- .'■'■'■W PAGE SIXTEEN FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 1952 I 1- ...... 1. Hatulffat^r Ctf^ttbtg Jf^rald Awtrage Net Pr«M ^ IW tl* Week.lMhis Bemlea M. JubI; yroprl» -. A pttbllc aetback party wiU.be ■■ -.llaW m thtr Weldoa Beauty Studie, IplM tonlfht at the West Sidef Rec­ About Town hair atjrlea tn coojunc- reation Center on .Cedar street 1 ^ 1 1 1 Depicte Lq^oo Speaker Name j^wards P**ae**l •( cr. 8. Weather Ba Hartford membera of atarting at S o'ctock. 10,5^3 Winn«ri at last night’a brldga raahion Council, Wednea* ORANGE HALL Olaadjr, eaktor toOiy. tea tournament in Tinker Hall : day evening for the Jonior Ueague Mrs. Florence Oreetiway. who Christ’s Life Radio Chief » tka Aam grat Vlrgtnl* Oturawell and Grt^ mm 4*. Lmr U, Fair ht_ltaL4IDf imcftlnK at. the, Town and ■RSa been esenrlated with t^s Womr ^------r - — — ver Ifaxwcll’ of .StiAra; aecmiS County 'Club, Woodland atreet, an's Wear business on Main Harold Hllla and Geor*e Siemaen. HartfoiOto. atgeet for many ycsxa, haa joided Tilgrimoge Play^ to Be Local Man Will Handle Duplicate b r ^ will atart at 8:1S tha staff at Wllroae where ah* will tonight in Tinker Hall, and hew A aon “waa Uont'TaeaSay.'at the aaaiat in the yeftotw Oe|»rtmente Shown'. at -Concordia Communication Unit at VOL. LXXl, NO. 1S5 bridge plhyera will be w’elcome to Hartford.Hospital to Mr. and.Mra. throughout m atere,. ' • Lutheran Sunday at 7 {)bitlci|Mte; Aldo P ^ e of Bolton. ^ ort—America—Show •VERY SiM W iaV MIGHT The Cyp Club of the Center "The Pilgrimage Play,” a fea­ . The Glehnera Group of toe One i4eak went up In smoke at Church will meet thia Sunday at ture-length sound ■ film In color, Fred Edw-ards, engineer at WTIC South Methodiat Church will meet 746 Center atreet last night about 6:30 at , the church. The first presenting the story of the llff/of haa been named chief of the tech­ at the church Monday evening at 6:49. Foremen from Companies 1 part of the proeram.will be a so­ Jesus Christ, will be shown at Con­ nical commiUea for toe three day ORANGE HALL Plane Hits G lt^ier rges Slash ‘ T;45. and 2 of the Sooth Manchester cial hour, whicii will be followed cordia Lutheran Church, -Winter Alart America show in West Hart- Tire Depbrtment responded to a by the abowlng of the sound mo­ and Garden streets, at 7 p. m. Sun­ rail at that home to put out the tion picture, "A Wonderful Life." day. Tord which beglna tomorrow. Of Billion in Are. Only damage was from ’Thla outstanding religloua dra­ Edwards will be In charge of a In Swiss Blizzard smoke, ahd, no steak for supper. t Manchester Assembly. No. 1.9, communicatjona booth which will Order of Rainbow for Girls, will ma has been presented over 1.000 For Sale times since Its first performance manned by operators from the Switierland, March 8—(/P)—A twin-enRined U. S. Movies for youngeb children will hold a rehearsal gunday after­ In 1920. It is presented every year 19 towns of the Hartford area be shown at the Community T to­ noon at 3'o-claek In the Masonic In a“ spwliiny rbhstfucled btltdoof which are included in the Mutual CAR POLISHER Air Force tmnsixnrt tilane crashed into a; btizzard-hid'daiv sta- night starting at T o’clock. Tample in ■ preparaflon fhr the theater at Hollywdod, Calif. It haa Aid Agreement. eier on the aide, of the famed Jungfrau peak at twilight yes­ initiation of candidates Monday been attended by over a million The booth Mrill ba In -operation Full time position with a General Mpton new car deal* terday with eight persona reported aboard. V^fihington, March 8—(JP) TAVERN at 7:30 p. m. ^ , persons. In 1949 arrangements from 1 tn II p. m. on the days the The Swias Air Office jmld there I mocratie Senators Mc- oa were m^de to present this play In show runs and each operAtor will ership. 514 da.v week, company-paid hospitaliaatio^ was little hhpe any oecupaht '■ _ _ . Loyai Cjrcle, Kings tlaughters, vacation with pay. Apply in person to: Frank Mellozzo. Nevada and Ellen- a film so that persons throughout work a two-hour tour of duty. the plane could survive both the I * _ I " _ _ B ¥ .__'__ J. -der of Louisiana called today EiwiN Jp Poloffltkl will meet In Che Federation room the United States and the world The booth will be in contact crash and the bitter temperatures O U C C X llU l.1 FIXTURES of the Center Church Monday eve­ could share its,story. Jamea T. ratteraen with every radio control station of a 60-miIe-an-hour blizzard that for a slash of from one to two luHding Contractor ning at 7:49. Following th# busi­ Based on the four Gospels, “The in the 19 towns. The control sta­ nged about the peak. | billion^ dollars in President ness meeting the group" will work Pilgrimage Play” presents select­ Oongretsman Jam4a T. Patter- tion in Manchester is located in BALCH-PONTIAC An army officer sighted the- IVuman’s $7,900,000,000 for- INQUIRE TEI-. 6644, STORM on^the folding of bandages. Re- Iwn of the fifth Cbngresaional Dis­ the basement of. the police station. srreckage from the Jungfrau Hotel The Senator Oin’t Use Half » Shirt 'freshmrnts will be served by Mrs. ed episodes of the life and teach­ 8 of 23 in eign.aid fund. Mimdt Sees 21 MAPLE STREET BOX,194 ings of Jesus Christ starting with trict In Connecticut will be the Manchester will provide four 155 CENTER STREET—MANCHESTER at Wengemalp. In the 24 hours Both are membera of the Senate Fa^rabeth.McIntosh and Mrs. John His birth in Bethlehem, and con­ principal aoeaker at the 12th an­ mobile units in the Alert America covering the plane’s flight and Its Foe States e. Hood. parade tomorrow. llacoyery, nearly two feet of snow Appropriations committee which cluding with His reappearanc*'foI- niversary banquet March 19 of will have a say over the amount lowlng His resurrection. Nhlson fell on the mountain. Much of the Dope Ring Congreaa eyentuall.V votes. D efeat for l„eigh appears in the .role of Dllworth-Oornell-Quey Post No. wreckage la covered, the officer reported after scanning the scene Seen Cansoaflage Assertion Is Miss Low to Tour Christ. Profea.slonal actors and 102, American Legion. Past Com­ Ellender told a reporter he sus­ actresses fill the 120 speaking mander, Francis E. Miner, chair­ with blnoculsrs. . March 8— parts, representing the characters Fear Avahmehea (/P>—Police worked swiftly pects "some camouflage” in. the Tax Shuffle I I I Europe Again man of the committee has an­ Rescuers' set out at once under Truman appeals for $1,819,000,000 who speak and live In the Gospels. nounced. today to round up 23 men and of "defense support” earmarked Falsehood Four organizations of Coneprdia ttie direction of T)r. Adolf WIdmer Washington, March 8----Ss_al-Wa,s])lnglQn.'s_defense . ------==-HEAYAMArEIGKrSOtnX-COLOR = = PERCATETRINTS^" ^ rharge.s. was tpo poor for him to stay Ian -papers say-almoat“ttre—to lW —But—Tniman-iaia ChelUjr”ra. headquarters to see if there Is "W<‘S were: officers, previouslj’ the tionally In Superior Court here Bail was set at $10,000 each. the goyernment. leadership of the Evangelical quest "la so broad and sweeping "waste in manpower.” 37,016, enlisted persbnnel, 74,224 UN has accused the Communists r e v e r e w a r e n o w in s t o c k when she Identified a paralyzed Those already in jail when the Lutheran Churclj In Hungary was nt.^”*** seriously But first the group will probe the civilians, 68,048. of holding Allied prisoners outside BYto'^jforniation of the cabinet replaced during February. IntcEfera with the conduct of the CAININON TOWEL ENSEMBLE BLOUSES ex-convlct as the rnan who robbed indictment waa returned were: did not tod the French govern- sctlvitles- of an e.riimated .900 '*'*’* question of manpower first Korea. This Was the first time,' 4 9 c yard — STAINLESS STEEL COPPER BOTTOM -;her at * New Britain packing com­ The purge amopg top-level per­ Rovernment'a buslnes*.... It Pentagon public relations officials when Hebert, accused the however. Libby has confronted sonalities of the church, which “hillllons of dollars, 1 QT. COVERED SAUCE PAN pany minutes before a policeman (Continued on Page Eight) (CouMitued • •7 Page Eight) n* *.ddM. -•-Hebert calls them "Alibi Artists” Deotajfon 10 days ago of a canri- them with details and the speci­ Rayoif crepep. White, beige, burnt orange. _ c QT. c o v er e d sa u c e PAN and another man were shot dead haa more than two million follow­ —to determine if they are more paign to "deliberately distort” the fied location of at- least one prison Dozen of patterns and rolorlngs f.it dresses, spinns, skirts drap- aqua. Sizes 32 to 38. Reg. $1.98 to $5.98. . . . . 5 ^ # ^ ^ at the door of the company's of­ ers in Hungary, including the gen­ Sees 6 Months Dela.v results of the subcommittee's in­ camp. REG. $1.19—22x44 BATH SIZE .. 8 4 c -enes. bedspresds, housecoats,_ etc. A.B.C. and Punjab finest 2 QT. COVERED SAUCE PAN Chelf aaid the President’s ac- interested In "spreading propa­ quality printa. ^ " fice. eral lay auperlntendent, the aec- ganda than in giving information.” vestigation Into buying practices. General L^e came back with a 3 QT. COVERED SAUCE PAN The young woman, Misa Helen ; retary-general and two bL-hops. tion would delay the alx-mohth He demanded a list of public re­ tirade against what he called "In­ 8” COVERED SKILLET deadline he had' placed on his In­ All this will begin in perhaps two Dut of New Britain, still waa tes­ The Budapest- newspaper Mag­ quiry, weeks. lations officials. famous Instructors" from For- REG. 59c— 16x28 HAND SIZE ...... 4 4 c tifying in the first degree murder Confident Taft Lashe^ yar Nemzet, reporting the chenges, Before then, the subcommittee The chairman asserted st a moM In UN prison camps. trial of Frank Wojculewicz, 34, of He denied any suggestion his said a meeting of the board of committee was on a "fishing ex- will complete consideration of a committee hearing yesterdav the Cliarge New Unreet JODHPURS REDUCED ALL PAINT AT ONE HALF PRICE/ Berlin, when Judge William .1. church wardens, presided over by Pentagon list was short at' least Shea adjourned the . trial until peditlon. ” but added: bill which' would require the mlH- He charged that the instructors REG. 29c fa ce CLOTH TYPE 180 LADY PEPPERELL Ike’s Democratic Ties Joszef Darvaa, Minister tor Edu­ "I am not falling but with hlmi*"'"^’ ***''’lces to streamline their 211 names.' The Pentagon named sre "again fomenting hunger Black, green, tan. Sizes 24 to 34 waist 'tues'day morning. cation. accepted the resignation supply bookkeeping. 72 In this department. slrikee and desperate petition*” __ KAYANIZE CLOSE OUT WojjfuIewMcz is accused of hold­ of iwa'n Reok. general lav auper- ______FINE COMBED YARN PERCAI s _____ ings up the A-. Y. O, Packing Com­ - (Continned nii^gn Btrht)- ~ “SnmiHoh f1nt

r_J’/' r ;‘ -' 7J

i - . V.

:rzf> ia*t:*/«yY-«


Kvsryons wslcome. Chrlatlan", Selene* textbook, "S ell Tbs Wsek ence and Health with Key to Workshop Rally Monday--, Scripturaa," by Mary Baker Eddy, Leave f-lfiweM fl#tas of Israel. and rally will be held at the North Kev. Oeorye P. Hthee X Wednesday— ______WQWS—Voice of PtDphecy. can of Little atrMt recently. R(^ Tied R. Hear. MlaM**E_ i healed the Mck, Thua Jeaua-Uught W O N »-N »w s. Matliodlat Church tpmoriww-fro m ■wr; W i M A 7:30 p. m. MldwsMi Lshten serv- --- W HAT- Wewi. ^ friihfflenta w m !ae"rv'ed by "Mlaa Percy P. Smith. | that the kingdom of Ood u inUct, WKND-Ncwti rarad* of HiU. ? p. m. to 7:30 p. m., at whlcl; AsaocUle MiDiatrr | Part HI of the Paaeion His­ unlvenal, and that man ie pure WTOT—Newa. WKNB—ythuanUn profrom. Carol Carlson and Robert Rich­ tory.* Sermon on the bufferings o f Ime the leading Speaker wrlll be ardson. Jr. On Washington's • Herhert iiemer*/». A. er»n»^.Frence, i Sunday Msjsee: and holy." , •> w n c —Neva. » Ittdd-WnC^uest Star. Rev. Roy 8. Smyiet, an African 'ERY SATURDAY NIGHT 7:4S| V Minister o(of M.Mule u le For aduIU:, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, Chriat, "In Agony." Ills —WDRC—Guest Star. M tW -W CCC-^uslc from London. Birthday, several membera of th* 8:40 p. m. Regulsr choir re­ WOlifB—Ruaa Carlyte'a Orcheatra. a :M - W D R C -^ H Lake City Taber- mlaaionary from MethcxHat head­ group journeyed to Oak 'n Spruce g ------ij0:00, 11:0<), with two Masse* at WTHT—U. 8. Marinea. node. _ quarter* In New York, Mr. and hearsal. Church membership Class North Methodist Church L o d ^ In the Berkahlres for a (lay n Second Sunday In'Lent. t 9:00 and 10:00, one in the main W n c —National Farm and Home WCCC—Pollih Hour., M ra Charlea Reynold*. Methodiat at the psraonage for all who are 447 North Blain .. .WONS—Polka Tlme.^ o f winter sports. 'M om lnr Worship at 10:45' auditorium at 9:00 for adults and Hour. inlaslonarlea-deaignate to India. ORANGE HALL interest^ in joining or in know­ Willard McLanghlla; MlaUter WHAT—Saturday Matinee. WHAY—Italian Program, Last week the members attend­ i ’clock citHdren at 9-00 in the WKNB-Ncws. willMlao bring meaaages. It la ex­ ing more about our church. Offers Frames, Offers l:*S-WDRC-Clty Hoipltal. ed the lecture, •Tahiti and the .*^^T„lude, •‘Prelude In B-flat Min- basement. Tw o hfasses at 10 POUFF or POODLE c u n WONS—Palin' with Alan. WTHT—Church of the Air. pected that pastora and membera Saturday— Divine Worship, 9:30 and 11:00. WTIC—World of Mualc. South Seas," at the Bushnell Me­ ’ __Bacli. o'clock, one in the main audito- W(3CC—News: Mancheater Matinee. from nine' nearby Metbodiat 9 a. m. Catechetical class. Prelude— WTHT—Shake the Maracaa. 1 1 :9P-W C <^—Newt; Italian Life. morial In Hartford with Earl B. ’ PrtKesalonalhymn. "When Mom- rium and one in the bamment. WKNB—American Lithuanian Re­ chiirchea will be present. 11 a. m. Sunday School Otoir Pictures Here Good Service L«t us advis* if yoi^ can wear the Pouff or Poodle WTIC—Juke Box. Brink as lecturer. The meeting tar Gilds the Skies"— Laudea ■ — p------' "Andante" ...... Gullmant WKNB-Ouest Star. vue. Thia program la one o f a series rehearsal. • Proceaeional Hymn--- __ I ;**—WCCC—M usir. WDRC—Bill Shadell. Newe. . ■t.bt.a, week .was held at the home I Domini. ” „ W. Brldf*f# Jhatrout. Stop in for individual styling. I t i o - W-TIG—Medley Time—Ha^ KdbV of - Worid . Outreach- - Wotkabope Anthem, "Saviour, Source "Glorious Things of 'fhee' Have you ever considered just Tradition msaiu a great deal to WDRC-i-norBiet Girts.------“ of Mf.- and Mrs. G. Alton 7‘errett Rev. Jamaa P. Tlmmlna. Ihwior WTHT—Met. Opera. Aftemoea which are being conducted in the Every BleesinB’ —Morart. Junior Choir—,< how much the right pictures can of Eldridge street. During the Rev. Robert Carroll and r Second Congregational Church many peopla and hi tha case of WHAT—runny Talk. IftA ^W D R C—People's Platform. Norwich District o f the Methodist i _ Hymn. "Jesiia, Thou Joy of I.^v. "Our Church" . Williams do to utterly change a room? It WONS—Palin' with Alan. WCCC—Italian Life, devotional period, records received ' Rev. Hieodore P. Oubala, 381 North Mala Street Mark Holmsa it is something that Church under the dirAiUon of Wil­ — Ins Hearts"—Blmihgton. / Scripture Lesson- is amazing the difference pictures WKNR-Ne»s;'»»40 Club. WTHT- ftT—New*: “ Mu*lc In the French from Pfc. Alton J, Mtmsie were AaatxtMita Rev. Leland O. Hunt, Minister titS-W HAT—Open House. Manner. lard J. McLaughlin, pastor o t the Won Y I A ct 11:19-28. make In a commonplace room, al­ he taKH serioasly. For more than played. They presented a ser- 1 Sermon, ‘.The Mission of J/sus" Warren D. Wood, Organist tiSS—WDRC—Grand Central Station, WONS-^Publh* Service Program. local church, who is also district 1 —Rev. Fred R. Edijar. Offertory—"Faith” (Song With­ most as though you had’ a twenty-five years he haa been nerv­ WCCC—News: Music. ' >1 WK.NB—Mualeal Varieties. missionary secretaiy. Mr. Mc­ m onetu uniquely arranged in the Masses on Sunday at 7:00, 8:00, l o w WTIC—Juvenile Ranch. form of a stirring foothill game. { •. Recessional Hymn, “ "Saviour out Words I . . . . Mendelssohn decorating job done. Albert Nack- ing the people o f Manchester and WKNB—Stars Review the Hits. Laughlin will open a discussion on 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 a. m. • Sunday. March 9 Hymn— owskl of 38 Lockwood street, tele­ i:**—WDR(;—Report from preriess. 12:ld—WKNB—Polish Hour. Private Munsie is a member of i Again to Thy I>«ar Name '/- Ellers. vicinity as a Funsral Diroctor and ’ 99 East Center Street WHAY—ftalian Voire. the subject,. ''Bringing the World 9:15.a. m. Church School. WKNB—News; Request Matinee, the Torchbearers now serving in ' 1 \ PoatIUde. “ But Thanks Be To "Where Oass the Crowded phone 2-4413 has prints and oil now he has been joined by hi* sons WTIC—Down Hnmere. WONS—Health Quia. Be ^ to My Church," and Rev. Charles 9:15 and 11:00 a. mi Divine Ways of Life.” II :M -W D R C—New*. the U. 8. Air Force at Keesler Ood"—Handel, St. Francia of Assist Omreh paintings fo r sale as well as spe­ Howard and Arthur Holine*. They, W H AT-News; Open House. X. Hutchinson, Jr., diatrict super­ Worship. Sermon— WONS—Beni.'stsnd, IT.B.A. WCCC—News; Ukrainian American Field, Miss. He has been acting 9:80 a m.- -Church School.. South Windsor, Route SO cializing in picture framing, pic­ too, feel a responsibility towa^ Hour. intendent. will lead a discussion on 11:00 a. m. Worship hour nur­ a:IS—WDRC—Adventures In Selene*. as the chaplain’s assistant. A fter 10;45 a.ra.-^Nursery and extend­ Rev. .\rthur J. Heffermaii, ,"He Was a Gcxid Man” ture mountings and in the repair­ the people they serve end do their J:Se—WCCC—News; Music. WONS—Women Talk. "Reaching M y Church to the Robert Copeland Robert ‘Paaclera sery. the meeting, .a pancake supper ed church school session. Pastor Rece.ssional Hymn— ing of antique frames and restoc- utmoat to carry on the tradition WTIC—U. S..,Amiy Band. WTHT—IrJ*h-Anierican Hour. World." He will also show "The Organ Prelude, Our Father "Chrl.st for the W orld" t ng o f old paintings. WePay BILL'S TIRE WONS—Sport s Psrsde. WTIC—Eternal Light. Robert Copeland, aon of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Copeland of 132 was served by the hostess. 4:00 and 6:00 p.m Membership i Francis Karvells, Curate Mendelasohn of aervice started by their father. WHAT—Jamboree. WHAY—Italian Program. Kyoto Story," a film concerning a Hilliard street, and Robert Panciera, son o f Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Psn- classes. Postlude - It is Iwsaible that Mr, Nackow- Whether you use the small Fu­ AND 9 :4S—WDRC:—Correspondent s .Sersten- WDRC—Charie* Coillngwood. o r a discoveries in Japan'. Ektch At the meeting next Wednesday | Hymn, Jeaus, the Very Thought of ciera of 226 Parker street, have signed up fOr service in the Arm y and plans for an education program 6:00 p.m.— Junior Hi youth Fcl- Mv5.ses at 7:30, 8:30 and 10:30 "Chorale." <0 Sacred Head, ski has done work f o r ' you at neral Home l(x;ated at 28 Wood- psd. WONS—Frank and Erne*i. person attending will bring his Thee ...... St, Agnea «:#a-WHAT—News; Polk* Hop. I WKNB-s>News: PollBh Hour. will leave Monday for Fort Devens, Maas. Both young men, close and recreational night will be dis-. Imvahip. a: m. Once Wounded) ...... Bach Hartford Framing but he is now bridge street or the new beautiful own lunch and the Joy Circle will Junior Choir Anthem, God Our Sunday School, 9:30. in a position to offer you speedy HIGHEST REPAIR SHOP WONS—News; Juke Box.' . WTHT—New*. friends, graduated from Manchester High School last June. cussed. Every member is urged ! 8:30 pm ,— M Y.F . meeting at one at 400 Main street, the'same W n c-B ltm Bryant k HIr Ulldrtti. WCCC—French-American Hour. provide the hospitality an(! coffee. Now Father ...... Beobide church, fellowed by a ."leth Parker World Outreach Wo:*kshop and service right In Manchester with­ care and attention Is yours. Many William H. Green, Pitqi. Rpou^nt M«Un#«. WTIC-rNew*. i 'The timetable o f the workshop will to be present. I Center Congregatloiial Oiurch Church Choir Anthem, Praia* Rally. This Workshop' includes out the trouble of having the work Wi>RC—Btiin OouRherty. JVDRC—String Serenade. grams, while the other ladies on formation may be put In the bul- sing at the home of Ormnnd West. Rowley residents' still prefer the smaller, WDRC—CroM Bprtlon .USA. WHAY—Music from Scandinavia. be found In the church announce­ Rev. d in ord O. Simpson, Pastor nine sister Methodist (Churches, done out of town. It Is possible to more intimate Home on Wood- Columbia Meyelts the committee are in charpe of .letin. The bulletin will also carry 75 Steep Hollow Ijine. Hymn, Lead Us O Father PRICES w n c —Mtnd Your Manner#. . ^ii^ Van Deventer. ments. under the guidance of Willard have work done ' at Manchester bridge street, but the newer one on Stephenp I sId—W TIC—Behind the Page*. table decorations and flowers. news of the activities of tjie l(x:^ . Evening, lauitcn Service, at ";3Q.- ,Rf,V.-.H",C®lj>,V,P?*a*. M iiilstfr of • ...... --Langran II. S. omI Fisk n m .The first of these, .workshops -B « ready to Rreet the roblirivith a spotlessly dean; pep- E duction MCLaughUri: NbrwTch'■'Dislrfct' Framing Within the space'of tWo Main atreet la ideally designed for ... ' ... W t lC -B lf City BerenAde. WTHT—1t»rber*hop'Ballad*. Past commanders; o f tlie post and auxlllkfy ufiU...... " ...... ! The second of these Informal | TheSermon, The Spring of Life WONS—Health Quu. was held last Sunday In Hazard- FIUK4AMERAS 4 l>r. Watson Woridniff, Minister Missionary Secretary. •or three days instead of waiting whatever type, of aervice you Repairs Soryica WTHT—Te# and Crumpet*, ville. Others are scheduled for past presidents o f the atixiliar.v syenint services being sponsored | Offertory by Mr*, Catherine Johns, d jil—WJ>RC—Stan l>ou»hfrty. Kchoes'of Ireland, Remember Saturda.v. March 15, FLASH BULBS. CASES. fectly pressed wardrobe this Spring. It’s not tpd early 4:00 Onen discussion, "Bring­ several weeks, aa.you would if the choose,-elaborate o r shnpie.'-as you \VDRC-^Trlnftv College. Norwich bn March 23 and at Put­ will h~ hosts and hostessee. the hnnual anniversary banquet. I b y the 'EpwoVth' League .bn the | Rmertm* • contralto.. Rags, Scfop Motol end Aecossarias WtfAY—Croaby'a QuAner. MOVIES, PARTS ing the World into My Chiurch," 'work were done in Hartford. Not wish, lioud'bpeakers placed at f:M —WHAT—Band V Demand. N. E. Collegea. nam on March 30. Honored giie.ets will inclu(lc Mayor Keep this date open, a good din­ general subject, "Friends of .lesus." i .\ndrew R. Watson, Minister of Hymn. Dear God of Life. Security rm . 