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Introduction i Principles of term construction in N.H.V. iii Cytologia – Cytology 1 Textus epithelialis – Epithelial 10 Textus connectivus – 13 Sanguis et Lympha – and 17 Textus muscularis – 19 Textus nervosus – tissue 20 Splanchnologia – Viscera 23 Systema digestorium – Digestive system 24 Systema respiratorium – 32 Systema urinarium – 35 Organa genitalia masculina – Male genital system 38 Organa genitalia feminina – Female genital system 42 Systema endocrinum – 45 Systema cardiovasculare et lymphaticum [Angiologia] – Cardiovascular and 47 Systema nervosum – 52 Receptores sensorii et Organa sensuum – Sensory receptors and organs 58 Integumentum – Integument 64


The preparations leading to the publication of the present first edition of the Nomina Histologica Veterinaria has a long history spanning more than 50 years.

Under the auspices of the World Association of Veterinary Anatomists (W.A.V.A.), the International Committee on Veterinary Anatomical Nomenclature (I.C.V.A.N.) appointed in Giessen, 1965, a Subcommittee on and which started a working relation with the Subcommittee on Histology of the former International Anatomical Nomenclature Committee. In Mexico City, 1971, this Subcommittee presented a document entitled Nomina Histologica Veterinaria: A Working Draft as a basis for the continued work of the newly-appointed Subcommittee on Histological Nomenclature. This resulted in the editing of the Nomina Histologica Veterinaria: A Working Draft II (Toulouse, 1974), followed by preparations for publication of a Nomina Histologica Veterinaria. The latter project was severely delayed, however, despite numerous years of intensive work by the Subcommittee. At the Mexico City Meeting in 1980, actions of the I.C.V.A.N. and the W.A.VA. resulted in the formation of the International Committee on Veterinary Histological Nomenclature (I.C.V.H.N.). In 1983, this committee contributed to the publication of the Nomina Histologica (2nd edition) containing a list of 91 specific veterinary histologic terms. A revised 2nd edition of the Nomina Histologica was published together with the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria in 1994; the introduction of this publication presents a detailed review of the history of the entire project and the names and activities of the numerous eminent veterinary histologists who contributed to it over the years.

From 2008 onwards, preparations for the first edition of the Nomina Histologica Veterinaria were initiated by the I.C.V.H.N Chairman Prof. R. Hullinger (Lafayette, USA) and Secretaries Prof. J. Seeger (Leipzig) and Prof. K.-D. Budras (Berlin). These activities received a boost in 2012, when the committee was reorganised and expanded by appointing the following members: Prof. J. Seeger (Leipzig; Chairman), Prof. M. Stoffel (Bern; Secretary), Prof. M. Bahramsoltani (Leipzig), Prof. R. Brehm (Hannover), Prof. K.-D. Budras (Berlin), Dr. I. Cazimir, lecturer (Bucharest), Prof. C. Mülling (Leipzig), Prof. S. Reese (Münich), Prof. A. Saber (Sadat City), Prof. P. Simoens (Ghent), Prof. F. Sinowatz (Munich) and Prof. W. Van Den Broeck (Ghent).

Intending to present structured lists of the terminologies of veterinary Cytology, General Histology and Special Histology (i.e., Microscopic ), each member of the Committee was assigned a few chapters of the Nomina Histologica for preliminary revision and adaptation in view of novel insights in veterinary histology and the innovative published online by the Federative International Committee on . The resulting draft versions were thoroughly discussed and critically reviewed during four work meetings organized in Leipzig (2013, 2014) and Ghent (2014, 2016), in order to obtain maximal uniformity between the various chapters as well as with the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria and the Nomina Embryologica Veterinaria.


On June 19, 2016 the Coordinating Committee, consisting of the Chairmen and Secretaries of the three Nomenclature Committees, joined the work meeting in Ghent for discussing the discrepancies between the three lists. Proposals to obtain uniformity were drafted and were submitted in 2017 to the three Nomenclature Committees for discussion and approval.

Like the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria and Nomina Embryologica Veterinaria, the Nomina Histologica Veterinaria are published in electronic format on the internet website of the W.A.V.A., enabling world-wide, free and easily accessible use. Furthermore, the Committee decided to accompany all Latin terms by English equivalents, as English is internationally used in scientific literature and communication. However, only the Latin list of terms should be used as the basis for composing lists of equivalent terms in other languages.

This first edition of the Nomina Histologica Veterinaria is the result of immense and long- standing international scientific cooperation. The countless number of and veterinary morphologists who contributed to the former Nomina Histologica, the expert members of the International Committee on Veterinary Histological Nomenclature who prepared the draft versions and participated in the work meetings, and the World Association of Veterinary Anatomists which provided moral and financial support, are gratefully acknowledged.

The ICVHN is fully aware that a task such as the establishment of a comprehensive list of histological terms in Latin and English can not be faultless. Therefore, any cooperative feedback from colleagues and other users is highly welcomed and appreciated. Suggestions will be carefully considered and shall be integrated into the final version to be adopted in 2018 by the General Assembly of the WAVA.

Editorial Committee President of the W.A.V.A.

J. SEEGER (Leipzig, Germany) M. PEREIRA-SAMPAIO (Rio-de-Janeiro, Brasil) M. STOFFEL (Bern, Switzerland) P. SIMOENS (Ghent, Belgium)



The terms are listed in two columns, with the official histologic terms in Latin at the left, and the pertaining English equivalent at the right. In between each pair of terms, an index number has been inserted to facilitate term retrieval. Wherever deemed appropriate, a footnote was added and linked to the item number (see below).

The Latin terms are primordial and provide the unequivocal reference points to be used for translation into any vernacular language, in the present case English. Striving for a consistent nomenclature, common terms such as Membrana (Membrane), Stratum (Layer), Tela (Layer) and Tunica (Tunic) were translated uniformly, while the term Lamina was maintained in English terminology, except when an alternative term was deemed to be necessary (e.g. Lamina equatorialis/Equatorial plate).

The English version presents the terms that are in current usage in English-speaking countries and in scientific communication. However, use of the formal Latin terms in preference to their English equivalents is always at full liberty, if not preferable.

Spelling in either UK English or is considered to be equally correct, but only the former spelling has been used in the present edition (e.g. Centre, Fibre, Grey as the alternatives for the American English terms Center, Fiber, Gray).

Different heading styles and indentations are used to indicate the hierarchical relationship of one term to another.

The order in which the terms are listed follows the classical cascade, descending from the general to the particular, and following the anatomy subsequently through each system. When neither hierarchical sequence nor organization was applicable, terms are arranged in alphabetical order (e.g. types). Structures applying to the as a whole (e.g. of ) are mentioned first, whereas specific structures are listed subsequently starting from the (e.g. Mucosa of ).

In principle, terms are recorded in singular, except for rare instances when the plural format is intrinsic (e.g. Noduli lymphatici aggregati/Aggregated lymphatic nodules) or when the plural was deemed necessary to avoid confusion such as Tragi/ (plural used to differentiate these structures from the protruding auricular border ).

Domestic species covered include the (Oryctolagus cuniculus, or), Carnivores (Carnivora, Car), cat (Felis catus, fe), dog (Canis familiaris, ca), (Ungulata, Un), pig (Sus scrofa domesticus, su), Ruminants (Ruminantia, Ru), ox (Bos taurus, bo), sheep (Ovis aries, ov), goat (Capra hircus, cap) and (Equus caballus, eq). When a species designation is added between brackets after a Latin term, it indicates that this structure occurs only in that species among domestic . However, the absence of a species designation does not necessarily mean that the pertaining structure is present in all domestic mammals. Species devoid of a particular structure are indicated by the abbreviation exc. (e.g. Ductus cysticus (exc. eq)).


In accordance with the major principle of the nomenclature committees, stating that each structure should be designated by a single term only, the use of alternative terms was avoided as much as possible. Nevertheless, in several cases the use of synonyms that are generally used, especially in English terminology, could not be avoided.

In those cases, semicolons (;) are used to delimit true, interchangeable synonyms, whereas square brackets [] indicate alternative options not considered to be equally adequate: e.g. Mucosa [Mucous tunic; ]. Square brackets are also used when listing alternatives for only a part of the complete term such as Secretio eccrina [merocrina], or where the committee considered the Greek term to be appropriate because it serves as a pre- or suffix (e.g. Nephros, Orchis, Salpinx, Splen). Spelling alternatives are compiled below and are not listed in the NHV anymore.

Common brackets () indicate optional specifications that may be added for the sake of clarification, but may be omitted when self-evident from context, e.g. (palpebrae).

Counterpart structures are separated in Latin terms by the abbreviation s. (sive) and in English terms by or (e.g. Palpebra superior s. inferior / Upper or lower .)

Footnotes have been added to numerous terms in order to explain the choice of a particular term or its alternatives, including the eponyms that are still generally used. A more comprehensive list of eponyms is appended below, but their use should be discontinued. Footnotes are also used to avoid redundancies by referring to corresponding chapters. The footnotes become visible when selecting or hoovering over the pertaining index number or selecting the “Tools > Comment” option.

Spelling alternatives adhaerens adherens adhaesio, adhaesionis adhesio, adhesionis aquae- aque- arachnoidealis, arachnoideale arachnoidalis, arachnoidale arytaenoidea arytenoidea caecus, caeca, caecum cecus, ceca, - chorioid- haem- hem- Oesophagus, oesophagea Esophagus, esophagea palaeo- paleo- parathyroidea parathyreoidea Peritonaeum prae- pre- sphaer- spher- subarachnoideale subarachnoidale thyro- thyreo-



LAST NAME First names data Structures (item numbers) ACKERKNECHT Eberhard 1883-1968 Organ (1321) ASCHOFF Karl Albert Ludwig 1866-1942 Crypt of Rokitansky-Aschoff (1734) Node of Aschoff-Tawara (2603)

AUERBACH Leopold 1828-1897 Plexus (1298) BARR Murray Llewellyn 1908-1995 Body (958) BELLINI Lorenzo 1643-1704 (1982) BERGMANN Gottlieb Heinrich 1781-1861 (2941) Fibre (2942)

BETZ Vladimir Alexandrowitsch 1834-1894 Cell (3051) BILLROTH Christian Albert Theodor 1829-1894 Cord (2789) BÖTTCHER Jakob Ernst Arthur 1831-1889 Cell (3435) BOWMAN William 1816-1892 Capsule (1940) Membrane (3186)

BRUCH Karl Wilhelm Ludwig 1819-1884 Membrane (3201) BRÜCKE Ernst Wilhelm 1819-1892 Muscle (3209) CAJAL Santiago Ramón y 1852-1934 Cell of Cajal (1053) CHIEVITZ Johan Henrik 1850-1901 Organ (1324) CLARA Max 1899-1966 Cell (1871) CLAUDIUS/CLADIUS Friedrich Matthias 1822-1869 Cell (3435) CLOQUET Jules Germain 1790-1883 Canal (3292) CORTI Alfonso 1822-1876 Organ (3412) Cell (3415, 3427)

Tunnel (3422)

Membrane (3437)

DEITERS Otto Friedrich Karl 1834-1863 Cell (3431) DESCEMET Jean 1732-1810 Membrane (3188) DISSE Joseph 1852-1912 Space (1692) EBNER Victor von 1842-1925 (1483) FLACK Martin 1882-1931 Node of Keith-Flack (2602) GIANNUZZI Giuseppe 1839-1876 Crescent (634) GLISSON Francis 1599-1677 Capsule (1681)


GOLGI Camillo 1843-1926 Complex (241, 2113) Stack (242)

Network (243, 247)

Tubule (250)

Vesicle (251, 255)

Glia (2941)

Neuron (2944)

GOORMAGHTIGH Norbert Oscar 1890-1960 Cell (1999) GRAAF Regnier de 1641-1673 Follicle (2343) HASSALL Arthur Hill 1817-1894 Corpuscle (2823) HAVERS Clopton 1657-1702 Canal (839) HELD Hans 1866-1942 (2947) HENLE Friedrich Gustav Jakob 1809-1885 Loop (1968) Layer (3606)

HENSEN Victor 1835-1924 Cell (3434) HERRING Percy Theodore 1872-1967 Body (2540) HIS Wilhelm, Jr. 1863-1934 Bundle (2607) RÍO HORTEGA Pío del 1882-1945 Cell (1227) HOWELL William Henry 1860-1945 Howell-Jolly body (940) HUNTER John 1728-1793 Hunter-Schreger band (1379) HUXLEY Thomas Henry 1825-1895 Layer (3605) ITO Toshio 1904-1991 Cell (1693) JENSEN O.S. Ring (2158)

JOLLY Justin Marie 1870-1953 Howell-Jolly body (940) KEITH Arthur 1866-1955 Node of Keith-Flack (2602) KOHN Hans N. 1866-1935 Pore (1897) KRAUSE Wilhelm 1833-1910 Corpuscle (3160) KULCHITSKY Nikolai 1856-1925 Cell (1821) KUPFFER Karl Wilhelm von 1829-1902 Cell (1698) LANGERHANS Paul 1847-1888 Islet (2552) Cell (3545)

LANTERMAN A. J. 1855-1910 Cleft of Schmidt-Lanterman (1254) LEYDIG Franz 1821-1908 Cell (2063) LIEBERKÜHN Johann Nathanael 1711-1756 Crypt (1644) LITTRÉ Alexis 1658-1726 Gland (2285) MALL Franklin Paine 1862-1917 Space (1712) MALPIGHI Marcello 1628-1694 Corpuscle (1913, 1930)


MARTINOTTI Giovanni 1857-1928 Cell (3052) MEIBOM Heinrich 1638-1700 Gland (3311) MEISSNER Georg 1829-1905 Corpuscle (3155) Plexus (1297, 1540, 3132)

MERKEL Friedrich 1845-1919 Cell (3153, 3547) Corpuscle/Disc (3150)

MOLL Jacob Anton 1832-1914 Gland (3309) MÜLLER Heinrich 1820-1864 Muscle (3210) Cell (3264)

NASMYTH Alexander 1789-1848 (1382) NEUMANN Ernst 1834-1918 Sheath (1399) NISSL Franz 1860-1919 Substance (1106) NUËL Jean-Pierre 1847-1920 Space (3426) ODLAND George 1922-1997 Body (3533) OWEN Richard 1804-1892 Line (1405) PACCHIONI Antonio 1665-1726 Body (2886) PACINI Filippo 1812-1883 Corpuscle of Vater-Pacini (3156) PALADE George Emil 1912-2008 Body of Weibel-Palade (561) PANETH Josef 1857-1890 Cell (1648) PEYER Johann Konrad 1653-1712 Patch (1632) PURKINJÊ Johannes Evangelista von 1787-1869 Fibre (1094) Cell (1095, 2605, 2940)

RAMÓN Y CAJAL Santiago 1852-1934 Cell of Cajal (1053) RANVIER Louis Antoine 1835-1922 Node (1253) REISSNER Ernst 1824-1878 Membrane (3403) RETZIUS Anders Adolf 1796-1860 Cell (1053) REXED Bror 1914-2002 Layers (2915) ROKITANSKY Karl 1804-1878 Crypt of Rokitansky-Aschoff (1734) ROUGET Charles 1824-1904 Cell (673, 2632) SALTER Samuel 1825-1897 Line (1387) SANTORINI Giovanni Domenico 1681-1737 Duct (1766) SCHMIDT Henry D 1823-1888 Cleft of Schmidt-Lanterman (1254) SCHREGER Christian Heinrich Theodor 1768-1833 Hunter-Schreger band (1379) SCHWANN Theodor 1810-1882 Cell (1231, 1232, 3099) SCHWEIGGER-SEIDEL Franz 1834-1871 Sheath (2798) SERTOLI Enrico 1842-1910 Cell (2067) SHARPEY William 1802-1880 Fibre (760, 830)


TAWARA Suano 1873-1952 Node of Aschoff-Tawara (2603) TOMES John 1815-1895 Process (1381) Fibre (1391)

VATER Abraham 1684-1751 Corpuscle of Vater-Pacini (3156) VOLKMANN Alfred Wilhelm 1800-1877 Canal (840) WEIBEL Ewald Rudolf 1929- Body of Weibel-Palade (561) WEIGERT Carl 1845-1904 Layers (3065) WIRSUNG Johann Georg 1600-1643 Duct (1766) ZEIS Eduard 1807-1868 Gland (3308) ZINN Johann Gottfried 1727-1759 Zonule (3301) ZUCKERKANDL Emil 1849-1910 Organ (2486)



Chairman: Prof. Johannes SEEGER Institute of Veterinary Anatomy, Histology and Embryology University of Leipzig An den Tierkliniken 43 D-04103 Leipzig Deutschland / Germany [email protected]

Secretary: Prof. Michael H. STOFFEL Division of Veterinary Anatomy University of Bern POB 3350 CH-3001 Bern Schweiz / Switzerland [email protected]

Members: Prof. Mahtab BAHRAMSOLTANI (University of Berlin, Germany) Prof. Ralph BREHM (University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany) Prof. Klaus-Dieter BUDRAS (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) Dr. Iuliana CAZIMIR, Lecturer (University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, Romania) Prof. Christoph MÜLLING (University of Leipzig, Germany) Prof. Sven REESE (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany) Prof. Ashraf SABER (University of Sadat City, Egypt) Prof. Paul SIMOENS (Ghent University, Belgium) Prof. Fred SINOWATZ (Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany) Prof. Wim VAN DEN BROECK (Ghent University, Belgium)

ix NHV Cytologia

Cytologia Cytology

Cellula [Cyto-; -cytus] 1 Cell

Morphologia generalis 2 General morphology Membrana cellularis 3 Junctiones cellulares 4 Cellular junctions Protoplasma 5 Protoplasm 6 Nucleus Cytoplasma 7 Ratio nucleocytoplasmica 8 Nucleocytoplasmic ratio

Morphologia externa 9 External morphology Cellula squamosa 10 Squamous cell Cellula cuboidea 11 Cuboidal cell Cellula columnaris [Cellula prismatica] 12 Prismatic cell [Columnar cell] Cellula polyhedralis 13 Polyhedral cell Cellula pyramidalis 14 Cellula spheroidea 15 Spheroidal cell [Spherical cell] Cellula ovoidea 16 Ovoid cell [Oval cell] Cellula caliciformis 17 Caliciform cell Cellula fusiformis 18 Fusiform cell Cellula dendritiformis 19 [Branched cell] Cellula stellata 20 Stellate cell Cellula gigantea 21 Giant cell

Morphologia interna 22 Internal morphology Cellula mononucleata 23 Mononucleate cell Cellula binucleata 24 Binucleate cell Cellula multinucleata 25 cell 26 Syncytium Plasmodium 27 Plasmodium Cellula anucleata 28 Anucleate cell Cellula somatica 29 Somatic cell Cellula germinativa 30 Cellula primordialis 31 Primordial cell Cellula fundatoria 32 Founder cell Cellula proprecursoria 33 Prestem cell Cellula precursoria 34 Cellula progenetrix 35 Cellula precursoria embryonica 36 [ESC] Cellula precursoria embryonica spontanea 37 Embryonic stem cell [ESC] generated spontaneously in vivo [ESC GS] Cellula precursoria embryonica artificialis 38 Embryonic stem cell [ESC] induced artificially in vitro [ESC IA] Cellula precursoria fetalis 39 Fetal stem cell Cellula precursoria neonatalis 40 Neonatal stem cell Cellula precursoria adulta 41

Polaritas cellularis 42 Axis cellularis 43 Cell axis Tegumentum cellularis 44 Cell surface Apex cellularis 45 Cell apex Basis cellularis 46 Cell base Polus cellularis 47 Cell pole

Membrana cellularis 48 Cell membrane Glycocalix 49 Glycocalix Plasmalemma 50 Plasmalemma Facies externa 51 External surface [Outer ; Superficial surface] externa 52 External dense lamina [Outer dense lamina] Facies fracta externa 53 External fractured face Lamina intermedia lucida 54 Middle lucent lamina Facies fracta cytoplasmica 55 Cytoplasmic fractured face Lamina densa interna 56 Internal dense lamina Facies interna 57 Inner surface [Cytosolic face]

1 NHV Cytologia

Specialisationes superficiales 58 Surface specializations Invaginatio cellularis 59 Cell invagination Processus cellularis 60 Cell process Processus amoeboideus 61 Amoeboid process Pseudopodium 62 Pseudopod Microspina 63 Microspike Filopodium 64 Filliform process 65 Lamellar process Processus polypoideus 66 Polypold process Microplica 67 Microridge 68 Microvillus Stereocilium 69 Stereocilium 70 Cilium 71 Motile cilium Statocilium 72 Immotile cilium Pars superficialis 73 Superficial region Pars basalis 74 Basal region Axonema 75 Microtubulus centralis 76 Central Diplomicrotubulus periphericus 77 Peripheral microtubular doublet nexini 78 bridge Tectinum 79 Tectin Brachium dyneini 80 arm Vinculum radiale 81 Corpusculum basale 82 [Kinetosome] Pes basalis 83 Basal foot Radix basalis 84 Basal root Triplomicrotubulus 85 Microtubular triplet Satelles 86 Basal body associated structures 87 Flagellum

Junctiones cellulares 88 Cellular junctions Junctiones intercellulares 89 Intercellular junctions Junctio adhaesionis 90 Adhering junction Junctio intercellularis simplex 91 Simple intercellular junction Junctio intercellularis denticulata 92 Denticulate intercellular junction Junctio intercellularis digitiformis 93 Digitiform intercellular junction Junctio intercellularis multiplex 94 Complex intercellular junction Zonula occludens 95 Occluding junction Rete cristarum occludentium 96 Fusion ridge network Macula occludens 97 Macula occludens occludens 98 Fascia occludens Punctum adhaerens 99 Punctum adherens Zonula adhaerens 100 Zonula adherens Condensatio intracellularis 101 Cytoplasmic plaque Fascia adhaerens 102 Adhesive strip Macula adhaerens [Desmosoma] 103 Spot Condensatio desmosomatica intracellularis 104 Desmosomal attachment plaque Zona externa 105 Outer zone Zona interna 106 Inner zone Condensatio desmosomatica intercellularis 107 Intercellular condensation Linea intercellularis densa 108 Dense intercellular line Desmogleina 109 Desmocolina 110 Junctio communicans 111 Communicating junction Macula communicans [Nexus] 112 Connexona 113 Complexus junctionalis 114 Junctional complex Junctio cellulomatricalis 115 Cell junction Hemidesmosoma 116 Condensatio intracellularis 117 Cytoplasmic plaque Contactus focalis 118 Focal Condensatio focalis 119 plaque Fibra tensionis 120 fibre Podosoma 121 Condensatio podosomatica 122 Podosome plaque Autodesmosoma 123 Autodesmosome Spatium intercellulare 124 Intercellular space Substantia intercellularis 125 Intercellular substance

2 NHV Cytologia

Nucleus 126 Nucleus

Nomina generalia 127 General terms Nucleus simplex regularis 128 Simple regular nucleus Nucleus anularis 129 Annular nucleus Nucleus baciliformis 130 Elongated nucleus Nucleus fusiformis 131 Fusiform nucleus Nucleus ovoideus 132 Ovoid nucleus Nucleus piriformis 133 Piriform nucleus Nucleus planus 134 Flat nucleus Nucleus sphaericus 135 Spherical nucleus Nucleus vesicularis 136 Vesicular nucleus Nucleus simplex irregularis 137 Simple irregular nucleus Nucleus indentatus 138 Indented nucleus Nucleus reniformis 139 Reniform nucleus Nucleus compositus irregularis 140 Compound irregular nucleus Nucleus moruliformis 141 Mulberry shaped nucleus Nucleus multilobatus 142 Multilobed nucleus Nucleus segmentatus 143 Segmented nucleus Nucleus polymorphus 144 Polymorphous nucleus Nucleus apoptoticus 145 Apoptotic nucleus Nucleus pyknoticus 146 Pyknotic nucleus Nucleus karyorrhecticus 147 Karyorrhectic nucleus Nucleus karyolyticus 148 Karyolytic nucleus

Tegumentum nucleare 149 Membrana nuclearis externa 150 Outer nuclear membrane Spatium perinucleare 151 Perinuclear space Membrana nuclearis interna 152 Inner nuclear membrane Porus nuclearis 153 Nuclear pore Complexus pori nuclearis 154 Nuclear pore complex Filamentum cytoplasmaticum 155 Cytoplasmic filament Anulus pori externus 156 Cytoplasmic ring [External ring] Elementum sphaericum 157 Spherical subunit Canalis periphericus 158 Peripheral channel Canalis centralis 159 Central channel Obturamentum centrale 160 Central plug Elementum columnare 161 Columnar subunit Elementum luminarium 162 Luminal subunit Anulus pori internus 163 Nucleoplasmic ring [Internal ring] Elementum anulare 164 Annular subunit Crus radiale 165 Radial arm Canistrum pori 166 Basket Filamentum canistri 167 Basket filament Anulus pori intimus 168 Terminal ring

Protoplasma 169 Protoplasm Nucleoplasma 170 Nucleoplasm Lamina fibrosa nuclearis 171 Fibrous lamina Filamentum lamini 172 filament Chromatinum 173 Chromatin Heterochromatinum 174 Heterochromatin Euchromatinum 175 Euchromatin Fibra chromatini 176 Chromatin fibre Fibra nucleosomatis 177 Nucleosome fibre Chromatosoma 178 Chromatosome Nucleosoma 179 Nucleosome Granum nucleosomatis 180 Nucleosome core particle Ligamen acidi desoxyribonuclearis 181 DNA linker Granulum interchromatineum 182 Interchromatin Fibrilla perichromatinea 183 Perichromatin Corpusculum PML 184 PML nuclear body Chromatinum sexuale 185 Sex chromatin Corpusculum nucleare 186 Nuclear body

3 NHV Cytologia

Nucleolus 187 Nucleolus principalis 188 Principal nucleolus Nucleolus accessorius 189 Accessory nucleolus Nucleolus compositus 190 Composed nucleolus Nucleolonema 191 Nucleolonema Pars amorpha 192 Amorphous part Pars chromatoidea 193 Nucleolus-associated chromatin Regio argyrophilica nucleoli 194 Argyrophilic nucleolar region [AgNOR] Regio operans nucleolum 195 Nucleolar organizing region [NOR] Pars fibrosa 196 Fibrous region Centrum fibrillare 197 Fibrillar centre Pars fibrillaris densa 198 Dense fibrillar component Pars granulosa 199 Granular component

Cytoplasma 200 Cytoplasm

Matrix cytoplasmatica 201 [Cytoplasmic matrix] Ectoplasma 202 [Cortical cytoplasm] Endoplasma 203 Hyaloplasma 204 Hyaloplasm Centroplasma 205 Centrosphere

Organella membranaria 206 Membranous 207 Mitochondrion Tegumentum mitochondriale 208 Mitochondrial envelope Membrana mitochondrialis externa 209 External mitochondrial membrane Spatium intermembranosum 210 Intermembranous spaces Contactus intermembranosus 211 Intermembrane contact site Membrana mitochondrialis interna 212 Internal mitochondrial membrane Crista mitochondrialis 213 Mitochondrial crista Junctio cristae 214 Crista junction Tubulus mitochondrialis 215 Mitochondrial Particula elementaris 216 Elementary particle Caput 217 Headpiece Stipes 218 Stalk Basis 219 Basepiece Matrix mitochondrialis 220 Mitochondrial matrix Filamentum anulare acidi desoxyribonuclearis mitochondrialis 221 Mitochondrial chromosome Ribosoma mitochondriale 222 Mitochondrial Filamentum acidi ribonuclearis nuntii 223 Messenger RNA filament Granulum mitochondriale 224 Mitochondrial granule Inclusio mitochondrialis 225 Mitochondrial Reticulum endoplasmaticum 226 Membrana 227 Membrane Facies externa 228 Outer surface [Cytosolic surface] Facies interna 229 Inner surface [Luminal surface] Lamella 230 Lamella 231 Cistern Sacculus 232 Tubulus 233 Tubule Lumen 234 Lumen Reticulum endoplasmaticum granulosum 235 Rough endoplasmic reticulum Vesicula a vestiente proteino II 236 Coat II coated vesicle Reticulum endoplasmaticum leve 237 Smooth endoplasmic reticulum Reticulum sarcoplasmaticum 238 Lamellae anulariae 239 Annulate lamellae [AL] Porus 240 Pore Complexus dictyosomaticus 241 Golgi complex Dictyosoma 242 Golgi stack Reticulum tubulosacculare proximale 243 Cis Golgi network Facies proximalis 244 Cis face [Entry face] Sacculus proximalis 245 Cis saccule Sacculus intermedius 246 Intermediate saccule Reticulum tubulosacculare distale 247 Trans Golgi network Facies distalis 248 Trans face [Exit face] Sacculus distalis 249 Trans saccule Tubulus dictyosomaticus 250 Golgi tubule Vesicula dictyosomatica 251 Golgi vesicle Vesicula a clathrino tecta 252 coated vesicle Vesicula a vestiente proteino I tecta 253 Coat protein I coated vesicle

4 NHV Cytologia

Lysosoma 254 Vesicula dictyosomatica transferrens enzymata lysosomatica 255 Golgi vesicle transporting lysosomal Endosoma tardum 256 Late Gemma lysosomalis 257 Lysosomal bud Vesicula transferrens enzymata lysosomatica 258 Vesicle transporting lysosomal enzymes Membrana lysosomatica 259 Lysosomal membrane Matrix lysosomatica 260 Lysosomal matrix Autolysosoma 261 Autolysosome Autophagolysosoma 262 Autophagolysosome Crinophagolysosoma 263 Crinophagolysosome Heterolysosoma 264 Heterolysosome Heterophagolysosoma 265 Heterophagolysosome Corpusculum residuale 266 Granulum lipofuscini 267 granule Siderosoma 268 Siderosome Peroxysoma 269 [] Membrana peroxysomatica 270 Peroxisomal membrane Matrix peroxysomatica 271 Peroxisomal matrix

Exocytosis 272 Exocytosis constituens 273 Constitutive exocytosis Exocytosis ordinata 274 Regulated exocytosis Vesicula secretoria 275 Secretory vesicle [Secretory ] Vesicula exocrina 276 Exocrine vesicle Vesicula mucosa 277 Mucous vesicle [Mucous granule] Vesicula serosa 278 Serous vesicle Vesicula heterogena 279 Mixed heterogenous granule Vesicula seromucosa 280 Seromucous vesicle Vesicula endocrina 281 Endocrine vesicle [-containing vesicle] Granulum cytoplasmaticum 282 Cytoplasmic granule Granulum pigmenti 283 Pigment granule Granulum ferritini 284 Ferritin granule Granulum haemosiderini 285 Hemosiderin granule Granulum haematoidini 286 Hematoidin granule Granulum melanini [Melanosoma] 287 granule Granulum lipofuscini 288 Lipofuscin granule Granulum glycogeni 289 granule Gutta adipis 290 inclusion Guttula adipis 291 Fat droplet Granulum lipochromi 292 Lipochrome granule Granulum carotenoideum 293 granule Granulum crystalloideum 294 Crystalloid inclusion

Endocytosis 295 296 Pinocytosis Endocytosis a receptore effecta 297 mediated endocytosis Potocytosis 298 Potocytosis Macropinocytosis 299 Macropinocytosis Phagocytosis 300 Phagocytosis 301 Transcytosis Macropinosoma 302 Macropinosome Vesicula pinocytotica 303 Pinocytotic vesicle [Pinosome] vestita 304 Coated pit Vesicula a clathrino tecta 305 Clathrin-coated vesicle Triskelion clathrini 306 Clathrin triskelion Caveola 307 Caveola Caveosoma 308 Caveosome [-coated vesicle] Vesicula superficiallis 309 Superficial vesicle Endosoma 310 Endosome Endosoma novum 311 Early endosome [Primary endosome] Endosoma tardum 312 Late endosome Endolysosoma 313 Endolysosome Corpusculum multivesiculare 314 Multivesicular body [Multivesicular endosome] Vesicula interna 315 Internal vesicle Exosoma 316 Phagosoma 317 Heterophagosoma 318 Heterophagosome Heterophagolysosoma 319 Heterophagolysosome Autophagosoma 320 Autophagosome Autophagolysosoma 321 Autophagolysosome Corpusculum lamellare lysosomaticum 322 Lysosomal lamellar body [Onionoid body] Corpusculum residuale 323 Residual body Proteasoma 324 Vesicula cytoplasmica 325 Cytoplasmic vesicle Vesicula transportans 326 Transport vesicle [Transfer vesicle]

5 NHV Cytologia

Organella nonmembranaria 327 Non-membranous organelles Centrosoma 328 Centriolum 329 Triplomicrotubulus 330 Microtubular triplet Matrix pericentriolaris 331 Pericentriolar matrix Diplosoma 332 Diplosome Procentriolum 333 Procentriole Satelles centrioli 334 Centriolar satellite Ribosoma 335 Ribosome Pars magna 336 Large subunit Pars parva 337 Small subunit Polyribosoma 338 Polyribosome [Polysome] Filamentum acidi ribonuclearis nuntii 339 Messenger RNA filament [mRNA filament]

Cytoskeleton 340 Microtubulus 341 Microtubule Tubulinum 342 Tubulin Tubulinum alpha 343 Alpha tubulin Tubulinum beta 344 Beta tubulin Tubulinum gamma 345 Gamma tubulin Proteinum microtubulo adjunctum 346 Microtubule-associated protein [MAP] Kinesinum 347 Dyneinum 348 Dynein Centrum operans microtubuli 349 Microtubule organinizing centre [MTOC] Cilium 350 Cilium Flagellum 351 Flagellum Microfilamentum 352 [ filament] Proteinum ligans actinum 353 Actin binding protein Fibra tensionis 354 Stess fibre Trama cytoskeletalis terminalis 355 Terminal web Proteinum microfilamento adjunctum 356 Microfilament-associated protein Myosinum 357 Filamentum intermedium 358 Proteinum adjunctum filamento intermedio 359 Intermediate filament associated protein Filamentum alpha internexini 360 Alpha- filament Filamentum cytokeratini 361 filament [ filament] Filamentum desmini 362 filament Filamentum filensini 363 Filensin filament Filamentum lamini 364 Lamin filament Filamentum nestini 365 Nestin filament Filamentum peripherini 366 filament Filamentum syncoilini 367 filament Filamentum synemini 368 filament Filamentum vimentini 369 filament Gliofilamentum 370 Glial fibrillar acidic protein filament [GFAP filament] Neurofilamentum 371 Tonofilamentum 372 Tonofilament Tonofibrilla 373

Apoptosis 374 Apoptosis Nucleus apoptoticus 375 Apoptotic nucleus Corpusculum apoptoticum 376 Apoptotic body Bulla apoptotica 377 Apoptotic bleb Gemma apoptotica 378 Apoptotic bud Anoikis 379 Anoikis

Depositum extracellulare 380 Extracellular deposit Granulum crystalloideum extracellulare 381 Extracellular crystalloid granule Depositum amyloideum 382 Amyloid deposit Amylinum 383

6 NHV Cytologia

Cyclus cellularis 384 Cell cycle

Interphasis 385 Interphase Nucleus interphasicus 386 Interphase nucleus Intervallum postmitoticum 387 Postmitotic interval [G1 phase] Phasis fabricans acidum desoxyribonucleare 388 DNA synthesis phase [S phase] Intervallum premitoticum 389 Premitotic interval [G2 phase] Phasis G0 390 Cellula postmitotica 391 Postmitotic cell

Apparatus divisionis cellularis 392 apparatus Aster 393 Aster Diaster 394 Diaster Centriolum 395 Centriole Radiatio polaris 396 Astral rays Microtubulus astralis 397 Astral microtubule Microtubulus radians 398 Radiating microtubule Microtubulus polaris 399 Polar microtubule Fusus divisionis cellularis 400 Cell division spindle Fusus mitoticus 401 Mitotic spindle Fusus meioticus 402 Meiotic spindle Fibra fusi 403 Spindle fibre Microtubulus fusi 404 Spindle microtubule Fibra centriolocentromeralis 405 Centriolocentromeric fibre [Kinetochore fibre] Microtubulus kinetochori 406 Kinetochore microtubule Fibra polaris 407 Polar fibre Microtubulus polaris fusi 408 Polar spindle microtubule Planum equatoriale 409 Equatorial plane Polus fusalis 410 Spindle pole Vestigium fusi 411 Spindle remnant

Mitosis 412 Cellula mitotica 413 Mitotic mitoticus 414 Mitotic nucleus Periodus mitoticus 415 Mitotic period Cytokinesis 416 Cytokinesis [Cytodieresis] Karyokinesis 417 Nuclear division [Karyokinesis] Prophasis 418 Prophase Chromatinum compactum 419 Compact chromatin Chromatinum dispersum 420 Dispersed chromatin Prometaphasis 421 Prometaphase Metaphasis 422 Metaphase Lamina equatorialis 423 Equatorial plate Anaphasis 424 Anaphase Anaphasis A 425 A anaphase Anaphasis B 426 B anaphase Telophasis 427 Telophase Constrictio cytoplasmatica 428 Cytoplasmic constriction Sulcus scissionis 429 furrow Corpusculum intermedium 430 Midbody Corpusculum residuale 431 Residual corpuscle Amitosis 432 Amitosis

7 NHV Cytologia

Chromosoma 433 Chromosome Conjectus chromosomatis 434 Chromosome spread Autosoma 435 Autosome Heterosoma 436 Heterosome Gonosoma 437 Sex chromosome Chromosoma X 438 X chromosome Chromatinum sexuale 439 Sex chromatin Chromosoma Y 440 Y chromosome Constrictio primaria 441 Primary constriction Centromerus 442 Centromere Spherula centromeri 443 Recombination granule Crus chromosomatis 444 Chromosome arm Crus breve 445 Short arm Crus longum 446 Long arm Kinetochorus 447 Kinetochore Stratum granulare crassum intimum 448 Innermost coarse granular layer Stratum filamentosum medium 449 Middle fibrous layer Stratum densum superficiale 450 Outermost dense layer Corona fibrosa 451 Fibrous corona Microtubulus kinetochori 452 Kinetochore microtubule Stria C 453 C band Stria G 454 G band Stria Q 455 Q band Stria R 456 R band Nucleosoma 457 Nucleosome Chromatosoma 458 Chromatosome Filamentum chromatini 459 Chromatin fibre Genum 460 Gene Chromosoma acrocentricum 461 Acrocentric chromosome Chromosoma metacentricum 462 Metacentric chromosome Chromosoma submetacentricum 463 Submetacentric chromosome Chromosoma telocentricum 464 Telocentric chromosome Chromosoma monocentricum 465 Monocentric chromosome Chromosoma dicentricum 466 Dicentric chromosome Chromosoma polycentricum 467 Polycentric chromosome Telomerus 468 Telomere Contrictio secundaria 469 Secondary constriction Chromosoma nucleolare 470 Nucleolar chromosome [Satellite chromosome] Satelles chromosomatis 471 Satellite of the chromosome Regio operans nucleolum 472 Nucleolar organizing region [NOR] Regio euchromatica 473 Euchromatic region Regio heterochromatica 474 Heterochromatic region Chromatidium 475 Chromatid [Sister chromatid] Chromosoma maternum 476 Maternal chromosome Chromosoma filiale 477 Daughter chromosome Endomitosis 478 Endomitosis Aneuploidia 479 Aneuploidy Diploidia 480 Diploidy Euploidia 481 Euploidy Haploidia 482 Haploidy Polyploidia 483 Tetraploidia 484 Tetraploidy Triploidia 485 Triploidy

8 NHV Cytologia

Meiosis 486 Meiosis Divisiones maturationis 487 Maturational divisions Divisio reductionalis 488 Reductional division Divisio equationalis 489 Equational division Prereductio 490 Prereduction Postreductio 491 Postreduction Gametocytus primarius 492 Primary gametocyte Meiosis I 493 Meiosis I Prophasis I 494 Prophase I Chromatinum dispersum 495 Dispersed chromatin Chromatinum compactum 496 Compact chromatin Phasis proleptotenica 497 Proleptotene [Proleptonemal stage] Phasis leptotenica 498 Leptotene [Leptonemal stage] Phasis zygotenica 499 Zygotene [Zygonemal stage] Chromosoma meioticum 500 Meiotic chromosome Chromosoma homologum 501 Homologous chromosome Synapsis 502 Synapsis Complexus synaptonemalis 503 Synaptonemal complex Elementum centrale 504 Central element Fibra transversa 505 Transverse fibre Elementum periphericum 506 Peripheral element Nodulus reconjunctionis 507 Recombination nodule Phasis pachytenica 508 Pachytene [Pachynemal stage] Chiasma chromosomale 509 Chromosomal chiasma Decussatio 510 Crossing-over Chromosoma bivalens 511 Bivalent chromosome Tetras 512 Tetrad Diplonema 513 Diplotene [Diplonemal stage] Diakinesis 514 Diakinesis Prometaphasis I 515 Prometaphase I Metaphasis I 516 Metaphase I Lamina equatorialis 517 Equatorial plate Anaphasis I 518 Anaphase I Telophasis I 519 Telophase I Gametocytus secundarius 520 Secondary gametocyte Interkinesis 521 Interkinesis Meiosis II 522 Meiosis II Prometaphasis II 523 Prometaphase II Metaphasis II 524 Metaphase II Lamina equatorialis 525 Equatorial plate Anaphasis II 526 Anaphase II Telophasis II 527 Telophase II

9 NHV Textus epithelialis

Textus epithelialis Epithelial tissue

Epitheliocytus [Cellula epithelialis] 528 Epithelial cell Epitheliocytus squamosus 529 Squamous epithelial cell Epitheliocytus cuboideus 530 Cuboidal epithelial cell Epitheliocytus columnaris [prismaticus] 531 Columnar [Prismatic] epithelial cell Epitheliocytus nondifferentiatus 532 Non-differentiated epithelial cell Epitheliocytus ciliatus 533 Ciliated epithelial cell Epitheliocytus microvillosus 534 Epithelial cell with microvilli Limbus microvillosus 535 Microvillus border Limbus penicillatus 536 Brush border Limbus striatus 537 Striated border Epitheliocytus stereociliatus 538 Epithelial cells with Epitheliocytus pigmentosus 539 Pigmented epithelial cell Epitheliocytus secretorius 540 Secretory epithelial cell Epitheliocytus microplicatus 541 [M-cell] Epitheliocytus neurosensorius 542 Neurosensory epithelial cell Epitheliocytus sensorius 543 Sensory epithelial cell Epitheliocytus cryptalis 544 Cryptal

Facies luminalis 545 Luminal surface Facies apicalis 546 Apical surface Facies lateralis 547 Lateral surface Facies basalis 548 Basal surface Facies basolateralis 549 Basolateral surface Spatium basolaterale 550 Basolateral space

Membrana basalis 551 Basal membrane [] Lamina basalis 552 Lamina rara 553 Clear layer of the basal lamina Lamina densa 554 Dense layer of the basal lamina Lamina fibroreticularis 555 Fibroreticular lamina

