ATO ACCUSED OF HARASSMENT Growth in public sector can’t last, CBA warns economist Gareth Aird shows. EMPLOYMENT GROWTH WAGE PRICE INDEX sector. But it is very hard to make a spending growth at the national DAVID UREN The biggest contributors to pub- justification for this disparity over level has outpaced that of state Annual % change, Annual % change ECONOMICS EDITOR lic-sector employment growth such a long period of time,” Mr and local government.” Small over the past two years have been half-year moving average Aird says. The slower growth of house- 5 The growth in federal and state health, with the National Disabili- 10 PUBLIC As a result, government run- hold spending reflects the squeeze public services is outstripping the ty Insurance Scheme accounting 8 4 ning costs are rising much more on incomes. private sector and being financed for some of the 63,000 new jobs, 6 rapidly than household budgets. Indeed, households have been by an unsustainable increase in education, with 59,000 more staff, The latest national accounts running down savings to maintain 4 PUBLIC 3 taxation, a Commonwealth Bank and administration, information showed that government costs, their consumption. 2 PRIVATE business analysis finds. technology and security, which 2 not including investments, were However, government recur- Aggressive recruitment of pub- have added 24,000 positions. 0 PRIVATE 4.9 per cent higher than a year ear- rent spending is ultimately funded lic servants drove the rapid growth Mr Aird notes that this does -2 1 lier, which was a full two percent- by taxpayers. in employment through 2017, with not include the big build-up of Nov NovMayMay Nov 1997 01 05 09 13 2017 age points above the growth in “Workers are handing over an the numbers in the latter half of employment on state government 2015 2016 2017 household spending. increasing share of their income at last year up 9.1 per cent from the infrastructure works, most of Source: Commonwealth Bank, ABS Government spending has a time when the savings rate is low, attacks previous year. which has been contracted to now been rising at an average rate real wages growth is flat and Private-sector jobs growth by firms in the private sector. cent higher than a year earlier, tralian Bureau of Statistics reports of 4 per cent a year for the past household consumption growth is contrast was just 2 per cent. Not only has the public sector while private-sector wages were over the past two decades. three years, significantly out- modest. It is no wonder that Public-sector recruitment has been hiring more people, it has up only 1.9 per cent. “The more unionised public- pacing household spending households are feeling the pinch,” been ahead of the private sector also been offering bigger pay The faster growth in public- sector workforce has more collec- growth. Mr Aird says. for the past two years, the report increases. In the latest quarter, sector pay has been a feature in tive-bargaining power than the “It has been driven by all three “These trends are unsustain- tax ‘bully’ by Commonwealth Bank senior public-sector wages were 2.4 per 70 per cent of the quarterly Aus- much less unionised private tiers of government, although able in the long run.”

past experiences, with the ATO ANTHONY KLAN remaining solely responsible for determining whether a business NDIS billions behind housing boom Entrails of $70m The Australian Taxation Office was “effectively engaging” or routinely abuses its position to otherwise. chase small businesses for debts An ATO spokeswoman said fund to be exposed that don’t exist and should under the Transparency of Tax Debt EXCLUSIVE no circumstances be given extra measure was designed to “sup- powers to hand on allegations of port more informed decision- RICK MORTON outstanding tax debts to credit making in the business commun- SOCIAL AFFAIRS WRITER PAMELA WILLIAMS reporting agencies, an industry ity by making unpaid tax debts SENIOR WRITER group has claimed. visible”. A pipeline of almost $6 billion In a submission in response to “This will enable businesses worth of housing investment for It may not be the trial of the cen- proposed changes obtained by and credit providers to make a disabled people will soon be un- tury but Monday’s court case to The Australian, Self-Employed more complete assessment of the leashed as part of the $22bn Na- determine who owns the $70 mil- called for the bill to be creditworthiness of a business tional Disability Insurance lion Cormack Foundation