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With this platform , we the reaffirm the principles that unite usin a common purpose.

Webelieve in American exceptionalism. American people are optimistic. We believe the of America is This platform lays out clear language unlike any other nation on earth. path to makingAmerica great and united again . Webelieve America is exceptionalbecause of For the past 8 years America has been led in the our historic role first as refuge, then as defender, wrong direction and now as exemplar of for the world to see. Our economy has become unnecessarily weak We affirm as did the Declaration of with stagnant wages. People living paycheck to Independence: that all are created equal, endowed paycheck are struggling , sacrificing , and suffering . bytheir Creatorwith inalienablerightsof life, liberty, have earned and deserve a strong and the pursuit of happiness. and healthy economy. Webelieve in the Constitution as our founding Our standing in world affairs has declined document significantly – our enemies no longerfear us and Webelievethe Constitution was written not as our friends no longtrustus. a flexible document,but as our enduring covenant Peoplewant and expect an America that is the Webelieve our constitutional system limited most powerful and respected country on the face separation of powers, federalism , of the earth and the of the people – must be preserved The men and women of our military remain uncompromised for future generations. the world's best. The havebeen shortchanged in We believe politicalfreedom and economic numbers, equipment, andbenefitsby a Commander freedom are indivisible. in Chief who treats the Armed Forces and our When politicalfreedom and veteransas a necessary inconvenience. are separated both are in peril; when united, they The Presidentand theDemocratic party have are invincible. dismantled Americans' system of healthcare. They Webelievethatpeople are theultimateresource have replaced it with a costly and complicated and thatthe people, not the government, are the scheme that limits choices and takes away our best stewardsof our country's God- given natural freedom . resources. The Presidentand the Democraticpartyhave As Americans and as Republicanswe wish for abandoned their promise ofbeing accountable to we insist on strength. Wewillmake the American people. America safe. We seek friendship with all peoples They have nearly doubled the size of the and allnations, butwe recognize and are prepared national debt. to dealwith evilin the world . They refuse to control our borders but try Based on these principles, this platform is an to control our schools, farms, , and invitation and a roadmap. Itinvites every American even our religiousinstitutions. They have directly to join us and showsthe path to a stronger, safer, attacked the production of American energy and and moreprosperousAmerica. the industry- related jobs thathave sustainedfamilies This platform is optimistic because the and communities. REPUBLICANPLATFORM 2016

The Presidenthas been regulating to And this means returning to the people and a freemarket economythat he does not like and the states the control that belongs to them . It is the does not understand. He defies the laws of the controlandthe power to make their own decisions United Statesby refusing to enforce those with about what's for themselves and their families which he does not agree And he appoints judges and communities. who legislate from thebench ratherthan apply the This platform ismany things: A handbook for law. returningdecision-making to the people. A guide We, as Republicans and Americans, cannot to the constitutionalrights of every American. And allow this to continue. Thatiswhy themanysections a manualfor thekind of sustained growth thatwill ofthis platform affirm our trust in the people, our bringopportunityto allthose on the sidelinesofour faith in their judgment, and our determination to . help them take back their country. Every timewe sing, Bless America, Thismeansremovingthe powerfrom unelected, are asking for help. We ask for divinehelp thatour unaccountablegovernment. country can fulfillits promise. Weearn that help by This means relievingthe burden and expense of recommittingourselves to the ideas and idealsthat punishinggovernment . are thetrue greatness of America.

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Table of Contents

1 Restoringthe American Dream

9 A Rebirth ofConstitutional Government

17 America's NaturalResources: Agriculture, Energy, and the Environment

23 Government Reform

31 Great American Families, Education, Healthcare, and Criminal

41 AmericaResurgent


Restoring the American Dream

Rebuilding theEconomyand Creating Jobs erations ago before PresidentReagan was elected We are the party of a growing economy that in 1980. closures have exceededbusiness gives everyone a chance in life, an opportunity to startups throughoutthe Obama Presidency. Strong learn, work , and realize the prosperity freedom growth,more jobs, increasing incomes, andexpand makes possible. ing opportunity are allin short supply under Presi Government cannot create prosperity, though dent Obama and the . government can limit or destroy it. Prosperity isthe Werepudiate the absurd idea this is the best product of self- discipline, enterprise, saving and in America can do . The American people rejected that vestment by , butit is not an end in itself. nonsense the last timeitwas offered, in the historic Prosperity provides the means by which citizens election of 1980 , and we ask them to join us now and their families can maintain their independence to again repudiate the false gospel of America's di from government, raise their children by their own minishment andretreat. We offer instead our vision values, practice their faith , and build communities of an opportunity society based on the economics of cooperation andmutual respect. It is also the of inclusion . foundation for our nation's global leadership , for it is the vigor of our economy which makes possible Fair and Simple for Growth ourmilitary strength and our nationalsecurity. Republicansconsider of a Pundits and Democratstell us that we should pro -growth code a moralimperative. Morethan acceptthenew normalofa slow -growingeconomy. any other publicpolicy, the way governmentraises The consequencesare too dire to ever acceptthat: revenue how much, at what rates, underwhat PresidentObamaand his party circumstances, from whom , willset a recordofbeingthe first and for whom the great modern president ever to leave Republicans consider est impact on our economy's office without a single calendar performance.It powerfully in the establishment of a year of three percent economic fluences the level of economic growth. As a , the number pro - growth tax code a growth and job creation, which of Americans living in moralimperative. translates into the level of op has increased by 7 million, our portunity for those who would nation's economy has lost nearly otherwise be leftbehind. Get $ 8 trillion of cumulative output compared with an ting our tax system rightwillbe the most impor average recovery, and the economic growth short tant factor in driving the entire economyback to fall has left a cumulative real after-tax per person prosperity. personal income shortfall of nearly $ 17,000 com The current tax code is rightly the object of pared with an average recovery. both anger and mockery. Its length is exceeded Under President Obama and the Democrats , only by its complexity. Wemust start anew . That new private-sector jobs are three million below be an enormous undertaking and, if it is to suc where they should have been with just average ceed, itmust command the attention and approval modern post-recession growth. Our labor force of the American people. It cannot be engineered participation rate has plunged to at or below 63 from the top down, butmust have a common sense percent for far too long, lows last seen two gen approach, and besimplified . REPUBLICAN PLATFORM

Our proposal is straightforward . Wherever tax in part to high corporate tax rates and increasing rates penalize thrift or discourage investment, they regulatory burdens and uncertainty. must be lowered . Wherever current provisions of American businesses now face the world's the code are disincentives for economic growth, highest corporate tax rates. That's like putting lead they must be changed. We will not divide the shoes on your cross-country team . Itreduces com American people into winners and losers. We will panies' ability to compete overseas , encourages eliminate as many special interest provisions and them to move abroad, lessens their investment, loopholes as possible and curb corporate , cripples job creation here at home, lowers Ameri especially where their erosion of the tax base has can wages, and fosters the avoidance of tax liability created pressure for higher rates. Wewillbemindful without actually increasing tax revenues. A more of the burdens on families with children and the im damaging policy is hard to imagine. We propose to pact on an aging population .We will seek simplicity level the international playing field by lowering the and clarity so that every taxpayer can understand corporate tax rate to be on a par with , or below , how much of their income is consumed by the fed the rates of other industrial nations. We endorse eral government the recommendation of the National Commission Wewill welcome all to this enterprise to on FiscalResponsibility and Reform , as well as the discuss, debate, challenge, and amend – so that current Administration's Export Council, to switch togetherwe can restore economic growth forthe to a territorial system of taxation so that profits Americanpeople and, even more important, renew earned and taxed abroad may be repatriated for their faith in the future. job -creating investment here at home. Webelieve American companies should be headquartered in Our Tax Principles America . We should reduce barriers to accomplish To ensure that past abuses willnotbe repeated , ing that goal. we assert these fundamentalprinciples. Weoppose retroactivetaxation .We condemn attempts by ac A Winning Trade Policy tivist judges at any level of government to seize the Internationaltrade is crucialfor all sectors of powerof the purse from the people's elected repre America's economy. Massive trade deficits are not. sentativesby ordering highertaxes. We envision a worldwidemultilateralagreement We oppose tax policies that deliberately di amongnationscommittedto theprinciplesof open vide Americans or promote class warfare. Because markets, whathasbeen called a " Reagan Economic of the vital role of religious organizations, charities, Zone,” in which free tradewilltrulybefair trade for and fraternal benevolent in fostering gen all concerned. erosity and patriotism , they should notbe subject Weneed better negotiated trade agreements to taxation and donations to them should remain that put America first.When trade agreements have deductible. To guard against hypertaxation of the been carefully negotiated with friendly democra American people in anyrestructuringofthe federal cies, they have resulted in millionsofnew jobs here tax system , any value added tax or national sales at home supported by our exports. When those tax mustbe tied to the simultaneous repealof the agreements do not adequately protect U.S. inter Sixteenth Amendment, which established the fed ests, U.S.,or when they are violated with eral income tax. impunity, they mustberejected . We cannot allow foreign to limit A Competitive America American access to their marketswhile stealingour Competitiveness equals jobs. That equation designs, patents,brands, know -how , and technol governs our policies regarding U.S. corporations ogy.We cannotallow China to continueits currency in the global economy. Private investment is a key manipulation, exclusion of U.S.products from gov driver of economic growth and job creation . After ernment purchases, and subsidization of Chinese falling dramatically during the recession, private in companies to thwart American imports. The cur vestment has recovered at a disappointing pace due rentAdministration's way of dealing with these vio

2 REPUBLICAN 2016 lations of world trade standards has been a virtual smallbusiness loans aremade by community banks. surrender From start-ups foregone to homeloansnotmade, Republicansunderstandthat you can succeed Dodd-Frank's excessive and burden in a negotiation only ifyou are willingto walk away some requirements have helped contribute to the from it. A Republican presidentwill insist on parity slow economywe all endure today under President in trade and standready to implementcountervail Obama and the Democrats. ing dutiesifother countriesrefuseto cooperate. Community banks are essential to ensuring At the same time, we look to broaden our small businesses have easy and affordable ac trade agreementswith countrieswhich share our cess to the capital they need to grow and prosper. values and commitmentto fairness, along with Community banks should be relieved of excessive transparency in our commercialand business regulations. We support removing roadblocks and practices. In pursuing that objective, the American regulations that preventaccess to capital. people demand transparency, full disclosure, The worst of Dodd- Frank is the Consumer protectionof ournational sovereignty, and tough FinancialProtectionBureau, deliberately designed negotiation on the partofthosewho aresupposed tobe a rogueagency. ItanswerstoneitherCongress to advancethe interestsof U.S.workers. Significant northe executive, hasits own guaranteedfunding trade agreements should not be rushed or outside the appropriationsprocess, and uses its undertakenin a LameDuck Congress. slush fund to steersettlementsto politicallyfavored groups. Freeing Financial Markets ItsDirectorhas dictatorialpowersuniquein the The Republican vision for American banking American Republic. Its regulatoryharassmentof calls for establishing transparent, efficientmarkets local and regionalbanks, the sourceofmosthome where consumers can obtain loanstheyneedatrea mortgagesand smallbusiness loans, advantages sonable ratesbased on market conditions. Unfortu bigbanksandmakesitharderforAmericansto buy nately, in response to the financialinstitutionscrisis a home. Itsone-size- fits-all approach to every issue of 2008-2009,the Democratic-controlled Congress threatensthe diversityofthe country'sfinancialsys enacted the WallStreetReform and Consumer Pro tem and would leave us with just a few enormous tection Act,otherwise knownas Dodd- Frank. Th , asin many European countries. did notlet the crisis go to waste but used it as an If the Bureau is not abolished , it should be sub excuse to establish unprecedented government jected to congressional appropriation . In that way, control over the nation's financialmarkets. The con consumer protection in the financialmarkets can be sequenceshavebeen bad for everyone exceptfed advanced through measures that are both effective eralregulators. and constitutional. Any settlements arising from Rather than address the cause of the crisis statutory violationsby financial institutions must be the government's own housingpolicies – the new used to make whole the harmed consumers, with law extended government control over the econ any remaining proceeds given to the general Trea omyby creating new unaccountable bureaucracies. sury. Diversion of settlement funds to politically Predictably, central planningofour financial sector connected parties should be a criminal offense. has not created jobs, it has killed them . It has not Republicansbelieve thatno financialinstitution limited risks,ithas created more. Ithas not encour is too big to fail. We supportlegislationto ensure aged economic growth ,ithas shackled it. that theproblemsofany financialinstitution can be Since the enactment of Dodd-Frank, the num resolved through the Bankruptcy Code.Weendorse ber of community banks has significantly declined , prudentregulation of thebankingsystem to ensure and the cost and complexity of complying with that FDIC-regulatedbanksare properly capitalized the law has created impediments to the remaining and taxpayers are protectedagainstbailouts. We banks' ability to support the customers they serve. will end the government's use of disparate impact From 13,000 community banks in 1985, only 1,900 theory in enforcinganti-discriminationlawswith re remain . Still, the majority of agricultural loans and gard to lending.

3 • R E P U B L I C A N P L A T F O R M 2 0 1 6 •

ResponsibleHomeownershipand regulations,especiallythose dealing with the envi- RentalOpportunities ronment,that make it harder and more costly for Homeownershipexpands personal liberty, Americansto rent,buy,or sell homes. builds communities,and helps Americans create For nine years, FannieMae and FreddieMac .“TheAmericanDream”is not a staleslogan. have been in conservatorship and the current It is the lived realitythat expressesthe aspirationsof Administrationand Democrats have prevented all our people.It meansa decent placeto live,a safe any effort to reformthem. Their corrupt business place to raise kids, a welcomingplace to retire.It model lets shareholdersand executivesreap huge bespeaksthe quietprideof thosewho work hard to profits while the taxpayers cover all loses. The sheltertheir familyand,inthe process,createcaring utilityof bothagenciesshould be reconsideredas a neighborhoods. Republicanadministrationclearsawaythe jumbleof The Great Recessiondevastatedthe housing subsidiesand controlsthat complicateand distort market.U.S. taxpayerspaid billionsto rescueFred- home-buying. die Mac and Fannie Mae, the latter managedand The Federal Housing Administration,which controlledby senior officials from the Carter and provides taxpayer-backed guarantees in the ClintonAdministrations,and to cover the losses of mortgagemarket,should no longer support high- the poorly-managedFederalHousing Administra- income individuals,and the public should not be tion. Millions lost their homes, millions more lost financiallyexposed by risks taken by FHAofficials. valueintheir homes. We will end the government mandates that Morethan six millionhouseholdshad to move required FannieMae, Freddie Mac,and federally- from homeownershipto renting.Rentalcostsesca- insured banks to satisfylending quotas to specific lated so that today nearly12 millionfamilies spend groups. Discriminationshould haveno placein the more than50 percentof their incomesjust on rent. mortgageindustry. The nationalhomeownershipratehassharplyfallen Zoning decisions have always been,and must and the rate for minority householdsand young remain,underlocalcontrol.The current Administra- adults has plummeted.So many remain unem- tion is trying to seize controlof the zoning process ployed or underemployed,and for the lucky ones through its AffirmativelyFurtheringFair Housing with jobs, risingrents make it harder to save for a regulation.Itthreatensto underminezoning laws in mortgage. to socially engineerevery communityin the Thereis a growingsensethat our nationalstan- country.Whilethe federal governmenthas a legiti- dard of living will never be as high as it was in the materolein enforcingnon-discriminationlaws,this past. We understandthat pessimismbut do not regulationhasnothingto do withprovenor alleged share it, for we believethat sound public policies discriminationandeverythingto do withhostilityto can restore growth to our economy,vigor to the the self-governmentof citizens. housingmarket,andhopeto thosewho are now on the marginsof prosperity. Americaon the Move Our goal is to advance responsible home- Our country’s investments in transportation ownershipwhile guarding against the abuses that and other public constructionhave traditionally led to the housing collapse.We must scale back been non-.Everyoneagrees on the need the federal role inthe housingmarket,promotere- for clean water and safe roads,rail, bridges,ports, sponsibilityon the part of borrowersand lenders, and airports.President Eisenhower established a and avoid futuretaxpayer bailouts.Reformsshould of Republicanleadership in this regard by provideclear and prudentunderwritingstandards championingthe creationof the interstatehighway andguidelineson predatorylendingand acceptable system. In recent years, bipartisancooperationled lendingpractices.Compliancewithregulatorystan- to majorlegislationimprovingthe nation’sportsand dardsshould constitutea legalsafeharbor to guard waterways. against opportunisticlitigationby trial lawyers. Our Republicanmajority ended the practice We call for a comprehensivereview of federal of earmarks, which often diverted transportation


spending to politically favored projects . In the cur we will remove legal roadblocks to public-private rent Congress, Republicans have secured the lon partnership agreements that can save the taxpay gest reauthorization ofthe Highway Trust Fund in a ers' money and bring outside investment to meet a decade and are advancing a comprehensive reform community's needs. With most of the states increas of the Federal Aviation Administration to make fly ing their own funding for transportation ,we oppose ing easier and more secure . a further increase in the federalgas tax. The current Administration has a different ap Although unionization has never been per proach. It subordinates civil engineering to social mitted in any government concerned with engineering as it pursues an exclusively urban vi national security, the current Administration has sion of dense housing and government transit .Its reversed that policy for the Transportation Secu ill-named Livability Initiative is meant to rity Administration . We will correct that mistake. people out of their cars . This is the same men Americans understand that ,with the threat of ter tality that once led Congress to impose by fiat a rorism , their travel may encounter delays , but un single maximum speed limit for the entire nation , acceptably long lines at security checks can have from Manhattan to Montana. Our 1980 Republican the same impact as a collapsed bridge or washed Platform pledged to repeal that outhighway. TSA employees edict. After the electionof Ron should always be seen as guard Reagan ald ,we did . We envision ians of the public's safety,not as Now we make the same just anotherpartof the federal pledge regardingthe current governmentat all workforce. problemsin transportation pol levels as a partner Amtrak is an extremely icy.Wepropose to removefrom expensive railroad for the with individuals the Highway Trust Fund pro American taxpayers, who must grams that should not be the and industries subsidize every ticket. The fed business of the federal govern eral government should allow in ment. technological private ventures to providepas More than a quarter of the ,not a senger service in the northeast Fund'sspendingisdivertedfrom corridor. The same holds true meddlesomemonitor its originalpurpose. One fifth of with regard to high- speed and its funds are spent on mass tran intercity rail across the country. sit, an inherently localaffair that Wereaffirm ourintentionto end servesonly a small portion ofthe population, con federal support forboondoggleslike California's centrated in six big cities. Additionalfundsare used high-speedtrain to nowhere. for bike- share programs, sidewalks, recreational trails, landscaping, andhistoricalrenovations. Other Buildingthe Future: Technology beneficiariesofhighwaymoneyare ferryboats, the The digitalrevolutionhastransformedhow we federallandsaccess program , scenicbyways, and work, learn, sell, shop, socialize – in short, how we education initiatives. These worthwhile enterprises live. Technologicalchangedrivesourpositionswith should befundedthroughothersources. regard to STEM education ,business and corporate We propose to phase out the federal transit involvement with educational certifications,work program and reform provisions of the National En force issues,privacy, cyber and national security, en vironmental Policy Act which can delay and drive ergy development, regulation, and other elements up costs for transportation projects.We renew our of our campaign for growth and jobs. It is why we call for repeal of the Davis-Bacon law , which limits propose to simplify the tax code, reduce corporate employment and drives up construction and main rates, transition to a territorial system , and create tenance costs for thebenefit of unions. Recognizing incentives for investment and innovation . that, over time,additional revenue willbeneeded to We envision government at all levels as a part expand the carrying capacity of roads and bridges, ner with individuals and industries in technologi


cal progress, not a meddlesomemonitor. We want areas so that every American can fully participate to create a business climate that rewards risk and in the global economy. promotes innovation, a learning system that gives The public -private partnerships between Americans the skills needed to seize the opportuni NASA, the Departmentof Defense, and commercial ties of the 21st century, and an international order companies have given us technologicalprogress that maintains a fair and open global market for that has reduced the cost of accessing space and America's goods and services.We intend to ad extended America's space leadership in the com vance policies that protect data privacy while fos mercial, civil, and national security spheres. The tering innovation and growth and ensuring the free entrepreneurship and innovation ofthe free flow of data across borders. marketis revitalizing the nation's space capabilities, Together, broadband and good ideas have saving taxpayermoney, and advancing technology become the 21st century engines of American in critical to maintain America's edge in space and in genuity. Innovation, by its nature, is disruptive. In other fields. challenging legacy forms of business, innovation To protect our national security interests and creates new jobs, gives access to new markets, foster innovation and competitiveness , we must opensopportunity to underservedpopulations, and sustain our preeminence in space by launching expands consumer choice. Governmentmustgive more scientific missions, guaranteeing unfettered America'sinnovators the freedom to create and, on access, and ensuring that our space-related indus theirmerits, succeed orfail. tries remain a source of scientific leadership and Our agenda includes balanced protections education . for , explained elsewhere in this document We intendto facilitate access to Building the Future: America's ElectricGrid spectrum by paving theway for high -speed,next Our nation's interstate electric transmission generation broadband deploymentand competi system haslongbeen a catalyst for developingand tion on the internet and for internetservices. We deliveringlow cost energywhile spurringeconomic want government to encourage the sharing econ growth throughoutthe United States The grid is omy and on-demand platformsto compete in an aging, vulnerableto cyber andterroristthreats, and openmarket, and webelievepublic policies should unpreparedto serveourenergyneedsof tomorrow. encourage the innovation and competition that are It should not take seven to ten years to plan and essentialfor an Internet of Things to thrive. constructa transmissionline.Wesupport expedited Governmentmust keep pace with thetechnol siting processesand the thoughtful expansion of ogy deployed in the private sector. There is an ur the grid so that consumersandbusinessescontinue gent need to modernize the federal government's to have access to affordableandreliable electricity. legacy systems and to recruit the skilled technical personnelwho can advance theadoption ofinnova Start-up Century: SmallBusiness tion in the public sector. Atthe cost of billions, the and Entrepreneurship current Administration has done little to advance A centralreason why the 20th century came our goal ofuniversalbroadband coverage. That to be called the American Centurywas the ability hurts rural America, where farmers, ranchers, and of individualsto invent and create in a land of free smallbusiness people need connectivity to operate markets. Back then they were called risk-takers, in realtime with theworld'sproducers. Almostten dreamers, and smallbusiness owners. Today they million Americanshave given up wired broadband arethe entrepreneurs, independentcontractors, connections in justthelast two years alone, andmil and smallbusinessmen and women of our new lionsmore have never been connected in the first economy. Their innovationdrivesimprovementand place. forceslong-establishedinstitutionsto adaptorfade We encourage public-private partnershipsto away. Many of them are so youngthey remember provide predictable support for connecting rural little if anything of the last century because dy


