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Regd. Office & Works: Textile Mill Area, Mandsaur - 458 001 INDIA Phone: +91-7422-234999. Fax: +91-7422-234374 Fm~il' mic1inc1iamds{Q)omail.com RAHUL: MORTALITY RATE EXPOSES GUJARAT MODEL NEW DELHI: Congress leader on Tuesday took to twitter to show tweeted: “PM Modi, these tragic times dictate putting money directly in the hands how the COVID mortality rate exposed the Gujarat model, oft-repeated by the BJP of middle class and poor. STOP profiteering from their misery.” Rande ep Singh LOCKDOWN since Modi was the CM. He tweeted some mortality rates: Gujarat 6.25%; Maha - Surjewala tweeted, “The economic tragedy of Coronavirus is it snatched away 6 ra shtra 3.73%; 2.32%; Punjab 2.17%; Puducherry 1.98%; Jharkh a nd income of 62% in cities and 50% in villages. 14cr people in cities are dependent THE FREE PRESSJOURNAL MUMBAI | WEDNESDAY | JUNE 17, 2020 0.5%; 0.35%. In another hashtag #ModiStopLootingIndia, Rahul on savings. Even the savings will finish by June end. What then?” —Our Bureau PM stress on life, livelihood Why no insurance for FIGHT AGAINST COVID FINE EXAMPLE OF COOPERATIVE FEDERALISM: MODI mental illness: Court OUR BUREAU / New Delhi provision of the Mental OUR BUREAU He was happy to inform the low-in- Health Care Act, 2017, IRDA SC no to curbs New Delhi tensity infection states, “we have The Supreme Court on Tues- is bypassing its responsibili- tried to save each and every life as the day issued notices to the Cen- ties,” Bansal said. on FIR against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on recovery rate in the country is now tre and the Insurance Regu- “That one of the Right Tuesday called for focus on both life over 50% and India is among the latory Development Authori- which Mental Healthcare journalists and livelihood by boosting the health countries with the least deaths due to ty (IRDA) on the insurance Act 2017 provides is that the OUR BUREAU / New Delhi infrastructure with emphasis on the dreaded virus.” He gave credit to companies refusing coverage insurer is directed to not to more testing and tracing of coron- the timely decisions taken to combat of the mental illness. discriminate with Person The SC on Tuesday refused avirus cases and at the same time in- the pandemic to contain its spread in A bench of Justices Rohin- with Mental Illness (PMI) to put any restrictions on crease the economic activities, keep- the country. “When we look back, ton Fali Nariman, Navin Sin- only on the basis of mental registration of the FIRs and ing in view both current needs and people will remember we have pre- ha and BR Gavai admitted illness and as such is further criminal cases against the future requirements. sented an example for cooperative for hearing a petition by mandated by Parliament to journalists and told Mumbai- In his video talks with the chief federalism to the world,” he said and lawyer Gaurav Kumar treat Persons with mental ill- based lawyer Ghanshyam ministers and administrators of 21 stressed for the safety of self, family Bansal, appearing as the pe- ness alike other diseases as Upadhyay to better give a states and UTs in the sixth round of and community, no one should even titioner-in-person, seeking a far as medical insurance is representation before the discussions, he laid stress on contin- think about venturing outside house direction to IRDA to imple- concerned,” the plea said. Centre. uously keep driving the fact danger of without mask or face cover. ment provisions of Mental Bansal said to check out the It was hearing a plea no FIR the virus is not over yet and the need The PM was also happy to under- Healthcare Act-2017 in letter end result of a circular is- should be lodged against to remain vigilant while opening up line that due to recent efforts, several and spirit and submit an ac- sued by IRDA on August 16, journalists for publishing or the economy. Home Minister Amit from spreading fast. The slightest starting the economic activities in green shoots in the economy are now tion taken report. 2018 to implement the Act, he telecasting news unless sanc- Shah, who also joined the talks, said carelessness, laxity, lack of discipline the states. visible which are encouraging to The lawyer told the court had filed a plea on January tion has been granted by the though India so far fought a success- will weaken all of our fight against The states chosen by the PM in the forge ahead like rise in power con- Section 21(4) of the Act pro- 10, 2019 under section 6 of Press Council of India (PCI) ful battle against the pandemic, the Corona,” he warned. first round of discussions were those sumption which was earlier falling, vides for inclusion of mental RTI Act 2005 and he was in- constituted under an Act of road to recovery ahead is long and He said: “We always have to keep in that had the least cases of the coron- fertiliser sale in May this year seeing illness in insurance policies, formed in the reply to date Parliament or any other judi- suggestions given by the PM on use of mind that the more we can stop Coro- avirus — just 19,144 and less than 150 a significant increase, a healthy in- but it is not complied with till none of the insurers imple- cial authority. mask/face cover, maintaining 2 yards na, the more it will stop growing, the deaths, reserving the second round crease in Kharif sowing in compari- date because of the red tape mented its order and despite A Bench of CJI Sharad distance should be followed by all. more our economy will open, our of- on Wednesday for 15 states that have son to last year, production of two attitude of IRDA as its fail- this, the regulator did not Arvind Bobde and Justices The PM steered clear of any further fices will open, markets will open, high incidence of the infection cross- wheelers increasing, digital payment ure in not regulating the in- taken any action against any MR Shah and AS Bopanna lockout, stressing the last two weeks transport will open, and so will new ing 3 lakh and which include Delhi, in retail reaching pre lockdown level, surance companies in this re- of the insurers. heard Upadhyay through of Unlock 1.0 gave “a big lesson if we employment opportunities." Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, increase in toll collection in May and gard is creating a lot of hard- The plea said, “Despite the video-conferencing on how keep following the rules, keeping all The PMO press release is silent on Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Madhya bouncing back of exports. ship to the mentally ill per- fact one year has passed, sit- some TV news channels are the guidelines, then Corona crisis what the chief ministers said except Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra He mentioned the importance of sons. “The bias of IRDA is in uation as far as implementa- targeted with a score of FIRs will cause least harm to India.” that they gave the PM feedback on ex- Pradesh, Haryana and J&K. working together on value chains to itself discrimination against tion of Section 21 (4) of filed in different states to “By now almost all the offices have isting health infrastructure in their The PM noted of the total cases, give a fillip to trade and industry. Spe- persons with mental illness MHCA 2017 remains the snub their voice and to pre- been opened, even in the private sec- states and efforts for augmentation to two-thirds are in five states, with an cific economic activity points in the and as such is causing im- same and what surprised the vent them from awakening tor, people have started going to of- tackle the impact of the virus as also overwhelming proportion of cases in states should work 24 hours a day and mense hardship for persons petitioner is instead of regu- the citizens from nefarious fice, in the markets, the streets are the awareness campaigns run by big cities, and they form the group loading and unloading should be with mental illness. Instead lating insurance companies, and dangerous activities of getting crowded, then all these meas- them, help provided to the migrant with which he would be interacting quickened to give further boost to of levying punishment on In- IRDA is acting more like a fa- “anti-social and anti-national ures will help to prevent the corona workers in returning home and kick- on Wednesday. economic activity, he said. surers for not including the cilitator for Insurers.” persons.” Now, Raj BJP sends UN CONCERN CHINA CLAIMS RIGHTS TO MEA STATEMENT ON LAC OVER STRIFE NEW DELHI: "India and China have been dis- YOSHITA SINGH cussing through military and diplomatic chan- its MLAs to resort United Nations ENTIRE GALWAN VALLEY nels the de-escalation of the situation in the bor- SANGEETA PRANVENDRA / Jaipur “300 persons have died in der area in Eastern Ladakh. Senior Command- the state and the govern- UN chief Antonio Guterres has BEIJING / NEW DELHI: Chi- commander-level talks and proach to border management, ers had a productive meeting on 6th June 2020 The BJP on Tuesday carted ment is busy enjoying musi- expressed concern over reports na's official media on Tuesday harmed the relations of the two India is very clear that all its ac- and agreed on a process for such de-escalation. off its MLAs to a hotel in cal evenings, the public is of violence and deaths at the quoted the Chinese military as militaries and the feelings of tivities are always within the In- Subsequently,ground commanders had a series Jaipur for a 3-day Prakshik- watching. The CM talks of Line of Actual Control between claiming that it "always" owned the two countries' peoples, the dian side of the LAC. We expect of meetings to implement the consensus shan Shivir (training camp). horse trading we have seen India and China and urged both sovereignty over the Galwan Global Times reported. the same of the Chinese side," reached at a higher level. While it was our ex- The legislators of the saf- elephant trading in this and sides to exercise "maximum re- Valley region and alleged that "The Indian troops have bro- MEA Spokesperson Anurag Sri- pectation that this would unfold smoothly, the fron party gathered at the previous governments straint," his spokesperson said "provocative attacks' launched ken their promises and again vastava said in response to me- Chinese side departed from the consensus to re- state BJP office in the morn- headed by .” on Tuesday. by the Indian troops resulted in crossed the Line of Actual Con- dia queries on the situation in spect the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the ing for a meeting and from Poonia was referring to the Eri Kaneko, Associate Spoke - "severe clashes and casualties." trol in the Galwan Valley region the western sector of the India- Galwan Valley. On the late-evening and night of there left for a luxury hotel merger of all six BSP MLAs sperson for the UN Secretary- In its first reaction on Mon- on Monday evening and pur- China border. 15th June, 2020 a violent face-off happened as a on the Jaipur-Tonk Highway into Congress through General, made the comments at day's clashes between the two posely launched provocative att - "We remain firmly convinced result of an attempt by the Chinese side to uni- in buses and cars. Ashok Gehlot in his second the daily press briefing. “We are militaries at the Galwan Valley a cks, leading to severe clashes of the need for the maintenance laterally change the status quo there. Both sides Of the 72 BJP MLAs, 8 in- and current (third) tenure concerned about reports of vio- in Eastern Ladakh, a statement and casualties”, Zhang alle ged. of peace and tranquillity in the suffered casualties that could have been avoided cluding former CM Vasund- as the CM. Poonia said, lence and deaths at the Line of quoting the People's Liberation “India should stop all provocati - border areas and the resolution had the agreement at the higher level been hara Raje, were not present. “Congress is a brand when it Actual Control (LAC) between Army (PLA) Western Theatre ve actions, meet the Ch i nese side of differences through dia- scrupulously followed by the Chinese side. Giv- They were expected to join comes to horse trading. It had India and China and urge both Command Spokesperson halfway and come back to the logue," Srivastava said, adding en its responsible approach to border manage- later. BJP has the support of tried to destabilise the Bha- sides to exercise maximum re- Colonel Zhang Shuili said, "Chi- right path of solving disputes that the casualties could have ment, India is very clear that all its activities are 4 MLAs of Rashtriya Lok- iron Singh Shekhawat govt. straint. We take positive note of na always owns sovereignty through talks,” Zhang said. been avoided if the Chinese side always within the Indian side of the LAC. We ex- tantrik Party (RLP). Senior We have no apprehensions of reports that the two countries over the Galwan Valley region." The Ministry of External Af- scrupulously followed the pect the same of the Chinese side. We remain leaders P Murlidhar Rao and cross voting. We are not have engaged to deescalate the The Indian border defence fairs said in New Delhi that the agreement arrived at earlier at firmly convinced of the need for the mainte- V Satish were also present at scared as we have nothing to situation,” Kaneko said. troops are "inconsistent with violent face-off was the result of the higher level. nance of peace and tranquillity in the border ar- the legislator body meet. lose.” However at the same Kaneko was responding to a their words and seriously vio- an attempt by the Chinese side “At the same time, we are also eas and the resolution of differences through di- State BJP chief Satish time he added both parties question on the death of Indi- lated" the agreements both to unilaterally change the sta- strongly committed to ensuring alogue. At the same time, we are also strongly Poonia came down heavily have a history of being en- an Army personnel in a violent countries have reached, the con- tus quo in the region. India's sovereignty and territo- committed to ensuring India’s sovereignty and on the Congress, and said, gaged in horse trading. face-off. sensus made during the army "Given its responsible ap- rial integrity," he added. territorial integrity." —Our Bureau FAST NEWS Highest 380 Covid deaths in a day ndia on Tuesday recorded the highest 380 COVID-19 deaths