PRAJNA: Sharp, Illuminating, and Rationale for the Compassionate Inquisitiveness Establishment of a Network of Contemplative Observatories by KARL BRUNNHOLZL by B. ALAN WALLACE

This excerpt is taken from SINCE IHH I URN OF THE CENTURY, Karl Brunnholzl's The Heart a rapidly growing number of sci- Attack , a practical and entific studies have revealed the clear explanation of The health benefits of various kinds , perhaps the of -based . most well-known of the core Brain scans, EEG measurements, . behavioral studies, and question- naires have shown the influence of meditation on the brain and As .the basic inquisitiveness behavior, which in the minds of and curiosity of our mind, prajna many people lends some degree is both precise and playful at the ,«****■ of credibility to the practice of same time. Iconographically it is meditation. In the overwhelm- often depicted as a double-blad- ing majority of such studies, ed, flaming sword which is ex- those who conduct and report B. Alan Wallace with Mathieu Ricard tremely sharp. Such a sword ob- (Courtesy of Mind & Life Institute, viously needs to be handled with ...a worldwide network photo by Raphaele Demandre) great care, and mav even seem of contemplative ob- somewhat threatening. servatories linked by tion, and all discoveries pertain- Prajna is indeed threatening to way of the internet, and our ego and to our cherished be- ing to meditation are claimed by ; collaborating with each lief systems since it undermines our very solid-looking objective selves. Prajna means being found- the scientists, who in many cases our verv notion of reality and reality, but it also cuts through out bv ourselves, which first of all other, modeled after the have little or no meditative expe- the reference points upon which the subjective experiencer of such requires taking an honest look at Human Genome Project. rience. Consequently, whatever we build our world. Prajna ques- a reality. In this way, it is also that the games we play. discoveries about the nature of tions who we are and what we which makes us see through our Therefore, prajfiabecomeseven on the research are professionally the mind may have been made perceive. own ego trips and self-inflation. more important as we progress trained scientists, intent on apply- by the meditators themselves are Since this sword cuts both It takes some effort to continu- along the path because our ego ing objective measures to under- generally overlooked in scientific ways, it not only serves to slice up ously fool ourselves about our- trips just become more sophis- standing the nature and effects papers, presumably because they ticated. First, when we are not of meditation. In contrast, the are not deemed "objective" and spiritual, our ego just thinks, "I'm meditators are treated as subjects are therefore not "scientific." pretty good." But then, when we in these studies, similar to human This bias for objective, third- become spiritual, our ego thinks, and non-human subjects in other person evidence over subjective, "Now I'm also spiritual! Now I'm psychological and neuroscientific first-person experience is prob- on the path! Now I'm a Buddhist! kinds of research. So their identi- lematic when it comes to under- Now I can realize emptiness and ties are almost invariably ignored standing the nature of mental in scientific reports on medita- (Continued on page 23)

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The most direct of Buddhist paths is here presented by best-selling author Anam Thubten with his trademark clarity. This excerpt is adapt- ed from his new book, Tlte Magic of Awareness.

The practice of true devotion is devotion to life. It is not devotion to some grand idea of divine, but devotion to life itself. In that pro- cess the notion of "your life" and "my life" dissolves. There is only life. It's like sitting in the ocean. There is no my ocean. There is no my sky, my universe, or my cos- The Simple Path: Devotion to Life mos. There is only ocean. There is only sky. There is only cosmos. In by ANAM THUBTEN SPRING SALE! the same way, there is only life, and life is already unfolding. live in the past because the past with total awareness and insight. 40% OFF How can we discover life? is already gone. Do not live in the Be in the present moment. This is Most stems and The path is very simple, utterly future because that is filled with the pure way to discover life that books from other publishers. simple. Buddha gave a sermon expectations and it hasn't ar- is none other than emptiness, di- See page 37, that he said summarized all of his rived. Be fully aware of whatever vine truth, and oneness." other sermons. He said, "Do not is arising in this very moment Change Service Requested PO Box 6483. Ithaca, NY 14851 Publications Check for availability!—No backorders. (Continued on page 17) : Memories of Past Lives Beyond the by KUNSANG, LAMA PEMO, & MARIE AUBELE CLEARLY SEE THE DIFFERENT BARDOS (intermediate states) that constitute the field of experiences of ordinary beings Why, since the thirteenth within the cycle of samsara. There are six types of : the bar- century, in the Tibetan do of birth, awakening, dreaming, the moment of death, becom- tradition, has it been ing, and finally, meditation. necessary to find tulkus and This last state is the only one that can arise at the same time as as quickly as possible? any of the others, whereas the state of awakening cannot overlap First and foremost, it is a ques- that of dreaming and so forth. It is for this reason that the great tion of memory. Not all tulkus bodhisattvas who have achieved realization through meditation have attained the high grounds remain untouched by the ordinary circumstances developed by of bodhisattvas, and the memory the five bardos; they remain continually in the space of medita- of their last lives is erased little by tion that transcends all others. little as they grow up. It is there- For this reason, bodhisattvas on the tenth ground, such as the fore essential to recognize such , are not sullied by the so-called veil of the womb that tulkus while their memories are appears during the bardo of birth (or ). For ordinary be- still intact because then they can ings and bodhisattvas on lower grounds, entry into the mother's womb creates a shock that "erases" the memories of previous When tenth-ground lives. However, once the bardo of meditation completely per- bodhisattvas enter the vades the,five others, the state of nonmeditation (Tib. gom me) womb, they do not suf- is attained, and there is nothing more than one lone, vast, lucid, fer any alteration of con- peaceful, and extraordinary experience of continued bliss. sciousness and can thus There is no more movement, no more back and forth from one life to another, no more loss or gain of anything. Thus there is effortlessly remember no place from which to depart and nowhere to go. It is for this ; most of their previous the greater the risk of loss. That is for other tulkus alive today. Some reason that we say the great bodhisattvas do not really leave, but * studies. why elaborate systems of recog- tulkus are capable of mastering from apparent death to apparent birth these bodhisattvas are said nition rapidly developed in . the path and developing the ex- merely to be "absent." this succession of is also compared to a mala, a rosary, where the seeds are the different often give very precise indica- It was unthinkable to "lose" the periences of realization all alone. rinpoches, who are so "precious" This spontaneous way of practic- bodies supported by the same element, the string, which is like tions of their previous lives and the mind. At the level of great bodhisattvas, time and space are are still capable of recalling their for beings.... ing is not incompatible with the When tenth-ground bodhisat- traditional path, as it is held that no longer understood in the same way as ordinary beings under- previous studies. stand them. For them, a simple review of tvas enter the womb, they do not the dharma of realization is more the path and its practices is suf- suffer any alteration of conscious- important than the dharma of —Adapted from History of the Karmapas * ficient. The longer the time be- ness and can thus effortlessly re- study. Great bodhisattvas always tween rebirth and rediscovery, member most of their previous teach through their realization. A studies. They take up formal realized master does not teach in teaching, transmitted "from the a limited way as does a teacher HISTORY OF THE KARMAPAS: The Odyssey of the Tibetan Top photo: The 16th -pa in the mouth of the master to the ear who has perfected only the dhar- Masters with the 1940s or 1950s. Bottom: The third of the disciple," as Tibetans say, ma of study. appearing in the moon, Jampey only to set an example for others by Lama Kunsang, Lama Pemo, and Marie Aubele Uwkang temple, Bumthang, —Adapted from History of the (Photo by Lama Kunsang) and to maintain links with past Karrrmpas m 332 pp., 22 color photos, 4 b&w photos, 30 illus., paper. lives. Ultimately, they do not re- #HIKAOD $21.95, OUR PRICE $15.36 quire it. Likewise, they may experi- Masters of esoteric knowledge Buddha's Daughters ence a (re)introduction to the na- and miraculous practices, the lin- ■ eage of the Karmapas is the earli- II IS ! OK W mi by Kate Blickhahn ture of the mind—indispensable est of all the recognized incarnate KARMAPAS Historical fiction, Buddha's Daugh- along the path to realization—all linages and is said to descend from ■ ters presents the stories of fifty alone, without the help of an ex- the great Indian tantric master Tilo- Buddhist women and their spiri- ternal master, as was the case for pa through a chain that includes tual accomplishments dating from Wangchok Dorje (1860/62-1886), , Marpa, and . The the Buddha's time to the twelfth a son of Chokgyur Lingpa, and Karmapas are distinguished by century, C.E. their black crowns, said to have These fifty stories include por- been woven by and sym- traits from the major traditions bolizing the activity of the bud- and schools that form the basis for dhas. Unlike other Tibetan Bud- . Tales are drawn from dhist heads, each Karmapa mM the early Way of the Elders, from El Rygido del Le6ri has specific knowledge of his next lu^ the later tradition of , and leaves behind and from the traditions that ulti- a "Last Testament," a letter to his mately coalesced into Vajrayana. udismo Bn espanol i disciples describing the place and The spiritual journeys of these circumstances of their future re- women introduce readers to the birth, the name of their parents, and so on. At a very young age each suc- inspiring achievements of some of The On-Lin* Magazine un Buddhism in Spanish cessive incarnation is often able to recognize himself as the Karmapa. these spiritual Mothers. For more In their recounting of the histories of the seventeen Karmapas, the au- information: thors reveal the universal and marvelous concealed in the everyday world. Their lively account, peppered with anecdotes, is the most comprehensive in the West on this subject. "An unprecendented work, the most complete on the subject in the West. It offers a rich, lively reading on many levels: spiritual, historic, and societal, and contains numerous anecdotes and information drawn from Tibetan, Chinese, Mongolian, French, and English sources." -UNIVERSITE BOUDDHIQUE EUROPEENNE


THE ASPIRATION OF KUNTU ZANGPO: 276 pages US$24.95 A line by line explanation of the meaning and benefit of one of the deepest and most WHEELS profound Buddhist texts. Includes the root text in Tibetan and English. »The most powerful, useful and innovative prayer PRIMORDIAL ESSENCE MANIFESTS: no pages US$18.95 wheels in the world gives clear instructions on the six bardos, the , overcomin g the fear ■ Billions of on each of death and doing our best in this life. DVD radiate happiness and relief from suffering ► Blessed and consecrated PALPUNG ZHYISIL CHOKYI GHATSAL PUBLICATIONS www.palpung. org. nz Available at Available from Snow Lion 1-800-950-0313 8-DVD SOLAR ■ I 1-DVD SOLAR and

2 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE SPRING'12 How did you come to write AN INTERVIEW WITH The , perched at History of the Karmapas? 4,300 meters, was an awesome Lama Pemo: Starting in adoles- sight! We headed straight to the cence Lama Kunsang was very LAMA KUNSANG & LAMA PEMO special chamber where the Kar- interested in biographies of Bud- mapa gave his blessings every dhist saints. Because he repeat- authors of History of the Karmapas day at noon. When we first saw edly "recounted the biographies the child, then eight years old, we to all of his friends and family were mesmerized by his impres- members, he ended up knowing unique religious items and termas sive, large eves gazing at us fix- all the stories in detail. Already at that belonged to the previous ing]}. We both felt an immediate that time people would tell him: Karmapas; we also spent hours and strong connection and were "You know so much about the meditating in the shrine room moved to tears. There was such Karmapas. Why don't you write that contains the ii->!" Karmapa's an indescribable presence about a new book on them?" golden with his relics. The him! He seemed slightly amused, perfectly at ease, and full of self- Lama Kunsang: Then during the confidence when lie blessed the thi rty years that followed we both They were joking noisily pilgrims one after the other with continued collecting material « with us all the time and a long stick. about the Karmapas and masters ' even tried to offer us After this first encounter we linked to their activity. stayed at the monastery for two It was in 2008 that we actually their modest provisions, but as soon as we came weeks, lodged in a small cell in decided to sit down in order to freezing cold winter weather. At compile this rich material, with in sight of Tsurphu - that time there was no food avail- the goal of providing a complete astery, they all of a sud- able for foreign visitors and no reference work concerning the den became extremely Lama Pemo and Lama Kunsang at 's Monastery in the 1990s shop around the monastery; so Karmapas. Encouraged by Ma- we sustained ourselves with a bag rie Aubele—a French editor and * serious, joined their * hands, tears in their transformed the atmosphere of we heard about the opening of of tsampa (roasted barley) that we writer who offered her help— the entire hospital; his exemplary Tibet and went to , had thought to bring with us and we started writing History of the I eyes, and started to way of using his cancer was the where we managed to get a permit some rancid yak (Tibetans' Karmapas. I chant Karmapa Chenno, ultimate teaching to students for two months. So we traveled to special treat!) to add some flavor We also turned to Mila Khy- * "Karmapa think of me." and the medical team alike. We at the end of the winter and to our dry barley flour. But we entse Rinpoche to help us in this dedicated a long chapter to this headed straight to Tsurphu, the would have endured any hard- challenging task. He consider- living presence and the blessing Karmapa as numerous readers Karmapa's monastery (4 hours ship to be able to meet the Kar- ably contributed to the book due met him in the seventies and also drive from Lhasa.) We succeeded mapa every day. Every morning to his immense knowledge in nu- of the Karmapa were still palpa- ble there. because he was the first Karmapa in sneaking into a local bus, filled we returned to see him at noon in merous fields. We requested that to set foot on Western soil and es- to the brim with pilgrims coming order to get his blessing. he draw some calligraphies of the Which Karmapa has left the tablish dharma centers. from (eastern part of Tibet, One day we noticed a group of Karmapas and write an introduc- deepest impression on you? The 17th Karmapa occupies, of the 17th Karmapa's birth region.) Khampa pilgrims who followed tion to explain some Buddhist LP: All Karmapas had exceptional course, a very special position in It was a delightful and unforget- the Karmapa when he left the notions difficult for the average qualities. However, one who par- the history of the Karmapas as he table journey! We were the only room after a blessing. As we sud- reader to understand. ticularly touched us because of is the present head of the Westerners in the midst of a joy- denly saw them line up to kneel LP: We decided to enrich the book his limitless compassion was the lineage. Hebecame world-famous ful, lively crowd of Khampas, all down with their foreheads touch- th with lively accounts and numer- 8 Karmapa, who passed away at due to his spectacular and greatly dressed in their best attire and ing the stone floor, we wondered ous anecdotes of the private lives age forty after having taking upon publicized flight from Tibet in the adorned with colorful jewelry. what was going on there. The Kar- of masters, drawn from various himself an epidemic of leprosy. winter of 1999/2000. In the book They were joking noisily with mapa gave them a very special th written and oral sources. The 15 Karmapa was also we also recount the amazing de- us all the time and even tried to traditional blessing by putting his As Lama Kunsang is a special- very special in his lineage as he tails of this adventure. offer us their modest provisions, boot on their heads. We imitated ist and lecturer in Asian history was a terton (treasure revealer) and the Tibetans and also knelt down. Can you say something about but as soon as we came in sight and travels to Tibet and Bhutan the only Karmapa to take spiri- On seeing us two westerners in your first encounter with the of , they all of several times a year, he took ad- tual consorts. a sudden became extremely seri- this position, he stopped in front th young 17th Karmapa? vantage of this situation in order The 16 Karmapa, who passed ous, joined their hands, tears in of us and burst out laughing! He to find more details, take pho- away in an American hospital, LP: In 1993, while staying in Kalu their eyes, and started to chant seemed to hesitate a little bit, but tos and interview people. Thus was also particularly inspiring for Rinpoche's monastery, in — Karmapa Chenno, "Karmapa think then he jokingly put his boot on not far from the Tibetan border— many sections of the book came us: his joyful approach to death of me." (Continued on page 14) about rather naturally. For ex- ample, he interviewed the aged Karma Shedrup Rinpoche—who now lives in Rewalsar, Northern India—about his life as a young in Tsurphu Monastery. This master remembered many pri- Maitripa College vate stories about the Karmapas, as he had been in care of the 16th Karmapa and the famous "Great 2012 Classical Tibetan Summer Intensive Khandro", the 15th Karmapa's spiritual consort. and Expanded Degree Programs What is your link with the Karmapas? CLASSICAL TIBETAN Summer Intensive LK: We both met the Dharma in June -August 2012 with Craig Preston, renowned instructor and author the late 1970s when we had bare- ♦ ly emerged from adolescence. It ♦ Intensive format for scholars and practitioners covers reading, grammar, was during this period that the and translation methods 16th Karmapa sent Kalu Rinpoche as his representative to the West. ♦ Registration options for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Studies, A few years later, at the age of from 2 to 8 weeks twenty-four, we did the tradition- al three-year-retreat under Kalu Rinpoche's direction, followed by MASTER OF ARTS in (MA) ~ 44 Credits another year of retreat to deepen Traditional Tibetan and Western academic approaches to Buddhist studies for today's world our understanding. Throughout ♦ the retreats the Karmapa greatly inspired us and was constantly MASTER OF DIVINITY (MDiv) ~ Now 72 Credits! present in our minds. After re- treat, we went to India and spent ♦ In-depth training in Buddhist thought and contemplative practice is paired with extensive service learning to prepare five years in Kalu Rinpoche's students for chaplaincy, spiritual leadership, and engaging with the world as agents of positive change monastery in the Himalayan foot- hill region of Darjeeling. There we were asked to join his transla- FULL-TIME, PART-TIME, CONTINUING EDUCATION, AND ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE tion committee whose task it was to translate into English Jamgon Contact us for more information & to apply NOW! Kongtrul's Treasury of Knowledge, an encyclopedia of Buddhism. During this time we occasion- ~ 503-235-2477 ally went to the Karmapa's seat in Rumtek, ; on our first visit we met a helpful monk who al- scholarship, meditation-service lowed us to catch a glimpse of the


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The reasons for the Madhyamikas being able to relinquish the obscurations completely

~WMM that is permanent and a self), that One familiarizes with the fact This short excerpt is taken- is, there is no personal self, which that what appears as an object, from Groundless Paths: The is like the horns of a rabbit. Hav- in terms of positive determina- , The ing determined that, through fo- tion, is mere inner mind, and, in Ornament of Clear Realiza- cusing on the focal object of the terms of negative determination, tion, and Its Commentaries in innate views about such a self one does not exist as an outer refer- the Tibetan Tradition meditates by thinking, "In terms by Karl Brunholzl. of negative determination, there is no self, and, in terms of positive determination, [phenomena] are just mere phenomena." Through Based on the four' stages of this, the clinging to a self is put to , Madhyamikas realize all an end, which is the yoga of fo- phenomena as the nature of such- cusing on the lack of a self. ness free from reference points (2) Whatever is invariably ob- and thus are able to relinquish all served together is necessarily cognitive obscurations of cling- not different in substance, such ing to real existence without ex- as happiness and the awareness ception. These four stages of yoga that experiences that happiness. are as follows. As for the appearance of blue and (1) Non-Buddhist and Buddhist the mind that perceives this blue, tfrthikas assert a permanent self by virtue of the reason of their that is empty of arising and ceas- invariable co-observation it is ing. Within seeming phenomena, determined that what appears as there is nothing that is empty of a referent does not exist outside ent. Through this, the clinging to Dza Patrul Orgyen Jigme Chokyi Wangpo arising and ceasing (any entity of the mind in which it appears. outer referents is relinquished. (3) Having determined that, with- out anything to be apprehended, there is also no apprehender be- GROUNDLESS PATHS: The Prajnaparamita Sutras, The Ornament of Clear Realization, and cause these two are mutually Its Commentaries in the Tibetan Nyingma Tradition GROUNDLESS dependent, one familiarizes with translated by Karl Brunnholzl this by thinking, "The two of ap- a Tsadra Foundation Series book. 904 pp., cloth. #GRPA $54.95, OUR PRICE $38.46 Available April 2012 PATHS prehender and apprehended do Groundless Paths contains the first in-depth study of the Abhisamayalamkara (the text studied most extensively not exist." Through this, also the in higher Tibetan Buddhist education) and its commentaries from the perspective of the Nyingma School of Tibetan clinging to a mere apprehender Buddhism. This study consists mainly of translations of 's famous text and two commentaries on it by Patrul is eliminated, but what is not re- Rinpoche. These are supplemented by three short texts on the paths and bhumis by the same author as well as linquished is the clinging to mere extensive excerpts from commentaries by six other Nyingma masters, including Mipham Rinpoche. Thus, this book nondual wisdom. helps close a long-standing gap in the modern scholarship on the prajnaparamita sutras and the literature on paths (4) What originates dependently and bhumis in mahayana Buddhism. necessarily lacks a real nature "Groundless Paths contains Dza 's brilliant commentaries on the^b/i//a/n/rara, masterfully (just like the appearances of il- translated and annotated by Karl Brunnholzl. This third volume completes the presentation of the major Kagyu and lusory horses and elephants) and Nyingma works on the prajnaparamita literature in English for the first time." nondual self-awareness is also —ELIZABETH CALLAHAN, translator of Frameworks of dependently originating. Hav- ing determined this, through fa- miliarizing with all phenomena being free from reference points all cognitive obscurations of clinging to apprehended, appre- hender, and self-awareness are relinquished without exception. Therefore, the path relinquishes the two obscurations completely. ■

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AUG 5-12, 2012 AUG 12-19, 2012 f. Offers Medicine Buddha practice is a power- The system of Kalachakra highest yoga tantra ful tool that helps to facilitate the healing of Two Summer Retreats in 2012 has a rich history as one of the most impor- self and others. Students will practice daily Based upon requests from around the country, tant in for removing prayers and meditations, and receive teach- the monks of Namgyal Monastery offer two obstacles to . In recent years it has ings on transforming the three poisons of summer retreats, providing a wide range of exposure to Tibetan Buddhist studies and become closely associated with His Holiness ignorance, anger, and desirous attachment. meditation practice suitable for beginners the and the Namgyal monks. through advanced students. This retreat will provide basic The second Namgyal summer retreat will instruction and orientation to Buddhist RETREAT LOCATION focus on Kalachakra practice, and is open only teachings and practice that previously have to those who have received the Kalachakra Both retreats will be held at the beau- been part of our "Get Acquainted with tiful "Light on the Hill Retreat Center" , or initiation in any other highest yoga Namgyal Retreat". In addition, this retreat will ( in the peace- tantra. It will be conducted in the manner of provide an overview and introduction to Tantric ful, rolling hills of Van Etten, New a traditional Tibetan meditation retreat, led Buddhist practice. The teachings will be given York, located just 30 minutes south of Ithaca on by Geshe Lobsang Dakpa of Namgyal 236 acres of wooded land with streams, gorges, in conjunction with a Medicine Buddha swimming ponds, distant views and walking paths. Monastery India and the monks of Namgyal initiation, detailed instruction on the prac- The retreat center offers lovely accommodations Monastery Ithaca. tice of the Medicine Buddha and with private and semiprivate rooms, cottages and cabins. Tenting options are also available. daily Medicine Buddha group practice ses- During this week-long retreat, students will sions. After the last meditation session and COST TO ATTEND participate in four sessions each day with guid- dinner on each day, there will be discussion ance in the practice of Kalachakra six-session groups, slide-lectures and other activities. The cost for each week-long retreat is $925.00, guru yoga, visualization, recitation, and and includes lodging, three wonderful satisfying will receive teachings on the paths and grounds. vegetarian meals per day, and all study materials. This retreat is accessible and open to any- Discount: Register for both retreats and pay $1,650. one who would like to attend. Students will As in the first week retreat, the Kalachakra receive individual attention from the monks TO REGISTER Retreat will be characterized by individual of the Dalai Lama's own personal monas- attention from the monks of the Dalai Lama's tery. The retreat will be relatively informal To register, please phone (607) 273-0739 or own personal monastery, with opportunities email [email protected] with your full name, each day for students to ask ques- and all of the monks will be accessible to the address, telephone number, and email (op- students throughout the day and evening for tional). A deposit of 50% is required to hold your tions about their own personal questions and discussion on the materials registration. (Deposits are fully refundable un- practice from both the Namgyal monks and studied. There will also be many opportuni- til June 30th, after which, one half of the deposit the head teacher, Geshe Lobsang Dakpa. is refundable). Please make checks payable to ties for individual sessions with the teachers 'Namgyal Monastery' and mail to the follow- of Namgyal Monastery to discuss ques- ing: Namgyal Monastery Institute of Bud- After the last meditation session and tions you might have regarding your own dhist Studies, PO Box 127, Ithaca, NY, 14851. dinner on each day, the evenings will consist of Credit-card payments are accepted on our personal practice. website at volleyball, badminton, and discussion groups.

Geshe Lobsang Dakpa was born in the town ofMelto Gyma, near Lhasa in 1968, In 1983 he became a monk at Gaden monastery in Tibet where he practiced the tantric rituals and studied the major philosophical basic texts,

At the age of 20 he became monitor of the students where he taught debate, mind, logic, and other subjects, in 1991 he became a refugee and met His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet with whom he received his full monk ordination. Following this he went to the in the south of India where he studied the five treatises of Buddhist philosophy and taught grammar and debate to young students from different traditions. In 1998, he became a lecturer ofsutra and tantra for the monks at Namgyal Monastery in Dharmasala. In 2000, at Gaden monastery, he passed,his Geshe examinations. Since 2005 he has taught , logic, and etcetera to lay people and ordained students from all over the world.

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6 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE SPRING'12 In this adaptation from Ti- betan Yogas of Body, Speech and Mind, best-selling author Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche gives an invaluable teaching on transforming out experi- ence of being embodied.

Even from our place in the pain body—that familiar, dense sense of egoistic identity formed by our conceptual, karmic, and emotion- al conditions—at any time we can find our way to a lighter sense of body. Finding Stillness Sitting in meditation is one method. Another is simply the ONE OF THE CLOSEST EXPERIENCES YOI CAN HAVE HAPPENS WHEN way we attend to our physical you are able to reach a deep place of stillness, like the stillness of a body and our physical environ- mountain. Being in this deep place of stillness can be no different ment. from abiding in the inseparable state of the essence and nature In the Bon shamanic tradition, of mind. one approach to physical empow- Exhaustion can bring you to this kind of stillness. After work- erment is to wear sacred objects ing a long, hard day of physical labor, you arrive home feeling on your bod}-. A red or blue robe, utterly depleted, fall back into a comfortable chair, and relax fully a red or white hat, a turquoise into that sense of stillness. The body is still, the speech is still, the stone around the neck or a mala mind is still. There is a deep sense of release, of connection, of (Tibetan rosary) around the wrist completion, of wholeness. This is a clear example of how the pain can remind practitioners of their body itself may be used as a doorwav. more enlightened qualities. Without practice, this experience of stillness will remain only Just taking a shower and dress- until a distracting movement occurs. Even a simple hand gesture ing in a way that makes you feel can lead to a loss of connection, drawing vour mind back into its good can be empowering. How Empowering the Body habitual patterns. you look is not essentially im- The distraction comes not from the movement but from your portant—some people already BY TENZIN WANGYAL RINPOCHE relation to the movement. This is the point of regular meditation feel so peaceful and comfortable practice—even when your body is not literally exhausted, through in themselves that they have no meditation you can bring yourself to that same deep place of re- need to rely much on their ap- of transformation. Despite its of energy flowing through sa- lease. You can relax into the stillness, abide in it, familiarize your- pearance. But most of us have emphasis on mind, through vi- cred channels of light bearing self with it, and over time stabilize it. Once the experience is fully been conditioned from an early sualization practices, tantra of- luminous spheres of awareness stabilized, no physical movement will disturb it. age to feel that appearance is im- fers a profound level of physical through all of vour experience. There is a specific dzogchen meditation practice in which we portant. When the conditions of empowerment. In the ancient During tantric meditation one bring ourselves to the place of stillness by closing the eyes and our physical appearance affect Tibetan Bon teachings of tantra, may visualize transforming into contemplating all of the body's physical actions over a lifetime, us, we need to pay attention. the body itself is seen as a palace an enlightened such as the action by action, day by day, year by year. Although we can't re- By adjusting our physical cir- of the divine, as a fundamental Buddha of Compassion or a lov- view our entire life in a single meditation session, we can elicit cumstances, we are able to create aspect of enlightenment. The di- enough physical memories to bring ourselves to the point of ex- an energetic dimension that sup- haustion. The instant we arrive at this point, we release all the ports the higher experiences of actions into the stillness of the moment and abide without chang- the mind and thus can be consid- Keep in mind, during Sj^k ing. "Abide without changing" means that as our thoughts and ered a kind of body. We can clean visualization practice, experiences continue to arise and dissolve, we continue to rest in our house, decorate it with flow- it is important for the our own nature and simply observe without elaborating. We try ers, and add attractive lighting. tantric practitioner to not to follow the past, plan the future, or change the present. We We can add precious images and "leave it as it is." objects of devotion to our medi- recognize, experience, This type of exhaustion practice is not limited to the body; it can tation area for another level of and emphasize an ac- be used also with the speech and with the mind. One reflects on a effect. The higher experiences of tual shift in the physical lifetime of speech, then releases ail the speech into the silence—a mind do not necessarily depend dimension. deep silence, like the silence of someone who has awakened from on our creating the right environ- a dream and has no words to describe it. With the mind practice, ment and the right energetic di- one contemplates all the thinking one has done over a lifetime and mension, but they are supported vine abides as space and light in on arriving at the place of exhaustion, one releases all the thoughts by doing so. If I'm trying to awak- every distinct energy function of into the space of pure, thought-free awareness, like a clear sky. en more joy in myself, I will have your body. Every cell, every sense ing goddess such as or (in The stillness of the body, the silence of speech, and the spacious a harder time achieving it if I rely organ, every internal organ is as- the Bon tradition) Sherap Cham- awareness of mind are the true three doors to enlightenment. only on my mind. By decorating sociated with a deity. Not only ma. The moment you feel such a Ultimately, one aims to connect with, appreciate, and rest in the my house, I'm already creating a does blood flow through your transformation taking place, your fullness and pure potentiality of the nature of mind. different level of energy and see- veins, carrying oxvgen and vital self-image can change from that —Adapted from Tibetan Yogas of Body, Speech, and Mind ing myself differently. nutrients to all your cells, but the of a weak, angry person, heavy 1 by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche ■ Tantra is known as the path body also contains sacred wind ; (Continued on page 16)


rLc. Oarchen Rinpoche May 7-12, 2012 Retreat Empowerment, Teaching, Practice

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by B. Alan Wallace by B. ALAN WALLACE edited by Zara Houshmand 148 pp., paper. Third Edition. #SEP02E $16.95, OUR PRICE $11.86 Sometimes the wish for re- Available April 2012 sults from our meditation practice can get in the way. The central focus of The e3Vfe/7 r

j p c o m ■ e a "Well-written and lively, integrating with apparent ease the alternative American religious scene in the first half of the twentieth century and the unfolding of events in the Indian Venerable Antonio Satta subcontinent, the , and Tibet." — Heather Stoddard, Head of Tibetan Studies, 3 weekend retreats Shamatha in April 27-29,2012 National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations Vipassana May 3-6,2012 J An approach to May 11-13,2012 "This narrative jumps off the page, and Paul G. Hackett is at his best as he tells this story ... The sketches he gives of, among other things, expatriate society in , the wrench- j Rob Preece ing final days of the British Raj, the Chinese takeover of Tibet, and especially central charac- Psychology of Buddhist Tantra October 5-8,2012 ters in Bernard's adventures are remarkably well drawn. Yet it is always Bernard himself who Retreat October 11-14,2012 steals the show." — David Gordon White, University of California 1 VAJRAPANI cloth - $32.95 / ebook - $25.99 • i N7S T I T U T E A Meditation Retreat Center in the California Redwoods 800-343-4499- • vaj ra pa n

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DANCiNC with JULY 7-15 2012 • BOULDER, the FQRC0TTEN of CHERNOBYL Nyingma Summer Seminar is a nine-day public program of study and practice that introduces the progressive stages of the Tibetan Buddhist path: the , Mahayana and Vajrayana. explores topics such as karma, compassion and . Relax Into Stillness devotion, showing their relevance to our daily lives. This year we are delighted to have Dungse Jampal Norbu, Rinpoche's dharma heir, and Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, Ceil-Level Healing & Meditation _ his most senior student, teach alongside Rinpoche. Set high in the foothills of the A New Look at an Old Devil Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado, f the lovely outdoor setting of NSS makes a perfect contemplative environment. Enjoy Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche two talks a day, extended question-and-answer periods, meditation instruction, and practice. Altogether, NSS offers an experiential and philosophical introduction to how Buddhism understands our most precious assets: our mind and heart. Special 1-Year Introductory offer During this program, Rinpoche With a 57% Discount N conducts the and bodhi- I sattva vow ceremonies as well Includes FREE Digital Edition as a Vairavana empowerment.

izabeth Matiis Namgyel 4 Issues $11.99 ••••••••••••• «••••••••••••« Order at: OTHER UPCOMING EVENTS with bonus code: SNL122 SACRED WORLD MSBSHEDRA Phone: 520-743-8821 with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel with Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche May 19 Pema OseI,Vershire,VT September Weekends Phuntsok ChoIing,Ward, CO MODERN DAY "Turning Wheel has brought a thoughtful and SEMINAR DZOGCHEN SEMINAR : personal perspective to peaee activism for 23 years.'' with Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche( ; with Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche —line Reader June 2-4 Pema Osei,Vershire,VT Oct 6-7 Pema Osel.Vershire.VT ...... \t ear after year, Buddhists UNCOMMON KINDNESS ■■■;.;.: I of at! traditions find with Dungse jampal Norbu witli Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche ; inspiration and a call to A«g;3-4i%ma Os'el, Vershfife.VT Oct I (Ml Heta Center, NY, NY action in the pages of FREE UNIVERSAL RESPONSIBILITY Turning Wheel, the quarterly 1 PUBLIC! with Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche journal of the Buddhist TALK Oct 4 Harvard D ty r -ool, Cambridge, MA Peace Feiiowship. Explore the intersection of social change and Buddhist prac- tice with compelling writing We offer a variety of ways to access the dharma on our web site from leading socially e ngaged Buddhists and grass- from Live Program Streaming, to weekly LINK teachings, and recordings in our store. roots activists working around the world, from San Quentin's death row ai id inner-city to Israel/Palestine, Colurr ibia, and Burma.

Subscription to Turning A/heel includes membership in B PF live program streaming 90 Box 3470, Berk eley, CA 94703 • 510/655-6169 • Also < ivaiiable at select bookstores

10 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE SPRING'12 '.:■'". I I . m " §§| 1 :■ .. .,..,:.. ;,; It . . ,,.,,. ,..,.,.. j,.,; ..yj.,, .,.;;,..,,,.,..-..-.. .,,«,,.,

