Volume 11, Number 11 College at Lincoln Center, Fordham University, New York October 12—26, 1988 Anticipated Dorm Awaits Approval

By Kathleen Allard pact of all those projects together, so that every Plans for the dormitory at Lincoln Center, as time there is a major in one of the other pro- of yet unapproved, are about to enter yet another jects. . .all of the other projects that have the same., phase of 's building approval pro- what they call, 'build year'.. .have to change." • cess, according Vice President for Administra- This results in the University having to alter its tion Dr. Brian J. Byrne. plans each time also, in order to k°eep everything "The next key step [towards attaining a "environmentally safe" on the West Side, ac- building a building permit] will be the certifica- cording to Byrne. tion of the entire project by the City Planning Director of Government Relations and Urban Commission," explained Byrne, "so the Affairs Joseph P. Muriana explained the Uniform Land-Use Review procedure hearing preliminary procedures involved in attaining a process will begin." This procedure is a formal building permit, stating, "We had to commis- hearing process that lasts for six months, and con- sion an exhaustive environmental impact state- sists of three 2-month stages where prospective ment that talked about the impacts on the West Mayor of New York City Edward I. Koch builders take part in hearings before the local Side, of the dormitory." Muriana predicts that community board, the City Planning Commis- the environmental impact statement will be ap- sion and the Board of Estimate. proved this month, and Fordham's plans could Koch Speaks at School of Law Byrne stated that at this time "it is unclear then enter the six-month Uniform Land-Use when Fordham will be certified and because of Review soon afterwards. By Paul Brubaker had it been South Africa or Israel? We would that I cannot tell you when we will receive City "There's no reason why we should be re- The upcoming Presidential election, the cur- have been all over those places. Why the dif- approval and because of that I can't tell you when jected," said Muriana. "The project is not go- rent AIDS crisis, and mayoral involvement in ference?" groundbreaking will be." ing to alter the character of the West Side in any foreign affairs were among the topics of discus- The topic of AIDS came up when Koch was dramatic fashion," he continued. "It is not sion when Mayor of New York City Edward I. asked about the recently distributed posters that "With somewhere between seventy and eighty projects on the West Side under construction, due Television City, it's a dormitory." Koch visited the McNally Amphitheatre at the read, "You've got blood on your hands, Ed to be completed, in design development, or in Although he said, "We could start construc- School of Law on September 27. Koch." Said Koch, "You are dealing with a the proposal stage," continued Byrne, "the Ci- ting, theoretically, tomorrow," it is their hope Following an agenda that was largely dictated community that is faced with a catastrophy - the ty is required to consider the environmental im- that the permit will be issued in the Spring. by questions from the audience, Koch spoke gay community - they've seen thousands of gays about the recently televised Presidential debate dying of AIDS. So they're looking for someone between Governor of Massachusetts Michael to blame.." Dukakis and Vice President George Bush. °I ; "Now I'm the most visible political presence thought it was a good debate," said Koch, who in the City. Everybody knows my name," he andidates Strive for College Vote described Bush's political philosophy as "Don't said. rock the boat" whereas Dukakis' is "We have "Everybody doesn't know what we've done significant proportion'of disadvantaged students to'take care' of the people in the water." The to be helpful," he continued. "For example, By Claire M. Sheeran These schools would then be able to use the mayor said that he saw no change in the voters' In an effort to add momentum to their cam- when the federal government was not providing money as they pleased for such things as paigns as Election Day approaches, both decisions about a preferred candidate as a result AZT; we were providing it. And now that'the labojaiory^eqijipnient, library, books or rewards Presidential (^idatesihave attempted to become ; of the debate, "the important debate will befBeP*' for teachers." '^ w^en Quayle and Bentsen," said Koch. '"I think providing it for free," said the Mayor. the front-runner by, among other things, promis- In addition, Bush has proposed further ex most of us are affronted by the thought that He continued, "There's always this ongoing ing improvements in America's education perimentation and innovation within the public Quayle could be one heart attack away from the issue of, 'Does do more for its system. Vice President George Bush wants to be school system. He supports expansion of the Presidency. [That is] something awful to think AIDS patients and victims than New York Ci- remembered as the "education President", while "First Program" Fund for Innovation and ty.' The answer is absolutely no. In all of San Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis about," he said. , Reform of Schools and Teaching, designed to ex Francisco there are 140 AIDS patients. In only hopes to be the nation's "No. 1 advocate for In addition, foreign affairs were also discuss- periment with new programs and maintain high one [New York] hospital, Bellevue, there are at good schools and good teaching". Throughout ed in relation to Koch's proposal to the United performance standards for students and teachers least 140." Nations concerning the. injustices of the Burun- Bush supports increased .funding for the Head- di government, and his trip to Ireland with Ar- The Mayor also discussed domestic city af- Analysis Start Program that offers help to children with chibishop of New York John Cardinal O'Con- fairs, explaining that, "We have the largest hous- learning disabilities right from the time they enter nor this summer. "Many people object when the ing program, but not for students, in the history school, and he continues to support tuition tax Mayor of New York himself takes a position on of the world . We are spending in a ten-year credits for parents who choose to educate their foreign affairs. [However] it is a very important period $5 billion, 100 million." He continued, children in private institutions. Bush also sup aspect of being Mayor. I happen to represent 175 "Today we have full employment. There isn't ports providing each state with $1 million annual- different races, religions and ethnic groups, and anybody who can't get a job...that will pay - the campaign both candidates have offered ly for experiments in such areas as parental when you say something as it relates to a par- ween $3.75 and $4.25 an hour." various proposals intended to improve the quality choice in selecting public schools, merit pay foi ticular group you're doing your job." . On the question of legalization of illegal drugs of education and to make college education more teachers, or schools being open year-round. Koch more specifically affirmed his position Koch affirmed his strong negative position: "I believe that sellers should go to jail for long affordable to everyone Last year the Vice President proposed the crea- when he said, "We have the Iraqi government tion of a College Savings Bond to encourage killing thousands of people while the Burundi periods of time. I believe that the users should be given an option: go into treatment or go to The "Education President" parents to save for their children's college educa- government is killing thousands of people. What tion. This bond would be tax-free if used solely would have been the response of other nations jail. Violate that treatment, you're going to jail." In a recent campaign speech in Washington, for the costs of college. Just recently, Bush en- D.C., Bush stated that, " schools will mean dorsed the establishment of five-year Individual better jobs for our young people, and that will Savings Accounts, similar to IRA accounts. mean a more competitive America. To achieve Under this plan, families with income below Faculty Fellowships Raise Questions quality results we must set and enforce standards, $50,000 would be able to contribute up to $1,000 provide incentives and permit the freedom and a year for a five-year period. Interest ac- By Connie Aitcheson To receive faculty fellowships, Tanksley ex- flexibility necessary on the local level to experi- cumulated would remain tax-free as long as it According to College at Lincoln Center Dean plained that faculty members must submit a ment with new ideas. There must be an emphasis remained in the account. At the end of the five- William Tanksley, nine out of eighty full-time lengthy proposal about their desired project. If on accountability - setting goals and changing year period, the funds could be withdrawn, and professors are on faculty fellowships for the approved, that faculty member receives full pay what doesn't work and rewarding what does." then taxed, or rolled over for continued tax-free for a semester, or half pay for a one-year 1988-89 academic year. Nevertheless, the Bush's proposals include performance testing treatment. Bush maintains that the estimated absence. absence of certain professors this Fall was a by states for both students and teachers in order seven million low- and middle-class families who disappointment for students who had planned to According to Tanksley, all faculty members to measure progress, to assure accountability by would use the new savings plan, "will be help- register for their courses. "My course load for who wish to pursue personal projects must have teachers of the accountability of their work to ing themselves become better able to afford a last semester was 28 credits, and of all my pro- their proposals reviewed by a faculty commit- parents and states, and to keep student and' home, pay for college or start a business - and fessors last only one is here this Fall," said CLC tee. This committee evaluates the proposals and teacher performances at high standards. He has they will be helping America by increasing in Senior Tisha des Prez. "I came back this year usually funds about one half of the applications. also proposed monetary and recognition awards vestment and economic growth." to find that my advisor was gone. I should have "It's not only important to the careers of the to elementary and high schools that significant- faculty members, but the theory is that it's good been informed!" ly improve their performance each year. The "Good schools and good teaching" "Last year and this year we've had a lot of for the students," said Tanksley, "even if the states would determine the criteria for the awards students have lost a faculty member to the pro- people who went on faculty fellowships," said and each worthy school would be recognized as During a recent speech in Long Beach, Califor- gram for a semester or for a year." Tanksley. People are considered for faculty a "National Merit School". Schools that primari- nia, Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis fellowships after they've been here for six or "When the person comes back," he continued, ly serve disadvantaged students would receive promised that, "As President I want to forge a seven years. As it turns out we had a lot of peo- "he or she has more knowledge and can develop monetary rewards of up to $100,000 in addition national partnership for educational excellence ple who began teaching here at the same time, some of the things they've done in their research to the recognition. According to Bush's plan, that will build on the progress that is being made so they're all technically eligible to be considered into parts of their class. They can also keep on $500 million each year would provide such continued on page 3 for faculty fellowships." continued on page J nrrk tn one-fifth of all the schools that had a Demented Campaign '88 A Sensitive Look at Life Commentaries — Pg. 17 in — Pg«..5 Page 2 - CLC Observer - OctobeM2,1988 ARE YOU INTERESTED IN MAKING CLC A BETTER PLACE? Well, SNAP to it III Join the STUDENT NETWORK ADMISSIONS PROGRAM Visit your old high school, give tours, recruit new Freshmen... You can make our school their school III

Come to Undergraduate Admissions in Room 215 for more information Open House — Oct. 29th 11:00 am The Observer Profile: Father Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J. Occupation: President, Fordham University, The Jesuit University of New York City

Favorite fe Hymn: Come, Labor On

Favorite Holy Day: Saint Patrick's Day

Educational Vision: 20/20

Publication apart from America, of Choice: The CLC Observer

Quote: "I pick up a copy of the Observer whenever I need to catch up on what's going on downtown at CLC. It has all .the reliable information I need to go on being a well- informed member and leader of the Fordham community." Fr. O'Hare reads the Observer regular- ly, and we are burdened with the mighty task of keeping him well- informed. Please help us. October 42,' ^8*8'- CLC Obsenier - Page 3 Tanksley from page 1 top of the latest developments." Once a full-time professor is on leave, it's often difficult to find adjunct professors to cover YOUR specialized areas, added Tanksely. This sometimes means that students who have waited to take a class with a specific professor may not be able to take that class. NAME Professors who received faculty fellowships and are on leave this semester are: Assistant Pro- fessor of Sociology Patricia T. Clough; Professor of English and Comparative Literature Lawrence HERE E. Kramer; Assistant Professor of Psychology Margot B. Nadien; Associate Professor of English and Media Studies Elizabeth E. Stone; and Associate Professor of Biology Grace Vernon. Assistant Professor of Physics Spyros Ef- thimiades and Associate Professor of Sociology BE AWARE and Urban Studies Clara Rodriguez will be on leave for the Spring '89 semester. On leave for the entire year are Assistant Pro- fessor of English Marshall Grossman, Associate AND GET Professor of Anthropology Stewart E. Guthrie, and Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Arthur G. Werschulz. Dean of the College at Lincoln Center William Tanksley

INVOLVED Candidates from p^i the Social Security system so as to ensure equal will allow families to set aside enough today to ^Aspai^fh^ainpmgn^uKalasnaspropos^ and affordable college opportunities. meet the cost of college tuition tomorrow." ed creating a National Teaching Excellence Last year, as Governor of Massachusetts, Dukakis proposed a tuition savings program, The Fund, with a first year investment of a quarter Despite their many proposals, neither can- College Opportunity Fund. If enacted, of a billion dollars. This fund would provide col- didate, according to their past records, has pro- Massachusetts families would have tax-exempt mpted any real change in education that would lege scholarships and loan forgiveness to those savings under the fund with a guarantee that in- convince voters of their future dedication to im- who wish to become teachers when they finish terest rates applied will keep pace with increases proving the quality of education. In fact, The Na- college. Dukakis also plans on reviving the na- KNOW YOUR in the cost of college education in Massachusetts. tional Education Association addressed Bush's tional teacher corps that would arrange to have Most recently, Dukakis has proposed a plan to past record on education during the last six'years, college graduates experiment in teaching after provide college loans to students that would be stating that, "Vice President Bush supported SCHOOL they leave college, as either interns or assistants, repaid by payroll withholding when the student budget proposals that would have reduced federal by states and local communities all across the begins working after graduation. This college aid to local school districts" instead of providing land. If we're going to take on foreign com- loan plan, which commits all recipients to a fix- substantial federal increases. Furthermore, in a petitors and beat them, we've got to make ed, lifelong payroll tax, would make the loan news conference in this past September, teaching an honored and valued profession in system self-supporting and repayment would be Education Secretary William Bennet stated, America again." proportioned to income. Dukakis believes that "Dukakis had an undistinguished record on Further, the Governor proposes that, if elected, this type of payment plan would encourage more education. Massachusetts had an average perfor- he would work with the states to create field people to seek socially worthwhile but low- mance ten years ago. It has'an average perfor- WRITE centers of teaching and learning where veteran paying jobs, such as teaching, without being mance now." While both candidates have pro- teachers would take sabbaticals in order to do burdened by high college costs. Dukakis pro- vided several attractive incentives during the past research or collaborate with colleagues. He has mises, "I'll put a team of the smartest invest- few months, in the end, it is the voters who will also proposed that private businesses should ment bankers and college administrators in decide which course the American education NEWS select experienced employees to serve in the America to work with states to create funds that system will follow for the future. teaching profession for terms up to five years so that students could benefit from the experience of teachers who have worked in the contem- porary business world. McDonald Named to RH Position As President, Dukakis also.hopes to develop By Karen Meyers a national network of retired teachers willing to Associate Professor of Sociology and Direc- return to teaching who would provide special in- tor of the Undergraduate Business Program Rev. 841-5364 struction, especially in mathematics or science. Thomas M. McDonald has been appointed In- He also plans to work with the National Stan- terim Director of the Graduate Program for Pro- dards Board to establish standards of teacher bation and Parole Studies at Rose Hill. ROOM competence and training that are rigorous and The directorship of the twelve year-old pro- demanding, such as those standards set for doc- gram goes to McDonald after being held for eight tors and other professions. years by Peter L. Sisson. McDonald said that his During his campaign, Dukakis has expressed duties will include the recruiting of students to LL426 a desire to work with Congress in order to create the program and the organization of the cur- an "educational security system" that would be riculum. He said that he may also be teaching based on principles similar to those of those of courses within the program. McDonald stated that he is ambivalent about DEPARTMENT OF STATE the position, and that he accepted it because it UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY seemed "they were really desperate and they needed somebody, and there wasn't anybody...in UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE criminal justice in the full-time faculty up there." OFFER McDonald also said that whether he continues as Director of the Undergraduate Business Pro- gram depends on whether or not the program is A FOREIGN SERVICE CAREER taken over by the Graduate School of Business. Representing the United States abroad as a A professor of Fordham University since 1971, Foreign Service Officer McDonald said that he hopes to continue teaching at CLC. "Going up to Rose Hill - I got my The Initial Step: degree up there. It's nice; I like it. But it's like Associate Professor of Sociology and Director going away from home." of Undergraduate Business Program Rev. The Annual Foreign Service Thomas M. McDonald Written Examination December3,1988 Deadline for receipt of application: October 14,1988 You may obtain an application by calling (703) 875-7108 (24 hour line) or by writing: U.S. Department ot State Recruitment Division (CN) P.O. Box 9317 Rosslyn Station Arlington, VA 22209 or at you Career Planning and Placement Office Eligibility Requirements: TUITION REFUNDED To be eligible to take the Foreign Service Written Ex- NOW, AT LAST A REAL GUARANTEE! amination, applicants must be: For the first time ever, coal 800 preparation courses will • At least 20 years old on the date of the examination raise your test scores significantly, OR WE WILL REFUND YOUR FULL TUITION. That's Coal 800's Real Guarantee. • Citizens of the United States 4 increase your chance of attending the school of your first • Available for WORLDWIDE ASSIGNMENT, including Choice. CALL NOW FOR DETAILS. Washington, D.C. COURSES, I N C. An Equal Opportunity Employer £^mmiSmiSaSmSSmmSL Page 4 - CLC Observer - October 12, 1988 The Wealth of Their Nation.

Near East Queens Street — Spanish Town

It's often been said that the wealth of a nation can be measured through its children. ' • • —But when the wealth fails them, they still survive, with q joy for life and the beauty and innonces of spirit found only in the purest of hearts.

Wooden House in Cassava Piece Photos taken in Jamaica

Cassava Piece By Francine Bryan October 12,1988 - CLC Observer - Page 5 FEATURES Inner Thoughts from Down Below

By Maura Burnett table looking businessman stood next to me on a train going into to the passengers, and then she and the boy were gone. Unlike "Roosevelt Avenue Jackson Heights!" yells a voice on a . After the doors of the train had closed and we were the self proclaimed conductor who didn't affect me, their image Queens bound F train, "Change here for the E, the G, the R and on our way, this man whipped out a Bible from the inner pocket • has remained with me for days. What kind of lives do those IRT number 7, watch the closing doors." Haying been roused of his three piece suit, and began preaching the word of the Lord children lead, I wonder. Are they abused, or do they have a nor- from my sleepy state on the subway, I look up and discover that mal upbringing? If the latter is true, then how many definitions the source of this voice is not the loadspeaker, but a boy in his to all of us sinners on the train. He caused mostly annoyance and of normal are there? These two children have obtained a reac- young teens, stand-ing only two feet away. Stares from the startled anger to his fellow passengers and myself, and their reaction to tion from me. But maybe that was their only objective. passengers do not seem to disturb this self-proclaimed conductor him was either to yell at him or ignore him. It is sad in way, and he continues his routine at every train stop. At Parsons Blvd. but there are much worse situations. the boy announces the stop as usual and tells everyone to have back to a past experience with alcoholics in my life! But I wish a nice day. Smiling to himself, he nods his head in approval of I could tell you why I walk past one homeless person or beggar a job web" done, and darts out the train doors. My mind com- It seems the more I ride the subways, the more selective my on the platform and then stop dead in nfy tracks out of pity for ments on the boy's unusual behavior, but I do not dwell on the reactions become. As the subway surroundings become more another, only a few feet away, when their appearances seem alike. subject for long. What does strike me is the fact that I don't have familiar to a daily rider like myself, they lose meaning and Who owns the stares that make me avert my eyes, and whose much of a reaction to him, while other eccentrics I meet on the significance. The same is true with people. Gone is that sym- eyes make my own swell? If I could only discover what those subway remain in my head for days. I can't always explain my pathetic pang in my gut every time I pass a bag lady. My mind minute characteristics are in these people, that draw me to them reactions. I know that at times I can be as cold as ice, but at other will only alert me to a scene if it is out of the ordinary or if it or make me avoid them at all costs, then I could unlock so many times my heart will break. affects me in a personal way. That is what makes my response secrets about myself, and maybe about others as well. to these people I meet on the trains so unique. My own set of judgements, biases, and experiences determine my reaction. For Although the underground tunnels are filled with the everyday example, why do the antics of one mentally disturbed person cause It is now 9:30 p.m. on a Monday , and a homeless man reclines activity of average people, it is the ''uncommon" people who fear in me sometimes, while another will anger me? Or why do on the lower portion of a staircase at the sta- get our attention. These people are the homeless, the vendors, I give money to one particular beggar when I am approached by tion. His shirt is only buttoned at the middle. His originally white the mentally ill, the beggars, the religious zealots, etc. These are five other beggars on a typical morning? I know that certain events slip-on sneakers, now almost completely black, sit on the step the people who have power to instill the feelings of guilt, pity, in my past predetermine my actions towards people, and usually beside him, next to his I love NY shopping bag. The toenails on fear, annoyance, and sometimes hatred in us. We always have they are easily identified. The fact that I withhold my spare change his calloused feet are black, and his eyes are only red slits. He a reaction, whether it be a trained indifference, a verbal attack, to anyone with a bottle of whiskey in his pocket is easily traced mumbles, mostly unintelligibly, and a well-dressed woman waiting or a silent tear shed inside ourselves. But there is always something for her train looks at him and asks, "What?" in a somewhat there, no matter how it presents itself. "tough" voice. His reply is a blank stare. She then ignores him, One night on a downtown D train, a young boy and girl were but keeps glancing over her shoulder to see if he is still looking sitting across from me. Neither of them appeared to be over 10 at her. As she shifts her weight from foot to foot, it seems to People's appearances seem to have a lot to do with the way years old. The girl was shouting, almost chanting, "Mr. Potato we form our reactions. A homeless man whose clothes and belong- Head, Mr. Potato Head," repeatedly as she tossed Mr. Potato ings are in a state of disarray will be repulsive to some riders Head from hand to hand. Her companion made several attempts even though he causes no problems. Yet fortunately to others, to snatch her possesion away, but failed. Finally, the girl became me that she is frustrated that this man is able to affect her, and he will inspire sympathy and possibly provoke an awareness of angry as the boy's hands reached in front of her face one too many she soon walks to the opposite end of the platform. He sees me the major problem of homelessness. times. She cast a single dirty look at the boy and then changed staring at him and writing in my notebook. In a gruff voice, he the words of her chant. After each line, she paused for a moment addresses me. "Yeah, you go ahead. You just write. You keep while the boy repeated after her. "If you hit me, in the face, I'm on writing on that paper. You just like everybody. You go ahead, But, we should not forget that appearances can be deceiving. gonna kick you in the ass. If you hit me, in the face, I'm gonna you write." Our eyes are on each other as I board the train. He The station-announcing boy on the F train seemed like an average hit you all over and over." They giggled, and the girl resumed watches me through the window until the doors close. Then he person. Except for the fact that his windbreaker was zipped almost yelling and playing with her Mr. Potato Head. As the train pull- looks away from me and begins talking to his hands. I don't need to his chin, his appearance was not uncommon, but his actions ed into the next station, the young pair prepared to leave the train. to find an explanation for my reaction to this man; it doesn't matter certainly were. He reminded me of a time when a very respec- As the doors slowly separated, the girl gave one last primal scream right now. All I know is, he breaks my heart. Worried About THE DOB' IS BACK AIDS? &TYLE. For referral or assistance, call the N.Y.S. Health Department's ADE YOU? AIDS Hotline 1-800-462-1884 TOLL-FREE & CONFIDENTIAL FEATURED PAfce 6 - CLC Obsehiep Oiitober 12,

RESIDENTIAL LIFE ROOMS AVAILABLE . David Mozza at HOTEL LUCERNE Roosevelt Hospital 79th St. Department of & Allergy, Amsterdam Ave. Please call: 579-2327 Immunology, or Infectious Diseases 787-0449 9am - 1pm for Tower 4 information



7*0 ONLYptootlng razor with a lubricating comfort strip and H ona-pus/i cleaning tor the A ultimata shav*! M

N V <

T Complete this FREE Y Schick Razor Sweepstakes Entry form and bring to your bookstore STOBB COUPON Directed by RICK LOMBARDO flaying at the Pope Auclituiiiiiii at VBw 60St., f; URrexPfus Oct.T3--|5.18-22]y«Jat8piu, PIVOTING RAZOR matinee on the 2V'at 2 pm., general admittance $8.00, students$4.00^ID., for information call 841-5267 , /19&/ 8 - FEATURES NO PERMANENT ADDRESS... HOMELESS SAY THE STREETS ARE SAFER THAN SHELTERS

By Tony Guzewicz vomit and ammonia lingers throughout the It's often assumed that increasing the amount shelters. The dormitory is usually cluttered with of shelters for the homeless would eliminate a rudimentary bedding (thin mattresses on metal major portion of the homeless population from frames), several hundred spaced three feet apart. the street. Shelters which once may have been The walls are lined with lockers for client able to provide real protection to the homeless, storage, some of which have no locks or appear are now, for many reasons not as appealing as to have been broken into. The "mess hall", the streets. Many remain on the street because which is only open at mealtime, cannot ac- comodate all residents, so while some eat, others wait in line for a place at a table. Few, if any it's less threatening than the shelters. As one of the TV's in the so called "recreation rooms" homeless person told me, "for the most part work. During the day, an assortment of "ex- they're like a chalk line between death and hell. istences" can be found in the "rec room." Some They're dangerous. The guards beat on you for are former mental patients who either pace the no reason, the people beat each other. Disease floors, or carry on conversations with is everywhere. The people are maniacs. I tried themselves. Others can be seen sleeping along it once and couldn't take it." Despite the efforts to get the homeless off the streets, the services now available in the shelter system are inadequate the walls, on the floor. Although tokens are due to lack of security, poor medical care, available to get back to the city, to seek employ- uncleanliness and crime, making the streets seem ment or go to welfare, many residents languish like a safer place. in an unbroken dormancy, confined to the shelter throughout the day because they are too in- "Processing" of the homeless takes place at capacitated to leave. the main shelters on the Lower East Side. Once Virtually unpatrolled by staff and security dur-

World Trade Center Frank: "I don't go to shelters anymore — too many drugs."

their efforts can reach. Many see the clients as who's pimping.the women in the place and potentially dangerous and carriers of various they're fighting over him. We didn't stay the diseases. More often than not staff will remain whole night. We'd rather stay 011 the street." at a distance from residents and be on the defen- Although it is apparent that there are many sive. Clients are yelled at and humiliated regular- ly, often in threatening tones in front of other negative aspects of the shelter system it should residents. Clients who refuse to comply with the be noted that the Coalition for the Homeless is rules or cause disturbances are evicted from the trying to do something positive about the situa- - shelter. The majority of residents receive little tion. Through shelter monitoring, volunteers go if any assistance and leave on their own accord. randomly to various shelters, thoroughly check- They'll take to the streets for a while and many ing facilities, making certain they comply with reappear when the weather becomes intolerable. city standards. They also interview individual residents to find out their complaints and to in- form them of their rights and privileges. Unfor- Jane and Mike, a married couple, once tried tunately, the process is long and tedious, and to go to a family shelter. They were told that a there aren't enough monitors to keep a constant married couple were not considered a family and watch on the shelter environment. were told to go to separate shelters. A suit was filed against the City of New York which enabl- Volunteers are always needed. For further in- ed married couples to go to family shelters. formation contact: Reid Cramer at Coalition for the Homeless at (212) 460-8110. However, once they got there they weren'tTiap- py with what they saw. "You should have seen Tony Guzwicz is a free-lance photographer the place. No privacy. On the bed next to us, who has been working with the homeless for the last two years. An exhibition of his photographs here's a lady smokin' dope with her little boy will be displayed on the plaxu from September watching TV. And over here we have a guy 27 through October 21.

