History of the Tokai Rika Group The founding spirit, “Do what other people don’t do.” History of the Tokai Rika Group “With a switch I picked up...”

In 1948, three years after the end of the , our founder Kato came up with the idea of expanding into the automobile industry on the basis of the belief: “The We have been developing and manufacturing a variety of user-friendly products for over 70 years. recovery of Japan depends on the development of industry.” When he visited a parts We have been and are still are working to develop manufacturing that will turn new delights between people warehouse belonging to Motor Company( currently Toyota Motor Corporation) through an introduction by an acquaintance, he found an automotive part abandoned and their vehicles into reality. in a corner. He asked, “What is this?” and got the reply, “It’s a switch.” It was explained to Kato that manufacturing switches took a lot of trouble and Founder nobody wanted to do it. He thought, “Even if nobody wants to do it, somebody has to. This is just the field that we should expand into.” He decided to produce switches and Yoshio Kato Domestic plants & Overseas associated companies established “Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.” in Nishibiwajima Town.

1950 s 1960 s 1970 s 1980 s 1990 s 2000 s 2010 s The post-war reconstruction period The high economic growth period The oil crisis The bubble economy The collapse of the bubble economy The Heisei depression to the present

●1948 ●1964 ●1980 ●1991 ●2001 ●2011 The company was established in Began operations at the Toyota Moved the head office to Oguchi- Established in the Established and in Established in

Nishibiwajima Town, near Nagoya Plant cho, Niwa-gun ● Established in the Czech Republic 1994 ●2012 ● 1966 ● Established in Brazil 1986 Began operations at the Hagi Plant Established in Indonesia Began operations at the Established TRUSA Established in Thailand ●2003 Otowa Plant currently and ●2015 ( ) ●1995 Established in Belgium in the United States Established in Mexico Established in the ●2004 Established QSS ●2018 ●1997 Established in China The Nishibiwajima Plant (currently ) in Canada Established in China at the time of foundation Established in the United States ●2008 ●1987 Established in Thailand Established in Thailand Established in ● Established in 1998 Established in the Business domain

Steering Pad Power Window Switch Switch Human Interface Multi-Function Systems Switch Electrostatic Touch Remote-Control Cluster Switch Power Window Switch with Shift by Wire Selector Shift Lever Heater Control Switch Device Touch Pad Anti-Pinch Function ( )

Blinker Switch

Engine Starter Security Switch Key-Free Portable Systems Device Smart Entry & Start Steering Lock Wireless Key System Assembly Reversible Key Inner Groove Key Immobilizer Key Entrance Smart Key Entrance Immobilizer

Light Switch

Safety Two-Point Seatbelt Systems

Three-Point Seatbelt Seatbelt with Selectable Bamboo Steering Seatbelt with Dual Locking Steering Wheel Child Car Seat Seatbelt with Pretensioner Seatbelt with Force Real Wood Steering Force Limiter Wheel Wheel System Limiter *Tokai Rika works in cooperation with Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. in the steering wheel business.


Resin Wheel Outer Mirror Electrochromic Automatic Parts, Etc. Ornament Cover Anti-Glare Outer Mirror and Outer Mirror with Blind-Spot Digital Outer Interior Mirror Monitoring Function and Glare Mirror Protection

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