Motown Powerpoint Project

• Born in Georgia • Family had successful business • Moved to • Quit school in junior year to pursue boxing career Berry Gordy

Influenced by Booker T. Washington and Joe Louis

Began 3D Record Mart featuring recordings, folded after two years

Worked on the assembly line at the Ford plant Beginning of • Berry had started writing songs but didn’t make much money • Producers made the money but also took the risk • 1959 began Hitsville, USA • Gordy couldn’t read music or play an instrument • Could spot talent and exploit it • Cass Technical High School great source of talent How Motown Worked

• Producers could write songs • could write songs • Artists could do neither • No women ever given credit as producers • (artist development) taught artists grooming, choreography, how to walk, talk, hold mic Advantages of Crossover • in interest of • Big bands and swing passe • Electric changed • White covers of black artists made young buyers want the real thing • Breakup of (decline of big bands, rise if films on TV) • Small labels making an impact • Gordy black performers to sell and perform for whites Black Artists in the “50’s

• Nat King Cole • Sammy Davis Jr. • Berry Gordy’s rules for a Song

• Use present tense • Never overdo the hook ( title of song) • Hummable • Originality in song concept because of lyrical phrases and rhythm The ‘60’s

“Money” first big hit 1962 - Motown Revue Bus Tour in South and Midwest 1965 - Supremes perform at in Motown Artists

Mary Wells - and the Vandellas - Heat Wave Primettes - Supremes - Stop in the Name of Love Steveland Morris - Little - For Once in My Live, My Cherie Amour - What’s Going On Jackson 5 - ABC - Can’t Help Myself Temptations - Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, My Girl Marvellettes - Please Mr. Postman and -

The ‘70’s Gordy wants to become involved in movies 1972 - Moves Motown from Detroit to Black community felt betrayed or abandoned created problems Jackson 5 on another label Only a few superstars left No profit sharing Many white executives who didn’t know music business Bankrupt in 1979

Motown’s Demise

Gordy losing $$ and interest Gave up control of distribution Behind in technology Tired of job Sold Motown to MCA in 1988 for $61 million