57th St. & 6th Ave. Diane: "I suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. Sometimes I just forget where I am."

interrograted, they are transferred to one of a ing the late hours of the night, the dormitory is number of shelters throughout the city. Inter- a thieves' paradise. It's common to see an older rogation is perfunctory, sometimes harsh. Oc- person or someone mentally ill get "rolled" by other residents because they put up less of a strug- casionally, some are rejected because they can't gle. Sharon, who offce went to a women's shelter convince the intake worker that they are in need of shelter. had this to say of her experience. "I got undress- Originally, shelters were to provide both ed and got into bed. I left my clothes all folded medical and psychological care. However, the up on a chair next to me because they didn't have care is minimal. They are under-staffed and are a locker. Pants, underwear, shoes. When I woke not specifically trained to deal with the mentally up the next morning, everything was gone. No ill. Most homeless people arc alone and discon- one would admit to taking it. They gave me a nected from supportive environments. Isolation thin housedress, a pair of slippers—the kind you is most severe with the; mentally ill and support wear when you take a shower, and a token. und supervision can't be found in the shelter That's what I had to go back to the street with. system, Social workers are often overburdened I won't go there anymore." and tend to be less responsive to their needs. It's impossible to predict when a mentally unstable For most residents, fear and threats are the 9th St. & 2nd Ave. person's behavior will turn violent. general rule. Relations between clients, securi- Artie: "I'd never go back to "a shelter.- too many psychos." ty and staff is superficial. Conditions are demean- The physical environment of a shelter is just ing, Most social workers arc expected to deal us inadequate and unhealthy. The smell of urine, with situations that are more demanding than • • # • Page 8 - CLC Observer - October 12,1988

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After 4 drinks. You're Rjeht ToVote.

After 5 drinks. America works better when you care enough to vote. But if you haven't 7 drinks in all. voted in 4 years or have moved, you must register. To find out the places and times when you can register, call your county Board of Elections for The more you drink, the more coordination you lose. more information. That's a fact, plain and simple. It's also a fact that 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine and LAST DAY TO REGISTER Il k ounces of spints all have the same alcohol content: And consumed in excess, all can affect you. Still, people drink too IN PERSON, SAT., OCT. 15. much and then go out and expect to handle a car When you drink too much, you can't handle a car You can't even handle a pen. Sponsored by Your New York State Board of Elections

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Wednesday, October 19 The Middle East Studies Program lecture series will host Dr. Ahmad Ashraf of Princeton University who will AVAILABLE IN ROOM 420 discuss "Iran Without Khoemini: Post- Revolutionary Politics in Transition" at 6pm in the 12th floor Faculty Lounge of the Lowens- Tuesday, October 18 Cornel West of the tein Center. Discount Theatre Ticket Vouchers are available for the follow- Union Theological Seminary and Princeton ing shows: A Shayna Maidel, Nunsense, Starlight Express, Burn University, will discuss "Historicizing the This, Broadway Bound, Frankie and lohnny and Ain't Monday, October 24 A colloquium on Misabehavin'. Postmodernism Debate: Arnold, Eliot, Trilling "Turkey as Bridge in the North-South and Fanon on the Crisis in Culture" at 6 pm Dialogue" will take place at 5:30 pm in the in the 12th floor Faculty Lounge of the Lowens- 12th floor Faculty Lounge at the Lowenstein Complementary & Discount Club Passes are available to the tein Center. Refreshments will be served. The following clubs: Limelight, The Palladium, The Tunnel, Shout, Center. Speakers are Dr. Dankwart Rustow of lecture is cosponsored by The College at Lin- 10:18 and Bedrox. the City University of New York Graduate coln Center and Fordham's Black Studies In- Center and Dr. Walter Weiker of Rutgers stitute. For more information, call Edward University, Newark. The event is sponsored by Discount Parking Information is available in the rack located Bristow, associate dean, (212) 841-5362. outside the SAO, Room 420. the Middle East Studies Program.

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Need Term Papers Typed??? Stop by Room 420 and look through our Typing Service Book. LSAT AND GRE EXAM Locker Rentals: All lockers on floors 3 through 11 MUST be rented. Illegal occupants will have their locks clipped and possessions confiscated. If you wish to rent a locker, come to PREPARATION COURSES Room 420. SEXTON • Stan classes in late October. Posting Policy: The responsibility for posting and removing EDUCATIONAL signs is left to the individual/club/department requesting it. ALL • Prep, for the December Exams. MATERIAL TO BE POSTED MUST BE APPROVED BY THE CENTERS STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICE, RM. 420. (We will stamp IN CONJUNCTION material with the SAO and removal date stamps.) All WITH FORDHAM • Register by mail or in person UNAUTHORIZED POSTING WILL BE REMOVED. Detailed on the first day/night of class. Posting Policy is available in the SAO, Room 420 and in the UNIVERSITY (Subject to availability I 1988-89 CLC Student Handbook (p. ,}4). c FREE BROCHURE/MORE INFORMATION J.D. Cards: New, temporary ($1) and replacement ($10) I.D. (212) 579-2716 Cards are made and validated in the Student Affairs, Room 220 School of General Studies/Continuing Education on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 10:30am-1pm and 2pm-5:45pm. » LINCOLN CENTER • ROSE HILL

Audience Wanted for Ceraldo Rivera's "Ceraldo".

College Rings will be sold on the Plaza on Monday, October FORDHAM 31st, Tuesday, November 1st and Wednesday, November 2nd from 11 am-6pm. Tbcjcsuh University of Newfoik City • JJ ?»r# October 12,1988 - CLC Observer - Page 9 OBSERVATIONS EXPECTING— and not from the Stork... Have a cigar! CLC is expecting! We're not exactly sure when she'll be delivering, but her 'doctors' keep reassuring us that a dorm will be arriving soon. We know she is overdue; it seems like nine years overdue. However, in nine months the city will (hopefully) have approved all the neccesary documents and impact studies so that ground breaking can begin, and our spanking new baby dorm can be a home. The Observer has a long history of commenting (complain- ing) and reporting the never-ending delays of the construc- tion of desperately needed student housing at CLC. We are, however, optimistic that this is it. The Administration has assured us that they are not the stumbling block on this pro- ject, but that the lugubrious process of building approval by the City Planning Commission is now to blame. A dorm at CLC will greatly enhance the college experience here, and will help to realize this school's incredible poten- tial that is, as of yet, not nearly realized. Hopefully, the City Planning Board will find no problems with this solution to one of our many needs. The Administration claims it has done its homework and that construction should begin in the spring. Let's hope that next Easter will bring a new cycle of life to CLC. Letters to the Editor

V t Words Don't Come Cheap Jo Thanks Everyone Dear Editor, For years I was just that "voice" on the I read the first two issues of the- CLC phone making and connecting calls. Well this Observer (Volume 11, Numbers 9 and 10). My "voice" wants to express her heartfelt thanks initial reaction was shock. My second reaction to all the faculty and her co-workers at For- was disappiontment. My final reaction was pure dham for their kindness and their generous frustration. But, as the Observer so aptly stated, response and sympathy for Matthew's illness. ' 'Talk is cheap, words aren't.'' That's why I am finally writing a letter to you. Thanks, for caring. I remember all too well how difficult it can be Sincerely, to run a successful school newspaper, especial- Jo Fallon ly when people aren't willing to contribute time, money, or support of any kind. I encountered this problem in high school, but somehow, I didn't think college students would be exactly the same. I had hoped that CLC students would be more willing to lend a hand to help raise awareness FOR THE of issues that should be important to not only For- dham students but to every human being. RECORD I was shocked to read that no one had bothered to write a relevant letter to the Observer concer- ning the first issue and its contents. I guess CLC students don't care about anything except maybe CLC OBSERVER grades, dates, games, and parties. Oops! I almost In the last issue of the CLC Observer (Vol. 11 forgot shopping. If this isn't true, CLC students Issue 10) we regret the following errors: on page EDITORIAL BOARD don't have any spare time. Gosh folks, that's not three of the Greg Aiosa story, it was stated that healthy. You need some time to think, relax or Greg attended mass once or twice a week in the write something that isn't an assignment for a dormatdry. This was inacurate, he attended mass required course! in the university chapel. I'm disappointed in myself for not having writ- On page 13, in the CLC : GBA commentary, ten a letter sooner. I guess I thought someone it was stated that Professor Dembo was offered else would. It also frustrates me to think that even a job from NYU, when in fact he was not. In Editor-in-Chief Gregory Lord Staff: Maura Burnett, Tisha des addition, Professor Dembo was not interviewed though I'm a non-traditional undergraduate stu- Managing Editor Diane P. LJcht Prez, Melisa Harts, Debbie Hirsch. dent with a career, I feel as though I have to write for said article. something because no one else will. Finally, on page 7 in the editorial, we would News Editor Jennifer Berge Why should I have to be the one to write a let- like to acknowledge that we mispelled Vice Features Editor Anthony Giglio ter or an article for the Observer! Why should Presidential Candidate Dan Quayle's name. Features Editor Lynette Harrison The CLC OBSERVER is the independent I show my support? Why should I even care? It's Arts Editor Fran Brancatelli student newspaper of the College at simple. I chose to attend Fordham University. The staff of the Observer would like to official- Arts Editor Sean McDonald Lincoln Center, Fordham University, ly welcome our new faculty advisor, Kitsi Wat- Mew York. The opinions expressed in I am part of Fordham University. As a CLC stu- Stephen Shafer dent, traditional or not, it is my duty to contribute terson, as Elizabeth Stone, our regular advisor, Commentary Editor the OBSERVER, including those in col- as much as I can to the school and its student is currently on sabbatical. Kitsi Watterson is a Sports Editor Sah/atore Manto umns, letters, and graphics are those body. All CLC students should feel this way. All Professor of Media Studies, as well as a free- Copy Editor Amy Goldstein of the individual writer or artist. Those CLC students have the same responsibility — to lance writer who has penned several books on Photography Editor Francine Brown expressed in editorials are the opinions make the College at Lincoln Center the best it nutrition and health, as well as a book on women of the editorial board. No part of the Art & Design can be. You could never be too busy to do in prison. Kitsi has edited various news publica- OBSERVER—including articles, adver- something you really want to do. tions from the East Coast of the U.S. to South Consultant William Ribeiro tisements, photographs, and —Marisa Morell-Gasco, CLC '89 East Asia. She is a welcome addition to our staff. graphics— may ba reproduced in any way, shape, or form without the ex- Faculty Consultant Kitsi Watterson press written permission of the editorial board. For details, contact the CLC OBSERVER, Box 18, Lincoln WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ©CLC Observer, 1988 Center Campus, Fordham University, New York, New York 10023. Room CAMPUS MAIL, BOX 18 426C. Telephone [212) 841-5364. Page 10 - CLC Observer - October 12. 1888 '#- «\f 4 * # * 4 * « t * _

™ -• ^ ^ ^ ^ ™» w -™ ^^alH aj I .•p!--.-i~arn*M iiiiiiii;lii;i.isi!i! o c G u r an c e s

eileen cowin Shakespeare's color photography a midsummer nights dream jayne h. baum gallery presented by clc theatre 588 broadway. 2nd floor dir. by rick lombardc 219-9854 fordham university, pope aud. oct 13-15, 18-22 at 8:00 matinee on oct 21 at 2:00 lois Conner tickets, stu.-$4.00 w/ id "new work of china and other places" for info & reservations call 841-5267 marcuse pfeiffer 568 broadway suite 102 what did he see ? 226-2251 an ontological-hysteric theatre.prod. oct 15-nov 17 written and directed by richard forman louis stettner public theatre "early joys, photographs" 425 lafayette st photofind 598-7150 138 spring st tues-thurs & sun at 8:00, 334-0010 fri & sat 7:30 & 10:00 thru oct 22 dark shadows dance theatre workshop's paul graham economy tires theatre contributors: ar "troubled land" bessie schonberg theatre p.p.o.w. 219 w. 19 st lynette_h a_r_r_i_s_o__i 532 broadway oct 14-15 941-8642 924-0077 oct 20-nov 19

george tice "hornetowns-an american pilgrimage" witkin 415 west broadway 925-5510 oct 18-nov 26

"africa and the photo image" mythic arts africa 127 e.7 st 529-4794 thru Oct 16 "Japanese photography in america 1920-1940" whitney museum at the equitable ctr e, 787 7th ave at 52 st 554-1000 thru nov 2

robert maplethorpe whitney museum 945 madison ave at 75 st closed mondays 570-3676 thru oct 23

starn twins stux gallery 19 e.71 st 737-6066 thru oct 29

SHKi aural K55S pleasures

fishbone alex chilton ska/punk/funk S5c onstant spi schooly d knitting factory rap 47 e. st Kjjamaica 1987 ritz 219-3055 11 st bet 3 & 4 aves fri/satoct 14 & 15 S5_P__h__o__t__o ]p__y f_£_a_ 254-2800 thurs/fri oct 20 & 21 piano recital by maestro alberto pomerantz stray cats music by: casella, listz, rockabilly rossini, mussorgsky rttz presented by the international students r this is the second installment of op' 11 stbet3&4 aves and the fordham community [ options is devoted to the pursuit of 254-2800 fordham university chapel, rm 221 • occuring in nyc and at clc. option; tuesoct 18 thurs oct 13 at 7:30 • sive list to everything going on, but free r can serve as a simple guide to the b camper van beetrtoven ', options will open new avenues fo experimental folk sarah vaughn • we have already established a crit scruffy the cat jazz • options by chosing these few listin american alternative the blue note "us. original artwork (photos, film st ritz 131 w. 3st ] here every issue and are a integral 11 st bet 3 & 4 aves 475-8592 • for new work every issue, also, all si sat oct 22 tues-sat oct 11-16 • ped off at room 426.

the |esus and mary chain eddie palmerl psychadelic new wave latin jazz i-options the pixies s.o.b.'s •£• exposures: lois Conner, "new worl american punk 204 varickst "2 faculty member) the world 243-4940 X aural pleasures: fishbone/schooly wed/thtirs oct 12 & 13 9:00-11:00 254 e. 2 st •Hthesplan occurances: midsummei C 974-5850 •Sit. time: "innovation: getting a hani fri oct 14 prague symphony "Sclne-o-rama: films of kenneth angi symphony hall "pigment and graphite: robert grot 881 7th ave alouxle and the banshees •Hbody movement: "namsadang" brltlsh alternative wed oct 19 at 8:00 radio city music hall jirl beolhlavek, cond. thurs oct 20 tiks $25, 20, 18, 16, 13 909-9790 October 12,1988 - CLC Observer - Page 11

«•) »• (••• «••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ^HB ^^ ^HIH >^H ^HB VBHT ^V W ^m HUM •••• vjl ^H VH VM BH M BH BB

film on film:. Hollywood "dreamlngs: the art of aboriginal the selznlck yrs australia"! thurs 10:00 p.m. oct 15, channel 13 paintings & sculpture! asia society! mr. smith goes to hollywooc 725 park ave| (1939) starring jimmy Stewart, oct 6-dec 31 dir. by frank capra closed mondays 11:00 sat oct 15 admission $1 for students

the metropolitan opera presents anselm klefer il trovatore (verdi) paintings starring luciano pavarotti museum of modern art audio on wqxr fm 11 w. 53 st 9:00 fri oct 21 channel 13 oct 17-jan 3 closed Wednesdays nnovation: getting a handle on stress admission $2.50 for students 8:00 p.m. sat oct 22 channel 13 al held! film on film: Hollywood legends: watercolorsl marilyn monroe andre emmerich gallery 10:00 p.m. sat oct 22 channel 13 41 e. 57 st ithony rebholz, 752-0124 i.richard r e e v el cinema thirteen: mr. deeds oct 13-nov 12 goes to town (1936) starring gary cooper robert grosvenor 11:00 p.m. sat oct 22 channel 13 large scale sculpture paula cooper gallery 155 wooster st oct 1-oct 29

brace nauman 1970 installations sperone westwater 142 greene st 431-3685 thru oct 15

robert mangold! "works on paper, 1977-82"! paula cooper gallery 155 wooster st f 674-0766 to oct 29

robert lengo paintings metro pictures 150 greene st oct 8-nov 5

francesco clemente "the funerary paintings" dia art foundation 548 w. 22 st (bet 10 & 11 aves) 431-923; 2 "show and tell: artists I illustrated letters" grey art gallery & study ctr(nyu) 33 Washington place 998-6780 thru oct 29

"a glass of wine" design competition/exhibition of contemporary wine glasses by I american and international artists parsons school of design/exhib.ctr 55 fifth ave/ 2 w.13 st 741-7572 '"ing road, , oct 5-29

n c i n_e__bjr y a n_HH 5 m o_v_e_m_e_n_tjS

tions. as stated in our last edition, | the odori festival of japar all artistic and cultural endeavors i Japanese folkloric art dance troup is by no means the comprehen- j traditional Japanese folk dance: the options found on these pages i lehman cente etter offerings in the city, hopefully, | sun oct 23 at 3 p.m r you. our intent is not to review; i for tickets call 960-8833 ical judgement in our selection of | prices $20, 17.50, 15 gs from the hundreds available to ' ills, drawings) will be reproduced ' tne films of kennetn anger the 21 st international tournee namsadang part of the options page, we look anthology film archives of amlmatlon korean folk music, puppetry, iggestions for listings can be drop- (other films by the lumiere bros, bailie, festival theatre and masked dance brakhage, levitt, kluge, seven-women fri oct 14-27 presented by the asia society seven sins) 57th st w. of 5th ave 725 park ave thurs/fri oct 13,14 307-7856 fri oct 14 at 8:00 32-34 second ave (at 2nd ave) sat oct 15 at 3:00 & 8:00 highlights: K call for more Info 505-5181 german cinema: birth & rebirth sun oct 16 at 2:30 & 8:00 ; of china and other places" (clc « (1922-1984) tickets $20 george kuchar ^..^^—^.^brooidyri museum for Info & reservations 517-asia in person with mongreloid, the oneers, 200 eastern parkway night's dream, clc production £5i yolands, the cult of'the cubicles lecture hall, 3rd fl. letter to the world jlo on stress" » jj~ imerican museum of the moving image tickets Vz hr before show martha graham dance co « li fri oct 21 admission $2 for students city center vonor, recent work j!_ 35 ave at, 36 st (718) 638-5000 ext.232 wed oct 12 at 8:00 !••• astoria, ny thru nov 6 131 w. 57 st (7-Jfl) 784^5,2^) Page 12 - CLC Observeb r - October 12, 1988


okcure and October 12, 1988 - CLC Observer - Page 13

$'•"&&$:•:•: •••xi------•'$£ PuncMme Scores A Knockout

By Mara Rafla-Demetrious Punchline, Columbia Pictures newest release soon brings the same strength into her comedy starring Tom Hanks and Sally Field, is a bit- that she does to everything else. Field's portrayal tersweet comedy about two stand-up comics of Lilah is very commendable. Her acting is struggling to turn their dreams into reality. Not strong, and her stand-up routines , which were the usual slapstick comedy, Punchline tells a initially difficult for Field to master, are plausable story about two very real people. excellent. Tom Hanks plays Steven Gold, a talented Liliah and Steven are drawn to each other out young comic who, unable to stand the sight of of mutual need. She soon learns from him, the blood and gore, flunks out of medical school and secret of turning seemingly mundane events in- decides to pursue his dream of fame. Gold's acts to stories that the audience can easily relate to. are filled with laughter, but, unfortunately, this In turn, Lilah becomes Steven's stronghold in is the only part of his life that is. Gold is a cynic helping him pull his together the detached pieces and many believe he is more than just a little off of his life. the wall. His drive to be "discovered" becomes David Seltzer, the writer and director of Pun- an obsession and he soon begins to think of little chline chose to use actual stand-up comics to play else. Comedy becomes his only means of sur- the club's comedians in the film. By doing this, vival. Hanks does a superb job portraying Gold, much authenticity was added to the movie. Two and his stage presence is electrifying. Not only comedians that stand out are Daymon Wayans does Hanks' performance evoke countless laughs and Max Alexander. Wayans, as Percy, has from the audience, it also produces occasional perhaps the funniest act at the Gas Station, the tears. club in which they perform. Wayans has -Sally Field plays Lilah Krystick, your every- previously appeared in Beverly Hills Cop and day New Jersey housewife and the mother of Roxanne. Max Alexander, as Mr. Ball, convin- three children. Lilah is attempting to fulfill her cingly portrays a history teacher trying to make lifelong dream of becoming a stand-up comic. it by night as a Stand-up comic. Always griping She will, and does, do just about anything to and whining about his lack of success, Ball is make this dream come true. Lilah even goes to forever being reassured by Lilah. the extent of incorporating the task of joke buy- Undoubtably, Punchline ia a movie that packs ing into her daily life, which is filled with car- a solid punch. The characters themselves may pools and laundry. Although Lilah is ridiculed not be the most likeable, but the audience feels SALLY FIELD and TOM HANKS in a scene from Punchline by her husband and feels misunderstood, she for them as they would actual people. iHysteria Comes To The Meadowlands

JJBy Jennifer Berge solid, yet halfhearted, fatigued performances, response from the surprisingly varied crowd. were supposed to respond with, "I want to roc! Performing, before a sellout crowd, Def Lep- while drummer Rick Allen triumphed with an in- Allen and his drums were situated on an elevated, 'n roll!" After about ten minutes of this withoui Kpard rocked the Meadowlands in East Ruther- spiring comeback from the automobile accident rotating platform that enabled each section of the an end in sight, it grew wearisome. jjford, New Jersey, September 21, 22, and 23 on that cost him his arm over two years ago. Dur- audience to get a decent view of him, and the Overall, though, the great spUnd system com- jjone of the final legs of their lengthy Hysteria ing the most lengthy of the many breaks taken several ramps and hidden stairways allowed each pensated for the band's continual disappearing Rtour. Highlighted by a huge, central stage and by the band, Elliott made reference to the fact band member to jump and run around or disap- act, and the crowd was given some new rendi- Ua great light show, the concert provided for a let- that the album Hysteria took more than three pear for a quick break as they wished. tions of Def Lep's "oldies" such as "Bringin

40 Years Of Classics By Dionne Ford Through the years, WPIX Channel 11 has as INN, show Best Talk In Town, the sit- grown tremendously and managed to put smiles com, Charles In Charge and my favorite late on the faces of many with a line-up of classic night ghoul show, Tales From the Dark Side on programming. As New York City's first indepen- WPIX. As the new fall season arrives, viewers dent station, WPIX has become one of the top can look forward to a few new shows from Chan- ten grossing stations in the country. This year nel 11. Starting From Scratch, a comedy series marks the station's 40th anniversary. starring Bill Daily and Connie Stevens will begin As a kid, I can recall watching Laverne and airing in early October. The series Friday the Shirley and reruns, but of course 13th will move from its previous home at the Fox my favorite of all was Little House on the Prairie. Network to Channel 11. The Gong Show returns Now, as WPIX falls shy a decade of half a cen- (all new) every Thursday evening at 6 p.m. For tury of broadcasting, we see a whole new list of the younger viewing audience WPIX has programs which will evolve this coming fall and rereleased Hanna Barbara's classic cartoon The continue the station's tradition of quality broad- Yogi Bear Show. casting. The station- officially celebrated its 40th an- niversary with a birthday special which aired on In the beginning, WPIX's programming 1 schedule included such shows as Teen Age School September 29. This birthday gala, which was of Charm, Rube Goldberg's Drawing Game, Stan taped earlier, was hosted by Tony Randall, star Shaw's' Record Rendevous, Playhouse, and of another favorite WPIX rerun, Vie Odd Cou- Howdy Doody. The spring of 1949, marked the ple. The show included special appearances by first telecast of of the New York St. Patrick's past and present WPIX personalities such as Jack Day Parade, which has been broadcast on WPIX McCarthy (who still hosts the St. Patrick's Day every year since. Also in 1949, the station began Parade broadcast), Bill Britton (the original Bozo televising Major League Baseball. the Clown), Chuck McCann (Let '.v Have Fun) WPIX went on to broadcast the scries Night and many others. This celebration presented Owl Tlieatre in 1950 and in 195/, reruns of The highlights from the past 40 years. Featured were Honeymaoners began another tradition which still highlights including the 1976 continues to this day. pennant race, and the 1978 and 1981 World Series games. Viewers also saw a clip of WPIX's ' Channel 11 also had a hand in giving exposure coverage of the sinking Andrea Doria in 1956. to rising stars. Ed Sullivan made his first televi- With promising new shows, and an award- sion uppeurance delivering his Daily News col- A scene from The lloneymooners umn on WPIX. winning news program, WPIX can look forward In more recent years, we have seen the advent to continued success with many happy years to of the Independent Network News, better known come, Congratulations Channel II! October 12,1988 - CLC Obsdpver ARTS Fordham Senior Rocks TheRitz