PRAJNA: SHARP, ILLUMINAT- destroyer of our value systems, means that we do not want to ING, AND COMPASSIONATE which is another reason why it is see or know, even if we could. In INQUISITIVENESS not so popular. Thus, prajfia cuts particular, we often do not want Continued from page 1 not only through delusion, but to know what is going on in our EMPTINESS: The Natural also through any tricky attempts own mind or what is in its store- develop great compassion and by our ego to take credit for be- house. State of the Mind all those buddha qualities!" Ob- ing on the path of a bodhisattva As someone recently said,"My viously something needs to be or the like. mind is like a bad neighbor- EMPTINESS IS NOT ABOUT SOME THING CALLED "EMPTINESS" THAT done about that, which is the job As the prajfiaparamita sutras hood, I usually avoid going there we have to realize, but it is about letting go of everything that of prajfia. It has this self-checking never tire of emphasizing, any alone." That is our ignorance ac- prevents us from realizing what the true nature of our mind ac- quality. colorful fancies of personalized tively avoiding our own mind, tually is. The nature of the mind is something extremely simple Whenever we go off the track spiritual attainments must be avoiding other people, difficult and extremely close. This is the problem because we do not like and whenever the balloon of seen through and recognized situations, and so on. Prajfia also simple things. We always like sophisticated things, the more so- our ego-inflation becomes too to be as groundless as every- functions as the direct antidote phisticated the better. That is why we create all our preconceived big, prajfia simply pops the bal- thing else. This spotlight quality to these more active tendencies ideas and reference points, our values and belief systems. Sooner loon and brings us back to where of prajfia is symbolized by the of our ignorance, which does or later we are lost and we do not even know our own mind we are. not want us to look too closely at anymore. The teachings on emptiness (and prajfiaparamita as We could say that prajfia is a ourselves and what we do. In this what realizes emptiness) are trying to make us come back to the means to sober up, which is one sense, prajfia entails both an illu- natural state of our mind, without all the artificial constructs in reason why it is not so popular, minating quality and a sense of it. We do not have to make up the nature of the mind or alter it in courage to face whatever is going any way. The only thing to do is to deconstruct, or let go of our ; Whenever we go off on in our own mind and whatev- constructs, tearing down our mental sand castles and not cling- er is happening in any situation. ing to them. ■ the track and whenever Therefore, we need some courage the balloon of our ego- to really hold the sword of prajfia inflation becomes too and wield it skillfully. big, prajha simply pops Often we think that knowl- the balloon and brings edge or insight means to come up with all the right answers, but us back to where we are. prajfia is more like asking all the right questions. Often the ques- because we usually enjoy being tion is the answer, or much bet- intoxicated by our ego trips in ter than any answer. Often one samsara. Prajfia cuts through all answer just produces ten new our attempts at taking credit for flames on the sword illuminating questions and trying to get all the being a good Buddhist, being our blind spots. right answers down may simplv on the path, or having attained In this way prajfia functions create more reference points in something. The prajfiaparamita like a stage spotlight, highlight- our mind and thus more rigid- sutras describe all kinds of situa- ing the main actor. In our person- ity and problems. We may think, tions on the path where bodhisat- al dramas, the leading actor or "Now I understand this really tvas can get mired down. actress is of course always "me," well," but this often just means The only thing to do is to deconstruct, or let At each turn the sutras say, and then there are the supporting to expand the territory of our go of our constructs, tearing down our mental "You cannot really hang on to actors whom we call "others." planet Ego because "I know," "I sand castles and not clinging to them. that either. No matter how good Prajfia serves to spot and high- got it." We simply add one more you think it is, no matter how light this main actor "me," but item to our collection of things great you think you are, no mat- the problem here is that the main that we "know." That is why ter how fantastic an insight may actor is the blind spot in the show. talks about "Don't-know mind." say: If you think, "I cultivate sutra declares: be, let go and keep moving." Of course, the main actor does Of course this does not mean to prajfia," "Prajfia is this," or "It is Not reflecting is generosity. Prajfia also includes the qual- not realize that (and mostly does simply be stupid, but to let go for the sake of such and such," Not abiding in any difference is ity of compassion, but it is a not want to realize it either), but of trying to own anything, let this may well be prajfia, but it is ethics. somewhat merciless kind of com- through prajfia this actor "me" go of "our" knowledge, and let not prajfiaparamita. Not making any distinctions is passion in that it cuts through will become a little more self- go of "our" achievements. If we Since prajfiaparamita stands patience. wherever it is needed. It is not the conscious because the spotlight really have certain insights and for directly encountering ultimate Not adopting or rejecting any- type of "idiot compassion" that shines on him or her all the time. achievements, we will not lose reality, it is the main highway thing is vigor. Not being attached is . just wants us to feel better, but There is a sense of no escape. We them anyway, but if we hold on to liberation and omniscience. Not conceptualizing is prajfia. it cuts through what needs to be can no longer hide from ourselves to them and become puffed up, Therefore, to be immersed in it is exposed or what we need to let or pretend to be unaware of what they turn into a problem. explained to be the supreme of all Obviously, this is quite dif- go of. is going on in our mind. To let prajfia unfold in a natu- practices and realizations. This is ferent from the usual explana- In brief, prajfia questions ev- Generally ignorance is of two ral way means to give our basic why its qualities as well as its pro- tions of what the six paramitas erything that we are, everything types. The passive type is not inquisitiveness more space for found and far-reaching impact are. Here they are presented that we think, everything that knowing something and then its natural acute freshness and on our minds cannot be overesti- in terms of their connection to we perceive, and everything that googling it, but there is also an to start its own process of in- mated and are repeatedly praised prajfiaparamita or how they we value. Prajfia is the ultimate active part to ignorance, which quiry rather than following the in the scriptures. They declare manifest as prajfiaparamita. beaten track. The teachings on that to rest for a single moment It is also stated that dwelling in prajfiaparamita are a clear mes- within prajfiaparamita is of far prajfiaparamita is far superior to sage not to restrict prajfia to any studies, reflections, or other THE HEART ATTACK SUTRA: greater than—and in fact merely rearranging or expanding includes—all other paramitas, meditations on the dharma, even A New Commentary on the our web of dualistic categories. such as generosity. if these are performed for many Heart Sutra Thus, the prajfiaparamita sutras JheBrahmavisesacintipariprccha- (Continued on page 18) by Karl Brunnholzl 176 pp., paper. #HEATSU $16.95, OUR PRICE $11.86 The radical message of the Heart f^^V His Eminence Choje Sutra, one of Buddhism's most fa- mous texts, is a sweeping attack on World s Foremost Master of everything we hold most dear: our troubles, the world as we know it, (transference of consciousness at the time of death) even the teachings of the Buddha himself. Several of the Buddha's 3 Phowa-Related Empowerments: followers are said to have suffered """""""^il W ■■■^ heart attacks and died when they Milarepa, & Vajra , and Teachings on the Buddha Amitabha Sadhana first heard its assertion of the basic ..• ^ . ..# groundlessness of our existence— Rochesrer, NY * it, J«"J hence the title of this book. November 15-20 Overcoming fear, the Buddha teaches, is not to be accomplished by [email protected] shutting down or building walls around oneself, but instead by opening up to understand the illusory nature of everything we fear—including Phowa: The Tibetan Buddhist Way of Fearless ourselves. In this book of teachings, Karl Brunnholzl guides practitio- ners through this "crazy" sutra to the wisdom and compassion that lie at Living, Dying and Liberation its core. Orange County, CA December 3-12 (English and Vietnamese) "With lively humor and deep scholarly knowledge, Mitra Karl Brun- nholzl brilliantly unpacks the profundity of the Heart Sutra here for m'aithyl [email protected] modern readers. In practical and accessible ways, he invites us to join the great practitioners of India and Tibet in contemplating the Heart Sutra's 10 Levels Buddha Amitabha Teaching wisdom. We are fortunate to have teachers of Karl's acumen among the Houston, TX growing body of inspiring Western Buddhist teachers." December 16-21 (English and Vietnamese) ^ Sponsored by the Amitabha Foundation —DZOGCHEN PONLOP, author of Rebel Buddha and Mind Beyond Death [email protected] 585-4s6l-T 986



W e all aspire to live fully and freely in the moment. In Living Fully: Finding Joy in Every Breath Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche reveals timeless wisdom that can help us fulfill this deepest aspiration.

"Clearly written with many easy-to-understand metaphors, this guide focuses on Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, born in Tibet in gentle, inspirational exhortations for change" 1938, is one of the primary living masters of — Publishers Weekly Dzogchen. After having taught for more than "Amidst the increasing flow of books about mindfulness and meditation, this book twenty years at the Istituto Universitario is a special gift — one that speaks softly and with great love'.' Orientale of Naples, Italy, he is at present fully — Retailing Insights dedicating his time to the transmission and preservation of Dzogchen teachings and "Easily translatable for readers who are not familiar with meditation or Buddhist at large. He is the founder of practice and sublime for those who are. Rinpoche's conversational style makes it the Dzogchen Community, whose centers of seem as if he is telling a story and turning the pages himself practice and study are found all over the — Edie Weinstein, world. The author of numerous books and scholarly articles, many of his works have "The essays in 'Living Fully' may be diamond-like in their precision and clarity; become classics. they are also dense with the complexities of human experience and with a compassionate understanding of our human conflicts and contradictions. Rinpoche walks us through the steps that make it possible to move from ignorance and delusion to 'perfect freedom'. 'Living Fully' is a treasure chest that yields rich rewards for those in search of a more profound experience in their lives" Hawaii — June 13-17 [email protected] "There is abundant food for thought here, but also guidance for getting thought, 808-937-8252 desire and judgments out of the way of spiritual truth and awakening. Rinpoche's simple core theme — to 'aspire to be the most understanding person on this earth' — seems attainable while not unrealistically easy here" Los Angeles — June 22-24 dzcommunityla@gmail. com "If I were fortunate enough to embark on a prolonged retreat, I would certainly take this collection with me. The individual sections, comprising a couple of pages each, 323-696-0108 would make perfect reading before meditation sessions" — June 2 9-July 1 For more information: ny dzogchencomm@gmail. com www. ny dzogchen. com 212-564-1024

Tsegyalgar East, MA July 6-10 seer etar y @tsegy algar. or g 413-369-4153 SUMMER RETREAT AT BUDDHAFIELD MILLERTON, NEW YORK SATURDAY, JULY 21 & SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012 On the majestic hills of Buddhafield, Dzogchen master Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche will give teachings on the sublime path to freedom. For information and to register for retreat, call: 315-449-2305 PO Box 479, Conway, MA 01341 or email: [email protected] -


by VEN. THUBTEN CHONYI week program to receive the 348 "all three 'baskets' of teachings— precepts of a bhikshuni, a fully or- , Sutra, and Abhidhar- Incense perfumed the air, an dained . "I have a very strong ma—must be taught and prac- for the 14,000 Buddha motivation to use this life to prog- ticed. In particular, the Buddha images that line the walls of the ress as far as I can on the Buddhist stated that the Dharma flourishes Great Hall. I stood with about path," Ven. Jigme explained. "For where the Vinaya—the monastic 200 hundred other women and me, the monastic precepts are like discipline—is a living tradition." fifty men, all dressed in graceful a road map and a protector on the Choosing Simplicity, a commen- dark robes, in impeccably straight journey to awakening." tary on the bhikshuni precepts by rows. Ven. Jigme stood two peo- Practically speaking, so many Taiwanese Master Ven. Wu Yin ple behind me, the only Cauca- conditions are required to con- and edited by Ven. Chodron, is sians in a sea of Chinese. Heads duct a full ordination that it is published by Snow Lion. up and eyes lowered, we chanted rarely given in the U.S. Traveling The Buddha taught the neces- the Chinese homage to Shakya- to Taiwan was the next most ex- sity of nurturing the "four-fold for the ' ordination to be ordained, well educated, and car- muni Buddha—namo ben shi shijia pedient choice. sangha"—male and female lay given. Possibly because of dan- ried responsibilities equal to the mou nifo—to the rhythmic tok of Four or more bhikshunis or practitioners and fully ordained gerous travel conditions, the bik- monks. A few of us Western nuns a wooden "fish," all minds intent bhikshus are required to perform monks and nuns. "It's not just shuni lineage was not established were interested in receiving full during Fo Guang Shan monas- many of the practices the Buddha the existence of individual prac- in Tibet. However, the bhikshuni ordination in order to train our tery's full ordination program. established for a fully functional titioners that is important," Ven. sangha arrived and thrived in minds in this way." What were two English-speak- monastic sangha. With our ordi- Chodron said. "A community of In 1986 she revealed her bhik- ing American nuns in the Tibetan nation, it now became possible four or more fully ordained - shuni aspiration to His Holi- tradition doing in a Chinese mon- for Sravasti Abbey, our home nastics is crucial for the flourish- ...the Abbey is the only ness the Dalai Lama. "I'll make astery in Taiwan, having no back- monastery, to do these. ing of the Buddha's doctrine." complete community of prayers for you," he affirmed. ground in the language, culture, Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron Buddhist monastic communi- bhikshunis practicing in And so, with the blessings of her or even that particular form of is the founder of Sravasti Abbey. ties are rare enough in the U.S., :; the Tibetan tradition in teacher, she traveled to Taiwan to Buddhist practice? "To spread the entire Buddhist especially those geared to West- I the U.S., and there are take full ordination. We joined the rigorous four- path," Ven. Chodron explained, ern students. Sravasti Abbey is "I recently met with His Holi- only a few in the world. even more unique in that full or- ness," Ven. Chodron said. "He was dination for women is not avail- very pleased to hear that we have able in the Tibetan tradition. As . In Taiwan, where main- five bhikshunis ordained in the far as we can ascertain, the Abbey land monastics fled to escape the Dharmagupta Vinaya tradition." is the only complete community communist takeover, bhikshunis Historians say it takes 300 years of bhikshunis practicing in the make up roughly three fourths of for the Buddhadharma to take root Tibetan tradition in the U.S., and the monastic population. in a new region. The first known there are only a few in the world. Ven. Chodron received novice American refuge ceremony took Ten fully ordained senior ordination in India in 1977 and place in 1893, so we're barely a nuns and ten equally qualified trained with Tibetan Buddhist third of the way there. monks—or five each in outlying masters, including His Holiness areas like the U.S.—are required the Dalai Lama. She soon dis- THUBTEN CHOMYI began her covered that some opportunities, Dharma study with Ven. Thubten Above photo: Ven. jigme ami Ven. such as full ordination, were not Chodron at Dharma Friendship Chonyi at Fo Guang Shan monastery. available to her as a woman. Foundation in Seattle in the mid- Left: First sojong together as fully She recalls, "We heard about 1990s. She received bhikshuni ordi- ordained nuns at Sravasti Abbey. nuns in Taiwan—they were fully nation in November 2011. m

KUN-ZANG MENLA MOUNTAIN RETREAT .3r„ Center for Health & Happiness LA-MAY ZHAL- 2012 UPCOMING PROGRAMS Translated & edited by Sonant T. Kazi Hiking in the Catskilis & Friends June 28-July 1,2012 The Oral Instruction of Kun-zang La-ma on the Preliminary Practices of Dzog-ch'en Long-ch'en Buddha & the : the Vajra Body Nying-tig by Jig-me Gyal-way Nyu-gu, as Richard Freeman, John Campbell, & transcribed by Dza Pal-trul Rin-po-ch'e Robert Thurman | July 2 -8, 2012 "It is a universal truth that it is extremely enjoyable to The Art of Happiness live in this phenomenal world. Nobody wants to part with worldly pleasure. It is also a universal truth that everything Howard Cutler that conditionally exists, sooner or later, must face July 20-22, 2012 ultimate destruction.... Those of us who are aware of this, in time, search for a Medicine Buddha Healing Retreat solution to transcend death. Some of us come across the Lama Lobsang Palden Buddhist teaching called Dzog-ch 'en, whose superlative virtues excite us so much that we totally forget the proper July 26-29, 2012 approach to it. Just as a towering building must have an equally sound foundation, success in ultimate realization Living Unto Death: Dying Into Life through Dzog-ch 'en teaching depends entirely on a thorough Mark Epstein & Robert Thurman understanding of the law of karma at the relative level. Aug. 24-26,2012 KUN-ZANG IA-MAY ZHAI-IUNG explains how to attain the proper balance between the relative and absolute The Cosmic Love of Christ & Buddha aspects of the practice in very simple language. " — S.T. Kazi Marianne Williamson & Robert Thurman Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 2012 PART 1: 256 pp, 8 color plates, hardcover, $35 PART 2 & 3: 352 pp, 4 color plates, hardcover, $50 Catskill Mountains Phoenicia, New York

AVAILABLE FROM: For more information or to register, Diamond Lotus Foundation, Inc. Add $6.00 S/H for first please P.O. Box 272 book and $3.00 for each Ithaca, NY 14851 additional book. Tel. 845.688.6897 (888)812-8809 For expedited shipping, please add $5.00 extra. We also welcome outside rentals. ■-rti^r^"

SNOW LION 13 ■I- -■■-■■ ■.-.■ ■■■.■:.■■■/:■.■■ ■:■■,■.■:.:.:- ■-:■■-■ - .,:.■ V.. ■.:,■.■; :. ..■■■■-■■■. .■:-.■:;.■.■■.■■■ . .;;■ :;.;.■; ■.:■, . - ■ ■ . ..-::.. .■■..:.-,■ .- ..-.,:,. :/:.: tiMmmm ■■■■ '■■:■■ -"■':■ ■: «5'BlMW

AN INTERVIEW WITH LAMA plus, as it adds many clarifica- invisible world of the Karmapas, them to understand reincarna- cult to understand that great bo- KUNSANG & LAMA PEMO tions on subjects that were not their specific visions and powers, tion more clearly. dhisattvas such as the Karmapas still need such a long education Continued from page 3 explained in great detail in the the different levels of conscious- Why do great Tulkus such as the and must train in meditation like book itself.' He elucidates in a ness, the three kayas, the func- Karmapas still need such a strict ordinary practitioners. our heads with a much softer ges- completely new way the process tioning of emanations, etc. Many education? of reincarnation, the tulku sys- readers of the French version told As Mila Khyentse Rinpoche ture, as if he knew that Western- LP: For most people it is diffi- ers were not at all familiar with tem, and other points, such as the us that the book greatly helped (Continued on page 15) such a blessing! One month later we returned to Tsurphu monastery with Bokar Rinpoche. We still clearly remember the joyful meeting be-

The Karmapa gave them the very special traditional blessing by NITARTHA INSTITUTE putting his boot on their for Higher Buddhist Studies heads. We imitated the Tibetans and also knelt down. On seeing us two westerners in this Combine the intellectual mind with a practitioner's heart : position, he stopped in front of us and burst out Offering a systematic course of study through our Foundation, • laughing! ntermediate, and Advanced Curriculums tween the Karmapa and Bokar imnud %umme^ P> eg raft; Rinpoche, who had brought a big bag filled with toys that greatly amused the young Karmapa. He Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen was particularly interested in a Dharmadharmatavibhagct: The Distinction Between big plastic frog that he grasped Phenomena and the Nature of Phenomena. Part l of 2. jokingly, getting it to rebound on Khenpo Dr. Karl Brunnholzl the table in front of him. Abhisamayalamkara III: The Noble One's Resting at Ease During our stay there we also went to the lingkor, to the hills Will teach on a special topic to be announced above the monastery where the Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen different Karmapas had medi- Dharmadharmatavibhaga: The Distinction Between tated in caves. The blessing is still Phenomena and the Nature of Phenomena. Part 2 of 2. very strong there. Khenpo Dr. Karl Brunnholzl Does this book help the reader Ahhiinmnnftlnmkctrn IV- TUa Noble One's Resting at Ease to better understand the prin- ciple of reincarnation and the tulku system? LK: Mila Khyentse Rinpoche's brilliant introduction is a real

Drikung Kagyu Annual Spring Retreat Teachings by Vererable Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche

May 26 - May 30 (9am - 12pm) June 2 (9am - 12pm) Khenchen Rinpoche teaches the famed, "Five-fold Path A very special Milarepa Empowerment will be of Mahamudra" as taught by and primarily conferred by Khenchen Rinpoche. Receiving this transmitted through the Drigung Kagyu Lineage. These empowerment authorizes one to practice the guru- yoga practice of Milarepa and to receive Milarepa's Venerable Khenchen Konchog five aspects - bodhicitta, deity-yoga, guru-yoga, Gyatlshen Rinpoche mahamudra and dedication - are "the Essence of the inspiration-blessings. Tantric Teachings." June 1 (2pm - 5pm), June 3 (9am - 12pm May 26 - May 30 (2pm - 5pm), May 31 (all day) & June 4 (all day) & June 1 (2pm - 5pm) Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin will provide instructions Khenpo Tsultrim Tervzin teaches 's "Way of on practicing a guru-yoga sadhana of Milarepa. Bodhisattva." Considered one of the classics of Mahayana June 5 - June 9 (all day) Khenpo Drupon Buddhism, many great masters of Tibetan Buddhism Drupon Thinley Ningpo gives detailed teachings Tsultrim Tenzin Thinley Ningpo such as the current Dalai Lama consider this guide to and instructions on the third aspect of the "Fivefold- the bodhisattva's way of life as their chief source of Path of Mahamudra," teaching the Four-Kayas Guru inspiration. Yoga. In this practice, one meditates on the June 1 (9am - 12pm) inseparability of the guru's mind with one's own Khenchen Rinpoche performs the mind, thus receiving the indispensable blessings Ceremony on all those who wish to generate this vow required for mahamudra practice. Khenmo Trinlay Chodron or reaffirm their commitment to this Vow. June 10 (10am - 12pm) 'Join us as we celebrate our Lama Chopa and Tsok-offering. Visit for 30th Anniversary Sunday, June 3rd ! detailed schedule & information. TIBETAN MEDITATION CENTER 9301 Gambrill Park Rd. . Frederick, MD 21702 .

14 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE SPRING T2 «>* mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,mmmmm»m!!mmmmmmmimit

■■■■■ ■■■'■■■

AN INTERVIEW WITH LAMA For them, a simple review of circumstances and give happi- KUNSANG & LAMA PEMO the path and its practices is suf- ness in return. Continued from page 14 ficient. However, the longer the It is not rare for a Karmapa delay between rebirth and redis- to voluntarily contract illnesses says in his introduction, tenth covery, the greater the risk of loss. such as smallpox and die. These ground bodhisattvas do not suf- That is why elaborate systems of acts of great compassion rapidly fer any alteration of conscious- recognition rapidly developed in consume their vital energy, thus ness on entering the womb and Tibet. shortening their lives. However, can thus effortlessly remember in order to counteract this, they most of their previous studies. Why do many Karmapas die so young? usually perform long life practices They do not come back propelled in retreat. Nonetheless, due to by karmic forces; they decide to LK: As Mila Khyentse Rinpoche their tireless activity entirely The Newspaper of the International come back motivated bv their explains in his introduction, great oriented towards the benefit of wish to help beings. They only Bodhisattvas can take upon them- beings, the Karmapas often die Dzogchen Community of take up formal teaching, trans- selves negative conditions and young. It is, however, not the Chogyal Namkhai Norbu mitted "from the mouth of the "lighten" in this way the karma sickness that they take upon master to the ear of the disciple," accumulated by ordinary beings. themselves that affects them, as Tibetans say, to set an example They take upon themselves phys- but the erroneous vision of the Each issue of The Mirror contains a teaching by Chogyal ical or mental pains and adverse for practitioners. (Continued on page 16 Namkhai Norbu, Rinpoche's most recent teaching retreat and travel program, updates from Shang Shung Institute (founded by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu for the preservation of Tibetan culture, language, medicine and arts) and (founded by The Chogyal Namkhai Norbu to assist Tibetans with education and supports, educates, and empowers over medical care in Tibet), book reviews, Community News, and 700 Tibetan nuns living in northern India, representing all Tibetan Buddhist lineages. more general information of interest to Dharma practitioners. Subscribe for Paper only, Online only or Both paper & online. For a dollar a day, you can help a nun freely practice her and become a self-reliant member of the community— and the modern world.

