The rhetorical modes are tools for to help them develop and organize their . Although some works may employ an overarching organizational or pattern, writers typically use more than one mode throughout a piece of writing. They often move fluidly between modes depending on the rhetorical situation and the needs that arise from that situation. For example, writers often use exemplification or analogy to support claims in their arguments.

Mode Purpose Example Statement

To persuade your reader to accept your The U.S. government should enforce Argument opinion, take some , or do both about stricter standards on automobile your topic emissions.

To compare topics that typically seem Passing legislation through Congress is Analogy different at first glance (works best if the like a Rubik’s cube: all pieces need to analogy uses an item familiar to the reader) align or nothing will be solved.

Exemplification or To discuss your topic by using examples to To show his passion for humane care, for clarify your points instance, he volunteered at the local Illustration animal rescue shelters.

To create a picture in words (vivid, Its glossy hue sharply contrasts the specific details) to help the reader visualize fuzzy, muted sounds my guitar hums something a has seen, heard, or done when I rustle its strings.

To explain information about your topic as “Someone must have slandered Josef K., a series of events in story format often to for one morning, without having done demonstrate a or significance anything wrong, he was arrested.” – Franz Kafka

Comparison and To show how two or more areas of your Both of the rivers flow by the city, but Analysis topic are similar, different, or both the Anacostia River is far more polluted.

To explain a process by giving directions First, you make your order; then, you Process Analysis or information about how to do something must pay before you can pick up your or how something is done coffee.

Cause and Effect To explain what caused something to Because the roads were slick from the happen about a topic or issue snow, Paul’s car lost traction and slid Analysis into the fence.

Problem and To inform readers about an issue and offer The lack of attention could be resolved Solution Analysis solutions to that issue by adding variety to the class period.

Classification and To break your topic into groups of Originally, writing was divided into categories and explain them three main : , prose, and Division Analysis .

To define a word or concept about your Wisdom is intelligence gained not Definition topic using synonyms, essential through a book but throughout life. definitions, or extended definitions

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