©Alix Laveau Yiddish Rhapsody presents a range FROM DONA DONA TO of music including traditional folk, QUENTIN TARANTINO , bolero, rock and musical YI theatre favourites. By turns poetic, New and original arrangements of tender, touching and funny the Yiddish melodies in a variety of show is an incredible ode to life. styles form the backbone of the show. By turns poetic, tender, D DI YIDDISH IN ALL ITS touching and funny, it is a VARIETY wonderful ode to life. Sirba Octet, orchestra and Isabelle Georges Yiddish Rhapsody presents an perform at times separately at H eclectic, original and celebratory times as a full ensemble creating mix of instrumental music and balance and contrasting musical songs. Unusually, the Sirba Octet is moods. joined by a full symphony RHA orchestra and Isabelle Georges, a This one-off show offered a major personality of musical unifying and heart-felt range of theatre who sings in Yiddish. music including the inspiring and profound Dona Dona, the PSO In 2009, at the request of the impassioned Misirlou, popularised Orchestre de Pau – Pays de Béarn by Quentin Tarantino in Pulp conducted by Faycal Karoui, Fiction, the nostalgia of Yingele Isabelle George and Richard nit veyn, the Sirtaki version of A D Y Schmoucler created Yiddish Keshenever and energetic Rhapsody to capture the essence of orchestral pieces Yiddish the legendary music cherished by Charleston and Beltz. In Eastern European Jewish combination with the skill and communities. The show was expertise of the Sirba Octet and arranged by Cyrille Lehn. Isabelle Georges, these traditional folk songs are truly refreshed and reformulated. Yiddish Rhapsody’s originality comes from its staging. The Sirba Octet form a core chamber orchestra – a piano, two , a clarinet, a , a double bass, a and a cymbalum. Surrounding them is an orchestra of 48 musicians. At the front of the stage is Isabelle Georges singing and tap dancing!

Yiddish Rhapsody Sirba Octet www.sirbaoctet.com PROGRAM THE MUSICIANS

Kolomishka /Zing bruder zing, Isabelle Georges singing & tapes YI traditionnal repertory Isabelle Georges, Sirba Octet and Orchestra The Sirba Octet

DDI Mayn libe Tokhter, Abe Ellstein, Richard Schmoucler 1 Lyrics Jack Laurence et Dorothy Collins Isabelle Georges and Sirba Christian Brière violin 2 Octet H Yingele nit veyn, Abe Ellstein, David Gaillard viola lyrics Jacob Jacobs, Isabelle Georges and Orchestra Claude Giron cello

Yiddish Charleston, Dave Tarras/ Bernard Cazauran bass

RHA traditionnal repertory, Orchestra Philippe Berrod clarinet

Leyg dayn kop, Leibu Levin / Iurie Morar cymbalum H.Leivick, Isabelle Georges and PSO piano Christophe Henry piano Doina, Ca la Breaza, traditionnal repertory, Sirba Octet Orchestra D Y Medley : Shtetl Nicolaev, traditionnal repertory /Zapozkelekh, traditionnal repertory /Dona Dona, Arrangements : Cyrille Lehn David Medoff, Sirba Octet Duration : 1h45 (Without Oy, Vyokh’ Tyokh’ Tyokh, intermission) traditionnal repertory, Isabelle Georges and Orchestra

Misirlou, traditionnal repertory, Sirba Octet, Orchestre, percussion

Ven der regen, Efim Chorny, lyrics Mendl Lifshits, Isabelle Georges and Sirba Octet

Medley : Galitsianer tanz, traditionnal repertory / Mayn shtetele Beltz, traditionnal repertory / Chiribim, traditionnal repertory, Orchestre

Momele M.Parish / A.Alstone / A.Goodhart, Sirba Octet and Orchestre

A keshenever, traditionnal repertory, Isabelle Georges and Sirba Octet

Medley : Freyt sich, Naftule Brandvein /Lekhaim, traditionnal repertory /Ketsele baroiges, traditionnal Yiddish Rhapsody repertory, Sirba Octet Sirba Octet www.sirbaoctet.com Bay mir bistu Sheyn Sholom Secunda, Isabelle Georges, Sirba Octet and Orchestra