namic progress does not look back . As in the past, the FederalReserve remains insulated from politi they still create most new jobs and form the com cal pressures and its decisions are based on sound mercial network that holds communities together. economic principles and sound money rather than Their enterprise is the lifeblood ofour economy,but politicalpressures for easy money and loose credit. it is weakening . Determined to crush thedouble-digit inflation Morebusinesses are closing in our country than that was part of the Carter Administration's eco are starting. Older firms are an increasing propor nomic legacy, PresidentReagan, shortly after his tion of companies. Productivity growth has slowed . inauguration, established a commission to consider This is not theway to jumpstart anew era of growth . the feasibility of a metallicbasis for U.S. . In Weneed to consider the effectof capital gains rates 2012, facing the task ofcleaning up the wreckage of on the availability of venture capital, as well as the the current Administration'spolicies,weproposed a positive impact of expensing on start-up firms. similar commission to investigatewaysto a fixed We should reduce the occupational licensing value for the dollar. laws that shut untold millions of potentialworkers With Republican leadership , the House ofRep out of entrepreneurialcareers. Wemust overturn resentatives has passed legislation to set up just the regulatory nightmare , created by the Dodd such a commission . We recommend its enactment Frank law , for the community banks and savings by the full Congress and the commission's careful and loans that provide nearly half of all small consideration of ways to secure the integrity of our business loans and over three-quarters of all agricul currency. tural loans. Indeed, the world of the app economy cries out for the comprehensive regulatory reform Workplace Freedom for a proposed elsewhere in this platform . We must chal 21st Century Workforce lenge established interests and traditionalbusiness The greatest asset of the American economy patterns to facilitate market entry of new business is the hard-working American . That is why our first models, including inventive means of transport,de priority is getting people back to work by fostering livery, and communication . the kind of growth that creates jobs. That overarch As incubators of unconventionalthinking, our ing goal unites all the sections of this platform . It country's existingresearch infrastructure – theNa runs through our commitments on education and tionalLabs, theNationalInstitutesof Health,NASA, workforce development. It underlies our approach and elements ofthe Defense Department – have to , regulatory reform , and our de the potential to form partnershipswith smallbusi termination to advance the kind of trade agree nesses to create an American Start-Up Century ments thatmultiply opportunities for workers here at home. It also impels us to challenge the anach The FederalReserve ronistic labor laws that limit workers' freedom and Because the Federal Reserve's monetary policy lock them into the workplace rules of their great decisions affect job creation , upward mobility for grandfathers workers, and equitable prosperity, they should be Instead of facilitating change, the current Ad transparent. Similarly, the FederalReserve's impor ministration and its agents at the NationalLabor tant role as a lender of last resort should also be RelationsBoard are determined to reverse it. They carried out in a more transparentmanner. The Re are attacking the franchisemodelof business de publican Party will advance legislation that brings velopment, which is essentialto the flexibility and transparency and accountability to the FederalRe creativity of the new economy. They are wielding serve, the FederalOpen Market Committee, and the provisionsofthe Fair Labor StandardsAct from the FederalReserve’s dealing with foreign banks. 1930s, designed to fit a manufacturingworkplace, The first step is through an annual audit of to deny flexibility to both employersand employ the FederalReserve's activities. Such an audit ees. They have repealed union transparency rules would needto be carefully implemented so that that allowedmembersto discover what was


done with their dues. They have outlawed alterna and energize a free enterprise economy. tives to unions even when they were favored by the Minimum wage is an issue that should behan workers . dled at the andlocallevel. Their Project Labor Agreements discriminate against the overwhelming majority of workers by A FederalWorkforce Servingthe People barring them from jobs on taxpayer-funded proj Thefederalworkforceis larger andmorehighly ects. Their patronizing and controlling approach paid than ever. Thetaxpayers spend an average of leaves workers in a form of peonage to the . $ 35,000 a year per employeeon non-cashbenefits, Weintend to restore fairness and common sense to triple the average non-cash compensation of the that agency. average worker in the private sector. Federalem Technology has already created jobs that did ployeesreceive extraordinarypensionbenefits and not exist fifteen years ago, and today's workers vacation timewildly out ofline with those of the need flexibility and -friendly options tomake privatesector themost of them , especially portability in pension We urge Congress to bringfederalcompensa plans and health insurance. tion and benefits in line with the standards of most We intend to encourage those trends bybring American employees. A Republican administration ing labor law into the 21st century. It should en should streamlinepersonnelprocedures to expedite courage cooperation between management and thefiringofbad workers,tax cheats, and scammers. workers, not conflict. All workers, including union The unionization ofthe federalworkforce, firstper members,must be free to accept raises and re mittedby Democratpresidents in the 1960s, should wards without veto power from union officials. All be reviewedby the appropriate congressionalcom unionized workers should be able to find outwhat mittees to examine its effects on the cost, quality, is going on in their union trust funds and in their and performance of the civil service. Union repre executive compensation. We support the right of sentatives in the federal workforce should not be states to enact Right-to -Work laws and call for a paid to conductunion businesson thepublic'stime. nationallaw to protect the economic liberty of the modern workforce. Reducing the FederalDebt All Americans deserve the opportunity to pur Our national debt is a burden on our economy sue their American dream free from discrimination . and families. The huge increase in the national Clear nondiscrimination policies ensure all employ debt demanded by and incurred during the current ees have the chance to succeed based solely on Administration has placed a significant burden on their merits. These policies are vital to creating an future generations . Wemust impose firm caps on inclusive , innovative, and competitive workforce . future debt,accelerate the repayment of the trillions Republicans believe that the employer we now owe in order to reaffirm our principles of employee relationship of the future will be built responsible and limited government , and remove upon employee empowerment and workplace the burdens we are placing on future generations . flexibility. We therefore endorse employee stock A strong economy is one key to debt reduction , ownership plans that enable workers to become but spending restraint is a necessary component capitalists, expand the of , that must be vigorously pursued .


A Rebirth of ConstitutionalGovernment

Wethe People of discrimination Our ranks include Americans We are the party of the Declaration of from every faith and tradition, and werespect the Independenceand theConstitution. TheDeclaration rightof each American to follow his or herdeeply sets forth the fundamentalpreceptsof American held beliefs. government: ThatGodbestowscertain inalienable Our Constitution is in crisis. More than 90 rightson every , thus producinghuman percentof federalrequirementsare now imposed equality; that governmentexistsfirst and foremost by regulatory agencies, without any vote of the to protectthoseinalienable rights; thatman-made House or Senate or signature of the President law mustbe consistentwith God-given, natural The current Administration has exceeded its rights; and that ifGod-given, natural, inalienable constitutionalauthority, brazenly and flagrantly rights come in conflict with government, court, violatedthe separation ofpowers, soughtto divide or human granted rights, God- given, natural, Americainto groupsand turn citizenagainst citizen. inalienable rights always prevail; that there is a ThePresidenthasrefusedto defendor enforcelaws morallaw recognized as “ the LawsofNature and he doesnot like, used executive orders to enact of Nature'sGod andthat American government nationalpoliciesin areas constitutionallyreserved is to operatewiththeconsentof the governed. We solely to Congress, madeunconstitutional" recess" are also the party of the Constitution, the greatest appointments to Senate- confirmed positions, politicaldocumentever written. It is the solemn directed regulatory agencies to overstep their compactbuilt upon principlesof the Declaration statutory , and failed to consult Congress that enshrinesour God- given individualrights and regardingmilitaryactionoverseas. Hehas changed ensures that allAmericansstand equalbeforethe what John Adamscalled " governmentoflawsand law , definesthepurposesandlimitsofgovernment, notofmen intojusttheopposite. and is theblueprintfor ordered liberty thatmakes Democrats in Congress have enabled, the United States the world's freest and most supported, and defended each of these breaches. prosperousnation. They have applauded the President's efforts to We reaffirm the Constitution'sfundamental do an end-run around Congress and stymied principles: limited government separation of Republican effortstorestrain executive lawlessness. powers, individualliberty, and the . We Democrats in Congresshave also endorsed an anti denouncebigotry, racism , anti-Semitism , ethnic constitutional agenda of their own. Forty-eight , andreligiousintolerance. Therefore, we Democratic senators , for instance, voted to amend oppose discriminationbased on race, sex, , the Bill ofRights to give government officials control creed, disability, or nationalorigin and support over political speech. Democrats in Congresshave statutesto end such discrimination. As the Party likewise proposed bills that would limit religious of Abraham Lincoln, wemust continueto foster liberty, undermine property rights, and eviscerate solutionsto America'sdifficult challengeswhen the Second Amendment. it comes to race relationstoday. Wecontinue to In a free society, theprimaryroleof government encourageequalityfor all citizensand access to is to protect the God-given, inalienablerightsof the American Dream . Merit andhard work should its citizens. These constitutionalrights are not determineadvancementin our society, so we reject negotiablefor any American We affirm that all unfairpreferences, quotas, and set-asidesas forms legislation, regulation, and officialactions must


conform to the Constitution's original meaning as powers. In tandem with a Republican Senate, a understood at the time the language was adopted. new Republicanpresidentwill restore to the Court Ourmosturgenttask as a Party is to restore a strong conservativemajority that will follow the the American people'sfaith in their governmentby text and originalmeaning of the Constitutionand electing a presidentwho willenforce duly enacted our laws. laws, honor constitutional limits on executive The legitimatepowers of government are authority, andreturn credibilityto the OvalOffice. rooted in the consentof the American people. Weneed a Republican presidentwho will end Judicialactivism that includesrelianceon foreign abuses of power by departmentsand agencies law or unratified treatiesundermines American like the IRS and the EPA, andby theWhite House sovereignty. Foreign laws and precedents should itself. Safeguardingourlibertiesrequiresa president notbeused to interpretour Constitutionor laws, who willrespect the Constitution's separation of nor should foreign sourcesof law beused in state powers, includingtheauthorityofCongressto write courts' adjudicationof criminalor civilmatters. legislation and define agency authority. Americans We also affirm the wisdom of President also deserve a presidentwho will speak for our George Washington's warning to avoid foreign nation'shistory and values, not apologizefor them entanglements and unnecessary alliances. We to our enemies. therefore oppose the or ratification of treaties that would weaken or encroach upon The Judiciary American sovereignty or that could be construed Theruleoflaw is the foundationofourRepublic. by courts to do so . Wewillnot recognizeas binding A criticalthreatto ourcountry'sconstitutionalorder upon the United States any international agree is an activistjudiciary that usurpspowersproperly ment forged without the constitutionally required reservedto the people through other branches assentoftwo-thirds of theUnited States Senate. of government. Only a Republican president will appointjudges who respectthe rule of law Administrative Law expressedwithin the Constitutionand Declaration Article of the Constitution directs that “ All of Independence, includingthe inalienable right legislativePowersherein granted shallbe vested to life and the lawsofnature and nature'sGod, as in a Congressof the United States more did the late Justice Antonin Scalia. We are facinga than a century, however, Congresshas delegated nationalcrisis in ourjudiciary. Weunderstandthat increasing amounts of legislative authority to onlyby electinga Republicanpresidentin 2016 will executivedepartments, agencies, and commissions, America have theopportunity for up to five new layingthe foundationfortoday'svastadministrative constitutionally-minded SupremeCourt state. Unelected bureaucrats in the executive appointedto fill vacancieson the Court. Only such branchnow write countlessruleswith the force of appointmentswillenable courts to begin to reverse law and arbitrarilypunish individualswho disobey the long line of activist decisions including thoserules. The Constitutionmakesclear thatthese Roe, Obergefell, and the Obamacarecases – that powers were granted to Congressby the people have usurpedCongress's and states lawmaking andmustthereforeremain solely with the people's authority, underminedconstitutionalprotections, elected representatives. We call on Congress to expandedthepowerofthejudiciary at the expense begin reclaiming its constitutionalpowers from of the people and their elected representatives, the bureaucraticstate by requiringthat majornew and strippedthe peopleof their power to govern federalregulationsbeapprovedby Congressbefore themselves.Webelievein the constitutionalchecks they can take effect, such asthroughtheRegulation andbalances and that the Foundersintendedthe Freedom Amendment.Wefurther affirm thatcourts judiciary to bethe weakestbranch. Weencourage shouldinterpretlawsaswrittenby Congressrather Congressto use the check of impeachmentfor than allowing executiveagencies to rewritethose judges who unconstitutionally usurp Article | lawsto suit administrationpriorities.


Defending MarriageAgainst misguided effortto undermine religion and drive it anActivistJudiciary from the publicsquare. Asa result,many charitable Traditionalmarriage and family, based on religious institutions that have demonstrated marriagebetween oneman and one woman, great success in helping theneedy have been is the foundation for a free society and has for barred from receiving governmentgrants and millennia been entrusted with rearing children contracts. Governmentofficials threaten religious and instillingculturalvalues. We condemnthe colleges and universitieswith massive fines and Supreme Court's ruling in seek to controltheirpersonnel United States v. Windsor, which decisions. Places of wrongly removed the ability of for the first time in our history Congress to define marriage have reason to fear the loss Wepledge policy in federallaw. We also of tax - exempt status merely to defend the condemn the Supreme Court's for espousing and practicing traditional religious beliefs lawless rulingin Obergefellv. religious beliefs and Hodges, which in the words of that havebeen held across the the late Justice Antonin Scalia, rightsofconscience world for thousandsof years, was a “ judicialPutsch” – full of allAmericansand and for almost four centuries of “ silly extravagances” – that in America . We value the right to safeguard religious reduced " the disciplined legal of America's religious leaders and to reasoningof John Marshall institutionsagainst to preach, and Americans Joseph Storey to themystical speak freely, according to their government control. aphorisms of a fortune cookie . faith . Republicansbelieve the In Obergefell, five unelected federal government, specifically lawyers robbed 320 million the IRS, is constitutionally Americans of their legitimate prohibited from policing or constitutionalauthorityto definemarriageas the censoringspeech based on religious convictions union of oneman and one woman. The Court orbeliefs, andthereforewe urge the repealof the twistedthemeaningofthe FourteenthAmendment JohnsonAmendment. beyond recognition. To echo Scalia, we dissent Wepledge to defend the religiousbeliefs We, therefore, supportthe appointmentofjustices and rightsofconscienceofallAmericansand to andjudgeswhorespectthe constitutionallimits on safeguardreligiousinstitutionsagainstgovernment theirpower andrespectthe authorityof the states control. Weendorsethe First AmendmentDefense to decide such fundamentalsocial questions. Act, RepublicanlegislationintheHouseand Senate which willbar governmentdiscrimination against The FirstAmendment: ReligiousLiberty individuals andbusinessesfor actingon the The Bill of Rights lists religiousliberty, with thatmarriage is of oneman and one its rights ofconscience, as the first freedom to be woman. This Act would protect the non- profit protected. Religiousfreedom in the Billof Rights tax status of faith- based adoption agencies, the protects the right of the people to practice their accreditationof religiouseducationalinstitutions, faith in their everydaylives. AsGeorgeWashington the grants and contractsof faith -basedcharities taught, " religion andmorality are indispensable and smallbusinesses, and the licensingofreligious supports” to a free society. Similarly, Thomas professions – all of which are under assault by Jefferson declared that provision in our elements of the DemocraticParty. Weencourage Constitutionoughtto bedearer to man than that every state to pass similarlegislation. Welikewise which protectsthe rightsof conscienceagainst the endorse the efforts ofRepublicanstate legislators enterprisesofthe civilauthority.” Ongoing attempts and governorswho have defied intimidationfrom to compelindividuals, businesses, and institutions corporationsand the mediain defendingreligious of faith to transgress their beliefs are part of a liberty. Wesupportlawsto confirm thelongstanding


American tradition that religious individuals and parties in McCain- Feingold, raising or repealing institutions can educate young people, receive contributionlimits, protectingthe politicalspeech government benefits, and participate in public ofadvocacygroups, corporations, and laborunions, debates withouthaving to check their religious andprotectingpoliticalspeech on the internet. We beliefs at the door. likewise call for an end to the so -called Fairness Our First Amendmentrightsarenot given to Doctrine, and supportfree-marketapproachesto us by the governmentbutare rightsweinherently free speechunregulatedby government. possess. The governmentcannot use subsequent Webelievethe forced funding of political amendmentsto limit First Amendmentrights. The candidatesthroughuniondues andothermandatory FreeExercise Clause is both an individualand a contributionsviolatesthe FirstAmendment. Just as collectivelibertyprotectinga right to worshipGod Americanshave a FirstAmendmentrightto devote accordingto the dictatesof . Therefore, resources to favored candidates or views, they we strongly supportthe freedom of Americansto have a First Amendmentrightnotto beforced to act in accordancewith their religiousbeliefs, not individually supportindividualsorideologiesthat only in their houses ofworship, butalso in their theyoppose.Weagree with ThomasJeffersonthat everydaylives. " To compela man to furnish contributionsofmoney Wesupportthe rightof thepeopleto conduct forthepropagationofopinionswhichhedisbelieves their businesses in accordance with their religious and abhorsis sinfuland tyrannical.” beliefs and condemn public officials who have proposedboycottsagainstbusinessesthatsupport The Second Amendment: traditionalmarriage. We pledge to protect those Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms business ownerswho have been subjected to hate We uphold the right of individuals to keep campaigns, threatsof violence, and other attempts and bear arms, a natural inalienable right that to deny their civil rights. predates the Constitution and is secured by the We support the public display of the Ten Second Amendment. Lawful gun ownership enables Commandmentsas a reflectionof our historyand Americans to exercise their God - given rightof self our country's Judeo-Christian heritageandfurther defense for the safety of their homes , their loved the rightsof religiousstudentsto engage in ones, and their communities voluntaryprayer atpublic schoolevents andto have We salute the for equal accessto schoolfacilities. We assert the First defendingthe right to keep and bear arms by Amendmentright of freedom of association for preventingthePresidentfrom installinganew liberal religious, private, service, and youth organizations majority on the SupremeCourt. The confirmation to set their ownmembership standards. to the Court of additionalanti- gun justiceswould eviscerate the SecondAmendment'sfundamental The First Amendment: protections. Already, localofficials in the nation's Constitutionally Protected Speech capital and elsewhere are defying the Court's Therightsofcitizenshipdo notstop attheballot decisionsupholdingan individualright to bear box. Freedom ofspeechincludestherightto devote armsas affirmed by the SupremeCourt in Heller resources to whatever cause or candidate one and McDonald. We support firearm reciprocity supports. Weoppose any restrictionsor conditions legislation to recognizethe rightof law -abiding that would discouragecitizensfrom participatingin Americansto carryfirearmsto protectthemselves thepublic square orlimittheir ability to promote and their families in all 50 states. We support their ideas, such as requiringprivateorganizations constitutionalcarry statutesand salute the states to publicly disclose their donors to the government. that havepassed them . Weoppose ill- conceived Limits on politicalspeech serveonly to protectthe lawsthat would restrict magazine capacity or powerfuland insulate incumbentofficeholders. We ban the sale of the mostpopular and common supportrepealof federalrestrictionson political modern rifle. We also opposeany effort to deprive


individuals of their right to keep and bear arms reasonablesuspicionorprobablecause. Americans without due process of law . overseasshould enjoythe samerights as Americans Wecondemnfrivolouslawsuits against gun residing in the United States, whose private manufacturersand the current Administration's financial is not subjectto disclosure illegalharassmentof firearm dealers. Weoppose to the governmentexcept as to interest earned. federallicensing or registration of law - abiding The requirementfor all banks around the world gun owners, registration of ammunition, and to providedetailed information to the IRS about oftheill-fated Clinton gunban.Wecall AmericanaccountholdersoutsidetheUnitedStates for a thorough investigation by a new Republican hasresultedinbanksrefusingservice to them . Thus, administration – ofthe deadly Fast and Furious” FATCA not only allows unreasonablesearch and operation perpetratedby Departmentof Justice seizures” but also threatensthe ability of overseas officialswho approvedand allowedillegalsales of Americansto leadnormallives.Wecallfor itsrepeal gunsto knownviolentcriminals. and for a changeto residency-basedtaxation for U.S.citizens overseas. The Fourth Amendment: Liberty andPrivacy The Fifth Amendment: Affirming the Fourth Amendment“ right of ProtectingHuman Life the people to be secure in their houses, papers, The Constitution's guaranteethatnoone can and effects, against unreasonable searches and bedeprivedoflife, libertyor property deliberately seizures, call for strict limitationson the use of echoes the Declaration of Independence's aerialsurveillanceon U.S.soil,with the exception of proclamation that " all are endowed by their patrollingour nationalbordersfor illegalentryand Creator" with the inalienable right to life. activity. Weoppose any attemptsby government Accordingly, we assert the sanctity ofhuman life to require surveillance devices in our daily lives, and affirm that theunborn child has a fundamental includingtracking devices in motorvehicles. rightto life which cannotbeinfringed. Wesupport In recent years, technology companies have a human life amendmentto the Constitutionand responded to market demand for products and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth services that protectthe privacy of customers Amendment'sprotectionsapply to children before through increasingly sophisticated encryption birth technology. These increasedprivacyprotections Weopposetheuseof public fundsto perform havebecomecrucialto the digitaleconomy. Atthe orpromoteabortion orto fund organizations, like sametime,however, such innovationshavebrought PlannedParenthood, so long as they provideor new dangers, especiallyfrom criminalsandterrorists refer for electiveabortionsor sell fetalbody parts who seek to useencryptiontechnologyto harm us. ratherthan providehealthcare. Weurge all states No matterthe medium, citizensmust retain the and Congressto makeit a crimeto acquire, transfer, right to communicatewith one another free from or sell fetal tissues from elective abortionsfor unlawfulgovernmentintrusion. Itwillnotbe easy research, and we call on Congress to enact a ban to balance privacy rights with the government's on any sale offetalbodyparts. In themeantime, we legitimateneedto access encryptedinformation. callon Congressto ban the practice ofmisleading This issue is too importantto beleft to the courts. women on so -called fetalharvestingconsentforms, A Republicanpresidentand a RepublicanCongress a fact revealedby a 2015 investigation. Wewillnot must listen to the American people and forge a fund or subsidizehealthcarethatincludesabortion consensussolution coverage. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act We support the appointment of judges who (FATCA) andtheForeignBankand Asset Reporting respect traditional and the sanctity of Requirementsresult in government'swarrantless innocent human life.Weoppose the non - consensual seizure of personalfinancialinformationwithout withholding or withdrawal of care or treatment ,

13 • R E P U B L I C A N P L A T F O R M 2 0 1 6 •

including food and water, from individuals with CapableUnborn Child ProtectionActs prohibiting disabilities,newborns,the elderly,or the infirm,just abortion after twenty weeks, the point at which as we opposeeuthanasiaand assistedsuicide. current medicalresearchshowsthat unbornbabies We affirmour moralobligationto assist,rather can feelexcruciatingpain during abortions,and we than penalize, women who face an unplanned call on Congress to enact the federal version.Not pregnancy.In orderto encouragewomenwho face only is it good legislation,but it enjoysthe support an unplannedpregnancyto chooselife,we support of a majorityof the Americanpeople.We support legislationthat requires financial responsibilityfor state and federalefforts against the cruelest forms the child be equally borne by both the mother of abortion,especially dismembermentabortion and father uponconceptionuntil the child reaches procedures,inwhichunbornbabiesare literallytorn adulthood.Failureto requirea father to be equally apart limb fromlimb. responsible for a child places an inequitable We call on Congress to ban sex-selection burden on the mother, creating a financial and abortions and abortions based on disabilities — social hardship on both mother discriminationin its most lethal and child. We celebrate the form. We oppose embryonic millions of Americans who The stem cell research.We oppose open their hearts, homes, and federal funding of embryonic churches to mothers in need is extreme on abortion. stem cell research. We support and women fleeing abuse. We Democrats’ almost adultstemcellresearchandurge thank and encourageproviders the restorationof the national limitless support for of counseling,medicalservices, placentalstemcell bankcreated and adoption assistance abortion, and their by PresidentGeorgeH.W. Bush for empowering women strident but abolishedby his Democrat experiencing an unintended successor,PresidentBillClinton. pregnancyto chooselife. We to even the most We opposefederal fundingfor supportfundingfor ultrasounds basic restrictions on harvestingembryosand callfor and adoption assistance. We a banon humancloning. salute the many states that abortion, put them The Democratic Party now protect women and dramatically out of is extreme on abortion. girls through laws requiring Democrats’ almost limitless informed , parental step with the support for abortion,and their consent, waiting periods, and American people. strident opposition to even clinic regulation.We condemn the most basic restrictions on the Supreme Court’s activist abortion,put themdramatically decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt out of step with the Americanpeople.Becauseof strikingdown commonsenseTexas laws providing their oppositionto simple abortion clinic safety for basic healthand safety standards in abortion procedures,support for taxpayer-fundedabortion, clinics. and rejectionof pregnancy resourcecentersthat We applaud the U.S.Houseof Representatives provideabortionalternatives,theoldClintonmantra for leading the effort to add enforcementto the of “safe, legal,and rare” has been reduced to just Born-AliveInfant ProtectionAct by passing the “legal.”We are proud to be the party that protects Born-AliveAbortionSurvivorsProtectionAct,which humanlife and offers realsolutionsfor women. imposesappropriatecivil and criminalpenaltieson healthcareproviderswho fail to providetreatment The Fifth Amendment: and care to an infant who survives an abortion, ProtectingPrivate Property including early induction delivery whether the The Framers of our government knew, from death of the infant is intended.We stronglyoppose history and , that when private property infanticide.Over a dozen states have passedPain- is not secure, freedom is at risk. That is why the Fifth


Amendmentdeclaresthatprivatepropertymaynot is a driving force in today's global economy of be taken forpublic use withoutjust compensation.” constantinnovation. It is thewellspringofAmerican The SupremeCourt'sKelo decision underminedthis economic growth and job creation. With the safeguardby allowinglocal governmentsto seize of the digital economy, ithasbecomeeven more a person'shomeor landnotonly for vitalpublic use, criticalthatweprotectintellectualproperty rights but also for public purpose, which thus allowed and preserve freedom of contract rather than the governmentto seize it for transferto private create regulatorybarriers to creativity, growth, and developers or other privateentities. We call on any innovation state legislaturesthat have not alreadydoneso to Protectingintellectualproperty is also a nullify the impactof Kelo within their jurisdiction national security issue. Wemust guard against by legislationor state constitutionalamendments counterfeit parts that can compromise the declaringthat private propertymaybetaken only reliabilityofourweaponssystemsand the safety for true publicuse, and wejoin House Republicans of militarypersonnel. Today, the worst offenses in supportingthe PrivatePropertyRightsProtection against intellectualproperty rights come from Act. abroad, especially in China. We call for strong The government at every levelmust always action by Congressand a new Republicanpresident pay just compensationwhenever it takes private to enforce intellectualproperty laws against all property to achieve a compellingpublic use, with infringers, whether foreign or domestic. themoney coming from thebudgetof the agency performing the taking. This includes the taking The Ninth Amendment: of water rights and the taking of property by The People'sRetainedRights environmentalregulations that destroy or diminish The Ninth Amendmentto the Constitution theproperty'svalue. declaresthat [ t ]heenumerationin the Constitution Civil asset forfeiture was originally intended of certain rightsshallnot be construed to deny as a way to cripple organized crimethrough the or disparage others retained by the people.” This seizure of property used in a criminalenterprise. provision codifiesthe principle that ournational Regrettably, ithasbecomea toolfor unscrupulous governmentderives its power from the governed law enforcement officials, acting without due andthat allpowersnotdelegatedto the government process, to profitby destroyingthe livelihood of areretainedby thepeople. Wecalluponlegislators innocentindividuals, many ofwhom neverrecover to give full force to this fundamentalprinciple. the lawfulassets taken from them . When the rights Wewelcometo our ranks all citizens who are ofthe innocentcan be so easily violated, no one's determinedto reclaim the rightsofthepeople that rights are safe. We call on Congress and state havebeen ignored orusurpedby the federal and legislaturesto enactreformsto protectlaw -abiding intrusivestate governments. citizensagainstabusive asset forfeiture tactics. The Tenth Amendment: Federalism The Fifth Amendment: as the Foundation ofPersonalLiberty IntellectualPropertyRights Federalism is a cornerstoneofour constitutional Private property includesnot only physical system . Every violation of state sovereigntyby property such as lands and homes, but also federalofficials is notmerely a transgressionofone intellectualproperty likebooks andpatents. Article unitof governmentagainst another; it is an assault 1, section 8 of the Constitution givesCongress the on the libertiesof individualAmericans. Hencethe powerto safeguard intellectualproperty rights promiseofthe Tenth Amendment: Thepowersnot for Authors and Inventors.” protectingthe delegatedto theUnitedStatesby the Constitution, proprietaryrightsof creators and innovators, the norprohibitedby itto the states, are reserved to Constitution promotes the generalwelfare by the States respectively, or to the people.” The providingincentivesfor investmentin allsorts of Constitution gives the federal governmentvery technology andartisticworks. Intellectualproperty few powers, and they are specifically enumerated;


the states and the people retain authority over presidency. We urge state legislatures that have all unenumeratedpowers. In obedience to that voted for this proposal to rescind their approval. principle, wecondemnthe currentAdministration's unconstitutionalexpansion into areas beyond HonestElectionsand the Rightto Vote those specifically enumerated, includingbullying Honest elections are the foundation of of state and localgovernmentsin mattersranging representativegovernment. Wepledgeto protect from voteridentification(ID ) laws to , the rightsofevery citizen, as well as their from healthcare programsto land use decisions, rights of conscience when they are harassed and from forced education curricula to school or denied a job because of their contributions restroom policies. Wepledgeto restoretheproper to a candidate or a cause. We support state balanceandverticalseparationofpowersbetween efforts to ensureballot access for the elderly, the the federal governmentand state governments handicapped, militarypersonnel, and alllegitimate the governments closest to, andmost reflective voters. Weurge state and localofficials to take of, the Americanpeople. Weencourage states to allappropriatesteps to allow votersto casttheir reinvigoratetheir traditionalroleas the laboratories ballots in a timely manner. We are concerned, of , propelling the nation forward however, that some voting procedures may through localand state innovation. be open to abuse. For this reason, we support Big government undermines federalism legislation to requireproofof citizenship when throughmorethan 1,100 grants- in - aid programs registering to vote and secure photo ID when that consumemore than one- sixth of the federal voting. Westronglyopposelitigationagainststates budget for matters that shouldbe the exclusive exercisingtheir sovereign authority to enact such responsibilityofthestates. Throughtheseprograms, laws. Inaddition, to guaranteethat everyone's vote money originatingfrom state taxpayersis returned is counted, we urgethat electronic voting systems to the states, usually greatly reduced, with myriad have a voter- verifiedpaper audittrail. Weurge strings attached. These grants turn state and everystateto join the Interstate Voter Registration local electedofficials into agents of the federal Cross Check Program to keep voter rolls accurate government. Theweb ofconditionsandregulations and to preventpeople from voting in more than especiallytherequirementofmatchingfundsthat one state in the sameelection. To guard against comes with federalgrants – transformsrecipients foreign involvementin our elections, we call for into appendagesof the Washingtonbureaucracy vigilanceregardingonlinecreditcard contributions We call upon Congress to help a Republican to candidatesandcampaigns. presidentto reduceand ultimately eliminatethis Themembersof our Armed Forcesmust not system ofconditionedgrantsso thatstateandlocal be denied thebasic rightsthat they are defending taxpayers can decide for themselveswhatisbest for others. Our troops, wherever stationed,mustbe for theirown communities. allowed to vote in a timely manner. Wecallupon theentiremilitary chain of commandto ensure the Honest Elections and the voting rightsof our citizen soldiers. ElectoralCollege The Constitution gives Congress authority WeopposetheNationalPopularVoteInterstate to conduct the decennialcensus in such Manner Compact and any other schemeto abolish or as they shallby Law direct. In order to preserve distortthe proceduresofthe ElectoralCollege. An the principleof one person, one vote, we urge our unconstitutionaleffort to imposeNationalPopular elected representativesto ensure that citizenship, Votewould bea grave threatto our federalsystem rather than mereresidency, bemade the basis for and a guaranteeof corruption, as every ballotbox the apportionmentof representatives among the in every state would offer a chanceto stealthe states.


America's Natural Resources : Agriculture , Energy , and the Environment

We are the party of America's growers, regard to food and health regulations. We will not producers, farmers, ranchers, foresters, miners, toleratethe use ofbogus science and scare tactics commercialfishermen, and all those who bring to bar our productsfrom foreignmarkets, nor will from the earth the crops, minerals, energy, and weallow insufficienthealth and safety standardsfor the bounties of our seas that are the lifeblood productsimportedfor our consumption. ofour economy. Their labor and ingenuity, their Wemust also ensure that domestic policies determinationin bad times andlove of the land at do not compromise our globalcompetitiveness all times, powersour economy, createsmillionsof through overregulation and undue interference jobs, and feedsbillionsofpeoplearoundthe world. in the marketplace. There is growingrecognition Only a few years ago, a bipartisan consensus in thatfederaldairy policies, craftedduringtheGreat governmentvalued therole of extractiveindustries Depression, are increasinglyan impedimentto the and rewardedtheir enterprise by minimizingits abilityofour dairyproducersto meetthe expected interference with their work. That has radically doubling in globaldemand comingby 2030.We changed. We look in vain within the Democratic oppose the policiespushed by specialinterest Party for leaderswhowill speak for thepeopleof groups seeking to stop ormakemore expensive agriculture, energy andmineralproduction. our current system of safe, efficient, and humane productionofmeat Congresshasrepeatedlyhadto Abundant Harvests block the current Administration'sdraconianrules Agricultural production and exports are concerningthemarketingof poultry and livestock. centralto the Republicanagenda for jobs, growth, This regulatoryimpulsemustbe curbed, noton a expanded trade, and prosperity. Because our case-by- case basis, but through a fundamental farmers andranchers care for the land, the United restructuringof the regulatory process. In the States does notdependon foreign imports for meantime, the intrusive and expensivefederal sustenance. Americansspenda smallerpercentage mandateson foodoptionsandmenulabelingshould of their incomeon food than any othernation. On be ended as soon as possibleby a Republican average, one Americanfarm producesenoughfood Congress. We oppose themandatorylabelingof to feed 155 people. No other nation has been as geneticallymodifiedfood, which hasproventobe generouswithfood aid to theneedy. Wehave good safe,healthy, and a literallife- saverformillionsin the reason to celebrate ourdomesticsecurityin food. developingworld. We are thelargestagriculturalexporterin the The Democratic Administration's sustained world, our exports are vital for other sectors support for additionalregulationofagriculturehas of our economy. Those exports drive additional directly resultedin higher costs of production for economic growth as each dollar of agricultural those who producethe food we eat. This federal exportsgeneratesanother$ 1.27 in businessactivity. regulatory overreachhas resulted and will continue That is why we remain committed to expanding to resultin higher food pricesfor Americans. These trade opportunities and openingnew marketsfor higher food costs are particularlychallengingfor agriculture. Undera Republicanpresident, America's those Americansstrugglingto endsmeet. trade negotiatorswill insist that our globaltrading Like the rest of the economy, agriculturehas partnersadhere to science-based standardswith suffered through eight years of the Democrats


regulatory juggernaut, particularly from the markets around theworld isthe surestpath to farm Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA). States, security. not Washington bureaucrats, are best equipped While uncertainty about naturalweather and to engage farmers and ranchers to develop marketsis a risk farmers andranchersalwaysface, sound farm oversight policies. The governmentshould not add to their uncertaintyby of the United States (WOTUS) rule, issued jointly inaction and delay. Thanks in large part to a lack with the Army Corps of Engineers, is a travesty . ofleadership from the currentAdministration and It extends the government's jurisdiction over congressionalDemocrats, the last Farm Billtook navigable waters into the micro-management of far too long to enact, creating instability about puddles and ditches on farms, ranches, and other farm policy for nearly two years. Republicansare privately-held property. Ditches, dry creek beds, dedicatedto leading this country forward, which stock ponds, prairie potholes, and other non includesgettingthings doneon time, includingthe navigable wet areas are already regulated by the nextFarm Bill states. WOTUS is now subject to judicial review and The Democratsplaypoliticswith farm security. must be invalidated, but that will not be sufficient Much of the Democrats' delay hadnothing to Unelected bureaucrats must be stopped from do with the vital role of American agriculture. It furthering the Democratic Party's concernedtheir efforts to expandwelfare through through regulatory demands forced upon citizens the SupplementalNutrition Assistance Program and businesses beyond that which is required by (SNAP) ,which now comprisesmorethan70percent law . Wemust never allow federal agencies to seize of all farm billspending. Duringthelast eightyears control ofstate waters, watersheds,or groundwater . of a DemocraticAdministration, nearly allthework State waters, watersheds, and groundwater mustbe requirementsfor able-bodied adults, institutedby the purview of the sovereign states. our landmarkwelfare reform of 1996, havebeen Farmers andranchersare amongthis country's removed. We will restore those provisions and, leading conservationists. Modern farm practices to correct a mistakemadewhen the FoodStamp and technologies, supported by programsfrom program was first created in 1964, separate the the DepartmentofAgriculture, haveled to reduced administrationof SNAP from the Departmentof erosion, improvedwater and air quality, increased Agriculture. wildlifehabitat, all thewhilemaintainingimproved Likeallothersectorsofoursociety, agriculture agriculturalyields. This stewardship of theland is directly impactedby the constant advancein benefits everyone, and we remain committed to technology. Agriculturenow faces a revolutionin the conservationpoliciesbased on the preservation, generation of Data" information produced not the restriction, of working lands. For this notonly throughpublicoversightofregulationsand reason, ranchingon public landsmustbefostered, programs, but also from privatebusinessrecordsof developed, and encouraged. Thisincludesproviding farmingand ranching operations. In theinterestof foran abundantwater supply forAmerica'sfarmers, protectingthe safety of our farmers and ranchers ranchers, and their communities. wewill advancepoliciesto protectthe security, Farming and ranching remain high-risk privacy, andmostofall, the privateownership of endeavors, and they cannot be isolated from individualfarmers' andranchers' data. market forces. No segment of agriculture can The U.S.ForestService, withinthe Department expect treatmentso favorablethat it seriously ofAgriculture, controlsaround200million acresof disadvantagesworkers other trades. Federal land with enormousnaturalresources, especially programsto assist farmers in managingriskmust timber, a renewableresourceprovidingjobs for be as cost- effective as they are functional, offering thousandsof workers that should beused to the tools that can improveproducers ability to operate best economic potential the nation. Many of when times aretough whileremainingaffordableto our national forests are in worseninghealth with the taxpayers. Even so , the expansionofagricultural the threat of invasive species, insect mortality, exports through the vigorous opening of new and the severe risk of wildfire. The increase in


catastrophicwildfires has been needlesslykilling notbeimmediatelydeveloped. Becausewe believe millions of animals and destroyinghomes and states can best promote economic growth while watersheds for decades in the western states. protectingthe environment, Congressshould give The expense to suppresswildfires relatedto failed authority to state regulatorsto manage energy federalforest policiescontinuesto increase. When resourceson federally controlledpublic landswithin timberis managedproperly, the renewablecrops their respectiveborders. will result in fewerwildfiresand, at the sametime, The DemocraticParty's energypolicycanbe producejobs in the timber industry for countless summed up in a slogan currently popularamong families. Webelievein promotingactive, sustainable its activists: itin the ground. Keepingenergy managementofour forests and that statescan best in the earth willkeep jobs out of reach of those manage our forests to improve foresthealth and who need them most. For low -incomeAmericans, keep communitiessafe. expensive energy means colder homes in the winter and hotter homes in the summer, lessmobility in A New Era in Energy employment, and higher food prices. The current Our country has greater energy resources Administration, and particularly its EPA, seems than any other place on earth. not to care. Its Clean Power Our engineers and miners, the Plan – the centerpiece ofthe and women whose labor President'swar on coal – has men Ourcountry has taps the forces of nature, are been stayed by the Supreme the best in the world. Together, greater energy Court. We will do away with the people of America's energy resources than any it altogether. The Democratic sector provide us with power Party does not understand other place on earth . that is clean, affordable , secure, that coalis an abundant, clean, and abundant. Their work can Our engineers and affordable, reliable domestic guaranteethe nation's energy energy resource. Those who miners, themen and security for centuriesto comeif, mine it and their families instead of erectingroadblocks, womenwhose labor should be protected from the Party's government facilitates the taps the forces of Democratic radical anti creation of an all-of-the-above coalagenda nature, are thebest energy strategy The Democratic Party's We applaud congressional in theworld. campaign to smother the U.S. Republicans for doing just that energy industry takes many far- sighted legislation . forms but the permitting BothHouseshave passedbills thatwillmodernize processmaybeitsmostdamagingweapon. It takes pipelinesand the electricgrid, protectthegrid from an averageof 30 days for statesto permitan oilor disruption, expedite energy exports, and lower gaswell. It takesthe federalgovernmentlongerthan energy costs. A Republican administrationwill sevenmonths. Three decadesago, the Bureau of build on those policies to findnew ways to store LandManagement(BLM) leased 12.2million acres. electricity, a breakthroughof extraordinaryimport. In 2014, it leased only one-tenth of thatnumber. Planningfor our energy future requiresus to Our nuclearindustry, cleanlygenerating almost20 first determinewhat resourceswe have in reserve. percentof our electricity from its 99 plants, has Thirty years ago, the world's estimatedreservesof a remarkablesafety record, butonly a handfulof oilwere645billion barrels. Today, that figure is 1.65 plants havebeen permittedin over threedecades. trillionbarrels. Themoreweknow whatwe willhave Permitting for a safe, non- pollutinghydroelectric in the future, thebetterwecan decidehow to use it. facility, even onethat is beingrelicensed, can take That is whywesupportthe openingofpubliclands many years because of the current President's andthe outer continentalshelf to explorationand hostility to dams. The Keystone Pipeline has responsibleproduction, even if theseresourceswill becomea symbolof everythingwrongwith the


current Administration's ideological approach . We oppose any carbon tax . Itwould increase After years of delay , the President killed it to satisfy energy prices across the board, hitting hardest at environmental extremists. We intend to finish that the families who are already struggling to pay their pipeline and others as part of our commitment to bills in the Democrats growth economy. We North American energy security . urgethe privatesectorto focus its resourceson the Governmentshould notplay favoritesamong developmentof carbon capture andsequestration energy producers. The taxpayers will not soon technologystillinitsearly stageshereandoverseas. forget the current Administration'ssubsidies to American energy producers should be free companiesthatwentbankruptwithoutproducing to export their productto foreign markets. This a kilowatt of energy. The same Administration is particularly importantbecause of international now requires the Department demand for liquefied natural of Defense, operating with gas, and we must expedite slashed budgets during a time Wesupport the the energy export terminals of expanding conflict, to use its by the development of all currently blocked scarce resources to generate 25 Administration. Energy exports formsof energythat percentof its electricity from will create high paying jobs renewablesby 2025. Climate aremarketablein a throughoutthe UnitedStates, changeis far from this nation's reduce our nation's trade free economy without most pressing nationalsecurity deficit, grow our economy, and issue. This is the triumph of subsidies, including boost the energy security of over common sense , coal, oil, natural gas, our allies and trading partners . and Congress must stop it. We remain committed to We support the nuclear power, and aggressively expanding trade development of all forms of hydropower opportunities and opening energy that are marketable in a new markets for American free economywithout subsidies, energy through multilateral and including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, and bilateralagreements, whether current, pending, or hydropower. A federal judge has struck down the negotiated in thefuture . BLM's rule on hydraulic fracturing and we support Energy is both an economic and national upholding this decision. We respect the states security issue. We support the enactment of proven ability to regulate the use of hydraulic policies to increase domestic energy production , fracturing, methane emissions, and horizontal including production on public lands, to counter drilling, and we will end the Administration's marketmanipulation by OPEC andother nationally disregard of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act with owned oil companies. This will reduce America's respect to the long-term storage of nuclear waste. vulnerability to energy pricevolatility We encourage the cost-effective development of renewable energy sources wind, solar, biomass, EnvironmentalProgress biofuel, geothermal, and tidal energy – by private Conservation is inherent in . As capital. The United States is overwhelmingly the pioneer of a century ago, the dependenton China and othernationsforrare earth Republican Party reaffirmsthemoralobligation to and other hardrock minerals. These minerals are be good stewards of theGod- given naturalbeauty critical to advanced technology, renewable energy, and resources of our country. Webelieve thatpeople and defensemanufacturing.We support expediting are the most valuable resources and that human the permitting process for mineral production health and safety are the proper measurements of on public lands. We support lifting restrictions to a policy's success. We assert that private ownership allow responsible development of nuclear energy, has been the best guarantee of conscientious including research into alternative processes like stewardship while some of the worst instances thorium nuclear energy. ofdegradation have occurred under government


