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El viaje 15 TANGOS AND OTHER PIECES 15 magnificent tangos and other characteristic pieces from the Argentinean master of tango nuevo in intermediate arrangements for various instruments and are now in print for the first time in this edition with CD. flute and piano BH 12069 · ISMN 979-0-060-12069-5 £ 8.99 / € 13,95

clarinet and piano BH 12068 · ISMN 979-0-060-12068-8 £ 8.99 / € 13,95

saxophone and piano BH 12070 · ISMN 979-0-060-12070-1 £ 8.99 / € 13,95

trumpet and piano BH 12071 · ISMN 979-0-060-12071-8 £ 8.99 / € 13,95

violin and piano BH 12072 · ISMN 979-0-060-12072-5 £ 8.99 / € 13,95

Also available: piano solo BH 11962 · ISMN 979-0-060-11962-0 £ 6.99 / € 10,95 Boosey & Hawkes is exclusively distributed by Schott Music. 5509-01-MA 8/09 c Dr. Peter Hanser-Strecker Publisher

Music is a huge part of our lives. Many important events can be associated with a certain song or melody. Perhaps songs by Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter or Diana Krall are among your personal favourites? In the first volume of our new Songbook series Stars & Hits for voice, piano and we have some classics from the and blues repertoire. No less popular are the 15 melodies in The Movie Choirbook arranged for mixed a-capella choirs.

Our autumn preview presents the latest titles from the publishing houses of Schott Music, Boosey & Hawkes and our partners in the Russian publishing house, Belaieff, allowing you to make exciting discoveries within our extensive catalogue.

Lovers of popular music will be pleased to see the release of some fantastic new titles: Discovering Rock Bass, from the award-winning Schott Pop-Styles series; and Drum Styles Made Easy – a ground-breaking new resource for drummers who have always wanted to explore a broad variety of styles. Piano novices can also get their first experience of typical Rock patterns and rhythms with Christopher Norton’s latest title, microrock.

Music teachers and children can look forward to the release of the long-awaited Singing Sherlock 3, the complete singing resource for primary schools, which will hit the shops this autumn.

With every passing year Christmas comes much more quickly than one thinks! Therefore we would like to invite you to keep a look out for special gifts. In our catalogue you’re sure to find some stimulating ideas. We hope you enjoy perusing and selecting products from our catalogue. MA 4026-01 08/09 • • • • ah .9/¤17,95 / 9.99 each £ ED 12959 ISBN 978-1-902455-95-2 Clarinet ED 12958 ISBN 978-1-902455-94-5 Flute Purcell J.S. Bach,Telemann and Händel, Vivaldi, Pachelbel, with worksbyAlbinoni, Play-Along Swinging Baroque Piano accompanimentasPDFontheCDforprinting for playingalong Professional backingtracksrecordedbyajazztrio jazz andpopmusic For allloversofthe'crossover'betweenclassical, melodies Easy swingingarrangementsofwell-knownclassical suitable forplayersofanyage! Classical andRomanticeraswhicharefuntoplay Melodies offamouscomposersfromtheBaroque, Popular classicalmelodiesinswingingarrangements. Play-Along Swinging ED 12963 ISBN 978-1-902455-99-0 Violin ED 12962 ISBN 978-1-902455-98-3 Trumpet ED 12961 ISBN 978-1-902455-97-6 Tenor Saxophone ED 12960 ISBN 978-1-902455-96-9 Alto Saxophone Baroque ISBN Violin ED 13100 ISBN 978-1-84761-043-0 Trumpet ED 13099 ISBN 978-1-84761-042-3 Tenor Saxophone ED 13098 ISBN 978-1-84761-041-6 Alto Saxophone ED 13097 ISBN 978-1-84761-040-9 Clarinet ED 13096 ISBN 978-1-84761-039-3 Flute Gluck C.P.E. Bach,Haydn and Mozart, Boccherini, with worksbyBeethoven, Play-Along Swinging Classical ED 13101 Classical 978-1-84761-044-7 Romantic Play-Along Swinging Romantic ED 13095 ISBN 978-1-84761-038-6 Violin ED 13094 ISBN 978-1-84761-037-9 Trumpet ED 13093 ISBN 978-1-84761-036-2 Tenor Saxophone ED 13092 ISBN 978-1-84761-035-5 Alto Saxophone ED 13091 ISBN 978-1-84761-034-8 Clarinet ED 13090 ISBN 978-1-84761-033-1 Flute Tschaikowsky andWagner Ravel, Satie,Schubert,Schumann, Elgar, Liszt,Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, with worksbyChopin,Debussy, ISBN 978-1-84761-038-6 Piano ...... 4

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E-mail: [email protected] SCHOTT SCHOTT BOOSEY & HAWKES Schott Piano Lounge Diabelli, Anton / Microjazz Gerlitz, Carsten Korn, Uwe Norton, Christopher Rock Ballads Let’s swing, microrock Piano 16 Famous Rock Classics Mr. Diabelli! 20 new pieces based on rock ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ – the 14 Jazzy Pieces for Piano Duet rhythms for the beginner pianist rock music was officially born The success story of Diabelli’s Feel the beat and energy in this when this worldwide smash hit of ‘Melodic Exercises’ Op. 149 for lastest set of Christopher the Rolling Stones was released, piano duet has lasted now for Norton’s original piano minia- and began its loud and relentless almost 200 years. They are beau- tures. Microrock introduces the triumphant progress through the tiful melodies covering a range of beginner pianist to the high spirits clubs and stadiums of the world. only five tones, perfectly suitable of rock musical styles. 20 pieces The fact that the Stones and their for beginners, with refined and capturing the characteristic quali- wild heirs can also write really brilliantly designed accompanying ties of this stimulating and effer- good ballads which can be easily settings in the Secondo part. To this vescent music but with only mod- played on the piano is proven by day, the pieces are very popular est technical challenges. Play Carsten Gerlitz here. In this new among pupils, teachers and music along to the backing CD or listen volume from the Piano Lounge lovers. Hopefully, Mr Diabelli would to the composer’s own vibrant series, he has arranged a selec- not mind some of his wonderful performances. tion of the best known rock five-tone melodies being trans- Edition with CD ported into the world of swing, melodies in a new and surprising- ISBN 978-0-85162-590-4 ly lounge-like way. All pieces have samba and other forms of expres- been recorded on the accompany- sion, as has been done in this vol- BH 12059 . £ 8.99 / € 13,95 ing CD by the author himself. ume. Apart from some arranged available melodies from opus 149, this volume Angie (Rolling Stones) – I Want To also contains a few newly arranged Know What Love Is (Foreigner) – pieces, all of them inspired by Wind Of Change (Scorpions) – Diabelli’s idea to make music with Cryin’ (Aerosmith) – I Won’t Hold five fingers as varied as possible. You Back (Toto) – Samba Pa Ti The original arrangement of the (Santana) – Total Eclipse Of The keys has been maintained. New Heart (Bonnie Tyler) – Empty inspiration for piano lessons and Rooms (Gary Moore) et al. four-handed piano playing! Edition with CD Edition with CD Grade: easy to intermediate Grade: easy ISBN 978-3-7957-5968-1 ISMN 979-0-001-16957-8 ED 20740 £ 14.50 / € 16,95 ED 20718 . £ 11.99 / € 13,95 September September 4 Piano BOOSEY & HAWKES BOOSEY & HAWKES SCHOTT Microjazz Norton, Christopher Pianissimo Norton, Christopher / Riffs and Grooves Heumann, Smith, Scott McBride 28 Lower Intermediate Hans-Günter Christopher Piano Pieces Dream of Love Norton’s Guide A new collection of original piano The 50 most beautiful classical pieces in a popular style by the original Piano Pieces to Microjazz composer who brought you the Liebestraum No. 3 by Franz Liszt Christopher Norton, creator of the Microjazz series. Includes: Blues is among the best-known pieces enduring ‘Microjazz’ series, gives No. 1, Down South (Rock Ballad), in the piano repertoire. With its unique insight into his music and Hideaway (Rumba), Metal vocal melody in the rich middle how best to teach it, in partner- Merchant (Heavy Metal), Misty register, this nocturne created in ship with piano pedagogue Scott Day (Waltz), Reggae, Shamrock 1850 has an immediate appeal for McBride Smith. Norton has been Flyer and more! In addition to per- players and listeners alike. workshopping his compositions formance and backing tracks throughout Europe, the USA and playable on both your CD player The piano repertoire contains a SE Asia for many years, and here and computer, the enhanced CD wealth of other wonderful pieces, shares this experience, demon- included also has tempo adjust- too. Under the title Dream of Love strating the art of learning and ment software for CD-ROM com- this collection contains 50 of the teaching these ever-popular puter use. finest classical piano pieces writ- pieces. In a simple step-by-step ten by 22 composers from the Edition with CD approach, this book covers the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and aspects of piano technique Grade: easy to intermediate Modern eras. These perennial required for authentic and stylish ISBN 978-1-4234-7057-1 favourites of medium difficulty are performances of the many popu- ideally suited for advanced pupils, BHI 10552 £ 9.99 / € 15,95 lar styles covered in the students, adults returning to the ‘Microjazz’ repertoire. available instrument and lovers of classical music. This is a ‘treasure trove’ Teacher’s book with CD for piano tuition and recreational ISBN 978-0-85162-524-9 music-making. BH 11878 . £ 12.99 / € 17,95 performance book November Grade: intermediate to advanced ISBN 978-3-7957-5916-2 ED 20573 £ 10.99 / € 14,95 available

5 Piano SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT l Capolavori della Get to know Schott Piano Classics musica classica Classical Masterpieces Burgmüller, Friedrich Humperdinck, Tschaikowsky, Peter I. Engelbert 18 Studies Schwanensee op. 109 Hansel e Gretel Ballet in 4 Scenes, Op. 20 Edited by Monika Twelsiek Fiaba dall’Opera in 3 atti di Easy arrangements for piano by Besides Burgmüller’s 25 Studies Adelheid Wette Hans-Günter Heumann Op. 100 (ED 173) the 18 Studies Easy arrangements for piano by Story told by Monika Heumann Hans-Günter Heumann Illustrations by Brigitte Smith Op. 109 play an important role as teaching material. This series of Story told by Monika Heumann The series ‘Get to Know Classical moderately difficult pieces Illustrations by Brigitte Smith Masterpieces’ presents popular deserves far wider circulation. This volume presents the proba- compositions in easy piano bly most beautiful and most popu- arrangements by Hans-Günter Grade: intermediate lar children’s opera that has ever Heu mann, the latest edition in this ISBN 978-3-7957-5289-7 been written, in an easy arrange- series being Tchaikovsky’s famous ED 175 ...... £ 5.99 / € 9,95 ment for piano, with all excerpts ballet opera Swan Lake. being in the respective original The present edition, with explana- available key. Among the seven operas tory texts and fully coloured illus- composed by Humperdinck, trations, is aimed at young and ‘Hänsel und Gretel’ is his first and adult pianists. The easily playable best masterpiece. The magic arrangements and original pieces mood of this fairy-tale and the provide an ideal introduction to brilliant music explain why this the music of Tchaikovsky. opera still fascinates both chil- dren and adults. (Ger.) Grade: easy (Ital./Fr.) ISBN 978-3-7957-5256-9 ISBN 978-3-7957-5923-0 ED 20522 .. £ 9.50 / € 12,95 ED 20580 ...... £ 10.50 / € 13,95 September available

6 Piano SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Schott Piano Classics Schott Piano Classics Schott Piano Classics Travel Pictures Smetana, Bedrich Classical 37 original pieces for piano The Moldau Piano Duets Edited by Monika Twelsiek Symphonic Poem No. 2 from Easy original Piano-Duets The present collection of piano ‘My Fatherland’ Edited by Willy Rehberg pieces invites the musician on a Edited by Lothar Lechner Four-handed piano playing has journey – of the mind. Images The work describes the course of always been very popular in and described by the music emerge the river Vltava starting from the outside music lessons. Playing like musical picture postcards: two small sources of the warm piano together is much more fun; Songs, dances, atmospheres, por- Vltava and the cold Vltava until thanks to the rich harmony and traits stir up longings and memo- the two streams merge. The the extended piano setting, even ries. In ‘Travel Pictures’ there are course of the Vltava is through beginners and intermediate play- many composers who sing of their forests and meadows and further ers will be able to experience the beloved home country in the lan- through the landscape where pleasure of a full piano sound. In guage of folk music: the Norwegian many merry celebrations are addition, it improves the players’ Grieg, the Polish Chopin or Béla being held; a dance of the water sense of rhythm and encourages Bartók who saved the folk music nymphs in the moonlight, castles, ensemble playing. Apart from of his Hungarian home country magnificent houses and ruins classic pieces, this anthology in from oblivion with his recordings. proudly appearing on nearby the new ‘Piano classics’ series But there are also a large number rocks; the Vltava forming eddies also contains several lesser who yearn to see distant places in the rapids of St. Johann, flow- known pieces. and describe the longed-for coun- ing as a large river toward Prague J.C. Bach: Rondo F-Dur – J. Haydn: try of their dreams. The Russian until the fortress of Vysehrad Tempo di Menuetto aus ‘Maëstro Tchaikovsky composed a ‘German appear, and eventually disappear- e lo Scolare’ – W.A. Mozart: song’, the German Schumann a ing in the distance to flow majes- Sonate D-Dur, K 38/1 – Sicilian song. The Hungarian tically into the river Elbe. Beethoven: Sonate D-Dur, Op. 6 – Takács portrayed ‘Spanish Street (B. Smetana) Schubert: Ländler Es-Dur – Musicians’, Grade: intermediate Weber: Andante con Variazioni created several ‘Venetian ISBN 978-3-7957-5277-4 G-Dur – Schumann: Geburtstags - Gondola Songs’. 37 pieces from marsch C-Dur, Op. 85/1 – th th the 19 and 20 centuries – a ED 4345 .... £ 6.50 / € 8,95 Brahms: Walzer A-Dur, Op. 39/15 journey into the large variety of available et al. piano music! Grade: Intermediate Grade: intermediate ISBN 978-3-7957-5275-0 ISBN 978-3-7957-5491-4 ED 2528 ... £ 8.50 / € 13,95 ED 9044 . £ 12.50 / € 16,95 available September 7 Piano SCHOTT WIENER URTEXT EDITION WIENER URTEXT EDITION Essential Exercises To mark the 200th To mark the 200th Czerny, Carl anniversary of the anniversary of the composer’s death, composer’s birth, School of Legato 31 May 2010 8 June 2010 and Staccato Haydn, Joseph Schumann, Robert Urtext The Easiest Ahnung Edited by Klaus Wolters Piano Sonatas leaf for piano ‘About the wide variety of piano Edited from the sources by First edition in cooperation with sounds’ – this is how the content the town of Überlingen Christa Landon, of this volume could be sum- Edited from the sources by revised by Ulrich Leisinger. marised. For Czerny’s ‘School of Michael Beiche. Fingerings by Fingerings by Oswald Jonas Legato and Staccato’ provides Jochen Reutter. much more than technical exercis- When Joseph Haydn composed Newly re-discovered in the run-up es for the improvement of the fin- his smaller early piano sonatas, to the Schumann Year gers’ dexterity or strength. This then called divertimentos, he About three years ago, a previ- systematic course deals with all clearly kept the beginner and ously unknown manuscript of an kinds of problems the pianist has amateur pianist in mind. With only album leaf for piano by Robert to master in order to generate a few technical demands, these Schumann was found in the differentiated and transparent works nevertheless provide an Leopold Sophien Library of piano sound. This volume aims at excellent insight into the cosmos Überlingen. The little piano piece, training the sense of tone, a dif- of Haydn’s piano music and intro- entitled ‘Ahnung’, had been given ferentiated touch and the skill of duce the player to Haydn’s musi- and dedicated by Klara Schumann polyphonic interpretation – and cal language in an exemplary to a friend of hers, the lithograph- this is why this hardly known text- manner. The current edition com- er and writer Julius Allgeyer. In book by Czerny is indispensable bines four of the most popular of the Wiener Urtext Edition series, still today. these easy sonatas for beginners’ lessons, which already contain this little work is published for the Method (Ger./Eng./Fr.) essential elements of the classical first time in the run-up to the Grade: intermediate Viennese piano style. The text is Schumann Year 2010. A print of the rediscovered Schumann auto- ISMN 979-0-001-15275-4 based on the revised new edition by Ulrich Leisinger who is also graph is included in the edition. ED 20416 £ 12.50 / € 19,95 responsible for the legendary The expressive, relatively easy-to- available urtext edition of Joseph Haydn’s play piece adds to the Romantic piano sonatas by Christa Landon. piano repertoire. Grade: easy Grade: intermediate ISBN 978-3-85055-682-8 ISBN 978-3-85055-683-5 UT 50273 ... £ 5.95 / € 6,50 UT 50271 ... £ 5.95 / € 6,07 October October 8 Piano SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Puccini, Giacomo Edition Schott Edition Schott A little Tango Wagner, Richard Wagner, Richard Edited by Wolfgang Birtel 2 Album Leafs Polonaise A tango written by Giacomo Album leaf for Ernst Benedikt for piano (4 hands) Puccini? Indeed! In 1942 ‘Piccolo Kiez: ‘Lied ohne Worte’ / Polonaise, an early work, goes Tango’ by the Italian opera com- Album leaf for Mrs Betty Schott back to Wagner’s student days poser was published by an It is not widely known that and, in accordance with the American music publisher. The Wagner was a piano composer instructions of his then teacher question as to whether it was too. This is why three piano works Theodor Weinlig, still follows a actually composed by Puccini has from the anthology ‘Klavierwerke’ rather traditional concept of form, not been confirmed – but the (Schott ED 7700) have now been yet is extremely suitable for a heirs had the work protected by published as single editions which piano recital with other dance copyright, thus confirming are sure to find their way into the forms. Puccini’s authorship. In the years repertoire of pianists. The two Grade: intermediate 1907 and 1910 the composer took album leafs are dedicated to one trip each to the United States. important people in Wagner’s life. ISMN 979-0-001-15819-0 It might be possible that Puccini Albumblatt für Ernst Benedikt ED 20608 .. £ 5.50 / € 6,95 wrote the little tango on that Kietz, is about a close friend of available occasion, thus showing his rever- Wagner and was written during ence to the host country with bold his first visit to Paris. Albumblatt jazzy harmonies. And he was not für Frau Betty Schott is a token of the only classical composer who gratitude to the patroness and dared to take an excursion into widow of the music publisher the realm of entertaining music, Franz Schott from Mainz. It con- for even fellow composers such tains, albeit hidden, reminis- as or Kurt Weill, cences of motifs from the Erwin Schulhoff or Isaac Albéniz ‘Master singers’. This lovely char- were tempted to compose a tango acter piece is also Wagner’s last too. work for piano. Grade: intermediate Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15823-7 ISMN 979-0-001-15829-9 ED0 9854 .. £ 3.50 / € 3,95 ED 20609 .. £ 5.50 / € 6,95 available available

