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AUGUST 26, 1946 (TWELVE PAGES) PRICE THREE CENTS UtUgipoKt, m i PstMWMU N. J. that war* circulated around the to Maneheater where ao many alr- real fault to American Sing at 11 O*qock atato a week ago when one of the planea By overhead at low altl- training for Jumpa at aea. That on Sunfloy m o n e y A w»«*r «W(W from th« OomectU tudea. He haa mad »d T to r a waek'a vacation at brldga haa collapeed, a high* death | Maneheater, aa the parachute long suffering race. First esme the win D. Foster, who is .baritone ao- Urges Reds Justify ton will be reached. Membera of , Ifcore. ____ town, should be interested In the cold spring after a phoney warm lolat In St. M a iy a The Arhfiy and Navy Club tha flra and police departmenta are j flnal anawer to the war-time canard apejl. Then came droughts-and «t-. Mr. Johnson will sing the aolo already on the acene working with .As Father Watches H. W. Belcher of South Wind- spread by one of thoae blg-tlme ressive rains. Just aa they had parts of Hlmmei:s "Incline Thine grappMng Irona for the bodlea.” aor baa been panted permlaalon I Washington columnlats. to the about given up Ih disgust, the Ear.■’ which has been chosen aa ❖ CwtUng excited, ahe decided to by the Poblic UUUtlea Commlealon effect l^at America’a pi^rachutca weather turned .normal and the the offertory anthem tomorrow yilut Hartford Pilot Also to tMnaport farm workera to thla call ■ one of her boya. Once the spade and hoe wlelfiers forgot all and assist In the other regularly Reparations Claims were ao Inefficient they were caua- a n a from Hartford. aon foftod out what Wa mother had their troubles and began to smile scheduled music. As a very Leaders Cast heard oya^ tha radio he Juinped Ing the death of many airmen who ^ Victim in Crash Off had to ball out over water. We again. . ' young man he waa chosen to sing Into hla oar and atarted for the And now, Just ns thin]|pi are look­ In Connecticut's oldest parish ' B id w ^ Sl Yeaterday,;, new bridge in Hartford. Arriving might say, in a spat of profession­ MIm Cynthia A. Paisley Asks Special Investiga* al Jealousy, thst the Washington ing up again, blights arc rearing church in Stratford, but entered r In Top Roles and finding nothing wrong, he de­ their ugly heads. Qorii got by with B I n "g O ' Ronaid Pekowaki, of Early Hearing Plan to Use columnist, one Pug Wearisome, we the Army during the war. Mr. tion Be Made of Abik rided to look at the Bulkeley few loaaea as U>tr Japanese beetles Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. West, of think the name la, has seldom mic- Johnson was In the crew of a tank 1 LECLERC bridge. With thla bridge Intact, were kept frwh reaching maturity Pitkin street, announce the en­ This Town, Passenger ity of Former Enro? caeded In having the final .'word-on destroyer under General Patton Every Sat. Night At 8:30 Sharp! Next Month the lad thought It rrtli^t be the by the cold Weather. Seen Assured Atom ic Gas P m c n l H M ie anything, while "Heard Along" m- gagement of Mrs. West's daughUr, during the "Battle Of the Bulge.:! in Fatal Pleasure Ride Middletown bridge and Journeyed ^ Moat-o'f the other vegetables also pe«n Enemy Nations iMth Brat and last, on the last Mias Cynthia Ann Paisley to W il­ but was separated from the Arm y 2S Mata S tm t to the Foreat City. There the bridge hnryrated well until a week or two during the past year to complete 21 Gomes Including SweVpstalci^ Rep&Iican Meeting to waa'aa good aa ever. psge and atilt flrst rend. liam Moclay Schmick, son of Mr. {. William R. Pekowsky, of F or Engine To Pay Soviets $900,- PhM M 5249 ago'when tomatoes started to rip­ studies ncce.ssary for his degree at On Complaint Finally feeling that hla mother Shoving our modesty momentar­ en. From all parts of the town came and Mrs. Franklin B. Schmick of 1290 Bidwell street, stood by Adopt Nebraska Plat­ 000,000 Demands; ily aside, we are glad to be able Trinity College, Hartford. He had mlaundaratood the announcer, complaints thnt black spots were WilmetU, 111. experts to enter the Berkeley Di­ 7 DOOR PRIZES to report the real Inalde on the ao- watching* helplessly yester­ form and Runoff in tha boy atarted back home; Arrivr appearing at the base of the vege­ vinity School In New Haven next Device Developed Even- Italian Commission Ap­ called parachute scandal. We MJaa Paialey la a graduate of- day while his 13-year-oId son, Greek Gavemment Ac­ Ing he Jaamed from frienda that table. Thla Is s' contagious disease month to prepare for the minis- EACH SATURDAY NIGHT Mississippi This Week the radio atatlon in commemorat­ got It from a returned officer who‘ Manchester High school and at­ Ronald, burned to death as a cused by Ukraine of tufdly Expected to proves 2 Paragraphs U HOUR SBRVICB and In many gardens, baskets of tended the New England Hospital trv. ing Ita annlveraary, had a full pro- happened to be very close to the tomatoes had to be thrown away. Mr, Johnson and his wife were uit of an airplane crash for Women and Children to Bos­ Washington, Aug. 26— —^Po­ Being T ^ e a t to Peace Drive Locomotives p a m of tha Mg newa eventa which whole affair, ft was this way: The gardeners believed their married In Christ Church, Strat­ I, yards from his home. Paris, A u g .” 26.— (/P)— All had occurred mring their lime on ton. Mr. Schmick attended Cornell S litical leaders who may figure in call 4166 Columnist Wearisome's original troubles were over but now the ford, four years ago by the Rev. The boy was passenger in In Balkans Now On Long Cheaply Australian delegate to the University before enlisting In the a tha air. charge waa that American para- MAMCH^ER TAXI GO. current yelp for help concerns pep­ Navy In which he served as an of­ Alfred L. Williams, who was then the 1048 and 1952 prealdential 'coce conference today pro­ Thla la what mother heard that chutaa werO ao cumberaome and pers. in charge of the Stratford pariah an Ercobpe rented by the pi­ ficer aboard the USS Washington. lot, Roland Q«ro, of 132 MlUbrook racea are cast In leading roles for , Aug. 26—(AT— An posed that Russia be (uiUei) aant aon on a long ride to and from Involved’'that] many airmen who Peppers, as a nile. In this nelgh- but who 1s the present Rector of Buffala N. Y„ Aug. 26—(AV^ OMI He will return to Cornell Univer­ drive. Bast H h ^ ord , from the September’s windup of major Hartford down to Middletown and bailed out over water were drown­ borhoc^, at least, are Immune from St. Mary's. Mr. Williams also early hearing by the United Na­ The Buffalo Meehlnery company upon to “justify her repanu sity in September. The wetWlng has Connecticut Aircraft Oorporatlon finally back home. ed .because they could not releaae almost all discsscs. But this was a primaries and party conventions. tions Security council of the been planned for December.' baptized the Johsons' only child at Brainard Field, to Hartford, haa developed a device which It ions demands," and sslMri themaelvesi fro mthe parachutes now one, No blight signs nor no in­ In Stratford. A Republican party meeting to charge by the Soviet Ukraine that Miss Paisley Is the granddaugh­ Fix, up .That about 20 minutes before the says produtos an atomic giu even­ that a snecial “on the spot in^ Marcel Donxa, ateward of the quickly enough once they had sect pests. The blossoms merely The people of St. Mar.v's will adopt a state platform in Nebraska Yugoslavia, which the U. S. threatened to bring before the United Notions Security Council on charges ter of Mra. Christina Johnson of craab. the Greek government Is a threat tually expected to be capable of vestigation” be mode of thi American Lapon Home and dean landed In water. Our military aiith- dfopped off the plants. extend a cordial welcome to their today and a Congress race runoff )f .ilisturbing world peace by shooting down unarmed American airmen, hints that she may m A e " WA8HINO MACHINES Linden street, and the latrt Aaron .Witnesses stated that the pilot to the peace of the Balkans ap­ driving locomotives from coast to of Mancheater'a homa Inventora, oritlea, of course, had to Investb Onb Manchester gardener de­ guest. for the DemocrdUc nomination in some charges herself.. Three months after Ur 8. troops seized these Yugoslav and Hungarian ranbooto ability of former Europemi REPAIRED • AIX MARES Johnson. ' ' was circling the boy’s borne at a peared oseured today; ooeat at a cost of leas than one enemy nations to pay the SovtsPi haa announced that ha haa a new gate the charge. In their Investi­ termined to get expert advise on the Seventh Mississippi district to­ at Vitohofen-on-Danube for allegedly smuggling arms, oil and Nasia out of Germany, Marshal ^ t o has n t m i e Mgsartn i l low altitude while the youtff Acting swiftly In answer to the doller. $900,000,000 demands. * ^ creation which will be a boon to gation, they did discover that there the subject. .He told his neighbors waved to his father. Then appar­ morrow are the only political decided that the boats are being held illegally, according to Moscow radio. The gunboats are shown os Ukraine's request for speed, the F. Aldan Miller, vice president of had been a few unnecessary deaths that they were; a lot of amateurs tions . . . the widening •of certain Playroom Now evbots scheduled this week. • American soldiers stand guard.— (N E A telephoto). Pnpeoal.Blads by WaBtor ently tho pilot made an attempt United Nations secretartst and Dr. the machine and tooU and eteam narrow streets. In the Miaalaaippl race, Rep. Dan II' A BREWER In ovsr-water Jumps. But the fault, and thnt he wdtdd noon find out CAR PAINTING Knotty Pine and Milhogany Panels Now to land to a field bordering Weth- Oscar Lange of Poland, president turbine firm, says the concern has B. Ronald Walker mods the they discovered, was not In the just what was the trouble and he Those who live on the West Side erall street to the west of tho McGehee is contesting with of the Security council, |Ait the applied for a patent on a recUfler proposal to the Economic oonunl^ TED A BILL’S parachutes, but In a flaw In the would show them how to over­ are pleased over the West Side Available. 4’ x 8* and 4’ x 10’— all finished. crash site. Patrolman W alter Cas- John Bell Williams, a one-armed new esse on the counctfa agenda which he said produces a combusti­ Sion for the Balkane after *3)ie Vwa come It. So he wrote to Albert E. bridge Job, well done. But what of Get Oar Estimate war veteran. Nebraska Republicans Italian commission had approved Refrigeration Service Jump-training our men had re­ aells o f the Manchester police and No Abatement for Wsdnesday, Immediately after ble gae from a commerctol type of ceived. Wilkinson, specialist In vegetables these other projects? Must we SOLIMENE & FLAGG No painting necessary. Don’t wait. Buy a photctgrapher from Uie State had listed sa their keynoter Sena­ Asks Exiled Mufti Get consideration of appIlcatloiM by etnraio “C ’, uranium. two nwre peregtaphe of the pro- In their training, our men had culture at the University of Con­ wait another war for actloh? tor Chapman Revercomb (D-W. amble of the ItaUaa draft treatr. UoMMMle INC- police Investigated the field and nine nations for admission to the Miller described the experiman Pomeetle and Oommerelal been told to cut thcmselvea looae necticut and received this illumin­ what ^ou need now. found wheel tracks for an esti­ Va.) but illness and death of hla United Nations. Soviet Foreign Mtoleter V. U. 684 Crater St. Tel. 5161 In Ship Row, Molotov responded: T H E OFFICE from their parachutes when they ating reply; TTie mails this week brought in mated distance of 90 feet In the mother forced him to cancel the Becatuw of the lengthy dlseus- (Coatiaved on Page Twe) 10S7 Bnmalde Avenoe "The trouble with your peppers trip. Revercomb Is mentioned as s Invitation to Parleys "Australia has not had her ftoUM TalephanB Hartford 8-88M were a certain distance ffom the a request from a resident of Man­ ground. It was evident from the ston of new membera expected In ------,------OF water. But most of this training Is common throughout the State chester, England, who wants to tracks that the pilot had overshot poMible vice presidential candi­ Offieers Sav the council when it convenes for cities end Induetrlee devaeUted." > took place on land. What our .train­ of Connecticut. If you would Just correspond with a resident of this The W. G. Glenney Co. the field and In attempting to date. In his absence, the state's the first meeting at its new Lake He declared Ruesla ae “Imtmt* DR. J, J. ALLISON ing experts did not realise that change the weather so that the town. 3.36 NO. M AIN ST. T E L . 4148 take off again had a tree about six congressmen, all RSpubUcans, Ar.b Higher Executive, B ritis h S caT ch Success, N. Y „ headquerters. It In asking tor $300,000,000 f r m Ro­ there la a vital difference between nights were warm and we had rea­ Here Is the letter. If anyone W e serve ett people with three feet below the top. will speak. was beltaved in United Nations Press.Charges mania when "bllliona o f deUars of 875 MAIN STREET sonable rain at frequent enqugh in- Jester Wins In Runoff Railroad Carferries Re­ Committee Makes Re-i 0 ■ the eye's ability to perceive dis­ wants to comply with the request: Saw Plane JBlt T^iee circles that the Greek case would damage bos been done." Molotov tance over land and over water. torv'nla, you and everyone else "Dear Sir; I have taken the lib­ Henry Kapke, of 379 Bidwell lA at week’s political bill closed suming Operations be heard late In the week. pointed out that Ruesia had In­ IS CLOSED would have enough peppers. There with Texas .Democrats picking quest; Jewish Agency j Village Planned Drive The result was that some of our erty of writing, with the hope of street, one of the first three men Ohargas Made to Oomtoelnt creased the time aUotted for pay­ Isn't anything you can do abo\it It. CONSIOER^U^ Beauford H. Jester as the state’s FILMS airmen, forced to Jump over water being In some way Introrluced to to reach the wreckage, stated And Sessions Slated Seen in Secret Deal “ " The case materialised Sstimlay ment from six to eight years. UNTIL I f they bear, they will boar this next governor in a run-off primary DEVELOPED AND without knowing in advance that a pen pal from your Manchester. re9erdlen of their posi­ that ha had seen the plane hit the when Dmitri Manullaky, forelsfn Russia has asked reparations year; and if they won't, they " I live In Manchester, England, tree aad apparently got out of with Homer P. Rainey, former Uni­ With Three Firms And Pressure from Romania, Finland, Hungary THURSDAY. ' PR IN T E D the water would seem much closer won't." tions or possessions. versity of Texas president Two Jerusalem; Aug. 26.—(/P) F o i* S a b o tC U rS minister of the Ukrainian Sqyiet and at present I am serving in the oontnfi. Tile plane fiew through the Socialist republic, sent from Paris, and Italy. The United States to them than land would, got rid ■ air making a slow turn and crasb- veteran House membera also won —The Arab Higher Execu- 24-HOUR SERVICE! And that Is how s real expert Flat-Alr-Arm of the British Navy, Detroit, Aug. 26—lA?)—Officers where "^he to attending -the peace Great Britain and France did not SEPTEMBER 5th, of their parachutes In mid air, with solved the problem. Exceedingly sd In a wooded lot owned by An­ renomination, which means the Film Deposit Box stationed In Ceylon. Hoping in WASTE PAPER of the National Maritime union to­ Uve committee r^uest^' 200 Palestine Resitlents conference, to Trygve Lie, secre­ Russian and Yugoslav include reperetlone demande any easy, Isn't It? drew Anaaldl, Just south of hla election in Texas. They are Reps. some way you can oblige, 1 am. day declared there was no abate­ Great Britain today to invite | tary-general of the U. N., a com­ eat figure In the draft treaties that . At Store Entrance Yours sincerely. sand pLt and on the west aide of Joseph J. Mansfield and Milton H. Rounded Up in Move Papers Attack Ameri' the foreign sccretnrlen conferenoe XHdweil streeL The plane In the W est ment in ita Great Lakes strike the exiled Mufti of Jerusalem! plaint charging tbe Greek govern­ One apoonfiil of sugar for your Jack Sheldon.’’ prepared for the peace parlay. OIL BURNERS crash was thrown around so that Next month, New York and Con­ although railroad carferries were to forthcoming London talks ment with: can Stand as Hunt coffee seems to be the general ^ The address Is; To Try to Discover 1, Numeroue border incldenU Installed and Serviced it reated In the oppoeito direction resuming operations and the NMU N e Frogreee On Other TraaMhi ^ rule In most all local eatltig places, j A. M. O. Jack Sheldon necticut conventions share interest on Palestine. An Arab spokes­ KEMP'S from which it had omne. When It with Maine’s customary advance- schedulto negotiating sessions with ‘Frog Dlen’ in Blast on tbe Greek-Albanlen frontier Renewed for 2 Fliers The Itellen commtosloii to date Fdmarrs Cleaned hut one oh.sen'er tells us there's FX762470-Mes8 69 man said'privately that the COLLECTION hit It b u n t Into llatosa. date general election in the Jast three tanker fliTns.' "which, are being provoked by the has pasasAuus-approadmetely LS m one place where ypu don’t even get HMS Ram Bara The first three then to arrive on TNco reports of violence marked request was a “matter of pro­ Gfo«r*a»'m»ff uiMl'Wllli-Ylie con­ per cent of the entire doonrafst. a spoonful. whirlwind o f party preparations Sedot Yam, Palestine, Aug. 20— nivance and encouragement o f the By The Aisoebted Press Henry Parent C-GPO London, England. the acene o f the crash were Henry for the final showdown Nov. 5. the 13-day-oId walkout as strike tocol alone." No progreas whatever bee btoa* It happens this way: When the (4’) —Two hundred residents of this Greek eutborities." The Russian and Yugosliiv press ir:f Telephone 2-01R5 Kapke of 370 Bidwell street, In New York, the Republicans headquarters in Cleveland charged In Bad Odor With British made on any of tha other feur first oup of coffee is serr'ed In the MONDAY, AUGUST 26 2. Vioeecutlon of niitlonal mi­ The life-long quopt of the Office NEED A t4EW TTwmas Tdung of IIS Wetherell meet at Saratoga Sept. 3 and 4 to freighter officer had fired two Tbe mufti is in bad odor with tiny Jewish fishing village were charged the United States with treaties. ^ loonnerm morning the counterman first dips the British for ronsortlng with norities in Macedonia, Thrace and Gagman to find the world’s most street, and William R. Pekowsky pick a ticket headed by Gov. Thom- revolver shots at pickets on shore rounded up by British troops and conducting a planned campaign Nearly three aad a half boinv Brilish- the sugar apoon Into the coffee of 200 Bidwell street, the boy's there. Police said the union ac­ Hitler Snd other Axis foes during Epirus. nnd then into the sugar bowl. The contortlonlatlc wordage has Anal­ IN THE NORTHEAST SECTION aa B. Dewey as a candidate for re- Palestine police this morning in k against Yugoslavia today as search were consumed in debate before I t ly come to an end. GIAncIng MUFFLER? fatJiCr. The fiamea from the gaso­ count could not be substantiated. the war, and an invitation to him The complaint said such a pol­ rcRUlt la a spoon well coated with election. A t preaent Lieu t Gen. move said by officers to be direct icy "threatens to convert the B(U- parties rtnewed the hunt for two words of a Netherlands amend­ w sm icir through a Rockville newapaper he line In the wrecked plane were ao Hugh A. Drum, head of the New In Detroit, Charles Smith, chair­ wax regarded as improbable. American Club sugar. By mld-momlng the sugar ed at finding the "frog men" who knn peninsula Into a tenter of bit­ ment end seven words of an Apa- WM. D eH A N came across thla advice in an Help the Hospital — Help Local Industry By Continulnc intense that the men could not York State Guard and MoJ. Gen. man of the NM U Legal Aid Bureau, Before Jamal Bey Husselnl, missing Amsrican airmen lost In • 4 has caked on the spoon so deep almost succeeded in sinking the ter ennflicta and to entail interna­ tralton amendment were edoptad editorial column: ’.97-’42 Bulfjt ...... $69.'> get cloee enough to give the pas­ William J. Donovan, former OSS said crew members o f the freighter nephew of the mufti, delivered the the second of two Army transports All Lines of that the customer barely gets a tional complications.'' ' by the Italian commlaalwi and the To Paper. The Need Has Not Diminished! . sengers aid. chieftain, top a list of several pos­ Simon J. Murphy had been taking Arab answer to the invitation, Immigrant transport. Empire Rival downed by Marshal *nto's fighters. half tensponntiil of sugar in his ' "Don't get diacournged, young 34-’42 Chevrolet j . . .$4.45 The Soviet Ukraine said the fourth and fifth peragra|du «d tha Uaable to Help sibilities for the senatorial nomin­ rifle shots this morning at union Richard Liohtheim, a Zionist op­ in Haifa harbor Irat week. The Moscow radio declared the coffee. man. Keep your chin up and yqur ^^''..’42 Chrysler . . . . .$6.45 principal factor "conducive to the treaty finally approved. Thera are BINGO INSURANCE nose to the grindstone." The men could hear cries for ation. Drum was an adviser to pickets on the International Salt posed to the Jewish Agency poU- The village was surrounded by United States was "attempting to There are many ways to eon- help and screams of pain coming Works dock near the Ford Rouge cics, accused that group of ac- brigade unit before dawn and the situation in the Balkans ae creat­ pub pressure on Yugoslavia’’ by a Wifre faaMua for qalck, Tel. 0787 or 2-0927 sen'e on s\igar but it soeni.s in this Neat trick if you can do that •S.5-’42 D o d g e ...... $6.45 Dewey in the 1944 presidential (Coetleued on Pnge BlgM) tosm the two trapped passengers. campaign. plant quIiMCIng secretly to British pro­ villagers were herded Into barbed ed by thla policy of the present display Of military might, includ­ giyaadahlw aervica — at cn-se It takes the cake to do it. one. Kid. ’.t7-’40 Ford ...... $3.95 tha atatloa and an the They said that had a line of some A Dewey bid for the 1948 G.O.P. Police Say Rats Taints posals to partition Palestine into wire enclosures for questioning by Greek government is the presence ing the Mediterranean cruise of — A. Non. of British troops In Greece snd mnA Can aa aanr «»■—, TONIGHT ’37-*42 H u d so n ...... $.5.95 sort been available they might presidential nomination to expect­ Police denied the union claim, Jewish and Arab states. police white Army crews searched the aircraft carrier Franklin D. We have the rejwrt that motor­ have been able to pull them out and said the freighter’s crew had homes and buildings. Mine detec­ the direct intervention of British Roosevelt The broadcast, heard In Wo haadle anything from •.57-’42 Oldsmobile .. $4.95 ed If the governor wins in Novem- Arab Reply; Not ttobUshed military representatives into the ngjnatmenta to everhanla. cycles are hicroaalng In numbera SEE JARVIS FOR but they were helpless to give aid. been shooting at rats. Officers add­ tor equipinent and doss formerly London, said the incident over the ber.. The Arab reply was not publish­ Internal affairs of this Allied Cleaning Time! on the highways of New England. ’.37-’42 Packard ...... $.5..50 X can waa put in for the South ed they took- a rifle away from the used for mine detection in Ger­ two transports snd tbe ensuing With the scarcity of usable cars Meeting the same ^ates in A l­ ed. It was bel(eved to contain de­ country in behalf of aggreesive ORANGE HALL Manchester Fire department im bany, the Democrats will pick a men for violating an ordinance for­ many were used in the search. United States ultimatum had been Flashes! WASH WININIWS of uncertain vintage, many, work­ ’.37-’42 Plymouth . . . .$5.95 REAL ESTATE VALUES mands reached by the Arab lead­ monarchist elements, especlslly In Maple NOTICE! mediately and was answered by bidding use of firearms In the city, Cut Off Before Daws "Inflated” by "sensation-mongers WASH WOtmWOKH ers who have to traviel long dis­ ticket which Senator James M. ers of seven eastern Mediterranean •37-’42 Pontiac ...... $4.95 Mead niay top as the gubernatorial snd mischief makers." (Lota Boltettaa of Che (F) W ire) Super Service moan. Wax. Polish Floors tances to go to their work have THE OFFICE (Ooatteaed oa Page Four) (OoBtlBoed on Page Sts) states Saturday, including specl- Brigadier R. H. Anderson, com­ (Contteued am Page Six) BIG PRIZES! Vaconm t.loan Throoghoot luveste

V -\T‘ : / I ' » MANCHESTER EVENING HERALD^ MANUHESTiai, OONN« MONDAV, AUGUST 28,1948 / fjm rw o -MANCihsTER EVENING HERALD^ IIANCHMTER. CONN, MONDAY, AUGUST 26,1946 P A G E T B E E C a child's ability to pi«duce aomc- Flan to Uae ' ^ thing ronatructiwe and nasful at hi* wing edly will be rallectsd in concrete many people to forget th* vast ob­ Arts, Crafts own age level.' See Contests diet R. Tracy of New Britain. form at th* forthcoming conven­ ligation we owe th* veterans. The The claases were apontaneou* Atomic Gas Four Violent In an effort to kvold hitting the Mitchell Sees tion of our party." Republican party will not forget." and imbued with the element of Ci^m Rights Problem Exhibit Here 'Bacfie i For Primaries woman.'^polioe said Tracy swenreC " G r e a t Staka” la Ooranuneat POISON IVY play. The children e l ^ e d «n- For Engine the car into • public uujltlaa pole A O. S. GOVERNMENT RflSOTt — wwcw tic thuglaem and coQperanon and COLUMN State Deaths Bonus Action Aassrtlng that thousands of Slightly Hurt la Crash and waa aUghtly injured. Mr*. Pepi there waa a general feeling of *at- died before flrat aid could ba ad­ ConnscUeut man and women re­ eeiw y « f a taaalc add tiaatn a t for ivy poiaon- W q r k D o n e at I , o r a l infitction eXpreaeed in doing eome- Race Assured for Office Again Being Studied turning from armed forces had ■ 'Mmrs (Costtmwd From ra g* Om ) By Toro IU *«y 4 When Lodwlg^ was taken to the ministered, police said. Old Saybrook, Aug. 26 — H m tiaataMBt kas beat favnd excellent; it la IKlng worthwhile and at the aam< Stamford Police Seek­ Says Plank Will Be Rec­ great ataks" In the government. OF MANCHESTER ^ Playgrountls D u r i n g (f W Hal Boyle) boapital, he stood on his dignity as O f Selectmen, Con­ Two Hartford persons were shak-, Ktime fulfilling the need of ncrea- tfll model as about 34 tnebes high, Mitchell said It was up to the Re­ gaitle aad aafa, drlea vp the Miatcn in a surprisingly Bgiflng, Germany, Aug. 20.— UP) a true fuehrer. But that got pret­ law; Which means: Court action ing Body in Canoe ommended for Repub- en up but not seriously Injured S u m m e r o n tlon. tubular in shape and built o f inch- stable and Registrar Department of Jnstice publican party to see that they ■hert Uaw—often wtthia 24 boars. These gorem* —Osrmany Is getting crowded ty bos—OBie and the party work and a fair trial. Adults Seen Likely here Sunday when a light plarib in ' thick high tensile steel to With­ with Adolf Hitler* and B v * , w— being neglected. So he took But this 14th amendment also Mishap in Pond Uean Platform were aldM in "protecting that ★ BMUt ladiiMB are lacacppratod in the new product stand a pressure of 0,000 pounds Preparing Suggestions ■take" by being Invited to join the which they were flying made ■ a An exhibition of Art* am^/^riiyu Brmuna. ■nother tack. He said he wasn't CV>ntesta kre assured for the of­ saya: No state shall “ deny any per square Inch. The latest Hitler .In * growing, Immune to Polio party. forced landing In a field. State Po­ of the Summer PlayR^ntl, De­ Clinical Congress the fuehrer at all; that ha had fices of Belsctmen, Registrar, Con- On Broadening of person within its Jurladiction the By The Associated Press North Haven. Aug, 20— UP) — iv Y -D iff Burns Like H l*m l*all*g Oaa crop turned up here In a sanita­ been "appointed” to act for th* eiiual protection of the laws.” Plana which, he said, have plac­ lice Lieut. Carroll E. Shaw identi­ partment of RcrrfnUrfn- 1* heine gtablss, aiu^. possibly Assesaor la A crash of a light plane at Man­ ainnacUcut'i veteesna of World The device, he said, contained a rium Insisting one minute that he leader until he geta back from Val­ Present Laws Only W ay Arrest Probable . New Haven, Aug. 30—UPi — A ed Connecticut In the forefront in fied the plane’s passengers as diaplayed at WatkW* Rro*. store. Slated for Yale chamber for a six ounce Miarge was Adolf himself and In the next halla. the Republican Prtmariea to be A fter looking over all the civil chester Sunday killed the aircraft's Yale medical profeaaor advancas W ar II today had their flrst Indi­ veterans’ Isglslstton were being August Sale’s held dn SepL 10. Clement Peas*, the owner, and It will remain th/re until 8cpt. 2. ronsliUng of 1,040 of a gram of *hs» he was plnchhittlng until the "Cabinet" to Rule World By Jansea Blarlow rights guaranty the Georgia Ne- two occupants as the OmnecUctit the possibility that poliomyelitis cation from what they could con­ made by the party for the veter­ Miss Joan Erdman. The plane, said The playground « rule the reeoit lyacbliig of four Negro** 1 make arrests would be tjHis: If because many adults had the dl' fiercely fought. Memorial Aasoclateda hospital at RANGE Constables, one Judge Probate, than HfM, and \Vn*htugton lin in the treatment of dlaease w ill' charge produces a gas for which In various hospitals for the men- world. He proposed President Tru' Meoros, Oa., ones again calls at- they found that some Oeor^a offi­ Stamford police expected the fifth ■ease in a mild, and tmreoognised mended strongly for their Repub­ New London, where Pease and Miss two Repreaentativea, and two ' These, said llitchell. tncUided achoola. be the subject of two addressc* to : no name baa yet been chosen, he telly 111 In Germany since the man m finance minister; Sfolln — tantloo to tha problem of civil cial conspired In aome way with to be revealed during the day. form, when children, thus building lican party platform this year. expansion of the Soldiers. Sailors Erdman were taken, their condi­ 159.95 White Ensmcl OIL Thpte were about *cventy-flve added. "The aubetanee emergM a capitulation. police chief. Britain, he. says, would members of the Board of Educa­ tha lynch mob in the killing of the up immunity. and FU EL feature the 21et annual OonnectI-! In addition to the Manchester tion waa called "good" foday. tion, and aeven Justices of the rights in this country. Speaking at an outing of New and Marines.fund from $2,500,000 5-Pc. Dinette Sets whp attended the eratt olH*«e*- cut Clinical, cong reee, to be held at drop at a time In the form of a lik e Napoleon Complra provide the Navy: Russia the SS fotur Negroes. plane accident, a canoe* mishap In Dr. John R. Paul, professor of Peace. , The Dopartment of Justice is Haven Republican registrars at to $15,000,000; nsw sducstional fa- VKtyiag In age* from tlve to aix- Yale university and the New Ha­ gooey mass. Which when It reach Doctors think It la quite umial and Gestapo, the United States the In that caaa tha official would Mill River pond at Stamford preventlv* mediclns at tbs univer­ OPEN 24 HOURS DIAL 5156 DeadUne Midnight Th# Pines, Sunday Republican clllUsa; tax sxsmptlons. and the ^ 7 een yearn. The art itiatnirtlon wa* ven hosplUl on Sept 10, 11 and 12. |e* the air is dried by the 170-100 for a deranged German to get propaganda and—-of course— the busy BOW preparing suggaatlons on have violated the 14th aniend- brought death to Mrs. Ernest sity. said In a radio broadcast Sun' There are nine applications al­ S U t* Chairman Harold E. Mitchell various training programs and under the auper\'l.sion of Mr*. The two speaker*, aa announced degree (fahrenhelt) temperaturs such a delusion these days; It’s a dough. Germany would be the "in­ how tha civil rights of Americans ment by not giving the Negroes Geier, wife of a New York textile day night that it was “ psrfecUy ready filed for the Board of Select­ ■aid that aympathy within the guide centers. Heavily built refectory table Eleanor Field Vibbert and cover­ by the commute* planning the, produced In the rectifier," Millar little like the NafWeon complex. tellectual leader.” the protection guaranteed by the executive and probable death, aald posflble" that poliomyeUUs waa ^ The men with Ifldicatlons that, more can be broadened and better pro­ party waa "overwhelmingly" In "Now thst.peac* has come, ” said and chairi with Icatharett* MORIARTY BROTHERS ed a wide range nf tnnteriala to Congress, will b* Dr. Robert E. H ., said. "As it dries the released gM Bgiflng hospital got It* Hitler Doll hasn’t adopted the mous constitution. Stamford police, to Jamea Geier, almost aa common as chicken pox will be filed before the deadline tected. favor of a boniia payment. There Mitchell, "It would be so easy for aeata, Jn ladderhaek style. *Db the Level At Center and Broad” meet the need of each individual. Klllotl, instructor o f surgery, f'o- burns Just like ordinary lUuminat oft .the streeU some month* ago. tache. But he gets his hair crop­ This may seem a round about 65, of Troy, N. Y.. her brother-ln- but that only the more eerious cas­ falls at midnight tonight. waa every Indication, he aald. that Vaiioua article* Iri paper, clay, Ing gas." He wan a corporal Irt the Wehr- ped short so that one lock falls It’a too soon to aay what form way for the government to have ]aw> es were ever recognized as such. Dewey-Richman liimbla University Oollege of i ’hy- With two candidate already fil­ a bonus plank would be incorporat­ and wood were faaht'meil, and such aiclana and Surgeons, and Dr. Jo­ Acknowledging that the present macht, the aame as der fuehrer; down over one eye reminiscent of thow suggeatieoa wlU take. They to clear up a crime which shocked Revival Efforta Fall Dr. Paul said that tha improved $93.50 Sofs Beds thinga aa jnrn, paper plate*, tapen- costa were high. Miller said th* be was a painter by trade; hla a certain character around these ed for Registrar, a contest Is as­ will be offered to Congress when the nation. ability of the medical profeaston to ed Jn the party platform which will AUCB OOFRAN seph K. Saduck, Jr., of New Ha­ sured for that office. E. L. G. Ho- Mrs. Geier drowned when a ca­ be drafted at the atate convention With Knuckle Anns triea and traya were decorated In ven. "beat advices we can gst indloata name is Ludwig Doll, aged 26. parts. It returns in 1947. It will be up But the states have always recognize the dleeas* was respon (Knows As qaeee Alice) Co. henthal, Jr., is the only candidate to Congress to reject them or write Jealously guarded themselves noe from wnicb she and her broth­ on S*pt..9 and 10 Seventh Dnughter o f * Meyenth Son the media of oil, water color*, and It waa alao announced by the that atomic “C eventually can b* Doll formed a "committee" of Most o f all he wants out of this er-in-law were fishing overturned. sible in some measure for the ap­ OCULIST $69.95 crayons. bought for between 00 cents and s •even. Just aa Hitler did In Mu­ place. But he Isn't going to get so far to succeed himself to that them into law. against too much interference in parent large atZe of the epidemics "In addition to the wide range Bora With a Veil committee that nine panel dt«cua- office but another candidate Is ex­ Her hiuband discovered her body Laundry A Problem? tch article la representative of alona are being arranged to aug­ dotlkr a pound.” nich, 10 miles away, 20 years ago. out. The doctors know that the FB I men—sent Into Georgia by their affairs by the Federal gev- which have been occurring In this of atate beneflta to veteraiw de­ ResdIngB Dally. Including Sunday, pected to file tonight. There are th* Justice department to Inveati- in the water and brought U to PRESCRIPl'lUNS FILLED Period model In heavy ment the program of iMturea and "It would take only about one He wa* all set to proceed when first thing he'll do isrto get up ernmenb. country during the past few years. veloped by our parly during the 9 A. M to 9 P. M Or By Appoint­ five oardidatoa for four places to gato the lynching—ao far have shore where revival efforts failed. striped homespun with fufl 1^^ Solve It the convenient, nenolble way. Send demonstrations during the thrre- pound to operate a locomotivs for the a ithorltlea decided to brekk on a soapbox and make a speech— war and at Its close," aaid Mitchell, ment. In the Sendee ot the Peo­ NEW FRAMES the Modemlaed Mnncheater l,aundry. be filled as Clonatables. made no arrests. They can’t, un­ Jamea Geler’s body, however, waa spring construction for com­ n A It to tiM dny conference. Chairmen of the four days— long enough to travel up his street apeeches. One Hitler and there may be Just enough Thorpe Head* State Employe* "1 find an overwhelming sentiment ple for 80 Year*. mettMtda Mid eenipment . . . e«- The Democrats are also aamtred less they And the lynching in some not recovered and police were to SPIKITIIAL MEDIUM LENS DlIPl.ICATED fort. . l l Q Modern panel dlscusslona will Include Ur. from coast to coast,” he added. was enough. ______darned fools around to listen. Idle Pay Benefits in the Republican party in favor of . ■* . pert workiHMiahlp under prnprle(4,r anper- of one contest as ih's afternoon way violated Federal law. resume grappling operations for it 169 Church Street, Hartford, Cona. William Ooldring, associate pro­ He said availability of tho mats- today. Hartford, Aug. 26— Innerspriuf Studio feasor of medlcins. New York Uni­ rial depended on the governmsnt'a of the road which occurred last Registrar. He will oppose Edward Show Decrease .Police theorized that the canoe ______derine aa yon like It. control plana There is no Federal law against elected president of Council 16. versity Medical school; Dr. Robert Wednesday afternoon on East Moriarty, the present Democratic overturned when It struck a sub­ Conches, Reg. $79.95 Police Court lynching. An ahti-lynching bill has American Federation of State, DELIVERY NERVirE M. Yergason of Hartford: Dr. Center street, at the Green, and Registrar. merged tree trunk or a branch. • •••••••••••• #•••••••••• Louis H. Cbhan, of Meriden; Dr. bs*n pending in Congress several Hartford, Aug. 26—-« loss sweethearts, and two and one-half 1:20 Sunday morning, damaging lynching. f o r d ! ofGl poumhltuu^toths AYl>t» tion" would follow. minutes to fiancees. So now wives New London, Aug. 26— UP)— Miss tique brass claw fast Colo- Crash Victim They’d have to find that the ViUEun Oindv Icsdycinf ^sn. Names nf Filers Withheld both cars. get 45 eeconds. Joan E. Turner, 18, of West Haven, nlal figured tapestry, caU wrttfs Mrs I a u liBwUns, Tesss. Johnson was driving east on Tol­ Ijm^bing violated the Negroes' springs. ShrslsohBdaii aiM ilnf reducuom Names of the fliers were with­ an attractive brunette who com­ in hi r msBitirefnenit, rrd u d a i 11 held pending completion of the In- land Turnpike and Mozzer was Norwalk, Aug. 20—(iP)—Fred civil rights under the constitution. peted as Miss New Haven today incltiw tn‘’her waist, D> inches in ventigation. proceeding west at the second New H en s’ how: was Connecticut’s representative Have Your Fall her hi|» snd H inchra inlbrrlMisi. Abner, 57, unconscious since he $239.50 Living Room Youreiprrience mavormsyrKH Commander Brossy laid the Haven rallrcnd crossing when, the OvU Rights Guaranteed in the Atlantic City, N. J., beauty I : I be the SBRir as Mrs. luwfctns hut area where the mishap occurred — Mozzer car swerved over to its left waa hit by an automobile on the Uhdsr the U. S. constitution pageant. Winner of the Miss New Suites, S Pieces try thr AYI)ii VitAminCafMly flsn yuursf'U if yisi Afsovrrw risht dua near Wc*t Sister Island about 20 side of the road, striking the John­ Boston Post road in Westport Sat­ cttlBsBs nr* guaranteed (COftaLn Haven title on Saturday night, sbg' « a i to ovrr-imlulirerKT. Just irnasina miles east nf Toledo and about 10 son car. ^ o z s e r testified that on urday night, died today at Nor­ civU rights against interference was selected as Miss Connecticut Garments Cleaned $198 UlILLlAm P. aU ISH the attractive ami fathionahle approaching the crossing where the Sunday night over 18 contestants cioiiirs you may tie a l ^ to wear, mile* from the Ohio shore— waa In walk hospital. by the Federal of state govern­ think of the rentwed arlf-corv> the danger sone. However, he add­ highway wa.s rough, his car began Physicians said the Westport ments. For example: at Ocean Beach park. There’s always fun in a trip by car Semi-wing style, carved fWlencaaikd thfjirkSeinaaUmimre ed that the bombers were two miles 4o shimmy and he loet control, 'IlM Federal government can moulding trim, tlny-figura B S ^ * * RKirr ftracrful fifure. farmhand had suffered a fractured Now By Our A graatly-apprceiatcd feature of our 3uiitrol bu OMiny wit h ovsrwalght prob­ from the actual target. causing the accident. After the skull and that both hla legs were not deny you r' religious freedom, Fuller Named Aa Sponaor when everything's running fine... tapestry, and balloon asat lems used the A Y l*Un sneers^ Desmond .aald the fishermen told crash the left front wheel of the broken. fra* spMCb, free press or free as­ cushions. fully. I n tasta b y oiad ical doc* Mozzer car came off and was found sembly. Hartford, Aug. 20— (JP)— Lionel lio m c \a»* ^ tors more than l#9 ptcaona him that they were in an area Policeman John 5Iaurer of West- modem fnneral home Is the complete IfNit 14 to 15 lbs. a va ra ie in a the next morning in a potato patch No stats can dsprivs you of the Barrymore, chairman of the Na­ where free passage Is afforded. port said the car was driven by Expertly Trained Reg. $47.50. Maple tew weeks the A YD S Way. Commander Brossy *ald the several hundred yards distant from right to vote, no matter what tional Board of Sponsors of the ily. Two entirely separate apart* the scene of the accident. Wayne A. Nagel, 33, of Odar- your race, odor or creed. National Arthritla Research foun­ Platform Rockers No ExardMl No Dranl No Lixatiml prai'tire bombs weigh about two hurst Lane, Milford, and that be The AYlJFS W ay lOBOcomlortahir arxl luirmlcaa. pounds and contain enough powder Mozzer admitted having a few And the 14th' amendment to the dation today named Alfred C. Ful­ Hy. Two entirely separyate apart­ ' cat driktous AYi>S Vitamin Candy waa booked on a reckless driving eenistitutira says no state can de­ ler, chairman of the board of the $39.95 22Snidi.St urding to dirtctiona and you don’t cut out to send out a puff of amoke when drinks before the accident but charge after the accident, being re­ ► EASTW OOD Staff any m e w jitarchea, poutoaa. maats or buttar they hit. when examined at the police sta­ prive you of your life, liberty or Fuller Brush company aa one of ments — each with Its own entrance, p h u t ~vou fust ctit them down ff not delifhud leased In a $2,000 real estate bond Main SL ~ Bast Hartford property without due process of the foundation sponsors. o f native rock m u la and bri«q ® with rrandte, Money Hack with very firstfin tion after the crash he passed the for a court appearance Sept. 9. DXTmJNICIIT 90 days tu ^ r of AYUS. 12 J5. PboM or call examination satisfactory, it waa mad* in Nsw England. aneh eomplate In avery detail — pro- stated. Spring cushions and maga­ Chinese War Mozzer is Manchester's "most zine rack on aide. ride adequate facilities for two aenr- 4 3 4 0 WEF.DON DRUG COMPANY wounded” veteran of the World Prescription Pharmacists FlameB Anew War. having been wounded four $39.50 Innerspring ieaa atmultaaeously. [>01 M AIN NT. TEL. BS21 times and holds the Bronze Star THE MANCHESTER Simmona Msttreases ((kmtlnoed from Page One) and two Oak Leaf Clusters for val­ orous conduct against the enemy $36.50 Peiping (Truce) headquartere to as s member of the Third Infantry, DRY CLEANERS Seventh Army in the ETO. create dlaordera." STARTS 93 WELLS ST. TEL. 7254 Coil springs In layer cotton, Claima New (kilns for Reds Tile accused was tho "most dec­ lAmbiilanee Service orated" Manchester soldier, wear­ heavy woven atrip* ticking, with service The C>>mmunlst New China prebullt border, ventilators. News agency. In a broadcast from ing the Purple Heart Medal with TOMORROW From Yenan claimed new gains for Red three palms, the Bronze Star with armloa and set backs for Nation­ two oak leaf dusters, the ETO ,KSTeoM)»*neiuK« $19.95 Grand Rapids W9 like to make loans Ribbon with five battle stars and The more times we say “ Yes’* alist troop* in the North China ■ IASON9 WHY: Occasional Chairs the more business we do. There­ flghting. an Arrow Head fur a European One way to see that everything does "Anzlo" invasion, Army of Occu­ ■ niokl.4 w««M* “• 3* .1 b«.(ne Mik WHO c m BEmR niEPHONE SERVKE? fore, If you need extra cash—you In an 11-day "counter-attack" ^ SiKiMwa ri-Mou ku4K»p. ilui k.«. pation medal, French Croix de $14.95 ran depend on our doing our beat against government troops In ^ *eiRSTWOR0f SWSOTMWW. is... watch for the sign! to say "yes" to you. BhansI, Hupeh, Honan, Shantung. Guerre, two Prc.sidential citations a n . P AV. eSia-ftw •» and the Good Conduct medal. Fix Up That ia wOiAuiMi W daw >i>4 i* Auiaiai |av. <3u**n Anne arm chair with EDDIE THi EARLY-URD Klangsu and Anhwei provlncee, I.onns made on signature alone. aiiawai koMSu. a deep spring seat pains­ A loan of $100 costa $20.00 when the Klghth Route Army occupied An agreement was reached In OR tho case of Lawrence A. Jarvis, 33, a Thnutli iW D A.V ihr 4iui>l.4 .ntrui kip. POS YHl nssY TUMI IN YIAM, you’re driving for takingly covered with top- jpromptly repaid In 12 monthly five county (seat! towns, 12 rail­ wMk let karfti.1 Ugitl.iioa hMii loolly uiJ fun grade tapestry. dealer Iconsecutive Installments of $10.05 way stations on tho Lunghai rail­ of 56 School street, charged BMioodlr. AFTER-LUNCH each. Small monthly paymenta— way and gained control of 130 with non-support of his wife and 4 Tk. D A.V. k» dr.d.p- this aummer. And the familiar red, white and blue Bring your Ford up to 18 months- to repay. miles of the rail line east of Kai- the case was continued from day Playr(>oiii Now pern let AiwbtW >«•»*•. Siebert $24.95 ALRERt ESSO Dealer sign can help you make sure you it. Don’* borrow «innecessnrity, but feng, the broadcast said. to day to insure compliance with a Tkniu*liCh.poI*»«io**.aA|.i<»|' MAKE ^ BREAK Platform rocker, chair with val trade unions. A boy was 1946"47 adjustable back and sofa bed, I -1 wour.ile ?EARL re.sti'd f ion*. TODAY Viirroy Lord Wavell anntvfoced Your Vacation Saturday the formation of a new. ■V . ■ ■“ - Interim government headed by FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE PROGRAM Reynold’s $12.50 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, presi­ Full and Part-Time TONIGHT— ' Bail-Point Pena • Nothing else can add so much pleas­ AND ALL THIS WEEK \ 3 t t dent of the Oongresa party. Wa- Day and Evening vel! iiiKod the Moslem league to .' f ure on a vacation trip as your^automo- FINAL NIGHT ON LABOR DAY V- $9.95 A Join with the British in an effort WE KNOW now If ARM IT IS to give the Indians their inde­ bile — if it runs well and never lets you Just In time for school!. The TO FIND CHI HHY DRESSES.” pendence. First Two Years In Ail Degree Programs famous pen that writes for dciwn en route. * two years without a refilling. SO WE CAU,i;i) X. Y„ AND Permits lissued All Lamps, Even ASKED OUR .MAXri’ACTrUER Untvenlty Credit Courses In: A rt Appreciation, Bnol^eas Ad- • Before you start, bring us your car ^ mtatstraffea. Botany, Chemistry, Econondcs, Education, English, K. ofC . Newest Arrivals Cod' TO BEG, liOKKoW, OR STEAL Imh* Five Houses ForNgn Lditciiages. Oeoidgy, Government, Hlstoiy, Horticulture, for a tune-up and a check-up. Don’ t „ carnival onde** ft A SHIPMENT 1 OR US. WE MaHiemade#. Meehsnlcml- Engineering, Music, Philosophy, MAIN STREET AT DELMONT STREET 10% Off Comw Camlllo Gsmbolltt today was Physles, PsyehMogy, Sodolegy and Zoology. take chances! Your egr may seam to A huge variety including th* RECEIVED IT Till.'; MORNING issued 'permits to srect flve four room ilwrlllngs. One will be TTT4M be doing ill right in its normal daily tall decorater models, with . . . A BEAl Tll ri, BROWN all kinds e* shades and bases- erected on Hfgh street and two use, but longer trips and continued high BLOCKED - Pl.AlO TAFFETA on McKee streK. Each will coat • TODAY AND TUES. • REGISTRATION t $8,000 The other two permits — , e d i ( r t « DRESS JUST 1’1;i:FKCT for 1. BBTURMNG STUDENTS, ADVANCE REGISTRATION: speed m ay reveal unsuspected troubles. RIDES — BOOTHS BINGO STORE HOURS: are for dwellings to be erected.on August 38-81, 1946, 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. FINAL REGISTRA­ . GOII^IG BACl): '10 St IIOOL. Keeney.-.-kreet to cost $8,500 ewh. TION: Friday, September ’JO, 1946, 9 A. .M. to 5 P. M. Open Thors. 9 A. M. 17 POINT 8. FRESH5IAN WEEK PROGRAM, September 16-30, 1946. At­ to 9 F- .M. tendance required of all entering students, admitted 'to the Pre-vacation servicing is an in- Hartford Center, 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. daily. > I FERRIS WHEEL-THRILLING CHAIR-O-PLANE Closed Wed. Afternoons vestment that pays big returns Open Other Days, 9 to 5:S0 G e A i i ^ i e x i Personal Notires inTechniCj! CLASSES BEGIN in comfort and pleasure. In IV|cmoriain Toepday, S^tem ber 34, 1946, at 9 A. M A ll regtatratlan and i. g f a n d p r iz e AUTOI M cU^iencutce paymegt at fato most ba completed on or before this date to In levir* memory' of Carl J. Earn aveig penalty for late registration. Veterans wtU piearat oertifl- who p*«ii-d away two year* S0o, , SCOTT eate M ellglbUity. , SERVICE Auturt 3.^ 1944. m Carter Chevrolet Co. miws S e t ^ ' * L WdlARDS' EVE ARDEN • CARLOS RAMIREZ- DONALD WOODS 1946 PLYMOUTH SEDAN O eiw ^ Lonely »r- we without you. ADVANCED AND GRADUATE PROGRAM 1U5 MAIN STREET PLAN 8 4 1 Maivr. ^ e / T ' How we miee you no on« knows. SEtuty’HAYES Enda Today: Abbott gikl Ooiptella fai 311 MAIN ST. ; P80NE 6874 assa=^ssssssq=s^ssBBSBssssssnss^^^==BssssBa Our th. iiKhte are *lw*y* with you, Aiuiouneements available oa request Registration and drat ^ MANCHESTER from early morn^'till •Teninc Ciote. Little Giant — Plus: Dreaaed To Hill -Announcements available on request. Re^stration and flrst M iAa> aRiaki li- Plus: ‘TANGIE9;” 18 other Center*. FUN I n d entertainment f o r t h e w h o l e f a m i l y Opposite High School ^ Mrs. H tM t Bara sad tastily.

J S . : '4 ■ f MANCHESTER EVENING HERALD, MANCHESTER. CONN, MONDAt, AUGUST 26, 1940 PAGE nVE HAACitMI an tvfcWirtU MiiiKAUi, MAM^Mta» MONDAY, AUGUST 26,1946 by a horse oa tYifiay. requiring 19 abase ages range from six to Id himself a* Kohn. eay he and the 4Vyear-old Stamford auditor and year-old eoh, Jim, accompanied sUtehM to close the wound. It Tz-as and the Chines* boy. wer* taken children were here. th* five children who disappeared Kohn and his four sons on the ex­ first U. M. transport was shot for tlM next G.O.P. preaifientlal Kohn to Face Meanwhilfe Kohn diacounted a with him laat Friday. pedition to Milford. Lai did not FENDER AND aa the watch he had been lArearing Ro4!fcville aoUmatad th a t over 2.900 persons Into custody Saturday night by down—and Aug, «». Post to Elect. nomination, will be the keyfioter. wlUisaasd th* eventa. Pennsylvania stats police hers. theory that h|s wife was In Den­ ^ o h n was accused in a warrant sign a complaint, however. He BODY WORK when ha left home. Lively Session It said that 6f thla number 34 -„.8ome politicians think tha long ver aifter police said they believed said his eon had "boarded" with tL C C arnivd WoHd War Two Veteran ■M Cooes Court Action They disappeared Friday, leaving Issued by City Court Prosecutor were tlghUra, 07 bombers and the ttaiWMng friendship between 8tss- Six casee were before Aaaoclate a rowboat drifting In Long Island a letter received by a relatlva P, Lawrence Epifanlo of violating Kohn for a teu t six ni n t h s. 80UM ENE « FLAGG Later investigation proved that remainder trsinaporta. Band Concert the pilot of the plane. Roland Qero, Seen at Caucus New Offiders sen and Baldivin may flowar optn- Judge Charles Underwood In the Sound near Mamaroneck. N. aa from Mrs- Kohn, poatm atk^ Den­ a statute prohibiting en>*one from INC. I The'U. S. ambasaador to Bel- ly as a political aUlMoe. Baldwin, Rodfvnie a ty Court on Saturday: the only clue to their whereabouts ver. had been sent there to a friend JeopaiqllBlng the life or health of This Evening who was a veteran of the Air Forc- ; grade., Richard C. Patterson, who Auditor Admits Di»«p- Some men do their beat work 614 Usatot at. Tri 6161 oa in World War II, suffered a tri­ who carried ConnecUdut by 36,000 H arry M. Palmer. 22. of 46 East The middle-aged auditor oaid he oC Mrs. Kohn and remailed. a minor. today and forget atwut lt,» while _ L • Thursday diseussed with Tito votes in 1944 when the 1st* P i^ > This Evening Main street, SUfford Springs, would "gladly waive extradition'* Epifanlo laeued the warrant ple fracture of the right leg in the D em ocrau to (rather in the American ultimatum shortly Legion to Pick Its Lead* pearing W ith Boys to others promise to' do their beat UMa and figula. The bodies in the dent Roosevelt was winning it by charged with vloUUng road rales and return to Stamford, Conn., after conferring with Jim Sing I.at work tomorrow and forget about jPeventh Annlial Affflhr alter the release of nine occupants ers Tonight; Those 44,000, looks like a vice preatdan- with police officers Epifanlo said Stamford Policemen plane were In a position that indi­ H ollialer Street School of the first pIsiM forced down driving 70 mllas an hour on Route Find Missing Wife (Jblneoe laundryman whose threo- It. To Open Tonight; cated th at one must have been tial poeslbillty In 1941 If tha Rs- Elks Band to Present 15 was flnad $33 with $9 remitted. he was sending today. Go After Kohn Aug. 0, confsrrod for eeverat N o m i n a t e d Short y after Kohn and th* five throwrn on top of the other by the j Tom orrow £vening hours yeaterday In Vienna witn publicans should go west for the, Program at Recreation John WtUcik*. of 16 Nye etreet, Milford. P a , Aug. 26— sald offlclally thst the cause of the ! *• a i^ alavia for Information on the con,., nusi^ election . of . officers u. . . at . the------L ^ Cheater Bowles, who apparently with $$ remitted for failure to re­ with hia four ton* and a three- to take custody of Abraham Kohn, death in both instances, wss th ird ; street echlwl st I l», promises wants to run for governor but Is Roclcville, Aug. 36— (Special)— duce speed; Edward Lynch, 24. of year-old Chines* boy In order "to "It was the only way 1 had to hnnbus, will opon this ovening and Uitlon of a Untb occupant, a Hojne at eight o'clock tonight degree bums He said that he ^ to be a lively affair The caucus Turkish______captain...... who.... waa Wound-_____ ^he slate of offiesra proposod by encountering suggeetMina from the Th* second Municipal band con­ Tolland, was fined $10 on a charge attract attention so I could try attract attention so 1 could try eontlmM tbrouch Labor Day night. would study thoroughly the flnd^, will nominate delcfstes to the ed by fire from Yugoslav flghting ..‘he nominating committee ta aa organisation headed by Senator cert of the aeaaon will take place of Intoxioatlon; Albert Labrte, 36, and find my wife" prepared to re­ and find my wife. I had planned it Mambara of tlia council laat week ings of the medical examiner in State. Senatorial. Congressional, planes, 'followe: Brian McMahon that he run for the this evening at eight o'clock at the of East Main street, charged with turn to Connecticut today to face for two weeks acttutlly—spent a OIL miRNKRS IntoxlcaUon was alao -fined $10; week getting the details down." Our cIRcienf smf ••• put in a large number of hours bis ivritten report before he would and County convention.^ and will Commander. Charles H. Norris; Senate seat Thomas C. Hart (R) Is Recreation Field with music being charges in connection with th* Installed and Serviced determine whether in Inquest wss Senior Vice Commander, John A. vacating. Edward Synal. 24. of 20 High "disappearance." Pushed Bo4it Into Water counting snd restenable ft»*a«"g the lot next to tbe home at alao aloet a Democratic town com-1 furnished by the Blka Band. Thla Fomacra Cleaned Main and Delmont atreeta ready for to be called. mittae. { Leavitt, Jr.; Junior Vice ^m - A successful race by Bowles In street charged with intoxication Prosecutor P. Lawrence Epifanlo Kohn explained how he left a profit make peuible our sither odntest might makt him an is the first band concert being held and assault was fined $25 and plac­ said in Stamford, Conn., yesterday phonograph record at hia home, ex­ BINGO the caraleal. HU Family Today postcard* were mailed ’ Police Probe I mender, Herbert J. Wright; Adju- ' widened range of rooson- Tonight they will be on hand at The Pekowsky boy leaves hU par­ to about 8,700 registered Demo-1 i tent, Austin Beechler; Finance Of- outstanding possibility for the vies at the “Rec’* field aa the result of ed on probaUon for two weeks. he had issued a warrant for the ar­ pressing his grief, “bundled the Henry Parent rtsldential nomination in 194E numerous requesta. kids" into a car and drove to oblo prieot. •;45 to man the booths and rides ents, WiUlam R. and Catherine M. crata asking that they attend the I ' fice, W sIUr T. Shea; Assistant Atf- rest of Abraham Kohn. th* audi­ Telephone 2-0185 that have been obtained to satisfy Pekowraky, and a brother, Gerald caucus with the idea of ousting] . jutant, Vincent Ingraham; Bervtes lowles may be looking toward A feature of the program will be tor, on a charge of “woefully and Mamaroneck where he said he bor­ Our eomittontly mointoin- Stabbing Here 1932. also. square dances on the green with unlawfully permitting a minor un­ rowed a rowboat and "pushed It the diilrss of the youngsters. All He was bom in Hartford, graduat­ many of the preaent members of i I Officer, William McDonald; Chap- TOMORROW NIGHT od high ftsndoi^ onoblo booths will be manned by mem- ed from Barnard school in Man- the Democratic town committee, , lain, Edward C. Rodgtr; Historian, In Maine's general election, Sopt the public invited to take part. Ellinston der 16 to Im placed under such a into the water." , bets of the council. which will assure a lively ngUH, i Bernard A. O'Neill; Ssrgesnt-at- 9, Senator Owen Brewstar (R) la William Kuca one of the leading situation that his life Is endanger­ After that. Kohn continued, he ovory family to orrongo cheater laat June and was to have Victim Refuses to Iden­ dr.ove to the Vantine house, an Inn Aa in the past those who will at- entered high achool next month. I Arms, Robert L. Brown; fl^sMUtlvs opposed for re-election by Peter M. prompters in the atate will prompt The Hatheway-Mlller Poet ed or hie health is likely to be in­ for a distinguishod, im- Committee, Dr. Raymond It Mos- for the square dance numbers. The jured." here. SubseqTiently Stamford po­ MANCHF^TER’S AMERICAN LEGION HOME tand the camlval will have an op­ The body wlll-be sent by the Burke tify Assailant; Not MacDonald, former Democratic American Legion.. of Ellington, proMivo lofvie* at the zer, Walter Runde, Donald Hem­ State committee chairman. Gov. Vernon 4-H Alumni Club which Taken Into Cnattxly Saturday lice s.tid they received a telephone Leonard Street portunity to win a free door prise. Funeral Home to Milwaukee. Wla- had a featured set at the recent call from a man who Identified AUTHORIZED This year It has been decided to of­ consln, for burial. His parents lived Press Charges Seriously H urt ingway. Frank Biclunore, Camtllo Horace A. Hildreth's bid for a sec­ will hold It* Installation of new Kohn, together with hi* son* prico H chooMt to pay. J. Andlaio, and Herbert McArdle. ond term is contested by F. Davis Square Dance Festival at the Uni­ officers Monday evening, Septem­ fer 110 nightly for the aix nights In Mllwaukep before moving to versity of Connecticut will present of this wreak as a door prize. The Manchestef several years ago. W'lUlam B. Apel, 37, of SO Bisaell Nomlnationz may be made from Clark (D), lawyer and veteran of ber 9, at Ellington Town Hall, GRAND SWEEin AKES the floor for any of the above of- several numbera. With favorable holder Of the ticket drawn must be Gero aalyed in the Army Air Planned Drive atreet waa admitted to the Hart- Pacific fighting. Thr4e Republican with Edwin G. Finance as the com­ flees. It is expected that there may respresentatlvea seek re-election. weather over the week-end it was on tbe lot In order to collect. Forces in Wimd War II and was j expected that special parking ar­ mander elect INUIVimiAL SEATS! INK)K PKI/K! u r k e Should the winner be absent the employed by Prstt and Whitney In j itb be additional nomina(lons from the Other political events during th* Rev. Elbert C. Lane of West AGENCY /m llU M 1 a stab wouhd In his back iand floor and a large turn-out' of the month include: rangements would be made on the ^ r n i . prisa will bo oombined .with the East Hartford. He was born in field which will be especially light­ Hartford was the gueet preacher followring evening's prise, making Hartford, con of Ifving and Anna ' Ucut. William A. Barron of the -membership is possible because of Sept. 3—Nevada primary to pick Sunday morning at the Congrega­ RANGE AND FUEL OIL SALES — SERVICE thiA. Senate,. House and govemoiv can­ ed for the square dances- PENNY KINGO 1 RE(;i'I.AR IIINfiO It possiMe that by itaturday eve­ Oero, and was 2S years of age He I (f'onllnurd From Page One) Manchester Police department la l-eague of Women Voter* tional church. AMRUl.ANt'EB SEKVtCB ning the free prise may amount to had lived in •East Hartford for five ' Investigating the case. It waa stat­ Commander Francis E. Miner didates; runoff between J. fltrom James Coulson of Morris Plains, S'l AM I'S AI H.'JO who retires this ysar aftsr having Thurmond and Dr. James A. A meeting of the Vernon-EUing- Wholesale Gasoline B. D. PEARL'S 7:nu It) 8:15 | IdO. At that time If the holder of years. Besides hia i parents he dar" over an article on the inci­ ed that the wound waa not regard­ ton League of Women Voters will N. J.. is spending two weeks at the the first number drawn la not on leaves bis wife, Mrs. Katherine served two years as head of the McLeod for Democratic nomination home of his uncle and aunt. Mr. Appllanee A Furniture Outre dents. • ed as serious. be held this evening at the home 648 MAIN ST. PHONE 7696 the lot additional numbers will ba Waslowski Oero; a son, Ken'heth ! Apel waa found lying on the post, has called a meeting of the for governor of South Carolina. and Mrs. Empson A born of Maple drawn until the prise is awarded. 'The Moscow paper Pravda laud­ present executive committee for of Mr*. Sam Silverherz of Plnney Read Herald Advs. Oero; A daughter,.Diane Gero; two ed Vpgoalavla aa a country with floor of his second floor bedroom Sept. 9—Virginia Democratic street at eight o'clock. This will be street. Labor Day evening the feature brothers. Paul W. Garo of St. Jo­ this evening at 7:30 sharp. He sake State convention to pick nominee Harold J. Martin, of Westfield, Bantiy Oil Comoany enough “nerve to stand up to its at SO Blasell street when, police that members be on hand promptly the third in the "Know Y'our State” will ba the awarding of prises on seph. Mo., and Robert I. Gero 6f legal rights." and aald the United were called to the home by phone for Senate seat now held ap­ series. Miss Hazel Kuhnly will dis­ spent the week-end with his wife the raffle that is being conducted Hartford. Funeral services will be so that business can be transacted pointment by Thomas G. Burch and dhughter at Mrs. Martiii’a SXl Main Street Tel. 529.1 or S-1057 States press “aa if under a band Apel waa Uken to tho Manchester before the post meeting. (Di. cuss Connecticut Election Laws. In conjunction with the carnival. under the direction of Dillon Fun­ leader's baton, failed a frenzied Memorial hospital but refused to aunt's. Miss Hat'Ue R. M. Berr, Opposite (he Armory The grand prise In the raffle Is a eral Home, S3 Main street, Hart­ Sept. 10—Colorado primary to Outing Sunday campaign again Yiigoalavia." Identify bis assailant, or to tell The annual outing of the Italian where they have spent the past Plymouth sadan. ford. them what bad bapepned. Follow­ name governor and House Candi­ week. They returned to their home Crowd Attracted I May Revise Itinrrar.v da tea; Loulalana Democratic prim­ AVnertcan Friendship Club was ing treatment Apel was removed Leaders Cast held on Sunday'at Shady Lake in in Westfield. Sunday night. The crash attracted a large A U. S. Navy spokesman said to the Hartford hospital. ary for eight House seats; Rhode Mrs. C. William Weirs, of Rock­ tha itinerary of the Mediterranean Island Republican convention to Somers, A picnic lunch waa follow- Local Boy Dies crowd of onlookers which necesal- No trace of any weapon which ed games and athletic events. ville, who has been 111 and at her tatad orders from the police for task force “in all probability" ’blight have been used in tbe atab- In Top Roles name Senate, House and governor sister's home here has recovered removal of cars from the Immedl- would be revised. candidates. Mrs. Adeline Price blng, was found, police discloaed. Mrs. Adeline Barrows Price, 84, and returned to her home on Veri' In Plane Crash ste sres. The rosd wsa so blocked He aald, howevei, that he had no The wound, they stated, might Sept, 11—Rhode Island Demo­ non avenue. as to hampar the movement of fire information to aupport rumors Next Month cratic convention to name Sonata, a former resident of Rockville, died have been caused by a slander House and governor candidates. this morning at the home of her Several hundred hens have been (ConHaoed from Pago One) engines, ambulance, and i^lice that the task force, led by the knife or ice-pick. killed by roaming dog* here, in the cars. The bodies had to be mbved giant carrier Franklin D. Rooae- slater, 116 Rowland atreeL Spring- 1 vV (CoDtlaoed From Page Oaa) psst few weeks on several differ­ from the wreckage up a steep bank velt, would visit Smyrna, Turkey. field, Mass. She was born in Wil- Hooe Company No. 1. Tbe lire was lington, July 30, 1862, and was a ent farms. i f axUngutslMd with tha chemicals covered with poison Ivy to the am* Such a visit would bring the U. National Chairman James A. Far­ 8. ships near tha focal point of McReyiiolds Dies; life long resident of Rockville. She carrlM by tbs truck. John Burke's bulance, and the crowd greatly ley that he won't attend the con­ THE waa the widow of Charles Price. New Britain Alderman Dies ambulance was cslled and arrived hampered the movement up the a major dlaagreement bet\\een bank. Many of tho onlookora can Russia and the weatern allies—the vention, U)e first he has missed She leaves one son, Henry Bar- }uBt after tbe llamia had been ex- Foe of New Deal since 1918, spotlights s division in rows, of Rockville, two sisters. New Britain. Aug. 26.-(/ri—Al-] Ungtilahed. expect to come down with cases of Dardanellea straits. Democratic ranks. SHOE B O X poison ivy as they were completely Deaplte the official explanation Mrs. George Smith of Springfield, derman William Garfield Glbney,; |IV Manchester police got in Connecticut convention*, the Re­ West Hartford Center and Mrs. A. L. Gocha of Keene, 66, who served aa a member of ; touch with the State police and disregarding It in their curiosity. that the Mediterranean crulae Is Washington, Aug. 26.—i/Pi the Common Council for 18 years, — if you are sued for* costly damage*. This Orders were given to leave the for “training and good will" pur­ publican on Sept. 9 and 10 and N. H., also one brother, Edwsrd with the Department of Aeronau­ James Clark McReynolds, who the Democratic 6n Sept. 16 and 17. “FINE SHOES Barrows of Lebanon. The funeral died at his home. 175 Wlnthrop j is just one of the many hazards that is covered Do you too tics of the State of Oonhccttcut. wreckage undiaturbed pending poses only, some newspaper edi­ will be held Wednesday afternoon street, today after a long Illness. ' They received orders not to re­ further investigation of the crash torials have referred to It as a topped all his Supreme court col­ will parade some more national by Fsrra Burdsn Conmrehensive Personal leagues in dissenting to New Deal figures who may play a part in FROM FlNESOUR(!ES“ a t 2 p. m. at the Burke Funeral He had been a member of the move the bodies untH an investi­ by the State Aeronautics commls- "show of force" to back up Amer­ o home in Rockville. Burial will be Common Council under five may- ' liability Insurance. Tnis policy provides gation oould ba made. AasisUnt alon. ican foreign policy In the Mediter­ laws, ie dead . political things to come. TNI Gov. Raymond E. Baldwin seema in Grove Hill cemetery. ore, George A. Quigley, David L. j broad protection against legal liability for Medical Examiner Dr. Robert R. ranean area. The 84-year-old retired a.s.so- Dunn, Gardner C. Weld, <3*orge J. bodily injury to others and damage to n f. Keeney, Jr., arrived and deter­ The latest official word on tlic elate justice died at Walter Reed assured of the G.O.P. senatorial Open Every Night Funeral Services nomination, with Rep. Clare- Funeral services for Edward H. Coyle and the Incumbent. Henry j property of others up to $1(),000 ana alto mined that both bad died as a re­ ta.sk force was th at it would call Army hoepUal Saturday night. He •Til 9 J. Gwiazda. ' T K A C H I R ’S sult of third dsgrae bums. Draft Machine at Naples, Malta and then Tan­ had been ill a year. Boothe Luce bowing off the stage. Carroll, 67, of Haverhill, Mass., nileilical payment of up to $2.10 for accidents. State laveetlgatlon gier, at the Mediterranean's west­ 'The body will be taken to Elk- Former Gov. Harold E. Staasen of were held with burial in St. Ber­ ITrife /or explanatory folder — fCsancth fUngnsc, Deputy Com- To Chug Again ern entrance. ton; Ky., for funeral services Minnesota, who is running openly nard's cemetery in Rockville this nlSBionor of AvUUon, for the To Get Highest MlUtar.v Honors Thursday. morning. Mr. Carroll was born in PBST BUta of ConnecticuL arrtvod on Plans were completed at Bel­ Rockville, the son of the late James CAR PAINTING (1‘nntlnued from Page Oae) McReynolds stepped down from TO THE De m o c r a t ic e l e c and Dora King Carroll. He leaves s tbd scone of the crash about an grade for the Yugoslav Fourth the court on Feb. 1, 1641, after 26 FRED T. BAKER hour after It occurred and made Army to accord highest ndlitary TOR8 OF t h e TOV/N OF MAN- daughter. Mrs. Arthur Perley, of Get Our Estimate ^ but are not subject to Induction years on the bench—the last eight CHESTER Haverhill, Mass., three sisters. 105 HOIX ,ST. TEL. 3-1968 OF I946..B hii InvesUgatlon with the aid of honci* to tho three American of them marked by 6*ry denuncia- i tha Manchester and SU te police. until they reech 19. filers whose bocUes have been re­ Check It Kathryn, Esther and Josephine SOLIMENE & FLAGG lions Ilf legislation pushed through ' Notice Carroll, all of Hartford, a brother, FARM RURUO MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSOIIANCE C«. He made maasurementa of the W aate None Over SO covered from .ttiAAug. 19 incident. Congri’s.s by the Roosevelt admin- ] ORANGE HALL BINGO INC. L marks caused by the craah and of- For the present at least, the Ar­ Their bodies w ow to be brought l.stration. ! You arc hereby warned of James of Rockville snd two grand­ 634 Center SL Tel. 5101 tow iMIes - eatostos IMM* Scial photographs of the scene my aa3ra It wants no one over under Yugoslav military escort J \ o w I cauena to be held in Hollister EVERY MONDAY children. The funeral waa held and of the wreckage were taken. The alas of the future draft calU from their common grave at Ko- street School, Manchester, Con from the Burke Funeral home. Whan tha Investigation had and the likelihood of meeting them i privnik to Belgrade. REFRIGERATOR ami nectlcut, on Tuesday evening, Au Penny Bingo Starting A t 7 :30 P. M. Softball been complatod tha bodlas were In the seven months before the It waa not clear whether the WASHING MACHINE gust 27. 1946, at 8:15 P. M.. There will be a softball game this removed from tha plane by John Selective Service act is due to ex­ three would be buried in Belgrade Residential EDS'I, for the following purposes: Regular Bingo A t 8:00 P. M* evening at 6:15 p. m, at the Recre­ B. Burke. On removing tbe bodies pire March 31 seem certain to re­ or llie United Stale.s. A Belgrade ^ SERVICE ation Field between the Central A. a watch was found on one of the main guesswork for a long time. dispatch' Siitiirda.v said they would 1. To elect delegates to tha Admission 25c C and the Englert softball team. wrists, i r was stopped at 1:40 p. The Army estimates that ISS.OOO Painting ,Demoi-ratlc State, Congressional, As these two teams are the leaders be burled In the U. S. military V Repairs On All Makes! County and Senatorial Conven­ m., plaoiBg tba asset time of the men will volunteer for the regular cemetery on the outskirts of the s n d 23 REGULAR GAMES 7 SPEQALS in the league, a large attendance accident The watch later proved tions, end, a Democratic Town la expected to be on hand to wit­ Army and that tho draft must pro-1 Yuj^oslav city. However, a Purls Prompt, Economical! Committee. C ^ ^ ^ s e i i l a to be the only means of Identlfv- vide 185.00U. General Herabey has i ill*|atch suit! that the 1‘. S. Kec- PLUS SWEEPSTAKES ness the game. Ing the bodies. It was identlfl^ eatlmated that Selective Service I rotary of State James K. Byrnes Paperhanging 2. To transact such other busi­ Game Cancelled OR THE SCHOOL’S PAVORITI by the family of young Pekowaky will fall by 30,000 or ao to meet ‘ had asked the army to bring the ness ss may be proper to come be­ The softball game scheduled for such a demand; However, the War ; boqies to the United Stute.s for Quality Workmafiahip! Potterton’s fore said caucus. Sunday afternoon between the Cen­ Lsfsl Notices department's advance calculations , interment Dated at Mancheatier, Connectl-' tral A. C. and a team from Fall TEACHER... OF 19641 Manrhester'e Mrgest Radio cut, this 2lst day of August, 1946. of the number of volunteers admit-! Lieut, (’nl Chester M SIrutlon, G. S C H A L IN and Appliance Store River was cancelled. AT A COURT o r probate hrld tedly are conservative, and oftIcllas : nsalstant U. S. military ultnche. Democi'atic Town Committee of Derby Winners St tfai cheater, wltn.n and lor th* say the 183,000 draft figure Is an ' sbnounced Miirahal Tito's compli- Al the O n ler Manchester. Lester Bresnahan, 11, of 13 High Diitiict of Kaaebeatar. on the ictti M.'t Autumn St.. Tel. 2-1243 S3»-.'MI MAIN STRF.ET Did you ever watch a group of school-boys, day of Ausuat AD., It44. "outalde" one. - i anoe witn the American retpiest Estimates! Satisfaction! By; Thomas J. Dannaher, street, won the Rockville soapbox Preaent WILLIAM 8. HTDC Esq . ------. I for highest military honors. Chairman, derby on Saturday with his racer and try to predict their futures? It isn’t easy! So much Jude*. r "Speeding Bullet” against a field EiUte of John Leopold North, late rp g~kff• To Seek Missing Pair Telephone lines ore busiest depends on the opportunity that’s allowed them; the of Miami., rtorlda. lesTlns real eatat* 1 WO t-FlIlCCrS The embassy alao said that the of 20 contestants. Second place tn Mid District. ' Fourth Army would sent out new went to Chester Knybel, 14, of 33 education and training. But education takes TIME . .. upon eppUeaUen of Thomas B. rin- fra S t a f f 1 "'“‘"“hing parties through the Brooklyn street and third place to Uy. admlaiatrator. e.t.a., prarlns for Eugene Daigle, 15, of 43 BrookI>’n auUwrtty to sell certain real aatat* lu CUtUI 1 terroln In the vicinity, of 9:30 A.W. 12:00 noon % real sacrifice for many families. And it takes MONEY . .. partieulariy described In eald appllca- _____ I the crash to seek the two. mi.salng street In the best mechanical job iion on Ole. It ie event first place went to Daigle, that most of us today find hard to save. OBOERED; That the foresnlnz ap­ for better second to Donald Orlowski, 12. of plication he beard and determined at lJJi'cnc“e“' B’ ^B^bv* F ^ U?A ^ ^ h ^ r s . State department. In 41 Spring street and third to Bud That’s one of the reasons -why hundreds of thousands of the Prabate office in Manehaater in professor of miUtiu-y iclence ami McCarthy, of 32 School street The aald DIstliet. on tbe Srd day of Sept­ Uctlee at Vale unlversltv, tmiav iiullcated that “’hetb-ewhether the im1‘nltecl o ., = „„,-„f-lown and /otal service cciH: ember, A.D.. IS4I. at » o'clock (d.e.t.i "Yellow Bird" made by Donald Or­ American families (for three generations) have chosen to buy in th* forehoon, and that notice be announced the addition.ddltlon of two of- f S FIT TO BE TIED! lowski was Judged the most at­ given to all peraont tntereated In eald fleers, both veteransrSns bf .servuc m the Vmted Nations Securttv = tractive car Tvlth CThester Knybel their childrcn’s-needs from Montgomery Ward. They’ve eatate of the pendency of said appli­ the ETO durIng VVfnld VVoi...... Wnr. 11 to „ . f"*" shpoting , - down ^ two V ~ ,N the ea rly m o r n i n g ■m;} Vnie RnTi-« ^ transport plangs depended on ~ as second and Eugene Daigle as Icr.rncd that at Wards . . . year in, year out . . . they get cation and the tiroa and placa of hear- the staff of the Yale ROTC unit. , ^‘'Prniled on third. lag thereon, by puMiahina a copy of "the efforts ofT thr Yugoslnv yoy- d u r i n g the a f t e r n o o n this order in some naertpaper liarliie They are: Ucut. Col. Harved G. , Wilfred Zahner, 13. of West road, ^ood quality, wide assortments, and a cireulatloB in said dietrict. at least Osborne, FA. USA, of East Point, | '•'"'"'''‘t to right the wrong done.' = waa awarded a special prize and five day* before the day of aald bear- Ga„ and Cant. Freilerbk C. Gootl-, Although Marshal Tito Inform- CHENEY given honorary mention. Zahner PRICES THAT SAVE THEM PLENTY! In*, ta appear If they eee cause a’t aald wln, FA, USA, of Glouce.ster, ed I'littei.non th at no one para- = reported to the track in time but time and place and be heard relative elnited fioni. the flaming C-lT. the s : thereto, ai^ SMka return to this court. Ma.ss. Both will nerve a.s assistant his racer ws.s delayed and could Nj ,. /nc, before you buy your youngster's clothes at tliat • WILLIAM 8. HTDB, Judge. profe.-itora of military nelrnce and bodies of only three of the tlve oe- S Telephone traffic i* greatly Increased over not be Judged with the others. tacties. ciipants have been recovered Onlv S - T I E S r a year ago. Meanwhile, shortages of ma­ Zahner who won the 1945 -chsm^ expensive specialty shop, COMPARE AT WARDS! at a COURT o r PROBATE held one of the dead—Capt. H. K. ' SS: plonship appeared at the race wit)r K-JL'y-***.**?!' for ‘he Sehreiber^ ban ' been idenldled S terials needed to make telephone equlpr. t JACKSTS. Ckeei* Come in . . . and check the savings for yourself. (You’ll Dietrict ot Manoheeter, on the 24th LciDil Noticfp definitely, continue. Everything that con be done will his face bandaged. H* waa kicked •wa-4*n* w*el«*ivel day of Auauit. A.D.. i»46. 4 <•••>, gleld*, aeilily ^ frequently f^nd/(/on fica/merchandise, from'the t ^ n t WILLIAM B. HYDE. Baq . AT .K COURT OF pnonATf: heiS Eye-wltncsaea have mnintainci ~ IN SMART COLORFUL be done to speed your calls at all hours cator*. ilset 4 to It. Judge. ai VaiiiPeaUr. wiiloii «n i loi iliW they naw two persons pniachulc of the day. (Aed grlc*d tor Hvin.) same manufacturers, sold by Wards for less.) ®f Wiiiiin J. Ware. Ute nf DlPtricl of Maiichrntri' ,.ir the 2-llh from the plane. Some nonne-, S /■ Huebaeteri in tajd Dietrict. deceaioi. day ot Auguat. A.D . 1946 however, said that what the eye- ~ On reptlpn of J.|\Verd Taylor of laid Present IIO.N. WILUA.M 8, HYDE. G e n e ra to r Before you leave, picture your total Ward-savings . . . Bancheeter, adml iletretor; Judge. witnesses actually saw were two = ORDERED: That lU iiiontht from Ezfate of, Albert C; lirrrkk. late of gas tank.n ■ jettisoned frohi tin- s x GAME BIRD over a 10 or 15-year span . . . invested in your the Mth^day of Auguat. AD.. JS4«. be Uaiirbeeter, lb said l).i,trlct. deevaeed transport. ~ Rdpairin^ and the loma at* limited end allowed Tbe admlnlklratrlx hav in*, exiilblled New .\eeuaatloBa Made ~ child’s own future. It’s an investment your lor the cradltofe within which to bring her admlnlitftatlOn . uuiit with -aid In their clatn^ agalnat aald eatate. and eatate to till* Coiiri, f. r allowance, it le De.npite compliance by the Yu- PATTERNS child will f/mnA-you for, in years to come! the said adoAnlatrster la directed to OltDKKEP: Th;i' die 9nl daj' of goslav ginernment tt;ith U. S le- ss* give public doUc* to the creditore to Bepteinber. 1946, at ,. clock. tosiBayiti4*a toeoK. SllM S-IOV^* having a circulation In aald probate Court, direct* that notiic of the time day ~ Ties tie well and wear aistrict. within ten days from the dale and place assigned for -aid hearing b, tia** ftooi 10 W|Ws A of thla order, and return make to tbis given to all persona know, n to be , The nnnl.'iitrv aaaerted that lio ~ well. S tall off your Fall court of the notice given. lereated therein Vn'nnp^^" -'''K'o-Amifrlcan m iliary p la n ..' = wartlrobo today with Che­ ______WILUAM 1. HYDE, Judge. heard thereon by pul,hilling a copy Yugoslav, territory be- = ney Game Binds. (Not « NEW TEEN-AGE SHOP FOR GIRLS thla order In s<,ni i.,-\VHp;ij,cr having a | tween Aug. 10—the day after the s s e.\iutlv a.'*.ichMt*r. witn , *np (,,| the,I «nd sad Itt We bnve tbe knewl- Batata of John Fitzgerald, late of District of- Mtncliattel- on the «’ I nveatcr. with., and loi tir sdga. tools, part* (or qnieli. de- Stop at our Catalog Department now and ask for a Library Catalog tb take Hsnehaeuri in aald district, dacesacd 24th I Dl-irlcl of Mancheeter. on the 24Ui op day of Augnet. A D l(lt6 da- of .4ii*ii-t. a.D. 1946. ptotoMo Oenerator Bapalra home for two weekgl Include these catalog fashions on your fist . . . SHIBTS. Vorlolyl Col- Upod appileatlon «f Julia M. rttz- Preaent. HON. WILLIAM S. HYDE. . 5 Q Easy Terms SIACKS. A grand o>- • on plold flonnaltl •ruld. praying that letUra of admln- Judge Pie-eut ■'noN. WILUAM 8. IIYDF A m a c e d Oomc to o s floea, aad vosiTl ra- SWfAT6BS. Ai-wool itlen b* graptad on said oaute. aa Judge twa for aay aeaded 6oto Elec- •orlmonli (or •clieol, Solid-color alt-woold on4 woroil floldi or Bitat* of Frank Bene\enlo. late of E»iate of r'alerln* Sartor, l*i- of for ploy, rort-aroel Ooy->trlpod knH eel- par amileattoB on fll*. It i* lr4ral aervtea. Once for • all, m •olid cotor,. PgS-evar pRDBRED: That tb* foragolng *p- Manchaattr. m said District deceaaed. Mtnclieater. In aald Diatrlet. decea-ni Your suite/etripped to tbe frame and eempleteljr rebolH to Oomk oS w**l Mtt, t*llor«4 MS*ri«|y f«r 4** Mlr4y-ioa o l wool twcotor. . . mail*, sraety twoodi.coHotw.gohar- '•on,. $<**• 4 to 16. The administrator having eahibited our own ebep by expert eraftemen. New aprtnea and fUUnc loarn that top-grada work aad ■l*nB yew s tn*t. ^*(k*t luSy Read. Celerti Mim. r*d. t-IB. S4SISSS. $375. Gey *1*14 or ceol-taroetor •tylor, Mleatiea be heard sad daUrnUnad at hi* adminlatratlon account with eald The' admlnletrator having exhibited diao fwa>. Sit# 4-16. tiM FiwbaU offte* la UancbcaUr In hla idmlnialratlon account with -,v.| aMad; Pleeea rcatylM Woodwork reflnlahed. Oioloa of One material* prove lowaat-priead, a?***, nMdiim bro«*n. Slz*t hmm Big A O •kin, el*ol*d. t*d wHti Nevy. Slt*( ^ Site, froa 4 lo 16. aaUtc to thU Court for allowance, late lo till- Couit for allowance, it I- aald Dlatrtet, ea jbo trd day of gapt- ORDCliED: That the Srd day coverings. Yoani be pleased at the Ireanlt | hi tba and! 10 to )A AUt tor Nq, a*S»W*. M a V O tnm 10 to Jl,4. Nwmtor a*SI*?l. ember, AD., m*. at t o’clock fd.i.t.) September. 1948. at 9 o'clock, (d.-,. OKDBRED: Tha) th* Srd dav of la tbe forehocn. sad that ooUee b* forenoon, at the Probate Office lu th-1' September, 1946. at 9 o'clock. (d..« t V ^ r Perfto:.^ Sajtof^on f g u r COVEBS MADE T o f gtvta U eU peraaaa lateraetad In aald Municipal Building In aald Manches­ I renoon. at the Probate Offle* In the CALL BABTFOBD datat* af th* pendauer of said appil- ter, be and the same la asalgned for a .Mumclpal Building In aald Manrhee-, OBDEB AT oatlea sad tha tlraa and plao* of bear- hiring*Sn ‘the ?UowinrV‘'‘if"r‘' , i I"' *• ••»lzned,l„r il S 6-0333 SEASONABLE PBlCEt I f NORT0N tag tharsoa, by pabiiahing a copy of fnlnlstratlon account with of said aald eatate ad- | hearing on th* allowance of aaldsaid ad.ad- == Beverae CbAttes or Write W / / t 4hl* arfitr ig aooqa aawepaper baring mlnlairatlon account with said eaiatii and sscerialnmant ot.hetr* and thla and aacertalninent of/ hairs end this ELECTRICAL a elrMfiatloa la said diatrlet at least Cotm direct* that notice of the time ASX POR A UMABY CATAIOO five daps halofa tb* dap of said b**r- and place atalgnad for eeld hearing be Court direct* that notice of the time CUARANTEE 128S ^ INSTRIIIMENT tag. to appear If thap aa* eaus* at aald given to ell percone known to be In­ and plac* assigned for eald hearing b* MAIN 8T. MAKCHERTEI ttM aad plaat sad m haard relative terested therein to appear and h- given to all pe.rsons known to b* in- SHENS^(fVSSHpP wfB son with COMPANY 624-636 M A ^' ST. M A N rH E axiui 524-82A MAIN STREET sad, BMke return to this court, heard thereon by publlahlna a copy of lereated therein to-ippear and be •If aaalM STWiri fan iiu* s« . • ■ mailing oa or before Auguzt this order |n aotne nawapaper having a heard thereon by publlzhlng a cony of L... M*anissiai.cowN / isa«pl*s Hartford 4 a of this order to Louii thla ofder In some hewapapec hacina a 111 TlROlUrdSL TfLAOfO circulation In said Oiatrict. at leaat Qie rivtulailoii in said District, at le*»t fUc “Htiril I Conn. days before the day of aald heering. days before day of eeid heering. b t d b . juag*. ■WILUAM 8. HYDE. JudgL WILPlA.Vf 8. HYDE, Judge -COMPANY' V)

iAiN.TA'i, , MANCHESTER EVENING RERALD. MANCHESTER. CONN. MOXDAT. AUGUST 2». 194a •pACP. S R V rfil MAN('HE5?rKR KVENING H K R Ali), MANCHESTER. CONN.. MONDAY, AUGUST 2«, lf»4§ SIX wartlm. wl* for «-om.n w m b*«;e ^ the n.tu.um i* th* Btames Control I Engagementt j Local Woman Housing‘Dream’ Stirs lianrljeBtrr" ^ N « n c v work In th* faetoriea i nrfohnt of meat w hu h U in exJat- or in th*’ armed ■ervVcea. H ltlef " enre. That •mount vAa deter- Weddings H urt in Crash Eorttins ^eral plac* of hdfvor waa for that wj*fii- mlneil lonB before liiet .luly 1. For Shortages Htthaway-Todd Up Lots of Interest 5 Th* aniount Itiirlf 'onM not be , . D 1 ------Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Todd o< ■ueususD vt riia an who atayed-hom* and had ba- Johnson-Kudln . . . 5» Hull street have announced the ice M »Ai.n piuiiTiNO 00. nfd (hanKrd by •nylhinit lb** b«p- Wilson-JohnKon Carden-flowered Maa. She ' waa Miat. Dona Miriam Johnson. Mi*a Doria Linnea Rudin. daugh-: 1^11^.0111^ S lIP B k ^ r In h lH tS ' engMement of Uielr daughter, Others Less Seriously peneO lifter July 1. All lb*t eoiiH ter of Carl W. Riidln, and Oscar T. m m S mm*. Cmm. orad lf>*he did not haflpeii to be diiiiKht'-r of Mr. and M i». <■*'1 Mlaa Joan C. Todd to Charles C. Injured in Accident in New Haven Busipefisman Manchesttr Veterans’ nSSSnuctioauN h# rh«nRef1, •nrt "II lb*t wa" Johnson, aon of Mr. and Mrs. An- GoyrriiiiiRitl !• to Hathaway, son of Mr. and Mrs. for your bedroom scheme married. \ , Service Center at which Johnson, of M Ridge atreel, v «s ^ Johnson, of 11 We»t Main I Ruaaell B. Hathaway of 26 Forest Union, Conn. .4wakens.Lol of Folks Boudoir Pieces -----oelakw L UM A t the aam* ti"’*. Orrman aol- i chanced, wan the pa< e married at her home Saturday afi- losd. Middletown, Rhode laland, ! B la illl* IH f i O l i a i l l g ee enter M m l of meat straet. 0||, - Non-Profit Pro­ (.Neal to Municipal BuUdiagl ~j.|imw*rr aMr* a»:«pt dlera were tidlcht that a furlouitli thia limited "mount einoon to Thomaa Edward Wilson, were united in marriage Saturday. ■ Lome could Include a kind of war ^ would reach It" r onaumera. And St 2:30 p. m., in Emanuel Luth-1 .Government inilatence on con Telephone SS83 sad 6441 sou of Mra, Bella Wllann, of 6,'i cteator High ' '*'>**'■ Cif®*«. crtticaUy I n jt ^ gram for Veterans fM l OtPM •! •l••••••t••■ 0»«».. •• aervica,-''too. ■ when COnip-ea" failed to renew the -ran church. Rev. Theodore P a lm e r,tro t of new houaing and OPA cell M3 and attended the UnIverMty M an automoWl# aceidant which gSf.io5w ■«» ______Walniit street, by Rev. Theuduie pastor, officiated at double ring injj* uhu h deprive manufacturera ■ Ctonnectlcut. Director—Nathan B. Catch- Your bedroom relies on floor, walls, Aa a result of these measures,.'OPA as of July I. lh»l opened a I’almer of the Emanuel I.iiiluian . J* ' occurred Saturday night near:Mor- New Haven, Aug. 26— t4*i— When •umwiumoK M W I ei rmony. and prodmeis of a reaaonabla , aentor year at Children a Hoapital | Union Conn ell. draperies and bed.spread.s for it.s color' German births dmlnR this war period of witd pn'es "H'l wild I hiirch. It was a double ting e-te- Assisunt Director — Waltei Kenneth Rudin, biother of the profit weie School of Nursing, fcston. Mass. woman, laaa aeriouMy Robert R. Savitt. New- Haven busi­ and design an an upholHtered chair p^r mmtM •» M il ...... J decreased from normal hy only profits dm In* \*. hub our Imiitod mony; The home was d-ii.iMted bride sang T I-ove You Truly." nessman, appealed recently for Ford. with pink and white glsdiulris. material .-h-itage. 1" thU area ^ Mr. Hathaway attended Man- ,nj„red. War* broughMb the Man- Secretary — Margaret Dll- or chaise longue ia an important ad­ 760,000, as compared t > the dc-^ „,pp|y of most ha* been "hared a. eompanled by Miss Aiiifa Brandt, Irving .Stitch local builder ai^ cheater High achool and gradated hoiqdtal and three other .Music for the ceremony was pro­ public support of • "dream”— a ' w-orth. dition to your decorating scheme. W*n*tn ••* ...... crease of 3.000.000 twenty year* , no rapidly tliat theii’ aie lerfaln of Hartford on th^ church organ. properly developer, in t o ^ y a talk f^ m Bordentown MlHUry InsU- occupanta of tha craMi car were vided hy the bride's aunt. .Mis. The bride was given in marriage plan to raise s community fund of CounscUtng: 10 to 12 noon; 1 More . . . it offers you that added llB im S Ii OI j *go. This mean* that Germany j„ many very lean months Harold Manning, formerly s lesi- before th- Ktwania Club of Man- tute in the class of '43. He haa re- giighUy injured. $1 ,000,000 or more to finance non­ hy her father. The bride wore a Chester » i the Country Club. cantly been discharged with the Mrs. Pelletier received shoulder to 4 p- m.; 9 to 12 on Satur­ A '^must" for Tenth touch.of luxury . . . a corner where I thinufh this ii-ar «1th-1 ,head. V\> aie h*vln«, our nittg. dent of .Mancheater Mu re(-ntly wVddlng gown of white marqui­ profit houaing for veterans, he ap­ day. Mr Stillh said that It Is almost rank of first lleutentnt, havtog poselble internal Injuries, hos- parently s'A'skened a lot of folk*. I you can'get away .from the activities out any drop in population "d and we will soffei for it Ister. The moved to Florida. sette, short sleeves and with sweet­ Veterans’ Adminutratlon Tlir hciile waa given in nisiNuge Impossible to continue to build served 36 months with the Wpd In- cfficlala stated. Her daughter- Ssvitt, in a full-page new-spaper | of the living room and relax in quiet up twenty heart neckline with finger tip veil ConUct Representatives — •ta«r«iaa emdUM ta ulerl to ahrte^ orily way wc < r»uM ha\'c avouled by lier father. She wore a gown of home. in this .r e . bec.use of the f.n try Division In Germany. m-Iaw. Mr*. Christine Pelletier, 45, advertisement captioned. "One comfort. Give .vourself, aa well aa •ISO tbe ioeal• oew* — puhliaheapubiiahea h*rwhera. . from a coronet of matching mar- difficulties in getting vital ma- - of the same address and Mrs. Ed- Men’s Dream— a Plan to Give the rbumas J. Sweeney. Jr„ dally. Anniversaries... om now. it Would h«\e b'''ii for ('ongieas white taffeta with a-fitted hodn-, 8.3u-6:U0 p. m.; Saturday .i’our room, a lift with a garden-pat­ qulgette. She carried a bridal bou­ terlsls Lumber mill, in the north- I,AWK-.\nderson win. Krau.se. 70, of the aame ad- Veteran a Home,” said the fund • i' an rtgata ol r*»iiai'cetion W "Pje'ai All thla wa* merely the domci to have decided to do whatever It and a aweethfart neckline ot net. quet of white gladiolas. 8:30-12; Howard Plank, Tues- terned upholstered piece I waa going to do shout the OPA Hh-wore a shoulder length i+il snd west are practically Uklng v a c - . Anderaon dress, were treated for neck and w-ould be raised through public day-Kriday. 8:30-6:00 p. -m.; i UC Mde of Hiller', policy. Keeping Mis* Edna I-oretta Rudin, the subscriptions of SI, or more, and . . _ . , ___ catiled a bouquet of white io«-s. Uons. he *«ld. because it Is tm-| Summer .street, announce shoulder Injuries and discharged Saturdays. 8:30-12. lac. ______.1 the German hirth late up was hy July 1. II is tun late now to ..... bride's bride s listerliaier was theinr maidmnia ofor honornonor tn turn nnt liim -' ...... ------_ w-ould be used to build about 200 Perfect for any The maid of honor. Mlaa Barba^*’*'.