospital jusive. immaculate 3 BR On mai toad w-off street p- beautiful landscaped = wecons C ae property. OR, frpl. Lovely orveass PICA 516-741-69 HotaeAsk in $325, _48 -Homes To Share enz=ro pocon 6-008 BAY Concrete ons Git TY 671-230 FORM GREAT NE ARESI- lots, ample parking,EST $550,000 ul rof., woman FRANA REAL 922-6010 GREAT NECK interes in renting tur Spac Wanted SEA CLIFF Spacious 3% room decorated, $650 newly Wt OFFIGE/ FIRST REALTY 621-6161 708 bathren: privt Neat space SHOWIN GOVE ‘Oct early Nov. 5 En textile business Store for Rent eee Cees to GREENVALE carpeted, 2 acss: tt in Jerico, PORT WASH. Co-Ops- AS Inc! all utit MANHASSET On Plandome Rd. pool. 1 BR $239,000: 2BA, 2baths, tate BR apt LR f tyll Rentals ease + 48 Seasonal ive ee Former Shop. $1900/mo. low WA EW Condo- GOVE REALTY 621-6161 45 A-Apts. to Share bement, walk a avail. immed. No food. 627-6474 Poo! frpic, 2car, 3baths, $495,000. Don ee - one! HUNTINGTON WEST HILLS SANDSPORT 883-7780 ping. this sliding glass PORT WASHINGTON Port Bivd. $359,000 Offices for Rent 9809q. ft. + bsmt. 12’ frontage. No bai in ee Tea bath, RO jrofessional coupleul enn a Nee5 ? lutchinsonEONisian 3 AMVES PROPE 883-5577 Hiton Adult community. CENTURY 21 ly maint $135. Pool, walk stores. 2 1 bath, Oceanfront Sa utlitie CO677 WASHINGTONMain MANHASSE GR pl Golf course. 248e0%8eres 46 Hom for Rent Excellent for store or $36,000. ‘As floor, ms. easy wal office, EOLAN AGENCY 2Bedroom, bath, ft. tO RR.: ACCENTS. 044-7171 2 2100 Onty $8.50/ft. all furnished, lances, pool GLEN COVE Sunny downtown MERKER West Coast Fia., Area 944-9721 OYSTE BAY 2 BR, hugh LA, In tennis, sauna, Available De- | renovated Commun $750 + 1987, January 1988. ft. Premi Carpeting. St. front. 2500 sq , 378 PORT WASH. B Saco eae’$1250 month. 516-671-1509 green vale per Perfect retali/office. Avail Zen 2 beth, UR DF Y Kit IKLY. Immed. 671-2440. W SEL ETLAZA aera Suares Commamar [cto tee oar POR WASHINGTON BusySere“a trewe Modern waideal gBakery, all New 5 2. BR walk Beach $900 BA, 2LR,2bths, ft. all GLEN COVE approx. 275 sq. stationary, ph , profes- MONbiks to ocean. Sult. 2 famili OYSTER BAY S Bn Colonial _ 3 BR, walk pool $975. new, sprinkler, eet $325 sional, rk & nic 3S 5. BR, walk RA'S16 GLEN COVE EXCLUSIVE 4 BR jul Sept065.794 month. eee etc. % Mile North MI Depper , dal, cleaners, MIKE TALBOT house with2 car: 1200-mo. (MONTAUI ued eek ter Jo Of 25A. No Food. Principals VANCE REALTY Oceanfront 2 BR. newly furn. cot- 798-2214 162Shor Ra(opp. Chem. Bank) Afterer season rates, -8311 6-8 pm. MITSUBISHI604-46731980X5667197526710320__Real$3200so000runnscond.Auto,$8507703goodoffer.TOR<7neg.Redwithorig635calltanpb,LRee86__—a.|||J.15§_|!|||

Auton - - Community Newspapers Classified Section Week of August 31,1987 - Page 7

. Heme fer Sala Homes for Sale Hem for Sale Home fer Sale Heme for Sale Homes for Sale Home fer Sale