control. Poverty, not wealth , is the gravest threat structuralsafeguardsagainst politicizedscience. to the environment, while steady economic growth Wewill strictly limit congressionaldelegation of brings the technological advances which make rule-makingauthority, and require that citizensbe environmental progress possible . compensatedforregulatorytakings. The environmentis too importanttobeleft to Wewill putan end to thelegalpracticeknown radicalenvironmentalists. They are using yesterday's as " sue and settle,” in which environmentalgroups tools to controla futurethey do not comprehend. suefederalagencieswhoseofficialsare complicitin The environmentalestablishmenthasbecome a the litigation so that, with the taxpayers excluded, self- servingelite, stuck in the mindsetof the 1970s, both parties can reach agreementbehind closed subordinatingthe public'sconsensusto the goals doors. That deceitbetraysthe public's trust; itwill ofthe Democratic Party. Their approach is based no longerbe tolerated.Wewillalso reform the Equal on shoddy science, scare tactics, and centralized Accessto Justice Actto cap and disclosepayments command-and- control regulation. Over the last madeto environmentalactivistsandreturn the Act eight years, the Administrationhas triggered an to its originalintent. avalancheof regulation thatwreakshavocacross Wewill enforcethe originalintentof the Clean our economy and yields minimalenvironmental Water Act, notit's distortion by EPA regulations. benefits. Wewilllikewiseforbid the EPA to regulate carbon The centralfact of any sensibleenvironmental dioxide, somethingnever envisionedwhen Congress policy is that, year by year, the environmentis passed the Clean Air Act. We will restore to improving. Our air and waterways are much Congressthe authority to setthe NationalAmbient healthierthan they were a few decades ago. As Air QualityStandardsandmodernizethepermitting a nation, we have drastically reduced pollution, process under the NationalEnvironmentalPolicy mainstreamed recycling, educated the public, Act so it can no longer invite frivolouslawsuits, and avoided ecologicaldegradation. Even if no thwart sorely neededprojects, killjobs, and strangle additional controls are added, air pollution will growth. continueto decline for the nextseveraldecades The federalgovernmentownsor controls over due to technologicalturnoverofaging equipment. 640millionacresofland in theUnitedStates,mostof These cessesbecomea challengeforDemocratic which is in theWest. Theseare publiclands, andthe Party environmentalextremists, who mustreach public should have access to them for appropriate farther anddemandmore to sustain the illusion of activities like hunting, fishing, and recreational an environmentalcrisis. That is why they routinely shooting. Federalownership ormanagementofland ignorecosts, exaggeratebenefits, and advocatethe also places an economicburden on countiesand breachingof constitutionalboundariesby federal localcommunitiesin termsoflostrevenueto pay agenciestoimposeenvironmentalregulation. At the for things such as schools, police, and emergency sametime, the environmentalestablishmentlooks services. It is absurd to think that all that acreage the otherway when environmentaldegradationis must remain under the absentee ownership or causedby the EPA and other federalagencies as managementofofficialWashington. Congressshall was the case duringthe Animas Riverspill. immediatelypassuniversallegislationprovidingfor Our agendaishigh on job creation, expanding a timely andorderlymechanism requiringthefederal opportunity and providing a better chance at life governmentto convey certain federally controlled for everyonewilling to work for it. Ourmodern public landsto states. We call upon all national approach to environmentalism is directed to that and state leadersandrepresentativesto exert their end, andit startswith dramatic change in official utmostpower andinfluenceto urge the transfer of Washington. Wepropose to shift responsibility those lands, identifiedin the review process, to all for environmentalregulation from the federal willingstates for the benefitof the states and the bureaucracyto the states and to transform the nation as a whole. The residents of state and local EPA into an independentbipartisan commission, communitiesknow besthow to protect the land similar to the NuclearRegulatoryCommission, with where theywork and live. They practice boots- on


the- ground conservation in their states every day. in consideration ofthe impact on the development Wesupportamendingthe AntiquitiesActof1906 to of lands and natural resources . establishCongress rightto approvethe designation Information concerninga changingclimate, ofnationalmonumentsand to further require the especially projectionsinto the long- range future, approvalofthestatewhere a nationalmonumentis must be based on dispassionateanalysisof hard designated or a nationalpark is proposed. data. Wewill enforce that standard throughout There is certainly a need to protectcertain the executive branch, among civil servants and species threatenedworldwidewith extinction. presidentialappointees alike. The United Nations' However, theEndangeredSpeciesAct (ESA) should IntergovernmentalPanelon Climate Change is a not includespeciessuch as gray wolvesand other politicalmechanism, not an unbiased scientific speciesif these species exist elsewherein healthy . Its unreliability is reflected in its numbers in anotherstate or country. To upsetthe intolerancetoward scientists and others who economic viability of an area with an unneeded dissent from its orthodoxy. We will evaluate its designation costsjobsandhurtslocalcommunities. recommendationsaccordingly. We reject the We must ensure that this protection is done agendasofboth the Kyoto Protocoland the effectively, reasonably, and without unnecessarily Agreement which representonly the personal impedingthe deve pmentof lands and natural commitments of their signatories; no such resources. The ESA should ensure that the listing agreementcan bebindingupon the United States of endangered species and the designation of untilit is submittedto andratifiedby the Senate. criticalhabitatsarebasedupon sound science and Wedemand an immediatehaltto U.S.funding balancetheprotectionof endangeredspecies with for the U.N.'s Framework on Climate the costsofcomplianceandtherightsofproperty Change (UNFCCC) in accordance with the 1994 owners. Instead, over the last few decades, the Foreign RelationsAuthorization Act. That law pro ESA hasstuntedeconomic development, haltedthe hibits Washington from giving anymoney to any constructionofprojects,burdenedlandowners, and affiliatedorganization of theUnitedNations” which has been used to pursuepolicy goals inconsistent grants Palestiniansmembership as a state. There is with the ESA – allwith little to no success in the no ambiguity in that language. It would beillegal actualrecoveryof species. For example, weoppose for the Presidentto follow through on his intention the listing of the lesser prairie chicken and the to providemillionsin funding for theUNFCCC and potentiallistingofthesagegrouse. Neitherspecies hundredsofmillionsfor its Green Climate Fund. has been shown to bein actual danger and the We firmly believe environmentalproblems listingsthreatento devastatefarmers, ranchers, and are best solved by giving incentives for human oiland gas production. While speciesthreatened ingenuityandthedevelopmentofnew technologies, with extinctionmustbe protectedunderthe ESA, not through top- down, command- and-control any such protectionmustbedone in a reasonable regulationsthat stifle economic growth and cost and transparentmannerwith stakeholderinputand thousandsofjobs.



MakingGovernmentWork for the People demands have focused on significantly expanding FoundingFather and Constitution Framer government spending and benefits for its preferred James Wilson declared that in America, “ the groups, paid for through loans that our children and peopleare themastersof government,” butthat grandchildren will have to pay. This is the path to in other countries, “ the governmentis master bankrupting the next generation . of the people.” Wepledge to make government The Republican path to fiscal sanity and work for thepeople, rather than the other way economic expansionbeginswith a constitutional around. Much of what the federal government requirementfor a federalbalancedbudget. We does canbeimproved,much shouldbe replaced, will fightfor Congressto adopt, and for the states andmuchneedsto bedoneaway with or returned to ratify, a Balanced Budget Amendmentwhich to the states. It is longpasttimefor just tinkering imposesa cap limitingspending to the appropriate aroundthe edges of a bloated and unresponsive historicalaveragepercentageof our nation's gross bureaucraticstate. Its poorlymanagedprograms, domesticproductwhile requiring a super-majority somebegun generationsago, are ill-suited to meet for any tax increase, with exceptionsonly for war presentneeds and future requirements. Its credit or legitimate emergencies. Only a constitutional card budgetsimposemassive indebtedness on safeguard such as this can prevent deficits from every American today and on children yet unborn. mountingto governmentdefault. Themore it intrudes into every aspect of American Republicanbudgetswillprioritize thrift over life the more it alienates the citizenswhowork , extravaganceand put taxpayers first. Wesupport paytaxes, andwonderwhathashappenedto the the following test: Is a particularexpenditurewithin country they love.Weagreewith the constitutionalscopeof the federalgovernment? that“ [ t]hemultiplicationof public offices, increase Ifnot, stop it. Hasit been effective in the past and of expensebeyond income, growth and entailment is it still absolutelynecessary? Ifnot, end it. Is it so of a public debt, are indications soliciting the importantasto justifyborrowing, especially foreign employmentof the pruningknife. borrowing, to fundit? Ifnot, killit.

Balancing the Budget Preserving Medicare and Medicaid The federal fiscal burden threatens the Morethan 100 million Americansdependon security, liberty, and independenceof ournation. Medicare or Medicaid for their healthcare; with The current Administration'srefusalto work with ourpopulation aging, thatnumberwill increase. To Republicanstook ournationaldebtfrom $ 10 trillion preserveMedicareand Medicaid, the financingof to nearly $ 19 trillion today. Left unchecked, it will these importantprogramsmustbebroughtunder hit $30 trillion by 2026.At the same time, the controlbeforethey consumemostof the federal Administration's policies systematically crippled budget, includingnationaldefense. The goodnews economic growth and job creation, driving up is that it can be done, and it can bedonewithout governmentcosts and driving down revenues. endangeringtheelderly andtheneedywho depend When CongressionalRepublicanstried to reverse on those programs. We intendto save Medicareby course, the Administrationmanufacturedfiscal modernizingit, empoweringits participants, and crises phony government shutdowns – to puttingit on a secure financial footing. Wewill demandexcessivespending. The Administration's preservethepromiseofMedicaidaswellbymaking

23 • R E P U B L I C A N P L A T F O R M 2 0 1 6 •

that program,designedfor 1965medicine,a vehicle patients,disease preventionactivities,and other for good healthin an entirely new era. innovations— are the best strategy for preserving Medicare’slong-termdebt is in the trillions,and Medicaidfor those who need it the most. Block it is funded by a workforcethat is shrinkingrelative granting Medicaid is particularly needed to to the size of future beneficiaries.Obamacare address mentalhealthcare. Mentalillness affects worsened the situation— and imperiledseniors — peoplefrom all walks of life,but there has been by imposinghundredsof billionsof dollars in cuts little success in developingeffectivesystem-wide to Medicareprovidersto pay for its new spending. medicalmodelsfor addressingmentalhealth.For a Whena vital programis so clearlyheadedfor a train variety of uniquereasons,governmentis often the wreck,it’s time to put it on a more secure track. first frontier for peopleexperiencingmentalhealth That is why we proposethese reforms:Imposeno problems — from first responderswho deal with changes for persons55 or older. Give others the crises to publicly funded mental health facilities option of traditional Medicare or transition to a and prisons where large numbers of inmates premium-supportmodel designed to strengthen suffer from mental illnesses. Using block grants patient choice, promotecost-savingcompetition would allow states to experiment with different among providers, and better guard against the systems to address mental health and develop fraud and abuse that now diverts billionsof dollars successfulmodelsto be replicatedin states across every year away from patient care. Guaranteeto the nation. The current federally dictated mental every enrollee an income-adjustedcontribution healthcare regimeis wastefuland ineffective,and toward a plan of their choice, with catastrophic movingto a blockgrant approachwould allowfor protection.Without disadvantagingpresentretirees state and local governments to create solutions or thosenearingretirement,set a morerealisticage for individualsand families in desperateneed of for eligibilityin light of today’slonger lifespan. help in addressingmental illness.We respectthe This is an agenda to improvehealthcare,not states’ authorityand flexibility to excludeabortion just to manageits costs. We reject the Democrats’ providersfrom federal programssuchas Medicaid approachof rationinginherentin Obamacare.We andotherhealthcareand familyplanningprograms recognize the de facto rationing of healthcare so long as they continue to performor refer for caused by reduced access to doctors who electiveabortionsor sell the body partsof aborted increasinglyopt out of participatingin Medicare children. and Medicaid.We will not accept that or any other approachwhich denies care — or lowersitsquality SavingSocialSecurity — for America’selderly. We reject the old maximthat Social Security Medicaid presents related, but somewhat is the “Third Rail” of Americanpolitics,deadly for different challenges. As the dominant force in anyonewho would changeit.The DemocraticParty the health marketwith regardto long-termcare, stilltreats it that way, eventhough everyoneknows births,and personswithmentalillness,it is the next that its current course will lead to a financial and frontier of welfare reform.It is simply too big and socialdisaster.Younger Americanshavelostall faith too flawed to be administeredfrom Washington. in the program and expect little return for what Mostof the vauntedexpansionof healthinsurance they are paying into it. As the party of America’s coverageunder Obamacareactuallyhas been an future,we acceptthe responsibilityto preserveand unprecedentedexpansionof the Medicaidrolls in modernizea system of retirement security forged manystates.We applaudthe Republicangovernors in an old industrialera beyondthe memoryof most andstatelegislatorswho haveundertakenthe hard Americans. Current retirees and those close to work of modernizingMedicaid.We will givethema retirementcan be assuredof their benefits.Of the free hand to do so by block-grantingthe program many reformsbeing proposed,all options should withoutstrings.Their initiatives— whetherpremium be considered to preserve Social Security. As supportsfor purchasinginsurance,refundabletax Republicans,we oppose tax increasesand believe credits, alternativesto hospitalizationfor chronic in the power of markets to create wealth and to


help secure the future of ourSocialSecurity system . Immigration the Rule of Law Saving Social Security is more than a challenge. It Our party is the natural home for those who is our moral obligation to those who trusted in the come in search of freedom and justice. Wewelcome government's word . all to the Great Opportunity Party The greatest assetof the American economyis ProtectingInternet Freedom theAmericanworker. Ourimmigration system must The survival of the internet as we know it protectAmericanworkingfamiliesand theirwages, is at risk. Its gravest peril originates in the White for citizens and legalimmigrants alike, in a way House, the currentoccupantofwhich has launched that willimprove the economy. Just as immigrant a campaign, both at home internationally, to laborhelpedbuild our country in thepast, today's subjugateitto agentsof government. The President legal immigrants are making vital contributions ordered the chair ofthe supposedly independent in every aspect of nationallife. Their industry and Federal CommunicationsCommission to impose commitmentto American values strengthensour upon theinternetrulesdevised in the 1930sfor the economy, enriches our culture, and enablesus to telephonemonopoly. Hehasunilaterallyannounced better understandand more effectively compete America's abandonment of with the rest of theworld. the international internet by Weare particularlygrateful surrendering U.S. control of to the thousandsofnew legal the root zone of web names America'simmigration immigrants, manyof them not and addresses. He threw the yet citizens, who are serving policymustservethe internet to the wolves, and they in the Armed Forces and – Russia, China, Iran, and others nationalinterest of the among first responders . Their are ready to devour it. United States... patriotism should encourage Wesalute the Congressional all to embrace the newcomers Republicans who have legally among us, assist their legislatively impeded his plans journey to full citizenship, and to turn over the InformationFreedom Highwayto help their communitiesavoid isolation from the regulatorsandtyrants. That fightmust co ue, mainstream of society. Weare also thankfulfor the for its outcomeis in doubt. Wewill consistently manylegalimmigrantswho continueto contribute support internetpolicies that allow people and to American society. Tothat end, weboth encourage private enterpriseto thrive, withoutprovidingnew the preservationof heritage tongues andsupport and expanded governmentpowers to tax and English as thenation's officiallanguage, a unifying regulate so that the internetdoesnotbecomethe force essentialfor the advancementof immigrant vehicle for a dramatic expansion of government communitiesandournation as a whole. power. The internet's independenceis its power. America's immigrationpolicy must serve the It unleashed innovation, enabled growth, and nationalinterestof the United States, and the inspired freedom more rapidly and extensively interests of Americanworkersmustbe protected than any other technologicaladvance in human over the claimsof foreign nationalsseekingthe history. We willthereforeresist any effort to shift same jobs. With all our fellow citizens, we have control toward governanceby internationalor watched, in anger and disgust, the mockingofour other intergovernmentalorganizations. We will immigrationlawsby a presidentwhomadehimself ensure thatpersonaldata receivesfullconstitutional superior to the will of thenation. We stand with protection from governmentoverreach. The only thevictimsofhispolicies, especiallythe familiesof way to safeguard or improve these systemsis murderedinnocents. Illegalimmigration endangers through the private sector. The internet's free everyone, exploits the taxpayers, and insults all marketneedsto befree and open to allideas and who aspireto enter Americalegally. We oppose competitionwithout the governmentor service any form ofamnestyfor thosewho, bybreakingthe providerspickingwinnersandlosers. law , have disadvantagedthose who have obeyed


it. The executive amnesties of 2012 and 2014 are programsto eliminate fraud, improve efficiency a direct violation of federal law and usurp the and ensure they serve the nationalinterest. In powersof Congress as outlinedin Article lightof the alarminglevels of unemploymentand Constitution. These unlawfulamnestiesmust be underemploymentin this country, it is indefensible immediately rescindedby a Republicanpresident. In to continueofferinglawfulpermanentresidenceto a timeofterrorism , drug cartels, human trafficking, more than onemillion foreign nationals every year. and criminal gangs, the presence of millionsof The SupremeCourthascorrectly recognizedthat unidentifiedindividuals in this countryposes grave states have the constitutionalauthority to take risks to the safety and sovereigntyof the United stepsto reduceillegalimmigration. We condemn States. Our highestpriority, therefore, mustbeto the ObamaAdministration'slawsuits againststates secure ourborders and all ports of entry and to that are seekingtoreinforcefederallaw.Wesupport enforceourimmigrationlaws. the rightofthe statesto enactlawsdeterringillegal That is why we supportbuilding a wall along aliensfrom residingwithin their states. our southern border and protecting all ports of From its beginning, our country has been a entry. The border wallmust cover the entirety havenofrefugeand asylum . That should continue of the southern border and mustbe sufficientto with majorchanges. Asylum shouldbelimited stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. We to casesofpolitical, ethnic or religiouspersecution. insist upon workplace enforcementof verification As the Director of the FBIhas noted, it is not systemsso that more jobs can be availableto all possibleto vetfully allpotentialrefugees. To ensure legalworkers. Use of the E -verify program an our national security, refugees who cannotbe internet-based system that verifiesthe employment carefully vettedcannotbeadmitted to the country, authorizationand identityof employees – must especially thosewhose homelandshavebeen the bemademandatorynationwide. Wereaffirm our breedinggroundsforterrorism . endorsementof the SAVE program Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements– to ensure that Reformingthe Treaty System publicfunds are not given to personsnotlegally Weintendto restorethe treatysystem specified presentin this country.Wedemandtough penalties by the Constitution: The presidentnegotiates against thosewhoengage in identitytheft, dealin agreements, submits them to the Senate, with fraudulentdocuments, andtrafficin humanbeings. ratificationrequiring two-thirds of the senators The Departmentof HomelandSecuritymustuse its present and voting. This was good enough for authorityto keep dangerous aliensoffour streets GeorgeWashingtonbut is too restrictivefor the and to expedite expulsion of criminalaliens. Gang currentchiefexecutive, who presumesto bind this membershipshouldbe a deportableoffense. Any country to bilateral and multilateralagreementsof previouslydeportedillegalalien who continuesto hisdevising. Hismediaadmirersportrayhispersonal show a lack of respectfor our borders and rule commitments whetheron climatechange, Iranian oflaw mustbepenalized. This is why we support weapons, or othermatters as done deals. They stiffer penalties, such as a mandatoryminimum are not, and a new Republicanexecutivewillwork sentence of five years, for any illegalalien who with the Congress to reestablish constitutional illegally re- enters our nation after alreadyhaving order in America's foreign relations. All international beendeported. executive agreementsand politicalarrangements Because sanctuary cities” violate federallaw entered into by the current Administrationmust and endanger their own citizens, they should notbe be deemed nulland void as mere expressionsof eligible for federal funding. Using state licenses to the currentpresident'spreferences. Those which reward people in the country illegally is an affront are in thenationalinterestbutwould traditionally to therule of law andmustbehalted. have been made by treaty mustbe abrogated, In light of both current needs and historic renegotiatedas treaties, and transmitted to the practice, we urge the reform of our guest worker Senatefor its advice and consentas requiredby


the Constitution . The United States will withdraw ers who risk their careers to expose waste , fraud, from allagreements and arrangements failing those and misuse ofpower. None of them should ever be standards. compelled to join a union or pay dues to it. In fair ness to their fellow workers, union representatives InternalRevenueService should not be allowed to engage in union -related Many good civil servants work at the IRS, but activities while on the public's time. The inability of the agency itself is toxic. Its leadership employs federal managers to discipline and,ifnecessary,dis known tax delinquents, rehires workers previously miss problem staff members is an affront to every fired for misconduct, spendsuser fees without con conscientious worker, as is the misuse of funds for gressional oversight, and awardsbonuses for cus lavish conferences and routine bonuses. The ap tomer service that would put any private company pointees of a Republican president will work with out of business. Worst of all, the IRS hasbecome career managers to end those abuses and enforce an ideologicalattack dog for the worst elements of high standards for all federal employees .We reaf today's Democratic Party. It systematically targets firm the existing protections that provide all em conservative, pro-life, and libertarian organizations, ployees of the federal government the opportunity harassing them with repeated audits and denying to pursue their desire to serve their country free their tax exempt status. Its commissioner has lied to from discrimination . Congress, hidden evidence,and stonewalled inves We call for renewed efforts to reduce, rather tigations. He should beimpeached by theHouse of than expand, governmentresponsibilities, and we Representativesand convicted by the Senate. We urge particular attention to the bloatedpublic rela value the rightof America's churches,pastors, and tions budgetsof the departments and agencies. The religiousleaders to preach and speak freely accord federalgovernmentspends too much of thepeo ing to their faith. Republicans believe the federal ple's money telling the people what they should do. government, specifically the IRS, is constitutionally prohibited from policing or censoring the speech Advancing Term Limits of America's churches, pastors, and religious lead Our nationalplatform hasrepeatedlyendorsed ers. We support repeal of the Johnson Amend term limits forMembersofCongress.In response, the ment, which restricts First Amendment freedoms GOPLeadershipin 1996 broughtto a vote, in both of allnonprofit organizations by prohibiting politi theHouse andSenate, a constitutionalamendment. calspeech.We also supportmaking the federaltax Itfailed to secure thenecessary two-thirdsvote in code so simple and easy to understand that the IRS the House, where 80 percentof Republicansvoted becomes obsolete and can be abolished. for itand80 percentofDemocratsvoted againstit. Every Senate Republican voted to allow a vote on Audit the Pentagon term limits,butthe Democratskilleditbya filibuster. Nomajorpartof the DepartmentofDefense Blockedby that opposition, Republicanssought has ever passed an audit. Republican leaders in other ways to modernizethe nationallegislature. Congresshave called for a fullfinancialauditofthe They set term limitsfortheir owncommitteechairs Pentagonto ensure that every dollarspentis truly and leadership positions, andby law they required benefittingour nationalsecurity. Every taxpayer Congressto live by the samerules it imposeson mustbeprepared to pass an audit, andwe urge others. To make further progress, to advance a Congressto demandthe samelevelof accountability constitutionalamendment for consideration by from thePentagonand the Departmentof Defense. thestates, wemustexpandthe currentRepublican majoritiesin both chambers. Improvingthe FederalWorkforce Werecognize the dedication ofmost employ Regulation: The Quiet Tyranny ees ofthe federal government and thank them for Over- regulation is the quiet tyranny of the their service ,with specialpraise forthe whistleblow " . Ithamstrings American businesses


