I.D. Cards

*The is made mostly of Sun *Mercury is the closest planet & . to the sun and the 2nd hoest. *The sun is 110+ mes bigger *Mercury is the 2nd densest than the . planet. (Earth is the 1st.) *It takes 8 minutes for light to *Mercury has no or get to Earth. rings.

Venus Earth * is the 2nd planet from *Earth is the largest of the the sun and the 3rd brightest terrestrial planets. object in Earth’s . *It is the only planet not *Venus is the closest planet named aer a mythological to Earth. being. *70% is covered by . I.D. Cards *Mars is called the Red *Jupiter has 67 moons. Planet. *It is the 4th brightest object *Mars has huge dust storms in our . and polar ice caps. *Its is an *Its moons are called enormous storm over 300 & . old.

Saturn * is the 2nd largest *Uranus was discovered in planet in our Solar System. 1781 by . *Saturn has 150 moons. *It is the coldest planet in our *It is the flaest planet. solar system. *Saturn’s rings are mostly *Uranus has 13 rings. made of ny ice parcles, dust and debris. I.D. Cards *It’s the 8th planet from the *Pluto is a and th sun. was once the 9 planet of the *Neptune has 14 moons and solar system. 3 major rings named Adams, *It has 5 moons and is smaller Le Verrier and Galle. than many moons.

* was the 1Ceresst to *Earth’s only natural . be discovered in 1801. *The rise and fall of des on *It is the smallest dwarf the Earth are caused by the planet and the closest dwarf Moon. planet to the sun. *There are 8 phases of the moon.