: MANHASSET NEW LISTINGS foo28 ruUF, sitch eh ROSLYN HEIGHTS pm +rrmaisers SEA CLI cott ig. si PORT WASHINGTON House Now Is the time Manhasset Bay Estates 2'ne Fioo B EI, Carriage fano askin $280,000. “CAL TWO FAMILY S fell $0500 2 EE Pe BR, Cramings BR, 2bet, FCron RE 6893172 B bat mni 4 pona A rare {ind to excetient condi Ben mae &qu tandec woo Ce mo eK vatpaneling, % Herricks soneo w rt prop wialk to schools and Beach rights, move in condi: hosti fight2 B 1 RUCKER SYOSSET e. tion. Call for appointment. ‘ luxury shopping. WASHINGTON each ul Jayroom and best of PO COMPANY No. 2. All brick a! °" School district nd FLOWER HILL BOYS Maintenance tree.Dish- $549,000 BEST IN $200&# HARDING Bu wsirors ro LEGA&a EA spl nt CENTURY 21 $795,000 immaculate Multi- 3 Bright, sunny home a& B C Sn ter elkuncom Real Estate aw cove were FO LAN AGENCY sancounyco geutoetem senna! with 4 BEAUTIFULLY famitm epi 4 BR Cape walk to water to ecreation i shopping. we finished rec .. and maintained 944-9721 baths, Improved m, va maid room, CAC, SANDSPORT 883-7780 Colonial, LR with frpic., 3 BR, 1% Mi condition. bath,, Weoncodl Walk to 378 PORT WASH. BLVD. JUST REDUCED 365-66 re location. Sharply OPEN SEVEN DAYS WKLY. SANDSPOINT reduc to $242,500 This multi-| home offers 3 Member Pt. Wash. Board of Realtors BR bat pet PORT 1% den, on seorna WASHINGTON dead end a $290,rt o SANDSPOINT 516—674-4111 NE acres, formal entrance, LR, for- 5 BR, 3bath, hi-ranch ideal M/D- OR, tamilyrm. with frptc., MILLION $ VIEW 3 BR, 2/bath RELO - World Leader in Walk to B Contemporary Ranch 4 BR, 4 Professional. CAC, top quality aje ths, plus, home with magnificent view of MANHASSET baths + maids. $945,000 Relocation construction. $475,000 ids roo +' Must see Our Lovely 4 B 2 Further Details 000. For MUNSEY PARK colonial offers fe DR, sa 2 Breathtaking acres glorious with ful CLIFF I 2 over 1, slidding glass doors, , room with very low taxes. Pool setting 4 BR 5% baths, + S COVE ment, 2 car attasched Yo will frplclove it! Classic brickisto centerhall maids. magnificent! $1,900,000. garage, CAC, 5,000. ase, REALTY frmt DR, + Grand + tennis, 5 BR, witrpic, library glass ACCENTS MANHASSET BAY Estates w-pool porch. Kitchen, 4BR, a CENTU 21 7¥2 baths, + maids. Sumptu- 621-6161 enclosed Lovely 3BR, 3bath home direct- SYOSSET 3% baths, back staircase, aus space. An entertainers REAL ESTATE ly across from private park. LR- finished 2carattached FOLAN AGENCY dream. $2,400,000. playrm, {rpic., DR, new kitchen, + den Just under % acre. 29 Park Ave. COLONIAL CAPE New kitchen, garage. or 4th BR, plus full bsmt., at- Must see -$660,000. Manhasset 944-9721 Town & Country 4 BR tached garage, CAC. Great Bu 627-9360 944-7171 property, $239,0 53 Out o Town TUDOR 378 PORT WASH. BLY! & 883-5200 MULTI-LEVEL Dramatic, new GREAT BU Lovely3BR,2bath OPEN SEVEN DAYS WKLY. LRwith frplc, formal PORT WASHINGTON Sutherley Int&# Affiliate kitchen, 3-4 BR, frpic, den & Estate Charming home on oversized landscaped Member Pt. Wash. Board of Realtors OR library, den, kitchen with Study. $319,900 property. with frpic., DR, new breakfast 3 BR, 3 baths, HANDYMAN SPECIAL area, EIK, Grea buy backstaires, walk to RR and Sttachedg RANCH Bright, contem- POCONO’S Unique opportunity for anyone Bi new kitchen, den shops. SEA CLIFF good with hammer and paint wit rpl 3 BR, bat Bass MINT CONDO beautiful 2.8R, 2 LISTING acre on Big brush to solid EXCLUSIVE NEW Gracious center hall colonial improve large REAL ESTATE - Lake. propeLeasure Community. MID moditied cape, 2 large BR, L with frpic., formal DR, fami- home. Spacious 9 rm on sunny UNIQUE SPLIT frpti in livin- fewine fishing, Manhasset Bay, LR, SALESPERSON 2 full naths, LRw-frpic, DR, EIK, room, EIK, B 2% bath, lot. Fantastic value. groom, updated kitchen, den, Boaskling Owner financ- ly , ,000. ultra modern kitchen, diningand ow Full bsment., Mothers apt: LR, CAC, 2 car garage, walk to store. Ge 3bi BR. $369,990 av on laundry room. Mint conditi Fantastic O; unity 2 kitchen, bath ing BR, , deck, $749,000 Asking $215,000 HOLIDAY Move right in. $265, to join one of the oldest and B location MINT ,000 CALL MOUNTAIN AMONG THE REALTY most professional real estate PrtoEN EXCLUSIVE CALL QUICK! TO vee a 717-648-6054 on Long Island, a cape'onren 3/4 acre. 2 full oice organiza HROUGH... RICHARD BABETSK! EALTY now has select Bat L weltpic, DR, garage Hyde ACCENTS ere for floor time and and MOR $380,0 ACCENTS training. Experience preferred, VANCE REALT 676-3969/7979

REAL ESTATE Realty | |: RE ESTA ince rece BUR TRE cccscs cncama. ce 29 Park Ave. Pt. Washingto SEA CLIFF “Little Charmer” Mini ‘acres, $650,000 Locust Valle 2% Manhasset 944-7600 944-7171 nos Victorian. over old.2.3 516/496-3434 acres comm. $3,500,000. Mill Neck 627-9360 944-7171 1 yr BR 8Y a All LR, DR, EIK, Lo tax 5,00 owate acres, $860,000. GI REALTY 671-23 922-6