9 Piano BELAIEFF BOOSEY & HAWKES SCHOTT Glasunow, Alexander To mark the 75th Debussy, Claude anniversary of the Two Pieces for composer’s birth, Children’s Corner Piano 8 September 2009 Edited by Wilhelm Ohmen First Edition Maxwell Davies, The cycle Children’s Corner by The first publication of two previ- Sir Peter Debussy created between 1906- ously unknown piano pieces by 1908 is one of the standard works Alexander Glasunov from 1928! Three Sanday used in piano lessons, containing It is highly likely that they are Places the following pieces: Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum, arrangements of Crimea Tartar In the spirit of the composer’s folksongs, something that com- Jimbo’s Lullaby, Serenade for now-famous Farewell to Strom - the Doll, The snow is dancing, posers liked to do in the 1920s; ness, this suite of short pieces the exact origin of the songs, The little Shepherd and takes its inspiration from the Golliwogg’s cake walk. however, is not clear. northern Orkney island of Sanday Grade: easy to intermediate on which he lives. In three beauti- The pieces can be classified as easy although they require a sub- ISMN 979-0-2030-0502-5 ful piano miniatures he captures the special character of the tle touch, fine phrasing and ped- BEL 707 ..... £ 4.50 / € 4,95 Knowes o’ Yarrow, Waters of alling as well as mature tonal available Woo and Kettletoft Pier. interpretation. Grade: easy to intermediate To make it easier to play, the edi- tor of this edition has added fin- ISMN 979-0-060-11999-6 gerings and tempo suggestions. BH 11999 .. £ 6.99 / € 9,95 Grade: intermediate available ISMN 979-0-001-16870-0 ED0 9859 .. £ 4.99 / € 6,50 available

10 Piano SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Schott Piano Collection Edition Schott Schulhoff, Erwin Satie, Erik Widor, Charles-Marie 10 Piano Pieces Erik Satie Variations sur un op. 30 (1919) Selected Piano Works thème original Edited by Josef Bek Edited by Wilhelm Ohmen Op. 1 und 29 Erwin Schulhoff was a pianist him- The present volume contains a Edited by I. and F. Friedrich self. So it is quite easy to under- selection of the best-known and stand why his oeuvre includes a Whereas the organ works by particularly large number of works most popular pieces by Satie, Widor have secured a solid posi- including Gymnopédies and for solo piano in many styles, tion in the repertoire, his no less including Dadaism and jazz. Gnossiennes, but also two early elaborate and artistic piano works works (1885), compositions from are known to only a small circle of Schott now presents the first edi- the neo-Gregorian period (1888- pianists. ‘Variations de Concert tion of ‘10 Piano Pieces’ which 1893) and from the world of the sur un thème original’ carried by were composed by Schulhoff in cabaret (1897-1904) as well as profound melancholy were pub- the style of the New Viennese two miniatures from 1913. lished in 1867 for the first time School. Each of the miniatures has This anthology takes the per- and have remained his non-verifi- a headline that describes its char- former on a journey through able opus 1 to this day. They show acter. Although there are no Satie’s different creative periods that the young composer takes dynamics, they can be derived and provides a detailed picture of the tonal language of J. S. Bach from the headline, tempo and his development as a composer. as a starting point, yet gives his rhythm. Grade: intermediate cycle of variations, which is remi- Grade: advanced niscent of the ‘Goldberg Variations’, ISMN 979-0-001-12321-1 ISMN 979-0-001-14777-4 its own romantic expression. In ED 20200 1876 he revised the variations and ED 8818 ..... £ 6.99 / € 7,95 ...... £ 10.99 / € 14,95 published them under the slightly November September modified title of ‘Variations sur un Thème original pour piano’ Op. 29. Our carefully edited new edition contains both versions (Op. 1 and Op. 29) about which one may say without exaggeration that they should be in the possession of every concert pianist. Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15274-7 ED 20415 . £ 9.50 / € 14,95 available 11 Piano SCHOTT SCHOTT BOTE & BOCK Edition Schott Edition Schott To mark the 150th Schneider, Enjott Rota, Nino anniversary of Paderewski’s birth, Circle of Life Valzer 18 November 2010 Toccata and Adagio for Piano (1945) Hommage à ‘Circle of Life’ was commissioned This little waltz was not discovered for the International Piano until recently. The manuscript was Paderewski Competition of the Wiesbaden passed from the dedicatee (‘dedi- In 1942, Ignacy Jan Paderewski Music Academy. At its centre is a ca: alla gentile Signora Giovanna (1860-1941), the great Polish Toccata which can also be played Albano Sottomano per omaggio pianist and composer (and in 1919 separately. In contrast, with cordiale di Nino Rota Bari prime minister of Poland for one regard to its use in piano pro- 12/7/1945’) to her heirs and has year), was posthumously hon- grammes, it also has an Adagio remained in their possession ever oured with a deluxe edition for which makes this piece a rather since. This is why it has not been which many of his friends and interesting cyclic work: Toccata, included in Rota’s catalogue of pupils, such as Béla Bartók, as ‘vis vitalis’, expresses the works until now. Darius Milhaud, Bohuslav Martinu or Jaromír Weinberger, specially ecstatic feeling of spring through Thus, it is all the more delightful composed piano pieces. The limit- it’s yearning and poetic nature: that we can now publish this lively ed edition then published by the music of youth. The adagio, piano work for the first time and Boosey & Hawkes in New York ‘Die Kunst der Ruhe’, on the other in doing so, add another piece to has been out of print for a long hand, is a Zen exercise for piano, Rota’s popular compositions for time and is now newly printed to expressing infinity, tranquility and piano. timelessness. It is a music of clo- mark the 150th birthday of sure, of age. Grade: advanced Paderewski in 2010. Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-16972-1 Grade: intermediate to difficult ISMN 979-0-001-16932-5 ED 20742 ... £ 4.50 / € 4,95 ISMN 979-0-2025-2330-8 ED 20712 £ 10.99 / € 12,95 available BB 2330 .. £ 11.99 / € 19,95 available November

12 Piano Exclusively at Schott Music FAZIL SAY *1970 „...official EU-Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue“

Gershwin · Say Summertime Variations Violin Concerto The Virtusoso Piano Transcription »1001 Nights in the Harem« Series 16 piano score with solo part ED 20636 ED 20539 ISMN 979-0-001-16809-0 ISMN 979-0-001-15739-1 £ 8.50 / € 9,95 £ 18.50 / € 24,95 available October Bach · Say Silk Road Fantasia and Fugue (Piano Concerto No. 2) G minor BWV 542 study score The Virtusoso Piano Transcription ED 20390 Series 15 ISMN 979-001-15224-2 ED 20635 £ 12.50 / € 19,95 ISMN 979-0-001-16813-7 October £ 8.50 / € 9,95

COM 0023-02 · 08/09c available SCHOTT SCHOTT BOOSEY & HAWKES Edition Schott Edition Schott Gorrell, Michelle Shchedrin, Rodion Bach, Well-tempered Artless Pages Johann Sebastian Licks and Grooves 7 Impromptus (2009) 3 Piano A concept inspired by Bach’s ‘48’, With his five piano concertos, Transcriptions but realised here in a variety of jazz styles. There are twelve pre- sonatas and 24 preludes and by Emile Naoumoff fugues, Rodion Shchedrin is one ludes and related fugues in each Bach transcriptions have always of the most outstanding piano volume, exploring all existing been popular for the musical bril- music composers of our time. As major and minor keys. It pays liance of the Baroque master he is an excellent pianist himself, homage to many famous pianists opens up a vast field, for com- he was able to perform the world (Art Tatum, George Gershwin...) posers and performers. Even the premiere of many of his works but at the same time the style of pianist and composer Emile himself. With the seven varied the music is fresh and individual, Naoumoff who began his career movements of ‘Artless Pages’, combining skilful contrapuntal at the age of 8, composed a piano Shchedrin now presents a cycle writing, a wonderful melodic concerto at the age of 10 and for piano that has been remotely sounds and a cheeky sense of played it under the direction of inspired by Schumann’s ‘Kinder - humour. Two of the preludes and Yehudi Menuhin is an expert and szenen’. In the last movement fugues can even be played togeth- great admirer of Bach’s music. ‘Der Politiker spricht’ he directly er as a duet. The CD includes alludes to Schumann‘s ‘Der Dichter The present edition contains no sample performances of all the spricht’. virtuoso ‘fireworks music’ but pieces. unites three slow, meditative Grade: difficult Editions with CD pieces: ‘O Mensch bewein dein Grade: 7-8 ISMN 979-0-001-16977-6 Sünde groß’ (Orgelbüchlein), the ED 20745 aria ‘Aus Liebe will mein Heiland Vol. 1 ...... £ 14.50 / € 16,95 sterben’ (St. Matthew’s Passion), ISMN 979-0-060-11972-9 and the arioso ‘Betrachte, meine available Seel’, mit ängstlichem Vergnügen’ BH 11972 . £ 14.99 / € 21,95 (St. John’s Passion), demanding December from the performer the pianistic realisation of subtle polyphony and the development of a very refined sound. Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-17004-8 ED 20747 .. £ 8.50 / € 9,95 November 14 Piano SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT STARS & HITS – STARS & HITS – Edition Schott The Ultimate Songbook The Ultimate Songbook Gershwin, George Collection Collection 3 Prelùdes Jazz and Blues Ballads Organ arranged for Organ after the for piano, guitar and voice for piano, guitar and voice Piano Pieces by Ralf Sach Curtain up on the new The second volume in the new It is not only because of ‘Stars & Hits’ songbook series! ‘Stars & Hits’ series provides an Gershwin’s enthusiasm for the array of smash hits. ‘Ballads’ con-

