Print these cards front and back, so when you cut them out, the description of each person is printed on the back of the card.



JOHN DAVID DANIEL 1 16-30, The Genesis 11-25 2 Samuel 1-24 • Very brave and stood up for

His Believed God’s • A person of (prayed 3 • • A man after God’s heart times/day from his youth) promises • A great leader Called himself what • Had God’s protection • • A protector • Had God’s wisdom (10 times God called him • Worshiper more than anyone) • Rescued his entire • Was a great leader to his nation from evil friends

HANNAH ESTHER 1 Samuel 1-2 Book of Kings 17-21, -3

were answered • God put her before • Heard God’s voice • Kept her promises to kings • Defeated enemies of God • Saved her people God • Had a family who was • Great courage • worker used powerfully by God

NOAH MOSES JOHN Genesis 6-9 2-40

• Had favor with God • Rescued his entire • Knew how much • Trusted God country loved him. • Obeyed God • God sent him to talk to • Was faithful to Jesus • Wasn’t afraid of what the king when no one else was people thought about • Was a caring leader of • Had very powerful him his people encounters with God • Rescued the world PETER

JOSHUA MARY PETER GIDEON SARAH Gospels judges 6-7 Gensis 11-25

• Did impossible things • Saved his city • Knew God was faithful with Jesus • Destroyed idols to His promises • Raised dead people to • Defeated the enemy • Believed God even life without fighting when it seemed • God was so close to impossible him, his shadow healed • Faithful to her husband, people Abraham

MARY NEHEMIAH Gospels Book Nehemiah Exodus 17-33, Joshua

• Brought the future into • Rebuilt the wall for his • Took people out of her day city the wilderness into the • God gave her dreams to • Didn’t listen to the . keep her safe enemy • Made the walls of • Brought Jesus to the • Was a comforter to his fall down world people • Could see plan when no one else could