See Seyewk Fak 2 os PLYM00d, 19 Gu - rad. MERCEDES 300E 1967 Barac 62 Wanted Auto Bee rane FOR SALE or LEASE Diackdinte peca 300E In & ou $2:200. ALL Used Cars. Foreign/Domes- orara d o Se ui hea Bal Goo Br noHelmBr sonce ticlExotic, Prof service. Top $$ We r inte 621-6124. visit you. JonTar inc. 516-826-5611 Canny CoDVit white Pionee cca CREuan feuo eRe WANTED Used Cars & Trucks leather wire wheels, CLEAN! 201-833-1600 during business CELLENT CON Warranty, rabgn Lt Auto Excha ses hours. For appointment. 3033. White red in- DATSUN 280 2X, 1980 Loadedruns FORD 1978 V-8, new S4 T ELDORADO “CREAM CORVAIR-1964, with granada PONTIAC 1985 Fiero GT biack, excellent, maintained, high brakes, PO tiplet LOADED! $6000 terior. A Classic. Mint condition in ac, ps, am-fm, snows, 4spd, LOADED, 35K mi., MINT driving mit wire wheels, gd. running $850. 785-3896 & out. $190 Call 683-8611. CONDITION! Asking years to come! just tuned. $4 Nog. 516-775-4161 Ive. message. MERCEDES-BENZ-220 Blue Orig - CORVETTE 1982 white with red — 63 Autos for Sale CADDY 1883 Seville 775-7516 358-7801 Excellent condition. Radi- . Owner int., tops, ac, all garaged, silver and fe al tires. 2 Stereo, AIC PONTIAC 1984 seatpwr, tilt, cru au ‘eemL, DATSUN 280 ZX black saddl HONDA 1983 V2 Prelude, mint! Low 7 FIVE Qver-the-road. trailers, 40 ft leather, all pwr. $100 garaged, $3700. Cali ae As auto, like new, oe$7000 m $15,000, 62-81 feather inter., 5 spd.. am-im mi, § spd, ps, ac, sunroof, $7400. and 45 ft. 759-2060 pat erigou ox a, Louis * cass., alarm, 795-2215 19 brand new 21269 am ox CADDY Teas tiga Mint injout, CORVETTE 1970 whi mint, 56K, 000 mi, FORD 16 passenger. DATSUN 310GX 1979, orig owner, HONDA 1984 CRX, ‘garaged, 40k, VA197 ac, ps, pb, -fm l ful Pon saa § $1500. 7! metallic blue. $16500/neg. 1 tpi, 350-300 ar atpero tbe brake: spd, cassette, rusiproot, new tires, (266-1512 Load am auto, white. Must see! TERNATI Loadstar 1977, 1506 Sa Patt great cond! Asking $5800. ac, pw, seen, 3pm 796-8199 ‘CADILLAC 7086 deVille. Ab- MGB 10 Convert ‘exc cond, $12000. 22 ft. Needs king Cou 427-326 DATSUN 310 Hatchback, 1979 4 Sere 5500 2060 solutely spotiess. miles, Hi HONDA ACCORD 1982 4 recent paint job, new radials, PONTIAC 1984 Fiero, black ray, CORVETTE 1976, tan, 65k, new Spd, good runningcond. milage. door, leather Cabriolet roof, tereo cassette. Many new 26k niles, alate, EL 741-4253 Asking $750. 283; stick shift, ac, good cond., 68 95, res $17500. 757-5395 tires, mint cond! $11,300. 735-1970 on 437-2249 loaded, Parts. $2300. LENT! |. dows, leather interi- askin $3500 neg’ Gall 767-2 after 5. CORVETTE 1978t-tops, auto, ac, all” DATSUN 8210, 1978biue, 4dr. AC, ee or, good condition, 74K, $5000, CADILLAC -1985 Fleetwood HONDA ACCO 1981 MG 1978 Convertable, low miles, PONT. ‘Trans Am, t-tops, 5 power, new tires, 32K, $8650 am radio, gd. tires, gd. running spd, ac, 944-6384 Brougham fully equip. 21k Orig. exc cond, British racing green Tetis 3yr warrant non- standard, uses am-fm cassette, warr., 48K, $3100 spd, Owner Excell. Cond. 212-755-9418. 798-8113 wicamel int. Must sell! $2500. 370-6219 aler som regul j amoker. MINT. AMC Concord-1982-maroon wiwht, + MPG, needs work, |. 249-7133 $11,250. Andy $15,200. CORVETTE 1962 convertible, com- 754-2753 vinyl top- PIB, am/fm radio, AIC, " exc cond. Has to HONDA Accord 1980 hatch, 58k, new trans. $2,000. FIRM.626-2461. GADILLACE 1983 Seville Elegante, sai e $5 Tredia-L 1984,ToureT- Fleetps, pb, am/fmMI COradio, plet restorbe belived. Telephone 757 2dr., auto, ac, 5 spd, new brakes/tires, excel. loaded, 2 tone brown, moonroof, 4 SACRIFICE! $9,200 ve aie ‘metal pluswigtay CSI, red, new includNeed patios,pa radi 65K high- $2300. 643-7194 , spd, no work, S21K. mint! 67k, must see. $8950. am- ml cloth int. in/out alarm system. must sell. $11,900. e 773-3663 way miles, exc. in & out. $3150neg. HOT DOG TRUCK step van, 1973, $7600. 328-0530 of 516-829-3664 MITSUBISHI Starion LS Turbo CORVETTE 84, with auto trans, steam table grill cond, red/sadddle leater, 1983. 2 tone silver/biue. 5 1978 int. 1974, good alt, p PORSCHE , 928, blue-gray BMW 1961310! AC, AM-FM sterio, auto, 36K, 351 suspension, $14, 900 DODGE Truck, 6 yard, & freezer, hot andcold water, camb, mag wheel louvres, arni Home 783-86 or auto 48K mi., Exc. Cond! $13500 sunrt., 5 spd., metallic red, MINT! firm, 685-8717 Du ulpme inspection sticker. Owner67 nea Sasso booster, $1550. Marty. (eves) Phoeee 673-2651 Days $7500 alle8, a F neg. 794-0710 day co77 eves CORVETTE COUPE 1965 327, 4 ITALIAN SPORT CAR, 7iike ae , Bertone. Starion 1985 BMW 1962 3201, ‘cond, 42k, speed, Hurst shifter, slight cus- Sspd, Targa top, leather, TSU 19 6 GOK PEUGEOT 504 cond! cyl., te, cass. 1976, exc sun roof, Blaup tomization. A classic! Mint, in and alc, stereo, pi glass, oeLOADED! Mint ‘Conditi tee Great graduate $1200. 914-528-5216 days or wiblue interior. $8500. 36;a wh Must 747-8282 ext. DODG Van B100, 62k, origowner, MINT COND! 544-4723. 349-9491 out. be seen. contin 516-773-6163 jood cond, $2000. Call eves BMW 1983 633csl, auto, ae=r 125 or 671-5732, eves. CAMARO 1984 228, charcoal, 5 876-1 MITSUB 1985%, Starion must be seen! A $1795 CORVETTEE 1984 black-gray int., JUAR 1980 XJS red with biscuit spd., Flops, 2 alarms, fully loaded! i Black, 5 speed, fully loaded, mi= /~/Charlie Baum, 368-31‘be Bose stereo, LOA! exc. cond. nC 62Kmi., exc.cond. All pwr. cruise, stereo, 32 mi. ask cond. Best offer. over $11, 00 mi. 589-8513 eves wkend 673-3651 Days 30K $16500, eves DeLoreon 1983 883-7365. s20-e6S7 544-4450 466-1776 soneorsuni Divekcrnap CAMARO 1984 Sport Coupe, V6, 5 ——|USTANG GT, ee pb, t- 1980, black, 3 dr, Exe cond ‘s17 arena o One of tast made 13K, Twin Tur- J 4.2 Spd, ac, amvim cassette, mint Sy 5.0 litre engine, ee49k, eo Sa oeSpd, ac, Pioneer wiBen- ps, bo5 speed, Staioiecs ask- interior. 45k orig mi Fully automat- aus &qu in/out. $6600. 754-0129 COUGAR XR7 1986 ste $12,000, 678-2928 Call front sell! aressl new BMW all Ing 19K 487-8755 eve: epch ‘eaualiz ’'80 charcoal, Days 364- eves , Pirellis, exc. 361-3495, CAMARO 1986 Z28, 305 V8, 5 spd., Se‘o,s ro a | pwr., excellen Ssin-out. runs great. for Chris interior, LOADE Showroom condition. SABARU 1964 “Hat Be offer. 676-8089. 5 De naan, aeao oer in blue-gray leather, MUST SEE Wiustang 1986 GT, cass, at, Sou eeri load 13K miles. $12, FIAT 1974 72K, just refer- BM 85, 325E, 5 spd., 26K, bik, yy loaded, 10k, t-tops, alarm,Sa new was rire tacrata $5 Oua Berlinetta 1983, bushed, bagt $1500829-0164 pear! Custom ‘arm rests Ba 933-3536. Eves-wkends orig: r, mint extended warranty. 281. wibrown velour interior, AC, Ea,Pe cond, rear spoller,leath¢ alarm. Many extras. 686-3962 KARMAN GHIA 1968 681.1961 cruise controf, auto, SLIDEIN full size pick- OFF M- 9-4pm GT tires, 2000, 1960 Converti- Good For Parts cal mi, MUS SELL! up. Completely 922-7000ag ble, runs well, new hard top, good JIM 334-4613 MONTE CARLO 1977, 305, 74K seoa see cond. $3000. 549-2533 PONTAIC Bonneville 1977, 4 dr LIMOUSINE formal 1979 mini miles, Rebuilt transmission. Man creareBTU peking siiooin am-fm sedan, auto, ps, pwr door locks, X19 Bertone, silver converti- stretch white bar, TV, Best offer. Ga vaive tim- deck, both tniAl Condition. Call 9 $ S0k, new job, Asking n ste at $1450 CUTLASS CIERA 1984 Model 2 Tudor Ground-up TOYOTA 1085 Corolla GTS sport ing be brakes & tune-up. Exc Anytim afte 6PM 203-3915 BUICK 1978 Landau, restoration $10,000. Days, silver, 5 spd., sunrf., ac, CAMARO 226 1974, auto, cond. $2000. 183 penta MUST BE 4 DR, fully loaded, 38K, good MAVERICK 1970 2 dr., good tires, 352-3076 759-2116. concru cong] dr., . eves, ex. am/fm cassette, exc icao ea ei condition, Asking $5500. best rustpr i of ‘fer, 460-6 NISSAN 1967 200 XE Showroom 516-223-7821 718-441-7 eves. nn MAZDA 1983 RX GS, auto, ac, LOADED! CAME -fm condition! 1973 LT 350, funrt., am-fm 79K mi., $4800 ro ene . cass., $12000 firm. 427- stereo, new tires, PB, PS, a$1100 46-3437 OLDS 1063 Delta MAZDA Sees 8 cngen epd tran velour int, perWeek,pas pi CAMARO 1976 -auto, fear Salon 1977 t-top, buck- Tour UICK 1979 Riviera, velour seats, itereo wicassette, 4dr, 8 cyl, exc Infout. $5700/neg. N good, needsCregwi uTEAauto, sliver burgan- ran eae ake int cond! seats, 694-8970 some body work. $1 1 oyi new tires, am-fm cassette, ). 486-0308 or 483-4508 ______cond. $2100 neg. call eves. OLDS 1986 Ciera mint cond! Silver, 1963 Century, exc cond, ps, oy wire $9000 firm. eves CELICA 1979 GT liftback, ac, am- Db ac, owner. $5 100. 785-5671 peels fm stereo, 5 spd., sunroof, exc DATSUN 1977 280Z 2+2,5 eves FORD Fairlane 2dr, V8, 260 746-3437 wellsr cond. $1800 ami/im cassette. Runs fair er V6, 26, 4 76-5754 ica 1978, 4 new tires, CHEVY 1983 S10 Pick-up fiber- $t best offer. 757 SU = a auto, exc running cond! $2300. box, 85 engine, new trans, ex- DATSUN 19 280Z, bik leather Sae0 Sae9 glass FOR Fairmont 4 671-6960, leave cell. cond. a/c, am/fm 9 to 6 p.m. ite _ Se coon Seno ovi Ac ~718-448-5120 amitm cassette fo 1987 SE can Orb offer ane. 5+5, TOYOTA Celica 1984 Sport Coupe orig owner MAZ 2000 mi,EEE. Oo wil ere ca white-b! eatiers fiberglass. GT,5: ac, cruise control, stereo ZR GL uel lonpbe20 liner, blac int, obe7 or510-747 e loaded, May e wigray wicassette, exc cond. $7000. gtoatther Int new. 8, a ipped, § sp Granada Station $75firm Call 935-6504 F 1458 Wagon 671-8176 Price Pr anytim tint windows, Red. neg. o $69 firm, 47 milo Foncream, am-fm cassette-2new MAZDA 626 LOAD- OUDE 1979 Cutlass B 7e LX, 4dr, hatch, TOYOTA Corona.1976 station wag- tre runs greet, exceliient body, ED! 43K MUST SELL! ‘Su bronze,2 mi., askin on. A/C, automatic, am/tm, good CHEVY MALIBU CLASSIC 19796 2 excell G 704-2640 $6000, 604-867 cond. 944-3766 BUICK LeSABRE 60K en w sia ee cyl.,2dr,, PB, AC, mi, jo, all MAZDA late 1986 RX Grafite, am- atePe‘$198 944-8273 vo tires, Mio 198 4 dr, sliver like new, new trans, runs great. Loaded v fm, grey, lea cassette, * Mo ca 1975 Exc. 781-3011 h eouts $8800 firm. CHEVY ine. $1200. wheels, extended warr. TOYOTA MR-2 1986 757-2705 931-1400 new transmission. 1954 ‘2008X, stereo, eves or days. cond. ac, a" LTO 4 dr runs great, p: 15K, exc. cond. $1 to 1600 miles, showroom, 5 7461549 DATpwr moonroof, i, aaking reb transmission, 348ca apd, leather 1987 fully 822-41 ‘evesiwkad or 997-3230 interior, aero spoilers, sar sport power Riviera Cute40 miles, Concufor sale or lease. FORD [babel ae ar. terior, & all avail options & pul ee antoe: Call Mik 328-8 of 328-8888 aun 1984 5 speed, t-tops, cond. cond. in &legout. A/C, P/B, $15, extras. Must be seen & Stereo, new rad!Jatovurskalt showroom cond. Priced to sell. CHRYSLER Fifth Ave 1962, loaded, o 6,000 re Fully loaded- MERCEDES 1981 280E, io mi, mint Disabled. s Power, mint! S0 741-8310 must $11900 671-5549 many now parts, mint, Bisim cruise cont. cond, loaded, 34k, owner. orig black-red leather to miles mint sell! Ssecla ac, stereo, $60 co oe; 674-3880 oF $16000. 767-0576 seen rcs ping ae 200 312-256 $9000 Best offer. 673-4439 yim ae aee 2dr, PMevosW aees irs. Miller gage rack Sta cas- Sei ~ MERCEDES BENZ 2400, 1974 Exc. 4 am-fm FORD Mustang 1973 Mach |, 351, 1965 Firebird coals sedan, s cond. alway must see. Sette, 18k, $7909. Wkdays 352-8822 i , vicpe ‘S7 gre she condi-oe ‘ac, new paint, $500 on Im on cond! running 671- 671-2658 stereo, very good $1200, $4500. }, ep 20s sefon. $80 “at -1457 ask for Chris ere- kin er gre nllegeresting203-2538callEa5|