in a Isingle day while a record 10,216 patients were cured and discharged from the hospitals in the past 24 hours, raising the recovery rate to 52.47% of 3.43 lakh so far tested positive as against the fatality rising slightly to 2.88%. The cumulative total deaths in the country jumped to 9,900 while only 72 more patients were hospitalised in the past 24 hours, raising the total number of patients still under treatment to 1,53,178. They are, however, less than 1,80,013 discharged so far. Delhi Health Minister to be tested again elhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain, who was admitted to a Dhospital here on Tuesday due to high-grade fever, will be tested again for COVID-19 on Wednesday, a senior official said. The 55-year- old minister was brought to the Super Speciality Hospital (RGSSH) past midnight and was administered a test for novel coronavirus on Tuesday morning. ”He still has fever. The minister tested negative for COVID-19 today. We are going to repeat the test tomorrow after 24 hours of the first test,” the senior official said. Taj Mansingh is extended COVID facility he Delhi government on Tuesday issued an order attaching the Taj TMansingh Hotel to the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and directed that its premises, including all its rooms, be used as a COVID-19 facility. The move to attach it with the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), comes in pursuance of meeting a projected requirement of 1.5 lakh beds in healthcare facilities in Delhi by July-end, amid a massive surge in coronavirus cases in the national capital. More corona beds no solution: Ex-AIIMS chief ormer director of the Delhi AIIMS laughs at the political leaders’ Fcraze for creating more beds for the coronavirus patients to tackle current shortage and heavy demand if the virus spreads further, without realising there are not enough doctors and other healthcare staff to manage them. Dr Mahesh Chandra Misra (68), who retired in January 2017 after serving the AIIMS for 37 years, says the manpower shortage is already affecting treatment of those hospitalised after getting infected. No use creating the infrastructure without the manpower to run it, he stressed. Punjab’s drug syndicate racketeer gets parole mid the overcrowded jails and Corona threat, the Supreme Court on ATuesday said it should prefer giving bail or parole instead of sending people to jail and gave parole to Punjab businessman Jagjit Singh Chahal convicted in a drug case till the pendency of his appeal before the Punjab and Haryana HC. “COVID-19 situation in the country is getting only worse. It is not getting any better,” observed Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman heading the Bench with Justices Navin Sinha and B R Gavai. It does not make any sense to keep the jails overcrowded when some of the accused could be granted either bail or parole or have already been granted such reliefs and are out now. —Our Bureau ‘Tired’ CM to make field visits ihar CM Nitish Kumar Tuesday said he would now start field visits Band follow social distancing. Nitish, who came out of the CM bungalow for the first-time ever since the lockdown was imposed in March, said, “It does not look nice to inaugurate projects from the web. chief secy should arrange my meet in the fields.” —Law Kumar Mishra ������������������ Bus row: UP Cong chief gets bail ���������� �������������������� he Lucknow Bench of Allahabad HC on Tuesday granted bail to UP TCong chief Ajay Kumar Lallu after 27 days of imprisonment in the bus controversy. He was arrested in Agra on May 20. Lallu was accused of furnishing false information, criminal conspira cy, related to the arran ge - ment of buses by Cong for transporting migrants. —Our Correspondent HDFC Bank officer gets bail in Rs 24 cr cheque cloning case ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������� � �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� FREE PRESS ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� � ���� �������� � ������ Chouhan visits critical Governor ��������������������������� Tandon in Lucknow hospital ������������������ ����������������� ������������������������ �� ������� ����� ����������

