Market: PROVIDENCE Rank: 52

Station: WLNE WPRI WJAR WNAC WLWC Owner: Global Broadcast LIN TV NBC LIN TV 4 Points Media Rep: Telerep Petry Media Media General Petry Media Aff/Ch: ABC/6 CBS/12 NBC/10 FOX/MyTV/64 CW/28 GM: Steve Doerr Jay Howell Lisa Churchville Jay Howell TINA CASTANO PD: Rosie Pam Brennan Elaine Moy-Gederman Pam Brennan 401.351.8828 5am News Morning News News Shop at Home Shepherd Chapel 5:30am 6am 6 News Morning Early News NBC 10 News Daily Buzz 6:30am Roseanne 7am GMA EARLY SHOW TODAY SHOW Kids 7:30am Paid 8am GMA EARLY SHOW TODAY SHOW Family Feud Tyra Banks 8:30am George Lopez 9am Racheal Ray,08,1.5k 700 Club TODAY SHOW MORNING SHOW Judge Alex 930am (Martha) Cristina's Court 10am Dr. Phil Montel Williams REGIS KELLY SPRINGER JDY 10:30am ($20k, '11) (DOCTORS,$1.5) 11, $5k wk JDY 11am VIEW Price is Right Today Show MAURY Divorce Court 11:30am Divorce Court 12pm News at 4 News News Paid () People's Court 12:30pm MILLIONAIRE Young & Restless Paid King of the Hill 1pm ALL CHILDREN DAYS Paid () Judge Mathis 1:30pm Bold & Beautiful HATCHETT 2pm 1 LIFE LIVE As the World Turns Martha LOPEZ That 70's Show 2:30pm Rachael, 08-10, $2k (KAREN) That 70's Show 3pm WLNE, NEWS ELLEN JUDGE JOE All of Us 3:30pm $3.5K, '10 What I Like… 4pm News at 4 Judge Judy OPRAH TMZ TV Reba 4:30pm $6k, 08 $25K '11 Family Feud Reba

5pm Dr. Phil News News Scrubs Bonnie Hunt 5:30pm ($20k, '11) News News Scrubs KOQ 5pm, 09, $2k 6pm News News News KOQ 6:30pm ABC News CBS News NBC News Raymond 7pm ET, $5K '11 Wheel, 12k, '13 Extra 2.5 Men 7:30pm Insider, (Inside E'11) Jeop, $12k, '13 AH, '10, $3.3k Family Guy 2.5 Men 8pm ABC Prime CBS Prime NBC Prime FOX Prime CW Prime 8:30pm 9pm 9:30pm 10pm News 10:30pm News/Sports Will & Grace 11pm News News News SEINFELD Sex & the City 11:30pm Late Show Tonight Show My Network TV Sex & the City 12am Jimmy Kimmel Friends 12:30am Late, Late Show Raymond 1am Paid 1:30am HATCHETT Last Call King of the Hill South Park 2am Entertainment Up to the Minute Tonight Show Still Standing Reno 911! 2:30am Caught in Prov. Paid Paid 3am ABC News Late Night SIGN OFF Judge Alex 3:30am Cristina's Court 4am Inside Edition One on One 4:30am CBS Mrng News Early Today Half & Half Projected MONK TRIVIAL OFFICE, 09, 2K Changes: KAREN SVU 1 YEAR GREYS WIZARDS HOUSEWIVES Market: NORFOLK Rank: 42

Station: WVEC WTKR WAVY WVBT WTVZ WGNT WSKY Owner: Local Lin Television Lin Television Sinclair Sky Television Rep: Telerep Katz Petry Media Petry Media HRP MMT Aff/Ch: ABC/13 CBS/3 NBC/10 FOX/43 MyTV/33 CW/27 IND/4 GM: Jim Berman Jeff Hoffman Doug Davis Doug Davis Bill Scaffide Steve Soldinger Glenn Holterhaus PD: Chris Wolf Ed Marlowe Main line: 757.625.1313 757.445.1000 757.393.1010 757.393.4343 757.622.3333 757.393.2501 252.457.5054 5am 13 News Daybreak NewsChannel News Paid Paid Cosby Show Marketplace 5:30am News Paid Paid Good Times Marketplace 6am 13 News Daybreak News News First Business Paid Paid 6:30am Paid Paid Paid 7am GMA CBS This Morn Today Show Paid Paid Marketplace 7:30am Paid Paid Marketplace 8am GMA Better Norfolk Paid Paid 8:30am Paid Marketplace 9:00am Regis & Kelly Ellen Today Show Crosswords Tyra Banks Judge Mathis Marketplace 9:30am Style Jury 10:00am Rachael, '10 Millionaire Today Show Martha People's Court Divorce Court 10:30am $1,.5k Millionaire 11:00am View Price is Right 700 Club Morning Show Law & Order CI Judge Alex Paid 11:30am (Marie) Paid 12:00pm 13 News Daybreak News WAVY News Steve Wilkos Trivial Pursuit Judge Karen Paid 12:30pm Young & Restless (Amer Funniest) (?) Eye for Eye 1:00pm All Children Days of Lives Christina's Court Feud Judge Mathis Paid 1:30pm Bold & Beautiful Paid 2:00pm 1 life to live As the World Turns Bonnie, '10, 1k Judge Hatchett Judge D Young Family Court Paid 2:30pm (Street Court) 3:00pm General Hospital Guiding Light People's Court Tyra-CW Party of Five 3:30pm (Dr. Oz) 4:00pm Oprah, '12, $32k Deal No Deal Doctors, '10, 2k Steve Wilkos Half & Half Tyra-CW Roseanne 4:30pm Deal No Deal My Wife & Kids 5:00pm News News News Maury Povich Simpsons Dr. Phil Different World 5:30pm News $4.5k '10 Simpsons 6:00pm News News News TMZ Raymond Judge Judy Still Standing 6:30pm ABC News CBS News NBC News Scrubs Raymond Judge Judy 7:00pm Wheel of Fortune Inside Edition ET Family Guy(2500/wk) Two & Half Men Judge Joe Brown King Hill 7:30pm Jeopardy! EXTRA Insider '11 Family Guy(2500/wk) Two & Half Men Judge Joe Brown (Earl Hour) 8:00pm ABC Prime CBS Prime NBC Prime FOX Prime My Network CW/Various Frasier 8:30pm 9:00pm In Heat Night 9:30pm

10:00pm News 70's/G.Lopez House of Payne(08-4yrs)

10:30pm Sportswrap (Office Hour) House of Payne(08-4yrs) 11:00pm News News News Scrubs Friends One on One Cops 11:30pm Nightline Late Show Tonight Show SEINFELD Friends One on One 12:00am Jimmy Kimmel SEINFELD Sex & the City Bernie Mac Reno 911 12:30am Late, Late Show Late Night Scrubs Will & Grace Fresh Prince 1:00am Paid Paid What's Happening Marketplace 1:30am ABC World News EXTRA Later Paid Half & Half Cosby Show Paid 2:00am Up to the Minute NBC All Night Paid Malcolm Middle Paid Paid 2:30am Paid Paid Paid Paid 3am Paid Paid Dr. Phil Paid 3:30am Paid Paid Paid 4am ET Montel Williams Paid What's Happening Marketplace 4:30am News Morning CBS Mrng News Early Today Will & Grace Marketplace

Projected Mike and Juliet 2.5 Men(1000/wk) House of Payne(08-4yrs)KOQ 2nd

Changes: Family Guy(2500/wk) That 70's Show 2nd cycle 10-11pm, $5k wk Nanny-Mad(07-08)