- 8 —— Anton € - Week of August 31, 1987 Page AuToM S E CT I O N

MERCEDES Benz 1975, new TRIM 1975 TR, on convert 280S, Div shoc! os. Car Is like ble, 65K m ites, good cond., need: tires, Only at... Call even- minor work, $1500 671-41 new. Asking $ ). : Ings, 997-9752 S: VOLVO G 4dr, 1984, 38000 miles, RENAULT 83 Fuego, f beige, pw, am-tm, ac, sunroot orig. ac, ps, =OorTss cei GREAI CONDITI owner, exc.cond. $11750 neg. cass, 5 spd, 482.726 $3,200 jable, 536-7 180 VW GOTT Scirocco, 4 spd. in- TIME OFFER fuel dual ac/heat, seats 7, unde! LIMITED rims, arn- EXCE COND new exhaust, 2 new tire $20 warranty, $7,000 3401 firm, 997-5690; 546-3785. FREE FACTORY SCHEDULED ON ALL NEW VW 1978 Dasher hatechback, auto, VW686 Jetta, auto, 2dr. ac/ps, suntt, 64K mi., milage, $1000 neg. Blaupunkt amitm cass. askin 826-0462. MAINTENANCE Call eves $8,800, 1987 AUDI 4000 VW 1983 RABBIT Parts & Labor for b - 4000S GT COUPE 4000 QUATTRO Consumer Reports. peRun ott perfect 63 Antique/Classic