andhobbleseconomicgrowth. TheGreatRecession a regulation of equal or greater economic burden may be over, but in the experience of most when a new regulation is enacted. Americans, theeconomyis still sick. The federal Because regulations are just another tax on the regulatoryburden hasbeen amajor contributorto consumers , Congress should consider a regulatory that stagnation budget that would cap the costs federal agencies The ability of the American people to govern could impose on the economy in any given year. themselves has been undermined by a vast array of agencies with sweeping power to regulate Crony and CorporateWelfare every aspect of American life. They legislate as if Cronyism is inherentin the progressivevision they were Congress. They decide guilt and issue of the administrative state. When government penalties as if they were courts. They collectively uses taxpayer funding and resources to give imposemany billions of dollars in costs to the special advantages to private companies, it economy. The current President and his allies on distorts the free marketand erodes public trust CapitolHillhave used those agencies as a super in ourpoliticalsystem . By enlarging the scope of legislature, disregardingthe separation of powers, governmentand placing enormouspower in the to declare as law what they could notpush through hands of bureaucrats, it multipliesopportunities theCongress. for corruption and favoritism. It is the enemy of The EnvironmentalProtection Agency has reform in education, theworkplace, andhealthcare. rewrittenlaws to advance the Democrats' climate It gives us financialregulation that protectsthe change agenda. The Departmentof Health and large atthe cost ofthe small. It is inherent in every Human Serviceshas ignored the enacted text of partofthe currenthealthcarelaw, which is packed the Affordable Care Act to do whateveritwants with . Crony capitalism gives in healthcare. Both the Departmentof Labor and usspecialinterest tax breaks, custom -designed NationalLabor Relations Board have scrapped regulations, and special exemptionsfor favored decades of laborlaw to implementthe agenda parties. The Solyndradebacle is a perfectexample. ofbig labor. The Dodd- Frank law, the Democrats' It createsboth subsidies and restrictionsto tilt the legislative Godzilla, is crushing small and marketoneway or theother. Byputtingtheweight communitybanks and otherlenders. The Federal of governmentbehind the statusquo, it leadsto Communications Commission is imperiling the economic stagnation. Weapplaudthe Republican freedom of the internet. Wesupportreinstating Membersof Congresswho have taken the lead in the Glass- Steagall Act of 1933 which prohibits fightingcrony capitalism andurge othersto rally to commercialbanks from engagingin high-risk their cause. investment Sensibleregulationscan becompatiblewith a Honoring Our Relationship with vibranteconomy. They can preventthe strongfrom American Indians exploiting theweak. Right now, the regulatorsare Based on both treaty and other law, the exploitingeveryone. We are determinedto make federal governmenthas a unique government-to regulationsminimallyintrusive, confined to their governmentrelationshipwith andtrustresponsibility legalmandate, and respectfultoward the creation for Indian Tribal Governments, American Indians, ofnew andsmallbusinesses. Wewillrevisitexisting and Alaska Natives. These obligationshave not lawsthatdelegatetoomuch authorityto regulatory been sufficiently honored. The socialand economic agencies and review all current regulationsfor problemsthat plague Indian country have grown possiblereform or repeal. We endorseRepublican worse over the last several decades we must legislation, already passedby the House, to require reverse that trend. Ineffective federal programs approvalby both housesofCongressfor any rule deprive American Indiansoftheservicesthey need, or regulation that would impose significantcosts long-term failures threaten to underminetribal on the American people. Further, Congressshould sovereignty itself. work towardslegislation that requires removalof American Indians have established elected


tribal governments to carry out the public policies economic opportunity, delivertop-flight education of the tribe, administer services to its tribalmem to future generations, modernize and improvethe ber constituents , andmanage relations with federal , Indian Health Service to make itmore responsive state, and local governments . We respect the tribal to localneeds, and build essential infrastructure governments as the voice of their communities and in Indian country in cooperation with tribal encourage federal, state, and local governments to neighbors. Ourapproach is to empower American heed those voices in developing programs and part Indians, through tribal self-determination and self nerships to improve the quality of life for American governancepolicies, todevelop their greatestassets, Indians and their neighbors in their communities . human resources and the rich naturalresources on Republicans believe that economic self-suf their lands, without undue federalinterference. ficiency is the ultimate answer to the challenges Like all Americans, American Indians want confronting Indian country. We believe that tribal safe communitiesfor theirfamilies; butinadequate governments and their communities , not Washing resourcesand neglecthave, over time, allowed ton bureaucracies , are best situated to craft solu criminal activities to plague Indian country. To tions that will end systemic problems that create protect everyone and especially the most poverty and disenfranchisement . Just as the fed vulnerable: children, women, and elders – the legal eral government should not burden states with system in tribalcommunitiesmustprovide stability regulations, it should not stifle the development andprotectproperty rights. Everyone'sdue process of resources within the reservations, which need and civil rightsmustbesafeguarded. federal assistance to advance their commerce na We support efforts to ensure equitable tionally through roads and technology .Federal and participation in federalprogramsby American state regulations that thwart job creation must be Indians, including Alaska Natives and Native withdrawn or redrawn so that tribal governments Hawaiians, and to preserve their culture and acting on behalf of American Indians are not disad languagesthat we considertobenationaltreasures. vantaged. Itis especially egregious that the Dem Lastly, we recognize that American Indianshave ocratic Party has persistently undermined tribal responded to the call for military service in sovereignty in order to provide advantage to union percentagenumbers far greater than have other bosses in the tribal Native communities groups of Americans. Wehonor that commitment, should have the same authority as state govern loyalty, and sacrificeofall AmericanIndiansserving ments in labor matters , so that union bosses and in the military today and in years past and will the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB ) cannot ensure that all veterans and their familiesreceive undermine the authority of tribal governments . the care andrespectthey haveearned through their Republicans recognize that each tribe has the loyalserviceto America. right of consultation before any new regulatory policy is implemented on tribal land. To the extent Americans in the Territories possible , such consultation should take place in Throughout the history of our nation, the pa Indian country with the tribal government and triotism exhibited by our brothers and sisters in its members. Before promulgating and imposing the territories of Guam , the Commonwealth of the any new laws or regulations affecting trust land NorthernMariana Islands,American Samoa,the U.S. or members , the federal government should Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico has often gone un encourage Indian tribes to develop their own acknowledged. Year after year, the citizens quietly, policies to achieve program objectives , and should without fanfare , send their sons and daughters into defer to tribes to develop their own standards , or the U.S.Armed Services. Wehonor the extraordi standards in conjunction with state governments . nary sacrificesof themen and women of the territo Republicansrejecta one- size-fits-all approach ries who protectour freedom through their service to federal- tribal- statepartnershipsand will work to in the U.S. Armed Forces. Geographically,the terri local autonomywhere tribalgovernments and commonwealths, especially those in the seek it. Better partnershipswillhelp us to expand Pacific, are of vitalimportanceto ournationalsecu


rity astheoutermostlineofdefenseandgatewayto nationhood. We support the federally sponsored Americaagainstpotentialencroachmentby foreign politicalstatusreferendum authorized and funded powers. Wewelcometheir greaterparticipationin by an Act of Congress in 2014 to ascertain the all aspectsofthe politicalprocessand affirm their aspirationsofthepeople ofPuerto Rico. Oncethe right to seek the full extension of the Constitution 2012 localvote for statehoodis ratified, Congress with all the rightsandresponsibilitiesthat entails. should approve an enabling act with terms for Werecognize the challenges facing allthe U.S. Puerto Rico's future admissionas the 51st state of territories in an era of dramatic global economic theUnion. change. They need venture capitalto retain existing industries and develop new ones. A stronger private Preserving the District of Columbia sector can reduce dependence on public employ Thenation's capital city is a specialresponsibil ment and lead toward self-sufficiency. Their devel ity of the federal government because itbelongs opment of local energy options willbe crucial to both to its residents and to all Americans,millionsof reduce dependence on costly imported fuel. whom visit it every year. CongressionalRepublicans The territories' economic stability and potential have fostered homeownership and open access to for growth must be considered in any trade agree higher education forWashington residents. Against mentsbetween the United States and other Pacific the opposition of the current President and lead nations. They should be given flexibility or exemp ers of the Democratic Party, they have established tion from lawsthat increase costs for their popula and expanded the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship tions, such as the minimum wage andthe Jones Act Program , through which thousands of low -income concerning shipping. All unreasonable impediments children have been able to attend a school of their to their prosperity shouldberemoved,including un choice and receive a quality education. reasonable U.S.customs practices. Territories such Republicans have been in the forefront of as American Samoa should be able to properly de combating chronic corruption among the city's velop their resources,including fishing,when jobs top Democratic officials. We call for congressio and the economy depend on it. nal action to enforce the spirit of the HomeRule We call for the appointment of a common Act, assuring minority representation on the City wealth and territories advisory committee consist Council. That council, by the currentmayor, ing of representatives from all five U.S.territories. is attempting to seize from the Congress its ap The committee will be integrated into the presi propriating power over all funding for the District. dent's transition team and be tasked with per The illegality of their action mirrors the unaccept forming a holistic review of all federal regulations able spike in violent crime and murders currently affecting the territories and commonwealths.We afflicting the city.We expect Congress to assert,by further call for the appointment of a Special As whatever means necessary, its constitutional pre sistantto the President responsible for day-to-day rogatives regarding the District. interaction with the territories and commonwealths. Sincethe SupremeCourt's decisionsaffirming This position willbe the direct connection for the the Second Amendmentrightsof its citizens, city Office ofInsularAffairs, the citizensof the territories officialshave engaged in a campaign ofmassive and commonwealths, and the White House. resistanceby denying virtually all applicationsfor gun ownership. The Republican Congress should The Territory of Puerto Rico beprepared, upon the inaugurationofa Republican We support the rightof the United States president, to enactlegislationallowinglaw- abiding citizensofPuerto Rico to be admittedto the Union Washingtoniansto own and carry firearms. as a fully sovereign state. Wefurtherrecognizethe Statehood for the District can be advanced historicsignificanceofthe 2012 localreferendum in only by a constitutional amendment. Any other ap which a 54percentmajorityvotedto end Puerto proach would be invalid . A statehood amendment Rico's current status as a U.S.territory, and 61 was soundly rejectedby the states when last pro percentchose statehoodoveroptionsfor sovereign posedin 1976 and should notberevived.


Great American Families , Education , Healthcare, and Criminal Justice

American Values wehave learned over the lastfive decades, theloss We are the party of independentindividuals of faith and family lifeleadsto greater dependence and the institutions they create together families, upon government. That is why Republicans schools, congregations, neighborhoods – to ad formulatepublicpolicy, from taxation to education, vance their ideals andmake realtheir dreams. Those from healthcareto welfare, with attention to the institutions, standingbetween the citizen and the needsand strengthsof the family. power of government, are thepillars of a free soci It is also why everyoneshould be concerned ety. They create spaceswhere thepower ofgovern aboutthestate of the American family today, not ment should not intrude. They allow Americans to because of or doctrine, but becauseof work together to solve mostof the problemsfacing theoverwhelmingevidenceof experience, social their communities. They thus reduce theneed for science, and common sense. All of which give us interventionby government in the form ofmore and these about traditionalmarriage: Children bigger programsor a largerpublic workforce. They raised in a two-parenthousehold tend to be minimize decision-makingby those who hold or are physically and emotionallyhealthier,more likely to appointed to office. That is precisely why today's dowellin school, lesslikelyto use drugsand alcohol, progressivesdistrust and seek to controlthem engagein crime or becomepregnantoutside of because this is more than a conflict of ideas. It is a marriage. Weopposepoliciesandlawsthat create struggle for power. a financialincentivefor or encouragecohabitation. Our society is at a crossroads. For several Moreover,marriageremainsthe greatestantidoteto generations, an expansive federal regime has child poverty. The 40 percentofchildren who now marginalizedand supplanted theinstitutionsholding are born outside ofmarriageare five timesmore our society together.Nowonder, then, that so much likelyto live in poverty than youngstersborn and seemsto be coming apart now. The question is raised by a motherandfather in thehome. Nearly whether we are going to reinvigorate the private three- quarters of the $450 billion government sector institutionsunder citizen control or allow annually spendsonwelfare goes to single-parent their continued erosionby the forces ofcentralized households. This is whatit takesfor a governmental socialplanning. In that divide, the RepublicanParty village to raise a child, and the village is doing a standswith the people. tragicallypoor job ofit. The data and the facts lead to an inescapable Marriage, Family, and Society conclusion: Every childdeservesa marriedmom and Foremost among those institutions is the dad. The remainsthat millionsof American American family. Itis the foundation of , familiesdo nothave the advantagesthatcomewith and the cornerstone of the family isnaturalmarriage, that structure. Wehonor the courageouseffortsof the union of one man and one woman . Its daily thosewho bearthe burdensof parentingaloneand lessons cooperation , patience, mutual respect, embrace theprinciplethat allAmericansshould be responsibility , self- reliance are fundamental to treatedwith dignity andrespect. Butrespectisnot the order and progress of our Republic . Strong enough. Ourlawsandourgovernment'sregulations families, depending upon God and one another, should recognizemarriageas theunion ofoneman advance the cause of liberty by lessening the need and one woman and actively promotemarried for government in their daily lives. Conversely , as family life asthe basis of a stable and prosperous


society. For that reason, as explained elsewhere results are damning: intergenerationalpoverty has in this platform , we do not accept the Supreme persisted andworsened since 1966. Court's redefinitionofmarriage and we urge its This yearmarksanotherimportantanniversary; reversal, whether throughjudicialreconsiderationor it hasbeen 20 years since thelandmarkRepublican a constitutionalamendmentreturningcontrolover welfare reform of 1996 broke away from the marriage to the states. We oppose government discreditedGreatSocietymodel. Bymakingwelfare discrimination againstbusinessesor entities which a benefitinsteadof an entitlement, itputmillions declineto sell items or services to individualsfor of recipients on a transition from dependence to activitiesthat go againsttheir religiousviewsabout independence. Welfare rolls declined by half as such activities. recipientsand prospectiverecipients discovered a Families formed or enlarged by adoption better way to reachtheir goals. Bestof all, about strengthenour communitiesand ennobleournation. 3 million children moved out of poverty. Today Private entitieswhich facilitate enrich that progresshasbeen lost. Defyingthe law asit our communities. We supportmeasures such as was plainly written, the current Administration the First AmendmentDefense Act to ensurethese has nullified any meaningfulwork requirement entitiesdo not face governmentdiscrimination andmade TANF a mockeryof the namewe gave becauseoftheir viewsonmarriageand family. We it: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. This applaudthe Republicaninitiativeswhich have led decision ensures that those families will remain to an increasein adoptions, an achievementwhich needy and cut off from the economicmainstream should be recognizedin any restructuringof the ofAmerican society. federaltax code. While the numberof children in This is the progressivepathology: Keeping fostercarehasstabilized, teenswhoageoutofthat people dependent so that government can settingoften are abruptlyleftto face theworld on redistributeincome. Theresultis 45.8 millionpeople their own. Weurgestates and community groups on food stamps and 77 million on Medicaid, plus to help these youngadultsbecomeindependent. another5.7 millionin the Children'sHealth Insurance Thirty years ago, President Reagan commis Program. This is the false compassionofthe status sioned a Special Working Group on the Family to quo. We propose insteadthe dynamic compassion study how government at alllevels could bemore ofwork requirementsin a growingeconomy, where supportive of family life. We urge marriage penal opportunity takes the place of a hand-out, where ties to be removed from the tax code and public true self-esteem can grow from the satisfactionof assistance programs. We invite allwho care about a job well done. children to join us in this proposal to ensure that Wecall forremovalof structuralimpediments allfederalprograms, in the words ofPresident Ken whichprogressivesthrowin thepath ofpoorpeople: nedy, “ stress the integrity and preservation ofthe Over- regulationof start-up enterprises, excessive family unit." licensing requirements, needlessrestrictionson formationof schoolsand day- care centersserving A CultureofHope neighborhoodfamilies, and restrictionson providing Wehavebeen fightingtheWar on Poverty for public servicesin fieldslike transportandsanitation 50 years andpovertyis winning. Our socialsafety that close the opportunitydoor to allbut a favored net – about 80 separatemeans-tested programs few. Wewill continue our fight for schoolchoice costingover $ 1 trillion every year is designed untilallparentscan find good, safe schoolsfor their to helppeopleborn into or falling into poverty. It children. To protectreligiouslibertywewill ensure rarelyliftsthem out. Itsapologistsjudge successby thatfaith- based institutions, especially those that the amount ofmoneyspentto keep people in the are vitalpartsof underservedneighborhoods, do system . That is a cruelmeasurementRepublicans notfacediscriminationby government.Wepropose proposeto evaluatea povertyprogram bywhether new partnershipsbetweenthose who manage it actually reduces poverty and increases the federalprogramsand those who are on the front personal independence of its participants. The lines of fighting povertyon the ground. We must


encourage their efforts to reclaim their communities and educators who are implementing alternatives from the culture of poverty . To advance this process, to Common Core, and congratulate the states which we urge greater state and local responsibility for, have successfully repealed it. Their education reform and control over, public assistance programs. movement calls for choice-based , parent-driven accountability at every stageof schooling. Itaffirms Education: A Chance for Every Child higher expectationsfor allstudentsand rejectsthe Educationismuchmore than schooling. Itis cripplingbigotry of low expectations. Itrecognizes the whole range of activitiesbywhichfamiliesand the wisdom of localcontrolof our schoolsand it communities transmit to a younger generation, wisely sees consumerrights in education choice not just and skills, but ethical and as themostimportantdrivingforce forrenewing behavioralnormsand . It is the handing education. It rejectsexcessivetesting and teaching over of a culturalidentity. That is why American to the test” and supports the need for strong education has, for the last severaldecades, been assessmentsto serveas a toolso teacherscantailor the focusof constantcontroversy, as centralizing teaching to meetstudentneeds. forces from outsidethe family We applaud America's and community have sought great teachers, who should to remake education in order be protected against frivolous to remake America. They have lawsuits and should be able done immense damage. The to take reasonable actions to federalgovernment should not MaintainingAmerican maintain disciplineand order in be a partner in that effort, as the classroom . Administrators preeminencerequires the Constitution gives itno role need flexibility to innovate in education . At the heart of a world - class system and to hold accountable the American Experiment lies education in which all those responsible for the greatest politicalexpression student performance. A good all students reach of human dignity: The self understanding of the Bible evidenttruth that allmen are for the their potential. being indispensable created equal, that they are elopment of an educated endowedby their Creatorwith citizenry, we encourage state certain unalienablerights, that legislatures to offer the Bible among these are Life , Liberty, in a literature curriculum as and the PursuitofHappiness.” an elective in America's high That rejectsthe dark view of the individualas schools. Weurge schooldistrictstomake use of human capital a possession for the creation of teaching talent in the business community, STEM another'swealth. fields, and the military, especially among our Parents are a child's first and foremost returning veterans . Rigid tenure systems should educators , and have primary responsibility for be replaced with a merit -based approach in order the education of their children . Parents have a to attract the best talent to the classroom . All right to direct their children's education , care, personnel who interact with school children should and upbringing. We support a constitutional pass background checks and beheld to the highest amendment to protect that right from interference standards of personal conduct . by states, the federal government, or international bodies such as theUnited Nations. Wereject a one Academic Excellence for All size -fits -all approach to education and support a Maintaining American preeminence requires broad range of choices for parents and children at a world - class system of education in which all the state and local level.Welikewise repeat our long students can reach their potential. Republicans are standing opposition to the imposition of national leading the effort to create it. Since 1965, the federal standards and assessments , encourage the parents government , through more than 100 programs in

33 • R E P U B L I C A N P L A T F O R M 2 0 1 6 •

the Departmentof Education,has spent $2 trillion In sum, on the one hand enormous amounts on elementaryand secondaryeducationwith little of moneyare being spentfor K-12public education substantialimprovementin academicachievement with overallresultsthat do notjustify that spending or high schoolgraduationrates.The United States level.On the other hand,the commonexperience spends an averageof morethan $12,000per pupil of families,teachers,and administratorsforms the per year in public schools,for a total of more than basis of what does work in education.In Congress $620billion.That representsmorethan 4 percentof and in the states, Republicansare bridgingthe GDPdevotedto K-12educationin 2011-2012.Of that gap between those two .Congressional amount,federal spendingamountedto more than Republicansare leadingtheway forwardwithmajor $57 billion.Clearly,if money were the solution,our reformlegislationadvancingthe conceptof block schools would beproblem-free. grants and repealingnumerousfederal regulations More moneyalone does not necessarilyequal which have interferedwith state and local control better performance.After years of trial and error, of public schools. Their Workplace Innovation we know the policies and methods that have and OpportunityAct — modernizingworkforce actuallymadea differencein studentadvancement: programs, repealing mandates, and advancing Choice in education; building on the basics; employment for persons with disabilities — is STEM subjects and phonics;career and technical now law. Their legislationto requiretransparency education;ending social promotions; merit pay in unfundedmandatesimposeduponour schools for good teachers;classroomdiscipline; parental is advancing.Their D.C. OpportunityScholarship involvement;and strong leadershipby principals, Program should be expanded as a model for superintendents,and locallyelectedschool boards. the rest of the country. We deplore the efforts Becausetechnologyhas becomean essentialtool of Congressional Democrats and the current of learning,it must be a key element in our efforts President to eliminatethis successfulprogramfor to provideeverychildequalaccessand opportunity. disadvantagedstudents in order to placate the We strongly encourage instruction in American leadersof the teachers’unions. history and civics by using the originaldocuments To ensure that all students have access to of our foundingfathers. the mainstream of American life, we support the English First approachand oppose divisive Choicein Education programsthat limit students’ability to advancein We support options for learning, including Americansociety.We renew our call for replacing home-schooling,career and technical education, “family planning”programsfor teens with sexual private or parochial schools, magnet schools, risk avoidance education that sets abstinence charter schools,online learning,and early-college until marriage as the responsibleand respected high schools.We especiallysupport the innovative standard of behavior.That approach — the only financingmechanismsthat make options available one always effectiveagainst premaritalpregnancy to all children:educationsavings accounts(ESAs), and sexually-transmitteddisease — empowers vouchers, and tuition tax credits. Empowering teens to achieve optimal health outcomes.We familiesto accessthelearningenvironmentsthat will opposeschool-basedclinics that providereferral best help their childrento realizetheir full potential or counselingfor abortionand contraceptionand is one of the greatest civil rights challengesof our believe that federal funds should not be used in time. A young person’sability to succeedin school mandatoryor universalmentalhealth,psychiatric, must be based on his or her God-giventalent and or socio-emotionalscreeningprograms.The federal motivation,not an address,ZIP code, or economic governmenthas pushedstates to collectand share status. We proposethat the bulkof federal money vast amountsof personalstudent and family data, through Title I for low-incomechildrenand through includingthe collectionof social and emotional IDEA for childrenwith special needs should follow data. Muchof this datais collectedwithoutparental the child to whatever school the family thinks will consent or notice. This is whollyincompatiblewith work best for them. the AmericanExperimentand our inalienablerights.


