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SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 • 26 Shaaban Rajab 1436 • Volume 20 Number 6460 [email protected] | [email protected] Editorial: 4455 7741 | Advertising: 4455 7837 / 4455 7780 Emir meets Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Outgoing CMC Qatar tourists to hold last session on prefer Turkey Tuesday DOHA: The outgoing Central Municipal Council (CMC) will hold the last session of its term on Tuesday. This is the fourth and Malaysia term of the 29-member council elected in 2011. Election to the fifth CMC was Tickets in demand despite fare rise held on May 11 in which some 14 members sought re-election and DOHA: Turkey and Malaysia beginning of July, but this time won. After Tuesday, the new CMC have emerged as favourite tour- it would be delayed a bit because will wait for an Emiri Decree for ist destinations for an increas- Ramadan comes in between. its installation. Some members of ing number of Qataris and Most tourists will travel after the new CMC expect the installa- expatriates, with traditional Eid, but bookings are in full swing. tion by this month-end. Arab destinations like Beirut, Holidays may be scattered this Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani yesterday met Saudi Deputy Crown Prince, Second Deputy Prime A highlight of the fifth term Cairo and Damascus losing year, which means there would Minister and Minister of Defence Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his delegation who arrived of the CMC (whose tenure is for charm due to political and sec- be demand for tickets throughout in Qatar on a brief visit. Talks dealt with means of enhancing bilateral relations for the benefit of both peoples, four years) is that for the first tarian conflicts in the region, the season, said a travel agent. regional and international developments and matters of joint interest. The Emir also hosted a dinner banquet time two women have won seats. say travel industry sources. “For long holidays, Qataris in honour of Mohammed bin Salman and his delegation. One was sitting member Sheikha Despite a sharp hike in air prefer Europe and the US and Al Jefairi and the other Fatima Al fares to almost all destinations London traditionally tops the Kuwari, a first-timer. with the onset of summer, the list. France, Italy, Spain, among This will be Sheikha’s fourth industry has reported a high other European destinations, are consecutive term. Chairman of demand for tickets from tourists also attracting a large number of the current CMC, Saud Abdullah and vacationers. Qataris,” he said. Yemen ‘talks postponed to Al Hanzab, will be missed as he Although tourist flow to Middle He said shopping is a main didn’t seek re-election. His dep- East destinations has dropped hobby for most Qataris travelling uty, Jassem Al Malki, did from drastically, the number of Arabs with families. Constituency No. 1 and won on vacation is on the rise with There are some highly afflu- Monday, but prospects dim’ unopposed. the relative stability witnessed by ent Qataris who charter flights The current CMC has made some countries like Egypt. to visit their favourite summer GENEVA: Peace talks between with the delegations on Monday Yemen’s main cities and recognise many achievements. According “There had been predictions destinations. Yemen’s warring parties have morning,” said the statement. his authority. to information, it made some about a lull in business this year, While most Middle East desti- been postponed to Monday Talks will be held for three But it may also be because the 429 proposals on various issues, but we have seen an increase in nations have been hit hard, Dubai from Sunday as one delegation days. However, there are few, if Iranian-allied Houthis see little mainly concerning road expansion bookings to all major destina- remains the single destination in is arriving late in Geneva, a any, signs that any party is ready reason to give ground, having and traffic jams, and forwarded tions, despite high fares. the region that attracts tourists United Nations statement said to make compromises necessary increased the territory under to the government. At least 275 “Europe remains a favourite from Qatar throughout the year. yesterday. for a deal. their control despite 11 weeks (about 65 percent) were accepted destination for Qataris going for “Dubai is the most favoured Earlier, the UN announced that Ahmed said the sides would of aerial bombing by a coalition by the government for execution. long holidays while Turkey and destination for Qataris and expa- its special envoy would hold sepa- initially not sit at the same table. of Arab countries led by Saudi None was carried forward from Malaysia have been preferred by triates on short visits. rate “proximity” talks with two “All parties are still barricaded Arabia. Houthi leaders say they the previous CMC (third term). a large number of Qataris and “We see high demand for main warring parties on Sunday behind their positions and con- will attend talks without precon- Sources said these were the expatriates,” a travel executive tickets almost every weekend in the hope of bringing them to tinue to bet on war rather than a ditions, although they have com- maximum number of proposals told this daily yesterday. throughout the year,” said the the same table eventually. political settlement,” said Abdel- plained about a lack of clarity on any CMC, since its maiden term “With problems in the Middle agent. “Due to unforeseen circum- Bari Taher, a Yemeni analyst. who will attend and what will be in 1999, had come up with and for- East, Turkey has emerged as the Malaysia, especially capital stances, one of the Yemeni delega- This may be because President discussed. The exiled government, warded to the government. most favourite for Qataris and Kuala Lumpur, tops the list in tions will now arrive in Geneva on Abdrabbu Mansor Hadi insists meanwhile, is showing signs of The CMC has many commit- tourists from other Arab nation- Far East, followed by Singapore Sunday evening. UN Secretary- talks be limited to discussing divisions between Hadi and his tees, including complaints, legal alities,” he added. and Thailand. General Ban Ki-moon and his implementation of UN Security deputy Khaled Bahah. panel and services panels. The peak holiday season in THE PENINSULA special envoy Ismail Ould Chiekh Council Resolution 2216, which AGENCIES THE PENINSULA Qatar normally starts with the Continued on page 3 Ahmed will begin consultations calls for the Houthis to quit See also page 4 Continued on page 3

Ashobaa storm hits Oman Libyan militia Over 1,000 teachers to join abduct 10 staff of Independent schools this year Tunisia mission DOHA: More than 1,000 new teachers will join Independent Schools TUNIS: Libyan militiamen in the next academic year. They form the first batch of teachers kidnapped 10 staffers from being recruited from Qatar and other Arab countries, including Tunisia’s consulate in Tripoli Egypt, Jordan and Palestine. yesterday after storming the The new teachers include 182 for mathematics, 182 for Arabic mission, the government in language, 176 for English, 99 for science, 45 for social science, 34 for Tunis said. biology, 19 for visual arts, eight for history, 15 for special education, In a statement, the Tunisian 62 for physical education, 11 for geography, 34 for computer studies, foreign ministry denounced the 67 for Islamic studies, 11 for physics, and 25 for chemistry, Al Sharq intrusion of an armed group in reports. the consulate and the detention of 10 staff. Car auction for charity projects today Authorities were unable to say where the employees had been DOHA: Sheikh Eid Charitable Association will conduct an auc- taken but added that a crisis tion for cars today at 3.30pm at its new premises in Al Markhiya. cell had been established at the Proceeds will go to support the charity’s humanitarian projects in mission. Syria, Yemen and Qatar. See also page 4 Twenty cars, including different models of Toyota, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, GMC, KIA, among others, donated by individuals and com- panies will be auctioned, along with two caravans and a small boat. Bahrain jails 57 on A Royal Oman Police helicopter performs a rescue operation in the flooded Welayat of Sur on the Arabian THE PENINSULA Sea, some 200km east of capital Muscat, following rainfall caused by the tropical storm Ashobaa yesterday. bomb plot charges Several wilayats were hit as rainfall flooded valleys and mountain passes. DUBAI: A Bahraini court has handed down sentences of up to life imprisonment against 57 Shias accused of plotting Veteran cleric recalls solemnising 15 weddings of a man attacks on police and other tar- gets, state media reported. DOHA: An ageing cleric who officiated at the time only a cluster of villages was However, if a marriage contract (‘aqd’ his wives and pick new ones. The defendants were convicted over thousands of Qatari marriages in known as Al Shamal city. or ‘nikah’ in Arabic) was solemnised at a Islam allows a man to have four wives of forming an organisation in his 53-year career says it is hard for him Marriage contracts at the time were cleric’s home, the fee would be QR200, Al at a time. “I vividly recall having officiated 2012-2013 that “used terrorism to forget a man for whom he solemnised oral, with two witnesses and the groom and Qahtani said. over three to four marriages in the case of as a way to achieve its aims,” the 15 weddings. the bride’s representatives being present. “There were times when I would officiate many men,” said Al Qahtani. prosecution said in a statement The man would divorce a wife and go No fee was specified for a marriage officer over marriages every day and sometimes In an extensive interviewed published carried by the official BNA news in for marriage with another woman, said but the informal rate was Rs10. Then the a week would pass with no wedding tak- in local Arabic daily Al Raya yesterday, he agency. Sheikh Abdullah Al Qahtani, 77, who began Indian rupee was Qatar’s currency. ing pace.” said: “The principle basically was that I The high criminal court found his career as a primary school teacher in “However, some would pay this amount, He said in his career as a marriage wouldn’t officiate over more than four mar- that the group had smuggled the early 1960s. some would not and no cleric officiating officer he had solemnised thousands of riages of a man at a time.” weapons and explosives and plot- Al Qahtani later became a preacher over a marriage would make a demand,” marriages of fellow Qataris and expatri- He said he refused to officiate over many ted attacks against police, vital and was appointed marriage officer and a said Al Qahtani. ates, in Al Shamal and Doha. marriages when he doubted that the bride infrastructure and a foreign representative of the Shariah courts in Al Marriage contracts began to be docu- Among unusual incidents he said he or her father’s consent was not there. embassy. See also page 5 Shamal. He moved to Al Shamal from Al mented in the early 1970s and authorities couldn’t forget was that he solemnised 15 THE PENINSULA AGENCIES Mashrib village near Kabaan in 1972 and fixed the fee at QR300 much later. weddings for one man who would divorce Continued on page 3 SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 HOME 02 Qatar backs Group 3+3, Iran for peaceful solution VIENNA: Qatar has con- Islamic Republic of Iran”. resolutions with regard to Iran and political will to overcome firmed its support to efforts of Al Mansouri praised efforts published in GOV/2015/34, and remaining obstacles and reach Group 3+3 and Iran to reach a in carrying out IAEA mandate the IAEA deputy director-gen- a final and comprehensive solu- peaceful solution to Teheran’s in Iran and said, “They are great eral for safeguards for holding tion to the nuclear issue.” nuclear issue. and diversified. Overlapping of a briefing session on June 3 and Al Mansouri said IAEA man- The state also called on some are related to implemen- the explanation provided in the aged in the past two decades Iran and International Atomic tation of its mission in declared report. to develop scientific, technical Energy Agency (IAEA) to facilities under the safeguards Al Mansouri said, “Qatar has and field capabilities to imple- intensify efforts to resolve out- agreement with Iran, others supported efforts of Group 3+3 ment its mission under the standing issues, show maximum related to implementation of and Iran and the cooperation NPT in cases of non-compliance Workers being screened during World Day for Occupational Safety and Health at flexibility and political will to a cooperation framework to framework programme between indicators. Medical Commission yesterday. KAMMUTTY VP overcome obstacles and reach a clarify outstanding issues and, IAEA and Tehran to reach a “It is the only agency capa- final and comprehensive solu- its tasks for implementation the political solution to the Iranian ble of providing credible assur- tion to the nuclear issue. joint action plan signed between nuclear issue. ances regarding the absence of This came in a statement Iran and Group 3+3. “Qatar calls on Iran and IAEA nuclear materials and unde- by Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri, He also praised efforts of to intensify efforts to resolve clared nuclear activities.’’ SCH awareness Qatar’s Ambassador to Austria Group 3+3 and Iran towards a outstanding issues, and is look- Al Mansouri also called on all and Permanent Representative joint plan of action and thanked ing forward to seeing fruits of countries to provide all possible to international organisations the IAEA director-general for effort to Group 3+3 and Iran in support to IAEA to help it carry in Vienna, during a meeting his report on implementation of reaching a comprehensive plan out its mandate in the field. of the Board of Governors of the safeguards agreement under of action by this month-end. Group 3+3 comprises Germany, campaign draws IAEA on ‘Implementation of the the Non-Proliferation Treaty “Qatar also calls on all par- France, the UK, , the US over 3,000 workers Safeguards Agreement with the (NPT), UN Security Council ties to show maximum flexibility and Russia. QNA

DOHA: More than 3,0 0 0 ex patriate keep work site accidents and injuries labourers took part in an aware- in the country at the lowest levels. More programmes to be launched ness campaign on occupational He said such cases have seen safety and health (OSH) organised a steady decline in Qatar due to by the Supreme Council of Health increased awareness. (SCH) at the Medical Commission “ SCH is keen to continue provid- for school teachers and students premises in Abu Hamour yesterday. ing awareness to avoid work site inju- The event was part of a series of ries while Qatar is keen to use new DOHA: In keeping with com- activities being held by SCH to mark technology to raise awareness among mitment to national educa- the World Day for Safety and Health labourers,” said Al Thani. tion reform, Qatar University at Work under the slogan “Join in He added that Qatar will soon (QU) continues its efforts building a culture and prevention on introduce a new strategy on OHS and to develop human capabili- OSH”. the related awareness activities will ties by offering opportunities The event was held in collabora- continue throughout the year. to teachers in Independent tion with the Minister of Labour Dr Mohammed Hajjaj, head of schools and students pursu- and Social Affairs, Hamad Medical Occupational Health and Safety ing to gain knowledge, experi- Corporation, Primary Healthcare department at SCH said every year ence and skills that empower Corporation, Focus Qatar, an expa- a new slogan is selected to introduce them to life-long learning and triate organization and a number of new concepts in OHS. The activi- contribute to driving Qatar’s companies. ties this year are different from last development. Free medical tests were conducted year’s. At QU’s National Centre for the participants along with work- A Committee comprising repre- for Educational Development shops giving practical tips to workers sentatives from different government (NCED), the process has been on first aid and the use of fire extin- entities has been set up to lay down a implemented through profes- guishers, the Qatar News Agency new strategy for labour accommoda- sional development programmes reported yesterday. tion in the country, which will include and research projects to prepare Taking to reporters on the sidelines entertainment facilities for workers, educators to teach in schools of the event, Dr Sheikh Mohammed among other things. An exhibition and shape the next genera- Al Thani director of the Public on OHS was held on the sidelines of tion of leaders in line with the Health Department at SCH stressed the event. Human Development Pillar of the need for increasing awareness to THE PENINSULA Qatar National Vision 2030. The Centre aims to engage educators in life-long learning focused on research-based train- ing, evidence-based research and international best practices to build educational capacities in Qatar. “It is committed to A collaborative programme for school students in partnership with ROTA. ensuring the development of school teachers and leaders to 2011, and student success in the educational development initia- Art, among others. enrich students’ learning expe- exit exam raised in some schools tives to international scholars,” “These programmes provide rience and achievements,” said in 2013-2014 from 73 percent he said. teachers and students with Dr Abdullah Abu Tineh who to 96. He said extended train- He said the centre provides experience-based, student- leads the centre. ing programmes provide school schools with expertise, resources centred and research-based He said the school-based teachers and leaders with an in- and customised school-embed- learning by engaging them in support programme (SBSP) depth conceptual understanding ded activities to support their STEM and arts activities to which provides support for and a broader system of feedback initiatives and innovative unlock their potential, enhance Independent schools selected and support through workshops. projects through its school motivation and boost academic by the centre and the Supreme “To date, over 90 training empowerment programme. achievements. Education Council (SEC). programmes have engaged more “This contributes to closing “Through its professional “This type of professional than 10,900 educators and 166 the gap between high schools development strategies, the cen- development contributes to Independent schools,” he said. and higher education institu- tre has contributed to improving enhancing the capacity of Dr Abu-Tineh highlighted the tions by providing high school knowledge and skills of teachers Some of the experts who took part in the seminar. Independent schools through role of the capacity building pro- students with knowledge, skills and students at Independent high-quality school-based activi- gramme in developing human and abilities to pursue post- schools and increasing stu- ties and research-based best capital at the centre and SEC secondary education.” dents’ achievements through Experts review Islamic practices to improve the per- through professional develop- He also pointed to collabo- active learning, action research formance of school leaders and ment activities focused on a rative programmes the centre and other reform models of teachers,” he said. deep knowledge of Qatar’s cul- organises for school teachers professional development in Dr Abu-Tineh said the cen- tural and educational context. and students in partnership their learning process. We are ethics, gender issues tre has 21 development spe- “In addition to conducting with local and regional institu- working to increase the number cialists to mentor educators to research activities, the pro- tions such as ExxonMobil, Reach of professional development DOHA: The Research Centre for scholars of Islamic Theology and boost their performance and gramme aims to provide data Out To Asia, Awsaj Academy, projects at the centre to develop Islamic Legislation and Ethics experts in Gender and Feminist efficiency. and assessments on the needs American University of Beirut, new collaborations and launch (CILE), a member of Qatar Studies participated in the event. Five Independent schools have of education personnel and dis- Qatar Assistive Technology new training programmes,” he Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) They included Dr Sheikh completed the programme since seminate information on Qatar’s Centre and Museum of Islamic added. THE PENINSULA at Hamad Bin Khalifa University Mohamed El Tahir El Mesawi, (HBKU) recently held a seminar Associate Professor at Kulliyyah of on “Islamic Ethics and Gender Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Issues” in St Antony’s College, Human Sciences at International University of Oxford. Islamic University of Malaysia; Dr The seminar dealt with develop- Ziba Mir Hosseini, Professorial Meher not an issue in a marriage: Cleric ing ethical research in the field of Research Associate at the Centre gender issues from theoretical and for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, applied approaches. The participants University of London; Dr Muthanna Continued from page 1 “I can assure you that ‘meher’ and taking up jobs, husbands as husbands. Such women can looked at ways to develop an ethical Amin Nader, Head of the Kurdistan One case he said he remem- isn’t an issue. In no case can this losing love for wives over time, never be married, according to referential framework for gender Islamic Union bloc in the Iraqi bered was the bride’s father amount go beyond QR5,000. The interference from families and the cleric. issues, based on the texts and objec- Parliament; Dr Ruqaia Taha Jabir asked him to mention a ‘meher’ problem is of people’s own mak- some women neglecting their In other cases, men who vol- tives of Shariah, in addition to ana- Al Alwani, Associate Professor at (the money a Muslim groom ing. Men like to show off. They husbands and spending time unteered to marry were very lysing the Philosophical Foundations the University of Bahrain; Dr Terrell must pay to the bride as dower) splurge money on wedding cer- with friends and leaving them old — of the age of the woman’s adopted by contemporary feminism. Carver, Professor of Political Theory amount of QR1m in the mar- emonies and banquets and halls in the care of maids. father — or just made announce- The speakers also tackled con- at the University of Bristol, UK; Dr riage contract and he refused. and expensive gifts.” One Qatari tradition Al ments for marriage but did not temporary experiences and appli- Farida Zommoroud, Professor of “I found the amount too Grooms buy expensive gifts Qahtani said he finds socially come forward and marry. cations in the field of gender issues, Quranic Interpretation and Sciences much,” said Al Qahtani. “The like gold, jewellery and fash- dangerous is that when a man In such cases, women keep with special reference to Islamic at Dar Al Hadith Al Hassania for bride’s father told me that ionable gowns and clothing not wants to marry a woman from waiting and never get mar- approaches to the issue of rights Higher Islamic Studies in Morocco; ‘meher’ was none of my busi- only for the bride but also for another tribe, the woman’s ried. Such women are called and duties, differences in some legal Dr Serene Jones, 16th President ness. But I put my foot down and her relatives and friends. father must seek his tribe’s ‘Mohayyer’ (plural Mohaiyyarat rulings for men and women, and of the historic Union Theological said nothing doing — I wouldn’t There was this groom who permission. — meaning those who keep comparisons between the different Seminary, New York and President- officiate over this marriage.” bought 40 highly expensive If the father gets the nod, it’s waiting). opinions and approaches to reform elect of the American Academy of When told by the daily that gowns for his bride. “She would okay, but if not, the tradition is Al Qahtani said he knew in family law. Religion; Dr Tariq Ramadan, CILE exorbitant sums demanded by use only three or four and give that a man from the tribe would such a woman. She was 70 and Dr Mawahib Bakr, CILE Business Executive Director and Professor brides’ families as ‘meher’ were away the remaining to others.” volunteer to marry the woman. still waiting for her prospective Support Manager who holds a of Contemporary Islamic Studies, putting unwanted financial bur- Asked about high divorce “The woman’s father can’t suitor from her tribe to come PhD in Gender Studies from York University of Oxford; and Chauki dens on grooms and their fami- rate in the Qatari community, refuse his offer for marriage.” forward and marry her. “It has University in Canada, moderated Lazhar, CILE Deputy Director. lies, the cleric said that was not the Sheikh cited reasons, among In some cases, women decline rather been a long wait,” rued the seminar. A group of prominent THE PENINSULA true. them, women getting educated to marry and accept such men the cleric. THE PENINSULA SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 HOME 03 Greetings sent to Aquino, Putin Minister opens Arts Lounge at Expo Milan 2015

DOHA: Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani sent a cable of congratulations to Philippine President Benigno S Aquino III on his country’s Independence Day. The Emir also sent a congratu- latory cable to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his country’s National Day. Deputy Emir H H Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Thani also sent cables of congratulations to Aquino and Putin. Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani sent similar cables to both presidents. FM, Hammond discuss Libya Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage H E Dr Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari opens the lounge and (right) with officials at Qatar’s section at the expo. DOHA: Foreign Minister MILAN: Minister of Culture, Milano 2015. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad of Economy and Commerce cultural scene in Qatar was H E Dr Khalid bin Mohamed Arts and Heritage H E Dr He said everyone work- Al Thani and Father Emir H E Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim witnessing prominence on a Al Attiyah yesterday received Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al ing at Qatar’s section was H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Thani to par with national development. a telephone call from British Kuwari yesterday inau- keen to reflect the coun- Al Thani. highlight Qatar’s role at the He stressed that the country Secretary of State for Foreign gurated the Arts Lounge try’s achievements under Dr Al Kuwari also exhibition. is keen to strengthen relations and Commonwealth Affairs in Qatar’s section of Expo the wise vision of Emir H H praised efforts of Minister The Minister said the with various cultures. QNA Philip Hammond. They discussed the situation in Libya and underlined their support to efforts of the United Nations envoy in Libya to reach an agreement between all Libyan Filipinos mark Independence Day parties to find a solution to the crisis and maintain Libya’s secu- rity, stability and territorial integrity. Ambassador Santos praises hard work of about 200,000 Filipinos in Qatar Dr Al Attiyah received also received a phone call from US Principal Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken and discussed latest developments in Libya. The Foreign Minister highlighted Qatar’s commitment to a dialogue between all Libyan parties to reach a national unity government. GCC agricultural meeting today DOHA: Minister of Environment H E Ahmed bin Amer Al Humaidi will open the 26th meeting of the GCC Agricultural Cooperation Committee at Ritz-Carlton Doha today. Philippine Ambassador Wilfredo C Santos addresses a gathering and It will discuss ways to support (right) Filipinos present a tra ditional dance at Sheraton Hotel yesterday. and promote cooperation in agri- KAMMUTTY VP cultural and livestock domains and issues relating to agricul- BY RAYNALD C RIVERA shackles of poverty, corruption tural policies and systems, live- and greed.” stock, fisheries and minutes of DOHA: Filipinos in Qatar yes- It was followed by a motorcade sub-committees. terday marked the 117th anni- to Sheraton Doha, the venue of versary of the Proclamation of a programme featuring cultural Tunisian PM meets Philippine Independence with dances, patriotic songs and his- events replete with a sense of torical presentations. prosecution chief patriotism, unity and national Benguet, Ifugao, Mountain 200,000-strong overseas created social implications and singing contest finals were held pride. Province, Apayao, Abra, Kalinga Filipinos in Qatar who have con- problems that threaten bonds in the afternoon. TUNIS: Tunisian Prime The celebration stated with a (BIMAK), an organisation of sistently shown hard work and within the family. While the The day’s events concluded Minister Habib Essid yester- flag hoisting-ceremony attended Igorots in Qatar, presented professionalism. Philippine government values with a gala dinner highlighted day met Qatar’s Prosecutor- by representatives of Filipino Pattong, a war dance from the “However, contributions the role of the Filipino family by cultural dances from various General Ali ben Fetais Al Marri organisations, at the Philippine Mountain Province while stu- of overseas Filipinos to the as the foundation of our nation, regions of the Philippines ren- in Tunis. Al Marri met Essid in embassy. dents of Philippine International Philippine economy should not be we look forward to the day when dered by the Kaloob Philippine his capacity as an attorney for Ambassador Wilfredo C School Qatar performed Tiklos, based on remittances alone. We every Filipino will no longer have Music and Dance Ministry, and the United Nations to discuss Santos read out the message of a Visayan folk dance. believe that overseas Filipinos to go overseas to look for greener a fashion show of latest creations reclamation of stolen wealth and President Benigno S Aquino III On this year’s theme could still contribute more to pastures and part with their by Filipino designers in Qatar. said the meeting was positive. in which he exhorted Filipinos ‘Independence 2015: Triumphs the nation’s progress, while at families. A live band showdown, pho- He also met Minister of Justice “to exercise the rights and free- through reforms, within nation’s the same time ensure their long- “More than just recognising tography competition, chess and Mohammed Saleh bin Eissa, dom borne from the toil of our reach’, Santos praised the role term security when they go back their strength, it is imperative dart tournament, trade fair, food Minister of Public Property and ancestors and contribute to Overseas Filipino Workers home to their families for good. that the embassy continues to exhibition and car show were Real Estate Affairs Hatem Al shaping a more proactive and (OFWs) have played “in the eco- “Being an OFW should not empower the Filipino workforce among others events. A medical Ashi. They agreed to continue mature discourse, perpetuating nomic triumph the Philippines be a long-term arrangement to better prepare them for what- mission and services by POLO- efforts to combat crime and pro- positive change to the broader enjoys today” through for Filipinos. Being away from ever lies ahead,” he stressed. OWWA were also available at mote the rule of law. spectrum of society, and eman- remittances. your home country, your family, A choral competition and the venue. QNA cipating our citizenry from the He also praised “the estimated friends and other loved ones has the annual ‘Kantahan sa Doha’ THE PENINSULA

Aspire Zone to hold Banks Ramadan Qataris prefer Europe, US for long holidays Futsal Championship from July 22 Continued from page 1 countries that send the larg- While many Asian expatri- est number of foreign work- DOHA: Aspire Zone Foundation “We thank AZF for continuing ates prefer Malaysia due to its ers to Qatar, have increased yesterday announced the Banks to promote sports among all mem- natural beauty and relatively by 10 to 15 percent this year Ramadan Futsal Championship bers of the community and provide low expenses, the country’s compared to last summer, said (6X6) to be held for the first time innovative programmes to encour- Islamic culture and modern a source. “Prices are control- as part of AZF’s Ramadan pro- age them to change their physical infrastructure are an addi- led by demand and supply. gramme in collaboration with lifestyles. As soon as Aspire Zone tional attraction to many Airlines fix them based on Qatar Central Bank (QCB). officials contacted us, we were Qataris and other Arab tour- demand. That is how prices The tournament will be held in enthusiastic to participate and ists. Fares to most destina- fluctuate every day, every the indoor pitch of Aspire Dome found a high demand from bankers tions, especially South Asian minute.” THE PENINSULA after Taraweeh prayers for 10 days to take part in the tournament. — from June 22 until July 2. “We hope this will be the begin- “We are delighted to announce a ning of a partnership that extends Councillors look forward to new initiative from Aspire Zone to to activities throughout the year increase the number of beneficiaries and not just Ramadan,” said installation of new CMC of our physical activity and sport Ali Al Athba, Public Relations Continued from page 1 programmes. Department, QCB. In the four years since the installation of the current CMC, “This is the fourth year we are A draw for games was also some 205 issues were referred to these panels for opinion. organising a sports festival dur- Officials at the press conference yesterday. held during the press conference, And in the past four years, senior officials of ministries, gov- ing Ramadan, and public demand attended by representatives of ernment agencies and authorities, including the civic ministry, increases every year for more fes- special Ramadan championship for response and interaction with us. It banks participating in the tour- Awqaf ministry, Supreme Council of Health and the Public tivities,” Nasser Abdullah Al Hajri, banks whose work is mainly official helped us communicate with banks nament — Qatar National Bank; Works Authority (Ashghal), have been invited to the CMC to said Director, Marketing, AZF, told in nature. They need us to provide to register their employees for the Masraf Al Rayyan; Barwa Bank; provide information on key issues concerning the public. a press conference yesterday. what suits them to encourage them tournament and I wish participat- Qatar International Islamic Bank; In remarks to this newspaper, Sheikha Al Jefairi confirmed “We were able to convert to carry out their works during the ing teams success.” AZF is taking International Bank of Qatar; that Tuesday’s session of the public representative body will Ramadan into vigour and vitality holy month. care of organisational aspects of the Commercial Bank; Doha Bank; and be the last for the current term. “We will look forward to the during the past three years and “I would like to express my tournament in terms of stadiums, Qatar Development Bank. installation of the new CMC for its fifth term,” she said. here we are this year. We organise appreciation and thanks to QCB for referees and regulatory procedures. THE PENINSULA THE PENINSULA SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 04 MIDDLE EAST Warplanes hit heritage site in Sana’a Saudi-led coalition denies bombing cultural sites as raid kills seven civilians

