1. Preliminary remarks 5. DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT Different types of information in display area 7.You will hear a long beep,that means the measurement has finished,you Please do not remove the thermometer before hearing the long beep at can read the value on the screen, as shown below. the end of measurement. Display screen Procedure Description (1) Side view (2) Frint view If the sensing head is found to be dirty after or during measurement or Starting Turn on this device by Pressing before putting the thermometer back into the box, use alcohol cotton to Please read these instructions for use carefully before first use as correct up O/I button.All information will be wipe it carefully please. depends only on the appropriate use of the shown for two seconds. Please try to take measurement in the same area; results will be device. These instructions describe the individual steps of temperature The last reading will different in different areas. measurement using Thermometer and contain important and SCAN automatically display on the 8.Intelligent analysis of body temperature. screen for two Because the temperature regulating function of baby is not perfect, do helpful hints for the reliable determination of the body temperature. Be Memory If the measured temperature is below 99.5℉ (37.5℃),the measurement sure to keep these instructions for use for future reference. seconds.containing M not take measurement immediately after the baby go into the image,measurement mode result will display on screen with a long beep and green backlight. environment with large temperature difference, to avoid temperature image (human body) or object. If the measured temperature is higher than 99.5℉ (37.5℃),the 2. Introduction O/I measurement deviation. measurement result will display on screen with 10 short beeps. The back Dear Customer, we are pleased that you have decided to purchase a Suggest using general type thermometers for measuring in the light display and the short beeps alert the patient that he/she has a clinical thermometer.Non-contact is a quality Preparation This device has been prepared following cases: for measuring , image of℉ (℃) temperature above 37.5℃. product for measuring the on the forehead, It is of 1) Measurement results are higher or lower than expected. ideally suited for measurements on children as from 6 months of age, but measurement will keep twinkling. Measurement of the object temperature 2) Newborn baby younger than 100 days. the thermometer can be used also on adults. Given correct application 1. Slide down the switch to enter object temperature measuring mode. the device ensures a fast and precise measurement of the body 3) Children under 3years old who have a defective immune system, 2. Press O/I button,all images on screen will display. temperature in a very comfortable manner. We wish you all the best for have very serious or no fever phenomenon. No Item Execution Description your health. status of mode 3. The last reading and M image will automatically display for two seconds. Indications for Use: Reading will be displayed on Infrared Thermometer is intended to detect body temperature from Display Display measurement readings the LCD screen,red backing for 4. The thermometer entered the ready state: 1 8. USING THE THERMOMETER screen And other corresponding symbols Finish of measurement value≥fever forehead in the population including infant (above 6 months), child, measurement point,green backlight for a. A short beep. adolescent, and adult. The thermometer can automatically memories 30 measurement values. Off status Press once to enter memory mode measurement value<fever b. Image of ℉ (℃) and reference position will twinkle on the screen. SCAN point. Please follow the following sequence to read memory value. 2 3. BENEFITS OF THE THERMOMETER button 1.In the turn-off state, press the ”SCAN” button about 3 sec, you can On status Press to take measurement Non-contact measurement in a few seconds enter the reading memory mode. The image ”M” will flash on the screen.