Office, 2k How Met Mother 1k

Earl, barter

Market: HARTFORD Rank: 28

Station: WTNH WFSB WVIT WTIC WTXX WCTX Owner: LIN Meredith NBC Tribune Tribune LIN Rep: Petry Media HRP NBC Station Sales Telerep MMT Petry Media Aff/Ch: ABC/8 CBS/3 NBC/30 Fox/61 CW/20 MyTV/59 GM: Jon Hitchcock Klarn DePalma Dave Dobler Rich Graziano Rich Graziano PD: JUDI MICMAK Ronni Attenello Wendy Logsdon Wendy Logsdon JUDI MICKMAC 5am News News News Paid Paid Paid 5:30am 6am News News News Local News 6:30am 7am Good Mrng America News Today Show Local News Good Morning 7:30am 8am Fox Morning New Paid 8:30am 9am Regis & Kelly Dr. Phil ($20K) Today Show Maury Povich DeGrassi Jack Hanna 9:30am Dr.Phil, '09, $7k (Regis 09, $3k) Family Court Paid 10am Rachael Ray Better Connecticut Today Show Doctors $1k Paid 10:30am 10 Fresh Prince 11am The View Price is Right NBC 30 News Martha Judge Greg Mathis Morning Show (House Payne 11:30am (1/2 and 1/2) 12pm News News BonnieHunt Family Feud Judge Karen One on One (SVU) 12:30pm Young & Restless Family Feud (Judge Pirro) Half and Half 1pm Days of Our Lives Millionaire Judge Alex Judge David 1:30pm Bold & Beautiful Millionaire Judge Alex (Street Crt) 2pm One Life to Live As the World Turns People's Court Jerry Springer Divorce Court Judge Hatchet 2:30pm Divorce Court (Judge Joe) 3pm General Hospital Guiding Light Ellen Steve Wilkos Pirro-CW Judge Joe 3:30pm 2011 (Tyra) (Marie) 4pm Judge Judy Oprah Deal or No Deal Maury Povich J.Foxx Law & Order CI 4:30pm 11, $60k 09 (Tyra) (Wendy William) 5pm News News News Simpsons Tyra Banks Montel 5:30pm Simpsons (Hates Chris) (KOQ's, hour) 6pm News News News Familly Guy Friend/Friend According to Jim Scrubs Hour 6:30pm ABC News CBS News NBC News Family Guy (70's/Friends) Scrubs 7pm Jeopardy! Inside Edition Extra Two and Half Men That 70's Show House of Payne Dr. Phil, $20k,'09 7:30pm Wheel of Fortune ET Access Two and Half Men (Office Hour) King of Queens 8pm ABC Prime CBS Prime NBC Prime FOX Prime CW Prime MyTV/59 8:30pm 9pm 9:30pm 10pm Fox 61 News Fox 61 News News 10:30pm TMZ 11pm News News News Sex & the City Scrubs (AFV Hour) 11:30pm Nightline Late Show Tonight Show SEINFELD Will & Grace According to Jim 12am Jimmy Kimmel SEINFELD Frasier Reno 911 House Payne 12:30am ET Late Night King of Hill Malcolm Middle Still Standing 1am Paid Late, Late Show King of Hill Bernie Mac Insider 1:30am The Insider Last Call Paid George Lopez Home Shopping 2am Judge Joe Brown CBS News Tonight Show ® Paid Will & Grace 2:30am ABC World News Paid Paid Recipe TV 3am Up to the Minute Late Night Paid Judge Mathis 3:30am Paid 4am Weather Plus Fox 61 News Paid 4:30am News Morning CBS Morning News Early Today Paid

Projected Raymond 2nd Family Guy

Changes: G. Lopez

2.5 Men

Market: Rank: 24

Station: WJZ WBAL WMAR WBFF WNUV WUTB Owner: Viacom Hearst Argyle Scripps Howard Sinclair Sinclair Fox TV Stations Rep: CBS Spot Sales Eagle TV Sales HRP Telerep Telerep Fox Stations Sales Aff/Ch: CBS/13 NBC/11 ABC/2 FOX/45 CW/54 MyTV/24 GM: Jay Jordan Wertlieb Bill Fanshawe Bill Fanshawe Alan Sawyer PD: Michelle Dowd-Wood Wanda Draper Darlene Dorman Mary Press Mary Press 5am Rise & Shine 11 News First Business Paid My 24 News 5:30am 11 News Sunrise News Fox 45 Early News 6am Morning Edition 11 News 6A Good Morn Md Fox 45 Morn News 6:30am Paid 7am This Morn Edition Today Show Good Morn America Kids My 24 News 7:30am Paid 8am The Early Show Judge David Young Mash 8:30am 9am Maury Povich Today Show Good Morning Paid Judge Greg Mathis Morning Show 9:30am $5K '10 Paid 10am Guiding Light Regis & Kelly Racheal Ray 700 Club Judge Lopez Hatchet/Hatchet 10:30am $9K, '10 $4k, '10 (Wendy William) 11am Price is Right Martha The View Paid Steve Wilkos TMZ/Extra 11:30am Paid (Feud) 12pm News News P.Court, $5k '10) Paid Jerry Springer TMZ/Extra 12:30pm Young & Restless Access Hollywood Kids (5th Gradaer) 1pm Days of Our Lives All My Children Deal Cosby Show Trivial/Trivial 1:30pm Bold & Beautiful Deal Cosby Show 2pm As the World Turns Bonnie, $500, 09 One Life to Live Jerry Springer Paid Feud 2:30pm (Dr. Oz) George Lopez Feud 3pm Dr. Phil Ellen General Hospital Judge Greg Mathis All About Us, CW Christina 3:30pm $30K '11 $6K, '12 What I like… 4pm News Doctors, 2k, '10 Judge Joe Brown Reba Judge Alex 4:30pm $60K, '11 Judge Judy Reba 5pm News News News Judge Judy One on One Divorce Court 5:30pm News Fox 45 News 70's Show 6pm News News Judge Joe Brown The Simpsons TMZ 6:30pm NBC News ABC News King of Queens Family Guy Extra EXTRA 7pm CBS News Inside E $11K "12 Jeopardy $15k '12 King of Queens The Simpsons Two Half Men 7:30pm ET, $16K '11 AH, $11k '10 Wheel of Fortune Friends Family Guy Raymond 8pm CBS Prime NBC Prime ABC Prime FOX Prime CW Prime My TV Prime 8:30pm 9pm 9:30pm 10pm News My Wife & Kids Two Half Men 10:30pm Bernie Mac Raymond 11pm News News News News Half & Half SEINFELD 11:30pm Late Show Tonight Show Nightline News Half & Half SEINFELD 12am Jimmy Kimmel Law & Order CI One on One Scrubs 12:30am Late, Late Show Late Night (SVU) Living Single Wil & Grace 1am EXTRA According Jim Paid Still Standing 1:30am ET Last Call Paid Malcolm Middle Bernie Mac Paid 2am Dr. Phil Poker After Dark Ent King of the Hill Paid 2:30am Various Sex in City 3am Up to the Minute Tonight Show News Becker 3:30am ABC World News Home Improvement 4am CBS AM News Paid Paid Paid 4:30am Early Today News Paid Paid Projected Monk '08 Friends - 2nd Cycle Family Guy 2.5 Men Changes: '07 Steve Wilkos CSI Miami Without a Trace

