World Newah Organization a'v“]kf}a'v“]kf} Newsletter

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8f= ;Todf]xg hf]zL d"kfxf+, d"Gjr' k|f]= dfl0fsnfn >]i7kfv]+ n08go\ h'Ou' Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'“Hof dg]jfMVoMof xg]axMDx j g]kfnefiff Ps]b]dLof rfG;n/ efh' 8f= ;Todf]xg hf]zLh'kfv]+ y'u' tMd'“Hofof pn]Hof ofgfbLu' h"u' b' . Hofe\mjMof nflu jo\sM d+unjfM n08g emfofbLu' b' . d'“Hofo\ xg]axMDx k|f]= efh' dfl0fsnfn >]i7+ d" Gjr' laofbL;f Hofe\mjno\ g]kfMkfv]+ emfofbLlk+ g]jfM Gx\on'jfMlk+ kb\d/Tg t'nfw/, 8f= dx]zdfg >]i7 nufotof jQmflkG;+ g+ GjjfgfbL .

-lskf — d"kfxf+ ;Todf]xg hf]zLh'oft n08g Pc/kf]6{o\ n;s'; ofgflb;]+ kf;f k'rM u'ly o"s]of 5\of~h] ;+o'Qm >]i7 -vjo\_, jN8{ g]jfM cu{gfOh]zg tby{ ;ldltof Gjs' 8f= afnuf]kfn >]i7 ln;]+ g]kfMkfv]+ emfofbLDx kfxf+ wd{/Tg zfSo_ WNO Adhoc Committee slhof yMu' vF

xln+ g]jfM tMd'“Hof ;sn g]jfMto\u' Ujxfln+ n08go\ h'OTo+u' b' . Chair Yj d'“Hof+ ;sn g]jfMto\t 5wL ofO w}u' ljZjf; b' . yf}+of gL5u"u' Mr. Daya R. Shakya, USA ztfJbLO g]jfMto\t g]kfMufn+ lkxf+ jgfRj+lk+ g]kfno\ t'+ lnxf+ jg]u'kfv] knfM NJxg]dfMu' b' . dfl5 kxn ofo]dfMu'kfv] knfM NJxgL w}u' pln hs Co-chairs dv' g]kfM b];+ lkxf+ jofRj+lk+ g]jfMto\t g+ dfMu' kxn ofgf b]zo\ t'+ Dr. Bal Gopal Shrestha, UK lnxf+ jo]dfMu' sfo{qmd Uj;fM Ujo] dfMu' kfv] Yj tMd'“Hof; Ajlt Mr. Suwarn Vajracharya, Japan sofbLlk+ ;snl;t le+t'gf b]5fgf Rjgf . Mr. Tribhuvan R. Tuladhar, USA s[i0f rv'+ Members slh Mr. Aditya man Shrestha, USA xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHof Mr. Binod Manandhar 'Ala', USA Dr. Dhruba Shrestha, Netherland Mr. Govinda Shrestha, Canada Mrs. Kalpana Pradhan, India ;DkfbsLo Mr. Krishna Chakhun, UK lGxoflGxy+ cKjofRj+u' e"d08nLs/0fo\ g]jfMt hs Aofun+ Rjg] Dr. Narayan Rajbhandari, USA kmOdv' . yf}+ g]jfMt yLyL nhufM j zLk HjgfM xln+Go+sof s'+s'nfdo\ Ms. Neelam Pradhananga, Australia GogfRj+u' b' . g]jfMto\ Gx\oMg] yMu' hflto eljioof xfYof 5v] b';f Mr. Prajwal R Bajracharya, USA d]v] xlndo\ cfly{s j /fhg}lts x\o"kfMln;] Gx\oHofo]t dfMu' ;+3if{of Mr. Pramod Shrestha, UAE nFk' b' . Yj ;stf+ can] hs ;'yf+ nfO, uan] xln+Go+sof g]jfMt 5u" x] Dr. Prasanna Amatya, Canada yf;o\ NxfMto\ NxfM dfM xgfM Gx\ofM jgL . y'lsof BMNxfgf vM Gxfkf+u' Mrs. Rahena Wester, Germany Mrs. Rajani Pradhan, Belgium xln+ g]jfM tMdFH' of . Mr. Rajendra Pradhan, Belgium xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHof g;+rf vM . yg+ Gx"u' lb+ Gx\ofO . xln+ Go+sof Mr. Rajiv Shanker Shrestha, India g]jfMto\;+ Gx"u' ;'B{Mln;] Gx"u' knfM l5O . tfM O{ Gx\oj+lg;]+of g]jfMto\ Mr. Rajeesh Shrestha, USA tMDxu; Gx"u' ;'yln;] n08g+ Gx\ofo]To+u' b' . xln+ Go+sof g]jfMto\;+ Mr. Ripendra Awal, Japan yMu' Pstf lkAjo]u' le+lb+ Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHof . Dr. Roshan Shrestha, USA jN8{ g]jfM cu{gfOh]zgof :jk's'+oft kf;f k'rM u'ly o"s]+ kflrgfM Mr. Sashi Mahaju, UK d"t{ ?k Ao"u' b' . y'u' x] n;tfo\ y'u' a'vFkf} l5u' NxfMltO ts Yo+u' b' Mr. Suchitra Bahadhur Shrestha, USA . Yj emL emL h"u'of lr+ vM . Mr. Season Shrestha, USA y'u' s'tno\ xMkfM laofbLlk+ l5slk+ ;sn]+ Ajldlk+, lj1fkgbftflk+, Mr. Subhash Ram Prajapati, USA Rjldlk+ bSjln;] cg'u|lxt h'of . Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHof j g]=;+= !!#@ Gx"bF emLu' n'vfv?O YogfRj+u' b', y'lsof g+ le+t'gf . WNO Newslslsleeetttttter published byyy Media and Purblication Committee, World Newah Organization U: Gx"b“ g]=;+= !!#@ of le+t'gf E: [email protected]

