free download of v Stream & Download ’s Final Studio Album V. It’s been more than 6 years since Lil Wayne announced to everyone that Tha Carter V is coming out “Sometime Next Year.” But after a very long six years – it seems that Tha Carter V is actually here and ready to be listened to. According to Weezy – Tha Carter 5 might very well be his final full-length album – and if that’s the case then soak it in. Whether you are a Weezy stan, or just know his radio hits it is undeniable that he has been an integral name in the hip-hop community. Whether he chooses to hang them up or keep going, let’s just appreciate that we finally have it. Tha Carter V includes some incredible features by , Travis Scott, and even Post Malone, which was reported to be a last minute feature. Check out the album in its entirety below. We can finally say it again. It’s Weezy Season. Lil Wayne: 'Tha Carter V' Album Stream & Download - Listen Now! After years of delays, the 36-year-old rapper released his highly-anticipated Tha Carter V album. it’s been over seven years since Wayne released his last album – Tha Carter IV – and fans have been patiently waiting for the latest album to drop. “I’m very much a perfectionist. I don’t know what it’s setting me up for — some big comeback, or maybe some big fall back or whatever — but it’s setting me up for something, and I’m ready,” Wayne told Billboard earlier this month. You can download Wayne ‘s new album off of iTunes here. Lil Wayne Tha Carter five Original Version Album Download. Lil Wayne Tha Carter V Original Version Album Download – Today an old version of Tha Carter V has surfaced online. It is twenty tracks long, with most of them never being released before, like the collaboration ‘No Brainer’ with Flow and Big Sean collab ‘Mute’. Other songs include ‘Life Of Mr. Carter’, ‘Just Chill’ with Justin Bieber and ‘Scottie Pippen’. There are also tracks on it that we heard on the official album but the original versions. For example, ‘Mona Lisa’ with Kendrick Lamar is six minutes long with new lyrics, a slightly different instrumental and Auto- Tune. ‘Open Safe’ is on there too. Leaks are always unfortunate and there is no telling if Weezy wanted to use these at some point or they were going to stay vaulted forever. Regardless, we think some of these songs would have been incredible additions to the real album and sound just as good as the official cuts. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV (2011) [FLAC] Tha Carter IV is the ninth studio album by American rapper Lil Wayne, released on August 29, 2011, through Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Recordsand Universal . Recording sessions for the album began in late 2008, shortly after Lil Wayne's sixth studio album, Tha Carter III (2008) was released to strong sales and critical acclaim: however, the sessions were hold, as Lil Wayne claimed he did not want to follow an album he held in high regard so quickly with another, potentially inferior release. In the interim, Lil Wayne released his two other in 2010: the largely rock-themed Rebirth , and . The latter was reportedly composed from unreleased material from the original Tha Carter IV sessions, as the album was released whilst Wayne served a prison sentence at Rikers Island prison for illegal possession of a weapon, and was thus unable to record any new material: this also meant Tha Carter IV' s recording sessions were once more put on hold. Following Wayne's release from prison, the album was re-recorded from scratch. The recording sessions resumed at various locations, involving several record producers including Bangladesh, , T-Minus, Noah "40" Shebib, Polow da Don, , , Boi-1da, Willy Will, Streetrunner, Cool & Dre, Young Ladd, , and . The album's largely concerns the themes of sex, violence, drugs and crime, but also love, hurt and emotional conflict. Appearances on the album include , , T-Pain, , Andre 3000, , , , , , , , , , and . Following a heavily delayed release, Tha Carter IV was released to digital retailers at midnight on August 28, 2011, following Wayne's scheduled performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, and physical retailers received the album the following day. Tha Carter IV achieved first week sales of 964,000 copies in the United States and became Lil Wayne's second album to top the US Billboard 200 in its first week. The album received generally mixed reviews from music critics, who were divided in their responses towards the album's production and Wayne's own performances on the album: they felt it a disappointment compared to his previous work. The entire album according to Lil Wayne is an allegory of the negative aspects of the West. Background and development. In June 2008, after a similarly delayed release, Lil Wayne released his previous album in the Tha Carter series, Tha Carter III (2008). The album sold 1,005,545 copies in its first week of sales in the United States, and produced three top ten singles in the US, including the number one-hit "Lollipop". The album became the highest selling of the year in the United States. In a September 2008 interview with Shaheem Reid of MTV Mixtape Monday, Lil Wayne revealed that he had begun work on his next official mixtape, (2008) and also confirmed a sequel to Tha Carter III , titled Tha Carter IV . Initial recording sessions for the album began in early October 2008, but these were put on hold, as later that month Wayne claimed that he did not want the album to follow Tha Carter III immediately. No more information emerged on the album until October 2009, when CEO Birdman reported that Wayne would release three studio albums on December 15, 2009: Tha Carter IV , Rebirth , an album being promoted as Wayne's debut rock music album, and , a collaborative recording with members of Wayne's , Young Money Entertainment. However, it was later confirmed that Rebirth and We Are Young Money would be released separately and that Tha Carter IV would be released in 2011. Tha Carter IV was going to be released in late May, but was pushed back to June. confirmed that the album's release was postponed because they still needed time to make it perfect. On June 2, 2011, the album was pushed back further, and the album was due for release on August 29, 2011. The album's cover was released to the internet on April 19, 2011. A deluxe edition has been confirmed for Tha Carter IV , with the album's cover being released to the internet as well. Also the track "Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)" (originally "Anne") was supposed to be on Tha Carter IV but was removed from the album. Lil Wayne said in an interview with XXL that he was not a fan of "Dear Anne" and that it had been planned to appear on Tha Carter III . On July 8, 2011, producer hinted at Wayne possibly re-recording a new version of Anne, after he had said the verses were too "old". Prior to Tha Carter IV' s release, Swizz Beatz released the song on his Monster Mondays free music program through his official website. On June 13, 2011, a track called "Nightmares of the Bottom" from Tha Carter IV was confirmed on MTV's Unplugged by Lil Wayne performing live. On July 11, 2011, Lil Wayne confirmed in an interview with MTV that Tha Carter IV is finished and will be releasing on August 29, 2011. On August 7–8, 2011 videos of Lil Wayne recording a song called "" and featuring Drake was posted online and would be on the album. The song was released on the Internet on August 12, 2011. HipHollywood released a YouTube video about T-Pain giving a song to Lil Wayne for his album called, "How to Hate," confirming that it will be on the album. Lil Wayne Drops Expanded ‘Tha Carter V’ Deluxe Edition. Bringing the tracklist to a whopping 33 songs, ‘The Carter V’ deluxe edition features seven new, unreleased tracks and three previously released tracks. September 25, 2020. Two years after the arrival of Tha Carter V , Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne has released the deluxe edition of his 12th studio album via Young Money Records/Republic Records. The album features seven new, unreleased tracks and three previously released tracks, bringing the tracklist to a whopping 33 songs across just over two hours. The additional tracks on The Carter V boast collaborations with Post Malone (“What About Me”), Gucci Mane (“In This House”), 2 Chainz (“Siri”), and Raekwon (“More To The Story”). This star-studded lineup builds on the original album’s features, which included appearances by , Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, , Ashanti, and Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter.