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Remembrance day this year marks 100 years since the end of World War One, it is a time when we remember those who have given their lives fighting in the armed forces. Our features section in this edition has a great piece on everything you need to know about the day and how to pay your respects. Elsewhere in the magazine find interviews with The Undateables star Daniel Wakeford, noughties legend Basshunter and local boxer Chris Billam Smith who is now prepping for his Commonwealth title fight. Have a spooky Halloween and we’ll see you at Christmas for the next edition of Nerve Magazine!

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ovember 11th, 2018, will mark 100 A two minutes silence is years of remembrance traditionally observed at Nand 100 years since 11am on Remembrance the end of WWI. Sunday, and if the 11th of Remembrance Sunday November falls on a always falls on the different day, many second Sunday of people will also observe November, with services an additional silence. People held across the country to are encouraged to fall silent commemorate the day. It for these two minutes as a is a time for the nation to mark of respect, and to allow honour those who have time for personal reflection sacrificed their lives in wars on the suffering and past and present in the name loss of war. of freedom and security.

At 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918 the Armistice took affect and on the Western front the guns fell silent as four years of hostilities finally came to an end. People In Flanders fields the poppies blow celebrated with heavy Between the crosses, row on row... hearts at the news of peace as it came with such an immense loss of life. An estimated 16 million soldiers and military Nerve Features has a range of different topics for you to indulge personnel died during the in this issue! Learn about the experiences one art model First World War, with a further hoping to break the stigma. You can also learn about the estimated 15-19 million importance of Remembrance Day and it’s values as well! Get a wounded, making it one of the deadliest warm cuppa and dive in!- Aakash Bhatia, Features Editor conflicts in human history.


In addition to the two minutes silence, The Royal British Legion went on to set up Wearing a Poppy is a personal choice, in such a devastating way. He marches as another tradition of Remembrance is the Poppy Appeal in 1921 to raise money but there are other ways to help if this a mark of respect to those he lost and to wearing a poppy. The origins of wearing for those who had been wounded in battle doesn’t feel right for you. You can donate acknowledge their sacrifices so that we a poppy on Remembrance Day come and for the families of fallen soldiers. directly to the Poppy Appeal, you can help may all be here today. from a poem written by Lieutenant Colonel On their website they state what the fundraise for charities like Help for Heroes John McCrae, a year after the war, called, Poppy represents: or you can get involved with The Salvation In Flanders Fields. Inspired by the sight Army, a Christian organisation/charity This year of poppies growing on what once were working to fight social injustice, help If you wish to attend the service in battlefields: those affected by war, and so much more. Bournemouth this year, it is held at the Whatever your personal beliefs you can Bournemouth War Memorial in the Central The poppy is: find a way to help that feels comfortable Gardens. The service itself begins at • A symbol of for you. 10:57am, with the two minutes silence held at 11am. The service lasts for 40 minutes In Flanders fields the poppies blow remembrance and hope and programmes are available to the Between the crosses, row on row, The Remembrance Day service in public should they wish to participate in That mark our place; and in the sky • Worn by millions of Bournemouth is very close to my heart. the hymns and prayers. Once the service is The larks, still bravely singing, fly people have taken part in the parade and wreath finished there is a wreath laying ceremony Scarce heard amid the guns below. • Red because of the laying for over 10 years, with my great- grandparents. It is a solemn occasion, in which the Mayor, military personal, natural colour of field religious figures and those from the parade We are the Dead. Short days ago but one that I believe it is important take it in turns to approach the memorial We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, poppies to participate in. Having many family and lay their respective wreaths. Before Loved and were loved, and now we lie, members who have served and who are the service begins there is a formal parade In Flanders fields. The poppy is not: currently serving in all different areas of the • A symbol of death or a armed forces I feel compelled to honour made up of ex-service men and women and youth organisation, whom march Take up our quarrel with the foe: not only their commitment and sacrifices, sign of support for war through the town square and through the To you from failing hands we throw but those of all who have served and are • A reflection of politics or gardens to the War Memorial. This begins The torch; be yours to hold it high. serving. Every year I see them same familiar at 10:35am and anyone who wishes to If ye break faith with us who die religion faces of the ex-service men and women I join the march is welcome. Additionally, We shall not sleep, though poppies grow have come to know over the past decade • Red to reflect the colour if you wish to lay your own wreath but do In Flanders fields. of blood and it always humbles me to be in their presence and listen to their stories. It is not wish or are unable to participate in the very humbling. parade, the War Memorial is open to the public after the service. I recently asked my great-grandad why he chose to march every year instead of just attending the service, and for him the reasons are very personal. He calls himself ‘one of the lucky ones’ because as a child he survived the Second World War and as a young adult in the army he stationed here in the UK while his friends, many of whom died, were sent out to fight in Korea. I could see the guilt he felt as he told me this. It’s difficult to imagine what it feels like to be one of the only survivors of your childhood friends, and to have lost them


“Gender, Race, and LGBT Status” in the top mixed practice, it can be problematic at 100 films from 2014, stated 30.6 percent of times because boycotting completely A WHITEWASHED Latinas and 29 percent of Black women in removes PoCs from the conversation and films were overly sexualized. alienates them. I think award shows should be criticized and picked apart by PoCs in HOLLYWOOD By Aakash Bhatia Aakanksha explained some common order to progress.” Disengagement may not stereotypes “The first one is the white be the best way to go about the problem saviour stereotype, which is when a white because disengagement could potentially man or woman becomes the focal point of a lead to a lack of dialogue. dangerous environment. This is detrimental Photo: Thomas Wolf from Wikimedia Commons because it implies PoCs always need a white 2016 study by the University of person by their side to gain some sort of Audiences place in society a good example is The Blind Southern California found the A common argument to the racial diversity Side”. Arepresentation of minorities in issue goes along the lines of ‘we want The best and only way to see some Hollywood films has remained largely typical American audiences to relate to development with this issue is to Aakanksha further expands upon a unchanged with 70% of all roles still going the content we produce’. However, recent simply hire more PoC showrunners, stereotype known as “The Magical Negro” to white actors, despite Hollywood’s US population census data states that over directors and producers. There are which is a term coined by Spike Lee, she push towards racial diversification. The 40% of the entire American population are plenty. explains “He uses the term negro on study from the Media, Diversity, & Social people of colour, yet 75% of all film roles purpose to denote the archaic nature of the Change Initiative at the University of went to white actors. Aakanskha, a film stereotype, this is usually a black character Southern California’s Annenberg School for reviewer elaborated “If I was a showrunner with super natural powers who only appear Communication and Journalism finds that and I got told, our audiences can’t connect in certain movies in very transient roles the representation of minorities in films has with PoC leads, I would tell them they aren’t Changes to help a white protagonist solve some Showrunners, directors, and producers remained unchanged from previous years. considering all audiences because that sort sort of dilemma. A good example is Bruce come under constant fire as the perpetrators of sentiment diminishes the experiences of Almighty”. Consistent stereotyping can of this narrow minded narrative. Sahil talked The study explored the top 100 films of so many communities and so many stories”. 2016, showing that 25 of the top films had have long term impacts on communities about his casting decisions as a director “As and create a very narrow social narrative. a PoC, it’s only natural that I do. You do have no black characters in a speaking role, 54 The Associated Press has reported that to be careful about it, for instance I would films had no Hispanic characters in speaking nearly 72% of the film industries revenue is not be able to write a movie such as 12 role and 44 films had no Asian characters at generated by viewers outside of America. Resistance Years A Slave because I can’t relate to the all. Sahil, an independent film director based The 2016 Oscar nominations erupted a experience. You also have to be careful with in Toronto elaborated on the progression new viral movement spearheaded by the how to write in characters. If a non-Latino of mainstream westernized audiences #OscarsSoWhite campaign. Audiences and writes about a Latino character but doesn’t “while the conservative demographic may actors decided to boycott the Oscars due to have the right cultural understanding, that’s have issues, Hollywood now reflects more the lack of non-white nominees in any of the bound to result in misrepresentation”. democratic ideals and audiences should categories. The Oscars awards platform did learn to grow with and change with the go through some level of reform because When asked about ways to increase racial times.” they found themselves scrutinized by the diversity and have more accurate depictions public. of minority characters, Sahil replied “The best and only way to see some development Stereotypes However, are boycotting award shows the Stereotypical representations of minorities with this issue is to simply hire more PoC best way to resolve the issue? Aakanksha has been a staple in film and TV production showrunners, directors and producers. discussed “I think boycotting is a very ever since visual digital media began. A There are plenty.” report by USC explored inequality across

10 11 MY EXPERIENCE AS AN ART MODEL By Danielle Werner

Stonehenge, Salisbury & New Forest £39 Sat 10 Nov 2018 Learn about the millennia of use that created Stonehenge as we see it today. Fortress, calendar, temple or I started art modelling two years ago, after I stumbled hospital? The award winning visitor centre has an amazing array of exhibits found through archaeological research conducted at the site. After approximately two hours at Stonehenge we head south past Old Sarum and into the across a job advertisement by AUB, while I was supposed City of Salisbury. Stopping right outside the cathedral walls, your guide will take you through to the green and after giving an overview of the Cathedral’s 800 years of history, you will be given a map and time to explore the Cathedral or City at your leisure. The afternoon is spent driving through the ancient wilderness of the New Forest to be looking for a ‘proper’ job, having just dropped out of National Park where you will learn about the people and practices that have shaped the forest over the last 1000 years. You will have a chance to stop and walk out in the forest to view some of the 4500 famous New Forest university and broken up with my boyfriend. I didn’t think Ponies. With no fences they are free to roam, but generally stay local to their ‘haunts’. much about it as I applied, I wasn’t even sure they would 08:45 - Pick up Talbot Campus (rear of the Student Centre) 18:00 - Arrive back at Talbot Campus accept my application, but within two days I’d signed a contract for a year as an art model and agreed to do my first session... Book at SUBU Reception, or online at www.subu.org.uk/daytrips 13 FEATURES

became an art model at a strange time running the session. Since it was my first in my life, I had no idea who I was or time he had taken extra steps to make sure Iwhat I , I’d had to give up on I was as comfortable as possible. There my dream of going to university, at the was a small platform for me to work on, time, because of my health; I was lost. I with pillows and heaters to keep me warm; needed something that would rebuild my a changing screen had been provided for confidence, something that would get me me so I could undress/dress in private; he out of bed and completely shake up my life, talked me through the schedule of the day and so I decided to pose naked in a room so I knew exactly what would be happening full of total strangers. when and he had prepared some drawings of poses that I could work from. He also took the time introduce me to those who Day one would be drawing me that day. All these My first session was for a Saturday Life things helped calm my nerves, everyone Drawing course. It was a six-hour class with had worked to create a calm and respectful an hour for lunch. In the few weeks before atmosphere for me, so when it came the helped me to cope and overcome these photographs Luca captured were stunning I didn’t think much about it at all. It wasn’t time for me to drop my dressing gown to things, which had for so long held me back. and I had an immense sense of pride having until I was on the bus on my way to the the floor I had nothing to worry about. I It taught me to appreciate my body as it been able to help in their creation. class that the reality of what I was about was in a safe space with no judgement. is, to love it no matter how it looks, and to to do sank in. But there was no backing look after it. I now do yoga at least once a I am always in awe of the art that is created out now. For the first 30 seconds I was very aware week to improve my balance, I go to the by the talented people I work with. No that I was completely naked, but as soon gym when I can, and try to eat as healthy two drawings are ever the same and all are I checked in at reception and was led to the as the artists started sketching on their as possible so I can be as physically and breath-taking. It’s a unique feeling looking drawing studio to meet with the teacher canvases it no longer seemed like a big mentally strong as possible thus allowing at artwork featuring yourself and knowing deal, it was as if me standing there naked me to improve my skills as an art model, that you have helped others to improve was the most normal thing in the world. while also improving my overall self. In a their skills or achieve the vision for their One thing that became immediately way doing this job forces me to take care project. obvious was that you don’t realise how of myself. often you move until you’re having to stand totally still. It takes a lot of concentration In addition to this, it also opens doors for Breaking the stigma and discipline to hold a pose and after me to meet a wide range of interesting Whenever people first find out that I art about 10 minutes it starts to get painful, and talented people. Through my art model they all say the same thing, ‘You your muscles begin to ache, and limbs start modelling I was able to meet and work with pose naked in front of other people?! Oh, to go numb. My last pose of the day was an Luca Anzalone, a now AUB photography I could never do that!’ To which I always hour long and is one of the hardest things graduate, who has worked with several respond, ‘Yes, you can!’ There is a constant I’ve ever done. high-profile magazines, most notably demand for art models and I encourage Vogue Italia. Working with him was anyone who gets the opportunity to give one of the most bizarre and interesting it a go. It does wonders for your self- More than just a job experiences. I was covered in and confidence and body image. It doesn’t Art modelling has become a big part of baby oil, I had to pose with flowers in my matter what you look like, there’s no such my life over the past couple of years and mouth and between my feet; I even had to thing as too big or too small, artists need a has helped me in numerous ways. I have lay on the floor at one point whilst having a range of body types to work from because struggled with anxiety, depression, and bottle of cold water poured over me, all the when drawing real life there isn’t a perfect, eating disorders for a long-time, but art while totally naked. It was an intense day of there is only the real. The real is you, and modelling has become something that has work but was worth it for the outcome. The you are beautiful.

14 15 ALS MADE ME THE DOG What’s On I AM TODAY By Jack SUBU Events

30th October - 29th November y name is Jack, and I work as part For further information and a link to my of the team in Additional Learning very own personal video take a look at our MSupport at Bournemouth University, web page at bournemouth.ac.uk/why-bu/ DISCUSSION - I AM THE FUTURE BLACK HISTORY MONTH FINALE: alongside Carolyn who is a student learning student-wellbeing/additional-learning- OF BLACK HISTORY manager. support.

30th October 2nd November 5PM - 8PM 6PM - 9PM My main role is to sit in on the one to Stevenson LT The Old Fire Station one appointments with Carolyn, where apparently my presence alone might Time and Task Management 12-1, F111, Wed 31 Oct, 7, 14 Nov change a students mindset towards their 12-1, P411, Wed 28 Nov STONEHENGE, SALISBURY learning from one of negative to one of THE COFFEE HOUSE SESSIONS AND NEW FOREST positive. In fact the ALS department has Numeracy Surgery recently undertaken some research which 12-1.30, F308, Wed 31 Oct 6th November 10th November is beginning to suggest that I might have a 8:45AM - 6PM 12-1.30, F106, Wed 7 Nov 2PM - 4PM role in helping with learning, hence my title Dylan’s Bar Coach leaves behind SUBU 12-1.30, F306, Wed 14 Nov Learning Assistance Dog. 12-1.30, F208, Wed 21 Nov 12-1.30, B321, Wed 28 Nov But that’s enough about me for now I KARAOKE THE COFFEE HOUSE SESSIONS want to tell you more about what we do in Ace Your Dissertation Additonal Learning Support, which is a truly 15th November 20th November 12-1.30, F203, Wed 31 Oct 7:30PM - 11PM 2PM - 4PM amazing place with some pretty amazing Dylan’s Bar Dylan’s Bar people working in it. Take my word for it, there is always a welcome for those students Writing for Coursework who find it difficult to access their academic 12-1, B330, Wed 7 Nov MONEY AND ME - MONEY work because of their condition. MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP KARAOKE Placement & Employment 27th November 29th November We work with students who have specific Online Literacy Tests NOON - 1PM 7:30PM - 11PM learning differences like dyspraxia and 12-1.30, F206, Wed 31 Oct, 14 Nov S218, Studland House, Lansdowne Dylan’s Bar dyslexia as well as students with autistic spectrum conditions, attention defeceit Transformational Breathwork: disorder and chronic medical conditions to name but a few. We can offer 1-1 study skills Relieve your Anxiety support, workshops (see the box for details) 2.30-4, PG11, Wed 28 Nov AND MANY MORE EVENTS ONLINE and mentoring for those who need it. For more events and information: To book, email: [email protected] Pawprint created by Freepik 17 TOP TIPS FOR FASHION & LIFESTYLE STRESS-FREE SKIN By Clare Stephenson

onstant stress can take a major toll on making it feel rejuvenated and nourished. your skin. The visible effects of acne, Also, moisturizing while your skin is damp Cinflammation and dryness, as well as helps to keep your skin feeling hydrated for an overall fatigue in your skin’s appearance, even longer. are some of the major warning signs that your skin shows when your body is feeling Acne: a little anxious. The stress that you put your Most of the time articles say that the best body through, whether it be a late night way to reduce acne is to stop stressing. study session or a bank balance panic, your Well, for students this can be quite difficult. skin is acting as the punching bag to all your But do not worry, there are ways of getting worries. So, here are a few tips and tricks on around this. All you need is a quarter of an how to give it a bit of TLC. avocado and a tablespoon of honey and you are good to go. Mash the two together Inflammation: until you have a lump free mixture, smooth Puffy under eye circles. Don’t even get me over your skin and relax for 15 mins. While started. While there are many skin care you may be looking like kermit the frog, the products you can use to help fight those amino acids in the avocado and antiseptic nasty bags, changes to your own lifestyle properties of honey helps to fight away can help them go away. The answer here those annoying spots. Best of is sleep. It may be difficult with a student all, this can be done in the lifestyle, but simply catching up on your comfort of your own home. beauty sleep will sort the situation out quickly. And if you are too much of a social Your skin is acting as the punching butterfly for that, putting a few slices of cucumber over your eyes for 10-15 minutes bag to all your worries will do the trick. Rich in vitamins and minerals, you can say ‘adios’ to those bags!

This month Nerve Fashion & Lifestyle is looking at some of the Dryness: most boring Halloween costume ideas, so you know what to Moisturise. That is all I can say. You don’t avoid! Also, we’ve got an overview of Paris Fashion week, as well even have to break your bank balance as tips and tricks how to reduce the effects of stress on your to find a decent moisturiser that skin. The winter is approaching and we’ve got you covered with works. Something like the Olay Double our favourite self-tanning products. I hope you enjoy! - Zlatna Action Day Cream (£4.89) helps to lock in Nedev, Fashion & Lifestyle Editor your skin’s hydration for the whole day,


By Gracie Leader

Runway was no exception. Taking place at the Palais, director Leon Prost worked alongside As one of the biggest – and arguably most Lagerfeld to convert the runway into a sandy Street style important - events in the fashion industry, beach, complete with waves and sunshine. However, if you’re only following the trends many of the biggest designers gathered to The location conveyed the message of on the runway you’re only getting half the showcase their S/S19 collections at Paris calmness and serenity; this was furthered picture. With many of the models being Fashion Week. From the runway, we can see by the models walking barefoot across the followed wherever they go during the week, many of the trends we can expect to find for shore implying a clear free-spirited, childlike the abundance of images taken can be used the coming year. attitude. to influence your own street style. One of the first collections of the week Several trends running throughout the One trend that continues through from that was Alexander McQueen’s, led by creative collection mirror that of the ready to wear of the public is animal print – something that director Sarah Burton. Her exploration for trends loved by the public currently and has been popular throughout the summer of the wardrobe was ‘journey of women and clearly set to continue into the next year. this year and looks set to continue through to the journey of a woman’ These included cycling shorts, light slip the coming seasons. dresses and boxy tweed jackets. One visible Throughout the 41 looks, several included theme prevalent across the collection was Snake print pointed boots were seen on a combination of leather and lace, blurring the logomania; with the bold lettering several off -duty models on the Partisan the expectations and reality of womanhood CHANEL being seen boldly across streets as well as leopard print blouses and in society. A visual theme of floral prints many of the garments. jackets. A zebra print slip dress also evidence and embroideries could also be seen with the trend expanding to other prints. natural and earthy inferences. All models The accessories, however, were the stand shared the hairstyle of thin multiple braids out piece for me personally, with bags One of the most prominent trends, and a creating the illusion of warriors walking created from repurposed beach towels; particular favourite of mine, is women’s down the runway. beach balls and fisherman nets. These not tailoring. However, this potentially exhausted only were visual extensions of the theme, trend has been reinvented by experimenting Audiences have come to expect nothing they also created a fun, campy undertone with the unexpected - boxy, oversized and less than what Karl Lagerfeld can create to the show. hefty silhouettes. with the spaces of the Chanel shows, this



don’t know about you but whenever At most Halloween , you always I get invited to a Halloween I’m get some film or TV characters walking Iexcited- for the first 5 Minutes. The actual around. There are always a Spiderman and thought of dressing up and Halloween is Harry Potter. Last year you couldn’t go to fun and exciting but actually doing it? Not a Halloween party without running into a so much. I’m always that last minute person Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman. Basically, looking through my wardrobe trying to what I’m saying is this year, we can expect a pull together anything that works because lot of Venoms. I’m quite simply too lazy to actually try. However, I think we can all agree that at So, for this Halloween, I beg you to avoid every Halloween party there is always these these costume ideas and please get more types of costumes… creative. Go as a tiger instead of a standard cat, go as a mummy instead of a zombie. At every party without a fail there is ALWAYS Do anything you like! Just think outside the a girl that has just pulled out a black dress, box. cat ears and yep you’ve guessed it we have a cat ladies and gentlemen. You can be certain and without a doubt that at every Halloween party there will be at least 5 cats. I think we can all say that we’ve all been there and done it. The cat costume in an old reliable and if you can’t think of anything else you know you have a fall back. But I think we can all agree that it has been worn to death now.

There are also ALWAYS a zombie cheerleader/school girl/bride or just those people that rip up a white t-shirt, pour on a bunch of fake blood and are just zombies. Halloween in Bournemouth These are the people that don’t want to Block Party The Aslyum dress up but feel like they have to make 9pm, 27 October, Lansdowne 10pm, 31 October, Cameo some sort of effort. I can appreciate that. Apocalypse The Church of the Dead Halloween is the time of year where people 9pm, 27 October, Yates 10pm, 31 October, Halo allow their inner fangirl to break free. Red or Dead Ball 10pm, 29 October, Halo 22 23 FASHION & LIFESTYLE


s the winter is approaching and your tan is slowly fading away, we are giving you our favourite self-tanning products so you can keep that bronzy glow for longer without Abreaking the bank of course. There’s a whole lot of fake tans on the market, but whether you’re looking for the best gradual tanner, an instant fake tan that won’t go streaky or a long-lasting self-tan that promises zero patches we’ve covered them all and these are the cream of the crop: St.Moriz Professional Self Tan Bondi Sands Tanning Foam Mousse - £4.99 at Superdrug £14.99 at Boots If you want a long-lasting fake tan without Packed full of vitamin E and aloe vera, your having to wait around for hours to develop, skin will thank you for it. With a delicious this one is for you. Prep well. coconut scented formula, this premium foam glides effortlessly over your skin to create a natural glow. For those with an olive complexion, we recommend using the dark foam for a deeper tan. St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tined - £10 If you want to gradually add colour to your skin this is the product for you. This fake tan has blurring particles, to help soften the appearance of any lumps, bumps and scrapes, and just makes your skin look flawless. Soltan Self Tan Mist Spray Garnier BB body wash off £8.99 Boots bronzer £4.65 This fake tan provides an instant golden Perfect for when you only need to tan the glow that develops into a natural-looking bits on show (we do it all, right?), this blurring colour within 2-3 hours. Contains a blend tan has the effect of makeup and leaves you of self-tanning agents DHA and Erythrulose airbrushed with sun-kissed glow. to provide a streak-free, golden tan with a light, long-lasting summer scent.


Photo: The Come Up Show from Flickr

lack artists are seemingly running of cultures not exclusive to one in particular. and bossing the music game at the , Dancehall, Trap, Drill, Bashment, Bmoment. Artists like , , Rap, and Hip-Hop are all genres in which , Not3s and up-and-coming black culture is being cultivated and artists like Mahalia and are taking appreciated. In January, Joseph Patterson the UK music scene by storm. This could (Complex editor) announced the launch of be a result of the ever-increasing popularity his new print magazine TRENCH, in which of the sub-genre, Afro-swing (which is a he aims to showcase new black artists and hybrid of and Dancehall), with bridge the gap between Underground and new catchy and euphonious singles being Mainstream music. churned out weekly, like E.O‘s ‘German’ and ZieZie‘s ‘Fine Girl’ being perfect examples of this. Our generation seems, as a whole, to Black artists are taking the world by storm, enjoy aspects of other cultures and I and creating some amazing music whilst know I enjoy learning about different benefiting the racial movement, by being areas of cultures not exclusive to one proud and representing their culture. in particular.

New-found diversity Straight away the word Brexit can The success of genres such as Grime and Photo: Bugzy Hip-Hop has helped diversify mainstream Talor from cause an argument music and artists of all backgrounds and Flickr cultures are being given a platform now, perhaps due to the of digital platforms and how easy it is to share music now. Or This month on Nerve debates, we delve deep into some of the perhaps, the fact that society is culturally most contentious and interesting hot button issues from across intertwining and groups in society are the world! Check out our latest pieces on the South American learning to appreciate and enjoy other refugee crisis, the need for a people’s vote before Brexit, and the cultures. Our generation seems, as a whole, growing influence of Black British artists in the charts. Hope you to enjoy aspects of other cultures and I enjoy!- Silva Chege, Debates Editor know I enjoy learning about different areas


He noticed a gap in journalism for black education and will ultimately help tackle artists and their musical talents and decided the figures that suggest that black students to launch this magazine to give them a are less likely to apply or get accepted into platform, whilst using his own musical Universities, compared to white students. knowledge.

Platforms like this are so important and helpful for black musicians - not only We aren’t just focusing on the musical does it help their music to be recognised aspect, but the birds-eye view of this and listened to, but is also helpful to black is that Black artists within mainstream musicians to get known and appreciated. music are symbolic of our society

Impact on society

So much good can come from black artist’s success in music, and it has such a Overall, the infiltration of black culture into snowball effect on society as a whole- for mainstream music is, in my opinion, a really example, Stormzy’s promise to fund two important thing. We aren’t just focusing on black students to go to (Stormzy the musical aspect, but the birds-eye view Scholarship), making a huge statement of this is that Black artists within mainstream and taking a stand against institutional music are symbolic of our society and the - Cambridge has been criticised for increasing acceptance and enjoyment of a significant lack in acceptance of Ethnic cultural differences. Minority students.

The Stormzy Scholarship also silently encourages Black students to further their

Bath Christmas Market £25 Saturday 1 Dec 2018 Each year, the beautiful area between Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths is transformed into a Christmas shopper’s haven! In the heart of Bath’s main shopping district, traditional wooden chalets adorn the streets; each one offering unique, handmade and unusual gifts, decorations and food items - everything you will need for the perfect Christmas celebration.

Also includes an 1 ½ hr walking tour, visiting the Royal Crescent, Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths (entrance not included).

08:45 - Pick up Talbot Campus (rear of the Student Centre) 20:00 - Arrive back at Talbot Campus

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28 Photo: Ungry Young Man from Flickr DEBATES

it’s their future. They want a people’s vote as they believe that the outcome will change, BREXIT: WILL THERE BE more voters will want to remain now they know the true facts. Leave voters feel that it isn’t fair to hold another referendum as A PEOPLE’S VOTE? By Hannah Craven we live in a democracy and we can’t keep holding another vote when individuals are upset with the result. Photo: Chatham House on Creative Commons There is currently a petition online by The People’s Vote stating: f the word Brexit is used in any sentence, a second referendum. Even a petition has this huge slogan if it wasn’t true. A lot of straight away it can cause an argument been started by a People’s Vote group for individuals based their vote on this fact and Iamong very close friends. Everyone has a second referendum. What has caused the it turned out it was incorrect. Remainers “More and more of us – whether we an opinion on the European Referendum; British Public to change their mind in such a believed it wasn’t fair and that there should voted Leave or Remain two years it can cause tension in a room and you short space of time? be another referendum with the correct ago – realise we’re heading for a dread the B word to make an entrance into information to be told to the public. botched Brexit. This deeply divided a conversation. It’s hard to believe that the government is making such a mess 23rd June 2016, the day the country took That Bus of negotiations that a bad deal is now to the polls and voted to either remain or Vote Leave, the official campaign backed No Confidence unavoidable.” leave the EU, was more than two years ago. by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, have David Cameron was the Prime Minister at The result was very close with 52% wanting been accused of not actually explaining to the time of the referendum and he was the to leave and 48% wanting to remain. But it the public what leaving the EU would entail. one who announced it. He was confident at The group was launched by four members was clear the majority of the British Public It’s since been in trouble with the Electoral the time that the British Public would vote of parliament and the actor Sir Patrick wanted to leave the European Union. Commission for overspending and has been to stay in the European Union. This wasn’t Stewart. They are campaigning for a second fined. There was also the big red coach, with the case; he resigned after the result was referendum and are asking for signatures on the words “We send the EU £350 million a announced and Theresa May was voted in their petition. They are protesting outside week. Let’s fund our NHS instead.” Just as the leader of the Conservative Party and parliament. Even Justine Greening, former hours after the results were announced of Prime Minister. She also wanted to remain education secretary endorses a second Every day in the news, Brexit the referendum, Nigel Farage stated that but she promised the country, that they referendum. No matter how you feel about negotiations are mentioned and that money wouldn’t all be going to the NHS would get a strong Brexit and come out Brexit, there has been major problems and even 40 members of [Theresa May’s] on live . Members of the public with the best deal. To this day, this hasn’t the ending never seems to be in sight. Will own party have signed a who originally voted to leave the EU based been the case. Every day in the news, Brexit we ever get a good Brexit deal? no-confidence letter on this fact felt cheated and remainers negotiations are mentioned and even 40 were furious that the leave campaign used members of her own party have signed a no-confidence letter for their party leader. Original leave voters feel let down and uncertain about the future with a weak New shocking figures have been released Photo: Ilovetheeu on Creative Commons Brexit deal. by YouGov, showing that some voters who originally voted to leave have changed A majority of the younger generation voted their mind - 42% of Britons now think there to stay in the EU, but some young individuals should be a referendum on the terms of were under 16 at the time of the Brexit deal. When YouGov conducted the referendum feel that it wasn’t fair that they first survey in April 2017, only 31% supported didn’t get to have a say on the matter, when




HOW DO I FIND OUT ABOUT CLUBS SI&OTHER SOCS? SC HOW DO I FIND OUT ABOUT CLUBSOCCUPATIONAL SI&OTHER ASOCS?HY APY L SCI AL IEN HOW TO JOIN HOW DO I MFINDIDWIFERY SO COUTIETY ABOUTOCCUPATIONAL CLUBSHY SI&OTHER SOCS?PY P A SC EN I C LANSDOWNE STUDENT? MIDWIFERY SOCIETY OCCUPATIONAL THERAPYPHY APY IAL IENCC IDWIFERY SOCHIETYOW DO I FIND OUTTHERAPY ABOUT CLUBSP & SOCS?CI C E SUBU Advice, BG07 O S HOW TO JOIN M YSIOTHERAP C L SCIE THERAPYOCCUPATIONAL H Y O A S ESN HSOtWep TO 1 :JOIN IFERY SOC P I IDW SUBIUET’s 100+ clubs and socs are listed on subu.o rg.uk and you C HOWY DO I FIND OUT ABOUT CLUBS & SOCS?O M TH S S Step 1: SIO ERA C SC Step 1: THERAPYOCCUPATIONAL Y P L IE Help with your academic, housing and £ p SUBU’s 100+ clubsHDWIOFERY WSandOCI E DO socs I FIND are lis OUTted on ABOUT subu.o rCLUBSg.ukPH andY & y ouSOCS?S IA N E 1.Visit subu.org.uk/clubs&socs roblems I TY O C S HOW TO JOIN SUBU’s 100+ cMlubs and socs are listed on subu.oSOCIETY rg.uk andSIOT HyERAou C L SCIE THERAPY Y P S DEMOCRACY OCCUPATIONAL H Y AE N Step 1: JOIN OUR GROUP! SUBU’cans 100+W meetIFER Yc SOlubsC IEthe and activities socs a treame list edea conh wsubu.oeek ovrg.uker theP and road you at I 1.Visit subu.org.uk/clubs&socs ID TY Y O S C HOW TO JOIN M SOCIET C DEMOCRACY Y THERAPY S can meet theSU activitiesBU’s 100+ c tlubseam and ea socscSOCIEh w Taeekre lis ovteder on the subu.o roadrg.uk at and you E St1eCOM. GVpisoit s u1tMbu.oo:UN srguIT.ubk/Yuc.luorbs&socsg.uk/ideas can meet the activities team each week ovY er the road at O S HOW TO JOIN SOCIET can meetour Studland the activities House team offic eae.ch week over the road at S Go Stot esupb u1.:org.ukDEM/id&Oe ECRACaQsU ALYITY SUBU’s 100+ clubsIN andG SOC socs are lisY ted on subu.org.uk and you COM1.VMisit UNsubu.oITrgY.u k/clubs&socs URS IETY SOCIET 2. Select and pay online N DEMOCRACY our Studlandcan House meet offic the activitiese. team each week over the roadS at SO Y Go1.V istiot su bu.osurbg.uuk/.corlubs&socsg.uk/id&e aEQs UALITY iends ING SOC Y OCIETY CIET COMM2UN. SelectITY and pay online e new fr our Studland HouseURS officIETYe. SOCIET Mak our StudlandcanNURS ImeetNG SHouseOC IEtheTY activitiesoffice. team each week over the roadS at COMGo tMoUN s1.VuITisbitY suu bu.o.orrgg..uuk/kcl/ubs&socsid&e aEQsDEM UALOITCRACY Y N URSING SOCIETY SOC TY S O TY 2. Select and pay online our StudlandN House officS e. SO IE Y O CSIE Y & EQUALITYJoin Online pport NURSING OCIETY CIET SOCIETY CSIOECT IETY 2COM. GSelecto tandMoUN paysuIT bonlineYu .org.uk/ideas Get su Scan me ISour THERE Studland A HouseMICR officOWe.AVE WE CANSO CIUSE?ETY O TY 23.. SCheelectc andk pay for online meetings/events INGICGAL HSOC CIE & EQUALITY NUROSLO IST IETY S 3. Check for meetings/events with an TION SO AE OR S O Y IS THEREN A MICA RC OWAVEH WEIC CAN USE? OCIETY C ET 2. Select and pay online TIO SO M I C A I IS THEREA CIS THEREA MICI GAICARL H E MICOWARVEOR W WEAVEL CWEAN C ANUSE? USE? 3. Check for meetings/events O I A iPhone IS THEREN OL CA ST T A MICGICAL ROWAVE WE CAN USE? IM IE E LOGI L HIS Y OR LO HIS 3. Check for meetings/events YNes!!A A OWe hT aI vEeO oneOTGOICAL HinI B130 AND one behind the 3. Check for meetings/events N ION S T TIO SO HAE OR C A OL R ST T O Y A CTIIOCH N SO I A H AE IC OR camera A C ATI R C C L C H A I A IM ISA AECTHEREA R A C MICL C ROWAVE WE CAN USE? M IE MM R I A R A p I N II A T E L CLA BU WOMEN T Y A GI L H BRITISH SIGN 3. Check for meetings/events T OLLECTIO N barNN in The Engine Room.LO IS SINESS C N SOCIET Yes!! We have one inY B130 ANDO oneT behind the U Y to join YY es!!A We haOvNe Y one in B130A E ANDO one behind the B Yes!!A We havYees!! oneAA W TeIin hS OaB130ve one AND inA B130 oneR YAND behind one behind the the A C N H ITC LANGUAGE IN I T C E A IM E H R I L the group AR C INSIGHT p N T OP SO NETWORKBU WOMENBU WOMEN p bar in Thebar Engine in The Room.EngineY Room.OLBRITISHOGICAL SIGNBRITISHBRITISH SIGN SIGN BU WOMEN SINESS CUOSLINLESCEST SICO CONOL LSLEOECCTTIEOIOTNN SSOOCCIETY A U B IN Y IE IS YOUR SOCIETY MISSING? barYes!! inA The We Engine hAave oneRoom. BRITISHin B130 SIGN AND oneBU behind WOMEN the B COBULSLECTION TY IS YOUR SOCIETY MISSING? A Y SINESS SOCIET bar in The EngineN Room.N Y N T Y LANGUAGE IN STEM BU Y Step 2: A T LANGUAGE LANGUAGE T T H T IE ET IN STEMIN STEM N H IETY R HR C LCANGI UAGE IN STEM INSINSIGIHGTHT p T R C O O O O NETWORK BU WOMEN INSIIGNSHTIGHT E P S NETWORKBRITISH SIGN & POLICY HbarOHR WOinPO TheC SOANCI EngineOLO GICA PLO PUTLOGI CARoom.L S NET AWORK SOCIAL EVENT ON? BUSINESS COLLECTION SOCIETY ISIS Y YOUROUR SOCIE SOCIETYT YMISSING? MISSING? O LOGICAL O A PO L S N NETWORKY VIRO IS YOUR SOCIETY L A T LANGEN UANGE IN STEM Step 2: O Step 2: GIC T M MAR Step 2: H IE & E L K Step1) It2's re:a lly easy to form a new society R C H N A E INSIGHT O O T T & POLICY omputing society P S NETWORK T B 1) It's really easy to form a ne&w PsocietyOLICY HOcW CAN I PUTse cOuArity s SOCIAL EVENTA ON? EVELOPMENT o S S Talk to your student rep. HOW CAN I PUT Aer LSOCIALLcie EVENTR ON? ES D OCI & POLICY cyb OGICA ty AM ETY IS YOUR SOCIETY MISSING? G O & POLICY HOW CAN I PUT A SOCIAL EVENTA ON?L L VIRO ENVIR OENNE NM MAR Step 2: HOW CANThe I PUT Engine A Room SOCIAL is run b yEVENT students & M ON? for students, it’s great MAR & E L KG 1) It's really easy to form a new society VIR E N AL KE 1) It's really easy to form a new society EN ON H N A E Online mputing societ M H T T MBAR T uting csooc y security so & IR T T A EVELOPMENT S B TS Talk to your student rep.& POLICY mp iet er cie V O R ES D OCI L K MISSING? co y seccuyrbity so ty N N E A AMEVELOPMENT S ETY S Talk to your student rep. HOW CANer I cPUTi E A SOCIALR EVENTGS D ON?OC O b et M N E IE A MA E Form y y L M T c H & A GA Y L OL RK puting socie T AE T E L B T Talk to2) Fiyrstlyo uforrm ysourtu commdeitnteet (minirepmum. 5) om ty r N OPM A L E T c cu ity E EL EN h se s A EV T e E o H S S Talk to your student rep. ents The Engineer Roomcie is runR by students forV IstudentROES D OCsI , it’s great ng v for ab ny gathet ring from 10 – 150. GetN your daE te pencilled, in y M N T (c y G e R E A Y T af ting so c T B é-b u T G o Find e mp cietThe Engine Room is run by students for student M s, it’s great O MAR om ar) o y r A L OPM c yber secu ity society R A & MES DEEVEL ENT SOCIET L G S L K 2) Firstly1) Ifto'sr mrea yllyour easy comm to foitrtmee a (mininew societymum 5) c E H GA N Y O A E The Engine Roomm pisutin g rsounciet by studentsA forL studentT s, T it’s great L B T co y seE curity so S A EVELOPMENT S G S Talk to your student rep. er ci R S D OC The Engine Room is run by studentscyb et y for studentC sY, it’s greatGAME IETY O 2) Firstly form your committee (minimum 5) ty A T L 2) Firstly form your committee (minimum 5) uni for any gathering from 10 – 150. GetI yourE date pencilled, G SL U for any gathering from 10 – 150. Get yE ourEN daI te pencilled, oin our comm EmailThe Engine: [email protected] Room isr nemouth.ac.uk.run by studentsCE O Cfor students, it’s great O B J S S G CIETY 1. It's really easy to form a new society S 3) Then contact SUBU Clubs & Socs to launch it for any gathering from 10 – 150. Get yS ourC daTtY e pencilled, Th I e O E E S U ld F C Y I ire S ( for any gathering from 10 – 150. Get yourN date pencilled, ta venue T C O B 2) Firstly form your committee (minimum 5) tio ) Email: [email protected] n I for any gathering from 10 –EN 150ESI ES.O Get your date pencilled,S CIETY U 2) Then contact SUBU Clubs & Socs to launch it Email: [email protected] CES SOC O B 3) Then contact SUBU Clubs & Socs to launch it C Y tur CIETY 3) Then contact SUBU Clubs & Socs to launch it S IE ET cul e so S U 36 Holdenhu ICAL D C I Y S a c om rst Road www.facebook.com/groups/subulansdowne Email: [email protected] ’sr Rnemouth.ac.uk.onA Talbot CampusI NC C Tcan alsoCm putie Y on course and O BU iC m ST M EN ES SO IE r I tT S C Y SSc U Email: [email protected] rnemouth.ac.uk.A CE SOC tuer EN IEy O IET B Step 3: Email: [email protected] cul p e so CES SOC CIETY O B 2. Firstly form your committee (minimum 5) DylanORIC’AsL D RonA Talbot Campus can alsotmuar putci on course and iComm CIETY 3) Then contact SUBU Clubs & Socs to launch it ST M culr e so et Sc DylanRIcC’AsLlub D HRIon socials.TalbotA Campus can alsoa e putc ony course and iComm Step 3su:c [email protected] O A m i ST M r p et Sc HI A e y Step 3: club socials. lture p DylanRIC’AsL D Ron Talbot Campus can alsoacultur eputsoc on courseulture and Com [email protected] TO ICAL D AMclub socials.FBDylan: /dylansbarsRIC’AsL D Ron Talbot Campusw sociemtacu soci e can alsoac putsoc on coursePOLITICS SOC IEandTY ci omm Com [email protected]@bournemornemouth.acuth.ac.uk.uk DylanIS OR ’s RonA A Talbot CampusTO AM canla alsoerm y puti t on coursem ie and S iC m ci m St3e. Thenp complete 3: the online form H T M IS e y r t c S Step 3: IS A FB: /dylansbars& H A per t e y LITICS SOCIET S Step 3: O Y H Y law society p y p P 01202-965765 LI T N club socials.FB: /dylansbarsc& lubTE socials.IE POLITICS SOCIETY club socials. RA YOC law society ET RK [email protected] LI TURE ST N WO & TE CIE E K L RATUYRE SO TWOR 01202-96576501202-965765 The Student Lo T take on your ideas. unge, B130 FB: /dylansbarsIT BESTFB:IE /dylansbars PLACE FOR COFFEE ANDITICS SOMEETINGS?CIE ITICS SOCIE N www.subu.org.uk/clubsandsocs ER OC law society law society POL TY POL TY ET RK FB: /dylansbarsBESTATURE S aPLw socieAty CE FOR COFFEE AND POMEETINGS?LITICS SOCIETY WO tak e wwsuocwnl.su [email protected] rk/inemodcluebsandsocsauth.acs. .uk & & l And there’s a m Y L TY take o n 01202-965765 your ideas. icrowave! L & IT BESTETY PLITEACEIE FOR COFFEE AND MEETINGS? N N www.subu.org.uk/clubsandsocs LI ER CI T RAT SOC N E K ET RK TE ATURE SOCIE URE ETWORK WO www.subu.org.uk/clubsandsocs RATURE SO WBESTe do SPLtarbuACEcks FORcoffee COFFEE at the best AND price MEETINGS?on campus ovTerWO R tSUak BUeta oken oyno uyro uidr eidaesa.s. BEST PLACEWe doFOR Starbu COFFEEcks coffee atAND the best MEETINGS? price on campus over SU BtUak e 01202-965903 o n ww ywo.subu.or ir g d .wwuk/ewcal.subsandsocsusbu.o. rg.uk/clubsandsocs Find out more: We doin S Thetarbu Enginecks cof Roomfee at on the Holden best phurstrice Road.on campus over SU BUDEBATES in The Engine Room on Holdenhurst Road. DEBATES in The WEnginee do S Roomtarbu conks Holdencoffee athurst the Road. best price on campus over DEBATESSU BU We do Starbucks cofBEBEfee SOCIAL atSOCIAL the best price on BEcampusBE SUP SUP ovPer OPROTEDRTED SU BE BU INBEV INOLVVEDOLVED BE REPRESENTEDBE REPRESENTED BOHO GARDEN in The Engine Room on Holdenhurst Road. DEBATES in The Engine RoomBE SOCIALon Holdenhurst Road. BE SUPPORTED DEBABETES INVOLVED BE REPRESENTED Get some fresh air between lectures www.subu.org.uk DEBATES BE SOCIAL BE SUPPORTED BE INVOLVED BE REPRESENTED BEBE SOCIALSOCIAL BEBE SUPSUPPPOORRTEDTED BEBE ININVVOOLLVEDVED BEBE REPRESENTEDREPRESENTED BOHO BEACH

Find out more at www.subu.org.uk/studentreps sububournemouth @sububournemouth www.subu.org.uk

o der to Take your friends t Get one now in or ounts Bath, Stonehenge and get hundreds of disc many other great places. of money! Book now at: www.SUBU.org.uk www.nusextra.co.uk

A massiv e festival st summer blo yle w-out t o end the year with thousands of studen going in fanc ts TOTUM y-dress. ALL 36 Holdenhurst R SUBU’S SUMMER B OFS oad, bef EDY AT T just opposit Get your tickets ear ore you sign up COM e Lyme ly t . Regis Halls avoid disappoin o EST IN THE UK . tment! THE B NG Follow SUBU on F TRIPS & TOU NTEERI acebook RS VOLU or Twitt It’s a g er to receiv reat place f e alerts. meetings & w or eekly socials


Civil unrest in neighbouring No end in sight

LATIN AMERICA countries With the dim-witted rule of Maduro having no-end in sight and the countries debts In much the same way large amounts of By Silva Chege mounting, the immediate and mid to long- REFUGEE CRISIS Syrian arrivals raised nationalistic fervour term future of Venezuela seems dire. And and ignited a populist movement across with each coming day, the likelihood that Europe, similarly, in recent years Latin Venezuela becomes a failed state, looms America has begun seeing mounting civil larger and larger on their bleak horizon. and social unrest. Ecuador took a hard With an insufficient government in power, stance by closing all border crossings Venezuela won’t be able to help itself, he Syrian civil-war in 2015 lead to with Colombia, to prevent undocumented rather a pan-South American cooperative what was considered the greatest Venezuelans from using the country as a would need to be established. Because, if Trefugee crisis in modern history. gateway. Venezuela well and truly crashes, it could The rise of ISIS, the radicalisation of rebel potentially take the entire continent down groups and the unconscionable use of While Brazilian residents have been known with it. chemical weapons by President Bashar al- to attack incoming refugees that cross in Assad, on civilians, lead to the displacement from the border. Such stories are only likely of six-million people, desperate to flee to continue and potentially even eclipse the violence. While most sought safety in anything seen in Europe before. neighbouring countries, namely Lebanon and Palestine, others crossed land and sea Photo: Ministry of Foreign Afairs and Because, unlike the EU, the refugees to reach Europe. However, when journalist Migration of Ecuador from aren’t escaping to rich nations with robust and political figures alike cast 2015 as the Wikimedia Commons democracies and welfare systems, but year of the greatest refugee crisis, they nations that aren’t much better off than spoke too soon – they hadn’t seen anything With such an overreliance on a volatile their own. Tensions are bound to deepen. yet. commodity, naturally, when oil prices finally However, it must be acknowledged that the plummeted in 2014, Venezuela’s economy majority of Latin America is homogeneous tanked along with it, shrinking the country’s racially and religiously, with most Rise and fall of Venezuela’s GDP (estimated at -7%, IMF) and hiking being Christian and of Latin/ European economy inflation to 1 million per cent. descent. While the Syrian refugees were predominantly Muslim and of a different Propelled by the world’s largest proven oil With the economy sinking deeper and ethnicity to the European population reserves (discovered in 1919), Venezuela deeper into the abyss and the government they were assimilating in to. Meaning drove itself from a largely poor country to increasingly becoming militant and violent, the Venezuelans won’t necessarily be South American’s wealthiest. But, while a growing number of Venezuelans choose considered inherently ‘other’ in the same other oil-rich nations like Saudi Arabia to escape rather than be caught up in the way the Syrians were. But it is yet to be and the United Arab Emirates choose not country’s continuing collapse. Bordering seen whether such similarities will be of any to rely solely on oil and instead use it to nations such as Colombia and Brazil benefit. help diversify their economies, successive became, overnight the biggest beneficiaries socialist leaders in Venezuela, particularly of the sudden influx of refugees. To date the current Nicolas Maduro, used oil to 3 million people have fled the country, inflate the welfare system and line their own amounting to 7% of the initial population. pockets.

34 Photo: Colombia Police from Wikimedia Commons 35 GnB @geobarnes

Working as a student ambassador at @bournemouthuni, giving campus WHAT’S ON TWEETS FROM tours is part of my job. Today, I gave a tour to two jersey people and Halloween clubbing introduced myself properly at the end, only for us all to realise we were Block Party related. I just gave a tour to my second 9pm, 27 October, Lansdowne THE STREETS cousins. #justjsythings x Apocalypse 9pm, 27 October, Yates Red or Dead Halloween Ball In this edition’s Tweets From The Streets - graduation prep, student advice, cute dogs and 10pm, 29 October, Halo incidental reunions. Remember to post on Twitter and what you get up to around Edward Robson The Aslyum Bournemouth and you could feature in the next edition of Nerve! 10pm, 31 October, Cameo edwatdotrobson The Church of the Dead 10pm, 31 October, Halo Beth Danyal Ahmed WANT @Bethcs92 dapositivehigh Gigs & Events So I have everything for graduation.. Lines in his design. The Fusion Metropole Market dress, shoes and earrings! 5 weeks to Building at @bournemouthuni. 28 October, Lansdowne go! #graduation @bournemouthuni #architecture #university #bunursing #9thnovember #campusdesign #postgraddiaries Poole Quay Fireworks 5pm, 5 November Skindred hannah 6pm, 9 November, Old Fire Station @hannahbartl3y Jessie J 7pm, 9 November, O2 Academy

It’s so weird I’m in my final year of uni, Rick Astley I literally cannot imagine not being in 6.30pm, 10 November, BIC Bournemouth now #secondhome Jess Glynne 6.30pm, 2 December, BIC Louis Bowden @lousnews23 becca It’s Christmas! @idcbecs Ice Rink opens Prime student tip, avoid the men’s 10.30am, 15 November, Lower Gardens toilets on the second floor of Poole i’ve spent all evening watching Alpine Market opens house. I mean it stinks of sewage videos about bournemouth university 10am, 16 November, Bournemouth Square #sorrynotsorry @bournemouthuni woww i’ve rlly found my dream uni Christmas Tree Wonderland grand opening 6pm, 16 November, Pier Approach 3236 37 RELAX RESLIFE’S BACK! By Phoebe Watkins

lready feeling those winter ? refresh your memory about all the amazing Starting to miss home a bit more things that ResLifeBU hasSocial been upWellbeing to during Skills Athan you’d want to admit? Never fear: your first through months of life at BU, and ResLifeBU is here to keep you entertained point you towards all the things to look and having fun in your home away from forward to and Yourget homeinvolved away from with! home home. On top of these, all around the different Halls and you’ll be blown away by the fantastic As you may remember, Week One was soon of Residences your RA’s have been busy things we’ve got planned for you – so swallowed up by term-time normalities little bees organising and running fantastic make sure you stay in the loop by keeping (lectures, seminars and the like), but we at and very successful events including (but your ears to the ground and eyes on our ResLifeBU HQ did our best to keep your certainly not limited to) various foodie Meet Facebook and Instagram pages! spirits up. We hosted a massive Big Fat Quiz and Greet’s (Okeford), BBQ and Mocktail which saw almost thirty teams from all ten Nights (Chesil), HUGE movie nights (big /BuResLife Halls of Residences compete to win the first up Corfe and Cranborne!), UV Netball prize of a UE Megaboom speaker. Massive (Dorchester) and Purbeck’s ‘Battle of the congratulations to the team Spanish In- Flats’! We also had the pleasure of hosting Quiz-Ition who trounced everyone. Enjoy and working with Club Soda to create a your speaker! non-alcoholic pop-up bar which toured all the Halls of Residences and was immensely Every hall also ran an Acrylic Art Bomb event popular. which gave you the chance to show off your artistic skills – and we were certainly In addition to this, and for the first time ever, impressed! And who could forget our at the end of Student Services fantastic Big Beach BBQ, complete with a took to the road to visit all the students within their Halls of Residence, representing Unbelievably, it’s already nearly November. whole host of activities to get involved with, a variety of BU areas, including Careers It never fails to surprise me how suddenly especially as the weather was stunning. Did and SportBU and many others, and loads the seasons turn and how quickly the any of you make it into the sea? of you managed to grab yourself a heap of months fly by. Next thing we know it’ll be very jammy prizes. The highlight, of course, Christmas and New Year, and isn’t that a was the wonderful Barnie the ResLife Woof! terrifying thought? What a fantastic first month and a half. But to help you shake off your feelings But looking forward, don’t forget that of homesickness and weather-related Halloween, Bonfire Night and (gasp, dare I glumness, and to avoid thinking about tinsel say it?) Christmas are just around the corner, and the like just yet, I’m instead going to


Photo: Daniel Wakeford on Twitter aniel Wakeford has just embarked on Daniel is an extremely positive and exciting his very first national tour with sold role model on the music scene, his charm Dout shows and has just released his and wit gaining a cult in mainstream second album That’s How I See It. Many culture after his popularity on ’s people will recognise Daniel from his The Undateables. His album is released multiple appearances on the TV show The through Carousel, the learning disability arts Undateables. His music will tell you tales of organisation that supports him as an artist. his favourite cities, to his inspirations to his favourite things in life such as going to the Here’s what happened when Nerve caught pub and performing to hundreds of people! up with Daniel before his show at the Old Fire Station! Daniel Wakeford first started writing and recording music in 2007 working along What inspired you on your new album? musician Tom Cook. His first album, The What were the songs written about? Songs of Gigs, was recorded at Lift Music Studios in Brighton. Daniel describes I get ideas from all over the place, inside my himself as a singer- with autism brain and outside. ‘Belly Dancers’ and ‘New and he makes waves in the disabled music York City’ were written after holidays in scene in the UK, portraying a positive image Turkey and New York. ‘Pub Nights’ is about of disabled people in the media. partying after gigs when I’m on tour with my band. ‘Toni Arthur’s Greatest’ I wrote about Supernormal festival: old episodes of Playschool, and I decided I It’s definitely something to wanted to a write a song about ITN news after researching all the different logos on go to on campus Daniel Wakeford brings heartfelt the internet. euphoria wherever he goes. His seemingly bottomless well of material Have you got a favourite song off the offers up classic after classic in the album? With Halloween just around the corner, we discuss the films and shape of relentlessly catchy pop books to get you in a frightful mood this year. We also have an naiveties. It’s the delivery that sets My favourite song off the new album is ‘It’s interview with The Undateables star Daniel Wakeford, discuss Daniel apart, anyone with a shred of a A Wonderful City’, because it’s about my Coffee House Sessions’ triumphant return to Dylan’s, review new soul can’t help but be won over by his hometown Brighton and I really enjoyed from Pale Waves and Alt-J and our opinions on the huge unbounded joy and enthusiasm. making the video. return of ! - Claire Boad, Entertainment Editor


What’s touring like for you? Have you been he room was buzzing as soon as we enjoying yourself so far? arrived at The Old Fire Station to see I really enjoy touring. The British tour is so Tthe one and only Daniel Wakeford, fabulous, it’s like a holiday and I get to sing who many of you will recognise from The Daniel wasn’t shy to be close my songs and meet my fans. My favourite Undateables. His parents were welcoming with his fans, talking about how a place to perform is . people as they walked in and were behind musician should always take the the booth which sold his merchandise. time for his fans. What’s your favourite thing about playing live? People were whispering as out of the stage My favourite thing about playing live is when doors we could see his curly hair and knew the fans sing along. The audience is always he’d be on the stage soon. When he came always take time for his fans and constantly very enthusiastic! out the crowd erupted, and he opened with thanking all of us for coming to see his his song It’s a Wonderful City. show. He waited behind for photos at the What do you enjoy the most about making end which I was happy to get one of and music? He had an excellent rapport with his band he high-fived and fist-bumped those at the I like writing my songs with Tom (Cook, who members and I was impressed by the multi- front of the crowd. writes the music for Daniel’s songs). We’re a talented musicians who played alongside good team and it makes me happy. Daniel. He has such an infectious amount After making us all flap like birds, belly of positivity and energy on-stage, sporting and jump around with him, Daniel his iconic leg kicks as he really gets into the finished his set and, although exhausted, music. was so energetic still and I am so happy I had the opportunity to go, especially to Half way through one of his songs he see such an individual artist who is making How old were you when you started writing gave a shout-out to The Undateables star waves on the disabled music scene. I songs? Shane too who lives in Bournemouth and expect to hear a lot more from this talented I started writing songs when I was 21. The the crowd cheered loudly to see some guy in the coming years. first song I wrote was ‘The Black of Lonely’ in 2009. If you want an experience never to be forgotten, The Daniel Wakeford Experience What has been your favourite part of your I am so happy I had the opportunity is the one for you. music career so far? to go, especially to see such an The best thing about my career so far is individual artist who is making getting a backing band to go on tour with. waves on the disabled music scene Photo: Daniel Wakeford on Twitter Are there any places you haven’t yet played live, which you’d love to visit? We’d love to do more gigs abroad and also of their favourites in the room from the at festivals. show. Everyone in the room couldn’t stop dancing when Daniel played some of his What do you hope the future holds? most famous hits including Pub Nights to My ultimate dream is to perform in the the British Holiday, Belly Dancers Are Here Eurovision contest! Generally I hope that Together and of course, Girls. Photo: Daniel Wakeford on Twitter people keep listening to my music and I can make more albums and keep doing gigs, as I Daniel wasn’t shy to be close with his love being on stage. fans, talking about how a musician should

42 43 ENTERTAINMENT BASSHUNTER NO.1 TO NO-ONE By George McMillan our studio albums, six million records How has this year’s tour been? sold and ten years later you can find Tour has been amazing, all the shows were FJonas Altberg playing in just about any sold out and the feedback we got from student town’s local club. The thirty-three- everyone was great, the UK is my favourite year-old DJ behind some of the noughties place in the world to do shows! biggest anthems now spends his time touring the UK’s to an audience How did Bournemouth fair in comparison who, when he was at his peak, still had to the rest of the UK? their baby teeth. Bournemouth is always a great place and venue, I’m already invited back for next But it’s not as though Altberg is unaware of year. this. There has obviously been a noticeable dip in the DJ’s popularity. Having not What is the worst hotel you’ve had to stay released anything since 2013 he’s not got in over your career? any new material to tour with and no hits Haha that’s easy, we were doing a show in in over ten years. Despite this he doesn’t Manchester a few years ago and there was seem disheartened. a mix up and we ended up in a Premier Inn with no hot water, and people fighting in “I’ve been speaking about this to my the hall ways… manager on this tour, if you think maybe if you were twelve years old and liked the What is your pre-show ritual? songs and now you’re at an age you can Usually my manager and I get to the venue come to clubs and hear the songs live it an hour before the show and have a few does kind of make sense why people would drinks, talk news and what’s going on in the come. People will always want to drink and world, my favourite app that I use the most enjoy themselves, so I don’t think that will is Sky or BBC news. Then I like to have 10 ever change.” minutes to myself before I go on stage. Basshunter, maybe not a household name anymore. But His seventeen date UK Fresher’s tour sold What are your do’s/don’ts of touring? back in the day the Swedish DJ was on just about every out every night and has gone well enough My manager should answer this, as he has edition of ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’, Top of the Pops that Cameo have already booked him many of these and i just have Do’s…I just for next years Fresher’s. We spoke to him like to enjoy myself and like to see people and numerous episodes of T4. Tunes like ‘Now You’re Gone’ briefly before his set. enjoying themselves to. I want everyone to and ‘All I Ever Wanted’ were the to many of our feel the party vibe at my shows. prepubescent years. Can we expect any new songs in the future? My new single ‘MASTERPIECE’ is But where is the Swedish DJ now and how is he spending out on October 19th to the world, so check his time? it out!


elcome to the first update on We Broke Free. In every issue we’ll be Wbringing you all the upcoming show details, gig reviews and interviews with bands. If you don’t know We Broke Free already, GET TO KNOW!