EEEddditititors jN8{ g]jfM cu{gfOh]zg Daya Shakya

Subhash Ram Prajapati kf;f k'rM u'ly o"s]

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Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHof nflu le+t'gf

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ WNO Newsletter 3 WWorldorld NewahNewah OrganizationOrganization isis bornborn What lies ahead

Tribhuvan R. Tuladhar

Eleven years ago the socio- honest and industrious traders, skilled cultural conditions of the Newah builders, talented craftsmen, productive people was less precarious then it is farmers, and tolerant, hospitable people today. The thinking and vision at that who built the most admired and desired time was that if anything was to city in the . happen to the Newah people and Is Newars the victim of their own their culture in our homeland success and accomplishment or they do the Newah people around the world not understand the polity of the new would come together and join in the reality and how to deal with it? struggle with our compatriot for the It will not be out of place to note survival of the Newah Cultural and that all this has happened mainly because history. However intuitive or fore- of anti-Newar sentiment of the ruling class sightful was this at the time the of Khas-Bahun coaltion who relentlessly events and happenings of the present blocked and hindered the advancement of days have shown that many of the the and their culture in fears and apprehensions has now every way possible. Also, it is due to the come to pass. The socio-economical, inherent individualistic and self-centered cultural and political condition of the outlook of the Newah people themselves Newah people has deteriorated at an devoid of understanding of the need of alarming rate. Socio-political collective societal unity or nationalistic leadership is woefully lacking. feeling of any kind. Cultural richness of Property, business and land-holding as the Newah people is offset by their T HE BEGINNING: decreased to a level not known before. poverty of their political and civic sense. T The pressure due to uncontrolled Personal accomplishment, moral integrity Eleven years ago in the year 2000, at migration in the homeland has torn apart and talent being totally overshadowed by one of the gathering of the Newah people the social and cultural fabric of the zealot and jealous ruling elite who wanted in Maryland, USA, a call was made to bring community. Khas language now spoken in to break the spirit, culture and language all the Newah people around the world to a every Newah homes as Newah got brain- of the Newah people by every means single venue to meet and connect so that a washed to thinking that khas language available to them. way can be devised to solve cultural and will lead to more opportunities and Eleven Years after the time has social issues of the Newah People. Thus a prosperities which has actually degraded changed and reality of situation on the call for an International Newah Conference the Newah family and community. ground calls to forge that needed unity was made. Furthermore, Inter-race marrying of the once and for all and the true Not forgetting who we are, and Newah girls has handed over properties understanding for the betterment and where we come from, the Newah People, and resources of the community and the honest struggle for the Newah people and residing outside Nepal, felt the need to newah family and bond have become the people of Nepal as a whole. unite in solidarity with our fellow poorer and mixed. Once a beautiful Tri- countrymen, compatriot, the country, the city of Yen, Yala, and Khopa a great THE FIRST WORLD NEWAH culture we love, which have given us so social and cultural center is now reduced ORGANIZATION CONVENTION much of our identity and history as a to smog-filled most polluted and over This First World Newah people, our name and our face. Newah populated city of Asia and it goes on Organization Convention starts the people express profound desire to be a unabated. Once the only indigenous process of bringing the Newah people part of this larger human community and inhabitant of the homeland has now been around the world together in one way or to promote full and unhindered human reduced to minority to 20% of the local the other. Success is already assured that freedom, socio-economical prosperity, population. The political future of the such an event is even happening in what cultural and intellectual development for Newah people is uncertain and dire. All ever form or shape. Something is better

the Newah people and people of Nepal. this because the Newah people were than nothing- Are we to rest on our laurel

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ 4 WNO Newsletter at this low bar? In fact the real success of before. Our best WNO convention is more in the idea and bet is to ask realization that it has opened the eyes, everyone to ears and consciousness of the Newah bring awareness people around the world and they will in the start to pay more attention to the decline community and of the Newah people. Care needs to be enlighten taken so as not to overstep the bounds oneself, to focus and over promise, or raise expectation of and to combine Newah people around the world. Loud our resources to words are less effective than right actions. make a better Long term futuristic vision has to be society of the maintained rather than short term gains of future. political rhetoric and declarations. If not WNO well thought out or studied well enough suggests that they will not worth the paper it is written each one of us in. Even before the ink is dry on the make ten Constitution draft politicking can ruin the important formation and consolidation of the commitments organization and crystallization of Ideas and resolutions and Principles that is so very important for to bring A meeting about forming an organization of the newars in International level. a strong, healthy, and truly democratic quantitative and (2004 May 30th, Monday) L to R : Tribhuvan Tuladhar, Hariman Shrestha, organization that Newah people deserves. qualitative Beda Pradhan, Malla k. Sundar, Daya Shakya, Ganesh Kayastha, Rajendra People who will head the organization changes in our Shrestha, Dibya Hada, Pravin Shrestha need to be fair, well rounded, and lives. If one is an intelligent. The new generation of leaders individual he can make his own is to be created by this organization as commitment to himself his family and and 16 elementary schools per year for the old guard age. The old guard friends, and if you are an organization get the next 10 years experience is vital but the future is with together and make minimum ten goals c. Introduction of Nepal Lipi, the the new generation. that will turnaround the ways we do our Newah script we should learn. business so that the next generation of d. Create a DECADE OF THE NEWAH PEOPLE – Newah will be better off in the next University - a center of Newah and World Newah Dasak 1131 NS – 1140 NS decade than we are now learning In the next ten years a new WNO does have goals of its own, 6. Establish the World Newah Fund generation of leaders needs to rise and in some organization specific, and others – The financial backbone and investment the next couple of decades let’s try to oriented towards the general community. vehicle for the survival of the Newah achieve what has not been achieved in Here are few examples as there will be people and culture. the last 240 years. It is because of this many to come: 7. Contribution and Obligation: that the first Decade of the Newah people Each Newah person has a solemn or NEWAH DASAK is so important. A ten 1. Formalize and Constitute the obligation to contribute to the community. Year Plan has to be forged and followed. Organization as a World body Ask every Newah person to contribute 1% 2. Forge unity and solidarity Without a plan there cannot be of their income to the community building. amongst national and regional Newah measurement of our achievements. WNO members and supporter to agree to Organizations Many a decade and many a 3. Energize and Encourage our contribute 1% of their income to the generation of Newars have passed Newah leadership in Nepal, to strategize organization. through a very rough patch of dark and and plan our desired historic, cultural, 8. Media Presence: Increase media unpleasant history. Coming out on the linguistic, political rights for a federal state presence by 100% every year. other side the Newah people is now of NEPAL MANDALA. A Federal State 9. Stop Loss Program: Stop any poised to embark upon a new journey of within a larger Federal State of Nepal. further loss in land property, business and optimism, confidence, and achievements 4. New Generation Leadership: land holding away from the Newah as never seen before. The enthusiasm, Nurture and cultivate the younger community. Develop strategy to conserve the toil, and sacrifice that will be made generation for upcoming and future and preserve business and financial shall deliver a bright and strong future for leadership. ownership. Regain control of Guthi land many generations of Newars to come. 5. Quantitative and Qualitative 10. Business development- goals: Increase greater awareness of WNO calls upon the Newah Technical, Medical and engineering Newah Culture, language and Arts in the community to declare the next decade as opportunities for the new generation of new and younger generation who has the DECADE OF THE NEWAH PEOPLE Newah people. been left-out and detached from their own 1131 to 1140 NS. so that we can achieve These are but the few that comes many new feats for our coming culture and history. Bring back the Lost to mind at the moment. People are generation. Generation of our youth working hard to make the First One would ask, what does this a. Increase the percentage of Convention a grand success. Definitely “DECADE” mean, us all? To be honest, it Newah speakers by 5 % every year we wish them success. One convention is a CALLING, a VISION, a CONCEPT, locally and nationally so that in the next does not make an organization. It is one that we hope will ignite passion, creativity 20 years all Newah people can speak, stepping stone and more to come.Only and enthusiasm to make things different read and write Nepal Bhasa. together can we make our dream happen. b. Create, Build and Finance Newah and better for us all so that we achieve Thank you and Subhaye

great feats that we have not known medium high school, four middle school

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ WNO Newsletter 5 jN8{ g]jfM cu{gfOh]zg ultljlw Gxfkf+u' g]jfM 6]lnsGkm/]G; lgSjMu' g]jfM 6]lnsGkm/]G; clk|n !(, @)!) g]jfM cu{gfOh]zg af/] yMlklg larfM cu:6 @!, @)!) -ci6«]lnof_, k|;Gg cdfTo -;+=/f= k|:tfljt ljZj g]jfM ;Dd]ngof Kj+s"u' vM . lgSjMu' ljZj g]jfM 6]ln cd]l/sf_, k|Hjn/Tg jh|frfo{ -;+=/f= tof/L sy+ ljZjof yLyL b]zo\ Ajlt sfMlk+ ;sl;t+ n;s'; sGkm/]G; ljZj g]jfM ;+u7gof tby{ cd]l/sf_, /ljGb| k|wfg -a]lNhod_, RjgfRj+lk+ g]jfM sfo{stf{ by'O 5u" of;]+ cd]l/sfof bof zfSo+ ljZj Go+s+ ;ldlt u7g ;lxt SjrfMu' b' . ljZj /x]gf j]:6/ -hd{gL_, /hgL k|wfg - x] Ono\ 6]lnsGkm/]G; h'n . u'u'+ g+ Rj+lk+ g]jfMtøt 5yfo\ xo]u' tfM tofM g]jfM ;+u7g tof/L ;dGjo ;ldltof a]lNhod_, /flhz >]i7 -;+=/f= g]jfM ;/f]sf/of ljÈooft sofM Yj Hof‰jM h'ofRj+u' v“ sgflbn . slh bof zfSo+ cf}krfl/s ¿k+ cd]l/sf_, /fhLj >]i7 -ef/t_, l/k]Gb| ljZjof yLyL b]zo\ RjgfRj+lk+ g]jfMto\ lqe'jg t'nfw/+ ljZj g]jfM ;+u7g j sGkm/]G; Gx\ofsfbLu' vM;f cjfn -hfkfg_, 8f= /f]zg >]i7 - by'O yHofMu' 6]ln sGkm/]G; h"u' Yjx] g]jfM ;Dd]ng ofo]u' af/] 5u" bzs sGkm/]G;oft lqe'jg t'nfw/ efh'+ ;+=/f= cd]l/sf_, zlz dxfh' -a]nfot_, Gxfkf+v';L vM . Gx\oj+lg;]+ x] s'tM h'ofRj+u' v“ ;dGjo ofgfbLu' vM . Hof‰jno\ 8f= l;hg >]i7 -;+=/f= cd]l/sf_, y'u' d'“Hofof nflu Sjo\ Gx\oygf sy+of sgflbn . /f]zg >]i7+ ;xhstf{of e"ldsf lgjf{x ;'efif/fd k|hfklt -;+=/f= cd]l/sf_, Ph]G8f SjMl5gf tofu' vM . Hofem\jno\ l;lSsdof sNkgf ofgfbLu' vM . ;'lrqaxfb'/ >]i7 -;+=/f= cd]l/sf_ != jN8{ g]jfM cu{gfOh]zg k|wfg, ci6«]lnofof lgnd k|wfgfª\u, ljZj g]jfM tby{ ;ldltof RjgfbLu' b' . u7gof lg+lt+ s'tM a]nfotof s[i0F rv'+, ;+=/f cd]l/sfof ;efkltO ;+o'St /fHo cd]l/sfo\ y'u' jN8{ g]jfM ch{gfOh]zg @= pNn]Hof Gjr', lnRjM j ;'´fj ;'lrqaxfb'/ >]i7, cflbTodfg >]i7, RjgfbLDx bof zfSooft NoMu' vM;f lg:jgf k'rM -tby{ sldl6_ u7g cn] k|ltlqmof ;'efÈ/fd k|hfklt, ljgf]b ;fo\ld, pk;efkltO ;+o'St /fHo cd]l/sfo\ h'Ow'sf+ jN8{ g]jfM ch{gfOh]zgof #= cu{gfOh]zg gL:jg]u' j hd{gLof /x]gf >]i7, g]b/nG8of 8f= RjgfbLDx lqe'jg t'nfw/, hfkfgo\ lglt+ bo]sf tMu' v'Dx]l;of ;dGjo cflwsf/Lstf aLu' j sfof{Gjog afnuf]kfn >]i7, g]kfMof ;'lgtf RjgfbLDx ;'j0F{ jh|frfo{ j a]nfoto\ k'rM lg:s[o h"u' b' . pu' v'Dx]l;of ofo]u'af/] ;xnx /fhe08f/L, ;+=/f= cd]l/sfof /ht RjgfbLDx 8f= afnuf]kfn Z/]i7 NoMu' k'rno\ gfoM bof/Tg zfSo, Gjs" 8f= #= ;'efo\ Gjr' j d'“Hofof SjMl5gf /fhe08f/L, o"PO{of k|df]b >]i7 vM. cy] x] b'hno\ cflbTodfg >]i7 - afnuf]kfn >]i7ln;]+ b'hMkl+ lqe'jg j k|lta4tf nufotoflkG;+ yMyMu' larfM Kj+sfbLu' ;+=/f= cd]l/sf_, ljgf]b ;fo\ld -;+=/f= t'nfw/, /x]gf >]i7 j]i6/, 8f= /f]zg sGkm/]G;o\ g]kfM nufot cd]l/sfof vM . cd]l/sf_, w|'j >]i7 -g]b/nGb_, uf]ljGb >]i7 j ljgf]b ;fo\ld -cfn_ b'u' vM . Rofu" /fHo, Sofgf8f, a]nfot, 8f= /f]zg >]i7 ;xhstf{of >]i7 -Sofgf8f_, sNkgf k|wfg -ef/t_, Gxfkf+u' j lgSjMu' 6]ln sGkm/]G; a+unfb]z, l;Slsd, o'PO{, g]b/Nof08, e"ldsf lDxtfbLu' pu' Hofem\jno\ d]u' s[i0f rv'+ -a]nfot_, k|df]b >]i7 hMl5 g]kfnd08n 86 sd+ x/]s bz hd{gL cflb b]zo\ Rj+lk+ :jLDxlt 5'+ jfM lnkf xfg+ yHofMu' x] sGkm/]G; -o"PO{_, gf/fo0f /fhe08f/L -;+= bz ldg]6o\ j]a;fO6o\ nfOe Go"h g]jfMtø;+ Ajlt sf;]+ g]jfMto\ jt{dfg ofo]u' SjMl5gfM SjrfMu' vM . /f= cd]l/sf_, lgnd k|wfgfª\u ck8]6 ofMu' vM . ;d:of, plsof ;dfwfg j jN8{

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○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ WNO Newsletter 7 o]“ dxfgu/kflnsfof cfGbf]ngo\ 8f= 8]le8 u]Ng/ln;] cGt/lqmof k|x/L bdgk|lt lj/f]w h'g !(, @)!! g]jfM ljz]if1lk+ln;] ;xnx ofo]u' em\jno\ g]jfM efo\ j ;+:s[lt ;DaGwL lj1 gfk+ cS;km8{ ljZjljBfnoo\ ;fdflhs dfgjzf:qof k|f]km];/ 8f= 8]le8 u]Ng/ln;] g]jfM hflt jf efiff ljifos ;xnx ofo]u' Hof h'n . ;xnx d'“Hof ‰ jno\ jo\sn+ olb Gx"u' g]kfno\ g]jfMto\ kf]lh;g aNnfs]u' vM;f /fhgLltO :jof+ efo\ ;+/Ô0Fkfv] g]jfMtø;+ Wofg o]“ dxfgu/kflnsfo\ :jR5 j cGofok"0F{ gLlt j k|x/L anof k|of]u aLdfMu' woflbn . jo\sn+ :jlguM b'g] af+nfs gfn]u' lg+lt+ xf]djs{of cefj ;dfj]zL /f]huf/ cj;/of nflu h"u' tTsfn lbs] dfMu'lnO aM Ao"u' vM . Rj+lk+ %) k|ltzt g]jfMto\ 5]“o\ Gx"u' h"u' woflbn . ;dfhzf:qL u]Ng/+ cflbjf;L g]jfMto\ zflGtk"0F{ k|bz{go\ g]jfM :jfoTt /fHo d+sfM ;+3È{ k':tfoft g]jfM efo\ d:og]w'+s"u' g]kfMof /fhgLlt klxrfggfk :jgfj+u' k|x/L bdg j lgb{otf ;DjGwo\ jN8{ ;ldltkfv]+ Nx\j+u' knfMk|lt P]Soj4tf woflbn . yM lnkf+u' v';L g]kfM jgfu' woflb;]+ ;+3Lotfof 5u" cfwf/ g]jfM cu{gfOh]zgkfv]+ k|]; jStJo Kj+s";]+ ;g\ @))& o\ h"u' ckf/bzL{ Ono\ g]jfM d:tøt g]jfM efo\ :og]u' klxrfg g+ h"u' woflbn . jo\sn+ Gx"u' cf+lzs k/LÔf vf/]h ofo]dfMu' dfu lkygfM Wofg s]lGb|t ofMu' b' . lg+lt+ :og]s'ly rfo]sfM Hof g]kfno\ g]jfMt j tfdfªt 5yfo\ x] cu{gfOh]zg+ ofMu' vM . ;+3È{ jStJoo\ b]o\of ;+/Ô0Fo\ k|ltj4 Gx\ofsfRj+u' k|lt n;tf Kj+sflb;]+ RjgfM 5u" tMw+u' k|b]z bo]s]km';fM ;ldltkfv]+ Gx\oAjMu' kf“ra'“b] dfuk|lt g]kfnof ;/sf/ j o]“ dxf yHofMu' x] kxn h'ofRj+;fM Gx"u' k':tfo\ ;du| Ô]q j lgu"ln+ kÔoft af+nfOu' ;+j]bgzLn h'ofM dfu k"j+s]t j gu/kflnsfof dgf]gLt sfo{sf/L larfM toflbn . s]Gb|Lo j :yflgo txno\ b'u' g+ g]jfM efo\of af+nfu' eljio b'u' k|d'v cGtu{t k|x/Lkfv]+ g]kfMof sGkm/]G;sno\ efh' u]Ng/+ yLyL e]befjk"0F{ Jojxf/ j gLlt cljnDj woflbn . cflbjf;L g]jfMtk|lt h"u' cg'lrt vf/]h ofo]u' ln;]+ o]“ dxf cy]x] pu' Ono\ sGÎ/]G;sno\ b]zo\ RjgfRj+lk+ g]jfMto\;+ Go+u' aa{/tfof 3f]/ eT;gf{ ofgfM Hjgf gu/kflnsfof dgf]gLt k|d'voft Ajlt sfMlk+;+ ;+3Lotfof af/] Go+u' Gx\o;Mof ln;M laofbLu' vM . tMlk+ ;sn]+ sfo{stf{tøt ofsg+ kmof+kmSj ofsg+ lnt ;Mt]t j Gx\o;no\ k|f]km];/ u]Ng/+ olb g]kfno\ cu{gfOh]zg tby{ ;ldltof gfoM bof TjMt]t dfu g+ ofMu' vM . :yflgo lgjf{rg ofsg+ Gx\ofs]t g+ af+nfs ;+3Lotf nfu" h";fM y'u' zfSo+ n;s'; ofgfbLu' Hof‰jno\ cy] x] /fhg}lts ?k+ u}/ jStJo dfkm{t jN8{ g]jfM cu{gfOh]zg+ Joj:yf ;kmn h"u'O ljZjf; 8f= afnuf]kfn >]i7+ ;xhstf{of nf]stfGlqs j ;dflhs ?k+ dfu ofMu' vM . Kj+sflbn . t/ jo\sn+ ;+3Lotf e"ldsf lDxtfbLu' vM . Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'“Hof