Songbooks Containing only the biggest smash organ that his ‘3 Préludes’ virtual- hits, these are the ultimate collec- tains all the big names of rock and ly suggest themselves to be per- tions for all pianists, singers and pop music, here showing their formed on the organ. They are guitarists. soft and vulnerable sides: preludes in a traditional style, Robbie Williams, Madonna, The new series opens with ‘Jazz character pieces with idiomatic Whitney Houston, James Blunt jazz figurations and exciting har- & Blues’ standards. Here you can and Lionel Richie. find all the big names: legends monies. Therefore it is certainly such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Let yourself be carried away by appropriate to use these minia- Simone, Frank Sinatra and Cole ‘Back For Good’, ‘Jesus To A tures in churches and especially in Porter, alongside current top Child’, ‘The Show Must Go On’, organ concerts. Jazz music on the stars such as Michael Bublé and ‘Hello’ and many more. church organ? Why not! Although Diana Krall. Almost Lover – Angels – Back For notated jazz music is not real improvised jazz music, Gershwin Dream with ‘Night And Day’ and Good – Careless Whisper – Fallin’ – Frozen – The Greatest Love Of All – undoubtedly influenced jazz (Miles ‘Stormy Weather’ or dance to ‘I Davis, Herbie Hancock), and his Get A Kick Out Of You’ or ‘I Got Hello – High – Home – I Will Always Love You – Jesus To A preludes are a valuable addition Rhythm’ – with these 37 interna- even to the organ repertoire. tional hits you can’t go wrong! Child – The Power Of Love – Same Mistake – She’s Like The Grade: intermediate Cheek To Cheek – I Get A Kick Out Wind – Soulmate – The Show ISMN 979-0-001-15802-2 Of You – I Got Rhythm – I’ve Got Must Go On – Warwick Avenue – You Under My Skin – The Lady Is The Way You Look Tonight – Who ED 20587 £ 10.99 / € 12,95 A Tramp – Lost – Mr Bojangles – Wants To Live Forever – You’re available My Baby Just Cares For Me – My Beautiful et al. Funny Valentine – Night And Day – Stormy Weather – What A Songbook Difference A Day Makes et al. Grade: easy to intermediate Songbook ISBN 978-3-7957-5949-0 Grade: easy to intermediate ED 20663 £ 15.50 / € 17,95 ISBN 978-3-7957-5948-3 available ED 20662 £ 15.50 / € 17,95 available 15 Organ SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Pachelbel, Johann Masters of the Masters of the North German School North German School Selected for Organ, Vol. 19 for Organ, Vol. 20 Organ Works Morhard, Peter Siefert, Paul Prelude in D and Ciacones in D and F Complete Complete for organ (harpsichord, clavichord), Organ Works Organ Works Perreault 407, 41 und 43 10 Chorale Settings 13 Fantasias, 2 Choral Variations, Edited by Felix Friedrich Edited by Klaus Beckmann 1 Motet Intabulation Although the Canon in D major for The organist and composer Peter Edited by Klaus Beckmann three violins and basso continuo Morhard (date of birth unknown, Paul Siefert, baptized in Gdansk earned him virtually worldwide died in Lüneburg in 1685) belongs on 28 June 1586 and died there fame, the oeuvre of Johann to the North German organ on 6 May 1666, belongs to the Pachelbel (1653-1706) undoubted- school. Little is known about his ‘North German organ school’. He ly focuses on the field of organ life, but from 1662 until his death spent the years from 1607 until music. His oeuvre influenced sub- he worked as an organist at the probably late 1610 studying in sequent generations of organists Michaelskirche of Lüneburg. Amsterdam where he got impor- until far into the 19th century and 10 chorale arrangements for tant ideas and suggestions as a still holds a great fascination, par- organ by Morhard have survived pupil of Sweelinck. After his ticularly because of its cantabile and are now published in an anno- return he became deputy organist style and melodious harmony. tated and carefully edited urtext in Gdansk. From 1611 to 1616 he This new edition contains three of edition. worked as an organist first at the the best-known and most fre- Grade: intermediate church in the old town of Königs - quently played works: the Prelude berg, then at the Warsaw court ISMN 979-0-001-15746-9 in D minor which is characterised orchestra. In 1623 he was by varied effects and a virtuoso ED 20544 appointed organist at the Marien - obbligato pedal, as well as two ...... £ 18.50 / € 24,95 kirche of Gdansk in succession to melodious Ciacones in D minor available Michael Weyda where he worked and F minor with easily structured until the end of his life. This edi- themes. tion of his organ works contains 13 fantasias, two chorale pre- Grade: easy to intermediate ludes and a motet. ISMN 979-0-001-15791-9 Grade: intermediate ED 20572 .. £ 9.50 / € 12,95 ISMN 979-0-001-15840-4 September ED 20618 £ 19.99 / € 26,95 available 16 Organ SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Schneider, Enjott Edition Schott Edition Schott Orgelsinfonie Guillou, Jean Guillou, Jean No. 6 Hymnus Colloque No. 8 ‘Te Deum’ op. 72 (2008) for and organ, Op. 67 With his organ symphonies, the Edited by Winfried Bönig (2002) composer Enjott Schneider (born Jean Guillou’s ‘Hymnus’ Op. 72 The French composer Jean 1950) from Munich has been a was written in memory of Father Guillou (born 1930) has composed profound sensation in recent Jaap Keulen, a friend of the com- quite a few works for the organ years and seen world premieres poser. Hymns are traditional, plus instrument which all bear the at major European organ events. chordal, solemn chants. The piece serial title ‘Colloques’. This is all The Organ Symphony No. 6 ‘Te has adopted this style by consist- that needs to be said on the inten- Deum’ (premiered at Bruckner’s ing mainly of chordal movement, tion of the pieces: They are ‘dia- St. Florian above Bruckner’s tomb except for a few melodious pas- logues’ between the organ and in 2008 and recorded there on sages. New features are the the solo instrument which are CD) adopts the five-part structure refined colourful harmony and the both of equal importance and feed and several motifs from Bruckner’s constantly changing energetic each other lines. The two most ‘Te Deum’, thus becoming a force- rhythms. The solemn ceremonial recent works are written for rela- ful compact work pervaded by the expression can be heard especially tively rare, yet all the more fasci- Gotteslob. at the beginning and at the end in nating instruments: the marimba- 1: ‘Te Deum’ is based on heavy sounds. The world premiere phone and the pan flute. Bruckner’s original figuration of of the work was performed by Demanding concert works for vir- fifths and eighths which is con- Winfried Bönig at the Cathedral of tuoso musicians. nected with the Latin Te Deum; Cologne on 16 June 2009. Grade: advanced to difficult 2: ‘Te Ergo’ is a ‘preghiera’ with pleading and praying gestures; Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-001-13779-9 3: ‘Aeterna fac’ is an extremely ISMN 979-0-001-15779-7 ED 9803 . £ 18.50 / € 24,95 virtuoso perpetuum mobile; ED 20569 . £ 8.99 / € 11,95 4: ‘Salvum Fac’ a basso ostinato Colloque No. 9 and finally November 5: ‘In te, Domine speravi’ a tocca- for pan pipe and organ, Op. 71 ta which, after taking many Grade: advanced to difficult detours, inevitably leads to the ISMN 979-0-001-15801-5 C major. ED 20583 Grade: advanced ...... £ 18.50 / € 24,95 ISMN 979-0-001-15793-3 October ED 20576 £ 13.99 / € 18,95 September 17 Organ SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Schott World Music Vasks, Peteris Casken, John Korean Folk Cantus ad pacem Sacrificium Tunes for Violin per organo (1984) for organ (2009) Edited by Kunihiko Ryo Pe¯teris Vasks has written a large Sacrificium was commissioned by Strings ‘Korean Folk Tunes’ contains 20 number of pieces for the organ, the St Albans International Organ traditional songs which reflect the both original works and arrange- Festival for what has become one joy, sorrow, hope and poetry of ments of his own pieces which of the most influential organ com- everyday life in Korea. had originally been written for petitions in the world. It is a Kunihiko Ryo’s arrangements strings. The Riga-based composer demanding 8 minute work that retain the old Korean rhythm – created his ideal sound image will challenge performers with an despite their own artistic inter- after listening to the famous abundance of contrasting material pretation. The subtle ornaments organ of the Cathedral of Riga. whilst still leaving space for indi- embellishing the melody require a The basic idea of the organ work vidual interpretation. Casken refers particularly high sensitivity. The ‘Cantus ad pacem’ is, as with to the story of Alban who sacrificed edition is preceded by a detailed almost all of his compositions, the his life to save another Christian introduction to traditional personal understanding of nature: thereby becoming the first British rhythms, scales and keys. the beauty of nature, on the one Martyr in his programme note and As each song is preceded by the hand, and the destruction of more specifically the act of history of its origins, ‘Korean Folk nature by man, on the other hand. exchanging cloaks and deception Tunes’ provides an interesting which led to Alban’s execution. Not presenting any great difficul- insight into the world of Korean This idea of taking on a new ties, Vasks’ organ music displays folk songs. an impressive variety of sounds, appearance is apparent in the The accompanying CD contains all from the most intimate, music as recurring themes pieces in a complete version with restrained sounds to powerful undergo transformations, ensemble as well as play-along chordal outbursts. gradually becoming absorbed into new musical textures. tracks. Grade: difficult Score Edition with CD ISMN 979-0-001-08285-3 Grade: difficult (Eng./Fr./Ger.) ED 8048 . £ 10.99 / € 14,95 Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-2201-3128-8 September ISBN 978-1-84761-094-2 ED 13260 £ 14.99 / € 16,95 available ED 13148 . £ 10.99 / € 17,95 available

18 Organ SCHOTT SCHOTT WIENER URTEXT EDITION Edition Schott Tárrega, Francisco Händel, Georg Friedrich Heller, Barbara Recuerdos Sonatas Musical Flowers de la Alhambra for Violin and 13 Pieces for Violin and Piano Memories of the Alhambra Basso continuo Edited by Ulla Levens Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Edited from the sources and The edition ‘Klangblumen’ by Composed in 1886, the tremolo realization of the figured bass by Barbara Heller (originally for study ‘Recuerdos de la Alhambra’ Bernhard Moosbauer. piano, ED 20374) is now available is without doubt Tarrega’s best- Notes on Interpretation by for flute too. known piece. It evokes memories Reinhard Goebel Each of the 14 pieces has a partic- of the Moorish citadel located on Handel’s Sonatas for Violin and B. c. ular focus, such as a certain inter- a hill in the Spanish Granada. belong to the core repertoire of val, a special playing technique, a Thanks to the present arrange- Baroque violin music, some of characteristic rhythm or a contin- ment, the enchanting gem with its them even being among the most uous timbre. slightly melancholy tinge – per- famous repertoire pieces of their haps inspired by Georges Bizet’s time. The new edition in the The pieces are musically demand- Wiener Urtext Edition series is ing, yet can be technically mas- ‘Je crois entendre encore’ from The Pearl Fishers – is now also based on Handel’s autographs, tered quite easily. The composer contemporary copies and first has made a point of allowing available for instruments other than the guitar. prints. In addition to Handel’s enough room for the player to nine violin sonatas, it contains incorporate their own musical Grade: easy to intermediate two minuets which have been interpretations. for violin and piano handed down in the environment A collection for lessons and ISMN 979-0-001-16835-9 of the sonatas. Apart from the vio- concerts. lin part and a continuo score with ED0 9855 .. £ 3.50 / € 4,50 Grade: easy to intermediate a realised, easily playable basso for cello and piano continuo, the edition also contains ISMN 979-0-001-15825-1 a figured bass part which gives VLB 136 .. £ 12.50 / € 16,95 ISMN 979-0-001-16836-6 the opportunity to improvise on available ED0 9856 .. £ 3.50 / € 4,50 the continuo part. The notes on available interpretation by the renowned Baroque expert Reinhard Goebel provide insight into a sonata per- formance that was common prac- tice at the time of Handel. Grade: intermediate ISBN 978-3-85055-670-5 UT 50264 £ 22.50 / € 24,25 December 19 Strings BELAIEFF SCHOTT SCHOTT Belle Epoque Russe Edition Schott Edition Schott Borodin, Alexander Smetana, Bedrich Ries, Franz Fantasy on Themes From the Perpetuum from the Opera Native Country mobile ‘Prince Igor’ for violin and piano for violin and piano, Op. 34/5 for violin and piano Edited by Ida Bieler Edited by Ida Bieler Edited by A. Kadlec ‘In an easier style, intended As a musician, Franz Ries (1846- This fantasia is based on the most rather for its use at home than for 1932) is almost forgotten today: popular and beautiful melodies concert performances’, this is the composer, violinist and ‘Königl. from the opera ‘Prince Igor’ by how Bedrich Smetana described Sächs. Hofmusikalienhändler’ Borodin, containing both virtuoso his two ‘duos’ for violin and piano studied at the famous Paris passages and expressive cantile- ‘From the Native Country’, written Conservatoire to be a violinist. nas. Since the setting is quite ‘in a truly national style, albeit with Then, the nephew of Beethoven’s easy to play on the violin, the my own melodic tunes’. These pupil and friend Ferdinand Ries work is not only suitable as a con- pieces are two expressive and started a glittering solo career cert piece but also suitable to be also violinistically rewarding little which he had to end soon after for used in educational practice. settings which the already deaf health reasons. From then on, he Czech musician composed for a turned his whole attention to the Grade: intermediate to advanced noble patron in 1880. The present music publishing business and ISMN 979-0-2030-0480-6 new edition puts the arrangement occasionally even contributed little of the Prague-born violinist and compositions, such as ‘La Capric - BEL 805 .. £ 15.50 / € 17,95 violin teacher Hans Sitt who con- ciosa’ or the newly published November densed the form of the ‘duos’ and ‘Perpetuum mobile’ Op. 34, to the made them easier with regard to programme of his publishing the playing technique, right next house. This is the fifth movement to Smetana’s original version. No from his Suite No. 3 for violin and matter whether in the original ver- orchestra (or piano), created sion or as arrangement, the two around 1870. The little virtuoso melodious miniatures are definitely piece sweeps by like a whirlwind, worth playing. They are a valuable hopefully taking only the listen- addition to the violin repertoire and ers’, not the violin playing per- will broaden your view of the cham- formers’ breath away! ber musician Bedrich Smetana. Grade: advanced Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-16818-2 ISMN 979-0-001-16817-5 VLB 139 ... £ 10.50 / € 11,95 VLB 138 ... £ 11.99 / € 13,95 October September 20 Strings SCHOTT SCHOTT BOOSEY & HAWKES Edition Schott Edition Schott To mark the 65th Senfter, Johanna Vieuxtemps, Henri anniversary of the composer’s birth, Sonata G minor Rondino 17 February 2009 for violin and piano, Op. 32 for violin and piano, Op. 32/2 Jenkins, Karl Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Edited by Ida Bieler Sarikiz Johanna Senfter (1879-1961) was In the time of travelling violin vir- for violin and orchestra a pupil of Max Reger. tuosos in the 19th century, the Premiered in January 2009 by Beginning with an expressive vio- Belgian composer Henri Marat Bisengaliev, ‘Sarikiz’ is a lin theme in a densely packed, Vieuxtemps was regarded as one highly approachable violin concer- ‘Brahms-like’ piano setting, the of the ‘greatest’, next to Paganini, to in three movements, with a classical four-movement work Spohr, Bériot, Wieniawski and flexible scoring for strings and centres around two capricious others. His concert tours led him optional wind and percussion. The and playful movements: ‘Lustig, to the ‘new world’ and through violin writing, reminiscent of nicht zu schnell’ is how the second Europe to Russia where he lived Vivaldi, is florid in the fast outer movement begins, a fugal gem in Petersburg for a few years and movements and enchantingly lyri- working with all kinds of contra- founded the violin class at the cal in the central slow movement. puntal tricks. This is followed by a local conservatoire. His most The work was commissioned by scherzo-like, wittily flirting Rasch. important pupil – after his return Sapar Iskakov in memory of his The finale begins with a melodi- to his Belgian home country – great Kazakh ancestor, composer cally simple tune in an almost was Eugène Ysaÿe. As a compos- and kobyz player Tlep Aspantaiuly folksong-like tone which, by a er, he had written compositions (1757-1820) and is based in part sequence of character variations, mainly, though not exclusively for on Kazakh folk melodies. It has builds to a grand gesture which ‘his’ instrument, the violin. He been recorded on the album Quirk eventually leads back to the initial also wrote concertos and cham- (EMI Classics), which brings cantabile – with the sonata com- ber music, especially catchy salon together four concertos by the ing to a quiet end. A valuable music repertoire pieces such as composer of Adiemus. addition to the chamber music his Rondino, a virtuoso piece with repertoire. a soulful middle section – a real Piano Score treat as an encore! Grade: advanced ISMN 979-0-060-12036-7 Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15750-6 BH 12036 ISMN 979-0-001-16816-8 VLB 134 .. £ 14.99 / € 19,95 ...... £ 15.50 / € 24,95 VLB 137 ... £ 10.50 / € 11,95 available December September

