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Guide for Street Lighting Optics

Guide for Street Lighting Optics


ver. 1.1 / 2020 AROUND WHY LEDiL? 50 The world is full of different roads and strict street lighting requirements. Add BEAMS FOR to this different LED package preferences and mechanical size limitations and possible combinations multiply exponentially. That is why LEDiL offers so many STREETS specific distributions for road lighting to help you meet these requirements. Whether it is a tunnel in Europe or road in Brazil, we offer solutions for virtually any LED model and type; from tiny CSPs to large COBs, while keeping the optics as future proof and modular as we can, so you can keep it simple and flexible. EXTENSIVE FREE FORM CUSTOMER DESIGNS SUPPORT Make our optics the heart of LIGHT your luminaire to optimize cost, efficacy and light distribution THAT IS with great results! RIGHT


FREEDOM OF DESIGN STREET LIGHTING WITH LEDiL Typical usage High density usage ~1200 lm output @ 8W / array ~2400 lm output at 16W / lens array Needs typical thermal design to remain efficient Needs excellent thermal design to remain efficient With the same installation and light output LEDiL light distribution is 80 % more efficient than competitior equivalent! 5050, 8-chip plastic 3535 3030, 2-chip plastic 3030, 1-chip plastic 4W / 600 lm or 2W / 300 lm 1W / 150 lm 0.5W / 75 lm 2W / 300 lm • Needs fewer LEDs, and heat sinks • Uses less energy for a faster return on investment

LEDiL lens Competitor lens 50 x 50 Average: 18 lx Average: 10 lx mm Uniformity (uO): 0.58 Uniformity (uO): 0.34 STRADA-2X2 STRADELLA-8 STRADELLA-16

Ceramic package LED Robustness / Efficacy (lm/W) Plastic package LED

ALLOWS EASY AND FLEXIBLE COST AND EFFICACY OPTIMIZATION T1 T1-A T1-M T2 T2-B T2-C/C2 Ø90 mm ingress protected silicone lenses IESNA Type I IESNA Type I (short) IESNA TypeI (medium) IESNA Type II IESNA Type II, IESNA Type II, added STELLA (medium) beam for European (medium) minimized house side house side backlight P-class standard backlight

T4 VSM DWC2 A-T T2-L T2-M T2-S T3 T3B / T3-B Short IESNA Type II IESNA Type II (long) IESNA Type II IESNA Type II (short) IESNA Type III IESNA Type III (medium) (medium) (medium), minimized backlight

T2 T3 T4 VSM BEAMS FOR STREET LIGHTING T3-L T3-M T4 T4B / T4-B VSM SCL COMPATIBILITY IESNA Type III IESNA Type III IESNA Type IV IESNA Type IV, for- IESNA Type V (square) Type II/III (long), ideal (long) (medium) ward throw beam for pedestrian paths and residential roads G1: T4 and DWC2, up to 23 mm LES size VSM up to 30 mm LES size

G2: Optimized for 23 mm LES size DWC / T-DWC DWC2 DNW DN / T-DN DW / T-DW FW Compatible with up to 30 mm LES size Universal road lighting Universal road lighting Soft wide beam with For area lighting with Soft wide beam with Wide light distribu- Same footprint as with original STELLA, (Typ. IESNA Type III (Typ. IESNA Type III good illuminance shorter illumination good illuminance tion, residential streets, Medium) Medium) uniformity distances uniformity staggered pole setup but with more space inside for Zhaga compliant COB connectors

3rd party connectors available from: B+W, BJB, TE and Stucchi ME  ME-N  ME-WIDE1  ME-WIDE2  MEW  NHS Excellent longitudinal Designed for high Fulfilling EN13201 For staggered pole Extremely low glare Narrow beam, uniformity , fulfilling M-class requirements, setups fulfilling fulfilling EN13201 minimal house side fulfilling EN13201 EN13201 M-class added house side EN13201 M-class M-class requirements light M-class requirements requirements backlight requirements for wet road surfaces in North Europe

LN1  LM1  LW1  ANZ-P ANZ-V XW For EN13201 M-class For EN13201 M-class For EN13201 M-class Pedestrian lighting Vehicular road lighting Wide beam 35 x 35 mm single lenses and 8X1 arrays requirements with requirements where requirements where in Australia & New in Australia & New high poles or where road width ≥ the pole road width > the pole Zealand Zealand road width ≤ the pole height height made from silicone. height JENNY

PX PXL FN FT TF FR Double asymm., Double asymm., Narrow forward Forward throw beam Narrow forward Asymmetric spot light pedestrian crossings, pedestrian crossings, throw beam for area for area lighting throw beam optimized beam for floodlighting right side traffic left side traffic lighting for European tunnels railway tracks according to Russian normative

FS FS2 FS3 B2 CAT  CAT-B  Forward throw beam For symmetrical tunnel Forward throw beam For area lighting and Catenary street light Narrow catenary for area lighting lighting and parking optimized for Europe- applications demand- beam optimized for street light beam op- garages, ideal for an tunnels, extremely ing a wide oval beam EN13201 M-classes timized for EN13201 catenary street lighting efficient lighting with pattern M-classes and tilted counter-beam method poles COMPATIBILITY Up to 7070 size LED packages.

C CY For area and street For canopy lighting with lighting such as batwing light distribution, parks and pedestrian suitable for symmetrical walkways tunnel lighting  for luminance based road standards FT65 FT45 CY T4 The most versatile modular product family Cost-efficient product family of single STRADA PATENTED especially designed for street lighting lenses and dense lens arrays PATENTED STRADELLA

COMPATIBILITY SQ All STRADELLA versions: SINGLE T2 T2-B T3 T3B T4 T4-B VSM A-T For up to 3535 size mid- and T1-A T2 T3 25 x 25 high-power LEDs. 14 x 14 mm mm

up to 7070 ANZ-P ANZ-V T-DWC T-DW FW SCL PX ME T4-B CY size LED packages FT FS FS2 FS3 C CY T-DN 8 T1-A T2 T3 T3-M** T4B VSM* SCL* CY 50 x 50 ** HV-versions for high voltage circuit designs mm 2X2 * variant for CSP LEDs available ** variant only for CSP LEDs T1 T1-M T2* T2-C/C2** T2-M** T3* T3-M** LN1** LM1** LW1** 50 x 50 ME ME-N mm

up to 5050 T4 T4-B* VSM* A-T DWC DNW LW1 size IP-16 16 LED packages T2 T1-A T2 T3 100 x 60 50 x 50 mm *variant FW NHS SCL* PX PXL ME* ME-N mm Ingress available for protected CSP LEDs T4 SCL ME VSM

**variant ME-WIDE1 ME-WIDE2 MEW FN FS3 FR TF available for flat 5050 size LED packages IP-28 IP-64 B2 C CY CAT CAT-B XW DN T1-A T2 T3 T2 100 x 100 253 x 74 mm mm IP-2X6 Ingress Ingress protected T4B SCL VSM protected 173 x 71.4 T2 T2-B T2-L T3 T3-B T3-L mm

up to 5050 Ingress size LED Cost-efficient product family of single lenses protected packages T4-B VSM DWC FW SCL PX ME and 2X2 lens arrays with ingress protection PATENTED SITARA

Number COMPATIBILITY 14 x 14 of lenses MX/S 4 4 Optimized for high- mm SINGLE in an 4S 8 16 4 4S T3 16 90 x 90 array: T2 T2-C T2-M T2-S T3-M power 5050 size LED T1-A T2 packages. mm 4 8 16 MX: up to 7070 size LED packages 4 4 4 MXS: also for up to 9 mm COBs ingress versions in Ingress 50 x 50 4 4S 4S 8 8MX: for flat 5050 size LED packages protected silicone S protected mm 2X2 16 4S 16 8 16 16MX: for CSP LEDs T4 T4-B VSM DWC/2 SCL T2 HOW TO READ POLAR CURVES 0° to 180° (red): Light along the road

90° to 270°(blue): Light across the road

The polar curve can be used to estimate optimal beam for installation



1MH 4MH MH = Mounting height unit


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