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Things about Historical facts, trivia and other things of interest Alexandra Park Manley Hall Primitive Methodist College The blitz 1 9 Wealthy textile merchant 12 Renamed Hartley Victoria College after its 16 The bombs started dropping on The beginning: Designed Samuel Mendel built a 50 benefactor Sir William P Hartley, was opened in during Christmas 1940 with by Alexander Hennell and

the Range room mansion in the 1879 to train men to be religious ministers. homes in the Manley Park area taking

opened in 1870, the fully + MORE + | CLUBS SPORTS | PARKS | SCHOOLS | HISTORY | LISTINGS | TRIVIA 1860s, with extensive Now known as Hartley Hall, it is an several direct hits. Terraced houses in public park (named after gardens running beyond independent school. Cromwell Avenue were destroyed and are Princess Alexandra) was an Bury Avenue and as far as noticeable by the different architecture. During oasis away from the smog PC Nicholas Cock, a murder Clarendon Road (pictured air raids people would make their way to a of the city and “served to 13 In the 1870s a policeman was fatally wounded left). Mendel’s business shelter, one of which was (and still is!) 2.5m deter the working men whilst investigating a disturbance at a house collapsed when the Suez under Manley Park and held up to 500 people. of Manchester from the near to what was once the Seymour Hotel. The Origins: Whalley Range was one of Manchester’s, and in fact Canal opened and he was The entrance was at the corner of York Avenue alehouses on their day off”. fatal bullet lodged in a boundary wall. William the world’s, first suburbs, with land purchased in the Moss forced to sell the property in and Clarendon Road. Habron, a local farm labourer, was convicted but Side area in 1836 by Manchester banker Samuel Brooks. A different kind of 1875. It enjoyed a short spell as Charles Peace, a notorious burglar and murderer The ‘rec’ His vision was for “a desirable estate for gentlemen and their Victorian Park: Its multi- pleasure gardens, with extensive art War memorial and St Edmund’s from Sheffield, later confessed to the killing just 17 In October 1882 founder members of The families” to escape the congestion of the city. The land, functional nature, with eastern works and occasional events including Buffalo 20 A memorial to the casualties of war is located in before his execution and Habron was released. Manchester Golf Club played a first round of golf known then as Jackson’s Moss, was swampy and it cost Wildlife: influenced curves and abundant Bill’s Wild West Show. The Hall was demolished the ground of the original St Edmund’s Church Peace is mentioned in a Sherlock Holmes story, over a small nine-hole course at Manley Park. Brooks £12,000 to drain it. Brooks is thought to have named There is sports facilities, was innovative at the time, around 1905. (pictured left), recently converted to flats. The Adventure of the Illustrious Client, and in They shared the land with the farmer’s cattle and Whalley Range after his place of birth, Whalley in . plenty of wildlife in and contrasted with the rigid formal styles often Calfaria -The Welsh Chapel Nello James Centre & Walton Mark Twain’s Captain Stormfield’s Visit sheep but later moved to Park to make Whalley House Whalley Range. Foxes are associated with the era. Lodge, the The rise and fall and rise again: After 4 In 1880 Welsh immigrants built the chapel, the 10 Cottage to Heaven. way for homes. Manley Park (pictured right) was 21 The