When violinist Richard Schmoucler The Sirba Octet continued to work founded the Sirba Octet in 2003, with Isabelle Georges on Yiddish he created an entirely new sound. Rhapsody, a show based on With arrangers Cyrille Lehn and traditional Yiddish music but Yann Ollivo, five fellow musicians accented with elements of jazz, from the Orchestre de , a salsa, musicals, rock and samba. pianist and a cimbalom player, he Commissioned by the Orchestre de T H E formed a unique ensemble with a Pau Pays de Béarn, conducted by fresh perspective on klezmer, Fayçal Karoui, Yiddish Rhapsody Yiddish and gypsy music. was unique in its staging of the octet alongside a 50-piece EN orchestra and was therefore able to In collaboration with the Orchestre perform orchestral as well as de Paris, the Sirba Octet performed chamber music. The show became Un violon sur les toits de Paris, (A their third album with Naïve, and SEM fiddler on the rooves of Paris), at was performed with the Orchestre the Théâtre Mogador, a concert Lamoureux at the Théâtre des which they developed into their Champs-Élysées, the Orchestre de first acoustic album, A Yiddish Trier in Germany, the Liège Royal BL Mame, released in 2005 under the Philharmonic, the Tonkustler label Ambroisie (Naïve). With Orchester at Festspielhaus and at Slavic and Yiddish nuances, this Musikverein in Vienna. anthology of Eastern European E melodies is drawn from Their albums have received critical Schmoucler’s own memories of acclaim in the press, winning happy family gatherings. notably a ‘10 de Répertoire- Classica’ for Du Shtetl à New York, SIGNIFICANT ARTISTIC the European Association for PARTNERSHIPS Jewish Culture prize and a Choc de Classica for Tantz! The group was also the subject of a documentary In 2007, as part of the Festival by Alain Duault for 3 d’Île-de-France, the Sirba Octet entitled A day with the Sirba Octet worked with Isabelle Georges, the and Isabelle Georges. In 2011 the multi-talented singer, dancer and Sirba Octet and Isabelle Georges actress known as a ‘triple threat’, to were selected by the Victoires de la produce Du Shtetl à New York. An Musique Classique to appear array of music from the shtetl and alongside the Orchestre des Pays standards from the golden age of de la Loire conducted by John American musical theatre, via jazz, Axelrod. and lullabies composed by second generation immigrants, the show charts the journey made by Appearing regularly at leading millions of Eastern Europeans festivals in France and abroad, the from their shtetls, or villages, to Sirba Octet have performed at New York, melting pot of musical many prestigious venues including influences from all over the world. the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, The show was inspired by Fabienne the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam Rousso-Lenoir’s documentary Du and Musikverein in Vienna with Shtetl à Broadway and celebrates longer runs at Théâtre Mogador, heredity and inheritance, an l’Européen, La Cigale et à l’Espace important foundation of the Pierre Cardin à Paris. In 2012, they Yiddish community. took part in the Festival Radio Classique at the Olympia with Isabelle Georges and, in 2013, they

appeared at Musiques en fête aux Chorégies d’Orange which was broadcast live on France 3.

Yiddish Rhapsody Sirba Octet www.sirbaoctet.com Thanks to their talented arranger LATEST RELEASE – TANTZ ! Cyrille Lehn, the Sirba Octet are constantly enriching their In October 2015, the Sirba Octet T H E repertoire, adding pieces that range released their fifth album Tantz! on from the most famous to the lesser La Dolce Volta record label. In known. Lehn worked with the November 2015, following the group on a project for which they album release, the group gave five EN were joined for the first time by concerts at l’Espace Pierre Cardin. Catherine Lara. This new Tantz! is a journey into music you adventure led to the album Au can dance to, led by the masterly cœur de l’âme Yiddish (The Spirit musicians of the Sirba Octet and SEM of the Yiddish), released on Sony in their exceptional rendition. This November 2012. Captivated by remarkable ensemble, midway their world, Catherine Lara chose between classical and klezmer eight of her most acclaimed pieces music, has revived the traditional BL to record with the Sirba Octet. In music of Eastern Europe, creating April 2013, they performed the new arrangements based on the album live for two concerts at principals of more scholarly music. l’Alhambra in Paris. E This musical masterpiece lets you Sirba Octet’s orchestral show was wander through doina, hora, sirba one of the highlights of their 2015 and other klezmer and gypsy style season. For Sirba Orchestra! they dances. Linking Romania, once again worked with the Moldova, Russia and Hungary, Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn Tantz! makes an expressive conducted by Fayçal Karoui with a journey, flitting across borders and guest appearance from Nicolas expanding horizons. The great, Kedroff, the talented balalaika iconic violinist Ivry Gitlis wrote a player. The show comprised a foreword for the album and series of performances at the Palais endorses the project. Beaumont in Pau in June 2015 that were broadcast live on Radio CLASSICAL WORLD MUSIC Classique. Focussing on Yiddish and Slavic music, the show is a window on the lively and moving The vigour, intensity and musical traditions of Eastern originality of the Sirba Octet’s Europe. The group will take the arrangements bring to life the show to the Orchestre de Bretagne familiar tunes of Eastern Europe – and the Orchestre Royal a body of music characterized by Philharmonique de Liège in 2017. the wanderings of a whole population, in which sentiment and creative flair are bound together.