We Broke Free are an independent promotions company in Bournemouth bringing you the Upcoming shows: best new and up and coming music from across the globe. Now into their fifth year, The Beths & Exam Season & We Broke Free put on weekly live shows Death By Shotgun headlined predominantly by global touring The Anvil, Friday 11 November, £7 entry artists and supported by local acts. Best bit? Echoic & Marble Tides The majority of their shows are FREE entry! 60 Million Postcards, Thursday 15 November, free entry Tor Byrnes founded the company who along with her small team pride themselves in Only Girl & Support (TBA) searching out what’s new, placing the future 60 Million Postcards, Thursday 29 indie stars of tomorrow in intimate venues. November, free entry They’ve built up a reputation amongst bands from across the world and have had some of the biggest new bands swing by on their way up.

60 Million Postcards is their humble home turf but keep an eye out for WBF shows up in Bournemouth’s other great venues. We Broke Free also host a stage at the SUBU Summer Ball bringing a much needed dose of live music to the lineup. Previous Guests: So! Follow their socials and you’ll stay up to Blossoms, Dream Wife, The date with everything coming up. Get down to Magic Gang, IDLES, Mystery a show, say hi at gigs and make new friends Jets, The Big Moon, Fickle with others that share a passion for music and Friends, Spring King, The fun times. Wytches and Black Honey to name just a few!


SET LIST LIVE FROM O2 ACADEMY: Alright All This Way By Harry Mottram Only Waiting THE MAGIC GANG Jasmine I’ll Show You Slippin Caroline

ournemouth born band The through their catalogue, consisting of neat, Take Care Magic Gang played an exceptional jangly indie tunes from their impressive, Oh, Saki Bhomecoming gig at the O2 Academy self-titled debut LP. ‘Your Love’, ‘Jasmine’ Your Love Bournemouth at the start of the month with and ‘Oh Saki’ being the particular notable How Can I Compete the help of We Broke Free, to an almost sold- tracks with the best reception, their smooth out venue with a lively crowd, an impressive surfer-rock tunes were however varied Getting Along feat considering the band are still breaking in mood and the slower tracks, such as Life Without You out onto the music scene. ‘Slippin’, ‘Take Care’ and ‘Life Without All That I Want Is You You’ were evidently packed with emotion. The gig began with The Orielles, and However, the overall jumpy and electric feel whilst support acts are typically a damp of ‘How Can I Compete’ and ‘All That I Want squib in relation to the rest of the gig the Is You’ for example meant that the soothing trio impressed the crowd with their sunny lows were met with satisfying highs. disposition and witty crowd interaction. Their catchy, 80s-inspired and self- proclaimed “post-disco punk” sound was a success with the crowd and really got the ball rolling well for the main event. At At a young age the future looks a young age the future looks bright for the bright for the band band, who’s surf-rock sound is oozing with potential.

The indie dream-pop outfit returned to Frontman Jack Kaye put in a good shift with Bournemouth during the midpoint of their impressive and catchy vocals, however a nationwide tour, whilst the set list was fairly particularly enjoyable part of the gig came predictable, it still didn’t stop their well- when Kaye and -guitarist Angus Taylor known big tracks standing out and going swapped roles for an emotional rendition of down a treat. ‘Take Care’, with Taylor displaying real talent with a solo. Overall, the homecoming The opening duo of crowd-pleasures gig was a success with their easily-listenable ‘Alright’ and ‘All This Way’ showed that the indie tunes being met by pints flying band were really starting to build up an everywhere. The feel-good atmosphere was impressive discography, and set the tone for also continued into the intimate after-party the rest of the gig as they smoothly rolled drinks in Boscombe’s Chaplin’s Cellar Bar.

48 49 REVIEW: ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN By Molly Lloyd We’ll give you 50% off coach travel. Where you go is up to you. Photo: Drew de F Fawkes from Flickr canning the track list for The Stars, human psyche that fans expect and love The Ocean & The Moon, by Echo from the band. Although the song is good, Sand the Bunnymen, I was confused. it doesn’t have anything special that would I started seeing songs I knew had been make it stand out from the rest of their around for years and years; ‘Seven Seas’, material. Despite that, it certainly isn’t hard ‘Ocean Rains’ and even ‘The Killing Moon’. on the ears. A bit of online research online revealed that Ian McCulloch and the gang have focused Despite it being full of surprises and on transforming previous tracks; out of the unexpected twists, this new album is fifteen songs on the album, only two are ultimately a success, with stunning new. Ian McCulloch defended this choice transformations of beloved songs and by saying in a statement: “I’m not doing interesting new material, both of which this for anyone else. I’m doing it as it’s keep the initial magic that drew listeners to important to me to make the songs better.” Echo and the Bunnymen alive.

As it goes, I enjoyed the transformed tracks, especially ‘Seven Seas’ and ‘The Killing Moon’; both stripped back, allowing listeners to focus more on the lyrics and less on the accompaniment. As ‘The Killing Moon’ is one of my favourite songs, I was worried about what McCulloch had done to the hit song. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised. The piano and Redeem through your orchestral accompaniment to the song Students’ Union reception or go to transformed it from something sounding www.nationalexpress.com/SUBU otherworldly and almost alien into a heart- wrenching and emotional number.

The new material has the classic Echo and the Bunnymen feel. ‘The Somnambulist’ has that same dreamy, light hearted with melancholy lyrics relating to the land of dreams and the


149_NXC_Bournemouth Uni A2 Poster V2.indd 1 15/10/2018 10:29 ENTERTAINMENT REVIEW: MY MIND REVIEW: ALT-J’S MAKES NOISES REDUXER By George Burton By Claire Boad

Photo: Foz87 from Wikimedia Commons Photo: Henry Laurisch from Wikimedia Commons

fter establishing themselves as one exploration of what it is like being a ate September saw Alt-J release of the hottest upcoming alternative teenager from different perspectives. their newest album Reduxer and ‘Hit Me Like That Snare’ and ‘3WW’ also got Abands with their first single ‘There’s ‘Noises’ for example, is a song about Lhave created something quite unique two , all again creating beautiful a Honey’, Pale Waves have released their people not seeing you for who you are, indeed. Reduxer isn’t actually a new album hybrids between Alt-J’s recognisable debut album: ‘My Mind Makes Noises’. which strikes an unflinching personal tone. at all, but a album of some of the sounds and that the members have On the surface, it can come across as just Lines such as ‘The faces that you love are best songs off their award winning third admitted to influencing them. another pop album about being a teenager, slowly giving up, what you gonna do?’ and album Relaxer. With the help of many like that of Taylor Swift. ‘I’m falling, I’m crawling on the floor at incredibly creative people killing it in the Talking about why they chose to work with night, I know it’s not right but you can’t fix hip-hop game, this album definitely stands so many different Hip Hop artists the band However, Pale Waves are anything but. me this time’ are harrowing and make for out as something new and innovative. said “It’s no secret that we love and are Lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie and a melancholy listen. The album takes an influenced by hip hop, and it’s always been drummer Ciara Dorma’s style consists of emotional turn on the closing track, ‘Karl ‘House of The Rising Sun’ is a personal a dream of ours to work with hip hop artists punk-rock inspired make up, leather jackets I Wonder What It’s Like to Die’, a true and favourite off Relaxer and, to my joy, the in reimagining our music.” and scruffy haircuts. The result, a look that personal song about dealing with loss. The reimagining with Tuka has led to this song might be found on 80’s band ‘Siouxsie and steady, wistful temper of the song provides being my favourite off the new album too. Alt-J’s decision to create a remix album has the Banshees’. a much-needed comedown. Tuka’s lyrics over the soothing synths and clearly payed off. The band has said that guitars blend well together and make you “With Reduxer our dream has come true. My Mind Makes Noise opens with My Mind Makes Noise hits all the notes want to listen to the original again just to We couldn’t be happier with the results.” ‘Eighteen’, an energetic track about being you’d expect from a retro pop album, compare where the two renditions differ – a recurring theme in but Pale Waves manage to make it their and, as a result, see how much Alt-J have the album. Upbeat guitar riffs and strong own. They take the best things about 80’s managed to transform the song. vocals do a great job of setting the feel of pop: the ballads, the synths, the euphoric the album. choruses, and lyrically gift them to the Three of the original tracks off Relaxer present. were gifted with not one, but two re- Take a deeper look into the album and imaginings. In Cold Blood was gifted with you’ll find that it’s layered with nostalgic being transformed into a stellar European 80’s pop vibes, taking influence from bands hip-hop ballad thanks to their collaboration such as The Cure and Tears for Fears. with the German rapper Kontra K. It Guitarist Hugo Silvani’s riffs sound like they was then turned into much more of an could have been lifted straight from songs American electric tune thanks to both such as ‘Friday I’m In Love’ and ‘Just Like Pusha T and Twin Shadow adding their own ’. twists to a song that all Alt-J fans know and Elsewhere on the album there is an love.



offee House Sessions have landed After the performance I spoke with , at Bournemouth university. What she explained how she has always loved Care Coffee House Sessions? They and that it was what are an opportunity for unknown musicians inspired her to start making her own music. to get their music out by traveling to uni However, unlike more famous country acts campuses all over the UK. Sometimes the like Taylor Swift, a shift to pop is something acts perform at up to three places in one she knows won’t be happening any time day. Dylan’s is the home of Coffee House soon. Sessions whilst at Bournemouth and they provide an awesome background music If you want to hear more of Amy’s music, playlist, adding to the already chilled head on over to Spotify and listen to her vibes. It’s definitely something to go to on new single ‘Hurts Like Paradise’. campus. For all the latest updates on Coffee House The first musician to take the stage at Sessions head over to coffeehousesessions. Dylan’s was the young singer songwriter com. You can also check out photos from Amy Lawton. With songs like ‘Furthest recent sessions here Place’ ‘Can’t Handle Why’ and ‘Undone’, she definitely felt reminiscent of the early UPCOMING DATES: Taylor Swift days back when she was a country starlet. With songs about love Louis Centioni and friendship, it was a throwback to the 30th October country rock that was very popular in the Ciircus Street & Sean OB mid to late noughties. 6th November Amy’s music does make for a very easy Bohdi & Joel Rothwell listen, her mix of guitar and ukulele playing 13th November creates a chill atmosphere that could calm Marius Bear any student. Being a student at Queen 20th November Mary’s University in London, the stress of TBC deadlines is something Amy knows all too 27th November well and that has allowed her to make the perfect soundtrack for a uni bar. Joshua Burnside 4th December


She later called the band ‘deserved winners’, joining thousands of fans, SHORTLIST WOLF ALICE WIN including , on Twitter praising the winning collective. – Tranquility Base MERCURY PRIZE The beautifully unconventional album Hotel & Casino By Maya Derrick (pun intended) was released through – A Fever independent Dirty Hit in Dream September 2017, and has been praised for Everything is Recorded – Everything its interdecadal sound, spanning influences is Recorded and genres. Its other accolades include Florence + The Machine – High as being named runner up on NME’s 2017 Hope Albums of the Year list, in which they eptember saw the return of The of the ‘Album of the Year’ prize. With were knocked off the top spot by ’s Jorja Smith – Lost & Found Mercury Prize, hosted by Radio 1’s incredible talent rising through the British Melodrama. Annie Mac at the Eventim Apollo. music scene, the competition couldn’t be S – No Shame The prestigious award, which was created tougher. Wolf Alice’s adventurous second And this isn’t the band’s first nomination – Holiday Destination as an alternative for The in studio album was crowned for the award. In 2015, their debut studio 1992, celebrates the best in British and the winner, collecting the staggering album was selected Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Irish music across all genres. With previous £25,000 prize. alongside Slaves’ Are You Satisfied? and Who Built the Moon? winners of the award including the likes ’s How Big, – Novelist Guy of , alt-J and Franz Ferdinand, Although in the eyes of many (including How , How Beautiful, with Benjamin Sons of Kemet – Your Queen is a you could say this award is a pretty big myself) Wolf Alice’s album was a worthy Clementine’s At Least for Now claiming the Reptile deal. winner, fellow nominee Lily Allen wasn’t as prize that year. Lead singer Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life gracious in her defeat. spoke to before this year’s VISIONS OF A LIFE ceremony about the immense impact this second nomination has had on the group. 1. “We were so happy we got nominated. It’s nominated twice, she thought Wolf Alice 2. hard to show that.” She said. “We’re just were a little left of the Mercury Prize’s usual 3. Beautifully Unconventional LILY ALLEN gormless!” type. 4. Don’t Delete the Kisses @lilyallen 5. Planet Hunter Over the 27 years that the Mercury Prize With the Mercury Prize becoming more 6. Sky Musings has been rewarding the nation’s greatest diverse in recent years, it holds more 7. Formidable Cool Someone call 999 I’ve been robbed. musicians, it has not only increasingly significance than ever. Of course, famous 8. Space & Time helped catapult the nominated and winning names such as Artic Monkeys and Jorja 9. acts into , but has boosted the Smith making the shortlist this year is 10. St. Purple & Green on the whole. After winning unsurprising due to their albums’ sheer 11. After the Zero Hour the Mercury Prize in 2008, sales of Elbow’s brilliance, it’s refreshing to see smaller 12. Visions of a Life album The Seldom Kid increased by 700%, up-and-coming bands, and bands of raising their profile tremendously. This alternative genres, receiving the and bodes as a famous example of the impact glory that they deserve. that the prize has had since its creation. The 12-man judging panel, which featured Although the prize aims to recognise Clara Amfo, Jamie Cullum, and Lianne musical talent and achievement across La Havas to name a few, were tasked a variety of genres, Rowsell admitted to with the impossible: to pick an album DIY Mag that even though they’ve been from a shortlist of 12 that was worthy

56 Photos: @MercuryPrize on Twitter 57 NERVE’S TOP 10

HORROR BOOKS By Danielle Werner

ctober has arrived, bringing with it the start of Autumn, and more importantly, Halloween. To help get you ready for the spookiest night of the year, here is a list Looking for a Oof my top ten Horror novels guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. From traditional to contemporary, comic book style tales and collections of shorter stories, student house? there is something frightful for everyone.

The Haunting of Hill House 1 Shirley Jackson Shirley Jackson is heavily influenced by Neil Gaiman and Stephen King, which is evident in this psychological horror novel about the power of fear. A group of people looking for evidence of the supernatural struggle to cope with the terrifying occurrences within Hill House, unaware that its power is only growing stronger

In the Miso Soup • Low, flat fee of £126 including 2 Ryu Murakami contents insurance A contemporary take on psychological thriller set in the backstreets of Tokyo. A suspenseful and tense read they • Wide range of BU-approved housing will have you begging for answers and then wishing you never got them. The story is claustrophobic, with a sense of danger at all times; maintaining a constant unease in the • The only Students’ Union-endorsed lettings service atmosphere. Fans of Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho will • Experienced and reputable lettings team most certainly enjoy this book. 9053-10/18

Call us on 01202 961678 www.lettingsbu.com 59 ENTERTAINMENT

A Monster Calls Misery Patrick Ness 3 Steven King 7 A mix of the realities of childhood and the fantasy of fairy What is horror without its King? It would be impossible to tales, this book explores what it is to grieve. A perfect make a list of top horror books without including Stephen example of children’s gothic that is still appropriate for adult King at least once. Misery is the story of an injured writer readers. A Monster Calls is highly praised and if you can get trapped in the home of an unstable fan, who forces him your hands on an illustrated copy you’ll appreciate the story to write a new book preventing the killing of her favourite even more. character. Fear and panic are rife in this iconic novel.

After Dark The Black Spider Haruki Murakimi 4 8 Jeremias Gotthelf After Dark in not your average story of strange happenings in the night. Murakami blends dream and reality together in A cautionary tale about the dangers of dealing too casually this novel as its characters attempt to track down a prostitute with the devil because the consequences of breaking a who was beaten in a love hotel, tangling with the Chinese contract with him are dire. The pages of this novel are laced mafia in the process, while the sister of our protagonists with evil intent and will feed your arachnophobia until your sleeps beside a haunted TV. skin is crawling.

Through the Woods Interview with a Vampire Ryu Murakami 5 Anna Rice 9 This collection of original horror filled fairy tales has won a A staple in gothic literature, a vampire recounts his life so far, staggering 15 awards. Emily Carroll’s hauntingly beautiful in this disturbing, sometimes erotic story about the trials of illustrations will cater perfectly to those who prefer a visual living forever. element to horror.

The Vegetarian The Travelling Bag and Other Ghost Stories 6 Han Kang 10 Susan Hill ‘All the trigger warnings on earth cannot prepare a reader for the traumas of this Korean author’s translated debut’ - From the author of, The Woman in Black, this collection of New York Times. This three-part novel is not for the faint of short stories has a sense of the traditional campfire ghost heart and promises to be unlike anything you have ever read story about them. Those with a classic taste of horror will before. find pleasure in all of Susan Hill’s work.


MUST WATCH 3. Insidious: The Last Key It is the 4th installment in the franchise. The story takes place between the first and the third movie. It follows the brilliant HALLOWEEN FILMS By Ivo Rashkov parapsychologist Elise Rainer, as she travels back to her childhood home to confront and destroy her greatest fear- the demon which set accidentally set free all those years ago. Photo: Adam Robitel

The spookiest day of the year is just around the corner. This year has been amazing for the horror genre, with many household franchises making their returns. Here is the top five that we here at Nerve think you should watch.

1. Halloween 2018 4.The Predator This film is the eleventh installment in the The 4th installment of the series is bound Halloween franchise and is a direct sequel to to keep you on your toes, as a group of ex- the 1978 Halloween movie. The story takes soldiers are fighting against the universe’s place 40 years after its prequel. It revolves strongest and most dangerous hunters- The around Laurie Strode, a survivor from his Predators, in order to save the human race. previous massacre. She has been preparing The advanced alien species comes to Earth for his return for 40 years and is ready to following the crash of one of their space face him for their final showdown. Photo: Toronto Film Festival ships. Photo: Shane Black

2. The First Purge The fantasy-thriller movie is the 4th installment in the Purge franchise. It depicts 5. The Meg how the American tradition of “purging” was The movie stars Jason Statham in the born. In order to push the crime rate below main role as the rescue diver, Jonas Taylor. 1%, every year on the night of “The Purge” Jonas has to save the crew of a deep-sea for twelve hours every crime is legal. The submarine trapped at the bottom of the story of the night that shaped and changed Pacific Ocean. In order to do so, he has to face an unimaginable threat, a Megalodon. Photo: Gerard McMurray the United States as we know them. An enormous prehistoric shark, previously Photo: Jon Turteltaub thought to be extinct.


A STAR IS BORN By George Heal

he fourth recreation of A Star Is Born Cooper portrays the sympathetic, drunken is here. 42 years after the Streisand Jackson superbly, to the point where you Tand Kristofferson classic, Bradley just want to give him support him when Cooper takes on the challenge of his he’s struggling. Ally is critical to Jackson’s directorial debut whilst co-starring in the survival, being exactly what he needed. film alongside popstar Gaga, and to is so convincing in this role that put it simply it was a magnificvent success. you forget who she is outside of the film. This role was perfect for the singer as she A legendary love story of a famous can showcase how amazing her vocals are musician Jackson Maine (Bradley and her acting abilities. Cooper) who falls in love with a young, extraordinarily talented Ally (Lady Gaga) Musically, this film is impeccable, ranging who has just about given up on her dreams from country/rock to pop and emotional of being a singer after being told her nose ballads. Listening to the soundtrack after was too big. the watching the film brings back all those feelings. Keep an eye out for Shallow, Is The sizzling romance begins in a bar That Alright and I’ll Never Love Again as after Jackson runs out of alcohol on the they are the standout songs from this film. way back from a performance, where he sees Ally sensually perform This film is flawless and is most likely going which instantly sends sparks flying. to be an Oscar award winning film and will be a frontrunner at the Academy Awards Providing many laughs along their journey for many categories. but most times there’s a funny moment, there’s often a dark subliminal message that tears you apart. There’s two parallel stories - with the rise of a new talent and the fall of a musician who is on a dark downward spiral with a battle with addiction. It’s raw, emotional and intense with an upsetting ending and is the film of 2018. Photos: A Star is Born Director: Bradley Cooper


FILM FESTIVAL By Daniel Harden

s we reach October, the British Film Mandy and who better to lead this film than of Cleo, a maid in 1970’s Mexico City who Institute begins to host the UK’s A hooded and rugged looking Panos the king of crazy himself. Nicolas Cage suddenly falls pregnant, and Sofia, a wife Alargest annual film festival. In its Cosmatos stands in front of the sold-out is undeniably a National Treasure (sorry and mother with her marriage on the 62ndnd year, The London Film Festival (LFF) screen in Odeon Tottenham court road to not sorry), proving himself time and time decline, Cuarón explores feminine struggle has been the home to world, European dedicate the opening LFF screening of his again to be one of acting’s great enigmas. and power with the upmost respect and UK premieres of extraordinary works revenge horror film, Mandy, to his parents, Mandy displays the best of Cage, whether and admiration, whilst also critiquing of cinematic art from across the globe. who first met here in England. A fitting overwhelmed with emotions, chilling on the toxicity of (hyper)masculinity. True Previous headline galas have screened emotional tribute to the rollercoaster the couch or off his tits on LSD, Cage is Strength isn’t about sports and fitness, its Oscar front runners and winners; The experience soon to come, Cosmatos fascinating to behold. getting back up off the ground and dealing Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside wishes enjoyment, leaves the stage, the with your problems when life leaves you Ebbing: Missouri, Moonlight, La La Land, lights go down and Mandy kicks in. Roma downtrodden and alone. The female Manchester By the Sea, Whiplash, American Johann Johannsson’s final score, a loud influence on the filmmaker is felt in what is Beauty, 12 Years A Slave and Gravity just to The LFF’s Journey subcategory is headlined essentially a profound feminist love letter and hauntingly beautiful blend of synth by Alfonso Cuarón’s passion project, Roma. name a few. horror and rock n roll, opens the film to to the women that raised Alfonso Cuarón. Having made critical and commercial Straight from the heart, Roma is a majestic the final words of convicted kidnapper and successes such as; Harry Potter and the This year, the LFF opens with Widows, Steve murderer Douglas Roberts. Immediately triumph and easily Cuarón’s most personal McQueen’s fourth film, LFF presentation Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men and film. A true testament to the sheer talent we’re aware that we’re in for a truly punk Gravity, Cuarón is able to make whatever as well as, his first film after 2013’s best rock experience.Mandy is chockfull of of Alfonso Cuarón, Roma is one of the picture winner, 12 Years a Slave. The festival he wants for his next picture. The result is year’s best films and, by far, the best Netflix influences, but never at the expense of its a black and while, Mexican drama about will close with Stan and Ollie, the Laurel own identity. The use of colour is certainly product to date. and Hardy biopic from the director of Filth, feminine strength and it’s an absolute a homage to the work of Dario Argento, masterpiece. Jon S. Baird. However, with the Odeon but Cosmatos’ unique handling of the Leicester Square under construction, the colour and lighting is both provocative and Alfonso Cuarón is a true master of his headline gala has the accessibility of Willy visually mesmerising in its own right. Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with its tickets craft. Writing, directing and shooting Roma equally as golden. But fortunately for this himself, Cuarón is extremely hands on Cosmatos’ film is experimental in style, as he forges together his most personal writer, the LFF is more than just headliners. but metal in substance. The films anti- With over 100 exceptional titles to choose visuals, story and overall film of his entire Catholicism rhetoric runs deep within its career. Roma’s authenticity resonates from I managed to score tickets to Panos narrative in blood soaked, infused Cosmatos’ psychedelic horror, Mandy, and through Cuarón’s expertly executed satisfaction. Demonic creatures on signature shot, the long take. A sense of Alfonso Cuaron’s black and white, Spanish quadbikes, chainsaw duels and enough language Netflix drama, Roma. real time is conveyed through the expertly “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” to kill a choreographed and realistically timed Beatle, Mandy is brain meltingly awesome, action within each shot. Telling the story


DOCTOR WHO By Oliver Walton-Harrod

Photo: BBC Photo: BBC octor Who is back and some might what certain past companions and other Each of the actors does a wonderful job Overall, the style is fantastic; the characters say better than ever! The first TV shows in general often miss. at bringing their character’s to life and I are especially well-written and acted, Depisode of the much anticipated look forward to seeing their range over the showing a lot of promise; the portrayal series aired earlier this month and to We’re first introduced to Ryan (), course of the series. of the Doctor is a weaker point within address the elephant in the room – no, a young man who already has more layers the episode but nothing irreparable; and not the Doctor’s gender which (for those than I’ll try to summarise but, without However, has yet to the plot was simple but solid. All in all, I tired of the problematic political writing going into detail, is given a disability not prove herself as being as strong an actor was pleasantly surprised by the quality, in recent years) was hardly touched upon often explored in stories and immediately in the role as that preceded her. originality and maturity of the premiere – it feels like it may as well be Series 1 of a makes him more relatable to. The Thirteenth Doctor is given a lot of episode and hopefully, it’ll continue to rise reboot. humorous dialogue and several great from here. Alongside him, Yasmin () is character moments but Whittaker’s delivery Gone, are the self-congratulatory presented as a quiet but aspirational is not always believable. I look forward references to Doctor Who’s history as the policewoman. These two in particular to that changing as the series progresses episode instead focuses on the present typify how different and original the new and she becomes more confident in the with clear forward-thinking objectives. The series is going to be as any long-time fans role but we can only wait and see. One production is also completely different will be well aware of the tropes of feisty, only has to look at performances such as in style and wow, does it look and sound curious women and bumbling, last-in- in Broadchurch to see that she is a highly fantastic. On top of brilliant lighting and command men. capable actress so any weaker moments cinematography, the audience is treated here weren’t too off-putting. to awesome special and visual effects and Writer and new showrunner, Segun Akinola brings a new seems to be taking a more realistic Finally, the episode’s plot is simplistic to sound to the Whoniverse for the first time approach which is unsurprising given his allow for greater focus on characters. since 2005. A change in style can make a work on Broadchurch (2013 – 2017). The While some may prefer the conceptually story feel disjointed but for a show that episode also stars Graham (Bradley Walsh) developed sci-fi of other stories, taking thrives on constantly reinventing itself, and Grace (Sharon D. Clarke) who come a step back to truly set up who these bring it on. from contrasting perspectives, and the way characters we’ll be following the journeys this plays into the story and relationships of was an incredibly sensible idea – The even greater highlight of the new sets up what could be a particularly characters are, after all, the heart of the series is the characters. From side interesting arc over the ten episodes. story. The plot itself is mostly a slow-burn characters to companions, everyone mystery but the handling of certain familiar was watchable, likeable, and felt like real story beats and sci-fi concepts makes for people. That may seem like a given but something that feels refreshing as well as seeing it done so right here emphasises interesting.


ARTS BY THE SEA By Hannah Gibbins

rts by the Sea took over the town earlier this month. The ‘New Frontier’ Atheme offered insight into a world overrun by technology and the impact that it has on human life. Many events displayed intergalactic worlds, aliens and technology being used in a way that is impressive to even the most experienced technophile. Silicon Shores by The Colour Project was highly anticipated event that launched the weekend; a phenomenal light show projected onto the town hall. The show addressed the impact of technology and plastics on the ocean, the show opened the minds of those watching in a totally unique way that set the tone for the week. The Gardens were overtaken by singing conjoined aliens, artists armed with spray cans and musicians of all kinds. There truly was something for everyone; kids sat in the sunshine and adults drank and listened to live music while at Picnic Park Sessions. The bandstand was never silent and the gardens were always lit by the beautiful weather, a screening or a light show. The whole thing truly was a spectacle. A wacky, dream-like display of lights and sounds, mind controlled cinema, time machines, caravans with astronauts inside. It truly was bonkers. Photos: Hannah Gibbins/Faith Rowley


By Chuck Adolphy NERVE RADIO Station Manager

e launched an exciting partnership I think students really connected with it with local charity Dorset Mind and the visual aspect had a profound Won #WorldMentalHealthDay2018 impact on people. I was surprised at through a striking display on campus. the level of engagement but very happy that it got people thinking and talking 134 pairs of shoes spelt out #WMHDBU18 about mental health as that was the main with each pair replicative of a student at purpose of it. a UK university who took their own lives (in 2015). We are continuing to evolve our partnership with Dorset Mind and have The strapline behind the concept was launched a podcast today available “Don’t judge someone until you walk a on iTunes called ͞A Guide to Being a mile in their shoes. You might not know Student͟ in order to discuss topics to do just what they are going through.” with student mental health.

Jonny Benjamin, who provided [email protected] to the campaign, tried to take his own life whilst at university. It was only a few weeks before he was talked off of a bridge when his friends even realised something was wrong.

It’s so crucial to speak to one another about how you are mentally. We very easily moan about a cough or cold to a friend, the more we can do the same with our mental health then we will can start to diffuse problems before they escalate.

I think as a student radio station we have a responsibility to provide another voice on campus and continue to create awareness. The event itself was very touching.


Photo: IIP Photo Archive on Flickr ngland’s 2018 World Cup run was a World Cup disaster. Wayne Rooney went breath of fresh air in more ways than into the tournament as captain, despite Eone – the country fell in love with the a meagre eight goals in the preceding again and Gareth Southgate’s season. And the results showed –their loss selection policies may ensure they may to Iceland was one of the worst England never fall out of love again. performances ever.

Southgate’s gutsy selections showed that getting called up for England was an honour, not a tedious formality like it appeared under previous regimes. Subsequent England bosses all tried to fit square pegs into round holes, Southgate has always picked his team on and the squad suffered as a result. merit, whatever the age or experience of his players, and it paid off as the third- youngest team in Russia went all the way to the semifinals. The most successful squad in a decade would, arguably, have looked far But Gareth Southgate’s philosophy has less vibrant under previous England bosses. changed that. Since his arrival in 2016 Since Steve McClaren’s reign, the English following Sam Allardyce’s infamous Photo: AFC Bournemouth team always seemed to pick itself. Big names departure, Southgate has been resolute like Wayne Rooney, Glen Johnson, and Joe in his attitude that only players who play Of late [David] Brooks has had a major Hart seemed always assured of a place. This regularly, and play well, get in the squad; was all regardless of club or international regardless of club, age, or experience. impact with successive strikes against form, and England never looked like serious Crystal Palace and Watford. contenders because of this very reason. Subsequent England bosses all tried to fit square pegs into round holes, and the squad Photo: Антон Зайцев on Creative Commons suffered as a result. Welcome along to the second edition of Nerve. In this issue - Europe’s incredible Ryder Cup victory, Conor McGregor’s defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov and the Bournemouth boxer who is Disastrous tournaments The height of this malaise was seen at Euro aiming to win a title. Expect much mores as we look to cover 2016 under Roy Hodgson. Hodgson picked sport in Dorset and beyond - Jonathan Nagioff, Sports Editor over 10 of the same players from the 2014


Harry Maguire and Ruben Loftus-Cheek, England’s journey both of whom made appearances in Russia, would never even have been close in Russia under Steve McClaren, Fabio Capello, or UNITED TAXIS Roy Hodgson. But they were rewarded for excellent seasons at Leicester and Crystal Group Stage: Tunisia 1-2 England Palace respectively. England 6-1 Panama Discounted Fares Belgium 0-1 England ...when you book through the App! Gareth Southgate’s philosophy has Round of 16: changed that. Southgate has been Colombia 1-1 England resolute in his attitude that only (England win 4-3 on pens) players who play regularly, and play Go to the App Store Now! well, get in the squad. Quarter Final: Sweden 0-2 England Gone, too, were the big names. Joe Hart, , and Jermain Defoe all had Semi Final: poor seasons in 2017-18 and they were Croatia 2-1 England (aet) rightly omitted. Their long list of accolades, and their marketable names, meant nothing for overall squad health. 3rd Place Play-Off: Belgium 2-0 England

A new England England fixtures This philosophy has shown no signs of & results stopping after Russia. Southgate’s most • Affordable & Safe recent squad is one of his youngest yet, Croatia 0-0 England with only one player born in the 1980s. One • Track your taxi 12 October, Nations League of the three teenagers called up, Jadon Sancho, became the first player born in • Pay by cash or card Spain 2-3 England this millennium to play for England after 15 October, Nations League featuring against Croatia. England vs USA 15 November, Friendly Not only is that a testament to England’s rich England vs Croatia vein of young talent, but Gareth Southgate’s desire to ensure that England operate as a 18 November, Nations League team instead of merely a collection of star names.

United Taxis is a proud partner

76 RA-4113 UT 2ppA5 flyer_v6.indd 1 16/09/2017 11:40 SPORTS

The car seems to lack power now too – in Belgium, Vettel drove past Hamilton like he Drivers’ Championship FIVE TIME WORLD CHAMPION? was standing still, but in Russia, Hamilton (as of Japanese GP) returned the favour. This swing, which has Lewis Hamilton 331 happened despite the Italian team’s early By Ryan Evans Sebastian Vettel 264 LEWIS HAMILTON season superiority, has led pundits and fans Valterri Bottas 207 to question whether Ferrari worked their Kimi Raikkonen 296 engines too hard in the Spring. Max Verstappen 173 Daniel Ricciardo 146 The permutations It’s all relatively simple then for the United ewis Hamilton is, at the time of writing, Autumn brilliance States Grand Prix on October 21 – Hamilton’s on the brink of a fifth Formula 1 Drivers’ Ever since the two rivals came together in 67-point lead means that if he does take Championship thanks to dominant L the Italian Grand Prix early in September, the chequered flag in Austin, Vettel must What could have been for victories in Russia and Japan this October. Hamilton has won every race, with finish second, otherwise Hamilton will be In fact, the Brit has won four in a row and Red Bull Vettel finishing no higher than third. The crowned there and then. With three more six of the last seven, sweeping away the Verstappen himself has had a fine season dominance echoes last year, where five wins races to come after that – Mexico, Brazil competition including Ferrari’s Sebastian after a difficult start to 2018 – incidents in six races after the summer break handed and UAE – he still has plenty of time to Vettel. in China and Monaco potentially cost him Hamilton the title. It seems that the 33-year the deal even if he can’t do it in the States. race wins. However, podiums in Belgium, old delivers when it matters, albeit with a To quote Red Bull’s Verstappen: “Is it still a This season was billed as the biggest test Singapore and Japan showed a different, little help from teammate Valterri Bottas, battle? I’m not sure.” of Hamilton’s credentials to date, going up more composed and controlled side to whose main job in recent weeks has been the Dutchman and have earned him plenty against fellow four-time world champion ‘rear gunner’. Vettel in a car that was meant to be closer 2019 drivers - ‘Big three’ of plaudits. He’s overtaken his teammate Daniel Ricciardo into fifth in the Driver’s in performance to his Mercedes than ever Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton Championship and will be the team’s before. Indeed it was until Vettel’s costly Limping horses Valterri Bottas mistake in July’s German Grand Prix, This run of form throughout Autumn has firm number one driver next year as the crashing out and handing a Championship been in stark contrast of Ferrari’s mistakes. Ferrari - Sebastian Vettel Australian moves to Renault and makes way lead to Hamilton, one he’d never make up. In qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc for Pierre Gasly. the team from Maranello put the wrong tyres Red Bull - Max Verstappen on their cars before Vettel made a mistake Despite troubles with their engines, they’ve Pierre Gasly on the correct set. He managed to fight looked quick on circuits such as Monaco, Russian Grand Prix results his way back to fourth on raceday, before Austria and Singapore – and the two drivers 1st - Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes unnecessarily making an opportunistic managed to go from 19th and 18th to 5th 2nd - Valterri Bottas - Mercedes move down the inside of Max Verstappen, and 6th respectively in Russia after taking penalties. 3rd - Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari and dropping to the back 4th - Kimi Raikkonen - Ferrari of the grid before eventually finishing sixth. In Russia’s qualifying, a mistake by the Note: this article was written after the German meant he qualified third, behind Japanese Grand Prix, and before the US Japanese Grand Prix results Hamilton. He briefly managed to jump him Grand Prix. 1st - Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes in the pit stop window, but Hamilton simply 2nd - Valterri Bottas - Mercedes retook the lead a couple of corners later. 3rd - Max Verstappen - Red Bull 4th - Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull

78 79 UFC 229 AFTERMATH: CONOR vs KHABIB By Luke Hewitt

rivalry that runs deeper than sport, However, it wasn’t the fight itself that got two polar-opposite fighters inthe world talking. After making McGregor Apersonality and style were finally tap midway through the fourth round going to be face to face in the Octagon. Khabib threw his gumshield and leapt over The poster boy for the UFC versus the the cage and began attacking the McGregor undefeated Russian. Conor McGregor vs. camp. This attack on Conor’s training Khabib Nurmagomedov. partner Dillon Danis started a mass brawl in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, which The fight was turning casuals into experts, resulted in McGregor being assaulted from their strengths were their opponent’s behind by one of Khabib’s men. weaknesses, it was a fight not many dared Mon 12 - Tues 13 Nov to predict. McGregor, one of the best strikers the sport has ever seen was facing up against Nurmagomedov, one of the most gifted wrestlers in MMA today. It tarnished what was a masterful display of wrestling ability and a career-best performance UFC 229 results by the Russian Nurmagomedov bt McGregor Submission, Round 4 Ferguson bt Pettis In the aftermath of the brawl, UFC President Dana White made the executive decision TKO, Round 3 All your housing questions answered not to hand Khabib his lightweight title Reyes bt Saint Preux belt in the Octagon and instead opted for Points (unanimous) both men to be escorted away from the Lewis bt Volkov ring separately. With a rush of blood and Pop in to the Housing Fair! emotion leading to Khabib hopping over KO, Round 3 the cage, it tarnished what was a masterful Waterson bt Herrig display of wrestling ability and a career-best Gain confidence in finding a house Points (unanimous) performance by the Russian.

Nurmagomedov is now 27-0 and having find your home for next year dominated the fight in all four rounds, barely Factor in the bad blood and hatred between allowing Conor to land any significant the pair, as well as their juxtaposing styles, strikes, the disgraceful scenes on display in the main event of UFC 229 was one of the the aftermath could lead to the fight itself /yourhousingfair www.subu.org.uk most eagerly anticipated fights in recent paling into insignificance. MMA history. Photo: USA Today


4 - Sergio becoming the greatest I, like many others, was angered by the Spaniard’s inclusion. But, like all great sportsmen, RYDER CUP 2018: they seem to have a knack to prove doubters wrong in the most emphatic fashion. And that’s exactly what Garcia did. Three points, one on each day, with the Sunday singles win By Chuck Adolphy against Rickie Fowler making him Europe’s all-time leading points scorer. I’m sorry Sergio, THE BEST MOMENTS you are a legend.

5 - Noren rubbing salt into US wounds You almost felt sorry for Alex Noren and Bryson Dechambeau. They were the only match left out on the course for a considerable amount of time with the result firmly sealed. For all the hype, expectation and hysteria, the 42nd edition for the famous trophy already Dechambeau, holding the white flag on the 18th green, watched on as the Swede holed seems a distant memory. But like the titanic battles of yesteryear, this time round did not a snake to take the match 1up and spark more jubilant scenes. A fitting ending for the disappoint. From the usual Friday morning first-tee chaos, right up to the moment Europe Europeans. regained the Ryder Cup on Sunday, us mere mortal fans were treated to a golfing spectacle from 24 of the world’s very best.

Here are my Top 10 Moments from the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National: Photo: Lionel Allorge on Wikimedia Commons

1 - The whitewash When the pairings were announced for Friday’s afternoon session, it looked bleak reading for Thomas Bjorn’s team. The fear of the US powerhouses appeared to be valid as they got off to a flying start in the morning fourballs. But Europe’s first ever foursomes whitewash put the Dane’s side in firm control and Molinari, Fleetwood and co. did not let off until Sunday evening.

2 - Fleetwood goes mental It’s hard to believe this was his first Ryder Cup. Has there been a more likeable European 6 - First tee on Friday with an incredibly tidy game to match? And he led the team’s victory dance on Sunday If Le Golf National had any critics before, any now are plane ignorant. The course was night, like an excited child running up and down the fairways of Le Golf National. The sight epic, with the best in the world struggling to map their way around the thick rough and of him hoisted among the fans chanting will I’m sure live long in the memory. lakes in Paris. On Friday morning, the golfing world watched as 7,000 fans roared, Viking- clapped and ‘ole-ed’ as the anticipation ceased and the games begun. A unique sporting amphitheatre fit for this one-off colossal event. 3 - Mickleson ends it in the drink Could there be a more perfect moment for Europe to regain the Ryder Cup? Phil Mickelson, 7 - Sergio’s putt on Saturday morning a US stalwart, up against our latest hero, Francesco Molinari, going for the perfect five The morning after the session before and Europe needed to follow up Friday’s astonishing points on Sunday. And don’t forget Lefty was the one who headed the ‘hope’ and ‘change’ 4 and 0 and cement their advantage. It was looking plain-sailing with the board covered in in the American team back in 2014. When his tee shot was wet on the 16th, it gave the blue again, but Koepka and Finau fought hard to gain something against Garcia and Rory trophy back and sparked euphoric scenes on the tee box. Chin up Phil. Mcllroy. 1UP with 2 to play, it looked like it was heading down the last. But Europe’s soon to be greatest player poured in from long-range and went ballistic.