* snd the best man was Frederick , 'c m ^ - engagement of their daughter, .later. I State’ Policeman private hornet with playgrounds RehabUIUtlon and rraining PoM i^rs M y iMotati* Tb# only one half of his plan. The Iith-j mend the damage, in ny Jolinaon, of I t Harvard s : ' Johnson, twin brother of the bride- ' ! Edith Jeanette Anderson to Wal- ^ able pioHt. Oak flooring .1 is prsc- and a community center. Officer— John Fox, available juiiiM Mathew saaeiii acen<»-Ne» er half he frequently <» gladiolas. guard tire project become* self-support­ longues from $10.00 to $79.00. tr»acra»hiaal a.Tota aMaartba lb ah* aurrounfling nations and lace* Haitford. cousin of the bride ^oie A reception for the guests was mill I nick the materials back hare. ^ the car careentni,g off the , rail and overturning. Ronald Pelle- ing.” and he asked fop suggestions. Positions Offered Gay- crctonne.s and cliihtzea- verttaMMsU (• The MaaeMei Bee. III Ship Kow., a pmk diesa of net over inf feta held in the church parlors Immedi­ I’lpi' Shortage an Example W A T K I f l l S Btng RareiA suffered a drop in future popula­ British Search Then came the deluge and.maybe ai d caf ried a bouquet of pule pink ately! following the ceremony In He cited th* shortage of caat Uier. 11, and Reginald Pelletier. 43, 8p^H^he>( - ditsa with a wiiite gladiola cor­ only minor injuries. SclenUfic Aide (Options: a v ll En­ working for the permanent de-j hot that no oth-r action was t.k- tion for a week's wedding trip to (hot all owed for wages the South- excellency “was very much inter- ' . BOW enuring lU fifth week. lU sage. The bridegroom's mother the Lake Winnepeasukee, N. H., re- ,em workers had never before ra- Conrad Pelletier, the driver Of gineering, Mechanical Engineering, (Uonttnoed from Page Onel ested and .glad to have your ex- i S time to date liao been conaumed crease of surrounding population*. Smith said the union planned a Wole a blue dress \vith a white glon. The bride’" traveling costume ceived. .Now that the factories are ! the car, is being held on a charge glndiolH corsage of reckless driving. State Police­ pression of thought." , Electrical EnginMring, Radio Engi­ The first was the oiitriglil - x - ; protest, and declHied the "hooting i was a light blue linen suit with le-ionvertlng to pre-war produc i with oratorical abadow-boxing In aniwered questions by British au­ man Yashulka said. Gen. Omar Bradley, head. of the ' neering, Chemistry, Physics, Metal­ Welcome back to tole, which served l-rnilnstlon of million" of civil- had taken pinre over a period of ^ ' Navy bine and whit* accessories | the workers refuse to return lurgy, Geology, Mathematics) from which the winnera of this war licid at the biidc's lionic after tlie thorities. "Veterans administration, w-as also ' nobly in the war effort! Now jsevcinl hours W illi "Bboul 20" and s corsage of gardenias. to the plants for pre-war wages. described to be simllarty affected. grade*' paying $1822 to $2644 per 80 have gone through all the aoi did; |s„s cereinony. After the reception the The military operation followed the famous G ift Box tole trays are iiii' HliotH filed. Following the wedding trip the as a result there is little or no the pattern of a full-scale invasion. Cong. Herman P. Kopplemsnn of year for duty in various Federal Biotlons of currertl enmity toward The second was something Hit-1 McCHithy. NMC iih-j couple left on a tup to Canada. The bride's I raveling costuiiie couple will live in Boston. | soil pipe available. Nalls Lines of troop-carrying triicks, Early Hearing Connecticut’* First district wrote, agencies in the New England states available again in a complete as­ one another. Only it haa been ler himself described as a reason- tio„Hl director, emphasized that The bride has been employed at »hort because of ceiling WHS H tweed suit with brown bc- field kitchens, radio Somniunica- "it is good to know that there is was announced today according to sortment, beautifully hand deco­ more acrioua than mere ahadow- sblv merciful way. of eliminstlng | "striki- inohiliZBUoh" would be in- the Newington Crippled Children's ' Production w ould reach a tlon systems and first aid facilities one fellow in Connecticut w-ith suf­ a statement of William A. Foley, sntiHfHcforv nm- ' ecsBorics and a yellow gladiola cor- hospital and tbe bridegroom was : government would al decorated in authentic Colonial boxing; theae varloua felnU and futiire population. It was merely | . . ^ ------lu ------li' ' - ' sage. On tholi return they will take stood among the scattered rubble Seen Assured ficient public spirit and courage to Regional Director of the First U. tracts-’ aie sign--d with all com- ^ . discliarged from the Army Air iow the manufacturers one dollar get upon his hind legs and call for S. Civil Service Region st Boston. flower designs. Every home needs leads and parrlea have all been of an ancient Roman fortress. the forced separstion of m .nied ^ '‘' ^ ‘hrri:?m ":h!;:;;M Man- Forces laat .May and plan* to en­ ____more .per _ keg. ThU would only Three Sherman tanks were de­ action w-hen snd w-here it is need. A written test 'vill be required more than one I designed to play a part In the final couples. When the Nsria took . for a 4S-hour work week at , J '’ ' Do„n ter Franklin Institute, taking an mean an increase of about five dol- pjoyed m supporting formation, On Complaint . . . Your proposition to make it for this exsminstlon. electrical engineering course. He determination of the iMiiea of thla over a community, they aenl the m s and 41 hours In port Juiiioi lollcge. The brideferoom is lars on. the average house. roads were blocked and covered possible to supply homes for v e t-: This examination Is announced conference— if there la to be any men mens direction sn41bf worn- Meanwhile more ihHn I ooo wns in the service 27 months. 1.30 Home* Cnfinished machine-guns. Reconnaissance (Continued From Pag* O at) erans la highly commendable." I for probations] appointments in men in VI | worker, on 20 tai ferries on Luke " gradiintc of MnncheHter High Tlie bride's gift to the bride­ scliool and was l■■ccntl.v iliscliaigcd There are IfiO homes in the p)nnes buzzed overhead. Police * Deputy Administrator E. B. ' the classified civil service. lO t a x lS 'j Chippendale shape, black... 3.29 ouch final determination. The va­ •n In another. In thla way. ii la - and the Detroit river groom wss sn electric razor and lifter three yeHis service with the Hartford aiea standing untinlshed ia,mchcs lay off shore and ma- ; the preparation of the referendum Pearson of the Connecticut State j Applications and information rious powers have been seeking eatlmatad. he deprived some , returning to their Jolis. tlie bridegroom's gift to the bride 14x10*. |> Chippendale shape; black, Army Air Forces, one year of because of .shortage.s in finishing I chine-guns were erected at eleva- ^et for Sept. 1. 1946, which ia to Houaing authority, w-riting in the ! may be secured from the Secre­ WHS a cedar chest. The bride's gift ivory” blue and g r e e n ...... 3.75 tactical advanUgea; but they have twelve million people of normal I The back-to-work vote whs whicii WHS spent in the Pac-ific materials. TTie mateilals are not 1 tions along the beach. ‘ determine ' ' *•--the 'form *■*of government absence of Administrator Prentice | tary, Board of U. S. Civil Service been meaning their thrusts aa family life for the period of the taken under provision* of the nH to the maid of honor was a gold available and as a result m a n y ------In Greece.” TVhlte, declared, "it la very reaa- ' Examiners at any first or second- 18-inch Round; ivory, I a n ...... 3.23 urea. cross and the bridegroom's gift to tlpnarrailway labor act. whiili ro- Tlie bride's gilt to tier Httend-^ families aie being deprived of the Greece will vote on Sept. J ■uring to aee real intereat and the class post office or from the Re­ 13 x17*/2 Chippendale .shape, black 5.29 well. It la abadow-boxing, but war. the best nisn wss a sum of money. qulrss negotiation" within .30 days. ents was a gold bi acelet to eacli. use of these homes. He said whether King George 11 ahould development of plana to alleviate ! gional Director, First U. 8. Civil 13x18 Chippendale shape, black. 5.50 thare la bad blood present too. Third, in casa rhildren ahould Operators of the ferrie.s. th- rcix Boyle Farm Solti Service Region, Post Office and Her gift to tlie bridegroom wns a that Manchester had been excep­ be allowed to return from exile. the houaing ahortage for veterana. I 14x17 Shaped edges, black ...... 6.00 A bit of French opinion aecma atlU b* horn in thaae aurroumllng Marquette, Wabash, Grand Trunk H,lv-r licit biickic. The i tionally fortunate in getting ma­ There wa* no indication whe The formation of non-profit com- ' Courthouse Building, Boston 9, 16x22 Oblong, cut corners, black. 8.50 to come close to giving an accu- countries, ha saw to it that they - *nd Ann Arbor. -rHlIroada, !!.. -J. said I ne bridegroom's gilt to ttic best man Asks Exiled Mufti terial*. He said that there 1* To John R. Allen would represent -the Soviet panias to provide such housing is Massachusetts, and must be sent rate description of tbe hard gam* wera certain to be under-noiir-' gollatnlns w'oiild aisrl Immediate- WHS a l-!ithcr wiillct. Hia gift to more building in Manchester than Ukraine before th* council If • ,' being given consideration in some to the First U. S. Civil Service Re 17*2x20 Chippendale, .sketched, black.. 8.9,5 gional Office, Post Office and into which the diplomat, of alt na­ llic hriilc WHS .1 st-iling silv-i (fCl Invitation in any other community in the - represi*.ntative la-called, but Man- ether communities too and while 19x24*0 Chippendale .shape, b la c k ..... 12.30 lahed, that they 'I;®;;;-^ ^ of the femes Imve been tied braiclct. Hartford area. He concluded by ! Mrs. Edward Boyle of 22 Vernon utlskv would be no stranger to tbs there may be some obstacles to Courthouse Building, Boston 9, tions have now entered. lived, and, if they lived, inferior , Detroit, six at Ludlnglon saying that if the government; street, has sold the farm situated council If he appeared pereonally this method, it would seem that Massachusetts, so as to be received "On one aide," writea a com­ fighting material In the yeara^^j Frankfuit. .Mich, two Tintmins-FinjHay (Continued From Page Unc) would loo.sen its control of the 1 between Vernon street. Middle He complained of British troops they could readily be overcome not late* than September 4, 1946. mentator in the nation which la ; housing situation there would be 1 Turnpike, east, and Greenwood being in Indonesia last January and that auch a plan would be en j at .Milwaukee, WIs., and one at Mrs. .Maltha J. Findlay of 127 -1 frequently in the middle in tha', By a combination of all melh- Miiakegon. Mich. that Jewish agency represehtativea plenty of homes available. ■ Drive, consisting of about 10 I but___ the council, in February tlrely feasible and most helpful. Cooper Hill sticct WHS married could not participate in any dl.icua- At today's meeting the attend- acres of land to John R. Allen. Mr. ^ turned down his demand that •, •truggi* between the ICaat •nH: _____1-.^ 1- miinYiitat. f>dfrBi mediator Nori r'. im»x Satiirdiiy morning in St. .lam-s'a Offers to donate Commission oda. Hitler auc 1 headed negotiations atartiiu; in .sions on the Palestine problem j „ucc prize was won bv Thomas Allen is buying the land to sub- j commission be sent to Indonealfi rectory to W.iltcr K. Timmins, "on The representative for a housing j West, "no cynicism is too great aa based on the partition propo.sal. H>rgti‘'«on. It was divide. to investigate condition!. ing from the pf*a«''l Detroit today 1 10 a m. e.a t.iw ith of Mr. ami .\1r.s, Walter E. Tint- contracting company offered to ' tha totalitarian sUtes are present­ of the countries surrounding Ger- j (.'leveland Tanker.**. Inc., of .Want To blM'Uss Mtotehood Wayland Straughan. Mrs. Boyle has decided to retire in Athens. Greek government donate his entire commission of j 'Tbli iTMt msdIotiM Is /amo>a , J „ . , , , mins, Sr . of I'2!> (-'(Kiiii r Hill street. The letter declared that Jew s 1 from the dairy business and gen-; circle* unofficially called Man- elMTe pain, netrout dU- ed as democracies and the ene­ many approximately 16,000,000 Cleveland; Greal Lakes ' r,,v. Frederick McLciui officiated $35,000 if the type of homes, G.I. j ireia and week, ‘drsgtad eut- would insist on discusalon of a plan eral farming and 'w ill sell her piisky's move "astounding.’* 'Vaa- models, were accepted for the pro-^ feellan, of ‘certalB da^’ — mies of yesterday aa alllea." That persona, while holding the present Corp Detn.lt "lid Lake rankers, ceremony. when du* to ftmal* func- ^ ei Invlaioning Jewish statehood and stock and'farm equipment al auc- I sill Dendramis. the GMek rcprc' posed project: the vice president | haa been tha Russian tactic. populaUon of Germany fair'y Inc.. New York. | bridr wore r two piern-nq\m tlOBkl raoathir dUturb- The union lait week relcM.se.l 1. hrown acccsaoricif laid down these two other condi­ M an chester ' lion on Saturday'. i sentative to the United Natlona ifl o f a corporation manufacturing | •neea. Worth trpinft I ------; New York, welcomed it and almul* "The other aide," adds tbe aame ateady- And this figure, of < ourae, ships following strike setticmeiila nmj n corsage of gardenias snd ha- tions for peitlclpatlon in the dis­ concrate products offeriia a dona- • cussions- (1) That the Jewish ag­ I The United States is technical- j taneously Issued a atatement call*, French commentator, "repeata ta apart from that future popula­ wlth the Bethlehem rransporta- t,,hy'H breath tion of $800 and 100 per cent co-1 mntMi cMirwsi tVJ* ency have full power to designate D ate B ook ly composed of 44 states and four ing the charges completely ' un* hypocritically prlnciplea with Uon elimination hi achieved by tion Co. and Standard Oil Co. of of honor. Mrs. Ab- operation. Ita own delegates, including any ' commonwealths. ‘ founded. A field accountant said he would which it could hardly raconcila ItM the more merciful policy of ju*t Indlana. ^iim Matchett of tl Strant street. Agency officers now held by the Tonight The agreemsnU provided for the „j- the bride, wore a hn.wn aubsertbe a aimilar amount, con-1 British: i2i that the Agency issue K. of C. Carnival through Sept. daclaiOBi." That la tha West, not Isttlng foreign blrtha take 14-18 hour work week provisions, , luggage Ian ac- tribute hia services "and do any ' all invitations for membership in 2, wearily and almost automatically placa. with a 10-hour work week during other type of work necessary for cessorles and a corsage of yellow the Jewish delegation with the un­ Last^date on winch to file nomi- ^ fit-out and lay-up. Lake seamen thla worthwhile endeavor being un­ repeating ita .oratorical loyalty to Hitler wanted Germany to be roses .and bab.v's breath. derstanding it would include "rep- nations lor party primaries. | have been on a standard 66 hour dertaken by youraelf." fins idaalA but, in Ita actions, ready for another war twenty 'The best man was George Tim­ rcsenlstives of other iinpoiTant ho­ Tuesday, .^iig. ‘27 | week. ' Deinoi ralic tow n caucus. Hollis- That’s what scores of G.I.s and yielding to those very same im­ veara after hla war, if nce«l he. mins of 270 Summit street. Willl- llies and organizations ' Return of the carferrics snd the manlle, brother of the groom. (ri Street school at 8:1,3. I thair wives promised, too, in the pulses of power i>oUtlcs In which .^o far as man|)owcr of tiglitmg Bethlehem and Standard boals re­ j Release of the letter eoincided The mother of the groom wore a with nn annoumement tliat .Mis. Saturday, Aug. SI > hundreds of letters, some of them the world's mortal danger Ilea. age is concerned, Germany will be 1 dyced the union'* claim of 132 blue and white flowered allk dress Golds Meyerson. Jcwlsli labor lead­ .Aquatic meet al Globe Hollow- 1 containing money toward bonds This game of' power politics has ready. Hitler wanted Cerniany, strikebound ships to f»6. The j ^c'llh yellow accessories and a cor er. had liecn named lempoiary Pool. j and to pay for the advertisement. ridlli Anmvorsaiy Convention,: become ao Important— perhaps so III any case, to have a aheci Lake Carriers a.saocialion cisims ' of red roses. head of the Agency's Political de­ A Tale atudent aald he had Just 32 out of 316 .ships It opei ste.s are A reception for .30 guests wbb Hartford District LUther League, about enough money saved up” to . m m u fatally abaorbtng^^-=that the task weight of number* over ita neigh­ partment to act in place of Moslie tied up. liekl lit the bride's home after the I Shei tok, now in British detehlion Ht Emanuel Lutheran church. aqueexe out the rest of my educa­ of building a peace aeems to have bors. That advantage Germany ceremony Alter the reception they Saliinluy, Sept. 7 , tion, but I could scrape up about 1 amp. Rotary Club's Soap Box Derby. become of secondary Importance has. n waa Hitler's long range llois|Mt;tl i\«»l(*S Icit on a trip to Niagara Falls and Dr. Izr.at I’annous. former secre­ $26 by Oct. 1 for a project such as <■/ M oiiclteii& i at Paris. No observer has any Cnniida. On tlicir return they fx- tary of Ihc Palestine Arab Higher TiiCnday, sept. 10 | you outline.” purpose to be aure that Germany Republican and Deniocrstlc prl- 1 pnt to take lip le.sidence at 127 1 on'iniiltee, predicted yesterday An industrialist exclaimed, very philosophical view, as the could win the next^war. even if niaiies at tlie Aimory. Admltte2^.Charter Oak slicit: mutter of slow-ly making all the Kiwanis Ic* Show-. gradually shift toward a more rea- < mimeroiis, healthy ■ population Us p,,|i ttu-ttner, 226 Oak' .■>!irei; AI all st,stes conform." To Do All Kinds of AufromobiU tude in a substantial way to our .MMird-LiUM’rt Katurday, Sept. 21 veta and to back up their faith in ■onable and sincere attitude. But own asset for futuie wai.s, timl Frauds Taft. 87 Stni KwchI licr Annual outing. Washington So­ M1.S.S rhvllis Flames Gilheit, Repair Work... the future of New Haven.” for tome time yet, apparently, the ' that in auch rivalry among the street: l.ouls Newberry. Snuih cial Club. Rod ai)(l Gun C'lUb, Cov­ Wimisor; Edith Cavagnaic ''(> .lauglitri of Ksrle E. Gilbert, ami One O. l.’a wife wrote “New world 'must watch them play wito victors would lie C.ei many's op­ W reA- E nd D eaths entry^ Lake. Haven ia lucky to have a man like 'I'iiiiner street: Charles IVisr. I'.il .lohii S. AI\om1. sim of Mr. and Sunday, Sepl. 29 Also Fender and Body Work the diplomatic kindling of new youraelf Acho takes an active in­ portunity to c’llmh out of defeat. laiul Tiinipike. Mrs Ha roil I C Alvoid of Mldtile ' \Vel<-ome* Home dinner, Lithu­ Grand old charm of war. Ailniittcd today; Mrs Anrn Ihli tuinpikb, west. Manchester, were terest in the community”'and sev­ W iisliinglon —* James Clark anian Social Club, at Liberty hallnl eral others offered to conduct -a Ki.vsm.in, Carter siieet II. : i v lomed In msm.agc ."^atorda.v aft- M, Hcvmdils. 81, *"»oiscliaigod .Saturdii> Mi.< eedding, in the ilillieit Home on y< :its before hi* retirement in 1911. gregational chun h wagon topfi. ‘ The fact tliat tin- new coiUnds Sa-vUt gave the word. rag carpeting reproduced One war Hitler did win. It was .Nellie. Unrnham and .son, .'.t.!' l„i f Isiisl Main slrcet, Jewett City. wli.i was regarded as the high “ ------on the price of ni-Bt will not go Center .itreel: Mrs. F.ditli I'm l. Rev Regina Itl p .Avery, pastor Betormined to See “Dream” hia fiendish design to in.sure a loml'.s most implacable foe of New- Bring your w o r k to iiq for complete fiatifi* Fulfilled nak; :il l•XHeK street; Jean \ .l>\ of tile First I hnieh of Griswold, mlo effect until .‘'\e w-isely planned a living room that the country vull hav*- approx- KIklon. Ky.’ ^ biggest boosts from a Superior tive populaUon of Germany and .SdielTei. RfK'kville; .Mr.-. \c.iIIm Tlie ri> >ms weie beaiitlfidly Jcf" .New Ihei-ia, La. Dr. Paul N. ' once again in standard imatelv' three weeks addeil to its .o:Ued for the oeiBSion. anil the . court jurist w-ho penned "but the the nations sqironndmg Germany. • G” *'*' 'V Holt, 21 I'l ive G, .“tilvfi l..i,v.- C\i 62. Louisiana political oppo-j (iiiesl al Shower j cloitlile ling lerrmony took place dreamer lives forever, the toiler / Hitler probably got his idea for I’ciloil of, wild glut and fling with Homes; Mis. Mary -Ncgic. .1'. where hoth of them . . . and all their friends , . . ran he mniforlahle. i'; irtini of tile fireplace, which n.-ni i,f the late Huey P. Long, and j dies in a day. So whether the houses Arains .street. a 11 inner lieiitenant governor of bridal show er wa.s held Satur- , this i-and of war when, taking • 9* "'...:h Is Disilnirgcd .Sunday: Mrs I'l.m- "«s (iteially hanked with lovely are built or not. you’ve got a great over ppn^r in 1933, he saw that all thei-e is to Ihsi us until i.exl baskets of white gltnliolus, asters that .stale. juj. evening for Jennie Deyorlo by Idee,” said today he was more iscatter and room size rugs CCS .Morrow and daughter, tl.", I>ut- I.aile Rock.' Ark. Dr. Paul C. mother. Mrs. Anna Deyorio at Thiat extra-long sofa for inatanre . , . stretch full-length on it. or ^it beside. it would aUll be some six years >'«'"•< meat has maimed, kiii .street:Mrs. Arlene Seih.ii su .iiid iHui'-ptinis. The bride was at- determined than ever now to see liiotivrly attiied in her wedding F.svliweiler. ,,13. professor at the ),ome at 69 Birch street. The Ms "dream" fulfilled. before Germhny'a next bumper! At Chicago, where new live- Wells .street: .Mrs. Julia Kpi.l iTu i'mvcisity of Aikan-sas Medicel jj(,uee was decorated with a color Your maple furniture needs a background of old fash­ West Cciitei street: Miss .\l;!,. ■own of Impoiteii .Ispane.se white bfeahwhile. architects have told ciOp of soldiera matured, The P'-odm ei .cilmgs will go m-> sdli sent to .\meriea by Sergt, liiiiil. and a forinnvei' New- York scheme, g^heme of pink and green. Therei him. Ssvitt said, the ei}tiK> plan, ioned rag carpetingjo bring out\its quajntness. New three friends with ample elbow room. The low chairs are her idea of 29, the story is one giiret ."Vapoli, 22 William siiiul, I it \ plivsician. He waA a native of ^ wa*___ __ • Watering can with stream- Kaiaer'a Germany, flghUng from Aug George .lolin.son, HI. 22 t.'iiiuplU'W R ihcil C. Ahoid. biotlier of the which wwild be supervised by a in Watkins Floor Covering Department are hit-or- . - -( ' gnsmi. amt shi' eiiriie!! a bouquet \\-.'•conam. ’ | attached to all tlie gifts. F ifty ' group of "prominent citizens serv­ 1914 to 1918, wi fighting ' cxne " f * '‘11 higher. roajl: Mrs. .Mary .Maidment, !Mi N'iipolcon, O.—Sidney Hope; : j-qfgts w-sre pre.senl from tow-n. miss rag ruga in a jj^ay, colorful combination of coL heaven. Paired rofily. and built so that even a tiny person can lean hark Kol,iert. nmd: Mrs. Violcl III white on liids. ing without phy." and In which war at a time. Oonsequently, it Slaughtereis and wholesalers, ynmigcr brother of Comedian ®nb | Hartford and Middletown, a ' ora with plenty of rwia, greens and bluea used. .An* Fiinl stiert: James ..Viuliius Miss, Mjidicd Gillieit, alstei of the. houses would be- built to rent for whom new (filings will lu-- 1:1 ii.|'i . and a native of Erigland. ' miffi-t luncheon ""-s served. paid no attention to the business ■J'l Gijffm !iia,i: F.rnest M;i.'.--e., o the 111 nil', wciiimg. s .blue silk !. "for the lowest possible figures, other group features one predominating color . . ' "i i-onic effective on .''opt.' 1 and i-'.A(j|und -Charles II. .AfcCiea, | yjjgs Deyorio is' to lie inaii'led| w-ith heat, light and all other strv-- blue, green, red or tan . , in hit-or-mis.3 effects. BotN blissfully. You tan sire it's a room that will really he liter! in! Kiirnitiiro of providing soldier* for the war ll.iren.e slii'ct: .Mt.«. \'ii:.ini, iiuii'ipiisftie giWM Hnd.iaiTylng a -.»■> piesidenl of tlie National Mai- v^fptember 28 in St. .lames's church J-'ept, 5 lespi ( tiv< 1\. all' rusliiiu; .I'.huMiii ' and .son. •'•d t'luU'.u foliiui.sl lioiiqmt. was the maid of icea i(jcluded in the monthly rsnl- are deluxe qualities, yet surprisingly inexpensive! . HiUer.' or any other Geiman. le'lil, and Steel Castings company, Alfred Gioielli of .Middletown. al," could be completed for “much to unload as nua h meat as tlicy .tiTel: .loliii lloidiliun, 20 Ki.igh- liiiiioi. William Foiile Of -Manclies- would want to be waging if the ^ I’ (|iia. O. —A. . Aeloji Hail. .l-i'.A ' less than a million dollars." by Tomlinion has the rare knack of expressing the wn} you live today. toi^ .stieel: Mrs. Anna C.u;No’ lei wss the hc.st man. II. .log fancier w lio owned , tlie first wsr were lost,' as it was. As > an Hi present pm es, anii higher 161 .ai. .Iiilin siit'Cl: Shiile>' \iin- I ollou ing tlic eeieinony, a wed- Savitt became Interested In vet- vii.im|uon --Hall’s Black Rocker,’ New quality in spsrkllnf hit- a result of the neglect of Ger- hcfoie the new . irgniatidn hit: - Uuvail stieel, S\'.k! ; 'g M'li'piiou was lield at the Publi** Rt’c’orcls terans’ problems through his son, Red. blue, green or tan predoml a:: English setter, .ind president of Herbert Savitt, 'iho served with or-miss colorings. noting hit-or-miss pstterni ■ , number ('ii-Ua;, iiN .Noitli Kim slie. i N‘>i\'i'li Irn odii guests sttend- many's leaders, then, the 'hem llui I’ lqu'a Stone PiodiiVts eom- the Army Transport command in of new births in Germany during 1 Kclaileis aic now engaged m Ihs. lullgtsi'today: I'hilip .sii.ii- ig fr oii Mom iK'stei, We.sl Hart- t ertlfl'-ale "f Traile Name 24 X 48 Inch ...... 4.28 24 X 48 inch ... . .1.2$ k. VO h, 29 Woodlaiul street .S:im- Bioonitield Moo.siip andnd I'-'l' ' • Africa, and through his w-nrk in a 30 X 60 inch ...... 6.76 30 X 6tf inches . 1.96 A$ ftmturod irt Juh, HOL8E BEAUTIFUL, August, HOUSE A GAflDE.V the four yeara of the flint World stuffing tlieii- case*, m tlie effort 1..I- Angeles Herbert Evans Roy A,- VaugliHii has filed' cer- radio program deleted to veterans' uel IlHuph, .31 Edgerton lien Ii\v undni llio I'nivoi.sily of N’*"' L. on s cross co-.intry solo flight Cabinet ----- — ...... 124.00 Mihyeil from his appoiiiteil putli, Il.tinu.dme; at the time of hls-call maganne correspondent in the mmu Sid* Chairs ...... 38.08 tblnga, he did everything possi-■ be more serious next wintei than Coffe* Tabl* ...... A Near East, and a Navy discharge*. In' wUch he w-as headed for Dsn? FENN 41 0 bl* to sec that the war would have , anything tfil* cou!(tti y experienced i/roin four feet of Jl in whicli no t,, servur. ■ / MOTOR SALES; Inc. iyoi air.o lioggod. Hi* ridor, Biook- 1 In sei \nl a.s a st Lieutenant in S 'anie Floyd Worden, .31, vet- bury, made a forced, landing in hit MANUFACTURING C6. 1 tw’o-seatei piane iioa* torlay, c? ' - 1 ROBERT SCH.^LI.ER. Prop. 1 relatively little influence on tbit, during the war veais. rhe meat lynilo Heilioil .Monscli, had jii-Mq'.-. the nth Anl .ino 'Jivision in the eia'i I': S Senate reporter. BroaHI snd Monntford Street* plaining he had "run out of gas.' Mcutcheii&t rate of increase of the German industry, of 10111*0, i* alrcadv ed dial. Whii) tney linHlIy Iu’hvo.i E.. I'.rritoi ami ’upon hi* f Hartford. Conn. C movie fans con.-vtitute 65 i Pfwmes^ hoped to take olT for his 512 \VEST n-WTER ST. TEL. 41.14 me*. Where most other nations starting to hlam4 the oP A loi Kevin tceJtifrt--. the bnv ■ .i« ,ii„ y ;i, o".in'ovod bv th* \' i______^______. a hoise of anollirr colot mati.u ; ('■oiitmn|' Boaid Company of Man-^ p*i v-ni of-the world's film sudi-.jreturn^ flight latei today after re-j U|fit tha Boat impor-j this prospecUv* scarcity. But the black. ■ , 1 Chester. , ence. -j’' ■

vi- -I -■ ■Al^unESTCR BVBfim O niSRALO, MANUHESTBR, o o m i, MONDAY, AtJGUST 2«, 194® MANCHES5TER EVENING HERALD. MANCHKSTER. C0NN„ MONDAY. AUGUST 26. 1946 PAGB NIMB ______^ e- M ia n hsYe as thair guaaU, Mr. Smith s Aussie Dele«»ale brother and wlfa, fir. and Mrs. WTBT— i* i» Leonard Smith of Indianapolis. Obituary Rockville Ind. Hh# leaves her husband, Frank WONt»— i« i» Today's Radio Urges Jiislifviiig Judga-and Mrs. Clayton E. Hunt OtUo, three sons. Rhy*no»«J. <>* Norman, Okla.. Charlea and Fran- H^Toid|ht at Oval Attractive Roxiug Program Tonight at Red Men's Arena had as their gTiests on Sunday, for D ijlltlit Time clo, of ^wcatuck, one daughter, I Russians Claims dinner, and the day, Ulstr son and DeMths Mra, Ernest Benevento. o f tha family, Mr, and Mn. Clayton E. Bronx, New York, and thre« WONS— Henry J. Taylor; WTHT \ Hunt, J r, and two daughters of \ *•45—w n o —w il't to Hepptnem. • (OaattaMd from Page One) grandchildren. • Houm Perty; -Lone Ranger. "'TI^Harold Rochester, N. Y., their nephew and Former Must Win tu J* Burke^ New York City Fire Funeral lervlccs will be held N«w>; WKNB — N«we; Veughn more than 55,000 words In the flvg wife, Mr. and Mrs. Tjfaacia Hunt Joseph Carter Wednesday at the John B. Burks Boo Ferriss Department Chief. of New London, and Mr. and Mrs. T !• Gain PlayoiOT Spot; L’r- T r iftls Local Boys Featured Monroe; WTHT - Jwk Berch; 7 :45_W O N S Inside of Sports. treaties. ^ . Funsrol Home. 87 East Center Youngster Steals Spotlight at Field Chester Windsor of Johnston, R w n c — Bwkit^e Wife. 4:00— WDRC—Inner Sanctum; Tha Netherlands amendment, strost, and at St. Bridget's j I., Mrs. Hunt's sister and husband. Dies, Age 83 Tops IlldiailS BlanchanI 4 :15—WKNB ^ Blrthdey Club: WONS— Adventures of Bulldog adopted after revision, hsd the ef­ church at a time to be announced., WTHT — Glmnd’e MUMc Hall; Drummond; WTHT Lum and fect of giving to Ital.v greater rec­ Burial will be In St. Bridget’s ------Rival Slab Opponents In Semi-Pro Boiits ognition for her part in the war w n c — Stella Dallaa. Abner: vtTIC- Cavalcade of Win Pair, Increase / 7 < 3 I V r W Y 4;80_W D RC — Give and Take; America. agalnat Germany. As finally ap­ Rrtirerl Fortner Coal For the third time In eight days WKNB — Uncle Dave; WTIC - 4:14—W THT—Ed Sullivan. proved, It read; About Town o'clock tomorrow afternoon for Lead; Cardinals and the Polish Americans and the Howard Arnold Thrills LE/ k DERS liorenao Jonea. 8:30—WDRC -Fightfng Senator; "Whereas after the said Dealer Passes Away Sport Slants ND ‘Mumps^ Foster^^J utwta«« friends. 4:4ft_lMCNB—Enric Madrlguera; , News; WONS-Case-Book of tlce the Italian armed forces, both Bums Divide; Results Wn Blllle. yrlll attempt By The Associated Preaa 1 Round Star The ChaHonM,^ club will not This Afternoon Natiop 35, Center CVin- ular 1945 schedule. Masterful Display of UUca 10. 3; Albany 4, S. Up; WON.S Gabriel Heatter, ment was supported by Russls. m noon today at hla home, 38 S e>ng T hd Dave (Boo).,Ferrlsa, the Boston Block Buotar «ith Famui’ood VII- Stonky, Brooklyn, 79. V to Open SepL 18 ♦ t#r. Joo Is a home grown product. When a Girl Marries. gregatlonal cHirch, are remliulc l Scranton 9, 8; Williamsport I street. He hod been fairly active Tonight's game |wlll sUrt at Runs Batted In—Slaughter, St. "People won’t believe what we A Idok St hla past disciooea' that 6:16—WDRC — Top Tune Time: News; W THT-I Deal in Crime; well a4 all other members of the of the cancelled meeting tonight Red Sox’ oophoihOra ^ c h ln g wiz­ Dog Handling Gains i»g« >*«; sam Mj^y> 0. ' attending to bis nbtekens diuiy 5:46. The atarting lime haa been Louis. 95; Walker, Brooklyn, 92. will have to offer,” stated Diroctor ; he graduated from Manchester tin Hole r inai Match l local team monagor will battle Mualc; WTIO—Portia Facea Ufa. WTIC—Telephone Hour. commission ^ except Yugoslavia, The next meeting will be held ard, not only Is the iM jor I^ g u e 's n i ® J * . *7 I w r • Ooldon; Dr. Jonas with Baas Lawy Elmirs 8, 1: Wllkes-Barrt 3. 0. which Ignored a suggestion to and doing other chorea about tha moved, up In order or the teama to Plaudits; Frank Weed Dee; spike, Oab« McUulUn. town. H lt»-M usial. St. LouU. 182; Joe McClpskey uf the Maflchetter High and later from Fordham Uni­ 6:30—WDRC — Old Record Shop: 9 :1 5 _ W 0 N S —Real Stories from Septemberyft and all members are biggest winner today, but apfieacg j^nHoaal Al Local Country Club Hartford tonight m make the adoption unanimous. I house, but lost evening It is be- Doctor get in seven Innings before dark- Co... Towblo# Frisky; H. Town- Walker, Brooklyn, 152. YMCA. The otTicUl opening of the versity In New York City. Being WONS — Superman; WTHT — Real Life. urged to attend, ' lleved he fell upon returning from On his way to establishing a mod­ Ixains rour t'laces Haven, conn.; Blinker. Boston 7, 10; Pittsburgh 5. 5. ______! tho flvo-round oaml-flnol bout at Jack Armatrong; WTTC — Just 9:30—WDRC-^Jack Kirkwood; ' Agrees to WltlMlrawal heag^Mta In, Xll future gamea In Doubleo^Muslal, St. Louis 38; building has (>een set for Sunday, iui outstanding runner, Joe went on I the chicken coops and his attend- em record for most games won the payoffs will start at 5:46. ------Lee Fracchto, town. Jim; Al Herman, Boston, 23. September 15. ' to new fame as America’s greatest (Cincinnati 7,1 1 ; Philadelphia 0, Thurston "Mumps" Foster la the Red Men’e Outdoor Arens. Plain Bill. . , . . WONS — Spotlight Bands; The Netherlands agreed to with­ Mrs. Aatrld WlersMcki has re­ 4. MTHT-^Paul Whitenisn; Sports I Ing physician believed he hod ouf- by a pitcher In hla Arst two sea­ Again l*sL'.Friday Manager Jeff An eleven year old youngster Letvinebyk. Captain (Eklga*x>od Triples— Musial. St. Louis, 14; The entire program at the Y will steeplechase star, twice gaining a the now club champion at tho The usual .Athletic Club eemi- 6:45—WKNB Here's to Veter­ draw the following words con­ turned to her work at Harriett a Ifered a cerebral hemorrhaga from Says: Oitcago 3. New York 2. son* In the big leagues. Koelach of the Htl] Billies brought stole the show and the hearts of Pemgratz with Nan­ Walker. Brooklyn and Ovarrettg. be operated on a twelve month berth- on the United States Olym­ proesrd wUI consist of ten bouts. ans: WONS — Tom Mix; WTHT by Harry Wlsmcr: WTIC—Ben­ Beauty Salon after a two weeks’ Brooklyn 3, 8; St. Louis 2. 14 Manchester Country club Mumps tained In the original draft of the which he failed to rally. Ferriss, whose Mrd round tri­ Johnny Urban dowiT fram Soraera- cy of Bettebrook; R. Mills, Stat- Chicago, 7. basis during the coming year. Di­ pic team. A grand total o f 23 Na­ Vendrtllo, should he got by Servo —^Tennessee Jed; WTIC Front ny Goodman. amendment; "And Italy <^claTed vacation spent at Williamsburg, the spectators by a masterful dis­ (•). Mr. Carter was born In South stuffy Nooea Stem from Many umph this season belpod the vine, Jeff atated that the iwiky ford Springs, Oonn. Zepper, Dr. Home Runs^Mlze. New York, rector McCluskey will assume full tional championships is credited to gained tht honor yesterday after­ tonight will meet the winner of T*age Farrel. 10:00 — WDRC Screen Guild war on Germany as from Oct. 13, Va. play o f dog handling to win the VVlndoor, the son of VlrgU C. and Causes American League leaders sweep a fireball ace would hurl ogalnsl th* Jonea with Cavaliers Col. Floron- 22; Kiner, Pittoburgb. 18. I .responsibility of the Y on Septem- Mancheeter's own Fordham Flash. .Ansertcon noon when he whippeil Henry the main bout between Al Greco 4:00—News on all stations Players; WONS Tommy Dor- 1943, and on Japan as. from July Rouble header from the Cleveland PA’a tonight with Marty, Fagan Open All Age Stoke at the field dale Boos, D. Fullerton, Slaugn- Stolen Baaea-rRciser, Brooklyn, j ber 1. After graduating from Fordham, Boston 2, 13; CUvsIand 1, 6. Smith 3 end 3 In a S8-hoIe final of Springfield and ' Hsrtford'a 4:16_-W DRC Spotlight _ on sey's Playshop: WTHT Ques­ 15, 194.5, and thereby became a co- Mrs. Anna Gustafson and grand­ By William A. O’Brien, M. D. ndions yesterday and increase and Howie Morganoon in feoerve. trials held at the Talcottville Flats ton, Maas., with And Tben Julia. 29; Kaos. Cincinnati. 20. Joe s program for the fall and Joe was engaged in the Insurance Chicago 4, 3; PhlladaIpbU 2, 6. Chick Litwlnaa. Oroco and Llt- Sports; WKNB Cross-Views of tion for America; WTIC Con­ belligerent against Germany and daughter, Barbara Stahl, have re­ Detroit 7, Naw York 2. match. A crowd of 130 fans Written for NEA Service their margin over the gecond place Bob Oabom who waa Injuied yeoterday. Howard Arnold was A. Arnold, So. Meriden, Conn. Pitching— Hlgbe, Brooklyn. 12-4; ‘ winter season la by far the heavi­ buaineaa with offices m New Yock. wlnoa collido In the five-round fea­ Sports. News: WON.S Today In tented Program. Japan." ^ turned to their summer place at to 14 games, oeveral weeks ago wiU be back tha Igd who did the trick, handling Steve Pete, Stove Pongrats with .750; Dickson. St. LouU and Rowe, est In the history of recreation In When the war came, Joe w os^ne WMblngton 5. St. LouU 4 (It ). attended. • Sports: Musical Roundup; WTHT ' i0;.T0 -WDRC Tonight on Broad- A common cold la the usual ture. It was decided to withhold ac­ Lake Zosr, Sandyhook. after already has reglatered 44 victo­ with the HIU BUHea at oecond hla father^ dog, Beooett Block Mock, James Rohan, town. Just Philadelphia, 11-4; .733. Manchester. The complete program o f the first to enter and one of the This was Foster's drat appAor- —Quiz Program; WTIC Pro- , ^ay; WONS jl-ct's Go to the tion fvi part of the. Australian cause of a stuffy nose, but the aver­ Flicks, W. Cbristopber, East Lost week Greco defeated Servo spending ten daye with the An­ ries In hts first two years, only booe. With Oabom In the lineup Buster, a whlto and liver pointer. American League will take In sporting and social I lost to be released to inactive duty. aiice 1)1 club play and >t marked feasor Andre Schenker. Opera; WTHT Sports Gems; amendment until later because It age Infection seldom lasts more Hampton, Conn., with Happy, Ed Boatern In a good icrsp. VendrlUo waa drew Johnsons at 51 nirton three shy of the record of 47 set the Windy City team will be Howard was ttaX-OQly junior hand­ Batting — Vernon, Washington, events lor boys, girls, men and I The Isttor came last Monday at Ihe eecond tlma that Smith had 4:30 -WDRC Skyline Roof; WTIC- Dr. I. Q. , referred to human rights which than a week or 10 days. Persistent OUver, town. Weeds Bob, F. Weed W. L. Pct. OBL. origlnoUy scheduled to fight Cailck street. 'Their home is In Port Chea­ by Grover Cleveland Alexander atronger both offensively and de- ler in the day’s eveflt^ H ls home .344; WilliamA Boston, .34q. women. All memberships will start the New London Sub Boae. While advanced to the finals for the (nip. WKNB Lullaby In Rhythm: 10:4,'. W TH T Music. ' are dealt with In Article 14. ter, N. Y. nassl obstruction la caused by ade­ With , the Philadelphia Pbilllea la ensively. is in South Meriden. with Goldie, Dr. Jonas. Femwood from scratch. ' In ecrvicc In the Navy, Joe attain­ Scranton .. .. $8 37 .899 — Smith gslnod tbe finals In 1948..... Rinaldi of Thompoonvillo but when W'ONS — Answer Man; WTHT 11:00—News on all stations. "I suggest Wf might wait a Village Babe, B. Jiongbl, Blntto- Runs— Williams, Boston, 124; Albany ...... 88 54 .587 17 h the latter broke a hand in Thomp- noids. a crooked septum (the sep­ 1611-12. Jimmy Blanchard will remain The Pupfpy Stoke woo w on '-by ------^ Pesky, Boston. 107. I Director McCluskey has set a ed the rank of Lieutenant Com­ Foster was 3 up at the end of Music; W’TIC - Bob Steele; 11:15 W'DRC Night Owl Show; couple of decades,’’ Asel Bebler of j. Johnson of oa the PA'S pltclUng selection. Village Doctor’s Spunky, handled ^«»ry. Conn., with Torhoel VllUge membership goal of 430. ThU mander. Hartford ... .. 84 58 .538 204 19 holoe and carded a 77-75— 152 aonvllle lost Thursday night ha Weather Forecast. tum Is the wait which divides the Wes Ferrsll of Cleveland holds Runs Batted In—Williams, Bos­ \Vllkea-Borre .. 84 59 .520 22 WONS Musical Roundup; Yugoslavia said when thla part of ^ cilnton atreet are spending the the American Leogua mark of 48 The youngster boa won hla loot by Thomas Lawson, KockvUle. The Oo|^'JE5«l Rabedesu. Coventry, ! figure may sound rather email but Whfle stationed at the Bose, Joe to Smith’s pair of 77’a. was afrstched and replaced by 4 :45_WDRC—Robert Trout News WTHT ■ Evening Devotion; (the amendment came up. , cavity of the nose Into two ports), Conn. ton, 111; York and Doer, Boston, Elmira ...... 58 39 ,498 25 Servo. set In 1929-30. three starts with the PA nine and winner of the Derby Stake was 105. ; considering the conditions that was Tn charge of Recreation and Swrepstakes, low gmas. A Van WKNB — Little Show; W'ONS W'TIC Harkness tof Washing­ One paragraph of the Italian ______.allergy, nasal polyps, or vasomotor baa been mainly .jesponolbla or Beau’s Exquisite Spotter, handled Wlnneii e| Drawings I prevailed at tha Y In the post, a Welfare. HU valuable training Utica ...... 54 89 .439 32 Athletic (^ub Ratchmsker Vito Ferriss outdueled Red Embree Hits— Pe4ky, Boston, 174; Ver­ Williamsport . 47 73 Ber Kar, 45-38—83; low net, Art Easy Aces: V\TIC Lowell ton, preamble remains to be acted ' rhinitis (congestive Inflammation). the team’s sudden climb. by Rusoell West, Brockton, Mas*. ; paid membership of 100 would be In school, with famous coqches In .392 87 >k Tsllarlta la determined to give of the Indians 2-1, sided by Bobby Tbe winners of the drawings non, Washington, 159. , Binghamton .. 44 78 WUkte, J r . 78-13—88: Tom Mc- Thomas. 11:30 WONS Griff Wllliama’ Adenoids are a common cause of The PA’a must win tonight to Second In the All Age was Bess i a major sccompllshmenL - There this country and abroad, and at .361 41 r- tries separating the Soviet bloc ’.'Triples— Lewis, Washington and Serenade: WONS— Fulton Lewis. semble. Bride of Writer portion of the throat, just behind In mveeping the twin bill at with the Hamilton Props for. Cvnolter’a Cal, also handled by atreet. Hartford. Conn.; 2, Sport I passed. With a full program, oome- North End realdenls have wait­ New York . .. 72 51 .585 14 corsn: HU opponent will be Al Jr.. WTIC — Supper Qub. 12:00 W'ONS—Del Courtney’s Or­ from the Mediterranean seemed In Edwards, (^evelond, 11. Detroit ...... 67 52 .583 17 Tlilrty-two' teams have entered the nose. Boston, the Red Sox wiped out fourth place. Should the < PA’a Frank Weed. Second in the Derby jacket. Phil Jobert, 185 Maple Home Runs—Williams. Boston, I thing to do evenings for the young- ed a number of years for a com­ Lspardo of Torrington. 7:16_WDRC —Jack Smith Show; chestra; WTIC—News; St. Louis the opinion of some observers AH children have a certain petent program at the Y. ThU Washington .. 81 82 .496 25 the annual four-ball, best-ball team any mathematical ponnont win, the team will qualify to moet Stake was won by Bennett’s Lex­ streeL towh; 3, Woolrich shlrL 33; Greenberg, DetrolL 27. I aters in psrtlcuUr and the adults In . Bobby March, and Bob Lomona WONS— Famous Songs: Musical Serenade. bore, to be taking shape today aa Wilton. Aug. 26— (gb—Request­ amount of adenoid tissue in the aeema to be the year. Cleveland ■ ■... 57 67 .400 29 •« ctuimplonshlp at Manchester, and chances of the Chicago White Sox Rockville in the first gama of the ington Jake, also hondlod by Frank L. J. FulleV, 170 Charter Oak Stolen Boaes—Cose, Cleveland, the afternoon and evaning, the of Torlngton will pair off In one Roundup; W'THT — Elmer Davis; 12:30- W'ONS—Dick Jurgens’ Or­ the peace conference entered its ing that the word "obey" be re­ throat which may temporarily en­ The Y Can Come Back. The Y Chicago ...... 38 68 .432 SOI* play in the opening round will get and SL Louis. The Philadelphia play off series later In the woelL Weed. Third place was captured atreet, town; 4, Table radio, 27: Stlmwelss. New York. 16. I membership U bound to pick up. of the threce. March has been , WTIC — News of the World. chestra f WTIC Sammy Kaye’s fifth week. tained in the wedding ceremony. large, but persistent enlargement Will Come Back If thU slogan la St. Louis .. .. 51 70 .421 34 under way this week.wc Athletics were eUmlnsted 10 doirs by Honeyrock Ladd, handled by George S. Long, 247 Autumn Pitching—Ferriss, Boston, 2374, ' Home Town Product bothered by a cold which prevent­ 7:30—WDRC—Bob Hawk Show; Orchestra. Indirallons of CampNign Screen Star Olivia, de Havlllsnd or chronic Infection of adenoid tis­ adopted by the people of Manches­ Philadelphia .. 40 83 .323 46 Saturday’s Scores ago. E)ave Rogers, Brookfield. Second atreet, town; 5, 3 pNr nylon .862; Newhouser, Detroit. ,22-6, The Board of Directors choice of ed him from training during the was married here today to Marcus sue la on Indication that an oper­ I a director could not have been bet- ter. National Selected nine; Low net. J. M. Indications of such a campaign The B(tx>klyn‘ Dodgers and SL place rn the Puppy Stake was won stockings, Katherine Flannery, 1 .786. early part of last week but he Is Aurelius Goodrich, scenario writ­ ation ahould be performed. Louis Cardinals, after a seven Brooklyn .. . . 74 46 .817 — Hyde 38-11-23; Art Wilkie 31-(^- wore noted In these recent devel­ Sports Roundup by Village Pilot Joy. the fourth Mt. View, ThompoonviUe, Conn.; expected to bo ready. Bob's tha er and former newspaperman. , Joseph C. Carter In addition to finding it difficult hour battle In SL Louis, ended up St. Louis .. .. 74 46 .617 — 25; Phil Holowsy, 32-5— 27; low opments: win of the day by handler Frank 8, Pressure cooker, P. T. Overton. moat popular fighter to appear at Schedules Now in Shape The wedding took place at the to breathe, children with adenoids all even in their double header and 64 Lynesa, tow’s ; 7. OoffeemsUe, Chicago ... .. 84 54 .542 9 gross, Henry Rockwoll, 30. Art j 1. An announcement over the Sarah G. Carter. He came here By Hugh FnllertOB, Jr. Weed. Third place went to Sam’s tha arena this oosaon. week-end that the .Soviet Ukraine country home of Lawrence Lang- ilsually are poor eat!ers and suffer remained tied for flrat place in the Peerless Bucko, handled by Sammy Mra Brennan, 88 HUUord street, Boston ...... 39 57 .509 IS WUkte bod a two-under part 88 with his parents In 1871 and had New York, Aag. 28.—(J5— No. Etods Upset Jarvis for the full 18 holes. Othor bouts will find Bobby Zon- Was asking the United Nations ner, New York Theater Guild exe­ from many ear infections. torrid National League pennant Felice from town, the bnly local town: 8, Wrist watch, Bd J. Per­ Cincinnati . . . 54 68 .450 20 For New Football Season cutive. with Phyllis Loughton, Hol­ been a resident ever since. He at­ Maurle Woxm&n la back In circu- j Local Sport New York . . . . 32 88 .441 21 ettl of Sprtngflald agalnat Bud Security coiuiell to Investigate tended the Idhal schools and upon Straight Septum Needed race. The Brooks came from be­ man to place in the day’s events. ry. 1693 'rolland turnpike, town; lywood dialogue director, as mat­ hind to eke out a 3-2 victory in lation after a year’s absenca from \ Phllrdelphls .. 49 89 .415 24 Jodldoa of Torrington. Chick Greece as a threat to pence In the completion of hit schooling enter­ "the wall (septum) between the During the course of the day 9, Guncsse, Leo R. Lange, 157 ron of honor and George Seaton, the opener, but the Cords climbed the best boxing clrclea and tha i Pork street, town: lO, Six boxes Pittsburgh . .. 46 88 .404 25 Boucher, a local boy faces Jos Both the ABC and MBS ached- Balkans. ed the employ of the late Edward two sides of the nose should be guys who write about fights for • ! 3,000 spectators witnessed the Chatter To Gain Playoff Spot Revellt of Sprlngfisld In a rematch. (Bsstem Standard—.Add One Hour 2. Repeated domnnds by Yugo- film writer, as best man. fairly straight, so that about the oH over six Brooklyn pitchers to shotgun ahallA JTraak Bmltb, 122 For Daylight) ulca are to be prraented under aus­ The marriage was the first for Griswold who conducted a wal win the nightcap 14-8. The secemd living have reason to be thankful. svent*. Chestnut, town; 11, SUcker rain­ fm-ThdU Bobby Hill o f Sprlngflold and slavln for Italian territory In the | Today’s Oamaa pices of the U. 8, Army recruiting business at the north end. 'she same amount of breathing space . . . .Waxmon, who used to dou­ The Hartford Archers gave a Bob Boyce of the Manchester Manchoatar’s Tony Tarry ore down New York. Aug. 2t>- -(/n - Sched­ diSDuted Venezia Olulla area. . the actress who is .30 years old and i game was called after eight in­ coat, Richard RUey, 297 HiU Eostorn By Torvy Moav* drive. ABC will confine Itself lu business was one of the few deal­ is present on both sides. ble as manager and one-man pub­ wonderful exhibition of orchelY Truat Company went around the for a throe os well os Franehy Ls- ules are no* pretty well In shape 3, A Russian note to Turkey |the fifth for the 64-ycnr-old Good­ nings becauoe of darkness. street, East Hartford, Conn.; 12, Clinch Fourth Place in Hartford at Binghamton. | Card!note’ OntlMder Army gamea. Including those at ing In coal at the time and served The septum Is composed of bone, licity bureau for Bobby Ruffin, during the noon hour. F iv e , men course at the local Country (Club Crolx and Pots CSrloon, both o f for the new aeaaon of college foot- asking for a voice In the control rich. Two Oames to Oo Foul weather outfit, Thomas Fer- Albany at Utica. 1 My top thrill came during my West Point and away from home. the whole town. ! cartilage, and soft tlasue. An ab- maintains; ’Td shoot Mike Jacobs and three women composed the or- in a 79, hU beat score in years. 1 Final Standings; Pin B ox Score Hartford, Thsae two boys fought a beJI broedeesUng. 'Three networka of the Diirdanelles, j The two teams wlU complete uson, 257 East Center, town; 13, Williamsport at Soranton. first whirl in the big league In MBS will put on the "game of the Office Manager ’ aolutely atraight septum is a rari­ for a story" but so for that hasn’t .chars squqd. The public was invit­ Bol) carded a 43-38—79. great fight lost * Monday night. have set their atarts for September In • genernl. western countries their crucial four-game series flx pair wool socks, S. Richard­ I Elmirs St Wllkoo-Barra. 1985. My rookie year was a mighty week," Weed on team records. Mr. Carter was office manager ty; crooked onea are present at been necessary...... Right now ed to t ^ tbeir skUl with the bow First Loss of Season on North Ends (4) Doony Falcone will oppose Ken 21, with the fourth to begin the have opposed the Russian bloc In with one game tonight and an­ son, Munson, Mass.; 14, Woolrich Notional satisfactory one and assured my Actually ABC Is giving Its foot­ ('.ontrols Lifted for the Grl.swold business and birth or follow Injurlea. he’s touting a newcomer. Sam and arrow and the members of the T^e North Ends are the hottest AB R H PO Adams of Norwich. foUowlng week. every move agninst the three other tomorrow afternoon. shirt, A. Zofftria, 417 Pork strost, Fireball Pop Gleason New York 1 Kennedy 7-7) at future In boaeball. carried on the general clerical If there la marked Interference Baroudl, 19-year-old schoolboy Archers Club gave them helpful Hartford. Conn.; 15, Hunting cost tesin in the Softball league after Majewski, cf ... 2 0 0 1 'The rsmalndor o f the card will Two games are on the Hat for ball a "preview" boost by getting Mediterranean roiintrlea. U, S. The New York Yankees yester­ Chicago (Wyae 13-9). Although my fielding was con­ s i work. Upon the death of Mr. Gris­ with breathing due to a crooked from Akron, O...... "M ike Spl- hints In the srL and panto, Ruth Duncan, 55 Au­ their successive wins over* Rock­ OpsUch, 2b .. be arranged and announced at the September 21. Army va. Vlllanova vinder way next Sunday afternoon Seeretnry of State James F. Byrnes Oil Dozen Items day became the first club ever to I Boston (Spohn 8-3) at Pltts- sidered by etrongaet forte. It was from the profcsHlonnl gridiron. The wold, Mr. Carter took over the septum, and if the owner of the nelll, the big trucking man, gave The dogs and handlers in the tumn, town: 16, Woolrich shirt, ville and JarvU, top teams In the An underdog North End team 8. Grxyb, lb . . . arena. The flrat bqjit will start at Will be available on both CBS and has heeii one of the f rincipnl de­ stuffy nose is predisposed to colds reach he two million mark in one me half of the kid for nothing and league. I burgh )Hclnsseliran 7-10). the day I tied a major league rec­ ABC, while IlUnoia va. Pittsburgh contest Is to be that In Chicago be­ business and continued to oper­ order of running; H. Johnson, 87 Pratt street Hart­ put master Pop Gleason and his B. Grzyb, Sb . . . 8:30. The arena Is located at the fenders of Britlsh-oeeupled Greece; Washington, Aug. 26 — fgb— and sinus Infections, an operation season’s attendance, but their joy I would have paid |5,0()0 for Mm." Puppy stake, 6 pointers, 6 set­ ! PhllaVielphla (Manney 3-3) at ord that gave me my greatest hsp- Is to be the NBC selection. MBS, In tween the New York Giants and ate it until he sold oiit In 1919 to ford. <3onn.; 17, Slicker raincoat, JarvU nine duwm on a 4 to 2 count Rubacha, p .... corner of West Center atreet and Britain, France and the United I Black and white pepper and 10 (submucous resection) should be was chilled by Hal Newhouser Maurle asserts. ’’He's a potential ters. Judges: D. F. Fullerton, The Depot Square Grill lost a i Cincinnati (Hetkl 5-3)—night. piness. delaying until September 28,. will the Chicago Bears. Gilbert E. Willis, the present C. Hills, 25 Cooper, town; 18. last Saturday night In the noUUst, Oleksinski, os .. Hailford road. States have opposed granting performed. who racked up his 22nd win to middleweight champion.’’ .... Stoughton, Moss., and Al Lltwln- 4 to 3 game to Windsor yesterdi’.y Brooklyn (Melton 3-2) at St. In a momorshla game— to me— put on Illinois vs. Notre Dame, ' other Items were removed from owner. Since 1919 Mr. Carter had Woolrich shirt Georgs May. 95 beat played ball game presented H. Grayb, If . . . large sections of Venezia Giulia to price control today as "unimport­ Dr. E. A. Thacker reports In the give the Detroit Tigers a 7-2 vic­ Considering how many good mid- ebyk, Vernon, Conn. afternoon at the Oval. We had Louis (Dickson 11-4)—night. I smashed out six consecutive base which NBC also plans tp describe. Programs coming back tonight been retired. tory at . A crowd Center street town; 19, Woolrlcn this season at tbe North End dls- Kosak, rf ...... Yugoslavia; and ^rltaln, France ant to the cost of living." At one time Mr. Carter was Journal of the American Medical dlewelghta are around, that's a hoped to publish the box score but; Amarimn hits. Missing from the CBS play by after vacations: NBf.’ 7 Cavalcade of 42,908 watched the single Whltey’s Shlnner. W. Kjell- ohlrt Robert McCormick, 164 _^^ ^ _a .. ^ a lAJAJlIU. G. Wlerzblckl, c and the United States have gone OPA laid Its action was In com­ postmaster at Wle Manchester Association that both inhalants broad statement but nobody ever none arrived up to the sports dead­ Detiolt (Trucks 18-8) at New 1 also got a great kick when 1 play microphone for the first time of America Drama. Paul Lukas In game, sending the Yankees’ home qulat, town, with Frank’s Lucky New Bolton road, town; 20, Wool- Hank Grzyb and Wimpy Kosak | S/Mtrls Schedule on record aa against Russian Ton- pliance with the new price con­ Post Office when It was located In (dusts, dander; face powders, etc.) called Maurle slender. rich shirt, Kay Perkins, 23 Au­ line. Totals .22 4 8 21 n 0 York (Chandler 6-7). played In the 1942 bi all the yeare It has been carry­ •‘Passport to Freedom.” . . . CBS 8 attendance bo 2,027,087.' Choice: Frank Weed, Sam’s Peer­ put the finishing touches to a | against the New York Yankees trol of the Dardanellea. trol act which required removal of the Fuller block on North Main and ingestanta (foods) can cauae Names Is Namies , less Bucko with Village Pilot Joy: tumn. town; 21, Twenty-five mound duel between Moxie Ru-1 Jart-la (3) ' Cleveland (Lemon 2-4) at Bos­ ing football will be Ted Husing, Radio theater opening thirteenth Lou Possehl, former Illinois ton (Hiifhoon 13-10). and received high praise for sev­ Tonight Walk Out on relehratlon ceilings by Dec. 31 of all commodi­ street. He served" a four years stuffiness in the nose. White cells Any number of namea familiar Saddle, W. S. Shipman, Groton, poun^ dog food, George Green­ Prutty Majewski of the North bochs and Fireball Oleooon. O. Phillips, who resigned as sports director year With Claudette C

’ • V-'

MANCHESTER EVENING HERALD, MANCHESTER, CONN;, MONDAY, AUGUST 2«, 194t FAOl MANCHESTER EVENING HERALD, MANCHESTER, CONN., MONDAY, AUGUST 26.194S ■> books snd. inctdenUlly, looking rooNERVILLE FOLKS over "The Hound of the Baakerr! BY FONTAINE POX vlUea,” when 1 heard the sound of 1 Household Goods 61 Marhinery and Tools $2 Wanted to Rent €3 Sense and Nonsense 1 tfiisiiiess Services Offered IS Florists—Nurseries , 15 Help Want«d-.-Male 36 MVfCY ceofifflteft a car door closing and the ringing j WMENfeYER ME WANTS TO CATCH UP ON HIS REAPING, THE I WE BUY and sell good used TRUCK AND tractor snow plows, of the doorbelL j Held up at platel point, a Balti­ Btsssad la the man who is too OLADIOU bouqueU. Thouaanda WANTED—Expeiianccd driver for By Alice M. Loveirick NDVS£IRVia*lNINC. Tr o l l e y S k ipper can think o f m o re d u rn p l a c e s t o hide ! furniture, combtnsUun ranges, milking machines, cement mix- WANTED — 2 or 8 room apart' Qastified I reptoced the book quickly and ■ more, Md., woman dropped her busy to worry m the dqyUms, snd of hardy ptanta. Fruit treea and a Manchester, milk route. Wnu ' too tired to lie awake at nlghL CUnified WARM AIR FURNACES^ Box N, Herald. ! gas ranges and taaatars. Jonss* era, disc harrows. Dublin Tractor mant Phone 2-1495. went to answer the door. And puree, aait oa it until the bandit thruba. Woodland Oardana, 168 there was Colin. fled. CLEANED AND REPAIRED Woodland atreet. Telephone 8474. ^ Kufnttura Stora, 86 Osk. PhoM Company, Willlmxntlc. The Stotys I. Ceoeils Bart, was later, ordered me to put away my PORTTCR Wantjsd for afternoon i 2-1041. URGENTLY need six or more ealy 17 «tlM I came to laatalhll books and say my prayers. He stood In the doorway with Customer—I want to buy S plow, VAN CAMP BROTHERS work. Apply Federal Bakery rooms In Manchester or vicinity. •‘Did you hear Father Burke his raincoat flung across his shoul­ Father—Why don’t you marry j Salesman Sorrj’, we have no Advertiseaiaits Muxical Instrumenu S3 that evcatfol etmuaer to help out j BUI ? I plows. 249 North Main Street Roofing— Repairing 17-A Shop, 888 Main atreet KLUUK problems solved with Willing to pay sufficient rent For Rent For Siile Coaeia EUoa, who wao the Fits- j playing the piano?” she said.’ ders snd four be-l*beled bags be­ linoleum, aspnaJt U14. counter Write Box OS. Herald. "Glory be to Heaven, how that Daughter—I wiU only mnrry n Customer—This is a heck of a For Sale Telephone 6244 FOR SALE—An Emerson upright (efalds* hoaoekeeper. Lovely Char- : side, him, and he smiled at me and For Scot REPAIR or replece asphalt shin- SELL Merchants nationally known Expert workmanship, free estJ- T o Buy T o Sell man can play! Herself esked him said, "HeUo, I don't belleva we've man who knowa life and bns drug store! piano In good condition. Phone lotto Bleat eaptared my heart Im- : learne^ Its aorrows. To Bay ToSeU gtas, slate, composition or tin holiday line. Liberal commiulon. mates. Open evenlngx Jones VETERAN aad wife desire 8 to xsafilitBly hat aatocitelc old Hou- ^ to play the, 'Ave Maris' end sure met before, have w e?" in a quick, I . *- - roofs, chimneys, flashings and 4029. 0 rooms furnished or unfurnish­ Father 1 see—a widower. Those who think It psrmisanbis OLD PXOOR8 SANDED Samplea and catalog free. Write Furr -ee. Oak atraet PUm # CLASSIFIED ADVT. ata Fitzgerald, who Yalrd the, 'twould bring tears to the eyes charming voice and what sounded Laying.end flnieblng. eaveatrougba. E. V. Coughlin. 300 Salea Manager, Box L. Antioch, 2-1041. ed. to 800. J. W. CurUn, ' 59 Mc­ hooaehold from a siek bed. fright-' of a stone Itself to hear him." like an English accent faintly > to teU white Ilea soon grow color CLASSIFIED ADVT. A SMALL Brambacb grand. Beau­ Mullen avenue, Wethersfield. DKPl HOIIItS: A typographical error In a tele­ blind. J. E. Jeneen. Woodland atreet. Phone 7707. 111. tiful 'walnut finish, can't be told eaed me. I araa terribly homeaiek When Cousin Ellen’s emotions were splashed with Killarncy. "I'm that DEPT. HOURS: WE HAVE tin eat assortments ot 8:30 A. M. to 4:45 F. M. aroused, her brogue was apt to be­ vagriuit, Colin Fitzgerald," he told gram almost cost s new arrival at Tel.* WUUmanUc 9«28, evenlnga. from new A real bargain. Ptaho aatll Profesoor,. Mark toM me 11 an army onmp hia happy home. »:S0A.M.to4:45P. M. KOUFLNdl — Speciaiiaiftg in re­ Kitchen linoisuma AUo Jie and eooM read aay of his books that j come very pronounced.. She sound­ me. "In the sweat of thy face ahalt W. aCHlftTZ and BottlceUo pairing roofs of all kinds, also DOORMAN and uahera wanted wall coverings Mancheetet Floor Shop, 6 Pearl street Call 6 to 9 Hoines for Sale 72 ed now like a greenhorn Just off Shortly after arriving he sent a thou eat bread." That statement p. m. only, 6882r I waated. "Oh, yeS. air. Of course. Fm P.U.C. Ucenae to do Conn. aUU new roofs. No Job too email or Apply Manager. SUte theater. Covering Center,- 24 Birch. Call the boat. message to hia wife that was re­ appsnra in the 3rd chaptsr of the Cecelia—CeceRa Hart," I said, and ceived in'thia form: "Having Won­ movlag. local trucking. Aahea largs. Good work, fair orice Free 0688. EDWARD Street seven room sin­ Wanted— Real Batata 71 ' VII I went to sleep then and dream­ first book of the Bible. EXPERIENCED Rock wool In­ I think .1 must have blushed. derful ’Time Wish You Were Her." g ^ h must labor according to Lost aad Feoad and waate removed. Phone eatimatca. Cah Howlay. Man- AN UPRIGHT piano, Beckar, in gle. garage, large lot steam V Snug in bed, with a light sum­ ed that old lady Fitzgerald was chaster 8861. sulation salesman to close sales FURNACES IN STOCK. QunUty CASH ACTION for your property playing the piano and Mark Fitz­ "Little Saint Cecelia,” he said. his sKiUty, 2-lfit8. good condition. Phone 7876. heat braes piping. Phone 2-1038. mer rain pattering on the roof, I "Well, well, and do you play the Junior Daddy, who was Ham­ Work la natural and a virtu*. tOBT—Vldnltjr of Oook’o acrvlce Guaranteed salary plus commis­ I Mueller pipelesa, pipe and blower. Large list of clients waiting for opened up the treasures I had gerald was dancing on top of it ■tatioa and O m n achool, man'a ROOFING, aiding and new ceil- sion. This position that Ls open De Vino' Company. 16 Bennett TWO-FAMILY house 3-4 room* alnglas or doubla homes. For prof­ with, of all people. Cousin Ellen. organ, too? And do the angels let? ^ REFRIGERATION SERVICE PIANO Accordions. New and usad. found after Mark left me alone in shower roses down upon you?" Fa her—Bring me the Bible, Jimlor (reporting to achool)— billfold contalnlnf «um of money Inga Our ep*claltv Highest qual­ la with a growing corporation and ; avenue. Waterbiiry, 3-3880. each. 'All improvements. Lot 80 itable results see ,. Real*; real­ the library. "Under the Lilac*," And the next dayt which seemed UruDOW, Coldapot. Croeiey. Krigid- ity material*.used. Workmanship Service and lessons. Chester Ac­ you ignoramus, and I'll show you Well, Dad’s workln’ again. and valuable paper*. Reward. the right man will have a good cordion Company, 91 Union feet frontage. Three minutes to tor, 44 Pin* street, Manchester which I had read only three or at Its beginning to be a day like "Oh. no," I said hastily. "I help aira. G. B., and all other makca. guaruued. A. A. Dion, Inc., opportunity to advance to sales NEW VACUim cleanera to r sale. Main strest. Price 87,000. James 8-1919. any other, should have been mark­ Cousin Ellen In the kitchen. Pm who he was. Teacher (approvingly)— Tbat'a [If Phone fiOSl. street 'Phone 8709. » four times, and "The Man In Low­ fine. Whatsis he doing? Commardal and Domeatic. 299 Autum street. TeL 4860. manager. Apex Insulatore 47fi Liberal trade-in allowaaea. A.B. J. Rohan and Son, Realtors. er Ten” and "Grauatark,” which I ed in red letters on the calendar. here for the summer.” P o u n d —one female Beagle, Hudson street Phone Hartford C Appllcance and Service Com­ BUYING or seUlngT For results Innisfall, house of Fitzgerald, Safety means .no empty plsqes Junior—He’s got a tough Job. SCIENTIFIC CHIMNEYS rebuilt and repaired. Phone 7483 or 7911. discovered tucked cosily in be­ "Ah, that's good. Then we’ll be St the table, fewer crq>pled chil­ He's got to watch six watchmen. Black and'white, wearing liar* 7-1087 Or 2-2981. pany. 21 Maple street Phone list your property with Suburban would never be quite the same seeing more of each other, won’t ' \ Roofing. All work giieranteed. N. tVearing Apparel—>Fars 57 tween "An Introduction to Phil­ dren, leas hardship from’’'reduced neat. Alao white, part Terrier REFRIGERATION CO. 2-1878. ATTRACTIVE, well-built 4-room Realty Co., Realtors, 49 Perkins osophy" and "The Lives of the again. And never again that sum­ we?" And he came into the hall 37 OAK 8T. PHONE 2-1228 Income, more peace of mind and Labor is always within striking male dog. Call at dog pound. O. LaRoae Co. Phone 2-0768. Cail MEN Wanted for harvesting broad colonial, space for two rooms up­ street, Manchester. Tei. 8218. Baints'' on one ,.of the lower, mer would It be quiet for any and threw down his wet coat and any time. leaf tobacco. Amelia Jarvie. GABARDINE U. S. AvUUon «ov- happiness for everybody—every­ distance of capital. HAVE TOUR fewer* thoroughly BENGAL combination Oil imd gas stairs. Excellent condition, large PROPERTY i wnera—It you are •helves. ‘ length of time. his bag, and Immediately the where. 