$23pds Cateee pon CLASSIC CARS: ca atioeaa Hitic ec’:am-fm ANTIQUEAND T FIRE EN- cass, CO! c 1941 DIAMOND EXCENT CONDIT GINE, PUMPER 17,000 original 0 of new 1987 eon 5 lease gray, miGoodrunninNO rot or rust. }, Benzi eek- box stereo, Kenwood Hos sirens and cor- PORSCHE a mi. MINT! $12800 neg. rect chromea included. Co: sc 18 ° © © also be| pbablad intoa 9248 944 9448 944 TURBO Convertible, one of a service with alittie work. 23 feet we You save $thousands! But don’t delay... For information . more $9,50 ne AIS see = offer ends August 31, 1987. And while we Best offer over $1,600. on Island, VW RABBIT 196 white, exc. cond. have the largest Inventory Long ‘fa 80K mi. $1875, 349-0491 come in, the wider CHEVROLET Tourer 1928. the sooner you your Ded 1900. running Black/yellow convertible in exc ‘cond, ac, moonroof,ro5 spd, stereo choice. Complete line of 928S4 cond. Orig engine. good. orig owner. $2550. C RHD, imported. 466-5418See, Cas Your new Porsche will be eecSquareback 1972, a serviced by Porsche-trained G3F - Commercial brakes/muffier, rebuilt ann technicians In the cond. Must sell! $950/neg. Vehicles ONLY EXCLUSIVE 9-5 WE BUY JUNK CARS. Porsche SERVICE FACILITY Pri. 9-6: Sat. 1977 International Load Star. 1600 also late mode! wrecks ON LONG ISLAND ‘Trucks, t needs Offer series truck, 22 . king pins, Expires Free Pickup Call 671-0179 $3,500, 1974-mini bus. 15 pas- September 12th seng $1500 759-2060 The Porsche experience begins at 63A - Foreign Autes eee Ors iss ‘DATSU 310 Hatchback - 1979 4 ‘Spd. good running condition. Hi G3H - Accessories $760, 1043 Northern Blvd., Roslyn, N.Y. (516) 627-7755 MAZDA 626LX, 5dr touring NEW TIRES Long Island‘s Innovative Porsche Dealer 84 ALL SIZES & BRANDS $18-$28 sedan, spd, ac, cass. pilocks 52k, 423-8880 $8,450; 536-351 795-8592


e all ao models i stock fast service | e huge parts p inventory

se 1987 JF65OX-2 CHEVROLET rem 286 South Street Oyster N.Y. 11771 po Sy.

15 Berry Hill Rd., Oyste Bay 922-1660 _NO Cs os us N De 0 dNO SS SSS SS SS MAJOR BRAND ALL SEASON STEEL BELTED RADIAL TIRES “Prices Include Mounting & ee.

P175/70R-13 P185/75R-14 P195/75R-14 P205/75R-14 P205/70R-14 P215/75R-14 P205/75R-15 P215/75R-15 A me P225/75R-15 P235/75R-15

*Deal Must Financing Available* 5 16-935-696 (= Have Coupon For These Special Prices Will Accept Only Cash at Special Prices ‘= Mags Extra 25 OL COUNT RD HICKSVI wv Coupon Expires 9/30/87 thru

You Auto Know By D.F. KARPPI RUN... .DON’T WALK

will be Look what just hit my desk... the auto for sale by over 60 Antiques dealers, TO ROSLYN SUBARU show they hold each year at the Heckscher glasswar tools, pottery, jewelry, furniture, Ball Park. posters, auto parts, and much more. Last year Walter and I went. We took pic- The Northport- Lions Club will .and lots of notes. It one of those be other local clubs, each of these tures. . was joine b times when the story doesn’t make the paper. will maintain separate booths. Participating Theshow isa very crowded one. Thereare will be the East Northport Lions Club, Club many fine and fun cars to see. The Greenlawn Lions Club, Melville Lions hand photograph were taken close to the and the North Shore Lioness Club. On automobiles and somehow the looked will be a Glaucoma Van and the Public is in- blobey They.did do justice to th cars, so vited to a FREE Glaucoma Test. Hot dog cold the stories never got in print. We&# try to do drinks and other all American fare will be better this year. served in the Bi Top Live entertainment is Thank heaven it’s an annual event. scheduled for the day SUBARU2All Models The Lions Club will activities for the children will in- Northport- Speci eHatchback eSedan its Annual Robert Rides Walk and much more. hold 24th J Bohaty clude, Spac ©3 Door Coupe *Wagon Memorial Antique Att Show and Antiques Children thruag five will be admitted free. .. XT eBrat Show & Sale on Sunda Septemb 13 from This year there will be a lucky winner of Raffle draw- a.m. tos p.m., Rain or Shine, at Heckscher 1962 Corvair Convertible auto. Ball Park Sabbath Day Path, off 2A Main in for this auto will take plac at the show. Street, Huntington. This show is Northport-Centerport Lions Th show will be highlightin over 250 An- Club most important event and fund-raiser. will be tique and Classic autos from 1900 speci A in the past, generous donations classe Street Rods Modified, Speci Interest mad to various organizations and the needy for and many more. Admission is 41.7 for adults, 50 cents If you are an antique buff there will be children ages to 12. and all!! many treats in store for you. On displa Come one, come Your Auto Insurance: Ho Muc D Yo Know

when other Most of us who own cars have them in- under your policy driving any sured and everyon who buysinsuranc gets cars you may own. The answer to all of the above acopy of their polic But some peopledon’t questions but a take the time the should to read it carefully is “false” in most situations, complet understanding auto insurance How much d you kno about your auto of your policy tha true or false answers. insurance? Test your knowledg by takin the requires more just short true/false quiz below. That’s why Liberty Mutual Insurance Company offersa free brochure entitled, “30 Monster Selection of New ‘87 Cars Itnever makes sense t collision in-~ 1. carry Questions You May Ask About Your Personal surance if car is an older model. your Automobile Insurance”. The company has PRICED AT 2. Your automobile insurance onl applie taken the most commonl asked questions when driving your own car. Additional and answered them in clear and simpl terms. drive coverage is alway necessary when yo To receive a free copy, write to “30 a leased, rented or borrowed automobile. Questions—Auto”, c/o Liberty Mutual Insurance Marcus Avenue, eta 3 If yourchildrenar listed on your polic Company, 198 Lake Success, New York for onl one of your cars, the are not covered 11042. INVOIC OT ONE PENNY MORE!