180 Spruce Street >■ WTHT—Time* in Review. and it might be good foresight to avoid the usual Spring led by Mr. McLaughlin. only Is the work done more speed­ atrategic points insure every word ottier scdvogooblo * WCCC—Music. Harold *1 iirkinplon,. acting Town ner. speaker apd music. Open , will start with an oid-fnshioned | .Music Organ Pijatlude. Benedictus W n C -T h a Halpinv Hand. W O N ^ T h e Lutheran Hour. 4:45 Address, Rev. Roy S. ily but you will find the work is of the service clearly heard no T vfN B fe Phone 2-0659 1145—W*DRC—Plano portraits. Manager James Shcokey. Depart­ house will be conducted and all hymnrsing. Rev, Fred R- Edgar i ------Couperin WTHT—Pan American Union. lArthur Drag Stoiisl rush,...... Smyres- of_N ew York. done at ICss exp e^ e with no loss matter where, you may be and the Pin* Arts Exhibit. —W’TIC—Catholic Hour. ment Commander John W, Clarke are welcome.. will preach on "John, The Beloved | Sunday, March 9, 8:00, 9:15 and 5:00 p. m. The Junior Fellow­ 5:30 Infbrmal box lunch. *of quality. decorations and appointments in WONS—Jimmy Doroey Show. W’DRC—Symphonette. and Department AdJuUnt Charles Disciple." All are welcome to at. 11:00, ship group will meet in the Church Call or Write i:4d—WHAT—Sports. WCCC—German American Hour. Legion Neojs 6:15 Fllni, "T h e Kyoto Story" 'Mr. Nackowski has more than a all of the rooms ore dignified and L. Parker, both o f Norwich. tend. Prelude. "Cantllene" — Wheeldon. School kindergarten room, later WONS—Juko Box. W’TH.T—Marine* In Review. of a GI In Japan, renmrks by the hundred samples o f molding to yet beautiful. W TIC—Bob ConsodlnR. WONS—sVew*. The Week Anthem. "What Are There" — joining the other membera of the LIVE lE TTE R -^V E The local Legion post will meet Rev C. X. Hutchinson, Jr., choose from so that you are cer­ A service offered by the Holmes' Evoalns WHAY—New*: Thru the Listening Commander Chick Hogan an- 1 0 % Monday — Stainer. . • church in the family aupper and WDRC—Nows. Glao*. Tuesday evening at 8:15 at the "Reaching M y (Jhurch to the tain to find a molding that wilt Funeral Homes that is much ap­ nounoe.i that in the near future 7:30 p,m. Fellowship group and Scripture. .Matthew 5:1-12. movies, fit and enhance any picture you OSTRINSKY LONGER^E HAFFY WONS—Nowr. W'KNB-New*: Polish Hour. post home. The commander Is Cash and Carry Green Stamps World.” preciated is out-of-town arrange­ W TH T—MuBir, JJId—WONS—Artl»tr\' In Ivorj*. the p(>st will put out a monthly I Gleaners, ladies parlor. Hymn, "Father, Again In Jesus' 5:00-5:45 p. m. Organ recital want framed. It la surprising, but Dealers In Waste Materials anxious to have a good attendance 7:15 Addre.sses, Mr. and Mrs. ments for funeral services. In this W H AT—Nfwr. —W'DRC—N. Y. i'hllharmonlc Sym­ bulletin to keep the members In- i Tuesday,— Name We M eet"— Barnby. and vesper aervice. true that the proper frame does 18S RISSBL LST. TEL. 6878 phony. and urges all members to attend Charles Reynolds, Methodist mls- caes they will makti arrangements BUY ALL YOUR W TIC—?^WR. formed o f m e e 1 1 n g's, coming DR. SIDNEY VERNON 9:00 a.m. Mlzpah and Willing 6:00-6:30 p. m. Family aupper. much to enhance and bring out the f . I WONS— Short R. WHAY—Stio'day' Matinee. as several matters of importance Anthem, “O For A Closer Walk sionaries-deaignate to India. for a service to be held in whatever WTHT—Concert of Europe. events, social activities, etc. Mem- ‘ Workers Groups, ail-day mcctitrg, With God"— Foster. Bring sandwiches. Coffee and des­ beauty of a picture, and, if you are W TIC—Bob St4*riR. will be brought up and various ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF HIS OFFICE The W eek city you wish with a Funeral Di­ MEATS AT W HAT—Supder S^ronad^. W’TIC—Your Box at the Opera. ber.s of the post who will serve on 10:30 ^am. W.C.T.U., all-day Offertory. "Chant Sans Paroles" — sert will be served by the Mary uncertain a.s to the molding best WDRC—VJiltln* Tlm^. WCCC—News: Music. gommlttee reports will be heard. this bulletin committee are Adju­ FOR THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY Monday^- rector there, and then arrange for f;S a_W T U T —Nowr. 4 •W’ONS—BUT Cunningham. Steeting with potluck luncheon at Holmes. McClure group. suited to a picture, Mr. Nackow­ ?:8a-r-WCCC—Music. tant Earl Petersen, Assistant * AT 6:30-7:30 p, m. Movlea. The 7:00 Pastor's Confirmation ski is well fitted to advise you. services or prayers here in Man­ THELT.W00D WONS—Report from Pentayon. A ll members o f the post and noon and Kev. Jamea Bell of the Rermua "The Human . Need Of class, grades, 9-12. — chester. This is a great help and -WTIC—Hvmphon^* Orchestra. S:4d-WON8—Health Quia. Adjutant Ray Oos.selin, Comrade^ 889 MAIN STREET Nazarene (thurch as speaker at Humility" film .shown will be "1 Am With No picture is too .small or too i:4$—W TH T—National Cirarr.’. S:0dv-W’CCC—Music. auxiliary are urged ' to keep the Ray Hughes. Commander Hogan, [ a eanerA ^ieCaunJl^ You. " 8:00 Official Board The youth large to bo properly framed at the simplifies matters for the family, LOCKER PLANT WONS—Rvrnlnp Star. WTHT—Around the**Worid. following dhtea open: March 15,' MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT 2:00 O'clock, Hymn, "O Master. Let Me Walk W'ONS—Bandstand U.8 .A. and Past Commander Ted F a ir-1 The W eek ...... - of the class are Invited to this Htiidip.aTid,pdd jilze^fram.es can be for It relieves them entirely of the W'DRC—tssrry. L4»»\|pur News. post anniversary dinner a t 6 p. m.; | - - 3;46 p m,-Brownies------....With Thee" -Smith;------meellngV ...... ’ necessity fo r contseting and mak*- . _J;tGT-WONS—AI Heifer. Sports. WTIC—America's Music. banks. All committee chaitrn.ehi ______OFFICE HOURS:- BY APPOINTMENT ------6 45 p.m. Junior Choir re­ Monday, 6:30 p, m. Girl Scout foun(l here also. W hy not atiip iii anA MEAT HOUSE W T IIT —Ma«toHrorkR."~' ' ..... —WHAY—News-^ dfurio.- ...... - 7 * March 29...Neighbochood. N igh t at | Postlmle, "Postlude In Eb"— Smart. Tuesday, 7:00 Boy Scouts. Ing arrangements with a Funeral WKNB—Bold Venture. who have any imri(5uh"ccmcnt8 re-1 TELEPHONE 7402 hearsal. All parents of members of Troop No. 12 will meet at the and see for yourself? WHAY^-Svmphony Hill. ^ the post home at 8 p. m.; April 29,1 garding activities'in the post are 7:90 p. m., Pilgrim Fellowship. Wednesday — Director-out of town. i 51 Bissell St. Tel. 8424 W D n e—ThjR 1 BeUrvo; SabHrLHiy at S;.|g.-W'TIC-Elmo Ropf-r. Initiation of all new members into ! the Junior C3iolr are asked to be churcli. Those pieciou.s baby pictures W'TIIT—Hour of Derision, advise(l to contact any member' 3 1 4 MAIN STREET 5 I 3 t Susan wr. WKNB—Ouy Lombardo. o f the committee so that the in' | tend evenin'R service. 2:00 Joy Circle. come a frank talk with the family W'ONS—Air .Force llour. will be a large attendance at all ■ In the chapel during this rehears­ rehc.sraal. protected and the cost of baaing it ■ W*ONft—Down You Go: N<*wS. 9:30. C YP t.'lub, hiflness meet­ 7:30 Parish I^enten service, (lone Is so small that it is foolish to as to the type of service desired W'HAY—N. E. Music Festival. Sj'ld—W’Cee—Magazine • Must*. of these pro^am s. I al. ing. then attend evening service. 8:00 p. m. Mancheater Choral "Waiting for God." and a statement as to the amount W TH T—Masterworks. WTIC—John Cameron Swayze. 7:00 p.m. Boy Scouts Society rehearsal. put o ff having it done. ■ A U MAKES iOF ItSd—W'TIC—American Forum of the 7 30, Sunday, evening service Friday. 7:30 A class o f Instruc­ of money they want to spend. WDRC—Operation Undorirround. Air. At the Firat District meeting 7:00 p.m. Senior Girl Scouts. Weeineaday. 2:00 p, m. The Lucy Remember th.at you can pur­ 528 EAST CENTER ST. g. fta—WDRC—Gene Autrv. with B movie. "A Wonderful Life.” tion concerning bulk food buying, chase prlnLs, mirrors and oil There should be no embarrass­ WONS—Twenty Que.Rtlons. W'DRC—New* Roundup. held at the Veterana Home in 7:30 p.m. The new group of the Spencer group will meet at the prenaratlon anil serving bv trained ment on the part of the family in PH O NE 7854 W T ir —J«n * Are. W'THT—Revival Hour. The Week paintings at the Studio and if you SEWING 4 W'Cee—Music. Rocky Hill on Sunday. Feb. 24, the W.3.CB. will meet at the home .of church. Instnictors, sponsored by WSCS, making such a statement and it is %%'TItT—Western Roundtip. Monday, 7;.30, Youth Choir re- Thursday, 7:00 p. m. Boy Scout are Interested in changing your g.^O—WDRC— Hopolonx Caestdy. WONS—Bobby Ben’gon. local poat won the attendance the acting Chairman, Mrs. Percy offering. of great help to Mr. Holmes for W^KNB—News:. Mr. Pickwick Pre- prize. We were tied with Eaat hcarsaL.. -Troop-133 will- inaat « t the church. room,.,decorations, ,ypu will flnil MACHINES \VONS-Theater of the Air. 'Sents...... P. BBilth, 1-7' Bond atrset, —I"—! " Saturday— ' '-" r-'r-.... he ■nor'hls sons Wish f6 impo'se a fi- ■■'"“ W T ir —ThAMe Bfth' And Ray. Haftford. but becau8e'"they‘^had ___ 7:45 p.m. Rtsnlev Group, ladlea 7:45, Loyal Circle K ing's Paugh 8:00 p. m. Relgioua Education the'answer here at 'N'ackowski's. 4:»d-WTlC -Marlin Kane. Private - 10;30------Pastor-'* -Conflrtnatiom nanrlal burden-on *ny-family,-The- EXPERTS R ' W TH T—Danrlne Party. Xy4k, w o n -U -«t—the -lASt—meeUng—. and Tefs.' committee wftl meet _aL the ...... -parJor, clkas...gradea. Z..anil_a...... jaf..mfiney.yau.speiuUuu no --W'DRC—It*'*- A4wayw•Sumtay: ------:■ •"■H:flnprjnrJfn“ CruT)7' ' ------chuT-efiT ...... amount WTTC%-Judy rRtiov«.“ “ Manchestej-had'traveted"a"great*rf Wednesday — 6:00 Public supper by Men's fAon Evange'flcal laitheran Churcli" bearing on the full measure of To assist when you have road WITAV—News: Record Review. W'ONS—Under Arrest. diatance td the meeting place th e ; Tuesday, 9:15, Pastor's Cunflr- Friday, 8:00 p, m. The Mary W’HAY—Sundav Matinee' ^ 7 :30.p.m. "Th* Mikado" reheara- Club. Repeat menu by request. Cooper and High Streets serv'ice you receive and the sin­ troubles we have 2 Wreckers WONS—Theater of the Air. cup waa awarded to the Manchea- ‘ matlon class. "■ Cuahnuin group will meet at the SINBER f.jia _ W T ir—Grand Old Opry. irW-W^ONS-i-Bobby Benson. i *1. ' . Rev. Paul G. Prokopy, Pastor cere effort on their part to assist and 8 Service Trucks at your .T:00— W'TIC—Hollywood Playhouse. ter poat. j 8:00, Groiip D, Mrs. John Mc- home of Mrs. Albert Post, 132 WDRC—Brosdwav’a Mv Reat, Thursday — Miss Marlon A. EnHn, Organist you. service and for your conven­ WONS—laombardo I*and. U. S. A. , W’THT—-Sunday Serenade. Green road. Other hostesses for SEWING CENTER W'HAY—Chapei of the Airlane*. 1:00 p. m. Wonien's prayer Elraevy, leader Service meeting Covenani-rongregational Church ience. , |*:0A--WDRC—Newp; Robert Q’S Wax- Boya and girla of Mancheater the evening are Mrs. Edward Jgokln*. group in tha Upper Room. All are W edneday, 3:15. Cherub Choir 45 Spruce Street March 9, Remlniscere Sunday: 832 Main St. Tel. 8883 workf*. WONf^—The Shadow*. who attended the Legion'a Nutmeg Klrkham and Mrs. E. B. Inman. WONS—Chlraco Theater of the AH’* welcome. rehearsal. Rev. Carl M. Helgemon, Pastor 9:00 a. m., Sunday School. St. John's Polish National STATION OPEN DAY W'DRC—Arthur Godfrey. Boya State and the Auxiliary! Saturday, 7:00 p. m. Church Manchester W TIC—Vatirhn Monroe Show. fi:30 p.m. Intermediate Girl 7:30, Senior Choir rrhearsal. Puil Paige, Organist 9:30 a. m., Bible C3ass for Catholic CTnirch A N D NIGHT W TH T —Irteh Propram. ^ —WIIAV—Harmonv Shop. Laurel Girla State at the Universi­ choir rehearaal. WTIC—W'hltfhain2 12 . Scouts. 8:00, Wednesday evening. I.S'nten adults. Golua.v Street W HAT—News; Reci>rd Review. ty of Connecticut last summer are 9:45 a. m., Sunday Bible school. WONS^Chlrapo Theater of the Air. W'THT—Greatest Story Ever Toh.'. 7:45 p.m. Mlzpah Group, ladies service movies, "King, of Kings." 10:00 a. m.. Nursery in the par- Rev. Stephen S. .Str.vjewskl, lIl- ta - W T ir —Saturday Nlpht ReVlew W’DRC—Hearthstone of the Death reminded of a reunion to be held 8:30, Thc plans meetInR. 11:00 a. m.. Church-time nurs­ i.sh houSe during church worship. Pastor COOK'S W THT—Top Tunee. ' Squad. parlor. Eiiuuiuel Laitheran CTiurch W’O.VS- True D<^ectlve Mvsterle*. tonight at '7 o'clock at the Middle- Friday, 3:15. Chapel Choir re­ ery. 10:00 a. m.. Divine worship. 5liss Clara Skraliacz, Organist 1 1 :00—News on all Rte^lona. town Legion Post Home. This j 8—10:00 p.m. Open hou.se at the Kev. O irl E. Ulson, PaMtor 11:00 a. m.. Morning wor.ship SERVICE STATION Te P. HOLLORAN W TH T— N''we; Saturday Night —W HAY—SpofTlght on Sport*. parsonage. hearsal. Clarence W. lielalng. Organist Text: Isaiah 53:4-5; 54:l-3.JTheme. Manchester Green. Phone 5501 Daorine Party. Kiealag will be the time for you to renew ] service'. The Junior Choir will sing. "Christ'.s Conquest for Us; Our Sun-Jay, March 9: Friday — 3:00. Brownlt'.s. and Cholrmnster . FUNERAL HOME IIjl5 _W O N S —Dance Orcheatra. 4:0®-W ’DRC—My Friend Irma. old friendships and make new 1:00-0:00. Itod (Yoss Blood Bank The pastor will s ^ a k on the sub- eoDques't for C*rlst." 8:30 a.m. Mass. W'^TTC—Earl Godwin. W'ONS—The Gabby Haye* Show. ones. 7:00 p.m. Choir rehearsal. Ject, "Be of G (^ Cheer from [ i,:00 a. m,. Divine w. 10:30 a m. High Maas. Ideally located—convenient and WDRG—Public Service Program. W HAY—News. Saturday ,8:30. Co-Weds Second Sunday in Lent: n^t worship with 1 1 *^0—W T ir —Roundup Time. W'TIC—New*. the text in Matthew 14:22-36. celebration of Holy Communion. away from the busy thorough­ |?:r0_ W T i r —New!i. W'THT—Drew Pearson. Congressman .James T. Patter­ 1:30 p.m. Rehearsal, principal Saturday, 9 30, tipper Junior 9:00 a. m.. Church School. 6:00 p. m., Covenant Hi-League 1:30 p. m„ Zion Church is a fare. Distinctive Service. Mod­ I•:;^0_^VTT^—Hollvwood' Orchestra. 4:1.’*—W'HAY—People* Lobby. son of the Fifth Congressional ch.sraatera of "The Mikado.” Lenten classes 10:05 a. m., Carlllonic bells. meeting. All young folks 12 years Gospel Hall DON WILLIS 1?:55—W TIC—Newa W'TIC—Yale Interpret.* the New*. chu:'cb of the International Lu­ District will be the principal 8:00, Co-Wed Show rehearsal. 10:10 a. m„ Sacrament of bap­ and older are invited. Lenten films 415 Center Street em Facllitl.es. Snndav « Morning Headline* theran Hour, broadcast in 36 lan­ 4:,W--WDRC—Our Ml*a Brook*. tism. will be shown. 7:g<^WCCr—Organ Melodlea. speaker at the post's annual guages in-.Uniteil States and Cana- GARAGE 7:l?V_wrcC—Hour of St. FranHp. W’ONS—Nick Carter. birthda.v party Saturday evening, TaKoItvIlle rongregalinnal Chorrh 10:30 a. m.. Divine worship con­ 7:15 p. m.. Organ meditations, 10:30 a. m.. Breaking of the T. P, HOLLORAN 7:Sd—WCCC — Outdoor* with CHIT WTIC—The Big Show. • Rev. Jainn A . Dull, Pastor The Sttlvallon Arpiiv ducted by students from Upsala prayer-time. (la and 50 other territories and bread. , ' Knight. . J'T jl'r—CBS Symphony March 15. at 6 o’clock at the post HBI ,V|aln Street foreign countries over 1,000 star 18 Main St. Phone 2-4531 FoneiiU Director T;«®-W'DRC^.Iack Benny. W'llfr.iu ur v-iijM.. rwii« Jack Anderson, Titusville, Pa. Wodne.sdiiy, 8:45 p. m., Senior! WDRC—New. McCarthy Show. post home and contacting the Square, Niiw Britain. W’THT—Stop the Music. 11:00 a.m.—Service of Holy Wor- tic...... of Boston. ‘.Mas''., who will ill Greetings - Choip relioarsai. Front End Alignmont W H AT—New*: ChorlMer*. .steward. Members who are tn _. I 3:00 p. m.. Choral Union of the' WCCC—Mu*ic. W'HAY—Guest. Star. Ship. , chilslcirh s nephew, Richard Elliot Arthur Forsberg, Auburn, Mass. Saturday. 8:00 ' p. m Hyrla«Allra Fbvp chargera of ticketfcsvjzbb r*a.sales isa aarc il diillcom • — Walther League-at-Chfist-CbiHeh;— t > 1 j^WTHT-MprnlnA__SoDfc ----- a t mn, nuiy, noiv, nm y.______’bca i-SCilA-— I— ~ — ---- ■CSOenanl—laeague-meetiT --- roe-,--,,-----Y-- — 'i I"" “i' T WDRC—Shopner* Special. TB(y~~Milt6n~ Hansen, chairman Scripture, Matthew 15:21-28, 9:30 a. m.. Sunday Schooi. Joseph Doldon, Newark. N. J. home of Mr. and Mrs. Hjalmar "Broad "and Madison streets. Hart­ g;j|i_^WKNB—Polonl*. *•13—WHAY—Dream 'f'lme. and Junior Vice Commander Rob­ ford. , f WONS—Radio Caroler*. R:.10—WDRC—Play hou**, Hymn, "Lead Kindly Light." 10:50 a. m , Hblineea meeting. Offertory—"Prayer" . . . . Boellman' Carlson, 9 Hemlock street. W’HAY—Gcmme na.**lra1c. WTIC—TliAiitAr Guild. ert Petersen. Anthem. "Chrlatiun the Morn," 2:00 p. m.. Silver l.u>ne Sunday Sermon — 7:00 p. m.. A ll canvassers' meet­ HNEST REPAIR WCCC—W w *: rivmii Tim*. ON8—Gurhantpd Hour. Members of the anniversary Shelley. School. Lowell Albee, N, Qiiinry, Mass. ing for the Conquest for Clirist W'TIC—Sabbath Me**ag*. —WDRC—Corll** Arrh*r. committee who arc working on Sermon, "How to Fruatnite SI. Clary’s Episcopal Church campaign in Zion's CTiurch assem- • W’THT—Music for Sunday,. ^ WTHT—Frank Sinatra. 0:15 p m., Band .Street-meeting Anthem—"Adoramus Te" ...... A SarvicK JONES' SERVICE t : 4.W WONS—New*. Gould Conduct*. arrangements are Past Com­ Cod." 7:30 p. m , Evangelistic meeting...... /. Rosselll ^ (Tinrch and Locust Streets bly room. WTIC—Mvmn Time. ONS—Oprra Concert. manders Francis E. Miner, chair­ Rev. Alfred L. Williams, Pastor The Week Vlelt Jones Fuml- on Washers, Toasters, WTHT—Cafr I*tanbul. Hymn. "Sailor. Like a Shepherd The W eek Postlude. O f ttOD—WDRC—World New*. man. Charles Wigren. W ilfred Lead Ua.” Rev. James S. Neill, Tuesday—■ • WCCC—String Time. ^ WHAY—Falcon Ballroom. Monday, 7:30 p. m.. Friendship 7:00 p, m.. Organ recital pre­ inre and Floor Cov­ Irons, Sewing Machines, WOVS—Siirdav BIMe Hour. 9:30—WDRC—Meet Mllllr. C'arke. Senior Vice Commander 7 p.m.— Youth v-ll,,y|-^e Rector Emeritus 6:00 p. m.. Sunday School Teach­ Sincffrity j Circle. sented by Clarence W. Helsing. ering Store for Vacs, etc. WTHT—Mazzlnl Strlety. WTIC—1(»4 Qu**tion. Webb LitOe and comrade Charlea The Week ^ Rev. Richard B. K aller, Curate ers' Staff dinner and meeting. Where Personal W’TIC—W'orld New* Roundup. WHAY—Ea«y Ll*tanlng.. Romanoroski. Past presidents of Tuesday, 8 P.m.—Second union Tfie.sday. 6-,30 p. m.. Junior Band. The Week Wednesday— Large Assortment- X W’KNR—New*; Polonla. WO>^—John .T.~' Anthony Hour. Monday— Consideration W’HA.T—Italian Program. jli<.>_\rTHT-Thr*a Sun*. the auxiliary who are oh the com­ Lentsn service in the Vernon Metli- 6:45 p. m„ Songsters. The Second Sunday in ten t . 7:30 p. m., Third Lenten service. of Fine Floor Cov­ ABC 8:00 p, m., Band practice. 3:50 p. m„ Girl Scouts. I* A Tradition ttt.WW'TIC^Chnr.Yen’* Corner. P^oplf* Act. mittee arc Mrs.' Viola Rice. Mrs. odlst Church. Rev. Maiitice 8:00 a. m,. Holy-? Communion. Text: Mark 14:36. Theme, "Christ! ering. Can C * for W’DRC—Voire of Religion. WTHT—Paul Hanev.i 6:30 p. m.. Boy Scouts. Charles Wigren, Mrs. Beatrice Foulkss, rector of St, John's Wednesday, 6:30 p. m.. Corps Celebrant, the Rector. Cup of Sorrow, Our Cup o f Salva­ 2S Woodbridge Street APPLIANCE CO* W'ONS—Voire of ^aivar>*. AVTIC—Tin Pan Valloy. Ca'd»*r Show. WANTED , Friday. 7 p.m -.Tiinlnr dllgb ■lajiie^ W. Mi'Kay, Organist Wednesday— JOB AND COMMERCIAL 11:00 a. m.. Morning Prayer- Shrubs— Cedar Fences WCCC—SImrha Time. v Memories. ■ , ■ ' ■ 'I Club, and Choir Director 3:15 p. m., Brownies. Litany and sermon by the Rector.. W'HAY—Italian Music. 15:00—WTIC—Ne«’*; Music. PRINTING WHAY^New.*. Saturday. 7:15 p m —Choir re­ 7:45 p. m.. Mid-Week Lenten Senior Choir. Wapplng Community Church Ornamental, Shade and hearsal. ' - service. Prompt and Efficient PrinUng 15:S0— 'Panadlum .Orchestra. Apply To Sunday. .Maich 9. .Musical outline of this service: Kev. David 4'rookett. .Mlnhter Fruit Trees of All'KInda 9:30 A. M.—Church School. •8:30 p. m., Emanuel Choir, Processional— "Jesus, And Shall It .Mm. .Anthony I'liHinettl. Tho». Rohorty, Siipt.- ■11:00 11.111. Morning Worship. Thursday— F X -er^e?" Organist and 47ioir Director WHA'TH THE REAL PRICE The First Congregational ' • 2:00 p, m , Ladie.s' Aid SiH'iety; COMMUNITY PRESS Pi-eludc: " I ’listoiHl Sketch"', Litany Hymn—"Saviour, When In ____ OBL TOUR- a a O S E t •Dicks, ...... ------: ReVr-Rteh*rd-Br Kalterr speaKen-'h' — 9;3(>-a, m; J.-Wi'-Bara-.— i i-r-J.-C.'UaraoH Television Vernon Center ___ ....Dust To Tliee!"...... '...... ' Churr/t setiooi;...... -PrnceaaiomiJ .-H.vniiv:-!'JjRht -of l . 8:00 p.. m,, Q Clef Club. Sequence 'T h y Kingdom' Come, 10:4o-a. m Morning worship. Bare '------Toall fins war cumpeleal TlkiloiifaT KL I ^ l o r tlie World. We Hull Tliee.' Friday— ! Prolude Cor. No. !)lnln and No. Krbool .«ppnlaer* weD qaallflad to Mr»* iohn Borers. OrennUt ^ O God! " F. M. 615 Poflior Stroof Aqthem 3:30 p. tn.. Junior Confirmation Offertory—"How Long Wilt Thou "Prelude" ...... Cesar (Cul Street* — Telephone 5727 1 tno-iBOitnn BUrkle. help yoB. O ffertoiy Soli) by Jack Provan, C3aa.s: Hymn— l:.10-,Super Circus. Sunday, March 9; necomt *Sun- • Forget Me?" ...... Pflueger 2:0U—Hopslnna Csuldy. Romember, there Is never ,Reoe*siunal—-‘T h y Kingdom i'i'!* .§Aviqur,,mot .!„, VeL' 16M « r 2-8509 Maachecter ' H.()l>.,.Y««>;A«ln(t»For JU- Soe Jesua __ ;__ ;__ ^______^ Oamel - -On-Bended-Knee Me ...... Uouid; -.-a;M-3unliil F’30 a. ni’ Church' School. Sermon: "The Enduring Satrs*^ , Junior Chiiir^ Offerrory— liTsIniments loaned'to Se^ 4 :(ib—Industry on Parsde. Y o | i hope it won't happen to youj but in millions o f homes each j*ear 10;45 a. m. Morning worship factions." i 7:00 p. m„ Kyensong with B(jy*', 4-IS—Film Shorts. JARVIS REALTY 9:43 a. m,, Senior Confirmation Choir. Instruction by the Rector "Song Without Words” Bendel 4:35—Bums and Allen. accident and illness do strike—often with tragic results. The Red Crass : Sermon subject: "Peter " the -Recessional Hym n: "Dear Lord Class. Hj*mn— NDINCHESTER Msfidieeter 41 It Doinr follows this service In the parish ginnere on our trial plan. TiiEE PRUNINa 8;0D—Juvenile Jur>-: Rock.'-' Nursery for children.- and Father of Mankind " l:i>0 p. m., Ladies' Aid food sale "S a M o u r Like a Shepherd *:*»—TV Recital Hall. Throw Thom Away has trained millions in first aid aii^ home nursing for the better > 3:00 p. m. Youth choir re- at Hale's. house. Topic this week. 'T h e R:55—Morgan Beatty. Newa. Postlude: "Luidatc '■ Deum” Ministry." Lead Us" ...... Bradbury still plenty of wear left In protection of themselves, their families, and their neighbors. But much i bearsat at church. Baumgartner. Sermon— DRY GLEANERS 4:05—Lone Ranger. Third Wednesday in Lent 1:35—Better Homes Show, ahoeo rep air^ here. — 3:00 p. m. Confirmation class "River of Living W'aler" ami REMOVAL 7:05—Orourho Marx. more remains to he done. A t least one person in eveo* family should meets at the parsonage. Chrlstlaa Science Society (March 12): Hymn— . , 93 W«Hs StTMt 7:30—One Man'a Family. Showings of the film ".Second Cunciinlla Eviuigrilral 7:30 a. m.. H oly Crimmuntoh. H a v a . your trees pruned and 1:00—Ken Murray Show. have this valuable knowledge . .•. knowledge which may mean the Mmaonic Temple "Jesus, Lover, of My 9:05—Tour Show of Showt. SAM YULYES . Chance" by the Pilgrim Fcllow- Lutheran Church Celebrant, the Rector. removed by iloensed and In- TdtpJiOM 7254 difference between life and death. That takes generous giving 6f time, Soul" ...... Marsh aoied tree snrgeona. 10'35-Your Hit Parade. Shoe Repairing p( the Bet­ ahip. This Is an excellent adult, Garden ami Winter streets Sunday service, March 9, ,11:00 10:0o a. m.. Holy Communion. Postlude— it :0 0 —Wrestling 12:05—Rarkef Squa.d. ter Kind Done While Vou cooperation and energy. And generous giving of money, too—for film and the cornmunitv at laree Ret. Erlrh Brandt. Pastor a. m. Celebrant, the Curate. A period "Postlude in G * Scotson Clark , la Invited. * 875 Main SL— TcL, 2-3414 Conrl.