Found Object Wheel - Art 3rd & 4th grade March 30 - April 3, 2020

The is a chart that shows us how are related! On the color wheel, there are 3 types of colors. Primary colors, which are the 3 most basic colors. You cannot make a by mixing two other colors together. These colors are , , AND .

You will also find colors called Secondary colors on the color wheel. A is made when you mix two Primary colors together.


The third colors are called Tertiary Colors. A is made when you combine a Primary Color and a Secondary color. Like the colors Red-Orange, Yellow-Green, or ​ Blue- (I’m sure you have seen crayons in these colors!) ​

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh AR Level 2.2 ​ https://youtu.be/AjohJiyvA0Q

Quick Check for Understanding:

What are the 3 Primary Colors?

What Secondary Color is made by mixing Red and Blue?

How can you make the Secondary Color Green?

Orange is made by mixing together the Primary Colors ______and ______.

How do you make a Tertiary Color?

For a little extra help, Here is a fun song you can listen too about the Primary Colors! https://youtu.be/yu44JRTIxSQ

Assignment: Now that we know the Primary and ​ Secondary Colors in the Color Wheel, Let’s make a Color Wheel of our own using everyday objects!

Materials needed:

- Everyday objects from around your house in each color shown on the color wheel. You can find as many or as few as you want!

Directions: 1. Find items around your house that are the same colors as the Primary and Secondary colors and if you can the Tertiary colors in the Color Wheel. Toys and school supplies work great! 2. Arrange the objects on the floor into your own color wheel. Remember how the colors are related and make sure you put them in the correct order! The color Blue wouldn’t be next door neighbors with Orange on the color wheel. They live across the street! And Purple wouldn’t live next door to Yellow! It should look very similar to a Circle when you are done. Remember ROY G. BIV? https://youtu.be/Gf33ueRXMzQ

3. When you are finished, ask your Parent/Guardian to take a picture or your Color Wheel Masterpiece! You can send it to me if you would like by email at [email protected]

Below are some examples of Found Object Color Wheels: