UNICEF SNAPSHOT UNICEF: 50 Years and Counting!

When the International Children’s Emergency Fund was created by the in 1946, it was not expected to be anything other than a short-lived humanitarian operation. Today, as we celebrate 50 years of UNICEF , we look back on the major achievements that have shaped us. Here is just a snapshot of UNICEF’s accomplishments over the years. 1946 1954 UNICEF is created in UNICEF becomes the first 1959 1946 by the United organization of its kind to enlist Nations to provide celebrity spokespersons when The UN General Assembly emergency aid – movie star Danny Kay becomes 1955 adopts the Declaration of the food, clothing and UNICEF's 'Ambassador at Large'. UNICEF Canada is founded to raise the Rights of the Child, which health care – to awareness of Canadians about the grim defines children’s rights to European children humanitarian situation faced by children education, health care, good after World War II. around the world. nutrition and protection. UNICEF/HQ54-0001

© 1965 1977 UNICEF is awarded the Nobel Prize “for the UNICEF installs over 400 promotion of brotherhood UNICEF/ICEF-0355 water supply systems in © 1982 among nations”. Nepal, providing water to 96 UNICEF launches an per cent of the population initiative to reduce living in remote areas. child deaths from easily 1989 Because of the rough terrain, preventable conditions. 1996 The Convention on the helicopters are used to airlift The ‘revolution’ is UNICEF expands its Rights of the Child is equipment to remote based on four simple, programmes on adopted by the UN mountain top locations. AIDS awareness & General Assembly and low-cost techniques: prevention and later becomes the most growth monitoring, oral UNICEF/HQ65-0002

provides assistance widely- and rapidly- rehydration therapy, © to children and accepted human rights breastfeeding and families affected by treaty in history. immunization. the disease.

1998 UNICEF/HQ02-0148/MARKISZ Through UNICEF’s work, endemic 2002 diseases like polio & smallpox have The UN General Assembly holds the first 2003 been virtually eliminated and ever Special Session on Children – the first UNICEF’s supply division is immunization levels protecting such Session devoted exclusively to children capable of meeting the basic children against the six major child- and to include them as official delegates – needs of 100,000 people in killing diseases have more than which determines the steps needed to build an emergency at any given doubled since 1980. ‘A World Fit For Children’. UNICEF/HQ02-0238/GEENEN time. ©

Today, UNICEF works in 158 countries and territories with more children than ever before. Despite the increasing scale of our work, our focus remains simple: to ensure that every child has the chance to grow up healthy, protected and cared-for. Thank you for your support!