SANA’A: Unesco condemned an lives as well as by the damage apparent attack on the Yemeni inflicted on one of the world’s capital’s old quarter yesterday oldest jewels of Islamic urban that killed seven people and landscape.” destroyed homes in the centu- She said she was “shocked by ries-old heritage site described the images of these magnificent as a “jewel” of Islamic culture. many-storeyed tower-houses The incident occurred a day and serene gardens reduced to before Yemen’s warring factions rubble”. are to meet for UN-sponsored “The historic value and memo- talks in Geneva in their first bid ries enshrined in these sites have to break a deadlock after more been irreparably damaged or than two months of Saudi-led air destroyed.” strikes. “This destruction will only The coalition led by Riyadh exacerbate the humanitarian situ- denied claims that it had carried ation and I reiterate my call to all out an air strike there, suggesting parties to respect and protect cul- instead that a rebel ammunition tural heritage in Yemen,” she said. cache may have exploded. Naji Saleh Thawaba, head of Sanaa’s old city has been inhab- Yemen’s General Organisation for ited for more than 2,500 years and the Preservation of the Historic was a major centre for the prop- Cities of Yemen also condemned agation of Islam, boasting more the attack. than 100 mosques, 14 public baths “I never imagined that this site and more than 6,000 houses built could one day become a target; before the 11th century. even if there were enemy (posi- It was inscribed on Unesco’s tions) in the area, it should never World Heritage List in 1986. be a target for air strikes,” he said. Residents said a pre-dawn strike The upper storeys of houses was the first direct hit there rising above ground floors con- since the launch of the campaign structed of stone are built of against Iranian-backed Houthi rammed earth and burnt brick, rebels in March. with each building decorated with A missile hit the Qassimi neigh- geometric patterns of fired bricks bourhood without exploding, but and white gypsum, inspired by killed five residents, including a traditional Islamic art. Yemenis search for survivors under the rubble of old buildings allegedly destroyed by an airstrike carried out by the Saudi-led coalition in the old city woman and a child, and destroyed The spokesman for the coali- of Sana’a, yesterday. three three-storey houses, medics tion, Brigadier General Ahmed Al and witnesses said. Assiri, said there was no raid on Huthi rebels. “So it could be one protest from UNESCO in May. national museum in Dhamar, in and their allies among forces loyal “We saw the flashing light of the site. “For sure we did not con- of these.” Earlier this month, UNESCO also central Yemen, was “completely to ex-strongman Ali Abdullah the missile launched from a plane. duct any operation inside (the) In Sana’a, there were conflict- condemned air strikes that hit destroyed”. Saleh advanced on President We expected it to explode, but it city,” Assiri said. “We know that ing statements from residents the ancient Great Dam of Marib, In other developments yester- Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi’s ref- did not... We felt the impact of the those sites are very important.” about whether rebels had occu- which was first built in the 8th day, Assiri said rocket fire from uge in the southern city of Aden. missile when it hit the ground,” He said rebels may have been pied one of the houses. century BC, in the city that was Yemen killed two civilians at a Hadi had fled the capital, which said resident Ahmed Al Ameri. hiding weapons or ammunition The old city has already suffered once the capital of the kingdom mosque during Friday prayers in the rebels seized unopposed in Unesco director general Irina in the area. “Several days before some damage from air strikes of Saba. a Saudi border community. September, and was rushed to Bokova said she was “profoundly they had an explosion in one of on nearby targets, including the The UN body said the attack Saudi Arabia launched the air safety in Saudi Arabia as the distressed by the loss of human their storage” areas, he said of the defence ministry, prompting a on the dam came a week after the war on March 26, as the rebels Huthis closed in on Aden. AFP Seven shot dead at protest against IS in Libyan city BENGHAZI, LIBYA: Seven people were shot dead yester- day at a protest against Islamic Militia seize 10 Tunisians State in the eastern Libyan city of Derna, residents said. The protesters were marching in Tripoli consulate towards the militant group’s main base in Derna when gunmen there TRIPOLI: Libyan militiamen seized the Tunisian consulate in opened fire into the crowd, several Tripoli yesterday and are holding 10 of its employees there, the residents said. About 30 people Tunisian foreign ministry said. were wounded, they added. A statement said the ministry denounced “the intrusion of an Nine suspected Islamic State armed group in the offices of the Tunisian consulate in Tripoli and members were killed during sepa- the detention of 10 staff of the mission.” rate clashes with other Islamist “All government services are following developments with interest groups in the coastal city yester- in coordination with Libyan, regional and international parties, to day, a source in one of the groups liberate without delay the Tunisian mission team and guarantee its opposing Islamic State said. safety,” it added. The ministry criticised what it said was “flagrant Syrian refugees try to grab bottle of water thrown from Turkish side near the Syrian town of Tal Abyad, at Akcakale Islamic State and other mili- violation of Tunisia’s international sovereignty and international in Sanliurfa province yesterday. Turkey said it was taking measures to limit the flow of Syrian refugees onto its tant groups have thrived in Libya and diplomatic norms”. territory after an influx of thousands due to fighting between Kurds and militants. since two rival governments Tunis did not say who had seized its consul staff in Tripoli, which began fighting for control, leav- is controlled by the Islamist-led Fajr Libya militia alliance. ing a security vacuum four years Libya has descended into chaos since a NATO-backed revolt Syria army regains control of airbase after the overthrow of Muammar unseated longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. It has rival Gaddafi. The rapid rise in Libya of governments and parliaments, and powerful militias are battling BEIRUT: Syrian army troops “Opposition fighters withdrew gave no immediate figure. Islamic State, which first emerged for influence and a share of its oil wealth. AFP regained full control of an air- from areas they seized yesterday Rebels from the Southern in Syria and Iraq, is worrying base in southern Sweida prov- after heavy regime aerial bom- Front alliance entered the airport Western powers who fear the ince yesterday, a day after bardment and the arrival of rein- on Thursday, quickly seizing most militant group will forge a base by declaring holy war against The official government has rebels overran large parts of it, forcements from the (pro-regime of the facility. just across the Mediterranean Islamic State. Islamic State has been based in the east since los- a monitor said. militia) National Defence Forces It was the first such advance from mainland Europe. attacked oilfields and embassies ing the capital Tripoli in August The Syrian Observatory for and Popular Committees,” said by rebels into Sweida, a province The fighting in Derna first and also claimed the killing of to rival group Libya Dawn, which Human Rights said rebels from Observatory chief Rami Abdel which is largely in regime hands erupted on Tuesday after a leader dozens of Egyptian and Ethiopian set up its own administration the Southern Front alliance with- Rahman. and home to the a majority of in the Islamist umbrella group Christians. It has also attacked with some Islamist links. Neither drew from the Al-Thalaa base He said there were casualties Syria’s Druze minority. Majlis Al Shura was killed. both governments, neither of Libyan government has any con- under heavy regime fire. on both sides in the fighting, but AFP Majlis Al Shura responded which control Derna. trol of Derna. AGENCIES

Egypt pins hopes in attack probe on injured suspect US troops to help Iraqis plan fight for Ramadi LUXOR: Egyptian police were closely monitoring WASHINGTON: President Barack several other bases around the coun- Ramadi and top U.S. military officials their units so that they’re able to con- yesterday the condition of the third assailant in Obama has said American forces try to train, advise and support the were scornful of their performance. duct operations and ... better employ a foiled suicide attack on Luxor’s Karnak temple, being sent to a new operations cen- Iraqis, who have had limited success Defense Secretary Ash Carter ques- their forces.” who is critically wounded in hospital, officials said. tre in the heart of the war against against the Islamist militants occu- tioned whether they had the will to Warren said the US mission at They were also hunting for three people suspected Islamic State will not engage in pying large swathes of the country in fight. US officials said the role of the Taqaddum would not, at least initially, of aiding Wednesday’s failed attack, a police official combat, but they will do almost the last 18 months. But the operation Americans at Taqaddum would also be have the people needed to carry out in Luxor said, after security services said they had everything but fight to support the at Taqaddum, close to the Euphrates to try to inject new spirit into the Iraqi training in combat skills, which now narrowly averted a “massacre” of tourists at the beleaguered Iraqi forces. river 75km west of Baghdad between forces as well as help the program to being done at four other sites including popular ancient site. U.S. defense officials say the tasks major cities held by Islamic State, puts recruit new forces from Sunni tribes al Asad air base further west in Anbar On Wednesday, assailants widely believed to be of the troops going to Taqaddum air US forces at the crux of the fight. in the region. province. It would advise the Iraqis jihadists tried to carry out an attack at the Karnak base will range from advising Iraqi It is just 25km, a half-hour drive, The Iraqi military program to “how to do everything from best deploy temple, an ancient complex in the southern city. commanders how to ensure soldiers east of Ramadi, the Anbar provincial attract Sunni tribal fighters was based their troops, to improve their logistic One of them killed himself by setting off the have enough bullets to integrating air capital, and about 15km to the west in Ramadi but moved to Taqaddum systems, to increase their intelligence explosive vest he was wearing, while police killed power into combat plans. of Falluja, also controlled by Islamic when the city fell. Army Colonel Steve capabilities, to how to manage their an accomplice and seriously wounded the other. Obama on Wednesday authorized State. Adjacent to Lake Habbaniya, Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, asked administrative processes,” he said. “The only lead we have to reveal the truth behind deployment of up to 450 troops to the base was used by American forces if US troops would be involved in Warren said this could include the attack is the injured assailant,” an official said. work with the dispirited 8th Iraqi army who took over the country in 2003 to helping Iraqis plan to retake Ramadi, establishing procedures to ensure Health ministry official Nahed Ahmed said the division as it tries to regroup and ulti- oust President Saddam Hussein and Warren said, “Absolutely.” ammunition reached soldiers who suspect “was injured by two bullets to the head and mately drive the Islamist forces back is in oft-contested territory familiar He said U.S. military experts would needed it or a broken rifle was quickly is in a critical state. “He’s virtually in a coma and out of the city of Ramadi that they to many veterans of that earlier war. help Iraqi military officers “generate replaced. More generally, US officers in intensive care. He absolutely cannot be inter- overran last month. Elements of the 8th Iraqi army divi- their plans for future operations, help could work with Iraqi senior officers rogated in his current state. AFP Americans are already operating at sion were involved in the April rout at them improve their systems inside of on battle planning. REUTERS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 MIDDLE EAST 05 Bahrain jails 57 Russia worried Shias on bomb plot charges DUBAI: A court in Bahrain over slowdown has handed down sentences of up to life imprisonment against 57 Shias accused of plotting attacks against police and other targets, state media reported. in Iran N-talks The defendants were convicted on Thursday of forming an organ- isation in 2012-2013 that “used June 30 deadline may be missed: Report terrorism as a way to achieve its aims,” the prosecution said in a VIENNA/TEHRAN: Russia’s due to be finalised by June 30, statement carried by the official negotiator said yesterday there Iran will dramatically scale BNA news agency. has been a “very worrying” down its nuclear activities in The high criminal court found slowdown in progress in nuclear order to render any dash to that the group had smuggled talks between Iran and six making nuclear weapons all but weapons and explosives into the major powers ahead of a June impossible. Gulf kingdom and plotted attacks 30 deadline to finalise a historic In return Iran, which denies against police and vital infra- accord. wanting nuclear weapons, will structure, as well as a foreign “The rate of progress... is pro- see painful sanctions lifted by the embassy, the prosecution said. gressively slowing down,” Sergei six powers — the United States, Gulf Daily News said the targets Ryabkov was quoted by Russia’s Russia, China, Britain, France included the Saudi embassy and RIA Novosti as saying as he arrived and Germany. the causeway linking Bahrain for the latest round of talks in On Thursday French Foreign with neighbouring Saudi Arabia. Vienna. Minister Laurent Fabius said that The court handed down five “This is very worrying to us in particular the issue of tighter life sentences, 22 15-year terms, because there is very little time UN inspections of Iran’s remain- 29 10-year terms and one three- Protesters holding photos of Bahrain’s main opposition leader and Secretary-General of Al Wefaq Islamic Society before the deadline and we urgently ing facilities after the mooted deal year term. Four defendants were Ali Salman as they march during an anti-government protest after Friday prayers in the village of Diraz, west of need to enter the final stage.” was not yet sewn up. acquitted. Only 33 of the defend- Manama. Talks have virtually stalled “The talks are supposed to ants are in custody. The rest were and a deadline for a final deal wrap up on June 30. We have not tried in absentia. Jamra, near the capital Manama. support in March 2011, Shia dem- convicted of attempting to topple may have to be postponed again, yet completed our negotiations,” General prosecutor Ahmed Al Shia-led protests rocked the onstrators clash frequently with the monarchy. The International Russian news agency Tass quoted Fabius, seen as something of a Hammadi said all those convicted Sunni-ruled monarchy in February security forces in villages outside Federation for Human Rights a diplomatic source as saying hawk in the talks, told French except for one were also stripped of 2011, taking their cue from Arab Manama. says at least 89 people have been yesterday. channel BFMTV and radio sta- their citizenship. A judicial source Spring uprisings that hit several Hundreds of Shias were killed since the outbreak of the The United States has said it tion RMC. said that most of the defendants Arab countries. Although the pro- rounded up and put on trial. uprising in 2011. stands by the end-June deadline “If we want to be sure that the are from the Shia village of Bani tests were quelled with Saudi-led Top opposition figures have been AFP for the deal, meant to assuage accord is solid we need to be able Western fears that Iran is work- to inspect the sites... We don’t yet ing to develop a nuclear bomb. have this certainty. This is one of But other officials have indicated the points we are discussing,” he the date might be missed as nego- said. “The agreement needs to tiations about technical details be verifiable, solid, robust and drag on. right now we don’t have such a Sudan lifts ban on four newspapers The latest round of discussions guarantee.” in Vienna on Friday had made no Under the hoped-for deal KHARTOUM: Authorities in Intelligence and Security Service.” Alrizagi said by telephone. inappropriate but it is rare for so significant progress, the source the UN nuclear watchdog, the Sudan have lifted their ban on NISS agents seized their whole No conditions were given for many to be seized at once. from one of the missions said, International Atomic Energy four newspapers nearly three print runs for that day, as well as the resumption of printing, said Meanwhile, A Moroccan maga- according to Tass. Agency (IAEA), would keep even weeks after their licences were all copies of six other newspapers, Rizeigi, who is also chief editor zine said yesterday it was recall- In April, Iran and the five per- closer tabs on Iran. suspended, the head of the jour- apparently in connection with a of Al Intibaha. ing its latest issue, whose cover manent members of the UN Iran though is uneasy about nalists’ union said yesterday, story about the alleged abuse of Journalists in Sudan complain asked “Should We Burn Gays?”, Security Council plus Germany this since it would potentially apparently over a story about young children on school buses. of harassment, and the country after it sparked a fierce debate in agreed in Lausanne, Switzerland include the IAEA going to sites child abuse. “After a meeting held yes- regularly ranks near the bottom the kingdom. to the outlines of a deal aimed at — including military ones — The licences of the Al Intibaha, terday between the union, the of world press freedom indexes. Homosexuality is illegal in ending the decade-old standoff where it suspects undeclared Al Khartoum, Al Jarida and Akhir press council and the editors, the NISS agents frequently seize Morocco and can carry up to a over Iran’s nuclear programme. nuclear activity might be taking Lahza dailies were suspended newspapers were told to resume the entire print runs of news- three-year jail sentence. According to this framework, place. AGENCIES on May 25 by the National printing as of Sunday,” Alsadig papers over articles they deem AFP

A Palestinian protester runs past a Red Crescent medical team as they carry a man on a stretcher into an ambulance during clashes with Israeli security forces following a demonstration against the expropriation of Palestinian land by Israel in the village of Kfar Qaddum, near Nablus in the occupied West Bank yesterday. Israel closes probe into deaths of four Gaza boys

GAZA CITY: The family of stop this farce,” he said, referring understood to be militants from four Palestinian children killed to several army investigations Hamas’s naval forces,” and that when Israel bombed a beach into alleged misconduct during they were “not identified, at any during last summer’s Gaza war the conflict between Israel and point during the incident, as were indignant yesterday over Palestinian Islamist movement children.” the closure of a probe into the Hamas. “Under the circumstances... it incident. On July 16, cousins Ahed would not have been possible for The Israeli army, which Atef Bakr and Zakaria Ahed the operational entities involved launched the investigation after Bakr, both aged 10, nine-year- to have identified these figures, the 50-day July-August war ended, old Mohamed Ramez Bakr and via aerial surveillance, as chil- announced late on Thursday that 11-year-old Ismail Mohamed Bakr dren,” it added. the “tragic” attack witnessed by were playing on the beach in Gaza Western journalists who wit- several foreign journalists had not City when they were hit in two nessed the incident and its after- violated international law, and separate air strikes. math, and spoke on condition of said it was closing the case. The incident is among those anonymity, said the children had It was one of the most widely likely to be presented by the been playing on that area of the covered and controversial inci- Palestinians to the International beach, which was not clearly sep- dents of the war, taking place in Criminal Court as evidence of arated from civilians. full view of international media, alleged Israeli war crimes. “It was absolutely crystal who were sitting outdoors very But the army said in its report clear... from the figures running, close to the beach at the time of that it had decided to “close the that they were children,” one the attack. investigation file, in the absence journalist said. “Israel behaves as if it’s a of a suspicion regarding the com- “They were all very, very country above international law,” mission of a criminal offence by small, I thought they were much Zakariya Bakr, the uncle of the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) younger than they were.” children who died, said. soldiers.” At an IDF briefing where “It’s not unusual for the occupa- The report said the army had probes into Gaza were announced, tion (Israel), which shells houses targeted an area of the beach he said, the army showcased their with their occupants inside them, that had been used exclusively surveillance capability to distin- and kills children, to declare its by militants and separated from guish civilians from militants. soldiers innocent. civilians. “There needs to be a question “We urge the international It also said the “attack was answered, how did they not know community to act seriously to aimed at figures who were they were children?” AFP SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 06





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ALKS and talks and talks. After so much of time Cartoon Arts International / The New York Times Syndicate and energy spent on finding a common ground that would lead to a deal, the European Union and TGreece are finally exchanging threatening glances. Greece now has less than a week to strike a deal with its eurozone creditors to avoid defaulting on its massive debts Britain’s already fragile union and perhaps being kicked out of the single currency area, causing concern in the euro zone. And it’s more worrying that EU officials have held their first formal talks on the possibility of a Greek default, while Prime Minister Alexis is at risk from its own govt Tsipras shows no signs of tension. BY GORDON BROWN patriotism with nationalism or assume Scotland’s decisions could harm The latest turn of events wouldn’t come as a shock that the popular demand for change is England, they are subordinating the because Greece and its creditors have stubbornly refused to F THE United Kingdom col- more about a change in borders than interests of the UK as a whole to the budge from their positions which they consider sacrosanct lapses, it will not be because a about the social and economic change sectional interests of their English – with Athens maintaining that its creditor are making majority of Scots are hell-bent that people urgently want – and have vote. In a tit–for-tat retaliation to the unjustified reform demands which would wreck its social Ion leaving but because the UK yet to see – in their lives. SNP playing the Scottish card, the government is giving up on saving it. However, in the last few weeks SNP Conservatives are playing the English structure and the creditors arguing that the reforms are No union can survive without union- and Conservative politicians have card. non-negotiable and necessary if the country is to emerge ists and, after an election in which, to descended into a sectarian war of words, When Scotland’s future was at from the fiscal morass. Anger and desperation are visible head off Ukip, the Conservative and raising the spectre of Scottish and stake in the referendum, Scots had to everywhere. On Thursday, the International Monetary Unionist party presented itself as the English “vetoes” and suggesting there choose between Scottish nationalism Fund said it was pulling its staff out of the talks — a sign English Nationalist party, it is clear are irreconcilable differences between and support for the union – and many of its exasperation at the failure of the Greek government that the union is on life support. the two nations. patriotic Scots like me chose to defend Some unionist commentators are Now claiming that the UK should not the union. But when it has come to a to make progress. EU President Donald Tusk rebuked comparing the post-referendum leave Europe unless all four nations vote choice between English nationalism and Alexis Tsipras in blunt terms. “There is no more time for Scotland of 2015 to the post-referendum “no” to Europe, the SNP are champi- defending the union, the Conservatives gambling,” he said. The negotiations between the two sides Québec of 1995, comforting themselves oning a dubious constitutional princi- are choosing English nationalism. are now at their lowest ebb since that support for Québec’s independence ple even for nationalists: that any one Sadly, this tactic – to divide and Negotiations Alexis Tsipras became prime minister has fallen from 49% in 1995 to just 25% nation of the UK can block the decision rule and put party before country in January. now. But there is of the other three nations. The irony is rather than to unite – is one that the between a big difference: that in enunciating such a principle that Conservatives can return to again and Greece has refused to back whereas the subordinates the interests of the UK again. Greece and down from its stance. The Tsipras rest of Canada as a whole to the sectional interests of It reveals a bigger truth: that while its creditors government is still calling for a has consistently one nation, not just Scotland but Wales, Scotland has not yet written off Britain, debt restructuring and has ruled stood as one to England and, even more controversially, the Conservatives are starting to write have reached out pension cuts or labour market With the keep Québec in, Northern Ireland could have a veto that off Scotland. it is London’s frustrates the rest of the UK’s will. And as the nationalists inevitably try reforms that would bring wage a stalemate. Conservatives equivocation over But instead of the new Conservative to claim a divergence of opinion between decreases. It attacked the IMF trading Scotland that government exposing the illogicality of Scotland and England on welfare cuts But a Greek for walking out of negotiations on is becoming the such vetoes and emphasising – as the and austerity, over our future in Europe exit from Thursday. in narrow greater risk to government of the whole UK – what and the replacement of the Human the euro is Despite the impasse in talks, a nationalism, the UK. binds all four nations together, minis- Rights Act, more and more people will Greek exit from euro or a default on For while no ters are now promoting the idea of an be tempted to conclude that the union unlikely. it is time for one should dis- English veto. It started with English has become unworkable. its debt payment is still remote and guise the enor- votes for English laws, which would There is a way through. As a start, we unpredictable. No one knows, either a people’s mity of the make Scots second-class MPs in the should embed a new constitutional prin- in Athens or Brussels, whether the convention nationalists’ elec- House of Commons, able to vote on only ciple that recognises the real glue that – anti-austerity government can reach a deal with its lenders tion victory, it some issues. far more than flags or anthems – binds before an end-June deadline and thereby avoid putting the would be wrong to It continued in the sectionalism of the country together: the pooling and country in grave danger of crashing out of the euro zone. assume that the their “English election manifesto.” It sharing of risks and resources to uphold dramatic results intensified with their poster campaign basic social and economic rights – from Both sides know that their interests are not served by a signal any further rise in support for – the Ed Miliband puppet on strings common pensions and free healthcare to split or a parting of ways. While Germany, IMF and other independence since last year’s referen- pulled by Nicola Sturgeon or tucked into guaranteed help when sick, unemployed EU officials are airing their frustration and exasperation, dum. Having discovered in their polling the pocket of Alex Salmond – which or disabled – across the UK’s nations officials in Athens are showing optimism and confidence, that the repeated mention of independ- conjured up the idea of the Scottish and regions. We should state clearly perhaps a sign that Athens will not push too far that could ence or a second referendum did not menace and was designed to whip up that whatever else any government at assist their vote, the Scottish National English nationalism against Scottish Westminster does, it will uphold – and force an exit. party dropped both from their mani- nationalism. Even more insidious is the even the most rightwing government There will be more talks in the coming days, much of festo and have since been relegating fis- little-known Carlisle principle enunci- will be unable to abandon – the prin- it a repetition of what they have already gone through. cal autonomy into some far off future. ated by David Cameron: that each year ciple of equity between the nations and The outcome is unpredictable. The situation can worsen, While Scots are strongly Scottish, the UK government would scrutinise regions, allocating resources on the creating a tsunami of shock across the region, or there can and demonstrated at the election that and, in effect, second-guess the work of basis of need, and that it will protect a stepping back from the brink. But the world wants this they want to be represented as Scots, it the Scottish parliament. established social and economic rights. would be wrong to automatically equate By focusing on exposing how much THE GUARDIAN drama to end. The other side Quote of First salvo against INGOs the day

INALLY, the axe has fallen to clarify the reasons behind its action, and more secretive on the pretext of oversight and regulations — a con- on Save The Children. The there is mention of “anti-state activities” security imperatives. More often than cern that Interior Minister Nisar Ali international non-governmental committed by the NGO, which was not, the term ‘anti-state’ is code for Khan dwelt on yesterday. There are Forganisation had been under among over two dozen such entities anyone challenging the official nar- undoubtedly a number of such enti- a cloud of suspicion ever since the under review by the government to rative, or going into areas where the ties, both local and otherwise, which alleged involvement of its employee decide whether they should be allowed establishment prefers to maintain a veil squander funds on activities that are Shakil Afridi in a CIA-mandated fake to continue operating in Pakistan. of secrecy and obfuscation. NGOs are of little benefit to the communities they vaccination campaign in the hunt Such allegations, if true, are seri- also the favourite whipping boy of con- purport to serve, and have sloppy, even There can be for Osama bin Laden came to light. ous. However, their credibility can servative social elements, for much of questionable, accounting procedures. A letter issued by the government’s only be gauged if the government their work involves confronting existing At the same time, it must be said, these no peace and Economic Affairs Division on Thursday demonstrates without delay that it has mores, especially where they pertain to are charges that many government development without ordered the NGO to wind up its taken this drastic step — the first such the rights of women and marginalised organisations are also guilty of, without operations in Pakistan and gave its against an international NGO — after communities. All these elements com- attracting the same level of opprobrium. human rights. expatriate employees 15 days to a transparent and unbiased investiga- bine to create a perfect storm against There may even be some NGOs that leave the country. Later in the day, the tion. Otherwise, it would appear to be NGOs in the country. engage in ‘anti-state’ behaviour — that organisation’s Islamabad offices were yet another manifestation of the state’s This is not to suggest that NGOs is, as defined in objective terms. Ban Ki-moon sealed. While the government has yet paranoia, particularly as it grows more be allowed to function without proper DAWN UN Secretary-General SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 VIEWS 07 Lebanon’s endless political vacuum Since former President Michel Sleiman’s term in office ended last year, the Lebanese Parliament, which is responsible for appointing the president, has met 24 times and failed to elect a new head of state.

