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Carmel | Fishers | Noblesville | Westfield News Gathering Like & mix of snow and freezing rain. Partner Follow us! HIGH: 37 LOW: 31 And about Get your Girl Scout cookies the apology … Are you sorry or COLUMNIST on demand with Grubhub are you apologizing? I remember when By HANNA MORDOH iPad a lot. Her troop now meets my kids were little. WISH-TV | wishtv.com online, plus she’s helping men- Brandon and Emily tor a Brownie group through were almost four years People in Central Zoom. apart. They taught me can now get Girl Scout cookies “We are really pushing our what it was like to on demand. The organization is digital platform called Digital have a sibling as I was partnering with Grubhub and Cookie,” Sanchez said. “And, an only child. JANET HART LEONARD offering quick, contact-free de- it is a place where girls can set Brandon: "Emily, From the Heart livery of Girl Scout cookies. up a website where it has our I'm sorry." It’s a great option since no cookie goal. It has what our Emily: "Brandon, I'm sorry." in-person sales are happening troop might be doing with the I knew their "I'm sorry" came from their due to the pandemic. Local Girl money, it has all of the cookies desire to get out of "time out" rather than Scout troops will track and ful- listed and a brief description of from their heart of true repentance. fill the orders, plus Grubhub has the cookies and it is very nice.” One of them was a bit more stubborn waived all the fees, so the pro- With no in-person sales and stayed in "time out" longer. ceeds will still benefit local Girl this month, the Girl Scouts are Sometimes an "I'm sorry" comes from Scout troops. getting creative. Sanchez even getting caught. You all know what I mean. “I love cookie-selling,” said created a text-to-buy number Other times it is sincere. 16-year-old Gloria Sanchez. for her sales. Anyone who texts Harsh words. Bad decisions. Betrayal. She has been earning Girl Scout “cookie” to 66866 is linked to An omittance. Lies. All offenses. Some patches and selling cookies in her Digital Cookie website. little. Some not so little. Some not inten- Carmel for half of her life. “Anyone who doesn’t have tional. Some planned and directed to hurt “I have been part of my a hookup for Girl Scout cookies Photo provided Carmel girl scout Gloria Sanchez has created a text-to-buy your heart. troop for eight years and I start- can text this number and they My thinking has always been that a sin- ed the winter of first grade be- can buy cookies from me,” she number in order to make it easier for potential customers to get connected to her cookie-selling website. cere apology would include an admission cause I wanted to sell girl scout said. “Having the cookie mon- of wrongdoing, remorse for doing it AND cookies,” Sanchez said. She’s ey funds what we do and what Carmel and Lafayette, but more egy, the cookies help fund the how a change would be made. Then ... fol- extremely successful, selling a we use.” locations will be added soon. most important part of the Girl lowing through on the change or changes. whopping 2,000 boxes last year. Grubhub said there is free In February, the Girl Scouts Scout mission. Sincere repentance and then forgive- “I have an Apple pencil and delivery through Feb. 14 with a hope to sell some cookies in “My main takeaway from ness can be work, on the part of both sides. an iPad from selling girl scout minimum of a $15 purchase. On person again. However, San- Girl Scouts is the friendships It takes work to change and it takes work to cookies,” she said. Friday, the on demand cookies chez thinks sales will soar on- and the skills that I have built,” These days she uses that are only offered in , line. Whatever the selling strat- Sanchez said. See Apology . . . Page 2 Monon Trail pedestrian crossing at One-of-a-kind historic covered bridge funded U.S. 31, 161st draws ire of INDOT Hamilton COLUMNIST eral alternative By DAN KLEIN But he never crosses the road. “Nev- County is likely transportation WISH-TV | wishtv.com er,” he said with a laugh. the only place in program which The current crossing configuration America where grants 80 per- A controversial crossing on the is just a flashing yellow light. As the the number of cent of such Monon Trail has brought state trans- nearby sign clearly states for pedestri- covered wood- costs for trails portation leaders to the point where ans, cars are not supposed to stop. But en bridges is and bridges. if things don’t get resolved to their as they frequently do, it’s easy to see increasing. On Actual re- satisfaction, they may close the in- why the sign is there. Vehicles quickly Monday, coun- construction will terchange at U.S. 31 and 161st Street line up, making rear-end collisions a ty commission- FRED SWIFT start late next in Westfield. Pedestrians, city leaders real possibility. ers will accept The County Line year, according and engineers seem to agree some- Nail Patton “It’s understandable that people $2.77 million in to County High- thing has to change. The question is “Pretty dangerous for everyone are being courteous. What we see federal highway funds to way Director Brad Davis, what’s the best way to fix it? involved it seems,” said Noah Borton, though is a major issue,” said West- largely pay for the resto- whose department will Trying to cross 161st Street on the who lives nearby. He was walking his field City Engineer John Nail. ration of the nation's last be the lead agency on the Monon Trail on foot or bike can feel like dogs Hazy and Jojo on Friday after- known post truss combi- project. The bridge will be a game of chicken around rush hour. noon, one of their four daily strolls. See Monon Trail . . . Page 2 nation bridge. a link in the county trail Known as the Bell Ford system for pedestrians and Bridge, it stood for 135 bikers, but will not carry Fishers Arts Council presents The Art of years over the East Fork motor vehicles. of White River in Jackson Hamilton County once County. When it virtually had at least six covered Bridging the Gap at the city hall art gallery collapsed about 10 years bridges. After the loss of The REPORTER portant message. uated with high with proper funding and re- ago, Jackson County of- Eller Bridge in 1957, Pot- The Fishers Arts Coun- As an artist, it is honors. In 2019, sources. ficials said they could not ters Bridge was the only cil is offering a three-month my duty to push she began the Her exhibit of 11 paint- afford to restore it. wooden span until Conner exhibit by noted artist Re- the envelope and initial steps of ings includes the media of Hamilton County Prairie salvaged a covered becca Robinson entitled, create artwork forming her non- stained glass, acrylic on Commissioner Mark Heir- bridge and placed it on its The Art of Bridging the that sparks a di- profit organiza- canvas and concrete, tar brandt worked with Jack- property several years ago. Gap, in The Alcove on the alog and remains tion called “ONE and white latex. The exhibit son County Commission- Now, the third such second floor of The Art timeless.” ARRT,” which will run through March. ers to take the bridge with historic bridge will be Gallery at Fishers City Hall. Robinson will become the The Art Gallery at City the understanding it would located here. The scenic As long as I can remem- studied fashion first Black-owned Hall, 1 Municipal Drive, be reconstructed over Fall bridges were numerous ber art has moved me,” design in Atlanta, Robinson art supply brand Fishers, is open from 8:30 Creek at Geist Park. throughout the nation in Robinson said. “Expressing Ga., and continued her ed- that specifically supports a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday The bridge was dis- the 19th century, but be- myself with my artwork ucation at North Carolina all artists, art organizations, through Friday, excluding assembled and brought gan disappearing with the allows me to convey a Central University where art education, museums/ holidays and Saturdays here. It has been in storage advent of steel and con- thought, an emotion, a per- she majored in Art/Visual galleries and communities during the Fishers Summer for several years await- crete bridges in the early sonal experience or an im- Communications and grad- in need who would prosper Farmers Market. ing funding under a fed- 20th century. More than $100K in scholarships available for Carmel High School seniors The REPORTER Director, at [email protected] or The Carmel Education Foundation call (317) 844-9961 ext. 2680. (CEF) has announced plans to award About the Carmel Education Foundation more than 90 scholarships totaling over One of the oldest foundations of its kind, $100,000 to Carmel High School’s Class the Carmel Education Foundation was cre- of 2021 this spring. ated to help Carmel Clay students achieve CEF Scholarships have a range of re- their full potential. Since 1966, CEF has quirements and fall in one of six general awarded over $2.1 million in college schol- categories: Athletic participation, club or other education-related expenses. to either the life they lived, the service arships to Carmel High School seniors and class involvement, community involve- A complete listing of all scholarships, they provided, or the impact they made over $850,000 in education grants to inspire ment, performing arts participation, Car- as well as the application is available at on those around them. Additional scholar- lifelong learning for Carmel Clay students. mel Clay Schools history, or intended col- ccs.k12.in.us/foundation/scholarships. ships are provided by clubs and organiza- CEF is governed by a volunteer board of lege and/or program of study. Many CEF scholarships are funded tions related to Carmel Clay Schools. directors who give their time and energy Scholarships are awarded to students by the generosity of individual or family The deadline to submit applications is to accelerate the Foundation’s mission by pursuing degrees at two- or four-year col- donors, often in honor or memory of a Friday, March 19. For more information funding grants, awarding more than 80 leges, universities or trade schools and loved one who was connected to Carmel visit ccs.k12.in.us/foundation/scholar- scholarships annually and expanding re- may be used for tuition, housing, fees, or Clay Schools. These legacies are a tribute ships or contact Jennifer Penix, Executive sources for Carmel Clay Schools. 2 Views & News

Apology from Page 1 Westfield ag firm welcomes new CEO board of directors. Jersey-based NICE Americas, a trust ... again. If the hurt/betrayal happens The REPORTER “I am thrilled to welcome Bar subsidiary of Israel-based NICE again, well, I know a good therapist. Inside INdiana Business has reported to the Taranis team as we continue Systems. I've been given a few apologies and yes, that Westfield-based ag technology firm to focus on scaling the company Taranis has developed tech- I've given a few. Taranis has announced Bar Veinstein will and driving our innovative agenda nology that uses drones to cap- Apologies never erase what happened serve as its chief executive officer. into new markets,” Schlam said in ture high-resolution photos of but they help the relationship to heal. The company, which last month an- a news release. “Bar’s track record fields, which its artificial - intel Sometimes the relationship is broken but nounced plans for its new global headquar- will enable us to keep building off ligence platform can use to find you can be amicable ... apart. ters in Hamilton County, says Veinstein our strong foundation to empower challenges to crops, such as dis- Sometimes damage is done by some- most recently served as president of Ex growth and address the agronomic Veinstein ease or insects. one with whom you don't have a "relation- Libris, a software-as-a-service company challenges our customers face as we usher in Last month, the company said it is in- ship" but must interact with them. That headquartered in Chicago. this exciting new chapter.” vesting more than $10 million to lease and takes on a whole different perspective of According to Inside INdiana Business, Prior to joining Ex Libris in 2010, equip a 6,000 square-foot facility in West- forgiveness. Veinstein succeeds co-founder and current Veinstein held senior product management field to serve as its headquarters and create Why must life be so difficult? Why do CEO Ofir Schlam, who will continue with and marketing leadership roles at New up to 60 jobs. some people have to be so difficult? Why the company as president and member of the can't we all play fair and be nice? If only we could all live by that oh-so Golden Rule. And just so you know, it is not a verse in Monon Trail the Bible. from Page 1 It was in the 17th century that British For years, the solution targeted by city $5 million tag. doesn’t like the idea of using eminent do- theologians and preachers began using that leaders has been a pedestrian tunnel under At December’s Westfield City Council main from nearby property owners to make term. the road, similar to one in Carmel on 116th meeting, council members voted 5-2 to try a tunnel possible. “Do unto others as you would have Street. There’s even an ongoing contract a different solution: A High-Intensity Ac- “I’m not against the tunnel,” he said. “I them do unto you.” with an outside engineering firm to design tivated crosswalk, nicknamed a HAWK. am against hard-earned dollars when they However, five centuries before Christ, it. Their design is expected in October. The beacon is identical to the one on Hazel paid for property.” another well-known wise man said ... “We feel the tunnel was a better solu- Dell Parkway just south of State Road 32 “We want the best solution for the city “Do not impose on others what you do tion for this long-term crossing for pedes- in Noblesville. It allows walkers to push of Westfield and for the residents,” Nail not wish for yourself.” trians and the city of Westfield in general,” a button to turn the crosswalk red and re- said. “We just disagree on how to get there.” – Confucius Nail said. quire cars to stop. Complicating matters, Indiana Depart- So, this week you get my thoughts and Some construction work on a tunnel is Councilman Troy Patton was one of the ment of Transportation has sent a memo a history lesson. already complete. Already underneath the yes votes. telling the city if a $123,000 HAWK sig- And by the way, I did receive a letter of road, there’s a concrete cap, so if a tunnel “The intersection is a problem,” he said. nal is installed on 161st Street – the light sincere apology this week. The people who is ever built, 161st Street does not have to Patton said he believes other long-term has the ability for people to hit the button sent it do not read my column. Perhaps they be shut down. It has the support of police solutions are possible and less expensive, again after 15 seconds – they would consid- had a few sleepless nights over the last few and fire departments as well as outside including moving the crossing to the west, er closing the U.S. 31 interchange nearby weeks. I'm sleeping well too. It is so good engineers. perhaps even lowering the roadway and over worries traffic would be backed up to to forgive ... and get a good night's sleep. The tunnel comes with an estimated giving foot traffic a bridge. He said he the highway. Patton is confident things can get worked out. “I don’t think that’s going to be an is- local news? Live Music At Pasto Italiano sue,” he said. Borton, the nearby resident, said he’s local sports? remaining optimistic but is looking forward ITAL Benito DiBartoli Every Wednesday to the day when he feels safer crossing with O I T A (1/2 Price Bottles of Wine On Wednesdays) Hazy and Jojo. “The sooner the better, defi- We keep S N nitely,” he said. O

A Dave Lowe: Friday January 29 The memo from INDOT said if the P you covered. Reservations Recommended reactivation time is lengthened on the HAWK signal – that’s basically the time in The between when one person can hit the button RESTAURANT & BAR and then another person can – that will be Hamilton County acceptable. 317-804-2051 City leaders said they will be discussing 3150 East State Rd. 32, Westfield all this with INDOT as well as the council Reporter in the next few weeks. Genuinely Helpful People here in your neighborhood CFBindiana.com

Natalie Morrow Nicholas Harbin Joshua Faudree Junction Crossing Branch Manager Oak Ridge Branch Manager Pebble Village Branch Manager Southeast corner of Spring Mill Station Corner of SR32 and Oak Ridge Rd West of SR32 and Hazel Dell Rd Bank of Indiana Westfield Westfield Noblesville

Coming soon . . . Schedule your appointment now! Introducing the all new fully First Edition Sold Out in 10 hours! Reserve yours now at tomwoodvolkswagennoblesville.com. electric Volkswagen I.D.4 Just $100 Holds your place in line. I was born and raised right here in Noblesville. I grew up in a home without domestic violence or assault – it wasn’t something Sleek, Sporty, and Responsive. The I.D.4. is the most versatile VW midsize SUV to date. I saw, or even heard about. But when I was introduced to Prevail of Central Indiana, I was shocked by the number of individuals who are affected by domestic violence. In 2018 alone, Prevail helped more than 4,000 clients in Hamilton County. (Nearly 80 percent of clients are women and children.) Domestic violence and abuse are hard topics to discuss, so you don’t often hear about them. But at Tom Wood Volkswagen in Noblesville, we’re breaking the taboo and raising awareness for Prevail, an organization that helps families in Hamilton County. – Mike Bragg, GM of Tom Wood Volkswagen in Noblesville

To help Hamilton County families affected by domestic Fun to drive. Easy to cover. violence and sexual abuse, you can donate the following items: • Individually packaged snacks • Lysol • Hand sanitizer • Disinfecting wipes

Drop off items at Tom Wood Volkswagen in Noblesville, 14701 Tom Wood Way. Care • Committment • Convenience

Volkswagen's I.D.4.: The vehicle for a new age... With two ways to charge in your Tom Wood Tom Wood 14701 Tom Wood Way Volkswagen Featuring a modern space age interior, suites of enhanced home, and three years of free public Noblesville Volkswagen Noblesville, IN 46060 driver assistance systems, and an EPA estimate 250 miles charging through our partnership E. 146th Street Noblesville 317.853.4552 per full charge. with Electrify America, fueling your vehicle has never been easier. TomWoodVolkswagenNoblesville.com 3

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n l . o ie f St M t s e TO ENTER OUR STORE Nora Corners Shopping Center W Total No one under 21 permitted in store, If you don’t have a mask, we’d be N. Meridian Meridian N. Wine Wine . including those accompanied e 1460 E. 86th Street v A Aldi happy to provide you with one. e n by patrons of legal age. o Hours: Mon–Thur 9am–10pm, t s Nora Corners y e Indianapolis, IN 46240 Shopping Center K Fri-Sat 9am-11pm, Prices valid 1/18/2021 - 1/25/2021. Total Wine & More is not responsible for typographical or human error, or supplier price increases. Products while supplies last. We reserve the right West 86th Street Sun 12pm-8pm to limit quantities. Total Wine & More is a registered trademark of RSSI. © 2021 Retail Services

(317) 708-4190 & Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Please drink responsibly. Use a designated driver. 2021_0118GO_BS-FP_IND_ID4820 4 Views & News My crazy, busy, sophomore life – working to have it all! Editor’s Note: COLUMNIST from bell to bell Center Building and Park. cluding driving time to get The Sheridan Stu- and leave daily I’m also a student athlete to the studio. With driving dent Column is reading assign- at Sheridan and a dancer time it takes a total of 16 brought to read- ments, note tak- at Ballerinas Academy of hours. Once I get home from ers by Sheridan ing, homework, Dance in Noblesville. dance, I have homework to High School’s and projects for When I tell people about complete, and it normal- What year was 10th grade En- us to complete my typical day, they say ly takes two to three hours glish class, taught on our own. My what I do is crazy, but it en- every day. At the end of the by Abby Williams. other classes – ergizes me. A typical week day, I shower, go to bed, and IUPUI formed? EMILY WEDDINGTON When I start- Sheridan High Accelerated En- for me is five days of school, then, get up the next day and The REPORTER National Guard and mem- ed high school, School Student glish, Algebra II, a six-hour day of dance on do it all again. This week in Indiana’s bers of the Works Progress many people told Chemistry, Span- Saturdays, and a day of In the spring, I want to history … Administration helped with me to have fun during my ish III, and Band – take time rest on Sundays. Monday be part of the Sheridan Var- 1826 – Robert Dale cleanup. freshman and sophomore outside of school, but thank- through Friday I spend sev- sity Team, although Owen welcomed a "Boat- 1946 – In an innova- years because my junior fully not every night. Band en hours a day in school. Af- it may be quite difficult. I load of Knowledge" to the tive joint broadcast, four year would be the hardest takes extra time, of course, ter school, each day is dif- have to devote my time to young community of New Indianapolis radio stations and demand much more of for practices and perfor- ferent. In the fall, I am part dance, because my studio Harmony, Ind. Led by geol- helped raise funds for the my time. Now, though, I mances. Throughout the of the Sheridan Varsity Soc- has its year-end recital at ogist William Maclure, the fight against polio. Gover- think my sophomore year year, I play oboe, and during cer team. During the season, the beginning of June. Un- passengers included many nor Ralph Gates went on may be. I have definitely football and sea- practice is two hours a day, fortunately, golf practice prominent artists, educa- the air to introduce the pro- been much busier this year sons, I also play bass drum and there are usually two and meets may conflict tors, and scientists. Trav- gram, which included Reid with academics, activities, in pep band. games a week, which take with my dance classes. If eling from Pittsburgh on a Chapman from WISH, Joe and athletics! I like to spend time mak- three to four hours each. I can only practice some- boat named Philanthropist, Pierson from WFBM, Ev- “When I grow up,” I ing my community better. When soccer doesn’t times with the team, I will, they landed at Mount Ver- erett Howard from WIBC, want to be a pharmacist at a At school I am a member of conflict with my dance because I won’t stop danc- non and traveled by wagon and Wally Nehrling from hospital. So, I’m preparing the following school groups: schedule, I go to as many ing. Dance is my passion! to New Harmony. WIRE. News was present- for college. Most students Sheridan High School Stu- of my classes that I can. I’m I barely have any free 1915 – William Peet ed by Gilbert Forbes with don’t start until their junior dent Council; SADD (Stu- grateful that the owner of time, but I love what I do. was born in Grandview, Ind. sports reports from Tom years, but I had the opportu- dents Against Destructive my studio, Miss Becky, has I hope to accomplish many His family moved to India- Carnegie. nity to start AP courses my Decisions); and Sunshine allowed me to do this! In the things, and I would rather napolis where he attended 1969 – The trustees of sophomore year, and I did. Society, a student group that winter, three days a week, I be busy than bored. I think I Arsenal Technical High Indiana University and Pur- Along with just two gives back to our school go to the weight room for an even work well under stress. School and the John Herron due University announced other sophomores at Sher- and teachers. I’m also in hour each day. Then, after I am very grateful for what I Art Institute. His talent took plans to merge their In- idan, I’m taking both AP my 11th year of being a Girl the weight room, it’s time am able to do with my time him to Hollywood where he dianapolis campuses into Environmental Science and Scout. Last year, my troop for me to get ready for dance thanks to my family, friends, was hired by Walt Disney. one operation. The school AP World History this year. tore out and replaced dead classes. I dance after school teachers, coaches, and in- Working as an animator, he would be named Indiana My AP teachers act like col- and old landscaping around four days of the week, for structors. I couldn’t do it all helped create such classic University-Purdue Univer- lege professors: They teach the Sheridan Community a total of 10 hours, not in- without them! movies as Snow White and sity at Indianapolis. The de- the Seven Dwarfs, Fanta- cision was prompted by the sia, Pinocchio, and Dum- desire of Mayor Richard G. bo. He went on to author Lugar to have a major state Division of Forestry to hold and illustrate more than 30 university in the capital city. children's books. 2009 – Katie Stam of 1937 – Eleven days of Seymour was crowned heavy rain created massive "Miss America." She was virtual open house on Feb. 11 flooding along the Ohio and the first person from In- Mississippi Rivers. Indiana diana to win the honor. The REPORTER can submit written com- ests are working to provide hours, which are 7 a.m. to The DNR Division of ments or questions after diverse wildlife habitat, 3:30 p.m. daily. See for- cities along the Ohio set re- In high school, she was a Forestry will host a virtual the meeting can do so at forest products and recre- estry.IN.gov/3631.htm for cord flood levels, including 4-H member and showed open house through Micro- dnr.IN.gov/forestry/8122. ational opportunities," said contact information. Madison, Lawrenceburg, dairy cattle at the Jackson soft Teams from 6 to 8 p.m. htm. State Forester John Seif- The DNR Division Aurora, and New Albany. County Fair. She graduat- on Feb. 11. Overviews for each ert. "They also allow us to of Forestry promotes and Two-thirds of Evansville ed from the University of The open house will property and instructions receive valuable feedback practices good stewardship and nearly all of Jefferson- Indianapolis with a degree feature a brief state for- for attending the virtual from our neighbors and us- of natural, recreational and ville were under water. The in communication. est overview of 2020 and event can be viewed at for- ers about state forest man- cultural resources on In- include what to expect in estry.IN.gov/3631.htm. agement – I encourage ev- diana's public and private 2021. During the meeting, "These open house eryone who has an interest forest lands. This steward- Paul Poteet . . . attendees will have the op- events provide Hoosiers to participate." ship produces continuing portunity to ask questions with a chance to receive Property staff members benefits, both tangible and Your Hometown and comment on ideas and first-hand information are also often available intangible, for present and issues. Those who want to about how the state for- during normal business future generations. Weatherman! WINTER HOME SALE

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Carmel 317.566.8720 * 13610 North Meridian Street SAVE AN EXTRA 10% - 15% STOREWIDE! Avon 317.272.4581 *some exclusions apply, see store for details. Best buys, Hot buys, WOW pricing, and specialty bedding not included. 8171 Weston Avenue Noblesville/Fishers 317.214.4321 14550 Mundy Drive Godby Discount & Mattress 317.565.2211 GODBY HOME FURNISHINGS 130 Logan Street, Downtown Noblesville Family Owned and Operated Since 1974 News 5 Ivy Tech’s Central Indiana Chancellor Dr. Kathleen Lee to retire this summer The REPORTER bookstore and Fall Creek Hamilton County is the expand the Mexican com- as well as a staff therapist ence in Respiratory Therapy Ivy Tech Community Café. state's fourth-largest and munity's opportunities. for St. Francis Hospital in from the Indiana University College Central Indiana Growth on the campus fastest-growing county, Before Ivy Tech, Lee Beech Grove. School of Medicine. She Chancellor Dr. Kathleen Lee continued, and in 2014, with enrollment steadily began her career in respira- Lee earned her Bachelor later went on to earn her has announced Lee was proud to rising. To meet the commu- tory care as a critical care of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Adult she will retire on watch her team nity’s needs, Ivy Tech and therapist at Riley Hospital Secondary Education from Education from Indiana July 16, 2021. transform the Hamilton County came to- for Children in Indianapolis. Muskingum University in University and her Doctor- Lee has been former Stouffer gether in September 2020 She also held positions as New Concord, Ohio and ate in Education from Ball with the College Hotel at 2820 N. to announce plans to expand an educational coordinator then her Associate of Sci- State University. since 1985 and Meridian St. into Ivy Tech Hamilton County has served in this the Culinary and Campus at Noblesville into role since 2012. Conference Cen- the College’s 19th full-ser- The College has ter, which is now vice campus. This transition launched a na- home of the Mid- will be effective on July 1, tional search pro- Lee west’s largest Cu- 2021. cess to fill the position. linary School. Two years later, Lee Lee joined the College Most recently, Lee has was a part of an initiative in 1985 as the director of played a role in growing in partnership with the City clinical education for its the College’s Automotive of Shelbyville and Shelby Respiratory Care program, Technology Program, County to launch the Ad- followed by becoming its which broke ground on a vantage Shelby Program. program chair from 1991 new facility in July 2020 in This first-of-its-kind promise to 2001. From there, Lee Indianapolis’ International program encourages work- served as the Dean for Marketplace District. This force readiness and college Health Sciences and Public new Automotive Technol- attainment for Shelby Coun- Services from 2001 to 2005, ogy Center is scheduled ty high school graduates. then Vice Chancellor of Ac- to open for the Fall 2021 In the classroom, Lee’s ademic Affairs in 2005. In semester. leadership has helped en- 2010, she became the in- Outside of the downtown courage the advancement terim chancellor for several campus, Lee has champi- of one of the most effective months before officially -be oned growth throughout the nursing programs in the coming chancellor in 2012. entire Central Indiana ser- state of Indiana. In April “I have been incredibly vice area. 2019, its Lawrence location blessed to have almost my In 2010, Lee and a team held a ribbon-cutting cere- entire career at a commu- created a partnership with mony and open house for a nity college like Ivy Tech,” the Town of Avon to con- new simulation lab to pro- Lee said. “I feel fortunate to solidate three of its west vide students a safe and re- work with the most dedicat- locations into one. Over its alistic environment to prac- ed professionals anywhere, decade-long tenure in Hen- tice clinical skills. serving the communities we dricks County, more than Additionally, Lee has care about.” 16,700 students have taken worked on several transfer Ivy Tech Central In- courses at Ivy Tech Avon, program opportunities, with diana is the College’s larg- and the College has award- one of the most successful est service area with nine ed nearly 3,000 credentials. being the Ivy Tech IUPUI locations, serving Marion, The Hendricks County Passport Program. Hamilton, Hancock, Put- community has continued Locally, Lee collaborat- nam, Shelby, Johnson, Mor- to flourish, ranking among ed with community orga- gan, Hendricks and Boone the state’s fastest-growing nizations and government counties. counties, thus creating a leaders to make college During her time as need to expand educational more accessible to all Hoo- chancellor, Lee has been offerings. In August 2020, siers. In May 2018, Ivy Tech instrumental in developing Lee's team announced Ivy and IUPUI signed agree- the College's downtown Tech Avon would move to ments with the City of In- Indianapolis campus. In the new MADE@Plain- dianapolis and EmployIndy February 2011, the campus field learning facility in to launch Indy Achieves to opened the Julia M. Carson Plainfield, which will open close the county's skills gap. Learning Resource Center in the Fall of 2021. At Through this initiative, the to house the campus library, MADE, Ivy Tech will offer City strives to increase the tutoring services, a commu- various classes, including percentage of residents with nity room and a 500-space math, science, business, in- a postsecondary credential parking garage. formation technology and from 42 percent to 65 per- The following year, Ivy health sciences. cent by 2027. To date, more Tech Indianapolis held the In another growing area, than 950 students have been grand opening of its Illinois Lee worked with Ivy Tech awarded an Indy Achieves Fall Creek Center, which Noblesville Vice Chancellor completion grant for Ivy was the former site of the Dan Clark and a team to ex- Tech. original St. Vincent Hos- pand Ivy Tech's presence in One year later, Lee, IU- pital. Today, this building Hamilton County. PUI Chancellor Nasser Pay- houses 211,650 square feet In 2014, Ivy Tech No- dar and the Mexican Con- of classrooms, science labs, blesville became the Col- sulate in Indianapolis signed computer labs, study rooms, lege’s 32nd location in the a memorandum of under- community rooms, Honors former Noblesville East standing for the Station for College, Barnes and Noble Middle School. Today, Educational Orientation to

January 18 - February 14, 2021 Stream On Demand for $35 Enjoy this powerful story from the comfort of your own home! Call 317-843-3800 or visit atistage.org for tickets. 6 News TODAY’S BIBLE READING Fishers road construction You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ. updates, week of Jan. 25 But if Christ is in you, then even though your body The REPORTER route map here. ning of February. Oaklandon Road. is subject to death because of sin, the Spirit gives State Road 37 & Please drive with cau- Admirals Pointe Interactive life because of righteousness. And if the Spirit of tion through these areas. him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in 146th Street To learn more about the Drive Trails Map All left-turn lanes are State Road 37 Improve- Indianapolis DPW cur- Check out Fishers you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also currently restricted on SR ment Project and sign up to rently has Admirals Pointe Parks' new Interactive give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit 37 and on 146th Street receive text updates, visit Drive closed through mid- Trails Map to explore a who lives in you. Therefore, brothers and sisters, with traffic moved to the 37Thrives.com. summer 2021 to replace trail near you or discover a we have an obligation—but it is not to the flesh, interior lanes. Thru traf- the timber bridge over new path. Whether you're to live according to it. For if you live according to Meadows Drive fic and right turns on SR Geist and the north fork looking for your next fa- the flesh, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put 37 and 146th Street will Drainage work is cur- of Dry Branch. The de- vorite jogging loop or on remain open. Drivers are rently taking place on tour will consist of Old a mission to meditate in to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live. encouraged to seek alter- Meadows Drive and Royal Stone Drive East to Carroll nature, find endless - ad For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the nate routes for all left-turn Drive and is anticipated to Road/700 West, south to venture on Fishers Parks' children of God. The Spirit you received does not access. View an alternate be completed by the begin- E. 79th Street, and west to Trails. make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit New at Hamilton East Public Library that we are God’s children. Now if we are children, The REPORTER Casabona 10. Serial griller: grillmaster se- then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Here are the new library items lists 2. Instant Pot miracle healthy crets for flame-cooked perfection, by Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order for the week of Jan. 19: cookbook: more than 100 easy Matt Moore that we may also share in his glory. New Adult Fiction Books healthy meals for your favorite New DVDs kitchen device, by Urvashi Pitre Romans 8:9-17 (NIV) 1. Swallow 1. Watch her, by Edwin Hill 3. J.K. Lasser’s your income tax, 2. Blackbird 2. All the colors of night, by Jayne by J.K. Lasser Tax Institute 3. Fatima Ann Krentz 4. Toaster oven perfection: a 4. Ava Have ‘A Very Birdie 3. Neighbors, by Danielle Steel smarter way to cook on a smaller 5. The beach house 4. 4. 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The end of her, by Shari Lapena Very Birdie Valentine on with children five to 12 7. Fodor’s essential Costa Rica, Kidz Bop Kids 9. Parasite, by Darcy Coates Sunday, Feb. 14, at Payne- years old. by Jeffrey Van Fleet 2. Piano, by Karl Jenkins 10. The night swim, by Megan town State Recreation Each session is restrict- 8. The Seine: the river that made 3. , by Pop Evil Goldin Area, 4850 S. State Road ed to a single household, Paris, by Elaine Sciolino 4. Up, by Pop Evil 446, Bloomington. with a maximum of six New Adult Nonfiction Books 9. The jetsetters, by Amanda 5. Onyx, by Pop Evil Six 60-minute sessions people, and the work area 1. HTML and CSS, by Joe Eyre Ward 6. War of angels, by Pop Evil are available during the day will be sanitized between with the first beginning at sessions. This is an indoor 9:30 a.m. The last session program, and masks (cov- begins at 4:15 p.m. There ering both mouth and nose) is a fee of $5 per person. must be worn by everyone. Registration is required by For more information, 1621 E. Greyhound Pass Feb. 10 at bit.ly/birdvalen- email Vance at jvance@ tine2021. dnr.IN.gov or call (812) Carmel, IN 46032 Participants will make 837-9967. There is no gate (317) 587-2001 two different types of fee to enter Paynetown Donna www.bussellfamilyfunerals.com heart-shaped treats for wild SRA during the winter sea- Bussell birds, craft a bird-themed son. Hamilton County Reporter Contact Information Phone 317-408-5548 Email [email protected] Publisher Jeff Jellison [email protected] 317-408-5548 Sports Editor Richie Hall [email protected] Twitter: @Richie_Hall Public Notices [email protected] 765-365-2316 Web Address www.ReadTheReporter.com Subscription Inquiries [email protected] Mailing Address PO Box 190 Westfield, IN 46074

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Boys basketball Huskies overwhelm Blackhawks

Reporter photos by Kirk Green ABOVE: Hamilton Heights' Gus Etchison makes one of several dunks during the Huskies' Saturday game with Sheridan. Heights won 84-47. Etchison led the scoring with 30 points.

RIGHT: Sheridan's Ethan Moistner made five 3-pointers on his way to 27 poins for the Blackhawks. By RICHIE HALL “Some of the guys that weren’t play- points, a 3-pointer and another dunk. for the ‘Hawks, but Windlan wants his ARCADIA - Hamilton Heights ing as much minutes got a bunch of min- Etchison opened the second half with yet team to keep moving forward. cruised to its third straight victory on Sat- utes the last two weeks, so that makes us another dunk. “I told them, don’t get their heads too urday, beating county rival Sheridan 84- better,” said Ballenger. “We’re going to The Huskies kept the pace going in the far down after this,” said Windlan. “Our 47 at the Huskies’ gym. come back next week and be deeper. I’m third quarter, adding another 21 points. first eight games, we were in tough, hard- It was another high-scoring perfor- real pleased about that.” Etchison and Wilson each scored seven fought games all eight games.” mance for Heights, which is averaging Heights led 8-7 early in the quarter. points during the period, with Wilson The Huskies are 8-2 and play Friday over 80 points per game for the season. Both teams had their long-range shooting making a 3. Etchison made a three-point at Tipton in a Hoosier Conference East The Blackhawks played the Huskies close going early, with Noah Linville making play and Carroll scored the final basket of Division game. Sheridan is 5-4 and plays during the first part of the first quarter, but a 3-pointer for the Huskies and Ethan the quarter to put Heights up 64-37. a Hoosier Heartland Conference game Heights used an 18-2 run that stretched Moistner hitting a 3 for the ‘Hawks. Sheridan had a good quarter, with Tuesday at Clinton Central; Windlan not- through the first and second periods to Gus Etchison scored back-to-back Moistner hitting three triples on his way ed that his Blackhawks’ team, at 1-1, is take control and continued to build its baskets, the latter of which was the first to 11 points that period. Eden added six “still right there” for the conference title. lead from that point forward. of his five dunks for the game, to get points, all on layins. “I thought our guys did a nice job,” Heights up 12-7. Kyle Eden cut the lead Heights pulled away in the fourth HAMILTON HEIGHTS 84, said Huskies coach Chad Ballenger. “I to 12-10 with a triple, but the Huskies quarter with a 12-0 run. After Etchison SHERIDAN 47 thought our guys did a nice job. Offense then blasted off on their long run, which hit two free throws, the Huskies scored Sheridan FG FT TP PF really getting out and going. Defense, I got them ahead 30-12 early in the second on five straight layins to go up 78-39. Corbin Murray 0-5 0-0 0 1 think we made some mistakes here and quarter. Everybody stepped up for Heights. Kyle Eden 5-12 3-5 14 1 there. But overall, I’m pleased. Big coun- Isaac Wilson scored nine points, ac- Etchison led the way with 30 points, eight Cayden Hunter 0-3 0-0 0 1 Silas DeVaney 1-1 0-0 2 0 ty game. They were on a nice roll until counting for half of the run, with Etchi- assists, five rebounds and five steals. Wil- Ethan Moistner 11-24 0-0 27 0 they got beat in overtime last night. They son adding four points. Braden Kinder son totaled 21 points and six rebounds. Keenan Warren 1-4 0-0 2 2 had already won five games and Tod’s finished the run with a 3-pointer, and Carroll dominated the boards with 19 re- Cole Watts 0-0 0-0 0 1 done a good job getting them playing at Luke Carroll scored on a layin. bounds to go with 14 points. In fact, Car- Carson Huffman 0-3 0-0 0 0 a different pace.” “Chad does a good job with them,” roll outrebounded Sheridan all by him- Evan Grinstead 1-2 0-0 2 1 Ballenger noted that the Heights said Sheridan coach Tod Windlan. self, as the Blackhawks had 16 rebounds Totals 19-54 3-5 47 7 “They’re well-coached and they move as a team. Linville handed out six assists. Sheridan 3-point shooting (6-19) Moistner teams is missing seven players from both 5-13, Eden 1-3, Hunter 0-2, Grinstead 0-1. varsity and junior varsity who return on the ball extremely well.” Moistner scored 27 points for Sher- Sheridan rebounds (16) Moistner 7, Warren Monday. Despite those absences, the Heights used an 11-0 run late in the idan, including five 3-pointers, and col- 3, Murray 2, Eden 2, Hunter 1, Grinstead 1 Huskies were able to construct their lat- second quarter to lead 43-18 before lected seven rebounds. Kyle Eden scored Heights FG FT TP PF est win streak over rivals such as Lapel, Moistner made a jump shot for the last 14 points while Corbin Murray handed Gus Etchison 13-23 3-3 30 0 Western Boone and Sheridan. basket of the half. Etchison scored five out five assists. It was a tough weekend Noah Linville 3-6 0-0 8 2 Luke Carroll 7-9 0-0 14 2 Isaac Wilson 9-12 1-1 21 1 Isaac Tuma 1-4 0-0 2 1 Braden Kinder 2-4 0-0 5 1 Collin Gilmore 2-3 0-0 4 0 Evan Williamson 0-2 0-0 0 0 Totals 37-63 4-4 84 7 Heights 3-point shooting (6-24) Linville 2-5, Wilson 2-5, Etchison 1-8, Kinder 1-2, Tuma 0-2, Williamson 0-2. Heights rebounds (37) Carroll 19, Wilson 6, Etchison 5, Linville 3, Gilmore 2, Kinder 1, Tuma 1. Score by Quarters Sheridan 12 8 17 10 - 47 Heights 22 21 21 20 - 84 8 Sports Boys basketball Millers cruise past Logansport, 57-34 Noblesville extended its win streak to three games on Saturday, taking care of Logansport 57-34 at The Mill. The Millers got off to a fantastic start, leading the Berries 14-2 after the first quarter. Noblesville kept that- mar gin throughout the second period, taking a 24-11 lead into halftime. Logansport made a comeback in the third to cut the Millers’ lead to 32-27, but Noblesville blasted through the fourth quarter, pour- ing in 25 points. “I think our guys handled our offen- sive process the right way,” said Millers coach John Peckinpaugh. “We were pa- tient, we got lane touches and good shots once we got it into the paint. We got to the free-throw line quite a bit in the fourth as well.” Peckinpaugh said his team played “pretty well defensively all night, espe- cially there in the first half and the fourth quarter.” “It’s a good thing to see that we’re starting to play our best basketball at this point in the season,” said Peckinpaugh. Luke Almodovar scored 17 points for Noblesville and made five steals. E.J. Smith and Josh Durham both added 10 points and Noah Harris had nine. Preston Roberts led the Millers rebounding with five. Noblesville is 8-5 and plays Friday at Hamilton Southeastern in a Hoosier Crossroads Conference game.

NOBLESVILLE 57, Reporter photo by Kent Graham LOGANSPORT 34 Noblesville's Josh Durham scored 10 points for the Millers during their 57-34 win over Logansport Saturday Noblesville FG FT TP PF at The Mill, moving Noblesville's win streak to three games in a row. E.J. Smith 3-8 3-4 10 3 Noah Harris 3-8 2-3 9 1 Josh Durham 4-7 0-0 10 3 Score by Quarters Harris 1-1, Wilson 0-3, Fine 0-1, Roberts Luke Almodovar 6-12 3-3 17 1 Aaron Fine 1-3 0-0 2 1 Logansport 2 9 16 7 - 34 0-1. Preston Roberts 1-3 0-0 2 4 Evan Wilson 0-3 2-2 2 0 Noblesville 14 10 8 25 - 57 Noblesville rebounds (23) Roberts 5, Lloyd David Lloyd 2-4 0-0 5 2 Cooper Bean 0-0 0-0 0 0 Noblesville 3-point shooting (7-23) Almodo- 4, Harris 3, Durham 2, Fine 2, Smith 2, Totals 20-48 10-12 57 15 var 2-8, Durham 2-4, Smith 1-3, Lloyd 1-2, Almodovar 2, Wilson 2, Bean 1. Big second quarter sends Royals get OT comeback 'Hounds past Brownsburg victory over Marauders Carmel picked up its third consecutive CARMEL 58, BROWNSBURG 45 Jacobs led the Royals with 22 points win on Saturday by beating Brownsburg Carmel FG FT TP PF Hamilton Southeastern recovered 58-45 at the Eric Clark Activity Center. Connor Gioia 1-3 0-0 2 2 from a late deficit to force overtime and seven rebounds. Vinny Buccilla The game was tied at 12-12 after the Josh Whack 3-5 0-0 7 2 against Mount Vernon in a Saturday earned a double-double with 17 points first quarter, but the Class 4A No. 4 Grey- Peter Suder 3-7 1-1 7 3 home game, then went on to beat the Ma- and 11 assists. Dalton Retzner scored 15 Brian Waddell 8-10 1-1 19 0 rauders 79-73. points, while Stutz had four assists and hounds took over in the second period, Charlie Williams 5-7 0-0 10 0 outscoring the Bulldogs 19-7 for a 31-19 Mount Vernon led 21-15 after the two blocked shots. Bryce Beery 2-2 1-2 5 3 first quarter and 35-31 at halftime, then Southeastern is 6-6 and hosts Con- halftime lead. Carmel then led 45-34 after Sam Orme 2-2 2-2 8 0 three quarters. Totals 24-36 5-6 58 10 pushed its lead into double digits by the nersville on Tuesday. Brian Waddell led the ‘Hounds with Score by Quarters end of the third period, where it led 49- 19 points, with Charlie Williams adding Brownsburg 12 7 15 11 - 45 39. HAMILTON SOUTHEASTERN 79, Carmel 12 19 14 13 - 58 The Marauders were still up by 10 MOUNT VERNON 73 10 points. Waddell pulled eight rebounds Carmel 3-point shooting (5-9) Waddell 2-3, and Connor Gioia dished out six assists. with four minutes to go before the Roy- (overtime) Orme 2-2, Whack 1-2, Gioia 0-1, Suder als went on a 9-0 run to get back into the Carmel is now 13-1 for the season and 0-1. Southeastern FG FT TP PF Jason Stutz 2-4 4-7 8 3 plays at home again on Friday, hosting Carmel rebounds (20) Waddell 8, Gioia 3, game. The contest was tied with a min- Alex Totton 2-6 2-2 7 3 Williams 3, Suder 2, Beery 2, Whack 1, ute to go, then MV’s Armon Jarrad hit a Ben Davis in a Metropolitan Conference Dalton Retzner 4-9 7-8 15 4 game. Orme 1. 3-pointer with eight seconds left. Southeastern’s Jason Stutz was fouled Vinny Buccilla 6-15 4-5 17 2 Sam Jacobs 8-12 6-9 22 3 with four seconds left and made both free John McCall 4-6 0-1 8 2 throws. On the inbound, HSE’s Sam Ja- Loudon Sundling 1-1 0-0 2 1 cobs stole the ball and got fouled. Jacobs Mohammed Awad 0-0 0-0 0 4 made a foul shot, sending the game into Isaac Bowman 0-0 0-0 0 0 overtime. The Royals then pulled away in Josh Jones 0-0 0-0 0 0 the extra period, outscoring the Maraud- Totals 27-53 23-32 79 22 Score by Quarters ers 14-8. Mount Vernon 21 14 14 16 8 - 73 Southeastern coach Brian Satterfield Southeastern 15 16 8 26 14 - 79 said his team “played with a lot of fight Southeastern 3-point shooting (2-13) Buc- and heart. We got down early and just cilla 1-7, Totton 1-5, Stutz 0-1. kept fighting all night long and somehow Southeastern rebounds (30) Jacobs 7, found a way to win.” Retzner 4, Buccilla 4, McCall 4, Stutz 3, Sundling 1, Totton 1, Awad 1, team 5. Girls basketball Tigers sail past Avon Fishers got back on track Saturday points, with Hailey Smith also collecting with a Hoosier Crossroads Conference nine rebounds. Audra Emmerson dished win at Avon, by the score of 75-38. out three assists, with Joirdyn Smith The Class 4A No. 4 Tigers cruised handing out three assists as well. Com- through the first quarter to take a 20-3 plete stats were not available due to tech- lead. Fishers outscored the Orioles in nical issues. each period, leading 37-16 at halftime Fishers is 3-1 in conference play with and 55-27 after three quarters. three more HCC games to go. The Ti- Katie Burton led the Tigers’ scoring gers are 14-3 overall and play Tuesday at with 25 points. Hailey Smith added 14 Brownsburg. points and Olivia Smith contributed 13 Loso scores with three seconds left... Last-second basket sends GC past Speedway Guerin Catholic kept its win streak give Guerin Catholic the win. going by scoring a 48-46 comeback vic- Labus scored 15 points for the Gold- tory at Speedway on Saturday. en Eagles, with Loso adding 13. Mia The Golden Eagles were down by 13 Thompson had seven points. Complete points early in the second half, but came stats were not available. back to tie the game in the final seconds. Guerin Catholic has now five games With the clock running down Aliyah in a row and is 10-8 for the season. The Dorsey sent a pass to Olivia Labus, who Golden Eagles return home on Tuesday found Kathryn Loso under the basket. to host Decatur Central. Loso laid it in with three seconds left to Thanks for reading the Reporter! Sports 9

Saturday's games Utah 127, Golden State 108 Philadelphia 114, Detroit 110 L.A. Lakers 101, Chicago 90 Brooklyn 128, Miami 124 Houston 133, Dallas 108 NBA standings Minnesota 120, New Orleans 110 Denver 120, Phoenix 112 Eastern Conference Western Conference Atlantic W L PCT. GB Northwest W L PCT. GB Philadelphia 12 5 .706 - Utah 12 4 .750 - Boston 8 6 .571 2.5 Portland 8 6 .571 3.0 Brooklyn 10 8 .556 2.5 Denver 9 7 .563 3.0 New York 8 9 .471 4.0 Oklahoma City 6 8 .429 5.0 Toronto 6 9 .400 5.0 Minnesota 4 11 .267 7.5 Central W L PCT. GB Pacific W L PCT. GB Indiana 9 6 .600 - L.A. Lakers 13 4 .765 - Milwaukee 9 6 .600 - L.A. Clippers 12 4 .750 0.5 Cleveland 8 7 .533 1.0 Phoenix 8 7 .533 4.0 Chicago 7 9 .438 2.5 Golden State 8 8 .500 4.5 Detroit 3 13 .188 6.5 Sacramento 6 10 .375 6.5 Southeast W L PCT. GB Southwest W L PCT. GB Atlanta 8 7 .533 - Memphis 7 6 .538 - Orlando 7 9 .438 1.5 Dallas 8 8 .500 0.5 Miami 6 9 .400 2.0 San Antonio 8 8 .500 0.5 Charlotte 6 9 .400 2.0 Houston 6 9 .400 2.0 Washington 3 8 .273 3.0 New Orleans 5 10 .333 3.0 Millers cruise past Franklin Central The Noblesville girls basketball team Millers are 17-4 and close out the regular got its third straight win on Saturday, season Wednesday by hosting Pendleton sailing past Franklin Central 72-49 in its Heights. Hoosier Crossroads Conference finale at The Mill. NOBLESVILLE 72, The Class 4A No. 9 Millers steadily FRANKLIN CENTRAL 49 built their lead throughout the game, go- Noblesville FG FT TP PF ing up 14-6 after the first quarter and 32- Kaitlyn Shoemaker 0-0 0-0 0 1 16 at halftime. Noblesville then poured in Ashlynn Shade 11-29 2-5 27 2 23 points in the third quarter, giving the Reagan Wilson 6-9 0-0 17 0 Mallory Miller 4-7 0-0 10 3 Millers a 55-31 advantage by the end of Emily Wood 2-10 0-0 4 2 the third. Jayla Jones 3-6 0-0 6 1 Ashlynn Shade, who was honored Emery Denison 0-2 1-2 1 1 during the game for setting the new Brooklyn Ely 1-2 0-0 3 0 single-game scoring record earlier last Makenna Mundy 0-1 0-0 0 0 week, scored 27 points for Noblesville on Dani Mendez 0-1 0-0 0 2 Saturday. Shade threw in three 3-pointers Brooklyn Smitherman 2-5 0-0 4 2 Totals 29-72 3-7 72 14 and also had eight rebounds and seven Score by Quarters assists. Reagan Wilson nailed five 3s on Franklin Central 6 10 15 18 - 49 her way to 17 points and collected five re- Noblesville 14 18 23 17 - 72 bounds. Mallory Miller added 10 points, Noblesville 3-point shooting (11-24) Wilson four assists and four steals while Brook- 5-7, Shade 3-8, Miller 2-3, Ely 1-2, Jones lyn Smitherman pulled seven rebounds 0-3, Denison 0-1. Noblesville rebounds (35) Shade 8, Smith- and blocked two shots. erman 7, Wilson 5, Miller 4, Wood 4, Jones Noblesville finished conference play 2, Mundy 2, Shoemaker 1, Denison 1, with a 5-2 record and is guaranteed a Mendez 1. finish in the top half of the league. The Hoosier Crossroads Conference

Reporter photo by Kent Graham girls basketball standings During Noblesville's girls basketball game with Franklin Central on Team Conf. Overall Team Conf. Overall Saturday, the Millers' Ashlynn Shade was honored with a commemorative Westfield 6-1 16-4 Southeastern 2-3 10-5 Fishers 3-1 14-3 Brownsburg 2-3 9-10 basketball after breaking the Noblesville single-game scoring record in Noblesville 5-2 17-4 Franklin Central 1-5 4-10 a game earlier in the week. Shade is pictured with Noblesville athletic Zionsville 4-2 15-4 Avon 0-6 2-13 director Leah Wooldridge (left) and Millers coach Donna Buckley. Saturday high school basketball scores Courtesy John Harrell's website Lanesville 67, Clarksville 57 Bi-County Tournament Linton-Stockton 53, Loogootee 41 www.johnharrell.net Lapel 57, Daleville 43 John Glenn 47, New Prairie 37 Madison 91, South Dearborn 22 Lawrenceburg 47, Jac-Cen-Del 36 Culver Academy Classic Manchester 39, Rochester 37 BOYS GAMES Lebanon 47, Covington 35 South Bend Riley 51, Culver Academy 45, OT Marquette Catholic 63, Portage Christian 28 Avon 73, Mooresville 72 Leo 46, East Noble 30 South Bend Riley 83, Lighthouse CPA 56 McCutcheon 53, West Lafayette 30 Barr-Reeve 59, Heritage Hills 35 Linton-Stockton 97, South Decatur 68 Culver Academy 62, Lighthouse CPA 53 Michigan City 69, South Bend Riley 27 Bellmont 32, Huntington North 30 Loogootee 60, Bloomfield 57 Indianapolis City Alliance Tournament Mississinewa 47, Elwood 32 Ben Davis 82, Decatur Central 42 Maconaquah 51, Frankton 42 Indianapolis Cathedral 85, Indianapolis Tindley Mitchell 66, Springs Valley 42 Benton Central 91, Frontier 40 Marion 69, Lewis Cass 47 64 Morristown 51, Edinburgh 40 Bethany Christian 69, Hamilton 28 Marquette Catholic 66, Calumet 53 Indianapolis Attucks 62, Covenant Christian 54 Munster 57, South Bend Adams 47 Bethesda Christian 66, Waldron 62, OT McCutcheon 47, Clinton Prairie 43 Porter County Conference Tournament Noblesville 72, Franklin Central 49 Blackford 112, Alexandria 80 Mishawaka 57, Northridge 45 Kouts 79, Boone Grove 50 North Central (Farmersburg) 58, North Vermillion Bloomington South 60, Martinsville 28 Monroe Central 45, Yorktown 40 46 Carmel 58, Brownsburg 45 Morristown 63, Providence Cristo Rey 42 GIRLS GAMES North Central (Indianapolis) 48, Newark (Ohio) Carroll (Flora) 51, Faith Christian 35 Munster 68, Hobart 20 Alexandria 72, Oak Hill 66 46 Carroll (Fort Wayne) 52, Fort Wayne Dwenger New Castle 52, Wapahani 44 Anderson 81, Logansport 46 North Harrison 65, Charlestown 60 37 New Haven 58, Norwell 50 Barr-Reeve 47, Pike Central 32 North Judson 50, Knox 46 Center Grove 60, Indianapolis Roncalli 46 New Palestine 71, Franklin 57 Bedford North Lawrence 65, Jasper 34 North Putnam 71, Brown County 47 Charlestown 89, Corydon Central 84 Noblesville 57, Logansport 34 Bellmont 59, New Haven 31 North White 51, North Newton 37 Christel House Academy 101, Union (Modoc) 61 North Central (Farmersburg) 69, North Vermillion Bluffton 51, Heritage 44 Northeast Dubois 55, Perry Central 25 Cloverdale 60, Clay City 47 Brownsburg 61, Terre Haute North 54 Northeastern 62, Blue River 57 42 Columbia City 64, DeKalb 61 Brownstown Central 58, West Washington 30 Northfield 95, Whitko 22 North Central (Indianapolis) 86, Muncie Central Concord 53, Jimtown 46, OT Carroll (Flora) 79, Faith Christian 39 Northridge 71, Fort Wayne Snider 64 29 Connersville 40, Batesville 27 Carroll (Fort Wayne) 57, Angola 46 Norwell 69, East Noble 49 North Harrison 73, Salem 32 Cowan 59, Eastbrook 37 Cascade 62, Plainfield 52 Orleans 51, Austin 45 North Putnam 74, Brown County 37 Crawfordsville 69, Speedway 58 Center Grove 52, Ben Davis 51, OT Park Tudor 45, Oldenburg Academy 16 Crothersville 83, Medora 45 Northeast Dubois 59, Springs Valley 46 Charlestown 65, Christian Academy 22 Parke Heritage 43, Shakamak 37 East Central 51, Harrison (Ohio) 44, OT Northeastern 86, Blue River 46 Clinton Central 55, Rossville 46 Penn 100, Hammond Noll 60 Eastern Greene 44, South Knox 43 Orleans 50, Mitchell 37 Cowan 54, New Castle 43 Pioneer 67, John Glenn 32 Edgewood 65, Bedford North Lawrence 60 Paoli 49, Christian Academy 40 Crawford County 29, Borden 23 Plymouth 40, Wawasee 32 Edinburgh 78, Cambridge City Lincoln 41 Park Tudor 38, Indianapolis Shortridge 29 Crown Point 56, Andrean 50 Prairie Heights 41, Fremont 37 Elkhart Christian 79, South Bend Career 43 Parke Heritage 64, Cascade 41 Eastbrook 57, Madison-Grant 37 Purdue Poly Englewood 47, Indianapolis Shor- Elkhart 75, Fort Wayne Wayne 62 Perry Central 62, Mount Vernon (Posey) 53 Elkhart Christian 37, Fort Wayne Canterbury 20 tridge 37 Evansville Bosse 95, Terre Haute South 61 Perry Meridian 46, Columbus North 33 Elkhart 64, Fort Wayne Northrop 54 Randolph Southern 52, Daleville 33 Evansville Harrison 53, Jasper 39 Peru 53, Northwestern 40 Evansville Central 44, New Albany 41 Rensselaer Central 45, Frontier 30 Evansville Reitz 53, New Albany 29 Plainfield 71, Northview 48 Fishers 75, Avon 38 Richmond 47, Lafayette Jeff 35 Forest Park 89, Evansville Day 71 Rensselaer Central 76, West Central 40 Floyd Central 47, Corydon Central 40 River Forest 49, Whiting 23 Fort Wayne Blackhawk 107, Lakewood Park 26 Richmond 72, Pendleton Heights 58 Forest Park 46, Mount Vernon (Posey) 26 River Forest 57, Bowman Academy 53 Fort Wayne Concordia 62, Fort Wayne Luers 58 River Forest 41, Griffith 37, OT Fort Wayne South 51, Fort Wayne Wayne 36 Rushville 66, Connersville 43 Fort Wayne North 68, South Bend Washington Riverton Parke 63, Attica 46 Franklin 85, Whiteland 51 Scottsburg 47, Evansville North 46 58 Seton Catholic 51, Centerville 40 Goshen 52, NorthWood 41 Shelbyville 51, Delta 43 Fountain Central 70, South Vermillion 62 Seymour 47, Scottsburg 40 Greensburg 48, Batesville 39 Shenandoah 83, Pendleton Heights 74, 2OT Frankfort 67, Clinton Central 60 Shenandoah 69, Eastern Hancock 30 Greenwood 51, Monrovia 40 Silver Creek 61, Eastern (Pekin) 42 Franklin County 51, North Decatur 35 Shoals 60, Wood Memorial 42 Griffith 83, Hammond Gavit 34 South Adams 40, Woodlan 38 Greencastle 64, Danville 56 South Bend Adams 61, Chesterton 49 Guerin Catholic 48, Speedway 46 South Knox 41, Bloomfield 31 Greenfield-Central 52, Shelbyville 41 Southwestern (Hanover) 98, Austin 80 Hammond Morton 52, Hammond Clark 25 South Ripley 53, Shawe Memorial 18 Greensburg 61, Southridge 59 Sullivan 97, White River Valley 52 Harrison (West Lafayette) 74, Merrillville 38 South Spencer 57, Trinity (Ky.) 31 Greenwood Christian 52, Oldenburg Academy Taylor 58, Northfield 47 Henryville 59, Rock Creek Academy 29 South Vermillion 52, Riverton Parke 20 47 Terre Haute North 52, Southport 47 Heritage Christian 59, Covenant Christian 45 Southport 57, Beech Grove 51 Hamilton Heights 84, Sheridan 47 Traders Point Christian 68, Victory College Prep Huntington North 47, Fort Wayne Concordia 44, Southwestern (Shelbyville) 64, North Decatur 51 Hamilton Southeastern 79, Mount Vernon (Fort- 61 OT Switzerland County 59, South Decatur 45 ville) 73, OT Twin Lakes 52, West Lafayette 49 Indianapolis Cathedral 74, New Palestine 67 Tecumseh 58, Princeton 32 Hammond 115, Hammond Gavit 23 Union County 45, Hagerstown 31 Indianapolis Scecina 48, Indianapolis Lutheran Tippecanoe Valley 58, Southwood 43 Harrison (West Lafayette) 69, Merrillville 55 Valparaiso 57, Gary West 52 41 Tipton 44, Western 37 Hauser 50, Eastern (Pekin) 48 Warsaw 50, LaPorte 39 Indianapolis Tindley 61, GEO Next Generation Union (Modoc) 39, Christel House Academy 24 Henryville 40, Borden 33 Washington 47, Pike Central 40 37 Union City 68, Wapahani 64 Homestead 55, Lawrence North 50, OT Wawasee 43, West Noble 40 Indianapolis Washington 48, Providence Cristo Valparaiso 56, Lake Central 52 Indian Creek 59, West Vigo 44 Wes-Del 87, Anderson Prep Academy 74 Rey 19 Vincennes Lincoln 59, North Knox 33 Indianapolis Lutheran 68, Triton Central 44 Western Boone 72, Eminence 48 Jay County 74, Southern Wells 36 Vincennes Rivet 62, Washington Catholic 15 Indianapolis Metropolitan 66, Liberty Christian Western 64, Eastern (Greentown) 33 Jennings County 55, Trinity Lutheran 49 Wabash 57, North Miami 44 64, OT Westview 71, Garrett 39 Kankakee Valley 64, Gary West 35 Waldron 42, Tri 38 Jeffersonville 80, Columbus East 52 Whiteland 76, Rock Creek Academy 37 Knightstown 42, Centerville 26 Warsaw 54, Concord 29 Jennings County 57, South Dearborn 47 Whiting 66, Hammond Noll 49 Kokomo 54, Eastern (Greentown) 14 Washington 67, Boonville 54 Knox 49, North Judson 48 Whitko 48, Heritage 36 Lakeland Christian 41, Clinton Christian 31 West Vigo 45, Indian Creek 42 Lake Station 51, Hanover Central 48 Winamac 49, South Newton 23 Lakewood Park 45, Fort Wayne Blackhawk 42 Westville 46, Washington Twp. 38, OT Lakeland 82, Lakeland Christian 79, OT Winchester 80, Knightstown 38 Lebanon 72, Frankfort 23 Wood Memorial 53, Shoals 36