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Whilst 1972 saw a slight recession in the popularity of circuit r~ce meet­ ings and in particular club autocrosses, the complete reverse was true of what must be the most precise form of motor sport, hill climbing. Last saason saw the sport grow at a tremendous rate not only at the level of the national championship events, but also in the closed to club field, and there is every indication that this trend will be maintained in 1973 although sadly the major championship of the year, the R.A.C. Hill Climb Championship, will take place without the sponsor­ ship of Shell who in the past few seasons have done so much to put the sport well and truly on the map. However, although the R.A.C, Cham­ pionship at the time of writing is still seeking financial backing, there are no such problems for the excellent B.A.R.C. championship, for this series which due to its well thought out points scoring system will once again be backed by CastroL and once again it is thought that as in 1972 many of the qualifying rounds will be grossly oversubscribed. The Castrol/B.A.R.C, Rallysport's tip for the top in 1973, Mike MacDowefl with his BT 36X Repco. championship during 1972 can only be described as an and of course with more than one car running at the latter unqualified success, for on the majority of occasions the events there is always a chance of getting involved in some­ entry list was full to capacity with many more would-be­ one else's accident, whereas at a hill climb it is you and your competitors being turned away, but it was not just the car against the hill and the clock, and if you do come off and Castrol series which attracted the large following, for even bend it then there is no one to blame but yourself, at club level many events like the Truro and District Motor With the new season rapidly approaching let us take Club's Tregrehan Hill Climbs were often also oversubscribed, a quick look back at 1972 and place our life in our hands and the Sevenoaks and District Motor Club accepted a with an assessment of the season, firstly the Shell/RAC hundred entries for their non-championship climb at Valence title race. 1972 will be remembered as the year of David School which is a Saturday event, a day not always best and the Goliaths with Sir Nicholas Williamson playing suited to hill climbers many of whom can only get away from the part of David with his comparitively diminutive 2 litre their labours on a Sunday. But even with the acceptance of B DA engined March 712S, against the might of the the hundred drivers a similar number of competitors were big V8s of Ray Lane, Mike Mac Dowel, the reigning champ­ also turned away. ion David Hepworth, the only man to stay faithful to four Why has hill climbing suddenly burst into life? There wheel drive and possibly the most improved driver of the must be many reasons but perhaps the greatest challenge is season Richard Thwaites. The season opened at Loton the precise nature of the sport, for in 1000 yards a competitor Park where Hepworth won by an incredible margin, and has to cope with just about every type of bend known to the then followed a disastrous Prescott for the conditions at • motor sporting fraternity, from 90 mile an hour sweeps as the hill were atrocious following constant rain in the at Gurston Down, to 15 miles an hour hairpins, the latter preceding week, and with the track looking more like a being common on many of the venues. Add to this the fact rallycross than a hill climb the championship runs were that a perfect start is essential and that the whole run is postponed, quite rightly, and held later in the season at the timed to within one thousandth of a second (although the inter-club event. The next round in the title race took the announced time is usually corrected back to the nearest circus to Wiscombe Park and again the rains upset the form hundredth) and it can be seen that the slightest mistake can, book well and truly. In the class runs Hepworth was in and usually does, ruin any chance of an award. It might magnificent form with his Guyson Sandblaster Special very seem as though the timing is unnecessarily accurate but nearly cracking the elusive 40 second barrier for the first this is far from the case as Sir Nicholas Williamson the reign­ time ever on the Devonshire Hill and great things were hoped ing Shell/RAC, hill climb champion would be the first for in the championship run off, However with Peter Varley, to agree, for on two occasions within twelve months he the last of the qualifiers for the run off making the top in has won a championship event by just a meagre one hun­ the 45 second bracket. the rains came and the rest of the dredth of a second. This tightness also applies at club level contenders were faced with a track which would have with just 0.04 secs covering the first five cars in the up to one suited a powerboat, and so it was left to Varley to head the litre saloon car class at last Easter's Tregrehan event. So table with the second runs to come. With just Hepworth the element of competition is certainly extremely strong and to run Var!ey still led but the reigning champion was not whilst this can also apply to both circuit racing and autocross, to be easily defeated and turned in a truly magnificent it is not often that things are quite as close as on the hills, drive to take the lead and the vital ten points. It was not 11 .¥+