Epithelium superficiale 556 Surface Epithelium simplex squamosum 557 Simple squamous epithelium 558 Endothelium Endotheliocytus 559 Endothelial cell Vesicula superficialis [Caveola] 560 Superficial vesicle Corpus multitubulare 561 Multitubular body 562 Mesothelium Mesotheliocytus 563 Mesothelial cell Epithelium simplex cuboideum 564 Simple cuboidal epithelium Epithelium simplex columnare 565 Simple columnar epithelium Epithelium pseudostratificatum columnare 566 Pseudostratified columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus superficialis [adluminalis] 567 Superficial [adluminal] epithelial cell Epitheliocytus intercalatus 568 Intercalated epithelial cell Epitheliocytus basalis 569 Basal epithelial cell Epithelium stratificatum squamosum cornificatum 570 Cornified [keratinized] stratified squamous epithelium 571 Cornified cell layer [Stratum corneum] 572 Clear layer [Stratum lucidum] 573 Granular layer [Stratum granulosum] [intermedium] 574 Spiny cell layer [Prickle-cell layer; Stratum spinosum] Stratum parabasale 575 Parabasal layer [Stratum parabasale] 576 Basal cell layer [Stratum basale] Epithelium stratificatum squamosum noncornificatum 577 Non-cornified stratified squamous epithelium Stratum superficiale 578 Superficial layer [Surface layer] Stratum intermedium [spinosum] 579 Intermediate layer [Spiny cell layer] Stratum parabasale 580 Parabasal layer Stratum basale 581 Basal layer Epithelium stratificatum squamosum paracornificatum 582 Parakeratinized stratified squamous epithelium Epithelium stratificatum cuboideum 583 Stratified cuboidal epithelium Epithelium bistratificatum columnare 584 Bilayered cuboidal epithelium Epithelium bistratificatum cuboideum 585 Bilayered columnar epithelium Urothelium [Epithelium transitionale] 586 Urothelium [] Stratum superficiale 587 Superficial layer Crusta urothelialis 588 Urothelial plaque [Urothelial crust] Stratum intermedium 589 Intermediate layer Stratum basale 590 Basal layer

Epithelium sensorium 591 Sensory epithelium Junctio neuroepithelialis [Terminatio neuroepithelialis] 592 Neuroepithelial ending

Epithelium germinativum 593 Germinal epithelium

10 NHV Textus epithelialis

Epithelium glandulare 594 Glandular epithelium Secretio exocrina 595 Exocrine Secretio apocrina 596 secretion Secretio eccrina [merocrina] 597 Eccrine secretion [ secretion] Secretio holocrina 598 secretion Secretio endocrina 599 Endocrine secretion Secretio amphicrina 600 Amphicrine secretion Secretio paracrina 601 Paracrine secretion Secretio autocrina 602 Autocrine secretion Secretio neurocrina 603 Neurocrine secretion Epitheliocytus secretorius 604 Secretory epithelial cell Exocrinocytus 605 Exocrine cell Exocrinocytus serosus [Serocytus] 606 Serous cell Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 607 Mucous cell Exocrinocytus seromucosus [Seromucocytus] 608 Seromucous cell Granulum secretorium 609 Secretory granule [Secretory particle] Endocrinocytus 610 Endocrine cell

Glandula ut organum 611 Gland as an organ

Glandula exocrina 612

Glandula exocrina intraepithelialis 613 Intraepithelial exocrine gland Glandula exocrina extraepithelialis 614 Extraepithelial exocrine gland

Glandula exocrina unicellularis 615 Unicellular exocrine gland Exocrinocytus caliciformis 616 Glandula exocrina multicellularis 617 Multicelullar gland Glandula simplex 618 Simple gland Ostium glandulae 619 Glandular opening Isthmus glandulae 620 Glandular isthmus Collum glandulae 621 Glandular neck Corpus glandulae 622 Glandular body [Body of the gland] glandulae 623 Glandular fundus [Fundus of the gland]

Glandula simplex tubulosa 624 Simple Glandula simplex tubulosa ramosa 625 Simple ramified tubular gland Glandula simplex tubulosa convoluta 626 Simple convoluted tubular gland

Glandula composita 627 Compound gland Portio terminalis 628 Glandular endpiece 629 Acinus Alveolus 630 Alveolus Tubulus 631 Tubule Tubuloacinus 632 Tubulo-acinus Tubuloalveolus 633 Tubulo-alveolus Semiluna serosa 634 Serous crescent [Serous demi-lune] Canaliculus secretorius intracellularis 635 Intracellular secretory duct Canaliculus secretorius intercellularis 636 Intercellular secretory duct Ductus glandulae 637 Glandular ducts Ductus secretorius 638 Secretory duct Ductus intralobularis 639 Intralobular duct Ductus intercalatus 640 Intercalated duct Ductus striatus 641 Striated duct Ductus interlobularis 642 Interlobular duct Ductus interlobaris 643 Interlobar duct Ductus excretorius (glandulae) 644 Excretory duct (of the gland)

Glandula composita (tubulo-)acinosa 645 Compound tubulo-acinar gland Glandula composita (tubulo-)alveolaris 646 Compound tubulo-alveolar gland

Parenchyma glandulae 647 Glandular Lobus glandulae 648 Glandular Lobulus glandulae 649 Glandular lobule

Stroma glandulae 650 Glandular Capsula glandulae 651 Glandular capsule Septum interlobare 652 Interlobar septum Septum interlobulare 653 Interlobular septum glandulae 654 Glandular trabecula glandulare 655 Glandular interstitium

Myoepitheliocytus 656 Myoepitheliocytus stellatus 657 Stellate myoepithelial cell

11 NHV Textus epithelialis

Glandula serosa 658 Glandula mucosa 659 Glandula seromucosa 660 Seromucous gland Glandula eccrina [merocrina] 661 Merocrine gland Glandula apocrina 662 Apocrine gland Glandula holocrina 663 Holocrine Gland Glandula hepatoidea 664 Hepatoid gland

Glandula endocrina 665

12 NHV Textus connectivus

Textus connectivus Connective tissue

Textus connectivus proprius 666 Connective tissue proper

Cellulae textus connectivi 667 Connective tissue cells Cellulae sessiles 668 Sessile cells Fibroblastocytus 669 Fibrocytus 670 Telocytus 671 Cellula reticularis 672 Pericytus [Periangiocytus] 673 Adipocytus uniguttularis [Adipocytus albus] 674 Unilocular adipose cell [White adipose cell] Adipocytus multiguttularis [Adipocytus fuscus] 675 Multilocular adipose cell [Brown adipose cell] Cellula pigmentosa 676 Pigmented cell [Pigment cell] Chromatophorocytus 677 Chromatophore cell Melanophorocytus 678 Melanophore cell Melanocytus 679 Hemosiderophorocytus 680 Hemosiderophore cell Lipochromophorocytus 681 Lipochromophore cell Macrophagocytus sessilis 682 Resting Myofibroblastus 683 Cellulae mobiles 684 Mobile cells Lymphocytus (textus) 685 Plasmacytus 686 Plasmocyte [] Macrophagocytus mobilis 687 Wandering macrophage [] Mastocytus 688 [Mastocyte] Mastocytus mucosalis 689 Mucosal mast cell Mastocytus perivascularis 690 Perivascular mast cell Granulocytus neutrophilicus (textus) 691 Neutrophilic [] Granulocytus basophilicus (textus) 692 granulocyte [] Granulocytus eosinophilicus (textus) 693 Eosinophilic granulocyte []

Matrix extracellularis textus connectivi 694 [Intercellular substance] Fibrae textus connectivi 695 Fibres of the connective tissue Fasciculus collageni 696 fascicle Fibra collageni 697 Collagen fibre Fibrilla collageni 698 Collagen fibril Collagenum 699 Collagen Procollagenum 700 Procollagen Tropocollagenum 701 Tropocollagen Protofibrilla (collagenosa) 702 Collagen protofibril Microfibrilla (collagenosa) 703 Collagen Fibra elastica 704 Elastic fibre Pars amorpha (elastica) 705 Amorphous part (of the elastic fibre) Pars filamentosa (elastica) 706 Filamentous part (of the elastic fibre) Elastinum 707 Lamina elastica 708 Elastic lamina Rete elasticum 709 Elastic network Membrana elastica fenestrata 710 Fenestrated elastic membrane Fibra reticularis 711 Reticular fibre Fibrilla reticularis 712 Reticular fibril Collagenum 713 Collagen Procollagenum 714 Procollagen Tropocollagenum 715 Tropocollagen Protofibrilla (collagenosa) 716 Collagen protofibril Microfibrilla (reticularis) 717 Reticular microfibril Substantia fundamentalis [amorpha] 718 Proteina noncollagenosa 719 Non-collagenous Glycosaminoglycanum 720 Hyaluronanum 721 [Hyaluronan] Proteoglycanum 722 Fibronectinum 723

Textus connectivus typi 724 Connective tissue types Textus connectivus collagenosus 725 Collagenous connective tissue Textus connectivus collagenosus laxus 726 Loose collagenous connective tissue Textus connectivus collagenosus compactus 727 Dense collagenous connective tissue Textus connectivus collagenosus compactus regularis 728 Regular dense collagenous connective tissue Textus connectivus collagenosus compactus irregularis 729 Irregular dense collagenous connective tissue Textus connectivus elasticus 730 Elastic connective tissue Textus connectivus reticularis 731 Reticular connective tissue Textus adiposus albus 732 White Textus adiposus fuscus 733 Textus connectivus pigmentosus 734 Pigmented connective tissue Textus connectivus spinocellularis 735 Fusocellular connective tissue

13 NHV Textus connectivus

Tendo 736 Fasciculus tendineus 737 Tendon bundle [Tendinous bundle] Fibra tendinea 738 Tendinous fibre Tendinocytus 739 [Tendinocyte] Fibrocartilago intratendinea 740 Intratendinous Endotendineum 741 Endotendon Peritendineum 742 Peritendon Peritendineum externum 743 Outer layer of the peritendon [External peritendon] Peritendineum internum 744 Inner layer of the peritendon [Internal peritendon] Epitendineum 745 Epitendon Vinculum tendinis 746 Vinculum of the tendon synovialis tendinis 747 Synovial tendon sheath Membrana synovialis 748 Pars parietalis 749 Parietal part Pars tendinea 750 Tendinous part Stratum fibrosum 751 Fibrous layer Stratum synoviale 752 Synovial layer Mesotendineum 753 Mesotendon Cavum synoviale 754 Synovial cavity Bursa synovialis 755 Stratum fibrosum 756 Fibrous layer Stratum synoviale 757 Synovial layer tendinis 758 Enthesis of the tendon Enthesis fibrosa 759 Fibrous enthesis Fibra collageni perforans 760 Sharpey fibre Enthesis fibrocartilaginea 761 Fibrocartilaginous enthesis Zona fibrocartilaginea 762 Fibrocartilaginous zone Linea basophilica 763 Tide mark Zona fibrocartilaginea calcificata 764 Calcified fibrocartilaginous zone Junctio myotendinea 765 Myotendinous junction

Ligamentum et Fascia 766 and Fascia Ligamentum collagenosum 767 Collagenous ligament Ligamentum elasticum 768 Elastic ligament Fibra elastica 769 Elastic fibre Fibra collageni 770 Collagen fibre

Textus cartilagineus 771 Cartilaginous tissue Textus praechondrialis 772 Prechondrial tissue

Chondroblastocytus 773 Chondrocytus 774 Aggregatio chondrocytorum [Aggregatio isogenica] 775 Chondrocyte aggregate [Isogenic aggregate] Chondronum 776 Chondron Aggregatio chondrocytorum [Aggregatio isogenica] 777 Isogenic group Matrix territorialis cellularum 778 Cellular territorial matrix Matrix cartilaginea 779 matrix Substantia fundamentalis 780 Ground substance Fibra matricis 781 Fibre of the matrix Matrix territorialis cellularum 782 Cellular territorial matrix Matrix interterritorialis 783 Interterritorial matrix cartilaginea 784 Cartilage lacuna Cartilago hyalina 785 Cartilago fibrosa [collagenosa] 786 Fibrous cartilage [Fibrocartilage] Cartilago elastica 787 788 Perichondrium Stratum fibrosum 789 Fibrous layer Stratum chondrogenicum 790 Chondrogenic layer Canalis cartilaginis 791 Cartilage canal

Textus osseus 792 tissue [Osseous tissue] Osteoblastocytus 793 Osteocytus 794 Osteoclastocytus 795 Matrix ossea 796 Bone matrix Substantia fundamentalis 797 Ground substance Fibra collageni 798 Collagen fibre Crystallum hydroxyapatiti 799 Hydroxyapatite crystal Canalis ossis 800 Bone canal Canaliculus ossis 801 Lacuna ossis 802 Bone lacuna Lacuna osteocyti 803 Osteocyte lacuna Lacuna erosionis 804 Erosion lacuna Textus osseus reticulofibrosus 805 Woven bone Textus osseus lamellaris 806 Lamellar membranous bone

14 NHV Textus connectivus

Osteohistogenesis 807 Osteogenesis Textus osteogenicus 808 Osteogenic tissue [Preosseous matrix] Osteoblastocytus 809 Osteoblast Matrix ossea 810 Bone matrix Osteoideum 811 matrix [] Fibra collageni 812 Collagen fibre Substantia fundamentalis [Substantia amorpha] 813 Ground substance Proteina noncollagenosa 814 Non-collagenous proteins Osseinum 815 Secondary bone matrix [] Fibra collageni 816 Collagen fibre Substantia fundamentalis [Substantia amorpha] 817 Ground substance Proteina noncollagenosa 818 Non-collagenous proteins Crystallum hydroxyapatiti 819 Hydroxyapatite crystal Centrum ossificationis 820 centre Trabecula ossea 821 Bone trabecula Osteoclastocytus 822 Osteoclast Lacuna erosionis 823 Erosion lacuna

Os ut organum 824 Bone as part of the Textus osseus 825 Bone tissue

Periosteum 826 Stratum fibrosum 827 Fibrous layer Stratum osteogenicum 828 Osteogenic layer Fasciculus collageni perforans (periostei) 829 Perforating collagen fibre bundle Fibra collageni perforans 830 Sharpey fibre 831 Endosteum Substantia compacta 832 Compact bone Lamella ossea 833 Bone lamella Lamella circumferentialis externa 834 External circumferential lamella Lamella circumferentialis interna 835 Internal circumferential lamella Lamella interstitialis 836 Interstitial lamella Osteonum 837 Lamella osteoni 838 Osteon concentric lamella Canalis centralis 839 Osteonic canal Canalis perforans 840 Perforating canal Linea cementalis 841 Cement line Linea resorptionis 842 Erosion front Substantia spongiosa [trabecularis] 843 Spongy bone [Trabecular bone] Lamella ossea 844 Bone lamella Trabecula ossea 845 Bone trabecula Canalis nutricius 846 Cavum medullare 847 [Marrow cavity] ossium rubra 848 Red Medulla ossium flava 849 Fatty bone marrow [Yellow bone marrow] Medulla ossium gelatinosa 850 Gelatinous bone marrow Medulla ossium fibrosa 851 Fibrous bone marrow

Epiphysis 852 853 Diaphysis Apophysis 854 Apophysis 855 Metaphysis

Osteogenesis 856 Osteogenesis Textus osteogenicus 857 Osteogenic tissue [Preosseous matrix] Textus osteoideus 858 Osteoid Os membranaceum 859 Membranous bone Os cartilagineum 860 Cartilaginous bone

Osteogenesis membranacea 861 Membranous ossification Centrum ossificationis 862 Ossification centre Os membranaceum reticulofibrosum [primarium] 863 Woven bone Trabecula ossea 864 Bone trabecula Os membranaceum lamellosum [secundarium] 865 Lamellar bone Lamella ossea 866 Bone lamella Osteoblastocytus 867 Osteoblast

15 NHV Textus connectivus

Osteogenesis cartilaginea 868 Chondral ossification Ossificatio perichondrialis 869 Perichondral ossification Perichondrium 870 Perichondrium Stratum osteogenicum 871 Osteogenic layer Osteoblastocytus 872 Osteoblast Anulus osseus perichondrialis 873 Perichondral bone annulus Os periosteale reticulofibrosum [perichondriale] 874 Periosteal bone Osteonum primarium 875 Primary osteon Osteonum secundarium 876 Secondary osteon Ossificatio endochondrialis 877 Enchondral ossification Centrum ossificationis primarium [diaphysiale] 878 Primary ossification centre [Diaphyseal ossification centre] Gemma osteogenica primaria 879 Primary osteogenic nucleus Cavum medullare primarium 880 Primary medullary cavity Cartilago epiphysialis 881 Epiphyseal cartilage Cartilago articularis 882 Articular cartilage Centrum ossificationis secundarium [epiphysiale] 883 Secondary ossification centre [Epiphyseal ossification centre] Cartilago crescens 884 Crescent cartilage Chondrocytus hypertrophicus 885 Hypertrophic chondrocyte Cartilago calcificiens 886 Calcifying cartilage Lamina ossea 887 Lamina of the bone tissue Gemma osteogenica secundaria 888 Secondary osteogenic nucleus Cartilago physialis 889 Physeal cartilage Zona reservata [Zona quiescens] 890 Resting zone Zona proliferativa 891 Proliferation zone Columella chondrocyti 892 Chondrocyte column Zona hypertrophica 893 Hypertrophic zone Chondrocytus hypertrophicus 894 Hypertrophic chondrocyte Zona calcificationis 895 Calcification zone Cartilago calcificata 896 Calcified cartilage Cavum cartilagineum 897 Cartilaginous lacuna Trabecula cartilaginea 898 Cartilaginous trabecula Chondroclastus 899 Chondroclast Metaphysis [Zona ossificationis] 900 Metaphysis [Ossification zone] Trabecula ossea primaria 901 Primary bone trabecula Trabecula ossea secundaria 902 Secondary bone trabecula Lamella ossea 903 Bone lamella Os endochondriale lamellosum 904 Enchondral lamellar bone Lacuna erosionis 905 Erosion lacuna Chondroclastus 906 Chondroclast Osteoblastus 907 Osteoblast

Articulationes 908 Articulations [] Articulatio synovialis 909 Synovial articulation Cartilago articularis 910 Articular cartilage Zona tangentialis 911 Tangential zone Zona transitionalis 912 Transitional zone Zona radiata 913 Radial zone Linea limitans 914 Tide mark Lamina calcificata subchondralis 915 Subchondral calcified plate Capsula articularis 916 capsule [Articular capsule] Stratum fibrosum [Membrana fibrosa] 917 Fibrous layer [Fibrous membrane] Stratum synoviale [Membrana synovialis] 918 Synovial layer [Synovial membrane] Pars villosa 919 Villous zone 920 Flat zone Plica synovialis 921 Synovial fold Villus synovialis 922 Synovial villus Intima synovialis 923 Synovial intima Synoviocytus [Cellula synovialis] 924 Synovial cell Synoviocytus phagocyticus 925 Phagocytic synovial cell [A synoviocyte] Synoviocytus secretorius 926 Secretory synovial cell [B synoviocyte] Subintima fibrovascularis 927 Subintimal fibrovascular layer synovialis 928 Lamina propria of synovial membrane Synovia 929 Synovia [] Ligamentum 930 Ligament

16 NHV Sanguis et Lympha

Sanguis et Lympha Blood and Lymph

Haemocyti 931 Blood cells

Erythrocytus 932 Erythrocyte [Red ] Normocytus 933 Normocyte Macrocytus [Megalocytus] 934 Macrocyte Microcytus 935 Microcyte Erythrocytus 936 Erythrocytus polychromatophilus 937 Polychromatic erythrocyte Reticulocytus 938 Substantia reticulofilamentosa 939 Reticular substance Residuum chromatini [Granulum basophilicum] 940 Chromatic residue Spectrum erythrocyti 941 Erythrocyte Strues erythrocytorum 942 Erythrocyte rouleau

Leucocytus 943 Leucocyte [] Agranulocytus 944 Agranulocyte Lymphocytus 945 Lymphocyte Granulum azurophilum 946 Azurophilic granule Lymphocytus magnus 947 Large lymphocyte Lymphocytus medius 948 Medium lymphocyte Lymphocytus parvus 949 Small lymphocyte Monocytus 950 Granulum azurophilum 951 Azurophilic granule Granulocytus 952 Granulocyte Granulocytus neutrophilus 953 Neutrophilic granulocyte [Neutrophil] Granulum neutrophilum 954 Neutrophilic granule Granulum azurophilum 955 Azurophilic granule Granulocytus neutrophilus juvenilis 956 Juvenile neutrophilic granulocyte Granulocytus neutrophilus segmentonuclearis 957 Segmented neutrophilic granulocyte Chromatinum sexuale 958 Sex chromatin Granulocytus heterophilus [pseudoeosinophilus] (or) 959 Heterophilic granulocyte Granulocytus acidophilus 960 Eosinophilic granulocyte [Eosinophil] Granulum acidophilum 961 Eosinophilic granule Granulum acidophilum majus s. minus 962 Large or small eosinophilic granule Corpus crystalloideum 963 Crystalloid core [Cristalloid granule] Granulocytus basophilus 964 Basophilic granulocyte [Basophil] Granulum basophilum 965 Basophilic granule

Thrombocytus 966 [Thrombocyte] Granulomerus 967 Granulomere Granulum thrombocyticum 968 Thrombocyte granule Granulum alpha 969 Alpha granule Granulum delta 970 Delta granule [] Granulum lambda 971 Lambda granule Hyalomerus 972 Hyalomere Systema canaliculare apertum 973 Open canalicular system Fasciculus microtubularis marginalis 974 Marginal microtubular bundle Systema tubulare densum 975 Dense tubular system

Plasma 976 Plasma Plasma sanguinis 977 Plasma lymphae 978 Lymph plasma Chylomicronum 979

17 NHV Sanguis et Lympha

Haemocytopoiesis 980 Hemocytopoiesis Textus haemangiogenicus 981 Hemangiogenic tissue Haemangioblastus 982 Hemangioblast Cellula haematopoietica precursoria 983 Cellula haematopoietica progenetrix 984 Hematopoietic progenitor cell Haemocytoblastus 985 Hemocytoblast Cellula multipotens [pluripotens] 986 Multipotent [Pluripotent] cell Cellula unipotens 987 Unipotent cell Textus myeloideus 988 Haemocytoblastus 989 Hemoblast Textus lymphaticus 990 Lymphatic tissue [Lymphoid tissue] Lymphoblastus 991 Lymphoblast

Erythrocytopoiesis 992 Erythrocytopoiesis Proerythroblastus [Rubriblastus] 993 [Rubriblast] Erythroblastus basophilus [Prorubricytus] 994 Basophilic erythroblast [Prorubricyte] Erythroblastus polychromatophilus [Rubricytus] 995 Polychromatic erythroblast [Rubricyte] Erythroblastus acidophilus [Metarubricytus; Erythroblastus 996 Metarubricyte [Acidophilic erythroblast; Orthochromatic orthochromaticus] erythroblast] Reticulocytus 997 Reticulocyte Erythrocytus 998 Erythrocyte Insula erythroblastica 999 Erythroblastic islet

Granulocytopoiesis 1000 Granulocytopoiesis Myeloblastus 1001 Promyelocytus 1002 Myelocytus 1003 Myelocytus neutrophilus 1004 Neutrophilic myelocyte Myelocytus acidophilus 1005 Acidophilic myelocyte Myelocytus basophilus 1006 Basophilic myelocyte Metamyelocytus 1007 Metamyelocytus neutrophilus [Granulocytus neutrophilus juvenilis] 1008 Neutrophilic metamyelocyte Metamyelocytus acidophilus [Granulocytus acidophilus juvenilis] 1009 Acidophilic metamyelocyte Metamyelocytus basophilus [Granulocytus basophilus juvenilis] 1010 Basophilic metamyelocyte Granulocytus neutrophilus 1011 Neutrophilic granulocyte Granulocytus neutrophilus nonsegmentonuclearis 1012 Non-segmented neutrophilic granulocyte Granulocytus neutrophilus segmentonuclearis 1013 Segmented neutrophilic granulocyte Granulocytus acidophilus 1014 Acidophilic granulocyte Granulocytus basophilus 1015 Basophilic granulocyte

Thrombocytopoiesis 1016 Thrombocytopoiesis Megakaryoblastus 1017 Megakaryoblast Megakaryocytus 1018 Prothrombocytus 1019 Proplatelet Vesicula limitans thrombocyti 1020 Platelet demarcation vesicle Canalis limitans thrombocyti 1021 Platelet demarcation channel Membrana limitans thrombocyti 1022 Platelet demarcation membrane Thrombocytus 1023 Platelet [Thrombocyte]

Lymphocytopoiesis 1024 Lymphocytopoiesis Lymphoblastus 1025 Lymphoblast Lymphocytus 1026 Lymphocyte Lymphocytus magnus 1027 Large lymphocyte Lymphocytus medius 1028 Medium lymphocyte Lymphocytus parvus 1029 Small lymphocyte Prothymocytus 1030 Prothymocyte

Monocytopoiesis 1031 Monocytopoiesis Monoblastus 1032 Promonocytus 1033 Promonocyte Monocytus 1034 Monocyte

18 NHV Textus muscularis

Textus muscularis Muscle tissue

Termini generales 1035 General terms Myoblastus 1036 Myoblast cell Myotubus 1037 Myotube Myocytus 1038 Myocyte Sarkolemma 1039 Sarkoplasma 1040 Sarcoplasma Reticulum sarkoplasmaticum 1041 Sarcoplasmic reticulum Myofilamentum 1042 Myofibrilla 1043

Textus muscularis nonstriatus 1044 tissue Myocytus levis 1045 Smooth Myofilamentum 1046 Muscle filament Myofilamentum crassum 1047 Thick filament [myosin] Myofilamentum tenue 1048 Thin filament [actin] Corpusculum insertionis [Area densa] 1049 Dense body Vesicula superficialis 1050 Vesicular invagination [caveola] Macula communicans [Nexus] 1051 Gap junction Synapsis neuromuscularis (myocyti levis) 1052 Smooth muscle neuromuscular Cellula interstitialis stimulans 1053 Interstitial cell [Enteric pacemaker cell]

Textus muscularis striatus 1054

Textus muscularis striatus syncytialis [noncardiacus] 1055 Syncytial (non-cardiac) striated muscle tissue Fasciculus muscularis 1056 Myofascicle Myofibra striata 1057 Skeletal [striated] muscle cell Myosatellitocytus 1058 Myocytus ruber 1059 Slow twitch [red] muscle fibre Myocytus albus 1060 Fast twitch [white] muscle fibre

Myofibrilla 1061 Myofibril Myofilamentum 1062 Muscle filament Myofilamentum tenue 1063 Thin filament (actin) Myofilamentum crassum 1064 Thick filament (myosin) Sarkomerum [Myomerum] 1065 [Myomere] Discus anisotropicus [Stria A] 1066 A band Discus isotropicus [Stria I] 1067 I band Zona lucida [Stria H] 1068 H zone Mesophragma [Linea M] 1069 M line Telophragma [Linea Z] 1070 Z disc Reticulum sarkoplasmaticum 1071 Sarcoplasmic reticulum Elementum reticulare 1072 Reticular element Elementum tubulare 1073 Tubular element Cisterna terminalis 1074 Terminal cistern Tubulus transversus 1075 Transverse tubule [T tubule] Trias (myomeri) 1076

Synapsis neuromuscularis (myocyti skeletalis) 1077 Neuromuscular synapse [ [motor end plate] Synapsis neuromuscularis fusi 1078 Neuromuscular junction of the

Stroma 1079 Stroma 1080 Endomysium 1081 Perimysium 1082 Epimysium

Textus muscularis striatus cardiacus 1083 Cardiac striated muscle tissue Cardiomyofibra 1084 fibre Cardiomyocytus 1085 Cardiac muscle cell Discus intercalatus 1086 Macula adhaerens [Desmosoma] 1087 Macula adherens [desmosome] Fascia adhaerens 1088 Fascia adherens Macula communicans [Nexus] 1089 Gap junction Myofibrilla 1090 Myofibril Reticulum sarkoplasmaticum 1091 Sarcoplasmic reticulum Tubulus transversus 1092 Transverse tubule Dias 1093 Cardiomyofibra conducens 1094 Conducting cardiac myofibre Cardiomyocytus conducens 1095 Conducting cardiac muscle cell

19 NHV Textus nervosus

Textus nervosus Nerve tissue

Neuron [Neurocytus] 1096 Neuron [Nerve cell] Cellula nervosa precursoria 1097 Precursor nerve cell

Corpus neuronis [Perikaryon] 1098 Nerve cell body Neurolemma 1099 Neurolemma [] Neuroplasma 1100 Neuroplasm Gemmula somatica 1101 Somatic spine Colliculus axonalis 1102 hillock Neurofibrilla 1103 Neurofibril Neurofilamentum 1104 Neurofilament Microtubulus neuralis [Neurotubulus] 1105 Substantia chromatophilica 1106 Chromatophilic substance Neurofibra 1107 Nerve fibre Neurofibra centralis 1108 Central nerve fibre Neurofibra peripherica 1109 Peripheral nerve fibre Neurofibra motoria 1110 fibre Neurofibra sensoria 1111 fibre Neurofibra afferens 1112 Afferent nerve fibre Neurofibra efferens 1113 Efferent nerve fibre Neurofibra internuntialis 1114 Internuncial nerve fibre Axon [Neuritum] 1115 Axon 1116 Axolemma Axoplasma 1117 Segmentum initiale (axonis) 1118 Initial segment (of the axon) Densitas subaxolemmalis 1119 Subaxolemmal density Varicositas axonalis 1120 Axon varicosity Segmentum intervaricosum 1121 Intervaricose segment Telodendron 1122 Telodendron Bulbus terminalis 1123 Terminal bulb Bulbus praeterminalis 1124 Preterminal varicosity Pes terminalis 1125 Pedicle Calix terminalis 1126 Caliciform terminal [Calyceal ending] Ramus collateralis (axonis) 1127 Collateral branch (of the axon) Ramus collateralis recurrens (axonis) 1128 Recurrent (axon) collateral branch Vesicula synaptica 1129 Dendritum 1130 Ramus dendriticus 1131 Dendritic branch Ramus dendriticus primarius 1132 Primary dendritic branch Ramus dendriticus secundarius 1133 Secondary dendritic branch Ramus dendriticus tertiarius 1134 Tertiary dendritic branch dendritica 1135 Dendritic appendage [Dendritic appendix] Varicositas dendritica 1136 Dendritic varicosity Gemmula dendritica 1137 [Microspike] Spinula dendritica 1138 Dendritic spinule Neuron unipolare 1139 Neuron pseudounipolare 1140 Processus periphericus 1141 Peripheral process Processus centralis 1142 Central process Neuron bipolare 1143 Neuron multipolare 1144 Neuron multipolare longiaxonicum 1145 Multipolar neuron with long axon Neuron multipolare breviaxonicum 1146 Multipolar neuron with short axon Neuron amacrinum 1147 [Amacrine neuron] Neuron motorium [Motoneuron] 1148 Neuron sensorium 1149 Neuron afferens 1150 Afferent neuron Neuron efferens 1151 Efferent neuron Neuron internuntiale [] 1152 Internuncial neuron [Interneuron] Neuron secretorium 1153 Secretory neuron Substantia neurosecretoria 1154 Neurosecretory material Vesicula neurosecretoria 1155 Neurosecretory vesicle Neuron pigmentosum 1156 Pigmented neuron

20 NHV Textus nervosus

Terminationes sensoriae 1157 Sensory endings Terminatio neuralis libera 1158 Free nerve ending Terminatio neuralis tecta 1159 Encapsulated nerve ending Corpusculum sensorium 1160 Sensory corpuscle

Synapsis 1161 Synapse Synapsis nonvesicularis 1162 Non-vesicular (electrical) synapse Synapsis vesicularis 1163 Vesicular synapse Neurotransmittens 1164 Pars praesynaptica 1165 Presynaptic region Vesicula praesynaptica 1166 Presynaptic vesicle Vesicula densa parva s. magna 1167 Dense vesicle, small or large Vesicula lucida 1168 Clear vesicle Membrana praesynaptica 1169 Presynaptic membrane Densitas praesynaptica 1170 Presynaptic density Fissura synaptica 1171 Synaptic cleft Substantia intrafissuralis 1172 Synaptic cleft material Pars postsynaptica 1173 Postsynaptic region Membrana postsynaptica 1174 Postsynaptic membrane Densitas postsynaptica 1175

Synapsis invaginata 1176 Invaginated synapse Synapsis fasciolaris 1177

Synapsis interneuronalis 1178 Interneuronal synapse Synapsis axodendritica 1179 Axodendritic synapse Synapsis axospinalis 1180 Axospinous synapse Synapsis axosomatica 1181 Axosomatic synapse Synapsis axoaxonalis 1182 Axoaxonal synapse Synapsis somatodendritica 1183 Somatodendritic synapse Synapsis somatosomatica 1184 Somatosomatic synpase Synapsis dendrodendritica 1185 Synapsis neuroglialis 1186 Neuroglial synapse Synapsis neuromuscularis 1187 Neuromuscular synapse Plica membranae postsynapticae 1188 Postsynaptic membrane fold Synapsis neurovascularis 1189 Neurovascular synapse Synapsis praeteriens 1190 Synapse en passant Synapsis neurohaemalis 1191 Neurohemal synapse Junctio neuroepithelialis [Terminatio neuroepithelialis] 1192 Neuroepithelial ending Junctio neuroglandularis [Terminatio neuroglandularis] 1193 Neuroglandular ending Junctio neurosecretoria [Terminatio neurosecretoria] 1194 Neurosecretory ending

21 NHV Textus nervosus

Neuroglia 1195 Neuroglia Astroglia 1196 Astroglia Oligodendroglia 1197 Oligodendroglia 1198 Microglia

Gliocytus 1199 Glial cell Corpus gliocyti 1200 Glial cell body Processus gliocyti 1201 Glial cell process Gliofibrilla 1202 Gliofibril Gliofilamentum 1203 Gliofilament Pigmentum gliae 1204 Glial pigment

Gliocytus centralis 1205 Central glial cell Ependymocytus 1206 Ependymal cell Ependymocytus columnaris 1207 Columnar ependymal cell Ependymocytus ciliatus 1208 Ciliated ependymal cell Ependymocytus choroideus 1209 Choroid ependymal cell Ependymocytus teniatus [taen-] 1210 Tanicyte Cellula supraependymalis 1211 Supraependymal cell Astrocytus 1212 Astrocytus protoplasmaticus 1213 Protoplasmic astrocyte Astrocytus fibrosus 1214 Fibrous astrocyte Processus vascularis 1215 Vascular process Processus pialis 1216 Pial process Membrana limitans glialis superficialis 1217 Limiting membrane of the superficial Membrana limitans glialis perivascularis 1218 Limiting membrane of the perivascular glia Membrana limitans glialis periventricularis 1219 Limiting membrane of the periventricular glia Oligodendrocytus 1220 Oligodendrocyte Processus myelinopoeticus 1221 Myelinating process [Myelinizing process] Oligodendrocytus interfascicularis 1222 Interfascicular oligodendrocyte Oligodendrocytus intrafascicularis 1223 Intrafascicular oligodendrocyte Oligodendrocytus perifascicularis 1224 Perifascicular oligodendrocyte Oligodendrocytus perivascularis 1225 Perivascular oligodendrocyte Oligodendrocytus satellites 1226 Satellite oligodendrocyte Microgliocytus 1227 Microglial cell [Microgliocyte] Microgliocytus perivascularis 1228 Perivascular microgliocyte

Gliocytus periphericus 1229 Peripheral glial cell Gliocytus ganglionaris 1230 Satellite cell [] Neurolemmocytus 1231 Neurolemmocyte Neurolemmocytus terminalis 1232 Terminal neurolemmocyte [Terminal glial cell] Neuropilus 1233

Tegumentum neuronale 1234 Neuronal sheath Neurofibra nonmyelinata 1235 Non-myelinated nerve fibre Neurolemmocytus nonmyelinatus 1236 Non-myelinating neurolemmocyte Mesaxon 1237 Mesaxon

Neurofibra myelinata 1238 Myelinated nerve fibre Oligodendrocytus 1239 Oligodendrocyte Stratum myelini centrale 1240 Central sheath Neurolemmocytus 1241 Neurolemmocyte Stratum myelini periphericum 1242 Peripheral myelin sheath

Spatium periaxonale 1243 Periaxonal space Mesaxon internum 1244 Internal mesaxon Stratum myelini 1245 Myelin sheath Segmentum internodale 1246 Lamella myelini 1247 Myelin lamella Linea densa major 1248 Major dense line Fissura lineae densae majoris 1249 Fissure of the major dense line Linea densa minor [Linea intraperiodica] 1250 Minor dense line [Intraperiod line] Fissura lineae intraperiodicae 1251 Fissure of the intraperiod line Mesaxon externum 1252 External mesaxon Nodus neurofibrae 1253 Node of nerve fibre lncisura myelini 1254 Myelin cleft [Myelin incisure]

22 NHV Splanchnologia

Splanchnologia Viscera

Termini generales 1255 General terms Tunica mucosa vera 1256 Genuine mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane] Tunica mucosa cutanea 1257 Cutaneous mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane]

Tunica mucosa 1258 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Lamina epithelialis mucosae 1259 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the mucosa) Lamina propria mucosae 1260 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula laminae propriae 1261 Gland of the lamina propria Lamina 1262 (of the mucosa) Tela 1263 Submucosa [Submucosal layer] Noduli lymphatici aggregati 1264 Aggregated lymphatic nodules Glandula telae submucosae 1265 Submucosal gland Tunica muscularis 1266 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum circulare 1267 Circular layer Stratum longitudinale 1268 Longitudinal layer Tunica adventitia 1269 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Textus connectivus laxus 1270 Tunica serosa 1271 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Lamina epithelialis serosae 1272 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the serosa); Mesothelium Mesotheliocytus 1273 Mesothelial cell Lamina propria serosae 1274 Lamina propria (of the serosa) Tela 1275 Subserosa [Subserosal layer] Lamina submesothelialis 1276 Submesothelial lamina Fibra elastica superficialis 1277 Superficial elastic fibre Fibra collageni profunda 1278 Deep collagen fibre Lamina vasculosa 1279 Vascular lamina

Vasa sanguinea 1280 Blood vessels Rete capillare subepitheliale 1281 Subepithelial network Plexus vascularis 1282 Vascular plexus Rete arteriosum 1283 Arterial network Plexus venosus 1284 Plexus vascularis submucosus 1285 Submucosal vascular plexus Rete arteriosum submucosum 1286 Submucosal arterial network Plexus venosus submucosus 1287 Submucosal venous plexus Plexus vascularis intramuscularis 1288 Intramuscular vascular plexus Rete arteriosum intramusculare 1289 Intramuscular arterial network Plexus venosus intramuscularis 1290 Intramuscular venous plexus Vas lymphaticum intramurale [intrinsecum] 1291 Intramural [intrinsic lymphatic vessel] Rete lymphocapillare subepitheliale 1292 Subepithelial lymphocapillary network Plexus lymphaticus intramucosus 1293 Mucosal lymphatic plexus Plexus lymphaticus submucosus 1294 Submucosal lymphatic plexus Plexus lymphaticus subserosus 1295 Subserosal lymphatic plexus Plexus nervosus intramuralis [intrinsecus] 1296 Intramural nervous plexus Plexus nervosus submucosus 1297 Submucosal nervous plexus Plexus nervosus myentericus 1298 Myenteric nervous plexus Plexus ganglionaris 1299 Ganglionic plexus Plexus aganglionaris 1300 Aganglionic plexus

Parenchyma 1301 Parenchyma Stroma 1302 Stroma Glandula 1303 Gland

Peritonaeum 1304 Peritoneum Tunica serosa 1305 Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Omentum 1306 Omentum Tunica serosa 1307 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Trabecula omentalis 1308 Omental trabecula Lobulus adiposus 1309 Adipose lobule Macula lactea 1310 Milky spot omentalis 1311 Omental fenestration

Pleura et 1312 Pleura and mediastinum Tunica serosa 1313 Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Pericardium 1314

23 NHV Systema digestorium

Systema digestorium Digestive system

Cavum oris 1315 Oral Cavity

Labium (oris) et bucca 1316 and cheek 1317

Stratum musculare striatum 1318 Striated muscle layer Glandula labialis 1319 Labial gland Glandula molaris (fe) 1320 Molar gland Organum orobasale 1321 Orobasal organ Glandula buccalis 1322 Buccal gland Corpus adiposum buccae 1323 Buccal fat pad Organum juxtaorale (Car, su, bo) 1324 Juxtaoral organ

Tunica mucosa cutanea 1325 Cutaneous mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane] Lamina epithelialis 1326 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the cutaneous mucosa) Epithelium stratificatum squamosum (non-) cornificatum 1327 Stratified (non-) keratinized squamous epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) 1328 Lamina propria (of the mucosa)

Palatum 1329 Palate Palatum durum 1330 Hard palate Tunica mucosa 1331 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Zona adiposa 1332 Adipose layer Zona glandularis 1333 Glandular layer Zona fibrosa 1334 Fibrous layer Stratum cavernosum 1335 Cavernous layer Palatum molle [Velum palatinum] 1336 Soft palate Facies nasopharyngea 1337 Nasopharyngeal face Tunica mucosa respiratoria 1338 Respiratory mucosa Tunica mucosa cutanea 1339 Cutaneous mucosa Facies oropharyngea 1340 Oropharyngeal face Tunica mucosa cutanea 1341 Cutaneous mucosa Stratum elasticum 1342 Elastic layer Tela submucosa 1343 Submucosa [Submucosal layer] Glandula palatina 1344 Palatine gland Lamina tendinomuscularis 1345 Musculotendinous layer Tonsilla palatina 1346 Palatine

Gingiva 1347 Gingiva [Gum] Pars libera gingivae 1348 Marginal gingiva [Free ] Junctio dentogingivalis 1349 Dentogingival junction Epithelium junctionale 1350 Pars affixa gingivae 1351 Alveolar gingiva [Attached gingiva] Epithelium gingivale alveolare 1352 Alveolar gingival epithelium Margo gingivalis 1353 Gingival margin Epithelium gingivale orale 1354 Oral gingival epithelium Papilla gingivalis [interdentalis] 1355 Gingival papilla [Interdental papilla] Epithelium gingivale papillare 1356 Papillary gingival epithelium Sulcus gingivalis 1357 Gingival sulcus [Gingival groove] Epithelium sulci gingivalis 1358 Sulcular epithelium Apparatus fibrosus supraalveolaris 1359 Supraalveolar fibre apparatus Fibra gingivalis 1360 Gingival fibre Linea mucogingivalis 1361 Mucogingival junction

Glandula salivaria 1362 Glandula salivaria serosa 1363 Serous salivary gland Glandula salivaria mucosa 1364 Mucous salivary gland Glandula salivaria seromucosa 1365 Seromucous salivary gland

24 NHV Systema digestorium

Dens 1366 Corona dentis 1367 dentis 1368 Neck [Cervix] Radix [Radices] dentis 1369 Root Cavum [pulpare] dentis 1370 Tooth cavity Cavum coronale dentis 1371 Coronal cavity [ chamber] Cornu cavi dentis 1372 Horn of the coronal cavity Canalis radicis dentis 1373 [Pulp canal] Foramen apicis dentis 1374 Apical foramen Enamelum 1375 Enamel Enameloblastus [Ameloblastus] 1376 Prisma enameli 1377 Enamel prism [Enamel rod] Membrana prismatis 1378 Prismatic membrane Stria transversa obscura 1379 Dark transverse striation Crystallum hydroxyapatiti enameli 1380 Hydroxyapatite crystal of the enamel Processus enameloblasti 1381 Ameloblast process Cuticula dentis 1382 Dental cuticle Lamella enamelea 1383 Enamel lamella Fusus enameli 1384 Enamel spindle Fasciculus enameli 1385 Enamel fascicle Junctio dentinoenamelea 1386 Dentino-enamel junction Linea incrementalis enameli 1387 Enamel incremental line Linea neonatalis 1388 Neonatal line Dentinum 1389 Dentine Dentinoblastus [Odontoblastus] 1390 Dentinoblast [Odontoblast] Processus dentinoblasti [Processus odontoblasti] 1391 Odontoblast process

Praedentinum 1392 Predentine Fibra praedentinalis 1393 Predentine fibre Dentinum primarium 1394 Primary dentine Dentinum secundarium 1395 Secondary dentine Dentinum tertiarium 1396 Tertiary dentine

Canaliculus [Tubulus] dentini 1397 Dentine tubule Ramus lateralis 1398 Lateral branch Dentinum peritubulare 1399 Peritubular dentine Dentinum intertubulare 1400 Intertubular dentine Dentinum vestiens 1401 Mantle dentine Lamella dentinalis 1402 Dentinal lamella Substantia fundamentalis 1403 Ground substance Crystallum hydroxyapatiti dentini 1404 Hydroxyapatite crystal of the dentine Linea incrementalis dentini 1405 Dentinal incremental line Stratum granulosum dentini 1406 Granular layer of the dentine Dentinum globulare 1407 Globular dentine Globulus mineralis [Calcospherula] 1408 Calcospherite Dentinum interglobulare 1409 Interglobular dentine Spatium interglobulare 1410 Interglobular space Dentinum juxtapulpare 1411 Juxtapulpar dentine Fibra dentini 1412 Dentine fibre Junctio dentinocementalis 1413 Dentinocemental junction 1414 Cement Cementoblastus 1415 Cementoblast Cementocytus 1416 Cementocyte Cementum acellulare 1417 Acellular cement Cementum cellulare 1418 Cellular cement Matrix extracellularis 1419 Extracellular matrix Lacuna 1420 Lacuna Canaliculus 1421 Canaliculus Fibra cementalis 1422 Cement fibre Fibra perforans cementalis 1423 Perforating cement fibre Crystallum hydroxyapatiti cementi 1424 Hydroxyapatite crystal of the cementum Linea incrementalis cementi 1425 Incremental line Pulpa dentis 1426 Dental pulp Pulpocytus [Reticulocytus] 1427 Pulp cell Stratum subdentinoblasticum 1428 Subdentinoblastic layer Plexus nervosus subdentinoblasticus 1429 Subdentinoblastic neural plexus Pulpa coronalis 1430 Coronal pulp Cornu pulpale 1431 Horn of the pulp Pulpa radicularis 1432 Root pulp

25 NHV Systema digestorium

Periodontium [Parodontium] 1433 Periodontium Textus connectivus compactus 1434 Dense connective tissue Fibra apicalis 1435 Apical fibre Fibra horizontalis 1436 Horizontal fibre Fibra obliqua 1437 Oblique fibre Fragmentum epitheliale 1438 Epithelial debris Ligamentum periodontale 1439 Periodontal ligament Ligamentum gingivale 1440 Gingival ligament Ligamentum dentoalveolare 1441 Dento-alveolar ligament Fibra cementoalveolaris 1442 Cemento-alveolar fibre Fibra interradicularis 1443 Interradicular fibre Fibra apicalis 1444 Apical fibre Fibra interdentalis 1445 Interdental fibre Periosteum alveolare 1446 Alveolar periosteum Alveolus dentalis 1447 Tooth alveolus [Tooth socket] Septum interradiculare 1448 Interradicular septum Septum interalveolare 1449 Interalveolar septum

Odontogenesis 1450 Odontogenesis

Lingua 1451 Tunica mucosa cutanea 1452 Cutaneous mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane] Lamina epithelialis 1453 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the cutaneous mucosa) Lamina propria (mucosae) 1454 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula lingualis 1455 Lingual gland Textus muscularis striatus syncytialis 1456 (Syncytial) striated muscle tissue Fibra longitudinalis 1457 Longitudinal fibre Fibra transversalis 1458 Transverse fibre Fibra perpendicularis 1459 Perpendicular fibre Fibra obliqua 1460 Oblique fibre Textus adiposus 1461 Adipose tissue Lyssa 1462 Lyssa Textus conjunctivus 1463 Connective tissue Textus adiposus 1464 Adipose tissue Textus cartilagineus 1465 Cartilaginous tissue Cartilago dorsi linguae (eq) 1466 Dorsal cartilage of the tongue Septum linguae 1467 Lingual septum

Papilla lingualis 1468 Lingual papilla Papilla mechanica 1469 Mechanical papilla Papilla filiformis 1470 Filiform papilla Papilla conica (ca, Ru) 1471 Conical papilla Papilla lentiformis 1472 Lentiform papilla Papilla marginalis (Car, su) 1473 Marginal papilla Papilla gustatoria 1474 Taste papilla Papilla fungiformis 1475 Fungiform papilla Papilla foliata 1476 Foliate papilla Folium papillae 1477 Folium of the papilla Sulcus papillae 1478 Groove of the papilla Papilla vallata 1479 Vallate papilla Vallum papillae 1480 Vallum of the papilla Sulcus papillae 1481 Groove of the papilla Caliculus gustatorius 1482 Glandula gustatoria 1483 Gustatory gland

Tonsilla lingualis 1484 Lingual tonsil Folliculus tonsillaris 1485 Tonsillar follicle Fossula tonsillaris (su, eq) 1486 Tonsillar pit [Tonsillar fossula] Crypta tonsillaris 1487 Tonsillar crypt Papilla tonsillaris (su) 1488 Tonsillar papilla

26 NHV Systema digestorium

Pharynx 1489 Tunica mucosa 1490 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Caliculus gustatorius 1491 Taste bud Glandula pharyngea 1491 Pharyngeal gland Glandula tonsillaris 1492 Tonsillar gland Stratum musculare striatum 1493 Striated muscle layer

Pars oralis et Pars laryngea pharyngis 1494 Oropharynx and Laryngopharynx Tunica mucosa 1495 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Epithelium stratificatum squamosum cornificatum 1496 Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) 1497 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Tonsilla palatina 1498 Folliculus tonsillaris 1499 Tonsillar follicle Fossula tonsillaris (Ru, eq) 1500 Tonsillar pit [Tonsillar fossula] Crypta tonsillaris 1501 Tonsillar crypt Nodulus lymphaticus 1502 Lymphatic nodule Epithelium adjunctum nodulo 1503 Nodule-associated epithelium [Reticulated epithelium] Sinus tonsillaris (Ru) 1504 Tonsillar sinus Capsula tonsillaris 1505 Tonsillar capsule Glandula tonsillaris 1506 Tonsillar gland Tonsilla veli palatini 1507 Tonsil of the soft palate Folliculus tonsillaris 1508 Tonsillar follicle Fossula tonsillaris (su, eq) 1509 Tonsillar pit [Tonsillar fossula] Crypta tonsillaris 1510 Tonsillar crypt Nodulus lymphaticus 1511 Lymphatic nodule Epithelium adjunctum nodulo 1512 Nodule-associated epithelium [Reticulated epithelium] Glandula tonsillaris 1513 Tonsillar gland Tonsilla paraepiglottica (fe, su, ov, cap) 1514 Paraepiglottic tonsil Sulcus tonsillaris (su) 1515 Groove of the tonsil Folliculus tonsillaris 1516 Tonsillar follicle Fossula tonsillaris (su) 1517 Tonsillar pit [Tonsillar fossula] Crypta tonsillaris 1518 Tonsillar crypt Nodulus lymphaticus 1519 Lymphatic nodule Epithelium adjunctum nodulo 1520 Nodule-associated epithelium [Reticulated epithelium] Glandula tonsillaris 1521 Tonsillar gland

Pars nasalis pharyngis 1522 Nasopharynx Tunica mucosa 1523 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Epithelium respiratorium 1524 Lamina propria (mucosae) 1525 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Tonsilla pharyngea 1526 Pharyngeal tonsil Sulcus tonsillaris (Ru) 1527 Tonsillar groove Folliculus tonsillaris 1528 Tonsillar follicle Fossula tonsillaris (su) 1529 Tonsillar pit [Tonsillar fossula] Crypta tonsillaris 1530 Tonsillar crypt Tonsilla tubaria (su, Ru) 1531

Canalis digestorius 1532 Digestive canal [Alimentary canal] Tunica mucosa 1533 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Lamina epithelialis 1534 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the serosa) Epitheliocytus columnaris 1535 Columnar epithelial cell Endocrinocytus gastrointestinalis 1536 Gastrointestinal endocrine cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 1537 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Lamina muscularis mucosae 1538 Lamina muscularis of mucosa Tela submucosa 1539 Submucosa [Submucosal layer] Plexus nervosus submucosus 1540 Submucosal nervous plexus Tunica muscularis 1541 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum circulare 1542 Circular layer Stratum longitudinale 1543 Longitudinal layer Plexus nervosus myentericus 1544 Myenteric nervous plexus Tunica adventitia s. serosa 1545 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] or Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Oesophagus 1546 Esophagus Tunica mucosa 1547 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Epithelium stratificatum squamosum 1548 Stratified squamous epithelium Caliculus gustatorius 1549 Taste bud Lamina propria (mucosae) 1550 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Lamina muscularis mucosae 1551 Muscular layer (of the mucosa) Tela submucosa 1552 Submucosa [Submucosal layer] Glandula oesophagea (fe, Ru, eq) 1553 Tunica muscularis 1554 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Myofibra striata 1555 Striated muscle fibre Myocytus levis 1556 Smooth muscle cell Tunica adventitia 1557 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic]

27 NHV Systema digestorium

Ventriculus [Gaster] 1558 Pars nonglandularis 1559 Non-glandular part Tunica mucosa cutanea 1560 Cutaneous mucosa Lamina epithelialis 1561 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the cutaneous mucosa) Epithelium stratificatum squamosum cornificatum (su, eq) 1562 Cornified squamous stratified epithelium Epithelium stratificatum cornificatum (Ru) 1563 Cornified stratified epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) 1564 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Textus connectivus collagenosus compactus (Ru) 1565 Dense collagenous connective tissue Tunica muscularis 1566 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Tunica adventitia 1567 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Tunica serosa 1568 Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Papilla ruminis (Ru) 1569 Ruminal papilla Cellula reticuli (Ru) 1570 Reticular cell Crista reticuli (Ru) 1571 Reticular crest Papilla reticuli (Ru) 1572 Reticular papilla Papilla unguiculiformis (Ru) 1573 Unguiculiform papilla Lamina omasi (Ru) 1574 Omasal fold Papilla omasi (Ru) 1575 Omasal papilla

Pars glandularis 1576 Glandular part Plica gastrica (or, Car, su, eq) 1577 Gastric fold Plica spiralis abomasi (Ru) 1578 Abomasal spiral fold Foveola gastrica 1579 Gastric pit

Tunica mucosa 1580 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Epithelium simplex columnare 1581 Simple columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus gastricus 1582 Gastric lining cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 1583 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula cardiaca 1584 Cardial gastric gland Exocrinocytus cardiacus 1585 Cardial secretory cell Glandula gastrica propria 1586 Proper gastric gland Isthmus glandulae 1587 Isthmus of the gastric gland Epitheliocytus nondifferentiatus 1588 Non-differentiated epithelial cell Cervix glandulae 1589 Neck of the gastric gland Exocrinocytus cervicalis 1590 Mucous neck cell Pars principalis 1591 Principal part Exocrinocytus principalis 1592 Chief cell Granulum zymogeni 1593 Zymogen granule Exocrinocytus parietalis [Exocrinocytus oxynticus] 1594 [Oxyntic cell] Canaliculus intracellularis 1595 Intracellular secretory canaliculus Canaliculus intercellularis 1596 Intercellular secretory canaliculus Glandula pylorica 1597 Pyloric gland Exocrinocytus pyloricus 1598 Mucous cell of the pyloric gland Stratum subglandulare 1599 Subglandular layer Stratum compactum mucosae (Car) 1600 Compact layer Lamina muscularis mucosae 1601 Lamina muscularis of mucosa Tela submucosa 1602 Submucosa [Submucosal layer] Tunica muscularis 1603 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Fasciculus obliquus 1604 Oblique fascicle Fasciculus circularis 1605 Circular fascicle Fasciculus longitudinalis 1606 Longitudinal fascicle Tunica serosa 1607 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Lamina propria serosae 1608 Lamina propria (of the serosa) Lamina epithelialis serosae 1609 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the serosa); Mesothelium Epithelium squamosum simplex 1610 Simple squamous epithelium

28 NHV Systema digestorium

Intestinum tenue 1611 Plica circularis 1612 Villus intestinalis 1613 Glandula [Crypta] intestinalis 1614 Intestinal crypt

Tunica mucosa 1615 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Lamina epithelialis 1616 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the mucosa) Enterocytus (duodenalis, jejunalis, ilealis) 1617 Enterocyte of , , Epitheliocytus columnaris 1618 Columnar epithelial cell 1619 Glycocalyx Limbus striatus 1620 Striated border Microvillus 1621 Microvillus Trama terminalis 1622 Terminal web Epitheliocytus microplicatus 1623 Microfold cell [M cell] Exocrinocytus caliciformis 1624 Goblet cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 1625 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Lamina muscularis mucosae 1626 Lamina muscularis of mucosa Tela submucosa 1627 Submucosa [Submucosal layer] Glandula submucosa intestinalis 1628 Intestinal submucosal gland Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] gl. submucosae intestinalis 1629 Mucous cell of the submucosal Stratum compactum mucosae (Car) 1630 Compact layer Nodulus lymphaticus solitarius 1631 Solitary lymphatic nodule Noduli lymphatici aggregati 1632 Aggregated lymphatic nodules Tunica muscularis 1633 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum circulare 1634 Circular layer Stratum longitudinale 1635 Longitudinal layer Tunica serosa 1636 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Lamina propria serosae 1637 Lamina propria (of the serosa) Lamina epithelialis serosae 1638 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the serosa); Mesothelium Epithelium squamosum simplex 1639 Simple squamous epithelium

Villus intestinalis 1640 Intestinal villus Epitheliocytus columnaris villi 1641 Columnar epithelial cell of villus Myocytus levis villi 1642 Smooth muscle cell of the villus Vas lymphaticum centrale villi 1643 Central lymphatic vessel [] Glandula [Crypta] intestinalis 1644 Intestinal crypt Epitheliocytus nondifferentiatus 1645 Non-differentiated epithelial cell Exocrinocytus columnaris 1646 Columnar secretory cell Exocrinocytus caliciformis 1647 Goblet cell Exocrinocytus cum granulis acidophilicis 1648

Intestinum crassum 1649 Plica circularis 1650 Circular fold Glandula [Crypta] intestinalis 1651 Intestinal crypt

Epithelium simplex columnare 1652 Simple columnar epithelium Enterocytus (caecalis, colicus, rectalis) 1653 Enterocyte of caecum, colon, Epitheliocytus superficialis [adluminalis] 1654 Superficial [adluminal] enterocyte Epitheliocytus cryptalis 1655 Cryptal enterocyte Limbus striatus 1656 Striated border Microvillus 1657 Microvillus Exocrinocytus caliciformis 1658 Goblet cell

Canalis analis 1659 Tunica mucosa 1660 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Junctio anorectalis 1661 Anorectal junction Junctio anocutanea 1662 Anocutaneous junction Tunica mucosa cutanea 1663 Cutaneous mucosa

Tela submucosa 1664 Submucosa [Submucosal layer] Tunica muscularis 1665 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum circulare 1666 Circular layer Stratum longitudinale 1667 Longitudinal layer

Myocytus levis 1668 Smooth muscle cell Fibra elastica 1669 Elastic fibre Myofibra striata 1670 Striated muscle fibre

Glandula analis 1671 Anal gland Sinus paranalis (Car) 1672 Paranal sinus Glandulae sinus paranalis 1673 of the paranal sinus Glandula apocrina 1674 Apocrine gland Glandula sebacea (fe) 1675 Glandula circumanalis (ca) 1676 Circumanal gland Glandula hepatoidea (ca) 1677 Hepatoid gland

29 NHV Systema digestorium

Hepar 1677 Liver Tunica adventitia 1678 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Tunica serosa 1679 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Tela subserosa 1680 Subserosa [Subserosal layer] Capsula fibrosa 1681 Fibrous capsule Capsula fibrosa perivascularis 1682 Perivascular fibrous capsule Muralium hepaticum 1683 Liver muralium Lamina hepatocytica 1684 lamina [Hepatic trabecula] Cellula hepatica precursoria 1685 Hepatic stem cell Hepatocytus 1686 Hepatocyte Hepatocytus mononucleatus 1687 Mononucleate hepatocyte Hepatocytus binucleatus 1688 Binucleate hepatocyte Granulum glycogeni 1689 Glycogen granule Gutta adipis 1690 droplet Cholangiocytus 1691 Spatium perisinusoideum 1692 Cellula perisinusoidalis [Cellula accumulans adipem] 1693 Fat storing cell Vas sinusoideum 1694 Sinusoid Endotheliocytus fenestratus 1695 Fenestrated endothelial cell Apertura intercellularis 1696 Intercellular space Lamina basalis noncontinua 1697 Discontinuous basal lamina Macrophagocytus stellatus 1698 Stellate macrophage Cellula necatoria hepatica 1699 Pit cell [Hepatic ] Lamina hepatica limitans 1700 Limiting hepatic plate Lobulus hepaticus classicus 1701 Classical hepatic lobule Zona centralis (lobuli hepatici classici) 1702 Central zone (of the classical hepatic lobule) Zona intermedia (lobuli hepatici classici) 1703 Intermediate zone (of the classical hepatic lobule) Zona peripherica (lobuli hepatici classici) 1704 Peripheral zone (of the classical hepatic lobule) Lobulus hepaticus portalis 1705 Portal lobule Septum interlobulare 1706 Interlobular septum Spatium portale 1707 Portal space Trias hepatica 1708 Portal triad Arteria interlobularis 1709 Interlobular Vena interlobularis 1710 Interlobular Ductus bilifer interlobularis 1711 Interlobular duct Spatium periportale 1712 Periportal space Vas lymphaticum periportale 1713 Periportal lymphatic vessel Plexus capillaris periportalis 1714 Periportal capillary plexus Pars interportalis (septi interlobularis) 1715 Interportal part (of the interlobular septum) Vena perilobularis 1716 Perilobular vein [Septal vein] Rete capillare interlobulare 1717 Interlobular capillary network

Vena centralis 1718 Central vein Vena sublobularis 1719 Sublobular vein

Canaliculus bilifer 1720 Ductulus bilifer 1721 Bile ductule Ductus bilifer interlobularis 1722 Interlobular Ductus hepaticus 1723 Hepatic duct

Vesica biliaris [Vesica fellea] (exc. eq) 1724 Tunica mucosa vesicae biliaris 1725 Mucosa of the gallbladder Epithelium simplex columnare 1726 Simple columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus adluminalis [Cholecystocytus] 1727 Cholecystocyte Epitheliocytus penicillatus [microvillosus] 1728 Brush cell [] Lamina propria (mucosae) 1729 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula vesicae biliaris 1730 Gland of the gallbladder Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 1731 Mucous cell Glandula colli vesicae biliaris 1732 Gland of the neck of the gallbladder

Plica tunicae mucosae 1733 Mucosal fold [Ruga] Crypta tunicae mucosae 1734 Mucosal crypt [] Tunica muscularis 1735 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Tunica adventitia s. serosa 1736 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] or Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Ductus cysticus (exc. eq) 1737 Plica spiralis 1738 Spiral fold Ductus hepatocysticus (Car, Ru) 1739 Hepatocystic duct

30 NHV Systema digestorium

Ductus choledochus 1740 Tunica mucosa ductus choledochi 1741 Mucosa of the bile duct Epithelium simplex columnare 1742 Simple columnar epithelium Cholangiocytus 1743 Cholangiocyte Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 1744 Mucous cell Exocrinocytus caliciformis 1745 Goblet cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 1746 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula ductus choledochi 1747 Gland of the bile duct Tunica muscularis 1748 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Musculus ductus choledochi 1749 Sphincter muscle of the bile duct Tunica serosa 1750 Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Ductus hepatopancreaticus (ov, cap) 1751 Hepatopancreatic duct Musculus sphincter ductus hepatopancreatici 1752 Sphincter muscle of hepatopancreatic duct Ampulla hepatopancreatica (fe, eq) 1753 Hepatopancreatic ampulla

Pancreas 1754 Pars exocrina pancreatis 1755 Exocrine pancreas Lobulus pancreaticus 1756 Pancreatic lobule Septum interlobulare 1757 Pancreatic septum Acinus pancreaticus 1758 Pancreatic acinus Pancreatocytus exocrinus [Acinocytus] 1759 Exocrine cell of the pancreas Granulum zymogeni 1760 Zymogen granule Cellula centroacinosa 1761 Corpusculum lamellosum 1762 Lamellar corpuscle Ductus intercalatus 1763 Intercalated duct Ductus intralobularis 1764 Intralobular duct Ductus interlobularis 1765 Interlobular duct Ductus excretorius 1766 Excretory duct Glandula ductus excretorii 1767 Gland of the excretory duct Pars endocrina pancreatis 1768 Endocrine pancreas

31 NHV Systema respiratorium

Systema respiratorium Respiratory system

Cavum nasi 1769 Vestibulum nasi 1770 Nasal vestibule

Regio cutanea 1771 Cutaneous region Vibrissa 1772 of the nasal vestibule

Regio transitionalis 1773 Transitional region Tunica mucosa cutanea 1774 Cutaneous mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane] Lamina epithelialis 1775 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] Epithelium stratificatum squamosum (non-)cornificatum 1776 Stratified non-keratinized squamous epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) 1777 Lamina propria (of the mucosa)

Regio respiratoria 1778 Respiratory region Tunica mucosa respiratoria 1779 Respiratory mucosa Epithelium columnare pseudostratificatum ciliatum 1780 Respiratory epithelium Epitheliocytus ciliatus 1781 Ciliated epithelial cell Exocrinocytus caliciformis 1782 Goblet cell Epitheliocytus microvillosus 1783 Epithelial cell with microvilli Epitheliocytus basalis 1784 Basal epithelial cell Glandula nasalis 1785 Nasal gland Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 1786 Mucous cell Serocytus 1787 Serous cell Myoepitheliocytus 1788 Myoepithelial cell Stratum cavernosum 1789 Cavernous layer Plexus cavernosus nasalis 1790 Cavernous network of the nose

Regio olfactoria 1791 Olfactory region Tunica mucosa olfactoria 1792 [mucous tunic; mucous membrane]

Organum vomeronasale 1793

Sinus paranasalis 1794 Paranasal sinus Tunica mucosa respiratoria 1795 Respiratory mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane] Tunica mucosa olfactoria 1796 Olfactory mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane]

Pars nasalis pharyngis 1797 Nasopharynx

Larynx 1798 Laryngeal cavity Tunica mucosa respiratoria 1799 Respiratory mucosa Tunica mucosa cutanea 1800 Cutaneous mucosa Caliculus gustatorius (epiglottidis) 1801 (Epiglottic) taste bud Glandula epiglottica 1802 Epiglottic gland Glandula arytaenoidea 1803 Arytenoid gland Glandula laryngea 1804 Laryngeal gland Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 1805 Mucous cell Exocrinocytus seromucosus [Seromucocytus] 1806 Seromucous cell Myoepitheliocytus 1807 Myoepithelial cell Ventriculus laryngis 1808 Laryngeal Glandula ventriculi laryngis 1809 Laryngeal ventricle gland Nodulus lymphaticus solitarius 1810 Solitary lymphatic nodule Tonsilla paraepiglottica (fe, su, ov, cap) 1811 Paraepiglottic tonsil

32 NHV Systema respiratorium

Trachea 1812 Tunica mucosa respiratoria 1813 Respiratory mucosa Lamina epithelialis 1814 Lamina epithelialis Epithelium columnare pseudostratificatum ciliatum 1815 Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium Epithelium respiratorium 1816 Respiratory epithelium Epitheliocytus ciliatus 1817 Ciliated epithelial cell Epitheliocytus microvillosus 1818 Epithelial cell with microvilli Exocrinocytus caliciformis 1819 Goblet cell Epitheliocytus basalis 1820 Basal cell Neuroendocrinocytus respiratorius 1821 Respiratory Lamina propria (mucosae) 1822 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Lamina fibrarum elasticarum 1823 Elastic fibre layer Glandula trachealis 1824 Tracheal gland Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 1825 Mucous cell Exocrinocytus seromucosus [Seromucocytus] 1826 Seromucous cell Myoepitheliocytus 1827 Myoepithelial cell Nodulus lymphaticus trachealis 1828 Tracheal lymphatic nodule Tunica fibromusculocartilaginea trachealis 1829 Fibromusculocartilaginous layer Ligamentum anulare [tracheale] 1830 Annular ligament Musculus trachealis 1831 Tracheal muscle Myocytus levis 1832 Smooth muscle cell Paries cartilagineus 1833 Cartilaginous wall Cartilago trachealis 1834 Tracheal cartilage Paries membranaceus 1835 Membranous wall Tunica adventitia s. serosa 1836 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] or Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Pulmo 1837 Arbor bronchalis 1838 Bronchial tree 1839 Bronchus Tunica mucosa respiratoria 1840 Respiratory mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane] Lamina epithelialis 1841 Lamina epithelialis Epithelium pseudostratificatum ciliatum 1842 Pseudostratified ciliated epithelium Neuroendocrinocytus respiratorius 1843 Respiratory neuroendocrine cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 1844 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Lamina fibrarum elasticarum 1845 Elastic fibre layer Glandula bronchalis 1846 Bronchial gland Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 1847 Mucous cell Exocrinocytus caliciformis 1848 Goblet cell Exocrinocytus seromucosus [Seromucocytus] 1849 Seromucous cell Myoepitheliocytus 1850 Myoepithelial cell Nodulus lymphaticus bronchalis 1851 Bronchial lymphatic nodule Tunica fibromusculocartilaginea bronchalis 1852 Fibromusculocartilaginous tunic of the bronchus Musculus spiralis bronchalis 1853 Smooth muscle layer Myocytus levis 1854 Smooth muscle cell Cartilago bronchalis 1855 Bronchial cartilage Tunica adventitia 1856 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic]

Bronchulus 1857 Tunica mucosa respiratoria 1858 Respiratory mucosa [mucous tunic; mucous membrane] Epithelium pseudostratificatum ciliatum 1859 Pseudostratified ciliated epithelium Epithelium simplex ciliatum 1860 Simple ciliated epithelium Exocrinocytus bronchularis 1861 Exocrine bronchiolar cell Exocrinocytus caliciformis 1862 Goblet cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 1863 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Fibra elastica longitudinalis 1864 Longitudinal elastic fibre Textus myocytorum levium 1865 Smooth muscle layer Myocytus levis 1866 Smooth muscle cell Tunica adventitia 1867 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Lobulus pulmonis secundarius 1868 Secondary pulmonary lobule Bronchulus terminalis 1869 Terminal bronchiole Epithelium simplex cuboideum ciliatum 1870 Simple cuboidal ciliated epithelium Exocrinocytus bronchularis 1871 Exocrine bronchiolar cell Acinus pulmonalis 1872 Pulmonary acinus

33 NHV Systema respiratorium

Lobulus pulmonis primarius 1873 Primary pulmonary lobule Bronchulus respiratorius 1874 Respiratory bronchule Epithelium simplex cuboideum (ciliatum) 1875 Simple cuboidal (ciliated) epithelium Exocrinocytus bronchularis 1876 Exocrine bronchiolar cell Fibra elastica longitudinalis 1877 Longitudinal elastic fibre Rete spirale myocytorum levium 1878 Spiral network of smooth muscle cells Alveolus pulmonis 1879 Ductus alveolaris 1880 Epithelium simplex cuboideum 1881 Simple cuboidal epithelium alveolare 1882 Alveolar atrium Sacculus alveolaris 1883 Alveolar saccule Alveolus pulmonis 1884 Pulmonary alveolus Epithelium alveolare 1885 Alveolar epithelium Pneumocytus typus I 1886 Pneumocyte type I [Type I alveolar cell] Pneumocytus typus II 1887 Pneumocyte type II [Type II alveolar cell] Surfactandum 1888 Corpusculum lamellare 1889 Lamellar body Corpusculum multivesiculare 1890 Multivesicular body Macrophagocytus alveolaris 1891 Alveolar macrophage Septum interalveolare 1892 Interalveolar septum Epithelium alveolare 1893 Alveolar epithelium Cellula septalis 1894 Septal cell Fibra elastica 1895 Elastic fibre Fibra collageni 1896 Collagen fibre Porus septalis 1897 Alveolar pore Claustrum aerosanguineum 1898 Blood-air barrier Lamina pneumocytica 1899 Alveolar component [Alveolar cell layer] Lamina basalis 1900 Basal lamina Lamina endotheliocytica 1901 Endothelial cell layer

Pleura 1902 Pleura Pleura visceralis [Pleura pulmonalis] 1903 Visceral pleura [Pulmonary pleura]

34 NHV Systema urinarium

Systema urinarium Urinary system

Ren [Nephros] 1904 Capsula adiposa 1905 Perirenal fat capsule Capsula fibrosa 1906 Fibrous capsule Interstitium renis 1907 Interstitial connective tissue Lobus renis 1908 Kidney lobe renis 1909 Lobulus corticalis 1910 Cortical lobule Pars convoluta 1911 External zone Labyrinthus corticis 1912 Cortical labyrinth Corpusculum renale 1913 Partes convolutae tubulorum 1914 Convoluted Pars radiata 1915 Inner zone medullaris 1916 Renal Medulla renis 1917 Pyramis renalis 1918 Renal pyramid Basis pyramidis 1919 Base of the renal pyramid Papilla renalis s. Crista renalis (or, Car, ov, cap, eq) 1920 Renal papilla or Renal crest Ductus papillaris 1921 Papillary duct Area cribrosa 1922 Cribriform area Foramen papillare 1923 Opening of the papillary duct Medulla externa 1924 Outer medulla Stria externa 1925 Outer stripe Stria interna 1926 Inner stripe Medulla interna 1927 Inner medulla

Columna renalis 1928

Nephron 1929 Corpusculum renale 1930 Renal corpuscle Polus vascularis 1931 Vascular pole Glomerulum 1932 Glomerulum Mesangium 1933 Mesangium Matrix mesangialis 1934 Mesangial matrix Mesangiocytus (glomerularis) 1935 Mesangial cell Rete capillare glomerulare 1936 Glomerular capillary network Vas capillare glomerulare 1937 Glomerular capillary vessel Endotheliocytus fenestratus 1938 Fenestrated endothelium cell Lamina basalis 1939 Basal lamina Capsula glomeruli 1940 Glomerular capsule Stratum viscerale [Paries internus] 1941 Internal layer Podocytus 1942 Cytotrabecula 1943 Primary process Cytopodium 1944 Secondary process (Pedicle) Rima intercytopodialis 1945 Filtration slit Diaphragma rimae 1946 Filtration slit diaphragm Spatium capsulare [Spatium urinarium] 1947 Capsular space (Urinary space) Peripolocytus 1948 Peripolar cell Stratum parietale [Paries externus] 1949 Capsular outer layer Epitheliocytus parietalis 1950 Parietal epithelial cell (PEC) Polus urinarius [Polus tubularis] 1951 Urinary pole (Tubular pole) Tubulus renalis 1952 Renal tubule Tubulus proximalis 1953 Pars convoluta (tubuli proximalis) [Pars contorta] 1954 Proximal convoluted tubule (PCT) Pars recta (tubuli proximalis) 1955 Proximal straight tubule (PST) [Thick descending limb; TDL]

Epithelium simplex cuboideum 1956 Simple cuboidal epithelium Epitheliocytus microvillosus 1957 Microvillous epithelial cell Limbus microvillosus 1958 Microvillous border Limbus striatus basalis 1959 Basal striation Labyrinthus basalis 1960 Basal labyrinth

Tubulus attenuatus 1961 Attenuated tubule

Tubulus distalis 1962 Distal tubule Pars recta (tubuli distalis) 1963 Distal straight tubule [Thick ascending limb; TAL] Pars convoluta (tubuli distalis) [Pars contorta] 1964 (DCT)

Epithelium simplex cuboideum 1965 Simple cuboidal epithelium

Macula densa 1966 Segmentum postmaculare 1967 Postmacular segment

35 NHV Systema urinarium

Ansa nephronis 1968 Nephron loop Crus descendens 1969 Descending limb Pars recta (tubuli proximalis) 1970 Proximal straight tubule [Thick descending limb; TDL] Tubulus attenuatus [Tubulus intermedius] 1971 Descending thin limb (DTL) Crus ascendens 1972 Ascending limb Tubulus attenuatus [Tubulus intermedius] 1973 Ascending thin limb (ATL) Pars recta (tubuli distalis) 1974 Distal straight tubule [Thick ascending limb; TDL]

Tubulus reuniens 1975 Connecting tubule Tubulus reuniens arcuatus 1976 Arched connecting tubule Tubulus reuniens rectus 1977 Straight connecting tubule

Epitheliocytus principalis (ductus reunientis) 1978 Principal cell of the connecting tubule Epitheliocytus intercalatus (ductus reunientis) 1979 Intercalated cell of the connecting tubule Epitheliocytus intercalatus typus A 1980 Type A intercalated cell of the connecting tubule Epitheliocytus intercalatus typus B 1981 Type B intercalated cell of the connecting tubule

Ductus colligens 1982 Collecting duct Ductus colligens corticalis 1983 Cortical collecting duct Ductus colligens medullaris 1984 Medullary collecting duct Ductus colligens medullaris externus 1985 Outer medullary collecting duct Ductus colligens medullaris internus 1986 Inner medullary collecting duct

Epitheliocytus principalis (ductus colligentis) 1987 Principal cell of the collecting duct Epitheliocytus intercalatus (ductus colligentis) 1988 Intercalated cell of the collecting duct Epitheliocytus intercalatus typus A (ductus colligentis) 1989 Type A intercalated cell of the collecting duct Epitheliocytus intercalatus typus B (ductus colligentis) 1990 Type B intercalated cell of the collecting duct

Ductus papillaris 1991 Papillary duct Epithelium simplex cuboideum 1992 Simple cuboidal epithelium

Complexus juxtaglomerularis 1993 Juxtaglomerular complex Macula densa 1994 Macula densa Epitheliocytus maculae densae 1995 Epithelial cell of the macula densa arteriolae glomerularis afferentis 1996 Tunica media of the afferent glomerular Juxtaglomerulocytus [Myocytus juxtaglomerularis] 1997 Juxtaglomerular [Granular cell] Insula perivascularis mesangii 1998 Perivascular islet of mesangial cells [Extraglomerular mesangium] Mesangiocytus extraglomerularis 1999 Extraglomerular mesangial cell [Lacis cell]

Vasa sanguinea renis 2000 Renal blood vessels Arteria renalis 2001 Arteria interlobaris 2002 Interlobar artery of the kidney Arteria arcuata 2003 Arcuate artery Arteriola recta 2004 Straight arteriole Arteria interlobularis 2005 Interlobular artery Arteria intralobularis 2006 Intralobular artery Arteriola glomerularis afferens 2007 Afferent glomerular arteriole Rete capillare glomerulare 2008 Glomerular capillary network Arteriola glomerularis efferens 2009 Efferent glomerular arteriole Rete capillare peritubulare corticale 2010 Cortical peritubular capillary network Rete capillare peritubulare medullare 2011 Medullary peritubular capillary network Ramus capsularis 2012 Capsular branch

Vena renalis 2013 Vena interlobaris 2014 Interlobar Vena arcuata 2015 Vena interlobularis 2016 Interlobular vein Vena intralobularis 2017 Intralobular vein Venula stellata 2018 Stellate Venula recta 2019 Straight venule Vena capsularis (fe) 2020 Capsular vein

Pelvis renalis 2021 Renal Tunica mucosa 2022 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Urothelium [Epithelium transitionale] 2023 Urothelium [Transitional epithelium] Lamina propria (mucosae) 2024 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula pelvis renalis (eq) 2025 Mucous gland of the Exocrinocytus mucosus 2026 Secretory mucous cell Tunica muscularis 2027 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum internum (longitudinale) 2028 Internal (longitudinal) layer Stratum externum (circulare) 2029 External (circular) layer Tunica adventitia 2030 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic]

36 NHV Systema urinarium

Ureter 2031 Tunica mucosa 2032 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Urothelium [Epithelium transitionale] 2033 Urothelium [Transitional epithelium] Lamina propria (mucosae) 2034 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula ureterica (eq) 2035 Ureteral gland Exocrinocytus mucosus 2036 Secretory mucous cell

Tunica muscularis 2037 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum internum 2038 Internal layer Stratum intermedium 2039 Intermediate layer Stratum externum 2040 External layer Tunica adventitia s. Tunica serosa 2041 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] or Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Vesica urinaria 2042 Tunica mucosa 2043 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Urothelium [Epithelium transitionale] 2044 Urothelium [Transitional epithelium] Lamina propria (mucosae) 2045 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Lamina muscularis mucosae 2046 Lamina muscularis of mucosa Tela submucosa 2047 Submucosa Tunica muscularis 2048 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum internum 2049 Internal layer Stratum intermedium 2050 Intermediate layer Stratum externum 2051 External layer Tunica adventitia s. Tunica serosa 2052 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] or Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Urethra 2053

37 NHV Systema genitale masculinum

Organa genitalia masculina Male genital system

Testis [Orchis] 2053 Testis (testis) 2054 Tunica vaginalis Lamina parietalis 2055 Parietal layer Lamina visceralis 2056 Visceral layer 2057 Tunica albuginea Stratum vasculosum 2058 Vascular layer Mediastinum (testis) 2059 Mediastinum of the testis Septulum (testis) 2060 Septulum testis [Septum of the testis] Lobulus (testis) 2061 Lobule of the testis Interstitium (testis) [Textus connectivus intertubularis] 2062 Interstitial connective tissue [Intertubular connective tissue] Endocrinocytus interstitialis 2063 Interstitial endocrine cell Parenchyma (testis) 2064 Parenchyma of the testis Tubulus seminifer contortus 2065 Convoluted Epithelium spermatogenicum 2066 Spermatogenic epithelium [Seminiferous epithelium] Epitheliocytus sustentans [Cellula sustentacularis] (testis) 2067 Testicular sustentacular cell Apparatus junctionalis sustentocyticus 2068 Sustentacular junctional apparatus Cellula spermatogenica 2069 Spermatogenic cell Compartimentum adluminale 2070 Adluminal compartment Compartimentum basale 2071 Basal compartment Complexus tubulobulbaris 2072 Tubulobulbar complex Membrana propria 2073 Limiting membrane Lamina peritubularis 2074 Peritubular layer Lamina basalis 2075 Basal lamina Cellula myoidea 2076 Myoid cell [Peritubular cell] Fibrocytus 2077 Fibrocyte Tubulus seminifer rectus 2078 Straight seminiferous tubule 2079 Rete testis Epithelium simplex cuboideum 2080 Simple cuboidal epithelium [Simple isoprismatic epithelium] Ductulus efferens testis 2081 Efferent ductule of the testis Ductulus aberrans testis 2082 Aberrant ductule of the testis

Spermatogenesis 2083 Status spermatogeneticus 2084 Spermatogenic stage [Stage of the spermatogenic epithelium] Cyclus spermatogeneticus 2085 Spermatogenic cycle [Cycle of the spermatogenic epithelium] Unda spermatogenetica 2086 Spermatogenic wave [Wave of the spermatogenic epithelium] Cellula spermatogonica precursoria 2087 Spermatogonial stem cell

Spermatocytogenesis 2088 2089 Spermatogonium Spermatogonium A 2090 Type A spermatogonium Spermatogonium A densum 2091 A dark spermatogonium [Ad spermatogonium] Spermatogonium A lucidum 2092 A pale spermatogonium [Ap spermatogonium] Spermatogonium intermedium 2093 Type I spermatogonium [Intermediate spermatogonium] Clonum spermatogeneticum 2094 Spermatogenic clone Pons intercellularis 2095 Intercellular bridge Spermatogonium B 2096 Type B spermatogonium Spermatocytus primarius 2097 Primary Spermatocytus secundarius 2098 Secondary spermatocyte

Spermiogenesis 2099 Spermatidium 2100 Spermatidium globosum 2101 Round spermatid Proacrosoma 2102 Proacrosome Vesicula proacrosomatica 2103 Proacrosomal vesicle Granulum proacrosomaticum 2104 Proacrosomal granule Spermatidium elongatum 2105 Elongated spermatid Acrosoma [Galea acrosomatica] 2106 [Acrosomal cap] Membrana acrosomatica externa 2107 External acrosomal membrane Membrana acrosomatica interna 2108 Internal acrosomal membrane Substantia acrosomatica 2109 Acrosomal substance Diplosoma 2110 Diplosome Centriolum proximale 2111 Proximal centriole Centriolum distale 2112 Distal centriole Complexus dictyosomaticus 2113 Golgi complex Corpusculum chromatoideum 2114 Chromatoid body Flagellum 2115 Flagellum Anulus (flagelli) 2116 Flagellar annulus Vagina cytoplasmatica 2117 Cytoplasmic sheath Plica equatorialis 2118 Equatorial fold Anulus equatorialis 2119 Equatorial annulus Manicula caudalis 2120 Caudal manchette Microtubuli 2121 Corpus residuale 2122 Residual body

38 NHV Systema genitale masculinum

Spermatozoon [Spermium] 2123 cell [Male gamete] Plasmalemma 2124 Plasmalemma Caput spermatozoi 2125 Sperm Nucleus spermatozoi 2126 Nucleus Vacuola nuclearis 2127 Nuclear vacuole Vesicula nuclearis 2128 Nuclear vesicle Theca nuclearis 2129 Perinuclear theca Acrosoma [Galea acrosomatica] 2130 Acrosome Membrana acrosomatica interna 2131 Internal acrosomal membrane Membrana acrosomatica externa 2132 External acrosomal membrane Substantia acrosomatica 2133 Acrosomal substance Granulum acrosomale 2134 Acrosomal granule Perforatorium 2135 Perforatorium Tela subacrosomatica 2136 Subacrosomal layer Vagina postacrosomatica 2137 Postacrosomal sheath Anulus caudalis 2138 Caudal ring Recessus nuclearis 2139 Nuclear recess Fossula articularis 2140 Articular plate Collum spermatozoi 2141 Sperm neck Fossula articularis 2142 Articular plate Pars connectens 2143 Connecting piece Centriolum proximale 2144 Proximal centriole Scutum basale 2145 Basal plate Cauda spermatozoi [Flagellum] 2146 Sperm tail [Flagellum] Axonema 2147 Axoneme Microtubulus centralis 2148 Central microtubule(s) Diplomicrotubulus periphericus 2149 Outer doublet microtubules 2150 Middle piece basalis 2151 Basal patella Basis columnaris 2152 Columnar base Capitulum 2153 Capitulum Columna striata 2154 Striated column Centriolum distale 2155 Distal centriole Fibra densa externa 2156 Outer dense fibre Vagina mitochondrialis 2157 Mitochondrial sheath Anulus terminalis 2158 End ring Pars principalis 2159 Principal piece Fibra densa externa 2160 Outer dense fibre Vagina fibrosa 2161 Fibrous sheath Columna longitudinalis 2162 Longitudinal column Costa fibrosa 2163 Fibrous Pars terminalis 2164 End piece

Epididymis 2165 Tunica serosa 2166 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Tela subserosa 2167 Subserosa [Subserosal layer] Tunica albuginea (epididymidis) 2168 Tunica albuginea Ductulus efferens testis 2169 Efferent ductule of the testis Epithelium unistratificatum columnare 2170 Simple columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus microvillosus 2171 Principal cell Epitheliocytus ciliatus 2172 Ciliated cell Stratum fibromusculare 2173 Fibromuscular layer Septum epididymidis 2174 Epididymidal septum Lobulus epididymidis 2175 Lobule of the epididymis [Conical lobule of the epididymis] Ductus epididymidis 2176 Duct of the epididymis Epithelium pseudostratificatum columnare 2177 Pseudostratified columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus stereociliatus 2178 Stereociliated epithelial cell [Principal cell] Epitheliocytus basalis 2179 Basal cell Stratum fibromusculare 2180 Fibromuscular layer Interstitium 2181 Interstitium Appendix epididymidis 2182 Epididymidal appendix Ductulus aberrans 2183 Aberrant ductule 2184 Paradidymis Ductulus paradidymidis 2185 Paradidymidal ductule

39 NHV Systema genitale masculinum

Ductus deferens 2186 Ductus deferens [] Tunica mucosa 2187 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Plica tunicae mucosae 2188 Mucosal fold Epithelium pseudostratificatum columnare 2189 Pseudostratified columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus stereociliatus 2190 Stereociliated epithelial cell [Principal cell] Epitheliocytus basalis 2191 Basal cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 2192 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula ampullaris 2193 Ampullary gland Tunica muscularis 2194 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum longitudinale internum 2195 Internal longitudinal layer Stratum circulare 2196 Circular layer Stratum longitudinale externum 2197 External longitudinal layer Tunica adventitia 2198 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Tunica serosa 2199 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Tela subserosa 2200 Subserosa [Subserosal layer]

Pars glandularis ductus deferentis 2201 Glandular part of the deferent duct Glandula ampullaris 2202 Ampullary gland Ductus ejaculatorius (Ru, eq) 2203

Glandulae genitales accessoriae 2204 Accessory genital glands Epitheliocytus basalis adipoideus (Ru) 2205 -like basal epithelial cell

Pars glandularis ductus deferentis 2206 Glandular part of the deferent duct

Glandula vesicularis (or, Un) 2207 Vesicular gland Tunica adventitia 2208 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Tunica serosa 2209 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Tela subserosa 2210 Subserosa [Subserosal layer] Tunica muscularis 2211 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Septulum glandulae vesicularis 2212 Septulum of the vesicular gland Lobulus glandulae vesicularis (su, Ru) 2213 Lobule of the vesicular gland Parenchyma (glandulae vesicularis) 2214 Parenchyme (of the vesicular gland) Tunica mucosa glandulae vesicularis 2215 Mucosa (of the vesicular gland) Epithelium pseudostratificatum columnare 2216 Pseudostratified columnar epithelium Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 2217 (Secretory) Mucous cell Lamina fibromuscularis 2218 Fibromuscular layer

Prostata 2219 [Prostate gland] Tunica adventitia 2220 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Tunica serosa 2221 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Tela subserosa 2222 Subserosa [Subserosal layer] Tunica muscularis 2223 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Capsula prostatae 2224 Capsule of the prostate Stratum vasculosum 2225 Vascular layer Stratum fibrosum 2226 Fibrous layer Stratum musculare 2227 Muscular layer Septum prostaticum 2228 Septum of the prostate Lobus (glandularis) 2229 Glandular lobe Lobulus (glandularis) 2230 Glandular lobule Parenchyma glandulare (prostatae) 2231 Glandular parenchyma of the prostate Tunica mucosa (prostatae) 2232 Mucosa [Mucous tunic] of the prostate Epithelium glandulare prostatae 2233 Glandular epithelium of the prostate Exocrinocytus prostaticus 2234 Prostatic exocrine cell Endocrinocytus prostaticus 2235 Prostatic endocrine cell Concretio prostatica 2236 Prostatic concretion Stroma fibromyoelasticum 2237 Myoelastic stroma [Fibromuscular stroma] Ductulus prostaticus 2238 Prostatic ductule Ductus prostaticus 2239 Prostatic duct

Glandula bulbourethralis (exc. ca) 2240 Tunica adventitia 2241 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Tunica muscularis 2242 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Parenchyma (glandulae bulbourethralis) 2243 Glandular parenchyma of the bulbourethral gland Tunica mucosa (glandulae bulbourethralis) 2244 Mucous tunic of the bulbourethral gland Epithelium glandulare bulbourethralis 2245 Epithelium of the bulbourethral gland Exocrinocytus glandulae bulbourethralis 2246 Bulbourethral exocrine cell Ductulus glandulae bulbourethralis 2247 Bulbourethral gland ductule Ductus glandulae bulbourethralis 2248 Bulbourethral gland duct

40 NHV Systema genitale masculinum

Penis 2249 Tunica mucosa cutanea 2250 Cutaneous mucosa Epithelium stratificatum squamosum cornificatum 2251 Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium Spina glandis (fe) 2252 Penile spine Lamina propria (mucosae) 2253 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Noduli lymphatici 2254 Lymphatic nodules Fascia penis superficialis 2255 Outer fascia of the penis Fascia penis profunda 2256 Inner fascia of the penis 2257 Corpus cavernosum of the penis Tunica albuginea corporis cavernosi 2258 Tunica albuginea of the corpus cavernosum Septum penis 2259 Septum of the penis Trabecula corporis cavernosi 2260 Trabecula of the corpus cavernosum Cavernae corporis cavernosi 2261 Cavernous spaces of the corpus cavernosum Arteria helicina 2262 Helicine artery Vena cavernosa 2263 Cavernous vein Vena emissaria corporis cavernosi 2264 Emissary vein Os penis (Car) 2265 Os penis [Penis bone] s. glandis 2266 Corpus spongiosum of the penis or of the glans Tunica albuginea corporis spongiosi 2267 Tunica albuginea of the corpus spongiosum Trabecula corporis spongiosi 2268 Trabecula of the corpus spongiosum Cavernae corporis spongiosi 2269 Cavernous spaces of the corpus spongiosum

Urethra masculina 2270 Male urethra Pars pelvina (urethrae) 2271 Pars pelvina urethrae (Pelvic urethral part) Tunica mucosa urethrae masculinae 2272 Mucosa [Mucous tunic] of the male urethra Urothelium [Epithelium transitionale] 2273 Urothelium [Transitional epithelium] Exocrinocytus mucosus [Mucocytus] 2274 Principal (secretory) mucous cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 2275 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Stratum glandulare 2276 Glandular layer Stratum spongiosum 2277 Spongy layer Tunica muscularis 2278 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Textus muscularis striatus syncytialis 2279 (Syncytial) striated muscle tissue Pars penina (urethrae) 2280 Penile part of the urethra Tunica mucosa urethrae masculinae 2281 Mucosa [Mucous tunic] of the male urethra Urothelium [Epithelium transitionale] 2282 Urothelium [Transitional epithelium] Epithelium stratificatum squamosum noncornificatum 2283 Non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) 2284 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula urethralis 2285

Praeputium 2286 Prepuce [] Lamina externa praeputii 2287 External lamina of the prepuce Textus muscularis striatus syncytialis 2288 (Syncytial) striated muscle tissue Lamina interna praeputii 2289 Internal lamina of the prepuce Tunica mucosa cutanea 2290 Cutaneous mucosa Epithelium stratificatum squamosum 2291 Cornified [keratinized] squamous epithelium Epitheliocytus sebaceus 2292 Sebaceous cell praeputii 2293 Smegma Lamina propria (mucosae) 2294 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula praeputialis 2295 Preputial gland Noduli lymphatici 2296 Lymphatic nodules Lamina penis praeputii 2297 Penile lamina of the prepuce

Scrotum 2298 Cutis scroti 2299 Scrotal skin Tunica 2300 Dartos fascia [Superficial fascia] Textus muscularis levis 2301 Smooth muscle tissue Fibra elastica 2302 Elastic fibre

41 NHV Systema genitale femininum

Organa genitalia feminina Female genital system

Ovarium 2303 Epithelium superficiale 2304 Surface epithelium Mesotheliocytus cuboideus microvillosus 2305 Cuboidal epithelial cell with microvilli Stroma ovarii 2306 Ovarian stroma Textus connectivus spinocellularis 2307 Spinocellular connective tissue Endocrinocytus interstitialis ovarii 2308 Interstitial endocrine cell of the ovary Zona parenchymatosa 2309 Zona parenchymatosa Folliculus ovaricus primordialis 2310 Primordial Epithelium simplex squamosum folliculi (ovarici primordialis) 2311 Simple squamous epithelium of the follicle Epitheliocytus follicularis primordialis 2312 Primordial follicular epithelial cell Ovocytus primarius 2313 Primary oocyte Folliculus ovaricus primarius 2314 Primary ovarian follicle Epithelium simplex cuboideum folliculi (ovarici primarii) 2315 Simple cuboidal epithelium of the follicle Epitheliocytus follicularis primarius 2316 Primary follicular epithelial cell Ovocytus primarius 2317 Primary oocyte Folliculus ovaricus secundarius 2318 Secondary ovarian follicle Theca folliculi 2319 Follicular theca Lamina basalis folliculi 2320 Follicular basal lamina Epithelium stratificatum cuboideum folliculi 2321 Stratified cuboidal epithelium of the follicle Epitheliocytus follicularis secundarius 2322 Secundary follicular epithelial cell 2323 Zona pellucida Ovocytus primarius 2324 Primary oocyte Folliculus ovaricus tertiarius [vesiculosus] 2325 Tertiary ovarian follicle [Antral follicle] 2326 Theca externa Fibroblastus thecalis 2327 Thecal fibroblast 2328 Theca interna Endocrinocytus thecalis 2329 Thecal endocrine cell Lamina basalis folliculi 2330 Follicular basal lamina Epithelium folliculi 2331 Follicular epithelium Stratum granulosum 2332 Granular layer Epitheliocytus granularis 2333 Antrum folliculi 2334 Liquor folliculi 2335 Complexus cumuli oophori 2336 complex Cumulus oophorus 2337 Cumulus oophorus Epithelium folliculi 2338 Follicular epithelium Stratum granulosum 2339 Granular layer 2340 Corona radiata Zona pellucida 2341 Zona pellucida Ovocytus primarius 2342 Primary oocyte Folliculus ovaricus tertiarius maturus 2343 Mature tertiary follicle Ovocytus secundarius (ex. ca) 2344 Secondary oocyte Stigma folliculare 2345 Follicular stigma Folliculus atreticus 2346 Atretic follicle Corpus atreticum 2347 Corpus atreticum Corpus haemorrhagicum 2348 Hemorrhagic body [Corpus rubrum] 2349 Corpus luteum Corpus luteum cyclicum s. graviditatis 2350 Corpus luteum of the cycle or of gravidity Endocrinocytus corporis lutei [Luteocytus] 2351 Endocrine luteal cell Granulosoluteocytus 2352 Granulosa lutein cell Thecaluteocytus 2353 Theca lutein cell Fibroblastus thecalis 2354 Thecal fibroblast Corpus luteum regrediens 2355 Regressing corpus luteum 2356 Corpus albicans Zona vasculosa 2357 Zona vasculosa Chorda medullaris 2358 Medullary cord Tubulus medullaris 2359 Medullary tubule Endocrinocytus interstitialis (ovarii) 2360 Interstitial endocrine cell of the ovary Rete ovarii 2361 Ovarian rete [Rete ovarii]

Ovogenesis et Zygosis 2362 Ovogenesis and zygosis Ovogonium 2363 Ovogonium Ovocytus primarius 2364 Primary oocyte Polocytus primarius 2365 First polocyte [First polar body] Ovocytus secundarius 2366 Secundary oocyte Polocytus secundarius 2367 Second polocyte [Second polar body] Zygota 2368

42 NHV Systema genitale femininum

Epoophoron 2369 Ductus epoophori longitudinalis 2370 Longitudinal duct (of the epoophoron) Ductulus transversus 2371 Transverse ductule Appendix vesiculosa 2372 Vesicular appendix

Paroophoron 2373 Ductulus paroophori 2374 Ductule of the paroophoron

Tuba uterina [Salpinx] 2375 Uterine tube Tunica mucosa 2376 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Plica tubae uterinae 2377 Tubarian fold Epithelium simplex columnare 2378 Simple columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus ciliatus 2379 Ciliated epithelial cell Exocrinocytus tubarius 2380 Tubal mucous cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 2381 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Tunica muscularis 2382 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum circulare 2383 Circular layer Stratum longitudinale 2384 Longitudinal layer Tunica serosa 2385 Serosa [Serosal tunic]

Uterus 2386 Tunica mucosa (uteri) [] 2387 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane; Endometrium] Partim cornua et corpus 2388 Cornua and corpus of the uterus Epithelium simplex columnare 2389 Simple columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus ciliatus 2390 Ciliated epitheliocyte Epitheliocytus microvillosus 2391 Microvillous epitheliocyte; Epithelial cell with microvilli Epithelium pseudostratificatum columnare (su, Ru) 2392 Pseudostratificated columnar epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) [Stroma endometrialis] 2393 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) [Endometrial stroma] Stratum internum 2394 Deep layer of the endometrium Stratum externum 2395 Compact layer of the endometrium Glandula uterina 2396 Caruncula (Ru) 2397 Caruncula Microcaruncula (eq) 2398 Microcaruncula Partim portio praevaginalis cervicis 2399 Portio prevaginalis of the cervix Epithelium simplex columnare 2400 Simple columnar epithelium Epitheliocytus superficialis 2401 Superficial epithelial cell Exocrinocytus mucosus 2402 Mucous cell Epitheliocytus ciliatus 2403 Ciliated epithelial cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 2404 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula cervicis uteri 2405 Uterine cervical gland Exocrinocytus mucosus 2406 Mucous cell Partim portio vaginalis (cervicis) 2407 Portio vaginalis Epithelium stratificatum squamosum 2408 Stratified squamous epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) 2409 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Tunica muscularis (uteri) [] 2410 Muscularis [Muscular tunic; Myometrium] Stratum circulare 2411 Circular muscle layer Stratum vasculosum 2412 Vascular layer Stratum longitudinale 2413 Longitudinal muscle layer Tunica serosa [] 2414 Serosa [Serosal tunic; Perimetrium] Tela subserosa 2415 Subserosa [Subserosal layer] 2416 Mesometrium Tunica serosa 2417 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Tela subserosa 2418 Subserosa [Subserosal layer] Textus muscularis nonstriatus 2419 Smooth muscle tissue

Vagina 2420 Vagina Tunica mucosa 2421 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Epithelium stratificatum squamosum 2422 Stratified squamous epithelium Epithelium stratificatum squamosum cornescens 2423 Cornescent stratified squamous epithelium (or, Car, su, ov, cap) Epithelium stratificatum squamosum noncornificatum (bo, eq) 2424 Non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium Exocrinocytus mucosus 2425 Mucous cell Lamina propria (mucosae) 2426 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Tunica muscularis (vaginae) 2427 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Stratum circulare 2428 Circular layer Stratum longitudinale 2429 Longitudinal layer Tunica adventitia s. Tunica serosa 2430 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] or Serosa [Serosal tunic]

43 NHV Systema genitale femininum

Vestibulum vaginae 2431 Vestibule of the vagina Tunica mucosa 2432 Mucosa [Mucous tunic; Mucous membrane] Epithelium stratificatum squamosum 2433 Stratified squamous epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) 2434 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula vestibularis minor 2435 Lesser vestibular gland Glandula vestibularis major 2436 Greater vestibular gland Lobulus glandulae 2437 Glandular lobule Portio terminalis alveolaris 2438 Alveolar terminal part of the gland Exocrinocytus mucosus 2439 Mucous cell Portio terminalis tubulosa 2440 Tubulous terminal part of the gland Ductus interlobularis 2441 Interlobular duct Sinus ductus 2442 Sinus of the duct Ductus glandulae 2443 Duct of the gland Bulbus vestibuli 2444 Bulbus vestibuli

Vulva 2445 Labium vulvae 2446 Vulval labium Labium majus vulvae (or, ca) 2447 Labium majus Labium minus vulvae (or) 2448 Labium minus

Clitoris 2449 Corpus cavernosum (clitoridis) 2450 Corpus cavernosum of the clitoris Tunica albuginea corporis cavernosi (clitoridis) 2451 Tunica albuginea of the corpus cavernosum Trabecula corporis cavernosi (clitoridis) 2452 Trabecula of the corpus cavernosum Cavernae corporis cavernosi (clitoridis) 2453 Cavernous spaces of the corpus cavernosum Corpus spongiosum (glandis clitoridis) (ca, eq) 2454 Corpus spongiosum of the clitoris glans Tunica albuginea corporis spongiosi 2455 Tunica albuginea of the corpus spongiosum Trabecula corporis spongiosi 2456 Trabecula of the corpus spongiosum Cavernae corporis spongiosi 2457 Cavernous spaces of the corpus spongiosum

Urethra feminina 2458 Female urethra Tunica mucosa 2459 Mucosa Urothelium [Epithelium transitionale] 2460 Urothelium [Transitional epithelium] Stratum superficiale 2461 Superficial layer Crusta urothelialis 2462 Urothelial plaque [Urothelial crust] Stratum intermedium 2463 Intermediate layer Stratum basale 2464 Basal layer Lamina propria (mucosae) 2465 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula urethralis 2466 Urethral gland Lacuna urethralis 2467 Urethral lacuna Stratum spongiosum 2468 Spongy layer Tunica muscularis 2469 Muscularis [Muscular tunic] Textus muscularis nonstriatus 2470 Smooth muscle tissue Textus muscularis striatus syncytialis 2471 Striated muscle tissue [Urethral muscle]

44 NHV Systema endocrinum

Systema endocrinum Endocrine system

Systema endocrinum dispersum 2472 Dispersed endocrine system Endocrinocytus singularis 2473 Dispersed endocrine cells Endocrinocytus gastrointestinalis 2474 Gastrointestinal endocrine cell Endocrinocytus pancreaticus 2475 Pancreatic endocrine cell

Paraganglia 2476 Paraganglia sympathicum 2477 Sympathetic paraganglion Cellula paraganglionica principalis 2478 Main paraganglionic cell Cellula paraganglionica accessoria 2479 Accessory paraganglionic cell Epitheliocytus sustentans 2480 Sustentacular cell Gliocytus paraganglionicus 2481 Paraganglionic satellite cell

Glomus 2482 Glomus Glomus caroticum 2483 Carotid glomus Glomus aorticum 2484 Aortic glomus Glomus pulmonale 2485 Pulmonary glomus Glomus paraaorticum abdominale 2486 Paraaortic glomus

Glandulae endocrinae 2487 Endocrine glands

Glandula thyroidea 2488 gland Capsula fibrosa glandulae thyroideae 2489 Fibrous capsule Septum (textus connectivi) glandulae thyroideae 2490 (Connective tissue) Septum of the thyroid gland Lobus glandulae thyroideae 2491 Lobe of the thyroid gland Lobulus glandulae thyroideae 2492 Lobule of the thyroid gland Folliculus glandulae thyroideae 2493 Follicle of the thyroid gland Endocrinocytus follicularis [Thyrocytus follicularis] 2494 Follicular thyrocyte Endocrinocytus parafollicularis [Thyrocytus parafollicularis] 2495 Parafollicular thyrocyte [; C cell] Colloidum 2496 Colloid Bulla colloidea 2497 Colloid bleb Rete capillare perifolliculare 2498 Perifollicular capillary network Rete lymphocapillare perifolliculare 2499 Perifollicular lymphocapillary network

Glandula thyroidea accessoria 2500 Accessory thyroid gland

Glandula parathyroidea 2501 Parathyrocytus endocrinus 2502 Parathyroid cell Parathyrocytus principalis lucidus 2503 Pale principal cell Parathyrocytus principalis densus 2504 Dense principal cell Parathyrocytus oxyphilus [acidophilus] 2505 Parathyroid oxyphil cell

Glandula pituitaria [Hypophysis] 2506 [Hypophysis] Adenohypophysis 2507 Adenohypophysis 2508 Pars tuberalis Endocrinocytus chromophobus 2509 Chromophobic cell Endocrinocytus basophilus 2510 Pars intermedia 2511 Intermediate part Endocrinocytus chromophobus 2512 Chromophobic cell Endocrinocytus basophilus 2513 Basophilic cell Endocrinocytus melanotropicus 2514 Melanotropic cell Cavum hypophysis (Car, su, Ru) 2515 Cavity of the hypophysis Pars distalis adenohypophysis 2516 Distal part Racemus endocrinocytorum 2517 Endocrine cell cluster Endocrinocytus chromophobus 2518 Chromophobic cell Endocrinocytus chromophilus 2519 Chromophilic cell Endocrinocytus acidophilus 2520 Acidophilic cell Endocrinocytus somatotropicus 2521 Endocrinocytus mammotropicus [prolactinicus] 2522 cell Endocrinocytus basophilus 2523 Basophilic cell Endocrinocytus thyrotropicus 2524 Endocrinocytus gonadotropicus 2525 Endocrinocytus corticotropicus 2526 Trabecula adenohypophysis 2527 Adenohypophysial trabecula