BY MOHAMAD BAZZI assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005. Because of n May 25, Lebanon marked one the Syrian conflict next door and political year without a president — the gridlock over the presidency, parliamen- longest stretch where the coun- tary elections that are supposed to take Otry’s top post has been vacant place every four years have been delayed since the Lebanese civil war ended in until 2017 at the earliest. Twice since 1990. their four-year terms expired in 2013, Since former President Michel Lebanese lawmakers voted to simply keep Sleiman’s term in office ended last themselves in office. That undermines year, the Lebanese Parliament, which is the basic building blocks of one of the responsible for appointing the president, few countries with a tradition of demo- has met 24 times and failed to elect a cratic elections in a region dominated by new head of state. The Lebanese political strongmen and monarchs. system functions on deals struck between Hezbollah, which has always portrayed its many political parties and religious itself as a nationalist and pan-Islamic sects — and their foreign backers. But movement committed to fighting Israel, consensus has been elusive as the most already lost much of its credibility in the powerful blocs lined up behind opposing Sunni Arab world for fighting along- sides in the civil war in neighboring Syria. side Assad’s brutal regime. The group The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia with Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Hezbollah, Lebanon’s dominant Shi’ite is engaged in wars on two fronts: It is Salam at the Royal Palace in Jeddah recently. political party and militia, has dispatched fighting insurgents in Syria, and trying to thousands of fighters to help Bashar Al contain spillover attacks from the Nusra network. The group dispatched hundreds When civil war broke out in 1975, the politi- Yet few acknowledge that the agreement Assad’s regime, while Hezbollah’s Sunni Front — Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria — of heavily armed guerrillas into the largely cal imbalance helped drive the major sects to also called for eventually abolishing the opponents send funds and volunteers to and other militant groups that have Sunni areas of West Beirut. Hezbollah’s form their own militias. Because of the sec- sectarian system, although it gave no Syrian rebels and jihadists. taken the battle inside Lebanon. fighters and their allies quickly routed tarian system, Lebanese political institutions timeframe for doing so. Each Lebanese faction accuses the The political stalemate is scaring away Sunni militiamen, seized their politi- never got a chance to develop; the country The sectarian political structure leads other of serving external masters — and international donors who are needed to cal offices and shut down media outlets remained dependent on the powerful clans to a weak state. It encourages horse-trad- they’re right. Indeed, Lebanon is part of help the Lebanese government deal with owned by Saad Hariri, son of the assas- and feudal landlords that held sway in much ing and alliances with powerful patrons. the ongoing proxy war in the region — pit- a massive influx of more than one million sinated former prime minister. of Lebanon. The zaeem, or sectarian leader And it is easily exploited by outside ting Iran, which supports Hezbollah and Syrian refugees. The Lebanese presidency Lebanon’s problems are rooted in a who usually inherited rule from his father, powers, including Syria, Iran and Saudi its Christian allies, against Saudi Arabia is also important for symbolic reasons: 1943 power-sharing agreement installed became paramount during the war. Arabia. But most of the current players and other Sunni Arab regimes, which the post is set aside for a Christian, and when the country won its independence As the war waned in 1989, Lebanon’s are too invested in this system to really back a coalition of Sunni and Christian so Lebanon has the only non-Muslim from French colonial rule. The system political class convened in the Saudi city change it. And foreign patrons do not parties. While Iran and Saudi Arabia head of state in the Arab world. More was designed to keep a balance among 18 of Taif to salvage the sectarian system. want change, because that could reduce are still heavily involved in Lebanon, the broadly, political deadlock in Lebanon sects, dividing power between a Maronite Brokered by Saudi Arabia and Syria, their influence. Even if the various fac- two powers are more focused on their can quickly devolve into sectarian vio- Christian president, a Sunni prime min- the resulting Taif Accord restructured tions defuse the latest stalemate and proxy conflicts in places where, at the lence. The last impasse over a govern- ister and a Shia speaker of parliament. the National Pact by taking some power reach a compromise on a new president, moment, the stakes are higher: Syria, ment went on for 18 months. During that The system was enshrined under the away from the Maronites. The presi- another political crisis is sure to emerge, Iraq and Yemen. time, Lebanon was without a president National Pact, an unwritten agreement dency was weakened and most of its unless Lebanon’s leaders — and its people And while external players have a hand for six months — and the parliamentary among Lebanese leaders. Seats in par- powers were given to the prime min- — tackle the root causes of the country’s in Lebanon’s latest political paralysis, vote to choose a new head of state was liament were divided on a 6-to-5 ratio of ister and his cabinet. Parliament was instability. Eventually, the Lebanese will they do not deserve all the blame. For the postponed 19 times. The stalemate was Christians to Muslims, and that partition- expanded to 128 members, divided equally have to decide what kind of country they most part, the Lebanese did this to them- finally broken when Hezbollah ignited the ing was extended to the lowest rungs of between Christians and Muslims. Taif want: one built on sectarian gerrymander- selves, and they need to find a political worst internal fighting since the end of government. also called for all militias to disarm — ing, or a more democratic way of sharing settlement of their own. Otherwise, the Lebanon’s civil war. The division was based on a 1932 cen- except for Hezbollah, whose military power. Otherwise, Lebanon will be dragged Sunni-Shia rift in Lebanon could explode, In May 2008, Hezbollah broke its post- sus, which showed Maronites as the branch was labelled a “national resist- into the relentless cycle of sectarian vio- especially since it has been fueled by a civil war promise not to turn its weap- majority in Lebanon. Since then, the gov- ance” against the Israeli occupation of lence sweeping the Middle East. decade of sectarian bloodletting in Iraq ons against fellow Lebanese. At the time, ernment has refused to hold a new cen- southern Lebanon, which ended in 2000. (Mohamad Bazzi is a journalism pro- and, more recently, Syria. Hezbollah was infuriated by a govern- sus. By the 1960s, when Muslims began All factions in Lebanon constantly affirm fessor at New York University and former Today, Lebanon is limping along, as it ment decision outlawing the militia’s to outnumber Christians, Muslims clam- that they will abide by Taif, elevating the Middle East bureau chief at Newsday.) has for much of the past decade, since the underground fiber-optic communications ored for change in the balance of power. document to the status of a Magna Carta. REUTERS Why the world keeps ignoring West must consider Russia, after Putin brutal dictatorship in Eritrea BY SERGEI GURIEV ast year, thanks to its aggression in Ukraine, Russia changed in many important ways. But one crucial transformation has BY ADAM TAYLOR in constant fear that they are portrayed by the American media Former colonial rulers Italy and gone largely unnoticed: Long-term thinking has completely being monitored. in the same way that Kim Jong Britain have an obvious legacy Ldisappeared, and the Russian regime no longer talks about n Monday, the United “When I am in Eritrea, I feel Un is.” there, and so does the United the future. Russian leaders’ discourse centers on the standoff with Nations released the that I cannot even think because “North Korea also makes head- States, which allowed Ethiopia Ukraine and the West (and their “puppets” within Russia) and refer- results of a year-long I am afraid that people can read lines for other reasons — namely to incorporate Eritrea with the ences to the heroic past (mostly to World War II). The regime is now Oinvestigation into my thoughts and I am scared,” its nuclear ambitions and the aim of keeping the US Kagnew fully focused on its own survival. human rights in Eritrea. What one witness told the UN inquiry. ongoing threat it poses to regional Station military base in the coun- This has not always been the case. In 2000, Vladimir Putin went to the it found was horrific. Detailing The system leads to arbitrary stability in East Asia,” he added. try. In addition, Eritrea has a dif- Kremlin with a 10-year “Gref programme” that included a vision of Russia “systematic, widespread and arrests and detention, with tor- “Similarly, while Eritrea is cer- ficult recent history with its East as an open and modern country. His first presidential term implemented gross human rights violations,” ture and even enforced disappear- tainly a police state similar to African neighbours: It’s currently parts of this program. Long-term development strategies — mostly based the UN commission of inquiry ances a part of life in Eritrea, the North Korea in many ways, it’s under UN sanctions for support- on this vision — were discussed and updated until 2012. Even when Putin argued that Eritrea was operating UN probe found, and even those largely kept out of the headlines ing Al Shabab, the Somali Islamist returned as president that year, he put together a set of programmatic op-eds a totalitarian government with no who commit no perceived crime because Africa in general doesn’t group, and others in the region. in Russian newspapers outlining long-term plans on the economy, social accountability and no rule of law. often end up in arduous and indef- feature highly on the agenda of But one important reason to policy, governance, federalism and foreign policy. He converted these into “The commission also finds inite national service that may policymakers here in the United pay attention has become an a number of presidential decrees that he signed on his first day in office. that the violations in the areas amount to forced labour. Escape States.” unavoidable reality for Europe. These decrees provided transparent targets that he promised to achieve of extrajudicial executions, tor- is not a realistic option for many: The fact is, while the scope and Eritreans make up a large share by 2018. By now it is clear — and even publicly acknowledged by Putin ture (including sexual torture), Those who attempt to flee the authority of the UN report lent of the migrants crossing the himself — that these decrees will not be carried out. What alternative national service and forced labor country are considered “traitors,” its allegations an added weight, Mediterranean in flimsy boats future does Russia’s president propose to his citizens? There is no answer. may constitute crimes against and there is a shoot-to-kill policy academics and human rights to seek asylum in Europe: More No long-term policy planning for Russia’s future is occurring. Previously, humanity,” the report said. on the border, the report said. researchers had long written than 22 percent of those who Russia took pride in moving from one-year to three-year budgets. This is However, it appears the report It’s also worth noting the sig- similar things about the Eritrean made the journey in 2014 were no more: The Kremlin has no credible financial plan beyond 2016 except failed to produce any mainstream nificant effort and risk put into state without a significant main- from the country, according to for hoping for oil prices to recover. Its foreign policy doctrine centers also outrage. Unlike similar UN creating the report: The Eritrean stream response in America or the UN High Commissioner for on regime survival. Around the world, Russia fiercely defends the sovereign reports on alleged crimes against government refused to allow the Europe. Refugees, second only to Syrians. right of non-democratic governments to stay in power indefinitely. humanity in North Korea, or United Nations access to the In 2014, for instance Human They flee not because of a civil The regime is right to worry about its immediate future. The Russian online criticism of human rights country to investigate, so the UN Rights Watch called Eritrea war like that in Syria, but because economy is in recession and is unlikely to grow at more than 2 percent abuses in other places, the horrific team interviewed more than 550 “among the most closed coun- of the immense restrictions the per year even when — or if — the recession ends. For the first time in accusations against Eritrea didn’t witnesses in third countries and tries in the world” and pointed Eritrean state puts on their lives. Putin’s 15 years in power, Russians’ real incomes are falling. The propa- produce a viral outcry. accepted 160 written submissions. to “indefinite military service, As one escaped Eritrean put it, ganda benefits of annexing Crimea are subsiding. And another war is Why not? It certainly doesn’t Many approached by the United torture, arbitrary detention, and life there is a “psychological not affordable — in addition to direct military costs, being subjected seem to be because of the sever- Nations declined to give testi- severe restrictions on freedoms of prison.” to another round of sanctions could destroy important banks, which ity of the accusations. Crimes mony, even anonymously, citing expression, association and reli- Despite this, a number of could easily result in widespread panic and the collapse of the regime. against humanity are pretty much a justifiable fear of reprisal. gion.” Reporters Without Borders European nations have recently It is certainly in the West’s interest not to “lose Russia” again. Given as serious as you can get, and it’s Still, experts don’t seem too has repeatedly ranked it as the tightened the restrictions on Russia’s nuclear arms and its diminished but still large economic, hard to read the United Nations’ surprised at the lack of outrage worst country in the world for Eritrean migrants, many citing a energy and geopolitical roles, a turbulent transition and the rise of full report and not be shocked. generated by the report. “Clearly, press freedom — worse even than Danish immigration report from another aggressive non-democratic regime would be costly for the It’s hard to imagine now, but Eritrea doesn’t capture the imag- North Korea. last November that prompted world. A democratic and capitalist Russia would contribute to the hopes were initially high for ination, or rouse the conscience “The UN report? We knew criticism from human rights global economy and the world’s ability to address international chal- Eritrea in 1993 after it gained of Americans, much in the way it already,” said Ismail Einashe, groups. The European Union is lenges, including regional instability, environmental threats, terror- independence from Ethiopia after North Korea does,” said Jeffrey a Somali-British journalist who also considering increasing the ism and corruption. Can the West do anything to affect the outcome? 30 years of civil war. Since then, Smith, an advocacy officer at works with Eritrean migrants. amount of aid it sends to Eritrea Eventually, Russia’s destiny will be decided by Russians. But the West can however, President Isaias Afwerki the Robert F Kennedy Center “Too little, too late.” via the European Development still play a role. With a Marshall Plan-style program, it can contribute has clamped down and allowed for Justice and Human Rights. There are plenty of histori- Fund. Experts like Dorman hope to shaping a new Russia by helping to rebuild an economy destroyed by no room for an opposition. The “President Afwerki, while unques- cal arguments for why the world that the UN report may lead corruption; supporting governance, education and health-care reforms; UN report described a Stasi-like tionably a chronic human rights should pay more attention to some in Europe to reconsider. and investing in Russia’s infrastructure. The West should get prepared police state that leaves Eritreans abuser and eccentric despot, isn’t what’s happening in Eritrea. WP-BLOOMBERG now for sudden and turbulent change in Russia. WP-BLOOMBERG SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 08 EUROPE Station chaos deepens migrant crisis in Italy Asylum-seekers clash with police at train stations

MILAN: Italy’s immigration Giorgio Ciconali, a doctor was detained there and flown crisis intensified yesterday working at Milan Central, said: back to Italy. after a build-up of asylum-seek- “There is a lot of scabies and it “That was the last time I ers at two major train stations is being spread by them sleep- remember having a proper meal, resulted in clashes with police, ing rough together, but there is on the plane back to Italy,” he an outcry from the right and nothing to worry about for people said. fresh calls from Rome for EU passing through the station.” “I can’t totally criticise the help. John, an 18-year-old Eritrean Italians because they have saved Milan Central and Rome’s student, had been in the station most of our lives (at sea). But now Tiburtina station were left look- for three days, and is hoping to we are here, they do nothing for ing like refugee camps at times get to Norway, via Switzerland us. this week as hundreds of migrants and Germany. “But now it is very “We are reduced to sleeping heading to northern Europe saw difficult to cross the border,” he under bushes, eating biscuits and their progress delayed or halted said. water and living like tramps. It’s by a temporary reintroduction of The Schengen open borders no kind of life, but if you have border controls due to Monday’s accord means migrants landing been fingerprinted you can’t go summit of G7 leaders in Germany. in Italy can usually easily travel anywhere.” In Milan, more than 100 mostly through neighbouring France, Asked if he would consider women and children were moved Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia returning to his homeland, he from the station overnight to as they seek to make it to Britain, said: “They would jail us. You have reception centres and local Germany and Scandinavia. to understand, Eritrea is like a authorities were offering health But the G7 suspension of dictatorship.” checks to dozens of migrants still Schengen and a growing number Northern League leader Matteo there yesterday amid concerns of spot checks on buses and trains Salvini blamed the station chaos A child is carried by his mother in front of the migration centre next to the Tiburtina station in Rome yesterday. over the prevalence of scabies. has made that harder, increas- on Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s In Rome, migrants were reas- ing the pressure on Italy, where failure to get other EU govern- fight in Europe for better results.” Mary Stuart-Miller, a British nowhere—it just goes to show sembling near the site of a make- reception facilities are at break- ments to take in some of the At Tiburtina, Giorgio De Acutis expatriate who helps the what a time bomb the situation shift camp that had been forcibly ing point with some 76,000 people asylum-seekers. of the Italian Red Cross, said Sant’Egidio religious community is.” Bianca Maldifassi, a charity cleared by police on Thursday. being accommodated nationwide. “If the government had any migrants rarely wanted to stay distribute meals to migrants and worker in Milan, said the situa- The move followed protests Another Eritrean stranded in balls they would go to Brussels in Italy. Italian homeless people who con- tion there was getting worse. from local businesses that the Milan was a 28-year-old called and tell the EU they are not “They want to move on to the gregate around the station, said “We’re in June. But in a district was being turned into a Million who was part of a group getting another cent from Italy north of Europe. But with the the camp had been established in month’s time you will see giant no-go area because of security of migrants sleeping rough in the until they recognise we are part reintroduction of border controls, early June mostly by Somalians rats running around. The people and sanitation issues linked to the Porta Venezia district. of Europe.” a bottleneck has been created. By and Eritreans. basically sleep here and go to the presence of the mainly African Million arrived in Italy by boat Foreign Minister Paolo Wednesday night we had 700 peo- “When you see how quickly toilet here.” refugees. and made it to Switzerland but Gentiloni admitted: “We have to ple here.” it appeared from literally AFP

Cameron to Strauss-Kahn acquitted in French vice trial meet Renzi on LILLE, France: Dominique him to step down as head of the Strauss-Kahn and 13 others. “He Lille, the acclaimed economist world’s most powerful finan- EU reforms Strauss-Kahn was acquitted Washington-based IMF and ends just availed of the services of a and French finance minister of cial policymakers days before he of sex crime accusations by a Strauss-Kahn’s legal battle on group.” the late 1990s was tried with 13 planned to announce his candi- LONDON: Prime Minister French court yesterday, the both sides of the Atlantic. Strauss-Kahn and his law- others on charges that he insti- dacy in France’s 2012 presidential David Cameron will meet final chapter in a transatlan- But local media said the dam- yers had argued that he was a gated sex parties with prostitutes. election. “DSK”, as he is known to Italian Prime Minister Matteo tic scandal that destroyed the age to his reputation after four “libertine” with an appetite for He flatly denied any wrongdoing. many French, was runaway favour- Renzi next week to discuss his political ambitions of a man years of occasionally salacious rough sex but was unaware that While frequenting prostitutes ite in opinion polls at the time. plan to renegotiate Britain’s once tipped to become his coun- revelations about his sexual prac- women he frolicked with at par- is not a crime in France, pro- Instead, Francois Hollande relationship with the European try’s president. tices almost certainly ruled out a ties and hotels in Paris, Lille and curing them is. A conviction on ran as the Socialist candidate Union ahead of a membership A court in the northern city of political comeback. Washington, mostly while in the charges of “aggravated pimping” and beat conservative incumbent referendum. Lille dismissed charges that the Having settled financially with IMF post, were prostitutes. can carry a sentence of up to a Nicolas Sarkozy. Cameron, elected for a sec- former International Monetary Sofitel maid Nafissatou Diallo Since returning to Paris after decade in prison and a fine of up Strauss-Kahn has since set ond term last month, is due to Fund chief’s escapades with pros- after New York prosecutors aban- his IMF stint in Washington to ¤1.5m ($1.7m). up his own business consultancy set out his reform plans in more titutes amounted to “aggravated doned criminal charges in 2011, abruptly ended, Strauss-Kahn has The Lille ruling closed a saga firm. Media talk of a political detail at a summit of EU lead- pimping” — the charge on which the 66-year-old stood accused in sought to start a new life with a that began live on TV when comeback fizzled out long ago. ers in Brussels at the end of the French magistrates sent him to France of instigating the organi- now-troubled venture in invest- Strauss-Kahn was shown walk- He has made appearances at month and has said he hopes to trial. sation of orgies with prostitutes. ment banking and a new female ing handcuffed through New banking conferences as a paid hold preliminary talks with each The verdict came four years “He cannot be attributed the partner, after celebrity journalist York streets after police escorted guest speaker and took part in a of them before that. after sex assault accusations by role of instigator,” judge Bernard wife Anne Sinclair left him. him off a plane about to leave for troubled investment venture with Cameron has promised to a New York hotel maid ended his Lemaire said when reading out In the so-called Carlton affair, Europe. a partner who committed suicide. negotiate a new settlement with political ambitions and forced a verdict in the presence of named after a luxury hotel in The affair felled one of the REUTERS Brussels and hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU by the end of 2017. After talks with the leaders Weapon test on Day of Russia of Spain, Finland, Romania and Belgium on Thursday, he has now Germany drops probe met with about half of them. As well as Italy, Cameron is due to visit Luxembourg next week. The reception so far has into US phone tapping been mixed. Earlier this month German Chancellor Angela BERLINL: Germany’s chief phone used by the chancellor by Merkel pledged to work to clinch prosecutor has dropped a US intelligence services ... because a deal that would keep Britain in probe into the alleged tapping the allegation cannot be proven in the EU, but Friday’s British news- of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s a legally sound way under crimi- papers were full of tales of rebuff mobile phone by US intelli- nal law,” a statement said. from the latest talks. gence agencies, his office said Media reports in October 2013 Cameron has said he believes yesterday. said that the NSA had tapped changes to EU treaties will be The suspected surveillance Merkel’s mobile phone — a claim needed to achieve some of the and rampant online spying Washington appeared to confirm reforms he is seeking, such as by the US National Security later when US officials said the restricting EU migrants’ access Agency (NSA) revealed by fugi- cellphone was no longer a target. to British welfare benefits. tive US intelligence contractor Merkel phoned US President Edward Snowden badly strained Barack Obama and in public told Belgium to revoke US-German relations. Germany’s traditional post-war The German chief prosecutor ally and Nato partner that “spy- passports of Harald Range said he had put an ing between friends just isn’t on”. end to his year-old probe, citing a The German prosecutor’s office ‘Islamist fighters’ lack of hard evidence that would on Friday said that the “vague” stand up in a court of law. US comments did not legally BRUSSELS: The Belgian gov- “The Chief Federal Prosecutor amount to proof of past spying ernment proposed a law yes- Children pose with a weapon during celebrations of the Day of Russia in Kant base, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, has closed the investigation over activity. terday which will invalidate yesterday. Since 1992 the ‘Day of Russia’ is annually celebrated on June 12 as the Russian Federation’s suspected spying on a mobile AFP passports and identity cards of national holiday. people authorities believe plan to go and fight for militant Islamist organisations in the Middle East. The measure, which has to Leftist mayor ends 24 years of Popular Party rule in Madrid be approved by parliament, is a response to Belgium’s position as the source of many foreigners MADRID: A left-wing former The PP’s dismal results at the the former labour rights activist a similar left-wing coalition in since 2010, Carmena had set up fighting in Syria and Iraq. judge, backed by anti-austerity polls have put pressure on Prime during the Franco dictatorship says Barcelona, led by anti-eviction a shop selling baby clothes sewn Some 300 mostly young men party Podemos, will become the Minister Mariano Rajoy to make she is not affiliated with any party. campaigner Ada Colau, who was by ex-convicts. She turned down are estimated to have left the next mayor of Spain’s capital changes in his party ahead of a She told journalists she hoped she confirmed yesterday as mayor of initial approaches from Podemos country of 11 million inhabit- after joining with the Socialists likely parliamentary election in could bring “a real change in the Spain’s second-biggest city. (“We Can”) leader Pablo Iglesias ants over the past few years to yesterday to end 24 years of November. way of doing politics”. The appointment of the two to lead the campaign for Ahora fight for organisations such as centre-right Popular Party (PP) Manuela Carmena, 71, whose Although the PP candidate, women reflects splintering political Madrid, then relented in March. Islamic State, one of the largest rule in Madrid. appointment was announced party veteran Esperanza Aguirre, allegiances in Spain. After six years She became the favoured can- per capita contributors in west- The victory of her left-wing at a news conference with the won most votes and seats in the of economic crisis and a series of didate of bohemians and social ern Europe. alliance in the national capital is Socialists on Friday, ran an anti- May 24 vote, she was not able corruption scandals, voters are activists. Artists created a series “The new law allows us to make another blow to the PP after its corruption campaign centred on to secure the 29-seat absolute opting for new parties to shatter a of posters for her, including one leaving Belgian territory with the rout in municipal and regional blocking the privatisation of pub- majority needed to take office. two-party system that has domi- of her with a Catwoman mask, a intention of engaging in terrorist elections last month when aus- lic services and preventing house- Carmena’s alliance of com- nated since the country entered play on the nickname ‘cats’, given acts a criminal offence,” Justice terity-weary Spaniards abandoned hold evictions in Madrid. munity activists, Ahora Madrid democracy in the late 1970s. to people from Madrid. Minister Koen Geens said. the party in droves. Despite backing from Podemos, (“Madrid Now”) is mirrored by Retired from the legal profession REUTERS AGENCIES SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 AMERICAS 09

Army’s 240th birthday US court throws Prison worker out Al Qaeda publicist’s helped convicts conviction

WASHINGTON: A divided US appeals court yesterday threw escape prison out the 2008 conspiracy con- viction of a Yemeni man pros- ecuted in an American military court at the Guantanamo Bay Mitchell gave contraband to jailbreakers US naval base in Cuba for serv- ing as a publicist for Al Qaeda. NEW YORK: A married The report found not enough A three-judge panel of the woman smuggled contraband evidence to take action against US Court of Appeals for the into a maximum-security New Mitchell, but Sweat was pulled District of Columbia Circuit York prison for two convicted out of the tailoring shop, the ruled 2-1 in favour of Ali Hamza killers who cut their way to newspaper reported. Al Bahlul, who made videos for freedom from the jail a week District schools remained Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda ago, a prosecutor said yesterday. closed for a second day yesterday organisation. Joyce Mitchell “provided some as hundreds of police combed Writing on behalf of the court, form of equipment or tools” to thick woods and swamps around Judge Judith Rogers said the con- Richard Matt, 49, and David the prison following reports that viction had to be put aside because Sweat, 35, before they escaped dogs had picked up a scent. the special military tribunal, or from the Clinton Correctional CNN and ABC News said dogs commission, at Guantanamo did Facility, Andrew Wylie, Clinton picked up a scent about three not have authority to convict County District Attorney, told miles from the prison. A footprint Members of the US Army Drill Team perform in Times Square in New York City in honour of the Army’s 240th Bahlul of a conspiracy charge. CNN. and food wrappers were found at birthday yesterday. Conspiracy is not a crime recog- The investigation has focused a spot where the men could have nized under the international law on how the murderers — one of bedded down, CNN said. of war, Rogers said. whom dismembered his former State police refused to comment The United States has used 76-year-old boss and the other on specifics, telling reporters that military commissions, first cre- who shot dead a sheriff’s deputy they were wary of giving the two Two men charged with beheading ated during the administration — acquired the power tools used murderers any tips, should they of former President George W to cut their way to freedom. be holed up watching the news on Bush, to put on trial a number of Hacksaw blades, two pairs of television. foreign terrorism suspects held spectacles with attached lights “Everybody needs to remain plot to help Islamic State at Guantanamo for alleged war and drill bits were among the vigilant until we can confirm crimes rather than prosecuting items Mitchell allegedly gave whether or not these guys are BOSTON: Prosecutors charged than May 2015, Wright, Rovinski called Wright to say he had them in regular military courts the convicts, CNN quoted two here or have left the area,” two US men yesterday of plot- and Rahim conspired to commit revised his plan and instead or civilian courts. unnamed law enforcement spokeswoman Jennifer Fleishman ting to help the Islamic State attacks and kill persons inside intended to attack “those boys Bahlul recorded recruiting vid- sources as saying. “I’m not going told reporters on Thursday. militant group by beheading the United States, which they in blue”, by which he meant eos and taped the wills of some to get into the details of exactly More than 500 officers spent Americans, after an investiga- believed would support ISIL’s Massachusetts police officers. of the hijackers who slammed what she brought into the facil- the day combing a thickly wooded tion that led law enforcement objectives,” using an alternative “Wright urged him to first commercial jetliners into New ity,” Wylie told MSNBC. “But area east of Dannemora, following officers to shoot a suspect dead acronym for the group. wipe his laptop computer and to York’s World Trade Center, the to confirm, she has not brought a lead police said was developed last week in Boston. Police shot 26-year-old Rahim destroy his phone so that they Pentagon outside Washington and power tools into the facility based late on Wednesday. Aiding in the The case follows a handful of dead last Tuesday when FBI could not be searched by law a Pennsylvania field on September on our investigation.” manhunt were prison guards, for- so-called “lone wolf” attacks in agents and a Boston police officer enforcement, and urged him to 11, 2001. US media had reported that est rangers, FBI agents, federal the United States and Canada approached him in a parking make a will,” according to the Three months after those the married mother may have marshals and border officers, K-9 since last year by people whom lot to question him. Authorities Justice Department statement. attacks, Bahlul was captured in been seduced by Matt, and alleg- units and helicopters. authorities said were inspired by said Rahim threatened the law Rovinsky and Wright are Pakistan and transferred to the edly agreed to pick the two escap- Authorities said Matt and Islamist State, which controls enforcement officers with a knife. charged with conspiracy to pro- Guantanamo Bay facility. A mili- ees up with a car, before changing Sweat had discussed head- parts of Syria and Iraq and has Wire taps of his phone calls had vide material support to Islamic tary commission convicted him of her mind and being admitted to ing to the neighbouring state vowed attacks on the West. revealed Rahim was planning State, an offence that carries a three crimes and sentenced him hospital with a panic attack. of Vermont before escaping. The men, Nicholas Rovinski, to behead police officers, law maximum prison sentence of 15 to life in prison at the detention Mitchell has been questioned “They are dangerous men. They 24, of Rhode Island, and David enforcement authorities said. years. center there. almost daily and is cooperating, are killers, they are murderers. Wright, 25, of Massachusetts, Prosecutors said the three men Rovinski, who is also known as In July 2014, the appeals court but has not yet been charged, There is no reason to believe are accused of making plans initially wanted to behead New Amriki aka Nuh al Andalusi, was threw out Bahlul’s other con- Wylie said, although he told CNN they wouldn’t do it again,” New with Wright’s uncle, Usaamah York resident Pamela Geller, who arrested at his home on Thursday victions for providing material that he was considering accessory York Governor Andrew Cuomo Abdullah Rahim, to kill the had organized an event in Texas night, and will appear in court support for terrorism and solici- and contraband charges. said on Wednesday. organiser of a Mohammed car- highlighting cartoons of the on Friday. Wright, also known as tation of others to commit war The Wall Street Journal reported There is a $100,000 reward toon exhibit in Texas in May, and Prophet Mohammed, images that Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, has crimes. that prison officials also inves- for information leading to their later to target Massachusetts many Muslims consider blasphe- been in custody since last week on The case is Bahlul v. United tigated in the last 12 months arrest, and the public has been police, a US Department of mous. Two gunmen had attacked a charge of obstruction of justice. States, US Court of Appeals for whether Mitchell formed a rela- warned to call 911 immediately Justice statement said. that event, and were shot dead He is scheduled to appear in court the District of Columbia Circuit, tionship with Sweat while working if they spot anything suspicious. Prosecutors say that “beginning by police. on June 19. No. 11-1324. together in a prison tailoring shop. AFP at a date unknown but no later Prosecutors said Rahim later REUTERS REUTERS

Canada arrests Somali for Radicalism spells chaos for Venezuela: Chavismo defector BARQUISIMETO, 53-year-old former military man, Venezuela’s political divide. the opposition will capture the hardline foes hoped would topple alleged role in Venezuela: When state gov- who is widely viewed as a poten- His moderate views echo those National Assembly. That could Maduro. ernor Henri Falcon abandoned tially pivotal figure in Venezuela’s of many Venezuelans fed up with encourage them to try to unseat Violence around the protests Venezuela’s ruling Socialist political future. the insults and violence of recent him with a recall referendum left 43 people dead on both sides scribe’s kidnap Party in 2010 and later joined “In Colombia, they’re sitting years, and Maduro earlier this allowed half-way through the of the political divide “A bad expe- the opposition, he was pilloried down with guerrillas. The United year called him an “exception” presidential term in 2016. rience. A mistake. They brought OTTAWA: Canadian police as a “traitor” by former pal and States and Cuba are resolving in a field of opposition leaders Should a “transition” govern- deaths, left people in prison, weak- have arrested a Somali national then president Hugo Chavez. their differences. So why not us? he dismissed as contemptible ment emerge in any scenario, ened leaderships, caused a lot of for what they say was his role Now, it is opposition hardliners The alternative is chaos,” Falcon coup-mongers. Falcon could be a central figure. damage, and helped the govern- in the 2008 hostage-taking in who insult him with that same said on Thursday after addressing With the ruling “Chavismo” Some Venezuelans see him as a ment in the polls,” the governor Somalia of two freelance jour- word as Falcon promotes dialogue a student rally in Barquisimeto, movement at one of its low- possible future presidential can- said, gazing across Barquisimeto nalists, Canadian Amanda with Chavez’s successor, President capital of Lara state that he est ebbs and the opposition didate. “I believe in a government from his top-floor office. Lindhout and Australian Nigel Nicolas Maduro, in a bid to ease governs. Democratic Unity (MUD) coa- of national unity,” Falcon said. With the failure of that tactic, Brennan. political hatreds and an economic Boasting both “Chavista” roots lition divided and disillusioned, “This model is finished. But we the opposition’s next chance to The Royal Canadian Mounted crisis in the South American and opposition credentials — it is hard to predict Venezuela’s can’t jump from one extreme to hurt Maduro is in the legislative Police (RCMP) said on Friday Opec nation. he was presidential candidate political direction, though legisla- another.” elections and Falcon predicted a they arrested Ali Omar Ader “I have no hang-ups over what Henrique Capriles’ manager for tive elections late this year will be Falcon, who is one of only “devastating” 15 percentage point in Ottawa on Thursday. RCMP anyone says about me. We must his campaign against Maduro an important indicator. three opposition governors in win for the opposition if they were Assistant Commissioner James end the polarization that has in 2013 — Falcon is one of the Maduro has another four years Venezuela’s 23 states, opposed held today. Malizia told reporters the arrest caused so much damage,” said the few politicians able to straddle as president but polls predict last year’s street protests that REUTERS followed extraterritorial under- cover operations, but he would not say whether the Somali government had been kept Securing crime scene informed. Ader was one of the main nego- Kerry to leave hospital tiators during the 15 months the two journalists were in captivity, Malizia said. He said Ader had for Boston home been in Ottawa for a few days. Upon their release for ransom in November 2009, Lindhout WASHINGTON: US Secretary “Secretary Kerry will be and Brennan recounted having of State John Kerry was to leave released from Massachusetts been beaten, tortured and nearly the hospital yesterday where he General Hospital this afternoon starved. was treated for a broken leg suf- and return to his Boston home,” Lindhout and Brennan were fered while cycling in France to a senior State Department kidnapped on Aug. 23, 2008. return to his Boston home, a official said on condition of Lindhout told the Toronto Star senior US official said. anonymity. after her release that her kidnap- Kerry, 71, broke his right Kerry has not returned to pers were Islamic fundamentalists femur on May 31 while cycling Washington since his injury, and affiliated with the Hizbul-Islam a portion of the Tour de France US officials have declined to say insurgent group. route in the Haute Savoie when he may do so. Brennan tweeted the following region of France, raising ques- One of the central questions message after news of the arrest: tions about how deeply he may after Kerry’s fall was whether it “Amazing news of the arrest of be involved in Iran nuclear talks would affect negotiations between Ali Omar Ader, aka Adan the ahead of a self-imposed June 30 Iran and six major powers seek- Somali criminal involved in my deadline. ing to strike an agreement to kidnapping. Finally Justice will He was flown home to the curb Iran’s nuclear program in be served!” United States aboard a military exchange for relief from economic In 2013 Lindhout recounted transport plane and underwent sanctions. her experience in “A House successful surgery on June 2 to The State Department has said in the Sky,” which went on Salvadoran soldiers secure a crime scene in the town of San Pedro Perulapan. Six members of the Barrio 18 repair the fracture. At the time, Kerry expected to be back in the to become a New York Times Gang were killed on Thursday in a confrontation with the army, which has taken on a larger role in fighting his surgeon said Kerry’s recovery negotiating room before the end bestseller. violence in the poor Central American nation. was not expected to interfere with of the month. REUTERS his official duties. REUTERS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 10 ASIA / AFRICA

Nepal landslide Anti-China protest US targeted us toll climbs to 35 KATHMANDU: Rescuers yes- terday recovered 14 more bodies following a landslide triggered with anthrax: by heavy rains in northeast Nepal, taking the confirmed death toll to 35. Up to 20 people are still miss- ing after the landslide, which North Korea crushed villages in mountainous Taplejung district Thursday fol- lowing incessant rains. “The toll has reached 35, but we believe Pyongyang urges UN probe another 20 might be missing,” Shanti Raj Koirala, the district’s PYONGYANG: North Korea sanctions for carrying out nuclear deputy superintendent of police has accused the United States tests and missile launches. In said. of targeting it with anthrax addition to an arms embargo, Rescuers struggled to reach and asked the United Nations Pyongyang is banned from trad- affected villages in mountainous Security Council to investi- ing in nuclear and missile tech- Taplejung district after the land- gate Washington’s “biological nology, and is not allowed to slides, which hit just weeks after warfare schemes” after a live import luxury goods. twin quakes killed 8,700 people, anthrax sample was sent to a The UN Security Council damaged roads and bridges, and US base in South Korea. also added the issue of human swept away houses. Live anthrax samples, which rights in North Korea to its An army helicopter had air- can be used as a biological agenda in December, after a U.N. lifted eight injured villagers to a weapon, were inadvertently sent Commission of Inquiry report local hospital on Thursday, but Philippine activists hold a protest in front of the Chinese Consular Office in Manila as the country commemo- to Australia, Canada, Britain, last year detailed abuses in the was unable to fly in today because rates the 117th anniversary of the declaration of independence from Spain. The protesters shouted slogans South Korea and laboratories in impoverished Asian state that it of continuing heavy rains. against China’s reclamation and construction activities on islands and reefs in the Spratly Group of the South 19 US states and Washington, DC, said were comparable to Nazi-era “Condolences to the family of China Sea that are also claimed by the Philippines. the Pentagon said recently. atrocities. deceased in Taplejung landslide. “The United States not only Meanwhile, Pentagon spokes- Wish speedy recovery of injured. possesses deadly weapons of man said yesterday that the US Have asked for prompt recovery mass destruction ... but also is military had shipped live anthrax and relief,” Nepal’s prime min- attempting to use them in actual to an American base in Japan a ister Sushil Koirala tweeted on warfare against (North Korea),” decade ago, bringing to five the Thursday. Burundi opposition parties Pyongyang’s UN Ambassador Ja number of countries that were Scores of people die every year Song Nam wrote in a letter to inadvertently sent the lethal from flooding and landslides dur- the UN Security Council and UN bacteria. ing the monsoon season in Nepal. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, The sample was sent in 2005 Taplejung escaped serious dam- threaten to boycott polls which was made public yesterday. to Camp Zama southwest of age in the April 25 and May 12 The US mission to the United Tokyo and was destroyed in 2009, earthquakes, which triggered BUJUMBURA: Burundi’s “If the elections are held in resignations by election com- Nations was not immediately Pentagon spokesman Colonel landslides and destroyed half a opposition parties have threat- conditions that would impose the mission officials. On Wednesday available for comment on the Steve Warren said. million homes, leaving thousands ened to boycott elections later power of Nkurunziza, we cannot Nkurunziza issued another accusations. “There currently is no anthrax without shelter just weeks ahead this month if the government participate because they will be decree allowing the remaining US investigators are trying to — activated or inactivated — in of monsoon rains. fails to create the conditions elections held illegally with no three out of five members of the ascertain whether the shipments Japan at this time,” Warren said. for a fair vote, a spokesman legitimacy,” said Jeremie Minani, commission, which had been of live anthrax stemmed from South Korea, Canada, Australia for a coalition of 17 parties said spokesman for the coalition of 17 paralysed by two resignations, quality control problems at the and Britain have also received Gunmen kill 37 in yesterday. parties and organisations. to take majority decisions. US military base in Utah which active anthrax bacteria, the The troubled central African Members of the coalition The opposition have accused sent them, Pentagon officials have Pentagon said, as well as 19 Nigerian village nation has been in crisis since include senior opposition the president of trying to force a said. American states and the US capi- late April over President Pierre leader Charles Nditije, former vote regardless of the crisis. North Korea “strongly requests tal Washington. MAIDUGURI: Suspected Nkurunziza’s controversial bid head of the main Tutsi-party “We ask the international the Security Council take up the In all, 69 labs have received live Boko Haram gunmen killed 37 to stand for a third consecutive Uprona, and ex-rebel turned community to reject and isolate issue of the shipment of anthrax anthrax samples since 2005. people in raids on five villages five-year term, a move branded influential politician Agathon any institution that emerges germs in order to thoroughly Warren said investigators around Maiduguri, the capital by opponents as unconstitutional Rwasa. from these elections,” Minani investigate the biological warfare were looking into “some sort of of northeast Nigeria’s Borno and a violation of a 2006 peace Burundi’s opposition has said said, warning it would otherwise schemes of the United States,” Ja mechanical problem (or) some state, a military source and a deal that ended 13 years of civil that fair polls are not possible set the country on the “road to wrote in his letter, dated June 4. sort of problem with the under- local village defence group said war. because independent media has chaos.” He attached a statement from lying science behind deactivation.” yesterday. Parliamentary elections are been shut down, many opponents The group has written a letter North Korea’s National Defence “Of course, human error is a The Islamist militants, who now slated for June 29 and a have fled the country, and the addressed to Tanzanian President Commission, which urged the possibility,” he added. arrived on motorcycles and in presidential poll on July 15, after government has refused to dis- Jakaya Kikwete, the current head world to consider the anthrax No one has fallen sick from four-wheel drive vehicles, fired being delayed following weeks of cuss the main flashpoint issue of the five-nation East African shipment “the gravest challenge handling the samples, and the into houses and shot fleeing locals street demonstrations, a violent of Nkurunziza’s proposed third Community (EAC), warning that to peace and a hideous crime concentration of active bacteria during Wednesday evening and police crackdown and a failed term. under current conditions an elec- aimed at genocide.” is extremely low. the early hours of Thursday, the coup attempt by a section of the The elections are also going tion would not be credible. North Korea is under UN AFP military source said. AGENICES army. ahead despite a string of AFP

Alert raised China inspects six more state East Timor drops firms in anti-graft drive Australia spying BEIJING: China’s top anti-graft watchdog said Friday it had car- case at UN court ried out inspections at six major state-owned enterprises in indus- THE HAGUE: East Timor tries ranging from energy to construction, as the ruling Communist has officially dropped its case Party expands its anti-corruption dragnet. against Australia before the Energy giant China Huaneng Group, steel producers Baosteel and UN’s International Court of Wuhan Iron and Steel, China State Construction, China Shipbuilding Justice, after Canberra returned Industry Corporation, and China Ocean Shipping Company were the sensitive documents relating to a latest firms to be probed by the Central Commission for Discipline controversial oil and gas treaty. Inspection (CCDI), the agency said. The watchdog did not name any “The case brought against executives as targets for individual inspection in its statement Friday Australia in respect of a dispute but said it warned companies against transgressions such as nepotism, concerning the seizure of data wasteful spending and improper bidding on contracts. and documents which belongs to Timor-Leste... was removed from the court’s list on June 11,” the ICJ ‘Left behind’ siblings commit suicide said Friday in a statement. However, a parallel case BEIJING: Four siblings, aged between five and 14 and left unat- behind closed doors before the tended by their parents for months, apparently committed suicide Permanent Court of Arbitration by drinking pesticide in southwest China, the government and state (PCA), which is in the same media said yesterday. building as the Hague-based ICJ, The children, a boy and his younger sisters, were found by a vil- is set to continue. lager while struggling with convulsions after taking the poison late East Timor announced earlier on Tuesday at their home in Bijie in the remote province of Guizhou, this month it will drop charges the official Xinhua news agency said. They died soon after and police in the bitter spy row that saw believe it was a suicide, in a case highlighting the plight faced by rural Canberra seize documents in 2013 children left behind by their migrant guardians. in an Australian intelligence serv- Their mother left in February 2013 after being beaten up by their ices raid on the office of a lawyer father, the provincial civil affairs authorities said in a statement. Xinhua representing Dili in the case at Lava spilliing out from the crater of Mount Sinabung as seen from Tiga Serangkai village in Karo, North Sumatra, said her whereabouts are unknown. The father, identified as Zhang the PCA. Indonesia, yesterday. More than 2,700 people were moved from their homes near a volcano on Sumatra island Fangqi, left the town to work elsewhere in March 2015, wiring money It then dragged Australia to on June 4 following a sharp increase in volcanic activity. The alert for Mount Sinabung was raised to the high- back periodically, Xinhua added. AFP the ICJ in January last year to est level as authorities fear that its growing lava dome could collapse any time. get back the secret documents relating to a controversial multi- billion-dollar oil and gas treaty which Dili wants torn up. In a letter to the ICJ requesting Malaysia deports four tourists over mountain stripping the case be scrapped, East Timor said Australia gave back the documents on May 12. Therefore KOTA KINABALU, which killed 18 people on Mount when they would be deported. newspaper The Guardian. were among a larger group of “Timor-Leste has successfully MALAYSIA: Four Western Kinabalu. “It is a wake-up call to tour- He had earlier released a state- tourists believed by authorities achieved the purpose of its appli- tourists were ordered deported A court in Kota Kinabalu, ists not to ignore local traditions ment saying his daughter knows to have taken part. cation to the court,” it said, refer- from Malaysia yesterday after capital of the state of Sabah on and culture,” Masidi Manjun, the what she did “was stupid and dis- Police said yesterday they were ring to the tiny half-island nation pleading guilty to obscenity Borneo island, sentenced them state’s tourism minister said. respectful and is very sorry for still seeking five others, but that by its preferred name. charges for taking nude photos to three days’ jail time starting “Since they pleaded guilty and the offence that she has caused some were thought to have left At the heart of the David- on a popular climbing peak, an from when they were arrested on showed remorse, it is only fair the Malaysian people.” Sabah. The defendants were hus- versus-Goliath dispute is the act some in the country blamed Tuesday, meaning their term had that they are let off with a fine The 4,095-metre (13,435-foot) tled into court through a media treaty signed in 2006 between Dili for causing a deadly earthquake. been served. by the court.” peak, a World Heritage Site and scrum including reporters from and its southern neighbour, four The defendants — Eleanor They also were fined 5,000 Hawkins’ father expressed popular climbing destination, is Britain who arrived in the sleepy years after East Timor’s inde- Hawkins of Britain, 24, Dutchman Malaysian ringgit ($1,330) and relief at the verdict, adding he considered sacred to tribal groups state capital to follow Hawkins’ pendence from Indonesia. Dylan Snel, 23, and Canadian ordered deported for committing wanted to get his daughter home on Borneo, and many Malaysians fortunes. Australia allegedly used an aid brother and sister Lindsey, 23, an “obscene act in a public place,” safely. “We are relieved... As were incensed after the photos The two women were hand- programme as cover to bug East and Danielle Petersen, 22 — were which can carry a three-month far as we know she is currently taken May 30 circulated on the cuffed together, as were the men, Timor’s cabinet offices so it could arrested earlier this week in the jail term. under the protection of the con- Internet. all four looking nervous. listen to discussions about the wake of the deadly June 5 quake It was not immediately clear sulate,” Tim Hawkins told British The four convicted yesterday AFP treaty. AFP SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 PAKISTAN / AFGHANISTAN 11 Clampdown on aid groups Frustrated donors Save the Children charity given 15 days to leave Pakistan end funding for ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will calls and watching their offices,” a Afghanistan elections tighten oversight of aid groups senior police official said. “Their and activists “working without activities are very suspicious.” KABUL: Afghanistan’s failure community can’t really justify any rules”, the interior minister An official at the charity said to set a date for postponed par- that level of assistance.” said yesterday, as officials gave several staff had been denied visas liamentary elections or act on Around $338m had been Save the Children 15 days to since 2012, and Pakistani authori- promised reforms has prompted pledged to the three-year UN leave the country. ties had blocked supplies. foreign aid donors to cut short project that was to fund presiden- Police locked the gate of Save “These restrictions have a multi-million-dollar project to tial and parliamentary elections. the Children’s office in Islamabad blocked aid to millions of chil- fund electoral bodies. The UNDP would not say how late on last Thursday and posted dren and their families,” the offi- The country is headed for much remains unspent, but said a notice saying the building was cial said. another political crisis after last it “will inform the public when sealed. A draft bill, the Foreign year’s fraught presidential vote the new ELECT II work plan is Pakistan has toughened its Contributions Regulation Act because the parliament’s five-year agreed by the project’s partners”. stance against local and inter- 2015, would make it easier for mandate expires on June 22 and Both candidates claimed vic- national NGOs in recent years, officials to prevent groups that elections scheduled for April have tory after last year’s presidential accusing them of using their work receive foreign funds from oper- been delayed. vote was marred by accusations as a cover for espionage. ating in Pakistan. The decision to end the of fraud and it took months for “International NGOs were Pakistan deregistered 3,000 United Nations Development them to agree to a US-brokered working without any rules, local aid groups in December Programme-run project before deal to form a unity government regulations, agenda and law in A policeman stands guard outside the Save the Children charity’s office in last year, according to CIVICUS, it runs out in December shows a under Ashraf Ghani. Pakistan. For several years intelli- Islamabad yesterday. a global alliance of civil society new readiness by donors to cut Reforms were a condition for gence reports were being received organisations. money to projects that are falling holding future elections, but no but no action was taken,” Interior Save the Children’s foreign statement. Nisar said charities doing “pos- short. Afghanistan has received progress has been made because Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali staff were expelled from Pakistan Khan said Save the Children itive” work should not worry but billions of dollars in assistance rivals in government disagree over Khan told reporters. soon after the accusations sur- had been working in Pakistan criticised activists working for the since the Taliban were ousted by who should lead the commission. Save the Children has been in faced but more than 1,000 local “year after year against their own abolition of the death penalty and a US-led invasion in 2001. Donors say that aid is being Pakistan for over 35 years but has staff continued to operate. The charter and agenda”. judicial reform. “We know which “Donors and UNDP decided scrutinised more closely than had run-ins with the government charity denies any links with the “We will not let anyone work local NGOs are involved in this the best course of action would ever and other projects that are since 2011, when it was linked to a doctor or the CIA. under the table,” he said. slander campaign,” he said. “This be to wind down ELECT II,” a failing to meet expectations face Pakistani doctor recruited by the “We strongly object to this Police said the aid agency propaganda should stop. There Western diplomat told Reuters, similar cuts. CIA to help in the hunt that led action and are raising our seri- was involved in “anti-Pakistani should be respect for our judicial adding that the lack of progress One example is a delayed to the killing of Osama bin Laden ous concerns at the highest lev- projects”. system.” on reforms prompted the decision. scheme to roll out electronic iden- in Abbottabad. els,” Save the Children said in a “We have been monitoring their REUTERS “In the hiatus, the international tity cards. REUTERS

Poor conditions for PPP at loggerheads with establishment ISLAMABAD: Chief minister harbouring these mafias, whether PPP leadership has decided to proceed against ministers, poli- Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah has in the government, amongst pol- turn their guns against the fed- ticians and senior members of children in Pakistan been provided by Rangers a list iticians or in the bureaucracy, eral government and Punjab also the bureaucracy on the basis of ISLAMABAD: As bad as it is AJK also does not appear to of around two dozen politicians, should be fixed without any fear for which some provincial and Rangers’ complaint. to be a child in Pakistan admin- have the ‘ghost school’ problem members of the bureaucracy, and favour. federal PPP leaders are assigned The PPP, it is said, has decided istered Jammu and Kashmir, that the rest of Pakistan has. police officers and others who The sources said that upon the task. to counter the issue politically, for it is better than being a child Meanwhile, at least 20,000 stu- are allegedly involved in “finan- receiving the Rangers’ brief that It is said that in the last apex which pressure would be exerted in the rest of Pakistan. That dents in the region attend 426 cial terrorism” that is seen as includes the names of some PPP committee meeting, the chief on the prime minister in a bid is the assessment of the State religious madrassah where they the major contributing factor leaders/ministers and MQM lead- minister had agreed to constitute to stop the establishment from of Children in Pakistan report receive boarding and lodging that behind crime and terrorism ers besides others and members a committee to look into the alle- focusing on the economic crime issued recently by the United is often free. in Karachi and Sindh, it was of bureaucracy and police, the gations regarding involvement of in the city. Nations Children’s Fund. Officials in AJK say there are learnt yesterday. Sindh chief minister approached ministers, politicians, bureaucrats According to one source, According to the report, which no unregistered madrassahs in Informed sources said that the party’s top leadership for con- in serious financial crimes, which the PPP leadership will resist is the first government-endorsed the region and that most are the military establishment and sultation. However, it was decided directly or indirectly contribute establishment’s action against study by UNICEF, the AJK gov- compliant with the 1996 Deeni the Rangers want the PPP gov- to keep the things moving as they to terrorism and other grave any politician or members ernment has had a keen focus on Madrassas Registration Act. ernment in Sindh to choke all are. crimes. of bureaucracy who have been children’s issues, particularly edu- In AJK, the crime rate is low; the sources of finances for ter- Instead of opting for a direct However, after the chief min- loyal with the party and its cation, which gets 26 per cent of as such there are few prison- rorists, mafias and criminal confrontation with the establish- ister had consulted his party leadership. the region’s regular budget and ers and convicts in jails, and an gangs in Karachi for which those ment, these sources said that the leadership, it was decided not to INTERNEWS nearly 8 per cent of the develop- even smaller number of juvenile ment budget. offenders. In addition, there are other At the end of December 31, factors that enable a slightly 2011 the population of juvenile Anti-Indian protest better environment for children offenders is precisely one in in AJK relative to the rest of Muzaffarabad Central Jail and Delimitation Pakistan: greater social mobility, he is being held on a murder and the absence of feudal social charge. Some incidents of abuse of lists displayed structures, which are seen as an juvenile offenders in Mirpur jail, impediment to education in most with the connivance of the prison in Pakistan’s parts of Pakistan. staff, have, nevertheless been This, however, does not mean reported. that all is well for the children Child labour According to the Sindh province of AJK. Gross enrollment in pri- joint director for labour, child mary schools, for instance, is at labour in AJK is not as bad as the KARACHI: The provin- 95 per cent, which is relatively rest of Pakistan, but it does exist. cial election commission of high, until one considers the fact AJK has a small manufacturing Pakistan’s Sindh province that only 33 per cent of boys and base, and there are no reports of yesterday put on display the only 19 per cent of girls ever even children working in factories. delimitation lists of 1,486 union make it to high school, let alone However, there are children councils and union committees graduate. working in the services sector of 29 districts of the province. There are 2,690 primary like auto repair shops, road- The lists have been displayed at schools, 994 middle schools and side cafes as well as in agricul- 231 designated centres and loca- 683 high schools in the ten dis- ture and as domestic servants. tions in the districts for public tricts of AJK. AJK’s health infrastructure was viewing for 10 days. The Election Enrollment numbers appear to severely damaged during the 2005 Commission of Pakistan has be somewhat similar for boys and earthquake. Efforts are ongoing invited objections from the gen- girls at all levels, though there is a to reconstruct damaged hospitals eral public before finalising the significant dropout rate at higher and other health centres. There new demarcations for the local levels: at the primary school level, are approximately, 2,249 hospital bodies elections scheduled for 122,044 boys to 126,835 girls, in beds available, averaging one bed September, according to officials. middle school 56,007 boys to per 1,762 people. There was not The lists - called preliminary 50,452 girls. a single polio case reported from Activists from the banned organisation Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) shout anti-Indian slogans during a protest in list of constituencies - contained The total number of students AJK but diarrhoea is one of the Quetta yesterday. Pakistan has strongly reacted to comments made by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a total of 355 union committees attending public schools in AJK is most prevalent diseases among that reportedly acknowledged Indian troops had a role in the war that created Bangladesh which was part of and 1,131 union councils in the 396,258 of which 200,444 are boys children. Pakistan until 1971 when separtisits won independence after a war. Pakistani parliament has passed unani- province. Of them, 213 union and 195,814 are girls. INTERNEWS mous resolutions strongly condemning recent provocative statements made by Indian leaders, including the committees and 22 union councils fall within Karachi’s six district threat of attacks against Pakistani territory. municipal corporations (DMCs) and the Karachi District Council (KDC), respectively. Three more municipal corpora- Blast kills one in Peshawar No big change in Pakistan even if tions - of Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana - have been notified with PESHAWAR: A bomb in a Torkham lies in Khyber region, 96, 26 and 20 union committees, pushcart killed at least one one of the seven semi-autonomous respectively, having been carved person and wounded six oth- tribal districts where the military Constitution is suspended, says Gul out. ers Friday at the main border has been battling Taliban and ISLAMABAD: Former corps commander Lt “But, in our country, personal desires start rul- The three districts, along with crossing between Pakistan and Al-Qaeda-linked militants for Gen (retd) Hameed Gul has said that even if the ing the rulers and everyone wants to be in power 19 other districts and Karachi Afghanistan, officials said. over a decade. Constitution is suspended in the present circum- for a long time.” He said East Pakistan gave more division, will have district councils The blast came at the Torkham The border crossing has been stances, there will be no big change in the country. sacrifices for Pakistan and Ayub Khan made the as well where 21, 44 and 37 union crossing, the main frontier post used extensively by NATO sup- In an interview yesterday, he said people would country strongest. councils have been carved out. in Pakistan’s restive northwest. ply convoys transporting goods demand the blood of politicians and won’t listen to Responding to a question about India, he said the Officials in the provincial The bomb was apparently hidden overland from Pakistan’s main them in the presence of the Objectives Resolution. RSS ideology was in its bloom now. The Brahman election commission said that in a pushcart used by travellers port Karachi to forces in He said every ruler in Pakistan committed mistakes. thinking was a ruse. Narendra Modi was truly rep- the administrative boundaries to ferry goods across the frontier. Afghanistan. The army should take the country’s command for resenting the RSS. within various districts including “The bomb killed one person The Pakistan army began a a short period and act professionally. He said the He said they thought that they were going to be Karachi had continuously been and wounded six others, two major campaign against Taliban army should get rid of the black sheep within its an economic power, but chances of India’s breakup changed over the years because of them seriously,” senior local and other militant strongholds in ranks and hold others accountable for their wrong were visible. He said Modi considered Muslims equal of which they could not rule out administration official Daftar the North Waziristan tribal area deeds. He said if the army did not take over, there to dogs and as he said dogs were often crushed by more changes. However, they Khan told. in June last year and authorities would be a civil war in the country. vehicles. hoped, no further changes would Another senior local adminis- have now vowed to intensify oper- Replying to a question, he said Turkey was a role He said if there was a war now, it won’t be tra- happen after Friday as this could tration official, Tayyab Abdullah, ations both in the border regions model to follow, adding that the Turkish army took ditional, but rather bombs would be thrown in cause a delay in the schedule of also confirmed the incident and and across the country. over for some time, did its job and then there were response to bombs. He said: “I fear that Modi’s fate the local government elections in casualties. AFP elections. will be like that of Gandhi.” INTERNEWS the province. INTERNEWS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 12 INDIA Search for Coast Guard Chandigarh rock garden plane still continues Satellite imagery of the area being examined

CHENNAI: The Indian Navy An earlier glimmer of hope in board Deputy Commandant and Coast Guard, assisted by the form of an oil slick on the sea Vidyasagar piloting the air- several national agencies, con- surface in the Karaikal area also craft, his co-pilot and Deputy tinued searching for the fourth got snuffed out on Thursday as Commandant Subash Suresh and day in the Bay of Bengal for an test results ruled it was not avia- navigator/observer MK Soni -- all Indian Coast Guard Dornier tion fuel. in their 30s. aircraft reported missing since The coastal security agency The missing aircraft was monday evening -- with no clue said highly specialised Coast deployed for surveillance along yet to its whereabouts, an offi- Guard/naval ships and several the Tamil Nadu coast and over cial said. patrol boats of coastal security Palk Bay. An official here said the search group were involved in the search It took off from Chennai air- team was yet to get any clue into operation. port around 6 pm on monday for the disappearance of the plane Air sorties too have been car- a surveillance sortie but did not that went missing on June 8. ried out to locate the missing return. An official statement released aircraft. An official statement issued on on yesterday said INS Sandhayak, The Indian National Centre tuesday said the last contact with a hydrographic survey vessel of for Ocean Information Services the aircraft was made at 9 pm on the Navy, arrived in the area on (INCOIS), Hyderabad has been monday. Thursday night and has com- requested to undertake SAR The last known location of menced searching for the miss- model programming for the miss- the aircraft, as per Trichy radar, Visitors in the Rock Garden, built by self-taught artist Nek Chand Saini over the course of 18 years, in Chandigarh. ing plane. ing aircraft and to identify the was off Karaikal in Puducherry, The architect of India’s famous Rock Garden, who created a landscape of handmade waterfalls, rocks and The vessel is using its underwa- Most Probable Area (MPA). where it was tracked till 9.23 fanciful figures with scraps and shards of stone, died of a heart attack yesterday, his son said. ter detection equipment to detect National Institute of Ocean pm, 95 nautical miles south of any transmission from the Sonar Technology (NIOT), Chennai Chennai. Locater Beacon of the aircraft. has been approached for ocea- “The aircraft was the latest Aerial search by Paramotors nographic analyses of the area induction in the Coast Guard through Coastal Security Group of around the datum and feasibility inventory in 2014 and was being Death row terrorist Bhullar shifted Tamil Nadu was also undertaken of deploying their Research Vessel flown by a highly experienced 30 km south of Cuddalore along ‘Sagar Nidhi’ for augmenting the crew,” an official statement the coast over marshy mangroves, subsurface search. said. which are not approachable by A team from Omcar The latest incident comes to Amritsar central jail from Tihar sea. Indian Navy submarine INS Foundation, Thanjavur has been within months of a Dornier-228 Sindhudhvaj was expected to join embarked onboard ‘ICGS Sarang’ of the Indian Navy with three CHANDIGARH: Khalistani underwent medical examination to Canada in 1994, has her paren- the search by today afternoon. for undertaking underwater pho- crew members going down in the terrorist Devinder Pal Singh at the Government Guru Nanak tal house in Amritsar. Bhullar, a Assistance of the National tography and acoustic survey. Arabian Sea off Goa coast, kill- Bhullar, who is on death row, Dev Hospital. Khalistan Liberation Force ter- Remote Sensing Agency (NRSA) Unrelenting efforts by Coast ing two. was shifted to the Amritsar Official sources said Bhullar’s rorist, was sentenced to death has also been sought for analy- Guard and Naval ships/aircrafts The March crash was the first Central Jail from Delhi’s Tihar wife Navneet Kaur has demanded for masterminding a 1993 car sis of the satellite imagery of to locate the missing Dornier and involving a Dornier which was Jail yesterday, a government the Bhullar be lodge in the bomb attack in front of the Youth the area to assist in locating the crew is also on. inducted by the Navy in mid 90s. official said. Amritsar Jail, citing his poor Congress office in New Delhi that aircraft. The missing Dornier had on IANS On reaching Amritsar, he health. Kaur, who had migrated killed 12 people. IANS

Myanmar operation Farm widow Bengal adopts motion seeking ends life, 100 ‘nothing big’: Faleiro withdrawal of land ordinance days after PANAJI: “There is nothing Alliance government first said big” about the retaliatory surgi- that the “surgical strikes” were KOLKATA: The West Bengal member opposing it. proposed law saying it was aimed meeting CM cal strike by elite military com- conducted on Myanmar soil, in assembly yesterday adopted a “There are certain issues where at eliminating land mafia. YAVATMAL, Maharashtra: mandos on Myanmar soil earlier subsequent statements, ministers motion urging the Narendra for the sake of the country and “The Trinamool on one hand Barely 100 days after meeting this week, Congress Working of the central government exer- Modi-led central government to the people, compromises can be says it will not acquire land, on Maharashtra Chief Minister Committee member Luizinho cised caution by saying that the withdraw the “draconian” Land made. But this law is draconian the other it plans to develop sev- Devendra Fadnavis, a farm Faleiro said here yesterday. retaliatory attack was carried out Ordinance. and if passed will destroy the eral smart cities. From whom widow from Pipmpributi village He added that such opera- along the India-Myanmar border. The ruling Trinamool Congress, entire country. There can be no would you be getting this land here ended her life yesterday, a tions were routine and the BJP Faleiro, now the state Congress opposition Communist Party of compromise on this,” Banerjee for the smart cities, is it the land watchdog NGO said. was making a “mountain out of president, said that the only novel India-Marxist and the Congress said in favour of the motion. mafia?” he asked. Fadnavis had called on and a molehill”. element about the retaliatory initially moved three different “The ordinance had to be prom- Calling the land ordinance consoled the victim, Shanta Faleiro, who was the All India attack by the Indian military this motions seeking the withdrawal ulgated thrice but still it has not anti-farmer, Mishra expressed Tajane -- whose husband Prahlad Congress Committee (AICC) time round was that it was “a lit- of the Right to Fair Compensation been passed. The centre should his displeasure over his party Tajane had committed suicide general secretary in-charge of tle more organised”. and Transparency in Land realise this fact, in democracy motions being not adopted by four years ago -- while on a tour the north-eastern states for six “The way they went and acted Acquisition, Rehabilitation and it’s the people who have the last the assembly. “Whenever we of the district on March 3 this years until last year, was speak- this time, may be a little more Resettlement (Amendment) say and they should immediately move any motion on any subject, year. ing to reporters at the state party organised, but our military is Ordinance, 2015. withdraw this law,” she said. it is never accepted, but when “At the meeting, she had headquarters. going and is doing it very regu- While Leader of Opposition Asserting that industry and the ruling party brings a similar demanded a well, a motor pump “But our soldiers (are) killing larly. There is nothing big about Surjya Kanta Mishra of the CPI- agriculture can coexist, Banerjee, motion with different wordings, and electric connection to con- them...because those borders are it,” Faleiro said. M, opposed the motions moved also the Trinamool Congress it is immediately accepted. I can’t tinue tending her farm which totally porous. They are doing it The former Goa chief minister by the Trinamool and Congress, supremo, said: “Options are open; fathom this duality,” he said. was lying abandoned after her everyday. This was only a bravado. also accused the BJP of making Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee why is this government looking “Not only the ordinance, but husband’s suicide. However, Such actions are normal,” Faleiro much about the killer strike.“That insisted that a single motion be for an easy option? Why is this the entire land bill is draconian. despite Fadnavis’ assurances, said, referring to the strike ear- is typically BJP’s agenda to go to passed as the issue concerned the government looking to snatch The whole country is opposing it there was no progress in lier this week by Indian army’s the press to make an issue, make welfare of the people at large. away the land of the farmers for including the Shiv Sena. We must the matter and she took the 21 Para Special Forces on mili- a mountain of a molehill. But I At the chief minister’s prompt- the sake of industrialists?” set an example and instead of extreme step today,” Vidarbha tants of a terror group, who on don’t want to make comments ing, Parliamentary Affairs She also called upoon the lone three different motions, we must Jan Andolan Samiti President June 4 had killed 18 soldiers in to bring the morale of the armed Minister Partha Chatterjee later BJP member Samik Bhattacharya adopt a single motion to show Kishore Tiwari said. an ambush in Manipur’s Chandel forces down, because I know they moved a single motion that was to vote in favour of the motion. that we are unanimous in oppos- He added that after Prahlad district. are doing a wonderful job of it out adopted by the assembly with But Bhattacharya opposed ing this draconian law,” he said. Tajane’s death four years ago, the While the National Democratic there,” Faleiro said. IANS only the Bharatiya Janata Party the motion and defended the IANS government had given an aid of `100,000, of which `30,000 was disbursed as interim relief and the balance was kept in a joint Hurriyat protest in Srinagar bank account with the state government. Nestle argues against Tiwari said Shanta Tajane’s problems were compounded as she was unable to withdraw the balance amount (`70,000) from ‘arbitrary’ noodle ban the bank account, as nobody guided her on the formalities to MUMBAI: An Indian regula- state of our labs,” Nestle lawyer be completed at the collector’s tor’s report that found excess Iqbal Chagla said of the sample’s level. lead in Maggi instant noodles handling, adding delays in test- Out of sheer frustration, she should be disregarded, food ing the pack at the government’s ended her life and her last rites group Nestle said yesterday, as Calcutta lab may have contami- were completed in the village the sample was open for three nated it. yesterday afternoon. months and past its sell-by date The storm over Maggi noo- The farm widow’s suicide came by the time it was tested. dles, one of India’s most popular a day after a former director of Nestle has been battling its snacks, has gripped increasingly a local cooperative credit society worst ever branding crisis in India health-conscious consumers, and Madhav Gole Patil in Ghoddhara since a regulator in the northern has also highlighted shortcomings village committed suicide by state of Uttar Pradesh found in the country’s understaffed and jumping into a well. monosodium glutamate (MSG) underfunded food safety network. “Patil, who was a cotton farmer and excess lead in a sample of its The next hearing is on June and a social activist, left a sui- hugely popular noodles. 30. Until then, the court ruled cide note in which he urged the Last week, Nestle withdrew the FSSAI order to withdraw government to give farm loans all varieties of the noodles, hours the noodles stands. Meanwhile, waiver, higher minimum support before the country’s food safety health experts have said that lead price to agriculture produce and authority (FSSAI) banned the present in noodles causes a slew disbursement of the relief aid snack, ruling it “unsafe and of chronic diseases including high declared in October 2014,” Tiwari hazardous”. blood pressure, peripheral arte- said. But Nestle maintains the noo- rial disease and cardiovascular This year, since January 1, the dles are safe and the food giant disease. number of farmers suicides has told the Bombay High Court The caution comes days after touched around 1,090, though Activists of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) shout slogans as a police officer detains them during yesterday that FSSAI’S decision the sale of Nestle’s popular noo- state government officials ques- a protest in Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir yesterday. A dozen activists of the APHC gathered to was arbitrary, and questioned the dle Maggi was banned in several tion whether all are related to the protest against the recent killing of one of their activists by unidentified gunmen in Sopore, North of Kashmir. standards of testing behind it. states across the country includ- agrarian crises. “It is a sad commentary on the ing Delhi. REUTERS IANS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 INDIA 13 Sanitation workers end stir Congress accuses Delhi govt releases salary arrears; garbage clean-up in three days Centre, JK govt of NEW DELHI: Sanitation workers in Delhi yesterday called off their strike after the failure on all fronts Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) gov- ernment released `513 crore to SRINAGAR: The Congress in shameful that the PDP-BJP rul- clear their salary arrears, a Jammu and Kashmir yesterday ing alliance has rubbed salt on the union leader said. accused the Narendra Modi- wounds of the people by fighting He said Delhi would be led central government and on the amount of package needed “cleaned in just three days” once Mufti Sayeed-led Jammu and to rehabilitate them,” Oza said. they resumed work. Kashmir government of failure She said every section of soci- “We have got to know that the on all fronts. ety was disappointed by the Delhi government has released Shobha Oza, the president of “non-performance” of the state `513 crore for our salaries. We the All India Mahila Congress, government here and Prime therefore decided to call off the accused Jammu and Kashmir Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP strike. Sanitation workers will Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad government at the Centre. be back to work from today,” said Sayeed of a cavalier attitude in “Be it relief for J&K state, Akhil Bhartiya Safai Mazdoor rehabilitating flood victims of the securing borders of country, Sangh president Krishnapal 2014 deluge. black money issue, compensation Pracha. Accusing the ruling alliance to farmers - this government has “Delhi will be cleaned in just of the Peoples Democratic Party proved an abysmal failure,” Oza three days after we resume work,” (PDP) and the Bharatiya Janata said. claimed Parcha. Party (BJP) of “only enjoying lux- On the forest land issue in Sanitation workers posted uries of power”, she said it “has Jammu region, where the govern- in East and North municipal no care for the welfare of people ment has reportedly taken selec- corporations were not paid sala- of the state”. tive action in Muslim majority ries for the last two months, forc- “People here feel frustrated, areas, she said: “BJP is known ing them to strike work for the they aren’t getting the relief to be a communal party and has last 12 days. that government had promised always encouraged fascist powers. Protesting sanitation workers them. When PDP was in oppo- It has remained all the way an even dumped garbage in Mayur sition, they promised the sky to anti-minority organisation.” Vihar and Patparganj areas fall- the people,” the Congress leader “BJP is powered by the ing under East Delhi municipal Heaps of garbage strewn along the roadside in New Delhi yesterday as sanitation workers struck work. said, adding that since coming to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s corporation jurisdiction, rais- power in Jammu and Kashmir the communal and anti-women ideol- ing a stink and inconveniencing clearing salary dues. yesterday met the workers, that the workers will have to show BJP-PDP have left people in the ogy,” she said. passers-by. “Even before the high court’s extending his support to their their power and strength to get lurch. “The union government’s ‘Beti- The Delhi High Court on order, we released `513 crore on cause. their demands met by the Central Earlier, Oza led a protest rally Bachao, Beti Padhao’ (save girl, Friday asked the Arvind Kejriwal Thursday evening, instead of `493 “I have come here to add a lit- and Delhi governments. against the Jammu and Kashmir educate girl) programmes are government to release `493 crore crore to pay the salaries of North tle power of mine to yours,” he “I am here with with you... if government and addressed just a camouflage and nothing for the payment of salaries to and East municipal corporations’ told striking workers at a meet- you want me to sit with you pro- a women’s convention at the beyond an event management. MCD employees. employees,” said AAP leader Dilip ing at the East Delhi Municipal test, I will sit for an hour, two Pradesh Congress Committee Country’s wealth is wasted on Addressing a press conference Pandey. Corporation headquarters in hours or 10 hours... I have time office in Srinagar. things which are just a show-off,” here, AAP leaders announced Meanwhile, Congress vice- Pratapganj here. for you,” he said. “Instead of coming to the res- the All India Mahila Congress `513 crore had been released for president Rahul Gandhi The Congress leader asserted IANS cue of people awaiting relief, it is president said. IANS

Twitter account silent 15 electrocuted Tax payers have a right to in Rajasthan know quality of judges: Govt after police complaint bus mishap NEW DELHI: An anonymous was widely applauded by her col- JAIPUR: At least 15 people NEW DELHI: The government (apex court) and sent him to NHRC Rohatgi contested this, saying he Twitter handle which built up a leagues on social media. were killed and over 20 suffered yesterday told the Supreme (an apparent reference to the apex had pronounced only seven judg- wide following for its salacious “More power to (Swati) for burn injuries when a bus car- Court that the tax payers had rights panel’s acting chairperson ments out of which two were gossip about India’s elite fell a legal case against vicious rying a wedding party came in a right to know the quality of Justice Cyriac Joseph).” concurrent and he can produce silent yesterday after a woman slander. Most of us, women contact with a high tension wire judges appointed to the higher “It is a case of nepotism,” he records to support his claim. journalist complained to police especially, seethe with in Rajasthan’s Tonk district judiciary, as it once again said as the bench reminded him Advocating a criteria-based, over a series of sexually offen- rage & then dont yesterday, police said. rubbed the collegium system “of that only on Thursday he was transparent system of appoint- sive posts. follow through,” tweeted the The people were travelling from judges appointing judges - for advocating giving women, SC/ST, ment, Rohatgi said such unde- The broadcaster and author broadcaster Barkha Dutt. Bachera to Morla village in the promoting judges who reserved weaker sections and minorities serving appointments would not Swati Chaturvedi said she had “Well done Swati. You are district. “The incident occurred at judgments in hundreds of cases a voice in the National Judicial pass through the NJAC and that decided to take action against the brave and diligent...for taking out around 3.15 pm in the afternoon after long hearings but never Appointments Commission under the manner in which the colle- @LutyensInsider account after time to do this,” Smita Prakash, when a bus carrying a wedding pronounced them”. the eminent persons category, gium sends recommendations is it posted a series of slurs and news editor of the Delhi-based party of over 50 people came in “A tax payer may say that I thereby indicating that the judge “not worthy of acceptance”. accusations linking her to opposi- Asian News International (ANI), contact with a high tension live pay your (judges) salaries, I have in question came under those con- “The shroud of mystery that tion leader Rahul Gandhi. said on Twitter. wire near Saans village,” a police a right to know who is going to be sider ations. the collegium system had can only “I first laughed (at the posts) Chaturvedi said one of the official said. “At least 15 died on a judge,” Attorney General Mukul Apparently contending that be lifted by the NJAC,” he con- then tried to ignore them and reasons for taking actions was the spot while 35 were admitted Rohatgi told the constitution blame for some questionable tended, adding that under this, an finally decided I had to act that she wanted to prevent in a nearby hospital. The condi- bench of Justice Jagdish Singh appointments could not be laid at underperforming judge cannot be against the disgusting slander,” Twitter from becoming another tion of some is critical,” he added. Khehar, Justice J. Chelameswar, the doorsteps of collegium alone made chief justice. Swati told AFP. vehicle to harass women in India IANS Justice Madan B Lokur, Justice with the government washing its Addressing the court’s appre- “The posts may have been which has a gruesome recent his- Kurian Joseph and Justice Adarsh hands, Justice Khehar asked: “Did hensions that disclosure of infor- hurriedly deleted but I am tory of sexual violence. Kumar Goel. executive (government) object to mation under RTI would make confident that the investigators “Women get molested on the Continuing his attack on the it. The recommendation did not the job of selecting judge by the will soon reveal the harasser’s streets of India.. Are we going to “nepotism” in the collegium sys- come from the NHRC but from NJAC difficult, Rohatgi argued true identity,” she added. have the same thing virtually as tem, he said that “a judge who the government.” “One case can’t that it may not be necessary that Lutyens Insider, named after well?” she said. NCP leader’s has given not more than 50 judg- be a basis to read a rule to ham- all the information relating to the the upmarket area of New Delhi While police have confirmed ments in 15 years during his stint mer the entire working of the colle- appointment of judges needed to which is home to many of India’s they received the complaint, they qualifications with various high courts can’t be gium system,” the court said as the be disclosed under the transpar- movers and shakers, has around have made no announcement elevated to the top court”. Attorney General went on assailing ency law. Urging the court to give 40,000 followers, making it one about any arrests. under lens Citing the case of a judge who the manner in which appointments a “purposive” interpretation as to of the country’s most popular Amid speculation about his left hundreds of judgments reserved were made in the past. what two eminent persons in the Twitter accounts. identity, @LutyenInsider has MUMBAI: A social worker across various high courts and never As a judge on the bench pointed NJAC would mean, senior counsel But Chaturvedi’s decision now deleted all the offending here yesterday lodged a police pronounced them, Rohatgi said: “It out that the judge in question had K K Venugopal urged the court to no longer put up with what posts and changed the name of complaint demanding a probe is collegium that gave him laurels pronounced 219 judgments during not to strike it down. she described as persistent the account. into the allegedly fake educa- after laurels and brought him here his stint with various high courts, IANS “character assassination” AFP tional qualifications of senior NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal. The complainant, Sanjeev Khandekar, filed the complaint Child Labour with Chembur police, claiming that by declaring false academic qualifications at various times, AAP’s internal probe Bhujbal has committed offences under the law. Rejecting the allegations, Bhujbal told media this evening to decide Tomar’s fate that the qualifications of LME, which refers to ‘License for NEW DELHI: The AAP yes- taken in the next two days and it Mechanical and Electrical terday said the party’s internal will serve as a warning to others Engineering’, was true. Lokpal will probe its former in the party,” he said. “I could only complete LME law minister Jitender Singh Two other AAP legislators - part-1 but could not do part-2, Tomar’s alleged fake degree Surender Singh, who represents hence it is shown as LME-1,” said and action against him will Delhi Cantt area, and Vishesh the 67-year old Bhujbal, a former “serve as a warning” to other Ravi, representing Karol Bagh - chief minister of Maharashtra. members. have been accused of having fake Khandekar has pointed out “A lot of questions have been degrees. that at various places, Bhujbal raised over Tomar’s fake law Singh said: “We are get- has mentioned his academic cre- degree. The party’s internal ting information on the issue. dentials as ‘qualified mechanical/ Lokpal will inquire into the Everything will be decided after electrical engineer,’ ‘training in matter. Then the party will take the party Lokpal report.” mechanical engineering’, ‘diploma a decision on him,” Aam Aadmi AAP said the central gov- in mechanical engineering from Party leader Sanjay Singh said at ernment should also probe VJTI,’ ‘LME(1) from VJTI’. a press conference here. into the alleged fake degrees “Bhujbal has fraudulently and The ruling party’s decision of Union Human Resource dishonestly made false represen- came in the wake of new revela- Minister Smriti Irani and tation of his educational quali- tions about the alleged fake LLB Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP fications with the purpose and degree of the ex-minister and is Ramashankar Kataria. intention of cheating...I have not significant as the AAP had been The party urged the Delhi Twelve-year-old Kavita works at a brick kiln on the outskirts of Jammu on the eve of World Day against Child heard of any degree like LME- backing him so far. Police to take “swift” action 1...A probe must be initiated,” Labour yesterday. World Day against Child Labour is held every year and is intended to foster the world-wide “A decision on the action against the two. Khandekar told reporters. movement against child labour in any of its forms. against Tomar is likely to be IANS IANS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 14 BUSINESS EU holds first talk on Greek default scenario Gold hurt by IMF accused of pressure tactics dollar, US data,

ATHENS/BRUSSELS: EU prompted the IMF to withdraw still set for officials revealed yesterday that its team of experts. It also con- they had held their first formal vinced EU officials holding sce- weekly gain talks on the worst-case scenario nario planning at a meeting in for Greece, but the darkening Bratislava to brace for the worst. outlook failed to fluster Prime Government representatives, LONDON: Gold edged Minister Alexis Tsipras, who preparing next week’s Eurogroup lower yesterday as the dollar holed up with his negotiators meeting of euro zone finance min- strengthened after signs of after proclaiming his optimism isters, concluded in the Slovak increased momentum in the US at an open air concert. capital that there were three sce- economy bolstered prospects of No one knows, least of all in narios, and that the best of them, higher interest rates. Athens or Brussels, whether the reaching a deal next week, was Bullion was however heading anti-austerity government can now the least likely. for its first weekly rise in four, reach a deal with its international The second scenario was a fur- capitalising on gains made ear- lenders before an end-June dead- ther extension of Greece’s current lier in the week, when the dollar line to avoid putting the country bailout programme, which expires was weaker and worries increased in grave danger of crashing out of this month at the same time as over the Greek crisis. the euro zone. Greece must repay ¤1.6bn to the Spot gold was down 0.1 per- But senior European Union IMF. The third — discussed for- cent at $1,180.95 an ounce by 1203 officials are taking no chances, mally for the first time at such a GMT, while US gold futures for and have discussed a series of senior level in the EU —- was to August delivery were unchanged scenarios, several officials said. accept that Greece could default. at $1,179.30 an ounce. These included a potential Greek The meeting reached no deci- A stronger dollar, up 0.4 per- default on a ¤1.6bn payment to sion or concrete conclusion, the cent against a basket of leading the International Monetary Fund, officials said. currencies, weighed on gold, mak- the global lender of last resort, at Most officials argued it was ing it more expensive for holders the end of this month, they said. unlikely that creditors, which People walk inside the Athens stock exchange as a ticker shows stock options making losses, yesterday. Greece of other currencies. While Europe let loose a bar- include the European Central said the International Monetary Fund’s decision to leave negotiations was designed to put pressure on both Data on Thursday showed US rage of warnings, the leftist Bank, would strike a deal on Athens and its European creditors. retail sales surged in May, add- Greek government exuded calm reforms with Athens in time ing to recent upbeat employment and optimism. A cheerful Tsipras to disburse ¤7.2bn still avail- on June 18. German Chancellor lines” such as deeper cuts to pen- an impression of business as data that suggested the economy was mobbed by supporters late on able under a rescue programme Angela Merkel urged Greece and sions and workers’ rights. usual. His first engagement after was gathering pace after a slow Thursday at an open air concert extended in February for four its creditors yesterday to keep Thursday’s walkout by IMF rushing home from Brussels on start to the year. to celebrate the reopening of a TV months. pushing for a deal. experts gave Athens one area of Thursday was the concert cel- A firming economy could likely station, still wearing the blue suit “It would require progress in a “Where there’s a will there’s a common cause with its European ebrating the revival of the ERT prompt the Federal Reserve to he had worn at crisis talks that matter of days that has not been way but the will has to come from creditors. state TV station, closed exactly raise interest rates in September, morning in Brussels. possible in weeks. The reaction all sides so it’s important that we “The non-participation of the two years ago under cuts ordered which would boost the dollar fur- His boisterous mood belied of the ECB, the IMF and several keep speaking with each other,” IMF in the political negotia- by the EU and IMF lenders. ther, in turn denting demand for his tough talks with German member states was extremely she told a conference in Berlin. tion amounts to nothing more Tsipras cheered the event — non-interest-paying bullion. Chancellor Angela Merkel and sceptical,” one official familiar Tsipras’s government was than putting pressure on every- and the reversal of austerity it “The closer we get to this French President Francois with the discussions said. elected in February on a plat- one - the Commission, the ECB, symbolised — as “a celebration expected US interest rate hike, the Hollande on Wednesday, and The Greek representative at form to reject the austerity poli- Greece,” a Greek official said. “It of democracy”. “It is not the gov- lower the price of gold will get ... European Commission President the meeting said Athens would do cies it says have worsened one of is piling pressure in all directions ernment that reopened ERT but we still have space for more losses Jean-Claude Juncker on Thursday. everything to reach a deal in time, the deepest economic depressions - especially Berlin - with the aim the struggles of the Greek people. until September, when the first Juncker jokingly called the meet- other officials said. That would in in modern times. It says it wants of implementing tough policies Today we should all be happy and rate hike should happen,” Natixis ing hall a “torture room”. effect mean an agreement in time a deal with creditors that would in Greece in order to secure its look to the future with optimism,” analyst Bernard Dahdah said. The failure to break a stale- to be endorsed by the Eurogroup keep Greece in the euro zone, money.” he said. Weak physical demand and mate over a cash-for-reforms deal when it meets in Luxembourg late but not at a cost of violating “red Tsipras has tried to create REUTERS outflows from exchange-traded funds continue to undermine gold prices, traders said. Gold failed to gain support from lower European equities and dete- riorating Greek debt talks. Greece US consumer confidence jumps; producer prices increase said it would not cross its “red lines” as it looked to intensify political negotiations for an agreement, say- WASHINGTON: US consumer together with a tightening labour not expected to raise rates before weather, port disruptions and a was nearing an end. The stabili- ing a decision by the International confidence surged in early June market, bullish retail sales and September. strong dollar. Growth estimates zation in inflation, together with Monetary Fund (IMF) to leave on expectations that a tighten- firming inflation pressures may The University of Michigan’s for the second quarter were tightening labour market could negotiations on Thursday was ing labour market would spur provide the Federal Reserve reas- consumer sentiment index rose raised this week to as high as a see inflation rise back toward the designed to put pressure on Athens. big wage raises, which could surance about the US economic to 94.6 in early June from 90.7 in 3.2 percent annual rate. Fed’s 2 percent target. “The perception is that Europe further stimulate spending and outlook amid expectations it will May. US financial markets were “Inflation pressures have a can handle a Greek default better overall economic growth later hike interest rates this year. Consumers were the most little moved by yesterday’s data heartbeat and should rise further than it would have in 2010, when this year. The US central bank’s pol- favourable about their personal as traders focused on the latest over the next year as the economy gold fell on the back of the unfold- The upbeat consumer senti- icy-setting committee meets on financial prospects since 2007, twists in Greece’s debt crisis. US is at or very near full employment ing of the Greek crisis and the ment survey yesterday capped off Tuesday and Wednesday. with households expecting the Treasury debt prices were higher, levels,” said Chris Rupkey, chief fear of contagion to other periph- a week of strong economic data “While more progress needs to largest wage gains since 2008. while the dollar slipped against a financial economist at MUFG ery countries,” Dahdah said. and was the latest indication that be seen before the Fed feels suf- Consumers also expected inflation basket of currencies. US stocks Union Bank in New York. Gold is usually seen as a hedge growth was regaining momentum ficiently confident in the sustain- to remain low over the foreseeable indexes also fell. In the year to May, the PPI fell against political and financial risk, after a sluggish start to the sec- ability of the recovery, they will future. In a separate report, the Labor 1.1 percent, marking the fourth although the impact on demand ond quarter. certainly take comfort in the fact “We could get more good news Department said its producer straight 12-month decrease. from wider political concerns is The rise in sentiment came that things are beginning to move on the spending front in the com- price index for final demand Prices dropped 1.3 percent in the usually short lived. Earlier this despite higher gasoline prices, in the right direction,” said Millan ing months,” said Bricklin Dwyer, increased 0.5 percent last month, 12 months through April, the week, assets of the world’s top which contributed to producer Mulraine, deputy chief economist an economist at BNP Paribas in the largest gain since September biggest fall since 2010. A sharp exchange-traded gold fund hit prices recording their biggest at TD Securities in New York. New York. 2012. It followed a 0.4 percent decline in crude oil prices since their lowest since September increase in more than 2-1/2 years The Fed has kept its bench- The economy contracted in decline in April. last year and the strong dollar 2008, the month Lehman in May. mark overnight lending rate near the first quarter, weighed down The data suggested an oil- have weighed on producer prices. Brothers filed for bankruptcy. Strong consumer confidence, zero since December 2008 and is by a host of factors, including bad driven downward drift in prices REUTERS REUTERS

Colombia stall at Expo 2015 Oil prices down on profit-taking as Saudi looks to raise output

NEW YORK: Oil fell for the with Indian buyers to supply addi- expected world oil demand to rise second straight day yesterday, tional oil, meaning it could top the more than expected this year on with investors taking more record 10.3 million barrels per day the back of economic recovery profits from the week’s gains produced in May. and a relatively cold winter in the after Saudi Arabia’s readiness Saudi Arabia and others in the northern hemisphere. to raise production to record Organisation of the Petroleum But JBC Energy analysts said highs reignited worries about Exporting Countries already pro- the IEA focused on the first half oversupply. duce one million to two million of 2015, meaning demand would Petrol also fell, retreating from barrels per day (bpd) above their tail off by the year-end. seven-month highs. Even so, the collective target of 30 million “We believe ... growth will likely fuel had one of the strongest bpd. The kingdom’s latest stance slow as the price-driven demand fundamentals on the US oil com- raises worries about oversupply upswing of recent quarters fades” plex, traders said, due to runaway just as signs emerge that some over the second half, the analysts demand from relatively low pump of the glut in US shale might be wrote. prices and seasonally busy road receding. US drilling rig data later yes- travel. “I think oil is stuck in a range terday was to indicate whether Greece’s debt crisis dominated until we get clearer info on inven- more oil or less could be expected sentiment on global markets, tory trends,” said ICAP crude oil in coming months. The rig count helping the dollar stay steady broker Scott Shelton. is at 2010 lows after 26 straight against the euro and keeping a US crude was down 77 cents weekly declines. lid on crude’s rebound. A stronger at $60 a barrel by 11.13am EDT “Prices continue to grind lower, greenback makes oil, sold in (1513 GMT). but improving demand prospects dollars, less affordable to euro Brent crude slipped 63 cents to and the rig count data later holders. $64.48. today seem to slow the decline,” After Thursday’s one percent For the week, both Brent and said Carsten Fritsch, senior Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos talks during the inaugural session of “Italy-Latin America and drop, crude extended its down- US crude were up two percent. oil analyst at Commerzbank in Caribbean” conference at the Expo 2015 global fair in Milan, Italy, yesterday. draft by another one percent as The International Energy Frankfurt. Saudi Arabia said it was in talks Agency said on Thursday it REUTERS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 BUSINESS 15 Brexit threatens London business, says official No stampede of bankers and traders to rival centres expected: City of London’s policy chief