82 83 SPORTS

8 - Spieth mocking Poulter This list doesn’t read great for any RYDER CUP - AS IT international American students and as HAPPENED one of my colonial friends sniggered, “We got pumped”. However, there was a tiny ray Europe 17.5 - 10.5 USA of light through Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas. The long-time friends produced a fair few moments of magic and when Friday Feel alone? Spieth holed to beat Ian Poulter and Rory USA surge into 3-0 lead, before on Saturday, his fist-bump was righteous ‘Mollywood’ beat Woods and Reed to get and offered a small glimmer of US hope. one back. The afternoon foursomes are all blue as Team Europe win all 4 to lead 5-3. dont drop out 9 - The Postman delivers Saturday Don’t drop out, Love him or loathe him, this man is a Europe win the first three matches, and are Ryder Cup animal. Yet again, Poults did it in control at 8-3. Thomas and Spieth beat when it mattered most. Time is definitely Poulter and Rahm to make it 8-4. running out for the Englishman, but I’m The afternoon ends all square, with Europe sure Europe will benefit from his passion taking two and USA taking two. Europe for the competition for many years to lead 10-6 going into the final day. come. Sunday DROP USA threaten to comeback at Europe - winning two of the first three and halving the other. After Finau beat Fleetwood, there was just a single 10 - Rahm slays the Tiger point in it. However, Europe rallied, with Olesen, Coming off the back of his first PGA Tour Rahm, Poulter, Molinari, Stenson and Garcia all win in five years at the Tour Championship, winning back-to-back. Molinari was the one Tiger was billed to be Team USA’s most IN! who won the tournament for Europe, beating valuable player. Jon Rahm also promised a Mickelson 4&2. Reed beat Hatton to get one lot after a strong season and an enigmatic back for USA, and Noren beat Dechambeau in personality suited for the Ryder Cup. Both the last match. It finished 17.5-10.5 in Europe’s never got going over the first two days, but favour. when the US threatened an early singles charge, they stepped up their game. Rahm emphatically won on the 17th to win the SUBU Advice | [email protected] most crucial of points for Europe. SC202 Mon - Fri | 14:00 - 16:00 BG07 Mon, Tue & Thu | 09:30 - 14:00



ENGLAND TEAM By Calum Goddard

he England Cricket squad to tour Sri Cricket pundit, Ed Smith pointed out the Lanka in November includes three struggles of all openers in Tdebutants. Olly Stone, Joe Denly and this summer and encouraged Jennings to are amongst the new additions take confidence to Sri Lanka from scoring to the side for the upcoming tour in South a century on his Test debut in spinning Asia. The three-test series sees opener Rory conditions in Mumbai. Burns slot into Alistair Cook’s vacant slot, following his retirement from all formats in The first test match will commence on the the summer. 6th November in Galle and the final test match will have concluded by the 27th The County Champion has scored 1000 first November in Colombo. class runs for Surrey this season for the fifth season in a row, cementing his place in the Joe Root’s side will look to start strongly top two ahead of Kent’s Joe Denly. in different conditions, with senior bowlers Stuart Broad and James Anderson leading Young Player of the Year Ollie Pope (20) the attack. James ‘Jimmy’ Anderson, who returns to the squad after a fantastic season became the most successful fast bowler in for Surrey. Encouraging spells test history this summer, believes he “can against India earlier in the summer have bowl better”. helped him to regain his place in the top order.

The 25-year-old seam bowler Olly Stone from Warwickshire has also managed to make his way into a very seam-heavy ENGLAND IN SRI LANKA England side this winter. Six seamers have 1st Test- 6th-10th November, Galle been called upon by coach Trevor Bayliss. 2nd Test- 14th-18th November, Kandy 3rd Test- 23rd-27th November, ENGLAND SQUAD TO TOUR SRI LANKA However, question marks still hang over Colombo Joe Root (capt), Moeen , James Anderson, , the future of opener Keaton Jennings. The Lancashire batsman has not been able to Rory Burns , Stuart Broad, Jos Buttler, , Joe Denly, hit form since his debut ton in India in 2016. Photos: ECB Keaton Jennings, Jack Leach, Ollie Pope, Adil Rashid, Ben Selectors have stuck with the 26-year-old Stokes, Olly Stone, Chris Woakes for this winter.



A MIXED START By Jonathan Nagioff Photos: Poole Town FC Southern Premier Division South table (correct as of 19th October) ith all four local clubs in the same division, the Southern Premier Division South, take a look at how Weymouth, Poole Town, Dorchester Town and Wimborne Town 1 Weymouth 21 Whave fared in the opening weeks of the season. DORCHESTER TOWN FC 2 Hendon 20 The Magpies have made a stuttering start WEYMOUTH FC to the campaign, finding themselves in 15th Following an impressive fifth place finish last season, Mark Molesley’s side have well and 3 Merthyr Town 18 place after securing just three victories. truly hit the ground running, topping the standings with 20 points with a three-point 4 Tiverton Town 18 cushion ahead of the four sides below them, who are all on 17 points. However, winger Cameron Murray has given 5 Taunton Town 17 hope of an immediate revival, following The Terras made a rampant start to the campaign winning four of their opening five fixtures, his dramatic 93rd minute strike against including two five nil score lines against Chesham United and Dorchester Town. 6 Hartley Witney 17 Basingstoke, which ended a run of three Harry Baker scored the all-important goal as Weymouth saw off newly promoted Wimborne 7 Poole Town 16 games without a win. Town at the time of writing. 8 Salisbury 15 Dorchester will look to build on the But, the Terras face two potentially away games against Swindon Supermarine and momentum with home clashes against Tiverton Town next up, which could prove a test of their title credentials even this early on. 9 Harrow Borough 15 Walton Casuals and second placed Taunton 10 Basingstoke Town 15 Town to follow. POOLE TOWN FC 11 Farnborough 14 The Dolphins have returned to the WIMBORNE TOWN FC Southern League are relegation from the 12 Met Police 13 Newly promoted Wimborne Town are in last season. 13 Beaconsfield Town 13 a shaky situation already, sitting second bottom of the table with just four points. Tom Killick’s side have made a respectable 14 Gosport Borough 12 start to life in their new division, sitting Wimborne, who share their nickname ‘The comfortably in 9th position at the time 15 Walton Casuals 12 Magpies’ with rivals Dorchester Town, picked of writing on 13 points and Killick will be 16 Dorchester Town 12 up their only win to date against Harrow aiming to steer his side back up at the Borough in an enthralling 5-3 win. first attempt. 17 Frome Town 10 Manager Matty Holmes will be hopeful of Killick could look to Striker Richard 18 Kings Langley 8 turning things around starting with two home Gillespie to spearhead the Dolphins’ 19 Wimborne Town 7 games against Kings Langley and Frome attack, with the 33-year-old bagging five Town, who sit in 17th and 18th respectively, goals in all competitions already. 20 Swindon Supermarine 6 at the time of writing. 21 Staines Town 6 88 22 Chesham United 4 89 Free Live Music | Tuesday Afternoons

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isn’t afraid to back out of a challenge, and Strong domestic form in the league sees his ability to hoist a throw into a crowded Poppies set to scrap for a top-half finish, A PROMISING START: penalty area provides a different dimension although any prospect of a league title to Poppies’ attacking arsenal. seems next to impossible due to the clear dominance of several other sides in the By Dan Davis POPPIES’ UPDATE The arrival of goalkeeper Sam Jones has division. also provided a monumental boost to the club’s back line. The towering shot stopper Highlights of the campaign so far include a has cemented himself as first-choice, and 6-2 demolition of Portland United, with a his penalty-saving heroics against higher- spectacular away day to the coast capped league Gosport Borough provided the off by a Finch hat-trick and a dominant highlight of Poppies’ season so far. showing in a 2-0 FA Cup victory at Bashley.

With the spine of the side strengthened, and At this level of football, ambition comes passionate, driven individuals joining the above all, along with the necessity of prize coaching staff alongside manager Michael money to keep football clubs afloat. Poppies Cuffie, Poppies can finally start to look have found the perfect balance thus far, ahead rather than over their own shoulder. with reinvigorated performances on being complimented by renewed Despite a frustrating, last-gasp defeat at sponsorship deals and a partnership with Winchester City in the FA Cup, Cuffie’s men Bournemouth University. have battled valiantly across several fronts and still hold ambitions of lifting silverware The club’s good form may well continue for come the end of the season. a while yet, as the division’s other outfits finally begin to take notice of their noisy Head of Nerve Sport, Dan Davis, provides an in-depth re- neighbours at Victoria Park. view of Bournemouth Poppies’ impressive start to the sea- All photos: Bournemouth Poppies son and why they are a force to be reckoned with this sea- son.

ournemouth Poppies’ meteoric rise has undoubtedly played a crucial role in the Wessex Premier Division this in Poppies’ revival. Strike partnership Bseason has lifted the doom and Steve Flynn and Mickey Finch, both new gloom that has encompassed Victoria Park arrivals, have formed a deadly partnership in recent years. The club’s last campaign throughout the opening fixtures of the resulted in a scrap near the foot of the table, Wessex Premier season, with Flynn already but after a flying start this year, the Winton- boasting 13 goals and Finch just one behind. based outfit are setting their sights higher than ever before. Flynn joined Poppies from New Milton Town, along with Ron Frost – who has settled into Sitting in 11th place at the time of writing, the heart of the club’s midfield and now the club’s transfer business in the summer wears the captain’s armband. The


GO FURTHER In professional boxing, there seems to be a common misconception that you have to have some genuine spite towards your opponent to perform to the best of your Hailey .M Tshuma ability and there must be a degree of needle involved, but National Union of Students

1010% OFF Bournemouth’s very own Boxing sensation Chris Billam- exp: 09/09/19 Ts & Cs apply Smith is proving this perhaps outdated concept to be Big discounts on everything nothing more than a work of fiction, as he continues his rise from Amazon to Zavvi up the rankings, showing class in and outside of the ring.




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t was 9.13pm on Saturday night, when former Poole Amateur Boxing club In Control In the ring, it was the Bournemouth man prodigy, Billam-Smith made a menacing I who enjoyed success in large proportions of entrance towards the ring at the iconic York the fight, taking the centre of the ring and Hall, in London’s East End for the biggest finding the target with powerful left hooks fight of his career so far, with cries of ‘Billam’ to head and body. But Dupre, to his credit ringing round the arena. showed grit and determination as he looked to turn the tables, following a dominant The Bournemouth star was primed for action start from his opposite number. with his beloved AFC Bournemouth red and black colours ingrained on his shorts and But in truth, Billam-Smith was always in accompanied by his well-renowned trainer control and by the end of the fifth round, Shane McGuigan, who had mastered the Dupre had well and truly had enough of the game plans for great champions like former tirade of punches, which were connecting world champion George Groves in the past. more crisply as the fight wore on. Dagenham’s experienced puncher, Robin Dupre stood between Chris and a shot at With the sixth round about to commence, the Commonwealth title. As the pair stood the 31-year-old approached Billam-Smith’s face to face in the ring, ready to swing hell corner to inform him that he would not be for leather at each other, it marked a stark continuing any further. “He took a few shots, I didn’t feel like I was every ruthless display he puts on, inside the contrast from their weigh-in 24 hours prior. getting hit that clean, but it wasn’t like I was ring. 28-year-old, Billam-Smith urged his losing rounds. I just wasn’t boxing to the Both men weighed inside the 175lbs limit, opposite number to continue, believing best of my ability and that’s why I’m a little He has not forgotten his Bournemouth sharing a handshake after the final stare off that he still had more to offer and with bit disappointed and Shane (McGuigan) roots, however with his previous two fights and an unusual selfie, which was instigated Dupre seemingly having a change of heart, will be as well because we both know what at Boscombe’s o2 academy, drawing in huge by Dupre. the referee stopped the fight, telling Dupre I’m capable of and I didn’t show it enough support. And as takes huge that he had already made his decision and it tonight, I only showed it in bits. strides with his Cherries side in the Premier There was no bad-blood in the build up and could not be overturned. League, Chris Billam-Smith is putting Boxing this moment epitomised the respect the “And I think as the fight went on I probably back on the map in Bournemouth and soon two had for each other, a trait which can be And the Dorset fighter was humble would have been finding it a bit more and I enough we may see this local lad become a rare in a sport which can be dominated by following the win and believes he has many think he knew that as well.” global star. the pressures of selling pay-per-view shows improvements to make. and drawing in the public. He told Nerve Sport: “You’ve got to given Commonwealth Champion? Robin Dupre his due, he made it awkward Chris will move on to a tune up fight in and he was fiddly, and he showed that December before a big Commonwealth title before against Luke Watkins and obviously fight early next year as he aims to bring a were the only two to beat him. So all credit belt to his hometown. to him for making it an awkward contest. Chris, who resides in London during the “I know what I’m capable of and he’s got a week to train at McGuigan’s gym, returns to real tricky style, Robin, and I saw that in the Bournemouth at weekends and is making a Luke Watkins fight. I watched it again this name for himself amid a talented domestic morning and I thought he’s really tricky to scene. His nickname, ‘The Gentleman’ is an hit clean and find a clean shot against. accurate reflection of his personality outside the ring and his following is growing after



s the Cherries enter match week nine Six players left the club including Irish The Cherries’ flying start to the season has table of their Premier League campaign, international , loaned out to shocked pundits and rival clubs. Their win (correct as of 19th October) AEddie Howe’s men sit in 6th place Cardiff City for the season. Adam Federici, against Watford was just the second time in the league table having won four of and Max Gradel were also they had managed more than four goals 1 Manchester City 20 their first eight including an emphatic 4-0 amongst those departing the South Coast away from home in the Premier League. demolition away against Watford. as Bournemouth prepared to tackle the 2 Chelsea 20 early closure of the summer window. Only four Norwegians have scored more 3 20 They have been on the wrong end of a than Cherries’ front man , 4-0 drubbing away against Burnley, while New-boy Lerma has featured regularly in currently sitting on 34. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, 4 Arsenal 18 they’ve also secured a dramatic last-minute Howe’s midfield so far, and of late Brooks Steffen Iversen, John Carew and Tore Andre winner against Blackburn to progress to the has had a major impact with successive Flo amongst the names concerned. 5 Tottenham 18 4th round of the Carabao Cup. strikes against Crystal Palace and Watford. 6 Bournemouth 16 Bournemouth face tough fixtures against Summer 2018 saw three fresh faces join up Bournemouth cruised through their opening Man United, Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool 7 Wolves 15 with the squad. Most notably, midfielder day fixture against Cardiff 2-0 thanks to in the run up to Christmas. Before that 8 Manchester United 13 Jefferson Lerma signed on for a reported strikes from and Callum Wilson. though a derby to contend with, against £25-million from Levante in August, a club They went on to defeat a much-fancied struggling South Coast rivals Southampton, 9 Watford 13 record fee for the Cherries. West Ham outfit 2-1 at the London Stadium, on Saturday 20th October. before recording a 2-2 draw with Everton Photo credit: AFC Bournemouth 10 Leicester 12 and a comfortable Carabao Cup 3rd round 11 Everton 12 victory against MK Dons. Recent wins against Crystal Palace 12 Burnley 8 and Watford have seen the Cherries Successive defeats against Chelsea and rocket to within two points of the Burnley at home, 2-0 and 4-0 respectively 13 Brighton 8 top four and left fans optimistic as to padded out a mixed month for the Cherries. 14 Crystal Palace 7 what their team can achieve in the They dispatched Leicester City 4-2 and enjoyed a last-minute Callum Wilson winner 15 West Ham 7 rest of the season. vs Blackburn to progress to the 4th round of the League Cup. NEXT SIX FIXTURES 16 Southampton 5 Fulham (A) - 27 October, Premier League 17 Fulham 5 Recent wins against Crystal Palace and Norwich (H) - 30 Oct, EFL Cup Lerma’s signing followed the acquisitions Watford have seen the Cherries rocket to Man Utd (H) - 3 November, Premier League 18 Huddersfield 3 of left-back for £10.7 million within two points of the top four and left Newcastle (A) - 10 Nov, Premier League and youngster David Brooks from Sheffield fans optimistic as to what their team can Arsenal (H) - 25 Nov, Premier League 19 Newcastle 2 United. achieve in the rest of the season. Man City (A) - 1 December, Premier League 20 Cardiff 2

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