home of Samuel Brooks, the founder of commonplace, as are bats and a ornamental lake, and other landmarks added to its prosperous beginnings, by the small building next to Manley Park Methodist The buildings have a long history connected to locally referred to as ‘the rec’ into the 1980s. Whalley Range, until his death in 1864. The variety of birds. New visitors in autumn include the waxwing, its charm. St Bede’s College and Aquarium 1960s Whalley Range started to Church, for £1,000. The building has been used the Broadhurst family, Vanessa Redgrave and Woodlawn Court development of flats now distinguished by its strong colouring and crest, which loves the for church and community-related activities ever 14 The building that St Bede’s College now suffer a bit of name calling, usually Politics and activism: On 1st May 1892, CLR James, a Trinidadian socialist intellectual. occupies the land. rowan tree berries. WR 4 Wildlife is a group of local people occupies was originally built in 1872 by linked to the high density of bedsits 60,000 people marched to the park in support since and is currently home to Youth on Solid Since the 1960s it has been a communicty of all ages interested in nature and finding out about wildlife the Manchester Aquarium Company to 101 Dalmatians and a reputation as a red-light of a shorter working week and as part of a Ground. education centre but has latterly fallen into and how to support it. There are several species in Whalley display sea creatures. It had 60+ 22 The novelist Dodie Smith wrote this famous story district. Morrissey (The Smiths) who worldwide movement. A ‘speaker’s corner’ and disrepair though efforts are being made to Range that need special protection including hedgehogs, Cosgrove Hall tanks containing sea water brought in 1956. She lived for part of her life in Whalley briefly resided here, included “What other political acts in the park were banned rejuventate the site. soprano pipistrelle bats, song thrushes, hedge sparrows and 5 Established in 1969 by art students Brian in barrels from Blackpool, and was Range, as she recalls in her autobiography Look do we get for our trouble and pain? from time to time, and later in the 20th century common toads. Visit http://wr4wildlife.wordpress.com. Cosgrove and Mark Hall, Cosgrove Hall Films Old culverts thought to be the largest of its Back With Love. ...Whalley Range!” in his Miserable Lie carnivals such as ‘Rock against Racism’ and produced numerous animations that are famous 11 A footbridge used to cross over a stream, close kind in the country. It wasn’t a lyric, adding to his, and the area’s, woes. Estate Religion: In Victorian times, religion played an important role the Carnival tackled modern ills and worldwide. These included Chorlton and the to the junction of Egerton Road North and successful enterprise and was agents (and residents) started referring to Whalley Range as and although Brooks was a High Church Anglican, he allowed brightened up the scene. Wheelies, Danger Mouse and Count Duckula. Brantingham Road and, apparently, it is still closed in 1886. St Bede’s is now ‘Chorlton Borders’, and the Council apparently attempted to Catholics, Nonconformists and Methodists to build places of The Wind in the Willows was worked on by The Suffragettes: In 1906, 5,000 suffragettes possible to hear a stream flowing under the road an independent college. rename it East Chorlton! Whalley Range worship along the outskirts. St Margaret’s and St Edmund’s Stone Roses guitarist John Squire. The original

rallied in the park for women’s rights. They if you put your ear to the ground. is now a great place to live, play and are both of Anglican origin and grand in design. Many other building was demolished in December 2011 and The Bee Gees

may well have bombed the cactus house in 15 work, with a leafy and bohemian religions now add to the variety and architecture of the area. flats now occupy the site. The Bee Gees lived at 51 Keppel

1913 too. Road for several years before moving to and Around and feel and its own unique identity. No pubs allowed: The unique nature of Whalley Range

Eric comes to the Range Australia, and the street lent its name to a

Political boundaries: gave rise to a myth - that there could be no pubs or Alexandra Park Aerodrome 6 During 2008 the SW Manchester Cricket Club documentary on the group in 1997. 2 A purpose built airfield selected by the War

Before 2009 Whalley Range alcohol sold within the boundaries due to Quaker was the base and set for the Ken Loach film origins. This has no basis in fact, on religious or other Department in 1917 because of the agricultural

ward was part of Manchester Looking for Eric starring Eric Cantona, who The showbiz hotel grounds, but maybe Samuel Brooks whispered the nature of the nearby land. The aerodrome Central but was moved to played for Manchester United 1992-97. The Biz, officially named the Clifton Range Hotel, Whalley Range Range Whalley rumour in an attempt to keep up appearances. is commemorated on a plaque in the sports the Constituency for was run by Phil Lynott’s () mother the 2010 general election. pavilion at Hough End Playing Fields. World Record for… 18 Some statistics: The population of Whalley Range is 7 In 2008 the SW Manchester Cricket Club’s Philomena. The clientele were exclusively Alexandra Park Station People: Much of the terraced housing around 15,000. Private residences account for 83.6% of all bowling green was the site of a Guinness world entertainers and celebrities, including George 3 Opened in 1892, the station (later renamed around Clarendon Road was built by Welsh property in the ward, a lot higher than record for bowling 24 hours a day for 7 days. Best and The , and it featured as a labourers at the end of 19th century. In the 1930s, the City average, and there are Wilbraham Road) was on the Manchester song title on Thin Lizzy’s debut album. around 6,500 homes in total. Central Station Line owned by the Great Central Lancashire Independent College a few Jewish families, some of whom Trams 87% residents say they are Railway. At the end of the First World War it 8 Opened in 1843 as a Congregational college, this were refugees, chose to live in The Manchester Carriageway Company’s horse satisfied with the local area and received aircraft components for assembly at beautiful gothic Grade II listed building provided and around Whalley Range but drawn trams began in Manchester in 1880, and feel they strongly belong (the the Aerodrome. In 1964, Granada Television higher education for Nonconformists who were 19

mostly moved on. Folk from the ornate façade of old stables can still be seen

Manchester average is 75%). used the disused buildings for a day to create excluded from the Universities of Oxford and various Caribbean Islands on Range Road (pictured right). Whalley Range Free Cambridge until 1871. It later became the national came into the area of “”, an American deep south style college of the General Municipal and Boilermakers was fully served by electric trams by the 1920s. Manley Park in the 1960s, railroad station for Blues and Gospel Train, (GMB) Union and, more recently, the British Muslim Tramways ran along Upper Chorlton Road, and from the 1970s featuring Muddy Waters. Evidence of the platform edges still exists. Heritage Centre (pictured right). Wilbraham Road and beyond (pictured above). the Asian population These services were withdrawn from Manchester

established and grew. Images: Sweets (Bittersweet), Alexandra Park autumn scene, St Margaret’s Church winter scene, Unicorn prize bag (Unciron Grocery), St Bede’s statue (Fiona Nicholls/FN), bars on Upper Chorlton Road, Gita Bhavan Hindu Temple (FN), hedgehog (©Matt Cole, www. and replaced by trolleybuses and buses.

Competition (see back page for details) for page back (see mattcolephotography.co.uk), College Road sign (A Komlosy), Alexandra Park design images (MCC), Alexandra Park ovals (Library Archive), Manley Hall (Library Archive), British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC), St Edmonds flats (FN), Trams on Upper Chorlton Road (Library was the first modern light

Spot the waxwing the Spot Archives). Old Stables facade (AEW Architects), Manley Park and boy (Library Archive), peace flags (Chris Ricard), Tibetan Kitchen mural (FN), ladies on a bench (Lewis Harrison Mount), JNR8/church mural (Anthony Morris),Tony at the allotments, (FN). Manchester Stingers rail system in the UK, beginning service in 1992. (Manchester Stingers). Library Archive images Courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, .