By DHMUM Ford able to tolerate singing and piano lessons for two Amongst the wealth of talent here at Fordham months. Jay explained that, "I'm very un- University lives one very promising John disciplined. I'm more into improvising and Sweeney better known as Jay. This Fordham writing music." Yet, he is still unable to read College senior along with four cronies going by music. The fact that his father was a concert the name of Alias Bob appeared at the Ritz night pianist and his mother a music teacher probably club September 28. Alias Bob was among one contribute to Jay's love for music and his natural of the four bands to appear in the Ritz's New York talent. live series anniversary show. A special promo- The most touching exhibition of the evening tion by the Ritz, New York live allows for un- occurred when Jay announced a song composed signed bands to get exposure and to be heard and by him entitled "Man on Vacation" which was viewed by scouts in hopes of signing with pro- inspired by a homeless man well known to the minent record companies. Fordham Rose Hill residents. Alias Bob finish- Each jazzy tune played by Alias Bob at the ex- ed its set with yet another Sweeney tune entitled position was original material with the exception "Yeah-O." At age 16, Jay composed this song, of a cover tune of Al Green's "Take Me to the adding jazzier chords along the way until it reach- River" made popular by the Talking Heads. ed perfection. "It's the first song I ever wrote," "Sherri," the first song played, is a love song Jay replied in reference to "Yeah-O." "It's pro- written by lead guitarist, Chuck Hidner in dedica- bably one of our most successful songs." tion to his fiancee, Cheryl. This refreshing Alias Bob may be an as of yet "undiscovered change of pace from the more predictable love band" but with their second appearance at the ballad brought us into a piece written by Jay call- Ritz having had such a positive response, I'm ed "Tanqueray" which deals with alcoholism, sure they're on the right path. Jay may be "un- evident from the tide. Jay and Chuck are the ma- disciplined" as he put it, but he has limitless jor contributors to the band's original material, hope. As far as a career in music, "that's what while at the same time bassist Rich Izzo, sax- I [Jay] have always wanted since I was sixteen.'' ophonist Scott Wenzel, and percussionist Al Gan- Jay feels that every song he writes gets a little Frequencies nom play key roles in the success of Alias Bob. bit better and the response from the Ritz crowd In spite of Jay's amazing talent on the that Wednesday evening confirmed Jay's belief keyboards and his singing ability, he was only in his music to be true. Rock Radio Makes A Comeback

By Fran Brancatelii end for adult contemporary WNBC, which mark- Who says rock radio is dead? Certainly not the ed its 62nd year of broadcasting this year. recently released summer Arbitron ratings. In- WFAN will continue to broadcast all of its fact, the new survey has album oriented rocker regular'programming on 660 with the addition WNEW FM placing the highest it ever has in its of "The Show" and the 21 year history. broadcasts of Knicks and Rangers games. WNEW leaped 22% in the ratings, scoring a In Other News: "The Show," 4.4% share of the audience up from the 3.6% heard here on 92.3 K-Rock, began simulcasting share that the station had in the spring book. The on Infinity Broadcasting's WBMW in ratings boost landed WNEW in fourth place in Washington, D.C. Along with picking up Stern's the overall ratings. show on October 3, WBMW switched call let- The sudden surge in rock radio by no means ters that same day, becoming WJFK and modi- indicates the end for Top 40. For the sixth fying its adult alternative format. In addition to straight time Top 40 rocker WHTZ (Z-100) land- being heard in Washington, Stern is also heard ed in first place, overall, scoring a 6.2% share each weekday on K-Rock's sister station, WYSP of the audience. Z-100 was followed by WWPR in . Both stations are also Infinity (Power 95) and WQHT, which received a 4.7% properties.... Album oriented rocker WBAB and a 4.5% share of the audience, respectively. 102.3 Babylon, Long island recently began "The Howard Stern Show" placed second in simulcasting its afternoon programming on 1240 the morning drive race, while all-news WINS AM. The AM frequency formerly belonged to finished first. All-talk WOR AM was third, while all-talk WGBB. Z-100 placed fourth. Promotions Dept.: Usually, September is WQCD, formely WPIX, received a good followed by October, but not at WNEW FM. At report from Arbitron. The recently converted mat AOR station, "Zeptember," as in Led Zep- adult contemporary jazz station doubled its plin, is followed by "Rocktober," and that ratings from an embarrassing .7%share to a men- means special programming and promotions for tionable l.5%share of the audience. The sum- listeners. Some of the station's plans for mer book of the quarterly Arbitron ratings "Rocktober" include nightly broadcasts of measured the period from mid June to late classic concerts as well as live concert broadcasts Live and Study in Spain September. of "cutting edge" performers. In addition, Oc- Frequency Changes: Well, it finally happened. tober 30th (Or Rocktober 30th, if you will) marks Madrid/Salamanca After months of talk, frequency changes have WNEW FM's 21 st Anniversary. To celebrate the New York University in Spain offers an ideal way to master the taken place on both the FM and AM bands, with occasion, all this month the station is focusing Spanish language and experience culture in Madrid or WQHT Hot 103 switching dial positions with on a different year each day, starting with 1988 Salamanca Courses conducted in Spanish. WYNY Country 97, and all-sports 1050 WFAN and working its way back to 1967. Undergraduate Division: Open to Spanish majors and qualified moving to 660. ...K-Rock has brought back its "Most Outrageous" contest. Participants who can come students in all fields. Courses in language, literature, civilization, WQHT and WYNY switched places at 5:30 p.m. on September 22nd, becoming Hot 97 and up with the most outrageous/most visible, legal Spanish politics, cultural anthropology, sociology, fine arts, Country 103. The move down the dial to the way to display 92.3 K-Rock or the call letters music, and cinema. Full academic accreditation. clearer 97 frequency allows Emm's Broad- WXRK can win $25,000. You must obtain the Graduate Division: Two programs—M.A. in literature and casting's urban contemporary crossover station offidial game mlcs from the station to participate. M.A. in Hispanic civilization, plus courses applicable toward the WQHT to better compete with Top 40 rockers You may remember that when K-Rock held this contest a couple of years back, a listener was ar- Ph.D. degree. ; Power 95 and Z-100, as well as urban contem- porary WRKS 98.7 (Kiss-FM). rested for parachuting into Shea Stadium during y -w T A limited version of the above Neither station left listeners out in the dark the World Series with a huge balloon displaying about the switch, since it was heavily promoted the station's call letters...Z-100 will be bring- \ by both. WQHT ran several prime time televi- ing back their popular "Birthday Contest" this p\\/Y|^fJ|£ programs is offered during the ; month. PW II ll\l\. summer session in Salamanca ; sion spots mentioning the change, as well as bom- For more information, call barding subway stations with huge posters Disc Jockey Notes: Dick Summer has taken over mil iNivittm i«. nil riitK ttavni (212)998-8760 or mail the reading "We've Moved. Hot 97. Same sta- the morning drive shift at 101.9 WQCD. Former attached coupon. tion...Better Location." WYNY, on the other morning man Tommy Dean and afternoon drive hand, took out newspaper ads and ran radio spots Please send me more information about New man Jack Spcctor have been let go by the sta- New Yorit University on, ironically gnough, Z-100 to promote the new in Spain York University in Madrid or Salamanca tion...Shifts have been shuffled at K-Rock as fealty of Art* and Science (please check): FRD dial position. Meg Griffin takes over the midday shift, followed 19 University Place . D Undergraduate D Madrid or • Salamanca The move should be a good one for WQHT, by newcomer Stephen Capcn in afternoon drive Room 409 D M.A. D Madrid or D Salamanca which can be expected to make a run for number and Jimmy Fink doing evening drive. Marc Cop- New York, N.Y. 10003 DPh.D. one in the fall Arbitron ratings. However, the pola lost his evening drive shift and will now han- Aim.: Professor Salvador outlook isn't as promising fpr WYNY, since dle weekends, swing shifts and his syndicated Name. Martinez country is a struggling format in New York. program "Rock and Roll Never Forgets." It is New Vbrk Univeriily ii an Address. Over on the AM side, Emmis moved WFAN a shame that Coppola who sounded so good in affirmative action/equal from the 1050 frequency to the clearer 660 on the old days of WPLJ and WAPP lost much of City/Stale/Zip Code opportunity institution. October 7lh at 5:30 p.m. The move signaled the his magic of late. **—*+*+—+***—*+*+ Page 16 - CLC Observer - October 12,1988

A New Look For MTV

specific listening audience. Yo, MTV Raps By Linda Corsello features videos by rap singers such as Run DMC You've seen every television show from last and LL Cool J. This show can be seen on Satur- season at least six times. And you're just not in- days at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. Headbangers' Ball to cartoons or the soaps. Well, if you're looking is designed to meet the demands of the heavy- for a change, MTV may have the answer to your metal audience, while 120 Minutes features alter- problems. The solution is day-parting. native age music. Introduced in early September, day-parting is While M.TV is excited about their new a technique true to its name. According to MTV specialized programming, one wonders if others representative Greg Drebin, MTV's new pro- in the music business are equally as optimistic gramming format—day-parting— "cuts the day or instead skeptical. CBS Records representative into parts." Steve Backer seemed to confirm the views of For MTV this means that the day will be divid- many other record companies when he said, ed on the basis of music type. Day parting is an "Right now, we're actually watching it very effort to "super-serve the audience," said closely. Initially, it's pretty promising just Drebin. It involves matching the audience at a because you are targeting the audience more given time to the music they prefer. For exam- closely." However, Backer is not entirely op- ple, a high concentration of female viewers bet- timistic. "In terms of new acts and their getting ween the ages of 17 and 24 tend to watch televi- promotion, we just don't know yet." sion during the afternoon and early evening. As And so it seems that it is too early to tell an alternative to soap operas and talk shows, they whether MTV's new concept of day-parting will are now able to view one of MTV's music pro- be a success. Many new performers could lose grams such as Club MTV. out because of it, but most MTV viewers should Club MTV, aside from showing videos of the appreciate the change. They will be able to leave' latest dance hits allows its viewers to see many their tv on MTV, instead of flipping back and of the featured singers performing live in front forth between 15 other channels while waiting of an enthusiastic dance crowd. Other shows that for a song they like to be played. On the other will become part of MTV's day-parting this hand, doesn't day-parting seem to defeat the pur- season are Yo! MTV Raps, Headbangers' Ball pose of exposing viewers to many kinds of THE BANGLES and 120 Minutes. Each is geared toward a music? Only time will tell.

Right On Track: Fall Brings New Releases, Best of Packages

By Sean McDonald named after their number one smash. Paul native rock stations of her second single "Don't Room.'' The self-titled debut album from House Autumn Releases: The fall season is tradi- Simon's package will be titled Negotiations and Walk Away." This acceptance has led to a of Love (Relativity) is selling some thanks to tionally the biggest time for album releases and Love Songs 1971-1986 (Warner Brothers), while dramatic increase in sales of her album. heavy airplay by alternative rock stations of the this fall will be no exception. This week U2 a former record company of Ziggy Marley and Sinead O'Connor has been keeping herself track "Christine." The glossy rock band Duran releases its soundtrack to their forthcoming con- The Melody Makers will release Time Has visible and audible by recently appearing on Late Duran will try to make a comeback this month cert documentary. Rattle and Hum is a two Come: The Best Of... (EMI). Night with David Letterman. She also has a track with the release of Big Thing (Capitol). record (one double length CD) set containing fif- Just released is the soundtrack to the documen- on what may be the best non-musical movie Alphaville's forthcoming computation is The teen tracks. Nine of the tracks were recorded in tary Imagine: John. Lennon (Capitol), a two soundtrack of the year, Married to the Mob Singles Collection (Atlantic). "Forever Young," the studio, while the other six are live. The album record set of music from both his Beatle days and (Reprise). Her track "Jump In The River" along the song that is their claim to fame, has been was produced by Jimmy Iovine, (A Very Special solo work. Two previously unreleased tracks are with the single "Liar, Liar" from Debbie Harry released as a single again. The new album from Christmas, Simple Minds) who also produced the on the album. A practice version of "Imagine" have received some airplay. The soundtrack also Talk Talk has just been released in Britian. The Spirit of Eden (EMI) is the name of it and band's 1983 live EP Under A Blood Red Sky. and a song called "Real Love." The album con- contains tracks from Ziggy Marley, The Tom "Desire" is the new single. The single "Desire" is quickly climbing the tains twenty-one tracks with "Jealous Guy" be- Tom Club, and Brian Eno. O'Connor will also charts, while the non-LP B side "Hallelujah ing released as a single to support the album. have material on Stay Awake (A&M), a collec- One note of interest...concerning the re- (Here She Comes),'' is being played by AOR and A live album called Rank (Sire) has just been tion of Disney songs. The album will also con- release of' 'Red, Red Wine.'' Now that the single alternative rock stations. The film is due to open released by the Smiths. The album is a BBC tain work by Suzanne Vega, Los Lobos, the seems to be headed to number one, UB40's cur- nationwide on November 4. recording of a 1986 concert given by the band. Replacements, Tom Waits and others. rent album is being out sold by their 1983 album Best Of...packages will dominate releases this Meanwhile, rumors continue to circulate that The new album from Michelle Shocked is titled Labour of Love (A&M). A&M Records probably month. The 12 track compilation from R.E.M. Morrissey and Johnny Marr have settled their dif- Short Sharp Shocked (Mercury). The single "An- doesn't mind but I'm sure they hope that the first is titled Eponymous (I.R.S.) and contains one ferences and may begin writing and recording chorage" is a beautifully haunting song that single from the current album will spark more previously unreleased song called "Romance." material some time next year. deserves more air play. interest in their current release. A new album from R.E.M., their first for Female Artists...have had a great year, par- Other Releases...include Peepshow (Geffen), Corrections: Two factual errors were contain- Warner Brothers, is due Election Day, ticularly, Tracy Chapman and Sinead O'Connor. the latest album from Siouxsie and The Banshees. ed in the last column of Right On Track. First "November 8. Now, after a few months on the charts, Union The Bangles will release their third album later the new Style Council album is not a compila- The greatest hits package from Dire Straits is (A&M) by Toni Childs is getting a chance to be this month. The album is titled Everything (Col- tion and second the new Big Country album, titled Money for Nothing (Warner Brothers), heard thanks to acceptance by AOR and alter- umbia) and the first single is called "In Your Peace in Our Time is from Reprise Records. Forgetable Memories

By Tisha des Prez empty spots that my companion and I began Movies abou stand-up comedians seem to be discussing the Mets-Dodgers playoffs and the quite the rage this fall. Unfortunately, Memories great view of from Dodger of Me is nothing to laugh about. Stadium—during the movie! Starring Billy Crystal, Alan King, and JoBeth As Abbie's pediatrician girlfriend, Williams Williams, this yawner should have been left in acts like a glorified soap star—melodramatic and the can backstage. Alan King plays Abe Polin, overly sincere. Usually, I enjoy her work but a full-time movie extra in Hollywood and part- puh-leeze! It's like, gag me with a stethoscope! time cqmedian in the local gin mill during the The rqal clincher is when she tells Abbie after evening hours. He has been estranged from his dating him for seven years,"you're great in bed, heart-surgeon son, Abbie (Crystal), since Abbie's but then you don't know how to hold my hand. youth. Help! Call Dr. Ruth! If this is how two physi- While performing open-heart surgery one night cians in their late thirties communicate, don't get Abbie suffers a heart attack. He recuperates by sick! watching home movies of his childhood and I'll spare you any more boring details of slowly realizes his invincibility. At his Memories of Me. You have probably have guess- girlfriend's (Williams) sappy urging he decides ed the rest by now anyway. It really is such a to attempt reconciliation with his father. drag when great comedians such as Crystal and What follows is a typical-competitive father- King attempt to cross over to drama. It worked son battle of resentment and repressed emotions. with Tom Hanks and Jackie Glcason in Nothing Bud jokes and cliches ure thrown in to make this in Common, but I believe this to be the excep- film more palatable, but no go. Abbie is embar- tion to the rule. rassed of Abe's "extra-work" and tells him he's Ironically, Memories of Me is directed by "no actor—just a face in the crowd." unothcr reliable jokester, Henry Winklcr. Well, This film must have cost practically nothing this is definitely no Happy Days. to make because the better part of it takes place My advice is, don't spend your hard enrncd in und around u Hollywcxxl soundstagc, Personal- bucks on this one. Don't even bother to rent it ly, I've seen more of Hollywood on a Universal ALAN KING and BILLY CRYSTAL In u scene from Memories of Me on bargain duy at the video store next month. In- Studios lour! The film had so muny. gaps •and/' vent a quick memory 'Iflpse. ' October 12, 1988 - CLC Observer - Pago 17 COMMENTARY


OR REVLON By Casey Chatillon jury to his son. Dukakis has a solution to this manager correct his stand the next day. What? During the last few weeks, I've been listening problem. It is called national health insurance. Was that a Republican I heard saying that George to all of the Republicans mouthing off about what What? Did I hear a Republican mumble was just confused and it's not that important BOY? a great guy George Bush is, and how a Mike something about the cost of such a program. anyway? I figured that a Republican would say Dukakis presidency would ruin this country. Listen, don't be so selfish, go drop a bomb on something sensitive like that. Please, shut up! Well, I'm tired of this talk. The time has arriv- yourself and shut up because you are really star- I know it's a touchy subject; let's move on to ed to look at the candidates through a critical and ting to bug the rest of us decent people who care the Vice-Presidential candidates. Now, Mike By Francine Brown rational eye (hopefully, after this task is com- about others and not our wallets. Dukakis picked Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas Watching the 1988 Vice-Presidential Debate was pleted, all you Republicans will shut up!). Okay, so you Republicans don't want to talk because he provided the ticket with balance and one of my most painful experiences in recent Let us begin with the fact that George Bush about national health insurance. We will then a shot for Dukakis to steal George's home stale years. Maybe there is something about age and is married to his grandmother. This is not to say move on to one of your favorite subjects - abor- away from him. George Bush picked snot-nosed experience after all. O.K., so Dan Quayle has that she is a bad' person, but one must question tion. Abortion is an issue that everyone has an Dan Quayle because, well, because...why did been meeting with an image consultant for the Bush's judgement for being married to a woman opinion on. Everyone, that is, except George George pick Dan? What? The Republicans don't past few weeks; but is a new hairstyle and dif- that could be mistaken for his grandmother. Dur- Bush. During the debate, Mr. Dukakis responded know either? I didn't think so. ferent color blush for a TV apperance enough ing the past eight years we, as Americans, have to the abortion question by stating that although Okay, let's go over this Iran-Contra thing one of a difference? Well, if you are looking for a had to swallow the fact that our President refers he did not support abortions, he did support a more time. The question still remains, 'where pretty face, it is. So they made his eyes look to his wife as 'Mommy'. Do we want, or need woman's right to choose. Mr. Bush responded was George?' What was George doing while we bluer, his hair blonder, and his cheeks apple rosy. another Commander-in-Chief running around the to the same question by stammering, obviously were trading arms for hostages and tunneling the They also drilled into him that no matter what White House refering to his significant other as he never gave the issue much thought. Further- profits to the Contras? You got it. He was shut- the circumstance, look into the camera and smile 'Grandma', or 'Nanna', or even 'Granny'. I more, Mr. Bush proceeded to state that he ting his mouth. What? I can't hear you ('the audience will love it!'). The only thing he know what all you Republicans are saying to favored jail terms for women who choose to have Republicans. Good, you finally got the message. didn't do was say that he drinks milk every mor- yourselves, 'what is this'guy talking about - an abortion performed, only to have his campaign Shut up! ning, has a slice of apple pie when he gets home, Dukakis' wife is named after a feline.' My and is tucked into bed every night by his parents, answer to you is, 'please don't be so insulting, after dutifully saying the pledge of allegiance. and why don't you just shut up!' We know that politicians can't think for On to more substantial issues. What? Did I themselves, and therefore need to be told all the hear a Republican mention something about the BLAH answers by a team of advisors who give them Pledge of Allegiance? I thought I told you to shut a set of potential questions and answers; thereby up? Instead, why don't we discuss Little League. rendering it almost impossible for said politicians You heard me, Little League. Anyone who saw to answer when a real question comes up. It's the first debate between the two candidates saw scary to think these mindless people are being Mike Dukakis talk about a little boy in a Houston elected. Such is the case with Dan Quayle. I'll suburb whose father won't allow him to play on accept any corrections, because maybe I'm as the Little League team. Why can't this boy play stupid and shallow as he is; but I do not recall Little League? I heard you Republicans saying' him answering any of the questions put to him that this is probably due to the fact that the child by a surprisingly impressive panel. It seems as plays a lousy third base, and the only hit he has if Quayle's advfsors told him if all else fails, push had in the last three years has been a foul ball. the family, the beautiful country we call America; This is not funny, and I thought I told you to shut stress that age doesn't matter; and whenever you up! If you want to know, the reason the child isn't blank out, trash Dukakis. He did all of this, a being allowed to play is because his father recent- lot. Despite attempts by the panel to get him to ly lost his job and his medical insurance along actually say something, or answer a question, with it. Thus, the father doesn't want to risk in- Ah ANY question, their attempts were rendered futile. And Dan just didn't seem to get it when asked him, for the third time, what BLAt he would do if he were President. Do you remember in high school when you DON'T AH BLAt forgot to do your homework and the teacher sur- prised you the next day in class by having you AH BLAt stand up and answer a question, or give an oral BELIEVE 1 report? This was usually your very first lesson in the art of B.S.. Well, the first thing you'd do /.AH BLAt is look him/her squarely in the eye, straighten your posture, say 'well,' and then slowly repeat THE HYPE! the question (buying thinking time); pick out one word from the question, usually the most in- significant, and, as forcefully as possible, work By William Brooks your way around the question, never really say- The inheritor of a great spirit, as she issued her The press, the 'white press' (according to Pete Sharpton and Tawana Brawley to Bonnie and ing anything. Well, Dan Quayle showed us that statement in which she thanked the Lord for re- Hamill of the NY Post there is a 'white press' Clyde, who robbed banks and killed people. Is these antics go beyond high school, they plague taining her life, was embodied in the natural and a 'black press') has traditionally exemplified he suggesting they should suffer the same fate, you throughout your career. graciousness, courageousness, and self-respect Propaganda to Usurp the Position of Dictator or is he just wishing? The black press is blasted of an African Queen. It's recorded that in the ear- while Disseminating Information (PUPDDI) [a for not taking a position against Tawana and her After the debate, Bush was probably thinking ly days of slavery, an African Queen would speak term created by the writer]. If the white press, advisors. 'Don't believe and respect your own to himself, 'Well, maybe the yuppie vote isn't in her native tongue, no less humble than when in which Pete Hamill is employed, disseminates press African Americans,1 said Pete Hamill, who that important after all, especially if they are all captured and brought across the Atlantic into information that is inaccurate to one group of is a representative of the white press. I say don't this inane.' Quayle was desperate, and obvious- slavery. Breaking the spirit of the African was people, then, I ask, is this unbiased reporting? believe Hamill's and Nachman's hype. Also, ly uncomfortable with the questions; Senator the first task of the slave master. Young Tawana The mass media worked hand in hand with the call for a boycott of the NY Post by the African Bentsen actually answered most of his questions. Brawley revealed her great spirit, unbroken, as forces behind COINTELPRO in the 196O's. This American community, and the subsequent This is somewhat like the conflict between the waves of pressure mounted by the mass media FBI program in its Domestic Intelligence cam- subscription to the 'unpaid publicist' and good kid that does his homework, and the called for her to subject herself to the scrutiny paign, ripened the atmosphere for assasinations 'mindless cheerleaders' that are our black press. average kid who goofs off and has bad timing. of the unjust criminal system. of some of the most prominent leaders of the The most unbiased, influential, and After he dug his ditch deep enough, Quayle's African American's have no more of a chance African American community. These assasina- sophisticated paper, the NY Times, is given the only hopes of retaliation were trite, non-sensical, at absolute justice today, then when eight black tions were created by the mass media's PUfD- responsibility of disseminating the report of the one-line quips; and the tackiest of all - throwing men on April 12, 1787, before the first session DI. Now, the 'romans' want to throw Rev. grand jury. It states that Tawana Brawley spent in good old (97 years old) grandma. Do people of Congress, two years before the election of Sharpton, C. Vernon Mason, and Alton Mad- the four days she was missing in her old aban- still really fall for such obvious, cheap theatrics? George Washington, sat down in a room and dox to the lions. Why, because they are too dar- doned apartment; she concocted the story; and Unfortunately, yes. Image sells, and was he ever created the first vehicle of protest, an African ing? We, as a people, are not sure that their tried to mislead doctors, social workers, and selling. American social compact called Free African means will justify the ends we seek? Or is it that police. Brawley refused to co-operate with the Society. This organization sought to be includ- Rev. Al is short, fat, and wears that ugly grand jury. ed in the national contract, that is our pompadour? Those who have been weak links in our Constitution. Mr. Jerry Nachman (NY Post) compares Al history, like Channel 4's Mike Tiabbi's black I Hype continued on page It

written by : Amy Goldstein illustrated by : Guilherme L. Ribeiro Hi, I'm Darwin.I work for the But somehow I am tragically campus ministry and my mis- misunderstood. sion is to spread the Join USG word of the Promofe SCHOOL SPIRIT ^refreshmen will be serv Page 18 - CLC Observed OctobVr 12, 1988 COMMENTARY