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"Learning Tibetan from David Curtis is definitely one of life's The new book by Lama , better experiences." —K.J., VA Buddha Standard Time, opens the door to the realm where every choice, every David was named a Lama in 1992 and an Acharya in 2005. action, every breath can be one of renewal and infinite possibilities. TIBETAN LANGUAGE INSTITUTE Join Lama Surya for an awakening www.tibetanlan2ua2e.ora retreat and see why Ram Das says of his new book, "If you want your future moments to sparkle with ecstatic awareness, read this book." sounds Discover what Thich Nhat Hanh means when he says that Lama Surya's ™*fe»^JJ| from Based on his 40 years book offers,"A wealth of inspiration - ■■ - '■-■*.; of spiritual experience, and practical tips for enjoying the Kingdom of God, including more than eight the of the Buddha, now." years in secluded retreat Lama Surya Das is a master AWAKENING RETREATS WITH LAMA SURYA DAS at transmitting toWesterners enliven your mind the teachings of die Great View, Meditation and Action of the Great Perfection Perfection. Many students Joshua Tree, CA haye found that this fe Lama March 25-April 1,2012 zers mountain monastery web radio Surya's special gift—his Naked Awareness:The Realm of Kuntuzangpo ability to transmit the very Advanced Dzogchen Retreat with Lama Surya Das (prerequisites apply) dharma talks pith of these instructions Dzogchen Osel Ling, Near Austin.TX interviews with expansive warmth, May 5 -12,2012 poetry and abundant good The Three Vital PointsThat Strike At The Core ideas humor. He has often said Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY "my mission is transmission" music ecology right action July 21-July 29,2012 He has teached mittons arts & life through the publication of 13 books, including his latest, IQI DZOGCHEN CENTER [email protected] Buddha Standard Time: ^■•^ AWAKENING THE BUDDHA WITHIN Awakening to the Infinite For complete information and registration:, Possibilities of Now. e-mail [email protected], or call 585-348-7 f 25. "Thank you for publishing such wonderful books!"—a customer


AN INTERVIEW WITH LAMA odor develops. On the contrary, it tion rite of the first Karmapa, for speech) intact in the middle of the lables. Meteorological signs such KUNSANG & LAMA PEMO may happen that the followers example, his followers discovered ritual pyre, as well as fragments of as rainbows, particular cloud Continued from page 15 smell a subtle perfume emanating his heart and his tongue (repre- bone on which appeared Buddhist formations, etc. also occur when from the bodv. After the crema- senting the awakened mind and symbols, particularly sacred syl- great Bodhisattvas pass away. ■ unenlightened beings they help. What needs to be purified are not the illnesses and adverse circum- stances, which are only the results of an erroneous vision of reality, but rather the very cause—igno- Lama 'Vawa Cfifiodai (Rinpocfie rance—that permitted their emer- gence in the first place. When Bo- dhisattvas take upon themselves Vajra Armor Retreats the troubles of beings, they take over their ignorance and purify it The Vajra Armor Mantra, called Dorje Go-Drab in Tibetan, by transforming it into wisdom. is among the most powerful healing practices in Tantric Buddhism. It is precisely this purification Long held as a secret practice, the Vajra Armor Mantra process that consumes the energy has been used for over a millennium of bodhisattvas and can shorten their lives. by tantric adepts and Tibetan physicians as an effective method for treating diseases, What characterizes their passing purifying negative energies, and protecting from misfortune. away? LP: When great Bodhisattvas die they usually sit in a meditation Lama Dawa Rinpoche trained with his root guru, posture and enter the ultimate H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche, meditation, tukdam, that is con- H.H. Rinpoche, and Kunzang Dorje Rinpoche. sidered their ultimate teaching He received a traditional Buddhist education, and reveals the level of realization earning the Acharya Degree from University in Varanasi, India. of the master. Although the vital A renowned yogi and divination master, functions no longer play their he has guided students throughout North America since 1989 role, the body retains its supple- and founded Saraswati Bhawan in 2007. ness and the region of the heart stays warm; the head does not drop and no typical decomposing JuCy 19-23 Vajra 'Armor 'Retreat, LeveCi Jufy 26-30 Vajra Armor Retreat, Levefi EMPOWERING THE BODY Saraswati Bhawan Retreat Land, Lansing, Iowa Continued from page 7 with ego, to that of a spacious, For more information or to register, light-filled being who fully em- contact Saraswati Bhawan bodies the pure qualities of love and compassion. www. Keep in mind, during visual- PO Box 237, Lansing IA 52101 ization practice, it is important [email protected] • 563-538-4510 for the tantric practitioner to rec- ognize, experience, and empha- size an actual shift in the physical dimension. You can draw special physical or energetic aspects of attention to changes that are felt the body and more by its mind in your flesh, blood, skin, bones, aspect, you can connect more and internal organs—in every cell easily with your inner wisdom • AWAKE IN THE WORLD in your body. At the same time, and with your more enlightened you can bring a little more aware- qualities. ■ ness to your body's connection with a deity's specific qualities. trie This type of subtle shift in the physical dimension is an impor- tant element of the practice. Your body image has so much to do with your normal sense of iden- tity. It affects your confidence, your mood, and how you relate COMMUNITY to yourself and to your environ- ment. Once you have formed a specific image of your physical appearance—whether you see The Tricycle Community is a global gathering of teachers and individuals who yourself as too fat, too thin, too together are exploring how the ancient Buddhist path can help us connect tall, or too old—you become con- more deeply with ourselves and each other in our daily lives. ditioned by that image, and the image may become an obstacle to your open awareness. When you are less conditioned by the The Tricycle Community includes:

TRICYCLE RETREATS THE TRICYCLE BLOG TIBETAN YOGAS OF BODY, SPEECH, AND MIND New online teaching every week from Our daily diary of the global a contemporary Buddhist teacher Buddhist movement by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, edited by Polly Turner 230 pp., 22 photos, 5 drawings, 12 tables. #TIYOBO TRICYCLE BOOKCLUB DAILY DHARMA $18.95, OUR PRICE $13.27 Heart advice delivered direct Understanding how our actions, words, and thoughts interact enhanc- Online discussions with leading es our ability to progress in spiritual practice and brings us closer to self- Buddhist authors to your inbox realization. In a warm, informal style, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche opens up Tibetan meditation practice to both beginners and experienced students. TRICYCLE DISCUSSIONS THE TRICYCLE NEWSLETTER With practical and knowledgeable insight, the sources of the problems in Teacher-led explorations of The latest news, teachings, our lives are revealed through practices that work with the body, speech, dharma in daily life events, and more or mind, and with regular practice, we alter our self-image, experiencing a lighter, more joyful sense of being. TRICYCLE GALLERY THE WISDOM COLLECTION "In clear and lucid language, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche offers an The best in to Two decades of teachings from amazingly rich array of traditional practices which, when practiced download and share with friends Tricycle in print and online with a skilled teacher, can powerfully transform body, speech, and mind."-JACK KORNFIELD, author Path with Heart "Traditional as well as innovative, this book—a complement to his other work, and also outstanding on its own-opens to supremely important narratives, descriptions, and exercises to introduce us most deeply to our TRICYCLE.COM/JOIN own bodies."—ANNE CAROLYN KLEIN, author of Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse, a Story of Transmission


mysterious and uncontrollable flow, this force, this existence, is indeed divine? In that moment my life and The Thin Veil your life dissolve. There is no WHEN WE GO INSIDE, SHOCKINGLY WE ALWAYS DISCOVER that the separation between us and the very thing that is preventing us from recognizing the most beauti- ful truth is not really outside, it is inside. There turns out to be a * Can we open our heart veil that is very thin and transient. The human mind finds it dif- * and instead of waiting ficult to just lose everything, to just drop everything, melting all of the contractions and all of the tensions and loving all of the expres- 1 and postponing, im- sions of reality; not caring about death, not caring about birth, not * mediately, in this very caring about all of the ideas about attaining and not attaining, and * moment, surrender all with an open heart embracing everyone. 2 of our ideas of what life This human mind has a very hard time; it has a desire to be I should be? rigid, contracted, and always lost in this vicious trap of analysis and ideas, with ambitious and arduous strategies and labor, in- cluding this spiritual labor. This is mind's addiction and this is rest of the world. There are no actually the prime reason for all of our suffering. more boundaries and limitations. If we can change our attitude a little bit, by simply turning our Then there is only love. There attention within, we actually don't have to give up any of our is only joy. This is the true sacred desires and aspirations. We don't have to give up our desire for outlook. God, we don't have to give up our aspiration for enlightenment; Life is always speaking to us we don't even have to give up our devotion to the guru, because but we don't hear it. Life is al- sometimes that is a very hard thing to give up. So let's not give ways inviting us to an eternal it up. Do not give up any of this. We can go inside, just turn our feast of freedom and uncondi- attention inward, knowing that the guru is inside, Buddha is in- THE SIMPLE PATH: DEVOTION Life that is free from all of tional love. Life is always asking TO LIFE the tenets of our projections and us to let go of all of our fear, all of Continued from page 1 ideas and preconceived notions, our hatred, asking us to dissolve "I" is a thought that life without any barriers. That, into life itself. Then life is sacred. runs deep in our Can we be in the present mo- perhaps, is like meeting the eter- Life is actually everything. This consciousness, but ment? Can we be in the present nal Buddha. Then when we try to is very simple, but very hard to it is just a thought, understand. That's why we may moment by simply diving into describe life, all we can say is that a mistaken thought. the river of breath or by simply it is happening in this moment- have to keep getting lost in spiri- listening to the sound of birds inbreath, outbreath, space be- tuality for a while. So please, let's continue getting lost for a while chirping outside? Can we be tween thoughts, and sensations side, Brahma is inside, the divinity is inside. And the moment we or we can quit being lost and in the present moment by feel- in our body. change our attention, the moment we change that attitude, then be free, once and for all. It's our ing the dance happening inside Can we surrender to this pres- our spirituality changes. Our spirituality is no longer this journey choice. ■ our chest, the pulse, the divine ent moment? Can we surrender on the conceptual desert where we never find the river that we are dance? Can we bring all of our at- to life that is already unfolding seeking, the river of love, the river of truth. tention, all of our focus, all of our right now? Can we open our Then our journey becomes actually not a journey to somewhere heart into that pulse and discover heart and instead of waiting and but a journey to liberation that is already unfolding in this very "Keep up the great work. Your reality and life itself? postponing, immediately, in this moment. If you have devotion to the guru, do not give it up but re- books are a lifeline for people very moment, surrender all of our member that the guru is inside, not outside of yourself. In Tibetan like me in areas where the ideas of what life should be? Can there is a most beautiful phrase, rang rig don gyi la ma, which physical bookstores hold Above photo by Tammy Winand, we surrender the concept "my means that the ultimate guru is your pure awareness. When we limited buddhist litereature. http:lltunntmdphotography.blogsjiot.coml life" with total trust that life, this turn our attention to what is holding us back, we find that nothing Many thanks."—a customer is holding us back except this really thin veil, just this thin veil. And if we look into that thin veil, we find out that the basis of it rUTH is actually this sense of "I am." But if we look into that "I," it is q ID simply a thought. "I" is a thought that runs deep in our conscious- LET ness, but it is just a thought, a mistaken thought. It is a mistaken Do Ngak Kunphen Ling of Redding, CT and the Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Center of Howeii, NJ perception of who we are. That's pretty much it. are pleased to announce a Mahayana Buddhist teaching on the instructions known as the —Adapted from The Magic of Awareness m Mahamudra or Great Seal. Developed from the canonical sources of the Prajnaparamita Sutras and the Anuttarayoga Tantras, this system of practice was taught by such great Indian masters as , , Mahasukha Natha, , Maitripa, and Naropa. The main instructions focus on tech- THE MAGIC OF AWARENESS niques for meditating upon the mind in order to achieve one-pointed by Anam Thubten, edited by Sharon Roe concentration and attain a realization of the mind's ultimate nature. 160 pp., paper. #MAAWAN $16.95, OUR PRICE $11.86 The paradox of awareness is very profound, and yet very sim- ple. It can't be described because it has no objective qualities, and TEACHINGS ON THE no limitation. Sometimes it comes naturally to the surface when we are fully in the present moment and no longer lost in thought or mental projections. Pure con- MAHAMUDRA sciousness is neither high nor low, August 11-19, 2012 New York City neither pleasant nor unpleasant, neither good nor bad. No matter The teachings will be given by the Tibetan Lama Gyume Khensur Lobsang Jampa Rinpoche based on where we are, no matter what we are doing, we always have an im- the root text entitled The Exalted Path of the Victorious Ones (T: rGyal ba'i gzhung lam), which was written mediate access to that inner still- by the Lobsang Chokyi Gyeltsen (1570-1662). The event will take place in New York City ness. It can be experienced in an on nine consecutive days from August 11 to August 19,2012 at the Jewel Heart Center, located at 260 West instant in all circumstances once we know how to pay attention to Broadway in the Tribeca section of Manhattan. Two classes will be held each day, with the morning session it. It is utterly peaceful and it is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and the afternoon session from 2 p.m. to approximately 4:30 p.m. also insightful, so it sees through Since the teaching will address only the non-Tantric elements of this body of instruction, there are no all illusions. Whenever there is a moment of being deluded, we can use that moment to practice settling in prerequisites or restrictions for attendance. However, due to the limited space of the teaching hall, the very perfect sphere of the Buddha mind without trying to change any- pre-registration is required. Anyone who would like to attend should submit a request to receive free thing. When we reside in that liberated mind, we find the very thing we have tickets for the entire nine-day event to [email protected]. Tickets will be distributed on been seeking all along. a first-come, first-served basis. Only persons who present their ticket at the door for each session will "His message is simple. Enlightenment can happen at any moment, be permitted to attend the discourses. in any place, to any one. One can "surrender" to the beauty of a flower, the happiness of greeting a friend, or the joy of sitting in a park and watch- Gyume Khensur Lobsang Jampa Rinpoche was born in Lhasa, Tibet in 1937. He studied at the Mey College ing children play. This is a very serious Buddhist text, which is completely of and was awarded the title of Geshe Lharampa in 1986. Following this, he entered Gyume understandable and a joy to read." -ANNA JEDRZIEWSKI, Retailing Insight Tantric College. After holding several administrative positions there, he was appointed khenpo, or abbot, by ANAM THUBTEN grew up in Tibet and undertook Buddhist training in His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1996. In the U.S. he was a visiting resident Lama at the Guhyasamaja Center the Nyingma tradition at an early age. He has been teaching in the West of , DC for five years. Gyume Khensur Rinpoche currently resides in Redding, CT at Do Ngak since the 1990s and is the spiritual advisor and Dharma teacher for the Kunphen Ling, where he continues to teach all levels of Buddhist doctrine and meditation practice. Dharmata Foundation. He is the author of the best-selling book, No Self, [a El No Problem. US gli


SPRING SALE! 40% OFF E-VAM Most dharma items and books from other publishers BUDDHIST INSTITUTE, NY Limited Time Only— CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY! 2012 Summer URA MANOALA Teaching Program Traleg Kyabgon 2012 Retreat Schedule Rinpoche June 1-28 The 3 Yanas: , Mahayana, Vajrayana

June 5-7 Living in Awareness ~ Anam Thupten Traleg Rinpoche will return to June 11-17 Training Level I - Feeding Your Demons New York in June, July & July 6-13 The Family Retreat August to give teachings at his July 1 8-23 & Simhamukha Retreat ~ Lama Tsultrim Chatham and Manhattan centers along with various other July 27-31 Green Tara ~ Lama Tsultrim locations. Aug. 1 8-22 The Chod Fest Aug. 24-28 Naked Mind, Warm Heart ~ & Lama Tsultrim Aug. 31 -Sept. 2 l-Ching ~ Stephen Karcher Sept. 2-7 Yantra Yoga and Harmonious Breathing ~ Fabio Andrico Sept. 13-18 Dharma for the Sake of Life on Earth - Joanna Macy Sept. 13-19 Kapala Training Level II ~ Lama Tsultrim Jetsun Khandro Sept. 21-27 P'howa & ~ Chagdud Khadro & Lama Tsultrim Rinpoche Sept. 30-Oct. 30 Pilgrimage to India ~ Lama Tsultrim

Her Eminence Mindrolling Full schedule at Jetsun will teach at E-Vam Institute's (970)731-3711 o [email protected] location in Manhattan on the Pagosa Springs, Colorado weekend of July 20-22.