-News. Walt. Ivan Ber.kHilh, Sunday School, 11:00 a. m. of intercessory prayer follows this Saadsy supplies, equipment and training. Every dollar you give today means, The Week service each Wednesday during Expert Dry IS MAPLE HTREET Organist and ('holrnuuter Wednesday evening meeting, CARTER TREE A. M. Opp. Firat National Store Monday— Senior choir rehearae.s 8:00 p. m. t^nt. Please give requests to one 10:00—Frontiers of Faith. better protection for you and your loved ones. Now is the tim e - Siimlay, March 9 — ' o f the clergy. 10:35—Mr. Wizard. Parking Lot. at 7:30 in the parsonage The public is cordially invited; EXPERT CO. Cleaning Service 11:05—Ranger Joe. give generously to your Red Cross! * Tuesday—Union Lenten serv- Second Sunday tn Lent. •■Man'* will be the subject of 7:30 p. m.. Litany with sermon It :15—Tootsie Hippodrome. I Ice at 8 p, m. in the Vemon 8:50 a.m . Sunday School. the Lesson-Sermon for Sunday. by the Rev. Joseph A . Johnson of ' PHONE 7695 11:30—Kit Carson. ■ Methodjet . Church. The Rev 10:15 a. m. Worship aervice: March 9. 1952. New Haven op "Piophets of 12:05^A1I Star Revue. Maurice Foulkes, St. John's Epis- Prelude: "I Call to Thee. Lord The Golden Text la from Daniel Righteousness and Qrace.” Full 1:05—Date With Judy. copal Church will be the speaker. •Jesus Christ" ...... j. s. Bach 10:19. "O man greatly beloved, senior choir. Discussion group In ■1:30—Cisco Kid. ! Hi# topic, second in the series of Sermon.* *‘Abounding More arid PICTURE 2:00—Roy Rogera. fear not; peace be unto thee, be the parish house follows this serv­ 2:30—Claudia. SERVICES five great doctrine* o f the Church, More" strong, yea, be-atrong." ice. Group sponsors this week, jhe 3:05-rName'a The Same. will b# "Th# Sin" of Man." Wor- Choir Anthem: *'\Vhen I Survey Selectona from the Bible include Q. F, 8. senior membera. FRAMING 2:30—Hall Of Fame. That Interpret The Wishes ship service under the lesdership the Wondrous Cross'* An*, bv 4:05—Meet The Press. the following: "Then said Jesus Thursday. 3:30 p. m., (Children's Picthrea Mounted and 4:30—Ellen’ Queen. o f the women's groups of the par- Ralph A, Harri.'i unto them, I will ask you one Lenten service. Framed — Old Frames 1:00—Stu Erwin Show, Of The Family tj^ a t in g churches. Organ Offertor>*; "The Lord Is My thing; la it lawful on the sabbath SMular Event* 6:30—Super .Circus. Shepherd" ... .Thoma# Koschaf Repaired 4:00—Fred Waring Show. ,w «^ »d *y —Men's Qub meets at days to do good, or to do evil? The March meeting of the Wom- 4:30—Break The Bank. •the church for its monthly recre- Postlude: "Prelude" . .C. H. Rinck to save life or to destroy ItT And an'e Auxiliary will be held Mon­ Prints and Oil Paintings 7 p. nl, *'The Pilgrim age Ploy" a 7:05—Paul Whiteman Show, JOHN B. BURKE jjw onal meeting which Includes looking around about upon them day at 7:30 p. m. Program. "Eht- For Sa^ • ' 7:35—Jack Benny Show. round, color film, presents the life 4:00—Toast O f The Town. Babjrland . Ibowliqg end a)so games at th* all. he said'upon the man. Stretch ploring the Prayer Book,” led by Dependable Qaallty — Servlee! 9:00—TV Playhouse. •hurch. and teachings o f Jesus Christ, forth thy hand. And he did ao; and the Rector. FUNERAL HOME sponsored by the Sunday School. 10:00—Celebrity Time. i THIS ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BT ' J Thursday— Church school staff hia hand was restored whole oath* Weekly organiaationa meet at. JOHNSON POINT CO. Albtrl Naektwskl 10:30—Electric Theater. Luther League. . Young Married other." (Luka 8:9, 10.) Il :00—Sunday Newa Special.' 87 Eaat Center S t ToL 8868 (••••I* *8 ySO In the parsonage. their regular hour* according to 699 MAIN STREET MANCHESTER Willian H. SekhMgt 38 Lockwood Struct i i ;U —Flreiide Theater. C ob les, and the Ladies Aid. Correlative passages f i ^ th* KEM PS, Inc, Tiw W. 6. GlRMey Go. Thi MaRobostor Lonbor Co. ' the revised schedule, for L e n t IM Mproee Street Tel. 8890 Queatloua. AMBULANCE SERVICE Q. L Willli A Son, liti ■^eL 2-4313 12:15—Newt. Its tlalB

, ( > - r7--nr",nyff'''»w’«sr«A’WSPHT«'t*Mrw>v--53 m - ^ G E O X MANCHESTER EVENING HERALD, MANCHESTER, CONN,^ SATtJRDAY. MARCH 8. 1962 ..I Ill'll, M ANCHtaiEB EVENING .HERALD., MANCHESTEB. CONN^^/SATURDAY, MARCH 8. 1962 thla. I t is that the ofiglaal State IKanrl^Efltrr Lutheran Synod dexffof. In the circuit at SL Mat­ Memorial HosidUl. BUte Police Depautaieat aaaouncment was thew's Lutheran Church, N ew P&WA Promotes Report $5,178 Head! Ladiet* Night Grants Develops officer Bmeot L. AngeU of Col- Intended Bo give the Impreedoa Connecticut Britain, gt.3;30. In the evening at cbeeur Barracks, who Investigat­ Engaged Truman Rests Cornltis IprraUk e iroom, that Clubb had been cleared by Seeks 10 M illioii ed, arreated blm for reckless driv- TV Servicemen 1 C an cpum tt t o r Two Local Men Its Own Brands iegular paeceeeee. I f ft had not YOU ARE INVITED TO AHEND F o ^ R e d (> 0 8 8 .lag. Ha waa givan a sunurtons ZNC Yankee " imHR win to appear ' E a r R d n g t L ’5 2 If^MkMtW. been for Republican aleutbS^ A pw|p— $ fe miss sHgOotoiSOO Two Mancheeter residents' are Believing that the public wants in Yeomaiu Hail March 17. B y A . H . 0 . lo r a tM o B and edocatlotiaJ expan S h o w that wod^ have continued to be Zion Evangdieal Lutbesan among 14 Connecticut employee Henry Wjrman o f Wlndbiun, N. Sion haa been' laimcbsd by the Fund Drive Ends Sec* value above aU elae, the IV. T. i f ■' , the pubHe assumption. The truth Church, one o f five tfiousand par- reemUy promoted at Pratt A ™ PILGRIMAGE PLAr Y „ will qieak from the pulpit of Political Battle Pabitobtn __ 9.000 eoBgraghtlon «of th« Luth' Cbaat Oo. consUntly strives to By RICH^D BLEINEB r o n a M October 1. lU l wae aptmltted only after I t had How wa don't want to spoil tahea o f the iHaaourt SynA haa Whitney Aircraft, WiUlam P. ond Week wilk Ovor Columbia CbngregatioiuU O nir^ fsounded Mtiia - q wi^ M IssoBrt B y odr-tBh# ptaBOKl End o ifu ttid E if the en­ X lW ltU i, giiieral ' manager,, an­ the 'vahiies It offera, ac­ •Mrtlbbnaa been discovered. Deception was Denideratlc Stata (Kalm an John tmnday MonOn (OMtlaued fiM riiii# Om ) Niivi^ YorK—(fiEA)^Ydu rablUhod______.K M tr, Brentne B a c ^ Mtsaourl deavor locally with the church nounced today. THE STORY OF TNE 25% of $20,000 Goal cording tO/Robert F. DUIoa, man^ uaing "Our Living Faith" aa the found nothing wrong with'tha M t ■uadtri tn< HolliUre- Entered'>t the Bailey's fun writh liU curious arfu- catch A teievlalon aervlcenuui Ju»4 abandoned only after It had failed luest For couneu and a Oonqueat fo r Christ Paul E. Wlllhlde of ISSTkomp- ager of the - Maadwster store eubject o f his sermon. Mr. W y­ The lady, howavsr/turMd out to ~ I Office et Mencheeter. Conn., u ___ ittM IMU LIFE. O F JESUS CHRISr Armory. i watching teievlalon. There'i; a i«d glM » M il Metur...... to deceive. ment that an Illegal extravagance committee. Rudolf Lota la chair­ aon road haa been promotad to arhich celebratea its flrsf. anniver­ man comes on the ofliciel invita­ be stone deaf. bean formed at the Zillo«Uon of which was the Loyalty and 'sue today as It was when the Re­ new college wiU augment the . 'm s C A B B Y A L L ad in order to Insure the contin­ - TTirpugh uee o f rigid standards, spine. Cards from friends back Finally, abbot the filth Ume It The servicemen, operating for oil new* dlipntehea credited-.to it. or present program of ministerial LEADIHO BBAHDS uance of the aervicee given by, the free 'natloM working with thla Western Union Services, Inc., even not otherwiee credited in thie paper Security Board's action on Clubb. publicans used to go up and down extensive Independent laboratory home will help to cheer his stay. happened, the serviceman sttiod preparaUon for Lutheran pastors. Red Cross. teats and ceaseless comparison couritry to stand off international come up' against sports contaain and tiro the Incel neeri publleheo! here. may- reflect qareleaanesa,. or the state proclaiming that BoWles LUTHERAN CHURCH Mrs. T. A- Loughrey, Bayhill, on the ground after replacing the All riyhte 'o f republleatlon of epeclel Three and a half mU1l6n of the lArtlHrr Dnif Sliras Gilbert Barnes, chairman of the sh M ller away with it. fan, could see it was going for a a 'pension. But there Hi nothing ad­ by the chUrch during recent' years all. He urges, that workers In more than 11,000 women told i At least outwardly, he' appears The serviceman resignedly put touchdown unless somebody spread that $38,000 among some week end. Mrs. 1/oughrey's unconcerned over the outcome' of MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF mirable about the way In which eight aaalstants, which amounted at the rate of two a week. One of INSURANCE the bouae-to-house canvass take Delta Chapter,* No. 51, Royal consumer organization they want- mother, Mrs. Margaret Cuming, another one on, figuring that the knocked it down. CIRCULATIONS. ______the directors heading the 10 mil­ Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. MiUer the March 11 Democratic I^ali Mr. Acheson hid his own hand. to democratic ' low wages for all, advantage of the coming week Arch Masons, will celebrate La­ ed in cotton apparel. who has visited her daughter and bird must live in a nest with a Since the Army secondary was lion dollar program la Dr. John C. of 93 Washington street announce dential primary in New Hampshire The Herald Prlntln* Company, Inc., while the Lodge regime takes $2S,- end to complete their soliciting. dies' Night' thla evening at the Grants exclusive "Flight Club" son-in-law during the past few 17-lnch screen. To discourage any nowhere near the receiver, the aaeumee no flnanclal reaponalbllltyThr Baur, a close friend of Pastor Paul AGENCY in which he is entered. 000 and splits it between Just two A ll Hats and money collected muat Mqsonic Te.mple. There will be socks and polo shirts for boys fea­ months, left Tuesday to return to the engagement of their - daugh­ further thefts, he tied cloth strips viewer realized he was Uie only tvp'.arapbical errora appearing In ailr the Sta'bility of Instability G. ' Prokopy of the local Zion Sen. Kefauver o f Tennessee Is y'crtlaementa and other reading matter men. In response, the Republicans Casualty or Fire or Both be turned in at the Red Cross of­ a potluck at 6:30, followed by a ture richness o f colors and wash- her home in Blythe. Canada. ter, Miss Janice Hayward Miller, to the antenna. The flapping did defender who had a chancy. He Evangelical Lutheran Church. fice by next Monday. program of muaic, entertainment stumping the state for Democratic the trick. In The Mancheater Erenli g Herali., would argue th.at it's a question ability quality: that heretofore Funeral services for Mrs. Mary RN, to Norman M. Marks, son of plunged after the baU. There W8s - Don't look now, but there's a Tomorrow afternoon members It la only with the unqualifled and -fun. votes. The .President Is leaving his of quality versus quantity, and WRITE BOX M BUY could be found only in much high­ Ann Lamont, 75, wh6 died at the Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marks o f Can Improve Piety re a loud craah, a few groans and, D'.eplav adyertlaing cloning houra new premier In France. Don't of the local Conquest for Christ cqoperation of all Manchester ,res- campaign to supporters who en­ For Monday—I p. m Friday. ( that two men who know how to c!o THE HERALD The chairman. Past High Priest er priced boys' wear. Once an item home of her daughter, Mrs. Ray-, Los Angeles, Calif. . The antenna is the focal po(nt some hours later, a serviceman to bother to memoriae his name, committee will attend a genera] idents, both those who are Work­ 'iarles K. Lynn of 53 Foley tered him In the primary without F op TneadaV—1 p. m. Monday.' work together are better than haa been developed. Grant mer­ mond Drew In Columbia Center, Miss MiUer is a graduate of o f many TV-sei-VIcIng dramas. make the necessary repairs. The F*r Wednenday—I . p. m, Tueaday. meeting of workers for the en- ing on the drive and those whose hla saying so. ' which Is Antoine Plnay. 'He came eight: individuals each trying to be it.reet.'expects about 150 members chandisers are’ constantly on the early ^esday morning, were held Manchester High School and the Birds sitting on the antennas doctor had already repaired the For Thiireday—I p m. Wedneeday. BETTER DEAL donations are solicited, dhat and their wives to attend. He The President Is "taking It easy" For Friday—1 p. m. Thuraday. from SLlmxist nowhere potiUcally,- chief bralntniater. alert to insure that the company's from MscKenaie F'uneral Home In Massachusetts General Hospital sometimes cause the picture do be­ volunteer safetyman. MEMORIALS fund drive committee will be reports a pleasing program of en­ down here. He brought along his For Saturday-1 p. m. Friday. But, whatever the Republican, standards are maintained and Im Providence, R. I., Thursday. Bur­ School of Nursing, Bo.-ton, Mass. come distorted. Other times and The whole thing has caused the ClaeaLA'd deadline; 10 aa a.- m—aaoh and he m ay,. In a fe w weeks, .be to achieve the total goal of tertainment has Iwen arranged, loud sport. shirts and swimming response now, Bailey la entitled PONTIAC DEALER proved when possible. ial was in Oakland Cemetery, Mr. Marks received his B. B, A. Eiiaces, a bird can park bn an sui- Western Union men to change the day of publication except Saturday— back almost nowhere politically, 000 which is the n ecessa ^ goal and that a number o f door prizes trunks in the expectation o f spend­ • am.'. to argue that it la Just as much . . . 1 . I f. • M ..t. ii- :• f Cranston, R. I. ‘ degree at Weatem Reserve Uni­ tenna and improve the picture. old motto. Instead of service with this year that must be iwiched If have been donated. He has ar- ing most of his mornings In the along with all the other, premiers of a ertma-to- spend. numey~(or-. OF p r o v e n Mrs. Lamont, who had been,4ll versity In ,-. Ohio. He sunshine. Nobody has yet figured that one a smile, they laugh out loud Sarurrtay. March l|. brains in the governor’s office the local Red Cross services are ringed for each lady who attends for a . long period, was widow' of France hap had In th e past few served one year in the U. S. Arm y He has brought along Charles out. now as It waa when he used to to. continue to service/Manchester. to bring a covered dish, and as­ John C. Lamont. She was born years. ' , ^ ^ N O T I C E V J Columbia and Is now employed aa a time S. Murphy.'his special couqsel and One owner, in a tough recep­ T h e Rare thread hia way through brain- o A « « Give to the 1052 fund drive. sures that a sufficient supply of in Berkley, Maas.. Dec. 1, 1876, tion area, tried every spot- on his HI accession to power-'-ap­ study anslylst by the Andrew chief speech writer to work on the .1 trusters on.. those sersal BUS food w ill be on hand. daughter of Robert and Patience roof for the antenna, but the pic­ 2 Adiiiit Stealing The new Ruulan arms budffrt' la SUPERIORITY! "It’s a small world” must surely Jergens Company in Burb(uik, Washington address and to follow parently on the basts of a wistful when he nredM a private word, THE THOMAS COLli (E tchells) Coupe. Calif. ture was still poor. He called the with, hla own governor, « be the thoughts o f Cpl. Alton through on legislative problems at ileatrihed aa tha larffeat In peace­ promise to avoid some of the tax Use Baby Bones mond Volade, vice president; Ed­ She had lived In Columbia only A June wedding is planned. Washington. aerviceman, who repeated the ex- $^18,000 at Fort During the last canlpatgn, the Lathrop and Sgt. Fred Brehant- about a year. time hlatory. Increase hla predecessor felt com­ ward Pastuli^ aecretary, and Fred The President's flight to Key plotatory process. 'Still no results. Republicans succeeded, to an /CONSTRUCTION ANO APPUANOE CO. Correctly designed Bionanients are products o f carefuL two young men from this are# She leaves a son Kenneth L a­ T^Jit doea not aurprlae anyone pelled to recommend marks the Doocey, treasurer. who grew up together, went to West coincided with this southern­ Disgusted with the .whole busi­ amazing degree, In persuading the 2W SROAD SntEET—m . 2-V2I* intelligent stndy. They have balance, distinction and To Aid Wounded The annual minstrel show o f St. mont of West Warwick, R. I., and ness, the owner grabbed the an­ (Oontinued from Page Om ) ' Tt M'oiild be newa if the Rua- first change In government In employes of state institutions that school together, chose the same seven daughters. Beside'* Mrs. Reviews 9 Books most city's celebration of the fes­ meaning; they have branty that will endure. Francis of Assisi Church will be work, farming, and then before tival of the "Week of Joy" dedi­ tenna and threw It off. the roof. ainna weren't apendlnff ipore and France resulting from France's their own 16w pay and lack of ade­ held May 2 and 3. Drew .these are the Misses Marion It bounced on the ground -and that the suitcase and pistols were quate help and supplies was home com fort (CottUnned ffuni Pngs O n«) they had.harilly begun were both and Mildred Lamont; Mrs, Pa­ cated to the improvement of Amer- his. m ore' ritoney for ’ military pjir- diplomatic agreement to NATO Cutting Done In Our Own Shop From The The lirst and second degrees For Women’s Club ican-Cuban relations. inside the house the picture be­ caused by the fact that Bowles picked out of it and inducted Into tience Nelson, all of Cranston; The post exchange safe was pnaea, jiiat aa It would be newa if OPEN EVENINGS Rough Stofte To The Finished Memorial which Is commanded by Captain will be conferred by the degree This la Truman s 11th trip to came clear and true. The antenna plana at the Lisbon meeting. • spent so much state money run­ the armed forces, for within the Mn. Royal jfartln of Warwick, robbed the night of Feb. 3 o f 51 i J. L. Enyarjr. , team and regular officers of Wap- was permanently, installed Just w e'w eren 't, also, apendlnff more Cynical observers predict that ning hla own office Jt has been For Your CoBvonioneo To Furnish fsHmotoc Ob past few weeks they have been re­ R. I„ MriL George Samuelian of Most Interesting and Informa­ Key West since he became Presi­ small canvae bags containing per­ MORIARTY Bros The grafting operations were ing Grange Tuesday evening, dent. where it landed. Ino'ne'y‘than evkir for military pur- there will be aeven mqre French Justice of a sort, then, for Bailey united In Korea, way out on the Providence, Mrs. Royal Emmons sonal checks, . small bills and 3 15 C C N T t R ST performed at the Naval Hospital, March 11, at 8 o'clock. tive book reviews were given by One woman reported perfect poaea. to bo able to encourage state em ' • ^ESITE DRIVEWAYS _ northwest front, 35 miles frOtn the of Malden, Mass. She- also leaves change. Arm y officials indicated govemmenU to fall before France Manchester Memorial Co. commanded by Captain Barthole- ., The Garden Ctub will meet Tues­ Miss Anna French, reference li­ reception except on Mondays. The ployes. In their current fight foi T t I 5 13 5 day, March 11. at Wood Memorial 38th parallel. 26 grandchildren and 6 great­ Ktbw may have dbtetned the safe’s That we ahould reapond to achlevea the full list of domestic mew Hogan. brarian at the Mary Cheney Li­ serviceman had jiever met that pay lnrrea.xcs, to make an Issue of • CUSTOM lUILT GARAGES A. H. AIMETTI, Prop. Library. The speaker, Robert Hutt Alton, or "Sonny" as he is grandchildren. Merri-Weds Set problem. One Monday, he wi-tolied combination from a girl formerly Ruaaian military apendlnn with decisions necessary to carry out the high salaries on the governor’s The Navy's "bone bank" for the known to everybody, had lived brary, at the meeting of the Cos­ __ _ _■__ p employed by the poet exchange. HARRISON STRBET-4dANCHEBTER m ost part has bones taken from' of . the..BmweE HuLt. Nuraerlea of a near-sighted neighbor li.uig . .m ilitary apendlnc o f .our..own,-aii4 it# pledge# to NATO. But' diese staff: ...... ' • GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORf ~ Glastonbury, will talk on "Proper with his uncle, George Turner,, of mopolitan Club yesterday after­ laundry on the antenna. She The F B I said both men have adults, either after death or dur­ West street for a number of years Danc^April 26 th at ’ Ruaaia ahould re i^ n d to observers are cynical about French It's all very fine, and the iduff OPP. EAST CEMETERY PHONE 6207 or 7787 Plants tor Landscape Setting." noon at the Center Church. thought It was the roof clothes previous robbery convictions An of politics and politicians oiv the ing a surgical operation. They are prior to his induction. He is the PTA Will Discuss American military apcndlng with political manners only. They think Mrs. R. C. Reed. Mrs. Marguerite The books which Miss French drier. Arm y spokesman said KIow was attack, whatever the party/ are alm ilafly preserved by the House, Mrs. George Taft, Mm. son of Mr. and Mrs/ Alton Lathrop military apendlng of Ita own —that "freere-dry" method. chose to review Included "Dark A spring seml-formal dance la On a pleasant Summer after­ released from Sing Sing Prison the pledges will be carried out. In not to be held responsible tm fine Emma- Wjrwie and Mrs. Philip of Andover. Sgt. Fred Brehant Education by TV Moment" by Ann Bridge, a story la the fateful paUern o f eventa But two o f tke N avy’s sclen- being planned by the Merrl-Weda noon, a gentleman was watching In 1946. the end. even If some government points of Justice, or even for the HptchkisS will act as hostesses. Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred­ of home life in Turkey; "N ow We of the Second Congregational Into which the preaent armament fact that they are. from immlnls- . tlats— Lta. Thomas C. 'Turner and erick Brehant of Hebron road, who a ball game. Suddenly the home has to fall over each phase of the A fte r ' spending, two months at The tim ely subject o f televisirm Are Free" by Marguerite Alls, of Church foB Saturday evening, April team sprouted a shortstop with tratlqn to ndnilnlstraiioh, chal­ Andrew U Bassett—said that, for W rightvllle Beach, Wilmington, live Just over the Columbla-He- pace haa thrown the world. problem. will engross the attention of the which the setting Is in Connecticut; 26, at 8 o'clock at the Maaonlc ten hands. This was unusual, ao lenging the right of a 'governor to certain Uses, the small size of in­ N. C;, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Higgins bron line. His mother teaches Onoa auch a race la begun, no rhembera of the Hollister P T A at "M y Cousin Rachel," by Daphne Temple. Music will be furnished by the aerviceman was summoned. Ifa the stability of Instability. function by hla own /lights, a fant bone make it particularly of Elllkgton road returned to their third grade In Horace ,W- Porter DuMaurier; "Hcbby Book Stencil, Art McKay's orchestra and will be He dug around and triumphantly one knowa how to break It off. process which, 'paradoxically helpful as graft material. School. It wqs with much pleas­ its monthly meeting Tuesday at OVER 9S YEARS’SICtESS home Monday night. They haye linlf and Brush Strokes” by Ray­ open to the public. produced a spider, which had Every dollim^apent on sldf enough, requires the enlistment of Moreover, they added, baby been training their six homes ure that she told the story Thurs­ 8 p. m. in the school auditorium, At Hartfi6rd< in view o f the fact.,, that the mond F. Yates; "ArchUectiire and been trapped on the Inside,...... FOR PROMPT REUEFRF *!■' an automatic' argum 'eyes imd ears and minds to'w ork bone is. less dense , than julult bone | which will be brought north; In day,, thinking as she did how good Town Plannjnit In .Cdldrt.ldV ,Cqn_- The committee, .planning - th e -There la an age old inquiry-from wtth hia-own.- - / and thus-.ls oonducive to'-m ore j Aprtl fnr the racing' seasoil:------.Federal. Oommunicationa Commls- dance- met Thursday - night at the ....- /'..'DBa't: 'Bag. .lok itM ~ tpagdmr ir~diHar~a«ir B TiaTf~oii It was to have h e r boy with som#- nebHcut"...... tiy _ An thoiiy" G o ^ __ A nother set developed Icicles In whltmw'We-'inioindTfyTo'B^ -----But we would anggrat, ta Mr. - -rapid—heeling--of-the-graft-andj Mf;-nsHd-Mfs'wan«r-Fowter-‘TifjiBnr-nr'RKewnBo“w“e'mrir-he-KKew-iin-'weri— i f 'iithijiks ^ — ~****9-->»-« » pscte<*-to announee-thts- iiw„,Orth4 i. Withu The Spring" by Ed- home of the co-chairmen, M r. and the 'other aide. Conceivably auch a Bailey, certain unimportant r^ Bubsequent development o f the Foster street are the parents of a month what new channels will be Mr.*. Lester Wolcott, bn Main the middle of Ju ly.'A t least, tliey forever. It asks: Why am‘l llv. chance to really talk "home. wln Teale, telling how the author looked like icicles tb tha liifly of proceaa coUld end In financial and flnements of bis rnrrent attack recipient's own bone. (Ultim ately daughter bom at the Manchester Neither boy had been away from available for educational purposes. street. Other meihbera of the com­ Ing? The University of Connecticut ex­ and hla w ife started from Florida the house. To the serviceman, economic exhaustion on both sides. technique. Tke Lodge brain a grafted Ixine is entirely replaced Memorial Hospital Wednesday. home much before he went - Into and by traveling about 15 miles a mittee are Mr. and Mrs. Stanley We try to-hide from It because tmat actually look^ up, before by newly-grown bone.) The Ways and Means Commit­ pects to be assigned one channel. however, they turned but to be i i r r# But, htstorlcnlly, the nations in­ the service and life in the army day came north with spring; Matteson. Mr. and Mrs. Drummond threads from, her dust rag. The we are not sure we know a good It acted in. the first place, as he Both the baby and adult bones tee of the Wapping PTA will was not easy to adjust to at first. The State Department of Educa­ Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas volved In such armament/ racea tion also haa an application in for "You're As Young As You Feel," industrious lady had even dusted did ‘not, apparently look It up be­ are kept In air-Ught botUes at sponsor a military whist at the Fred, who has been In service for Dawkins. fiauaVy And,a way to have the answer. W e fear to ask It, because a channel. a humorous treatise; the biography inside the set and the glass mag­ fore be rrlticlied, tlui law gov­ room temperature after first be­ firehouse Saturday evening. March 18 months, got his basic traltalng o f “ Grandma Moses" and "This Tickets for the dance nuiy.be ob­ something tells us the answer may Stanley Lorenzch will be nified the threads that had snag­ war they have been pre|i|lrlng for. erning the pnaltinn of executive ing subjected to the "freeze-dry” 22. at Pine Camp, N. Y., and Ft. Dev- American People" by Gerald W. tained from any member of the be disheartening. Perhaps we pre­ secretary. It found that the technique designed to assure moderator, and members who will ged on the workings. •4CMM64 •! IH Thit la the pattern which ADMISSION ens In Massachusetts. He hM Johnson. Merrl-Weda. The proceeds of the One complaint had It that the MUtNIfVf fer Just to live along, without statute creating that, position preservation with virtually no participate in the panel dlscusaion marchea relentlesaly oh. Church of the Nazareiie been In Korea five months. Sonny The hostess for the afternoon dance are to be contributed to the people on television all whispered. •N tOlU tNPMte wondering too much why. was permissive rather than deterioration due to ' internal are Mrs. Paul Adams, Mrs. Allan And It haa to ba precorded that 466 Main Street was inducted six months later. He waa Mrs. Hal Tiffany. church building fund. The lady said even Hilton Berle mandatory, aiid thereupon made chemical change. was shipped out of the country Taylor, Mrs. Rudolph ■ Anderson neither aide hsst as yet, made any But there Is one answer which, Ita decision to leave the posi­ James R. Bell, Pastor and Clinton Hendrickson. to our mind, is good no matter Just a few weeks after induction convlnclnii effort to turn thla tion vacant—whereas Mr. Bai­ and he was trained in Japan. The Am ong the topics to bo con­ ley, assuming the appointment Sunday, March 9. armament race Into a ‘^disarma- what one'B analysis of the nature sidered are the | following; “Does to be mandatory, has also as- - 9:30 a.m.— Sunday School and boys kept up a correspondence. of thla world and this life may be. Wapping Sonny knew Fred was In Korea television upset your family rela- ment agreement. Each aide, when aumed that Executive Aide Ray­ Adult Bible claaaea. A ll ages. Oons?" "It It a good thing for Whether we a.saiime that It Is, and Fred beard Sonny's outfit was It makea diaarmament propKiiMila, mond W att must be In It. 10:45 a.m — Morning Worship. your children?" "What is going on coming and he was watching for \ In the main, a good and hopeful Furthermore, although thin Is I t waa announced Thuriday by Special mualcal numben. Sermon in educational television ?'” arema to make aure that it Inc It. When he found they were only story, or assume that It la a sor­ not a strict requirement, Mr. Bai­ local Red Cross chairman, Frank by the Paator. The program promises to be an dudes some pi'opoiala It knowa. In one-half mile away he got Into his ley might do well to admit that Maainda, that $1100 had been 6:30 p.m.— The Young People's unusually interesting one and a Rilvance, the other'Side w iir never rowful test of our own' ability to j Jeep one night and drove over. He %/ the comparative Issue IS not one of raised, which Is half of the town’s Hour. full attendance Is anticipated. A suffer, whether we are optimist quota. found Sonny's tent and stood out­ .'arcepC. Each side, so far, la ao en- money, since the comparable brain 7 :30 p.m.—The evening scr\’lce, social period with refreshments groaaed In the armament race i.t- or pessimist, whether we concede trust payrolls stand at $38,460 for A truck and men were sent by with spMial music and a message side and called him. Sonny came will follow. the South Windsor Volunteer Fire by the pastor. twunding^^out j^ ^ t h e ^ ^ two l^y* ■ neTf th k f it baa''no reaV'lriclIhatfon dignity to- man or pronounce him Bowles and $25,000 "for.' Lodge.- to be fallen, there la still one thing with the • comparative extrava­ TBE .Deportment fOday to-fepresent th# .L — 'Week----- MEN - AND-^WCM\EN= to give 1^ up. Each aide actually gance therefore b win n gt n g to coM vcw r town tn the Alert America convoy Monday, 7:30 p.m. —- Monthly other and shouted Joyously for IkirlsiiNf . beema to. fear proapecta o f dis­ that Is not to be denledi parade at Hartford "and West several minutes. They went back Bailey's own regime. We suggest meeting o f the Women’s Mission The log cabin in which Abraham armament more than It feara the It la that, whatever kind of to Bailey that he either resort to AURT Hartford. ary Society. A good attendance Is to Fred’s, camp where he operated Lincoln was borji still can be seen. world It la, whatever the purpose time ami patience, which may well During a meeting of the Men’s the projector for the movie of the -eventual outcome o f the arma- expected. y bai been enclosed in a beautiful see the I,odge brain trust cost Club of Bt- BVsnris „f A — Wednesday,— 7436- p.rt,— Prayer _e.V.cnlng__whUa— the— tw o-talk ed - ■inrnt rac*. of-our^balng-in-U-lts-testds upon mausoleum at Hodgtft'vIlTei'Ky. SPRING moving up, or develop the well- ^urch Tuesday evening; Harry us aa an individual. The way each meeting and Bible study hour. P a*, tb e n ^ lv e s out, catching up on all When we aay "aide” we ahould, founded claim that the Bowles Odium waa named president; R ^ - tor Bell will be In charge. that had happened to them during Confllct’e Commanders e f courae, ba referring to the po- Individual reacts to this test Is brain trust could produce more Saturday, 9:45 a.m.— The Junior the time they had been separated. something no other Individual can Ideas per minute than the Lodge choir. Both, wrote the details to their OF IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC )lttcal and military leadcrahlp of A t the battle of Gettysburg, the duplicate, brain trust, which It could and did. j each country, which formulates Saturday. 8 to 9 p.m.— The Pray­ mothers, who had their letters this Confederate forces were com­ Forever er group. week. the policy Involved. The reaction haa to come from T N I Y l A R manded by Gen. Robert E. Lee. us, and from nobody else. When It The Favorite Roger Emonds. 23, North West- while Gen. George G. Meade led But th ere: la no Indication, port, Mass., said he fell asleep at the Union forces. CUSTOM WOOLENS either, that the ordinary people comes. It la our own unique. In­ Silhouette Cross the wheel of his car early Thurs­ Involved, on either side, dlaagree dividual deposit on the sands of Y O U R L I P I day morning, causing It to leave the road and knock down several' Shown in full suit lengths to be tailored to your indiv* With the Idea of leaderihlp that it time, on the continuing story of St. Towels ^ humanity, To make this slight, fence posts on Route 6A near the Is compelled to do what It doea. Pine street. Hebron, four corners. ual requirements. * After it la all over, no matter Infinitesmal trace upon the broad, * H is'fath er, Edward Emonds. 60,1 PRESGRIPDONS confused track o f human per- bow It .ends, ec'erybody. on all who was with him, suffe-ed nose Carefully Com pounded sidea,, will concede that It waa all fdrmance—that Is one purpose of injuries and Aim e Benoit. 34. of ___ I* Fall River, Maas., an of'er passen­ a hotriMe, ghastly mistake. living, one Inescapable function of l Artblr Q iit Stont l • MONDAY-MARCH IQ Jiving, which nobody can deny. INCOME T U ger. minor injuries. Both werr WEST HARTFORD ARMORY treated at Windham Community Achrmn Clears Clubb Now we happen to believe in the ASSISTANCE basic goodness of man. In the good •TUESDAY-MARCH II Thera Is no quarrsl with the destiny for the world. In the pain­ FARMINGTON AVENUE legal right of Secretary of State DAILY HOURS: ful affa confused but certain march i:S0 to g P. M. Pcan Acheson to overrule the of human progress, and In a ivlARCH 9, 10,11,12 — 1 to 9 P. M. All suits PHOTO FITTED to assure you of a perfect fit. finding-of-hta-oWn department's Joyous goal, which we see ga a Eveninga by Appointnient Loyalty and Security Board, which growth of th'e'concepts of brother­ * ' bad found O. lEdmund- Clubb a hood and love aniong men. So t d . 4021 A Time afld Place ••»eeurity risk." AcheSpn had thsg. that. If we were to make the age legal right. old Inquiry of ourselves, our an- "TNOSi J. QUISH ^m etim es friend.H and relatives find j___ .Puetherniprej" It. would., have APT. NO. t awer - would be Ihat-we- arr ltvtnjr r n a r t e r U S k S t r i i l ------T Watch fw it .. . it’s the most unfoi^ttablfr ^ c n possible to admire Acheaon's to make our own contribution, themselves trying to do a job for'Which 'fouiags in dsilng" toi undertake however petty, however worthy show you'll ever see! • .puch a decision—if, he had. frhm DON'T MSS ANY OF THESE they are ill prepared— settling an estate. that may be, to the advancement You’ll see the dramatic “ inside stoiy” of the start, aiinoujiced that the de-’ Of this klhd of world. - There Js a time and place to make sure ,..,4haioii.,was .hia,.. atomic energy i . ; the sciffltifie peacetime UNFDRGETTAnE EXHIIITSI — tmT''R‘n il*W T ii| > p iiirr''------y<«if*estate^f 1^0 Is sometimes happier In his uses to which'^it can be-put in the factoryr- W hat happened was th at there aceeptinep o f disaster than the ATOMIC POWER ■ * R'as an official State Department optimist Is in hit.hope fonthe dif­ on the farm, and in the field of medicine. — St work Poses la la d i» The TIM E is NOW— the PLACE is Here. jratmouncement to the effect that ficult futuiy!, gains .little less sat Is: to r try, sgrieultura sad aiadioias. Clubb "had been cleared .of the faction. wF'Would Judge, from You’ll see its use as a.war weapon. Name us your Executor or Coexecutor. thargrs that he was a aecurity what would be hla own answer to GIVES THAT NATURAL LOOK plak. This waa followed by the an­ Inquiry. For him, the chal­ You’ll see how organized Civil Defense nouncement that Clubb waa pe- lenge la to bear, aa well as he m'ay works to piptect ypu and your family TOMOBNOWO WAOTANt 8807 aigntng. ' ■ i what he feels must come, to react — fcientiflo dramatisatioa c l 13-43 LOOK AHiAP MR. DAN 1. QUINLAN A few daya later. Republican LINOTYPE from modem terror weapons. . .how you germ sad gM warfare. and conduct htms^f according to By Sue Buraett aenatora began alleging that WITH MANCHESTEK TKOST Clothing Counsellor, will be with us these two days his own particular lights and can “ beat the Bomb.”^ You’re' alwaye In style with the _to assist and adviM as to your special requirements. Clubb had not been cleared by the talents and capacities. OPERATOR ■ attractive ahiriwalst dress — It’s 2975 Bute Department Loyalty and It may be a horrible world -but 'Those who have seen it say the Alert TIBS WONT OC VOW CITY so flattering, and so right for every By Mrs. Anne Cabot Security ^ a id , but by personal occasion all summer. Pocket trim no. one else can meet It exactly —a vivid experieace at aa These delightful da'y-of-the-week Becision of Secretary Acheson, re- America show is a “must” for every and shaped collar are In crisp con- towels, make a gay addition to the way he meeU IL "hjat In­ actusLA-Bomb attack. •traet. OPEN THESE TWO EVENINGS ^ ra in g the finding of that board. GOOD WORKI^ your kitchen. Embroider them in a dividual meeting—hla meeting, or American. It will be here Pattern No. ■ 8807 is a sew-rlte ■ Then, on Wedne.sday of this silhouette cfoas stitch with a BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT ours, or you rs-Is both destiny and CONDITIONS perforated pattehi In sizes 12, 14. variety of posies for each day. week. Secretary Acheson. at his purpose, an elemental, undeniable tpmoiTow. 15. 18, 20; 40, 42. Sise 14. 414 ROW WE AOE MEETIBO tRB Pattern No. 2975 contains hot Telephone 3264 press coafercnce, admitted that he beginning of the, answer to why. Go see iti yards o f 39-inch; H yard trim. Iron transfer for 7 designs, ma­ bad be«n the one who had cleared TIMEAT—ibowiag how Olvfl For this pattern, tend' 86c la terial requirements, color chart Clubb. He outlined hia authority M sm s is protsetiag psosdo Colne, your name, addreas, sise and finishing directions. fo r doing so. Me described the pro- aad produetioa. d e a ^ d , and the Pattern Number Send 25c in. Cdins, your name, A p p ly Ib Pbtsob to Sue Burnett,, The Manchester iesa by which ha had acted, which address and the Pattern Number Edwanl J. Ptltmski Evening Herald, 1150 Ave. Amer­ to Anne (?abot. The Manchester ^ad been to assign another depart- HERALD OFFICE icas, New York 36. N. Y. Evening Herald, 1150 Ave. Amer­ MEN'S WEAR. |nt official to review the whole luHdiBg CoHtraeter PMWon fo r . '52 Is Oiled icas,. New York 36, N. Y. . £ubb record and reach a decision 13 Rissdl S». wito Mesa to make your clolbes Anne (Shot’s New Album of ; 857 MAIN STREET I mt M nt TBL. 9644. STOBBS ou^et go further-^ time-saving Needlework is chock-full of grand •nd GcononUcal deaig^t that are ; Om tU ag la very dear about BOX IB4 designs, plu# exciting features and °*** pattern printed a g ift pattern printed In the book, 923 MAIN ST. PHONE 4171 T taaSde. 25 cen ts. 25 csntA ' , ' ' . A ------5

?AGE EIGHT UANCHESTERt e v e n in g h e r a l d , MANCHESTER, CONN, SATURDAY, M A R ^ 8, 1968 ■IBBtl'VW Board Studies St. Patrkk'VLDaM* Wants Files Checked PoUce Hunt To Bo Next Soturdar Foe States 23 Pla^hvrights Ten Applicants The St. Patrick’s daaita at Enter Festival ^ven Foot Elmer the Difference, Miners Another Auditor B o f 2S in the Mwiheater Cbuntry .Club BA’s. 79-67 w ill b^ bald -nexi~Saturda]r eve- Assertion Is W ho- Rednce Eligible List of ntng, March 10. ’The Herald In­ Two from Manchester Job Severs; Seven correctly atated yesterday tha dance would be tbnight. Falsehood Among Entries; Turn* Back Army By 3 jDediocratic IM- C r ^ C S “Foriiii' tilelBg"” "Milled but ineases' Dhrectoir I an t o Morganthalep-Tallies ^ (C oaM iiM i t n m P s g « Oaa) (OaaM— m m F ig * Om ) rectors Is Pointed at The Board of Directors met in (OMtkNMd fraai Faga O m T ''""" TWenty-thrM fuU-length ^laya, executive session last night and Gordon, 63; 'W illiam Levin, '4t, Sewer, Water Dep’tSj among prlaoiMn held by the tlnlt- all writtaQ by Oonnecticut resl- Of Billion in considered about ten applications San Franclscor Frank "Blackie" ment crista. The mlaiatara still Mimdt Sees ed Hationa. dMits, tw o from MsHChaster,- have have to* be approved by the 22 Points at Armory for the position of general mana­ McKee, 40, San Francisco; Joe List of Former Rec Lee declared the Chinese Na bsca offlclally entered in this sec­ fractious National Assembly, in a THE Moriarty’s Proudly A- demand that the financial op-1 ger, eliminating some and reserv­ Palm, 07. San Franciaco; Donald' tlonalista "are-tatooing oua cap­ ond annual Connecticut Play­ vote echeduled next Tuesday. Senior Loop Champs. eratlona' of town’e Water and | ing others for further study. Meyer. 36. Sharp Park, (JatlL; tured personnel. A fte r the anti- ^ a s h in Feature Game Display Booster Sinnfi Sewfr Department be Investigated ' Forei wright’s Festival, Mrs. Helen P. Plnay took on the Finance ; Breaks American Loop ' jWhlle their action brought the and George WlUiams, 07, San D efeat fo r Commuhtat slogan la tattooed on by an auditor, "other than the j Skinner, festival director, has an­ Following ia a list ■O'f the Rec number o f applicationa currently Francisco. their bodice, it would be easier to Ministry as well as the premier­ BeraM Angle "Be A Booster” signs have Elmer the Great present .town auditor," waa made nounced. ^ ship giving himself the job of solv­ Senior Basketball League j Game Wide Open in (Continued from Page One) being (considered below ten. It did Those lilted oa arrested today intimidate them.' been placed on all trucks owned this morning by the three Demo- ”This Itunout has aurpaaaed our ing France's toughest post-war champions Since the loop waa In Rec Senior League not narrow the field, because aeven were: "Let me tell you frankly,” he by Morlarty Brothers in an e f­ I Fourth Period .With fietaatea (19) cratic members, of the Board of g ^ .2 blllldn dollars. Congress cut fondest ax|Mctations,” Mrs. Skln- pi^Iem —a financial downfall that organUM tn 1934. p. I more letters from proapectivh can­ Charles Schiffman, 47, of Has- Tax Shuffle oontfnued, 'T)Mt_ If such Uadesc E A R L W . Y O S T fort to help stimulate intereet 13 Azary, rf ...... Directors* as the controversy o v e r n j,), « i nie.OOn.OOO In the authort- nae ntplattiJng that- ‘■’*0 has France almost broke, and go* ^ 1 9 3 4 Jaffe Jewels. didates’- have been ‘ recdved ■ aftfce brbuck Meighta, N. J.; Mario abUvlQei are hot'stopped Imme­ Sports Editor and boost the membership sole Precision Shooting » Finn. If ...... g. the unauthorised use of money . . . over 25 plays were submitted to ing further Into the hole every 1935 ■Morlarty Brothers. zation. Then another - hundred the last executive session on choos. Baleat^eri, 01, o f San Joae, Calif.; (Oaattaiwd from Pago Oae) diately, their development will g6 Cameras Must Win to of ticket* in the Manchester is Plea*, e ...... V...... 0 from the town’s general fund by her, although several were in­ dky. v 1936 Bantly Royals. 13* sorganinaier. Morganthaler. c c ...... a* . 4.3 million waa trimmed from the ap-1 ing a' general manager. Mrs. Betty Haines. 46. of Palo Al­ beyond the a tte rs . Director Katherine efforts of 21 authors throughout bly refu ^ to hike present taxes, 1940 Manchester Green...... 38 33-33 City; Salvatore "Tar Baby" Ter- tigation field, the Senate: Rules Command. ’There waa no immedi­ with "Doormen" Timmy HoUoran Stryjewskl of 8 t. John's CAiunch Playoffs Next Week up by March 15. The club will Wilkea-Barre 20 18 .526 Maarheater (37) demanded that the Water and step action. the state, who In their daily Uvea by IS per c^ t to halt the grow­ 1041 Morlarty Brothers. Manchester . 8 p. D. Bourn said today that applica­ rano, 47. o f San Francisco; Sebas- committee yesterday voted * 100,- ate explanation of Lee's remarks. and John Lyons . . . Elnjoy hour’s stops to ssy he is still rooting for hold an open meeting Monday 9 .471 B. Sewer Department be Investi­ 000 to study charges . of huge are doctors, teachers, arcountanta, ing drain on the treasury and pay 1042 Fairfield Grocers. Saratoga .... 2 Allan, rf tion blanks will be sent to candi­ tlono Nani, 45, of San Jose, Calif,; Libby did not answer Lee’e blast fun coasting with boys. Must ad­ the N ew York Yankees and St. night at the School street li­ 12 16 .429 Muilotta. If ... gated, and that an independent profits, fat fees'; "grave miaman- ministers and housewives, are for defenses the assembly already 1943 Pollih Americana. StaadlagB . Bridgeport .. 8 23 .267 dates who submit letters between Michael de Pinto, 48, of Portland. on ’’instructors” from Formosa. mit I had more fun than they did Louis Cardinals.. .Frank Robinson brary at which time first D. Goodwin, if auditor be brought In to conduct belqg read by a screening commit­ bad approved. 1944 Polish Americans. w . L. Pet. Hinson, c ...... expcutlve meetings, the next of Ore.;- Mrs. Mary Palm Hare, 45, agement” and "favoritlam ” In the Unofficial sources here said there Bsby sitter Harry Griswold of the Ebcchahge fflub phones with ticket returns will be 'made. .the Investigation o f the depart- About Town tee which will nominate the best Faure had agreed at the NATO 1945 Frankie's Drive-In .1 2 2 .857 Do'brutiky. c .. which will take place March 21. o f San Francisco,- Evan W. Allen Property office which con­ are about 100 Nationalist Chinese and neighbor reports he Is no long­ invite to annual sports banquet on Polish Americans. By EARL YO ST Knight, r g ...... m>nfs financial operations. In ad- three to be heard at a formal read­ Conference to expand Fren April, 1951. letter Riles Senators Reds asked to delete the word St. Louis Browns has signed to Elmira and then wind up their Rand; a son, Harold E. Rand, Jr.; The screening committee Is made the Bubatitutidn of Pleven for MONDAY nual appearance, also . . , Real quarter-final round with Morgan meeting at 2 o'clock st St. James' Eighteen of the defendants, ’Truman’s letter sent to Vice "Korea” from paragraphs cover­ Wethrrsfleld for fourth place in skipper Scran­ regular league season Sunday the fund. and a stepdaughter, Mrs. Louis up o f Or\'llle K. Laraon of the de­ Bidault. Office visitor la Stanley Waldron Estater George Graziadio, minua E R N IE JOHNSON has come up the standings. A ll angles added of Clinton meeUng FarmingtXon However. It was also • brought SrhopI Hall. This will be an Im- charged with conspiracy and one President Alben Barkley yesterday ing the withdrawal of naval forc­ ton of the East- night In Bridgeport. The playoffs .11 all of South Coventry; a sls'- partment of speech and drama at Plnay failed in hla attempt to of Wapping. Lefty Bray follows in the cigars, was, a visitor. George with a sore arm In the spring Herald Photo up, this clash should produce some in an afternoon game and Bloom­ out at that time, that the depart- other count, face .sentences. If con­ and reco to the Senate was so es from Korean waters. The effect e(n \ League this start next week. All six leagub i tcr. Mts. Robcrt Holmes of Rocky the University of Connecticut, Miss gather a small, tight bon’d of 10 Stan’a footsteps .. MAllhsg brings passes along word that Fred Naa- training camp of the Boston Carl Mlkolqwshy real fireworks. field meeting Simsbury at night ment-Jhgs • au(|Tlclent money In victed, of 1,1 years and *7,000 fine sharp 1*1 ton* that it aroused the would have been to ban any nayal Braves. - aeasolr.' members will engage In the play­ are urged to attanil. Hill; and two grandchildren. each. Margaret Hazelwood, drama de­ or J2 experts but he did succeed in copy of the 1952 baseball rule book slff did a grand job of selling mem­ Plenty of Power on the Teachers College of Con­ bonds toebVer Us Indebtedness to Ire o f Senator.ri.« funeral will be held Monday Mrs. Hare and Schiffman were partment. Connecticut College for cutting the size of the cabinet to . .Mrs. Georgia Lsmback drives up berships In Manchester Booster The Leonard street boys will Q. kpw much necticut court. The ^winners will the general fund an(t.thaL it was Next week's vote, the President China coast d u r in g ^ truce. Two members of each team were women and Dr. Estelle McElray. 17-top minlitera in place of the 26 in s new car and stops to deposit Club to Rotary Club members at GEORGE VAN BIBBER, direc­ lead with their power which In­ did Detroit pay join East Hampton and Thomas- believed "better business" prac­ gev!! Mothers Orde Wllf be he^d 2 o’clock at the First named o n " conspiracy on ly and said,’ "w ill sho^v who it is that la Both the prisoner’ Mchahge auh- missing last night. Lieutenant Oorigregattonal Church tn South face sentences. If convicted, o f five of Bridgeport. Faure had. Item on Sports Night program at recent meeting . . . UConn Coach tor of the physical education pro­ cludes Bill Sheekey,' high scoring for T y \ Cobb ton In the semi-final round. tice to borrow the money from the at the home of Mrs. Edward Stel- just talking about corruption and commlttee and the staff officers Herbert S!. Carlberg,_of Wethers­ ^Hugh Greer a caller, alao . . . Son gram at the University of Connec­ Kenny Goodwin was ordered by Coventry, with the pastor of the years and * 2J)0o. None of the places was taken Country Club on Friday night .. forward; ball handler deluxe Dea­ when he ' c.xme At New Haven, Wilbur Ooss of general fund than to cash the de­ mark. 42 Deerfield drlvei Monday m... .1, .u D I ** really wants to do debating truce supervision agreed field. president of Connecticut Reed ’’pops ” Into office and dis­ ticut, will be the guest speaker at the Arm y to play with the Fort ehtirrh. Rev. Truman Ireland, of- by the right followers of Gen. Journey tb the East Side Rec in'the con Garner, and ace play maker up ■ from 'yku- New Haven meets Windham of partment's bonds to pay bills It at 8 p. m. The other three. Rogers. De something about It.’’ to meet as usual at 11 a. m. Sun­ Theater, Inc.,' alao expressed de­ plays a box of flower and vege­ the Exchange Club’s annual Sports Dlx team in the service champion­ fleiaUng. Burial will be In the Charles de Gaulle, although 27 early evening and plca-ed with the Don Hubbard. Also two boys gusta, Ga., In Willimantlc and Warren Harding did npt have tbe cash on hand to Ihnto and Meyer are charged on Trumi^n noted that five of the day (9 p. m. e.s.t. Saturday) at light at the unanticipated number table seeds. Within 15 minutes he N ight banqijet on \yetinesday, ship event at Camp EMwarda. Nathan Hale Cemetery. South three counts each and face sen- . Gaulllst deputies bolted the party amount o f activity in Boys’ Room, who have done a good job of re­ 1904 ? ' \ of Bridgeport plays Meriddi) in meet. St. Margaret's Circle. Daughters Panmunjom. o f entries. "Our purpose In spon­ jells contents with a fine job of March 19 at the Cpuntry Club. Ditto for Carl "Red” Mcinhold of Coventry. tences of 25 years and *12.000 fine 1 """ Senators on t.ie line last 'rnursday to help con­ bounding, Swede Anderson and A. Frank NS' the large schools tourney. Hibbard Alexander, the town's of Isabella, wjll hold Ita monthly Bag 0 MlOa In Week soring this contest." he declared. swimming pool and gyms ..John salesmanship . . . Meet In the eve­ Members of the Manchester High the Miners. Joe Kubachka of the Friends may call at the John B. each If convicted. ' government operations group vot­ firm Plnay as premier-designate. Phil Tinsley. Reserve strength in­ vln, D e t r o 1 auditor, who was pre.sent at the meeting Tuesday evening In the ed against the reorganization American Sabre jets knocked "Is to encourage playwriting, par­ Cervini ruled activities in the ning with committee to complete team and the (t'oaches will be locals was coaching hla Hartford Semt-final llstlnga in the Burke" Funeral Home, 87 East Politician.^ of all colors will cludes big George Demkn, Leo owner foi meeting Wednesday night to ex­ K. of C. Home. All ofricers are mea.'-ure. eight Communiat MIO-lSa out of ticularly for the arena stage. From boys’ Room with the only noise plans for Charlie MuzikeVlk bene­ guests of the Exchangers. Frank High team in the Class A state medium schools tournament were Center street, from 7 o’rlork this watch clpeely when Plnay’s cabinet Day and Player Coach Carl Mlko- many years plain to the board the proceilure in urged to rejiort af 8 o'clock, North Korean skies in the past the number of entries, It appears coming when Johnny "Two-Ton” fit basketball game. Muzzy be­ Robinson is handling details for ■ ■■ ' haakctbail tourney In New Haven. completed lost night in Yole’e evening until the hour of the "Thrse five senators -like many goes before the Assembly for ap- paying Water Department bills, is week with no loss to'themselves, we have succeeded." Morianos fell to the floor while ing hospitalized for the past two the club. lowaky. AH o f these men are perhaps made Beans Reardon W alt Shield of Scranton waa also Payne Whitney k)rmnaaium when funeral. Report Church of their Republican colleagues— - r- .. , ,| p ro va lto see If the 27 will widen th e greatest the obvious target of the dejnand Mr, and Mrs. Alexander P. the If. S, Fifth A ir Force said. Plgns playing ping pong . .Senior League months . . . View Scranton-B'A’s GIANTS speedsters and each la capable of busy coaching his high school East Haven defeated Southingt^ have made a great cry about clean­ But the air force, In Ita weekly for a 1953 Kps‘ ‘val a r e , the split in DeGaulle’s party by baseball buy in history when he that a new auditor he brought In Wylie of North Mam street left alrcaay Director Bill Murray pleased with American League game . . Chat MBS. BASKETBALL In Man­ Tucson, Aria., March 8— (A*i— scoring high in the double figures. team In New York in tourney 46-43, and Shelton ousted' Bran­ .Mrs. Mis P. MIson ing up any graft and cornipt'on In drawn, he disclosed. A I voting for Plnay again. paid out a paltry *700 for the to Investigate the Water and yesterday for a few days of ski­ summary, said nine U N ^^^rplanes j^ d lin e for the submission of plays the wind-up tn his league; now before and after conte.st with chester. Mr-j, Gladys Bray has New York Giants cleanup hitter Strongest Uneup play*. ford, 51-47. Mrs. Allda Nllspn, 73. wife 0/ Is Purged bv government." he sa'.l. adding; The Catholic M RP party had Georgia Peach. M-■Maaa-v’.-e etxTji i.o T. »fl«we.r.Departn>BuU„ ■ ... . , ing at Mount Trembiant, Quebec. r T ' I>er.,od March ha* been set at Dec. 1. 19.12. getting restdy for the playoffs..... Coaches Hugh Greer o f UConn and . t>een„, working arpund the clock , Mijfite. iry in , beiieyea he wlij,jav; Herm's wlH definitely countgi: . • •.•‘j u M I r y j i y w e r . — • . . B3'e4dz.,|(]iin)ia.Wl4le,Q|MU> Nt1s'^-''P 'Nllson o f 30 'Norman " I think it la^fair to ask whether ■forcejl Plnay to continue hla cabl- Kaat Haven, rated ninth in prii- Aeeepts *Ohalleiige*-...... I l l ' Among the contestants, women Pete Stacm checks. In and out, Fran Golssler of Willmantlc Teach- pii.-hing and selling memberships prove on hla .312 batting average ivlllfi their slrohgest lineup' fcatlir- Q. What would be the ruling If With Big Elmore hitting on slreei; died'Iasl rilghf af .they, ^aally-want-to-. dO'.«kMne(hlUg- .ncJ. .neKoUationa.alL.lbcough...th e - tournament rankings, conUnued This morning, he was ready_____ to5 ;___Manche.Hter (.range will nelgh- igarv .^hantesF dtfflruHr oOThum-fer meh, IS’ eight. ” bmmd~for-New Brltaln~forhtr first -in;the-Mattclicxtgr-Boosr»r-n7iF^7 -o f TsSTVhnnwtraon:- - ~ ..... ing A l StitdwleE'Urelrrtm ir 'Xofhe ruii,' liiit fell" rtfhe" of 10 tflea,' CKe "Mlnizro b^k'e ita' giant ' klfler role' ' ehe.ster --Mrmnrlal- Ho.spitat. -—------.ta-aaaute--clcan. .jegLtiant- gu var^. i*ight-hy— their— insistence—that— getter: Wally Parciak, Johnny Do- „ - in ctf tiflg . accept "the challenge." When hor w ith Mansfield Grange Mon- caused - one to ciasli, and three though over Tiaf?~the" pla.va schoolboy tourney offiefbting game SATURDAY "They are not going to get me dead running to first base? the game wide open In the fourth Southington, ranked second. M e l­ Rhrn In Sweden, she had been ment or whether aT their talk is failed to rcti m for unknown brutsliy, their ex-Eastern and eontaeted by phone In his New day evening. Their meetings are pure politics. ’ from metropolitan districts, rural —C9iet Morgan inspects the Rec Shortest working day of the FIVE MAILMEN entered the swinging for the fences any rao: e," A. The padded cells are period, Johnny Ezersky dropped in ton, ranked third, had to go oil a resident o f Manchester for the (Continued from Page One) ! causes. American Leaguer, and talented .London olTICe, Alexander, who has held in the Community House at areas are also represented. Only ^ “ "Vi. *,*'*^, pool for the first time before'golng week . . . Agenda for the dav in­ Town Table Tennis Tournament he said. "That's what hurt early crammed with stove leaguers 16 tailieif, Danny Finn 14 and John out to overciome Broiiford, iU past .10 years. She was a member One of the five GOP Senators In air-to-air ^ spared the Ministries of Finance, ball handler Snap Server. Round­ been the town’a auditor for 16 Stores, battles the swift; script was aubmitted by a to Booster Hub meeting In library cludes a trin to West Snringfield and of the five, tivo remain In the last year. When I started meet­ who've gone nuts trying to solve Azary a dozen, all for the Miners. stubborn Housatonic League rival. of nhe Emanuel Lutheran Church. ' Tyula Groo, secretar>--gener- referred to was Mundt. Another Sabre jets Economics and Social Security. I ing out the squat! will be Eddie j years, interpreted the statement, . .—. P^°“ ®01y I student. Miss Dorothy Kallnauskas, on School ptreet .. Attendance for Hollywood Ice Revtie In after, running, Pete Aceto and WHlls ing the ball wherever it waa and i that one. The rule says a batter Bobby Kniirht with 15 pointa was WUby of Waterbury and Tor- Besides her hu.\atrr Departmrnr'« finanorii anothi^r poiluck/ prreedinir the tendent Enroe Mlhalfv. deputy duced this session to put Internal — two F-84 fighter bombers— Interpreted abroad "as hesitation Gershon'a club led 13 to 11 at the grandchildren. front Friday. on the Yankee ba"eball band Mulikevik Benefit At New Britain, Griswold of available at all times but that the buainess meeting, Wednesdav eve- were unloaded at .Brindisi. In France's foreign policy." dy Young, a decisive winner over H A N K LAR SO N of the Com- "W e are much s tro n ^ r in pitch­ period. 37 to 34 at the half, and 56 The funeral will be held Mon.lay ' y’„‘" ‘Nem ze[ wagon .. High Coaches Will I a line for ers than a year ago," Chuck said. Jew(!lt City made things Intarest- f’n»"cln g nlng at the school on North School, ^n,-rpoon at ■2 o’clock at the Wat hai-d-hlttlng Ernie Durando, i s ' f'” ' to 54 at the three-way point. was followed Clarke,-Tony Alibrio and Gil Hunt ready and ...... = ' working overtime to get out the "Fellows like Ben Wade, John ing for East Hampton for moat of street. .^-The last aupper was so i kins Funeral Home, 142 East (>n- j In connection with the purge Tw'o of these. Nixon and Senator The B A ’s had no one battling Regular Keporla present, also John Mrosek, John y d eager to take on Ray , Manchester High Booster Club ve- Podres, Billy I^es, Bob Alexendc:'. three periods but fell victim to ! sucee.'iafiil an even greater turnout ' ter street Rev Carl E Olson oa.s-1 i 'R * Kas ). voted Labelle and Dick Law of the Bar Kobln.jon In a title bout M ay 16 If | hide bumper signs, "Be A B o o ­ for rebounds o ff the offensive East Hampton’s deep freeze in the He said there are monthly re- John Rutherford and Joe Black College All Stars Face board and the outside shooting ’ of the members Is anticipated. I f lor of the Emanud Lutheran v*! Protestant circles ini against the President's plan in Association — Ha} Turklngton the busy Harlem Sugar Man still i ‘®'‘ " closing momenta 44-87. 'niomaaton port.s available to the Board of are better looking than any :iew was off. Scranton too, did not dis­ j will be Served promptly at 7 passed out tickets and an hour's has his middelweight crown bv ------took full advantage of. superior Directnr.s which contain the fi- Church, Will offlei«{e and “ ' J S s h e '^ d ^ bv“ tae ' “ *1 rs men we asked to camp last year," play championship ball. bUt Mor- , O’clock, and will he folhnved by mci^t Will be ,n the East <>nieterv. ■ bull session following the business then. •’ TE.\.M SCORING average In Eastern League Champs height in routing Glastonbury, nanclal condition of the Water De- Dressen said that Wade and ganthaler's height and spectacular bingo with, prizes. ■' > The funeral, home will be open j w a r v ^ M^rch 2 ^ ^ ^ introduced the resolution to dls- meeting. 58-44. partment. In addition, to these, he The 23-year-old Young won the Senior Lieague Podres impressed him the most. overhand shooting from the pivot ...... TUESDAY ...... ^‘8kt to. meet Ray. Ill Madison games is 96.7 ” pointa per game. Ml^^Ahe,tnn,d4ioji. of the. deparU..... Members of • Sti M a rca ref* Clr- - ...... -'-YANKEES ------...... spelled • doom for-Goach- Sonny Ava^rauKbL4«,t-irt-m e Tntd^ morrow etemnk from 7 to 9. "" :■ unanimously^ by a ehureh meet- terday that 'S ’WsXr'js the President was Elytra busy moming with the Square Garden .In a Heart Fund Eight teams involved In the four One o f the best Independent bas- r tee consisting of Art Pongratz, Hertzberg's charges. phone ringing from 7:80 until show by his second triumph over games scored a combined total of St. Petersburg. F.la., March 8— Sf\he ‘ he start quested to meet tomorrow evening ling in Budapest, the bl.shops. gen- trying In his Ictter ' to remove the ketball attractions booked in Man- Earl Yost. Hal Turklngton, Hugh Morganthaler dropped in a hook nearly 11 a. m.; one of those morn­ the stocky Durando in the Garden 775 points. The Individual team iJ*!— BUly Martin hp.s the inside Threaten Boxing ' Of the fiscal year. , , 7 »t the Qiiish-Funeral '^ ■ ®od deans, of Issue of corruption from the 1952 track at the moment for the regu­ I Chester In years will take place , Greer, ' Stanley Waldron, Norm shot to give the Miners a 58 to 54 ' the'Reform ed, 'Calvinist Church campaign” ings ... Finally got caught up in last night, totals were •97.64, 98.92, 110,' 103 Maude ' F i i t i c r a l s lar third base job on the New Peterson, Sherwood Waldron, John edge In the first 10 seconds o f the o f lV'^m7th"ort / o ‘ '■'h'lte to Mrs mid-aftermxin but a glance at But before Young can step into 102, 99. j Friday night at the Arm ory when With Trust Suit hiv ^ .1, followed in flnane. I Foley, for many years a valued 1not only pledged their loyalty to None Nuined by Truman York Yankees. Sullivan, Emil Seelert. Stanley finiii canto. Knjgh^ matched the Ing the depnrtmenL— Alexandrr . member,______._____ L0g_ggntmunist„ r e g i m e , . ^ , George, who heads the tax-writ schedule shows a full night ahead f f i u l ng with the leo-pound-ktng,- -the New England - College— Ail; B iAy aoff-refriloeTscKTTref to Iron -M nk Aaui re Sehora -r . .'.'Yump Jqhnron a late aftemcion Manager Casey Stengel E.tld shot bul; Elmer dropped in two Saul. "It makes more sense for the ______Funeral services for .Mrs. Anufre ttqilldallon o f per- Tng Senate Finance coinmltteie, he'll have to wait-and-see how RED McCAUGHEY got back on , Stara will play the Manchester j out final plans. charity tosaes. Hanson acoriHl for caller.. .Meet with Ronnie Daigle "Martin played third base for me New York, Mareh 8— (iP)— Pro- town to borrow the money for the i I» * • Schors of Bear Swamp road. An- the past. said that in the letter Truman ad- Robinson fares in his title fights the right prediction track last ; Eastern League champions of the [ Appearing with the College the BA'a but the giant center for and Mel (hiahlng at West Side in Oalclend. He says he can play feasional sports faced on attack en department from the First Na- ItO gerH A p n O llltH with Carl (Bohol Olson in San night when he selected Sersnton to 11949-19M and 1950-51 seasons. Ail Stars, will be "Vin Yokabaskaa, the Miners hooked a beauty from dover. were held yesterday morn- tw'* ’ “ •’** ‘ ° “ P* Rec to assist in State Open Bas­ third base up he?e. I want to see jlonsl Bank of Boston (who * » Francisco next Thursday and with wh'p the B A ’s at the Armory. Red proceeds from the game will go to ! Burr Carlson, W ally WIdholm and the side for a 62 to 58 edge. Mor­ another front tcxlay following 3i ing. at 11 O’clock at the Andover !l.oh “ hO honest ketball Tournament plans... Mrs. whether he ca^,;.'* handloH Hll’the town’# hood Ihhuc#) Congregational. Church, with Dr. ”5^ ’ ''“j ' ‘o «'>■■ sins, (collectors of Internal Revenue.” Rocky Graziano In . Chicago April is just a shade over the i500 mark Charlie MUzikevlk, a member of Bill Ebel of the past seaaon’s Uni­ ganthaler, Azary, Finn and, EJzer- Federal Grand Jury recommenda­ Kathleen Pontlcelll, a hustler for 16. RED SOX at M 5 per cent interest than to Ohio Sales Agent William Tuthlll officiating. Mrs. Seh»“»' specifically named the Manchester squad who has ! versity o f Connecticut squad. A l­ sky then combined their talents to tion that the government take the Baseball Little Leaguers, re­ In the prediction department. have the deparlmenl either cash In addition to all of these mid­ Sarasota. Fla, March 8—fm ~ been hospitalized for the past two so Chuck Stewart of Rhode Is­ open a 71 to 62'gap with 4:18 left Arthur Lockwood presided at the ' the declaration aa'd St. ports * 68. was realized from re­ monUis. anti-truat action to end ‘‘reetroliit in Its bonds nr borrow at the rate organ and burial wa.s In the Town­ Lofila collector now on trial on dleweight scraps, Robinson may Rookie pitcher Ralph Brtckner is land State and Bill Preavey of to play. This decided the game. Gerald L .MacKinnon, for the cent food sale of L.L. Booster H.-VROLD B IN K 8 was presented of trade and broadcasting of 2 1-2 per cent Interest." send Cemetery, Andoven cha.iges of bribery and misconduct box light heavyweight Joey Ma.xim Manager Lou Boudreau’s starting Hamilton Standard of Etoat Maasaehusetta. Hugh Greer will B A ’s Lead But Once past year superintendent of the Cfiub. She adds she would like to for the 17.1-pound diadem lifN e w with a complete new outfit last He said the money the depart- Bearers were Williarn Bashko. tn office, and Denia Delaney, the choice for today's Boston Red Sox I Hartford and Pratt and Whitney, coach the A ll Stars and John Fal- The home forces led but once, championship fighta." York this summer. Jim Norris, night at the Armoiy from the fan? K*’hrral fund a Good.vesf division, ha.s been ap­ Jo.seph Krazel. Harold Hartley and Klliott Olj8t»r\es former Boston. Mass., c.ollector. stage a basketball game at in the Grapefruit circuit rival Hartford Dusty League kowski the locals. late in the aecond period when Thus boxing became the third pzesidentpf the International Box­ of Manchester. Police Cfiilef Her­ debt that arose as the amount of pointed Rogers Corporation sales dnaeph Trentin. convicted' on charges connected V'erplanck School for the benefit 'against the Red". I teams, will play in the first game Every penny collected will be Fuggy Beil dropped in a twin- major sport to be threatened with ing Club, said " I t ’s all up to Ray." man Schendel made the presenta­ of the benfit bill at 7:30 services the department had to representative' for the Cleveland. 90lh Birthday with the administration of his of the Little Leaguers . . . Watch Brlckner, wh-se reco.d waa turned over to the popular Muzzy. pointer for a 34 to 33 edge. Before an anti-trust suit since the .loot supply grew faster than antici­ "Maxim Is willing.” he added. tion during the halftime of the Ohio, territory, R. A St. Laurent.' James .M. Shearer office. part o f first match in Town table 15-9 last season with Birmlnghaun Sponsors of the game are the Players on all four teams afid the boys had'a' chance to change world war. pated- w ill be paid back. Funeral servlcei for James M. tennis play between Willis Kil­ Always Wanted Robinson BA-Scranton game. in the Southern Assocltalon will British Americana and United Air- game officials have donated thei); vice president In charge of ^ales. Edward C, Elliott of 18 Orchard However, Truman did not ap- the agpre on the scorboard, Finn An .anti-trust suit Is Mnding 'Hound fartiand* ha.s announced. Shexre •. who died su-’denly at his “ i point either Finnegan or Delaney. patrick and George August. TTic A f t e r decisively outpointing be followed on the mo^und by Mau- I craft Club. Last night a commit­ services. , tent the Miners ahead again 35 to In line with Ihlj, he said that he street, w>hose 90th birthday oc against the National Football home-at 161 North Malii street . . *• Both were named bv the late Pres­ former having too much polish and Durando in the Garden ten round­ DANNY FINN threw up 31 rle McDermott and RandV Gum- 14. Twice the B A ’a fell behind by . -to going to suggest that the bonds R(npr0y,<«d by Rogcra;aiac.e..l0t7. was. honored League for its reetriction of tele- MacKinnon wa* graduated from Tnilfkda>’ ' -evenmg: w ifi* be ' h ^ ^ yesterday. ident" Roosevelt;...... wins easily. . . Main- attra ^ er witness^ by p crowd Of 9.468 goal attempts- for Scranton perL the ex-Chlcago White Sox nine pointa hut-each time the team Ihe Uater department has be with a family dinner party last Miss Rose-Marie Korsak, former (gross gale *857894). Young' said hurler. vtalon on professional gtm eo;' M.I.T. with a B.S. degree in me­ Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock at Internal Revenue Commissioner last.nlght and made six. Other in­ oattlcd back to knot the count be­ BaaebaU’s reserve clause w e i chal­ cashed in to repay the town. He evening at his home, at which his State Women’s champ, against ■he always had wanted to meet 1\IT Competition Starts chanical engineering. He la a mem­ the Holmes Funeral Home, 400 John B. Dunlap, testifying for the dividual shooting statistics from B r a v e s fore running out of gas. lenged by the Danny Gardella ouit, and that so long as the debt to suns-in-law, daughters, grandchlt- Pete Aceto. Tfie mallmsn won in Ro.binson. > • „ ber of Moriah Lodgn No. 1.1 A F. Main street. plan earlier thta.week, pointed out the floor were as follows: Azary Bradenton. Fla.. March 8—(IF)— . the tow n coiild be covered hy al- Durando, a powerful hitter with but the case never reached the and A M., and St. Alban's Episeo- Rev. Leland O. Hunt, minister drenand , „ , great grandchildren were j ihlV o f'ta e seven, collector, fired four very fine seta... Motored to 4 for 13, Pleas 0 for 8, Ezersky 4 L e ft" Warren Spahn will work courts. ’ moat * 1.56,0(9) that the depart­ hla right, rocked Paddy .four times pal Church of Danielson. of the Second Congiegatlonal P " * * ''" . or otherwise removed from their East Side Rec to catch last period for 27, Feigenbaum 3 for 9. Laud the first three Innings for the Tonight with Three Games ment has In bonds, "we are on -Church, of which Mr. Shearer waa I ’ unng the day he received let- with his pet punch In the first Baoeball also is confronted with, posts last year, none was named of scoring marathon between 2 for 13. Morganthaler 9 for 19. Boston Braves today as the Tribe Hartford Track sound ground." but once that Mr. MacKinnon, whose business round. And It looked like curtains an anti-trust sulL On Feb. 21 the amount a member, will-officiate and burial i ' ' " congratulation by Truman. Wethersfield and Pixiuonock before The Miners caged 28 of l20 trUs. gets the exhibition series under­ V . 4 reached...... "somethingc . i address will be Jackson Road. will be In the family lot H Buck- ■‘•ngland. Ireland, Arizona for the blond New Yorker. But Liberty Broadcasting System fU ^ motoring John Cervlnl to hla way against tile Brooklyn Dodg­ New York, March 8— (J1—In­ er, has scored 550 pomta this year has to he done." Chagrin I alls. Ohlo., .ly a member land'e'emetery. ' * i *^cw York, Among the tele- Paddy shook of th«>effects of the Manchester's ^hooting was as fol­ Team Nips High a *12,0()0,000 suit in Chicago Thistle road home,, .Eleven p. m. lows; Allen 2 for 11, Gopdwln 5 ers in Miami, dividual hattlea' between aky- for a 21.2 average. The (ext of the Democrats’ ! ,‘ echhlcal Ssanclaticm o f ' Frlends may Call at the. funeral Kr«nPi'W »» one received last night Wallop and Save his crude rival a against 13 major league clubs and Statement follows: P i . '1,4 . d a ‘ “ I J 4------eiicnoB m ay can a( me. lunerai phone caller completes day. for 16, Dobrutsky 0 for 1. Maz- Dick Donovan will pitch the ccraper centers put special zest New York University hopes to i home, this evening from 7 to 9, from Hugh James ' of the Fire­ good going over through most of in a triple-header tonight that Hartford High's Indnpr track ‘ be presidents of the National and As member.s of the Board of Di­ Hospital Notes WEDNESD.AY zlotta 2 fob 7, Hanaen 3 for 10, middle three frames for Boston hold him in check with Boris I ’^"'“ • Sunday from 3 to 5 and Sunday stone radio program, Whose par­ Rev. Carl Olson of f 'e Emanuel the fig h t opens the National Invitation Bas­ team acored/S 38 to 30 win over American Leagues. rectors. It is our duty to demand -----. - ...... Bell 3 for 9. Knight 7 for,23, Hertz- and one of three rookies—Dick Nachamkln, the six-f(xit-slx soph- neer*. and the" Pi-oviderice. Engl- I evening from 7 to 9. ents came from Belfast, Northern . . ,, . Lutheran church calls, seeding He stabbed his swarthy foe with k e t^ l^ T ournament at Madlaon omoro, talleat man. In tha yioleta' Manchester H igh...... yeate.rdav after- Liberty claimed it has been' y inlmcdiate invr.stigatlon of rhsincering Society JJooy£r^lSsil-_’meL-DiL_VlrgU_Jea=- -lj:c:laDd.-anilAv.ere-inng--t ime Jriemia L „ ^ r *J?T!?:^P_YESTERDA Y:_Ern- Info-^on— sports— fllma:":—BoitOiT left j abs,, bolted—htm -W tth--left 'Square Garden. ‘ ' ' opening lineup. . , noon ■Br"thJ~H0pkrn8"'Srreet“‘ gym ■ Trozen” ou l'“o r “Qie ^3"T)airp(fifir W ater and Sew 'r Deiiartment- o f ' At the same time of .Mr. Elliott. ” K ’ssman. Jr., Mariboepugh;' hooks and right swings' to the ter— will finish up. in Hartford, Walter L. Braves send along finest-; major, The. program gets under way * -®‘.*..J®h!l'-e. .Ooach .Frank Mcr. Eaoh team won even though it offered more money -,-the town of-'Manchrster. Erley and John W Sehofle w ere‘ Mr. Elliott is enjoying good *3 WadawortR" league press brochure to arrive head and body and tbok most of B O W LINO SOOBia iMt lilght four firsts. than other' bidden' for brood-' We domaml dhat Ihc Board of- Houmhold Hints at 6 p. m. (e.8.t), with this lineup labelled N'YU aa the named Rogers sales representa­ health this winter.-: It is his cus-1 ^">'1'. dr., 91 Fair- this season with the sketch of an the oteam out o f him. There were worth- mentioning Included the DA•bV^Htriks of games; ' tournament dark horse although Jimmy- Roach won the 100 yard cast rights. Director.s'bring in an auditor, other no knockdowns. Walnat 4l> tives, with offices in Chicago and , torn to attend both morning and I ii” " Anthony Jones. 12J Indian chief and a baseball on the following: Mike Zwlck 367, Bots 6' p. m.—Western Kentucky record is the poorest dash, Milt Cole the mile. Roach The action agolnat boxing was than l.pr pre.senl town auditor, to Columbus, Ohio, respectively. Officials all voted for Young: . To make toasted bread cubes ' services at the Salvation ! D‘ck- cover.. Mailman cniet Morgan Bocpalatta 391. Charlie Potter 389, ...... 131 127 103 ( 2 ^ ) V i. ,I^ulayiUe/2()-M. ; In the 12-team field. .:.,tav.esiiga4c.-4-.the. flnahclal ■opera-', for aoup. asladsr.' or- puaaings. ' Army citadel ' Helenri«ien Bal- Bai’ ■' Moppied I (> id(ipi()Mtff ebedk fcSr'l ^ «r o a Bani^.FMlx, 5r4-l; Judge' P(m Gleason 367 W alt rtijiA w f ...... m . qyga. 611 North Math at'reet; Am 'fe46' p. m.'-''"''Bete'n' tlcn.s of 111.- t4,v4,i Wkrer and SeW^l* ■ cut the .cFiuita ritf the number "of — Born* in Knglami; Mr. E lliott "--rrefiTTiocRvnfrxoir^ — Joe A g nello 778, antl-,"JiMgg-Bei=r 'SJoTJSriV Gwdrlch 363, Fred Mc- ...... 133 133 131 391 t o ' the Indians' firsts. Depart nienfs. ' taony KuraUia. Thnmpsonville; G rqnt 6-3-1. potter ...... } m 113 137 339 V i. LaSalle (20-5). ^ ] ond round against seeded entries, .Summary: by th'e Grand ■ Jury, which hsa bread slices required, then cut | *P^ht his boyhood In Manchester, Manchester Booster '. Club and Curry 361, Maurice CbrrenU 374. Lucat ...... 109 9:30 p. m.—Dayton (24-3) .va. I ’^bo drew first round byes. Du- been probing the sport since lost Mrs. Hazel. Quietly. 141 West Cen- In, four njeetings with Durfindo, 109 37 315 100-yard dash,: 1.. Roach, Man­ In the mtervai b^% c this in-, again Into im all cubes. Place on a ! * ‘ *'• early age became a takes an extra minute to get A l Giansanti 376. New York University (J7-6). quesne. St. Louis, St. Bonavenbure October. tar street; Reginald Pelletlere, 27 all thrillerii. Young hatoscored two i chester: 2. tie between Johnson vestigatiori begins, weJ further de­ Court Cashes cookie sheet in a slow oven and s^lOfer of the local-corps. On the "shot" by Herald photographer TntaU .....' 621 604 586 1813 ‘Oddly. Westi^n Kentucky, Se-I nnd 8 t._ John’s were top-rank, in mand that the Town of Manches­ occasion of hla birthday last year TVler ctrele; Mrs. Evelyn Mori- victories, lost once and drawn In C-ater Sertlfe (t) and Luther, both of Hartford. toast until the cubes are golden Bob Nauman. N o doubt, Wetmea- JOE KI.'BAlOHKA’a Hartford ton Hall and Davton each" ia a ^ * t order. CIAC Baaketball At A Gtooea ter stop pa.vlng Water Department he was honored with a large pub­ arty. Strong street. another. OlfMon ...... • 101 ].M no 362 Time, ill.8. Leo P. McManus. 39. o f 5 Drive brown on all aides, turning fre­ day's issue was a beat seller.. Hlllnsk! ...... MS 124 103 m three-point favorite. The LoUisvIlle-Westem winner bills out of the town's General B. pleaded guilty, tn Town Court lic party at the citadel, which came ADMITTED TODAY: Charles Young weighed 159 and Durando ellml- One mile run; 1. Cole, Manches­ quently. - Harry Mtddment of the Manches­ nated by Waterbury Wllby last Abr#it|ji ...... 103 123 126 351 The "Blue Grass Special” which will meet St. Bonaventusc in the By The Associated Frees as a complete surprise to him. and Alan Johnaon, 20 Trebbe drive. 15714 fsoodiich ...... 13( 102 127 363 ter; 2. Guerette, .Hartford; 3. Fund without authorization trom today to a chatV'e ot operating a ter High faculty calls requesting night in the Class A tournament opens this winter cage .'spectacle first game of another triple-head­ Friday’s Beoulto the Board of Directors. These im- motor vehicle while unde - the In- Maynard aough, Mr. Elliott’a d i s c h a r g e d YESTERDAY: Sedor 1...... 1M 116 134 354 Frazier, Hartford. ’ Time, 4:54. If the temperature la too slow appearance as a apeaker at Hl-Y rrsTst Lessae at New Haven, 55 to 35. sends Western Kentucky’s six- er Monday while the Seton Hall- CUoa A auihorizerl payment, had reached rtuence of intoxicating liquor or in dee'p-fat frying foods, the food grandson, waa maater o f cere- Mrs. Amelia Brennan, 88 Hilliard I meeting at High school on April ToUU ...... r.. ,440-yard run: 1. Preston. Hart­ I street; ■ Ignatz Berzenaki. 58 Bia- ...... 59( " iu l i s 18^ foot-nine Art Spoelstra against LaSalle victor goes against St. Wilby (Waterbury) "55, Hart- ' drugs and was fined *125 with *.10 ! will absorb much of the fat and be and the program waa one I .,11 i; 1. Offers several dates with ford; 2. Rice, Manchesterr 8. Kir- Ihf staggering e*um of * 101.000 as T rin N*. t (I) JERQ^ GOODRICH with a 219 Louisville’s Bob LiKhmueller, who John’s. ford Public 35. Of Wednr.sflay, March 5th. 19.12. I emitted. Judge John 8 . G Rott- greasv. ‘ long to be remembered by all * * Yon too. can strike “paydirt” with a classified ad . . . just April 1 the date selected. .Jour­ WlUon .'...... 86 12! 102 309 Girdea Orove (l> The last game on the Monday wln, Hartford. Time, :68.9. is the early leader lii the one ball McCurry ...... 126 113 132 361 towers six-five. Torrington 54, Stratford 53. ^ iier . presided...... "— present. , i i ' » ‘rcct. Thomas Crockett. ney to Avon In the evening and E. Diets ...... ,9S 91 119 lOS program w ill be a first round joust 220-yard dash: 1. Roach. Man­ S3 Bigelow street;. Ml«_ Dorothy Supeirant ...... 119 *4 116 323 week end bowling sweepstakes at B. Pag.ni ___ ...... 129 118 108 349 This could develop into a hlgh- chester; 2. tie between Smith Claoa B Kalhcrine D, Bourn, The ra.Hc of t’armelp Florida, When the stalks of broccoli are ask the man who runs one! There’s many a nugget waiting bat 1.000 again as "second 'aa- Walker ...... 84 96 n i 293 between Seattle and Holy Ooaa, Dalton. 760 Main street; George r. Murphy ...... IIS 134 66 33S the Double Strike alleys on Oak zcoring melee. Spoelstra, i ^ o and Luther, both of H artford East Haven 46, Southington 4*. 36, of 39 Dover street charged very’ thick It Is best to rut them SUKKOI'NII RED TROOPS aiatant” coach of the Rockville Aitsmy 134 '123 lt7 -364 Smith ...... 99 139 103 230 with, the winner t(ddng on Du- Melvin S. Hathaway. Rockville; Mark Gibson. street. Goodrich alao has high sin­ Low ‘ Man ...... 95 87 paced the Hilltoppera to the Ohio Time, :26.0. Shelton 51, Branford 47. with Iior.-.support, was continued Into portions that are easier to for you in the want ads , .. things you need . . .-services Maple street school baoketboU 97 279 queane, fourth ranked nationally, J Walter T. Mahoney. 46 Turnbull road; Mias Ruth TotsU ...... 543 547 540 1639 gle, 79. Plav will continue through ■Valley, championship, has aver­ ■ ■ Class O ...... from day to day. cook and serve. • Hanoi, Inthtehina, Marrh 8__ team along with Ray Ramadell. Tot.1...... 880-yard run: 1. Boyingtan, Leonard. Belchertown, Maaa.; Mrs. Traia Na. S 111 Sunday night. • * ...... 527 "543 " iil n n aged 16 points a game and he Tuesday night. St. LiJulsrNo. 5 in East Hampton 44, Griswold Other case., dis)>osed of were J, (.H— Rellabh* tourres reported THURSDAY Larder .. rllaprr. (tl the naUon,,plays the Dayton-NYU Hartford: 2. Porter, Manchester; Hint to Mninrlst* you w ant.. .‘bargains galore! Join the ...... 109 91 95 295 ranks second among, th e' nation’s (Jewett a ty ) 87. ___ ■'ohn Bruise. 41- South Windsor, Cooked celery may be leH-ed In today two haltallona of Ctonunu- Marilyn MacFarlane, 27 CSturch H eavy schedule o f phone calls Paraeni- ...... 120 92 1 31 343 M#rtin ...... 116 87 97 900 victor Tuesday. 3.\Tuohey, Hartford. Time, 2:08.3. *treet; Mrs. Elizabeth Morrison Verona .. latennedlatr Lragoe E. Pig.nl ...... 116 115 field gold percentage leaders. Thomaston 58, Olsatonbury 44. a variety of ways. Team it with ,nUI-led Vietminh troope have “gold rush" . . . reatf and use'our classified ads .. .One from Jimmy Murray seek­ ...... 106 101 106 313 Farr , ; ...... i Semi-finals are sch ed u led Relay: 1. Hartford (Preaton, The .oil filter not only cleans the i Fraang*;. and son, Rockville; Lorln Perry Masbuaon ...... 138 1st 94 Xii 121 112 233 Lochmueller has a 17Ji average. Saturday’s Osniss peas or carrots. If you like, serve It been encircled by French and ing contact man at Fenway Park Beniraton Mnstaass (431 Arckivey ...... ;. 103 110 134 :«7 Thursday and the finals Saturday, Ctaruso, Smith, Luther). Time. lubkcant but also hel/s to cool it. ^ 5.1; “ ;'° vloUtlo®;'o?' r Z 38 Irving atreet; Mrs. Lorraine ...... 93 104 95 293 Frejhelt ...... Seton HoU’a Walt Dukes, tall­ 1:31.4. Class A — of the creamed, or add it to leftover soup. llrtnnm troope netu- Phnr Yen. regularly. Phone 5121—write o r bring for 800 to 1,000 tickets for a Red B- F Pt» ..i.. 103 96 320 the tournament champion qualify­ reducing consumption. For the Peterman and son, 444 Woodland Totala ... Koaakowikl. rf ...... 3 3-6 13 Tw.rnlte ...... 35 108 141 329 est in the tournament at 6-11, 7:30— Wilbur O o s s (N sw HSr- road. Judgment suspended; Ed- 1* milea northw'ent o f Hanoi. Sox gome this season. Dick •...... 556 519 1596 flineo, If ...... 5 ).) J] ing for the Olympic bowetball Shot put: I. Gomblei Hartford; aaka o f economy, therefore, it street; Fred Pennino. 79 Lenox will have a five-inch advantage van) vs. Windham (WUUmantle). WHril C. Custer. 34. of 18 Hals Alcohol will remove any white F>rnch artillery pounded the your ad to our Claasified Ad department (TCkinnlell handles these requeata Enxla.iid. e 4 1-2 '9 Trtt.l...... 533 "st? 535 164( trials ' opening at the Garden 2. Abbruzzese, Hartford; 3. Me- should be replaced when It be- atreet; Mrs. Blixabeth PrM ton and Teaa Na. 1 (II ProVan. rz ...... 3 0-0 4 over LoBalle’a Tom Oola but he Ardle, Manchester. -43' feet, IH 9:00—Warren Harding (B rtd,^. eomea clogged. road, operating while under the apote that ihay appear on the pocketed troops and ptonee were for the Boston American Leaguers Rlelnamlth ...... tot 68 March 29. daughter, 74 Avondale road; Mrs Fontanella, Is ...... J 2-3 8 Dm I’i (4l can’t' expect to relax. Gola, a Inches. port) vs. Meriden. influence of intoxicatinje liquor or shellac finish of a table. dropping napalm in the are*. .. .Archie LaRochelle of the ^ It e Burkn __ n 116 Sarah Smith. 132 EMridge street; B. Diels, Jr, .... 83 86 M. Comntl 139 n o 135 374 freshman sensation, U fast and High jump: 1. Aitken, Mancbea- O la a e B '' drugs, continued to Monday; John Bourcee eald. Glass calls and states he is anx- Totala ...... 21. iTu 48 Glaniarti .. First Flagerpitata iMbelle Smith, 27 Madison stroeti J. Murphy . .... 99 64 Nish rroali4apli 4431 n s 113 149 37S agile and gets the most out o f his Hockey At A Glance ter; 2, Preaton, Hartford No Games Schsduled.; F. Brink, 57,- South Coventry, Easiest way to make soft bread 1^ to book a game between his Bennett ...... 92 ' 86 Chippeli ... 12S in 99.335 3. Duff, making a U-turn. *5: William J. Mrs. Mary Vanderbraok. 26 L^atl B. F. Pti. KIciuk .... 6-6 height. He is clicking along Eastern League Manchester, Height. 5 feet, 6 Claas O (New Britain) cubes ia t.o stack two or three Y kmp team and F rankie's.. .Ki- Horeheart. rf ...... 5 n s 106 138 346 Fingerprinting is of ancient or­ Shorten, 18, 5 Grant road, speed­ Relative Retallanon street. - Totala ...... 483 462 531 1445 ft on average of 17.4 pointa a Johnstown 4, Boston 2. inches. 4t00— Morgan (Clinton) ▼a.i igin, flret used In the East when sllcet of bread on a board and with toros Club Preoideqt Ray Owens Brerett. If ...... 5- Totals ...... 434 433 503 1431 ing, *25; Mike Brillo, 40. Glaaton- B IR T H Y E S n ^ D A Y ; A son to Teaoi Na. 4 (3) Dowd, If ...... 0 gome. Atlantic City 7, New Haven 5. Firmlngton. the Impreaaton o f hu thumb was a sharp knife, using a sawing mo­ Among the early Greeks, the ■vtalta and as usual, passes along Griffin to 94 Dari-MalJi (SI Firfell bury, violation of rules of the Mr.,and Mrs. Frank Marcheae, 86 Korean, c ...... 3 A n old N IT favorite w ill be seen Pro BpaketboU A t A Olsvea v a tion. cut the sliced bread dlmtr^ratrr Eimtitts llrratb several bits of Information.. .Joe Darlea 113 94 7:30— Bloomflald Simabury. the meosreh's slgn-manuaJ. . ac­ rMd. *15; George H. Moquln, 22. .J * -L"- ‘"R* P‘”“"‘">’ent of a murderer was the Oakland atreet. , Tedford .'...... M Bralnard. rg ...... 1 in the final game with Don Mein- Eight players who were on the NBA etripi of desired width. Cut again duty and privilege of the victim ’s Lautenbach. Ig ...... 4 Hollywood, (?allf.—Keeny Teran, cording to tbs encyclopedia Brit­ ^dw lto of Meriden calls ashing Kroll ...... 36 94 eke spearheading the attack for roster of the S t Louis Browns last Milwaukee 75, Fort Wayne 74, 185 Autumn street, violation, of in opposite direction' to form cubes relatives, according to the Enev- BIRTH TODAY: A daughter tor B. Schubert...... Fortin. Ig ...... _ ___0 114H, Los- Angeles, outpointed Walla W s ^ Wash. — Garth i rules of tha road, *15. I ft r ruling on a forfeited boaket-. ,113 112 Dayton, which boosts a 17-gome November will be with other of even sise. clbp^a Brltannlea. ^ Mr and Mte. WUllam Schults, 137] IndlonapoU* 81, Syracuse 76. Panter, 168, DoytsiL Idaho, kaU game. Ha asked; Do the joiaU T o tiia '...... II 7.12 41 Johnny Ortega, IlOH, Alameda, winning_ streak. Meineke, a bril— teams this spring. They have odd- ’S South Main atreet ' 437 1431 Score at half jtime, U -lt Mustangirf.Chllf., 10. , AmerloM League knocked but' Billy Owtar. 1 7 8 ,^ k'' Uant shot and relentless rebound- ed seven gomes since then. Scranton 79, Manchester 67. , VancMivmr, B. C , 8. > MANCHESTER EVENING HERALD. MANCHESTER. CONN, SATURDAY. MARCH 8j 1962 -ABtiiRWbUeR forSyto ”IHITODBT¥AY BY J. B. WILUAM8 He i r w ^ " n OUB BOARDING HOUSE with Ma jo r Ho o p l e CROSSWORD PUZZLE DOirr PAIL t* IfeClur* for 1900 CHKVROLET T;ador with POWER BURNERS and Range NEED MONET but unable to work r « A v - terrillc allowuMt on your car. PowergUde traumlaaton, Radio, Bumora cxpwfly eliaaod and fun tlaoef Earn Bubataatlal In- ■ ------!!!?iBAROAINS — American kltelMR PROSPECT STREET TBLU ______1 OlO MOT/* X Know BUWMO “ 1 Aniwfif to McCltira .Auto Oo., Hudoon Sa|ct heater. Nice cotoditloa through­ aenrleed; Let ua aervtea. aad rft W, TOST, Jawalar, ra. Maka 42~. $$tM ; 54" double MEN LIKE TO Hid e in c it ie 6 r irj'M cooM. Houra at owan out. It'jt, Douglas for values al- pair jrour waahlar maehtae or ra- Write Box O, .Herald. paira, adlnota w a te te aapartiy. draiaboard, IM .M ; ePMitric range If you nre seekinf the VOU ------t h e y h a t e RURAO. c o p s H(AU •veninga. wayr. Douglas Motor Sales, 333 frlgeratbr. Metro Sandee. 2-OMS. R teaoaai^la prtcaa.pr^caa. Open~ daUy. 8100; automaUc washer, 9299.95, B BC ------F oys* Money, Hovd, BECAUSE THE ViLLASS c-imsi C L A a r n m n a iiv t charm of an older home- rPiPhepMHovy— , raKCi nt apjlo UteJEKta Of . ^iaiib------"V avanlMIB. in now l a t ja . A A C A n anMcar I wr vM COJ6TA8ULARY IS ZKirciOK a nudiat camp on a chilly day Md wife ran b r r w lth ------RADIO AND televialon aalea, ana M 8S7. HAP SO04C Mk^KTY WHERE TPSEEKIH e J i ir.-n J DEPT. HOURSV A SAFE PLACE TO BUY ) work a few daya a weak. can 21 Maple. w« suggest you consider Thah a cat COMusIS DOWM a IFewer r inr; asked to be Em itted. Sue—Well, I uniteratend'be 8:15A.N.t*4:S0P.M . THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL aervictng and inatallaUoaa. C. '2-8886. BUSPidOUS PI6HES RASCAL - RA|MSI^T/-~>SO X WENT ID Guard-^ Nothing doing. This is going to discharge him soxt USED CARS ALL CARS FAR BELOW Haney, JW- Bolton atreet Phona this three bedroom six OM TW TABLE AT VOU COMBED THE , 1UB m e a r e s t b i s TOwn IMotbeirel . T im e s .' • Dwott cofriar Apollo a nudist camp. You can’t come In anyway. • CEIUNO 2 -0 ^ 10 . Fael aad Peed 4t-A B h ch ltry aad Toole 52 room home. Almost *an jJAILlZOAD Sr«riOM6,J A»oD ADyeRTiseo here with Uia,t blue eult o n . ___ '1 - . COPY CLOSING TIMB T9SrTXaiFCdlN5heI '4-Dr. Sedan OHU>~FOR-foun(ain • wortr,- daya.' TOR MV HLamptok" ' SWoUhouad Vi'aitor—*niia isn’t a blue aulL fOR CLASSIFIED ADVT. ATTENTTON CAR^AND Good wageo. Tel. 2-8120. lia n U ^ d for Aim- DUBLIN TRACTOR acre oY lind with two~car presume MAtd.f . catdMfa fCoaloace Maybe it la because they coll 19 Radio and heater. This car is like Honschold Services ace, stove aad fireplace. OtgUo COMPANY I'm cold. oxtail soup that ao few p tra^ TRUCK OWNERS. WE new with very low mileage. g«rage. Automatic heat, 13 PhUippie 8 Pe^ of a circle MON. THRU PRI. Offered 13*A HOUSEWIVES. Full or part time Brothers. Tel. 0301 syenlaga 14 Complex order It. . , 1980 Dodge Coronet 4-pr.—Radio North Windham Road modem kitchen, cozy liv­ 8101 (Roman) One thing about a rubber check 10:30 A. M. and heater. A wonderful buy. work abowiug plastic housewares carbohydrate 7 Provided with NEED USED CARS AND FLAT FINISH Holland window through party plan. WriU House WUUmantIc. Conn—3-3217 is that the man who writes one Minister—Well, now that you MSW Wlllya Jeep-^Wlth snow plow. ■badea made to meatura. AU GardcR-^PsnR-.DRti7 ing'/room with fireplace 18 Pointing weapons of. 23 Rough carrier 40 Chemical can be sure of a long stretch. SATURDAY 9 A. M. TRUCKS. DRIVE IN OR 1949 Mercury 4-Dr. Sedan—Radio of Plastics, Avon, Conn. Yror dealer for uaed tractors, If Melody combat on water substance have looked it over, what will yoi^ metal Venetian bllnda at a n. Prodacts . 50 «nd many other features. charge me for fixing my corT * and Heater. Beautiful condition. equipment, buUdoaera. IT Short-napped SPoet 34AtMverate 43 Lariat Botany Teacher—Now class. VODB COOPERATION WILL CALL. LET-US SH O lf YOU 1949 Oldsmobile 6. 4-Df. Sedan— •ow price Keya made while you APPLES, McIntosh, Roms Beau­ Terms—Open Evenings. Excellent location, Kandy Mechanic—Well, that dependai wait. Marlow'a. Help WsBtfd—Msk taM c • Feminine 23 Ocean carrier, 43 Hang in folds when do leaves turn red ? It will be 820 If you etoy hera BE APPRECIATED • Black, hydramatic drive. A very ties and Wagners. Bunch Fann, to bus. 60 day occupancy. 19 Notes in appclUtlon Queen----- 44 Mimics Students— In the autumn. HOW WE EVALUATE fine car. BODY AND fender man wanted. 029 Wfat Center. Phone 8116. - while I fix IL or 85 If you get out WEA37ING of burhi, moth holea Musical lustruBieiits 53 Inspection by appoint­ Guido’s Kale 10 Human 27 Carrier of milk 48 Appellation Teacher- Why do leaves turn of hearing distance. ] 1948 Plymouth Club Coupe—Radio and torn clothing, hosiery runa, Plenty of overtime. Good work­ 30Ttimad catricn 28 Heating device COHorM’sia it red In the autumn ?, ' YOUR CARS. and heater. A swell little;car. DIAL5121 bandbasr repaired, aipper id- ing conditions. Phone 7048. Turn­ NEW . USI$D, Rmitala Reeds, ment. —— outward T2Ffa|mehls" Yriyial 40 Solar diik------Smair “voice"ce Vfn (from ' o f 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4- pike Auto Body Works, 168 Mid- Hoasfihold Goods $1 ttrings, mutes, atanda, accea- 13 Sampled 31 Symbol for ' SO Flesh food room) .They're bluahinf;;. to think Benjamin Franklin, having been Most are one owner, low mileage Dr.—A nice family car. placement, umbrellaa -repaired, 2SWoolcerri>r touched by an Impecunfoua relai care. Previous owmera name on re­ men'a shjrt oollare revereed and dis Turnpike West, ooriea. Repairing. Certified In- 28 Revoke 18 Exist Iridium . 81 Crafts how green they've been all sum­ 1941 Hudson 4-Dr.—Good trans­ •truction. Muale for all occaa- ROBGitt J. SMITH, mer. tlve to the extent of 830, was quest. portation—$195. replaced.^arlow'a Little Mending MR. a l b e r t o f THE 27 Obtain 21 Traveling bag 38 Looks flxtdly S3 Scottish rivw aakfd for a sheet of paper ao that Lost and Pound Shop. • j MAN TO Work In lumber yard, •lona. Ward Krause, 87 Walnut 38 Fish 53 ConducM 1950 Chevrolet 4-Dr.—Radio, heat­ 1940 Plymouth 4-Dr. Sedan. also drive truck. Prefer person ALBERTPS FURNm7RB.OO.„ Incorporated 10 Profit 22 Emanate the bori-ower could give him a note Wiahea to contact a reliahie and 5338. It la appropriate that moat of LOST—Botween Contrr, Eaat C»n- er, powergUde. Many other ex 1040 Dodge 4-Dr. Sedan—Radio 40 years or over. References re­ 21 Imply the football games are played on for the amount. ORGANDY Curtains laundered by reaponaible p6raon who la' going .963 Mkin Street MTrpeotwhael 1 i 1 t r ” ter and Camp Meeting Wooda, tire ■ tras. Price $1,695. and heater. hand. Will can for and deliver. quired. Apply in person. MclCin- BALDWIN Acrosonic piano, two U4*. . holler-days. Franklin—Whatr Do you want houeakeeping. carrior to waste my statlonarjl as w-ell and tall board of Ford truck. Wm. 1949 Ford’ Custom Tudor — Blue, 1939 Chevrolet Opera Coupe,. Phone 2-0843. ,ney Lumber Oo., Bolton. jmar# old. Perfect condition. CaU - Tel. 3450 iVEBTlSeof li li Kanehl,'SIS Center atreet. Tel. 19.38 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Sedan. [ HAVE BEEN HOLDING IN MT 2-1584 aftemoOQa or eveninga. 88 Equina II The average woman eats less my money? radio, heater, undercoating, slip t h e PUNMY fAPEk OMlPRE- earriars 7773. covera—$1,215. 19.36 Chevrolet Sedan—Radio and EXPERIENCED WAREHOUSE SINCB LAST After 6 P. M. Please Call FObTECOOSf IT" J than the average man, according heater. Good condition. Ilutlding—ContraetinR 14 YEAR 8 ROOMS FURNITURE 37 Attssnpt to jtatistica- and figures! A Florida man UiHoil his broth­ FOUND- New Teatament with W«Bt€)tf~To B ar 58 1947 Pontiac 4-Dr. Sedan—Stream­ 19.30 Ford 2-Dr.- Excellent motor. TRUCK DRIVER And These Appliances Mr. Heok 7843 BlICKEY FINN Not Quite Over! 88 Boot carry a N A 4 A er, wonted for xtemfng, over to writing Inside, "January IS, 1944, liner. Radio arid heater—$995. Save At GENERAL CARPENTRY, Altera­ BY LANK LEONARD P b-'.; Cofora will be brighter In men'a the police. What's that about be­ tions, additions and new construc­ WHICH IS A LFTTLE Wa n t e d —used Amlture. Llv- a?? ■ Ben left for overaeaa duty." In­ 1941 Oldsmobile 4-Dr. Sedan—Six For srrocery store and restau­ SCRATCHED AND LAST BOLTON NOTCH homes, a few of NO* I7HMK7HE 41 Make lace. h> h n clothes, come summer, says a ing your brother's keeper? quire 44 Eldridge atreet. Phone BARLOW MOTOR SALES tion. Dormers, porches and ga­ Ing room, bedroom, kitchen or W iw K H e tT suK jH m BeT cylinder,. Gray, rebuilt motor, rant delivery. Permanent po­ •YEAR'S STYLES entire households. Let ua make these choice four room ranch mMMSHETOOK 60nENWI$ey AMMNDMA A edging writer. We'tl bet, the women will 8538. Wanplng. Conn rages at reasonable prices. Work­ ‘‘Weatlnghouae" Elec. Refrigerator homes sUll avaUable. AU ptaater- mOMTHEBOTf 43 Prepared n B to fT IT look nice in them. new tires. Price $431. Open Until 9 P. t f . and Sundays manship guaranteed. Free esti­ sition with hospitalization, you' an offer. The Woodshed. 70 MM8ELR < COUPIEOFDAVS n You'll find It more agreeable !f, "Bengal” Cemhinatton Range Phone 2-SI54. ad walla, tile bath; oil heat, Urga ATCLANn'f.MS EH,CIANCTJyffiTH SOMC fWONy . 44Cai^you In J when bujing hair shampoo, you LO.ST—Diamond ring, about one 1941 Dodge 4-Dr.~Blue-$.385. Phone .5404 mates. R o^ rt M. Alexander. TeL pension plan and ft%e insur­ "Universal" Washing Machine lota. Immediate occupancy $9,-' CONVINCEPHM a poker game w ii ii You are not going very far when month. Sentimental A-alue. Re­ 1941 DeSoto 4-Dr.— Blue gray— 3716. ance. EMCHSERKimM’ remember that you also use It In 1936 OLDSMOBILE four door "Emerson" Television Set 350 with $1,000 down for veteran. THAT 17 WOULD H 47 Rot flax by 1 d you are satisfied to get a slap on your eyes. ward. 2-8025. $195 AM W 1AIC/ tr to the back Just for coughing. sedan, radio, heater, excellent H. J. HEINZ "Mohawk” Axminster Ruga Rooms Without Board 59 T. J. Crockett Phone 8418. expoaura , 1941 Plymouth 2-D r—<}ood mo­ running condition. Phone 2-0821 —And a few other articles- 48Chibchan a I A doctor say* the human-nose (a tor, Blnck-^$295. Roofing—Sidinjr 1$ 070 Tolland Street IF YOU ARE AN HONEST a t t h e c e n t e r , clean comfort- NEW! TWO or three bedroom W~ to ' ii a No matter how yoti prepare Annauneements after 5. Indian becoming sharper. That doean't GUARANTEED Rooflng and roof Ekuit Hartford PERSON I’LL GIYE YOU TITLE able room In quiet home. 20 homes. Hollln Brothers. Phone 2- la r U B ia n --- - spinach, says a (lietitian, young- mean you shouldn't keep youra to 1937 Pontiac 4-Dr, — Black, radio, Wadsworth street. t a221. *1 ST Slers are apt to. refuse It. Just on LEARN to drive a car, aafely. heater. Excellent condition — 1951 CHEVROLET tudor. Radio, repairing Gutters and conduc­ OP THIS ON LOW FRIENDLY carried In a the grindstone. heater. 7.000 miles. Only $1,895. tors. Coughlin 7707. Phone Mr. Lavoie for Appointment MONTHLY TERMS old spinach curtom! quickly and efficiently. You $175. BEIAUTIFUL Double room. Com­ BOLTON—Reduced for quick aale, H w u to ST- may get an Immediate appoint­ Unconditionally guar a n t e e d . Hartford 8-802124 As I had Originally aold this but saaickbeatla According to reports, pancakes WE SPECIALIZE In rooflng and the party who bbught It la not In a plete light housekeeping facilities six room ranch and garage. Large Tou'd think the weJl-jtndwn aick ment by calling Manchester Auto TRUCK SPECIAtJl Positively as good as new, Doug^ .ACT.NOW,.ReUahla peraon from MExhiMta a w were made thousands of vears ago; lOlffl Ford Pickup— Red, heater, las Motors. 333 Main. siding. Highest Quality nSa- position to take It. I f you are not available. Juat vacated by couple lot, ameaite drive. Artesian wen, 1 friend would get tired of, having Even then, one good turn deserved Driving Academy. Phone 2-4087. this area to service and collect leaving town. Central and at a Venetian bllnda included. Priced emotion ijiw mileage—$1,090, terials. Workmanship guaran­ read.v for It, TII continue to hold It 87 Iterate A H people alt up with him. another. BF.AUTY (XKINSELOR repreaen- TLEARANCE SALE teed. A. A. Dion. Inc., 299 Autumn money from new automatic mer for you as longras you want, at no price eo reasonable yeu'll gasp’ below today’s market at $9,400. 1 1945 Dodge 1 >4 Ton Platform — cI|andU4ng machines. No telling. extra coat. Hurry. Jerome, 14 Arch etreet Barbara Woods. Agent. 3702. fflCateipillar CARNIVAL tatlve for Mancheater. Mra. Mac­ e v e r y t h in g m u s t go street. *’hona 4860. hair (pL) SI H i BY DICK TURNER Donald.'Phone 2-32S1. Body. 12'. Checked by our servlra To qualify must hava car, refer­ first fioor. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES f dept. Buy It with a drive- $595. PRICES SLASHED ences and $600 working capital. PHONE ME IXfMEDIATELY MANCHEISTBR'— Zoned for busi­ Sounds Tastv BY EDGAR MARTIN 88 Dapsimleaa A few hours spare lime weekly I ’ll Show It To You ness, 4-family and 8 room single. THE ■y. W. C. A. Nursery school Roofinf 10-A •o! MV CAOiy, SIDE GLANCES BY GALBRAITH has openlnga f'>r three ehlldren. 1949 Chevrolet—Was 3tl.29.'5 win net up to $400 a month. Pos- During Day or Evening ROOM FOR Rent, gentlemen pre­ Income $2,649.50 per year. How­ OH WfcVV TOR \T . I SOLIMENE. Inc. ROOFING.. Specializing In repair­ VOUitE, WOUVD A \ WOSKOWl , 8U«t TWOVt ages 4 to 5 yeara. 9^30 to 11:30 —Now $1,195. eiblllty full time work. For inter­ Phone Hartford- 8-0358 ferred. Inquire 81 Pine street. ard R. Hastings. 2-1107. SOPPO St. W TO VBOOOCE. A ^ MtVtORV - \ V040W \ U S \ 0 dallv. .Minimum weekly rates. Dodge-Plymouth Care • ing roofs of all kinds. Also new view write giving full particulars, MR. ALBERT 07 VW VOONCAR TOMVC Ma n c h e s t e r — —New seven STUMP VOARVR .SLACWStm^ Phone 2-0421. JobrRsted Trucks ^ 1948 Pontiac—Was $1,295__ roof*. Gutter work, dilmneys home sddress, and telephone num­ AFTER 7 P. M. 46-4690 IKRXK^ TOR TWtkR 004R.7MVY. n cleaned, repalreo. 26 years' ex­ ROOM FOR Rent, gentleman pre­ room atngle^ 4 bedrooms, living W jPN vx -HOYAS&YS.MU^NRO SYIO, Now $1,195. ber to Box H, Herald. A—L—B—E—R—T— s \H4 PXCT\Ot8 * . .- ..Ir SVfUNM CASeAEX.RXD ✓ 634 Center Street perience. Free estimatea. Call 43 Allyn Street. Hartford ferred. Phone 2-2494. room, dining room, kitchen, 2 Prrstinals Phone 5101 or 5102 1946 Nash—Was $695—Now Howlev. Man';dieater 0361. Open Thura. Evenings T il 9 P. M. baths, breeze way and garage; t H ? VXPVWS, CIDER- $625. Help Wanted— Down payment, $8,000. Howard PM6> WAS \T-«0O. Safe Place To Buy New Care COUGHLIN ROOFS stay on In ROOM FOR RENT. Women only. R. Hastings 2-1107. THE PrtOSPEOT Hill School for Male or Female 37 CHAMBERS FURNI’fuRE Phone 5524. . «T AHOXHER young children. Pre-Kindergarten, 1940 PLYMOUTH Tiidor, radio, 1941 Chevrolet—Was $400— any kind of storm! For guaran­ SAXCH THKX 1 UStO \ Kindergarten. Monday through heater. Mechanically perfect. Now $350. teed roofing call Coughlin, Man­ OPPORTUNmES At The Green MANCHESTER —42 acres, 10-' CACTUS ^\C E- Friday Tranaportatlon fumlah- Clarke Motors. chester 7707 room house, barn, garage. Suit­ 1937 Chevrolet—Was $125— IN Very good selection of Aparfments—Flats— able for development. Howard R. cd. Mra Lela Tybur, director. BUCKLAND Phone 2-5787. ,1940 CHEVROLET special deluxe Now $95. Teneainits 63 Hastings. 2-1107. tudor. It's blue, and Just the car HeatinR—PIumbinR 17 lamps, parlor furniture, 1937 Plymouth—Was $135— The following positions are open­ TWO ROOM apartment, electricity ANDOVER ^ Five room house BALLARD'S Driving School, Man- for you with a radio and heater. PLUMBING. New work, also al­ ed In bur Buckland Research Divi­ chairs, bedroom suites, ^raithed, $10 weekly.On bus line. cheater'a oldest. Thousands of ac­ Clarke Ototor Sates, 301 Broad. Now $95. near lake. PartlaMv fumlehed. terations. 24 hour service. Call sion. If you can qualify, please stop Call Rockville 8-7950 after 2 p m Artesian well, 20 x 1A knotty pine cident free Instruction KOura. C. O. Lorentzen, Manchester 3636. In our friendly Personnel Depart­ kitchen ciock.s, ranges, Hundreds of aatlafled students. 1951 CHEVROLET two-door de­ 1935 Plymoiith—Was $150— living room. $9,000. Barbara luxe PowergUde. Radio, heater. Now $120. ment for an Interview. refrigerators, small appH- Woods. Agent. 3702. For appointment telephone 8- Pl.UMBlNO and heating, special­ Business Locations ALLEY OPP Caves Are Okay 2243. e Leila than year old. Low mileage. izing In repairs, remodeling, cop­ LATHE OPERATOR ances and TV. r\ BY V .T. HAMLIN Call 2-0538. , Most are equippetj with tut For Rent 64 CAPE COD, 6 finished rooms plus per water piping, -new construe- • Able to set up own work;- grind recreation room, on heat, cabinet NEVER HAKtE I ARENT dio and heater. Come in and own tools and run engine lathe and SMALL AIR conditioned office. ■■ AnffMwnMI#a-1 Uon. Time payments .. arranged,. ____Ol^n^9 :30 to 5..,. _**fiph«?:„Qlli.ot!iTier.2-J24,L...... 9 S N RAIN UKE XuA DKTTERJISEDi^gAR ^drive rme^hwnMi; Bd'H^rc-^ ohnsoTtP-PhVnw or ---- _ ''' lOOTfe locarion at <69 Ma t n ^ t r ^ 'T H ISr OOUD WT “ “ 1 T T BALCH PONTIAC. InT^ Evenings 7:30 to 8:30 Apply Marlow'r. SIX- ROOMS copjplete. Oil heat, ••"FINOACA4® BEFORE YOU Buy a used car Open Evenings ’Til 9 5044. see Gorman Motor Sales. Buick DRAFTSMAN recreation room. Screens, Venetian 1950 Buick 4-Dr.—Dynaflow. EFFICIENT Plumbing and heat­ Mechanisms and Electronic Pack- WE BU> and aeU good used furni­ Hons4>s for Rent 65 bllnda, gas domestic hot water. Sales and Service, 28S Main BYCHOLSKl MOTOR SALES aginga, experience deairable. An ex. ture, combination rangei. gaa street. Phone 2-4571, Open eve­ 1950 Packard 4-Dr. ing. Plugged drains machine Occupancy on completion of sale. 255 Broad Street cleaned. Phone 6497. cellent position for the right man. ranges and neatera. Jonea Furni­ MODERN .SEVEN room home $11,500. Charles Lesperance. nings. 1949 Dodge 4-Dr. Sedan. Tel. 2-4453 ture Store. 36 Oak. Phone 2-1041. available March 15 to Nov. 15. 3620. PLUMBING and heating. Furn­ BLUEPRINT m a c h in e Home is to be rented furnished 1949 CHEVROLET sedan, 1950 1949 Pontiac 4-Dr. Sedan SINGER SEWING Machine (like Chevrolet Tudor, 1950 Chevrolet Hydra- 1941 PA(;KARD, mechanically O. aces, oil burnrrs and bollere. OPERATOR only to adult couple. $150 month. VACANT—Four bedroom custom matic. K. $160. Inquire 29 Cook atreet, Rarl VanCamp. Tel. 5244. will consider young man" or new) sews over pins, all attach References required. Call 7843 built sev^n room single. Oil, Fordors. 1946 tiievrolet Aero- or call 2-4601. mentv Including patchmatic darn sedan. Douglas always has Chev- 1949 Ford V-8 2-Dr. Sedan. young woman capable of detailing after 5 p. m. steam. Clean throughout, Beauti­ and lettering engineering drawing. er. Cost $150, sacrifice $69. Will fully landscaped, extra large lot, roleta. Douglas Motors, 333 Main. 1947 CHKVROLET club coupe, 1947. Pontiac 4-Dr. Sedan. Millinery—Dressmaking 19 Neat. fast. lettering essential. Good take $1.25 per wtek. Call 7691. Wanted to Rent 68 five-car garages, ideal location. radio, heater, excellent condition possibilities. Priced right for Immediate sale. 1950 Plymouth Deluxe Tudor— 1946 Pontiac 4-Dr. Sedan. throughout. Clarke Motor .Sale.f 8M» W«vteo. **L fty htrt to e bookmkkar— by ProtMirtor Smith, out SPEClAl, s a l e Open Evoning.s Until 10 P. M. WINDOW SHADES made to order Storage 20 Hartford, Conn. Write Box A. Herald. ^ oil heat, fireplace, two-car ga­ fixe 11 CAE e a r Tue —^ 9 and Inetalled. Venetian | bllnda like new. gla^-s window on door. A UTrLB,Ott.m>00... KWOKS EOW.TWE MORAL OF TU» r TUIE of Dtxtor county!” F amous Name B a tteries-$8.95 MA.NCHF.STER PACKAGE Dellv Phone 2-3319. rage, lot 60’ X 120.’ For further tr- ICni»IAM KIC>S HAD fe6llORr._ “ It'a no fun watching Mom’s bridge partiat, but lieten- and curtain rod.-*, 24 hour'TOrvIce. THREE ADULTS desire 4. 5 or 6 Information call Alice Oampet, 16- ALWAVi ANCMOR PRKONERE 6 00 X 16 Tires BALCH PONTIAC. Inc. Ratlmates gladly given. Fagan ery Local light trucking and Situations Wanted— room unfurnished rent. Pratt and pl a v epc o p<&and ------Vtxi leave 'Em III PMIR«. Ing to Dad’s poker garnet we really tee life in the raw!” Famous Brands --$11 95 155 Center Street package delriery. Refrigerators, KITCJHEN SET, white and gray Realtor. Phone 2-4543 or 2-0880. SOLERON , ______BUGS BUNNY Window Shade Co., Route 44 at Female 38 Whltne.v employee. References IVOULPW'T HAVE LEFT Check Our Lnv Prices Phone 2.4545 BOIton Notch Phone 2-4473. washers and stove moving oil and gas .range. Table scats 6. Can 2-3651. FUNNY BUSINESS BY HERSHBERGER Ha.* extra boards. Also two living Four rooms, plastered walls. In- Oi l ik e tUhS. f / UOOX AT THIO 60<:K.'0NE ^ X KNOW V(V RtflHTO.. On other Sires. 1947 STUDEBAKER Stsfllghl epoclalty,. Phone 2-0752. ALL KINDS laundry taken In. sulatlon, storm windows and W^*HINS AND IT'O HULL SLA... I WANT MY ' LINOLEUM Rcuinanta 50c square C?all for and delivered. Phone room stands suitable for tele COUPLE, no children, derire 2 to OF HOue«.' ffLA...fftA... MONB'------CALSO SERVUtENTER coupe Radio and healer. Best THE AUSTIN A. CHAMBERS vision set or table lamps-. All In screens, oil heat. Near school, bus offer over $700. Phone 2-4746. yard. Asphalt tile, walj,covering. Coventry 7-6636 or 7-6724. 3 room apartment with bath. (Tall line hnd stores. 30 day occupancy. AND FUCTHERMOKE ... 436 Center Street Done by reliable, well-trained •Co., loca: and long distance mov­ good condition. Call 2-0482. 6824 after 5;30. Phone 2-0980 or 4165 1949 FORD Custom radio, heater. men. All jobs guaranteed. Hall ing. packing, crating and storage. Price $8,500 Service to all pa.ria of the _U.. _S. .Y(ILL CARE for children during '1949' OLDSMOBILE"' cotTvcrtlble Psrfscl throughout. Clarke Motor Unoleum Co, .56-4V*ttage-elreet. -Farms-and-Land "for~8aIe~7T Sales. 301 Broad street. Phone 2-4022. eveninga 6166 or and Csnadk. CaU_518'7. Hartford day in my hqme. Phone 4476. POUR ROOMS OF"new furniture ~CITARLES LESPERANCE six cylinder. Radio, heater, hydra­ 6-1423. Phone 2-4031.— — matic, wlilte wall tires. under 8109. SPRING E'EVk R, thoughts of 3620 1950 Studebaker Champion 4.Dr. REGISTERED Dental hygienist farm, Keeney street. 20 acre ' ceiling. In excellent • condition would like position with dentilt t w o -p i e c e ' modem blond bed­ throughout. Clarke Motor Sales, Sedan—Radio, heater, o\-erdrive. FLOOR P R o k ^ M S solved with farm, recently remodeled eight EAST HARTFORD —Cape Coda linoleum, aephalt tile counter. Painting—Papering 21 In Manchester. Box C, Herald. room suite with box spring and now under construction; Mercer sot Broad street. Phone 2-2012. 1949 Studebaker Commander 4-Dr. mattress. Also three-piece cus­ room home, two fireplaces, new Sedan Heater, overdrive: Expert workmanship, free , eatl- oil steam heating system, sever­ Avenue and Whiting Road, off tom msde slip covers for Lawson Sliver Lone. Agent on premises DILLON'S GUARANTEED 1948 Studebaker Landcriilser 4-Dr- matea. Open evenings. Jonee Fur­ PAPERHANGING and painting. Dog»—Birds—Feta 41 suite. Phone 2-4758. al outside buildings and barns, It.SED CARS - Sedan Radio, heater, overdrive'. niture. Oak atreet. Phone 2-1041 Walter B. Cookson. Phone 2-1614 guest house. Best berries on the Sunday 1 to 5,p, m. COLLIE Puppies, sable and white. market raised on this fam f last PRISCILLA’S POP Opep For Business 19.50 Ford Club .Coupe Radio and 1948 Studebaker Champion 4-Dr. REFRIGERATION Service, com- TWO-PIECE living room set. Cool- SIX ROOM Cape Cod on nicely \ BY AL VERMEER Sedan Heater, INTERIOR AND Ehtterlor paint­ $20 and $25. Tel. Coventry 7- erator. other household articles. year. Priced right for Immediate DON’T SAVE YOUR MONEV heater, overdrive. mepelal and domeetlc. See our 7566. landscaped lot, convenient to bus, '...MAYBE ONCE l o o oVo ' 19.50 Mercury Sport Sedan Radio ing. paperhaiiging, celling* re- Call 2-9179. •aele. E. F. Von 'I5clIcker. 509 Keeney IN THERE, PRISCILLA! 1947 Studebaker Champion 4-Dr. display oi guaranteed used refrig- street. new school and shopping. Oil hot IN A WHILE IT and heater, overdrive. .. Sedan Radio, heater, overdrive flnl*hed. Fully Insured. Expert THAT'S NOT r2-9483------able-and-atmn(Mn7typ«wrRenr-JUST" AT^R1------v e DT-M------household "iPwcY t a r je "(bQirding~T6f8^; or *891. 'm O ET HE MAY CLAIM HE F;uII and part, time NEW HOME sewing machine, Phone 2-1575 21 Maple St. 1942 Studebaker Champion—$375. 1950 DODGE, radio and heater. A REAL BUY — The-.automatic maids for Memorial Hospital. Call treadle type, all atta^menU. (Mlea) Mrs. Tlmmpson;— BEAUTIFUL Used white enamel A 193$ Olds Sedan—$50. Excellent condition. Original ■tainleas steel ball-bearing ‘blothes $20. Can be teen at 193 Loomis link 22' X 50". laft hand counter LILLIAN q; OEANT owner. Phone 2-1868. line requiring no clothes pins. street. WaltoN Office Manager CJ Eoay Terms A'AN^ED— Experienced bookkeep- and back aplosh, $33. Call 8782 Stretch-proof, rust-proof wire—a after 4, T Aeaoeiate la Soleo ' CP 1924 MODEL T Ford pickup. Take er. Apply in person. Oolla Cbn- COM.PLE7TE Maple bedroom 'set, MdCLURE AUTO CO. product of the United Steel Co. structlon and Appliance. 249 Eveo. Moackester SlfiO a look at Clarke Motor Sales, 301 For free demonetration without custom made channel barrel back FOUR-BURNER gas stove, three S7S Mala StTMt Broad atreet. Broad atreet Open days and eve­ "SpecteUxiag la Homea CBy, Sabwfena aad Famw niai ■ 1118" obligation call .2-0988. nings. davenport, also car radloi Fbone year* old. Good condition. OaU 8407; RockvUla 8-7980 after 3 p. m. flala Street, BartfOcA 8-78M Evoaiaga, Maacbeoter fltflfi ri~ P i

V- '■'*i' f*\'-^‘ i,?: ■^5<’'i--

- j^,..