LONDON: A British exit from the City of London Corporation, $5.3-trillion-a-day foreign top financial services companies that had nothing to do with these trying to rig Libor, a benchmark the European Union would said an exit vote would lead to exchange market and is rivalled with operations in London are scandals, why should the City of interest rate, and manipulate for- gradually sap the world’s finan- years of ‘divorce’ negotiations a financial capital only by New trying to assess what a Brexit London’s integrity as a whole be eign exchange rates. cial capital of wealth and power during which London risked los- Yo rk . would mean for their businesses. threatened because of ‘X’?” Boleat Boleat said the changes— but there would be no stampede ing business. Opinion polls — which wrongly Boleat said a Brexit vote would said. described by Bank of England of bankers and traders to rival “Brexit would lead to consider- predicted a hung parliament in not “mean Goldman Sachs, or JP “We have a legal system in Governor Mark Carney as signalling centres, the City of London’s able uncertainty, with a threat if the May 7 election — indicate Morgan or Citi are going to say: Britain that if you go and nick an end to “the age of irresponsibil- policy chief said. we could not get good exit terms British voters would vote to stay ‘Oh, close down.’” (steal) five quid from the garage ity” — probably make it more likely Prime Minister David Cameron, of, over a period of years, the City in the EU, a reversal from several “But it would mean ... as they till, you get banged up in prison, that wrong-doers will be jailed. who won an unexpectedly decisive of London being smaller than it years ago. have to take location decisions and if you nick 5 million by manip- But he warned against too much victory in a general election last otherwise would have been,” he Boleat said the City wanted as leases come up, or they have ulating markets the chances are regulation, comparing the broad month, has promised to renegoti- said in an interview. the British government to get to expand or contract, if it was you won’t be caught. And that has regulatory sweep across markets ate Britain’s relationship with the “The question is not whether assurances over the integrity of more expensive to do business to change.” to rules forcing travellers to take 28-member EU and hold a ref- London is still a financial centre the single market and protection from London or if they couldn’t Proposals announced following off their shoes before boarding erendum on membership by the — I can guarantee it will be in against discrimination for compa- do business from London, then the Fair and Effective Markets planes and preventing them from end of 2017. many years’ time. The question nies based in EU members such over time there would be a move.” Review (FEMR) would extend taking liquids on board. Some investors, chief execu- is what size is it, are we getting as Britain which chose not to join Boleat welcomed Britain’s criminal penalties for insider “Tougher regulation has costs,” tives and allies have warned that bigger or smaller, are we getting the euro. announcement on Wednesday of a trading to Britain’s huge fixed- he said. “By having much higher leaving the bloc would be politi- more jobs? “That is what we are most con- clamp-down on abusive practices income, currency and commodity capital requirements on liquid cally and economically costly for “Over a period of years it would cerned about and what we would in financial markets, following a (FICC) markets and lengthen jail asset holdings, liquidity in the Britain, whose economy is the be a smaller centre than it oth- like the government to concen- string of scandals and the global sentences to up to 10 years. financial system has sharply world’s fifth largest. erwise would have been,” Boleat trate on in the negotiations that financial crisis. FEMR was ordered by finance declined. And that is causing Marc Boleat, who is effectively said of the impact of leaving the are about to happen. That is abso- “Banks have suffered signifi- minister George Osborne a year problems in financial markets. the political leader of the historic European Union. lutely critical.” cant damage to their reputation. ago after British banks were fined Was this intended?” financial district’s municipal body, London dominates the The Bank of England and many But why should other institutions billions of pounds in 2013 for REUTERS

EU relaxed on mergers: Uber plans Liberty and Vodafone $1bn China COLOGNE: Liberty Global conference. investment and Vodafone believe European “In my view, EU Commissioner regulators have become more Guenther Oettinger has rec- BEIJING: Taxi hailing app relaxed about possible consoli- ognised that size for European Uber plans to invest seven bil- dation in the cable industry, the network operators is important. lion yuan ($1.1bn) in China, the heads of their German cable Because size ultimately means Financial Times reported on its businesses said, as the groups increased investment.” website, citing a company email. discuss an asset swap. Cubero and Schueler declined The paper said it obtained Brussels is taking a broader to comment directly on the asset- the message sent to Uber inves- view of the cable market than in swap talks between their parent tors this week by its CEO Travis the past because firms are now groups. Kalanick. also facing competition from tele- But Cubero said Vodafone was The FT posted a copy of the coms companies in broadband and eager to beef up in broadband. email file in a hyperlink within TV, as well as streaming services “Over here (in Germany) we the article. such as Netflix, the executives already have significant scale, but “Given our recent success in said. of course we want to grow further. the region and substantial mar- That could create more scope The more we grow, the better ket share gains, we are planning for mergers, as has already hap- we can compete with Deutsche to invest over 7bn RMB (over pened in the mobile telecoms sec- Telekom in broadband,” he said. $1bn) in China in 2015 alone,” the tor, where Brussels has recently Analysts and sector bankers email said, referring to renminbi, waved through several deals. say the two most important coun- another name for the Chinese “We see that big telecoms pro- tries for both firms where they currency. viders are allowed to merge. We overlap are Britain and Germany. Uber riders were making see that politicians support this The two groups both operate in almost one million trips per day trend in order to strengthen the Ireland, the Netherlands, Czech The leader of the Patrouille de France (Front) and A Dassault Falcon 8X get ready to take off yesterday during the with business doubling in the last ability of companies to invest,” said Republic, Hungary and Romania flight display preparations three days prior to the opening of the International Paris Airshow at Le Bourget. Airbus month, the email added. Manuel Cubero, chief executive of as well. said on June 10 its A400M would take part in the flying display at the Paris airshow next week. It also said that Uber is oper- Vodafone’s Kabel Deutschland, in Vodafone bought Germany’s ating in 11 cities in China, and an interview at the ANGA cable biggest cable operator, Kabel over the next year plans to begin conference in Cologne. Deutschland, two years ago for US to be biggest customer for operations in 50 of the more than “That is why we hope for EU $10 billion. Liberty Global owns 80 Chinese cities that have popu- regulation which will give us Germany’s second-biggest cable lations of more than five million freedom to act. And we will use operator, Unitymedia. people. this freedom,” added Cubero, who In recent years, the European A400M military plane: Airbus Uber launched operations in has been designated to run all of Commission has allowed wireless China in February last year. The Vodafone’s German operations markets in Austria, Germany and FRANKFURT: European air- want either extreme. For the next Airbus has said. Enders said company in China refused to com- including mobile while the group Ireland to consolidate from four craft maker Airbus believes the few years, there will only be one Airbus was sticking to its sales ment. “We don’t comment on seeks a new German chief. to three network operators. United States will be the biggest alternative, the A400M, which is and earnings targets for this year, this article/topic,” Huang Xue, Last week, Vodafone said it At the same time, Liberty customer for its A400M military also a lot more fuel-efficient and despite the crash. an Uber media official in China, was in early stage talks about Global was allowed to buy Ziggo transport plane, despite a fatal more versatile,” he said. “We’re on the right path to said in an e-mail. exchanging selected assets with in the Netherlands, making it the crash involving one of them dur- An A400M plane crashed dur- achieve our published goals for The US-based company helps Liberty Global, which could enable only cable operator and giving it ing a test flight last month. ing a test on May 9 near Seville 2015,” the CEO said. put customers in touch with pri- each to better compete with rivals. extra firepower against former “By the next decade at the lat- in Spain, killing four of the six Airbus is looking to increase vate drivers as an alternative to Lutz Schueler, the chief state telecoms monopoly KPN. est, the US armed forces will be people on board and seriously both sales and earnings this year. traditional taxis. executive of Liberty Global’s Regulation in the German the biggest customer for the air- injuring the two others. “In 2014, our operating profit It has become the focus of Unitymedia cable business, put cable market, however, has been craft,” Airbus chief executive Tom The A400M, a large, propeller- was four billion euros on sales of global controversy and is facing Brussels’ change in attitude down stricter. Just two years ago Kabel Enders told the weekly magazine driven transport aircraft, was 60 billion euros,” he said. Cash legal challenges and limits on its partly to the European Union’s Deutschland withdrew an offer WirtschaftsWoche in an interview. launched in 2003 and is assembled flow was positive, at ¤88m, com- activities. new commissioner for digital for eastern German cable opera- Despite its current technical in Seville. But Britain, Germany, pared with a negative cash flow of Taxi companies claim Uber society and economy, Guenther tor Tele Columbus after regula- problems, there was no other rival Turkey, Malaysia and Spain around ¤1bn in 2013. drivers should be regulated in the Oettinger. tory obstacles. Maria Rua Aguete, product at the moment, Enders grounded their A400M planes Turning to the possibility of same way as normal cabs and are “The Commission’s view of an analyst at research firm IHS, argued. Boeing’s C-17 was larger after the crash. upgrading its super jumbo A380, leading the campaign against the consolidation in the telecom sec- said the environment may change and Lockheed Martin’s C-130 was An initial analysis of the black Enders said a decision would be service, which has a small but tor in Europe has changed,” he in Germany too. smaller. boxes revealed that three of the reached by the end of this year. growing market share in China. said on the sidelines of the same REUTERS “But a lot of countries don’t aircraft’s four engines failed, AFP AFP

Reliance annual general meeting Rich nations in stalemate over coal subsidy phase-out

BRUSSELS: Talks on phas- September to debate further how our common goal to address cli- ing out a form of coal subsidies “export credits can contribute to mate change”. ended in stalemate as Japan, our common goal to address cli- But that can be interpreted to the biggest user of the aid, led mate change”. allow export credits to continue calls for more time in defiance The pressure for a deal is in some form. of this week’s G7 pledge on fossil strong, but so is opposition, espe- Industry argues they ensure fuel subsidies, sources said. cially from Japan, the biggest user only the most efficient coal-fired The Paris-based Organisation of the credits that help compa- generation is used and that can for Economic Cooperation and nies such as Toshiba Corp to sell cut emissions in nations that Development has been trying for coal plant and mining technology might otherwise use more pol- a year to get an agreement from abroad. luting technology. its 34 member nations on phas- France, which late this year Environment campaigners dis- ing out export credits for coal, the hosts UN climate talks, is pushing pute that. most polluting of the fossil fuels. for strict criteria, while G7 lead- “The main beneficiaries are Sources close to talks in Paris on ers of the world’s major industrial OECD dirty industry, not energy Wednesday and Thursday, speak- democracies on Monday backed poor nations or the planet,” ing on condition of anonymity, a target to limit the average rise Sebastien Godinot, an economist said nations would review the in global temperatures to two at WWF, said. situation over the summer ahead degrees Celsius. As other subsidies have disap- of further talks in September. The G7 leaders pledged to elim- peared, OECD export credits have Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani (right) with his wife Nita on arrival at the company’s annual An OECD spokesman, who inate “inefficient fossil fuel subsi- increased in significance, accord- general meeting in Mumbai yesterday. Reliance Industries is holding its 41st annual general shareholders asked not to be identified, con- dies” and to “continued progress ing to research by environmental meeting. firmed the OECD’s export credit in the OECD discussions on how campaigners, including WWF. committee planned to meet in export credits can contribute to REUTERS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 16 BUSINESS VIEWS

Asian refiners show animal China has the answer for spirits as crude glut persists Europe’s infrastructure needs BY HEESU LEE and DEBJIT CHAKRABORTY BY ADAM MINTER infrastructure, and easier access Road infrastructure projects to uphold the “five principles” of he surge in oil supplies that has crushed prices is prompt- to Chinese markets (assuming be between 10 and 15 percent. China’s foreign policy, includ- ing some refiners in Asia to buy more crude that can be lthough Budapest they could figure out something What’s in it for Hungary? ing “mutual non-aggression” delivered immediately rather than at some future date, and Beijing are to export back). In 2013 Prime Minister Viktor and “mutual non-interference Tadding to pressure on sellers. separated by 6,000 The novelty of the New Silk Orban noted that central Europe in each other’s internal affairs.” With OPEC pumping the most in almost three years and the miles, they’ve just Road initiative is that China is is in desperate need of infra- In recent years, Chinese officials US producing the most in three decades, the refiners are showing agreed to become now pursuing far deeper part- structure that “the euro zone have placed a special emphasis little concern that prices will suddenly surge. Japan’s JX Nippon Amuch closer. In a quiet ceremony nerships as part of a comprehen- is unable to finance in its cur- on that latter point, especially Oil & Energy Corp, South Korea’s SK Innovation Co. and Indian held last weekend, Hungary sive political strategy. Previously, rent situation.” Two years later, when responding to criticism Oil Corp are among the processors seeking to boost profits by became the first European coun- policy makers in Beijing tended that assessment still holds. of its human rights record in purchasing more in the spot market while shrinking what they try to sign onto China’s New Silk to treat, say, an investment Meanwhile, China’s need to regions with ethnic minorities, buy under long-term contracts where prices are generally higher. Road initiative, a multi-billion in Tajikistan as a discrete diversify its investments beyond including Tibet. Development The shift is a challenge for producers such as Saudi Arabia, the dollar program to build up infra- exchange -- you get a pipeline, its own slowing economy has assistance always comes largest exporter, that sell crude through term contracts, under- structure and trade along the we get gas. Under the New Silk only grown. For Hungary, turn- with strings attached, of mining their attempts to defend market share with more output. land and maritime routes of the Road framework, it’s part of an ing toward China might appear course, no matter the Demand for last-minute deals may prompt Middle East suppliers ancient Silk Road that stretched explicit effort to expand Chinese to be an easy decision. donor country. But China’s to cut prices, according to IHS Inc., an Englewood, Colorado-based across Asia and Europe. influence across Eurasia -- one Nonetheless, the program investments are best under- industry consultant. Right now, Hungary’s partici- step toward earning primacy for comes with risks to China’s stood as a cumulative means “As competition to sell crude has intensified, refiners have been pation probably won’t have an China on the global stage. potential partners, from to a geo-political end -- one at opportunistically picking up spot cargoes,” said Virendra Chauhan, impact beyond its own borders. Beijing hasn’t denied having Pakistan to Hungary. The New odds with some of the West’s an analyst at Energy Aspects Ltd. in London. “In a volatile trading But as others countries follow vast ambitions for a program Silk Road initiative foresees low- own principles. environment, the opportunity to pick up cargoes at an attractive its lead, China’s economic and it expects to spur $2.5 trillion ering trade barriers to encourage That Hungary has signed up price is higher.” political relationship with in annual trade by the end of trade. But, given its over-capac- for this project may not come as Europe will likely undergo a the decade. In March, Xinhua, ity production, China would a shock, given that its govern- CRUDE VOLATILITY dramatic shift -- one that may China’s official state news wire, almost certainly be the dominant ment has shown an authoritar- The Chicago Board Options Exchange Crude Oil Volatility not be to the European Union’s announced the purpose of the exporter in any resulting trade ian streak of its own. And with Index averaged 54.68 in the first quarter of this year, the highest liking. program is nothing less than to relationship, to the detriment of so much potential investment level since the same period in 2009. The measure almost tripled The Chinese government’s “change the world political and local industries in partner coun- at stake, it wouldn’t be surpris- in 2014. interest in Europe isn’t new. In economic landscape.” tries. China has not hesitated to ing if other European coun- Crude prices have rebounded from a six-year low after slumping recent years, it has made sub- According to an analysis by leave local manufacturers out tries are tempted to forge their almost 50 percent in 2014. Brent, the benchmark for more than stantial investments in Greek Barclays, China’s economy will in the cold when building own partnerships with China. half the world’s oil, has gained about 40 percent since Jan. 13 and port facilities, and agreed to benefit enormously from open- roads and rail in partner coun- But they should understand fell 75 cents or 1.2 percent at $64.36 a barrel on Friday at 10:20 help finance the development of ing up new markets for its excess tries; Chinese companies have that China is unlikely to back a.m. London time. West Texas Intermediate crude, the US marker, high- speed rail service between capacity. For example, China’s tended to be designated the down on its national interests was down 83 cents or 1.4 percent at $59.94. Belgrade and Budapest. In both massive state-owned sector cur- projects’ official suppliers and when it comes to investing WTI will slide to $45 by October as the crude surplus weighs on cases, China wanted to simplify rently earns an average return contractors. in Europe. It’s up to Europe’s the market, Jeffrey Currie, an analyst at Goldman Sachs Group the logistics of exporting to on investment of just over 4 Then there are the politi- potential New Silk Road coun- Inc. in New York, wrote in a May 22 report. European markets. In return, it percent. In contrast, Barclays cal risks. The New Silk Road tries to remember to hold onto SK Innovation, based in Seoul, plans to buy as much as 6 mil- offered something to the coun- estimates the average return initiative’s founding document their own. lion barrels of the U.K.’s Forties crude in 2015 on a spot basis, Kim tries in question: help building for Chinese firms on New Silk declares the initiative will BLOOMBERG Hyung Kun, the chief executive officer of the company’s trad- ing division, said last month. South Korea’s largest refiner has already more than doubled the purchase of U.S. condensate in 2015 from last year to about 900,000 barrels, said Kim Woo Kyung, a spokeswoman.

OIL PROFITABILITY “It’s become less important for us to secure stable volumes under term contracts because there is a lot of crude available,” said Kim of the trading division. “We now think in terms of profitability and that’s why we’re buying more spot crude this year.” Global supplies are increasing as the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries sticks to its policy of favoring market share over supporting prices by cutting output. There’s a “perceptible shift” from term contracts to spot pur- chases, said H Kumar, managing director at Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd, an Indian processor. Short-term deals that in the past were about 10 percent of pur- chases by the nation’s refiners are now increasing and may account for as much as a quarter in the future, he said. The need to procure oil under firm contracts has been “slightly reduced,” Tokyo-based JX’s Executive Vice President Michio Ikeda said in May. Japan’s biggest refiner buys about 15 percent of its crude through spot contracts and may double those purchases in the long term, he said. “This is going to put some downward price pressure on Middle East suppliers,” Victor Shum, Singapore-based vice president at IHS, said by phone.

AMPLE SUPPLY Term contracts accounted for about 70 percent of Mumbai-based Indian Oil Corp’s oil purchases in the last fiscal year, down from 80 percent previously because spot agreements offer more “flex- ibility,” said Sanjiv Singh, director of refineries at the country’s biggest processor. The global surplus is forcing producers to adopt new strate- gies to lock in sales. Saudi Arabian Oil Co. plans to spend $70bn to $80bn on overseas acquisitions and investments in the next five years, people with knowledge of the matter said in May. The producer sold March supplies of its Arab Light oil to Asia at the biggest discount in at least 14 years as it sought to defend market share. “Refiners perceive that there’s ample supply,” said Suresh Sivanandam, a refining and chemical analyst at Wood Mackenzie Ltd. in Singapore. They’ll “be able to reduce their exposure to term barrels and look for more spot barrels,” he said. BLOOMBERG Cartoon Arts International / The New York Times Syndicate

Italy’s quick austerity fixes return to plague Renzi’s finances

BY LORENZO TOTARO Loredana Federico, an economist decided to reimburse only about FULL IMPACT in March rose to a record 2.18 decision,” said Stefano at UniCredit SpA bank in Milan. a 10th of that through an emer- Estimates say claims may trillion euros, the second-highest Ceccanti, professor of compara- he ghost of austerity past “In the long term, emergency gency decree law that Renzi tried reach at least 14bn euros, if the level in Europe as a percentage tive public law at La Sapienza keeps haunting Italian measures, such as a salary or pen- to pass off as a “bonus” for retired court strikes down the salary of gross domestic product, after University in Rome. “There’s Prime Minister Matteo sion freeze, need to be replaced by workers. freeze, according to Faverin. The Greece. one public spending cake and it Renzi as he tries to fix a structural and comprehensive On June 23, the court will full potential impact of a ruling can’t be expanded” by a ruling, T IMPOSSIBLE AMOUNT his country’s debt-ridden public review of public spending.” start debating the constitutional that it was unconstitutional may he said. finances. The yield on Italy’s 10-year legitimacy of the 2010 law passed amount to ¤35bn through this Shortly after the ruling The premier faces the risk that For the second time in less than benchmark bond has risen more under Monti’s predecessor, year, according to news agency on pensions, Finance Minister disgruntled retirees file a legal two months, Italy’s Constitutional than 110 basis points from an all- Silvio Berlusconi, that put Ansa, which cited a memo that Pier Carlo Padoan told lawmak- challenge to the decree his cabi- Court may strike down a law time low on March 12. The yield a three-year freeze on civil the state’s lawyer will present to ers in Rome that paying the net passed last month. passed by a previous govern- was 2.19 percent as of 12:44pm servants’ salaries. The measure the court. full amount was impossible Eventually, a further blow due ment aimed at limiting spending. in Rome yesterday. That still was extended in 2013 by Renzi’s The difference with the because “we would have not to a judgment on the wage- freeze Estimates by unions and govern- compares with more than 7 per predecessor Enrico Letta and union’s estimate is due to extra only broken the European Union measure may force the govern- ment lawyers place the potential cent when the euro debt crisis confirmed last year by the costs related to contributions, rules, but also put our public ment to speed up cost-cutting cost of an unfavorable ruling at as hit the country with full force in current government. severance pay and contract finances on a non- sustainable efforts and even increase the much as ¤35bn ($39.4bn). November 2011. “There might be exceptional renewals in addition to a larger path, with the risk of putting tax burden on companies and While Renzi managed to get circumstances when the number of workers of other pub- the market’s confidence into households. around the first judgment by pay- STRUCK DOWN government can resort to lic administration bodies being question.” Renzi may “need to dig out ing back only a part of pensions On April 30, the country’s measures like a freeze, but this accounted for, according to Padoan also criticized the court substantial spending cuts,” said due to retired workers, it’s unclear supreme court struck down a is becoming structural,” said Faverin. for not taking the potential costs Raj Badiani, an economist at how long he can keep dodging the 2011 law passed by then-premier Giovanni Faverin, head of the Whether it’s 14bn or 35bn, the of its ruling into account. IHS Global Insight. “Pressure rulings, making investors jittery Mario Monti that stopped infla- public administration branch at amount would be too much for the “The court should always from European Commission just as the bond market is falling. tion- linked increases for retired CISL workers union. “Nor did it government, which is still help- be careful when making such could leave the government no “The government can only higher-earners. While past and even help reduce public spending, ing the country claw its way out a decision because the figures option but to pile on new auster- limit the impact of negative rul- future payment claims totaled as which has risen anyway in recent a recession that lasted more than at stake are significant and can’t ity measures.” ings on public finances,” said much as ¤19bn, the government years.” three years. The government debt be separated from the legal BLOOMBERG SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 CLASSIFIEDS 17






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HAYA HOMES - THE DOOR TO LUXURY LIVING - 3FTJEFOUJBMPS$PNNFSDJBM-FBTFBOE4BMF 'BDFCPPLDPN)BZB)PNFT $POUBDUVTûOE!IBZBIPNFTDPN STATIONERY & OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE EXPERTS 3FHVMBS4VQQMJFSPG0GûDF4UBUJPOFSZ4VQQMJFT *51SPEVDUT BOE$POTVNBCMFTBOEPUIFS(FOFSBM$POTVNBCMFT8FEP GBTUEFMJWFSJFT"OJOJUJBUJWFPG4BNB(SPVQ8-- 5FM44433199 - 'BY4444 7709 - &NBJM[email protected] SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 SPORT 19 Warriors top Cavaliers, take command with big victory Curry, Iguodala star as Warriors level finals, James collides with camera Deontay Wilder CLEVELAND: The top-seeded Golden State Warriors redis- covered their scoring touch Wilder wants and tied the NBA Finals at 2-2 with a momentum-stealing 103- 83 victory over the Cleveland big knockout Cavaliers on Thursday in Game Four. in heavyweight NBA Most Valuable Player Stephen Curry, and Andre Iguodala each had 22 points for title defence Golden State as the Warriors breathed new life into their title LOS ANGELES: Deontay hopes by avoiding their first Wilder vowed to deliver the three-game skid of the season. kind of savage knockout that “We controlled the tempo helped forge his name when he and rhythm of the game,” said makes his first defence of his Warriors coach Steve Kerr. World Boxing Council heavy- “It’s not just about playing hard. weight world title today against It’s about playing every single pos- Eric Molina. session like it’s your last. “I’ve definitely got to knock him “And I thought tonight our out,” said the explosive Wilder, effort took a step up and that’s who in January became the first why we were able to win.” American since Shannon Briggs Cleveland’s Timofey Mozgov in 2007 to claim a piece of the had a game-high 28 points while heavyweight world title with a LeBron James, who went down 12-round decision over Bermane hard in the second quarter after Stiverne. slamming his head on a camera, Of Wilder’s 33 wins in as many finished with 20 points on 7-of-22 Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors celebrates in the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers during Game Four of the 2015 NBA Finals fights, that’s the only bout that shooting. at Quicken Loans Arena on Thursday in Cleveland, Ohio. RIGHT: Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry reacts after a three point basket against went the distance. Game Five is scheduled for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second half of the game. “I’ve shown people what I can tomorrow in Oakland. do and I can do it all, but I’m defi- Like the last two games, the nitely known for my knockout,” Warriors stumbled out of the the run-and-gun offense that was James, who suffered a cut to his eight rebounds and a solid job quarter and had many fans head- he said. “I don’t have the highest gate, falling behind 7-0 in the first absent for much of the last two head on the play, stayed down for defending James. Trailing by 12 ing to the exits with five minutes knockout rate for nothing, and three minutes before taking an games, kept their foot on the gas a while as the home crowd went to start the half, Cleveland got to left in the game. I’ve got to get back to it.” early timeout to regroup. From during the second quarter where silent but remained in the game. within three points when James The performance could not The showdown in Birmingham, there, the Warriors found their they built a 15-point lead with “I was just trying to regain my emphatically threw down an have come at a better time for the Alabama is the first world title rhythm. about four minutes to go before composure, and I was holding my impressive alley-oop dunk on a Warriors as none of the 32 teams fight in Wilder’s home state, Curry helped cut the deficit the break. head. It was hurting,” said James, pass from Matthew Dellavedova who have fallen behind 3-1 in the which also produced past cham- with a pair of three pointers and Cleveland then got a scare who missed three of his next four to cap a 12-2 Cavs run with five NBA Finals have come back to pions Joe Louis and Evander Golden State closed the quarter when James, the best player of free throws after the incident. minutes to play in the third. win the series. “Tonight we came Holyfield. with an impressive 14-4 run to his generation, hit his head on a Iguodala made the most out But the Warriors, playing with in with the mentality that, obvi- “I love making history,” Wilder, build a 31-24 lead that set the camera along the baseline after a of his first start of the campaign a sense of desperation, were never ously, like we were saying, we 29, said when the bout was tone the rest of the way. The foul by Andrew Bogut caused him with his best offensive perform- tested the rest of the way as had to win this game,” Curry told announced. Warriors, showing glimpses of to lose his balance. ance of the season along with they cruised through the fourth reporters. REUTERS A victory could pave the way for bigger things – British stan- dout Tyson Fury or Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko, the World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation Radisson Blu champion. Angels rout Rays; Mets edge Giants Klitschko hasn’t lost a fight squash to start since 2004, but some think Wilder has the kind of style that could NEW YORK: The Los Angeles shake up a division that badly from June 26 Angels gave up two hits in the needs it. final seven innings and got Only four opponents have made DOHA: Radisson Blu Hotel – home runs from Mike Trout Kansas City it into the fourth round against Olympic sports will host the and Albert Pujols on the way to Royals left Wilder. After going the distance 15th professional and amateur a win. fielder Alex Stiverne was hospitalized for two squash championship under The Angels (30-30), who had Gordon hits a nights. the guidance of Qatar Squash trailed the Rays 2-0 in the sixth, three run homer Wilder is a heavy favourite Federation (QSF) from June 26 got five runs off the bullpen of the during the first against the Texan Molina, who to 30. Rays (32-29), who had gotten four inning against brings a record of 23-2 with 17 The championship will be con- scoreless innings from relievers the Minnesota knockouts to the bout. ducted in different categories the night before. Molina, 33, is coming off an Twins at with players competing in vari- Los Angeles got seven solid eighth-round stoppage of Raphael Target Field on ous sections for top prizes of the innings from starter Garrett Zumbano in Las Vegas in January championship. Richards whose only real mis- Thursday. – his third straight win inside the The tournament is one of the take was a two-run home run to distance. keenly awaited squash event by outfielder Steven Souza in the He has won five straight players as it will be played during second. since he was knocked out in the Ramadan. Mets 5, Giants 4 first round by Chris Arreola in The men’s competition will Left fielder Michael Cuddyer’s a half-game of the Los Angeles streak and winning for the first February 2012. be in professionals & amateur RBI single with two outs in the Dodgers in the NL West. time since April 13 at Houston. Baseball Results In the run-up to the fight besides over 45, U-9, U-11, U-13, ninth inning lifted the New Athletics 7, Rangers 0 Padres 6, Braves 4 (11 innings) San Diego 6 Atlanta 4 Molina has revelled in his under- U-15 , U-17, U-19 years, men’s level York Mets to a win over the San Scott Kazmir threw eight shut- Third baseman Yangervis Cleveland 6 Seattle 0 dog status. A and men’s level B competitions. Francisco Giants. out innings, right fielder Josh Solarte delivered a two-run single Oakland 7 Texas 0 “I’m supposed to come in here The championship will also fea- The Mets (32-29) salvaged the Reddick hit a three-run homer off Atlanta’s eighth pitcher and Baltimore 6 Boston 5 and Wilder’s supposed to run over ture ladies contest. The closing finale of the three-game series to and first baseman Mark Canha the Padres defeated the Braves. NY Mets 5 San Francisco 4 me,” he said. “I’ve used it to moti- date for accepting entries in all ensure they remain no more than ripped a two-run shot, leading the San Diego, down 4-1 going to vate myself and I’ve never been LA Angels 6 Tampa Bay 2 categories is June 16. Entry forms a half-game back of the first- Oakland A’s to a victory against the eighth, had 3 hits and a walk stronger. are available at Cabana Club – place Washington Nationals in the Texas Rangers. against Brandon Cunniff in the Miami 6 Colorado 0 “I can punch just like he can Radisson Blu and QSF reception the NL East. The Giants (34-27) Kazmir (3-4) allowed just one 11th to even their record at 31-31 Chicago Cubs 6 Cincinnati 3 punch. This is going to be a very desk. THE PENINSULA missed a chance to move within hit, snapping his four-game losing with a 4-3 road trip. AGENCIES Milwaukee 6 Washington 5 exciting heavyweight fight.” AFP Thailand overtake hosts Singapore

SINGAPORE: Thailand, pro- they had managed any of the pre- offer. Natipong Srithong won the good about her chances of win- pelled by their track and field vious 27 editions of the region’s men’s individual title after beat- ning a second world singles title team and ace golfers, overtook biggest multi-sports event. ing Singapore’s Johnson Poh on at this year’s world championships Singapore’s host nation Singapore at the But Thailand, who finished at the first playoff hole after both in Indonesia. “I am confident I can Eliza Ng Yu top of the medal standings at the top of the medal standings at men finished the fourth round at become world champion again, I Jun in action the Southeast Asian Games three of the last four SEA Games, one-under par. feel much more comfortable with at women’s yesterday. bagged 16 golds yesterday to inch In the women’s individual my game now, especially when 3000m Tiny Singapore had led the into the lead with a total of 71. event, 17-year-old Suthavee compared to 2013,” she said. steeplechase 11-nation table since the first Vietnam finished the day third Chanachai was a runaway win- In waterski, Malaysia’s 11-year- final at the medal was decided 10 days ago with 62 with Malaysia the next ner, finishing their three-round old child prodigy Aaliyah Yoong 28th SEA but a lean return yesterday saw best on 38. competition 11 shots clear of the successfully defended her gold Games in the city-state slip back to second Seven of Thailand’s golds came field at seven-under. medal in the women’s tricks Singapore, place. on the final day of athletics at the Thailand also won the men’s competition. yesterday. With their crack swimming National Stadium. and women’s team golf events. Aaliyah became the youngest team unable to contribute any The Thais won both the men’s Badminton fans were given a ever SEA Games gold medallist more after their programme and women’s 4x100 metres relays fleeting glimpse of world number when she won the same event in ended on Thursday, Singapore as well as golds in the women’s five Ratchanok Intanon’s bril- 2011, but had to wait four years could only muster four golds yes- high jump, men’s long jump, wom- liance as she helped Thailand win to defend her title after the sport terday, two in taekwondo and one en’s heptathlon, women’s discus the women’s team event. was left on the schedule in 2013. each in shooting and waterskiing. and men’s 400m. Ratchanok, 20, skipped the sin- “I have been training a lot for With four days to go, Singapore At Sentosa golf club, Thailand gles event because of a prior com- the SEA Games,” Yoong told has 70 golds, still 20 more than swept all four gold medals on mitment but says she is feeling reporters. REUTERS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 20 SPORT

Stuttgart Open Nadal downs Tomic to Results Stuttgart, Germany: Results from the fifth day of the ATP Stuttgart Open yesterday

Quarter-finals: Gael Monfils (FRA x4) bt Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER x6) 7-5, 3-6, 6-3; set up Monfils battle Rafael Nadal (ESP x1) bt Bernard Tomic (AUS x5) 6-4, 6-7 (6/8), 6-3. Monfils beats Germany’s Kohlschreiber to enter semis Nottingham Open

STUTTGART, Germany: Top Results from the Nottingham Usain Bolt seed Rafael Nadal and Gael Open women’s singles quar- Monfils both struggled on their ter-final matches yesterday least-favourite surface yester- day before setting up a semi- 1-Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland) bt Lauren Fearless final at the first edition of the Davis (US) 6-2, 6-2; Monica Niculescu Stuttgart Open to be played on (Romania) bt Johanna Konta (Britain) 6-2, Rafael Nadal grass. 2-6, 6-2. Bolt vows to of Spain The former July clay-court tournament is now part of the (right) shakes three-week run-up to Wimbledon hands with Den Bosch Open silence Gatlin after being approached three Bernard Tomic years ago to consider making the of Australia Results from the Den Bosch change of surface and date. after winning Open Women’s Singles quar- in Beijing terfinal matches yesterday Nadal needed almost two and the quarter- a half hours to defeat fifth seed final of the NEW YORK: Usain Bolt says Bernard Tomic 6-4, 6-7 (6/8), Stuttgart Open 4-Belinda Bencic (Switzerland) bt 7-Kristina he is not yet ready for a duel Mladenovic (France) 7-6(4), 6-7(4), 7-5; 6-3, beating the Australian for in Stuttgart, with Justin Gatlin but is look- 2-Jelena Jankovic (Serbia) bt Annika Beck the third time as they played on Germany, ing forward to silencing the (Germany) 6-4, 6-1; 5-Camila Giorgi (Italy) bt grass for the first time. confident American in a Beijing yesterday. Yaroslava Shvedova (Kazakhstan) 4-6, 6-3, The Spaniard has taken six sets sprint “explosion” at the world 7-6(9); Kiki Bertens (Netherlands) bt 3-CoCo and almost five hours on court to championships in August. Vandeweghe (US) 6-4, 6-1. win two matches as he struggles While the Jamaican has eased to make the switch of surfaces. into the season after an injury- He could have been home a Hertogenbosch disrupted 2014, Gatlin has set the winner in straight sets after going fastest times of the year in both up a break in the second set and Championship sprints and declared himself the again holding a 4-2 lead in the tie- “man to beat”. breaker eventually won by Tomic, for me. “I had a great first set who played the 2013 final, leaves early break of serve in the third Rosmalen, Netherlands: “Gatlin has been doing a lot of who saved a Nadal match point and in the second he played well. Mischa Zverev as the last home set to ensure victory after just Results from the fifth day of talking, saying a lot of things,” with an ace. My game was at a good level, I’m hope. under two hours on court in tem- the ATP/WTA ‘s-Hertogen- Bolt said with a chuckle in an Nadal moved through to victory happy with how I handled things. He will aim for a place in the peratures of 30 Celsius. bosch tournament yesterday interview on Thursday ahead of but only after saving two break It was a very positive win, a good semis against second-seeded US “I had some good luck today, I the adidas Grand Prix at Randall’s points in the seventh game of the one for me.” Open winner Marin Cilic. tried to play aggressive on returns Men’s Quarter-finals: Robin Haase (NED) Island. third set and coming through on Monfils fired 17 aces in a 7-5, The last time a German and stick to a simple game plan,” bt Ivo Karlovic (CRO x5) 6-7 (4/7), 6-4, “He’s proved he’s running fast his second match point a game 3-6, 6-3 quarter-final victory over lifted the trophy was 1991, when said Monfils, who admits that he 7-6 (7/3); Nicolas Mahut (FRA) bt Adrian times and he’s ready. So it should later. Philipp Kohlschreiber which left Michael Stich defeated Alberto will never put grass at the top of Mannarino (FRA x6) 6-1, 6-3. be exciting going into the world Despite his hard slog, Nadal is Germany with just one title con- Mancini. his favourite surface list. championship. confident with his game ahead of tender remaining. Monfils struck for his 10th win “I know the grass now but I Women’s Quarter finals: Camila Giorgi “I look forward to competing Wimbledon and after a poor clay “Gael is a tough opponent,” said over Kohlschreiber against just came here knowing that I had to (ITA x5) bt Yaroslava Shvedova (KAZ) 4-6, when people talk ... because if you season where he was dethroned Nadal. two losses -- the German won work. Playing on this surface is 6-3, 7-6 (11/9); Kiki Bertens (NED) bt Coco don’t back it up you look really as French Open champion. “If you don’t play your best you their grass-court semi-final in never easy for me. Vandeweghe (USA x3) 6-4, 6-1; Belinda stupid.” “I’m feeling strong and I’m are not going to win. Halle in 2011 and also put out “My main goal is to keep from Bencic (SUI x4) bt Kristina Mladenovic (FRA Gatlin, who has served two motivated, I hope to have a good “I guarantee I’ll be fighting to Monfils on the Stuttgart clay in getting injured and try to do my x7) 7-6 (7/4), 6-7 (4/7), 7-5; Jelena Jankovic doping bans, last month ran the second half of the season. I played be in the final.” 2013. best. If I can win some matches, (SRB x2) bt Annika Beck (GER) 6-4, 6-1. fastest 100 metres of 2015 (9.74 well today. It was a good match The defeat of Kohlschreiber, The Frenchman got off to an that’s even better.” AFP seconds) in Doha and a season- leading 19.68 in the 200 in Eugene 15 days later. Bolt, who retains the world record in both events (9.58 and 19.19), is running only the 200 today as he continues to frus- trate track fans eager to see how Nibali storms into Dauphine overall lead he would measure up on the track against Gatlin. VILLARD-DE-LANS, Tour of Romandie and the first The Jamaican, looking slender France: Tour de France winner part of my season wasn’t good. in a black suit and dark blue shirt Vincenzo Nibali of Italy stormed After Romandie I got a good block outside a reception at Nasdaq into the overall lead in the of training done in Tenerife. headquarters, said his race selec- Criterium du Dauphine with a “Coming into the Dauphine, I Italy’s Vincenzo tion was nothing to do with fear blistering display of pace on the needed answers. And as yester- Nibali celebrates of any other athlete. sixth stage yesterday. day (Thursday) wasn’t perfect I “Afraid? When people say that, his overall leader Nibali, more than a minute wanted to redeem myself.” I laugh. I’ve been in the sport for yellow jersey and a half behind previous leader Yesterday’s 183km stage was years and I’ve never dodged any- Tejay Van Garderen at the start raced in driving rain, but the on the podium body. When it matters, I’ve always of the stage, pulled out all the 30-year-old Sicilian was unde- at the end of showed up and shown that I’m the stops to finish second behind Rui terred as he attacked more the 183km sixth best,” Bolt said. Costa of Portugal and claim the than 110km from the finish in stage of the “Fact is, I’m not in the best of race leader’s yellow jersey. Villard-de-Lans. 67th edition of shape and I’m not going to put “It was a reaction of pride,” said He was part of a breakaway the Dauphine myself out there if I know I’m just Nibali. “I have not raced since the group which featured Germany’s Criterium cycling coming back and I need time to Tony Martin, Costa, the Spaniard race between get back to where I need to be. Alejandro Valverde and France’s Saint-Bonnet- “When I get to Beijing I’ll be Criterium du Tony Gallopin. en-Champsaur ready to go and that’s when the By the time they were 40km and Villard-de- showdown will be.” Dauphine Results from home, the quintet had Lans, yesterday. Bolt said the suspense of how opened up a three-and-a-half the sprinters shaped up against Stage minute gap on the rest of the one another could help build inter- 1. Rui Costa (POR/LAM) 4hr 29min 23sec, 2. field and Nibali ended the day est in the world championships. Vincenzo Nibali (ITA/AST) at 5sec, 3. Alejandro leapfrogging from 13th overall to “People can look forward to Valverde (ESP/MOV) 38, 4. Tony Gallopin (FRA/ take the overall lead. the championship. What’s going LOT) 39, 5. Simon Yates (GBR/ORI) 1:24, 6. Dan He was 29sec ahead of stage to happen?” he said. Martin (IRL/CAN) 1:46. winner Costa and 30sec up on appeared to have the stage well “I know that no Italian rider prefer to take things day by day,” “Justin is running good, Tyson Overall Valverde, while Van Garderen sewn up. has ever won the Dauphine,” he added Nibali. Today’s seventh and (Gay) is running good, Asafa 1. Vincenzo Nibali (ITA/AST) 22hr 34min 17sec, found himself fifth, 42 sec adrift Britain’s Chris Froome was a said. penultimate stage is a severe test (Powell) is running good, Usain 2. Rui Costa (POR/LAM) at 29sec, 3. Alejandro of Nibali. long way back, 1min 21sec behind “Victory would therefore have of stamina with five major climbs is running good. Valverde (ESP/MOV) 30, 4. Simon Yates (GBR/ Costa, 28, world champion in Nibali, who is looking to make a special meaning but there are along the 155km route from Bolt is returning to race in New ORI) 35, 5. Tejay Van Garderen (USA/BMC) 42, 2013, stole in at the last to snatch history in the Tour de France two hard stages to come and there Montmelian to Saint-Gervais and York for the first time since set- 6. Benat Intxausti (ESP/MOV) 57. victory from Nibali, who had warm-up event. are lots of strong opponents. I an altitude finish. AFP ting his first jaw-dropping 100 metres world record at the meet in 2008, presaging his spectacu- lar sprint double at the Beijing Olympics later that year. “That night was exciting. It was Breitenreiter a big showdown between me and Arsenal charged over Chambers deal Tyson at the time,” he recounted. named as new “There was a thunderstorm. LONDON: Arsenal have been transfer of Calum time to respond Chambers, while Arsenal issued There were stops and starts ... a charged for an alleged breach of Chambers from to the charge.” a statement emphasising their false start. football agents regulations over Southampton to Chambers is innocence. “We have acted in good Schalke coach “Just a weird night overall. But the signing of Calum Chambers Arsenal on 26 on the books of faith throughout with regard to in the end it worked out. It was (pictured) from Southampton, July 2014. Cassius Sports this transfer,” the statement read. BERLIN: Andre Breitenreiter amazing. the Football Association “Authorised Management, “We are considering our posi- has been confirmed as the “For me, that was when it announced yesterday. agent Alan whose head of tion and will make appropriate new head coach of Schalke 04, really started. That’s when I The north Londoners signed Middleton talent ID and representations to the FA.” the German Bundesliga club really blew up. People really took England defender Chambers for has also been recruitment is Reports the transfer was being announced yesterday. note. Everybody around the world an undisclosed fee believed to be charged for his stepfather investigated by the FA following a Breitenreiter arrives on a two- started to watch. For me, it was a in the region of £16m ($24m) last allegedly breach- Steve Moss. complaint from a third party first year deal to replace Roberto Di game changer.” year. ing The FA’s He made 36 surfaced in February. Matteo, who resigned late last Bolt said his return to New Agent Alan Middleton has also Football Agents appearances At the time, Arsenal manager month after the Royal Blues fin- York seven years later as the been charged for allegedly breach- Regulations in for Arsenal last Arsene Wenger played down any ished an underwhelming sixth in established king of sprinting pro- ing the same regulations over the relation to the season as the concerns. the Bundesliga. vided a different script. Chambers transfer. same transfer. Gunners fin- “I am very happy about his “We are very happy to have “I’m just trying to get to the “Arsenal have been charged “Mr Middleton ished third in transfer. I made over 350 trans- found the right head coach for FC world championships, defend my for allegedly breaching The FA’s has until 17 June 2015 to respond the Premier League and won the fers since I am here. We have a lot Schalke 04 in the form of Andre titles, stay injury free and then go Football Agents Regulations,” the to the charge. FA Cup. of enquiries about them and we Breitenreiter,” Schalke sporting on to the Olympics and just con- FA statement read. “Arsenal have until 26 June It is understood there is no never had any problem,” Wenger director Horst Heldt told the tinue writing my name in stone of “The charge is in relation to the 2015 after they requested more suggestion of any wrongdoing by said. AFP club’s website. AFP greatness,” he said. REUTERS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 SPORT 21 Man United sign Dutchman Copa America: Vidal stars Depay MANCHESTER: Premier League giants Manchester United yesterday announced Dutchman Memphis Depay (pictured) has completed his as Chile beat Ecuador 2-0 transfer to the English club from PSV Eindhoven. Memphis has agreed upon on a four-year Hosts start on winning note as Argentina prepare to take on Paraguay contract with the option to extend for a further year. Memphis made 124 senior SANTIAGO: Arturo Vidal appearances and scored 50 times buried his Champions League for PSV Eindhoven after coming heartache to set up a 2-0 opening through the club’s youth system, victory for Chile over Ecuador making his first-team debut in as the Copa America kicked off September 2011. The 21-year-old here on Thursday evening. was the Eredivisie’s top scorer Juventus star Vidal bounced this season with 22 goals in back from the disappointment of 30 games (and 28 in 40 games defeat to Barcelona in last week’s including European matches). Champions League final to score The young winger has so a 67th-minute penalty in a man- far played 16 times for the of-the-match performance. Netherlands national team, scor- Napoli’s Eduardo Vargas made ing three goals, and he was one of it 2-0 late on to give the Chileans three players shortlisted for the a winning start in Group A as Young Player they chase a first Copa America Award at the crown in 99 years of trying. 2014 FIFA “It was very difficult, they World Cup in pushed us to the end,” Vidal said Brazil. after. Depay, in a “We are very happy but we statement on know we have to improve on this. the club’s web- The result is what counts though,” site, said: “This he added. is a dream come Vidal admitted he was still Argentina’s Lionel Messi attends a training session in La Serena yesterday. true for me; to weary after turning out for Chile play for the big- just days after last weekend’s Chile’s dreams of lifting the to Germany in the final to extend gest club in the Champions League final in Berlin. title on home soil will face stiff a title drought which stretches world and also “My back hurts a bit and I will opposition from favourites back to the 1993 Copa America. to have the chance to work with need a massage after the match,” Argentina and five-time world Argentina open their campaign someone who I believe is the best he said. champions Brazil. against Paraguay tomorrow, and manager in the world, Louis van The win puts Chile firmly on Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, should progress from Group B Gaal. I have great belief in my course to qualify for the quar- and Brazil, now skippered by which also includes Uruguay and ability and I work hard to strive ter-finals. Group A also con- Neymar, have results on their side Jamaica, one of two teams from to achieve my dreams. tains Mexico and Bolivia, who heading into the tournament. the CONCACAF region invited “I have been at PSV Eindhoven were scheduled to meet yester- Brazil completed their prepa- to bolster the tournament. since I was 12 years old and I day in the second game of the rations on Wednesday in Porto Brazil will kick off Group C would like to thank them for eve- tournament. Alegre, beating Honduras 1-0 to against Peru on Sunday, with rything. It was a great moment Chile had been unable to find rack up their 10th consecutive Colombia and Venezuela complet- when we won the league and I was a breakthrough until Vidal burst friendly victory since last year’s ing the group. so happy to be part of that. This is forward midway through the World Cup, when they were Brazil defender David Luiz now a new chapter in my life and second half to be tugged over by humiliated 7-1 by Germany in the said his team-mates had emerged one that I am looking forward to.” Ecuador’s Miller Bolanos. semi-finals. stronger from their World Cup United manager, van Gaal said: Argentine referee Nestor The Barcelona team-mates are nightmare against the Germans. “I know Memphis well from our Pitana pointed to the spot imme- carrying a mountain of expecta- “The players who went through time working together in the diately and Vidal stepped up to tion on their shoulders. the World Cup are more mature,” Netherlands national team. He is blast the spot kick high and wide Messi is determined to finally the Paris Saint-Germain star a young versatile player who has past Ecuador´s giant goalkeeper taste glory at a major interna- said. “We are working hard every the ability to play in a number of Alexander Dominguez. tional tournament while Neymar day to grow, to evolve.” different positions. The hosts made sure of vic- is aiming to erase the memory of However Luiz said Brazil could “It will take time for Memphis tory six minutes from time when Brazil’s World Cup debacle. expect a fierce challenge from to get used to the rhythm of the Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez “I feel I’m in better shape arriv- their rivals as they attempt to Premier League, but I have no released Vargas who finished ing at this tournament than I was reclaim a crown last won in 2007. doubt that he has the potential coolly for 2-0. at the World Cup last year,” Messi “It will be one of the most dif- to become a great footballer for Chile’s Arturo Vidal celebrates after scoring a goal against Ecuador during The only blackspot for Chile said. ficult Copa Americas in history,” this club and he is at the right the opening match of the 2015 Copa America tournament at the National was a red a card for Matias Messi and Argentina fell ago- Luiz said, citing the threat from club to continue the good work Stadium in Santiago, Chile, yesterday. Fernandez in the closing minutes nisingly short at the World Cup, Chile, Argentina and holders he has done so far.” IANS for two cautions. suffering a 1-0 extra-time defeat Uruguay. AFP Scolari seeks China snatch win as Germany, to emulate Liverpool reject City’s Canada held in World Cup Lippi in China £25m bid for Sterling BEIJING: Former Brazil coach VA NCOU V ER: Lisi’s Luiz Felipe Scolari said he would LONDON: Liverpool have cancelling a scheduled meet- late winner got China’s Women’s build on the success of Marcello rejected Manchester City’s ing with Sterling and his rep- World Cup campaign back on Lippi at Guangzhou Evergrande £25m offer for unsettled resentative, while Rodgers left track Thursday as Germany on his first day managing the England forward Raheem the winger on the bench for the were held 1-1 by Norway and Chinese champions Friday, state Sterling (pictured), according team’s 6-1 thrashing at Stoke Canada played a goalless draw media reported. to reports on Thursday. on the final day of the Premier against New Zealand. Scolari, who signed a two- Sterling has told Liverpool League season. China’s Group A tie in and-a-half-year contract with manager Brendan Rodgers City’s approach for Sterling is Edmonton’s Commonwealth Guangzhou, was unveiled to the he wants to leave Anfield to unlikely to be their last since it Stadium looked to be heading for media at a press conference in the join a club who can offer him came just hours after the club’s frustration before Wang broke Guangdong city soon after arriv- Champions League action next chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak through to roll the ball past Sari ing in China. season and City have made the promised “high-quality” signings Van Veenendaal in the Dutch goal The 66-year-old is replacing first move in what could prove a and admitted Manuel Pellegrini’s one minute into extra time. Fabio Cannavaro just six months lengthy saga to settle his future. team failed to meet expectations It gave the ‘Steel Roses’ a vital after he took up the reins fol- According to the Times, City’s during their failed defence of the three points after losing their lowing a highly successful period bid valued Sterling at £25m, with Premier League title. opening match to Canada, who under Marcello Lippi, who also an additional £5m to be paid in Speaking in an interview with had to settle for a goalless draw led Italy to World Cup glory in potential add-ons. City TV, Khaldoon said: “We against New Zealand. 2006. But Liverpool are determined want a squad that is able and has Canada remain top of Group China’s Wang Lisi (#21), Tang Jiali (#13) and (#2) celebrate Scolari resigned as national to keep hold of their the capability and qual- A with four points from two their win over the Netherlands after a FIFA Women’s World Cup group-stage coach after hosts Brazil suffered most gifted young- ity to win the Premier games, ahead of China and the match at the in Edmonton on Thursday night. a humiliating 7-1 humbling by ster and have snubbed League, compete and Netherlands, who have three. Germany in the World Cup semi- the approach for the win the Champions New Zealand are bottom of the Angerer in the Germany goal bounce back from a 4-0 loss to finals last year. 20-year-old, who has two League, compete and be group with one point. after 61 minutes. Norway in their opener. He then coached Gremio, who years remaining on his able to go all the way in “I think they did an excellent The Germans next play Josee Nahi got one back for the finished seventh in the Brazilian current £35,000-a-week two cup competitions in job today. We could have scored Thailand who came from a goal Ivory Coast two minutes from league last season, but stepped contract. England. more and been more efficient,” down to keep their hopes of time, but it was too little for the down in May after pleas to It is believed that only “I think you will see said China coach Hao Wei. advancing alive with a 3-2 win African side with just one game strengthen the squad fell largely an astronomical offer of some changes. You will “In the beginning I said Group over fellow newcomers Ivory remaining. on deaf ears. at least £50m could per- see some players who A was very even, all teams are Coast. “It’s a sad night for us and for “We have no pressure,” Scolari suade Liverpool to con- have served us well and similar in their strengths so I “We are very lucky, because the people of Ivory Coast,” said told reporters in Guangzhou, sider letting Sterling leave. maybe it is time for them to move wish we could have scored more,” even though we had less attack- Clementine Toure of the lowest according to a report by state Liverpool remain keen to con- to their next challenge, and you added the Chinese coach. ing chances, we got our first vic- ranked side in the tournament news agency Xinhua. vince Sterling to sign a new con- will see us in the market bring- In Group B ties over in Ottawa, tory in our country’s history,” at 67. “We expressed our thanks to tract, even though he rejected a ing high-quality individuals that a second half Maren Mjelde said Thailand coach Nuengrutai Germany coach Silvia Neid what Lippi has made to China’s deal that would have paid him fit within what we are aspiring equaliser grabbed a 1-1 draw Srathongvian. admitted her side had nearly soccer. We will bring more. We around £100,000-a-week earlier to coming in this summer. for Norway against top ranked “We are honoured to be play- paid heavily for letting their will enhance our advantages and this year. “I can assure you the squad Germany in a clash of former ing the best team in the world guard down after dominating improve our shortcomings.” Sterling’s refusal to commit to will be stronger, the team will champions. Germany in our next match and early against the 11th-ranked Lippi led Guangzhou Liverpool has angered the club’s be more competitive. I am both Anja Mittag had put 2003 and will do our absolute best to win.” Scandinavians. Evergrande to their fourth suc- supporters, who jeered him at an confident and excited about what 2007 champions Germany ahead Ivorian striker Ange Nguessan “We just didn’t play as cessive Chinese title last year, end of season awards dinner. is coming next year.” after just six minutes with her had given the African side the lead well in the second half — and and also won the AFC Champions The situation turned even Arsenal, Chelsea and fourth goal following her hat-trick after four minutes but Thailand then Norway gained hope,” said League in 2013. uglier when his agent Aidy Ward Manchester United are also in their opening 10-0 whipping of hit back with three unanswered Neid. Cannavaro — who was Lippi’s last month said there was no reported to be interested in Ivory Coast. goals. The result leaves Germany and captain at the Azzurri’s World chance Sterling would extend his Sterling, who is currently on But midfielder Mjelde equalised A double from Orathai Norway topping Group B with Cup triumph in Germany — had contract no matter how much international duty with England for 1995 winners Norway with a Srimanee after 26 and 45+3 min- four points. Thailand are third a glittering career at Parma, money Liverpool offered. ahead of their Euro 2016 quali- stunning free kick past former utes, and a Thanatta Chawong with three points with Ivory Juventus and Real Madrid. Liverpool responded by fier in Slovenia on Sunday. AFP world player of the year Nadine effort on 75 saw the Asian side Coast bottom with none. AFP AFP Most Popular Bangladeshi Newspaper

SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 PROTHOM ALO WEEKLY SPORT Published every Thursday 22 Available in all leading stores in Qatar       Tel: 4465 0600 Email: [email protected] Rain thwarts India after Vijay century Ajinkya Rahane also chips in with 98 runs as Shakib Al Hasan claims four wickets