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AUTOMOTIVE CENTER | 15 PORT WASHINGTON BLVD., MANHASSET, NY (opposite Northern Blvd. opposite Benthan 3 718-658-1356 © 516-365-4800 THE 1987 SUBARU Inexpensive. And built to stay that way. - - 1987 10 6 - Classified Section Week of August 31, Page

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“FIND OUT WHY SO MAN PEOPL KEE oe eee eam cm COMIN BACK T LUYSTER-CHEVROLET ae ecw nanan = Poyvea Damag - S OLDSMOBILE!” “l ine requare Se 2 ace,

eee : Careranen PS compte OTs {hp tnawanca COvetaO pease eamage insurance ae required 10 S00 cove os sume gov oo cn 12-

Hicksville Blustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. - Thursday, September 3, 1987 Page-31 ‘Polic Athl Leag Girls Softball/ Basebal Stars

Assembl By Charlette Anstey Kristen Mantel - 4 for at bats with 4 RBI& Adam Goldstein - 2 fo 3 at bats, 2 runs scored job at pitcher Girls’ Junior Division pitch 2 innings Craig Kemmlein - walks, 1 RBI, goo jobat Steven Tsounis - 2 for 3,1 run scored, 4 RBIs, Reported by Mrs. Geannikis Karen Musial - 2 for 2 at bats ist base goo jo at 3r base. Christine Paga - ke walks bi catch on Steven Koopma -3 walks, playe goo 2nd Robert Musial - walks, goo jo at and Jul 2 Red 20 Maroon & R dee pitche for strong innings super catch base and catcher base Jul 3 Maroon 16 Ligh Blue 12 (sort of a pop- Joh Luyster - Good jo i leftfield Kevin Chester - 2 for 3 1 run scored, RBI& Team Coaches: Galdo& Maroon Nancy Trisha Toelstedt - 2 for 4 at bats, - goo hitting Larr McCarth - Good job in leftfield goo job in outfield Janie Wood Lynn Myron & Kimberl Amato were Junior Robert Musial - i for 2 at bats, 2 RBI’s, 1st hit Larry McCarthy - goo job in outfield 27 Game Division in t fill in because‘of of at July girls broug year, goo job shortstop Junior Division 4

- ‘Kristen Anstey - Did goo job first time injuries. Both fielded and hit. The both walk- Peter Taormina 1 run scored, goo job Reported by Peggy Quaresimo ed to ke walks, pitching pitching Jul 3 A’s10 Orioles 2 Terrific hit Tsounis - Good job at 3r base Emil Feigenba - solid Green Team - Coach: John Hick Stephe Michelle Carrado - Excellent 23 Game Mariners - Manager: Mr. Fleming - catchin Mona Flood 2 fo 4 at bats, 2 RBI& Home Run July Gald - Terrific catch while Coaches: Mr. Kelly & Mr. Silvestro Caroly playin - pitche an excellent 4 innings Stephe Koopma - 2 walks, 2 runs, scored, Brian - Good at & pitche - Anstey jo catchin hittin Christine Hicke for at bats, 1 RBI- play goo jo at 2nd base Tara Gulbrandsen - Good solid Hubert Ch - Great hitting an excellent infield Peter Taormina - for at bats 4 runs scored, outfielding Ann Kaiser - Great Steven Fleming Good & eye Kathleen Hicke -2for at 2RBI’s- playe RBI’s - pitching fieldin Annie McKenna - - Good Playe aggressi fielding great infield a Adam Goldstein -3for 4 at bat 1run scored, Stephe Ga fielding Michelle Monahan - Good Michael - Good fielding Cara Lagattut - 4 for 4 at ba 2Grand Slam RBI’s Kelly fielding Denise Newman - Good Shennen Macoa - Good fielding Home Runs, 2doubles- pitched goo 2 innings Brian Gallahue - 2 walks, 1 run scored, good fielding

- - Tabitha Strauss Good solid - McCotler Good hitting Michelle Montalbano - 2 for 4 at bats,2RBI’s job as pitcher J.R pitching &a fielding

- Good - Good outfield Chriss Perr pitching - did excellent job catchin - Caliquiri - 4 for q at bats, 1 run scored, Joh Negli Cari Toelstedt - Good first base Nuzzi - Good outfield Suzanne Peters -2for 4 a bats, 2 walks - playe RBI& Jame Wood - Good - Good Megha pitching a great outfield Craig Kemmlein -1 for 2 at bats,1run scored, Justin Serpic fieldin Michael Silvestro - Has true team - goo July 30 Game Stac Rudi -5 for at bats RBI’s- playe great 1 RBI spirit infield/outfield Tsounis - 2 2 fielding Kristen Anstey - Aggressive hitter & fielder Stephe walks, runsscored, goo Zafriadis - Powerful bat Karn Trentacoste - at walks - at base Phili Emil Feigenbau - Good fielding 4 bats, playe job 3r

infield/outfield Kevin - Good at Michelle Carrad - Good great Cheste jo shortsto Cards- Mr. Curran-Coaches: fieldin : - 1 for 2 - bats, RBI’s, job Caroly Galdo Grand Slam Home Run Light Blue Team - Coach: Jack Kelly Jo Luyster 3.a goo Mr. Aaron & Mr. Isler in outfield, hit of the - . Tara Gulbrandsen - Good catch at base first year. 3r Jenniesue Abarno - Play excellent infield Michael Carrleo -1 singl 1 triple, 3r base, McCarthy walks, runs scored, Ann Kaiser - Good Larry -3 goo catching Lauren Giacopino - Improving hitting assisted in last out, good defensive play in in outfield Annie McKenna - 2 doubles - hard job goo Patricia Horvath - Playe excellent infield Tommy Curran 2for 2,1singl 1 triple, walk, Orioles Mets hitting Tina-Hutzler - Hit well July:2 1 15 playe goo shortsto Michelle Monahan - Good Orioles 8 Padre 1 eye Kathleen Kell - Playe excellent infield Jul 29 Shawn Isler - Relief pitcher held down oppos- Denise Newman - Good 1 Mets hitting Lorianne Maggio - Improving in hitting Jul 30 Ranger 14 ing team, playe leftfield and rightfield Tabitha Strauss - Good fieldin Jennife Nelson - Heavy hitter Orioles - Manager: Mr. Hilton - Coach: Robert Isl - Centerfielder, made