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○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ 8 WNO Newsletter the dawn of the to meet their fellow countrymen, and many other email services. The With auspicious 1132nd New recent developments and events in exchanges of email, and occasional year of Nepal calendar, the their native land. An attempt is made opportunities of meeting in Nepal on first World Newar convention is being here to understand these interest and their return on vacations or in some organized in London, UK from 29th – 31st initiatives of people involved in foreign cities with name and fame, October 2011 with renowned leaders, organizing this historical meet in helped develop to get to know better activists and businessmen and women London. with fellow Newar, fellow Nepali, and of the Newar origin living across the events such as political change from world attending the convention. The Why London? three day convention is to be Before understanding the inaugurated by Nepal Bhasa Academy interest and initiatives of the people Chancellor Dr. Satya Mohan Joshi and involved in organizing the 1st world Professor Manik Lal Shrestha is Newar convention, the first question scheduled to make the keynote one may ask would by why this is being address. Professor Prem Shanti held in London? Is it because such a Tuladhar, Professor David Gellner are convention is not possible in among those addressing the of Nepal? Or the Newars convention. While Newar delegates will living abroad wouldn’t want to hold this be arriving from the US, Germany, meeting in Nepal? The answers for Belgium, Japan, Australia and many questions will be “No.” What has been other regions, a delegation of Newar the simple reason was the respecting activists including Nepal Bhasa Manka of the process of democratic decision Khala President Dr. Padma Ratna Tuladhar, businessmen and women, artists, and students from Nepal will be Suwarn Vajracharya attending the first ever world convention to be held at the University World Newah Organization of London.

The convention is being jointly organized by the World Newah Towards a World Class Organization Organization (WNO) and the Pasapucha Guthi, UK (PPGUK). It is my earnest wish making. While there was one group that the first world Newar convention absolute Hindu monarchy to secular proposing the first world Newar be a grand success laying a stronger federal democracy at the call of the convention’s venue to be in Nepal and foundation for building understanding people and drafting of a new other proposing for London. It was a and unity among the Newars at home constitution guaranteeing the decision of both respecting democratic and across the world. Newar safeguarding of the identity of each norms and extending cooperation community is a part and partial of the community, language and culture unlike among the two said parties after Nepali society, where ever they live. in the past where Khasa people had numerous consultations and Their ancestors are the founding fathers dominated other communities in their negotiations. Despite there were of Nepal Mandala, the former Newar own nativeland. I recall a decade long differences, the final decision was collective kingdom and principal part of chat, discussion and official proposal unanimous to hold the first Newar today’s Nepal. The first world Newar helped elect an ad hoc committee to convention in London. convention is being organized this time form a world Newar organization for along with Nepal’s important Desire to meet fellow Newars and the purpose in August 2010. The ad hoc celebration of the 1132nd New Year, events in Nepal committee was elected for two including the mass observation of the purposes – to hold a world Newar Mhapuja in London. What led both It was initially a simple desire - convention, and through which we WNO and PPGUK to organize the first to meet a fellow Newar like meeting form a world organization for Newar. ever Newar convention in London? It any fellow Nepali - developed thanks to The organization was named the World was a decade long desire for Newars the internet and its email services Newah Organization (WNO) in English

living outside of their nativeland Nepal provided by Hotmail, Ymail, Gmail and leaving many important decisions

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ WNO Newsletter 9 including its aims and objectives, where hands of Newars abroad. Others Amerikay in the US; Pasapuchaguthi in to have its registered office, and even consider WNO should be a world the UK; Pasapucha Beligium in Belgium; deciding the Nepal Bhasa name for the organization of Newar people. Hence Newa International Forum Japan, Newa organization at the proposed they believe that there should not be Jagaran Manch Japan; Newa Puchah in convention in London. With much any differentiation from which group to Korea, Newar Guthi in Sikkim, India and persuasion by several members “Halin which but to work together for the Australia. The WNO must be able to Newah Daboo” was added in Nepal benefit of all Newar people wherever work with these organizations not as an Bhasa to the name of the world they reside. individual organization but as an organization of Newar community at organization accommodating all Newar the last moment. Towards a world class organization of individuals and organizations alike or Newar people one may call it a kind of world Initiatives to hold the World Newar federation of Newar organizations. The Convention Many of us believe that the so WNO must be able to be proud of their named World Newah Organization being Newar, giving priority to their Unlike the controversy of naming should be befitted its name and must mother tongue - Nepal bhasa - and the organization of world Newar people work to build a world class organization attach its identity to the country their in Nepal Bhasa, it was not without other for Newar people living both at home ancestors have built. Otherwise WNO difficulties in taking important decisions and across the world. Unless it is some may end up as a club of some Newars. such as term of office and the structure organizations like Non-resident Nepali May the 1132nd New Year of Nepal of the organization. Some considered Association, the WNO should be an usher us into a new era of Newar WNO as an organization formed by umbrella organization for all understanding and cooperation leading Newars living outside Nepal. The said organizations of Newar people across to unity we have long sought for, and group intends to support and help the world. There are several to contribute to the development of Newar people living in Nepal, but organizations such as Newah Nepal into a new country of peace and asserts to leave the organization at the Organization of America, Pasapucha prosperity!

Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'“Hof

emMemM wfo]s Sjrfo]df

g]jfM cu{gfOh]zg ckm cd]l/sf

;+=/f= cd]l/sf

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ 10 WNO Newsletter g]jfM vnM÷k'rM Dx;Lsf GuthiGuthi AustraliaAustralia The Set Up of a Cultural Organisation in Sydney Experiences From 2010 and 2011 Guthi Australia is a new preserve Newar cultural heritage in just the Newar community and (f) organisation in the over 25 community Australia and to contribute to cultural ongoing discussions amongst the young organisations currently in operation in heritage preservation in Nepal and and the experienced to achieve the best Sydney, Australia. Although it is a other countries. possible outcomes. The undertaking of revived organisation (late 2009), the Out of the many objectives Guthi various programs to promote and core essence of the organisation – the Australia has set out to achieve in the preserve Newar cultural heritage saw need for Newars to come together and long term, 2010 saw a focus on a few 2010 as a hectic year for us, with many promote their heritage - enabled its set aspects including (a) an attempt to programs being held and a lot of up over a decade and a half ago in 1995, bring together the Newar community interest being generated. We now feel around the time when many other (b) establishment of Guthi Australia as that there is a greater sense of community organisations began. The an organisation amongst the many belonging and ownership in the Newar revival in late 2009 saw the set up of a community organisations in Sydney (c) community of Sydney. We also feel the new executive committee in early 2010 a focus on process and subsequently the set up of required and quality in all organisational structures in 2010 and programs 2011. There has been a shift from Guthi undertaken by Australia as an informal, exclusive, Guthi Australia (d) network of families in 1995 to a formal, mobilisation of the registered and inclusive not-for-profit youth (e) a focus on organisation. Guthi Australia, like many being inclusive by community based organisations in embracing the Sydney, is a community-based and wider Nepalese volunteer driven organisation which community, not

aims to promote and

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ WNO Newsletter 11 acceptance and respect from the wider In 2011, Guthi Australia planned Nepalese community, evident through to undertake three key events. These not only healthy attendance of events aim to reach out to a wide target For further information on members from the entire Nepalese group ranging from young students to Guthi Australia, please feel community at Guthi Australia events early career professionals to settled but also informal and often direct Nepalese families. Some of the free to get in touch with support and critical feedback provided programs undertaken include the Maya by various members of the Nepalese Neelam Pradhananga on Movie Charity Show 2011 and the Uglyz community. and the Shadows Concert 2011. And [email protected] Some of the events undertaken by Guthi Australia in 2010 include the our final program for 2011 is the st upcoming Nepal Sambat 1132 and 1 Guthi Australia Fundraising Dinner or go to the 2010, Red Cross Blood Donation Mha Puja Celebrations 2011 to be held Program 2010, Sabdamala – Nepalese on the 12th of November 2011, Language School (now a separate featuring golden voice Deep Shrestha, entity), Let’s Dance 2010, Campsie Food international renowned tabala player Guthi Australia website at Festival 2010, Food Stall at the Nepal Dheeraj Shrestha and Miss Nepal Festival 2010, Mha Puja 2010, 2nd Guthi Australia 2008, Sanam Dongol. Some Australia Art Competition 2010 and pictures of the activities undertaken are Manly Walk for Human Rights 2010. shown here.

Gx"b“ g]=;+= !!#@ of le+t'gf Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHof emMemM wfo]s Sjrfo]df

:joDe" t'nfw/ 8f= Hof]lt t'nfw/ l;4fy{ t'nfw/


○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ 12 WNO Newsletter g]jfM kf} Dx;Lsf

Dr. Narayan B. Rajbhandari Dabu Annual Journal in the USA

Dabu is an annual journal of NPPA selected the ingenious word such as celebrating traditional Mah Nepa Pasa Pucha Americaye “Dabu” to name its journal as a media Pooja, fostering Ihi program, (NPPA) since 1992. Literally, to relay its activities and Newah developing audio and visual of Newah “dabu” is another way of community news from the USA, songs, strengthening relationship with addressing “stage” in Newah Nepal, and abroad and to share different social organizations, and language, where Newah people Newah people’s purposeful thinking in disseminating values and concerns of gather together to share ideas and promotion of Newah culture and Newah cultural heritage through Dabu. opinions, to perform cultural and heritage. It is indeed the first journal The journal is published during the ritual programs, to make published in the USA. NPPA’s Bhintuna celebration day. community decisions, and to Promotion NPPA distributes the journal to its make friendly tittle-tattle. of Newah members and associates every year cultural and for free of cost. The journal invites all heritage is one kinds of write up that relate to Newah of the NPPA’s culture, heritage, language, value, and main norm. Writers are free to express their missions feelings, opinions, perceptions, and since its birth conceptions. There are no fees to in publish article, however there are Washington some charges to publish ads such as D.C. in advertisements, greetings, and 1991. condolences. Since then NPPA values your purposeful NPPA has thinking and disciplined inquiry in been Newah culture and heritage. NPPA leading requests you to share your expertise cultural through Dabu, because it believes that activities your active participation and support in publishing your knowledge and experience can bring universal awareness in preservation and promotion of Newah culture and heritage in coming years. You are invited to visit for your contact, further information, and previous Dabu editions. Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Nepal

Sambat 1132. Nhu Danya Bhintuna!

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ WNO Newsletter 13 Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'“Hof emMemM wfo]s Sjrfo]df

g]kfM kf;f k'rM cd]l/sfo\ ;+=/f= cd]l/sf

Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHof emMemM wfo]s Sjrfo]df wsfM le+t'gf

;GWof 6fOD; lGxkf} g]kfnd08n 86 sd na' /]l8of] Hofem\jM -g]jfM PkmPd !)^=^_

-Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHofof ;+rf/ ;xsdL{lk+_

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ 14 WNO Newsletter Gxfkf+u' xln+ g]jfM tMd'FHof emMemM wfo]s Sjrfo]df

Best Wishes for the Grand Success of First World Newah Convent ion

US west coast Taekwondo

Portland, Oregan - USA

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ WNO Newsletter 15 ñfkf=u' xln= ]gjfM tMd'“ðFof ;kmntfof nflu le=t'gf

Best Wishes for the Grand Success of First World Newah Convent ion

Newa Dey Daboo Newa American Dabu Guthi Australia Kathmandu, Nepal Chicago, USA Australia

Nepa Khala New York Newa Guthi Nepal Study Center California, USA New York, USA Japan

Pasa Pucha Newa Pucha Canadian Newa Guthi Belgium Korea Canada

Jheegu Sah Radio Karuna Devi Smarak Newa Nepa Association Program Dharmath Guthi of DFW Texas, USA SIkkim, India Texas, USA

Dance Mandal Newa Jagaran Manch Nritya Mandal Oregan, USA Spain Mahavihar Oregan, USA Sikkim Newa Guthi Sikkim, India