trea- withdrawn, describing it as a when they consider extending Scheme which will help fund at sure chest is the denouement of a Kroger Doyle “grab for additional powers for credit or terms of trade,” the least 10,500 more supported pla- fight that has split the Liberal the ATO to use against small spokeswoman said. ces across the country. Party and will lay bare the inner three former MPs, David Kemp, business people”. “The measure is also designed Market research commis- workings of a once-secret funding Michael Ronaldson and Fergus The ATO already had expans- to reduce unfair advantage sioned by policy group the Sum- machine that helped drive Liberal Stewart McArthur. Speculation ive powers which exceeded obtained by businesses that do mer Foundation, to be released victories for decades. tipped either Mr Alston or Mr “arguably any other government not pay their tax on time, and today, shows the flagship disabili- Even before the case starts, the Stockdale for chairman. body” and it “routinely” abused ty scheme will spark a housing name of at least one new director Mr Alston, a former Liberal those powers, the group said. construction and investment has been dropped from the Vic- senator, most recently made “The ATO already has the ‘It already has the boom from both the public and torian ’s list of names waves when he quit as an inde- power to raid a person’s home power to raid a private sectors. to replace the board of corporate pendent director of CPA Austra- without a warrant, allege a debt, The Australian understands blue bloods who have steered lia, an organisation mired in demand payment of an alleged person’s home institutions and investors such as Cormack’s financial success. controversy over the remuner- debt, garnishee a person’s bank without a warrant, Macquarie Bank are eyeing sup- Former lord ation and activities of then chief account to force settlement of an allege a debt ...’ ported disability accommodation mayor Robert Doyle was one of executive Alex Malley. Mr Als- alleged debt, sell a person’s house as a new market, with the NDIS six new directors proposed. But ton, apparently frustrated by fail- and bankrupt a person before the SELF-EMPLOYED AUSTRALIA due to hand out $700 million each last week an independent investi- ed attempts to stem the damage, person has a chance to ‘disprove’ year in housing support once the gation commissioned by the resigned in June. the debt,” Self-Employed Austra- program hits full rollout. council found Mr Doyle had sex- Mr Stockdale, a treasurer in lia’s submission says. encourage businesses to engage At the end of last year, the ually harassed two women. It is the Victorian Kennett govern- “Our opinion, based on solid with us.” scheme had committed $63.1m in understood his name is no longer ment, fought a bitter party battle evidence, leads us to allege that The spokeswoman said the housing support to 6936 partici- on the list of directors to run the ATO abuses those powers in new legislation would “permit but pants but that number will rise to Cormack should the party suc- order to bully and harass small not require” the ATO to inform 28,000 participants by 2020. ceed in court. A sizzling letter business people into paying credit-reporting agencies of un- There are 17,500 people living in A sizzling letter from the Vic- from the Victorian alleged tax debts that are often paid debts. such accommodation now, leav- torian party to the Cormack false or poorly supported by the She said many safeguards ing a gap of 10,500 places that will AARON FRANCIS board last June demanded all party to the evidence.” would be put in place and the need to be built. Liz Ellis is due to move into new NDIS accommodation this year: ‘It will be a home’ directors stand down in favour of Cormack board Financial Services Minister ATO would issue a “formal notifi- The National Disability In- a new board. demanded all Kelly O’Dwyer released draft cation” before disclosing tax surance Agency will not itself FAR FROM HOME support to get in and out of bed, to traditional models are very wel- The campaign to oust the directors stand legislation last month that would debts, allowing the business construct accommodation but The shortfall in special shower and have meals prepared coming. I am capable of running board and seize control of the down in favour of allow the ATO to disclose to cre- 21 days to “contact the ATO to participants who are given hous- disability accommodation — but has been provisionally ap- my own life