Both parties active to stop horse trading ������������������ ������ ��� ����� �������� legislators is that if they vi- ������ olate the party whip they The condition of Governor will lose their membership. Lalji Tandon is still critical. The election to The BJP is also trying to Chief Minister Shivraj be held on June 19 has gen- keep its flock together. Singh Chouhan, BJP state erated a lot of political Home minister Narottam president VD Sharma and heat. Both BJP and Con- Mishra has been asked to organisation general secre- gress called their respec- deal with the BSP, SP and tary Suhas Bhagat went to tive legislators to the state Independent legislators Lucknow on Tuesday to en- ����������������������������������������������������������������� capital on Wednesday. that they may vote in quire after the health of the ���������������������������������������������������� The Congress is going to favour of the BJP. Governor. hold meetings of its law- Senior BJP leaders are Tandon was admitted to a breathing trouble he was other politicians spoke to makers at the residence of also in contact with the par- private hospital in Luc- put on ventilator. Accord- Tandon’s family members former chief minister Ka- ty MLAs so that they may know due to fever. He un- ing to doctors, Tandon’s to know about his health. mal Nath on June 17 and 18. not vote for the Congress. derwent an operation after condition is still critical. Some employees of Raj State in charge of the par- Mishra said all the legis- there was bleeding in the President Ramnath Bhawan left for Lucknow ty Mukul Wasink will also lators would remain at the liver. Kovind, Prime Minister after Tandon’s condition attend the meetings. He will places where they general- When he developed Narendra Modi and many became critical. visit the state for the first ly stay. time after becoming the in All of them will stay in charge of party’s state unit. According to the number On the other hand, the For five votes, the Con- their residences, Mishra The BJP, too, has called of legislators of each party Congress has 92 members, gress is sparing no effort to said, adding that, the BJP Siddhi Vinayak awareness prog their legislators to . in the House, the BJP and it will need 12 members make a dent in the walls of would easily win two seats. The party may hold a meet- should get two seats and the more to win two seats. the BJP and woo its legisla- According to general secre- ��������������� ing of its legislators on Congress one. BSP, SP and BSP, SP and Independent tors. tary of the Congress Rajiv ����� Wednesday. Party’s state in Independent legislators legislators had been with Two BJP legislators Singh, a two-day meeting of charge Vinay Sha- have yet to open their cards. the Congress government. Narayan Tripathi and party legislators will be An awareness pro- hashrabuddhe and Union Fifty-two votes are re- Former chief ministers Sharad Kol had once sup- held, and that they have gramme was or- minister Prakash quired to elect an RS mem- Digvijaya Singh and Kamal ported the Congress, so the been told to stay the way ganised by Sanstha Javadekar are also arriving ber. The BJP has 107 mem- Nath are pulling out all the party is trying to cotton up they want. Singh said the Siddhi Vinayak, in the city. BJP legislators bers in the House. The par- stops to keep those legisla- to them again. party was fully prepared to members followed will meet in their presence. ty is all set to get two seats. tors with the Congress. The problem with these fight the RS election. social distance and with posters and banners gave infor- mation about Scindia Covid-19 at MG Road, Civil Line Loan waiver puts Apex Square. Sansthan discharged convenor Ravi Jain said that vigilance and awareness is very important in this first phase of unlock. The most ef- from hospital fective way to deal with corona infection is to apply a Bank on verge of collapse BHOPAL: Former MP Jyotira- mask, follow social distancing. The organisation had ditya Scindia who tested posi- done public service in the lockdown and now it has con- ��������������� gress government is no tive for covid-19 was discharged tinued in the unlock as well and organised this aware- ������ GOVT NEEDS TO GIVE RS 792 CR TO BANK longer in power, it may be from hospital ness programme. Sansthan provided food, water and oth- difficult for bank to get and returned ers items during the lockdown period with an aim to State-owned Apex Bank is transferred to it. farmers. back money. to his home on help the needy people during this time of pandemic. on the verge of collapse be- The co-operatives depart- The Apex Bank manage- When Congress launched Tuesday. cause of Congress govern- ment has been demanding ment has refused to say loan waiving scheme, it Neverthe- ment’s farm loan waiver money from state finance anything on the matter. The was feared that it would af- less, his moth- scheme. department but received Congress claims that it has fect co-operatives sector fi- er also tested To waive off loans of no response. waived off loans worth Rs nancially. for the disease farmers, the previous Con- Apex Bank earned profit 6,000 crore, which belongs After the change of gov- is still in the gress government dis- of Rs 28 crore in 2018-19. to nationalised and co-oper- ernment and after the eco- hospital. RS bursed loans of co-opera- This year’s