1X>8T—Oeneroua reward. Lady'a Phone 7028. range cream and green, perfect eralU. Navy rain coats, bliia lot nice location. Immediato oc­ With that Inborn capacity of the For Colin Fitzgerald came hom^. house Seemed to sit up and take black corde ^ketbook, Bolton cleaned with oui power eewer ALL MAKES of washing ma­ denim dungarees. Brunner's, 80 considering capltallxlng on Uu Employs— I'm s steady works'r. cleaner. Cutting need reroovea all condition. 184 South Main aMeat cupancy upon sale. 89,000 terms. Irish for being at one moment in notice, like a big dog which haa Bknplojrsr-rYes, and If you wsr* Notch, Sunday) out of car door. chines repaired. 10 years’ exper­ Oakland atraet Phone 819L present 1 market contact ua. Colin Fitzgerald arrived at In- Offhand, we'd say it'a strange u roota. Car’ Nygren. plumber ience. Call. A. Brewer, 2-0849. Sitnatlnns Wnnted— Call Wm. Goodchlld, Realtor. W* pay top cash for rasldantlal the depths of a despairing pit and long been half asleep Snd sudden­ how Rolomon ever managed to f ^ any stsa^er, you would b* mo­ Owner la auffering without Manchester 7925 or Hartford 2- the next to be riding high on a nisfail In the midst of a thunder ly rousen and becomes excited at tion! esa. glaaaeai Alao. only keya to em­ fleam fittar, pump mechanic. IS Female 38 or commercial property. For thunder storm late that afternoon asleep with the thousand or so South atreet. Telephone 6497. WALNUT bedroom set. Alao two 0787. Office 15 Forest atreet. quick action communicate with rainbow, I now completely forgot the sound of a familiar voice. things be had on his mind. ployer* car, and brother'a foun­ Painting—Papering | 21 fibre rugi. Phone 2-2412. Wanted—To Bny 68 my troubles In the delightfully and there was no one to receive Ons reason why It Is «iang*roua tain pen. Finder pleaae, pleaae, GIRL 13, Experienced with chil­ r e m e m b e r when they were us. Phone 7728-8329 or 8-0920, or him but myself. ANTIQUES reflniihed and repair­ romantic adventures of a princess I felt oddly excited, myself, and heien—I dread to think o f mjr to go to slsep on the Job la that plaaaa return to me and you PROPERTY owner* Atiiention dren would like work. Phone 2- COMBINATION Bengal gas and QASH FOR pianos or musical in­ building good houses? Well, I Writ* Brae-Burn Realty Oo„ 5 In disguise. I was barely con­ Miss Charlotte and the Profes­ somehow it seemed fitting that ed. Ruah or epitnt aeate replaced 2983, South Main street. Manchester. SOth birthday! you mt^ht fall off of it. be generoualy rewarded and I Tlemann. 189 South Main street. Paperhanging and painting, in- oil range, 1941 model. Excellent struments. ragardleas of aga, hsvs two for sale. Two-family scious of the fact that somewhere sor hod gorte to town shortly after Colin Fitzgerald should return will be rid of thia awful ieye atraln. breakfast and a little later Cousin Gladys—Why, did something un­ Phone .^64S. alde or outside. Large savings. condition. Cash ternoa. Call 4029. condiuon. Highest possible house In Hartford. $17,000 One- WANTED— RealdenUal building, in the hoiise there was music, againat a background of Wind and pleasant happen on It? Mra. Richard, 80 Lenox atreet, New block cel)lnita. Estimates prices. The Plano Shop. 0 Pearl family hoiise in Manchester, 818,- beaiitiful music. It made a sooth­ Ellen left for market, with strict thunder. Does—Peta—Birds 41 lota with utllitlH,‘ in either A or Instructions to me to make myself Manchaater. Phone 7448, ELEITTRIC Motors, repaliir'* and furnished free. Phone Apex 7286. FOR SALE— 11-tube Philoo con­ atreet Phone 0882. 000. Box H. Herald. AA sonea. Write, Box Lot, Herald. ing background to my reading, I said breathleaaly, "Won’t you Social Situations though I hardly realized it existed. useful In her absence. "The brain Is a efondarful organ. rewinding. All work guaranteed ENGLISH Batter, pupa. Three sole radio, good condition. 32 let me take your things?'’ It starts working the moment you FURNITURE and metal work re- months Md. Pedigreed. Price rea­ Lyneae atreet. ^'AN(mESTBR’g oldest dealers SEVEN-room home consisting of: ------H Cousin Ellen, coming up to bed I was In the library dusting the AniHNiiicviiibfits 2 Ace Electric Motor Repaira 221 Bqt he hadn't heard me. ” He get up in the morning, and does North Main atreet, opposite De­ flnlahed. Lawn and unpaInted fur­ sonable. L. W. White; 108 Avery in raga magaxlnaa, papar and first floor, Uvlng-room. with fire­ The Mtnntloai You gre enclos niture sprayed. Equipped to had loft me snd gone Into the liv­ not atop until you get to the of­ pot entrance on North School atreet. WHITE ENAMEL sink, 24x88 and scrap metals has 8 trucks to place, dining-room, kitchen. 2nd ing your card with flowera to b* handle Induatrlat and commercial floor: four bedrooms and . tile FUNNY BUSINESS ing room, though after a few quick fice." n V B TOna of gravel. May be had street. Phone 8642. ' double drain boards, 80” overall, call at your horns any Urns and TO BE SOLD glances around the room, he was sent to a funeral. spraying contracts. Have your FOR SALE—Pointer registered. with trap and faucets. One screen pay you highest prices Wm. Os- bath. Attached garage, scifcena, Wrong Way: Writ* nothing on for the talcing. Call 2-0720. We are offering for tnunediate back, snd the hsll cam* alive First Ex-Buck Privmte—What do MANCHESTER barns and aheda sprayed reason­ Two and one-half years-old. Liver door, odd doors and windows and trlnsky, 182 Bissell street Phone storm windows. Lot 57’xl40’ with your visiting card. able to save coat ot rebuilding. sale, a w ell-li^t four-family again. A flash of lightning made you hear about the old top-kick of and white. Reasonable.^ Phone frames. 85 gallon oil drums. One 5879. two large apple trees. Gas heat, hlB olive skin look bsonxe and hia Bight Way: Write, "With sym SHEET METAL WORKS Thomas J. McKinney Paint Shop, 2-2823. dwelling of 16 rooms. This prop­ ours? PeraonalB gas fireplace heater. Phone 6390 automatic hot water, brass eyes and hair very dark, and I pathy" or some other appro­ AIR CONDITIONINO 844 Adams street. Phone 2-0106. erty is located in a reeldmtial Second Ex-Buck Private — The MtNsaskt Sy tosit. 1m . after 3 p. m. plumbing, insulated. Built 1938. saw that he had a thin Una of a same thing we used to hear—and priate sentiment acroaa your card. OQARANTEED hand cleaning of HOT AIR FURNACES SMALL Boston Terrier pupa. Set­ Call Manchester 2-1684 for ap­ area handy to schools, base* M l your llneat ruga, carpeta, uphol- Installed and Repaired . ALBERT JAtXDBS—Aihea and ter and Pointer croanbred pup*. Boordera Wanted 59-A and shopping center. Priced for MACUkMC , black mustache. none of It good! ______S------pointment. 'riCKLZFEiXTUteS aterad furniture, right in your EhiveetrouRhs and Conductors rubbish removed. Light trucking Ready to break, 7 months old. ENAMEL Insulate Real Estate that never again would I meet Young Husband (In early morn­ garet Road. PIELA'S Refrigeration aerviee. the painter." Joseph Murawekl. Miller. Manchester 8626. ment In exchange for 6 or 7 All Line* ot Insnranco HOSPITAL Beds or wheelHcjhainr or 266J4. John Clark. ouch a magnetic man as this black ing)—It must be time to get up. Domestic, commercial, repaira on Phone 2-0888. room Single or duplex. Phons Irishman. Wife—Why ? FOR BALB—IM l outboard motor, all makas. Day and night service. for rent or sale. Rates reason­ 7297. able. If you need a sleep board "Where Is everyone, Cecelia?" Young Husband—Baby’s fallen good condition. Oriawold'a Serv- 88 Birch atreet. Phone 2-1428. PAINTING and Paperhanging, Poultry and Supplies 43 asleep. ioe, 174 Weat Center atreet. Interior and exterior decorators, to give your.back e firm support, he said. "How is my mother?” . And at this, old Honors herself OENERAL concrete work, retain reasonable prices. Call for free we have them In three practical Houses for Rent 2N0 SBPHER club coupe, new int walls, landscaping and grad' ROASTINCi Chickens. 6-7 pounds. 65 heard his voice and acreamed. Was When somebody opposes you It esUmatea Leach % Fogll, Man­ sizes. Phone Keith's Furniture. la a sign that you amount to some­ aiotor, ahocka, brakea, within lag Septic tanka tnatalled. For chester S797. Shea, 525 Tolland Turnpike. 4159. FOR RE5CT — 5 room fu>nlshed that her Colin, she wanted to know. It was her Colin, she knew thing. s*. oatUng. Prefer trad* pick-up or eatlmataa call 2-9198. house. CMl 7673 between 4 and 6 F O R S A L E aomathing that could be eaaily PAPERHANOINO, Inside and out­ FOR SALE—Hampshire Red pul- FOR SALE—Electric sewing ma­ p. m. it was her Colin, and he was to oeavarted. Phone 2-0210. SHEET METAL WORK side painting. Reasonable rates. leU ready to lay. Healthy, well- come up and see her. "At once, at Edith—Harry is taking me to chine, cabinet model. Like new. France on our honeymoon. Call Gilbert Flckett 4208. bred stock. Fred Miller’s Poultry Phone 2-2738. Number of beautiful steel cabinets with acid resistant once, do you hear?” 'm 19S5 PONTIAC 4-door aedan, Rot Air Furnace Repairing. Farm, North Coventry. Manches­ Wanted to Rent 68 sinks and tubs. Colin took the atalra three at a Ruby—That's wonderful! What At.LY OOP Huppy Reunion BY V, T, HAMLIN haatar. new re-lined brakea. New INTERIOR and extsDor painting, ter 8626. time and I heard her glad cry when a surprise. How did he spring It on battery. Clean car. 2-0978. New Hot Air and Air Conditioning he went into the room and then you? Furnaces Installed. Alao paperhanging. Prompt serv­ KOR SALE — Bathroom comer DESPERATELY needed, 4-6 room All fixtures are chrome and counters are linoleum PCOZSl <<5U7J, ------^ ice. Fair pr;se. Workers compen- FOR SALE—10 laying pulletS; 30 sink. Call after 8 p. ni. 5560. rent by Manchester resident. his voice calling her endearing Edith—He said that as ooon as NCVCe KNOW HOW ready to lay pullets, alao 25 five- covered. Thisc sets are beautiful and we have installed Eaves Trough and Conductor aatlon, public liability Insurance Write Box B, Herald. them in many new homes. names over and over. we were married he’d show me I MEN VySUOVIN* Aato Accesoorfeo—Tires 6 Repairing. carried. D. E. Frechette. Phone months old cockerels. Ideal for FOR SALE—Studio couch, walnut (To Be Continued) where he was wounded In the war. ABOUT yau. WITH roasting. All Reds. Phone 8662. “It’s our new jet-propulsion, moilol—it pulTs perfume as NSW TIRB8, new recapa, uaed 7630. dresser, large wooden kitchen BUSINESSMAN and family trans­ We are selling them at a ten percent discount as 6f the THC^C £a0-M*Btf tiraa and tubea Expert vuicanla- NORMAN BENTZ cabinet. Jap rifle, sabre, bayonet. ferred to Connecticut. Need un­ jmu walk along!” 277 Spruce Street INSIDE AND outside painting Call 2-2?15 after 6 p.m. furnished house. Will vacate at prices at the first of the ye^r. We have had no advance SIDE GLANCES BY GALBRAITH lag. S boura racapping aervica Reasonable rates, flrst-clasa Artlrlen for Siiie 45 in prices. Get yours at once! They can be seen at Maneheatar n r* and Recapping Tel. 8966 end of school term If owner de­ L C a r n iv a l ^ BY DICK t u r n e r work. Call Edward R; Price STEAM ^boiler, used. United BIGEIA3W Rug. porcelain sink sires and will assist In any re­ ■“------Broad atraet Tela- LAWN Mowers, hand and power, 2-1008. Open 7 to 7. States, large size, suitable for and set tub, gas plate, warm, decorating necessary. Box V. sharpened, repaired. Engines heating good sized building. 7590, morning heater.' four, light flx-t ■Herald. Serviced. Garden tractors repair­ INSIDE AND outside painting and ture.LD BS NICB F L KNfW WMfiN Tel. 8883. Summer street. HELP WANTED - Female MOW MANV CUSTOMBRS YOU’Vff MAO DOWN AT 03UI.ONT DO O m, I wooldnY 9 yvAB"WA9 ^wAykiNa. * ouf— -So l eaU 6164. Cole Motora son Block). 709 Main street. * Vour Home THE STAR. FOUNTAIQ J ...... WOOLOlQ'T IT BE j that...... IT WANT VOU TO DO coulc WALK Phone 2-1892. Building Mnteriala 47 * Investment Property DUCKV IF I W8RE number IPOO AMO WON / WOUUJN'T 6e IT ON PURPOBB RADIO need fixing T Have It re­ DEPARTMENT MANAGER FOR CORSETS l^-TMAT # 0 ORMRJ ^^.^RCKBT I LARP / 3 Bnslneai Servieea Offered IS paired by .xperta. Pick-up serv * Farms or Business Proper­ PLYWOOD 6-8”. Approximately ty lea. guaranteed work. Seu check IV1u!«ical—Dramatic 29 2.000’ plecc.s, 26x12, 12x12, 8x18, WATERMAN'S peraonal errand You have your own Ideas as LINGERIE AND ACCESSORIES ed in the home. Car radios 1 PIANO TUNIhfe and repairing 6x18. May be aeen 3-6 p. m. Mon- auvloe. Local erranda, package apeclaity. Manchuter Radio IMMEDIATE to values—Income derived, etc., delivery. Light trucking. Auto Player piano*; specialty John clay, Tuesday rear of State Serv­ Service, 73 Birch street. Phone ice. Station. irrespective ot outside or Im­ FEMALE SALES CLERKS FOR SHOE AND number plate aervtco to Hartford. Cockerham, 28 Bigelow street partial appraiaalo. 2-0840, Dial 4219. Phone 8-0782.______' OCCUPANCY If It Is your dedalop to make FASHION DEPARTMENTS r BLEITTRIC and Acetylene weld- RADIO — Electrical Appliance EIXCELLENT piano tfUnIng, re Fuel and Feed 49-A 114-ACRE TRUCK GARDEN any changes, we stand ready to serve yon. Cash — no red tape. thg- No Job too large or too Service, repairs, picked up and pairing and rebuilding. All work FARM IN HEBRON, CONN., Pleasant Surroundings! Good Working Conditions! amaU. All work guaranteed. delivered prompuy. 20 years’ guaranteed. Elstlmatea cheerful­ Consult us first! s e a s o n e d furnace wood. $17.00 'v \ Parker Welding Co., 166 Middle experience John Maloney. Phone ly given 'The Plano Shop, 6 Pearl Including stock and tools. Two per cord, delivered. Phone 4331, good work horses, 6 and 7 years For Complete Detail^, Apply: Turnpike, West. Tel. 8926. 2-1046. 1 Walnut atreet street. Phone 6332. Open 6-9 p ^ ^ I m. only. old. Good truck with new mo­ JARVIS 8 BWINQ Macnmea. vacuum clean- LAWN and power mowera sharp­ ORDER NBIXT winter’a firewood tor. 25 tons of hay In ham. 14 ikA"itsVKit. kic. T. n sio. u. V s«V. otf . 8 ora and small appliances repatr- ened and rebuilt. All gas engines, now! Cut for fireplace, stova 6r Good 6-room house, 8 years old, furnace. Chris C. Glenney and REALTY CO. *d. ,AfO-C^ AppUanc* and Service outboard motors, garden trac­ Business Opportunities 32 oak floors throughout. E.xoel- 0 Dover Road or Montgomery Ward & Co. RED RIDER At Gon Point BY FRED HARMAN Oov_m21 Maple street. Phone tors. pumps and electrical ap­ Charles Conkllng. Tel. Manches­ lent well water. Also 8-room SERVICE Station, located ter 8978 or Wlillmantic 2061-J4. 80 Alexander Street /74TAA1-' W VJE FOLLON 8-18 9 . Pick up and delivery serv­ pliances repaired Quick depend­ on house for help. TIe-np* for 10 Phone 4118 or 7275 i. 824-828 MAIN ST. ^:30 A. M. TO 5 P. M. ?CO RED R-rPE K ice. able service. Pick up and deliver main thoroughfare. Small invest­ head of stock. 8 acre* good i?rPEi? 1RAiL,nATfiC The Do-AU Company. Telephone ment requlr^. Wonderful oppor­ Garijlen—Farm—Dairy sweet com, 8 acres strawber­ ft WATlAlP m NEEO-U^ 2-2806. tunity for go-getter. Aply Rack- ries, .80 acres clear land. .All on trt B9IHE uitle beamed, liffe Oil Company, 114 Franklin Products 50 maeodaro road. 9 miles from And < PAPOOftC' 5Ianehester, 17 miles from CT/^un Up f JAMES MACRl. General truck­ Square, New Britain or phofio TOMATOES For Sale, thqpe ff-2 * g 'u W Olastonbnr}'. Shown . by ap­ sose. w s v ms Stowe, ns. t. ■■****. a SOT, esr. KluEffftt ing. Range and fuel oils, ashes Hartford 7-5191. pounds. for ■ 25c. 57 Florence WANT6D 6*2.4 WANTED pointment. I iM« *Y Nu stsnec. sw T. SM. u. a sst. on. WHO and rubbish removed. Phone streeL ftStT 4823. Gravel flUj and loam. Help Wantcd-i-Peniale 35 MALE HELP WANTED ”I(*s Ihe same way every suiiiincrf When il’s near time Henry A. Humes INSIDE AND OUTSIDE WORK **Y'ou can wipe that smile otT your face! Mom said to for scliool again, I wish I'd never been born—but then the WOMEN, would you like NATIVE Canning peaches, 81.75 a Youhg Man fiECPlI First Class SHIPSHAPE Kitchen ensembles to make basket. 279 Keeney street. Phone send you in next!” 1 think about football!” o r money from a business of voui are top quality cabinets, charm­ . 8865. Larsen Realty Co. Good Pay! Permanent Work! Vacation With Pay! SiUGGET ingly designed and durably built owm? Write Box NO, Hera/d.’ It’s a Chance icofireft’ft PAINTERS R e a lt o r s For Cost,Work Life"^ Sickness and .Yccideht Insurance Free! VIC FLINT BY MICHAEL O’MALLEY and RALPH LANE U06-T to your own requirements. For RELIABLE housekeeper. Live in /TT"— ------— V J I prompt lnatalji.tion call 2-0963. It or out. Call 3585 or aee Mr. Ben­ _ eatsd up b that Thymbal truck, r OPEN THE GATS, 1 tTES ON IT, MARCIA/ WE’Vf 18 .A.SY'LUM ST. HARTFORD Apply PLEASE, KEYS, SO GOT 10 MT OUT OF HERE ! n6 answer call 2-1336. Shipshape son at 713 Main. < Tel. 8-8747 or 8-3848 Apply In Person I fcentin# a cius, and walked W(^ht Jarvis Realty Co. Woodworking Company. 166 Mid­ Holfister Street t into a fstt-movind fist. 1 CAN GET dle Turnpike Vest. \ MOTHERLY Woman, vicinity of I • v i e n m r / 6 Dover Road .Vow AilUlable for Ocenpaacy! Washington school, to care for .Vew 6-Ro»m Single. Hot water Rogers Corp. The Orford Soap Co. ’ Telephone 4112 LOCAL Moving and hauling. Gen­ kindergarten tee child half day. 75 Hilliard Street ^ OU'I OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE .MAJOR HOOPI.K eral trucking at reasonable rates. Phone 2-2908.^ he«t. olli burner, automathi hot Read Herald Advs. Mill Street Manchester Phone 8917. water Heat, copper plomMag, 'kN^ANTED by October first, some- full insulation: downstairs lava- ^ MAH-h a h .' k v b m ip W6LL. :P VOQ SOU WA»«A BOCBy VJHV.AH.ER., DON'T MIND .y e A H f M S CARPENTER Work of all "kind*, one for cooking and dowmsfair.s lory, tiU bath, basement laun­ VOU G O T TO B C P R B B l- I m o l d m e u p (KiPNEV ? W ELL, HOOT! ~ rTHift, MOOT.' VVAft ABOUT roofs, aiding, additions and alter­ work. No laundry, phone Man­ dry. jj'. UEMT, GVEfty TIM E I BEFORE t h e ALL t CKTT iS A EGAD.' We'LL MB GETS " TOSAV ations. Also new construction! chester 3311. SEEN VOUK PITCHER p u b l ic m u c h HUNOteO OOD NOT NEED SPCLLS OF lOO BUOCS Sleffert Phone 2-0253. Inspectiob By Appointment- I ’D T H IN K O’ T H IS l o n g e r , 1 THOUSAND MORE ThAM c a b b a g e VMMEN TMS CAVE'IN AN’ WON T g e t WANTED— Two rallable women MALE HELP WANTED d o lla r s A FEW) fever and a t t a c k . FOR SALE TEXTILE HELP WANTED LA U G H O U T A v o t e ,' for work In high school cafeteria. Jarvis Realty Co. UOUD/ / '¥ fJ-CAt4 t>lO ■THOUS------THIS MIT HthV.' Hours 11:30 to 1:80 dally except WITH OR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE— For increased mill operation SOME OF iT ULP/f TBEATIWENT Four Room Cape Cod. Saturday and Sunday. Apply at 6 Doy^r Road Tel. 4118 or 787# UP, X GUESS.' .REVISES A\NPf^/A $ Fomaee heat. Laundry High school office. Jaequard Weavers Male and Female •FIREMEN ^ HOvO MUCH room and play room in I N S U R E Sox Loom Weavers Mnie nnd Female '0'*tA vOAMTf ^ With GIRL w a n t e d — Dependable! baaement. Large lot. Sit- Velvet Weavers MaI^ end Female McKINNEY BROTHERS worker. Steady position, good ' •MILLWRIGHTS ■ated on Deepwood Diive.' wages. Peter’s Chocolate Shop j 42 Oak St. General Help Mele and Female WASH I'UUBS On the Peak BY LESLIE TURNER Beal Eatstc and lasoreiioe F en ta^ •MACHINE TENDERS CAROL SMD weX> OOOO! THEV’RE «URE BHE SAID MU. 806 MAIN ST. TEL. 6060 Warpers Sift-ORION WASmSUST YOUNG Woman for hand cutting. : HAV6 TIMS TO TAKE PEAP-SET ON GOING. WASH. M*KH JXPtn SET OUT07 70WN.(lASr.HE Apply Kaklar Cloth Toy Com- | ! \ Rusiness Property Spinners Female •BEATER MEN Two Room Cottage and Female Ttr TWINE UP ON TO $Ei HIS OLD ^SAfPtAREP WITHOUT Unfinished Two Caii Ga­ pany. Forest street, Cheney Build- ^ 9-Room House Quillers PM 8# PftMC.EASy. classmate wim> ATRACE. NEMtUf A Ine. Twisters Female t •DRYER MEN A a ,E A S Y . NgAAABOt rage. About one of ------— ------1___ I l ot 90 ft. on Cotteffe lan d. Electricity Tand CHRISTM.\S Cards with name im­ S(. and 64 ft. On Oak SI. •FLOOR MEN printed—50 and 25 for $1. Sell W ITH EXPERIENCE— ■TfV . water. Located on French Hoad la Boltoii. WANTED best value personal Christma.i ■ Suitable For Gas Hand Twisters Male and Female TOP WAGES — GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS — cards, assortments. Big ca.«h TUSMRUNE hlale ( v a c a t io n w it h profits full or spare time. New Station Office or Steamfitters PAY — SHItT DIFFERENTIALS NOW- Malef* Bteh thcas plaees aro 1 0 "Prtte ” 21-card assortment iwon- Store Building * Loomfixers — SIX h o u Da y s w it h p a y . VaanL PAINTERS der $1 seller. Pay* up to 1 50e . i profit, Yev^ 'round, wraps., re- Get Price and Terms From 8 m Apply At Office. 615 Parker Street Apply Ugloua everydqy b te o - Semples on approval. Chilton Greetings _ __ _ • Stuart J. Wosley Co.. 147 E.vsex. Dept. 875, Boston Arthur A. Knofla Cheney BrotheH Wm. Dickson & Mass. ' Coloniol Bool’d Company EY’LL TSSMaiaStiMt Kxclusive .^gent HANGING X .WQgnSAIT — s-tt PAS IT BACl , • \ '

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