^ v ' . \ ■ ^ . ■■ '#A6S1W ELTI SATURDAY, MilkcH 8 .195S A vm ra Pfil^ NptPwwi Rin (frPT---- — ilatttlfggter j^ tt^ ——r— -=:flO-WfiRttliP ■: ~*"'.*S»S?*** rw tefiat at O. S. WateteK f t Chester High athletes o f the p u t About Town decade h u been poor. This Training Mode Possible by Red Cross Enrollment Open Membership tickets sire priced 10,478 Oatey tateght, Tteoteyt Heat^Along Main Street at 83 each and foa this ticket a For Home Nursing For So/e IT of the AteK -H *g Sg = WCIBMt’a5 9 At.uxUiary. |!!ooitqr ..q ui>.inimhw- .al I at ClwlatteM / win iBMt Mooa«y imafi>i ~wrrmi f T i r m B w itlB S S yF And on Som e of Haneheiier*$ Side StreeU, Tdo to w ^ free adndsaion to all ath­ ia th* M ^ih ten. Th* rector, Rev. letic events at Manchester High, Enrollment ta being taken for Alfred le WUlieme, will lead A di«- except basketball games and swim­ eudUott cm “The Prayer Bcmlc.” — two new. home nursing courzea TAVERN (CtoaaMofi Advarttataf oa Raga ID) ming meets where .the seating VOL. LXXI, NO. 1S« MANCHESTER. CONN., MONDAY, MARCH 10. 1952 (TWELVE PAGES) Hoateeaia wUl be Mra. H a^'C o n - Caalae Capers ■ reported to have returned to Ihelr capaettv la limited, flcketa will which- S(re about to atart, Mra. oa f i v e CB N T l. ncdty, Mra. David Praaer, Mra. VVe’ve received a letter from an­ 'Oiman;;------’— ^ ------:over baaeball game* during the ^Mob JOUer, ebsdnnan o f Red other dog lover—this one signed W e hope this ahawW satisfles Ban Loveland, Mrs. David Robin* coming seeilon. Croea Homo Nursing Service, an­ herself a "klndhearted mother"—: those dog owners in town who acm, Mrs. Victor Talley and Min One o f the biggeat booatera of nounces. Each course ie limited to' FIXTURES who believes that “ dogimppers" might be worried lest there be Vlerenee Hughea the Booater Club ia High Principal an enrollment o f 15 members and Fear 60 Lost ' are rampant in this area wnd who some “ dognappers" in town. The Edaon Bailey. Thanks to Big BM, will run for three weeks. Rail Unions Hinta wants — nay. demands— some pro­ answer satisfies us. INQUIRE Wcrnien of the Salvation Army there is plenty of Interest at MHS The first classes will be held on tection for dog owners from them. • From 3 Ships Corps wilt hold their annual Irish for the aurceasful formation and Mondasra and Wednesdays, begin, 21 M A K E STREET tea party, Thursday. March 13,' The matter of the missing dogs Bfaii Bag operation o f a Booster Club. ning March 17, and will be Uught was first dug up in a letter that at f:SO in the Junior hall...... — _ ...... I ^*** M ali Bag this week, we Money realised from the Booat­ by Mrs. Naomi Lockwood, RN. Strike to Spread Loadoa, Mardi 10—(A)— was printed.in these columns sev-( found the following, entitled 'T h e er Club will not only help to prop, The eecond.courae la echeduled for Weekfte gahM la tte North The Bowers P T A will hold Its eral weeks ago and which offered Mighty Hunter." from H. Metcalf, erly equip athletic teams at Man­ ~7‘ mmmmmmmmmmmamm monthly meeting Monday at S p. Tueadaye and Thuradayt atarting Sea ar« beHeved to have takes the theory'that a gang was re- 8P Pleasant street. chester High but will also aid in March 18, and will hava as in- the Hveo of 00 MOiapo. Oaly - m . m jthe^. auditorium o f . the spoinnai^ for what the writer con-, Yes. he's a real person, I have tha extra curricular program at •tnietor; Mrs; Eileen Conrad. RN. Chicago. March 10---r-mile travel limit , leading to the killer of Arnold Havana, March 10—i -- athletii— eq«tt>ment--1he- j asking . '-'Why- do- they call a. prW —-We—eiosed-the-book—wond' a—.^ate»praol ; I_flosttle.______.. ._4CbntiniieA-oii .Csge^ThtM)___ Triiiiiaii to Talk Committee for sce followed by a buaload of sol- ^ttirfdr«an save mwMy^y pttiilg^ your TottgA I Oil PmoI capturB'oTar RuBstan soldlBT; prar- -agenta-who-handled- business -- for shallow water.— They— now hava- to^mJtke-blm-the^iUpuhUcan-can:- athletes are attired in during major vate a private when his life is a to what the present pronunciation United Tanker, testified he regard­ amassed a vast amount of data on dldate, and then to. put him in the diers and later two tanks appea^- public a ffa ir" , We have been ask­ tically all of the equipment' now 9lo8sos at UnioR Oplteol Co. sports basehnll. basketball and I corresponds. , In uae b.v the North Korean Arm y ed United Tanker as a "dummy what such blasta will do to build­ Whit* House after the national ed before the building. ing ourselves why they call a Saturday in N. Y. football competilion. , Now these i HOBBY SHOPPE (N K A ) and the Chinese Commu­ organization" and a front for ings, underground structures, election, next November. Money Policy Appearing sad and under great colonel a colonel when he spells 2453fisr24538 graduates who have had legiti-! Guldsuice Counsel Cor. Center and Orisirald Sta. Defense Work nist Forces (C C F ) Is Russian- Chinese. weapons, ships anchored In harbor His principal opponent here is ■train, Prio said upon’ hia depam mate beefs and fjrlpes have a his title the way he does. MANCHESTER Sorvico at UrIor Optical i8 tko bott in Surveys show that newspaper OPEN » A. M. to 7 P. M. made. 3. Oppe's testimony was disput­ and to men. * K ey West, Fla., March 10 -(8g— Sen. Robert A. Taft, of Ohio, “ M r.- Washington. March 10- (Ab— ture: "We will realst If the people chance, m wetl aa sny other Man- ■In order to find out We bo>Ti rank above average In both YOU MUST CAU THESE NUMRERS — Sq too is the swift jet'intercep- But until they go ahead with a President Truman, interrupting j Republican" to thouaanda of voters Secretary of the 'Treasury Snyder of (Jute support. itie-M d^thA cone town. “cracked" the big fat dictionary Drops in State ed by Harold C. Lenfest of New chestsr citizen, to do soniething health and school marks. A news­ tof' plane, the MIG-15, which pa- test first planned and then aban- vacation here, will fly to VVaah- in all parts of the country. And said today he will reconrimend sUtuted government." This Indi­ vv’e always'use to get the correct York, president of United Tanker. about it. paper route on the "small mer- t e l e v is io n . trola northwest Korea from Man­ doned In 1946 they will not..;know ington Friday for an oversight this Is the first test of strength— creation of a top-level advisory cated Prio had little hope o f sav­ spelllnga of words with more than Lenfest said he and hia two All work dona at Union Optical Co. is The newly formed Manchester ehant" plan ranks next to mem­ ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AND RECORDS churian bases. how effective would be a deep stay and will go to New York city and It could be the last— between council to help President Truman ing the day. He said he waa go­ two syilahlea. ' Booster Club visions a l.OOO mem- bership in the Boy Scouts in , Placement of Contracts A staff officer at Gen. - RlcUf- water blast' of an atomic "mine" for a speech on Saturday. the two men who are most often solve the nation's money prob­ ing to Camp Columbia, but re­ 9uarantoad. bershlp before March 16 The drive It shed -some light on the .sub­ CALL (Coatiaiied on Page Poor) . character building, "nicy have t o ' way'a headquarters today made against a force of warships or a Presidential Secretary Joseph mentioned as the leading contend­ lems. porters at the military post did for members officially^ started last ject, so we quote from it,* Rut we Cut Sharply During keep books and it is excellent C8 U available to the Aaaoctated Press convoy under way on the high Short, who made the announce­ ers for the GOP nomination. Snyder was called before a Sen­ not report his appearance there. Monday and the respohse haa been u.se our simplified pronunciation training for a huainesa or profes­ A 8 K FOR a hitherto secret raport containing Treasury Balance seas. ’ ment. aaid Truman will fly back ate-House subcommittee Which Batista, 51, an Army sergeant Como in and hovo Mr. Cliristansan adjust good, although .support from Man- systefn, both fOr your greater con- Final Half of 1951 The names o f Harold Stassen, who led a revolt from Gamp Co­ sional career. Newspaper's oftert a list of captured guns, vehicles Hunt Vital DaU to Key West after the New 'York former (Jovernor of Minnesota, opened three weeks of hearings on The assumption Is that at least speech to resume his Florida vsea- lumbia in 1933, Was at the mili­ your 9108808 froo of chor9f . reward carriers who have built up ROY KNOFU and other war machinery -which Washington. March 10'— (>Pi — Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur, and a the government's monetary policy. Hartford, March 10—(iP)— The some target ships will be used, in tion. tary. Installatton, headquartlsrs ^ a good paying . route and are al­ the Soviet! have turned over to the TTie position of the Treasury St. Loula Attorney. William R. Objective of the group, headed by INSURANCE pace of defense contract place­ the test, although instruments that the Chjban, Arm y Ctoheral StAff. waya on' the lookout for new cus­ North Korean and Chinese Com­ Mtarch 10: The addres.fotecirngTJrr 'eraT>enev’e'i''6friiiil'deaI or Uie'del?' J5ntBsh-0f. tlB*.MI4ilteiiBLl?oai.te. F U a AND 70-women harem in three planes to National S ffb e r Good Hoo okoophi * of an armistice and you cannot fighter-bombers. 8 9 New^ Delhi Wednesday foB Drat (Contlaned nu Page Three) Three other MIGs were dsm- raped with ■•npwaida of 818.* RANGE OIL CHILD’S hope' to achieve any progress in (ContlBiied on Page Three) viait outside Ma state in 17 years. Inuntelato Delivery 'ea Wood ■ n t ■ , , — i. , ■■ ■ _ sged. the Air Force reported. 000.” these meetings by resortlhg to King G|istaf V I and ()ueea Lou­ For Fun laformatloa threats and unfounded accusa­ It was the biggest bag since Moscow Press Hails Sdviet it -k ise o f Sweden arrive in Oslo for STRIKE. HITS 800.000 ' Call PflO TO Five Escape Death tions," said Rear Adm. R. E. Lib­ Jan. 25. when the Sabraa shot do\«'n four-day official visits . . .Sen. by. 10 MIGs in four battles. Arrest One; Hunt 2 Boatoa. March 10—(45 Soma OIL HEATING Lyndon Johnson (D -Tex.) says 119 Billion Peace Budget 2.000 AFL., ^rlvera aad mo*' He aaid UN negotiators did not The red-nosed MIGs made three • In Crash Landing “wasteful” practice of sending chaaka of two boa lines atruck EQUIPMENT propose to “sit and liatcn" any bold attembta lo break through In Police Slayintgs army recruits 2,400 miles to WEATHER KIND CONTEST the Sabraa and ahoot up more than today, leaving approximately further to unfounded charges and Hawaii for basic training Will be Moscow, March 10 — (45 — The. cent of the Soviet fJnion's "nation- 8800.000 rommuters la 07 enaf- repeated accusations that the Al­ 100 flghterbombers attacking a Estimates On Request Dayton, O., March 10— (P)— A Hattiesburg, Miss., March 9—(45 ■topped. Moscow press hailed the new So­ al product" will go for the military era Maaaachaaettn eommaaltlea AL8GD Open To Children 6 Mos. ii^ delegation waa •■•telling lies." Communist rail line east of Sun- f()ur-hour drama in the akies end —Two Hattiesburg policemen were Veterans Administration re­ viet budget today as the “Budget program, aa compared with 20 per to leek other meaiM of traaapor- Phone 8108 or NIghta 4010 C ALL Libby emphasized later, how­ chon In Northwest Korea. . To and Including 8 Years ed safely .early today when a killed in a gunbattle with two men ports as of Dec., 31, 1951, it was of Peace” and contrasted it with cent in the U. S.) tattoa. 't.---- Ranh Flnaacfaig ever,. that he did not threaten to About 60 MIGs styept down from- ARMSTR0N8 HEATMASTER TIRES Skilful pilot belly-landed his Leck- tonight while investigating an at. paying death compensation or_pen- the “war budgets" of the United Peaceful Policy 48 pays First Payzaeat break off the tightly deadlocked Manchurian 'bases in aeveral 2.12S7 hped Lodestar airplane with four tempted burglary. A 21-year-old slon benefits to 17.061 dependents Slates and Britain. All papers devoted many col­ ACCEPT AGREEMENT negotiatlona, now entering the groups, some numbering only a THERE'S NO ENTRY FEE persons aboard. man was arrested a short time of 8,895 derensed veterans - nf The budget, biggest in the So-. umns to discussions of tha budget. Boatoa. March lO—(45—APTa hinth month. half dozen. ■ ^ " 6.60 * 16 Including Tax Juat te r a your child's pteture taken at the CUte Pilot Carl R. Siemer, 31, of Ctn later. Korean War. . . . Fifteen cars of Viet Union's history, waa approved Much attention was paid to the employea la two Aamricaa' $16.95 He said the next move la up to Studio sad eater It la this contest. Who knows— clnnati, brought the craft down on Allied losses, if^any. were not Police said tlta man identified sabotaged train tumble into ravine Saturday night by the Supreme statement of Chairman Korniyets Woolen Cempaay mUls have ae- the Rrda. reported under the Air Force policy y o u r ^ lld nmy be the persoaaUty champ. A t the the flare-lit grass of Dayton's himself as Luther (^rlyle IVheeler in Otmbodia, killing 85 persons Soviet (Parliament). The legisla­ of the low fr house's budget com­ cepted a one-year agw emeal of announcing losses weekly. •*KHfy never como8 out 8Iiko fbo foMc8 twHthed AND 8 FREE TUBE WITH TIRE ead of ^ te a t you may buy the pteture for 81.00 If municipal airport at nearby Van- Meet For 8 Mlaotea of Jacksonville, Fla. Tbey said he and Injuring 23. tors made almost no change in the mittee that the proposed expendl- wkieh Fraacia W. SehaufeabUl, dalla while a crowd of aeveral Another group of truce nego­ you wteh. .. Four MIOi were sent spinning told them his companion was Mer­ Five bodies are recovered from appropriatlon lineup submitted b y, tiirea ^'testify to sr^aceful poli- AFL woolea aad worsted direc­ thef Triple MeHned Athmit Heating OiW thousand looked on. tiators debating truce aupervialon •0 OTHES SIZSS AT PtOPOSTIONATE SAVINeS WOMAN WANTED earthward in a half hour battle be­ rill or Ftcd Starling and that the wreckage o f ambulance pitute that Flnance Minister Arseny G. cy."''...... tor, termed “a challenge tn H ie y )uul been drawn 'to the met only long enough to agree to tween 32 Sabraa and 40 MIGs just car was driven by the companion's Zverev. Korniyets said 04 per cent of the thoeo who coqhtraed the com- Ate MiffenBg geldfisii, who esn U s m t hzr? PROCESSING ORd WRAPPING iU KE AN AFPOINTMENT TODAY meet again Tueaday. They ad­ crashed on flight from Needles, field by radio announcements tell south o f tlv* Yalu river. Three other wife, Edna. He said the two were Total expenditures of 477 billion appropriations were earmarked paay'a prepeial to ho aaloni Tto« Boiut Is u warm as losst. . . sod ths folks Ing how the planrhad a jammed journed a'fter only aix minutes— Ckilif., to Loa Angeles. . Oen. NURSERY PLANTS TELEPHONf) 8338 MlOa west shot down. and two from Jacksonrille. Charles de Ganlle says he agrees rubles— about 119>4. billion dollars for “national economy and aoclal bvattag tactica.* savo moMy t^iiso Atitniic's Triplt Rtfioed landing gear and was circling the four minutes more' than Sunday's Day rale and bonua. 48 hours prr wrek. time-aad-a-kalf SPONSORS: were damaged when a small flight He left the couple a short while It waa necessary to set up some aUthe official rate— are ■ pliuined. measures." By contrast, he added, Hoauog Oil burns clean and saves needless field trying to get the gear £>wn two-minute session which set a for hours over 40 per week. Opealags from aow uatU TOTS-'X-TBENS — 080 MAIN STREET and o f Red fighters pounced on an al­ after the shooting, police said. kind of Western defense syatem, Of this almost 114 billion rubles U.S. defense appropriations for 1,100 TBAOHBM 8TRIKB ■ teener repairs. In fact, it’s just sboui purrrrr-fect I" A t the same time the plane burned rebord for brevity. May I, Its;. EXJTE s t u d io .i- 088 MAIN STREET lied photo reconnaissance,.jet be­ Patrolmen M. W. Vinaon, Jr., 32, are earmarked for the armed 1952-53 “ exbeed by 05 timaa the ProvMenea, R. U , March 10-40 ion up gasoline to lessen the danger o f but “ it ia an error to cut the world CsU Or Wriit S*w * VANS Libby's sharp warning followed ing escorted by Sabres. and Jesse James Everett, 28, were forces, the largest peace-time So­ — Approxtamtoly 1.100 pteMo expenditure for the same purposes OO-SPONSORSi fire In event of a crash landing up into security belts. two days of Oonimunist atUcks on Ground action flared -A t 'only viet defense budget in history. on the eve of World War n. ■eheel tentOrra atrnck today hra., ^ ^ 4 2 7 Hartford Rd. M anchestcr.Conr WELDON’S PRBSCRIPnON PHARMACY The fiv e atlnona aboard were shot and killed In the gunfight a U. _8. Army and Air Force, ex­ FIRST NATIONAL RANK OF MANCHESTER Allied treatment'of captured (foih- scattered points. . ] few blocks from the Ace Weathers (U. S. State Department ex­ pay raise disputo alter aa nU-alghO-. L. T. WOOD CO. BURR NURSERY lhaken up Imt not injured. Realdea munlst soldibrs. perts try to identify bodies, of The defense establishment will a te MOTHER GOOSE DIAPER SERVICE U. 8, Eighth Army censors took perts said that'actually at least - - A P ir-. Oakland St.— Call Mr. Faulkner Monday at 4161 Siemer were hla wife, Ruth, 26; W. . North Korean M ^. Gen. Lea Motor Company. They had gone roar Ameiicaa flyeto brought absorb in direct expenditures near­ II mSSELt STREET TEL. 41M the blanket 'of security off two there to inveatigata a burglary ra­ down from wreckage of U. S. Air half of tha Soviet budget Indirect­ ly 24 per cent of all that tha 8o- I oa Page raa) (CooM— te M Fag« Taro) Force C-47 on high slopaa o f M t ly and diractly la for BtUltiury pur- .(OteW— te aa Faga Ttoa) . te aa Pago Two)' 4 Jungfrau in RwitaerlaniL poaes. They Mtimatod that 80 per (OMrtltete oa Pago Rothi; A. r ' ■ I" '-■■I.