VISIT E-VAM WEBSITE FOR DETAILS: WWW.EVAM.ORG E-Vam Institute: 171 Water Street, Chatham NY 12037 &. 1455 Lexington Avenue, #2B, New York, NY 10128 (518)392-6900 | [email protected]

PRAJNA: SHARP, ILLUMINAT- ING, AND COMPASSIONATE INQUISITIVENESS Continued from page 11 eons. It is also the supreme way of making offerings, taking ref- uge in the three jewels, generat- ing bodhicitta, and purifying all negativities. Both the surras and their commentaries describe many signs that indicate increas- ing familiarity and ease with prajnaparamita. In brief, we are able to see much more clearly in any given situation and to deal more carefully and compassion- ately with both ourselves and ADVANCED STUDIES SCHOLARSHIPS ADVANCED CONTEMPLATIVE SCHOLARSHIPS with others. We mindfully en- gage in virtuous actions, afflic- Tsadra .Foundation's Advanced Studies Tsadra Foundations Advanced Contemplative tions become weaker, the dharma Scholarships provide Western Buddhists Scholarships offer Western practitioners of is practiced wholeheartedly, and with an opportunity for in-depth study of Tibetan Buddhism an opportunity to pur distractions are relinquished. Buddhist philosophical literature in the long-term contemplative training. These Clinging in general is reduced, [he Foundation oi vailahle to individuals who particularly the attachment to this life. three-year scholarships for Westerners to been accepted into traditional three-year On the positive side of prajna study at Tibetan Buddhist insti retreats and to three-year re res who destroying or undermining ev- and to under ike 3 sol ■: reat for one year erything that we know, the whole or longer. point is to arrive at a state of mind in which we do not cling. Maybe just for a split second we do not really try to achieve anything or formation, i ; the appli* sroceds please visit the scholars] to avoid anything. At that point secii http://www.tsadra.0rg/#Sc.hoiarships. we do not think, "So what now?" We need to look at that very state of mind in which we do not hold on to anything, in which we have no agenda at all, and then see what it is like. ■


Nepal Tibet Bhutan The Dalai Lama Wins 2012 Templeton Prize

Adapted from http:llwww.temple- recognized for the past 40 years. rules of investigation, proof and The Prize will be presented to evidence required of science. JOURNEY the Dalai Lama at a ceremony at Among his most successful THE DALAI LAMA, the Tibetan St. Paul's Cathedral in London efforts is the Mind & Life Insti- TOTHETOPOFTHE Buddhist spiritual leader whose on the afternoon of Monday, May tute, co-founded in 1987 to create long-standing engagement with 14. A news conference with the collaborative research between multiple dimensions of science 2012 Prize Laureate will precede science and Buddhism. The In- and with people far beyond his the ceremony. Both events will be stitute hosts conferences on WORLD own religious traditions has made webcast live at www.templeton- subjects such as contemplative Come Experience the him an incomparable global voice and to global media. science, destructive and healing for universal ethics, nonviolence, The announcement praised the emotions,- and consciousness and Most Sacred Destinations On The Planet and harmony among world reli- Dalai Lama for his life's work in death. While initially beginning Tibet Aid and Lynne Wiggins invite you on an adventure to gions, has won the 2012 Temple- building bridges of trust in ac- as quiet academic affairs, they ! and Tibet, Sept: 7*-17th, 2012. Optional extension to ton Prize. cord with the yearnings of count- have evolved into enormously Bhutan from Sept.17th-21st. . Valued at £1.1 million (about less millions of people around popular public events. Join a professionally guided tour to the "Top of the World." $1.7 million or €1.3 million), the the globe who have been drawn In 2005, after a series of dia- Visit villages, and sacred sites in Nepal, Tibet and prize is the world's largest an- by the charismatic icon's appeal logues at Stanford University Bhutan. Prepare to be awed by the breathtaking landscape with nual monetary award given to to compassion and understand- among the Dalai Lama, scientists the Himalayas as a back drop, and charmed by the warmth of an individual and honors a liv- ing for all. in the fields of neuroscience, psy- ing person who has made excep- "With an increasing reliance chology, and medicine, and con- the local people. While immersing ourselves in the spiritual tional contributions to affirming on technological advances to templative scholars, the universi- depths of the Tibetan culture, we also bring a welcome boost to life's spiritual dimension. solve the world's problems, hu- tv became the home of the Center the local economy. For decades, Tenzin Gyatso, 76, manity also seeks the reassurance for Compassion and Altruism the 14th Dalai Lama has vigorous- that only a spiritual quest can an- Research and Education. The in- More information: ly focused on the connections be- swer," said Dr. John M. Temple- terdisciplinary discourse recog- 704-662-0946 tween the investigative traditions ton, Jr., president and chairman nized that engagement between Email: [email protected] of science and Buddhism as a way of the John Templeton Founda- cognitive sciences and Buddhist to better understand and advance tion and son of the late Prize contemplative traditions could what both disciplines might offer founder. "The Dalai Lama offers contribute to understanding of Tibet Aid, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable and humanitarian organization. the world. Specifically, he encour- a universal voice of compassion the human mind and emotion. ages serious scientific investiga- underpinned by a love and re- The center now supports and tive reviews of the power of com- spect for spiritually relevant sci- conducts rigorous scientific stud- passion and its broad potential to entific research that centers on ies of compassion and altruistic address the world's fundamental every single human being." behavior. problems—a theme at the core of In concert with his efforts to Many of these conferences his teachings and a cornerstone achieve peace for Tibet, the Da- have led to popular best sellers of his immense popularity. lai Lama's extensive travels have written or co-written by the Dalai Within that search, the "big promoted cross-cultural under- Lama, including The Art of Hap- questions" he raises—such as standing with other piness (1998), The Universe in a "Can compassion be trained or and with disciplines as varied as Single Atom (2005), and Tlie Dalai taught?"—reflect the deep interest astrophysics, quantum mechan- lama at MIT (2006). ■ of the founder of the Templeton ics, neurobiology, and behavioral Prize, the late Sir John Temple- science. Brief videos of the Dalai ton, in seeking to bring scientific He often notes that the rigor- Lama discussing key issues can methods to the study of spiritual ous commitment of Buddhists to be viewed at: claims and thus foster the spiri- meditative investment and reflec- http:/ /www.templetonprize. tual progress that the Prize has tion similarly follows the strict org / currentwinner.html |^ Give The Gift Of ^f P1 Daily Prayers ^ Buddhist Studies at Monastery INTEGRATING ACADEMIC, MEDITATION, BEHAVIOUR, SERVICE AND TRASHIN:

Gift of Daily Prayers invites you FPMT Basic Program FPMT Masters Program to request Tara Prayers, Medicine === starting February 2013 starting September 2013 Buddha Prayers or Mahakala Six-year intensive residential study Prayers to be dedicated for your Five-year intensive residential study Hfi LANDA program, including three month program, plus a one year family, friends and yourself. iam-rim retreat. lam-rim retreat.

The prayers are said by the monks The Basic Program is ideal for students who The Masters Program is an intensive Buddhist at Rinpoche's wish to progress beyond introductory courses. It education inspired by the Geshe studies in tradi- V offers the chance to develop a strong foundation tional monastic universities. It offers in- Pullahari Monastery in Nepal. Your of the complete path to enlightenment and expe- depth study of advanced subjects and extensive rience the benefits of serious, practice oriented retreat experience, providing a thorough ground- donations are sent to the Monastery v^# study, meditation and retreat. ing in sutra and tantra. It is intended to train quali- in support of the monks. fied non-Tibetan Dharma teachers.

Tara Prayers are said with the wish to clear away Applications close Applications close obstacles to relationships, economic hardship, fear and November 1, 2012 June 1,2013 physical or mental health; Medicine Buddha Prayers are said with the wish to comfort the sick and dying, and For more information contact; For more information visit: Affiliated with the FPMT [email protected] eliminate illness and suffering; and Mahakala Prayers are said with the wish to destroy any harmful obstacles. / Would Like To Request Daily Prayers For:

Name: M ilarepa/ Center Address: May 15-20 Vipassana-Mahamudra A gift card is sent to each person acknowledging your gift of Retreat daily prayers for their benefit. Send the names, addresses and prayer selection for each request to the address below. with Ven. Antonio Satta [ ] Tara Prayers or [ ] Medicine Buddha Prayers

or [ ] Mahakala Prayers

[ ] 3 months - $25 [ ] 9 months - $75 [ ] 6 months - $50 [ ] 12 months - $100 August 31 -September 2 Karma and Emptiness Make checks payable to Rigpe Dorje Foundation Contact us at [email protected] for further information. with Ven.

Rigpe Dorje Foundation 9461 Charleville Blvd., #268 . Beverly Hills, CA 90212 1344 US Route 5 South, Barnet, Vermont 05821 iin*#u/ m jlat'pnJ'fPPfltPJ' Of & [email protected] |802) 63*3-4136 [email protected] W W Wil 111101 CpuVGI IIGI .VI5

SNOW LION 19 Tibet, Kailash, Mongolia and Bhutan Spring and Summer 2010-2015 Power Sites, Sacred Mountains, Mystical Caves, and Gobi Magic with the Buddhist writer Glenn K Mullin

Tibet, Bhutan and Mongolia, homes to both and Tantric Buddhism, are rich in sacred meditation sites, monasteries, temples, healing centers, and Buddhist art treasuries. Join me in one of six tours through these sacred lands: three in Tibet, two in Mongolia, and one in Bhutan. See my website for details: Or email me directly at [email protected].

Leader: Glenn studied in the Himalayas for twelve years under many of the greatest Tibetan iamas of all four major traditions. He has written over twenty-five books on Tibetan Buddhism, many of which focus on the lives and writings of the early Dalai . He divides his time between writing, lecture touring, meditating, and leading vision quests to the sacred sites of Buddhist Asia, Glenn also leads tours for private individuals, families, specialized groups and film makers, if he can fit them into his schedule. Books by Glenn H, Mullin NEW RELEASES!

The Sacred Sites The Dalai Lamas on Tantra of the Dalai Lamas - DVD A wonderful array of writings by the ■ THE. Dalai Lamas, translated and annotated ]% SACKIOD SITES Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas; A Pilgrimage to with Mullin's characteristic clarity and the Oracle take, a Michael Wiese Film, $24.95. precision. DALAI LAMAS : The I )alai Lamas Cloth, 352 pages, This amazing documentary follows jazzman Steve on lath?4 135 color images, $17.46 Danz as be travels in a group with Glenn Mullin through the sacred sites of the Dalai Lamas, culminating in a vision quest ot Tibet's fabulous Lamo Lhatso, or Oracle Lake.

The Fourteen Dalai Lamas The Second Dalai Lama The Path to A Sacred Legacy of Reincarnation His Life &. Teachings Enlightenment by H.H. the Dalai Lama. "A substantial and very important The Second Dalai Lama's writings contribution; highly recommended." and biography are brought vividly A translation of the Third Dalai to life in this extraordinary book — Library journal j Lama's Essence of Refined Gold, through a selection of his ecstatic with commentary by the present outpourings of enlightened teaching. Hardcover, S55 pages. $29.95 Dalai Lama. 288 pps, $16.95 271 pps, $14.95

The Six Yogas of Naropa: The Practice of the The Tibetan Book Tsongkhapa's Commentary Six Yogas of Naropa of the Dead Tsongkhapa's commentary entitled The Tibetan tradition known as The Tibetan Book of the Dead, or A Book of Three Inspirations: A the Six Yogas of Naropa continue Bardo Todoi, is one of the great Treatise on the Stages of Training to be one of the most important classics of , in the Profound Path of Naro's Six living meditation traditions in the stunning images by the renowned commonly referred to as Land of the Snows. photographer Thomas Kellyd. The Three Inspirations. 176 pps, $16.95 260 pps, SI4.C 280 pps, $18.95

Meditations to Living in the Face of Death: Gems of Wisdom from Transform the Hind The Tibetan Tradition GEMS OF the Seventh Dafai Lama WlSD With a foreword by Prof. Nathan Katz | Foreword by This is a translation of the Seventh Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross A study of the Seventh Dalai Lama's Daiai Lama's "What Is Like A life and times, and a translation A study of nine lite-enriching Smelly Fart {and Other Gems of of his mystical Lojortg poetry contemplations of death and dying. Wisdom)," together with my own supplemented with commentaries commentary to it. to the poems by the translator. 238 pps, $16.95 171 pps, $15.95 258 pps, $16.95

Order books directly from Snow Lion: 1-800-950-0313

20 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE SPRING '12 :»^ ...... IMMIGRATION LAWYER Hell!!! THE ATTITUDE TOWARD THE HELL realm differs between the theis- tic and nontheistic approaches, nonetheless. In the Buddhist tradition, hell is not regarded as a place of punishment for . Rather, it is regarded as a place or state of mind that we inhabit as a natural consequence of past aggression—we find ourselves there, but we were not relegated Ample experience with Buddhist Religious Workers to it by an outside agency. The hell realm, like the other five realms, is described both physically and psychologically. R-1 Religious Worker The hells are characterized by various horrific experiences, such B-1 Business Visitor Visa as being trapped in fire coming from both sky and earth or being put out greater and greater levels Naturalization - Asylum cut to pieces in a forest of thorns. of hostility, in turn we find our- I know individuals who have selves immersed in aggression Permanent Residence for: gone to a hell realm psychologi- coming toward us from outside cally for different periods of time. forces. Being paranoid, we find Ministers * Translators * Nuns / Monks * Religious Occupations Mental institutions hold manv such individuals, as do prisons. ; In the Buddhist tradition, --Assistance for Schengen and Italy Visas also available~ Obviously, hell is not limited to an after-death experience. hell is not regarded as a The hell realm is characterized place of punishment for RICHARD ALVOID by extreme aggression. As we sins. Rather, it is regard- ed as a place or state of IMMIGRATION ATTQKJffi^ ; mind that we inhabit as LICENSED IN NEW YORK AND FLORIDA J a natural consequence of past aggression. OFFICES IN FLORIDA AND ITALY enemies everywhere; angry, we discover others willing to fight us on the spot. Whether or not we actually locate our enemy, still [email protected] the mind of hell projects that situ- ation with no gap. If others try to help us, we feel they are insidi- **SPREADINQ THE DHARMA THROUGH THE PRACTICE OF LAW** ously undermining us, and we reject their help. There is no room DISCOUNTS for Rinooches and Ordained for friends in hell. —excerpted from Living Life Fully by Bill Karelis, 176 pp., pa- per, $ 16.95, OUR PRICE $11.86, Available in June ■ Wtiainat

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debudismo Suscripcion anua!:25€ \\

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SNOW LION 21 "The 2012 Himay MonCam Committee invites you to join us! Enjoy this special time and space for meditation, exercise, discussion and inspiration, celebration and consecration, as well as short discourses by prominent Dharma teachers in attendance. This event is in English, but with some gorgeous, traditional Tibetan chanting and melodies mixed in. S\ddyour voice to the caCCfor harmony and prosperity in aCC schooCs, Cineages, traditions, monasteries, and , and in our society and the naturaCworCd!

Tulku Sherab Dorje Blazing Wisdom Institute Lama Surya Das Dzogchen Center Khenpo Garwang Pema Karpo Center Tulku Younge Khachab Rimay Shedrub Ling Anne Klein Dawn Mountain Harvey Aronson Dawn Mountain David Patt Dzogchen Center Ani Connie Miller FPMT & Wisdom Publications Nicholas Ribush Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive Lama Denys Dondrub Sangha Rimay (France) Khenmo Drolma Vajra Dakini Nunnery Brendan Kennedy Natural Dharma Fellowship Khenpo Sonam Topgyal Riwoche Temple Moke Mokotoff Zangdokpalri Foundation Arjia Tulku Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Center Marco Antonio Karam Casa Tibet (Mexico) Jeffrey Hopkins UMA Institute for Tibetan Studies Khandro Pema Lhamo Pema Nyingtig Chokorling Reginald Ray Dharma Ocean Foundation Tulku Hungkar Dorje Blue Valley Foundation . Sponsorship Opportunities Please hel ritorious eventpvpnt aand snnn<;nr the participation of ordained and low-income practitioners! >r more v you can help, or send your check payable to: lonlam" to 5468 Fall Clove Road, Delancey, NY 13752

for compCete cCetaiCs & registration information, p Cease visit or call Garrison Institute: (845) 424-4800 to register by phone or mail


NETWORK OF CONTEMPLA- value for understanding the mind As an analogy, even after Co- TIVE OBSERVATORIES firsthand. In addition, however, pernicus presented his brilliant Continued from page 1 the practice of maintaining clear, heliocentric theory of the move- nonreactive awareness of such ments of the planets around the processes and states of conscious- mental events also has great thera- sun, medieval scholastics contin- ness, ail of which are undetectable peutic value. So the epistemic and ued to cling to their belief that the by all objective systems of mea- pragmatic significance of this and sun and planets orbited around surement. In contrast, on the basis other meditative methods for de- the earth. Both the heliocentric of the meditative development of veloping attention are deeply inte- and geocentric views accounted refined attention skills, one gains grated: knowing thyself is integral for the appearances to the naked an increasing ability to observe a to healing thyself. eye of the relative movements of widening array of mental process- While modern popularizers of these celestial bodies. It was only es and states of consciousness. By yoga and meditation often teach when Galileo refined the tele- so doing, one may make discover- various methods as stand-alone scope as an instrument for mak- ies about the mind that are inac- techniques, independent of any ing precise observations of the cessible to third-person methods theory, values, or lifestyle, this sun, moon, and planets, that he of observation. This, clearly, is the reductionist approach is alien was able to discover the phas< s way forward if we are to seek the to all other great contemplative A "yogi hut" of Venus, which provided irrefut- most complete understanding of traditions of the world. If one able evidence that the medieval the mind and consciousness. adheres to a materialistic world- interactions of matter and ener- with an authentic worldview— geocentric view was invalid. Inwardly directed, stable, clear view, believing that everything gy. Moreover, if one's values are not subject to the limitations of Nowadays, learned scientists attention, or introspection can be in the universe, including all liv- thoroughly materialistic and he- materialism—and with an au- and theologians continue to de used to make first-person discov- ing organisms and states of con- donic, this will inevitably result thentic aspiration oriented to- bate about the fate of human eries about the unique qualities sciousness, can be thoroughly in a consumer-driven way of life ward genuine happiness, which consciousness after death, with of one's own mind and about the understood solely as emergent bent on material acquisition and arises from ethics, mental bal- each group adhering to their nature and potentials of the mind properties of matter, this must consumption and the pursuit of ance, and wisdom. own assumptions, without be- in general. Such contemplative have a direct impact on one's val- hedonic pleasures. The origins, nature, and poten- ing able to point to evidence that inquiry enables one to make inter- ues and priorities. If one believes Traditional forms of medita- tials of consciousness, together settles the issue for all intelligent, nally "objective" observations of that only matter and its emergent tion, in contrast, are embedded with the nature and means of open-minded seekers of truth. the origination, nature, and disso- properties are real, those are the in worldviews that embrace both realizing genuine happiness, are lution of discursive thoughts, de- only things one will value, and physical and nonphysical ele- of the utmost importance, espe- I The origins, nature, and sires, emotions, and other mental the only kinds of happiness one ments of the natural world. Au- cially in today's world, in which processes. In this way, such experi- will seek are stimulus-driven, thentic mindfulness and concen- the devastating effects of unbri- I potentials of conscious- ential research has great epistemic hedonic pleasures arising from tration arise only in conjunction dled materialism are wreaking * ness, together with the havoc on modern society and the nature and means of natural environment. Material- realizing genuine happi- istic assumptions about human l ness, are of the utmost THE NITARTHA-SAMBHOTA TIBETAN SOFTWARE nature continue to hamper open- * importance, especially in minded inquiry into the relation Tibetan word Processing and Keyboard in MS Word, ACIP & Wylie Conversion between the body and mind, I today's world, in which including how consciousness first the devastating effects emerges in a human fetus and of unbridled materialism what happens to it at death. Ma- » are wreaking havoc on terialists assume it first emerges * modern society and the from complex interactions of ! natural environment. neurons and it simply disappears at death, but they have never sci- NEW: UNICODE FONT, UME FONTS & MAC EDIT PROGRAM entifically demonstrated the truth The achievement of highly re- of their beliefs. Contemplatives fined states of focused attention, from multiple traditions East and trained inwardly, transcending West reject that assumption, but the limitations of the normal hu- the first-person discoveries on man psyche, sheds light on di- which they base their conclusions mensions of consciousness that have yet to be taken seriously by are not contingent upon the brain. the scientific community. If this discovery is valid and can order and download at our new website: be replicated by anyone with suf- ficient contemplative training— regardless of their metaphysi- cal beliefs—this will shift the modern understanding of the mind from a "materiocentric" to HAPPINESS FOR NO REASON an "empiricocentric" view. This will herald the first scientific Uncovering Essence Love revolution in the mind sciences, in which experience will once again triumph over dogma, and antiquated metaphysical beliefs about the nature and potentials of "Open Heart, Open Mind consciousness will be defeated by rigorous observation. Rather than offers anyone who wants a more joyous life a victory of religion over science, this will be a victory for both sci- a masterful guide to greater meaning, a more ence and spirituality, opening the spacious mind, and the spark of a kind love." way to the deepest exploration of human nature and our capacity —Tara and Daniel Goleman, for realizing genuine happiness J Csse»« love through knowledge of ourselves authors of Emotional Alchemy and Emotional Intelligence and our relation to the natural world as a whole. This, in short, is the core ratio- nale for establishing a worldwide 2012 book tour and retreat schedule network of contemplative obser- vatories, linked by way of the in- video, audio, written teachings & more ternet, and collaborati ng with each other, modeled after the Human Genome Project. Such observato- ries are now in the planning and development stages in the , Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Mongolia, April 4 | Tibet House, NYC New Zealand, and India. April 6 - 8 | Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY —B. ALAN WALLACF, Ph.D. President, Santa Barbara Insti- April 14 | Shambhala Center, NYC tute for Consciousness Studies gj& AvailableApril3,2012 Santa Barbara Institute for Con- Xgod wherever books are sold April 16 | Center, NYC sciousness Studies can be contacted at: [email protected] s