balance sheet is ative banks. nomic slowdown because election will be held on June 19 tive banks through Apex being prepared. If the bank The nationalised banks of the corona pandemic, and BJP has nominated Bank. does not get back money, began loan waiving the finance department Scindia. Chances of his being The Congress govern- the financial institution process after taking money would find it difficult to present in Bhopal on the elec- ment may have waived off will be in trouble. from the government. But pay the amount. tion day are very thin. Accord- loans through the bank but The bank management is the co-operative bank may Agriculture minister Ka- ing to covid-19 protocol, after it did not transfer the mon- planning to debit the incur a huge loss. mal Patel said Congress de- being discharged from hospital, ey to financial institution. amount deposited to farm- In the first phase of loan ceived farmers in the name a patient has to stay in home The loan waived off in sec- ers’ accounts if the govern- waiver and later, the gov- of loan waiver. Patel said quarantine for 14 days. Chief ond phase was Rs 792 crore. ment does not give the ernment gave part of mon- an FIR would be lodged Minister Shivraj Singh The bank is facing problem money. The bank may also ey to co-operative banks against former chief min- Chouhan expressed happiness because this sum was not take money back from and societies. As the Con- ister . over Scindia’s speedy recovery. 12 jawans of 17th Battalion, one CRPF•personnel infected with corona ��� �������������� ������ Personnel contacted infection while After policemen, now jawans of battalions in bulk serving at Banganga, have been infected with COVID-19 hotspot COVID-19 while discharging their duty in city. 47 fresh cases reported, Twelve jawans of 17th Bat- talion were reported corona patient count stands at positive on Tuesday. The 2423, deaths 74 Jawans were deployed in Banganga slums after coron- avirus took into its grip the CRPF jawan, three more area. With 47 positives cases call centre employees at reported on Tuesday, the city patient count on Tues- C-21 test positive day stands at 2423. So far 74 deaths have been reported and converted into quaran- in the capital. tine centre. Earlier, the two Earlier, the police person- were admitted to AIIMS, one nel had infected with virus after being cured was dis- after they coming in contact charged, another is recuper- with Jamatis in Mosque. ating. SDM Rajesh Gupta Similarly, after Banganga said, the jawans were de- was declared a hotspot, the ployed in Banganga slums jawans were deployed in the while on duty contacted the ������������������������������� area to ensure compliance of infection. "These jawans of �������������������������������� the physical distancing and 17th Battalion were housed ���������� also to provide security to in a dharamshala at Aish- medicos. The services of bag and not allowed to visit been admitted to Chirayu jawans were also taken in their home keeping in mind Hospital. shifting the corona suspects the safety of their families Besides, the CRPF men, to quarantine centre. Be- from the infection." Howev- three more call centre em- sides, five cases came from er, now they have fallen ployees handling 108 ambu- Kotwali areas. sickand hospitalized, in- lance service at C-21 Mall One jawan was tested posi- formed the SDM, adding have been reported positive. tive for corona from CRPF that five of them were ad- One case was reported from Bangrasia, with this the mitted to Pt. Khushilal Shar- Bharat Nagar where a man number of personnel con- ma Govt. (Autonomous) has been diagnosed with the tacting the infection has Ayurveda College and Insti- infection. Four days ago, his gone to three. Five halls and tute, Bhopal. Seven jawans elder brother had contacted barracks have been vacated were admitted to seven have corona. Digvijaya Singh to file FIR against CM BHOPAL: As the police crime branch Nishchal Jharia told Free Press that po- has registered a case against former chief lice are looking into account details of minister Digvijaya Singh, the latter plans Digvijaya Singh and others from tweet- to file FIR against chief minister Shivraj er, a social media platform company. Singh Chouhan who had tweeted a fake “Action will be taken as details arrive,” and edited video of Congress leader he added. On Tuesday, Digvijaya Singh Rahul Gandhi. It was alleged that Singh said he will lodge a complaint at same has re-tweeted the edited video of chief police station where his case had been minister through registered. He said CM Chouhan had his tweeter account. The crime branch shared the fake edited video of the then has registered case in this regard. AICC national president Rahul Gandhi Additional superintendent of police a year back.