21 Strings SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Holliger, Heinz To mark the 75th Casken, John anniversary of the Souvenirs composer’s birth, Shadowed Pieces trémaësques 8 September 2009 for violin and piano (2006) Version for Violin Maxwell Davies, These six short pieces might more Like Holliger’s standard work Sir Peter readily be described as fantasies, ‘Trema’ (a piece made up of each with its own sound-world but theme, tremolo and breathing), Sonata for Violin linked by shared material. The Souvenirs tremaësques too can and Piano mood of each of these short movements is guided by an imagi- be played by various instruments Sir Peter Maxwell Davies is uni- of the string family. After the orig- nary landscape, one shadowed by versally acknowledged as one of the the blackened tree, a far-away inal version for viola (VAB 67) foremost composers of our time. Schott now publishes a version song, shadows past, a quickening for violin which will soon be fol- The sonata for violin and piano moon, forgotten voices, and by lowed by a version for violoncello. was written for the virtuoso vio- the harrowed land. The title of the linist, Ilya Gringolts and first per- last movement plays on the word Grade: difficult formed in 2008. The work is prin- harrow, something that is used to ISMN 979-0-001-16853-3 cipally concerned with Italian break up the soil, but also bring- architecture and the music takes ing with it suggestions of a land VLB 141 ..... £ 4.50 / € 4,95 both performers and audience both pained and wounded. September across an imaginary walkway over Score and Parts Rome as proposed by the architect already available: Giuseppe Rebecchini. Starting at Grade: very difficult th Version for Viola the 17 Century Chiesa Nuova the ISMN 979-0-2201-2739-7 exceptional journey passes ISMN 979-0-001-14925-9 ED 13084 £ 11.99 / € 18,95 Renaissance churches, exhibition VAB 67 ...... £ 3.99 / € 4,95 spaces, the river Tiber, glass available façades, sculptures and even a prison where a Lazio folk tune can be heard echoing from behind the walls. The journey ends 15 min- utes later at Gianicolo, an area where one can take in breathtak- ing views over the whole city. Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-2201-3114-1 ED 13223 . £ 24.99 / € 27,95 October 22 Strings SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Kreisler, Fritz Hindemith, Paul Cirri, Giovanni Battista Praeludium and Sonata Sonata C Major Allegro for viola and piano (1939) for cello and basso continuo in Style of Gaetano Pugnani Edited after: Paul Hindemith, Edited by Wolfgang Birtel for viola and piano Complete Works, Vol. V/7 by A large number of works by the Dorothea Baumann Edited by Giuseppe Pascucci Italian musician Giovanni Battista The genesis of the viola sonata Cirri (1724-1808) from Forlì were Fritz Kreisler made a name for reflects the eventful life of printed all his life. The busy cello himself not only as great violin Hindemith in the winter of virtuoso naturally wrote works for virtuoso, but also as a composer. 1938/39 and owes its completion ‘his’ instrument mainly, including Many of his character pieces to Hindemith’s ability to compose concertos and sonatas, but also referred to as ‘Classical Manus - even while travelling, especially wrote a number of chamber music cripts’, such as his old Viennese on trains. Hindemith himself said pieces for other instruments as dance tunes ‘Liebesleid – about his viola sonata: ‘... It is a well as occasional compositions Liebesfreud – Schön Rosmarin‘, powerful, well-fed piece with for orchestra or for religious ‘Tambourin Chinois’ or ‘Caprice durable lining for cold weather. occasions. The present Sonata in Viennois’, have never been forgot- Second movement with a tricky C major is ideal for beginners ten. One of his compositions, sup- rhythm to which one has to creep lessons. It is a catchy, melodious posedly written by old masters, up carefully in order to master it. and rewarding piece for young later turned out to be a work writ- In the last movement which con- cellists which is fun to play (and ten by Kreisler himself, as for sists of two variations on an to listen to). The accompanying example ‘Praeludium und Allegro already fully developed rondo bass part has deliberately been im Stile von Gaetano Pugnani’, a movement...’ Hindemith shows turned into a simple piano part so performance piece which is now again the wide range of his com- that it can also be played by also available as an arrangement positional and formal brilliance. pupils. for viola and piano. New edition based on the text of Grade: easy Grade: advanced the Hindemith Complete Edition. ISMN 979-0-001-14735-4 ISMN 979-0-001-15764-3 Grade: difficult CB 192 ...... £ 5.50 / € 8,95 VAB 70 ...... £ 5.99 / € 7,95 ISBN 978-3-7957-9660-0 available available ED 3640 .. £ 9.99 / € 14,95 available

23 Strings SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Gabrielli, Domenico Fauré, Gabriel Senfter, Johanna 7 Ricercari Berceuse D major Sonata for cello for cello and piano, Op. 16 for cello and piano, Op. 79 Urtext plus Facsimile Edited by Maria Kliegel Edited by Günter Matthes Edited by Julius Berger ‘New forms, well-chosen modula- The composer Johanna Senfter The Ricercari for violoncello by tions, strange timbres, the use of (1879-1961) from Oppenheim Domenico Gabrielli are among the wholly unexpected rhythms’, this studied composition with Max earliest pieces for solo cello. They is how Camille Saint-Saëns Reger in . Her expressive are pieces of improvisational praised the first work of a young style is characterised by poly- character. colleague, the First Violin Sonata phonic settings and late-Romantic by Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924), in harmony. The Sonata for Cello and With the faithful reproduction of the Paris Journal de Musique on Piano, Op. 79 was written by the text and the facsimile, this 22 May 1877. He continued: ‘Over Johanna Senfter around 1935. But edition shall inspire the performer it and around it hovers a charm it was not before 1993 that the to set out on a fascinating search which persuades the mass of long forgotten cello sonata was for the basic character inherent in ordinary listeners to accept the released on CD for the first time. each ricercare – for polyphonic most violent novelties as being The current edition of the previ- approaches, sequences, and entirely natural.’ Chamber music ously unpublished sonata, now many more. and the small forms continued to presented by us, is based on the Grade: intermediate be the special fields of interest of autograph kept at the library of ISMN 979-0-001-15721-6 this important French composer at the Cologne Hochschule für the end of the 19th century and at Musik. A rewarding concert piece CB 214 ...... £ 9.50 / € 12,95 the beginning of the 20th century. for advanced cellists. available Fauré had a special liking for string Grade: intermediate to advanced instruments, particularly of the violoncello for which he wrote not ISMN 979-0-001-14942-6 only two wonderful sonatas but CB 197 ..... £ 11.50 / € 18,95 also some small solo works. available Berceuse Op. 16 was written for violin in 1878/79; the present arrangement now allows even violoncellists to indulge in this beguiling and melodious lullaby. Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-16811-3 CB 217 ...... £ 7.99 / € 8,95 October 24 Strings SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Schott Anthology Series Tschaikowsky, Peter I. Bruch, Max Baroque Recorder Pezzo Capriccioso Kol Nidrei Anthology 2 for cello and piano, Op. 62 Adagio after hebrew Melodies 32 Works for Soprano Recorder Edited by Walter Grimmer for cello and piano, Op. 47 Edited by Peter Bowman and Gudrun Heyens Apart from the famous Rococo Edited by Maria Kliegel Recorder Variations, Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky The popularity of his (first) violin This anthology contains pieces by th th composed another work for solo concerto drove Max Bruch not just 17 - and 18 - century composers violoncello: Pezzo capriccioso, almost to despair – ‘I cannot lis- in a variety of different styles. The Opus 62. It is dedicated to ten to this concerto any more’, he repertoire includes works by major Brandoukoff (Brandukov) with wrote to his publisher – it also got composers such as Telemann, whom he had performed this little in the way of the composer’s Purcell and Corelli as well as less- virtuoso piece for the first time at remaining oeuvre. Wrongly, as is er-known composers including, the famous salon of the Benardaky apparent in Kol Nidrei, the adagio amongst others, Babell, Delalande, family in February 1888. The ‘based on Hebrew melodies’, Op. van Eyck, Fischer, Locke and soloist himself suggested a few 47, one of the most expressive Luidhens. This collection is ideal minor changes in the solo part. Romantic solo works. Composed for recorder teachers looking for Even Maurice Gendron, the great in 1881, it testifies to the compos- additional repertoire for their cello virtuoso and teacher, attend- er’s enthusiasm for folksongs and teaching practice as well as ed to the work once again, not thrives on a passionate and warm developing players looking to only ‘bedighting’ the solo part in a tonal language. expand their repertoire and for use virtuoso manner but also adding a in school or music centre concerts. Grade: advanced cadenza, an extended recapitula- Edition with CD tion and a lengthened ending to ISMN 979-0-001-15748-3 (Eng./Fr./Ger.) the Pezzo. The present edition CB 216 ...... £ 8.50 / € 9,95 Grade: easy to intermediate enables the performer to get an accurate picture of the different September ISBN 978-1-84761-081-2 versions and layers. The finger- ED 13135 .. £ 9.99 / € 14,95 ings, bowing indications and inter- October pretational aids – except for in the added parts – are by Maurice already available: Gendron. Vol. 1 Grade: advanced ISBN 978-1-84761-080-5 ISMN 979-0-001-15351-5 ED 13134 .. £ 9.99 / € 14,95 CB 212 .... £ 10.50 / € 16,95 available

25 Recorder SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott O’Carolan, Turlough Hindemith, Paul Bryars, Gavin 16 Trios 3 American A Family Likeness arranged for 2 soprano recorders Folksongs for recorder sextett (TrTrTTBB) and 1 treble recorder for 3 recorders (SSA or SAT) (2008) by Patrick Pföß (1938) ‘A Family Likeness’ was written Today, Turlough O’Carolan (1670- Edited by Luitgard Schader for The Society of Recorder 1738) is considered to be the last Players in the UK and was a great During a tour of the United States, success at its premiere in 2008. great harp player of Ireland and Paul Hindemith was asked by a is surrounded by an almost mysti- The music is characteristically staff member of his American that of Gavin Bryars and would be cal aura. Numerous anecdotes publisher in 1938 to write little have been handed down which an ideal introduction to his unique pieces for recorders which should sound world of slow moving pure testify to a strong personality, a serve as a model for other com- huge musical talent and enormous harmonies and melodic ostinati posers. Hindemith accepted this that evoke expansive landscapes. self-confidence. Unlike any other, commission and chose melodies he knew how to combine old Irish This significant addition to mod- from the American folk-song ern recorder repertoire is a fan- music with Italian Baroque music, repertoire as a basis for the little thus creating a large number of tastic concert piece which is both settings. Hindemith’s interest in accessible and musically reward- compositions about 200 of which the recorder has remained almost have survived. 16 of them were ing, it can be performed by either unknown to the public. Although six individual players or a larger selected by Patrick Pföß and Hindemith’s ‘3 American arranged in easy versions for 2 group with multiple players per Folksongs for Recorder Trio’ part. descant recorders and 1 treble arrived at his publisher only a few recorder. A valuable addition to days after the composition, the Grade: intermediate to advanced the recorder trio repertoire – recorder trios have remained Score for lessons and auditions. unpublished until now. They were ISMN 979-0-2201-3137-0 Performance Score found among Hindemith’s belong- ED 13240 . £ 9.99 / € 15,95 Grade: easy ings after his death and have been composed in such a way that Set of Parts ISMN 979-0-001-15065-1 they can be played best by two ISMN 979-0-2201-3138-7 ED 20334 £ 13.99 / € 18,95 descant recorders and one treble ED 13240-10 available recorder...... £ 8.99 / € 14,95 Grade: easy to intermediate available ISMN 979-0-001-15317-1 OFB 211 ..... £ 4.99 / € 7,95 September 26 Recorder SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Essential Exercises Edition Schott Hakim, Naji Gariboldi, Giuseppe Drouet, Louis Wie schoen First Exercises 25 Studies leucht uns der for flute for flute Morgenstern Edited by Stefan Albrecht Drouet wrote numerous works for Variations for oboe and organ The Italian flute virtuoso the flute, a collection of studies, and the above-mentioned flute Naji Hakim, born in Beirut in 1955, Giuseppe Gariboldi (1833-1905) wrote numerous studies for the method, the fourth part of which – studied with Jean Langlais and ‘Exercices de tous genres’ – was Rolande Falcinelli and is one of flute which are among today’s standard teaching literature. intended to establish and develop the leading organ composers of good tone, fingering and articula- today. His cycle of variations on Starting with easy melodic tonal studies, the ‘First Exercises’ grad- tion. R.S. Rockstro describes the chorale ‘Wie schön leucht uns Drouet’s exercises as the best der Morgenstern’ was commis- ually expand their range of tones, thus increasing the technical that have ever been written for sioned by ‘Freunde der Musik am the flute, and this will perhaps Liebfrauenmünster, Ingolstadt’ and demands. Melodic and harmonic progression, dynamics, articula- explain the designation of these premiered by him on 14 September 25 studies from the fourth part of 2008 together with the oboist tion and dexterity are developed in short, exercises arranged in the method as ‘famous’. Although Georgi Kobulashwili. As is always they were not written for the the case in Naji Hakim’s works, varying ways, starting from the basics. Boehm flute, they provide techni- formal brilliance and elegant cal exercises in all the areas Woodwind Instruments Woodwind melody are combined with a The song-like, easily comprehen- which the flautist must learn to sense of the individual tonal pos- sible melody in connection with master in order to be able to play sibilities of the respective instru- elementary motivic work (repeti- music of both the pre-Classical ment. Concert piece of 8 minutes’ tions of motifs, sequences and and the Classical-Romantic peri- duration. variations) trains the inner tonal ods. Traditional technical exercis- Grade: advanced image which is imperative for the es are presented in a logical way beginner in particular. When a ISMN 979-0-001-15831-2 and yet in a manner which not sense of melodic progression and only requires but even stimulates ED 20613 £ 16.99 / € 22,95 phrasing is developed on this fluent execution. September basis, the increasing technical elements added later are incorpo- Grade: advanced rated both unobtrusively and ISMN 979-0-001-09419-1 organically. FTR 118 .... £ 9.50 / € 13,95 Grade: easy available ISMN 979-0-001-15148-1 ED 20353 .. £ 7.99 / € 12,95 available 27 Woodwind Instruments SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Köhler, Ernesto Heller, Barbara Dinescu, Violeta Bonsoir Musical Flowers DORU Romance for flute and piano, 14 Pieces for Flute and Piano for solo flute Op. 29 Edited by Lynn Elms The Romanian pianist and com- Edited by Edmund Wächter and The edition ‘Klangblumen’ by poser Violeta Dinescu was born in Elisabeth Weinzierl Barbara Heller (originally for Bucharest on 13 July 1953. There Apart from demanding concert piano, ED 20374) is now available she studied composition, piano pieces, Ernesto Köhler (1849- for flute too. and education at the C. Porumbescu Conservatoire and in 1907) primarily wrote method- Each of the 14 pieces has a partic- ological literature and music for 1977 passed her state examina- ular focus, such as a certain inter- tion with distinction. After a playing in the Romantic style val, a special playing technique, a which are reminiscent of the teaching assignment at the characteristic rhythm or a contin- Music School she small forms of Chopin, Schumann uous timbre. or Brahms and to this day form an moved to Germany in 1982. Since inherent part of flute lessons, The pieces are musically demand- 1996 she has been professor of pupils’ concerts and the competi- ing, yet can be technically mas- applied composition at the tion ‘Jugend musiziert’. Under this tered quite easily. The composer University of Oldenburg. The two category come the romance Bon has made a point of allowing pieces for solo flute appeal to the soir Op. 29 and Valse Espagnole enough room for the player to imagination of the player and Op. 57, two expressive character incorporate their own musical require a performer with a sense pieces for lessons and concerts. interpretations. of rhythmic and melodic freedom as well as with experience in Grade: easy to intermediate A collection for lessons and concerts. using graphic notation. ISMN 979-0-001-15392-8 Grade: easy to intermediate Grade: intermediate FTR 203 ..... £ 5.50 / € 6,95 ISMN 979-0-001-15824-4 ISMN 979-0-001-15071-2 Valse Espagnole FTR 208 .. £ 12.50 / € 16,95 FTR 201 ..... £ 4.50 / € 6,95 available for flute and piano, Op. 57 Immagini Grade: easy to intermediate for flute solo ISMN 979-0-001-15393-5 Grade: intermediate FTR 204 ..... £ 5.50 / € 6,95 ISMN 979-0-001-15070-5 available FTR 200 .... £ 4.50 / € 6,95 available

28 Woodwind Instruments SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Popp, Wilhelm Vivaldi, Antonio Roussel, Albert Russisches Sonata D major Joueurs de flûte Zigeunerlied for flute (oboe, violin) and 4 Pieces for flute and piano, Op. 462/2 basso continuo, RV 810 for flute and piano, Op. 27 Edited by Elisabeth Weinzierl Edited by Nikolaus Delius Edited by Elisabeth Weinzierl The popularity of the composi- First edition based on a Dresden Whereas Roussel’s large-scale tions, arrangements and exercis- manuscript of Pisendel. Up until works are rarely programmed es by Wilhelm Popp (1828-1903) now, the sonata has been avail- these days, his chamber music has never diminished, and stems able in G major only, which is kept works are still very popular. For from his ability to write in the in the archives of the Berliner flautists, the cycle Joueurs de Romantic concert style and still Liedertafel. As a result of more Flûte is a frequently performed th consider their practicability for recent research, Prof. Nikolaus standard work of the 20 century. pupils and amateurs. Vocal and Delius managed to find a copy of Its unique charm lies in the virtuoso passages have been the Sonata in D major made by assignment of mythological arranged in accordance with the Pisendel which is can be found in flautists to distinguished flautists th capabilities of the respective the Sächsische Landesbibliothek of the early 20 century. Thus instrument so that the effect is Dresden, and he ascribed the were created short musical por- always greater than the level of work to Vivaldi. The version in traits of the dedicatees which difficulty. Russisches Zigeunerlied D major is convincing because of reflect these fascinating flautists: Op. 462/ 2, printed in 1896 for the its ideal register which gives the Gaston Blanquart, Marcel Moyse, first time, is the best example. solo instrument more intensity Louis Fleury and Philippe Gaubert. Ideal for lessons, pupils’ concerts and brilliance. A carefully edited Pan – Tityre – Krishna – or the competition ‘Jugend first edition with introductory text. M. de la Péjaudie musiziert’. Grade: intermediate Grade: intermediate to advanced Grade: intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15729-2 ISMN 979-0-001-15410-9 ISMN 979-0-001-15394-2 FTR 207 .. £ 10.50 / € 13,95 FTR 206 ... £ 9.50 / € 12,95 FTR 205 ..... £ 5.50 / € 6,95 available available available

29 Woodwind Instruments SCHOTT SCHOTT WIENER URTEXT EDITION Tárrega, Francisco Essential Exercises Reinecke, Carl Recuerdos de la Step by step Heinrich Carsten Alhambra Basics of Clarinet Technique in Undine Sonata Memories of the Alhambra 100 Studies Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Edited by Rudolf Mauz Edited from the sources by Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Irmlind Capelle. Notes on Composed in 1886, the tremolo This volume contains more than interpretation by Lisa Eichenberg. study ‘Recuerdos de la Alhambra’ 100 exercises and studies provid- Fingerings (piano) by is without doubt Tarrega’s best- ing clarinettists the opportunity to Peter Roggenkamp work systematically on the most known piece. It evokes memories Carl Reinecke’s ‘Undine’ was pub- important aspects of clarinet play- of the Moorish citadel located on lished in 1882 as a sonata for ing: articulation and phrasing – a hill in the Spanish Granada. flute and piano and to this day has dexterity of fingers – sound con- been one of the most frequently Thanks to the present arrange- trol and melodic interpretation – played works of this composer. In ment, the enchanting gem with its confidence in the use of different 1885 Reinecke also published a slightly melancholy tinge – per- keys, times and ornaments. haps inspired by Georges Bizet’s version for clarinet and piano in ‘Je crois entendre encore’ from The edition is the result of many which the piano part remained The Pearl Fishers – is now also years of teaching pupils of differ- unchanged whereas the flute part available for instruments other ent performance levels, from was adjusted to the technical and than the guitar. beginners to advanced students. tonal qualities of the clarinet. The volume is ideal for systematic Thus, Reinecke was able to add a Grade: easy to intermediate work on technique and expres- striking work to the small clarinet- for flute and piano sion, but also for a thorough piano repertoire. Notes on inter- ISMN 979-0-001-16837-3 ‘check-up’. A valuable addition to pretation specially written for the all clarinet lessons! clarinet version take both histori- ED0 9857 .. £ 3.50 / € 3,95 Method (Ger./Eng.) cally adequate playing techniques and questions regarding the musi- for clarinet (in Bb) and piano Grade: intermediate cal text, extra-musical programme ISMN 979-0-001-16838-0 ISMN 979-0-001-15848-0 and performance practice into ED0 9858 .. £ 3.50 / € 3,95 ED 20622 £ 10.99 / € 14,95 account. A reliable musical text, optimized page turns and a com- available available fortable overview are essential features of the current edition with regard to form and layout. Grade: advanced ISBN 978-3-85055-669-9 UT 50263 £ 12.95 / € 13,97 October 30 Woodwind Instruments SCHOTT SAXOPHONE LOUNGE Famous Ballads for Alto Saxophone edited by Dirko Juchem

The new series 'Schott Saxophone Lounge' is aimed at every saxophonist who is looking for fresh, playable arrangements. The exquisite selection has been arranged by the successful author Dirko Juchem ('Saxophon Spielen – Mein schönstes Hobby') – charged with emotions and quite gripping, yet also glamorous and moving. The melodious and easy-to- play arrangements are all contained on the accompanying CD which has been recorded by the author himself. A must-have for every saxophonist!

Jazz Ballads 16 Famous Jazz Ballads As Time Goes By – Night And Day – How High The Moon – Summertime – Blue Moon – My Way (Comme D’Habitude) – Take The A-Train – Satin Doll – Petite Fleur – Fly Me To The Moon – Autumn Leaves – Moon River – Amazing Grace – Wade In The Water – Wayfarring Stranger – Frankie And Johnny ISBN 978-3-7957-5898-1 ED 20472 £ 13.50 / € 17,95

Pop Ballads 16 Famous Pop Ballads Everything I Do (I Do It For You) (Bryan Adams) – All By Myself (Eric Carmen) – Blue Eyes (Elton John) – How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees) – Hello (Lionel Richie) – Just The Two Of Us (Grover Washington) – Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) – Feelings (Morris Albert) – A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum) – Aura Lee (Trad.) – Plaisir d'amour (Trad.) – Rondo (Clementi) – Those Were The Days (Trad.) et al. ISBN 978-3-7957-5913-1 ED 20561 £ 13.50 / € 17,95

Swing Standards 16 Most Beautiful Swingin' Ballads ISBN 978-3-7957-5982-7

4028 -01 MA 08/09c ED 20753 £ 15.50 / € 19,95 in preparation SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Paganini, Niccolò Killmayer, Wilhelm Schweitzer, Benjamin Paganini for Die Schönheit maverick I (noise) Saxophone des Morgens for clarinet or bass 24 Capricci Five Romances clarinet solo (2008) for soprano- or alto-saxophone Version for clarinet and piano ’maverick I [noise]’ is the first solo, Op. 1 From 19th-century tradition, we piece in a five-part series of solo Arranged by Raaf Hekkema compositions for double-bass know numerous examples of clar- Raaf Hekkema, a Dutch saxophone inet sonatas which were tran- instruments. The subtitle ‘noise’ points to the fact that the compo- virtuoso, has arranged the famous scribed for viola. In the present 24 Capricci Op. 1 by Niccolò edition, the clarinettist and com- sition is pervaded by numerous noise-like elements – from Paganini for solo saxophone – for poser Jörg Widmann has either soprano or alto saxophone rearranged Killmayer’s original extremely low windage noise to distorted multiphonics. depending on the register. For the piece for viola and piano for the CD recording of the arrangements clarinet. The piano part has However, the piece is not only on MDG, Hekkema received the remained almost unchanged. The noise-like, it rather contains musi- Echo Klassik Award in the category romantic, sentimental spirit in the cal elements, such as multiphon- ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ in musical language typical of ics, repetitions and stationary 2007. Killmayer is a valuable addition to tones, that gradually develop from the repertoire of each clarinettist. the ‘overloaded’ beginning, with Grade: difficult to very difficult Grade: difficult hard cuts and harsh sounds still ISMN 979-0-001-15780-3 determining the uncompromising ISMN 979-0-001-16879-3 ED 20559 character of the piece...... £ 10.99 / € 14,95 KLB 73 ... £ 16.99 / € 19,95 Grade: very difficult September November ISMN 979-0-001-16978-3 KLB 75 ...... £ 7.99 / € 8,95 available


This series includes intermediate to advanced reper- The BOOSEY & HAWKES toire from the Romantic era to the 20th century. FLUTE ANTHOLOGY The series features works by the most prominent BHI 10535 Boosey & Hawkes composers, including Adams, ISMN 979-0-051-10535-9 £ 19.99 · € 27,95 Argento, Bartók, Bernstein, Britten, Copland, Finzi, Jenkins, Kodály, Maxwell Davies, Rorem, Stravinsky The BOOSEY & HAWKES and others. Special study was paid to the US state CLARINET ANTHOLOGY contest solo lists, making these ideal collections for BHI 10536 advanced school and college players. ISMN 979-0-051-10536-6 £ 19.99 · € 27,95 The BOOSEY & HAWKES HORN ANTHOLOGY BHI 10537 ISMN 979-0-051-10537-3 £ 19.99 · € 27,95 The BOOSEY & HAWKES TRUMPET ANTHOLOGY BHI 10538 ISMN 979-0-051-10538-0 £ 19.99 · € 27,95 The BOOSEY & HAWKES VIOLIN ANTHOLOGY BHI 10532 ISMN 979-0-051-10532-8 £ 19.99 · € 27,95 The BOOSEY & HAWKES VIOLA ANTHOLOGY BHI 10533 ISMN 979-0-051-10533-5 £ 19.99 · € 27,95 The BOOSEY & HAWKES CELLO ANTHOLOGY BHI 10534 Boosey & Hawkes is exclusively distributed by Schott Music ISMN 979-0-051-10534-2

MA 5508-02 · 8/09c 5508-02 MA £ 19.99 · € 27,95 SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Essential Exercises Edition Schott Edition Schott Trumpet Mozart, Leopold Helmschrott, Technique Concerto G major Robert M. Warm-ups, technical training, per Tromba ed Orchestra Salut exercises with alternative version in F major for trumpet and organ Edited by Ferenc Aszodi Edited by Gábor Darvas, arranged Robert Helmschrott, born in 1938, Most trumpet players blow down- by Wolfgang Birtel was professor at the Munich ward a bit too much; as a conse- Leopold Mozart is understandably Musikhochschule where he was quence, the pressure point lies on eclipsed by his son. His trumpet also headmaster from 1995-2003. the lower lip. The result: a thick, concerto has even been handed He wrote numerous choral and dull tone without treble and down twice. In 1967 Gábor Darvas orchestral works and is one of the smoothness. The present technical published a score and orchestral most important German represen- exercises help to shift the pres- parts in a version that is trans- tatives of contemporary church sure point to the upper lip. Thus, posed a fifth lower which makes it music. His work ‘Salut’ is a one- movement concert piece which is Brass Instruments Brass a much better treble, a finer tone easier for trumpet players to play and generally a better embou - it. This edition is complemented by rewarding for both players. After chure is gradually achieved. This the current piano reduction. Another a lengthy introduction for solo also helps to keep the lung more solo part in B flat is added to the trumpet, both instruments pre- open when blowing and to develop original solo part in C. In addition, sent fireworks of brilliant idiomat- better lung volume and strength. the piano reduction has been ic figurations, yet also make sure Not least, it helps to avoid postur- printed in a retransposed version that pensive, lyrical tones get al impairment, e.g. damaged discs in F major: this gives it flexibility their fair share too. A rewarding or atrophied lungs. and makes it possible to rehearse concert piece of ca. 8 minutes’ duration. Contains all-important information the piece at varying levels of diffi- on trumpet techniques, a ‘check- culty. It is a valuable addition to the Grade: intermediate to advanced concert repertoire for trumpet. up’ for advanced players and pro- ISMN 979-0-001-15077-4 fessional trumpet players. piano reduction ED 20338 . £ 9.50 / € 14,95 Method (Ger./Eng.) with solo part in C or Bb Grade: intermediate to advanced available Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-15693-6 ISBN 978-3-7957-5920-9 TR 24 ...... £ 10.99 / € 14,95 ED 20579 available ...... £ 16.99 / € 22,95 September also available: Score ISMN 979-0-001-15141-2 CON 98 ... £ 9.50 / € 13,50 34 Brass Instruments SCHOTT SCHOTT BOOSEY & HAWKES Penderecki, Krzysztof My First Concert Lindberg, Magnus Danziger Fanfare 44 Easy Guitar Pieces Mano a mano from 5 Centuries for brass instruments, Premiered in August 2004 by and percussion Edited by Peter Ansorge and Finnish guitar virtuoso Timo Bruno Szordikowski This short effective piece would Korhonen and recorded by him on be a pleasure to rehearse and To every young musician, the first the Ondine label (ODE 1091-2), perform by any wind orchestra. It concert is a special experience. It this is a tour de force of idiomatic, begins with a simple one-part is a motivation to study the instru- modern guitar writing from a melody by the trumpets, and is ment and its music even further. composer whose music is charac- gradually joined by all other parts. A suitable selection of technically terised by its energy, colour and a In the middle of the fanfare, a and musically manageable pieces thrilling density of material. very quiet moment is reached is an important prerequisite for Grade: very difficult first successes. which, in a broad crescendo, leads ISMN 979-0-060-11980-4 to a bombastic ending. The piece For this reason, 44 well-known BH 11980 . £ 8.99 / € 13,95 demands a wide dynamic range and easy solo pieces have been from the orchestra and careful selected which have proven suc- October arrangement of the dramatic cessful in lessons and at the com- structure from the conductor. Guitar / Bass petition ‘Jugend musiziert’. The As a compulsory piece for compe- selection of the mostly original titions, ‘Danziger Fanfare’ is ideal- works has been arranged accord- ly suited to any occasion and con- ing to epochs, thus providing a cert programme. small overview of the history of guitar and lute music from John Score and Parts Dowland via Gaspar Sanz to Leo Grade: advanced Brouwer. ISMN 979-0-001-15841-1 Edition with CD SHS 3007 Grade: very easy to easy ...... £ 14.99 / € 19,95 ISBN 978-3-7957-5925-4 September ED 20601 £ 13.50 / € 17,95 September