MEDITATION: THE PAY-OFF of superiority, using our spiritual a devil. thief climbs in the back window misconstrued. The profundity of Continued from page 9 practice as an unfortunate source The commentary offers a won- and robs you blind. As diligent as any practice is a function not only of conceit. This distortion of the derful analogy here. You are your efforts are, they are working of the technique but also of the strain it out. As Santideva says in practice is the descent from a standing guard, vigilant at the against you, simply because your practitioner. A human being can- his Guide to a Bodhisattva's Way of to a demon, from a god to front door of your house, while a attitude towards the practice is (Continued on page 25) Life, if you don't think of devel- oping bodhicitta for your own sake, how can you ever aspire to develop it for others? And his first chapter is devoted exclusive- ly to the benefits of developing bodhicitta. Whether the practice is Mind Training, meditative qui- escence, bodhicitta, or the realiza- tion of emptiness, an awareness of the benefits as well as the poten- tial problems and their antidotes provides us with a clear under- standing of how to engage cor- Liberation Prison Project is pleased to present: rectly in the practice. The results will come from correct practice The Eleventh Annual India & Nepal Pilgrimage done with earnestness, a proper level of intensity, and continuity over a long period of time. They Sunday, October 14 to Friday, November 2, 2012 will not come faster by anticipat- ing or longing for them. ...from Kathmandu, Nepal to Bodhgaya, India The commentary speaks of de- vas, gods like those of the Hindu Jon Landaw, author of Buddhism for Dummies,'worked as an English editor for the or Greek pantheons. Many ac- Translation Bureau of HH the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. A student of Lama Yeshe and counts suggest that these nonhu- Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Jon edited Wisdom Publications such as 'Wisdom Energy 'and man beings can be rather fickle. If you honor and worship them, Author Jon Lanclaw, 2012 Leader 'Introduction to Tantra'. He authored 'Prince Siddhartha 'and 'Images of Enlightenment' they may help you. If you don't, published by Snow Lion. Jon has taught in the U. S., , Australia, they may turn around and injure New Zealand, and currently leads 'Discovering Buddhism'at Land of Medicine Buddha. you, in which case the god de- scends to a devil, an inflictor of Ration ♦ Join this memorable pilgrimage to see the holy places of Lord Buddha: harm. HProject 'What does it really mean for In India — Sravasti, , Nalanda, Vultures Peak, , Bodhgaya and . the divine to descend to the dia- In Nepal — Boudhanath, Swayambunath, Parping, Kapilavastu and . bolical? The point of the Mind ♦ Daily practices and teachings • Includes a three-day retreat at Kathmandu's Training is to subdue our own PROFITS GO TO LIBERATION PRISON ♦ From US$3800plus air to Kathmandu, Nepal and returning from Bodhgaya, India. mind: to gradually vanquish self- PROJECT. THIS PROJECT OF THE FPMT, grasping and the mental afflic- SUPPORTS THE BUDDHIST PRACTICE OF PEOPLE IN PRISON WORLDWIDE. Himalayan High Treks 241 Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA tions that arise from it. No mat- ter how intensely, earnestly, and + 1(415)7018500 /v CST2085690-40 [email protected] / +1 (415)551 1005 diligently we practice, we may still inflate ourselves with a sense Visit for full details, itinerary and photos!

SEVEN METALS An extraordinary recording of Tibetan bowls INGING BOWLS OETIBE" NAMGYAL MONASTERY XIAMINIOB: performed by a master of this tradition INSTITUTE OF BUDDHIST STUDIES — Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds THE NORTH AMERICAN SEAT OF THE PERSONAL MONASTERY OF H.H. THE DALAI LAMA

June 29-July 1, 2012 • Ithaca, NY Seven Metals features the beautiful harmonics Victor Mansfield Memorial Speaker Series of 25 rare singing bowls. Praised by bodywork therapists, yoga teachers, and meditators. & Weekend Intensive with • VESNA A. WALLACE, PH.D. <, A sound adventure for the spirit — Don Campbeli author of The Mozart Effect

Teachings www.SevenM on the Theory Seven Metals is 56 minutes of peace available from Snow L ion and Practice of Kalacakra The Wheel of Wisdom ■o- o Public Lecture: Knowing Reality from Khenchen Konchog Gqaltshen the Kalacakratantra's Perspective o Weekend Intensive: Explorations of This volume, "The wheel of Wisdom", includes three teaching poems and a guru tjoga practice composed btj Khenchen Rinpoche the Kalacakra Tantric Practices Prescriptions and Proscriptions: Their Mode of Abiding -o- Samsara and : Two Sides of the Same Hand Vesna A. Wallace, Ph.D. is Professor of Religious In Praise of the Great Holq Place Tsaritra. Embodiment of bodhicitta Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Her research focuses on the comparative and A Guru Yoga that brings the Dnarmakaqa onto the Path analysis of the Buddhist traditions of South Asia, Tibet, and Mongolia. One of the world's leading experts on the Kalacakratantra, she has published translations of two of that tantra'sfive chapters. \/A] R A&i&I S' 5ooks, PUBLICATIONS > CDs & DVDs ■Bl mj^s ktf&tfu Ancient Teachings for a Modern Age (352) 381-0088 www.VajraPub.Org

24 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE SPRING '12 ery, it becomes ridiculous to hold free of our own mental distor- suffering and its source, and MEDITATION: THE PAY-OFF "I love Snow Lion. You are Continued from page 24 a supercilious attitude. It is hard tions. The Four Noble Truths— the means of achieving such to be pompous when the reason the existence of suffering, the freedom—are very sobering in an invaluable resource for not be fundamentally superficial, for practicing is a desire to be source of suffering, freedom from this regard. ■ Western practitioners. Great because the Buddha nature we website."—a customer each have is an utterly pure and divine essence; but a person who is trite and dilettantish in terms of conscious behavior can trivialize Lama yeshe Wisdom Archive zopa Forthcoming for spring 2012. . an ostensibly profound practice. npoche : The corollary is also true, that a contains recordings and transcripts Heart Advice: The Bodhisattva Attitude profound person cannot practice superficially. of Lama 's and Lama oy Lama Zopa Rinpoche Free* On hearing teachings that are Zopa Rinpoche's teachings dating said to be rare and secret and back to the early 1970s—and we're only for the most advanced prac- and our latent DVDJ! titioners, we may feel that we still growing! Our website offers Special price for both sets: $25 have managed to slip through the thousands of pages of teachings by door of an elite club. We can fool ourselves that the visualization some of the greatest lamas of our Freedom Through Understanding DVD or mantra or whatever practice time. Dozens of audio recordings, by Lama Yeshe and we have learned is extremely pro- Lama Zopa Rinpoche found; but that may not be true hundreds of photos, and our for us right now. Sometimes the ever-popular books are also freely 3 DISC SET, $20 most profound thing we can do is OVER 10J4 HOURS PLAYING TIME accessible at LAMAYESHE.COM. to meditate simply on the continu- ity of consciousness from lifetime Please see our website or to lifetime, the fact that different sequential lives are related by our contact us for more information actions, and that right now we Life, Death are creating our future even as we and after Death DVD experience the results of our past actions. Something as straightfor- by Lama Yeshe ward as this is a profound prac- 2 DISC SET, $15 tice when contemplated by a pro- OVER 7H HOURS PLAYING TIME found mind. But even the most

-Hi: advanced tantric techniques are tipKpi|H ■ ■ " ■ '■■'■■ "':;£!! ■: not profound if we come to them with a superficial mind. Why do we engage in any spir- itual practice? The answer that and more free bookd *. . . Buddhism emphasizes is our own vulnerability to suffering, wheth- *Plus shipping charges of Si per book ($5 minimum) er blatant or as an undercurrent of anxiety. If we are deeply aware that we need help and recognize LAMA YESHE WISDOM ARCHIVE that without Dharma our minds are dysfunctionally creating mis- PO BOX 636, LINCOLN, MA OI773 • [email protected] • WWW.IAMAYESHE.COM

Tt Padma Karpo Translation Committee our website: - **\

PKTC piles on new titles with a SEVEN NEW BOOKS! selection of the best of Tibetan *«~*3i i m i [ r^\ Kagyu and Nyingma dharma. The new books are large format, thick books filled with translations and explanations, ample notes and glossary, colour plates, and more. The new titles include: • The first authentic translation of Guidebook Called "Highest Wisdom" (Triyig Yeshe Lama) ANSIS • Gampopa Teaches Essence Mahamudra: interviews with Dusum Khyenpa and others "Our aim is to provide the • Drukchen Padma Karpo's Complete Works on Mahamudra important practice literature • Flight of the : a complete explanation of Thorough Cut • A Juggernaut of the Non-Dual View by the second Drukchen of Tibet in highest quality • The Theory and Practice of Other Emptiness Taught Through Milarepa's Songs publications for practitioners" • Instructions for Practising the View of Other Emptiness by Jamgon Kongtrul -Lama Tony Duff For full details see Available from us and our main distributors, Namse Bangdzo and Wisdom Books London. Unicode Tibetan Typefaces! All of our Tibetan typefaces, regarded as NEW! Relics of the Dhar- NEW! About the Three ISUCSOf M '*£ FtATUIIE OS THI makaya A complete com- ASOUY rm imtt tmss pi UCFSRT, 6lO*tOt» KtHS Lines: Dodrupchen the best in the world, are now available TH* 0HA8«AKATA THAT ffMKt X€¥ fOiWi in Unicode format. The Tibetan Machine fey Ofti+ni T«wj**'i W*n«<$w* mentary on Longchen Ny- III reaofffKi on THt wsft ima Ill's Commentary on typeface is free, ingthig Thorough Cut by the Three Lines. Ontrul Tenpa'i Wangchuk. Feature of the Expert TibetD Reader and Tibetan texts Translated and arranged Glorious King: Semi- free. Tibetan text input service available. by Tony Duff. Full intro- nal Thorough Cut text Zhangar's Nineteen Main Indian Texts, duction, glossary, and Ti- by Dza Patrul. 's , etc. betan text included.

SNOW LION 25 BUDDHIST STUDIES BA & MA COURSES At International Buddhist College, Thailand for Fall Semester Starting in July 2012:


A. 4 year BA course with 1st year at the main campus and the remaining 3 years at Korat campus. Application Closes on Monday April 30, 2012 B. 2 year MA course at Korat campus. Application Closes on Monday April 30, 2012 C. E-Learning Certificate course. Application Closes on Thursday May 31, 2012 D. 3 year MA course through E-Learning. Application Closes on Thursday May 31, 2012 AN programs will cover teachings of the three Major Buddhist Traditions


Professor Charies Willemen (Belgium, specializes in , and Chinese/ Japanese Buddhism) Professor Kapila Abhayawansa (Sri Lanka, specializes in Sanskrit and Buddhism) Professor Tilak Kanyawasam (Sri Lanka, specializes in Sanskrit and Indian Buddhism) Ven. Dr Dhammanandi (South , specializes in Sanskrit and ) Dr Jamspal Lozang (U.S.A. / Tibet, specializes in Tibetan Buddhism) Dr Fa Qing (China, specializes in ) Dr Khrishna Santina (Italy / India, specializes in Sanskrit and Indian Buddhism) Ven. Dr Zhen Jue (Singapore, specializes in Chinese Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism)


1. Professor Y. Karunadasa (Sri Lanka, teaches Early Buddhism and Theravada Abhidhamma) 2. Professor Endo Toshiichi (, teaches /Commentaries and ) 3. Professor Yao Zhi Hua (Hong Kong, teaches Buddhist Logic and Epistemology) 4. Ven Dr Guang Xing (Hong Kong, teaches Chinese Buddhism and Buddhism and Society) 5. Ven Or Yuan Liu (China, teaches History of Indian Buddhism and Abhidharma) 6. Dr Andrey Terentyev (Russia, teaches Lam Rim Chen Mo and Tibetan Buddhism)

E-Learning Master of Arts (MA) Course

The Master of Arts course in Buddhist Studies is fully certified by the International Buddhist College (iBC) and accredited by the Education Ministry of Thailand. The curriculum listed in E-Learning MA degree is adopted from the same topics conducted in the classrooms of IBC. The lecture notes used in E-Learning are developed by the teaching professors based on the class lectures. They have comprehensively covered their relevant subjects and they are equivalent to quality classroom lectures.


Theravada Buddhism / Buddhism and Society / Mahayana Buddhism / History of Indian Buddhism / Lam Rim Chen Mo / Buddhism In Japan / Theravada Abhidharma / Chinese Buddhist Thought / Bodhisattva Ideal / Survey of the Doctrines of the Abhidharma Schools / Chan (Zen) School / Thesis or Independent Study


C iVJ'A i 0 Q

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MEDITATIONS OF A TIBETAN IN THE SERVICE OF HIS TANTRIC ABBOT: The Main COUNTRY: The Biography Practices of the Mahayana of Dasang Damdul Tsarong, Buddhist Path Commander General of Tibet by D. N. Tsarong. 164 pp., 43 SHAMBHALA SUN by Kensur Lekden, trans. & PEMA MANDALA MAGAZINE EGO, ATTACHMENT AND b&w photos. #SEHICF $0.00 Magazine ed. by Jeffrey Hopkins. 176 pp. 30 pp. #PEMA $0.00 LIBERATION: The story of a remarkable in- 104 pp. #SHSUMA $0.00 #METAAF $0.00 Created by Padmasamb- Overcoming Your Mental Presents, with the intimate dividual who rose from humble Various back issues from hava Buddhist Center, this Beaucracy freshness of a personal teach- origins as the son of a farmer to 2011 of this venerable Bud- glossy magazine contains an by Lama Yeshe. 125 pp. ing, the main practices of the become one of the outstanding dhist magazine. interesting array of articles as #EGATLI Mahayana path. Details the at- figures in the social and politi- "...real wisdom for the real well as news about Padma "Meditation is not on the titudes cultivated in meditation cal life of Tibet prior to the Chi- world applied to all the impor- Samye Ling, Venerable Khenpo level of the object but on that ranging from turning away from nese takeover in the 1950s. Pro- tant issues in life—from liveli- Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche, of the subject—you are the cyclic existence to the profound vides insight into the history and hood, parenting, and relation- and more. business of your meditation." view of emptiness. causes of the tragic loss of Tibet's ships to politics, social action, power of self-government. and the arts."

SNOW LION 27 S ORDERS: 1-800-950-0313 More choices for the FREE item with your order! TIBETAN POSTCARDS (And even more at!) Set #FRTIPO


DESTROYING FOREVER: Essays in Honor of Damien Keown edited by John Powers and Charles S. Prebish. 320 pp., paper. #DEMAFF THE ESSENCE OF TIBETAN VIRTUE AND REALITY: Method and A thought-provoking collection of es- BUDDHISM: The Three Wisdom in the Practice of Dharma More than 15 free postcards says on Buddhist ethics by some of the Principal Aspects of the Path by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 118 pp. #VIREME which can be used for your altar, art leading thinkers in the field. The reader and Introduction to Tantra This clear look at bodhicitta and projects, or for creating notecards! is provided with engaging explorations of by Lama Thubten Yeshe. #ESTIBE ultimate reality gives instructions for the central issues in Buddhism. developing of compassion and wisdom.

*»#&e#®*»®; : g g a s g .

HOW THINGS EXIST: Teachings on Emptiness by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 130 pp. SHOTHEX An explanation of emptiness, and touches on many other points about the path to enlightenment.

THE JOY OF COMPASSION KADAMPA TEACHINGS BECOMING YOUR OWN THERAPIST by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 118 pp. #JOCO by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, edited by Ailsa Cameron. 288 —Expanded edition Offers teachings not only on compassion but also pgs. #KATELA $0.00 by Lama Yeshe. 108 pp. #BEYOOW on many essential Buddhist subjects.

FREEDOM THROUGH UNDERSTANDING: The PEACEFUL STILLNESS OF MAKING LIFE MEANINGFUL Buddhist Path to Happiness and Liberation THE SILENT MIND by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 130 pp. #M ALIME $0.00 by Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche. 196 pp., 16 by Lama Yeshe. 120 pp., 11 photos. #PESTSI $0.00 How to integrate bodhicitta into our daily lives b&w photos. #FRTHUN The late Lama Yeshe discusses Buddhism, mind and meditation with Westerners. includes a variety of techniques.

S « ® « » & «»&$$«&»«»< '»¥»<»*«#©«»#' :«©«**#! s ®»S#»®&< a « ® & * © «

THE COMPLETE TIBETAN BUDDHADHARMA: The Practi- LIFE, DEATH AND AFTER DEATH: THE KINDNESS OF OTHERS: CALENDAR 2010 Iron Year tioner's Quarterly #BUDDMA With an Introductory Teaching by A Commentary on the Seven- illust. by HH 17th Karmapa, by Nitartha Buddhadharma is the in-depth, Lama Zopa Rinpoche Point Mind Training International and . practice-oriented journal for Bud- by Lama Yeshe, edited by Nicholas by Geshe Jampa Tegchok. 108 pp. 12" x 24" open. #COTI10 $0.00 dhists of all traditions, from the pub- Ribush. 120 pp., 5 b&w photos, #KIOT $0.00 This Freebie gives you the Kar- lishers of Shambhala Sun. Every issue several line drawings. #LIDEAF The Kindness of Others explains mapa's original works of art, suitable presents in-depth teachings from the The essence of this book is a semi- how we can train our minds away for framing. full range of Buddhist traditions. To nar on death, intermediate state and from self-cherishing and develop subscribe:www.thebuddhadharma. rebirth that Lama Yeshe taught in compassion. com, or toll-free 877-786-1950. Switzerland in September 1983.

28 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE & CATALOG SPRING '12 (See for our complete catalog of products & descriptions1.) UilAtfM.mWiMH.milhM.hhHH

3 Volume Set

QONE BEYOND The Prajnaparamita Sutras, The Ornament of Clear Realization, and Its Commentaries in the GONE BEYOND Tibetan Kagyu Tradition, (in 2 volumes) translated and introduced by Karl Brunnholzl forewords by H.H. the Seventeenth Karmapa and Dzogchen Ponlop a Tsadra Foundation Series and Nitartha Institute Series book Volume 1.942 pp., cloth bound. #GOBEPR $54.95, OUR PRICE $38.46 on ifui ■ : . .