Unparalleled outside of the conventional circuit, the group skilfully unite genres and combine both orchestral and chamber music. Sirba Octet’s unique vision puts them in their own league as they pioneer a new genre – Classical World.

Yiddish Rhapsody Sirba Octet www.sirbaoctet.com ISABELLE GEORGES RICHARD SCHMOUCLER Singing & tapes Violin & artistic director TH

E Member of the Orchestre de Paris since 1998, Richard Schmoucler trained at the Conservatoire Isabelle grew up in Paris listening to her mother’s vocal de Paris under Gérard Poulet, Maurice Moulin, exercises, her grandmother’s scales and the marvellous Devy Erlih and Alexis Galpérine for violin and stories that her father told her. She took to the stage Bruno Pasquier and David Walter for chamber for the first time with the Victor Cuno company in From Harlem to Broadway, and then performed in Marilyn de music. In 1990 he was awarded first prize Montreuil, Chère Daisy, Happy Feet, Phi Phi and La Crise diplomas both in violin and chamber music. He est Finie, thus becoming a “triple threat:” a singer, continued to study under Ivry Gitlis and also dancer and actress. with Maya Glézarova at the Moscow Isabelle played a string of lead roles, in Barnum (J. P. Conservatory, Tibor Varga and Myriam Solovief. MU Lucet/Les Célestins, Lyon), Le Passe Muraille (M. Schmoucler has been awarded prizes by the Legrand/Les Bouffes Parisiens, Paris), Nymph Errant (R. Fondation Bleustein-Blanchet and the Fondation Redfarn/Chichester Festival UK), Singin’ In the Rain (J. L. de France and is a regular soloist for the Grinda/ORW Belgium & Théâtre de la Porte Saint Auvergne and Chamber Orchestras, Martin, Paris), La Périchole (J. Savary/Théâtre National the Pasdeloup Orchestra and the Orchestre SI de Chaillot, Paris), L’Air de Paris opposite Patrick Lamoureux. From 2010 to 2014 he was first Dupond (T. Harcourt/Théâtre Le Comédia, Paris), Et Si violin for the ensemble Musique Oblique. In On Chantait (D.Bréval/Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris) 2003, Schmoucler formed the Sirba Octet and and Titanic the Musical (J. L. Grinda/ORW, Belgium), has been the driving force behind the group’s where she met Maury Yeston and Frederik progression and the production of their five Steenbrink. Together with Frederik Steenbrink, she CI albums. He has given various masterclasses and wrote and performed Une Étoile et Moi (a tribute to Judy Garland), in Paris, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival performances, notably at the Académie Festival 2005 (where she won The Fringe Award for best des Arcs, PESM de Bourgogne and the Academy singer), on tour in England, in Holland, at the Adelaide of Music in Bydgoszcz in Poland. At his request, AN Cabaret Festival 2007 (Australia) and at the Théâtre Kaija Saariaho composed Frises for violin and Antoine in 2011, directed by Eric Métayer. She electronics and November 2012 saw the world produced and performed the French version premiere of the piece, which was dedicated to of December Songs by Maury Yeston (with French lyrics Schmoucler, at the Borusan Art Centre in by Boris Bergman), at the Théâtre du Renard in Paris Istanbul. In 2011 he became the director of and at the Avignon Festival. She recorded the album at studies at the Orchestre Atelier Ostinato. In S Nola Studio, and performed it at Tower Records, New 2016 he began teaching competition York, for its launch by PS Classics. preparation at the Conservatoire à Back in France, Isabelle ecorded Something to Live For, Rayonnement Régional in Paris. with acclaimed French jazz pianist René Utreger, and played opposite Jean-Claude Dreyfus in Gerald Garutti’s adaptation of Petit Traité de Manipulation. She wrote CHRISTIAN BRIERE Violin and performed La French Touche at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Du Shtetl à New York with Sirba Octet at the Île-de-France Festival, at Théâtre de l’Européen in Paris, La Cigale in Paris, at the Schleswig- Holstein Musik Festival (Germany) and at the

Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. With Josette Milgram, Isabelle crafted and directed Cabaret Terezin, based on Christian Brière was awarded a Premier Prix in cabaret songs written in the Theresienstadt ghetto violin and chamber music at the CNSM in Paris. (with French lyrics by Boris Bergman), at the Théâtre He then went on to study the Romantic Marigny in Paris. repertory with Christian Ferras and Gérard Jarry, With Richard Schmoucler, she conceived Yiddish and worked with Jean Hubeau on neglected Rhapsody which she performed with Sirba Octet and works by French composers. He joined the the Pau Symphonic Orchestra, first at the Palais Orchestre de Paris in 1983 and was soon Beaumont in Pau and La Cigale in Paris, at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées then at the Liège Salle promoted to a first-desk position. He has Philharmonie in Belgium in 2015. appeared in concert as guest leader with the Inspired by Daniel Klajner, she considered Norbert Philharmonia Orchestra, Erwartung, the Glanzberg’s biography, and with Jean-Luc Tardieu’s Orchestre de Chambre Jean-François Paillard, help, wrote Padam Padam, one of the biggest and the Orchestre Française de Musique Légère, successes in Paris in 2010-2011 (Théâtre La Bruyère, with which he participated in 1992 in a Théâtre des Mathurins and Théâtre de La Gaîté production of Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat Montparnasse.) Isabelle was the special guest directed and performed by the actor Jean of Victoires de la Musique Classique, special guest of the Rochefort. With Simon Schembri he forms a Yiddish Rhapsody celebration of the 40th anniversary of Chorégies violin-guitar duo that explores the repertory for Sirba Octet d’Orange, and special guest of the Radio Classique that combination, from Jacques Ibert to Astor www.sirbaoctet.com Festival in Olympia. Isabelle won the Charles Oulmont Piazzolla. He was formerly leader of the Foundation prize 2011. Orchestre Lamoureux, and also appears with the

tango ensemble Carrasco ‘H’ Quartet.


The son of a rock guitarist and a storyteller, David E Gaillard came to music through oral transmission First clarinet for the Orchestre de Paris since and improvisation. He was named top musician of 1995, Philippe Berrod also plays regularly with his year in Jean Sulem’s viola class at the CNSM in other ensembles as a guest soloist. His repertoire Paris, winning the Premier Prix by unanimous ranges from Mozart’s clarinet concerto to decision with the congratulations of the jury, as Dialogue de l’ombre double by P.Boulez. He was well as the Premier Prix in harmony by unanimous awarded a first prize diploma from the decision and Second Prix in counterpoint, then Conservatoire de Paris where he was tutored by entered the postgraduate course where he was Guy Deplus. He has also won a number of taught by Hatto Beyerle, Veronika Hagen, and international competitions. He became a clarinet Bruno Pasquier. He was appointed professor at tutor at the Conservatoire de Paris in 2011. MU the CNSM de Paris in 2009. He is principal viola of Berrod has released a number of recordings the Orchestre de Paris, and also appears in including Les Vents français on Sony Classical – chamber music with such artists as Christoph Indésens and the album Art of Clarinet as well as Eschenbach, Menahem Pressler, Olivier Charlier, two complete collections of chamber music for and Marc Coppey, and is a member of the Les woodwind by Saint-Saëns and Poulenc SI Dissonances quartet with David Grimal, Hans- respectively. These were well received in the Peter Hofmann, and Xavier Phillips. He still retains press and nominated for Victoires de la Musique a keen interest in improvisation that has led him to awards in 2011. Since 2010, Berrod has been join the quartet of Jean-Philippe Viret, which has artistic advisor for the French woodwind appeared at the , among other instrument manufacturer Henri Selmer-Paris. CI venues.


After training at the Conservatoire de Paris with S a series of first prize diplomas under Alain Planès After receiving Premiers Prix from the CNSM of for piano, Michel Chapuis for organ, Bruno Paris in cello and chamber music in the classes of Pasquier for chamber music and Jean Koerner for Roland Pidoux and Michel Strauss respectively, accompaniment, Christophe Henry honed his Claude Giron set out at the age of twenty-one for skills alongside Menahem Pressler at the Banff further study with at Yale University, Arts Festival in Canada. As both a pianist and where she was awarded a Master of Music and an organist he has performed with the Orchestre Artist Diploma. In 1994 she joined the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France, moving to the National de France, Orchestre de Paris, Orchestre de Paris in 1998. Claude Giron also plays Orchestre de Lyon and the Radio-France Choir at in quartet and chamber orchestra repertory (with some of the greatest concert halls in Beijing, the European Camerata and the Octuor de Paris Tokyo, Seoul, Paris and Vienna and at the Roman among others), and has recorded a CD with the Theatre of Orange. In 2009, he was recorded jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal. She frequently toured playing Charles-Valentin Alkan’s pedal piano, a Europe and the United States between 2000 and one-of-a-kind instrument displayed at the Musée 2007 as a member of the American group Pink de la Musique in Paris. In 2011 he played with Martini. the Quatuor Ludwig and in 2012 he appeared as BERNARD CAZAURAN Bass a soloist with the chamber choir Accentus at the Mozarteum as part of the Salzburg Festival. A multitalented keyboardist and passionate jazz fan, he plays with and learns from pianist Emil Spanyi, vibraphonist Philippe Macé and drummer Georges Paczinski.

Bernard Cazauran has been a member of the Yiddish Rhapsody Orchestre de Paris since it was formed in 1967, and was principal double bass from 1979 to 2012. Sirba Octet He was a prize winner at the Geneva Competition. www.sirbaoctet.com He has often appeared in chamber music, notably with Daniel Barenboim, but also in the field of jazz with Basse Fusion and tango with the Carrasco ’H’ Quartet. He taught for 15 years at the CNSM in Lyon.



Iurie Morar trained at the National Conservatoire of Moldova in Chisinau (USSR) and won the Stefan Neaga competition there before continuing his training in France at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg under Detlef Kieffer. Performing with various ensembles he has appeared with popular groups as well as MU symphony and chamber orchestras alongside artists such as Laurent Korcia, Sarah Nemtanu (with whom he has released a CD) and Gilles Apap (with whom he released the album Transilvanian Lointain Boys). In 2010 he made a SI guest appearance with the Orchestre de Paris to perform Stèle, György Kurtag’s Opus 33, conducted by . Morar is also an arranger and conductor and in 2012 formed Le Grand Orchestre for whom he has composed CI and directed two shows – Tzars, which is centered around Caucasian and Eastern European music and dance, and Atmosphère, which focuses on film music from Chaplin’s silent era to the Hollywood greats. He plays a AN cimbalom made by the Hungarian manufacturer Bohak.


Trained as a pianist and composer at the Strasbourg Conservatoire and the CNSM de Paris, Cyrille Lehn soon found himself attracted to improvisation, which he practises in very varied forms: recitals, accompanying silent films, concerts, and musical shows. His compositions have been featured on the programme of such notable venues as the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Festival de Radio France et de Montpellier, and the Festival de l’Emperi. He is fascinated by folk music and jazz, and has collaborated with the Sirba Octet since it was founded. Cyrille Lehn is professor of harmony at the CNSM de Paris and teaches improvisation at the Conservatoire du 14e Arrondissement.

Yiddish Rhapsody Sirba Octet www.sirbaoctet.com A YIDDISHE MAME CATHERINE LARA AU Label : Naïve Ambroisie CŒUR DE L’ÂME Production : Sirba Octet YIDDISH DI Release date : 2005 Duration : 74 min Label : Sony Music Production : Sony Music Release date : 2012 Duration : 35 min S CO


P H DU SHTETL A NEW YORK Label : Naïve Ambroisie Production : Sirba Octet Release date : 2008 TANTZ ! Y Duration : 63 min Label : Dolce Volta Production : Dolce Volta Release date : 2015 Duration : 66 min

YIDDISH RHAPSODY Label : Naïve Ambroisie Production : Sirba Octet Release date : 2009 Duration : 71 min

Yiddish Rhapsody Sirba Octet www.sirbaoctet.com