Health for people and pets Sports clubs Competition Alex Park Regeneration Community Spot the waxwing and win goodies for the garden! A £2.2million award from the Heritage 2nd Alexandra Park Rainbows, Friends of Alexandra Park African and Caribbean Brooks Bar Medical Centre Broughton Park FC Rugby Union 1 13 1 9 1 Brownies and Guides Mental Health Services www.nhs.uk 0161 226 7777 www.pitchero.com/clubs/broughtonpark Simply find this autumn visitor on the map and put the name of the road it Lottery Fund, matched by Manchester www.friendsofalexandrapark.com www.mansouthscouts.org.uk www.acmhs.co.uk 0161 226 9562 is located closest to in an email, along with your full name, address and City Council, will bring major changes to Indian Senior Citizen’s Centre Chorlton Health Centre English Martyrs Tennis Club 14 10 2 telephone number, and email to [email protected]. All th Alexandra Range 0161 861 9575 Alexandra Park and be completed in 2014. 2 2/249 Manchester Scouts www.iscc-manchester.org 0161 232 0999 2 www.nhs.uk 0161 881 4545 correct entries will be entered into a draw to be made on the 5 January www.mansouthscouts.org.uk Medical Practice JNR8 Youth & Community Centre Seymour Grove Health Centre Football Club 2014 and one lucky person will receive the garden goody bag donated by 15 www.nhs.uk 0161 226 3620 3 Religious The ‘Masterplan’ and artist impressions provide a clue to the proposed 2/77th Manchester (2nd Whalley 11 www.nhs.uk 0161 877 9230 www.maineroadfc.com Unicorn Grocery. 3 www.whalleyrange.org 0161 881 3744 restoration, and have been prepared following consultation with a variety of Range) Scouts, Beavers and Cubs WR Community Forum, Animal Medical Centre buildings 3 Manchester Magic and Manchester T & Cs: The winner will be notified by email within 10 days of the draw, and groups and people. The aim is to balance heritage with the modern needs of local www.mansouthscouts.org.uk www.amcreferrals.com Stretford Memorial Hospital 4 English Martyrs RC Church W.H.I.Z, WRYOA 12 Mystics (womens) Basketball Club named in the WR Community Forum’s newsletter that follows (email info@ communities, people and wildlife. 0161 881 3329 www.trafford.nhs.uk 0161 881 5353 1 and Parish Centre 123rd Manchester Scouts, Beavers www.amaechibasketball.com whalleyrange.org to get on the mailing list). One entry per household. 4 Children’s Centre One way for local residents to have an ongoing input into the and Cubs www.mansouthscouts.org.uk 16 Ashleigh Veterinary Centre The Alexandra Practice 0161 226 0162 4 13 Manchester Stingers Womens 2 Gita Bhavan Hindu Temple regeneration of the park is to join the People’s Panel. This is an email network set www.ashleigh-veterinary-centre.com www.thealexandrapractice.co.uk 5 Abundance Moss Side Adventure Playground 0161 860 4400 Football Club up by the Council to consult on plans for the buildings and infrastructure, 5 17 0161 881 6868 3 Hare Krishna Centre www.abundancemanchester.wordpress.com 0161 226 3311 www.manchesterstingers.co.uk landscape and activities. It is also a way of finding out the latest news and 14 Ashville Surgery The Range Medical Centre Manchester Chinese volunteer opportunities. Email [email protected] British Muslim Heritage Centre 5 Mancunians Rugby League 6 Rubbish Revamped www.ashvillesurgerymanchester.co.uk www.therangemedicalcentre.co.uk 6 4 Christian Church www.bmhc.org.uk 0161 881 8062 18 www.pitchero.com/clubs/mancuniansrl You can also become a Friend of Alexandra Park - local residents www.rubbishrevamped.org.uk 0161 881 4293 0844 499 6977 come together to encourage people to make greater use of the park Carlton Club South West Manchester Cricket Manley Park Methodist 7 St John’s Centre Ayres Road Dental Practice The Wilbraham Surgery 7 5 Church and get involved in projects. Visit friendsofalexandrapark.com. www.carltonclub.org.uk 19 6 15 Club www.swmcc.org.uk www.stjohnscentre.org 0161 872 7795 www.nhs.uk 0161 872 1695 www.nhs.uk 0161 881 6120 Wilbraham St Ninians URC/ Chorlton Leisure Centre St John’s Sunshine Whalley Range Dental Practice 8 Whalley Range Football Club 8 Ayres Road Surgery 6 Metro. Community Church www.manchestersportandleisure.org 20 7 16 www.whalleyrangeafc.co.uk www.stjohnssunshine.org.uk www.nhs.uk 0844 387 9595 www.nhs.uk 0161 226 9647 Minhaj-ul-Qur’an International Chorlton Library 9 Whalley Range Cricket Club 7 9 21 St Margaret’s Centre & Playing Fields Brooks Bar Dental www.manchester.gov.uk 0161 227 3700 www.st-margarets-centre.co.uk 0161 862 9058 8 www.whalleyrange.play-cricket.com www.nhs.uk 0161 226 2841 8 New Testament Church of God Chorlton Plant Swap 10 South West Delivery Office 10 Whalley Range Lawn Tennis Club 22 About this map www.chorltonplantswap.org.uk (Royal Mail) www.whalleyrangetennis.com 9 St Edmund’s Church In Spring 2011 local people voted ‘yes’ to the idea of a Chorlton Refurb 11 Tangmere Court St John The Evangelist Church of 23 10 map to celebrate the unique place that is Whalley Range. www.chorltonrefurb.net www.housingcare.org 0845 604 1096 Church Farghana Institute 12 Trafalgar Court 11 St Margaret C of E Church A UDecide grant was awarded and, along with generous 24 0161 226 7172 www.housingcare.org 0800 020 9516 contributions from local sponsors and volunteers, the map 12 St Werburgh C of E Church 25 Whalley Range Children’s Centre has come to life. 0161 245 7007 13 Sri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara 26 Windrush Millenium Centre Whalley Range Methodist 0161 636 7500 14 Church