and the traditional funds has been spearheaded by dit reporting agencies tax debts manage their debt”. ing subsidies — currently ranging Existing Per capita proved to move into a new apart- model made me think I am in- Victorian party president a new board owed by small businesses. Taxpayers who had a payment from $12,419 to $107,235 each year SDA distribution ment in the Melbourne suburb of capable.” . Mr Kroger Small businesses account for plan in place or who were deemed per person — can pool those residents of SDA Shortfall Fairfield. The analysis of demand for argues the Cormack money against almost two-thirds of entities with to be facing “exceptional circum- funds with investors and other or- NSW 5730 9020 3290 Once her NDIS funding is housing shows NSW will need to belongs wholly to the party; Cor- minister in 2011 to win outstanding tax debts and the stances” would not be reported. ganisations to construct new ticked off and the apartments are create a further 3290 places once mack directors have cited the the party presidency — a battle changes are aimed at putting Mr Phillips said his organis- apartments and homes. Vic 4260 7200 2940 completed, Ms Ellis will live on the NDIS is at full rollout, with constitution that directs Cor- which gave way to arguments pressure on those small ation was regularly contacted by Residents will pay a “reason- Qld 3340 5650 2310 her own for the first time in her Victoria close behind, needing mack to promote libertarian about the role of lobbyists in the businesses that are not paying tax aggrieved small business owners able” rent contribution based on WA 1590 2980 1390 life in the units built by Summer 2940 places. WA will almost dou- causes, granting donations for party. Mr Stockdale’s position at as well as providing other busi- who his group had helped deter- 25 per cent of the Disability Sup- Housing. ble its number of places to 2980. this purpose. lobbyist and management con- nesses with more information to mine had been unfairly targeted port Pension, which is an income- SA 1720 1990 270 “Through my NDIS I will get a “To meet this level of demand, Virtually all of Cormack’s sultant, EC Strategies became better determine whether their by the ATO. support payment separate to the Tas 500 600 100 more suitable living environment the supply and availability of $60m in donations since the late part of that fight. customers will pay their bills. He said that in one case, small NDIS. ACT 210 470 260 which gives me flexibility of sup- specialist disability accommoda- 1980s have been to the Liberal The Cormack board compris- Under the proposed changes business owner Rod Douglass Liz Ellis, 32, has lived in a group port and choice and control of tion needs to grow. To support Party. The board, drawn from the es Charles Goode, the one-time the ATO will be able to report was told by the ATO he owed home for the past six years and NT 160 280 120 who provides those supports,” she this growth, the funding available corporate community, turned a Potter Partners stockbroker and outstanding tax debts if the busi- $440,000 in back taxes and says it has been a “mistake I’ve Source: Summer Foundation said. to participants for SDA has been $15m start-up into a $70m war former chair of ANZ and Wood- ness has a tax debt of at least interest. been trying to undo ever since”. “It will be individualised sup- designed to attract investment,” chest, with party donations com- side; Peter Hay, chairman of $10,000 that is overdue by more Mr Phillips said that with the Ms Ellis, who has a Bachelor of like lots of other people I have my ports as well as enabling you to an NDIA spokeswoman said. ing from dividends. Newcrest Mining and a former than 90 days and if the business help of Self-Employed Australia, Social Work and is employed voice,” she said. “I often say to my have the privacy of a normal “At full scheme, total funding If the Victorian party succeeds Freehills senior partner; Fred has not “effectively engaged” including “$100,000 to $150,000” with a disability service provider, mum now, ‘you can have a voice home environment. It won’t be an for SDA is expected to be around in ousting the board it is under- Grimwade, executive director of with the ATO. in legal assistance, Mr Douglass’s was an “unexpected” twin who but it doesn’t mean that people institution, it will be a home. $700 million per year. This level stood new directors would be Fawkner Capital and a former Self-Employed Australia ex- case was taken to