35 Guitar / Bass Guitar BOTE & BOCK SCHOTT BOOSEY & HAWKES Chapela, Enrico Schott Pop-Styles Barron, Christine Crucigrama Palmer, Dominic Drum Styles for 4 and string quartet Discovering Made Easy In many of his works, the young Rock Bass Drum Styles Made Easy is the Mexican composer Enrico Chapela An introduction to playing rock comprehensive resource for takes pleasure in the playful and and pop styles, techniques, drummers who want to learn the sensuous side of serial composing. sounds and equipment many different styles required of For example, the commission to the modern kit drummer. Explore Percussion compose a double quartet inspired for Electric Bass Guitar rock/pop, funk, show, blues, jazz, him to develop an idea according This distinctive book presents a swing, Latin, reggae and more. to which the exponentiated char- comprehensive overview of the Included with each style are rudi- acter of the two groups consisting key bass styles and bass players ments, exercises, pieces and of four string instruments each – of Rock and Pop music from 1950 impro to reinforce and support a quartet ‘raised to the power of 2’ to the present day, including students. so to speak – should be displayed Rock’n’Roll, the music of The Learn with the unique structurally, and so he invented a Beatles, Disco, Classic Rock, ‘cross-in-a-square’ approach. crossword puzzle (‘Crucigrama’) Reggae, R&B, and Latin. There which he then retranslated into are fully notated bass lines and Drum Styles Made Easy is ideal musical parameters. ‘Melate as well as chord sheets for you to for examination candidates. Binario’, on the other hand, which experience playing in each style, Edition with CD owes its name to a Mexican lottery, and the accompanying CD con- Ring/Spiral binding is characterised by humorous tains high-quality demos of all the ISBN 978-0-85162-571-3 aleatorism: a Mozart-like ‘musical tracks played by the author, dice game’ of the digital age. Dominic Palmer, and sought-after BH 12005 Score and Parts musicians from the London pro ...... £ 14.99 / € 19,95 Grade: difficult to very difficult circuit. Also included on the CD available are backing tracks for you to play ISMN 979-0-2025-3221-8 along with. BB 3221 . £ 59.50 / € 69,95 Edition with CD Melate Binario Grade: intermediate for guitar ISBN 978-1-84761-142-0 Study Score ED 13232 . £ 16.99 / € 27,95 (+ inserted part on loose sheets) September Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-2025-3220-1 BB 3220 .. £ 12.99 / € 14,95 October 36 Guitar / Bass Guitar SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Holliger, Heinz O’Carolan, Turlough Hindemith, Paul My apprentice- 16 Trios Frankenstein’s ship in two kettles for 2 violins and cello (viola) Monstre for 2 timpani (one player) Arranged by Patrik Pföß Repertoire from: Concerto Today, Turlough O’Carolan (1670- for string quartet (1942) This short solo piece originally 1738) is considered to be the last Edited by Luitgard Schader comes from the orchestral com- great harp player of Ireland and position Concerto ...per soli con is surrounded by an almost mysti- During the years of their exile in tutti and is suitable both for con- cal aura. Numerous anecdotes America, Paul and Gertrud certs and competitions or as a have been handed down which Hindemith regularly met with two subtle encore. testify to a strong personality, a young violinists for private music-

Chamber Music making. When Hindemith Grade: advanced huge musical talent and enormous self-confidence. Unlike any other, arranged the first of his ‘Drei ISMN 979-0-001-16825-0 he knew how to combine old Irish leichte Stücke für Cello und BAT 49 ...... £ 4.50 / € 4,95 music with Italian Baroque music, Klavier’ (1938) for this string quartet in 1944, he chose an October thus creating a large number of compositions about 200 of which unusual title for the four musi- have survived. Beautiful pieces cians had discovered their shared between folk and art music. 16 of enthusiasm for Frankenstein them were selected by Patrick films. There are no records, how- Pföß and arranged for string trio. ever, that indicate if this quartet A separate viola part is also avail- setting played at the Hindemiths’ able – in case no violoncello is home sounded ‘like horror music’. available. Score and Parts Grade: easy Grade: easy to intermediate Performance Score ISMN 979-0-001-15330-0 ISMN 979-0-001-15066-8 ED 20441 £ 10.99 / € 17,95 ED 20335 £ 13.99 / € 18,95 available viola part ISMN 979-0-001-15324-9 ED 20335-13 ...... £ 2.99 / € 4,95 available

37 Chamber Music SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Larcher, Thomas Duddell, Joe Czernowin, Chaya IXXU 4 (mere) Anea Crystal 2nd String Quartet (1998-2004) Bagatelles Two String Quartets and an Octet Both works continue the string for string quartet (2007) for 1 or 2 string quartets (2008) quartet series, which started with Duddell’s short string quartet The work consists of three parts: Cold Farmer (ED 9968), by the made up of four ‘mere’ bagatelles the two strings quartets Seed I/II well-known exclusive ECM artist is a treat for both players and and their combination as string in the usual atmospheric density. audiences. First performed by the octet Anea. All parts can be per- Score and Parts Psophos Quartet at the 2007 formed separately, and the octet Grade: very difficult Presteigne Festival and recently Anea can even be played by a transcribed for string orchestra, string quartet ensemble only. ISMN 979-0-001-14487-2 Duddell embraces the historical Anea is the fictitious name of a ED 20054 weight of the prestigious string ‘music crystal’, designed after an ...... £ 21.50 / € 34,95 quartet medium by alluding to a ionic crystal from a latticework of wealth of masterpieces by corresponding musical gestures. Mandares Mozart, Stravinsky, Debussy, Beethoven, Tippett and Webern. Score and Parts rd 3 String Quartet Despite these acknowledged ref- ISMN 979-0-001-15738-4 I Madhares – II honey from erences, the music is still distinct- ED 20538 Anopolis – III sleepless 1 – ly Duddell’s, with catchy melodic ...... £ 36.50 / € 49,95 IV sleepless 2 – Madhares – lines, tender harmonies and V a song from? rhythmic energy. This is a fantas- available Score and Parts tic new work for young quartets interested in new repertoire. ISMN 979-0-001-15151-1 Score and Parts ED 20356 £ 21.50 / € 34,95 Grade: difficult November ISMN 979-0-2201-3063-2 ED 13181 . £ 14.99 / € 19,95 available

38 Chamber Music COM 0022-02 · 08/09c £ 50.99/ ISMN 979-0-001-15453-6 (5 Versuch überdieFuge £ 25.50/ ISMN 979-0-001-15452-9 ED 20081 4 £ 29.99/ ISMN 979-0-001-13686-0 (3 Hunting Quartet September £ 18.50/ ISMN 979-0-001-13685-3 (2 Chorale Quartet £ 21.99 / ISMN 979-0-001-13684-6 ED 9747 1 The stringQuartets *1973 Jörg Widmann ED 9749 ED 20082 ED 9748 th st rd nd th String Quartet String Quartet) String QuartetwithSoprano) String Quartet String Quartet) € 34,95 € 29,95 € 29,95 € 49,95 € 59,95 ISMN 979-0-001-15293-8 ED 20414 for soprano, clarinet,violinandpiano eine toteLinde Sieben Abgesängeauf More newpublications £ 16.99/ ISMN 979-0-001-15710-0 ED 20527 Vol. II(14-24) £ 16.99/ ISMN 979-0-001-15709-4 ED 20526 Vol. I(1-13) for violinandcello 24 Duos £ 36.50/ October September € 22,95 € 22,95 € 49,95 BELAIEFF BOOSEY & HAWKES BOTE & BOCK Silvestrov, Valentin Hawkes Pocket Scores, Oehring, Helmut String Quartet HPS 1408 Marie B. Górecki, for string quartet No. 1 Henryk Mikolaj String Quartet No. 1 is one of the ‘After an eight-year-old British most successful and most fre- ... songs are sung schoolgirl had obviously been con- quently performed works by String Quartet No. 3 stantly bullied by other pupils, she Silvestrov. It can be described as hanged herself with a skipping In spring 2005, after 13 years of a work standing on a threshold rope.’ This laconic and at the persistence, patience and cancelled between avant-garde and post- same time shocking news item performances, the Kronos Quartet avant-garde and, due to its musi- inspired Helmut Oehring to write finally received the score to cal significance, the prospects are his second string quartet which, Henryk Górecki’s Piesni Spiewaja so good that it can even be count- both in the title and in the dis- (‘…songs are sung’), String Quartet ed among the best quartets of the tressing style of the 7 short move- no 3, Op. 67 – a 50-minute magnum 20th century. ments (called ‘chambers’), pre- opus (originally commissioned in serves impressively the memory Score and Parts 1992). It came with the dedication of this pupil. Premiered in 2003 at ‘To the Kronos Quartet, which for Grade: difficult to very difficult the Huddersfield Contemporary so many years has waited patient- ISMN 979-0-2030-0468-4 Music Festival, the work is now ly for this quartet.’ The quartet’s available as a newly set perfor- BEL 685 . £ 29.99 / € 49,95 title is inspired by the last line of mance score revised by the com- a poem by the Russian poet November poser. Velimir Khlebnikov, ‘When people die, they sing songs.’ Study Score Study Score Grade: very difficult ISMN 979-0-060-11792-3 ISMN 979-0-2025-3224-9 BH 11792 .. £ 9.99 / € 15,95 BB 3224 .... £ 7.99 / € 12,95 Set of Parts Performance Score (4 Scores) ISMN 979-0-060-11975-0 ISMN 979-0-2025-3225-6 BH 11975 £ 19.99 / € 30,95 BB 3225 . £ 33.99 / € 39,95 available September

40 Chamber Music SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott Brunetti, Gaetano Komarova, Tatjana Schneider, Enjott String Quintet ‘Auf immer und Musica arcaica  B major ewig!?…’ no. 1 for 2 violins, 2 violas and cello, for string sextett Studies on the Cypriot folk song Op. 7/3 ‘How long is eternity? A whole ‘The Shepherd’ Edited by Tilman Sieber life? A moment?’ – The composer for violin, cello and piano (2008) In 1771, at the same time, two describes her sentimental musical ‘Musica arcaica No.1’ is the first composers in Madrid, Luigi drawing of human hopes and piece in a series of chamber Boccherini and Gaetano Brunetti fears as a ‘journey into one’s self music works in which Schneider ‘discovered’ and established the or we’. Komarova composed the as a composer examines music of string quintet as a new musical piece for the Kölner Streichsextett other cultures (songs, dances genre. While the works of which also recorded ‘Auf immer among others). The old Cypriot Boccherini are performed even und ewig!?…’ on CD. This pensive shepherd’s song Voskos inspired today, the oeuvre of his colleague, work can also be performed by the composer to apply the archaic member of the Royal Orchestra, ambitious amateur ensembles. composition techniques of drone, still needs to be discovered. His Score and Parts heterophony and ostinato. The Quintet in B flat major, Op. 7/3 Grade: advanced song expresses different moods: provides a good opportunity to do The first half of the song is domi- that. Like Mozart’s contributions ISMN 979-0-001-16933-2 nated by the yearning lament ‘Im to this genre, it is scored for two ED 20719 £ 16.99 / € 19,95 Pferch eingesperrt bin ich violins, two violas and violoncello. available geboren, im Pferch werde ich Written in a concertante style, the sterben’. The second half sets the five-movement work lets all per- ecstatically and defiantly, but also formers have their musical say, proudly sustained thought of containing both virtuoso solo figu- death ‘Niemand von euch kennt rations and melodic solos. A valu- den Tod, noch das Altern!’ to able addition to the string quintet music. Schneider presents these repertoire – with a truly enjoyable emotions in a convincing and playing and listening experience exciting manner by means of guaranteed! instruments. Score and Parts Score and Parts Grade: intermediate Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15306-5 ISMN 979-0-001-16862-5 ED 20427 ED 20659 £ 16.99 / € 19,95 ...... £ 29.50 / € 39,95 September available 41 Chamber Music SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Edition Schott Edition Schott To mark the 200th To mark the 200th Schneider, Enjott anniversary of the anniversary of the composer’s birth, composer’s birth, Am Ufer der 8 June 2009 8 June 2009 Vernunft Schumann, Robert Schumann, Robert Valentiniade for Trumpet, Trombone and Piano Piano Quartet Fantasiestücke In this trio, the composer Enjott C minor arranged for clarinet, flute, harp Schneider again displays his edited and supplemented by and two violas by Aribert inventiveness which is of course Joachim Draheim Reimann, Op. 73 (1849/2007) pushed to its limits due to the ref- erence to the famous character Schumann’s early piano quartet In the run-up to the Schumann Karl Valentin from Munich. By composed in 1829 has not yet Year 2010, Reimann now presents using musical means which even found its way into the concert one of the standard works of clar- include theatrical effects, repertoire, although it would be inet literature in a tonally sublime Schneider succeeds in creating a well-earned. This is due to the arrangement for clarinet, flute, loving homage to Karl Valentin fact that the work has only been harp and two violas in which (1882-1948) and his leftist think- available in a version full of mis- Reimann has left the original solo ing, to his bizarre logic and word takes up to now. Our new edition part completely unchanged. acrobatics, to the escalating pre- by the renowned Schumann Reimann wrote the arrangement vention and destructive perfor- researcher Joachim Draheim is for the clarinettist Jörg Widmann mance. based not only on the autograph as a proof of their joint admiration but also on Schumann’s sketches, of Schumann. The world premiere Schneider has been professor of thus providing a convincing musi- took place at the renowned cham- music theory, meanwhile of film cal text for the first time. Missing ber music festival Spannungen in composition, in Munich since pages of the autograph (end of Heimbach in June 2009. 1979. His extensive activities as a the first movement, left-hand Score and Parts composer, performer, music writer and lecturer make him a piano part in the minuet, etc.) Grade: advanced have been completed for the first versatile musician whose compo- time with the help of parallel pas- ISMN 979-0-001-15267-9 sitional oeuvre ranges from ‘clas- sages in a stylistically sensitive ED 20403 sic’ avant-garde to pop. and convincing manner...... £ 36.50 / € 49,95 Score and Parts Score and Parts November Grade: advanced Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-001-16863-2 ISMN 979-0-001-16871-7 ED 20661 ED 20649 £ 57.99 / € 68,00 ...... £ 29.99 / € 34,95 October October 42 Chamber Music MA 5511-01 · 08/09c © KatySchwartzman Boosey &Hawkes ·Bote &Bock isexclusively distributed by Schott Music. some ofwhich were already published inthe1960s. The works for soloharp are reprints ofthe volumes South America, China, Japan and Korea. but also atconcerts inEu Maayani’s works are performed not onlyin Israel 1993-1998 and 2000-2004, theyear ofhisretirement. He headed the Academy between the years sity as a Professor ofComposition and Conducting. the Tel-Aviv at Univer- Music of Academy Israel Rubin In 1984hejoinedthefaculty oftheSamuel Paul Ben-HaimandEitan Lustig. in composition underand conducting Academy ofMusic and Dance inJerusalem in Tel-Aviv. from Rubin the graduated He Ami Maayani was born in 1936 January Works forharpsolo Ami Maayani rope, theUnited States, Toccata 15.50 ·€24,95 £ BB 2356 ISMN 979-0-2025-2356-8 flute andviola Arrangement forharp, Serenade D-Durop.25 Beethoven / Maayani 7.99 ·€12,95 £ BB 2355 ISMN 979-0-2025-2355-1 forthe Young Artist Five Pieces ·€14,95 8.99 £ BB 2354 ISMN 979-0-2025-2354-4 Sonate No2(1990) · €14,95 8.99 £ BB 2353 ISMN 979-0-2025-2353-7 Sonate No1(1979) 7.99 ·€12,95 £ BB 2352 ISMN 979-0-2025-2352-0 dans lestyleoriental Passacaglia · €9,95 5.99 £ BB 2351 ISMN 979-0-2025-2351-3 Maqamat 7.99 ·€12.95 £ BB 2350 ISMN 979-0-2025-2350-6 BOTE & BOCK SCHOTT SCHOTT Dean, Brett Edition Schott Edition Schott Polysomnography Schweitzer, Benjamin Willi, Herbert for piano and wind quintet dull roots & ‘Hello’ and The title of the Sextet has been spring rain ‘See you again’ borrowed from the medical pro- for flute/bass flute, oboe and for wind quintet fession, referring to a clinical sleep bassoon (2008) study. Brett Dean, however, proves In these miniatures the composer to be less of a cool, analytical dis- The image of a landscape in April, revised already existing works for sector of man’s inner worlds than freed from winter’s hold, with its the Kusatsu International Music a modern revenant of German mixture of barrenness and still Festival 2008 in Japan where he Romanticism which attached a dull colours, characterises the has got a massive legion of fans. higher truth to the dream – ‘man basic tone of this piece. Melodic The first movement is played by is a god when he dreams and a elements and fast virtuoso figura- bassoon and piano only, with the beggar when he thinks’ (Hölderlin). tions cannot be found, instead the piano part being so easy that it In the 5 movements of the sextet, piece is dominated by subtle should be played by one of the bearing titles such as ‘Theta nuances of just a few sounds and other wind players which brings a Waves’, ‘Myoclonus’ or ‘Dream textures. The harmony is based lot of fun to the musicians during Sequence’, Dean delves into a – almost entirely on a single chord rehearsals. The pieces are ascetic literally – dreamlike world of the type. Occasionally, short chains of rather than romantic and sumptu- subconscious and phantastic. repetitions and oscillating impuls- ous. Brief musical actions, tonal es emerge from this string of repetitions and short flitting Score and Parts sounds. snatches of melody are predomi- Grade: very difficult Ambitious performers can use nant. These two miniatures leave ISMN 979-0-2025-3223-2 this demanding and varied piece the wind players who are familiar with all kinds of playing tech- BB 3223 . £ 40.99 / € 47,95 to try out modern playing tech- niques. niques much room for their own December artistic interpretation. Performance Score Score and Parts Grade: very difficult Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-17007-9 ISMN 979-0-001-15749-0 ED 20746 ...... £ 19.50 / € 22,95 ED 20543 £ 19.50 / € 22,95 November available