Hype continued from page 17 and BLACK stoolie, the ones in Africa who helped capture ing officials in the State of New York and get slaves and later were captured themselves; the away with it? Why Would a couple of accused dope fiends who claimed alliance with Elijah white men wait for immunity before they talk- Muhammad and fired those fatal shots at ed,; and subsequently not testify? Malcolm X for the members of CIONTELPRO; No Tawana, you are not crazy. You are not BLACK and we have lived with them and unfortunately, lying, and you are not deceiving your people. they'll live on. Pete Hamill asked, "Who will believe the next Are blacks beinjg white-washed in Hollywood? The black press reported that they were in African American woman who claims to have By Manon Loiseau possession of the hospital's final report on her been raped?" I answer, she better not be in my Now readers, don't get scared, but what if I told you America wasn't all white? Hard to believe, rape. A white police officer removed her damag- family. huh? Now here's something that'll probably be even harder to digest. African American folks can ed clothes from the hospital, and neither he or I ask you African Americans,' if we allow and do go to the movies, and we're 'pretty sick of seeing a couple of white folks sitting around, the1 clothes were subpoenaed by the grand jury. Sharpton, Mason, and Maddox to-be killed shooting the breeze, and whatever else that moves too fast. We've all seen pictures on the news with the because we continue to allow PUPDDI to in- When ya'll made the Big Chill, we said, 'okay, we'll give you"that, we'll even let you forget report that she was placed in a plastic bag with fluence our thoughts and actions, who then will that if it wasn't for the Civil Rights Movement, the sixties wouldn't have been the sixties.* And feces, burns, bruises, and the letters KKK mark- come forward? then there was John Hughes; he loved those high school kids, didn't he? I mean from The Breakfast ed on her. Today we have the truths of the world at our Club to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, he proved that high school kids had real emotions, were smart.. Did she do this to herself in order to keep her finger tips. When the American athletes at the Hell, sometimes even smarter than adults. But, Mr. Hughes, did all of the African American children mother from punishing her for staying out? Did XXTV Olympiads were asked who among them drop out of high school at the age of sixteen? I don't think so. And well, if he thought we all drop- the friends she was staying with do this to her? they admired the most, only one, a young African ped out of high school, there was no way we could have ended up in St. Elmo's Fire. I mean forget Would those black men educated at Morehouse American lady answered, "I admire them all, about Howard University and other prestigious African American colleges, that's a fantasy, it's (our Harvard) really jeopardize their careers on surely to be here competing they all must be the movies that depict real life. this case? If they have, why then are they still great." To this I add, young America, let's seek But that's all in the past. I mean America has changed. Didn't Freddie Kruger kill two of us in practicing? Why would Rev. , who the truth together, and if we uphold these truths, his latest movie? And in Crossing Delancy, didn't a couple of us talk about going down on our the media has tried to discredit and disgrace, be our greatness will shine through, and we will men and finding blonde hairs? And then there's Betrayed, where white folks are saying, 'ain't it a allowed to implicate several white, high rank- show the world our true colors. pity that all these blacks are getting lynched,' and, 'why did my boyfriend have to be such a bad guy?' Now ain't that affirmative action? No, it isn't. The movies I have just mentioned have all done pretty well in the box-office, so maybe I'm just blowing a little HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS? too much dark smoke. I mean, should I really be crying rape? Why don't I just lie there and take it? Because we have been ly- ing there too long and the bed is about to bum. I was in the subway the other day, when I saw a bill up for Reagan and Thatcher: The Binds that Tie another movie about white folks saying, 'life sometimes sucks, but ain't it good to have friends.' I guess us African Americans only have babies. By Thomas Michael Horan system of the United Kingdonvthe judge decided that there was Excuse me? You're saying there's a reason behind this? That Did'you hear President Reagan's recent speech before the no reason to reopen the case. In the U.K., torture, beatings, and putting an African American in a movie raises too many ques- General Assembly of the United Nations? He devoted part of his fabricated "confessions" which do not even match the evidence tions? That if you don't white-wash them" they may take away address to a plea for the respect of human rights in a number of in the case are not reasons to question of validity of court deci- from the story? Well, let's not even talk about your moral obliga- places around the world. He condemned the Ethiopian govern- sions which result in men and women being comdemned to life tions to the movie-goers. I don't want to give you -people a ment; they are starving their people. He condemned the Soviet imprisonment. And, once again, Reagan's response was a dead headache. But, do you ever think that people will get used to seeing government; they are restricting the political and religious freedom silence. African Americans and White Americans interacting in the of their citizenry. The South African government was scolded But don't labor under the misrepresentation that Reagan's movies, just like they do in real life? Folks can get used to it, for the continuing implementation of the system of Apartheid. culpability is limited to a conspiracy of silence when it comes just like they got used to riding in unsegregated buses in The Nicaraguans and Iraqis also received condemnation from the to British human rights violations. On the contrary, Reagan is Montegomery, Alabama. President. Of course, the pattern here is that "unfriendly" na- there to do Britain's bidding when called upon to do so. But hey, it's cool, you folks can keep your Sweetheart's Dance, tions were the object of his wrath, while his closest ally, Margaret Right here in the Manhattan Correctional Facility, there dwells your Mystic Pizza. We've figured out what's up and are making Thatcher and her United kingdom, continues to Show complete a young man named Joe Dougherty. Joe calls that jail home. After our own movies; as Billie says, 'God bless the child who's got contempt for human rights* and is often aided by the American all, he is in his sixth year there. Problem is, he never has been his own.' And soon - sooner than you think - some white kid's government in these atrocities. charged with any crime in this country. Does it sound like there gonna get 'really pissed off,' and write an article about their lack The United States and the United Kingdom pride themselves is something wrong here? There is. of representation in African American films. on their long-standing alliance. The U.S. gives the British all of Joe is a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), the longest So everything's okay now, right? I mean, I should end the ar- the political, economic and diplomatic support they could ever standing secret army of the world. The IRA is dedicated to the ticle right here, giving you something to think about. Well, how want. The U.S. helped the British wage a repulsive little colonial removal of the British colony in Ireland, and views violence as about one more thing. How about me telling you that America war in the south Atlantic Ocean back in 1982. With assistance being the final available method of acheiving this goal. The not only has African Americans living in it, it has , from the American defense and intelligence communities, the democratic process does not exist in Northern Ireland, and the Asians, Indians, Middle Easterners, and a whole bunch of peo- British brutally drove the Argentinians off the Malvinas, or Martin Luther King inspired civil rights movement in the 1960's ple, also pretty tired of seeing white folks wanning up in St. Falkland Islands, thereby safeguarding the rights of a few thou- was proved to be useless after the murder of thirteen peaceful Elmo's Fire. If movie-makers don't watch out, they're going to sand sheep and penguins to call themselves British. And they blew civil rights demonstrators by British soldiers in Deny, on Bloody get a Big Chill at the box-office. General Belgrano out of the water for good measure. Sunday. Joe does not believe in violence, but joined the ERA out The Belgrano was an Argentinian cruiser which was detected of the belief that if enough pressure was applied to the British sailing about fifty miles outside of an exclusive zone, away from now to give up the colony, future generations of children could the Malvinas and towards the Argentinian mainland, and with be spared the bloodshed that destroyed his. "D" Batteries strict orders to avoid conflict by avoiding the zone. This ship clear- Joe shot and killed a British soldier who showed up at a house ly bore no threat to the British forces. However, an order came to kill him. For this, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. straight from London to sink the Belgrano. Therefore, on May Dougherty escaped from the prison where he was being interred and the Debate 2, 1982, at 4 p.m., the//. A/.S. Conqueror torpedoed the Belgrano and escaped to America, where he attempted to make a fresh start. into oblivion, hi one fell swoop, Margaret Thatcher murdered However, Reagan's long arm grabbed him and lobbed him into 368 men. Ronald Reagan never complained to the United Na- prison. When the U.S. attempted to comply with Thatcher's de- By Manon Loiseau tions about the human rights of these young men. mand for his extradition to the U.K., an American court ruled You wanna know why I didn't watch the debates? Because Nor did Reagan seem too worried about the outcome of the that such a move would be contrary to American and Interna- they're boring as hell. There, I've said it, now everyone else can John Stalker inquiry into six murders of Irishmen by British tional Law. His was a classic case of a political offense, for which admit it also. I mean, how can anyone get interested in them, soldiers in the British colony of Nothern Ireland. After many years it is universally recognized that a prisoner can not be extradited. they never mention Mike Tyson or Robin Givens. Maybe if they of such murders, Margaret Thatcher gave into intense pressure The U.S. government has appealed this case several times, and put in a car chase, or had Arsenio Hall emcee it, you could get by the British political opposition and other European nations to each time the courts upheld the first court's ruling and called for me to break out the popcorn. But Mike Dukakis - excuse me? investigate. The government retained the services of a , Dougherty to be released. Finally, former Attorney General Ed- George Bush -- yeah, right. I 'd rather watch the Late Show, with England police detective, John Stalker to conduct the inquiry. win Meese took it upon himself to rule that the legal experts of Ross Schaffer interviewing the cast of Gilligan 's Island - again. However, right from the start, it became very obvious to Stalker the U.S. are wrong, and ordered his extradition. He argued that And then there's the Vice Presidential debate, the only time that he was being used in a massive cover-up that extended to the extradition should occur because an honest judicial process these guys will ever get to talk. You've got Lloyd Bentsen - well, the highest levels of British government. In the course of his in- was available in the U.K., and that to deny Thatcher's request what can I say, 1 wanted Jesse. But Dan Quayle - you gotta be vestigation, the government consistently lied to him, withheld would strain Anglo-American relations and be damaging to kidding. Women are supposed to vote Republican because of this evidence from him, and finally withdrew him from the investiga- America's foreign policy interests. This decision is quite obviously guy, right? Well, maybe desperate women. Women who've run tion when he was on the verge of uncovering hard facts which full of holes. out of D batteries, and live off the last exit in Jersey maybe (these would hold up the British to the contempt of the world as the After reading this article, and the stories of>many other incidents are the same women who call Oprah during her show), but not murderous, terrorist government which it is. They then attemp- like those enumerated here, it is clear to see that the British judicial me. I mean the guy's gotta look like Avery Brooks, smile like ted to publicly disgrace him, but being a man of impeccable in- system is not honest, and it is not fair. Meese also avoids the Denzel Washington, sing like Prince, and passionately declare tegrity, these efforts failed. John Stalker became an underground question of the political offense exemption to extradition, which he wants to father my child during every speech, for me to even hero in Britain, and his struggle against the forces of Thatcher is perhaps the most important question here. Finally, to argue consider voting for him without knowing his views. are a cause eclebre among human rights activists worldwide. Presi- that it is wrong, to confront allies on human rights questions for So how do I find out their views? Well, there are two ways. dent Reagan's response to these disturbing events? a resounding fear of upsetting them is at once ludicrous and disgusting. This One, I read the summaries the next morning in the Times (do I silence. is particularly true when the U.S. is the dominant military, really want to waste thirty-five cents?); or 1 get some cute political There is still the issue of the Birmingham Six and Guildford economic, and diplomatic partner in the relationship. This is a science major to buy me a drink while he summarizes the debate. Four to contend with. They are the ten Irish people who lived clear cut case of the tail wagging the dog. Reagan may accuse What I do is make like I'm listening, nod from time to time, and in England who were arrested in the early 1970's in the wake Gorbachev of being insensitive to political rights, but it is hard try io work the topic of free love in the conversation. of the bombings which resulted in heavy casualties. Actually, they to stomach this arguement when Reagan, himself, is an equal If you guys get the impression that I'm man-crazy, well, 1 am, were arrested, tortured and beaten senseless until some of them o offender. and bushy eyebrows just don't do it for me. would put their signatures on "confessions" which some cor- If Reagan needed to tell the United Nations about his horror And you people nodding your heads saying 'tsk, tsk', I bet you rupt people fabricated. Fifteen years after these attrocitics, these at witnessing human rights violations, he did not need to look watched all of the Olympics, and taped the Discovery flight, I innocent people still rot in English prisons. Mounds of evidence any further than his own backyard to find them. He should first bet you did. Well, while you were pushing down on your remote exist und have been well publicized in the British and Irish media show interest in correcting these abuses in his own country and control, and fidgeting with your VCR, I rented Dirty Dancing, which proves their innocence. In 1987, Thatcher succumbed to among his allies before he worries about other nations. Mr. Presi- and memorized all of Patrick Swayze's steps, as well us the song, the pressure from the publicity given to Ihcir case and ordered dent, show us that you care about protecting them within your •I've Had the Time of My Life.' the case of the Birmingham Six to be referred to a court which own domain. The words you spoke at the U.N. were the words So you guys who think you're so 'uwure' now, nt the next par- would decide if any evidence existed which would indicate if they of a hypocrite. And that makes you no better than Mr. Botha or ty let's sec who the cute guy with the lurtlcncck takes home, u deserved a new trial., Quite naturally, for lh,c corrupt judicial Mr. Ortega. , , female Gcorgu Bush or n female Patrick Swayze. October 12, 1988 -CLC Observer-Page 19 SPORTS Will Sports Ever Be Rid Of Substance Abuse? Steroids Becoming a Major Concern For Future Olympics

