hanks to the suggestions of expert Tstoryboard artists, Story Planner is easy to use like pencil and paper and at the same time takes advantage of the software technology flexibility. The visualization process skips the steps that make long the realization and facilitates complex or tedious tasks. Standard PRO Standard PRO Panels Animation new Unlimited number of panels Camera animation for each panel Different panel views available Animation for each sketch layer Quick panel and scenes management Ease in/ease out animation control Custom notes area Real-time animatic preview window .3 Text formatting 3 Editing version Text import from external applications Timeline for animatic and soundtrack Additional sketch notes Transitions between subsequent shots Drawing Multiple audio tracks with volume control Full set of drawing tools Audio scrubbing Presets for drawing tools and colors Export Full support of graphic tablets Export sketches as image files Traditional-look sketching Custom printing template layout Selection tool to transform drawings PDF format export External images import Animatic export in QuickTime and SWF Photoshop documents import Final Cut XML Interchange Format Export Sketch symbols like arrows and text Toonz scenes export as TNZ files Full layer management for sketches TNZ files including animations and audio

New or improved feature in the 3.3 release www.toonz.com System Requirements Windows Macintosh - Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, or higher - PowerPC® G5, or Intel® processor - Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista® or Windows 7 - Mac OS® 10.4 or later - 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended) - 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended) - 40MB of available hard-disk space - 60MB of available hard-disk space - 1024×768 or higher monitor resolution - 1024×768 or higher monitor resolution Story Planner is the ideal Ethernet card required for licensing procedure - Graphic tablet recommended for better drawing functions tool for creating with graphical and textual information, and generating animatics with soundtrack and animations. Digital Video S.p.A. From drawings to script, from camera 4, Via Sante Bargellini movements to audio tracks, everything can be 00157 Roma (Italy) put together to visualize the story you want to tell, and make it ready for production. © 2008-2010 Digital Video S.p.A. All rights reserved. trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the U.S. and/or other countries. Story Planner is a trademark of Digital Video S.p.A. Image credit: Due Amici per la QuickTime and the QuickTime logo are trademarks used under license. The Terra © Rai Fiction/Union Contact. Adobe, Flash, and Macromedia are registered QuickTime logo is registered in the U.S. and other countries. f you are an artist, images, sketches and layers can be scanned or imported from The same technique can be used to animate Define the Story Flow I sketch layers, each with an independent other software; if you are a writer, you can movement. Story Planner lets you organize the story open the original script and import dialogs flow in panels containing a sketch and and descriptions; if you are an animator, Animations can be refined in the timeline written notes, as in traditional storyboards. you can reuse the Story Planner scenes in where you can define starting and ending Panels can be joined into scenes, so that Toonz for starting the actual production; if sections where the element stays still, and also the more complex shots can be easily you are a director, you can control timing, ease in and ease out sections defining the movement speed. laid down graphically. actions and camera movements, then use Scenes and panels can be dragged around the animatic in various editing systems. The whole result can be checked in a and rearranged at any moment, so that it real-time preview window, that will be easier to experiment alternative automatically mirrors any animation editing solutions, until you achieve the right one. you make. Draw Sketches Add the Soundtrack If you are Sketches can be drawn with a set of tools producing When you need to add a soundtrack for the cartoons with Toonz, animatic, the PRO version offers a timeline including pencil for quick sketching, brush you can export scene for neat lines and airbrush for shadings. with multiple audio tracks to import files including sketches, , dialogs and sound Thanks to the raster-based drawing mode timing, camera and effects, each with an independent volume and the custom-sized canvas it’s easy to get layer animation, control. high-quality traditional-looking sketches, especially when using a graphic tablet. and audio. Thanks to the possibility of trimming, editing and scrubbing audio files, and If you prefer you can import scanned resizing the panel duration, the drawings, pictures, or third-party images, synchronization of the action with the and edit them with the Story Planner tools. soundtrack is just a few clicks away. For those going PRO composing sketches can be even easier because of the full layer management that allows the use and reuse Print Storyboards of backgrounds and characters drawings. If you need a traditional storyboard on pages you can print it, or export it in PDF format, Add Notes according to one of the many templates available in the library. You can write down notes, captions or Otherwise, you can create your own dialogs in an area whose number of template where you can arrange freely sections and titles can be customized. sketches, information, notes and external Text can be written and formatted, changing images, such as your company or font styles and paragraph alignments, or it production logo. can be copied or dragged from any external application while preserving its formatting. Generate Animatics If you need a graphical note, an additional sketch area can be added to a panel, Add a finishing touch in the timeline by allowing you to draw or write by using the adding wipe, fade and dissolve transitions, Story Planner drawing tools. tory Planner allows to quickly visualize, and export animatics that include timing, Srearrange and analyze the story flow in soundtrack, camera and layers movements, order to facilitate the production startup of timecode and scene reference numbers. Control Animation any kind of project, for example to minimize the number of equipment and location Or export the animatic information in the While the standard version allows you only changes. Moreover, developing a clear and Final Cut XML interchange format, together to define boxes for the camera starting and consistent vision during the pre-production with a folder containing the scene clips the ending positions, the PRO version allows speeds up the actual production, as the XML files refers to, to track the actual you to actually move, rotate and zoom the storyboard can become a strong point of production in a video editing software. camera. reference for the whole team.