44 Chamber Music COM 0024-02 · 8/09c NEW CHORALMUSIC December C 53590·£5.99/€6,95 ISMN 979-0-001-17002-4 grade: intermediate 3 songsforfemalechoir Skumjas ·Trauer ·Sorrow December C 53589·£5.99/€6,95 ISMN 979-0-001-17001-7 grade: intermediate 3 songsforfemalechoir Dzimtene ·HeimatHome Pe October SKR 20061·£10.99/€12,95 ISMN 979-0-001-16983-7 grade: advanced for mixedchoiracappella choral opera ‘BoyarinaMorozova’) Tsarskaya kravcaya (basedontheRussian ‘Anna Karenina’ Epigraph byCountTolstoy tohisnovel 2 RussianChoirs Rodion Shchedrin October C 53585·£4.50/€4,95 ISMN 979-0-001-16979-0 grade: intermediate and organ Hymn fortwomixedchoirs(SATB/SATB) Motet basedontheGregorien Veni Creator Spiritus Bertold Hummel ¯teris Vasks October SKR 20060·£5.99/€6,95 ISMN 979-0-001-16891-5 grade: advanced transcribed byClytusGottwald mixed a-cappellachoir for six-toten-part Friedrich HebbelandGerda vonRobertus Two songsbasedontextsby Memento vivere ·Kythere Rudi Stephan /ClytusGottwald BOOSEY & HAWKES SCHOTT SCHOTT Simply4Strings Edition Schott Edition Schott Colledge, Seiber, Mátyás Saint-Saëns, Camille Katherine and Hugh Dance Suite Introduction et A Handel Suite 7 Modern Dances for orchestra Rondo capriccioso Arranged by Wolfgang Lichter Four pieces for violin and orchestra, Op. 28 for elementary string orchestra After completing his studies with Edited by Wolfgang Birtel and

Orchestra Zoltan Kodaly, the Hungarian com- Arriving in the fresh, new format Maria Egelhof of score plus CD-ROM, this is the poser Máthiás Seiber (1905-60) ‘Nobody knows the music of the sixth suite in the ever popular first worked as a musician in a whole world better than Monsieur ‘Simply 4 Strings’ series by dance orchestra on an ocean liner. Saint-Saëns’, Katherine and Hugh Colledge – From 1928 he taught the first jazz praised his fellow composer, and composers of the well-loved class worldwide at Dr. Koch’s there are only few who left such a Stepping Stones, Waggon Wheels, Conservatoire in Frankfurt. In the comprehensive œuvre covering all Fast Forward and Shooting Stars. winter term of 1928/29, 19 students genres like he did. The French The suite contains some of had registered with whom he gave musician contributed particularly to Handel’s best known themes a public concert on 3 March 1929 the violin repertoire, also thanks arranged for elementary string which was broadcast by Radio to his friendship with the Spanish ensemble. All string parts are Frankfurt. After the Nazis had virtuoso . It was available on the CD-ROM to down- seized power, the jazz class was he to whom he dedicated his Violin load and print. The pieces have dissolved, Seiber lost his job and Concerto No. 3 and Introduction been carefully arranged so all emigrated to London. et Rondo capriccioso, Opus 28. parts are rewarding to play, In 1932 he wrote his piano cycle The composer’s acquaintance with whilst maintaining a clear grada- ‘Leichte Tänze’, one of the early the violinist certainly was also the tion of standards between the examples of the adoption of jazz reason for his penchant for Spanish outer and inner parts. The suite is forms and styles in so-called serious atmosphere and colour. The folk- ideal for group teaching and also music. The present arrangement lore of the neighbouring country is makes a delightful concert item. for orchestra is easily playable and apparent in the Rondo, an effective is aimed at youth and amateur Score bravura piece. (with CD containing printable orchestras. string parts) Score Score Grade: intermediate Grade: 1-3 Grade: easy to intermediate ISMN 979-0-001-15241-9 ISMN 979-0-001-15787-2 ISBN 978-0-85162-600-0 CON 257 £ 13.99 / € 18,95 CON 259 £ 14.99 / € 19,95 BH 11957 £ 16.99 / € 18,95 Set of Parts Set of Parts available ISMN 979-0-001-15242-6 ISMN 979-0-001-15788-9 CON 257-50 CON 259-50 ...... £ 25.99 / € 42,95 ...... £ 36.50 / € 49,95 October available 46 Orchestra SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Edition Schott Gerlitz, Carsten Saint-Saëns, Camille Blazewicz, Marcin The Movie Ave verum for mixed choir (SATB) and

Concerto rustico Choir Choirbook for marimba and string orchestra 15 Famous Movie Songs organ (ad lib.) (2006-2007) for mixed choir Edited by Wolfgang Birtel Marcin Blazewicz, born in Warsaw It is often the songs that are There are very few composers in 1953, is one of the most suc- associated with cinema that are who have left such a comprehen- cessful Polish composers of con- the most exquisite: Moon River, sive oeuvre covering all genres as temporary music. He studied com- Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Camille Saint-Saëns. His vocal position with Francois-Bernard Scott Joplin’s ragtime piano in music, however, has rather fallen Mache, Iannis Xenakis and Olivier ‘Clou’ or Charlie Chaplin’s Smile into oblivion – if one leaves aside Messiaen at the Chopin Music from ‘Modern Times’. This volume his ‘indestructible’ Christmas ora- Conservatoire in Warsaw where contains a selection of legendary torio (Oratorio de Noël, Opus 12). he has been teaching instrumen- film music classics for mixed four- But apart from that, Saint-Saëns, tation since 1985 and composition part a cappella choir. The arrange- who worked as an organist at var- since 2004. To this day, he has ments are demanding, with their ious churches from 1852, com- written more than 200 works for complexity going far beyond the posed a number of little church the theatre, radio and film. usual, thus guaranteeing the music works: settings for differ- ‘Concerto rustico’ is a virtuoso same effect as the original. ent instrumentations, certainly concertante piece. It is written in destined to be used in services, Give listeners and singers in the including his Ave verum for four- a moderately modern style (tonal) concert hall the same pleasure they and influenced by jazz elements – part choir (including organ with- experienced in the cinema. The out pedal ad lib.). It is a simple, a valuable addition to every greatest film songs in an a cappel- modern concert programme. yet harmonically rich setting la version. Draw back the curtain, which constitutes a valuable addi- Score clear the stage, as these amazing tion to the choral repertoire and Grade: difficult choral arrangements unfold! an evocative alternative to the ISMN 979-0-001-15423-9 Edition with CD common Ave settings. ED 20501 £ 22.99 / € 26,95 Grade: intermediate choral score (L.) Set of Parts ISBN 978-3-7957-5911-7 (with organ part) ISMN 979-0-001-15424-6 Grade: easy to intermediate ED 20541-50 ED 20501-70 ...... £ 10.99 / € 14,95 ISMN 979-0-001-16800-7 ...... £ 41.99 / € 48,95 piano reduction choral score C 53377 ..... £ 3.50 / € 3,95 with solo part ISBN 978-3-7957-5910-0 available ISMN 979-0-001-15425-3 ED 20541 ... £ 7.50 / € 9,95 ED 20502 £ 18.50 / € 24,95 available available 47 Choir SCHOTT SCHOTT SCHOTT Hindemith, Paul Hindemith, Paul Choral Music of Our Time Lügenlied Drei Volkslieder To mark the 60th anniversary of the ‘Und als ich in das Baurhaus kam’ for mixed choir (SAT) (1912-14) composer’s birth, for mixed choir (SABar) and All settings are contrapuntal stud- 15 July 2009 instruments (for four part) (1928) ies from Hindemith’s own compo- Casken, John From the mid-1920s Hindemith sition lessons of the years 1912- increasingly attended to educa- 1914. Notated in ‘old clefs’, these In the bleak tional projects for children and charming three-part miniatures mid-winter young people and even experi- for two female voices and one mented in this field which led to male voice have been difficult to text by Christina Rossetti the ‘Plöner Musiktag’ in 1932. A access in the complete edition to for mixed choir (SATB) and particularly inspired result is the date. Now, they finally provide organ (2008) access to general practical music- short lively and funny ‘Lügenlied’ John Casken, who celebrates his making due to their transcription based on the text of an old folk- 60th birthday in 2009, set Christina in modern clefs and the addition song for three mixed voices (only Rossetti’s In the bleak mid-winter – of complete verse texts. one male voice in the school a poem popularised by Gustav Compositionally demanding, yet choir/youth choir!) and any instru- Holts’ setting of the same name – relatively easy-to-play pieces for mentation. New publication based for Alwinton and Holystone concerts or even for liturgical pur- on the complete edition. An open- Church Choir near to where the poses, which are ideal especially ing piece for concerts or an effec- composer lives in Northumber - for small church choirs and choral tive ending! land. A traditional carol based on societies. choral score (Ger.) the nativity it paints a vivid picture Score for voice (Ger.) Grade: easy to intermediate of the chill of winter and is ideal Grade: intermediate for choirs wishing to move away ISMN 979-0-001-15366-9 ISMN 979-0-001-15769-8 from the well-known whilst retain- C 52994 ...... £ 1.50 / € 1,95 ing an element of tradition. C 53243 ...... £ 2.99 / € 3,45 available Constantly flowing organ lines available create a sense of unease but this is uplifting music with subtle crescendos and powerful homo- phonic writing for the voices. choral score Grade: intermediate to advanced ISMN 979-0-2201-3150-9 ED 13285 ... £ 4.50 / € 4,95 September

48 Choir MA 50510-01 · 08/09c Will Todd Also suitable for gospel choirs £ BH 12046 ·ISMN979-0-060-12046-6 for mixed choir Nativity James Lavino of a text by JohnDonne excellentAn andaccessible setting £ BH 12009·ISMN979-0-060-12009-1 for men’schoir and pianoor organ This Land ofOurs Sense ofbelonging to Wales £ BB 3222·ISMN979-0-2025-3222-5 for female choir and three soloists Dichterfrühling Detlev Glanert in a newlook Eichendorff and Bote &Bock New choral works £ BH 12040 ·ISMN979-0-060-12040-4 for mixed choir Stay with me,Lord 1.99 ·€3,45 7.99 ·€12,95 2.99 ·€2,95 1.99 ·€3,95 Boosey &Hawkes ·Bote &Bock isexclusively distributed by Schott Music. £ ISMN 979-0-060-12031-2 BH 12031 and organ trumpets, percussion for mixed choir, strings, Deum Te Karl Jenkins Suitable for choirs ofany size Published already: 7.99 ·€12,95 by SCHOTT SCHOTT BOOSEY & HAWKES To mark the 75th To mark the 200th Singing Sherlock 3 anniversary of the anniversary of the The complete singing resource for composer’s birth, composer’s birth, primary schools 8 September 2009 3 February 2009 for children’s choir Maxwell Davies, Mendelssohn Edited by Sir Peter Bartholdy, Felix Shirley Court and Val Whitlock Carol: Kings and Wasserfahrt Following from the huge success Shepherds ‘Am fernen Horizonte’ of Singing Sherlock 1 and 2, this volume and its companion book text from ‘Christmas Poem’ by for men’s choir (TTBB) a cappella, Singing Sherlock 4 provide more George Mackay Brown Op. 50/4 exciting repertoire and ideas for for mixed choir (SATB) (2008) A highly romantic composition primary singing. As with the other As Master of the Queens Music, based on the poetic text by books, this gives enjoyable and Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has Heinrich Heine. A rediscovery structured ways to teach music written a new carol for Her which everyone has been talking concepts and vocal skills. It caters Majesty the Queen each about since the CD recordings by for the non-specialist music Christmas since his appointment the famous ensembles ‘Singer teacher as well as the specialist. began in 2004. ‘Kings and Pur’ and ‘Singphoniker’. In our Includes tried and tested songs Shepherds’ is the fourth and like new edition the piece has been which will inspire good singing in ‘An Heavenly Song’, ‘Wonder arranged for male choir because schools and youth choirs – and Tidings’ and ‘The Yule-tide Bell’, it is an ideal addition to the secu- CDs of performance and backing will be published as part of the lar concert repertoire. tracks. Aligned to the requirements Schott Royal Collection. choral score (Ger.) of Key Stage 1 (ages 5 to 7). Now ‘Kings and Shepherds’ is a short ISMN 979-0-001-15715-5 including ‘Sherlock in Concert’ – traditional setting of Christmas show-stopping concert pieces to C 53179 ...... £ 1.50 / € 1,95 Poem by George Mackey Brown, round off a period of study. a poet who lived near to Maxwell available Edition with CD Davies on the Orkney Islands. ISBN 978-0-85162-513-3 A wonderful addition to the carol repertoire and ideal for amateur BH 11876 £ 32.99 / € 49,95 choirs looking to programme new October pieces. already available: choral score Vol. 4: Edition with 2 CDs Grade: intermediate to advanced ISBN 978-0-85162-517-1 ISMN 979-0-2201-3132-5 BH 11897 £ 34.99 / € 52,95 ED 13283 ... £ 2.99 / € 4,95 September 50 Choir Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Sinfonias I – XII