- Chriss Perry Aggressive hitting Kristin Sclafani - Improving in hitting Mr, Nagel catch over his head while in centerfield sav- Cari ‘bekt - Excellent pitching - Kimberly Zajice New pitche - did well July 27 ing run from scoring Wood - Pitched 2 scoreless innings Megha Red Team- Coaches: Steve Greg Latini- 4 single 1 double, scored runs, Pendragast, Robert - 2 RBI’s Galdo 1st base & Bungert hits, Caroly playin Megha Gene Tournour & Joe Acuri pitche last scoreless innings, made an Edward Ch - 1 RBI Wood had a nice double pitchin play. unassisted doubl play from centerfield to 3r July 28 Andrew Costello - 1 RBI Megha Woodn invented a new 3r base base Nicholas Gonzalez - 1 RBI danc in to stop ball. Daniellee Carter - 2nd base made trying a Exceptiona Robert - assist Donald Hilton RBI&# Levy Scored, playedastbas some calls, stand-up - 2 Girls’ Senior Division tough great triple in at 1st base. Zed Lounder 1 RBI many putouts Susan Flemm - Excellent rightfielder - excep- - Reported by. Judi Caputo Brian Loomis - 2 single 2 walks, caugh tional Jamé Nage - 2 Hits,1. RBI - team spirit innings Jul 27 Gray 9 Orange Anthony - 2 RBI’s Stephani Heath - Extraordinary covering. Panarelli hits, 28 Green 18 Red 8 Mueller - Outfield, 2 single scored a Jul Alex Rudi - 2 hits, 1 RBI Craig shortsto & base at same time - excellent Blu Red 12 ist run Jul - 29 13 batting Jim Werchanski 2 hits, 1 RBI 20 Blue David Nelso - pitcher, Jul 30 Gray 1 Mark Williams - 1 RBI Starting struckoutg: Batting a - Tara Murph - like pro great pit- batters, Home Run, Team - Coach: Theresa Bungert 4 single Orange chin solid leftfielder July 29 Game - - Timmy Perry singles, had a strong to - & rel Kristen Annello Good pitchin goa Great arm - Kelly O’Connor - pitching Jim Nag - scored twice shortsho hitting dedicated batter Jim Werchanski 2 hits,.1 R Dennis Reo - Playe goo defensive ast base, - fo first Mary Brzozowski Good pitching Fara - at 1st base - excellent Pendrga Sup - Donald Hilton double 1 double, 1 triple, scored 2 runs time out batting Nick Gonzales 1 hit, 1 RBI Seth Wiener - 1 single 1 walk, playe 2nd base - base Jud Caputo Had a goo eye - got on Susan Tournour- Great centerfielder - Alex Rudi - hit whe it counted powerfu left-hand batter A’s- Manager: Mr. Lynch- Coaches: Mr. Ed Ch - Good fielding e Gina Ciaccio - Good hitting drove in a cou- Amuskewicz July 29 Robert Bungert - Good defensive game pl of runs ~ Zebulin Lounder - Good Frank Ambrosia - walks, scored Sarah Barnard - Good centerfield - goo eye fieldin goo eye, Dawn Connors - Got on base every time up Anthony - 2 RBI’s 1run Daniellee Carter - Great.attempt at ist base Panarelli doubles, - a 2nd base Kell Connors Playe goo Matt Amuskewicz - Stole bases made - eye game - great Christine DeFazio Good hitter Mets - - Manager: Roger Koopman catch in last Jennife Cullen - Good catching - fast base saving inning Kincella - Good Coaches: Mr. &a Mr. Chester Kell fielding Caliquiri Mark Cavaco - scored runner Linedrive, double, Shanno Richter - Solid hit drove ina few runs Stephe Koopma - 2 walks, 1 run scored;-1 twice Susan Flemm- Good rightfield, shar hitting Kristen Schroeder - She hit well, on base got RBI, jo at Eric Chun Hit hard, nice Heath - shortstop goo catchin - ball fieldin time Stephani Supe - great qt every Peter Taormina - 2 for 2 at bats, 1 run scored, Ferraro - outfield - Grand Slam Ry Playe exceptiona Erin Sullivan - Good defense inning RBI&# goo job pitching Garfinkel - 1 2 RBI’s Tara Murphy - Super pitching, improved Stephe triple, Coach Theresa Bungert said ‘Even though Adam Goldstein for -1 2at 1runscored, - batting bats, Michael Graziose Caugh an excellent game we lost b 2 runs, it was a goo game. The in outfield girls Steady goo job Josep Jaconin - innings and well.” Kell O’Connor - pitching, consistent Pitch playe very Gallahue - 1 run scored, Baro hitter Brian 1 walk, 1 RBI, scored twice

job in outfield - Home R Fara - Solid znd base, goo Tony Sporanza Gray Team - Coach: John Diehl Pendrga dependabl hitter Brian Sope -1 for1, 2 walks, runs scored, 1 RBI Sayn Vijay - Swings the ba heavily 27 July Game Joh Caliquir - for 3 runs scored, 2 RBI& Susan Tournour - Sharp outfielding, smooth Intermediate Division

- Erin Diehl - Sweeping 2 for at bat, tagge Craig Kemmlein 1 for 3 1 run scored, 1 RBI batting Cards - Manager: Bill Dammes - runner on 3r base Steve Tsounis - 2 for 3 run scored, 4 RBI Coach Pendraga says about the July Coaches: Mike Galdo & Mr. Benes Ste Chester Jessic Kaiser - 2 for 4 at bats “I to be there, Kevin -1 walk, 1 run scored, goo jo 29, game, was proud The 27 Game Jessic - Mad for out at home in outfield July Ludwi tag playe with onl 7 player and they playe

- Kristen Mantel - pitching under Chris Cisek 1 walk, 1 RBI, good job at Chris Benes - 1 hit, RBI&# Super to the best of their ability. The performed in last inning for at bats, fine shortsto Brian Flanaga - Double, 2 RBI’s pressure - 4 as a unit that had a dedication and respect with force at home Robert Musial - 2 walks, 1 run scored, 1 RBI Gerard Stole home fielding for one another and had fun. This is softball Halfpenn -

Miller - Good outfield Larry McCarthy - 1 walk, 1 run scored, goo Willie Koopma - Good hit Jennifer - thank you.” Wendy Miller - 2 for 4 at bats Good 1st base job in outfield Jef Orkin - Pitched innings, allowed 1 run

- Division Karen Musial Good outfield Rookie July 30 Game Daniel Wenge - Terrific hit Maureen Christine - Great blew drive Reported by Luyster 30 Game Paga pitching, - walks, 2 runs scored, July Mets Padres Stephe Koopma 3 to leftcenter, super throw from outfield to Jul 22 4 at catcher Chris Benes - hit 2 for Home Run, bit hit Mets good job 3 Erin Diehl at 3r base tomake a tag on playe Jul 2 1 A’s9 Peter Taormina - for 5 2 runs scored, 1 RBI, Jame Dammes - Good pitching Passin Mets - Roger Koopman - Manager: - goo job in outfield Chris Grover Nice catchin & centerfield Coaches: Mr. Caliquiri & Mr. Chester _ July 30 Adam Goldstein - for 5,1 run scored, 4 RBI, Jef Orkin - 2 goo 3r base play 21 Game - Erin Diehl - for - Home Run July goo jo in outfield Lawrence Randall Bi hit 4 4 — Jessic Kaiser - Good fielding - 4 at bats- made Jo Caliquiri - 2 for 2 at bats, 1 run scored, Brian Sop - 3 for 3 2runsscored, RBI, goo Intermediate Division good pla at hom with bases loaded 2 RBI& job at shortsto Jul 27 A’s 1 Giants 6 Jessic Ludwig - 3 for at bats, 2 RBI’s Kevin Chester -Good job in leftfield Joh Caliquiri- for 2,3 runs scored, goodjo Jul 30 Mets 18 Giants 12 - defense at ist base AnnMarie Mangiarcin - for at bats- Home Brian Gallahue 1 run scored, go Run in rightfield Brian Gallahu - 1 fo 3, 2 runs scored, goo (continued on back page) a -