High-tech innovative infrared : to complete measurement safely 3 O/I button Press to turn on/off thermometer Around two seconds later, the and healthily in a few seconds. To enter the image of ℉ (℃)will twinkle,this next Battery device is ready for the next Body and Object temperature measurement Protect the battery measurement 4 cover measurement. You can choose to perform measurement of either body temperature or 2. Press the “SCAN” button again,”1”will appear and then the last Sensing object temperature by moving the slide switch. Infrared sensing for measurement 5 head measured value and “M”image will flash. Fever Prompt Selected body temperature Red backlight display and 10 short beeps to warm the patient that he/she 7. USING THE THERMOMETER 5. Aim the thermometer at the center of object no more than 5 cm away. If Measurement mode by sliding the there is water, dust or dirt on the object, please wipe clean in order to may have a fever. Switch switch upwards. 6 Slide switch Measurement How to Switch °C and °F? improve accuracy. Display 30 measurement readings mode Selected object temperature Press the SCAN button about 8sec when the machine in off status, When you enter the memory mode, you can read the last 30 measurement mode by sliding the switch downwards. then it will occur °C or °F , if this unit not what you want, please press measurement readings. the SCAN button again immediately . Automatically display memories Compents: This thermometer will display the last reading automatically for two Non-contact Thermometer Measurement of human body temperature FR850

Instructions for use of products seconds when starting the device. 1. Slide the switch upwards to enter body temperature measuring mode. 3.After that, press the “SCAN”button again,”2” will appear and then the penultimate measurement value and “M”image will flash. 2. Press O/I button, all images on screen will display. 6. Press the “SCAN”button for 2 seconds,while aiming at the center of the 3. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS object, release and the measurement started. 3. The last reading and M image will automatically display for two seconds. 7. You will hear a long beep, that means the measurement has finished, Never use the product for other purposes except its original use please 4. The thermometer will enter the ready state: you can read the temperature value on the screen, as shown below. comply with the general safety precautions when used for children. 2“AAA”Batteries Instruction Manual a.A short beep. This thermometer should never be immersed in water or other b.Image of ℉ (℃) and reference position will twinkle on the screen. (not waterproof).For cleaning and storage please read carefully the instructions in section 8. 6. DISPLAY SCREEN AND IMAGE DESCRIPTION Please store the thermometer in a clean, dry environment ; avoid direct Description of all kinds of images in display area Attention: sunlight; storage temperature should be between -4 to131 /-20 to 1. Continuously pressing “SCAN” button ,30 measurement values 55℃. Please keep users and the thermometer in a stable will be displayed in order. Image Setting Description Please do not use the thermometer if its sensing head or body have for at least 30 minutes before use. been damaged,and do not attempt to repair it when damaged. Can perform measurement of body After continuous measurement, please wait at least two minutes to turn Body mode This non-contact thermometer is made up of high quality precision temperature on or off the thermometer again. part. Do not drop the instrument!Protect it from severe impact and 5. To start the measurement,aim the Can perform measurement of object Do not take a measurement immediately or a period of time after shock. Please do not twist its body and sensing head. Object mode temperature thermometer at the center of the Forehead . no more than 5 cm away. If there is Properly dispose of batteries, keeping them from small children and Never use the thermometer in a high temperature environment. hair,sweat or dust on the forehead,please . degree Measure by degree centigrade remove and wipe clean in order to improve Before or during measurement, do not drink ,eat, or move. If batteries are swallowed consult a doctor immediately. accuracy. Degree centigrade Please clean the scanning area and remove dust,hair or sweat before 6.Press the “SCAN”button for two seconds,release and the measurement using the thermometer. Press the measurement button”SCAN” a gain after reading the thirtieth Warning: Memory mode Display measurement value from Using the Non-contact Thermometer should not replace visiting a doctor. memory is started. Please remove water, dust or dirt on the object before measurement. measurement value, it will return to the most recent measurement value. 9.ERROR MESSAGE Please help protect the environment: Do not dispose of batteries in Any damage caused by improper handling shall not be covered by the household waste! designated collection points or municipal collection / warranty. Batteries and packaging are also excluded from the warranty. All according to the transmitter manufacturer centers to dispose of waste batteries. other damage claims excluded. A warranty claim must be submitted within and d is the recommended separation Significance of Possible causes and distance in meters (m). The screen display the warranty period. Be sure to include: date of purchase, dealer stamp, This symbol on products and / or accompanying documents means display Debugging method Field strengths from fixed FR transmitters, and name and address of responsible dealer. that products must not be mixed with regular household waste. as determined by an electromagnetic site The measuring temperature is This product comes with two 1.5V AAA batteries. When the LCD displays 14. EMC Declaration survey:” should be less than the Non-contact Thermometer The ambient compliance level in each freque ncy range.” higher than: the battery symbol”▼",it is time to replace the batteries. As shown in the temperature is Guidance and manufacturer's declaration-electromagnetic immunity. Interference may occur in the vicinity of following picture, slide the battery cover off the end of the thermometer, FR850 too tigh 109.2℉(42.9℃)(body mode) equipment marked with the following insert new equivalent battery type and carefully replace the battery cover. 212℉(100℃)(object mode) symbol:

The measuring temperature is Instructions for use of products The ambient below: temperature is too Iow 89.6℉(32℃)(body mode) ± 8 kV contact ± 8 kV contact NOTE1 At 80MHz and 800MHz, the higher frequency range applies. 32℉(0℃)(object mode) ± 15 kV air ± 15 kV air 12.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS NOTE2 These guidelines may not apply in all situations. Electromagnetic is affected by absorption and reflection from Measurement The environment temperature Product name:Non-contact Thermometer structures, objects and people. temperature is is higher than the104℉ (40.0℃) too high Accuracy:Body mode:±0.36℉ (95℉ ~107.6℉ )/± 0.2℃ ( 35.0~42.0℃ ) , a) Field strengths from fixed RF transmitters, such as base stations for N/A radio (cellular/cordless)t ±0.54℉(95℉~107.6℉ Outside)/±0.3℃(35.0~42.0℃ Outside) elephones and land mobile radios, amateur radio, AM and FM radio Object mode: ±0.9℉(32℉~212℉)/±0.5℃(0~100℃) broadcast and TV broadcast cannot be predicted theoretically with The environment temperature accuracy. To assess the electromagnetic environment due to fixed RF Measurement is below: Measuring range: Body mode:89.6℉ to 109.22℉/32.0℃ to 42.9℃ transmitters, an electromagnetic site survey should be considered. If the temperature is N/A measured field strength in the location in which the VST300 device are too low 59℉ (15℃)(Body mode) Object mode:32℉~212℉/ 0℃ to 100℃ used exceeds the applicable RF compliance level above, the VST300 41℉(5℃)(Object mode) Operating temperature: Body mode:59℉to 104℉/15℃ to 40℃ device should be observed to verify normal operation. If abnormal operation is observed, additional measures may be necessary, such as Relative :20%~85%RH Error display System failure reorienting or relocating the VST300 device. 0 % UT ; 0.5 cycle N/A Object mode: 41℉ to 104℉/5℃ to 40℃ At Please check whether the 0°,45°,90°,135°, b) Over the frequency range 150kHz to80MHz, field strengths should 180°,225°,270° battery is properly installed and Screen: Liquid crystal display screen,display unit 0.1℉/0.1℃. be less than 3V/m and 315° 0 % UT; to check the negative and Sound: a. Device start and preliminary measurements:1 short “beep” sound. 1 cycle and Users must read the instructions carefully before using this product Blank screen positive and positive poles of 70 % UT; b. Complete the measurements:one long “beep”sound. 25/30 cycles the battery Single : c. System error or fault: three short”beep” at 0° 16. EMC Declaration(Continued) d. Measurement process: fast and slow :”beep” sound. 0 % UT; 17. Disposal If the display screen shows 250/300 cycle Memory: a. Automatically displays the last measurement reading. No battery only a fixed battery image ,the Recommend separation distance between portable and mobile Once the product life has ended or his components do not work anymore their FR850 communications equipment and the FR850 series device disposal should be carried out according to the current regulations. indicator battery should be replaced b. Memory stores 30 readings. 