the Federal was born with an oesophagus that hear you’.” “It will be easier for people to of funding is expected to lead to required to follow the “volunteer” vice president of Goldman Sachs ecutive director Ken Phillips said Court and he was found to owe was not joined. In recovery she Ms Ellis had to move away come and see me and for me to get investment in the development of protocol of the current board — Australia; David Williamson, a the group had serious concerns the ATO nothing. suffered a cerebral haemorrhage V1 - AUSE01Z01MAfrom her family and support net- to places. I will be spending less on new, high-quality, fit-for-purpose with no fees, emoluments or leading mergers and acquisitions with the ATO’s definition of The ATO said it was unable to and has cerebral palsy. work to take up a place in a group transport costs. SDA which will increase avail- other remuneration of any kind. lawyer and former head of group “effectively engaged” based on comment on individual cases. “I am very lucky because un- home — she needs daily physical “I don’t necessarily think the ability.” This would be in line with legal and chief compliance officer $3.00 other volunteer positions across at BHP Billiton; Steve Spargo, a TUESDAY March 13, 2018 PRICE INCLUDES GST the Liberal Party organisation. former senior Allens partner and WWW.THEAUSTRALIAN.COM.AU I FOR THE INFORMED AUSTRALIAN I NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR FREIGHT EXTRA

TECH WINTER When the Victorian party last specialist in commercial law and AE1 mystery solved MY TRIAL PARALYMPICS year demanded the board cede governance; and Richard Balder- {NEWS P3} Shark attack KITCHEN Samsung victim’s heroics Push to axe legalRULES aid forGalaxy accused S9 v on snow control to new directors, names stone, founding director of bou- EXPRESSION OF INTEREST {P31} John Lethlean’s heated put forward were Mr Doyle; two tique fund manager JCP JUDITH The economics of keeping iPhone X advice for Manu Feildel {P3} {P22} SLOAN our backyards {P12} past party presidents, Richard Investment Partners and former TO JOIN ESSENTIAL ENERGY’S Alston and Alan Stockdale; and ABN AMRO director. LABOR EXTENDS CLASS-WAR TAX PLAN CUSTOMER ADVOCACY GROUP BEN PACKHAM Our $500,000 bill for accused pedophile Peter Dutton has thrown his sup- Shorten’sport behind moves to stop fund- ing the legal costs of accused Sacked Border Force bigpedophile hit Peter Scullyon as sounded a note of caution, boss ‘hid girlfriend’ declaring Australia “assumes How The Australian broke the story on Tuesday Generation Substation superthat people are funds innocent until Transformer Transformer proven guilty”. years in jail or the death penalty,” a house he was renting in the former commissioner said. Mr Unions in push the “extraordinary, ambit” Continued from Page 1 SIMON BENSON for $50-a-week claim would force small NATIONAL AFFAIRSThe EDITOR Australian revealedbusinesses to lay off this employees Ms Bishop told ABC radio this southern city of Surigao. Quaedvlieg’s sacking ends a re- minimum pay rise and reduce trading hours. Bill Shorten has opened a new Business groups will seek to front in hisweek class-war tax grabthat on Mr Scully, onlimit the trial increase to $12.50in to week. Police and prosecutors wept, and his subsequent termination. markable law enforcement career the wealthy, with a pledge to axe EWIN HANNAN $13.20 a week. cash refunds for excess imputa- WORKPLACE EDITOR Awarding the ACTU claim GENERATION TRANSMISSION RETAIL CUSTOMER tion tax creditsThe claimed Philippines by super for childwould murder, lift the national “Our legal system assumes according to a Fairfax report, Mr Quaedvlieg said he was not that began in Queensland during funds, which are estimated to bal- Unions will push for a record minimum wage’s hourly rate loon to almost $60 billion over the $50-a-week pay rise for the from $18.29 to $19.60, or by Distribution next 10 years.rape and nation’shuman lowest-paid, moretrafficking, than $2600 annually tohas $38,735 a that people are innocent until when they viewed one video notified of his sacking until the 1980s at the sharp end of oper- Unwinding a superannuation double the amount awarded last year. The commission last year Essential Energy’s measure introducedreceived by the How- year. $500,000 in awarded taxpayer- a $22.20-a-week rise, proven guilty and clearly there called Daisy’s Destruction that 2.55pm yesterday, nor had he ational policing and ended at the commitment ard government, the Opposition ACTU secretary Sally equivalent to a 3.3 per cent Leader will announce today that a McManus has declared a big increase, the largest minimum Labor governmentfunded will abolish legalincrease isaid needed toover address threewage rise in dollaryears terms since are circumstances where support Mr Scully allegedly sold on the been given a copy of Mr Dutton’s lofty heights of the common- the rebate component of the low wages growth, penalty-rate 2010. According to the ACTU imputation credits system that cuts and rising living costs. submission, applying the 7.2 per benefits primarilyunder high-wealth theIn the biggest Serious one-off dollar- cent Overseas rise would lead to some is absolutely appropriate.” internet showing an 18-month- statement outlining the reasons wealth public service. shareholders and self-managed terms rise sought to the national award-reliant workers Essential Energy is a NSW Government-owned corporation, with responsibility for building, super funds by allowing them to minimum wage, the ACTU will receiving weekly increases cash in unusedCriminal imputation credits. Mattersurge the Fair Work Scheme.ranging from $55.14 to $84.39. Ms Bishop said she was con- old girl being sexually assaulted before it was tabled in the parlia- Mr Quaedvlieg began his ca- Mr Shorten claims that the Commission today to increase Ms McManus said the claim operating and maintaining Australia’s largest electricity network – delivering essential chief target of the policyAttorney-General is about the rate from $694.90 to was Christian part of the union cerned about pedophiles getting while tied upside down by the ment. reer working as a deep cover 200,000 of the 600,000 self- $744.90 a week, equivalent to a movement’s long-term strategy managed super funds in the 7.2 per cent rise that unions will Continued on Page 4 network services to more than 800,000 homes and businesses across 95 percent of country, thePorter largest of which have saidseek to flowhe on to an estimated was reviewing access to taxpayer-funded sup- legs. “I have consistently main- operative infiltrating crime syndi- been claiming up to $2.5 million in 2.3 million workers. MORE REPORTS P4 cash rebates under the imputa- Employers warned granting EDITORIAL P13 tion credit system.access to the scheme, arguing the port but “it would depend very The girl was later found alive tained my strong denial of those cates and then later as a surveil- NSW and parts of southern Queensland. While 90 per cent of the tax hit is directed at self-managed super would equate to $59bn, which is funds, a smallsupport number of “low-in- wasINSIDE out of step almostwith of equal com- value to the cost of much on what was known about but suffers lasting physical and particularised grounds over the lance officer. The Customer Advocacy Group is a proactive forum for consultation, engagement and come, high-wealth” retirees could the ’s $65bn MAIN PICTURE: KATE GERAGHTY also be caughtmunity in the net if, for ex- expectations.Hundreds of thousands of corporate tax cuts. theirPeter Scully arrives history, at court in the Cagayan about De Oro in whetherMindanao, The Philippines.mental He has received injuries. taxpayer funds for his legal bills, as have, from top, lengthy duration of this inquiry He moved to the Australian ample, they had other assets held self-funded retirees will be Labor believes the savings Cassie Sainsbury, Schapelle Corby, David Hicks and Bali Nine drug ring organisers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran insight across Essential Energy’s customer base, on any matters relating to the supply in tax-free superannuation funds. affected, while big- would also give it “wriggle room” A small number Mrof large retailDutton,dividend paying the Homepotentially Affairs to shift its position on they’ve got a history of convic-access to the scheme. “There areTwoThe teenage Serious Overseas Crimi- girlscants are were able to access thealleg- fund is and I continue to maintain those Crime Commission in the early and industry super funds, which companies such as the corporate tax cuts, with the possi- EXCLUSIVE circumstances where such sup- nal Matters Scheme provides legal made by Attorney-General’s of electricity and associated services. have millions of ordinary Austra- bility it may move to support them port is absolutely appropriate,” Mr support for Australians facing the Department officials, according to lians as members,Minister, could also be af- major applauded banks for