Market: Rank: 25

Station: WRTV WISH WTHR WXIN WNDY WTTV Owner: McGraw-Hill Lin Television Dispatch Printing Tribune Lin Television Tribune Rep: HRP Petry Blair Telerep MMT Telerep Aff/Ch: ABC/6 CBS/8 NBC/13 FOX/59 MyTV/23 CW/4 GM Don Lundy Jeff White Jim Tullus Jerry Martin Jeff White Jerry Martin PD Paul Montgomery Rick Thedwall Rod Porter Wendy Logsdon Lance Carwile Wendy Logsdon 5am News News News Roseanne AgDay Paid 5:30am Roseanne Paid 6am News News News News Paid 6:30am Paid Paid 7am Good Mrng America News Today Show Kids Kids 7:30am Jack Hanna Paid 8am The Early Show Better 8:30am 9am Regis & Kelly Racheal Ray Today Show-2 Morning Show Divorce Court Judge Mathis 9:30am (Street Court) 10am Bonnie Hunt, $2k Ellen Tyra Banks Judge David Young People's Court 10:30am (Judge Alex) 11am The View Price Is Right Days of Our Lives Morning News Divorce Court Judge Hatchett 11:30am TMZ (Wendy Will) Judge Hatchett 12pm News News News Millionaire Andy/Lucy Judge Lopez 12:30pm Judge Joe Brown Young & Restless News Millionaire '09 (Marie, $800) (Judge Karen) 1pm All My Children Passions Maury Povich Matlock Judge Mathis 1:30pm Bold & Beautiful 2pm One Life To Live As the World Turns Montel Jerry Springer 700 Club People's Court 2:30pm (Dr. Oz) 3pm General Hospital Guiding Light Dr. Phil Steve Wilkos Family Feud What I Like… 3:30pm Trivial/(Deal) (Tyra-CW) 4pm Judge Judy Doctors '10 Oprah Winfrey Maury Povich Law & Order CI Reba 4:30pm Judge Judy (SVU) (Tyra-CW) 5pm News News News Tyra Banks Bernie Mac My Wife & Kids 5:30pm News (Earl/Office) According to Jim Malcolm Middle 6pm News News News The Simpsons George Lopez everyone raymond 6:30pm ABC News CBS News NBC News The Simpsons King of Queens Friends/Office 7pm News Inside Edition Wheel of Fortune Family Guy Deal No Deal Two and Half 7:30pm Insider, '10 ET Jeopardy! SEINFELD That 70's Show Two and Half 8pm ABC Prime CBS Prime NBC Prime FOX Prime My Network CW Prime 8:30pm 9pm 9:30pm 10pm Fox News News 8 at 10p Raymond 10:30pm Access Hollywood Still/Office 11pm News News News Family Guy That 70's Show Bob Tom Show 11:30pm Nightline Late Show Tonight Show SEINFELD South Park Bob Tom Show 12am Jimmy Kimmel TMZ King of the Hill Will and Grace 12:30am Late Late Show Late Night Scrubs Frasier Will and Grace 1am The Insider Just Shoot Me Comics Unleashed Blind Date 1:30am Paid News ® Last Call Paid Half & Half Cops 2am The Insider ET ® News Fox News paid Paid 2:30am ABC World News Up to the Minute Poker After Dark paid Paid 3am Paid paid Paid 3:30am Tonight Show Recipe TV Paid 4am Ent Paid Cheaters 4:30am News Morning CBS Morning News News Paid Paid Paid Projected Mike and Juliet Cold Case 2x 07-09 Changes: Without a Trace WHMB CSI NY 2x '08 House of Payne

Market: Rank: 17

Station: WEWS WOIO WKYC WJW WUAB WBNX Owner: Scripps Howard Raycom Media Fox Raycom Media Winston Broad. Rep: Katz Telerep Petry Media Fox Station Sales Telerep Adam Young Aff/Ch: ABC/5 CBS/19 NBC/3 FOX/8 MyTv/43 CW/55 GM: Vicki Regan Bill Applegate Brooke Spectorsky Greg Easterly Bill Applegate Lou Spangler PD: Gary Stark Lisa McManus Terry Moir Kevin Sayler Lisa McManus Eddie Brown, GSM 5am News News News Local News Paid MarketPlace 5:30am Martin 6am Good AM Cleveland Action News AM Ch 3 News Today Daily Buzz 1 6:30am Paid 7am Good Mrn America Early Show-1 Today Show Kids/EI Daily Buzz 2 7:30am Early Show-2 Paid 8am Roseanne Cleveland Place 8:30am Roseanne Jack Hanna 9am Regis & Kelly Family Feud Today Show Morning Show The 700 Club 90 & 9 Club 9:30am (Millionaire) (Local News) 10am Bonnie $3k, 09 Family Feud Good Company TV That's Life Steve Wilkos Martha 10:30am (Dr. Oz) (?) 2010 11am The View Price is Right Today Show Divorce Court Jerry Springer People's Court 11:30am Judge Joe Brown 2012 12pm News Midday News News News Maury Povich Judge David Young 12:30pm News Young & Restless The Insider (5th Grader) 1pm All My Children Days of Our Lives Tyra Judge Karen Family Court 1:30pm Bold & Beautiful (Bonnie, $2k) (Judge Mathis) 2pm One Life to Live As the World Turns Racheal Ray Divorce Court Judge Mathis Better 2:30pm (Street Ct) (Judge Pirro) 3pm General Hospital Guiding Light Doctors, 10 Judge Joe Brown Judge Hatchett Judge Piro CW 3:30pm Judge Alex 4pm Oprah Winfrey News Ellen Judge Judy Judge Mathis J Foxx CW 4:30pm Judge Judy ® (Wendy William) Wayans - CW 5pm Live on Five News Dr. Phil News 70's 2nd cycle My Wife Kids 5:30pm 70's (Earl) House Payne 6pm News News News News The Simpsons George Lopez 6:30pm ABC News CBS News NBC News Family Guy Jim/(Scrubs) 7pm Wheel of Fortune Millionaire News Access Hollywood Two & Half Men Raymond 7:30pm Jeopardy! Deal, (Inside E) ET SEINFELD Two & Half Men Raymond 8pm ABC Prime CBS Prime NBC Prime FOX Prime MyTV/Prime WB/Various 8:30pm 9pm 9:30pm 10pm Fox 8 News News Friends/(Office) 10:30pm Friends/(Office) 11pm News News News SEINFELD Family Guy George Lopez 11:30pm Nightline Late Show Tonight Show TMZ King of Queens Frasier

12am Jimmy Kimmel Malcolm in the Middle Scrubs (Earl) House Payne 12:30am Late, Late Show Late Night Fox News Bernie Mac One on One 1am News Fox News Scrubs Jury Duty 1:30am Paid Extra Last Call Mash Bernie Mac Eye For An Eye 2am Paid Tonight Show (R) Paid/Movie(Fri) Sex & the City Still Standing 2:30am Ultimate Poker Paid Paid MarketPlace 3am Paid Paid Paid MarketPlace 3:30am ABC World News Up to the Minute Paid Paid Paid Eye For An Eye 4am The Insider Cops Paid People's Court 4:30am News Morning News Morning Early Today Christina's Court Paid Projected Deal $2k How Met Mother Hates Chris Changes: Trivial Pursuit $2k Scrubs Earl, $2k Office $3k 5th Grader $3k Better