Ur tex t Ed i t e d b y Bo r i s v o n Ha k e n Mendelssohn, between the ages of 12-14, and under the guidance of his teacher Carl Friedrich Zelter, composed symphonies for strings alone. These remarkably fresh and precociously accomplished works were presented during Sunday musicales held at the Mendelssohn family residence and performed by members of the Berlin Court Orchestra under the direction of the composer himself. The instrumental parts are based on the recently-published Eulenburg study scores of the 12 Sinfonias for strings, newly-edited by Boris von Haken from the extant autograph MSS in the collection of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

set of parts: Sinfonia XII G minor study scores: ISMN 979-0-2002-2543-3 Sinfonia I C major Sinfonias I – VIII EOS 1542-70 ISMN 979-0-2002-2532-7 ISMN 979-0-2002-2376-7 EOS 1531-70 Each set contains ETP 1531 · £ 11.50 / € 18,95 the following parts: Sinfonia II D major Sinfonias IX – XII ISMN 979-0-2002-2533-4 3x Violin I, ISMN 979-0-2002-2377-4 EOS 1532-70 3x Violin II, ETP 1539 · £ 11.50 / € 18,95 2x Viola and Sinfonia III E minor 3x Cello/Double bass ISMN 979-0-2002-2534-1 EOS 1533-70 Sinfonia IV C minor ISMN 979-0-2002-2535-8 Pr ice EOS 1534-70 each set of parts:  Sinfonia V B major £ 18.99 / € 29,95 ISMN 979-0-2002-2537-2 EOS 1535-70  Sinfonia VI E major ISMN 979-0-2002-2538-9 EOS 1536-70 Sinfonia VII D minor ISMN 979-0-2002-2536-5 EOS 1537-70 Sinfonia VIII D major ISMN 979-0-2002-2539-6 EOS 1538-70 Sinfonia IX C minor ISMN 979-0-2002-2540-2 EOS 1539-70 Sinfonia X B minor ISMN 979-0-2002-2541-9 EOS 1540-70 Sinfonia XI F major ISMN 979-0-2002-2542-6

MA 4027-01 · 8/09c EOS 1541-70 Eulenburg SCHOTT SCHOTT EULENBURG Rossini, Gioacchino Edition Schott Tschaikowsky, Peter I. Duetto buffo di Rota, Nino Andante cantabile due gatti Salve Regina from String Quartet No. 1, Op. 11 in Cat Duet for 2 voices and piano for Mezzosoprano and organ Tschaikowsky’s own arrangement for cello and string orchestra Edited by Wolfgang Birtel (1958) Edited by Thomas Kohlhase Finally, you can vent your bad ‘Salve Regina, mater misericor- mood musically: The Duetto buffo diae’ (‘Hail, holy Queen, Mother of The two little lyrical and sumptu- di due gatti (Comic Duet for Two Mercy’) – known as a prayer of ous gems are arrangements by praise and supplication in the Tchaikovsky of his own composi-

Vocal Music Vocal Cats) by Gioachino Rossini pro- vides excellent opportunity to do Catholic liturgy – is published in tions: the Andante cantabile in nd just that by means of music and two versions, like other sacred B major based on the famous 2 mime. In reality, the vocal piece works by Rota before. One ver- movement of his String Quartet was not written by the Italian sion is for mezzo-soprano and No. 1 in D major Op. 11 and the opera composer at all, but com- organ, the other with additional Nocturne in D minor based on the piled as a pot-pourri by the male choir, but both have Latin piano piece of the same name in English composer Robert Lucas text. C sharp minor, No. 4 of Six Pieces Pearsall (under the pseudonym of This is again proof of the great Op. 19. Both arrangements were ‘G. Berthold’) who fell back on variety of works by Rota who is at probably written in Paris in 1888 Rossini’s opera ‘Otello’ as well. home in all genres, from sacred for his friend, the Russian cellist But that does no harm to the and secular vocal music via cham- Anatoly Brandukov. cheerful dramatic scene with its ber music, concerto, symphony The current edition is based on imitative onomatopoeic sounds. and stage works to film music. the edition from the volume of the This edition is based on the first Grade: intermediate old Tchaikovsky Complete Edition edition from 1825, thus containing published by Victor L. Kubacky the ‘original text’, so to speak, of ISMN 979-0-001-16807-6 (1891-1970), a pupil of Brandukov. the humorous ‘Cat Duet’. The ED 20633 .. £ 4.50 / € 4,95 Study Score obvious performers would be two cats, two tomcats or a mixed duet for Mezzosoprano, men’s choir ISBN 978-3-7957-7156-0 with cat and tomcat. (TBarB) and organ ETP 1461 ... £ 5.50 / € 6,95

Enjoy – and hiss well! ISMN 979-0-001-16808-3 / Complete Editions Study Scores Nocturne Grade: easy to intermediate ED 20634 .. £ 5.50 / € 5,95 for cello and orchestra, Op. 19 ISMN 979-0-001-15798-8 available Study Score ED0 9853 .. £ 3.50 / € 3,95 ISBN 978-3-7957-7155-3 available ETP 1462 ... £ 5.50 / € 6,95 September

52 Vocal Music EULENBURG EULENBURG EULENBURG Purcell, Henry Purcell, Henry To mark the 200th anniversary of the Ode on The Fairy Queen composer’s birth, St. Cecilia’s Day Opera 8 June 2010 1692 Edited by Michael Burden Schumann, Robert for mixed choir (SATB/SATB), A London theatre-goer, attending soloists (SATB) and orchestra the first performance of Purcell’s Missa sacra for mixed choir and orchestra, Urtext opera in May 1692, may have expected to see a new and excit- Op. 147 Edited by Christopher Hogwood ing production, in which he was Edited by Bernhard R. Appel An annual London celebration of promised that the composer, ‘Mr Whoever attempted to compose a the patron saint of music, in the Purcell [...] joyns Delicacy and Latin mass in the middle of the form of a banquet plus the perfor- Beauty of the Italian way [with] 19th century had to compete with mance of an ode, was instituted the Graces and Gayety of the great models and traditional com- on St. Cecilia’s Day, 22 November French’. Not only would there position techniques. Bach’s Mass 1683. The occasion proved so have been music to attract the in B minor and Beethoven’s Missa popular that it continued for some ear, but the eye too would have solemnis, but even his earlier 30 years after. A newspaper been entertained as each succes- Mass in C major (performed by account of the first performance sive scene unfolds with a brilliant Schumann) are among the key of the 1692 Ode informs us that theatrical transformation. The works of a great mass tradition in ‘the Ode was admirably set to present edition of Purcell’s oper- the reception of High Romanticism. music by Mr. Henry Purcell, and atic masterpiece offers the first Not unlike Schubert and later perform’d twice with universal ever complete and ordered publi- Bruckner before, Schumann’s applause’. The popularity of cation of any of Purcell’s operas, Mass in C minor too is bound by Purcell’s setting is apparent from with the inclusion of the complete tradition, yet finds its very own the many sources that survived and performable musical and spo- formulation of the ‘Ordinarium from the period and from printed ken text in sequential order. Missae’, the characteristic fea- extracts which appeared almost Study Score tures of which point to the late immediately after its first perfor- style of the composer. mance. ISBN 978-3-7957-6341-1 Study Score (L.) Study Score ETP 8027 £ 49.50 / € 59,95 ISBN 978-3-7957-7186-7 ISBN 978-3-7957-7177-5 available ETP 1602 £ 12.50 / € 19,95 ETP 8063 £ 25.00 / € 39,95 available October

53 Study Scores / Complete Editions EULENBURG SCHOTT To mark the 200th SCHOTT Music Of Our Time anniversary of the Music Of Our Time Shchedrin, Rodion composer’s birth, To mark the 200th 8 June 2010 anniversary of Beethovens Schumann, Robert Schumann’s birth, Heiligenstädter 8 June 2010 Requiem Testament Reimann, Aribert Symphonic Fragment for Orchestra for mixed choir and orchestra, Op. 148 Sieben Fragmente Emotional depth and riveting vir- tuosity – these elements are what Edited by Bernhard R. Appel für Orchester characterise many compositions ‘This has to be written all by one- in memoriam Robert Schumann by Rodion Shchedrin. Even though self’ is what Schumann is sup- This most frequently played he has been a cosmopolitan for a posed to have said to his first orchestral work by Aribert long time, the Moscow-born biographer after the completion of Reimann quotes from and makes Shchedrin has remained an origi- the Requiem. Thus began a recep- use of Robert Schumann’s last fin- nal Russian composer whose tion history of the work created in ished composition, the so-called bond with the musical folklore and 1852 before the outbreak of ‘Geistervariationen’ [Ghost poetry of his home country has depression and fatal disease that Variations] in E flat major for never been severed. was characterised by prejudices. piano from 1854, composed short- This ‘Symphonic Fragment’, pre- It is impossible to tell what ly before Schumann’s suicide miered by Mariss Jansons with prompted the protestant attempt. Reflecting on Schumann’s the Symphony Orchestra of the Schumann to compose a Catholic subsequent life in Endenich, Bavarian Radio, refers to the life requiem. With regard to music Reimann leaves the lyrical charac- of Beethoven and the first major history, the mysterious, yet fasci- ter of the original unchanged. But existential crisis of the then 31- nating Requiem in the rare D flat the breaking up of the theme into year-old composer from Vienna. major mode forms the connecting the third, fifth and seventh frag- Even if Shchedrin fails to include link between Mozart’s and ments symbolizes the transition explicit quotations, suggestions of Brahms’ requiems. And what is from dreamy imagination to sickly Beethoven’s ‘Eroica’ can well be documented in a letter for the brooding. found. The study score on sale Missa sacra certainly applies to Study Score now allows one to become thor- this work too: It was intended for oughly acquainted with Shchedrin’s ISMN 979-0-001-14471-1 both the concert hall and the masterly skills as a composer and church. ED 20024 £ 21.50 / € 24,95 his virtuoso treatment of the Study Score (L.) September orchestra in this work. ISBN 978-3-7957-7187-4 Study Score ETP 1603 . £ 10.99 / € 17,95 ISMN 979-0-001-17005-5 October ED 20748 £ 16.99 / € 19,95 November 54 Study Scores / Complete Editions BOOSEY & HAWKES BOOSEY & HAWKES ARNOLD SCHÖNBERG GESAMTAUSGABE Hawkes Pocket Scores, Hawkes Pocket Scores, HPS 1352 HPS 1436 Serie A: IV Orchester - Lindberg, Magnus To mark the 70th werke, Vol. 9, 2 anniversary of the Schönberg, Arnold Cello Concerto composer’s birth, for cello and orchestra (1997-99) 6 June 2009 Works for String Orchestra II Now well known for his virtuosic Andriessen, Louis but highly engaging writing for Edited by Albrecht-Hohmaier solo instruments with orchestra, Works for String Arnold Schönberg is the central Magnus Lindberg here turns his Quartet figure in the musical world of this attention to the cello. The concer- Louis Andriessen celebrates his century. His musical significance to, dating from 1997–99, is ‘in a 70th birthday in 2009. This volume was already apparent during his highly taut style which travels at a in the Hawkes Pocket Score life-time, but his posthumous quickstep through all the possibili- series brings together two major influence has increased immense- ties of the instrument’ (Diapason works for string quartet, Garden ly. His work paved the way for magazine). It has been recorded of Eros (2002) and ...miserere... ground-breaking changes in musi- by Anssi Karttunen with the (2004), and has as a ‘bonus’ an cal perception. Philharmonia Orchestra conducted arrangement by the composer of Verklärte Nacht, Op. 4, by Esa-Pekka Salonen, for Sony. Bach’s B minor prelude from Book Bearbeitung für Streichorchester Study Score 1 of the ‘48’. The viola part, com- (1943) – Suite im alten Stil G-Dur – ISMN 979-0-060-11661-2 pleted by Andriessen, starts with Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte, six bars by Igor Stravinsky, taken Op. 41, Bearbeitung für Sprech - BH 11661 £ 25.50 / € 38,95 from the latter composer’s own stimme, Klavier und Streich - December arrangement for strings. orchester Study Score Score (complete edition) Grade: difficult ISMN 979-0-001-15288-4 ISMN 979-0-060-12090-9 AS 1009-12 BH 12090 £ 14.99 / € 17,95 ...... £ 112.50 / € 132,00 available available

55 Study Scores / Complete Editions BOOSEY & HAWKES Cover picture from: Music Diary 2010 Nawrath, Enrico / In a user-friendly portrait format, UK Blue Wagner, Katharina the diary contains the birthdays of ISBN 978-0-85162-592-8 Bayreuth hundreds of famous people in the Books world of music, with a large num- BH 12063 .. £ 6.99 / € 8,95 backstage ber of new additions reflecting the Interior views of the Green Hill UK Red stars of today’s musical world. Every summer for five weeks, the ISBN 978-0-85162-593-5 Additional information includes an Eastern Franconian town of article about composer Mark- BH 12064 .. £ 6.99 / € 8,95 Bayreuth turns into the metropolis Anthony Turnage, who celebrates of festival music. Music lovers th available his 50 birthday in 2010. Also from all over the world then pil- included is a handy reference for grimage to the Green Hill to enjoy musical terms in French, German performances of the works by and Italian; a listing of important Richard Wagner. But hardly a visitor musical events from 100, 50 and thinks about the huge amount of 25 years ago; forthcoming time and effort involved. The high- anniversaries up to 2015; a mini- ly praised ‘Bayreuth Workshop’ directory of important addresses has always been a real work- and telephone numbers (concert shop – including carpenter, lock- halls, opera houses, festivals, arts smith, dyer and festival smith. organisations and record compa- nies); a list of competition winners; For Katharina Wagner, the com- in memoriam 2008. In addition to poser's great-granddaughter, this this, it also contains a wine vin- magic world was the playground tage chart, conversion tables, first of her childhood. Today, the 'artis- aid advice, a list of religious festi- tic cooperative' forms the basis of vals, international phone codes her own productions. In this illus- and national holidays, as well as trated book, she and the photog- maps of the London Underground rapher Enrico Nawrath take the and West End. opera lover on a journey behind the scenes of the festival theatre. UK Black (Ger.) ISBN 978-0-85162-591-1 ISBN 978-3-7957-0196-3 BH 12062 .. £ 6.99 / € 8,95 ED 20485 £ 21.99 / € 29,95

56 Books EULENBURG AUDIO+SCORE The new study-score series with CD The more you read, the more you hear!

The series continues: Modest Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition Instrumentation by ISBN 978-3-7957-6556-9 EAS 156 · £ 8.50 / € 13,95 Joseph Haydn Symphony No. 101 ‘The clock’ D major – ‘London No. 11’ ISBN 978-3-7957-6557-6 EAS 157 · £ 6.99 / € 10,95 Symphony No. 103 ‘Drum Roll’  E major – ‘London No. 8’ ISBN 978-3-7957-6558-3 Already available: EAS 158 · £ 7.50 / € 11,95 50 scores with CD in a slipcase Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ISBN 978-3-7957-6498-2 EAS 100-50 · £ 275.– / € 399, – Symphony No. 39  E major, K 543 • The most important masterpieces ISBN 978-3-7957-6559-0 of the concert and orchestra literature EAS 159 · £ 7.50 / € 11,95 • From the Baroque to the Romantic era Franz Schubert • Brilliant recordings on the inserted CD Symphony No. 5  • Reader-friendly format B major, D 485 • Excellent print image ISBN 978-3-7957-6560-6 EAS 160 · £ 6.99 / € 10,95 on high-quality paper Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy A Midsummer Night’s Dream 5 Orchestral Pieces, Op. 61 ISBN 978-3-7957-6561-3 € MA 4018-02· 08/09c EAS 161 · £ 8.50 / 13,95 BH 12059 microrock Christopher Norton: ED 13135 Anthology 2 Baroque Recorder BOOSEY &HAWKES | SCHOTT MUSIC| Highlights: ED 20662 Songbook Jazz andBlues STARS &HITS BHI 10535 Flute Anthology The Boosey&Hawkes BH 12072 for violin El viaje Astor Piazzolla: ED 20561 for altosaxophone Pop Ballads Dirko Juchem: ISMN 979-0-2201-2302-3 ED 20740 Rock Ballads Carsten Gerlitz: Red: BH12064 Blue: BH12063 Black: BH12062 Music Diary2010 KAT 409-99