businesseshis under col- $2m a year in tionsBEN PACKHAM or offending”. Porter said. edly founddeath penalty or nakedjail terms of more andcriteria set chained out in the scheme. in denials,’’ Mr Quaedvlieg said in a 2000s, where he found himself fected, with the policy claiming may be less turnover and potentially keeping “However, determinations in than 20 years. Philippines police allege Scully 10 per centleague of refunds were for ac- attractive. the tough stand.the currently legislated cuts for AustralianMr taxpayers Scully have paid fled Australiathis case in were made prioranother to my More apartment than $1.1 million was paid was he a cyberpornrented. producer who media statement. embroiled in controversy follow- Applications are sought from consumer group representatives and customers who crued by APRA-regulated funds. those with up to $50m a year. about $500,000 in legal costs for becoming Attorney-General. out under the scheme in 2016-17 to sold videos of depraved acts on the Presently, shareholders are JAMES Mr Shorten will announce the alleged pedophile Peter Scully “I had already asked my an undisclosed number of Austra- “dark web” for $10,000 each. He is able to use imputation“I credits think to KIRBY you’reP4 seeingscrapping a of thefresh rebate today in a 2011who is on totrial in escapeThe Philippines, fraud charges.department It is for information Mr on lians Porter facing charges overseas. said hecontesting was 75 charges, review- forcing his “I had been given a short op- ing the sacking of a number of are members of regional organisations or are active members of their communities reduce their tax or claim it as a speech to the Chifley Institute at accused of child murder, human the scheme, including this par- The Australian understands victims to undergo the ordeal of cash refund if the value of the come an unsustainable taxpayer- the KPMG offices in Sydney. trafficking, rape and torture. Porter ticular case, with a view to con- Scully, a former Melbourne busi- testifying against him in court. credits exceedsapproach their tax liabilities. funded from loophole beingChristian exploited “Every Porter. dollar that slips believedThe Australian can he reveal hadthat no history ofsidering sex- changes to theing scheme, soeligibilitynessman who fled Australiato the in SeriousPast recipients of money Over- from portunity to resign prior to ter- officers. who reside within Essential Energy’s distribution area and can provide feedback and Under Labor’s policy, the credits by only the very wealthy. through these loopholes is a dollar Scully has received taxpayer- Attorney-General Christian that persons in circumstances 2011 to escape fraud charges, has the scheme include Schapelle can be used only to reduce tax lia- The move will open up a war that cannot be invested in the funded legal support for the past Porter, who said the approval of similar to Mr Scully, or those with been receiving taxpayer funds Corby, convicted terror supporter bilities and He’scash refunds willnot not chestonly estimated got to be worth a $11bn smartAustralian peoplemind and their po- ualthree years offence under the Serious convictionsScully’s legal funding was madein Aus-histories of sexual offendingseas and Criminalunder the scheme since Mattershis arrest David Hicks Scheme and cocaine smug- to mination, however I chose not to From there Mr Quaedvlieg se- advise on electricity network distribution topics relevant to the communities/ be paid. The Turnbull govern- in the final two years of the four- tential,” a copy of Mr Shorten’s Overseas Criminal Matters under his predecessor George relevant convictions, would no in 2015. gler Cassie Sainsbury. Bali Nine ment is likely to seize on the mea- year budget forward estimates speech says. Scheme. Brandis, has launched a review of longer be eligible.” The decision on which appli- Continued on Page 2 sure as a class-warbut tax he’s raid on the gotwhich athe oppositiongreat is likely nose to “Everyfor dollar these allocated to tidy tralia. He is now contesting 75 ensure people such as Mr Scully do that as it is tantamount to a gued into the Australian Federal organisations they represent. retirement savings of ordinary put towards income tax cuts to little arrangements for people Australians.sorts of issues,”match or exceed anyMr commit- Duttonwho already have told millions of dol- charges in The Philippines, were unable to claim funds from concession of culpability, which I Police, where he worked briefly