FATULLAH: Murali Vijay score to 173, which included 23 hit 150 and Shakib Al Hasan hits to the fence. grabbed four wickets as bad In his next over, Shakib bowled weather once again played Rohit Sharma for six as India slid havoc with the one-off Test from 283-0 to 291-2. between India and Bangladesh It soon became 310-3 when in Fatullah yesterday. Jubair forced skipper Virat Kohli Ajinkya Rahane chipped in to drag a ball onto his stumps with 98 as India ended the heav- after the batsman had made 14. ily-curtailed third day’s play at But Rahane thwarted 462 for six in their first innings Bangladesh by adding 114 for the at the Khan Shaheb Osman Ali fourth wicket on either side of the stadium. lunch break. Just 47.3 overs were sent down The rain-shortened second ses- during another wet, miserable day sion saw just 10.3 overs of play in that had begun brightly, allowing which India added 64 runs and India to add 223 runs to their lost three wickets. total of 239 for no loss on the Shakib trapped Vijay leg-before first day. after the break and also bowled With only 56 of the stipulated Rahane, while Jubair dismissed 90 overs bowled on the opening Wriddhiman Saha for six. day and the entire second day’s Vijay hit 12 boundaries and a play washed out, the match is six in his sixth Test century. headed for a draw. More rain Rahane missed his fourth hun- has been forecast for the last two dred by two runs when he was days. bowled attempting a pull shot But the brief spell of play on after smashing the previous two Friday saw dominant batting deliveries for boundaries. AFP from Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan, who carried their opening part- nership to 283, before Rahane Scoreboard boosted the total. INDIA (I INNINGS): Left-arm spinner Shakib M Vijay lbw Al Hasan ...... 150 was the lone bowler to make an S Dhawan c&b Al Hasan ...... 173 impression on the slow pitch R Sharma b Al Hasan ...... 6 with figures of four for 105. Leg- V Kohli b J Hossain ...... 14 spinner Jubair Hossain claimed A Rahane b Al Hasan ...... 98 the other two wickets. W Saha b J Hossain ...... 6 Vijay said India were well- India’s Murali Vijay plays a shot during the third day of the one-off Test match against Bangladesh at the Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium in Narayanganj R Ashwin (batting) ...... 2 placed to force a win over the last yesterday. H Singh (batting) ...... 7 two days, provided the weather Extras (B-4, LB-,1 NB-1) ...... 6 did not interfere with the game. of my innings. Since Shikhar gave Shakib said his team was aware “We are aware of the situation 398 for three by the end of the Total (for 6 wkts) ...... 462 “We can’t do much about the us a brilliant start, I just wanted of the importance of batting well and are mentally ready for the extended morning session. Fall of wickets: 1-283, 2-291, 3-310, weather, but we are in a good to hang in there and play as long over the last two days to save the task ahead. There is no problem Shakib broke the double-cen- 4-424, 5-445, 6-453. position and hopefully we can do as possible. game. with the pitch. There is no uneven tury opening stand when Dhawan To bat: U Yadav, I Sharma, V Aaron. something special in the remain- “The wicket is deteriorating “India don’t have anything to bounce either. If the wicket stays mistimed an on-drive and lobbed Bowling: M Shahid 22-2-88-0 (nb-1); S ing time,” he said. and it is definitely going to help lose and they will come hard at like this we can handle the Indian an easy return catch to the Sarkar 3-0-11-0; S Hom 14-0-52-0; S Al “The wicket was a good one to both our spinners (Harbhajan us, but we have to bat well for six bowling.” bowler. Hasan 24.3-1-105-4; T Islam 20-0-85-0; J bat on initially, and then it became Singh and Ravichanandran sessions and score a lot of runs,” Play started on time under Left-handed Dhawan, who Hossain 19-1-113-2; I Kayes 1-0-3-0. slower. So I had to adjust the pace Ashwin).” he said. sunny skies and India moved to started the day on 150, took his New Zealand Australia’s Smith closes in on double ton take revenge in KINGSTON, Jamaica: Steve Interestingly, the other Smith held firm even as wickets Scoreboard three were his predecessors as thrilling game fell with Australia reaching 350 Australian wicketkeeper-batsmen for eight at lunch on the sec- AUSTRALIA (I INNINGS): — Adam Gilchrist, Ian Healy and LONDON: A resurgent New ond day of the second and final D Warner c Hope b Taylor ...... 0 Rod Marsh. Zealand beat England by Test against the West Indies at S Marsh lbw Taylor ...... 11 Kemar Roach shrugged off 13 runs on the Duckworth/ Sabina Park yesterday. S Smith (batting) ...... 175 his inconsistent and expen- Lewis method in a high-scor- Having provided the founda- M Clarke c Ramdin b Holder ...... 47 sive effort on the first day to ing second one-day interna- tion around which the tourists’ A Voges c Ramdin b Taylor ...... 37 claim the wicket of Mitchell tional marred by a late rain first day effort of 258 for four S Watson b Taylor ...... 25 Johnson when Darren Bravo held interruption at The Oval yes- was built, Smith started sedately B Haddin b Taylor ...... 22 on to the head-high catch at first terday to level the five-match before getting back into stride in M Johnson c Da Bravo b Roach ...... 5 slip. series at 1-1. the second hour, progressing by M Starc b Holder ...... 6 Jason Holder then accounted The tourists responded another 40 runs in getting to 175 J Hazlewood (batting) ...... 5 for Mitchell Starc, raising the superbly to their pummelling not out. Extras (B-5, LB-7, NB-5) ...... 17 prospect of the West Indies fin- in the first game by piling up On the plus side for the West Total (for 8 wkts at lunch) ...... 350 ishing off the Australian innings a huge total of 398 for five and Indies, Jerome Taylor made good Fall of wickets: 1-0, 2-16, 3-134, 4-210, before lunch. England, despite a fine 88 from use of the second new ball in 5-264, 6-296, 7-306, 8-330. But Josh Hazlewood, promoted captain Eoin Morgan, finished completing the fourth five-wicket Bowling: J Taylor 23-10-38-5 (nb-2); K by one spot in the order after a on 365 for nine. innings haul of his Test career Roach 22-2-92-1 (nb-3); J Holder 22-3-64- 97-run last-wicket stand with Ross Taylor hit 119 not and third on his home ground. 2; V Permaul 30-7-105-0; K Brathwaite 19- Adam Voges in the first Test in out, Kane Williamson 93 and Amid overnight speculation 2-39-0; J Blackwood 1-1-0-0. Dominica a week earlier, survived Martin Guptill 50 as the Kiwis as to the reasons why the home a second spell from Taylor while bludgeoned the England attack side did not utilise the second new defence was breached after he Smith accelerated at the expense to all parts of the ground on a ball when it became due an hour had raced to 22 off 23 deliveries, of Veerasammy Permaul. sultry day in south London. before the end of play on day one, improving his figures at the break Hazlewood resumes with Smith New Zealand captain Taylor wasted no time in getting to an impressive five for 38 off 23 in the afternoon session only Brendon McCullum, who won among the wickets when it was overs. because Denesh Ramdin missed the toss, smashed 39 off 22 balls eventually taken at the start of During the course of his innings a stumping chance off the suffer- to set the tone and Williamson Steve Smith reacts after reaching his century on the first day of the play. Haddin became just the fourth ing left-arm spinner. struck a six and 12 fours in a second Test match between Australia and West Indies at Sabina Park in He bowled Shane Watson for player to compile 3,000 Test runs Australia won the first Test by typically fluent knock. Kingston, Jamaica, yesterday. 25 offering no shot and then dis- at number seven in the batting nine wickets inside three days in Taylor reached his 13th ODI pensed with Brad Haddin, whose order. Dominica last week. AFP century, off 87 deliveries, and New Zealand finished 10 runs short of England’s total of 408 for nine in the first game of Kohli should harness his passion, says Boycott the series at Edgbaston on Tuesday. LONDON: England cricket leg- a racing heart. Very important to people shouldn’t be coaching,” the not so big believer in coaches,” he Fast bowler Chris Jordan end Geoffrey Boycott (pictured) harness it and I wish him well,” 74-year-old said. said. conceded 97 runs in nine overs, has come up with a handful of he said. “If anything they need for man- “Don’t misunderstand me, equalling the most expensive advice for India’s new full-time The batting legend who aging and organising, for me the some coaches are good but some figures in a one-day interna- Test captain Virat Kohli saying played 108 Tests and 36 One- captain leads the team, sets the of them act like a manager. The tional by an England player. the aggressive batsman has to Day Internationals (ODI) tone on the field.” used term is coach, but really they England made a very decent find his own way to get his play- for England also praised Boycott also stressed are managing and that’s the right fist of chasing their enormous ers’ support and try to harness Team India’s director on his scepticism towards way to go. Brendon McCullum, target with Jason Roy and Alex his passion and emotion. Ravi Shastri saying that coaches, adding that a Michael Clarke are excellent Hales adding 85 for the first “Virat Kohli has to find his own the former India cricketer captain has to think on his captains. Arjuna Ranatunga, wicket. way to get the players behind him. has a lot to offer. own feet on the field, on Michael Vaughan, Mark Taylor, Roy made 39, Hales 54 and His runs will help definitely. But He also said he is happy playing over long period Clive Lloyd, Ian Chappell are Morgan’s 88 off 47 balls, includ- runs alone won’t be enough. He India doesn’t have a coach and a coach or manager great captains,” he added. ing six sixes and six fours, kept follows a fantastic personality in but a manager or direc- can’t really help him. Boycott also called for England the hosts in the hunt. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a truly tor as the use of a coach “The captain has to to consider dropping batsman Ian But they lost too many wick- great leader of men,” Boycott said is over emphasised, and think on his own feet on Bell for Kevin Pietersen for this ets and, chasing an improbable on Thursday. manager is a better word. the field, on play over long summer’s Ashes series. target following a rain delay, “So Kohli will be compared to “I am glad Ravi is there period and really coach, “Bell seems to lack confi- New Zealand, World Cup run- Dhoni, and Kohli has to in my and they do not have a manager can’t really help dence and belief in himself at the ners-up this year, ruthlessly opinion, an advice for him, in coach. Because personally I like him. The manager or coach can moment, which is crazy really closed out the victory. each passion and emotion he has, Ravi Shastri a lot as he has lot give couple of ideas to him during because he has all the talent in The third match of the series but he has to try not to let that to offer. Personally the use of a lunch, team, after play, but the the world. KP would be better is in Southampton on Sunday. passion and emotion boil over. He coach is over emphasised, man- captain has to influence play and player than him at this moment,” Virat Kohli REUTERS has got to harness it. He has got ager is a better word. At the top, no one else. That’s why I say I am Boycott concluded. IANS SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 BREAK TIME 23 NOVO SHOWING AT VILLAGGIO & CITY CENTER TV LISTINGS SCREEN 1 Spy (2D/Action) 11:35am 1:50, 4:20, 6:50, 9:20 & 11:40pm TEL: 444933989 444517001 SCREEN 2 2D Jurassic World (Action) 1:00, 6:00, 8:30 & 11:00pm 3D Jurassic World (Action) 10:30am & 3:30pm SCREEN 3 San Andreas (2D/Action) 11:15am, 1:35, 3:55, 6:15, 8:35 & 11:00pm SCREEN 4 Survivor (2D/Thriller) 11:10am, 3:20, 7:30 & 11:45pm 07:55 DIY SOS: The Big 7:30 Talk To Al Jazeera 10:10 So You Think 11:00 Neeli Chatri Zanket Al Sittat (2D/Arabic) 1:10, 5:20 & 9:30pm Build 8:00 News You’d Survive? Waale SCREEN 5 A Mouse Tale (2D/Animation) 10:00am, 12:00noon, 2:00, 4:00 & 08:45 MasterChef 8:30 Fault Lines 16:00 Gold Rush 12:00 Bollywood Cut 6:00pm Entourage (2D/Comedy) 8:00, 10:00 & 11:55pm 09:40 MasterChef 9:00 Witness 16:50 Gold Divers 16:00 Aunn Zara SCREEN 6 Better Living (2D/Comedy) 10:15am 2:00, 5:50 & 10:00pm 10:30 MasterChef 10:30 Inside Story 17:40 X-Ray Mega 17:00 Maharakshak The Zero Theorem (2D/Thriller) 12:00noon, 3:50, 7:50 & 11:50pm 11:25 Fantasy Homes By 11:00 News Airport Devi SCREEN 7 Preservation (2D/Horror) 10:20am, 12:20, 2:40, 5:00, 7:20, The Sea 11:30 The Listening Post 19:20 Marooned With 18:00 Gulf Rangoli 9:40pm & 12:00midnight 12:10 Come Dine With Me 12:00 News Ed Stafford Season 4 SCREEN 8 Insidious Chapter 3 (2D/Horror) 11:30am, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 12:30 Counting the Cost 20:10 Alaskan Bush 18:30 Snack Attack 9:30 & 11:30pm 13:00 NEWSHOUR People Firangi Twist SCREEN 9 Jurassic World (IMAX 3D/Action) 11:30am, 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 13:55 DIY SOS: The Big 14:00 News 21:00 Alaska: Battle 19:00 DID On The Bay SuperMoms 9:30 & 11:55pm Build 14:30 Inside Story 21:50 Storage Season 2 SCREEN 10 Spy (2D/Action) 11:00am 4:00 & 9:00pm 14:50 Come Dine With Me 15:00 The Slum 15:15 Come Dine With Me 16:00 NEWSHOUR Hunters UK 20:30 Neeli Chatri Jurassic World (Action) 1:30, 6:30 & 11:30pm 15:40 Bargain Hunt 17:00 News 22:15 Storage Waale 16:25 Bargain Hunt 17:30 Artscape - The New 23:05 King Of 21:30 Fear Files MALL 17:10 Come Dine With Me: African Photography Thrones Season 2 South Africa 18:00 NEWSHOUR 23:55 The Pool 22:30 Jodha Akbar Master 23:00 Best of Fear SCREEN 1 A Mouse Tale (2D/Animation) 3:00 & 4:45pm 18:05 Extreme Makeover: 19:00 News Home Edition 19:30 People & Power Jurassic World (2D/Action) 6:30, 9:00 & 11:15pm Specials 20:00 News SCREEN 2 Home (2D/Animation) 2:45pm Preservation (2D/Horror) 4:30 19:25 MasterChef 20:30 Inside Story & 11:30pm Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2D/Romantic/Hindi) 6:15pm 23:45 Bargain Hunt 21:00 NEWSHOUR Premam (2D/Malayalam) 8:45pm 00:30 Bargain Hunt 22:00 News 05:00 Admission- 10:10 Tiger Man SCREEN 3 Premam (2D/Malayalam) 3:00, 5:45 & 10:45pm 01:15 Bargain Hunt 22:30 The Listening Post 07:00 The 12:00 Shark Men Spy (2D/Action) 8:30pm 23:00 Al Jazeera World Monuments 13:50 Game of Lions Men-PG15 14:45 Wild 24 09:00 Rio 2-FAM 15:40 Man And The LANDMARK 11:00 I, Frankenstein- Wild 13:00 Getaway-PG15 17:30 Life on the SCREEN 1 A Mouse Tale (2D/Animation) 3:00pm 15:00 There Be Barrier Reef Home (2D/Animation) 4:45pm Premam (2D/Malayalam) 6:30pm Dragons-PG15 18:25 World’s Weirdest Spy (2D/Action) 9:15pm Preservation (2D/Horror) 11:30pm 17:00 Rio 2-FAM 19:20 Wild 24 SCREEN 2 Spy (2D/Action) 3:00pm A Mouse Tale (2D/Animation) 13:55 Mako Mermaids 11:00 The Tonight Show 19:00 Man Of Tai Chi- 20:10 Man And The 5:15pm Jurassic World (Action) 7:00, 9:15 & 11:30pm 14:20 H2O: Just Add Water Starring Jimmy 21:00 The Rover-18 Wild SCREEN 3 Premam (2D/Malayalam) 3:00 & 10:30pm Jurassic World 14:55 Dog With A Blog Fallon 23:00 The 21:00 That Shouldn’t 15:20 I Didn’t Do It 12:30 Til Death Conjuring-18 Fly (2D/Action) 5:45pm Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2D/Romantic/Hindi) 8:00pm 15:45 The Next Step 13:00 Late Night With Seth 01:00 A Fighting 21:50 Life on the 16:10 Spooksville Meyers Barrier Reef 16:35 Jessie 14:00 Parks And ROYAL PLAZA 17:00 Liv And Maddie Recreation SCREEN 1 Jurassic World (2D/Action) 3:00, 7:00, 9:15 & 11:30pm 17:25 Mako Mermaids 14:30 Two And A Half Men 17:50 Dog With A Blog 15:00 Fresh Off The Boat A Mouse Tale (2D/Animation) 5:15pm 18:15 I Didn’t Do It 16:00 The Nightly Show SCREEN 2 A Mouse Tale (2D/Animation) 3:00pm Spy (2D/Action) 4:45 & 18:40 Girl Meets World With Larry Wilmore 06:00 Home Alone 3 04:45 The 7th Dwarf 9:15pm Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2D/Romantic/Hindi) 7:00 & 11:30pm 19:05 The Next Step 17:00 Late Night With Seth 08:00 Shanghai Calling 06:30 Earth To Echo SCREEN 3 Home (2D/Animation) 2:45pm Preservation (2D/Horror) 4:15 19:30 H2O: Just Add Water Meyers 10:00 The Life Aquatic 08:00 Twigson & 11:30pm San Andreas (2D/Action) 6:00pm Insidious Chapter 3 19:55 H2O: Just Add Water 18:00 Last Man Standing With Steve 13:15 Astro Boy (2D/Thriller) 8:00pm Dracula: The Dark Prince (2D/Action) 9:45pm 20:20 H2O: Just Add Water 18:30 Parks And Zissou 15:00 Top Cat: The 21:10 Good Luck Charlie Recreation 12:00 Doctor Dolittle Movie 21:35 Wizards Of Waverly 19:00 Your Family Or Mine 14:00 Walk Of Shame 16:30 Unstable Fables: Place 19:30 Galavant 16:00 Shanghai Calling 3 Pigs & A Baby ASIAN TOWN 22:00 Wizards Of Waverly 20:00 The Tonight Show 18:00 Every Day 20:00 Goat Story 2 Romeo & Juliet (2D/Tamil) 4:15 & 7:15pm Place Starring Jimmy 20:00 The Rocker 22:00 Top Cat: The Premam (2D/Malayalam) 1:15, 1:30, 2:00, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00 & 7:45pm 22:25 Sabrina: Secrets Of Fallon 22:00 Bulletproof Movie Premam (2D/Malayalam) 9:45, 10:00, 10:45pm A Teenage Witch 21:00 The Daily Show 00:00 Without Men 23:30 Unstable Fables: 22:50 Sabrina: Secrets Of Global Edition 02:00 Shanghai Calling 3 Pigs & A Baby A Teenage Witch 21:30 The Nightly Show 01:00 Twigson

HYPER C RSO S W O RD 123 45678 91011 3 It has four mounted 28 ___ b’Av (annual players Jewish fast day) 12 13 14 15 4 Gandhi who heads 30 Place for a glowing the Indian National element 16 17 18 Congress 32 20-20, e.g. 19 20 21 22 5 Longtime luxury 33 Hydroxyl-bearing sedan compound 23 24 25 26 6 Sitter hitter, maybe 36 Turned-over part of 7 Pat Patriot and Billy a leaf 27 28 29 30 Buffalo 37 Alternative to Avia 31 32 33 8 Hypothetical 39 See 49-Down example opener 40 Wise one 34 9 Curtis of the screen 41 Opposite of blanco Yesterday’s answer 10 Player with Legos, 35 43 “___ Shoes” (2005 How to play Hyper Sudoku: for example Cameron Diaz film) A Hyper Sudoku Puzzle is solved by filling the numbers from 1 to 9 into the blank cells. A Hyper 36 37 38 39 40 11 Authority figures 45 Frequent Wyeth Sudoku has unlike Sudoku 13 regions (four regions overlap with the nine standard regions). In all regions the numbers from 1 to 9 can appear only once. Otherwise, a Hyper Sudoku is solved like 13 Big outdoor gear model 41 42 43 44 45 a normal Sudoku. retailer 47 One aboard Marine 14 What might break 46 47 48 49 50 51 One: Abbr. How to play Kakuro: people’s trust?: 48 “Wicked!” The kakuro grid, unlike in sudoku, can be of any 52 53 54 Abbr. 49 Id ___ (39-Down) size. It has rows and columns, and dark cells 20 Discoverer of the like in a crossword. And, just like in a crossword, 50 Provide technical 55 some of the dark cells will contain numbers. Some Amazon’s mouth details for cells will contain two numbers. 22 Giggles However, in a crossword the numbers reference 56 57 58 53 Spanish 25 “Copacabana” clues. In a kakuro, the numbers are all you get! demonstrative They denote the total of the digits in the row or showgirl and others 54 Burning feeling column referenced by the number. ACROSS 35 Bb6, for one Within each collection of cells 1 ___ Store (debut of 2008) 36 Score at the half? WORK COLOR ATOP - called a run - any 4 Space on a bookshelf? 38 “You’ve got mail!” and such of the numbers 1 AL I I HAIKU CARS to 9 may be used 9 Bush found in Florida 41 Cry of innocence but, like sudoku, 12 “___ funny!” 42 Caesar’s force SEAS ATE I T CI TY each number may 13 Stray away 44 Notable 1979 exile only be used once. PASSES TEASELS 15 Short coming? 46 Invisible thing that’s CREDO BAD Yesterday’s 16 Boring thing inflatable answer 17 Part of a bridge truss 47 They often succeed BACARD I AAHEDAT 18 Apology opener 51 States on a game board, ATOM SURGE EDU 19 10th-century pope e.g.: Abbr. NOR GENERAL RON Baby Blues By Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman 21 War room topic 52 Soap of a medical nature DNA OXEYE SERE 55 Fancy invitation feature 23 “The Alphabet” artist BELTWAY SMACKER 24 ___ itself 56 They might catch some rays 26 Sponges, say 57 Some 24/7 facilities INC STOMA 27 Fly in the face of someone? 58 Spanish for “basket” MA E S T R I HARR I S 29 Mau ___ (forever, in Hawaii) CORD I ON I A FORD DOWN 30 It may have a high grain BLEU NBCTV EL I A content 1 “Ben-Hur: ___ of the Christ” 31 B, for one 2 Basis of the Nintendo Wii’s CLAP GEESE DESK 34 B, for one processor ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE SATURDAY 13 JUNE 2015 24 MORNING BREAK

Prayer Timings Weather Hot daytime with scattered clouds and Fajr 03.14 am Zuhr 11.34 am Maghrib 06.26 pm o o Minimum: 30 C Maximum: 41 C slight dust to blowing Shorook 04.43 am Asr 02.57 pm Isha 07.56 pm HIGH TIDE 01:00 - 16:00LOW TIDE 08:00 - 21:15 dust at places.

Harper Lee letters Download Festival flop at NY auction

NEW YORK: Six let- In 1960, she wrote in rap- ters written by US novelist tures about the dazzling suc- Harper Lee flopped at auc- cess of her novel — “We were tion yesterday despite fever- surprised, stunned and dazed ish interest in the publication by the Princeton Review,” she of her second novel, set for said. In one letter from 1956, release next month. she expresses her “longing” to The typed letters sent from return to writing in New York. 1956-1961 to a close friend, “I simply can’t work here. New York architect Harold Genius overcomes all obstacles, Caufield, shine a rare light etc., and this is no excuse,” she into the personal thoughts of wrote. one of America’s most reclu- She also has choice words for sive but celebrated authors. society in Monroeville. Christie’s had valued the let- “Sitting and listening to peo- ters at $150,000 to $250,000, ple you went to school with is but there was no buyer and excruciating for an hour — to bidding stopped at $90,000, a hear the same conversation day spokeswoman for the auction in and day out is better than house said. the Chinese torture method,” Lee’s only published novel she wrote. “It’s enough to make to date, the best-selling mas- you give up.” terpiece To Kill a Mockingbird, HarperCollins is to publish won the Pulitzer Prize for its Lee’s second novel, “Go Set a tale of racial injustice in the Watchman,” on July 14. Depression-era South. The book is already a best- Published in 1960, it has seller at online retail giant become standard reading in Amazon, where the 304-page American classrooms and has hardback is available for been translated into more pre-order. Fans ride a fairground ride during the Download Festival in Castle Donington, central England, yesterday. than 40 languages, as well as The announcement ear- adapted into an Oscar-winning lier this year of its release set film starring Gregory Peck. the literary world alight and Lee, 89, lives as a recluse delighted Lee’s millions of and it is exceptionally rare for fans, despite sparking specu- her private writings to come lation about whether she was Selfies and smiles in Zhou village onto the market. Four of the of sound mind. letters were written before She wrote the manuscript XIQIANTOU, CHINA: He anti-corruption drive, his birth- of rumours, the party announced with Zhou Yuanqing becoming a “Mockingbird” was published in the mid-1950s and it was wielded enormous power as place has become a venue for last July that Zhou — who stepped local official. He was taken away and detail her thoughts in car- only recently re-discovered by China’s fearsome security chief, political rubber-necking, rather down from the PSC in a once-a- by investigators along with his ing for her adored father and her lawyer. Deaf and suffering but at Zhou Yongkang’s ances- than respect and deference. decade leadership handover in businesswoman wife. Influential the strains of life in her home- from poor eyesight, Lee lives in tral village, his relatives’ tombs Xiqiantou, outside Wuxi city in 2012 — was being investigated, magazine Caixin reported the pair town of Monroeville, Alabama. a nursing home. AFP are now backdrops for selfies the eastern province of , is before he was expelled and had amassed huge fortunes from and curious visitors crush the surrounded by industrial estates arrested last December. the web of corruption that sur- hedges around the family home. and new housing developments, He was sentenced to life in rounded Zhou Yongkang. Zhou, who was jailed for life after and BMWs and Audis have to slow prison on Thursday, after admit- Yuanxing was said to have a secret corruption trial, came on the narrow lanes for clattering ting to charges of “bribery, grown rich selling Wuliangye, a from humble beginnings. Born to agricultural vehicles puffing black abuse of power and leaking state spirit from Sichuan — a province an eel farmer in the sleepy com- smoke into the humid air. secrets,” according to state media. formerly run by Zhou Yongkang. munity of Xiqiantou, he embarked The imposing black and white The ancestral Zhou tombstones Looking over the memorials on a journey through the oil indus- Zhou family compound, complete stand next to fields of strawber- one man shook his head. “There try to the apex of political author- with a tranquil moat, stands ries around 500 metres behind the is an old saying in China — ‘Evil ity and a place on the Communist grandly at the centre of the village. family home. A freshly erected actions bring evil onto our- Party’s elite Politburo Standing “Hey, see if you can get your cam- grave marks the resting place of selves’,” pronounced the man, who Committee. era through there,” a man shouted Zhou Yuanxing, who passed away declined to give his name but said His role heading the Central to a group of young women, point- early last year, as the net closed he had travelled hundreds of kilo- Politics and Law Commission put ing to a black latticed window on on his older brother and shortly metres to visit. “The reason he him in charge of China’s police, the surrounding wall, before flat- after his younger sibling Zhou had to fall is mainly his fault,” he courts, jails and domestic surveil- tening a perimeter hedgerow in his Yuanqing was detained. added. “He did so many evil things lance. Shielded from scrutiny by quest for a clear shot. His friends Yuanxing was the last of the and didn’t serve as a good official, a vast network of lieutenants in struck high-spirited poses as they three brothers to live at the Zhou so he got himself trapped by his China’s internal security network, took pictures of each other. compound — built in 2008, after own deeds.” Zhou was seen as untouchable. During a recent visit to the the house they grew up in was A friend, smiling incongruously But since his career crashed village, some visitors were more torn down — residents said, add- as he had his picture taken in into ignominy as the most prom- reflective, musing on how the ing that other family members front of a tombstone, interjected: Harper Lee (right) during the 2007 Presidential Medal of Freedom inent target of the Communist once mighty can fall, as if at a still live in the village. The two “We didn’t come here because we awards ceremony at the White House in Washington, DC. Party’s much-publicised Chinese Graceland. After months older men both left decades ago, like him.” AFP

Now, play game Berlin palace set to house top museum on Facebook

BERLIN: The German capi- Humboldt University. Messenger tal celebrated a milestone yes- The original palace was badly terday in the rebuilding of its damaged in World War II and NEW YORK: Now you can Prussian-era royal palace that its remains blown up by East play the Doodle Draw game is set to house a world history Germany’s communist regime, while chatting on Facebook museum billed as the country’s which replaced it with its 1970s Messenger. The game is avail- top cultural project. Palace of the Republic, a giant able directly through the app. From 2019 the “Berliner block with orange tinted windows You can find the game in Stadtschloss” or Berlin City that housed its assembly and a Messenger’s overflow menu, Palace replica will be the home cultural and recreation centre. alongside several utility apps, but of the Humboldt Forum global After the Berlin Wall fell in you’ll have to download it from collection, to be curated by the 1989 and Germany reunited the the App Store or Google Play British Museum’s outgoing chief following year, bitter debate long before you can enjoy playing it, Neil MacGregor, dubbed the “pop raged about whether to keep the NextWeb reported. star of the museum world” by communist monument or raze Doodle Draw is the first game local media. it to rebuild Berlin’s original to be launched for Messenger Yesterday, government min- palace — with the latter option after Facebook opened up the isters and culture officials met approved by the German parlia- chat service’s API in March. at what is now a raw concrete ment in 2007. The company was initially and steel structure for the so- The replica, designed by interested only in content crea- called topping-out ceremony Italian architect Franco Stella, tion tools like GIF and meme that marks the end of the major will now be fitted on three sides generators, but the new move structural work which started with baroque sandstone facades indicates the social networking two years ago. recalling the old Hohenzollern giant is open to other sorts of MacGregor, who was report- palace built between the 15th and apps too. edly hand-picked for the job 18th centuries, and a fourth mod- Rival mobile messaging apps by German Chancellor Angela ern front facing the Spree River. like WeChat, Line and Viber Merkel, hopes to “tell the story The Humboldt Forum will have hosted games on their of humanity” with artefacts from house artefacts from Berlin’s services for a while now as they Berlin’s many rich collections, Ethnological Museum, Asian People watch the topping-out wreath being placed on top of the new Berlin City Palace in Berlin, Germany, offer another revenue stream ranging from European antiquity Art Museum as well as Humboldt yesterday. The construction site is open to visitors this weekend. and keep users engaged even to East Asian arts. University, libraries and cultural when they don’t really want to The ¤590m ($660m) domed centres. The project has invited ‘chat’. venue is a reconstruction of a his- advisors from China, India, the was named head of the curators series on art history, including press conference in Merkel’s All in all, your Messenger torical jewel of Baroque architec- United States, Turkey, Mexico, panel along with art historian “A History of the World in 100 chancellery building last month. would be more fun to use now, ture located on the city’s Unter Peru and Kenya. Horst Bredekamp and archae- Objects”. “They allow you to tell the story provided there is not a new den Linden boulevard, near the MacGregor, who heads the ologist Hermann Parzinger. “The Berlin collections are of humanity from the beginning stream of irritating invitations Protestant Berlin Cathedral and British Museum until December, He is also known for his BBC astonishingly rich,” he told a up to today. AFP and notifications. IANS