Market: DETROIT MON-FRI Rank: 11

Station: WDIV WMYD WJBK (Mar '06) WKBD (Mar '06) WWJ (Mar '06) WXYZ (Mar '06) Owner: Post- Granite Fox Television CBS CBS Scripps-Howard Rep: MMT HRP FoxTV Sales Telerep Viacom Sales Katz Aff/Ch: NBC/4 WB/20 FOX/2 CW/50 CBS/62 ABC/7 GM: Marla Drutz Sarah Norat-Phillips Jeff Murri Trey Faubacher Trey Faubacher Bob Sliwa PD: Laurie Oberman Connie Davis Paul Prange Paul Prange 5am Local 4 News DeGrassi Fox 2 News Paid/Various CBS Up To The Action News 5:30am Paid/Various Paid/Various Minute 6am Local 4 News Market Place Paid/Various Paid/Various 6:30am Market Place Paid/Various CBS Morning News 7am Today Show Market Place Paid/Various The Early Show Good Morning 7:30am Market Place Paid/Various America 8am Market Place People's Court 8:30am DeGrassi 9am Today Show-2 Still Standing Morning Show Judge Greg Mathis ® Feud/Trivial Regis & Kelly 9:30am Temptations (Local News) Feud/Deal) 10am Ellen 700 Club Martha People's Court Guiding Light Doctors, $25k 10:30am 2008-2010 11am Racheal Ray Jerry Springer Fox 2 News Judge David Young Price Is Right The View 11:30am (Judge Mathis) 12pm Local 4 News Maury Povich Tyra Banks ® Judge Karen Family Feud Action News 12:30pm Jeopardy! ® (Wendy William) (Judge Pirro) Young & Restless 1pm Days of Our Lives Steve Wilkos Cristina's Court One on One All My Children 1:30pm (5th Grader Hr) Living Single Bold & Beautiful 2pm Today Show-3 Jerry Springer Divorce Court People's Court As the World Turns One Life to Live 2:30pm Divorce Court 3pm Deal/Millionaire Maury Povich Judge Alex ® Judge Pirro CW Dr. Phil General Hospital 3:30pm (Dr. Oz) Judge Alex ® (Tyra-CW 4pm Local 4 News Law & Order CI Judge Judy J Foxx Judge Greg Mathis Oprah Winfrey 4:30pm Inside Edition (SVU) Judge Judy ® (Tyra-CW) 5pm Local 4 News House of Payne Fox 2 News My Wife & Kids Judge Joe Brown Action News

5:30pm Malcolm in the Middle Judge Joe Brown ® 6pm Local 4 News Scrubs Fox 2 News The Simpsons The Insider Action News 6:30pm NBC News Family Guy $10kwe Access Hollywood King of Queens CBS News ABC News 7pm Wheel of Fortune Friends/Friends TMZ.COM King of Queens Dr. Phil Action News 7:30pm Jeopardy! (Office/Office) SEINFELD Two & Half Men ET 8pm NBC Prime MyTv Prime FOX Prime CW Prime CBS Prime ABC Prime 8:30pm 9pm 9:30pm 10pm News Fox 2 News 70's Show/Earl 10:30pm Scrubs Malcolm/Earl 11pm Local 4 News Family Guy $10kwe Fox 2 News The Simpsons Two & Half Men Action News 11:30pm Tonight Show Punked SEINFELD Everybody Raymond Letterman Nightline 12am Still Standing Bernie Mac According Jim Jimmy Kimmel 12:30am Late Night Ken Copeland Bernie Mac Everybody Raymond Ferguson 1am Market Place King of Hill Sex in City Inside Edition 1:30am Paid/Various Half and Half MASH Frasier Insider Paid/Various 2am Market Place Fox 2 News ® South Park Paid/Various Paid/Various 2:30am Last Call Still Standing Paid/Various Paid/Various 3am Tonight Show ® Ent Tyra Banks ® Paid/Various The Insider ABC World 3:30am Eye For An Eye Paid/Various Paid/Various News Now 4am Paid/Various Paid/Various Cops Paid/Various CBS Up To The ET ® 4:30am Early Today Access Hollywood Paid/Various Minute ABC News Projected Office, $5k wk 5th Grader B How Met Mother Grey's Anatomy Changes: Wendy William $5.5wk Earl, $3k wk


Station: WUSA WRC WJLA WTTG WDCA WDCW Owner: Gannett Broadcasting NBC Allbritton Fox TV Stations Fox TV Stations Tribune Rep: Petry NBC TV Station Sales Katz Fox Station Sales Fox Station Sales HRP Aff/Ch: CBS/9 NBC/4 ABC/7 FOX/5 My Net/20 CW/50 GM: Alan Horlick Michael Jack Fred Ryan Duffy Dyer Duffy Dyer Eric Meyrowitz PD: Sue Baldwin James Killen Sonya Shaw Sonya Shaw Tanya Von Pool 5am 9News Now NBC 4 News ABC 7 News FOX 5 Morning Paid/Various Paid/Various 5:30am 9News Now News Paid/Various Paid/Various 6am 9News Now ABC 7 News FOX 5 Morning Paid/Various Paid/Various 6:30am News Paid/Various Paid/Various 7am The Early Show Today Show Good Morning FOX 5 Morning Religion Paid/Various 7:30am America News Religion George Lopez 8am Paid/Various Jerry Springer 8:30am Kids E/I 9am 9News Now Today Show Regis & Kelly Morning Show One on One Mathis 9:30am (Local News) 1/2 and 1/2 10am Insider/Inside E Today Show Martha Stewart Rachael Ray 70's Show People's Court 10:30am (Guiding Light) $8k '10 11am Price is Right NBC 4 News The View Fox News Mid Scrubs People's Court 11:30am 12pm News Bonnie Hunt ABC 7 News Tyra King of Queens Steve Wilkos 12:30pm Young & Restless Millionaire (Wendy Williams) King of Queens 1pm Days of Our Lives All My Children Judge David Young Still Standing Maury Povich ® 1:30pm Bold & Beautiful (Divorce Ct) 2pm As the World Turns Ellen One Life to Live Judge Christine Trivial Maury Povich ® 2:30pm 10, $5k (Judge Alex) (5th Grader Hour) 3pm Guiding Light Dr. Phil General Hospital Judge Alex Feud Tyra- CW 3:30pm (Dr. Oz) (Deal No Deal?) (Dr. Phil '09, 45k) 4pm Doctors NBC 4 News Oprah Winfrey Judge Joe Brown ® Deal or New Deal Tyra- CW 4:30pm 10, $8k 11, $75k Judge Judy ® 5pm 9News Now NBC 4 News ABC 7 News News Divorce Court Judge Greg Mathis 5:30pm News (Wendy William) 6pm 9News Now NBC 4 News ABC 7 News News Judge Judy Wife,Kids(KOQ's) 6:30pm CBS News ABC News TMZ Judge Brown Friends(KOQ's) 7pm News NBC News Wheel of Fortune The Simpsons House Payne Two Half Men 7:30pm ET Access Hollywood Jeopardy! Seinfeld(Office) House Payne Two Half Men 8pm CBS Prime NBC Prime ABC Prime FOX Prime My Net/20 CW Prime 8:30pm 9pm 9:30pm 10pm FOX 5 News Raymond Friends 10:30pm King of Hill Sex & The City 11pm News NBC 4 News ABC 7 News FOX 5 News King of Hill(Seinfeld) Family Guy 11:30pm Late Show Tonight Show Nightline TMZ, '09 Seinfeld Family Guy 12am Jimmy Kimmel Raymond(Office) Law & Order CI Bernie Mac 12:30am Late, Late Show Late Night Malcolm Bernie Mac 1am Oprah Malcolm(Earl) Tyra Will and Grace 1:30am The Insider Last Call Paid (Earl) South Park 2am CBS News Tonight Show ® extra Paid/Various Jury Duty Paid/Various 2:30am Paid Paid/Various Paid/Various Paid/Various 3am Late Night ® ABC News Now Paid/Various Paid/Various Paid/Various 3:30am Paid/Various Paid/Various Paid/Various 4am Access Hollywood ® Cops Paid/Various Paid/Various 4:30am CBS Morning News Early Today Cops Paid/Various Paid/Various Projected Wendy Williams Dr. Phil '09 $45k Changes: Dr. Phil '09, $45k Office '09, $10k Everyone Hates Earl Latenight W/recap