as Mr Shorten claims that ordi- ment made by the Turnbull gov- lars, is a dollar that can’t be used to Banks in $60m fix nary Australians and wage earn- ernment. repair the budget and bring Aus- $1.6m compo for ‘extended’ Grenfell family as hearings begin > For more information, including the role description and to apply, please visit ers will notradio be hit by the changes 2GB Overyesterday. the 10-year medium term tralia back to surplus. where police allege he was a it. strenuously deny.’’ commissioner Mick Keelty’s to a system that he says has be- the budget savings, however, Continued on Page 4 FINANCIAL The Foreign Affairs Minister cyber-pornJACQUELIN MAGNAY producer who sold “Although I understandSERVICES the Mr Quaedvlieg said he had chief of staff before taking on a SAMANTHA HUTCHINSON ROYAL Scotland Yard is investigating a COMMISSION Swansaid given the schemeleader’s was tap anfor import- top job videosfamily of 15 who claimed of to have depraved acts for support provided falls far short of made a number of ‘‘observations’’ number of senior operational lived in a single flat in Grenfell Banks have spent more than > The EOI is open from 9am Monday 19 March ant one, ensuring legalKim advice Beazley. Mr Shorten in encour- $10,000Tower, including ateach least two on the dark web. what has been sought,$60 million a fixingfair issues con- to be about the inquiry process and roles, including ACT Policing EXCLUSIVE aged Mr Swan to run for the presi- members who dashed back to raised in the first fortnight of dency because his lifelong London from Melbourne after public hearings of the financial to 5pm Thursday 12 April, 2018. TROY BRAMSTONforeign countries for “Australianscrusade on economic and social the JuneMr 14 inferno Scully to receive is alleged to have clusion is that thisservices expenditure royal commission, would now ‘‘pursue these more chief commissioner. SENIOR WRITER inequality meshes with his own more than $1.6 million in com- headed by ex-High Court judge priorities as leader, while Mr But- pensation payments to the family. Kenneth Hayne, to start today. Bill Shortenwho has may privately be innocent”. ler’s internal focus is seen as a dis- sexuallyThe Naqshbandis, assaulted who lived a 12-year-oldFrom left, Ghulam Naqshbandi;would his be considered out of step formally in the relevant forums’’. He became the inaugural Bor- endorsed Wayne Swan to become traction in the year before an on the third floor of the tower in a nephew Masi with Prince William; BUSINESS P17 Labor’s national president“This and is isSwan particularlyButler election.where the girlthree-bedroom before flat, have claimed strangling her Grenfell and ablaze with community expectations, “I will now take some time to der Force Commissioner in July EssentialEnergyAU essentialenergy annoyed by another tilt at the job Mr Swan, a former treasurer four couples, another three single by frontbencher Mark Butler, leader in 2013 and gave a damning and deputy prime minister, is adults, three children and a newly where they have a relative Ghul- intended to stay in Australia An investigation by London’s who has slammedperson the party for isspeech facing in January arguing more that aligned than to Mr Shorten’s 20 Austra- buryingregistered baby lived her in the flat body at am Naqshbandi in a — grave when the fire underpermanently. Mr PorterThe Sunday Times said. has revealed fully consider my options,’’ the 2015. failing to embrace internal reform Labor was controlled by “factional lian Workers Union-backed the time of the fire. broke out. One family member, Masi fraud investigators have been under his leadership. warlords”, membership was fall- national right faction and is also The lease on the flat was for The couple cut short their trip Naqshbandi, who later met called in after the extended Mr Shorten has little time for ing and the party’s primary vote close to his deputy, Tanya Pliber- just four people, including the to return to London. Prince William at a survivors day, Naqshbandi family was given at Mr Butler, who ran Anthony was “stubbornly low” and fared sek, who is seen as a rising star head of the household and his Investigators are determining has been revealed as an insurance least three new homes by claim- Albanese’s rival campaign for better under Mark Latham and Continued on Page 4 wife, who were in Melbourne — whether this senior couple had fraudster who served time in jail. Continued on Page 2


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