Volume 2.688 pp., cloth bound. #GOBEV2 ■ ■ ■ $44.95, OUR PRICE $31.46

■ The Abhisamayalamkara summarizes all the topics in the vast body of the Prajnaparamita Sutras. Resembling a zip-file, it only comes to life through its Indian and Tibetan commentar- ies. Together, these texts not only discuss the "hidden mean- ing" of the Prajnaparamita Sutras—the paths and bhumis of sravakas, pratyekabuddhas, and bodhisattvas—but also serve as contemplative manuals for the explicit topic of these GONE BEYOND sutras—emptiness—and how it is to be understood on the progressive levels of realization of bodhisattvas. Thus, these texts describe what happens in the mind of a bodhisattva who THE HEART ATTACK SUTRA meditates on emptiness, making it a living experience from the beginner's stage up through buddhahood. A New Commentary on the Heart Sutra KARL BRUNNHOLZL was trained as a physician and pres- by Karl Brunnholzl ently works as a Tibetan translator and Buddhist teacher. He w> 176 pp., paper. #HEATSU $16.95, OUR PRICE $11.86 studied Tibetology, Buddhology, and Sanskrit at Hamburg University and Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy The radical message of the Heart Sutra, one of Buddhism's and practice the Marpa Institute for Translators in Kathman- most famous texts, is a sweeping attack on everything we hold du. Currently he works as a translator and interpreter for the most dear; our troubles, the world as we know it, even the teach- Tsadra Foundation, Nalandabodhi, and the Nitartha Institute. ings of the Buddha himself. Several of the Buddha's followers are In 2009 he was appointed as the first Western khenpo (abbot said to have suffered heart attacks and died when they first heard in the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages) by Dzogchen Ponlop its assertion of the basic groundlessness of our existence—hence Rinpoche. the title of this book. Overcoming fear, the Buddha teaches, is not to be accom- "The commentary by the Fifth which is translated here (in two volumes) is concise, plished by shutting down or building walls around oneself, but pithy, and easy to understand. That it has been augmented with commentaries by the Seventh and instead by opening up to understand the illusory nature of ev- Eighth Karmapas makes this a valuable volume indeed, one that will benefit many people. I am erything we fear—including ourselves. In this book of teachings, grateful that this book has been published." Karl Brunnholzl guides practitioners through this "crazy" sutra —, author of Medicine Buddha Teachings to the wisdom and compassion that lie at its core. "Maitreya's Ornament of Clear Realization, along with its com- "With lively humor and deep mentaries, opens a window into the vast landscape of the Prajna- scholarly knowledge, Mitra Karl paramita Sutras, territory that has been largely left unexplored by Brunnholzl brilliantly unpacks Western scholars and practitioners. These sutras explicitly teach the the profundity of the Heart Sutra nature of emptiness, but their hidden meaning—which is revealed here for modern readers. In practi- cal and accessible ways, he invites in these texts—explains how the clear realization of emptiness us to join the great practitioners of progressively arises in the minds of practitioners as they cultivate India and Tibet in contemplating increasingly subtler stages of insight into the true nature of phe- the Heart Sutra's wisdom. We are nomena. Karl Brunnholzl's breathtaking scholarship, lucid trans- fortunate to have teachers of Karl's lations, and deep insight into the meaning of these texts brings acumen among the growing body this vast body of teachings to life. Gone Beyond is bound to be an of inspiring Western Buddhist invaluable reference work for scholars and practitioners for years teachers." to come."—ANDY KARR, author of Contemplating Reality —DZOGCHEN PONLOP, author of Rebel Buddha and Mind Beyond #••***« Death

QROUNDLESS PATHS The Prajnaparamita Sutras, The Ornament of Clear Realization, and Its Commentaries in the Tibetan Nyingma Tradition

translated by Karl Brunnholzl a Tsadra Foundation Series book 904 pp., cloth. #GRPA $54.95, OUR PRICE $38.46 GROUNDLESS j Available April 2012" PATHS Otker Snow Lion book* by KARX fat/MHOLZL Groundless Paths contains the first in-depth study of the Ab- hisamayalamkara (the text studied most extensively in higher THE CENTER OF THE SUNLIT SKY: Madhyamaka in the Tibetan Buddhist education) and its commentaries from the Kagyu Tradition perspective of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. This 1000 pp. 6 x 9, cloth. #CESUSK $78.00, OUR PRICE $54.60 study consists mainly of translations of Maitreya's famous text and two commentaries on it by Patrul Rinpoche. These are IN PRAISE OF supplemented by three short texts on the paths and bhumis by Nagarjuna, commentary by the Tliird Karmapa by the same author as well as extensive excerpts from com- : ■ ■■ ... translated and introduced by Karl Brunnholzl mentaries by six other Nyingma masters, including Mipham Rinpoche. Thus, this book helps close a long-standing gap in : ■ ■ Cloth. 432 pp. #INPRDH $29.95, OUR PRICE $20.96

the modern scholarship on the prajnaparamita sutras and the '■ ■ ■■■ literature on paths and bhumis in mahayana Buddhism. LUMINOUS HEART: The Third Karmapa on Consciousness, Wisdom, and Buddha Nature translate and introduced by Karl Brunnholzl "Groundless Paths contains Dza Patrul Rinpoche's brilliant commentaries on 484 pp., cloth #LUHEAR $39.95, OUR PRICE $27.97 the Abhisamayalamkara, masterfully translated and annotated by Karl Brunnholzl. This third volume completes the presentation of the major Kagyu and Nyingma STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART: Buddhist Pith Instructions works on the prajnaparamita literature in English for the first time." translated and introduced by Karl Brunnholzl —ELIZABETH CALLAHAN, translator of The Treasury of Knowledge, Book Six, Cloth edition, 560 pp. #STFRHE $32.95, OUR PRICE $23.07 Part Three: Frameworks of Buddhist Philosophy

S ORDERS: 1-800-950-0313 or SNOW LION 29 :.,...,,

HISTORY OF THE KARMAPAS The Odyssey of the Tibetan Masters with the Black Crown

by Lama Kunsang, Lama Pemo, and Marie Aubele 332 pp., 22 color photos, 4 b&w photos, 30 illus., paper. #HIKAOD $21.95, OUR PRICE $15.36 Masters of esoteric knowledge and miraculous practices, the lineage of the Karmapas is the earliest of all the recognized incar- nate linages and is said to descend from the great Indian tantric master Tilopa through a chain that includes Naropa, Marpa, and Milarepa. The Karmapas are distinguished by their black crowns, said to have been woven by dakinis and symbolizing the activ- ity of the buddhas. Unlike other Tibetan Buddhist lineage heads, each Karmapa has specific knowledge of his next reincarnation and leaves behind a "Last Testament," a letter to their disciples describing the place and circumstances of their future rebirth, the name of their parents, and so on. At a very young age each suc- cessive incarnation is often able to recognize himself as the Kar- "In their book, the authors retrace a mapa. very lively portrait of the seventeen In their recounting of the histories of the seventeen Karmapas, Karmapas, a history in which the the authors reveal the universal and marvelous concealed in the marvelous is part of daily life." everyday world. Their lively account, peppered with anecdotes, is the most comprehensive in the West on this subject. —LE POINT MAGAZINE veto "An unprecendented work, the most complete on the subject in the West. It offers a rich, lively reading on many levels: spiri- tual, historic, and societal, and contains numerous anecdotes and information drawn from Tibetan, Chinese, Mongolian, French, and English sources." —UNIVERSITE BOUDDHIQUE EUROPEENNE LAMA KUNSANG and LAMA PEMO (Olivier and Lydia Brunet) completed the traditional three-year retreat under the guidance of the first Kalu Rinpoche and Bokar Rinpoche. They then spent five years in a monastery in the Himalayas, working as part of Kalu Rinpoche's translation committee. They currently teach Buddhism and meditation in Europe and Asia. MARIE AUBELE, a student of Tibetan Buddhism for many years, is a French writer and editor.

LIVINQ LIFE FULLY by Bill Karelis THE MAQIC OF AWARENESS 176 pp., paper. #LILIFU $16.95, OUR PRICE $11.86 Available June 2012 by Anam Thubten, edited by Sharon Roe We are all imprisoned by our own projections of mind, and 160 pp., paper. #MAAWAN $16.95, OUR PRICE $11.86 we all have the power to free ourselves. To gain this freedom, we The paradox of awareness is very profound, and yet very simple. It can't be described because it must do three things. We need to know that we are imprisoned; has no objective qualities, and no limitation. Sometimes it comes naturally to the surface when we are we need to investigate how we entrap ourselves; and we need to fully in the present moment and no longer lost in thought or mental projections. Pure consciousness discover how to overcome our habitual patterns. We all possess is neither high nor low, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, neither good nor bad. No matter where we the means to live a rich, full, and good existence if we develop a are, no matter what we are doing, we always have an immediate access to that inner stillness. It can kind and disciplined relationship with ourselves. be experienced in an instant in all circumstances once we know how to pay attention to it. It is utterly The path to a healthy relationship with ourselves is supported peaceful and it is also insightful, so it sees through all illusions. Whenever there is a moment of being by meditation, but meditation doesn't have to be heavy or ambi- deluded, we can use that moment to practice settling in the very perfect sphere of the Buddha mind tious. We don't have to cultivate the self-image of being "spiri- without trying to change anything. When we reside in that liberated mind, we find the very thing we tual" people. It is better to be ordinary, to avoid the fancy labels, have been seeking all along. and to have some kind of perspective about the journey. The ANAM THUBTEN grew up in Tibet and undertook Buddhist training in the Nyingma tradition at an point is not to make ourselves into better or different people, but early age. He has been teaching in the West since the 1990s and is the spiritual advisor and Dharma just to become comfortable with living in our skin. It is in learn- teacher for the Dharmata Foundation. He is the author of the best-selling book, No Self, No Problem. ing how we harm ourselves and others that we become able to give up doing so. Cultivating decency and gentleness is always possible. And doing so makes a genuine life. "His message is simple. Enlightenment can happen at any moment, in any place, BILL KARELIS teaches meditation and to any one. One can "surrender" to the beauty of a flower, the happiness of greeting conducts intensive programs and retreats a friend, or the joy of sitting in a park and watching children play. This is a very seri- in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, ous Buddhist text, which is completely understandable and a joy to read." and South Africa. He lives in Boulder, —ANNA JEDRZIEWSKI, Retailing Insight Colorado.

30 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE & CATALOG SPRING '12 (See for our complete catalog of products & descriptions!) POINTINQ OUT THE Pointing Out the Dharmakaya Teachings on the Ninth Karmapa's Text

by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche translated by Lama Yeshe Gyamtso edited and annotated by Lama Tashi Namgyal foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama 184 pp., paper. 2nd edition. #POOU2E $19.95, OUR PRICE $13.96 At the heart of successful Mahamudra practice is the ability to understand the nature of mind. The Ninth Karmapa, Wangchuk Dorje (1556-1603), was the acknowledged master of this approach. No more authoritative or useful instructions exist than in his three definitive texts on Mahamudra, of which this easy-to-use manual is the shortest and most practical. Pointing Out the Dharmakaya is an indispensable companion to The Ocean of Definitive Mean- ing, the most vast and detailed of the texts. An invaluable guide for Maha- practitioners on how to look at the mind, it is clearly laid out so that the instructions are easy to recall and put to use. Brilliant explanations by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche make this text viv- idly relevant for contemporary Western practitioners. For those committed to ascertaining the mind's true nature, checking their experience, and refin- ing and extending their insight, there is no more systematic or comprehen- sive approach than can be found in this extraordinary set of instructions. "Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche is one of the most learned and experienced "Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche has of the senior teachers living today. Indeed, he is the Tutor of a unique ability to bring forth the the present Seventeenth Karmapa, ....Readers who are central issues of a text and make them interested in discovering the nature of the mind will find much here in available to contemporary audience." this clear and thorough guide to delight and inspire them." -H.H. THE SEVENTEENTH GYALWA KARMAPA —H.H. THE FOURTEENTH DALAI LAMA

THE SEVEN-POINT MIND TRAININQ A Tibetan Method for Cultivating Mind and Heart by B. Alan Wallace edited by Zara Houshmand 148 pp., paper. Third Edition. #SEP02E $16.95, OUR PRICE $11.86 Available April 2012 ■pt?f The central focus of The Seven-Point Mind Training is the transforma- 5?


■*_ Throat chskt'3 edited by Polly Turner IF*! CtwtasotAbw. t$\ gangers krxtfo: ■ & Heart chakra 230 pp., 22 photos, 5 drawings, 12 tables. £^t Cfia&tra of Qm Essence r #TIYOBO $18.95, OUR PRICE $13.26 ',\ „,-**,;■ HUMS Understanding how our actions, words, and thoughts interact enhances our ability to progress in spiritual practice and brings us closer to self-real-

NffTOl c.bukTH f Secret chakra *► ization. In a warm, informal style, Tenzin Wangyal Crates of Rinpoche opens up Tibetan meditation practice to both beginners and experienced students. With practical and knowledgeable in- sight, the sources of the problems in our lives are revealed through practices that work with the body, speech, or mind, and with regular practice, we alter our self- image, experiencing a lighter, more joyful sense of being. "In clear and lucid language, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche offers an amazingly rich array of traditional practices which, when practiced with a skilled teacher, can powerfully transform body, speech, and mind." —JACK KORNFIELD, author of A Path with Heart

"Traditional as well as innovative, this book—a complement to his other work, and also outstanding on its own—opens to supremely important narratives, llifiSvL descriptions, and exercises to introduce us most deeply to our own bodies." -ANNE CAROLYN KLEIN, author of Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse, a Story of Transmission

■C ORDERS: 1-800-950-0313 or SNOW LION 31 iliimiBifriii «4j3L»Ja»5*>JLuLUIu^

THE ROAR OF THUNDER Commentaries on the Two Stages of Glorious Vajrabhairava by Ngulchu Dharmabhadra and ------■ . \ the Fifth , Losang Lungtog Tenzin Trinley translated by David Gonsalez 336 pp., 8-page color insert, 8 line drawings, cloth. (Discounts do not apply to restricted texts.) SROOFTH $60.00 RESTRICTION: The material in this book is restricted. This book may be read only by those who have received a Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment. In or- der to practice this material, the best situation would be that one has received NGULCHU DHARMABHADRA (1772-1851), the empowerment of the Vajrabhairava together with the com- composed many important texts that are mentary and oral transmission. widely used to this day. He spent the last nine years of his life in retreat. The Roar of Thunder is a collection of texts related to the practice of Vajrab- THE FIFTH LING RINPOCHE (1803-1902), hairava Yamantaka. The first text in this collection is a commentary to the Thir- LOSANG LUNGTOG TENZIN TRINLEY, com- teen Deity Vajrabhairava practice, composed by Ngulchu Dharmabhadra. The posed this commentary while engaged in a second is a commentary to the Solitary Hero practice and was composed by the three-year retreat of Yamantaka when he was Fifth Ling Rinpoche, Losang Lungtog Tenzin Trinley, while he was in a three- twenty-five years of age. After his retreat, in year Yamantaka retreat. The combination of these two texts gives the reader an 1895, he became a tutor to Thupten Gyatso, unprecedented panoramic perspective on the entire spectrum of Vajrabhairava RESTRICTED TEXTS the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. practice in both its Thirteen Deity and Solitary Hero aspects. Also included in DAVID GONSALEZ has been practicing Please read descriptions and this amazing volume is the extensive sadhana of the Solitary Hero composed by Buddhism for twenty years. He has complet- requirements on our website at Kyabje Pabongkha that can be used as a reference to facilitate a more thorough ed many solitary retreats and has translated understanding of the commentaries. numerous sadhanas and texts.

»#•••< S » S * 8 ■ • * • • s • ■ i i a ■ ■ * a t « ^ S: i •••••«'

THE EXTREMELY SECRET DAKINI OF NAROPA: Practice and SOURCE OF SUPREME BLISS: Commentary Chakrasamvara Five Deity Practice by Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpo and Commentary translated by David Gonsalez by Ngulchu Dharmabhadra and 408 pp., 8 color images, 3 b&w illustrations. the First Panchen Lama, Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen (Discounts do not apply to restricted texts.) translated by David Gonsalez #EXSEDA $65.00 238 pp, cloth, 4 full-color plates, 3 b&w The Extremely Secret Dakini of Naropa is the line drawings. (Discounts do not apply to commentary to the practice of Vajrayogini in restricted texts.) the Naro Kacho lineage composed by Kyabje #SOStIBL $50.00 Pabongkha as revealed to him directly by Va- Source of Supreme Bliss contains the first jrayogini herself. This text has become the basis English translations of important commentar- for almost every subsequent Vajrayogini com- ies on the Highest Yoga Tantra system of the mentary in the Gelug tradition. Kyabje Pabong- Heruka Chakrasamvara Five Deitv practice. kha's commentary is both very thorough in its Included is a lucid, practical, and deeply pro- presentation and deeply inspiring. It provides found explanation of the generation stage by rich detail about all eleven yogas of the gen- Ngulchu Dharmabhadra. This is followed by RESTRICTION: The material eration stage, the transference of consciousness, an extreme!}' rare and profound commentary in this book is restricted. This tsok offering, left-sided conduct and many by the First Panchen Lama, Losang Chokyi Gy- book may be read only by those other auxiliary practices, making it essential RESTRICTION: This book may altsen, on the completion stage. Also included who have received a Highest for practitioners of Vajrayogini. There is also a be read only by those who have is a commentary on how to perform a proper Yoga Tantra empowerment. In stunning explanation of the completion stage, received a Highest Yoga Tan- retreat of Chakrasamvara. order to practice this material, providing many extraordinarily profound tra empowerment. In order to The latter half of the book comprises trans- the best situation would be that methods unique to the practice of Vajrayogini practice this material, one musl lations of the ritual texts associated with the one has received the empower- because of its relationship to the Six Yogas of have received the complete em- commentaries. Everything needed to engage ment of Vajrayogini in the Naro Naropa. powerment into the Five Deity in the practice of Heruka Five Deity is includ- Kacho tradition together with The second half of the book contains several Mandala of Heruka - ed within the pages of this book, which will be the commentary and oral trans- sadhanas for the practice of Vajrayogini, includ- amvara of Ghan- indispensable for anyone who undertakes this mission. At the very least, one ing the extensive, middling, and concise genera- tapa, according to the lineage ol practice and will provide rich and profound must have received the empow- tion stage, the practice of Vajrayogini combined Lama Tsongkhapa. insights for those interested in Highest Yoga erment of Vajrayogini in the with six-session guru yoga, as well as two sad- Tantra in general. Naro Kacho tradition. hanas on the transference of consciousness.

THE TREASURY OF KNOWLEDQE, Book Six, Parts One and Two The Treasury of Knowledge Indo-Tibetan Classical Learning and Buddhist Phenomenology KONGTRUL INDO-TIBF.TAN CLASSICAL LEARNING & BUDDHIST PHENOMENOLOGY by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye Trans, by Gyurme Dorje 992 pp., cloth. #TRKN12 $49.95, OUR PRICE $34.96 Available May 2012

Jamgon Kongtrul's Treasury ofKnmvledge in ten books is a unique encyclopedic masterpiece embodying the entire range of Buddhist teachings as they were preserved in Tibet. The first two parts of Book Six concern Indo-Tibetan Classical Learning and Buddhist Phenomenology. The former analyzes traditional subjects such as Sanskrit grammar, logic, and medicine. The principal non-Buddhist philosophical systems in vogue are then summarized and contrast- GYURME DORJE holds a PhD in Tibet- ed with the hierarchical meditative concentrations and formless an Literature and an MA in Sanskrit. absorptions through which the "summit of cyclic existence" can From 1991 to 1996 he held research fel- genuinely be attained. Part Two examines the phenomenological lowships at London University, where structures of Abhidharma-the shared inheritance of all Buddhist he worked on the Encyclopaedic Tibet- traditions. an-English Dictionary. He has written, JAMGON KONGTRUL LODRO TAYE (1813-1900), a pivotal figure in edited, translated and contributed to eastern Tibet's nonsectarian movement, was one of the most out- numerous books on Tibetan culture. standing writers and teachers of his time. He is based in London.

32 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE & CATALOG SPRING 12 (See for our complete catalog of products & descriptions'.) BREATH i NQ THROI/QH THE SPLENDID PRESCENCE OF THE QREAT QUHYAGARBHA WHOLE BODY Opening the Wisdom Door of the King of All Tantras The Buddha's Instructions on Integrating Mind, Body, and Breath by Will Johnson 6 pp., paper. #BRTHWH $12.95, OUR PRICE $7.77

"This book will be treasured as a brilliant revelation of the spiritual possibilities of our own human mind." by Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche and —REGINALD RAY, PH.D., Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche Will Johnson explains how stillness in meditation refers not to a edited by Andrew Cook, Pema Dragpa, Keith Endo, and rigid, frozen body but to a quality of mind, and he examines the Bud- Amanda Lewis of the Samye Translation Group dha's words: "As you breathe in, breathe in through the whole body; 654 pp., 39 b&w illustrations, cloth. #SPPRGR $44.95, as you breathe out, breathe out through the whole body." This often OUR PRICE $26.97 overlooked teaching explores the Buddha's complete series of steps for deepening awareness of the breath, inviting natural, responsive move- The Mula , or Roof Tantra of the Secret Essence, explains that buddhahood does ment back into posture and unifying the breath, body, and mind into a not come from outside ourselves. We are not practicing to create something that is currently absent single shared phenomenon. but will emerge at a later time—instead, we are simply discovering the true nature as it is. Therefore, The flow of breath is affected by chronic tensions in the body and the the teachings describe ourselves, others, and the entire universe as originally inseparable from the mind, and Johnson explains that when breath starts flowing through spontaneously inherent divine mandala. Appearance, sound, and awareness are already pure from more and more of the body, it becomes a direct agent of healing, mas- the beginning. They are in the enlightened status saging and melting areas of tension. right now. «**«« Along the course of history, many great masters and practitioners have achieved full realization by engaging in the Secret Essence teachings. Today we are connecting with this very same path by study- ing, contemplating, and meditating on the nugget essence of the Dharma through these instructions. We are finally discovering the profound and myste- rious secret that has been hidden from us for such a long time: the guhya garbha, or secret essence, of the inherent nature of reality.

VEGGIYANA: The Dharma of Cooking, with 108 Deliciousiy TO DISPEL THE MISERY OF Easy Vegetarian Recipes THE WORLD: Whispered by Sandra Garson, illustrated by Teachings of the Bodhisattvas Michelle Antonisse. 360 pp., two- color throughout. #VEDHCO by Ga Rabjampa, foreword by $19.95, OUR PRICE $11.97 Khenpo Appey, rans. by Rigpa Translations. 224 pp. #TODIMl "Wholesome Food from the $16.95 Whole Wide World." The kitchen is the most vital place on Earth, This first publication from Rig- because even now in the age of pa Translations, a project of Sogy- iPads and hadron colliders, sur- al Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan vival still depends on whole- Book of Living and Dying, contains some, nutritious food. In keeping a wealth of advice for those want- FREEDOM IN BONDAGE: with this simple truth, Veggiyana ing to become more fully human. The Life and Teachings of provides 108 tasty, beloved, and When we are disconnected from Adeu Rinpoche others we flounder, but when simple recipes from around the translated by Erik Pema Kunsang, we recognize the profound in- world. And generously sprin- compiled and edited by Marcia terdependence of all beings, we kled throughout are perfectly Binder Schmidt, forword by flourish and grow. In just a few- THE BUDDHA WALKS INTO A BAR spiced morsels of time-tested Tsoknyi Rinpoche. 192 pp., paper. pages of one-line instructions, the wisdom on how to live a life that #FRBOLI $18.95, OUR PRICE ...A Guide to Life for a New Generation famous Seven-Point Mind Train- nourishes both body and spirit. $11.37 by Lodro Rinzler Veggiyana brings the vitality of ing provides direct and powerful advice for breaking through the More than a prison memoir, 224 pp., paper. #BUWAIN $14.95, OUR PRICE $8.97 the world's kitchens to your Freedom in Bondage is infused chronic barriers that separate us, "A wise, practical, and down-to-earth presentation of the lib- own kitchen with timeless wis- with Adeu Rinpoche's equanimi- dom and recipes that delight and transforming adversity into op- erating teaching of Tibetan Buddhism. I highly recommend this portunities for spiritual growth. ty and wisdom and demonstrates inspire. the remarkable way in which he book to everyone who is interested in transforming their lives and this world we live in. Read it, then start a revolution!" ■ * » » « »®*©>®##« imparted Buddhist teachings. His life story and profound ob- —, author of Dharma Punx and The Heart of the servations present a compas- Revolution sionate face to the hardships he "A lively and engaging invitation to a new generation of and so many others endured and seekers, offering them a needed opportunity to be themselves, _ IBETAN triumphed over, inspiring a book to be real, and to be thoughtful about life, without taking the CALLIGRAPHY that is rich in spiritual realiza- spiritual journey so damn seriously."—ETHAN NlCHTERN, au- tion, pith instructions, and hu- thor of Your Emotions Won't Save You and One City man dignity. "Seriously fresh and freshly serious, this book is a terrific "Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche entry point for the young spiritual seeker."—SUMI LOUNDON, had expressly ordered Adeu editor of Blue Jean Buddha and The Buddha's Apprentices Rinpoche to take responsibility for the Drukpa Kagyu lineage, 113 TIBETAN CALLIGRAPHY: How to Write the Alphabet and More and Adeu Rinpoche transmitted I1IS by Sanje Elliott, foreword by . 104 pp. #TICAHO everything at least three times; able to uso whatever appears as a resource. $14.95, OUR PRICE $8.97 and now in Kham, Nepal, and —MlLAREPA . Tibetan Calligraphy explains how to capture the grace and elegance India, the entire Drukpa Kagyu lineage passes through him. He In the garden of gentle sanity may you be of Tibetan calligraphy with no prior knowledge or experience of ei- bombarded by coconuts of wakefulness. ther Tibetan language or calligraphy. The book includes many prayers, was truly the main lineage Hold- , and seed syllables to copy. Perfect for practitioners, artists, er of the Drukpa Kagyu of our —CHOGYAM TRUNGPA and anyone interested in the Tibetan language. time."—TSOKNYI RINPOCHE

© ORDERS: 1-800-950-0313 or SNOW LION 33 THE MIND'S OWN PHYSICIAN ENLIGHTENMENT A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama on the Healing Power of Meditation

edited by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD . ohamideva and Richard J. Davidson, PhD with Zara Houshmand Power o! Compassion to Transform Your Life 278 pp., cloth, 18 color photos, 12 b&w diagrams. #MIOWPH $24.95, OUR PRICE $14.97 By inviting the Dalai Lama and leading researchers in medi- cine, psychology, and neuroscience to join in conversation, the DAVID MI OH IE Mind & Life Institute set the stage for a fascinating exploration of the healing potential of the human mind. The Mind's Own Physician presents in its entirety the thirteenth Mind and Life dialogue, a discussion addressing a range of vital questions ENLIGHTENMENT TO GO: THE INTIMATE MIND: concerning the science and clinical applications of meditation: Shantideva and the Power Illuminating Emotion and How do meditative practices influence pain and human suffer- of Compassion to Transform Transformation ing? What role does the brain play in emotional well-being and Your Life by Tempa Dukte Lama, foreword by health? To what extent can our minds actually influence physi- by David Michie. 286 pp. H.H. 33rd Menri Trizin. 216 pp., cal disease? Are there important synergies here for transform- #ENTOGO $17.95, OUR PRICE paper. MNMIIL $18.95, OUR ing health care, and for understanding our own evolutionary $10.77 PRICE $11.37 limitations as a species? The Dalai Lama always rec- Our recognition of our poten- Edited by world-renowned researchers Jon Kabat-Zinn and ommends a classic text by the tial to awaken is the basis of the Richard J. Davidson, this book presents this remarkably dy- eighth-century Buddhist sage spiritual practice according to namic interchange along with intriguing research findings that Shantideva as essential reading Bon. Through this knowledge we shed light on the nature of the mind, its capacity to refine itself for those seeking life-changing have the choice to either remain through training, and its role in physical and emotional health. psychological tools and transcen- as we are or to transform our dent wisdom. In Enlightenment mind and our life. This thought "A fascinating conversation at the frontier of science and spirituality, to Go, David Michie provides a that turns the mind toward its medicine and meditation. Anyone who cares about wellbeing lively accessible introduction to essence is the aspiration of the and health will find both news and wisdom here." the "best of" Shantideva. With Intimate Mind. It allows us to -DANiEt GotEMAN, PhD, author of The Brain and Emotional Intelligence warmth, humor, and stories of his approach whatever we encoun- own experiences, Michie shows ter with genuine feelings of love, how modern psychological sci- compassion, and care; a capacity ence confirms Shantideva's in- that is calm and poised which sights, and he explores its pow- keeps us strong, stable, and clear, MEDITATIONS OF A BUDDHIST SKEPTIC erful antidotes to contemporary without fear, chaos, or judgment. A Manifesto for the Mind Sciences and Contemplative Practice problems, including stress, anxi- Tempa Dukte Lama helps us ety, and depression. Whether you remember our potential of innate are a newcomer to Buddhism or a goodness. Based on this recogni- by B. Alan Wallace seasoned practitioner, dip into En- tion, he offers teachings from the 304 pp., hardbound. #MEBUSK $27.95, OUR PRICE $16.77 lightenment to Go to get a glimpse three Bon paths of Sutra, Tantra, of a radiantly different reality Renowned Buddhist philosopher B. Alan Wallace reasserts and Dzogchen that will guide us the power of shamatha and vipashyana, traditional Buddhist right here in your busy life. on the path of transformation. "Compassionate wisdom meditations, to clarify the mind's role in the natural world. is brought alive. Practical and Raising profound questions about human nature, free will, and experience versus dogma, Wallace challenges the claim helpful."—TENZIN PALMO, au- thor of Into the Heart of Life that consciousness is nothing more than an emergent property of the brain with little relation to universal events. Rather, he "One of the 50 Best Spiritual maintains that the observer is essential to measuring quantum Books of 2011!—SPIRITUALITY systems and that mental phenomena (however conceived) in- AND PRACTICE magazine fluence brain function and behavior. Wallace embarks on a two-part mission: to restore human nature and to transcend it. He begins by explaining the value of skepticism in and the difficulty of merging their experiential methods of inquiry. Yet Wallace also proves that Buddhist views on human nature and the possibil- ity of free will liberate us from the metaphysical constraints of scientific materialism. He then explores the radical empiricism inspired by William James and applies it to Indian Buddhist philosophy's four schools and the Great Perfection school of Tibetan Buddhism. THE SACRED SITES OF THE "In his description of the tenets and practices of Buddhism, DALAI LAMAS: A Pilgrimage Wallace is a true master. His range and depth of knowledge to the Oracle Lake—DVD is astounding and his linking of this knowledge to the prac- tices and views of science is nearly unique." by Michael Wiese, narrated by Steve Dancz. 76-min. DVD —ARTHUR ZAJONC, professor of Physics, Amherst College, plus 40-min. of extra features. and author of Catching the Light: The Entwined History of Light #DVSASI $24.95, OUR PRICE and Mind $14.97 This compelling, remarkable THE FIVE TIBETANS: Five film really makes you feel like Dynamic Exercises for Health, you're there—exploring caves INEXHAUSTIBLE MIRACLES Energy, and Personal Power where Buddhist masters achieved The Ten Perfections on the Path of Compassionate Beings by Christopher S. Kilham. 96 pp., enlightenment, meditating in an- 18 b&w photos, paper. #FITI cient monasteries where early by Tempa Dukte Lama $9.95, OUR PRICE $5.97 Dalai Lamas and other masters foreword by Roshi These five yogic exercises from meditated, and looking in the Or- the Himalayas known as the Five acle Lake, high in the mountains, 160 pp., paper. #INMITE $16.95, OUR PRICE $10.17 Tibetans take only a minimum of where every Dalai Lama has had The Ten Perfections are the keys that open the door to inexhaustible daily time and effort but dramat- prophetic visions. Guides Glenn miracles in our life. They are heart practices of compassionate beings ically increase physical strength, Mullin (author of over 25 books) through which we perfect our actions of body, speech, and mind. The energy, suppleness and mental and Bhutanese monk Khenpo Ten Perfections are manifestations of compassion in our living experi- acuity. Regular practice of these Tashi make great guides for this ence. As compassionate beings, we nurture our wholesome qualities postures relieves muscle tension journey. through the causal Perfections. Once our practice bears fruit, the Per- and nervous stress, improves Sacred sites include: Potala, fections become a skillful means to help all beings. The qualities of the digestion, strengthens the car- Johkang, Drepung, , Drak Ten Perfections and their expressions in our lives are infinite on the diovascular system, and leads to Valley, caves of Songsten path to realizing our awakened nature. deep relaxation and well-being. Gampo, Jovvo Atisha, and Guru Enhances the energetic power of Rinpoche, Samye Monastery, "A valuable book, of great benefit for all readers." body and mind and provides a Lambhu Lagang, Ani Sanku Nun- —LATRI NYIMA DAKPA RINPOCHE, vehicle for enlivening the senses nery, Tsongkhapa meditation cave, author of Opening the Door to Bon and harnessing energy. Tranduk, and Stupa.

34 SNOW LION: THE BUDDHIST MAGAZINE & CATALOG SPRING 12 (See for our complete catalog of products & descriptions!) SHYAlPA flNZl** R \v\

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NOW I KNOW...That We All Have a Jewel Inside Us, Somewhere THE " Now I KNOW " SERIES by Sally Devorsine, endorsement by His Holiness the Dalai Lama LIVING FULLY: Finding Joy in 48 pp., paper, color illustrations'throughout. #NOKNJE $15.00, Every Breath "Sally Devorsine teaches English to the young reincarnation OUR PRICE $9.00 by Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche. 294 of a lama who was one of my own esteemed teachers, Dilgo Young Ryder is stumped by his teacher's class assignment to find pp., hardbound. #LIFUFI $19.95, Khyentse Rinpoche. She was inspired by the verses of Langri a way to help an elderly person. With his Mother's encouragement OUR PRICE $11.97 Thangpa to create these colourful storybooks, initially to en- and wise coaching, he sets out to find a grumpy old neighbor's 'soft We all aspire to live fullv and tertain her young student. Later, she realised that they might spot.' Even after he does, his project isn't easy. But Ryder finally freely in the moment. In Living provide a way to introduce some of the longstanding values manages to find a way to help Mr. Crabbin, and he comes to see the Fully, Shvalpa Tenzin Rinpoche that we Tibetans hold dear to children elsewhere in the world world a little differently, as a result. Like a good puzzle, readers are reveals timeless wisdom that can helped to discover the meaning of the book's title and how it con- today."—THE DALAI LAMA help us fulfill this deepest aspi- nects with the story—and a quote from Langri Thangpa provides ration. Each succinct teaching is some clues. With modern, Tibetan-influenced illustrations that will a luminous jewel, an invaluable appeal to children from 6 to 16 (and adults, too!). guide to actualizing our innate "In this story, we discover that instead of avoiding the people potential and breathing with joy whom we see as difficult or unfriendly, we can instead recognize and ease. the great opportunity they offer us: the chance to develop pa- Today, with so many strug- tience, kindness and love, therefore enriching our own lives as gling with financial, relationship, well as theirs."— and career challenges, Living Ful- ly: Finding Joy in Every Breath is a timely prescription. Rinpoche of- fers the tools we need to experi- ence genuine inner freedom, un- corrupted by endless craving for something better. Topics include beginning with a pure motiva- tion, the preciousness of breath, healing oneself and others, the NOW I KNOW...That I Wouldn't Be Who I Think I Am, essence of meditation, and spon- without Other People taneous fulfillment. by Sally Devorsine, endorsement by His Holiness the Dalai Lama 52 pp., paper, color illustrations throughout. #NOKNOT $15.00, OUR PRICE $9.00 Esme, is an 8-year-old girl who doesn't try to please others. Living with her mother and baby sister, she skips school, throws tantrums, The Ranee of the and asks to be left alone. Shortly after moving in, her grandmother weaves a tale for Esme, starting by asking her to imagine life with- Bodhisarrva, out her Mother. Then she takes Esme on a journey through what it's A Mahavfuui Sutra like to have a baby, how she was born, and then to the contributions so many people have made to her life, that made her the person she is. This opens Esme's eyes to the interconnectedness of all life, and how others have contributed to her existence. With modern, Tibetan-influenced illustrations that will appeal to children from 7 to 17 (and adults, too!). "By hurting others we will eventually, inevitably, also hurt our- selves. Therefore, the only way to live in happiness is to show everyone the same level of respect which we show ourselves." —MATTHIEU RICARD, translator of Guru Yoga and 77K Life ofSliabkar

THE RANGE OF THE BO- .... DHISATTVA, A MAHAYANA SUTRA: The Teachings of the NOW I KNOW...That Silly Hopes and Fears Will Just Nirgrantha Satyaka Make Wrinkles on My Face introduction and translation by by Sally Devorsine, endorsement by His Holiness the Dalai Lama Lozang jamspal, edited by Paul G. 48 pp., paper, color illustrations throughout. #NOKNSI Hackett, under the auspices of the $15.00, OUR PRICE $9.00 Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences In this story Megan befriends a shy new student named Hazel in Translation Initiative. class. Megan so successfully helps Hazel adapt that she finds herself 312 pp., cloth. #RABOMA left behind—or so she thinks. With the help of her wise teacher, she $49.00, OUR PRICE $29.40 discovers how her own thoughts and expectations were separating This is a study and the first her from those she cared about, and Megan comes to learn that she complete English translation was not separate from them at all. In fact, she finds out how much of the Mahayana Sutra, the Bo- she is appreciated! With modern, Tibetan-influenced illustrations dhisattva-gocara, which pres- NOW I KNOW...That It's Better to Face My Monsters that will appeal to children from 6 to 16 (and adults, too!). ents one of the only Buddhist by Sally Devorsine, endorsement by His Holiness the Dalai Lama "In this story, we are driven towards a recognition of how point- teachings extant on what might 36 pp., paper, color illustrations throughout. #NOKNMO less and potentially destructive all our hopes and fears can be. In be called a "Buddhist theory of $15.00, OUR PRICE $9.00 realizing this, we can then free ourselves from further suffering and war." The main body of the text In a classroom setting, disruptive Timmy meets up with his allow ourselves to enjoy each moment of life as it comes, for what it takes the form of a dialogue be- "monster." With the help of his patient teacher, he finds out that he is, with no expectations."—MATTHIEU RICARD tween King Candapradyota and can tame his monster by welcoming him and acknowledging him, % * *;. :*■ :*: «