By Joe McDonald Claiming that his bottle was tampered with, Johnson denies ever using the drug. It is difficult Over the years, many heroes have come from to believe Johnson's claim because of the large the Olympics. In the 1933 Olympics, there was quantities of anabolic steroids found in his Jesse Owens winning five gold medals in track system. and field. In 1976, Sugar Ray Leonard won the According to a source in the U.S. Olympic gold in his weight division and Bruce Jenner won Committee, steps have been taken to prevent any the Decathlon and became an instant celebrity. act of tampering. For example,urine samples are In Los Angeles four years ago, Mary Lou Ret- sealed right after the test. ton and her "Crest toothpaste" smile won the Others who were banned were Mitko Grablev gold in womens gymnastics. Unfortunately for and Anguelov Guenchev, gold medal Bulgarian spectators as well as atheletes, the Games of the weightlifters, using the drug Furosemide. XXTV Olympiad will not have a hero, but instead A Spanish pentathlete was banned for using a a villain called drugs. calming drug and an Australian pentathlete tested Controversy swept over Seoul, South Korea, positive for excessive caffine. A Hungarian when the International Olympic Committee bann- weightlifter was banned for using Testosterone ed seven athletes and stripped their medals along with a Spanish weightlifter for becausethey won under the influence. The most amphetamines. prominate of names is Canadian sprinter Ben Then there is the case of American swimmer Johnson. Angel Myers who tested positive for steroids at Johnson tested positive forth e anabolic steroid, the Olympic trials and did not go to Seoul. She Stanozolol, a substance that is performance- claimed the use of birth control pills was the enhancing and muscle-building. It is massed- cause for her positive testing and is appealing the produced in the U.S. and is linked to certain liver decision. (A lot good that will do now!) diseases. The drug is one of 100 banned So the games of Seoul will be remembered for substances. one gold medalist and that is drugs. Package N.F.L. Too Soft on Drug Offenders Handlers And Sorters $8/HOUR TO START Permanent Part Time Positions AVAILABLE SHIFTS •6PM-11PM DMidnight-5AM •4AM-9AM •5:45AM-9:30AM

minimum Keeping Up With Changing Times... United Parcel Service encourages people to stay fit, alert, and healthy. Hill As a Part Time Package Handler or Sorter, you'll find an excellent way of keeping active and staying in condition. This is a great opportunity for ener- getic people with lots of stamina who recognize the benefits of regular activity. To qualify you must be at least 18 years of age, with the ability to handle packages weighing up to 70 pounds. Illlllllllllllll If you enjoy the benefits of a good work out, Uwrence Taylor: Suspended for a mere thirty days, you'll love the benefits UPS has to offer...com- By Joe McDonald destroyed by the Rams the week before. When prehensive company paid medical, dental, vision the Giants were reached they had "no com- and prescription coverage, paid holidays and vaca- Everything is back to normal in the National ment." 9 tions (all after 6 months), plus promotion-from- Football League. The players who were suspend- Let's give the Giants the benefit of the doubt within, advancement possibilities and solid career ed for drug abuse are back on the playing field and say LT was cured. But could someone be growth opportunities. and contributing to their teams championship cured in 30 days? To take advantage of these opportunities... drive. Yet the problem of drugs is not solved. The Washington Redskins had a simular situa- Thirty day suspensions will not discourage the tion when defensive lineman Dexter Manley had APPLY IN PERSON abuse of drugs in sports and teams ate not buckl- an alcohol problem. Manley missed all training at 325 Wast Houston St, NYC ing down. camp and according to the Skins "was not paid TO LOWER MANHATTAN: take trie AC.E or K (8th Ave) trains to Spring St. located One of these teams is the New York Giants during the suspension." The Skins claim that 1 block from the Westside Highway (they are a NEW YORK team). The Giants are they are only concerned for "Dexter and his During the hours of 6PM-8PM coming off one of their worst blows in years needs" and will follow (he league policy. Yet orPluesday, October 11 when linebacker Lawrence Taylor was suspended can a man be cured in 30 days? Wednesday, October 12 for drug abuse. Giants President Wellington According to Jim Heffernan there will be no Thursday, October 13 Mara would not let Taylor play until the doc- new policy and team officials arc there to assist tors said he was cured of his addiction. the players. But were the Giants really sure of a successful The policy of one time offenders getting re- United Parcel Service rehab when they let Taylor play on October 2nd hab, two time offenders 30 days, and three timers or could it have been that the defense was se- a year, may deter some drug and alcohol abuse. Equal Opportunity Employer M/F cond to last in the NFL and the Giants were .But is it enough |o stop it entirely? Lets hope so. Page 20 - CLC Observer -October 12, 1988 SPORTS Off The Top Of My Head: Manto's Memos

By Salvatore Manto coach! You don't know how to utilize talent. You Controversial Moments: That's an Spanish tempers. I don't believe what I have just witnessed. The can't make the intricate moves that win basket- understatement! How about we start in women's My Sportsmanship Award goes to South Olympics were not at all what I expected. But ball games. All I know is that if Jerry "The gymnastics. An East German judge gave a .5 Korean Boxer Balk Hyum-Man. He was easily then again, does anything go according to plan? Shark" Tarkanian, coach of University of deduction to the U.S. women's team competi- defeated by American Ray Mercer for the gold Let's put it this way, if everything went accor- Nevada, (UNLV), was coaching, we tion for a gymnast being on the podium during medal, but when the announcement was made ding to plan, Carl Lewis would have beaten Ben would have won the gold. a teammate's routine. Well, the U.S. women Johnson legitimately, Edwin Moses would have in favor of Mercer, Balk clapped his hands in My second nomination for disappointments missed a bronze medal by .3 of a point. And you approval and congratulated Ray as well as his won the 400 meter hurdles and the basketball would be the track and field events. Moses win- guessed it, East Germany beat them out for the team would have won the gold. Yeah right! coaches. It was beautiful to see some people still ning the bronze medal in the 400 meter hurdles bronze. U.S. Boxer Anthony Hembrick was late nave class and dignity in defeat. Generally, the Games of the XXIV Olympiad was disappointing only because you expected a to his match because of a mix-up and was dis- were very entertaininjg. There were medals strip- Back in the VStA.: For sports outside the little more than that from someone of his caliber. qualified. He was scheduled to box 1 lth, but two Olympics, has hurled shut-out ball ped, athletes disqualified, records broken and a American Andre Phillips took the gold in a rings were being used, so his fight was earlier lot of controversy. for 59 consecutive inning breaking Don Drysdale record time of 47.19. Mary Decker Slaney placed than expected. How could the coaches mess up mark of 58 innings. With 23 wins and an E.R.A After Johnson destroyed Lewis in the 100 poorly in both the 3000m and 1500m. But at least like that? And about Todd Foster KOing Chun of 2.26, how can he not win the Cy Young meter dash in a record time of 10.79, he was dis- this time she finished. Lewis, trying to defend Jin-Chul of South Korea after the referee and Award? 6 qualified after testing positive for anabolic his gold in the 100m and 200m events, lost in Chun thought the round was over. Because two steroids. Weightlifters Mitko Grablew and both but was able to salvage the gold in the 100m rings were being used simultaneously, Ring One Kevin McReynolds deserves to win M V P of the National League only because He is a lot Anguelov Guenchev of Bulgary were stripped of due to Johnson's disqualification. Chris Evert lost would end the round with a bell and Ring Two quieter than Darryl Strawberry and Kirk Gibson. their gold medal when they tested positive for in an early round of the tennis event to Italy's would end the round with a buzzer. Chun heard Jeez, if one of those two guys won it, we'd never steroids. Gee, what a surprise— a weightlifter Stephanie Reggi. And the water polo team blew the bell and stopped fighting. Todd hit him and be able to shut them up. taking steroids. I can't understand how someone a three goal lead on their way to losing to knocked him out, thus appearing to win. But the Bob Ojeda, I have a question for you. If you're

Ben Johnson: Let his gold medal run away from him.

could be so obviously stupid. Weightlifters, more Yugoslavia 9-7 in overtime. Talk about choking! Boxing Committee later ruled for a re-fight, making all this money, why are you trimming than anytother athletes, are the ones who are wat- which didn't help. In the re-fight, Todd KOed your own hedges? My father-doesn't make all ched more closely for illegal substances. U.S. Gold-en Moments: Lewis won the gold in the Chun in the first round and left no margin for that much and he was able to afford a gardener. track and field athlete Diane Dixon was rumored long jump. Matt Biondi won 5 swimming medals!3 error. of trying crack. She admits that she lived with Janet Evans won 3 swimming medals. Jackie What did you think when Boxer Roy Jones bat- Don't you think David Cone deserves to start a crack dealer from early 1986 through Joyner-Kersee set a record in the heptathlon on tered his South Korean opponent Park Si-Hun for the first game of the N.L.C.S.? He is their star. November 1987, but she denies any use of the her way to two gold medals. The U.S. men's three rounds, and then lost by a decision? Two If Don Mattingly gets traded, I will become drug. If this is true, then more power to her, but volleyball team beat the Soviet Union in four judges gave Jones the nod by four points, two a Met fan. George Steinbrcnner makes it awful- I'm a little skeptical. games to win the gold. The women's basketball judges gave it to Park by one point, and the one ly tough to be a Yankee fan. ' Disappointments: Where should I start? I team easily defeated Yugoslavia for their gold remaining judge called it even but gave the Doesn't Davey Johnson remind you a little of guess the U.S. Olympic Basketball team wins my medal. Pitcher Jim Abbott, who was bom superiority mark to Park. My guess is that so- Al Davis? Somehow I could picture Johnson say- first vote in this category. They lost to the Soviet without the benefit of a right hand, led the U.S. meone made a lot of money here illegally. ing "Just win, baby!" Union in the .semifinals and ended up winning baseball team to its first gold medal. Florence Here's another example of South Korean sport- I really think the Rangers will be a tough team the bronze medal. A bronze medal for a team Griffith-Joyner(Flo-Jo) shredded the field in gold smanship. A New Zealand referee deducted a to beat this year.'But I want to sec Phil Esposito with the likes of David Robinson, Dunny Man- medal victories in the 100m, 200m, and 4 by point from South Korean boxer Byun Jong-II for come out of retirement and play on the same line ning, and Mitch Richmond was enough to make 100m relay team. Doubles team Ken Flach and head butting and he ended up losing the match as Marcel Dionnc and Guy Lafleur. Then it me sick. Coach John Thompson admitted that it Robert Scgusn won the gold medal in tennis in three to two. So what do they do? They attack would be like watching an Oldtimcrs' Game. a five set thriller over Emilio Sanchez and Sergio was a disappointment to capture the bronze but the referee of course. Then after the riot was One more thing. If says one more Casal of Spain. And let's not forget Greg he was very proud of his boys and he wouldn't downplayed, boxer Byun stayed seated in the cor- word about the Rangers' fans sitting in the blue Louganis' performances on both the spring board point any fingers, I should hope not, "Mr. ner of the ring for 67 minutes - a new Olympic scats at Madison Square Garden, I'll start criticiz- and platform events which earned him double Underachieved " because it was you that cost the record, I hope things go a little more smoothly ing the Daily News' softball team. I mean it. gold. An unbelievable nehievment, U.S. gold in this event. Why? Because yoircan't in Barcelona in 1992. But you know those P.S, 1 have season tickets in the blue scuts.