Illustrated HICK SVILL NEWS 1987 - 3, Page-32 | Hicksville Illustrated News - Hicksville, N.Y. Thursday, September Cantia Swi Tea Win Champion


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- Spi :

d Canti Swim at the North. e Pool on 22. The THE CANTIAGUE POOL SWIM TEAM won the Division Four Nassau County Swim Conference Championship held Fox. Carlos Hostin was named swimmer the team for his butterfly event. Team which led after each event; was coached by Jennifer Supple and assisted by Robert Outstanding by Marmino Yous Kate Kharla Patty Pezzino, Vincent Miller, Danny Team members are: Kevin Daly, Patrick Daly, Danny DeLuca, Timmy Paul, eff, Budway, Bridget Budway, Daly, Eric Kevin Carlos Hostin, Paul, Paul, Michael Youseff, Rob Levy, Karen Conboy, Tricia Cuti, Marguerite Miller, Michael Brennen, Ken Cardone, John Costanzo, Cox, Flynn, Bobby Rob Dennis Fox, Daniel La, John Mandra, Jeffrey Quiroz, Maro Youseff, Jennifer Brennen, Rose Caldron, Eileen Doherty, Heather Donolon, Penny Passaro, Michael Cuti, Cardone, and Watson. Erick Quiroz, Alain La Roche, Chris Kelly, Susi DeMatees, Jennifer Stuber, Scott Wilhelm, Danielle Agento, Damen A gento, Greg

Polic Athleti Leag Girls Softball/ Baseb Stars AHRC Call For Walkers & Jogg at base 3r : There&# a call out for walkers and wh bring at least dollars (continued from page 31) jog ticipants in fifty Frank Montalbano at bats, 2 hits, - 3 goo: gers of all ages to sign up for the 8th an- in sponsorshi will receive their choice of - Whitman Giants Manager: Pete - double fieldin at 2nd base, unassiste pla nual AHRC The rain or an AHRC tee shirt or sun visor Coach: Frank Montalbano Walk-Or-Jog- cap. Gerrit Nijoer - 3at bats, 2 hits, double, 1 RBI, shine event benefits the Nassau Association One of AHRC’s major annual events, the July 27 Game in center and . goo fielding rightfield For the Hel Of Retarded Children and is Walk-Or-Jog- help to support pro-

Tom at bats, hits, excellent - 2 Anstey 3 per- Kyl Rice a bats, hits, 1RBI, goo fielding set for Septembe 27th at four different grams which everyda provid service to formance at ist base field 4 at righ locations: Christophe Morley Park ‘in about 1200 mentall retarded children and Sa DeFazio at bats, 1 hit, Schieferstein - at 2 1 3 goo pitchin Carl 4 bats hits, RBI, goo Rosly Eisenhower Park in’East Meadow, adults. Sponso sheets are available from and centerfield innings fielding at shortsto Cedar Creek Park in Seaford and the Long man local schools and libraries or can be

Anthony - 2 at bats, n hits, left- Schiralli - bats, 2 Lane goo Robert 4 at 2 hits, RBI&# goo Beach Boardwalk. Top producers and par- obtained b callin 221-5725 or 781-275 field performanc fieldin at 3r base excellent Gerrit Nijoer-3at bats, 2hits, 1 RBI, Dan Williams - 3 at bats, 1 hit, excellent cat- Golf/ Outi T Bene Scholar Fund performan in rightfield chin performan Frank Montalbano 2 RBI, bats the Island are donated to the LIRCA Memorial Scholar- . -3a bats, hits, goo Robert Williams - 4 at 2 hits, goo pit- O Septembe 14, Lon Cha two at and base New Yor State Restaurant Associ- Fund awards scholarshi fielding putouts chin innings . terof the shi whichannuall i NS rath ae ieee en op of wd sono cow w = [Tm HMA RA “eins Laa dee a a a A Anthony Oliva - at bats, 2 hits, 1 RBI, goo ation will hold its Eleventh Annual All-Day toindustry employee who wish to begi or Perso Arts performan at 3rd base He Handica Golf And Tennis Outing to be held a Island continue their education in Culinar or The has Kyl Rice- 2at bats ohits, goo performance Beco Hills Golf & Country Clu in Sayvill The as- Restaurant Management association at left & centerfield Horsepe sociation invites members and industry awarded more than 450,00 in scholarshi for Robert Schiralli - at bats, ohits, goo perfor LIRH (Long Island Ridin Handicap friends to their annual event which will fea- in the past. its fall session of mance at centerfield and shortsto pe Association) will be ture full American breakfast to order, bar- The Outing will begi at a 10:3 shotgu classe 21. Volunteers are needed Tickets availa- Carl Scheferstei - at bats o hits, goo per- Sep tohelp bequ luncheon, greens fees, electric gol start, following breakfast. are continue and for formance at shortstop and centerfield us providing therapeutic carts, lockers, contests, cocktail reception ble at #9 per person, #35 per foursome for Dan Williams-3a bats, 1 hit, 2RBI’s, excellent recreational riding handicappe persons. with ho and coldhors d’oeuvres and a prime either golf or tennis; cocktail reception and hour classes are held on Mon- catchin performanc 2 putouts at and base Three one rib dinner. dinner tickets only are +40 For information afternoons at Gold Coast call Laurie Robert Williams - 3 at bats, o hits,1 RBI (walk) da Equestrian According to Ken Svendsen, Association and/or reservations please at Old Brookville. Volunteers assist goo pitchin performan for 4 innings Center in by President, “Proceeds of our Annual Outing 549-366 helpin students to mount, walkin alon 30 July side giving support and encouragement, and Tom Anstey - at bats 2 hits, RBI’s - Home leadin horses. One hou of a volunteers’s Run - goo fielding at ist base & rightfiel time help another handicappe person to

Sa DeFazio - 4 at bats, 2 hits, 1 RBI, pitche become a horse person. Ther will bea train- Gold 4 strong innings ing session on Septem 14 at Coast SPORT : Anthon Lan -3at bats, 2 walks, goo fieldin from 4 to p.m. SPOR