30A/m 30A/m Backlight display: The FR850 series device is intended for use in an electromagnetic environment in which radiated FR850 disturbances are controlled. The a. When the device starts up, green backlight flashes on the screen 18. Symbols or Abbreviation 10.CLEANING AND STORAGE customer or the user of the FR850 series device can help prevent for four seconds, electromagnetic interference by maintaining a minimum distance Type BF applied parts Manufacturer ATTENTION Clean the shell and sensing head with a cotton cloth wetted or moisten b. When the measurement is completed, the green backlight will between portable and mobile FR850 communications equipment (transmitters) and the FR850 series device as recommended below, Follow instructions for use SN Serial number with the 70% isopropyland make sure not to let the liquid into the inner flash for five seconds for measurement values below 99.5℉/37.5℃。 part of the product. We advise that you should clean your thermometer according to the maximum output power of the communications European Authorized Representative when you finished your personal measurements every time. c. When the measurement is completed, the red backlight will flash 15. EMC Declaration(Continued) equipment. for five seconds for measurement values above 99.5℉/37.5℃。 Do not use abrasive cleaning agent, diluent or gas to clean. Do not Guidance and manufacturer's declaration-electromagnetic immunity. Rated maximum Separation distance according to frequency of transmitter Notified Body m immerse the product in water or other liquid. Storage/transportation temperature: -4℉ to 131℉/-20℃ to 55℃ output power of The FR850 series device is intended for use in the electromagnetic transmitter 150 kHz to 80 MHZ 80MHz to 800MHz 800MHz to 2.7GHz Be careful not to scratch the LCD surface. If not used for a long time, w Relative humidity<85%RH environment specified below. The customer or the user of the FR850 d=1.2 P d=1.2 P d=2.3 P please remove the battery from the apparatus in order to avoid damaging series device should assure that they are used in such environment. the thermometer from battery leakage. Automatic shutdown: After about three minutes without operation. / Battery: DC 3V (DC 1.5V AAA 2PCS) Immunity IEC60601 Complianc / Electromagnetic environment-guidance Tests test level e level / Size: 153mm (L)X36mm(W)X36.8mm(H) Shanghai International Holding / Weight: About 80g (with the battery) Portable and mobile FR communications Corp.GmbH(Europe) 3 V rms equipment should be used no closer to any / Eiffestrasse 80,20537 Hamburg,Germany 150 kHz to N/A part of the FR series device, including 80 MHz 6 V in ISM cables, than the recommended separation For transmitters rated at a maximum output power not listed above, the Shenzhen JIACOM Technology Co.,Ltd Conducted 11.Power supply and disposal notes 13. WARRANTY bands distance calculated from the equation recommended separation distance d in meters(m) can be estimated using Add:301, No.596-4 Dahe Village, Guancheng Community, FR between applicable t the frequency of the transmitter the equation applicable to the frequency of the transmitter, where p is the Guanhu Street,Longhua District ,Shenzhen, We grant you 2 years warranty after date of purchase. This product has IEC 0,15 MHz Use only high-quality batteries (see specification in Chapter “Technical Recommended separation distance maximum output power rating of the transmitter in watts(W) according to been produced with the greatest care according to international quality 61000-4-6 and Guangdong, CHINA data”). 80 MHz d=12 P the transmitter manufacturer. standards, established in the European Guideline for Medical Products Never mix old and new batteries or batteries made by different 93/42/EEC, The unit satisfies the requirements of ISO 80601-2-56 NOTE1 At 80MHz and 800MHz, the separation distance for the higher manufacturers. Radiated FR frequency range applies. and ASTM E1965 and it was subjected to strict testing before delivery. 10 V/m d=12 P 80MHz to 800MHz IEC 10V/m IP22 Immediately remove exhausted batteries. 80MHz to 80 MHz to d=23 P 800MHz to 2.5GHz Should you nevertheless have reasons of complaint, please send the 61000-4-3 NOTE2 hese guidelines may not apply in all situations. Electromagnetic 2.7GHz 2.7 GHz Where p is the maximum output power If you do not intend to use the device for a longer period of time, you thermometer together with the warranty card, filled out, to the service propagation is affected by absorption and reflection from structures, rating of the transmitter in watts (W) DocID:FRIFU-01 should remove to prevent possible leakage. address given on the back. objects and people. Version number:V01