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The Leader in Quality Swimming Pool, Spa & Fountain Finishes

The Leader in Quality Swimming Pool, Spa & Fountain Finishes

Comfort & Safety You’ll have an added sense of security knowing that your pool is comfortable and slip resistant, SGM selects aggregates that are smaller than pebble surfaces, the surface is comfortable to bather’s feet. EXPOSED POOL FINISHES Brite is the ideal surface where wet, slippery conditions are a concern. Diamond Brite’s Photo courtesy of: All Seasons Pools & Spas Inc • Frankfort, IL insoluble quartz aggregate is The Leader in Quality unaffected by the harshest pool chemicals and resists Swimming Pool, Spa & permanent staining. Fountain Finishes Also, the Diamond Quartz accent colors won’t rust, rub off or fade like other colored aggregates because our coating technology produces a tough, Diamond Brite is a registered trademark of SGM, Inc. permanently bonded color aggregates. Use of this trademark without prior written consent is prohibited. Cool Blue

Express Yourself with Color ! Let your pool or spa be a reflection of you. Diamond Brite gives you a wide variety of factory-blended finishes so it’s easy to coordinate your pool’s color scheme. French Gray Two or more Diamond Brite selections can be blended to create unique finishes that complement exotic poolscapes. BUILDING A Photo courtesy of: National Pools of Roanoke • Higginbotham, VA STRONGER FOUNDATION, WORLDWIDE.

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Photo courtesy of: National Pools of Roanoke • Rocky Mount , VA Quality that last for years There’s more to a great pool finish than meets the eye. A great pool finish is durable, comfortable, easily maintained and enhances your Oyster Quartz Blue Quartz Aqua Quartz Tahoe Blue poolscape environment. Diamond Brite from SGM is all that and more. Diamond Brite combines natural quartz aggregate, polymer- modified cement and non-fading Diamond Quartz in a stunning Watercolors Series variety of colors. The result is a unique finish that stands up to the harshest pool environments while providing years of enjoyment. Cool Blue Marlin Blue Two or more Diamond Brite selections can be blended to create unique finishes that compliment exotic poolscapes. Relax and Enjoy In developing Diamond Brite, SGM made ease of maintenance a top priority. The impervious quartz used in Diamond Brite resists stains Blue French Gray and etching caused by harsh pool chemicals. And, unlike existing pool plasters, Diamond Brite pools can be drained and cleaned without being damaged. Additionally, the accent colors in Diamond Aquamarine Cayman Cool Quartz Brite give the surface a variegated appearance, masking the slight imperfections that are readily apparent in traditional finishes. Classic Aqua Blue Mojave Beige Verde Versatility Diamond Brite’s simple maintenance feature makes it well suited for fountains and spas, as well as other water features. Furthermore, Turtle Cay Grecian Aegean Sea highlighting your pool with premium, dynamic Diamond Brite finishes are the perfect solution for reinvigorating your exiting swimming pool. Super Blue Outshines even the sun Diamond Brite quartz aggregate has millions of brilliantly colored quartz granules equaling more durability and lasting color. Tahiti Blue Steel Blue Diamond Brite evokes the richest quartz color showing all the way thru to the bottom of the pool, spa or fountain.

* Sample colors are as accurate as modern printing can produce. The color Designer’s Choice Warranty D WA of your pool may vary due to water depth, lighting conditions at jobsite, DE RR N A mixing and installation methods. For best results, use a wet sample chip. There are hundreds of thousands of Diamond Brite pools and spas You can rest assured that the E N Isla Verde Bahama Ocean Blue T T X in use at major water theme parks and attractions, international highest quality products have been Y Breeze E SGM resorts and hotel chains, competition pools military training used and is supported by the best SOUTHERN GROUTS AND MORTARS, INC. Snap to visit our online facilities, condominium and residential pools. SGM’s Diamond warranty program in the industry. *All Watercolor Series combinations are made of 80 lb. bags. Diamond Brite Photo Gallery: Brite is clearly the choice of quality contractors, architects and It’s a sign of our commitment to achieve the highest quality For more information and to download the combination chart, http://sgm.cc/html_Pool/HomeOwners/ gallery_diamond_brite.html designers worldwide. standards in all our swimming pool, spa and fountain finishes. please visit our website www.sgm.cc