Title IX by admitting large numbers of foreign students, Weemphaticallysupporttheoriginal, authentic convey our values and culture to the world. Their meaningof Title IX ofthe Education Amendments excellence is undermined by an ideological bias of 1972.It affirmed that no person in the United deeply entrenched within the current university Statesshall, on the basisof sex, be excluded from system . Whatever the solution may be in private participation in , bedenied the benefits of, or be institutions, in state schools the trustees have a subjectedto discriminationunder any education responsibility to the taxpayers to ensure that their program or activity receiving Federalfinancial enormous investment is not abused for political assistance. Thatlanguageopened up for girlsand indoctrination . We call on state officials to preserve women a world ofopportunitiesthathad too often our public colleges, universities , and trade schools been denied to them . That sameprovision of law as placesof learning and the exchange ofideas, not is now being usedby bureaucrats and by the zones of intellectual intolerance or safe zones," as currentPresidentoftheUnitedStates – impose if college students need protection from the free a socialandculturalrevolutionuponthe American exchange of ideas. A student's First Amendment people by wrongly redefining sex discrimination rights do not end at the schoolhouse gates. to include sexualorientation or othercategories. Colleges , universities, and trade schools must not Their agendahas nothingto do with individual infringe on their freedom of speech and association rights; ithas everything to do with power. They in the name of . We condemn are determinedto reshapeour schools – and our the campus-based BDS (Boycott, Divestment, entire society – to fit themoldof an ideology alien and Sanctions) campaign against Israel. It is anti to America'shistoryand traditions. Their edict to Semitism and should be denounced by advocates the statesconcerningrestrooms, lockerrooms, and of academic freedom . other facilitiesis once illegal, dangerous, and ignoresprivacyissues. Wesalutethe severalstates College Costs which havefiledsuit againstit. The cost of a college education has longbeen Sexualassaultis a terriblecrime.Wecommend on an unsustainable trajectory, rising year by year the good-faith efforts by law enforcement, far ahead ofinflation.Nationwide, studentdebt now educationalinstitutions, and their partners to exceeds credit card debt with average debtlevels addressthatcrimeresponsibly. Wheneverreported, per student totaling roughly $ 27,000. Delinquency it mustbepromptlyinvestigatedby rateson studentloans are now as high as they were andprosecutedin a courtroom, nota facultylounge. on subprimemortgages during the housing crisis. Questionsof guilt or innocencemustbedecided Over half of recent college grads are unemployed by a judge and jury, with guiltdeterminedbeyond or underemployed, working at jobs for which their a reasonable doubt. Those convicted of sexual expensive educations gave them no preparation. assaultshouldbepunished to the full extentofthe Weneed new systems of learning to compete with law . The Administration'sdistortionof Title IX to traditional four- year schools: Technical institutions, micromanagethe way collegesand universitiesdeal online universities, life-long learning, and work with allegationsofabusecontravenesour country's based learning in the private sector. Public policy legaltraditionsandmustbehaltedbeforeitfurther should advance their affordability, innovation, and muddlesthis complexissue andpreventsthe proper transparency and should recognize that a four-year authorities from investigatingand prosecuting degree from a brick -and-mortar institution isnot the sexualassault effectivelywith dueprocess. only path toward a prosperous and fulfilling career. The federal governmentshould notbe in the Improving Higher Education business of originating student loans. In order Our colleges, universities, and trade schools, to bring down college costs and give students large and small, public and private, form theworld's access to a multitudeof financingoptions, private greatest assemblageoflearning. Theydrivemuch of sectorparticipationin student financingshould be the research that keeps America competitive and, restored. Anyregulationthatincreasescollegecosts


must be challenged to balance itsworth against its Obamacare and give America a much- needed tax negative economic impact on students and their cut. families. In its place we must combinewhat worked In order to encouragenew modesofhigher bestin the pastwith changesneededfor the future. educationdelivery to enter themarket, accreditation Wemust recover the traditionalpatient-physician should be decoupled from federalfinancing, and relationship based on mutual trust, informed states shouldbeempoweredto allow a widearray consent, and confidentiality. To simplify the system of accreditingand credentialingbodies to operate. for both patients and providers, wewill reduce This modelwould fosterinnovation, bringprivate mandates and enable insurers and providers of industry into the credentialingmarket, and give care to increase healthcareoptions and contain students the ability to customize their college costs. Our goalis to ensure that all Americans experience. have improved access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, including those struggling with mental Restoring Patient Control and illness. Preserving Quality in Healthcare We will return to the states their historic role Any honest agenda for improvinghealthcare of regulating local insurance markets, limit federal muststartwith repealof the dishonestly named requirements on both private insurance and AffordableCare Act of 2010 : Obamacare. It weighs Medicaid, and call on state officials to reconsider the like the dead hand of the past upon American costly medicalmandates, imposed under their own medicine. It imposed a -stylebureaucracyto laws, that price millions of low - income families out manageitsunworkable, budget-busting, conflicting of the insurancemarket. To guarantee first- rate care provisions. Ithas driven up pricesfor allconsumers. for the needy, we propose to block grant Medicaid Their insurance premiums have dramatically and other payments and to assist all patients, increased while their deductibleshave risen about including those with pre - existing conditions, to eight timesfaster than wagesin the lastten years. obtain coverage in a robust consumer market. It drove up drug prices by levying a $ 27 billion Through Obamacare, the current Administration has tax on manufacturersand importersand, through promoted the notion ofabortion as healthcare .We, mandatedpricecuts for gsunderMedicareand however, affirm the dignity of women by protecting Medicaid, forced pharmaceuticalcompanies to the sanctity ofhuman life. Numerous studies have raiseprices for everyoneelse. Its “ silver plans, shown that abortion endangers the health and well most common optionon the governmentinsurance being of women , and we stand firmly against it. exchanges, limitpeople's accessto their owndoctor To ensure vigorous competition in healthcare, through narrownetworksandrestrictdrugcoverage, and because cost-awareness is the best guard forcingmanypatientsto pay for extremelycostly against over-utilization, we will promote price medicinesfor their chronic diseases. transparency so consumers can know the cost We agree with thefour dissenting judges of the of treatments beforethey agree to them . Wewill Supreme Court: “ In our view , the entire Act before empowerindividualsand small businessesto form us is invalid in its entirety .” It must be removed purchasingpools in order to expandcoverage to and replaced with an approach based on genuine the uninsured. Webelieve that individualswith competition , patient choice , excellent care , wellness , preexistingconditionswhomaintain continuous and timely access to treatment. To that end , a coverageshould be protectedfrom discrimination. Republican president, on the first day in office , Weapplaudthe advanceoftechnologyin electronic will use legitimate waiver authority under the law medicalrecordswhileaffirmingpatientprivacy and to halt its advance and then , with the unanimous ownership of personalhealthinformation. support of Congressional Republicans, will sign its Consumer choice is themost powerfulfactor in repeal. The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare healthcare reform . Today's highlymobile workforce based on Congress ' power to tax . Itis time to repeal needs portability of insurance coverage that can go


with them from job to job . The need to maintain Better Care andLower Costs : Tort Reform coverage should not dictatewhere familieshaveto Medicalmalpracticelawsuitshave ballooned live and work. Wepropose to end tax discrimination the cost ofhealthcare for everyoneby forcing against the individualpurchase of insurance and physiciansto practice defensivemedicinethrough allow consumers to buy insurance across state tests and treatmentswhich otherwisemightbe lines. In lightofthat, weproposerepealing the 1945 optional. RuralAmerica is especially affected as McCarran-Ferguson Act which protects insurance obstetricians, surgeons, and other providersmove companies from anti-trust litigation. We look to to urban settingsor retire the face of escalating the growth ofHealth SavingsAccounts and Health insurancepremiums. Many RepublicanGovernors ReimbursementAccounts that empowerpatients have advanced the legal reformsnecessary to and advancechoice in healthcare. reversethattrend. We supportstate and federal Our agingpopulationmusthaveaccessto safe legislation to cap non- economic damages in and affordablecare. Becausemost seniors desire medicalmalpractice lawsuits, thereby relieving to age at home, wewillmakehomecarea priority conscientiousprovidersofburdensthat are not in public policy and will implementprogramsto rightly theirs and addressinga seriouscause of protectagainstelderabuse. highermedicalbills.

ProtectingIndividualConscience Advancing Research and in Healthcare Development in Healthcare America'shealthcareprofessionalsshouldnot American medicineis poised to enter a new beforced to choosebetween followingtheir faith era of technologicaladvance. Federaland private and practicingtheir profession. We respectthe investment in basic and applied biomedical rights of conscienceofhealthcare professionals, researchholds enormouspromise, especially with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and organizations, diseases and disorders like autism , Alzheimer's, especially thefaith- based groupswhich provide andParkinson's Just aswe today takefor granted a majorportion of care for the nation and the wondersthat seemedimpossiblea few decadesago needy. Wesupporttheabilityofallorganizationsto andCATscans, roboticsurgery, and in utero provide, purchase, or enroll in healthcarecoverage treatment – patients a decade hencewill have consistent with their religious, moral, or ethical care and treatmentthatwillmakemuch of today's convictions without discrimination or penalty. medicinelook primitive. Modern miraclesinvolving We supportthe right of parents to determinethe genetics, the immune system , cures for deadly propermedicaltreatmentand therapy for their diseases, andmore are in the research pipeline. minor children. We support the right of parents This is the consequenceof marrying significant to consentto medicaltreatmentfor their minor investment,bothpublic andprivate, with theworld's children and urge enactmentof legislation that best talent, a formula thathas for a century given would requireparentalconsentfor their daughter the American people the world'sbesthealthcare. to be transported across state lines for abortion. Weare determinedthat it should continue to do Providersshouldnotbe permittedto unilaterally , especially as we confrontnew dangers like withholdservicesbecausea patient'slife is deemed Ebola, Zika, Chikungunya, and antibiotic- resistant notworth living. Americantaxpayersshould notbe pathogens. forced to fund abortion. As Democratsabandon To continue our headway against breast this four decade-old bipartisan consensus, we and prostate cancer, diabetes, and other killers, call for codificationof the HydeAmendmentand research must consider the needs of formerly its application across the government, including neglected demographic groups. We call for Obamacare. Wecallfor a permanentban on federal expanded supportfor the stem cell research that fundingand subsidies for abortion and healthcare now offers the greatesthope for many afflictions plansthatincludeabortioncoverage. through adult stem cells, umbilicalcord blood,


and cells reprogrammed into pluripotent stem cells andmostfrom new devicesand drugs, and thatthe without the destruction of embryonic human FDA nolongerwastesU.S.taxpayerand innovators life.Weurge a ban on human cloning forresearch resourcesthrough bureaucraticred tapeand legal or reproduction, and a ban on the creation of, or uncertainty. Wecommendthose states that have experimentation on , human embryosforresearch. passed Rightto Try legislation, allowing terminally We applaud Congress' ban on the FDA approval illpatientsthe rightto try investigationalmedicines of research involvingthree-parentembryos. We notyetapprovedby the FDA. WeurgeCongressto believethe FDA'sapprovalofMifeprex, a dangerous pass federallegislationto give allAmericanswith abortifacientformerlyknownas RU-486, threatens terminalillnessesthe rightto try. women'shealth, asdoesthe agency'sendorsement ofover-the- countersalesofpowerfulcontraceptives AdvancingAmericanswith Disabilities withouta physician'srecommendation. Wesupport Under the last two Republican presidents, cutting federaland state funding for entities that landmarkcivilrightslegislation affirmedthe inherent endangerwomen'shealthby performingabortions rights ofpersonswith disabilities. Republicanswant in a mannerinconsistentwith federalor statelaw . to supportthose rightsby guaranteeing access to education and the tools necessary to compete in Putting Patients First: Reformingthe FDA themainstream of society. This is notjust a moral The United States has led life sciences and obligationto our fellow Americanswith disabilities. medicalinnovation for decades, bringingmillions Itis our to our country'sfuture to tap this vast ofhigh- payingjobs to our country and helping poolof talentedindividualswho want to work and Americansandpeoplearoundtheworld live longer, contribute to the common good. For that reason, healthierlives. Unfortunately, the continuously Republicanleadership led to enactment of the increasing burden of governmentalregulation ABLE Act (Achieving a BetterLife Experience) and red tape is taking its toll on our innovative andthe Steve Gleason Act. The former, for the first companies, and their pipeline of -saving time, letspeoplewith disabilitiesmaintain access devices and drugs to our nation's patients is to services while saving to develop assets. The slowing and diminishing. The FDAhas slowlybut latter, bearingthe nameof the formerNFL player relentlesslychanged into an agencythatmore with ALS, provides access to speech-generating more puts the public health at risk by delaying, devices. In addition, ourWorkforce Innovationand chilling, and killingthe developmentofnew devices, OpportunityActwillmake it easierforstudentswith drugs and biologics that can promoteour lives disabilitiesto pursuecompetitiveemployment and our health. The FDA needs leadership that Persons with disabilities are nearly twice can reform the agency forour century and fix the as likely to be self-employed as the general lack of predictability, consistency, transparency population. To encouragetheir entrepreneurship, it and efficiencyat the agency. The FDA needs to makessenseto includethem in the SmallBusiness return to its traditionalemphasison hard science Administration's 8 ( a) certification program , and approvingnew breakthroughmedicines, rather which opens up federalcontractingfor emerging than divert its attentionand consumeits resources businesses. Any restructuringof thetax codeshould trying to overregulate electronic health records considerways in which companiescanbenefitfrom or vaping. Wepledge to restorethe FDA to its the talentandenergyoftheir disabledemployees. position as the premier scientific health agency, The Individualswith DisabilitiesEducationAct focused on both promotingand protecting the (IDEA) hasopenedup unprecedentedopportunities public health in equalmeasure, so we can ensure formany students. CongressionalRepublicanswill that Americans live longer, healthier lives, that lead in its reauthorization, aswell as renewalofthe the UnitedStates remainsthe world leader in life Higher Education Act, which can offer students sciencesand medicalinnovation, thatmillions of with disabilities increased access to the general high-paying, cutting-edgedevice anddrug jobsstay curriculum. Our TIME Act ( Transitionto Integrated in theUnited States, thatU.S.patientsbenefitfirst and MeaningfulEmployment) willmodernizethe


Fair LaborStandardsActto encouragecompetitive adhering to the rule of law himself. Additionally, employmentfor personswith disabilities. Weaffirm the nextpresidentmustnot sow seedsofdivision our supportfor itsgoalofminimizingtheseparation anddistrustbetweenthe police and thepeople they of children with disabilities from their peers. We have sworn to serve and protect. The Republican endorse effortslike EmploymentFirstthat replace Party, a party oflaw and order,mustmakeclear in dependency with jobs in themainstream of the words and action that everyhumanlifematters. American workforce. Two grave problemsunderminethe rule of We oppose the non- consensualwithholding law on the federallevel: Over-criminalizationand of care or treatment from people with disabilities, over-federalization. In the first case, Congressand includingnewborns, the elderly, and infirm , just as federalagencies have increased the number of we opposeeuthanasia and assisted suicide, which criminaloffenses in the U.S.Codefrom 3,000 in endangerespeciallythoseonthemarginsofsociety. the early to more than 4,500 today. That Weurge the DrugEnforcementAdministrationto doesnotincludean estimated300,000regulations restoreits ban on theuse of controlledsubstances containingcriminalpenalties. Noone, includingthe forphysician- assistedsuicide. Departmentof Justice, can comeup with accurate numbers. That recklessnessis bad enough when Ensuring Safe Neighborhoods: committedby Congress, butwhen it comes from Criminal Justice and Prison Reform theunelectedbureaucratsof the federalagencies, The men and women of law enforcement it is intolerable. The powerof career civil servants whetherpatrollingour neighborhoodsor our and politicalappointees to criminalizebehavioris borders, fighting organized crime or guarding one ofthe worst violations of constitutionalorder againstdomestic terror deserveour gratitude perpetratedby the administrativestate. and support. Their jobs arenever easy, especially To deal with this morass, we urge caution in crisis situations, and should notbemademore in the creation ofnew " crimes” and a bipartisan difficult by politicized second- guessing from presidentialcommission to purge the Code and federal officials. The currentAdministration'slack the body of regulations of old crimes. We call of respect for them , from WhiteHouseintervention formensrea elements in the definition of any new in localarrests to the Attorney General's present crimes to protect Americanswho, in violating a campaign of harassment against police forces law, actunknowinglyor withoutcriminalintentWe aroundthe country, hasbeenunprecedented. With urge Congress to codify the Common Law's Rule allAmericans,wemourn thosewhom wehavelost ofLenity, which requires courts to interpretunclear to violenceandhatred. To honortheir sacrifice, we statutesin favor of a defendant. recommitourselves, as individualsandasa party, to The over- federalization of criminal justice the rule oflaw andthe pursuitof justice. is one of many ways in which the government The conduct of the Departmentof Justice in Washington has intruded beyond its proper hasincludedrefusalto enforcelaws, stonewalling jurisdiction. The essential role of federal law congressionalcommittees, destroying evidence, enforcement personnel in protecting federal recklessdealingwith firearmsthat led to several propertyandcombatinginterstatecrimeshould not deaths on both sides of ourborder, and defying be compromisedby diversion to mattersproperly a citation for contempt It has urged leniency for handledby state andlocalauthorities. rioterswhile turning a blind eye to mob attackson We applaud the Republican Governors peacefulcitizens exercising their politicalrights. and legislators who have been implementing A new administrationmust ensure the immediate criminal justice reforms like those proposed dismissaland, where appropriate, prosecutionof by our 2012 platform . Along with diversion of any Departmentofficials who have violated their first-time, nonviolent offenders to community oath ofoffice. sentencing, accountability courts, drug courts, The next president must restore the public's veteranstreatmentcourts, and guidanceby faith trust in law enforcement and civil order by first based institutions with proven track records of


rehabilitation, our platform emphasizedrestorative The internetmustnotbecomea safe haven for justicetomakethevictim whole andputtheoffender predators. , with its harmfuleffects, on the rightpath. As variantsofthesereformsare especially on children,hasbecomea publichealth undertaken in many states, weurge the Congress crisis thatisdestroyingthe livesofmillions. Ween to learn from what works. In the past, judicial courage states to continue to fight this public men discretion aboutsentencesled to seriousmistakes ace and pledgeourcommitmentto children's safety concerning dangerous criminals. Mandatory andwell-being. We applaud the socialnetworking minimum sentencing became an important tool sites thatbar sex offenders from participation.We for keeping them off the streets. Modificationsto urge energetic prosecution of child pornography, itshould betargeted toward particularcategories, which is closely linkedto humantrafficking. especiallynonviolentoffenders and personswith drug, alcohol, ormentalhealth issues, and should Combatting Drug Abuse require disclosureby the courts of any judicial The progressmade over thelast three decades departurefrom the state's sentencingrequirements. against drug abuse is eroding, whether for cultural The constitutionalityofthe death penalty is reasons or for lack of nationalleadership. In many firmly settled by its explicitmention in the Fifth jurisdictions,marijuana is virtually legalized despite Amendment. With themurder rate soaring in our its illegality under federal law . At the other end great cities, we condemn the Supreme Court's of the drug spectrum , heroin use nearly doubled erosion ofthe rightof the people to enact capital from 2003 to 2013 , while deaths from heroin have punishment in their states. In solidaritywith those quadrupled. All this highlights the continuing who protect us, we call for mandatory prison conflicts and contradictionsin public attitudes and timefor all assaultsinvolving seriousinjuryto law public policy toward illegal substances. Congress enforcementofficers. and a new administration should consider the long Wecallon the Congress to make the federal range implicationsof these trendsfor public health courts a model for the rest of the country in and safety and prepare to dealwith the problematic protectingthe rightsof victimsand their families. consequences. They shouldbetold allrelevantinformationabout The misuse of prescription painkillers theircase, allowedto bepresentfor its trial, assured opioids – is a relatedproblem. Heroin and opioid a voice in sentencingand parole hearings, given abuse touches our communities, our homes, and accessto socialandlegalservices, andbenefitfrom our familiesin ways that have grave effects on the CrimeVictimsFundestablishedunderPresident Americansin every community. With a quadrupling Reaganforthat solepurpose. of both their sales andtheir overdosedeaths, the Public officials must regain controlof their opioid crisis is ravagingcommunities allover the correctionalinstitutions, someofwhichhavebecome country, often hittingruralareasharderthanurban. ethnic and racialbattlegrounds. Personsjailed for Becauseover- prescriptionof drugs is such a large whatevercause should beprotectedagainstcruel part of the problem , Republicanlegislation now or degradingtreatmentby other inmates. Courts allowsMedicare Part D and MedicareAdvantage shouldnottie thehandsofprison officialsin dealing plans to limit patients to a single pharmacy. with these problems. Weencouragestates to offer CongressionalRepublicanshave also called upon opportunitiesfor literacy and vocationaleducation the Centers forMedicareand MedicaidServicesto to prepareprisonersfor release to the community. ensure that no physicianwillbepenalizedfor limiting Breakingthe cycleofcrimebeginswith the children opioid prescriptions. We look for expeditious of those who are prisoners. Deprivedof a parent agreementbetween the House and Senate on throughnofaultof theirown, youngstersfrom these the ComprehensiveAddiction and Recovery Act, familiesshouldbe a specialconcern of our schools, which addressesthe opioidepidemicfrom boththe socialservices, and religiousinstitutions. demandand supply sidesofthe problem.


America Resurgent

A Dangerous World navalcapabilities are inadequate for their job. Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 23 The Air Forcefields the smallestand oldest force that the first of the “ principal” constitutional of combataircraft in its history. The Marineshave obligationsof the federalgovernmentis to provide onlytwo-thirds thenumberofbattalionstheyhave for the defense” of the United States, historicallyneededto meet day to day operational and PresidentGeorgeWashingtonwiselyreminded demands. The Armyis at its lowest troop levels us that“ To be preparedfor war is one ofthemost since beforeWorld War II. Our U.S.Ambassador effectualmeansof preservingpeace.” andAmericanpersonnelwereleftwithoutadequate After nearly eight years a Democratic security or backup halfway across the world in Commander- in -Chiefwho has frequently placed Benghazi. In summary, we have returned to the strategic and ideologicallimitationsand shackles hollow force days ofJimmy Carter. on ourmilitary, ourenemieshavebeen emboldened Also neglected are our strategic forces, and our nationalsecurity is at especially the developmentand great risk. Our country faces a deployment of ballistic missile nationalsecurity crisis, and only In allof our country's defenses . The Ground -Based by electing a Republican to the history, there isno Midcourse Defense system has White House willwerestore law been delayed and underfunded. andorder to our land and safety parallelto what curry favor with Russia, to our citizens . PresidentObamaand defenseinstallationsin Poland We are theparty of peace and the Czech Republic have his former through strength. We believe Secretary been neutralized and the that American exceptionalism of State have done to number of planned interceptors the notion that our ideas and in Alaska has been reduced . weaken ournation. principlesas a nationgive us a A New START agreement unique place ofmoralleadership (Strategic Arms Reduction in the world requires the Treaty) , so weak in verification United States to retake its naturalposition as leader and definitions that it is virtually impossible to prove of the free world . a violation,hasallowedRussia tobuild up itsnuclear Tyranny and injusticethrive when America is arsenalwhile reducing ours. Meanwhile weakened. Theoppressedhaveno greater allythan has repeatedly violated the Intermediate- Range a confidentand determinedUnitedStates, backed Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty ( a treaty agreeingto by the strongestmilitary on theplanet. the elimination of land -based mid -range nuclear Quite simply the Republican Party is committed missiles) with impunity, covertly testing missiles to rebuilding the U.S.military into the strongest on banned under that agreement. earth, with vast superiority over any other nation or In the international arena, a weak Admini group ofnations in the world.Weface a dangerous stration has invited aggression . The results of world , and webelieve in a resurgent America . the Administration's unilateral approach to In all of our country's history , there is no parallel disarmament are already clear: An emboldened to what President Obama and his former Secretary China in the South China Sea, a resurgent Russia of State have done to weaken our nation. Our aging occupying parts of and threatening


neighborsfrom theBaltic to the Caucasus, and an deploy a multi-layeredmissile defense system. We aggressiveIslamist terror network in the Middle mustmodernizenuclearweapons and their delivery East. We supportmaintaining and, if warranted, platforms, end the policy of Mutually Assured increasing sanctions, together with our allies, Destruction, and rebuildrelationshipswith our allies, againstRussiaunlessanduntilUkraine'ssovereignty who understandthat as long as the U.S. nuclear and territorialintegrityare fully restored. We also arsenalis their shield, they do notneed to engage support providing appropriate assistance to the in nuclearproliferation. armed forcesofUkraineand greater coordination While immigration is addressed in more with NATO defense planning. All our adversaries detail elsewhere, we cannotignorethe reality that heard themessagein the Administration'scutbacks: bordersecurity is a national security issue, and America is weakerand retreating. Concomitantly, that our nation'simmigration and refugeepolicies wehonor, support, and thank all law enforcement, are placing Americans at risk. To keep our people first responders, andemergencypersonnelfor their safe, we must secure our borders, enforce our service. immigration laws, and properly screen refugees and other immigrantsenteringfrom any country. In Confronting the Dangers particularwemust apply specialscrutiny to those In the face of these threats, the first orderof foreign nationalsseeking to enter the United States businessfor a Republicanpresidentand Congress from terror- sponsoringcountries or from regions will be to restore our nation's military might. associatedwith Islamic terrorism . This was done Republicanscontinueto supportAmericanmilitary successfully after September 11, 2001, under the superiority which hasbeen the cornerstoneof a NationalSecurity Entry- Exit RegistrationSystem , strategy that seeks to deter aggressionor defeat which shouldberenewednow. those who threaten our vital national security interests. Wemust rebuild troop numbers and Supporting Our Troops: readiness and confirm their mission: Protecting Resources to do Job the nation, notnationbuilding. The United States We owe it to the American people and to shouldmeetthe Reaganmodelof peace through those who fight our wars that we remain the strength by a forcethatis capable ofmeetingany strongest ary on earth and be prepared to and all threats to our vitalnationalsecurity. We defeat any adversary under any circumstances on willno longer tolerate a Presidentwhose rulesof any battlefield, including land, air , sea, or cyber. engagementput our own troopsin harm's way or Successive years of cuts to our defense budget commanderswho tell their soldiers that their first have put an undue strain on our men and women duty is to fight climate change. in uniform . This is especially harmful at a time A Republican administration will begin at when we are asking ourmilitary to do more in an onceto undo the damageofthe last eightyears. increasingly dangerous world. The U.S. defense Wemustmove from a budget-based strategy to budgethas suffered a 25 percent cut in realdollars one thatputs the securityofour nation first. This in the five years since sequestration . We support means that our Republicanpresident'sstrategic lifting the budget cap for defense and reject the vision will includethe developmentof a balanced efforts ofDemocrats to hold the military's budget forcetomeet the diversethreats facing ournation. hostage for their domestic agenda . Congress and SpecialOperationsForces are simplynotintended the Administration should work together to approve to dealwith the fullspectrum of threats. Weneed military spending at the levelnecessary to defend our a Reagan-era force that can fightandwin two-and country. Wemust notbe encumbered by decades one-half wars ranging from counterterrorism to old , legacy procurement processes. America's deterringmajorpoweraggressors. incredible talent and ingenuity must be unleashed We should abandon arms control treaties by modernizing the military procurement system that benefit our adversaries without improving and embracing competition among traditional and our nationalsecurity. Wemustfund, develop, and non - traditional suppliers. Competitive acquisition


andmaintenanceof weapon systems, including among spouses. In many cases, they and their the sustainmentand supportof such systems, will children havebeen at war for 14 years. Wemust benefitthe U.S.economy, U.S.taxpayers, andmost strengthen existing programsthat offer families important, the American warfighter. Increased readjustmentinformation and counseling, and we competition will enable new Departmentof urge states to help by providing job programs, Defensesuppliers, particularly smallbusinesses, to license reciprocity, one- stop service centers, and participatein thedefense sector. That willpromote education. new demandfor skilled-laborjobs, whilemakingthe The burden of our country's extendedmilitary Department'sprocurementmorecost-efficient. The involvement in the Middle East has taken a toll on increasedagility andeffectivenesswillensurethat our service personnel. Suicidesamong ourmilitary our troops are equipped with the rightresources active duty troops, reservists, NationalGuardsmen, morequickly than ourcurrentprocurementsystems and veterans – are at shocking levels, while post allow servicemedicalconditions, includingaddiction and mental illness, require more andmore assistance. SupportingOur Troops: More than ever, our governmentmustwork with the Standingby OurHeroes private sector to advance opportunitiesand provide With Republican leadership, the Congress assistance to those wounded in spirit as well as in recently passed legislation that begins to reverse body, whether through experimental efforts like the America'smilitary decline. The NationalDefense PAWS (Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemen) Authorization Act of 2016 begins to correctthe program for service dogs or through the faith -based shortfalls in ourmilitary readinessby reversing institutionsthathave traditionally been providers of troop cuts, increasinginvestmentsin trainingand counseling and aid . maintenance, and rebuildingfacilities. Itgivesour We support the rights of conscience ofmilitary troops the full pay raise to which they are entitled chaplains of all faiths to practice their faith free underthe law and gives the next administration from political interference . We reject attempts the ability to review operationsand funding, make by the Obama Administration to censure and adjustments and ask formoremoney if necessary. silence them , particularly Christians and Christian Allthis representsa sound start in supportingthose chaplains. We support an increase in the size of who put their lives on the line in defense of our the Chaplain Corps. A Republican commander -in country, whileprotectingournationalsecurity in a chiefwill protect the religious freedom of all military dangerousworld. members, especially chaplains, and willnot tolerate Military familiesmustbe assured of the pay, attempts to ban Bibles or religious symbols from healthcare, housing, education, and overallsupport military facilities. A Republican commander - in they have earned. In recent years, they have chief will also encourage education regarding the been carryingthe burden ofbudgetary restraint religious of military personnel under both more than any other Americansthrough cuts in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and their pay, health benefits, and retirementplans. the current NationalDefense Authorization Act. About75 percentof enlistees comefrom military Our country's all-volunteerforcehas been a families. Wecannot expect that level of patriotic success. We opposethereinstatementofthe draft, commitmentto continueamongyoungpeople who except in dire circumstanceslikeworld war, whether have experienced the way their familieshave been directly or through compulsorynationalservice. treated We support the all-volunteer force and oppose Wemust ensure that the nation keeps its unnecessary policy changes, includingcompulsory commitmentsto those who signed on the dotted nationalservice and Selective Serviceregistration lineofenlistment. The repeatedtroop deployments ofwomen for a possible future draft. Wereiterate during conflicts in the Middle East have been oursupport for the advancementof women in unusuallyhard on allmembersoftheir households, themilitaryandtheir exemption from directground worsening unemployment and underemployment combatunitsandinfantrybattalions. We affirm the

43 • R E P U B L I C A N P L A T F O R M 2 0 1 6 •

culturalvalues that encourageselfless service and here at home such as HurricaneKatrinaand Super superiorityin battle,and we opposeanythingwhich StormSandy. might divide or weaken team cohesion,including To avoid the overextensionof our military, intra-military special interest demonstrations. we support a larger active force and oppose the In particular, we warn against modificationor current Administration’scutsto the NationalGuard lesseningof standards in order to satisfy a non- and Reserves.Those reductionsare dangerousand military agenda imposed by the White House. counter-productivebecausethe menandwomenof We call for an objective review of the impact on the Guardand Reservetend to be older and more readinessof the current Administration’sideology- experiencedthan their activeduty counterparts. based personnelpolicies, and Guard and Reserve will correct problems with forces are currentlydeployedat appropriate administrative, historicallyhighrates.The Army legal,or legislativeaction.We Reserve alone has soldiers reject the use of the military in 30 countries. To its credit, as a platform for social America has a the RepublicanCongress, by experimentationand will not sacred trust with our passing the National Defense accept or continue attempts AuthorizationAct, has moved veterans, and we are to underminemilitarypriorities to ensure these troops have and mission readiness. We committed to ensuring what they need.That provision believethat our nationis most them and their families’ has triggered another veto securewhen the presidentand threat from the Commander- the administration prioritize care and dignity. in-Chief, even though the bill readiness, recruitment, and passed with overwhelming retentionrather than using the bipartisansupport in both the military to advance a social House and Senate. He would or political agenda. Military have the members of the readiness should not be sacrificed on the altar Reserve and Guard train on, and potentially be of political correctness. We oppose legislative deployedwith, equipmentthat is no longerused by attempts to modifythe systemof military justice their active duty comrades.We cannot toleratethis that would undermineits fairness and due process endangerment of bothour troopsand our national rights for all concerned,both the accuser and the security. Therefore,we recommenda permanent accused. line item for NationalGuard affairs, one that is not eliminatedby the Presidentand reinstatedby CitizenSoldiers: Congress.The guard is too essentialto our national NationalGuardand Reserves defenseto be a secondarydecision. Our Reserve and National Guard forces are national assets that must be nurturedin a manner HonoringandSupportingOur Veterans: commensuratewiththeir roleas America’ssentinels. A SacredObligation Their historicmissionas citizen-soldiersis a proud Our nation’s veterans have been our nation’s traditionlinkingevery townandcity acrossAmerica strength and remain a national resource. Their to liberty’s cause. Since September 11, 2001, the service to their country — as communityleaders, National Guard has transformedfrom a strategic volunteers, mentors, educators, problem solvers, reserve to a fully integrated operationalfighting and public officials — continues long after they force. The Guard has bled on missions in Iraq, leave the military.In the same way, our obligation Afghanistan,the Balkans,and the Sinai.Today,more to the one percent who defend the other ninety- than fifty percent of our Guardsmenhave combat nine percent does not end when they take off experience.The Guard has demonstratedits value the uniform.America has a sacred trust with our to thenationnot only in war but duringemergencies veterans,and we are committedto ensuring them


and theirfamilies' care and dignity. The work ofthe will seek to consolidate the existing community Departmentof VeteransAffairs (VA) is essential care authorities to make a single program that will to meet our commitments to them Providing be easily understood by both veterans and VA health, education, disability, survivor, andhome healthcare providers. loan benefits, and arrangingmemorialservices Like the rest of American medicine, the VA upon death. Weheed Abraham Lincoln's command faces a criticalshortageofprimarycare andmental " to care for him who bore the battle. To care, healthphysicians. That'swhy there are longwaiting as well, for the families ofthosewho havemade times to see a doctorand why doctors are often the ultimate sacrifice, who must be assured of frustratedby the limited time they have with their meaningfulfinancialassistance, remainsoursolemn patients. This is especially the case with mental duty health care, which often amountsto prescribing As shown by recent controversies at the drugsbecausethereare not enough psychologists Department senior leaders must be held and psychiatriststo do anything else. Inadequate accountablefor ensuring that their subordinates treatmentof PTSD drives other problemslike are more responsiveto veterans' needs. The VA suicide, homelessness, and unemployment. This has failed those who have sacrificedthemostfor situation may not be quickly reversed, but a ourfreedom . The VA mustmove from a sometimes Republicanadministrationwillbegin, on day one,to adversarialstanceto an advocacy relationshipwith undertakethe job . vets. To that end, we willempowerthe Secretary Asa nation, we honorthesacrificeofourfallen to hold allVA employeesaccountableandwill seek servicemembers at the graveswherewe lay them fundamentalchange in the seniorleadership to rest in national, state, and veterans' cemeteries structureby placingpresidentialappointees, rather around the world. In doing so , wemakeit clear than careerists, in additionalpositionsofsignificant that their ultimate sacrifice and service to our responsibility. We cannot allow an unresponsive countrywillneverbe forgotten. Asa party,weseek bureaucracyto bluntournationalcommitment. The to honor their sacrificeand comforttheir families VA muststrengthen and improveitseffortsthrough by ensuringallveterans' cemeteriesare adequately partnerships with private enterprises, veteran equippedand a standard of care established, using service organizations, technology and innovation, gton Cemetery as a guide , that is befitting their andcompetitivebiddingto enable the VA tobetter service . provideboth quality and timely care alongwith all The level of financial distress and homeless earnedbenefitsto ournation'sveteransand their ness among vets is a shame to the nation. For a families. This will allow the VA to reducethe backlog veteran , a job is more than a source of income. It is and save immenseresources all at the sametime. a new mission, with a new status, and the transition Therefore, let us look to innovativesolutionsthat can be difficult. We urge the private sector to allow higherquality VA care, reduce backlogs, and make hiring vets a company policy and commend saveimmenseresourcesallatthe sametime. the organizations that have proven programs to Ourwoundedwarriors, whether still in service accomplish this. We will retain the preference or discharged, deserve the bestmedicalcare the given to veterans when they seek federal country can provide. Wemustmakemilitary and employment. We urge closer coordination with the veterans' medicine the gold standard for mental state offices for veterans' affairs, particularly with health, traumatic brain injury, multipletraumas, regard to expediting disability claims, since those loss of limbs, and post- traumatic stress disorder closest to an individual can often best diagnose (PTSD). Thoseinjuriesrequire a new commitmentof a problem and apply a remedy. We will halt the targeted resourcesand personnelfor treatmentand current Administration's unconstitutional automatic care to advance recovery. That includes allowing denial of gun ownership to returning members of veteransto chooseto access careinthe community our Armed Forces who have had representatives andnotjust in VA facilities,becausethebestcare in appointed to manage their financial affairs . We the world is not effective ifit is notaccessible. We urge state education officials to promote the hiring


of qualified veterans as teachers in our public Challenges of a ChangingMiddle East schools. Their proven abilities and life The Middle East is more dangerousnow than will make them more successfulinstructors and at any timesince the SecondWorld War. Whatever role models for students than would any teaching their disagreements, presidentsofboth partieshad certification. always prioritized America'snationalinterests, the Over-prescription of opioids has become trust of friendly governments, and the security of a nationwideproblem hinderingthe treatment Israel. That sound consensuswas replacedwith of veterans suffering from mentalhealth issues. impotentgrandstandingon the part of the current We therefore support the need to explore new Presidentand his Secretariesof State. The results and broader ranges of options, including faith havebeen ruinous for all parties except Islamic basedprograms, that willbetter serve the veteran terroristsand their Iranian and othersponsors. and reducethe need to rely on drugsas the sole We consider the Administration's dealwith Iran , treatment to lift international sanctions andmakehundreds of billions of dollars available to theMullahs, a personal America: The IndispensableNation agreement between the President and his negotiat Forthe last severalgenerations, our country's ing partners and non-binding on thenext president. twomajorpoliticalpartieswere dedicatedto the Without a two-thirds endorsement by the Senate , it nation's security and the advance of freedom does not have treaty status. Because of it, the de aroundthe world. Both had learned from mistakes fiant and emboldened regime in Tehran continues ofthepastandrealizedthata weak Americainvited to sponsor terrorism across the region , develop a aggression. Both recognizedthe need to stand nuclear weapon , test -fire ballistic missiles inscribed with friendsand opposethosewho wishedus evil. with Death to Israel, and abuse the basic human Whatevertheir disagreements, both the Republican rights ofits citizens. A Republican president willnot and Democratic partiesstood for peace through bebound by it. Wemust retain alloptions in dealing strength strength meantAmerican military with a situation that gravely threatens our security , superiority. our interests , and the survival of our friends. This bipartisan commitment has tragically Over the last four years we have seen the rise changed. The leadership of the Democratic Party, of a murderous in the form of ISIS, the both those in office and those who seek it, no longer so called Islamic State. Its reach now extends far see America as a force for goodin theworld. They beyond the Middle East to virtually every continent. do not standby allies or stand strong against our ISIS has brought ancient butchery into the 21st foes. They to world opinion andneglectthe century . Nations are imploding, erasing long nationalinterest. They cannotbe trustedto advance established borders. The Obama Administration either the causeofliberty orournationalsecurityin and its Secretary of State so mishandled the Arab the dangerousyears in which we live. Spring that it destabilized the entire region. The We affirm our party's tradition of world hope somesaw in the Arab Spring has transformed leadership established by President Eisenhower into disappointment. The dictator of , Bashar and followed by every Republican president Assad , has murdered hundreds of thousands of his since. It stands for enormouspower – and the own people and created millions of refugees, and prudence to use it sparingly, precisely, and only an American presidenthasbeen unable to rally the in grave necessity. It stands for involvement, not world against him . Understandably, our allies fear intervention. Itrequiresconsultation, notpermission for their future in a region farmore dangerous than to act. It leads from the front – and ensures all itwas eight years ago. othersdo their parts aswell. ItembracesAmerican A Republican administrationwill restore our exceptionalism and rejects the false prophetsof nation's credibility. Wemuststandup forourfriends, decline and diminution. It is, in sum , the way we challengeour foes, and destroy ISIS. Hezbollah, willlead theworld into a new century of greater controllingover 100,000missiles in Lebanon, must peaceandprosperity anotherAmerican Century. be isolated and Lebanon's independencerestored.


Wewillsupportthe transition to a post-Assad Syrian Our UnequivocalSupport for Israel government that is representative of its people, Like the United Statesof America, the modern protects the rights of all minorities and , state of Israel is a country born from the aspira respects the territorialintegrity of its neighbors, tion for freedom and stands out among thenations and contributes to peace and stability in the region. as a beacon of democracy and humanity. Beyond The Iraqipeople have been on the front lines in our mutualstrategic interests, Israel is likewise an fight against terror. Hundreds of thousands have exceptional country that shares our most essen been killed, and the attacks against them continue, tial values. It is the only country in the Middle East even in Baghdad. Our partnership with them should where freedom of speech and freedom of religion continue as long as ISIS and others like it survive in are found. Therefore, support for Israelis an expres theregion.Weare deeply concerned that, in the face sion ofAmericanism , and it is the responsibility of of genocide against them , Christian communities in our government to advance policies that reflect cities like Erbil are receiving no financial support Americans' strong desire for a relationship with no from either the U.S. government or the UN to help daylightbetween America and Israel. We recognize with displaced persons and urban refugees. Their Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of survivalis sustained only by private charities. This the and call for the American embassy must change immediately. Defeating ISIS means to bemoved there in fulfillment of U.S. law . more than pushing back its We reaffirm America's fighters while abandoning its commitmentto Israel'ssecurity victims. It must mean aiding and will ensure that Israelmain Itistheresponsibility those who have suffered the tains a qualitativemilitary edge most – and doing so before ofour governmentto over any and alladversaries.We they starve. Itmeanssupporting advance policiesthat support Israel's right and obli the long-term survival of gation to defend itself against reflectAmericans' indigenousreligiousand ethnic terror attacks upon its people communities , punishing the strong desire for a and against alternative forms perpetrators of crimes against of warfarebeing waged upon relationshipwithno , and conditio ng it legally, economically, cultur humanitarian and military daylightbetween ally, and otherwise. We reject assistance to governments on the falsenotionthatIsraelis an America and Israel. their observable commitment occupier and specifically recog to human rights. nize that the Boycott Divest We continue to support ment, andSanctionsMovement the Kurdish people, whosebraveryand cooperation (BDS) is anti-Semitic in natureand seeks to destroy with our forces merit our respect and their Israel. Therefore, we callfor effectivelegislation to autonomy. Manycountriesin theregionhavegiven, thwart actionsthat are intended to limit commer and continue to give, substantialassistance to cialrelationswith Israel, orpersonsor entities doing the United States because they understand that businessin Israelor in Israeli-controlled territories, our struggle against terrorism is not an ethnic or in a discriminatorymanner. religiousfight. They considerviolentextremists to TheUnited States seeksto assist in the estab be abusers of their faith, not its champions. We lishmentofcomprehensive and lastingpeacein the applaudtheir courageandvalue their counsel. The Middle East, to benegotiated amongthose living U.S.government, togetherwith its globalpartners, in the region.Weoppose anymeasuresintendedto shouldmobilizeits political, economic, andmilitary imposean agreementorto dictatebordersor other assetsto support the creation of a safe haven in terms, and we callfor theimmediateterminationof northern Iraq to protect those ethnic andreligious all U.S.fundingof any entity that attemptsto do minoritiescontinuingto face genocideatthehands so. Ourparty is proud to standwith Israelnow and of ISIS. always.


U.S.Leadership in the Asian Pacific Critics of the regimehavebeen kidnapped its Weare a Pacificnationwith economic,military, agentsin foreign countries. To distractthepopulace and culturalties to allthe countriesof the oceanic from its increasingeconomicproblemsand,more rim and treaty allianceswith Japan, , importantly, to expand its military might, the Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand. With governmentasserts a preposterousclaim to the them , we look towardthe establishmentofhuman entire South China Sea and continues to dredge rights for the peopleof North Korea. Weurge the ports andcreatelandingfields in contestedwaters governmentof China to recognizetheinevitability where nonehave existed before, ever nearer to of change in the Kim family's slave stateand, for U.S. territories and our allies, while building a everyone's safety against nuclear disaster, to navy far outofproportionto defensivepurposes. hasten positive changeon theKoreanpeninsula. The complacency of the Obama regimehas The United States will continue to demand the emboldenedthe Chinesegovernmentandmilitary complete, verifiable, and irreversibledismantlement to issue threats of intimidation throughout the of North Korea's nuclearweaponsprogram with South ChinaSea, not to mentionparadingtheirnew full accountingof its proliferationactivities. We missile, the Guam Killer, down themain streets of also pledgeto counter any threats from the North Beijing, a directshot at Guam as America'sfirst line Koreanregime. ofdefense. Meanwhile, culturalgenocidecontinues We salute the people of Taiwan , with whom in Tibet and Xinjiang, the promised autonomyof we share the values ofdemocracy, human rights, a HongKongis eroded, thecurrencyismanipulated, economy, and the rule of law. Our rela ourtechnologyis stolen, and intellectualproperty tions will continue to bebased upon the provisions and copyrights are mocked in an economybased of the Taiwan RelationsAct, and we affirm the Six on piracy. In businessterms, this is notcompetition; Assurances given to Taiwan in 1982 by President itis a hostiletakeover. For any American company Reagan. We oppose any unilateral steps by either to abetthose offenses, especially governmental side to alter the status quo in the Taiwan Straits on censorshipandtrackingof dissenters, is a disgrace. the principle that all issuesregarding the island's fu The return to Maoism by China's current ture mustbe resolved peacefully, through dialogue, rulers is notreason to disengagewith the Chinese andbe agreeable to people of Taiwan. If China people or their institutions. Wewelcomestudents, were to violate those principles, the United States, tourists, and investors, who can see for themselves in accord with the Taiwan Relations Act, will help our vibrant American democracy and how real Taiwan defend itself. Wepraise efforts by the works. We caution, however, against government in Taipei to continue constructive re academic or culturaloperationsunder the control lations across the Taiwan Strait and call on China ofthe Chinese governmentand call upon American to reciprocate. As a loyal friend of America, Taiwan colleges to dissociate themselves from this hasmerited our strong support, including increasingthreat to academic freedom and honest agreementstatus, the timely sale of defensive arms research including technology to build diesel submarines, Most of the nations of Southeast Asia have and full participation in the World Health Organiza set asidecripplingideologiesand soughtmaterial tion, InternationalCivil Aviation Organization, and progress in free enterprise and democracy. othermultilateralinstitutions. We congratulatethe people of Burma on their China'sbehaviorhas negated the optimistic emergencefrom authoritarianrule and urge their languageofourlastplatform concerningour future respect for the rightsof their country'sminority relationswith China. The liberalizingpolicies of populations. Our improvedrelationswith Vietnam recentdecadeshavebeen abruptlyreversed, dissent includingarmssales – mustadvanceefforts to brutally crushed, religiouspersecutionheightened, obtain an accounting for, and repatriationof the the internetcrippled, a barbaricpopulation control remainsof, Americanswho gave their lives in the two- child policy of forced abortionsand forced cause of Vietnamesefreedom . Wecannotoverlook sterilizationscontinued, andthe cult ofMao revived. the continuedrepressionoffundamentalrights and


religious freedom , as well as retribution against Ourhistoric ties to the peoples of Europehave ethnic minorities and others who assisted U.S. been based on shared culture and values , com forcesduring the conflict there. mon interests and goals. Their endurance can India isour geopoliticalally and a strategic not be taken for granted, especially in light of the tradingpartner. The dynamism ofits people and continent's economic problems and demographic the endurance of their democratic institutions changes. We recognize with regret the increasing are earning their country a position ofleadership trend among many of our allies tomove away from not only in Asia but throughoutthe world. We rights and liberties that Americans hold dear, espe encourage the Indian governmentto permit cially freedom of speech. It would be a tragic irony expanded foreign investmentand trade, the key if the nations of which withstood Soviet to risinglivingstandardsfor thoseleftoutof their repression were to now impose a form of it upon country's energetic economy. For all of India's themselves. religiouscommunities, we urge protectionagainst We honor our special relationship with the violenceand discrimination. Republicansnotewith peopleof the UnitedKingdom and are gratefulfor pridethecontributionsto our countrythataremade their staunch supportin the fight against terrorism . byourfellow citizensofIndian ancestry. Werespect their decision concerningtheir nation's Conflicts in the Middle East have created relationship to the EuropeanUnion and pledgethat, specialpoliticaland military challenges for the howevermuchotherinternationalrelationshipsmay people of Pakistan. Ourworkingrelationshipis a change, thosewho were first to our side in ourhour necessary, though sometimesdifficult, benefit to ofloss will alwaysrank first in our policies andour both, and we look toward the strengtheningof esteem . historic ties that have frayedunder the weightof We thank the several nations of Europe internationalconflict. This processcannotprogress that have contributed to a united effort in Iraq, as long as any citizen of Pakistan can bepunished Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Their support and for helpingtheWar on Terror. Pakistanis, Afghans, sacrifice in the fight against Islamic terrorism and Americanshave a common interestin ridding will notbe forgotten. We applaud the ongoing the region of the Taliban and securing Pakistan's reconciliation in andhope that nucleararsenal. That goalhasbeenunderminedby itssuccessmightbereplicatedin Cyprus. Weurge the current Administration'sfecklesstreatmentof greater coordination in economic and security troop commitmentsandblatantdisregardof advice affairsbetweentheUnitedStates and therepublics from commanderson the ground, particularlywith ofEastern Europe.Weurge thatPolandbe granted regard to Afghanistan. A Republicanpresidentwill visa waiver status and we supportplacementof work with allregionalleadersto restoremutualtrust NATO troopsin Poland. while insistingupon progress against corruption Forthe peopleofRussia,we affirm ourrespect andthenarcotictradethatfuels insurgency. and our determinationto maintain a friendship beyondthe reach of those who wish to divideus. Renewingthe European Alliance Wehave common imperatives: Endingterrorism, With bipartisan support President Truman combatingnuclearproliferation, promotingtrade, forged the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and more. We also have a common problem : (NATO ) as an alliance of the western . The continuingerosion of personalliberty and Its continued effectiveness is vital, especially in light fundamentalrightsunder the currentofficials in the of recentmilitary challenges in Eastern Europe. Kremlin. Repressiveathomeand recklessabroad, With the American people spending on defense, their policies imperil the nationswhich regained per capita, four times the amount spentby Euro their self-determinationupon the collapse of the peans, we demand, as we have in the past, that our SovietUnion. Wewillmeet the return of Russian fellow membersof NATO fulfill their commitments belligerencewith the sameresolve that led to the and meet their need for greater investmentin their collapseof the Soviet Union. Wewill not accept armed forces. any territorialchange in Eastern Europeimposed


by force, in Ukraine, Georgia, or elsewhere, and of the Western Hemisphere . Their aspirations will use all appropriate constitutionalmeasures to for economic betterment and political liberty bring to justice the practitionersof aggression and have deserved better from our government than assassination its policies of the last eight years. The current Weurge greater attention in U.S. diplomacy, Administration has abandoned America's friends trade, and strategic planning, to the nations of and rewarded its enemies. A Republican president Eurasia, formerly parts of the Soviet Empire. will never embrace a Marxist dictator, in Venezuela Caughtbetweentheir two authoritarianneighbors, or anywhere else. The current chief executive their path toward democratic institutionshasbeen has allowed that country to become a narco uncertain. We urge our governmentand our allies terrorist state, an Iranian outpost threatening to work toward the integrationofthe CentralAsian Central America, and a safe haven for the agents republicsintothe global economythrough foreign of Hezbollah. Now , with their country ruined by investment, which can bringwith it marketand and on the verge of chaos, the Venezuelan politicalreforms and a firmer establishmentof people are fighting to restore their democracy and therule of law. Those developmentswillnot only regain their rights. When they triumph , as they improvethe livingconditionsthroughoutthat vast surely will, the United States will stand ready to area butare likely to reduce the lure of the radical help them restore their country to the family of the ideologiesthat alreadythreatenthe region. Americas. We affirm our friendship and admiration for Family of the Americas thepeopleof Colombiaand call on the Republican Our futureis intimately tied to thefutureofthe Congress to express its with their Americas. Family, language, culture, environment, decades- long fightagainstthe terroristFARC. Their and trade link us closely with both and sacrificeand sufferingmustnotbebetrayedby the Mexico. Our relationswith both of these friends accession to powerofmurderersand drug lords. willbebasedupon continuing cooperation and our We want to welcomethe people of Cuba mutually shared interests. Our attention to trade back into our hemispheric family after their and environmentalissueswill contribute to strong corruptrulers are forced from power andbrought economic growth and prosperity throughoutthe to account their crimes againsthumanity. We Americas. standwith theWomen in White and all the victims Wethank ourneighborsin Mexico and Canada of the loathsomeregimethat clings to power in who havebeen our partnersin the fight against Havana. Wedonot say this lightly: They havebeen terrorism and the war on drugs. The Mexican betrayedby those who are currently in controlof people deserve our assistance as they bravely U.S. foreign policy. The currentAdministration's resist the drug cartels that traffic in death onboth openingto Cuba was a shamefulaccommodation sidesofour border. Their rich culturalandreligious to thedemandsofits tyrants. It willonly strengthen heritage, shared by manymillions of our fellow their military dictatorship. Wecallon the Congress citizens, should foster greater understandingand to uphold currentU.S. which sets conditionsfor cooperationbetweenour countries. the liftingof sanctions on the island: Legalization Our Canadian neighbors can count on our of politicalparties, an independentmedia, and free cooperation and respect. To advance North and fair internationally-supervised elections. We America's energy independence, we intend to call for a dedicatedplatform for the transmission reverse the current Administration's blocking of of Radio and TV Martíand for the promotion of the KeystoneXL Pipeline. Apart from its economic internet access and circumventiontechnology as value, that project hasbecome a symbol in the toolsto strength Cuba'spro -democracymovement. contestbetween the public's desire for economic We support the work of the Commission for developmentand the government'shostility to Assistanceto a Free Cubaand affirm theprinciples growth. We standwith the people. of the Cuban AdjustmentAct of 1966, recognizing We express our solidarity with all the peoples the rights ofCubansfleeing .


Africa : The Promise and the Challenge operationsofits overpaidbureaucrats. Weshould WerecognizeAfrica's extraordinarypotential. no longer tolerate its managerial scandals, its Both the United States and ourmanyAfrican allies Human Rights Council composedof someofthe will become stronger through investment, trade, world'sworsttyrants,anditstreatmentof Israelas a and promotionofthe democratic and free market pariah state. The U.N.'s PopulationFundhas, from its principles that have brought prosperity around origin, been rooted in no- growthpoliciesthat limit theworld. We pledgetobethe bestpartnerof all economic developmentin the countriesneedingit Africannationsin their pursuitof economicfreedom most. Its complicityin China'sbarbaric program of and human rights. The Republican Congress forced abortionled PresidentReaganto seta wallof has extended to 2025 the African Growth and separation – hisMexicoCity Policy, which prohibits OpportunityAct, and PresidentGeorgeW.Bush's the grantingoffederalmoniesto non- governmental health initiatives AIDS reliefunder PEPFAR and organizationsthat provideorpromoteabortion.We theGlobalFund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and affirm his position and, in lightofplummetingbirth Malaria – continue to savemillionsof lives. Peace rates aroundthe world, suggest a reevaluationof Corps volunteers and U.S. Seabees teach and theU.N.'s recordon economicprogress. build in villages that know firsthandour country's Precisely becausewe take our country's . treaty obligationsseriously, we opposeratification We stand in solidarity with those African of internationalagreements whose long-range countries now under assault by the forces of implications are ominous or unclear. We do radicalIslam : Boko Haram , al- Shabaab, and others not support the U.N.Convention on Women's like them . Their terror falls on both Muslimsand Rights, the Conventionon the Rightsof the Child, Christians, on anyone who willnotsubmitto their the Convention on the Rights of Personswith savageideology. Weurgegovernmentsthroughout Disabilities, andthe U.N.ArmsTrade Treaty, aswell the continentto recognizethis threat to their own as various declarationsfrom the U.N.Conference people. We support closer cooperationin both on Environmentand Development. Because of military and economicmatters with thoseon the our concern for American sovereignty, domestic front lines of 'sbattle against the forces managementof our fisheries, and our country's ofevil. long-term energyneeds, wehave deepreservations aboutthe regulatory,legal, and tax regimesinherent Sovereign American Leadership in in the Law oftheSea Treaty.Weemphaticallyreject International Organizations U.N.Agenda 21 as erosiveof U.S.sovereignty, and Thereis no substituteforprincipledAmerican opposeany form ofGlobalTax. leadership. Since the end of II, the To shieldmembers of our Armed Forces and United States, through the foundingofthe United others in service to America from ideological NationsandNATO, has participatedin a number prosecutionsoverseas, the Republican Party does of internationalorganizationswhich can, but not accept the jurisdiction of the International sometimesdo not, serve the cause ofpeaceand Criminal Court. We support statutory protection prosperity. While acting through them our country forU.S.personneland officials as they act abroad must always reservethe right to go its ownway. tomeetour global security requirements, and we Wemust notbe silent aboutour country's cause. deplorethe currentinactionoftheAdministrationin That is whywehavelong supported our country's that regard. Our servicemembersmustbesubject internationalbroadcastingto Eastern Europe, the only to Americanlaw. MiddleEast, andAsia. Our continued participation in the United DefendingInternational Nations shouldbe contingentupon the enactment ReligiousFreedom oflong overduechangesin theway that institution The U.S. Commission on International functions. Americantaxpayers, the chief funders of ReligiousFreedom, an initiative of Congressional theU.N., deserve full transparencyin the financial Republicans, has been neglectedby the current


Administration at a timewhen its voice more than for American goodsand servicesin a competitive everneedsto beheard. Religiousminoritiesacross globaleconomy. Foreignassistanceprogramsmust theMiddleEasthavebeen driven from their ancient not only projectthe bestof American values, but homelands, and thousands, there and in Africa,have mustwork createself-sustainabilityand leverage been slaughteredfor theirfaith in what the State the resourcesand capacity of the private sector. Departmenthas, belatedly, labeled genocide. The Evenmore importantis the overseas assistance United Statesmust standwith leaders, like President billionsof dollars and volunteerhours – provided SisiofEgyptwho hasbravelyprotectedthe rights by America'sfoundations, educationalinstitutions, of Coptic Christians in Egypt, and call on other faith-based groups, and charitableindividuals. Their leadersacross the region to ensure thatallreligious essentialrole in internationaldevelopmentshould minorities,whether Yazidi, Bahai,Orthodox, Catholic beweighed in any revisionof the tax code. or ProtestantChristians, are free to practice their The advance of political freedom and religionwithoutfear ofpersecution. At a timewhen entrepreneurialcapitalism drives economic growth, China has renewed its destruction of churches, catalyzes private sector development, and is the Christianhome- schoolingparentsare jailed in parts only sustainable solution to poverty. Over the last of Europe, and even Canada threatenspastorsfor 50 years, the levelofprivateinvestmentoverseas their preaching, a Republican administrationwill from theUnitedStateshas eclipsedaid manytimes return theadvocacyofreligiouslibertyto a central over. Our development strategy mustbuild on place in its diplomacy, willquickly designate the recent Republican efforts to use foreign assistance systematickillingofreligiousand ethnicminorities to catalyzeprivatesector investmentand expertise a genocide, andwillwork with the leadersof other in addressing global challenges that can build a nationsto condemnand combatgenocidalacts. more stableworld and advanceAmerica'snational security and economic interests. America's Generosity : International Theintegrity ofourcountry's foreign assistance Assistance that Makes a program hasbeen compromisedby the currentAd Foreignaid mustserveAmerica's interestsfirst. ministration's attempt to impose on foreign recipi In today's world ofcomplex challenges, international ents, especially thepeoplesofAfrica, its ownradical assistanceis a criticaltoolfor advancingAmerica's social agenda while excluding faith -based groups security and economic interests by preventing the sectorwith thebesttrack record in promoting conflict, buildingstability, openingmarkets for development because they will not conform to private investment, and responding to suffering that agenda.Wepledge to reverse this course, en andneedwith the compassionthatis at the heart couragingmore involvementby themost effective ofour country'svalues. A strongcommitment to aid organizations and trusting developing peoples internationaldevelopmentanddiplomacy, alongside to build their futuresthrough their own values. defense, was a key componentofPresidentReagan's peacethrough strength strategy. Itcan sometimes AdvancingHumanRights serve as an alternativemeansofkeepingthepeace, To thosewho stand in the darknessoftyranny, farlesscostlyboth in dollars andin humanlivesthan Americahasalwaysbeen a beaconofhope, and so military engagement. The Millennium Challenge itmust remain. RadicalIslamicterrorism poses an Corporation, spearheadedby the last Republican existentialthreatto personalfreedom and peace Administration, has established a new model of aroundthe world. Weopposeitsbrutalassaulton foreign assistance that helps ensure taxpayer allhumanbeings, allofwhom have inherentdignity. dollars are spenton projects that are effective, TheRepublicanPartystandsunitedwith all victims results-driven, transparent, and accountable. We of terrorism andwillfightat homeand abroad to must embracethismodelthroughoutour foreign destroyterroristorganizationsandprotectthelives assistance programsand efforts as a catalystfor andfundamentallibertiesof all people. Republicans private sector investmentto combat corruption, haveled theway in promotinginitiativesthat have strengthen the ruleof law , and open new markets protected and rescuedmillionsof the world's


most vulnerableandpersecuted. Standingup for to preventoverseaslabor contractorswho exploit repressedreligiousgroups, prisonersofconscience, foreign workers from supportingmilitary bases women trafficked into sexualslavery, and those abroad or exporting goods to the United States. suffering from disease or starvation is not just A Republican administrationwill strategize with consistentwith American values. It advances partners around theworld to preventthe demand important security and economic interests as for trafficking victims that makes exploitation well. A Republicanadministrationwillnever say, lucrative and will prosecute sex tourists and as Hillary Clintondid as Secretary ofState in 2009, domesticbuyersto the fullest extent of the law . that raisinghumanrightsconcerns" can't interfere Wewill work at homeand abroad to ensure that with the globaleconomiccrisis, the globalclimate traffickingvictimsare identifiedamongmigrants, changecrisis, andthe security crisis.” refugees, and our own citizens so they receive the The United States needs a radical rethinking rehabilitativecare neededto healandthrive. of our human rights diplomacy. A Republican America's continuing participation in the administration will adopt a " whole of government international campaign against human trafficking approach to protectfundamental freedoms globally , merits our support. The goal of our domestic anti one where pressing human rights and rule of law traffickingprogramsshould be the rescue and safe issues are integrated at every appropriate levelof return ofvictimsto their homes, notcreating a long our bilateral relationships and strategic decision term dependency upon public support. We call for making. Republican policy willreflectthe fact that greater scrutiny of overseas labor contractors to thehealth oftheU.S.economy and environment, the prevent abuses againsttemporary foreign workers safety of our food and drug supplies, the security brought to theUnited States. The horrific deaths of of our investments and personal information in smuggled workers on our southwestern border at cyberspace, and the stability and security of the the handsofdrug cartels and other gangs highlight oceans will increasingly depend on allowingthe free the need for total security in that region. flow of news and information and developing an independentjudiciary and civilsociety in countries Facing 21st Century Threats: with repressive governments such as China, Russia, andmany nationsin the Middle East and Africa. Cybersecurity in an Cyber attacks against our businesses, insti Libertyto Captives: tutions, and the government itself have become CombattingHuman Trafficking almost routine. They will continue until the world un As an estimated 21million peopleworldwide derstands that an attack willnotbe tolerated that are trappedin modernday , we arereminded we are prepared to respond in kind and in greater to bevigilantagainsthuman traffickinginwhatever magnitude. Despite their promises to the contrary , form it appears. Wewilluse the full force of the Russia and China see cyber operations as a part of law againstthosewho engage in commercialsexual a warfare strategy during peacetime. Our response exploitation and forced orbonded labor ofmen, should be to cause diplomatic , financial, and legal women or children; involuntarydomesticservitude; pain, curtailing visas for guilty parties, freezing their trafficking in personsfor the purpose of organ assets, and pursuing criminal actions against them . removal; andthe illegalrecruitmentanduseof child We should seek to weaken control over the internet soldiers. Buildingon the accomplishmentsof the by regimes that engage in cyber crimes. We must lastRepublicanadministrationin implementingthe stop playing defense and go on offense to avoid the TraffickingVictimsProtectionAct of 2000, we call cyber-equivalent of PearlHarbor. forincreaseddiplomatic effortsand accountability The Republican Congress has passed impor for foreign governmentsto prosecutetraffickers, tant legislation to advance information-sharing includingpenalties for any public officials who among entities endangered by cyber attacks. We maybecomplicitin this devastatingcrime.Wewill will explore the possibility of a free market for Cy highlightthe need to stop slavelabor, takingsteps ber-Insurance andmake clear that usershave a self

53 • R E P U B L I C A N P L A T F O R M 2 0 1 6 •

defenseright to deal with hackers as they see fit.It protect the national grid and encourage states to is criticalthat we protect the cyber supply chain to take the initiative to protect their own grids expedi- ensureagainst contaminationof componentsmade tiously. all over the world,sometimesin offending countries. Our own cyber workforceshouldbe expandedwith ConfrontingInternetTyranny the assistanceof the military, business,and hacker Internet firewall circumvention and anti- communitiesto better protect our country. censorshiptechnologymustbecomea nationalpri- ority in light of the way authoritariangovernments ProtectionAgainstan suchas China,Cuba, and Iranrestrictfree pressand ElectromagneticPulse isolatetheir peoplelimiting political, cultural, and A singlenuclear weapondetonatedat highalti- religious freedom. Leadersof authoritariangov- tude over this country would collapseour electrical ernmentsargue that governmentshave the same grid and othercritical infrastructuresandendanger legal right to controlinternetaccess as they do to the livesof millions.WithNorthKoreain possession controlmigrantaccess.A focuson internetfreedom of nuclearmissilesandIrancloseto havingthem,an is a cost-effectivemeans of peacefullyadvancing EMPis no longera theoreticalconcern — it is a real fundamentalfreedomsin closed and authoritarian threat.Moreover,China and Russia include sabo- societies. But it is also an important economicin- tage as part of their warfareplanning.Nonetheless, terest, as censorshipconstitutesa trade barrier for hundredsof electrical utilitiesin the United States U.S.companiesoperatingin societieslikeChinawith havenot actedto protect themselvesfromEMP,and advancedfirewall protectionpolicies. they cannot be expected to do so voluntarilysince A Republicanadministrationwill championan homelandsecurity is a government responsibility. open and free internetbased on principles of free The President,the Congress,the Department of expression and universal values and will pursue HomelandSecurity,theDepartmentof Defense,the policies to empower citizens and U.S. companies States,the utilities, and the privatesector should operating in authoritariancountriesto circumvent work together on an urgent basis to enact Re- internetfirewallsand gain accuratenewsand infor- publicanlegislation,pending in both chambers,to mationonline.


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