nd 27 Youth/Community on Solid Ground This 2 Edition features the regeneration of Alexandra Park www.yosg.org.uk along with updated listings, new history items and more. - Keep it local Co operatives - Buying at independent stores local to our homes has benefits Co-operatives are businesses, owned and run jointly by their Whalley Range Community Forum Age friendly for us and the wider community. They add character, help members, which share the profits and benefits. Although there The Forum is a voluntary organisation that is seeking to promote attract new enterprise and residents, and add to a thriving, are many types of co-op, they have common principles and a positive image of WR, contribute to government strategies Whalley Range bustling local community. TAG! pass it on is part of a growing values. Established in Rochdale in 1844, the modern co-operative and enhance local facilities and services. Members of the The Forum and City Council Valuing Older People team are ‘shop local’ movement and aims to change spending habits. movement was a response to harsh conditions of life and work Forum, typically from local groups, community organisations, currently working with older people in the area to promote There is a reward card available for £5, which gives access for ordinary working people in Britain. These ‘Rochdale Pioneers’ Take a look at the full plans at councillors, the police and council services, meet to share WR as an age-friendly community and encourage local to discounts and offers at 300+ South Manchester stores, as with a vision for a better world achieved through co-operation, www.manchester.gov.uk information and ideas and take action where possible. businesses to sign up to an Age-friendly Business Charter. well as the opportunity for charities to benefit from their sale. developed a model for co-operatives now used all over the world. Age-friendly can mean accessible places with toilets for non Visit www.Tagpassiton.com Thre are numerous co-ops featured in the map, including Three and search for ‘Alexandra Residents are encouraged to attend meetings and offer their residents/older people to use with appropriate activities and Bees, Unicorn Grocery, St John’s Sunshine. See www.uk.coop for Park Regeneration Project’. views. Sign up to receive the News & Events Newsletter and e-bulletins and get in touch to become a member, volunteer or meeting spaces. Some venues are already listed above and more about the 6,000 co-ops in the UK. find out more. more are being sought. To get involved contact Chris or Rebecca, © 2013. Map written and produced by Fiona Nicholls, WR resident and Community Forum supporter. The graphic design and printing has been funded through grants and sponsorship. Generous support WR Community Forum, JNR8 Youth & Community Centre, 82 has also been provided by other volunteers including Tom Hiles, Morag Rose, Drew Walsh, Francesca Thomas, Nadine Andrews, Russell Kirby, Chris Ricard, Cath Wade, Carol Thompson, Emma Wilton and Cromwell Avenue, WR M16 0BG. [email protected] 0161 881 3744 or 0161 234 4049 Steven Glynn. Graphic design is by MGDS (www.mgdesignsolutions.com), a friendly and patient agency, and printing is by Seacourt (www.seacourt.net) a very green printing business. For all enquiries [email protected] 0161 881 3744 www.whalleyrange.org www.agefriendlywhalleyrange.wordpress.com relating to the map email [email protected] Whalley Range and Around Key

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