long after however that "Heppy" became involved with International racing with his Interseries BRM and his hill climb effort seemed to suffer, and it was the 1970 champion Sir Nicholas Williamson who took up the cudgel with his March 712S taking the round at Barbon Manor after a very quick time for Mike Mac Dowel and the Brabham BT36X Repco had been disallowed due to timing problems. Williamson then went on to win at Pontypool by a hundredth of a second from Tony Griffiths, Doune and also at Boutley Bay in Jersey but his chances suffered a major set back on the island for the second championship run in Jersey with the points well and truly in the bag, he rolled the March, and from then on his chances of the title which until then looked excellent were well and truly lowered. In the mean­ time Roy Lane as ever excelled at Prescott and again trounced the opposition into the ground with a great drive in the McLaren M14D, and Mike MacDowel had suddenly burst onto the scene as he sorted out his Brabham and took a great win at Shelsey and followed this up with a win at Gurston. The second Prescott qualifier followed and very nearly produced a turn up for the books as the King of the hill Roy Lane was unable in both the class runs and the first championship ascent to stay with much improved .. MacDowe!, and Williamson who was regaining his early season form with the rebuilt March. However Lane knows Preseott like no other man and his last effort of the day Home built cars featured well in 1972, one of the most impressive could not be described, suffice to say that it was probably being the Monoposto special of Jack Heaton-Rudd. the nearest thing ever seen to a 100% perfect run and it clinched him not only the run off but completely shattered his own hill record and the challenge of Mac Dowel and and it is rumoured that he will retain the McLaren M14D Williamson. However Williamson collected vital points too, and that there is a possibility that it will be propelled by a and by this time he seemed to be home and dry but not nitro burning Indy motor, but this is speculation, but what­ quite fot the mathematicians realised that Hepworth although ever Roy fields it will be prepared to the usual immaculate not winning frequently, although he took the first Shelsey standard and will be competitive. Towards the end of last Walsh qualifier, was still collecting the points and there was year David Hepworth stated that he would certainly continue still a slight chance of victory for the Yorkshire man, but in hill climbing in 1973 and there have been unconfitmed he needed wins at Harewood and Doune and it was not rumours of a very potent, possibly turbocharged unit for to be for MacDowel triumphed at Harewood and therefore next year, with the motor coming from Germany. Add this Williamson went to Doune, the last round of the year, as collection of motor cars to the Brabham BT36X of Mike the confirmed champion, and he drove like one to round Mac Dowel which he is retaining, and the rest of the exotic off a successful year with another outright win. So the machinery which fOllowed the championship last year and baronet took his second national title in three years demoting you have the makings of a tremendous season. And now the previous years champ. Hepworth to second place whilst for the prediction. Following his late season burst with the the remainder of the top six were as in 1972, Mac Dowel, newly sorted Brabham Mike Mac Dowel could well be the Lane, Griffiths who had thrilled and delighted all followers man to beat, with a strong challenge coming from Roy Lane of the sport with a championship win at Great Auclum with and possibly David Hepworth. Of the F1 engined cars there his immaculate Brabham BT35X after seven years of trying, is obviously a great deal expected, but it could well take a whilst into sixth place came another Yorkshire tryer Richard fair while to iron out the bugs and it could be that by that Thwaites who suffered a miserable season with the McLaren time the sorted cars such as Mac Dowel's in particular will M10B but as the championship drew to a close Thwaites, collected enough points to be well on the way to the title, who had started the season well with four non-champion­ but whatever the outcome there can be no doubt that 1973 ship FTD's, and then lost the power to challenge the big boys on the hills will be fast, competitive and highly entertaining. finally sorted his motor and really began making an impression One sad point comes to mind as we look ahead to the new on the scene and although he did not win a Shell/RAC season and that is that Peter Voigt will not be seen in the championship event the portent of things to come in 1973 championship, for following a very expensive season in the may well have been his brilliant drive at the last round of Palliser last year, which towards the end of the series was the Castrol/BARC championship at Harewood when he starting to show great promise, the escalating cost of top anhililated Mike MacDowel's record set three weeks class championship hill climbing at this level has told and earlier in the other championship event. Peter reluctantly has been forced to retire from the sport, a great pity for amongst the new men in 1972 Peter, along The forthcoming season will again see several changes with Richard Thwaites, looked the most likely to challenge of mount although Sir Nicholas will remain faithful to his for the coveted title within the next couple of years. winning March. However despite his championship victory in the 1972 series it is obvious that the power hills such as However if the Shell/RAC championship is for the Shelsley ask too much of the very well prepared BDA expensive machines then a real taste of the fight for points motor when faced with the 500b.h.p. of the V8s, and so for a national title can be savoured by the Clubman with a the reigning champion will appear with a DFV sortie into the other major championship series of the year, motor in the March whilst his great friend and the runner up the excellent Castrol/BARC hill climb championship. This in the Shell Leaders championship David Good, may well series does not award points to just the fastest ten men be seen with a similar motor in the back of a Lyncar. Before overall but in fact each class is allocated a bogey time the season had ended Tony Griffiths had purchased the (Usually eight seconds more than the existing class record) ex Wilson Fittipaldi F1 Brabham BT33 for this year and has and then one hundredth of a point is awarded for each one sold the immaculate BT35X to John Cussins. As always hundredth of a second under bogey. This system is tremen­ the Warwick area and in particular Roy Lane's residence is dously fair as it means that someone with a good road going a "no go" area as Roy prepares for the forthcoming battle car in the right class can possibly collect more points than a 12 age crews to set thir sights beyond the domestic field : neither of TVMC's own restricteds count for Championship points. At present the club is suffering from an unprecedented number of "retirements" from rallying. Familiar names like Len Evans and Alun Rees have disappeared from entry Carmarthen Motor Club lists; David Lewis, Peter Davies, Danny Owens, Keith The club has moved its headquarters and the Wednesday Devonald and even Eric Davies are threatening to retire night meetings are now held at the British Legion Club, (although no-one quite believes them as they all still Quay Street, Carmarthen. This will also be the venue for run their competition cars!) One or two valuable members a Film Show on Wednesday, 28th February. have left the area, noteably John Morgan who in 1969 Club members have been busy on the rally trail recently navigated Rob Lawrence to third, second and an outright and obtained some good results. Graham Hallis, bitten by win on M. News rallies and subsequently risked life and the rallying bug, has forsaken the autocross scene and, limb with Colin Malkin for Radio Luxembourg on Inter­ partnered by Euros Jones, took a creditable class win nationals. on their first outing, on P.T.M.C:s Virgo Galaxy Rally. With the noteable exception of Allan Jones-already a The return of the 'Tour of Eppynt" on Boxing Day saw "veteran" at 20, having been at the game for 6 years-all Terry Thomas/Hywel Martin, undeterred by the demise the younger members are novices; but optimism is rising of the "Yellow Peril", attain 5th overall in the re-shelled since they've begun winning awards, the latest result to Mexico. Graham Hollis/Euros Jones were 17th in their hand being a 1 st in class 3 for Huw Jones/Gareth Williams, similar car. as yet unknown, but even Roger Clark had to start somewhere Hopefully laying the jinx on the ill-fated Valley Services Aberdare Motor Club Rally, this Welsh Championship qualifier is definately • On Thursday 11th January 1973 the Aberdare Team on for April 28/29th. Joint Clerks of the Course are Allan of Dave Mclntyre, Windsor Evans, Calvin Fisher went Jones and TVMC's new chairman, David Jones. The CiI­ forward to the quarter final of the Castrol Quiz by defeating wendeg remains a MN/Welsh Champ/BTRDA event. Our Port Motor Club by 305 to 205. The first half was indefatigable social secretary, Gwynfor Davies is flat out a very close affair with Aberdare leading by 115 to 110 organising Club Nights for each month and the Easter • but in the second half some rapid buzzer work by Windsor buffet dance-an informal affair almost as trad as the soon shot Aberdare into the lead. annual dinner ball. So, taken all in all, Teify Valley's 100 The quarter final will take place at the Aberaman or so membership will be fully employed in 1973. Rugby Club, Gloucester Street, Aberdare M.R. 154/004027 at 8 o'clock when Aberdare will be at home to Welsh British Automobile Racing Club South Wales Counties Car Club. Centre Would the competitor on the Nutcracker Rally who We meet every other Wednesday at the West Mon. damaged a fence on selective 4, contact Windsor Evans Old Boys Club, Pantymoile, Pontypool, and are always telephone Treharris 518. pleased to welcome new faces. On recent "Wednesdays", we have had, on November 29th, A. F. Rivers Fletcher Port Talbot M.C. giving one of his entertaining evenings of films and talks Port Talbot M.C. will probably have a team of three on his personal associations with the sport, and on January cars on national and international events in the British 10th we showed a selection of Duckham's films. "Wednes­ Isles and Ireland season. days to come are January 24th, February 7th, 21 st and so The three cars are sponsored by the B & I car ferry on line and will be seen in the company's blue and white Our competition dates are:- livery. April 29th-Castrol/BARC Hill Climb Championship round At the moment only two of the three cars are club April 29th Castrol/BARC Hill Climb Championship members, Allan and Lyn Jenkins, who is competitions Round Pontypool Park (closed) secretary, and Morrow and Mary Mcllroy. But it is planned June 17thJl Hill Climb, Pontypool Park (Restricted) to make the third crew members as well, so the club can July 15th RAC Championship Hill Climb, Pontypool enter as a team. Park (National) It is planned to enter all the Castrol/Motoring News July 29th Race Meeting, Llandow (Restricted) rounds and the home internationals, and four events in August 12th Welsh Championship Autocross (Restricted) Ireland. Sept. 16th Castrol/BARC Hill Climb Championship Pen- The third crew in the B & I car ferry line team is Mike ultimate Round, Pontypool Park (Closed) and Ann O'Connell in another blue and white Escort. If you would like to help in marshalling at these events, please drop a line to:- Teify Valley Motor Club A.R.L. Wild in, 3 Lodge Wood, Turnpike, Pontypool Tel. 55460. The 1973 TVMC Rally Championship departs from the format which has existed since the club was formed 12 Why not join BARC? We are the only National club years ago by introducing three restricted events as qualifiers. with a Welsh Centre, and as a member you can enjoy our There are 10 rallies in the series and scoring by roughly the club nights at Pontypool, help marshal at or compete in same system as the WAMC except that points run from 12 our South Wales events, and also be in on the Formula 1 and down to 1, the best 8 scores count and both driver and Formula 2 meetings we hold at Brands Hatch, , navigators must be members of Teify Valley M.C. The seven and Thruxton.Honorary Secretary- 12-car rallies (although best described as'50-mile "navigat­ D. NIGEL JONES, ional exercises to finish1before 11 p.m.) are Trophy events 5 Holywell Road East, in their own right and on three of these, free entry fees Abergavenny. Mon. will be awarded to be used for the Crefft, Central Tyre Tel. 3579. Services and Autumn Rallies-the three Welsh Championshp North Wales Car Club events chosen to make up the total. The first will be the Garth Trophy Rally on January The 12-car rally held on 25th November was very succes­ 19th, 1973 and will carry the "free fees' prizes for 1 st and ful with the winner being Hefin Jones/Fred Jones (Mini) 2nd in classes A and B. As no prize may be won more than who dropped nine minutes, with Gordon Ashworth/Eryl once, it seems that you can't lose I But the idea is to encour- Williams (Escort) second on 12 minutes and Gareth Lloyd/ 14 single seater driver, although his actual elapsed time may be years of hill climbing had never gone as well as he did in slower. The competition was certainly popular with the I 1972 with hiS Chevron B 19. With Bancrofi pinching the drivers and attracted something like 200 registered champ­ odd vital point he decided to run in the Shell/RAC series ionship contenders. This championship like the Shell version from Prescott onwards, Cramer, by dint of some easy wins also fell foul of the weather at Prescott early in the season and despite a prang at Shelsley crept up on the Martin and but the event continued and from the early part of the series took the lead almost at the end of the series. Unfortunately it was the Sprite of Brian Kenyon and Pat Hopkinson who the tale does not have too happy an ending for after a led the way, with the smart Midget of Chris Seamen in great performance in his efforts to become the first man to pursuit. Kenyon maintained his lead until way into the win the Shell Leaders and the RAC Hill Climb Championship middle of the season and looked as though he might well (which he won in the early sixties with a Cooper Jap) take the title but then fate took a hand in two ways. First!y Good went off at the last round at Doune, and Cramer was the Midget of Chris Seaman was written off when a lorry handed the championship on a plate, but he had worked crashed into the garage where it was parked and at that point for it every inch of the way and thoroughly deserved the the title chase seemed all over bar the shouting. However it title. The next three places fell to the Sprite of Robin was not to be for Sheffield car designer/constructor John Leathart who throughout the year was neat and tidy, with Houghton who was also making his mark in the series the exception of Prescott which he did not seem to get on with the ingenious and brilliantly constructed Biota offered with at all, the twin cam U2 of John Stuart who remained Chris a drive for the rest of the year. Despite the fact that consistently fast all season, and to the delight of everyone the Biota was Mini based Seaman quickly made himself at into fifth place came the Cooper Norton of Colin Myles who home in the car and the class records continued to tumble drove with tremendous verve and enthusiasm throughout to the Sheffield photographer, and he closed the gap between the season and it was good to see both Colin's and the him and Kenyon at the head of the table whilst Pat Hopkinson 500 Association's stalwart efforts in reviving the formula (Later to become Pat Kenyon) slipped down the chart justified with the fine placing. At the time of writing it is slightly to finish eighth. August Sunday saw the turning not known if the championship will run in 1973 due to point in the championship as the contenders battled it out the withdrawal of Shell and the main sponsorship, but it at Cadwell Park for Seaman was again in great form whilst must be said that the Leaders championship became a poor Kenyon suffered just about every trouble in the book vital part of the championship circus and it would be a with the motor, clutch and gearbox all suffering from problems great pity to see it non start. and as the still cheerful but disappointed Sprite driver sat Finally a quick look at the BP/RAC sprint championship in the paddock he saw his hard worked for lead in the champ­ which regretably can only be described as the flop of the ionship disappear as Seaman took over. That was how it season with basically just four drivers concentrating on stayed for the rest of the year with Seaman taking victory the series. It had been hoped that more of the hill climb from Kenyon whilst the Biota man himself, Houghton, made championship brigade would take part in the rounds but a frantic last burst failing by just nine hundredths of a point with 14 events in the Shell championship and plenty of to take second place in the table, after a season of hill Castrol/BARC rounds to fill in the spare weekends this climbing! ! Into fourth place came Stroud driver Chris left the sprint world right out in the Gold. Of those who did Cramer who set the small sports racing car class on fire appear it was Bob Rose and Jonty Williamson who finally with some devastating performances once he had sorted vied for the top honour, with the reigning champion out his Mk 11 B U2 with his old 1300ccs Mini motor in Williamson, despite his new found power, just losing out in the front. As the season progressed so did the climb up the the final rounds to the "Still for sale" McLaren of Rose. table for the likeable Gloucestershire lad and his times at Williamson having conceded the title to Rose suddenly the end of the year were truly fabulous, on many ocasions came under fire from the Brabham of John Ravenscroft eclipsing the larger engined sports cars who must have been but just held him at bay to take second place, with his very pleased to have been in another separate class. Cramer Manpower McLaren, whilst the top four was completed set his seal on a fine season with a never to be forgotten by the ex Ronnie Peterson March 702 of the bearded, climb at Loton Park which saw the breaking of the magic happy go lucky plant hire man Geoff Inglis, who although a minute barrier by well over a full second with a climb that little down on the three leaders came to grips with the March must rate on a par with Roy Lane's run a few weeks later extremely well as the season progressed. It is difficult to at Prescott. pick a highlight of the championship for many of the rounds Chris Cramer might well have been the busiest hill were dismal to put it mildly, but at least the Burnham on Sea climber in 1972 for not content with contesting the Castrol/ and Weston Super Mare motor clubs had the right idea BARC championship he also made a determined sortie in for they tempted Tony Griffiths to Weston for the half the third and last of the National championships, the Shell kilometer straight dash along the sea front and backed this Leaders. This contest was run in conjunction with the main up with really good entry and organisation. On the other Shell/RAC event but the contenders from the bigger of the coast the famous proved to be the two championships were barred from entry into the Leaders biggest non event of the year, a large entry appeared true event which was decided not on a top ten run off or on enough, but far too many "Funny cars" and a total lack of class bogey times, but class wins and places on a points knowledge on the presentation of motor sport to the public system. Early season form saw David Good in all conquering reigned and it is probably just as well that the organising form with his Martin BMB including taking a new outright club withdrew from the championship. There can be no doubt sports car record at Wiscombe Park and he continued the that sprinting is needed in this country, but at the present trend right through until the middle of the season with good time it is more than playing second fiddle to hill climbs wins and a bonus point on several occasions for breaking and this will remain the case until the clubs realise the poten­ the class record. Cramer meanwhile was sorting the car tial and attract the spectators, and the RAC drop their and rapidly getting into contention by also picking off the ridiculous one mile limit to courses and let the competitors class wins, whilst Westcountryman David Franklin was giving utilise some of the good airfield courses that are available Good a hard time as the incredible little Huntsman Vixen to the full. shattered record after record but Franklin could not manage the long distance events and gradually dropped back to REMEMBER ... sixth place. At Pontypool came the turning point in the battle for the award as Tony Bancroft appeared with a Chevron B19 powered by a three litre BMW alpina lump and 1st of Moy is 'NATlUNAl' dOY from then on there was at last a real challenge to David Good be sure of your copy of RALLY SPORT who already had started to come under a little pressure in the by ordering from your Newsagent class from a much improved Reg Phillips, who in his many 13 SOUTH WALES

THE CENTRE'S main activity was, of course, the running of the four hill climb meetings at Pontypool Park. All the events were at least reasonably successful but the climax of the year­ indeed of the Centre's history­ was undoubtedly the Shell/RAC Championship round on July 16, the first round of the Champion­ ship ever to be held in Wales. A quote from the opening para- graph of the Motoring News report, ". . . one of the most exciting and warm hill-climbs seen for many a long day", sums up the day very well indeed. The Centre also ran its first Autocross, a round of the Welsh Autocross Championship. The day went as well as could be expected under almost hopeless weather conditions, imd it was felt that with better luck in this department it would have been a very good day's sport on a demanding course, which it is hoped will be available for next year's event. The Centre again had a stand at the Welsh Motor Show and was successful in winning first prize for the Best Exhibit (Peter Boshier Jones' Brabham Buick). It was felt, however, that, especially this year, the show was aimed primarily at non-sporting motorists and although the idea is good, this show is not the vehicle for our efforts. What is so sadly lacking in all this, and what one would have thought is the main factor, the raison d'etre of any club, is support from the membership. We have 80 or so members, but whatever is organised, whether competitive or social, we depend for the greater part on outside support and assistance, a fact that is as mysterious as it is disappointing to the hard-working handful of people who comprise the organising Committee. 1972 EVENTS Apr 16 Hill Climb, Pontypool Park May 7 Autocross, Abergavenny June 18 Hill Climb, Pontypool Park July 16 Shell/RACHiIIClimb, Pontypool Park Sept 17 Hill Climb, Pontypoo! Park

NeWs-March, 1973 South Wales Centre News

AS centre members will know The competition season is not from our newsletter, we are hold­ far away. April 29 being the first ing a Midnight Matinee Film hill climb at Pontypool, a round Show at the Coliseum Cinema, of the Castrol/BARC champion­ Abergavenny, on Friday April 6, ship. Anybody fancy a spot of 11.15 pm. The main film will be marshalJing?-ring Tony Wildin the Roman Polanski production, at Pontypool55460-he'd love to Jackie Stewart: Weekend of a hear from you. Champion; also a full supporting programme of motor sport films, and a cartoon. Abergavenny is under 45 minutes run for over half our membership, so we are looking forward to lots of sup­ port. Why not make up a party of friends to come along? We are slowly attracting a reg­ ular band to our club nights, every other Wednesday at the West Mon. Old Boys Club, Pontymoile, Pontypool. Dates to come are April 18, May 2, May 16. :':'m sorry to say that Derek Broome has finally had to hand over the centre treasurership. We really do owe Derek a lot, it being solely through his careful manipulation of our accounts that we have managed to keep going for so long spending more than we earn! We shall be thank­ ing Derek officially more com­ pletely than J can here.

B.A.R.e. News-April, 1973 .- 73

in a smooth and rapid fashion to win the were only two real contestants in the 1600 cc small marque class unhappily depleted on this class and a mtle off-form Geoff Rollason occasion by clutch failure in ' the Kenyon (Lotus 69) again took the class at his favourite family's Sprite. A cracked cylinder head in his hill ahead of Ken MacMaster (GRD 272) who fabulous AC Cobra meant that Paul Channon spun on the fast top section on his second Thwaites on had to make do with his Porsche 9115, leaving run. Bill Halt (Morgan plus 8) with a far easier On to the quick men with Thwaites giving job in the large marque class, Channon making his all. Roy Lane (McLaren MI4D) made a top form do with second place. complete mess of Pool bend the second time Unhappily for Russ Ward the up to 1300 cc up but his first run was good enough for sec­ There will be a welcome in the hillsides from and over modsports classes were amalgamated. ond place ahead of Mike MacDowell. MacDowel now on for Richard Thwaites. At the fourth Nevertheless some rapid motoring with his had nearly missed his first run due to a melted round of the Castrol/BARC hillclimb cham­ John Brown Motors Spr~te took the lead on throttle cable. However to the rescue came pionship held last Sunday lilt Pontypool the the first runs. However, sheer power was to Lane with a spare one and off set the Surrey young Yorkshireman really proved to all and tell and Nigel Pow's E-type just pipped' him driver on wet Firestones. ChIlis Cramer's sundry what he is capable of. He was really on the second climbs. A U2-populated club­ Grunhalle Lager Special (or March 723) made on form all day and, having fitted Firestone man's and small sports racing class saw the up for an unsatisfactory first run with a quick slicks to the rear of his Eastern Carpet Stores narrowest of wins for lan James (Mk 11) from second to lead home the Welshmen Peter McLaren MIOB, was brimming with confidence Jeremy Hunt (Mk ll)-only 0.02s in it! A Boshier-Jones (Brabham-Buick BT21C) and -the McLaren was handling really well. really rapid 1301-1600 cc class saw the start Richard Evans (Crossle-Rover 15F). Thwaites never seemed troubled all day and of the battle between Douglas-Osborn and If a driver qualifies for both Top 10 (bogey eventually on his last attempt took Sir David Morris. At tpis stage FVA power was times beaten by the largest margin) and top Nicholas Williamson's record with a bank­ telling, Morris winning the class with Bill five (fastest five overall) runs he is still defying run of 29.46 s. and Richard Jones (U2 Mk liB) also allowed only two runs. Thus there were only Mike Flather, too, was going well and, going incredibly quickly and only just over a 12 runners for the final runs with all run as breaking the class record with his Aldon second covering all four. Hedley and Norman one class. H was on these runs that late Cooper, further extended his already consider­ Hutchins have now sold the old faithful BEL entry Thwaites broke the record and Douglas­ able lead in the championship. Some of the after much fun and success. The replacement Osborn continued . his battle with Morris, laurels, however, must go to Alister Douglas­ U2 Mk 8 scooped up the first two places in finally turnings in that fantastic run. Those Osborn. Following a class long battle with the large class with Norman the winner. old rivals, Lane and MacDowel, shared David Morris (U2 Mk l1X) the West Hagley For the sixth meeting in succession David second BTD at 30.10 s with some neat runs driver finally shot up the hill during the top Frankin took the small racing car class in his and friendly banter at the end. Others to run 10 runs to an amazing 30.77 s (fourth BTD!) Huntsman Vixen-and this with an off-song were James, Boyle, Rollason, Cramer, Flather, scraping the nose of his ex-Dick Mallock F3 motor. Still in colours came Don Speak and Meredith with the champion already U2 Mk 12 now in sports trim and with an aged Robinson's Lotus 69 for second place ahead looking to come from the last three. ex- Malcolm Guthrie Vegantune twin cam. of David Way's Brabham BT18. As usual there IAN WAGSTAFF Of the three men way ahead of the rest in Peter Boshier-Jones took second in class with the Castrol/BARC championship two are to be BTD : R. Thwaites (5.8 M10B). his Brabham-Buick 9.4& S I( record). found in this small touring class with John Class win~ers: M. IFlather 1(1.0 ICOOiper, 36.34 S Meredith (Cooper) having to take a rapid back H~or~)dop~r ~f.'g~4.N·\ c~~peh~~s;:·5~23 -t.u~~~lr seat to Flather and watch his record go in Firenza}. 34.54 5; R. Speak 1(1.0 Lotus Elan), :i3.70 Sj W. 'Holt Jnr '(3.5 Morg.n Piu. 8). 36.38.; N. Pow the process. The other touring class also went (4.2 Jag".r E). 35.37 s; I. '(1.6 U2 oMk la), to a Cooper, Alan Morgan's S. The opposition 34.42 S; D. Morris (1.6 U2 'Mk llX). )1.83 s; N. in the small special saloon class was no m!lltch ~~t;~~r.~,p)(,l·~2W s:-'"t 8kolr;.. ;~ 1(i,6 D(L::.~~~:r ~~.'2 69), 31.35.; Thw.ites, 29.85 s, for Alex Boyle's ever rapid Lassman Cooper Castrol/BARC championship (after four rounds): 1, S. The quickest saloon around the hills is n~Jhe~'oo~:r~~ ~~. ~ni;s; 4,2, T~~~~~n,33Jlj5;\, J·B.iM~~~~~~ "Guyson Jim .. Thomson's Blydenstein Firenza, (1.3 AlH Sprite), 23.13; 6, ·R. Lane ,(5.7 ,McLaren­ used yet again to wipe up the opposition in Chevrolet ,M14D), 2·3.U. Castrol/BARC 'FTD awards (after four rounds): 1, a huge over 1000 cc class. Lane 17 'po'lnts; 2, Thwaltes, 12; 3, M. 'MacOowel (5.0 Robert Speak is the only man to have Brabham-Repco BT36X), 7; 4, A. G·rlffiths 1(3.0 B.abham· Coswortn 'DFV BT33); K. M.eMaster .