Market: MON-FRI Rank: 7

Station: WBZ WHDH WCVB WFXT WLVI WSBK WZMY Owner: CBS Sunbeam TV Hearst Argyle Fox Sunbeam TV CBS Shooting Star Rep: CBS Spot Sales Telerep Eagle TV Fox Stations Sales HRP CBS Spot Sales None Aff/Ch: CBS/4 NBC/7 ABC/5 Fox/25 CW/56 IND/38 MyTv/50 GM: Ed Piette Chris Wayland Bill Fine Gregg Kelley Chris Wayland Ed Piette Gene Steinberg PD: Christine Ferrara Joan McCready Liz Cheng Tricia Maloney Joan McReady Christine Ferrara Gene Steinberg 5am CBS4 News 7 News Today NewsCenter 5: Fox 25 News Paid/Various Paid/Various Paid/Various 5:30am in New England EyeOpener Paid/Various Paid/Various Paid/Various 6am CBS4 News Paid/Relgion Paid/Various Religion 6:30am Paid/Relgion Paid/Various 7am The Early Show Today Show Good Morning Paid/Various Paid/Various 7:30am America Paid/Various DIC Kids 8am Paid/Various Paid/Various Paid/Various 8:30am Paid/Various 9am Guiding Light Regis & Kelly Ellen Morning Show Steve Wilkos Family Court My Golf 9:30am $15k, '11 $19k, '11 (Local News) (Insider/ET) My Killington 10am Rachael Ray Today Show Bonnie Hunt Martha Maury Povich Judge Young My Fav Rstrnt 10:30am $20k '10 $2k, '10 Barter, '10 (Marie,'10, B) Autotrm Suzuki 11am Price is Right Today Show The View Tyra Banks Jerry Springer People's Court ® My Premier Bride 11:30am (Dr. Oz) (Judge Mathis) Home & Garden 12pm News 7 News NewsCenter 5 Divorce Ct. Maury Povich ® Phantom Chef My Killington 12:30pm Young & Restless Millionaire (Hatchett?) My Elegant 1pm Days of Our Lives All My Children Judge Alex Steve Wilkos Judge Karen My Fav Rstrnt 1:30pm Bold & Beautiful $1k, 2010 (Street Court) Eye for an Eye 2pm As the World Turns Doctors One Life to Live Christina My Wife/Lopez People's Court Judge Greg Mathis 2:30pm $5k, '10 (Pirro) (Wendy Williams) 3pm Dr. Phil Family Feud General Hospital Law & Order CI CW-Tyra Judge Joe People's Court 3:30pm $80k wk, '11 $2k, '10 (Dr. Oz) 12, 4pm Judge Judy 7 News Oprah Winfrey Trivial Pursuit CW-Tyra Still Stand (AFV) DeGrassi 4:30pm $50k wk, '12 $125k, '11 (5th Grader) Punked (AFV) Frasier 5pm CBS4 News 7 News News Fox 25 News According to Jim Deal (KOQ's) Family Feud 5:30pm Fox 25 News Scrubs 70's (KOQ's) Temptation 6pm CBS4 News 7 News News TMZ, $10k, '10 Family Guy KOQ's (Office) Crossword

6:30pm CBS News NBC News ABC News Malcolm in the Middle Family Guy KOQ's (Earl) Family Feud 7pm The Insider Access, $8.5k, '12 Inside Edition SEINFELD Two and Half Wheel of Fortune Frasier 7:30pm ET, $30k, '12 Extra, $12k, '12 Chronicle The Simpsons Two and Half Jeopardy! That 70's Show 8pm CBS Prime NBC Prime ABC Prime FOX Prime CW Prime Dr. Phil ® My TV Prime 8:30pm (SVU) 9pm TV 38 News 9:30pm Jeopardy!(Fraser) 10pm Fox 25 News 7 News at 10 Frasier(Office) That 70's Show 10:30pm Frasier(Earl) My Fav Rstrnt 11pm CBS4 News 7 News NewsCenter 5 Fox 25 News Sex in the City Punked (Chris) Reno 911 11:30pm Late Show Tonight Show Nightline SEINFELD Raymond S.Park (Chris) Cheaters 12am Jimmy Kimmel Simpsons Friends Cheers, $3k NE Marketplace 12:30am Late, Late Show Late Night King of the Hill Raymond Insider 1am News/Paid Fox 25 News ® Will and Grace Half and Half 1:30am Paid/Various Paid/Various Chronicle/Paid Scrubs ET 2am Paid/Various Tonight Show ® ABC World M*A*S*H My Wife & Kids Insider 2:30am Paid/Various News Now M*A*S*H paid Paid 3am Up to the Minute Paid/Various Paid/Various paid One on One 3:30am Late Night ® Paid/Various Paid/Various Paid 4am Cops Paid/Various Bernie Mac

4:30am CBS Morning News Early Today ABC News This Morning Cops paid Girlfriends Projected Judge Pirro, $2k wendy Williams How Met Mother, 4yrs, 4-8pm 24 Changes: 2009-10 4 year '10, 4-8pm Deal, $12k, '09 Cheers, $3k Earl, 2 runs, Street Court Hates Chris, 4-5p Market: MON-FRI Rank: 4

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