Greek Creation Story In the beginning, there was nothing but an empty space. The called it . The First Order Chaos gave birth to (darkness) and (night). Erebus and Nyx gave birth to (day) and (light). Chaos created two more entities: and . Gaia was earth and Tartarus was the place beneath the earth. From Gaia appeared (sea) and Ouranos (sky). The Second Order Gaia married her son Ouranos. Back then, it was normal for members of the same family to marry each other as there was no one else to marry. Gaia and Ouranos had three sets of children: three , three Hecatonchires and twelve .

The Cyclopes were with one eye on their forehead. The Hecatonchires were terrible creatures with a hundred arms and fifty heads. Their incredible strength and ferocity surpassed that of all the Titans. It’s said that when the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires were born, Ouranos, shocked by their hideous appearance, buried them deep in the earth. Six of the Titans were male and six were female. They didn’t share their brothers’ monstrous appearance. The Defeat of Ouranos Ouranos was a cruel father. Gaia could never forget what he had done to their children: the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires. So, she came up with a plan. Together with her son, Kronos, who hated and envied his father, they set a trap

Kronos wounded Ouranos, punishing him for his cruel behaviour. Ouranos cursed Kronos with the words: “May your children destroy you as you destroyed me.” Kronos buried his father deep in the earth and became the ruler of the world.

Page 1 of 5 visit Greek Creation Story He then married his sister The Return of and they had six children. Kronos, Zeus grew up and learnt to hate his remembering his father’s curse, father for all the bad things he had was afraid of his children. So, every done. One day, he went to the place time Rhea gave birth to a child, he where Kronos and Rhea lived, dressed swallowed it. like a servant. He poured a magic First, was born. Kronos potion into Kronos’ drink that made swallowed her. Then , , him spit out his five children when and . They all had he drank it. Hestia, Hades, Demeter, the same fate. However, Rhea didn’t Poseidon and Hera recognised Zeus want to lose her sixth child too. So, as their leader. Together, they would she walked all the way to and overthrow Kronos and the Titans. gave birth to Zeus. As she didn’t want Kronos to suspect anything, she let Zeus be raised by the of the island and the she-goat . She then returned to Kronos, wrapped a stone in clothes and gave it to him in Did You Know...? place of their child. Kronos swallowed Kronos’ children didn’t call themselves the stone, sure that it was their sixth Titans, despite their Titan parentage. child. Instead, they called themselves gods and they would start a new dynasty. The A terrible ten-year war came next where the six gods fought against the Titans. The Titans were very strong but the gods had the The Olympians Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires on A new era began with Zeus as the their side. The war was so ferocious ruler. Zeus, Hera, Hestia, Hades, that it caused the ground to crack, Poseidon and Demeter were the islands to form and continents to first gods, but soon more followed. move and reshape. When everyone , , , believed that the Titans would win, , , and the Hecatonchires threw boulders followed. They called over them, forcing them to retreat themselves the Olympians because and run away. Zeus exiled them. they lived on .

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Did You Know...?

Hades doesn’t belong to the Dodekatheon because he is the ruler of the .

The Creation of Humans Zeus was happy living among his fellow gods and ruling the world but he felt that something was missing. He wanted to have someone to protect, teach and to live happily in the world the gods had created. So, he had an idea. With the help of his beloved friend , he created the first humans out of clay. Zeus conceived the plan, Prometheus created their bodies and Athena brought them to life, giving them her wisdom and sense. Zeus named them ‘Anthropos’, a word that is still used in today meaning ‘human’.

Glossary Hecatonchires: the name of forests, lakes or the sea the mythical creatures with a hundred arms and fifty heads. exiled: when a person is banned ‘Hecatonchires’ means ‘a hundred from his native country arms’ in Greek. Dodekatheon: the Twelve Gods hideous: extremely ugly of Olympus were called the Dodekatheon because they were nymphs: young female mythical twelve. ‘Dodekatheon’ means ‘twelve creatures that lived near mountains, gods’ in Greek.

conceive: form a plan or idea in the mind

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