National Digital Library of (NDLI) Transforming Education in India 20-JULY-2020 Online International Workshop on “Text and Digitization” 14-Jul-20 to 20-Jul-20 Organized by:

Rabindra Mahavidyalaya The University of Burdwan

Presented by Prof. PARTHA PRATIM DAS Professor, Computer Science & Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur [email protected] Transforming Education in India

Prof. Partha Pratim Das [email protected]

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Joint Principal Investigator, National Digital Library of India Project Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Any Nation’s NEED Today

Quality Life-Long Education and Knowledge for ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Background

• Through brick and mortar institutions alone, difficult to provide quality education to anybody, anytime, anywhere • Need effective use of Digital technology to MOTTO handle the situation Open • An integrated, Open & Inclusive, Digital Library of a nation is an enabler of the Digital eco-system for education Inclusive • A Digital Library of a nation is also an all encompassing Knowledge Repository that is a Knowledge & Cultural Asset of the nation Digital Ecosystem for Education

Knowledge School, Certificate, Repository: Diploma, UG & PG: Internet & Mobile Internet DIGITAL Online LIBRARY Classes/ MOOCs instrument for self- Courses actualization

School, UG, PG, Open U, Life-Long : CREDIT TV – DTH TRANSFER Credits And VIRTUAL From Online CERTIFICATION Courses National Digital Library of India (NDLI) Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, driving digital learning and virtual institution culture India

MHRD entrusted IIT Kharagpur to develop National Digital Library of India (NDLI)

4.8CR+ Content II 300+ Languages II 270+ Sources II 30 Lakh+ Users What is NDLI?

• A 24X7-enabled Umbrella Digital Library: Integrated centralized access to e-contents hosted by different institutes/organizations • A Single window search/browse facility • Covers all academic levels, all disciplines • Domain vertical-wise organization/presentation: School, Career Development, Law, Medical, etc. • Hosts multi-media contents: Text, Video, Audio, Image, Simulation, Animation, etc. • Nationally licensed contents: Can be accessed free through NDLI • Facility available for institutes/organizations to disseminate e-contents which are under their exclusive control: IDR (Institutional Digital Repository) Service Lecture Slides, Term Papers, Lab Experiments, Question Banks, Videos, Class Assignments, Manuals, Case Model Answers Notes, Courseware Solutions Studies

Faculty Publications, ETD (Electronic Thesis & Institutions of School & Higher Education, Boards Dissertation): DSc-PhD-Masters-Undergrad, Research Projects Books & Periodicals, Open Digital Repository of RANGE OF Access Journals , E-Books & Contributing Institutes Subscribed E-Resource CONTENTS Annual Reports, Project Reports, Convocation, Working Papers, Research and ProfessionalandResearch Institutional and Open Contributions. Others Multi-modal, Multi-faceted Encyclopaedia, Dictionaries University State / Central Institutions, Directories Others

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● Metadata Is primarily textual information relating to Content.

● It Includes information that enables users to identify, discover, search, browse, interpret, or manage Content

● Includes hyperlinks that direct users to Content on the Source

● May include an expressive description of the Content

NOTE: NDLI does not store all contents, it only ingests metadata for Search & Browse. The content (Full-text) is delivered from Source. Access Options


Full-text available to all (Example: NCERT)

NDL Users

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Part of text available but full-text requires authorization by Source authority (Example: IISER, Bhopal)


Full-text available from institutions that have subscribed to the Source (Example: Springer) Restricted

Full-text access requires authorization by Source authority and separate login to the Source (Example: IIT Jodhpur) Access Rights-wise Content

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Person of the Week Digital Heritage, Humanities and NDLI

Digital Digitization Heritage Preservation

Digital Collection Humanities Research Digital Preservation centre of NDLI

NDLI has set up its own Digital Preservation Centre at Salt Lake very recently.

The content of “Presidency Alumni Association” have already been digitized there and integrated to NDLI.

Presently, the issues of Bengali science journal “Jnan O Bijnan”, published by Prof. Satyendra Nath -founded “Bangiya Bijnan Parishad” since 1948, are being digitized. Digitization efforts Presidency University Alumni Association - Chapter

Contents were digitized at NDLI Digitization Center and made available at NDLI website

Features some interesting content like:

• Presidency College Register consisting list of graduates from 1858-1925.

• Oaten on Netaji - Poem by the Professor of History on .

• Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, one of the first Graduates of Presidency College, marked absent in the attendance record of the class of 1858-59.

• Volumes of the journal by the alumni, “Autumn Annual”, edited by Late Nabanita Deb Sen. Digitization efforts Bangiya Bijnan Parishad

Bangiya Bijnan Parishad is a science organization founded by Satyendra Nath Bose in 1948. Since the inception, Bangiya Bijnan Parishad publishes a monthly journal of popular science in Bengali, called “Jnan O Bijnan”. This journal is being published on the first day of every month, till Covid-19 made a difference this year. This will continue publishing as the organization is ready with its forthcoming issues which are awaiting publishing work.

NDLI is in progress of digitizing all the issues of “Jnan O Bijnan”. Till date, scanning has been done for the issues from 1948 - 1974. Digital heritage obtained from “The Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta”

CSSS has provided the digitized images. NDLI created the metadata, stitched the images in Year-Month- Date-Page format and hosting them at NDLI website

• Jugantar (1937 – 1980)

• Amrita Bazar Patrika (1895 – 1949)

• Mukti (1925 – 1979)

Library Catalogue (1867 – 1984) Manuscripts of “Kheror Khata”

Ray used to jot down his random thoughts about his forthcoming films in separate notebooks, popularly known as “Kheror Khata”. His son, Sandip Ray, provided NDLI 38 such manuscripts.

These notebooks have random notes, camera frames, musical notes, dialogues, songs, meticulous sketches of characters, costumes and storyboards that are of extreme interest for Ray enthusiasts and researchers. NDLI is hosting those manuscripts. Rare Documents, Manuscripts, Court Judgments etc.

From Sources like:

• Bombay High Court Judges’ Library • World eBook Library • Rekhta • JainPedia • South Asia Archive • Presidency University • Presidency Alumni Association • MAKAIAS • SCTR, • Bloomsbury • State Library of Massachusetts …. and many more Music

Hundreds of videos and texts featuring different aspects of music, including more than a hundred videos of Indian Classical Music are available at NDLI Digital content in vernacular languages Content are available in almost all Indian and International Languages Humanities

In the “Study at Home” section of the NDLI home page, there is a button for Humanities subjects. It consists of several lecture videos, questions, solutions, articles and various other content on the different subjects under Humanities. World Classics and best-sellers

From Sources like:

• World eBook Library • Project Gutenberg • Librivox • Public Library • Library of Congress … etc. Epics and the books that changed the World Please visit: https://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in/ or Download Mobile App from Google PlayStore

Thank you #LearnShareGrow