(1.6 IGRD-Hart Flather in his sights in the championship. He BD'A 212) and Sir N. Wiillamson 1(3 .0 Merlyn- was really piloting his Lotus Elan up the hill OFV),5. ham BT28 of Andrew Squires in second place ahead of the ex-Fittipaldi Lotus 69 Novamotor of Don Robinson. The up to 1600cc racing car class saw Peter Varley take a well-earned and popular win with his Brabham in 45.1 5 seconds, fairly comfortably clear of the Lotus 41 C of David Betts. The current hill record holder, Richard d Thwaites appeared to be having more than a little trouble with his tyres on the Eastern Carpet Stores McLaren with the car twitching violently. Roy Lane was in no such trouble and c motored majestically to the class win in 40.84 seconds, j leaving Thwaites a second and a half down but still well s ahead of the Leda of John Lambert. Top Ten Run-Off With the track drying rapidly as the day progressed the qualifiers for the top ten run-off all bettered their earlier Terry Smith won the class with his Cooper JAP climbs and so scored welcome extra points with Mike Flather again making the best score of the day at 9.19 points. Next best of the day was the second placed man in CASTROL/BARC HILL CLIMB CHAMPIONSHIP the championship, Bob Speak on 7.25 points just ahead of Whilst the big single seater boys basically concentrate Jim Thomson, whilst the other top ten runners were Jim on the RAC hill climb championship the clubmen continue Robinson with the U2, and messrs Porter, Boyle, Davies to clamour for entries for the Castrol/BARC events, and for and Kenyon. the third round of the championship the points chasers made their way to Yorkshire and the superb Harewood venue. Fastest Five Run-Off Although the rain did its best in the morning, by the time The faste!>t five run-off saw Roy Lane again dominating that the second runs were due the superb surface had dried the proceedings and he needed just one run to take the five remarkably well, as the overall championship leader, Mike points and the magnificent Andrews Brothers trophy fo r Flather proved, by climbing his supercharged Aldon Cooper FTD. His climb of 40.21 seconds proved just out of reach of in a class record time of 49,87 seconds to head the Rally Thwaites who could do no better than 42.15 seconds. Equipe Cooper of Roy Greenwood by three full seconds. As Peter Varley with an excellent second effort took third place Flather was the only man of the day to beat the class record at 44.18 seconds, but he was only 0.22 seconds in front of he therefore further extended his championship lead. The Richard Jones who again was going magnificently with the big surprise in the up to 1500cc touring car class was the U2 and took fourth place ahead of John Lambert's off defeat of local maestro, Nicky Porter who fell to a great song Leda. drive from John Davies, with a car which had only been completed the previous night. John ascended the Coor:er Round Four Pontypool "S" in 49.60 seconds to head Nicky by 0.27 seconds with For the fourth round at Pontypool the weather really the Cooper of Howard White not quite in contact with the relented with the sun scorching down all day and the times leading pair. Alan Mussard, having journeyed up from as fast as ever. Highlight of the meeting was a new hill Brighton, took his Mexico to an excellent win in the next record from Richard Thwaites, a maximum ten points in class at 53.40 seconds, nearly a second in front of the the championship from Mike Flather, and a truly incredible Escort TC of Nick Lewtas, with Nigel Newton's Mexico climb by the U2 of Alister Douglas-Osborn. Mike Flather completing the top three. Alex Boyle with the Lorrie Lassman found no difficulty in winning the opening class of the day Cooper now sporting a full race motor quickly showed his with his Cooper taking well over a second off the record in potential with a very well-controlled time of 48.53 seconds the process as he climbed in 36.34 seconds, but the ever to take the small special saloon car class from the Marque pressing John Meredith kept on the points trail by taking Cars Racing Clubman of Don Hardman, whilst Peter Riley second place, also inside the old record. Alan Morgan easily separated the rest of the Minis with his Imp. Needless to say took the next class with his Cooper "S" in 37.59 seconds the large saloon car class fell to the Vauxhall Firenza of Jim although he was outside the record as was Alex Boyle, Thompson, but his victory was not an easy one, for in who took the small special saloon car class in 34.78 seconds climbing in 47.53 seconds he was only 0.41 seconds ahead just under a second ahead of Alan Cox. Jim Thomson really of that very fast Escort man, Richard White with Robin gave the Firenza the boot on the second runs to take the Yeomans heading the Cooper "S" challenge in third place next class in 34.54 seconds, but he was only just over a at 49.45 seconds. half second up on the Cooper "S" of Des Wayman, who in Fred Cliffe with a climb of 49.01 seconds managed to head turn was hotly pressed by the similar cars of Norman Adams home the shared Jaguar "E" of the Walker brothers in the and Robin Yeomans. Despite all his frantic efforts, Bob Speak next class, and amongst the clubman's cars Barry Joell could not quite get the Elan to the top inside Jeff Goodliffe's showed that he is fast on the hills as well as the circuits by record, but his spirited climb of 33.70 seconds was again nicely tying up the class with the U2 at 46.33 seconds enough to give him a handsome lead over the similar car of leaving lan Curtis just under a second adrift. Terry Sims Guy Brooker whilst championship challenger, Brian 'I'm only continued on his winning way with the supercharged here for the beer" Kenyon was unfortunately sidelined when Terrapin by taking the small sports racing car class in 50.44 clutch problems developed on the Sprite, With Paul Chan­ seconds, just over half a second in front of the Sturgess of non fielding Paul Hadley's rally Porsche as his Cobra was Colin Wolstenholme. A real surprise came in the up to still not ready, the Morgan plus 8 of Bill Holt found little 1600cc division for, despite the appearance of the Lola 212 difficulty in taking the next class at 36.38 seconds. The of Peter Kaye and the similar car of Robert Sunderland, the same was not true in the next division for having been led class fell to the brilliantly driven twin cam U2 of Richard on the first runs by a brake locking, Russ Ward Nigel Pow Jones with a climb of45.57 seconds which was good enough thurst the Jaguar 'T' to the top in 35.37 seconds to dispose to qualify for the Fastest Five run-off. Phi I Scragg completely of the Midget by only a quarter of a second. dominated the large class with the Chevron, climbing in The clubmen's class saw a change round on the second 44.09 seconds which gave him over two seconds in hand runs as the early leader Stephen Madge with his ex- Richard over the Chevron B8 of John Cleland whilst in the small Jones U2 was demoted to third place by the shared ex-John single seater class, Scotsman Alex Brown climbed the Smart U2 of lan James and Jerry Hunt with the honours Ginetta G17 in a very tidy 45.91 seconds leaving the Brab- falling to James by just 0.02 seconds with his ascent of 49

.....-"--..~~$ ...... ~$~~$~k~,$.Q8$.P ...... -- ..~ ...... ~~~ .. -- ....-- ..--~------• ~. , <>--' .. :;. • • -' --, ••" •• , ~.... # \_ • '.-"...... _ ••• , ...... )._ ~ ,. . # '""' •. , _ ...... f,N...... , at their poorish best and in so dOing he Ken MacMaster's BTD. Rollason emerged PONTVPOO·L caused an eyebrow or two to be raised for damp but triumphant with 33.3 s to the John Meredith, fourth in the championship, latter's 33.6 s and third in a class of seven could not get within a second of his time. was Tony Street's BT30, but over a second Alan Morgan (Cooper S)' was unable to im­ down. There were only four of the "bigger Weather slows prove on this time in the next class, for up bangers" and MacDowell's winning 31.8 s was to 1500 cc saloons, which he took in 37.3 s only just a fraction quicker than Thwaites who which might prove something or other. Robert made a really determined bid to beat the the pace Smith (Cooper) was second four-tenths down. RAC Champion. It was not the day for In the first of the classes for special saloons either Chris Cramer or Richard Shardlow. So Rain throughout on September 16 thoroughly Alex Boyle got down to 35.73 s in the Lass­ to the Castrol Top Five and in very poor. dampened proceedings down in Pontypool man Cooper S but Alan Cox gave him a fright slippery conditions MacDowell blasted off to where the South Wales Centre of the BARC with 35.88 s in his similar carriage. return 34.82 s which left the rest trailing by ran the venultimate round of this year's It was raining fairly heavily when the hot more than 2 s. Thwaites had to settle for Castrol/BARC Hillclimb championship but in 37.00 s first time for on the second trip he spite of conditions which deteriorated steadily over 1000 cc saloons took their turn and this class was a brotherly occasion for Roger lost 'it at the hairpin, probably a wheel throughout competition was fairly keen. Times locking up, swiped a gatepost and wiped off suffered accordingly but the RAC Hillclimb Walker beat Peter by a fraction with a time of 36.3 s. Brian Kenyon went off earlier than a wheel and the nose cone. - champion Mike MacDowell came along to Results : Pat when the sports cars took the field and BTD: M. MacDower.1 (Brabham), 31.8 s. show aspirants to his title how it was done Class winners: P. Houghton '(Datsun Cherry), and his 31.8 s in his Brabham BT36X was his 38.8 s looked good enough to take the class until Pat took over and climbed in a ~~:2 ~~.7As; M~~gaCv~)lf~:p(r~~o~!~3 SsL Ajb ·.~ot.e i1~~op~~ two· tenths better than Richard Thwaites, who Kenyon (Sprite), 38.2 s: R. Ward '(Sprite), :37.55; N. consoled himself with the knowledge of hav­ remarkable 38.22 s. The other leading. woman competitor, Diane MacMaster, appeared in ~~ (~:m:;Pi;)~,3 ;HU~. (M~~';r~~ ~~~l:c·~ s L2j: ing won the Castrol Top Five BTD awards 33.1 s: J. Cleland (Chevron 8S), 34.8 s; D. Frank-lin the next class with the Clan but she had to (Huntsman Vixen). 33.75; G. Rof.lason (Lotus 69), be satisfied with second to Russ Ward's Sprite 33.35: R. Thwaites !(McLaren)-. 32.0 s. Castrol Top rFive: MacDowell. 34.8 s; Thwaites. 37.0 s; who did 37.58 s. The weather levelled com­ Shard low (IBrabham BT38) , 37.75; C.Cramer (Grunhalle Lager Spec), 37.9 s. petition in the big sports class somewhat Castrol/BARC Hillcliomb championship: 1, M. Flather, where Nigel Pow's E-type returned 38.3 s 69.66 marks; 2, R. Speak, 62.98 marks; 3, R. Jones, with Martin Wyatt's Ginetta G4 on 39.1 s. 61.84 marks; 4, J. Meredith, 58.,17 marks: 5, D. ' Quickest of the 11 in the up to 1600 bracket ~:a~~~~nyon~7 'J;. 7oa~:rks~' 8~' D , ~o'~~rr~: .6;5.4Iar~$a~ks7: 9, N. Porter, 54.82 marks; la. K. MacMaster, 53.67 for clubmen's sports cars was Jeremy Hunt marks. who became the second Swansea winner of the day. In his Mallock U2 he did 35.2 s leaving Brian Wilson and lan James, both in Mallocks, to scrap for the places, Wilson getting the verdict by four-tenths in 36.44 s. There was another 1 s plus class win in the GT ISport Racing 1301-1600 cc category where Bill Morris took his Mallock U2 up in 33.15 s (fifth BTD) beating brother David (34.2 s) and Alister Douglas-Osborn third on 34.4 s. Thwaites goes off at Pool bend. A journey from Scotland for John Cleland with his Chevron B8 was rewarded with a series for he has a total of 36 points. No sig­ win .in the bigger class for GTand Sports nificant changes occurred in the champion­ Racing and he showed fine style in beating ship positions but Pat Kenyon went home Norman Hutchins (Mallock) by 1.1 s in 34.83 s rejoicing for she pipped husband Brian for and David Franklin equally successfully sewed her first class win of the year (some Illso say up the small racing cars with the Huntsman for a long time championship wise) with the Vixen in 33.7 s with yet another brother corn­ family Sprite. bin:a;tion ,Paul and And-rew Squires coHecled First class winner among a total entry of second and third with their Brabham BT28. 85 was Peter Houghton in a Datsun Cherry The battle in the up to 1600 racing class who returned 37.2 s when conditions were was between Geoff Rollason (Lotus 69) and