45 NHV Systema endocrinum

Neurohypophysis 2528 Neurohypophysis Tractus hypothalamohypophysialis 2529 Hypothalamohypophysial tract

Infundibulum 2530 Infundibulum Neurofibra neurosecretoria 2531 Axon Vesicula neurosecretoria 2532 Neurosecretory vesicle Pituitocytus 2533 Pars distalis neurohypophysis 2534 Distal part of the neurohypophysis Dilatatio terminalis axonis 2535 Terminal axonal dilatation Substantia neurosecretoria 2536 Neurosecretory substance Corpusculum neurosecretorium 2537 Neurosecretory body Pituitocytus 2538 Pituicyte Substantia neurosecretoria 2539 Neurosecretory substance Corpusculum neurosecretorium accumulatum 2540 Neurosecretory body Vas capillare sinusoideum adenohypophyseale 2541 Adenohypophysial sinusoid capillary (vessel) Vas portale hypophyseale 2542 Hypophysial portal vessel Vas capillare neurohypophyseale 2543 Neurohypophysial capillary (vessel) Synapsis axovascularis 2544 Neurohemal synapse

Glandula pinealis 2545 [Pineal body] Endocrinocytus pinealis [Pinealocytus] 2546 Endocrinocytus lucidus 2547 Pale endocrinocyte Endocrinocytus densus 2548 Dense endocrinocyte Neurofibra perivascularis 2549 Perivascular nerve fibre Gliocytus centralis 2550 Central gliocyte Acervulus cerebri 2551 Acervulus [ sand]

Insulae pancreaticae 2552 Endocrinocytus pancreaticus 2553 Pancreatic cell Endocrinocytus A 2554 A cell [ cell] Endocrinocytus B 2555 [ cell] Endocrinocytus D 2556 D cell [ cell] Endocrinocytus PP 2557 PP cell [ cell]

Glandula adrenalis et Glandula adrenalis accessoria 2558 and Accessory adrenal gland Capsula 2559 Capsule Lamina fibrosa 2560 Fibrous lamina Lamina cellulosa 2561 Cellular lamina Plexus vasculosus subcapsularis 2562 Subcapsular vascular plexus Cortex glandulae adrenalis s. Cortex glandulae adrenalis accessoriae 2563 Cortex Endocrinocytus corticalis [Corticosterocytus] 2564 Cortical adrenocyte Blastema subcapsulare 2565 Subcapsular blastema Zona arcuata (Car, su, eq) s. (or, Ru) 2566 Zona glomerulosa or Zona arcuata 2567 Zona fasciculata Endocrinocytus corticalis spongiosus [Corticosterocytus] 2568 Spongy cortical endocrinocyte Pars externa 2569 External region Pars interna 2570 Internal region 2571 Zona reticularis Endocrinocytus corticalis spongiosus [Corticosterocytus] 2572 Spongy cortical endocrinocyte Granulum lipofuscini 2573 Lipofuscin granule

Medulla glandulae adrenalis s. Medulla glandulae adrenalis accessoria 2574 Medulla Endocrinocytus medullaris 2575 Medullary Endocrinocytus lucidus 2576 Pale chromaffin cell Endocrinocytus densus 2577 Dense chromaffin cell Neuron multipolare autonomicum 2578 Multipolar cell Plexus venosus medullae 2579 Medullary venous plexus Vena centralis 2580 Central vein

Thymus 2581

46 NHV Systema cardiovasculare

Systema cardiovasculare et Cardiovascular and lymphaticum [Angiologia] lymphatic system

Pericardium 2582 Pericardium Pleura pericardiaca [Tela serosa pericardii] 2583 Pericardial pleura Mesothelium 2584 Mesothelium Lamina propria (pleurae) 2585 Lamina propria (of the pleura) Pericardium fibrosum 2586 Fibrous pericardium Pericardium serosum 2587 Serosal pericardium Lamina parietalis pericardii serosi 2588 Parietal layer of serosal pericardium Mesothelium 2589 Mesothelium Lamina propria (serosae) 2590 Lamina propria (of the serosal pericardium) Lamina visceralis pericardii serosi [Epicardium] 2591 Visceral layer of serosal pericardium (Epicard) Mesothelium 2592 Mesothelium Lamina propria (serosae) 2593 Lamina propria (of the serosal pericardium)

Cor 2594 Epicardium [Lamina visceralis pericardii serosi] 2595 Epicardium Mesothelium 2596 Mesothelium Lamina propria (epicardii) 2597 Lamina propria (epicardii) Myocardium 2598 Myocardium Systema stimulans et conducens cardiacum 2599 Stimulating and conducting system of the heart Complexus stimulans cordis 2600 Stimulating system of the heart Cardiomyocytus stimulans 2601 Stimulating cardiomyocyte [ cell] Nodus sinuatrialis 2602 Sinu-atrial node Nodus atrioventricularis 2603 Systema conducens cardiacum 2604 Conducting system of the heart Cardiomyocytus conducens 2605 Conducting cardiomyocyte Cardiomyocytus conducens transitionalis 2606 Transitional cardiomyocyte Fasciculus atrioventricularis 2607 Atrioventricular bundle Truncus fasciculi atrioventricularis 2608 Atrioventricular trunk Crus fasciculi atrioventricularis dextrum 2609 Right bundle Crus fasciculi atrioventricularis sinistrum 2610 Left bundle Reticulum conducens subendocardiacum 2611 Subendocardial conducting reticulum 2612 Endocardium Endothelium (endocardiacum) 2613 (Endocardial) endothelium Stratum subendotheliale 2614 Subendothelial layer Stratum myoelasticum 2615 Myoelastic layer Tela subendocardialis 2616 Subendocardial layer Trigonum fibrosum dextrum s. sinistrum 2617 Left or right fibrous trigone Anulus fibrosus 2618 Fibrous ring Septum interventriculare 2619 Pars membranacea 2620 Membranous part Pars muscularis 2621 Muscular part Cartilago cordis (Car, su, eq) 2622 Cardiac cartilage Os cordis (Ru, eq) 2623 Cardiac bone

47 NHV Systema cardiovasculare

Vasa sanguinea 2624 Blood vessels Endothelium 2625 Endothelium Endotheliocytus nonfenestratus 2626 Non-fenestrated endothelial cell Endotheliocytus fenestratus 2627 Fenestrated endothelial cell Lamina basalis 2628 Basal lamina Lamina rara 2629 Clear layer Lamina densa 2630 Dense layer Lamina fibroreticularis 2631 Fibroreticular lamina Pericytus [Periangiocytus] 2632 Pericyte

Vas capillare [Vas haemocapillare] 2633 Capillary vessel [Capillary] Endothelium (vasis capillaris) 2634 Capillary endothelium Endothelium nonfenestratum 2635 Non-fenestrated endothelium Endothelium fenestratum 2636 Fenestrated endothelium Endothelium perforatum 2637 Perforated endothelium Endothelium disjunctum 2638 Discontinuous endothelium

Vas capillare sinusoideum [Vas sinusoideum] 2639 Sinusoid capillary Endotheliocytus 2640 Endothelial cell Endotheliocytus nonfenestratus 2641 Non-fenestrated endothelial cell Endotheliocytus fenestratus 2642 Fenestrated endothelial cell Apertura intercellularis 2643 Intercellular space Lamina basalis noncontinua 2644 Discontinuous basal lamina

Ansa capillaris 2645 Capillary arch Lacuna cavernosa 2646 Cavernous lacuna Rete capillare 2647 Capillary network Gemma endothelialis 2648 Endothelial bud

Arteriae 2649 Arterial vessels

Arteriola 2650 Arteriole Tunica interna [intima] 2651 Intima Endothelium (vasculare) 2652 Endothelium Stratum subendotheliale 2653 Subendothelial layer Rete elasticum 2654 Elastic network Tunica media 2655 Media Myocytus levis 2656 Smooth muscle cell [adventitia] 2657 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic]

Arteriola praecapillaris [Metarteriola] 2658 Precapillary arteriole [] Sphincter praecapillaris 2659 Rete arteriolare 2660 Arteriolar network

Arteria 2661 Artery Tunica interna [intima] 2662 Intima Endothelium (vasculare) 2663 Endothelium Stratum subendotheliale 2664 Subendothelial layer Lamina elastica interna 2665 Tunica media 2666 Media Myocytus levis 2667 Smooth muscle cell Vallum musculare longitudinale 2668 Longitudinal smooth muscle ridge Lamina elastica externa 2669 External elastic lamina Tunica externa [adventitia] 2670 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic]

Arteria elastotypica 2671 Arteria myotypica 2672 Muscular artery Arteria mixtotypica 2673 Hybrid artery type Arteria convoluta 2674 Coiled artery

Rete arteriosum 2675 Arterial network Sinus caroticus 2676 Carotid sinus

48 NHV Systema cardiovasculare

Venae 2677 Venous vessels

VenuIa 2678 Venule Tunica interna [intima] 2679 Intima Endothelium (vasculare) 2680 Endothelium Stratum subendotheliale 2681 Subendothelial layer Tunica media 2682 Media Tunica externa [adventitia] 2683 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic] Venula nonmuscularis 2684 Non-muscular venule Venula postcapillaris 2685 Postcapillary venule Venula colligens 2686 Collecting venule Venula muscularis 2687 Muscular venule Rete venosum 2688 Venous network

Vena 2689 Vein Tunica interna [intima] 2690 Intima Endothelium (vasculare) 2691 Endothelium Stratum subendotheliale 2692 Subendothelial layer Rete elasticum 2693 Elastic reticulum Valva venosa 2694 Venous valve Valvula (venosa) 2695 Valvule Sinus valvulae 2696 Sinus of the valvule Stratum subendotheliale 2697 Subendothelial layer Tunica media 2698 Media Tunica externa [adventitia] 2699 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic]

Vena myotypica 2700 Muscular vein type Vena fibrotypica 2701 Fibrous vein type Rete venosum 2702 Venous network Sinus venosus 2703 Venous sinus Vena cavernosa 2704 Cavernous vein Plexus venosus 2705 Venous plexus

Anastomosis arteriovenosa [arteriovenularis] 2706 Arteriovenular Anastomosis arteriovenosa simplex 2707 Simple arteriovenular anastomosis Anastomosis arteriovenosa glomeriformis 2708 Glomerular arteriovenular anastomosis Segmentum arteriosum 2709 Arterial segment Pulvinar tunicae internae [intimae] 2710 Cushion of the intima Myocytus epithelioideus 2711 Epitheloid muscle cell Segmentum venosum 2712 Venous segment

Glomus 2713 Glomus

Vasa lymphatica 2714 Lymphatic vessels Vas lymphocapillare 2715 Lymphatic capillary Endothelium 2716 Endothelium Stratum subendotheliale 2717 Subendothelial layer Filamentum firmans 2718 Lymphatic anchoring filament Rete lymphocapillare 2719 Lymphatic network

Vas lymphaticum 2720 Lymphatic vessel Tunica interna [intima] 2721 Intima Endothelium 2722 Endothelium Stratum subendotheliale 2723 Subendothelial layer Valva lymphatica 2724 Lymphatic valve Valvula (lymphatica) 2725 Valvule Sinus valvulae 2726 (Valvular) sinus Tunica media 2727 Media Tunica externa [adventitia] 2728 Adventitia [Adventitial tunic]

Vas lymphaticum myotypicum 2729 Muscular lymphatic vessel Vas lymphaticum fibrotypicum 2730 Fibrous lymphatic vessel Plexus lymphaticus 2731 Lymphatic plexus

Vasa et nervi vasorum 2732 Vessels and of the vessels Vas vasis 2733 Vas vasis Vas lymphaticum vasis 2734 Lymphatic vessel of the vessel Vas lymphocapillare vasis 2735 Lymphatic capillary of the vessel Nervus vasis 2736 Nerves of the vessels Plexus nervosus intramuscularis 2737 Intramuscular nerve plexus Plexus nervosus perivascularis 2738 Perivascular nerve plexus Plexus nervosus periarterialis 2739 Periarterial nerve plexus Plexus nervosus perivenosus 2740 Perivenous nerve plexus

49 NHV Systema cardiovasculare

Organa haemopoietica et lymphopoietica 2741 Hematopoietic and lymphopoietic organs

Medulla ossium 2742 Bone marrow Medulla ossium rubra 2743 Red bone marrow Stroma medullae 2744 Medullary stroma Textus haemopoeticus 2745 Hematopoietic tissue Textus reticularis 2746 Reticular (connective) tissue Vas capillare sinusoideum 2747 Sinusoid Medulla ossium flava 2748 Fatty bone marrow (yellow bone marrow) Medulla ossium gelatinosa 2749 Gelatinous bone marrow Medulla ossium fibrosa 2750 Fibrous bone marrow

Nodus lymphaticus [Lymphonodus] 2751 Capsula 2752 Capsule Trabecula 2753 Trabecula Hilus 2754 Hilus [Hilum]

Vas lymphaticum afferens 2755 Afferent lymphatic vessel Sinus lymphaticus 2756 Lymphatic sinus Sinus subcapsularis 2757 Subcapsular sinus Sinus intermedius 2758 Internodular sinus Sinus internodularis 2759 Cortical perinodular sinus Sinus medullaris 2760 Medullary sinus Vas lymphaticum efferens 2761 Efferent lymphatic vessel Cortex 2762 Cortex Pars superficialis 2763 Outer cortex Pars nodularis 2764 Nodular cortex Nodulus lymphaticus [Lymphonodulus] 2765 Lymphatic nodule Nodulus primarius 2766 Primary nodule Nodulus secundarius 2767 Secondary nodule Centrum germinale 2768 Germinal centre Corona 2769 Corona Pars diffusa 2770 Diffuse cortex Pars profunda [Paracortex] 2771 Paracortical region Venula altoendothelialis 2772 High endothelial venule Medulla 2773 Medulla Chorda medullaris 2774 Medullary cord Textus reticularis 2775 Reticular tissue Lymphocytus 2776 Lymphocyte Nodulus lymphaticus solitarius 2777 Solitary lymphatic nodule Noduli lymphatici aggregati 2778 Aggregated lymphatic nodules

Nodus lymphaticus inversus (su) 2779 Inverted lymph node

Nodus lymphaticus haemalis 2780 Hemal node

Lien [Splen] 2781 Tunica serosa 2782 Serosa [Serosal tunic] Tunica fibromuscularis [Capsula] 2783 Capsule Textus connectivus 2784 Connective tissue Myocytus levis 2785 Smooth muscle cell Trabecula lienis 2786 Splenic trabecula Pulpa lienis 2787 Splenic pulp Pulpa rubra 2788 Chorda lienis 2789 Splenic cord Pulpa alba 2790 Vagina periarterialis lymphatica 2791 Periarteriolar lymphatic sheath (PALS) Lymphonodulus lienis 2792 Splenic lymphatic nodule Arteria trabecularis 2793 Trabecular artery Arteria pulpae albae [Arteria centralis] 2794 White pulp artery [Central artery] Arteria noduli lymphatici 2795 Nodular artery Arteria pulpae rubrae 2796 Red pulp artery Arteriola penicillaris 2797 Penicillar arteriole Vagina pericapillaris macrophagiosa 2798 Periarteriolar macrophage sheath Vas capillare terminale 2799 Terminal capillary vessel Sinus venularis (ca) 2800 Venulary sinus Endotheliocytus fusiformis 2801 Fusiform endothelial cell (stave cell) Fibra reticularis anularis 2802 Annular reticular fibre Vas capillare sinusoideum (fe) 2803 Sinusoid Vena pulpae rubrae 2804 Red pulp vein Vena trabecularis 2805 Trabecular vein

50 NHV Systema cardiovasculare

Thymus 2806 Thymus Capsula 2807 Capsule Septum corticale 2808 Cortical septum Lobus thymi 2809 Thymic lobe Lobulus thymi 2810 Thymic lobule Cortex 2811 Cortex Cytoreticulum corticale 2812 Cortical cytoreticulum of the thymus Epitheliocytus reticularis 2813 Epithelial reticular cell Prothymocytus 2814 Prothymocyte Thymocytus corticalis 2815 Cortical Macrophagocytus 2816 Macrophagocyte Claustrum haematothymicum 2817 Blood-thymus barrier Epitheliocytus reticularis perivascularis 2818 Perivascular epithelial reticular cell Medulla 2819 Medulla Cytoreticulum medullare 2820 Medullary cytoreticulum Epitheliocytus reticularis 2821 Epithelial reticular cell Cellula dendritica thymi 2822 Thymic dendritic cell Corpusculum thymicum 2823 Thymic corpuscle Thymocytus medullaris 2824 Medullary thymocyte

Textus lymphaticus adjunctum mucosae 2825 Mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue Tonsilla 2826 Tonsil Epithelium adjunctum tonsillae 2827 Tonsil-associated epithelium Folliculus tonsillaris 2828 Tonsillar follicle Fossula tonsillaris 2829 Tonsillar pit [Tonsillar fossula] Crypta tonsillaris (su, bo, eq) 2830 Tonsillar crypt Nodulus lymphaticus 2831 Lymphatic nodule Capsula tonsillaris 2832 Tonsillar capsule Glandula tonsillaris 2833 Tonsillar gland

51 NHV Systema nervosum

Systema nervosum Nervous system

Systema nervosum centrale 2834

Termini generales 2835 General terms Substantia alba 2836 [White substance] Neurofibra myelinata centralis 2837 Central myelinated nerve fibre Neurofibra nonmyelinata centralis 2838 Central non-myelinated nerve fibre Claustrum hematoencephalicum 2839 Blood-brain barrier Claustrum hematoliquorosum 2840 Blood- barrier Astrocytus 2841 Astrocyte Astrocytus fibrosus 2842 Fibrous astrocyte Oligodendrocytus 2843 Oligodendrocyte Microgliocytus 2844 Microglial cell Substantia grisea 2845 [Grey substance] Neuron [Neurocytus] 2846 Neuron Neuron motorium [Motoneuron] 2847 Motor neuron Neuron motorium somaticum [Motoneuron α] 2848 Neuron motorium neuromusculare fusi [Motoneuron γ] 2849 Gamma motor neuron Neuron motorium autonomicum 2850 Autonomic motor neuron Neuron internuntiale [Interneuron] 2851 Internuncial neuron [Interneuron] Neuron internuntiale commissurale 2852 Commissural neuron Neuron internuntiale noncommissurale 2853 Non-commissural neuron Neuron internuntiale funiculare spinale 2854 Spinal tract neuron Neurofibra nonmyelinata centralis 2855 Central non-myelinated nerve fibre Astrocytus 2856 Astrocyte Astrocytus protoplasmaticus 2857 Protoplasmic astrocyte Astrocytus fibrosus 2858 Fibrous astrocyte Membrana limitans glialis superficialis 2859 Superficial glial limiting membrane Membrana limitans glialis perivascularis 2860 Perivascular glial limiting membrane Membrana limitans glialis periventricularis 2861 Periventricular glial limiting membrane Oligodendrocytus 2862 Oligodendrocyte Microgliocytus 2863 Microglial cell

Systema ventriculi 2864 Ependymocytus 2865 Ependymocyte

52 NHV Systema nervosum

Meninges 2866

Pachymeninx [Dura mater] 2867 Pachymeninx [Dura mater] Dura mater encephali 2868 Encephalic dura mater Pars periostea durae matris encephali 2869 Periosteal cranial dura mater [Endocranium] Pars meningea durae matris encephali 2870 Meningeal cranial dura mater Dura mater spinalis 2871 Spinal dura mater Spatium epidurale [Cavum epidurale] 2872 Lamina neurothelialis durae matris 2873 Dural border cell layer

Leptomeninx 2874 Leptomeninx Arachnoidea 2875 Arachnoidea Arachnoidea encephali 2876 Cranial arachnoid Arachnoidea spinalis 2877 Spinal arachnoid

Lamina neurothelialis claustri arachnoidei 2878 Arachnoid barrier cell layer Cavum subarachnoideale [Cavum leptomeningeum] 2879 Subarachnoid cave [Leptomeningeal space] Trabecula arachnoidealis 2880 Arachnoid trabecula Cellula trabecularis 2881 Trabecular cell Villus arachnoidealis 2882 Arachnoid villus Capsula villi 2883 Capsule Cupula apicalis 2884 Apical cap Collum villi 2885 Neck of arachnoid villus Granulatio arachnoidealis 2886 Arachnoid granulation Macula cellularis 2887 Cellular macule Colliculus cellularis 2888 Cellular colliculus Spatium perivasculare 2889 Perivascular space 2890 Pia mater Pia mater encephali 2891 Cranial pia mater Pia mater spinalis 2892 Spinal pia mater Lamina externa 2893 Lamina externa Ligamentum denticulatum 2894 Denticulate ligament Lamina interna 2895 Lamina interna Spatium subpiale 2896 Subpial space Plexus choroideus 2897 Tela choroidea 2898 Choroid layer Epithelium plexus choroidei 2899 Choroid plexus epithelium Epitheliocytus plexus choroidei 2900 Epitheliocyte of choroid plexus Glomus choroideum 2901 Choroid glomus Liquor cerebrospinalis 2902 Liquor cerebrospinalis [Cerebrospinal fluid]

Medulla spinalis 2903 Substantia alba 2904 White matter [White substance] Neurofibra myelinata centralis 2905 Central myelinated nerve fibre Neurofibra nonmyelinata centralis 2906 Central non-myelinated nerve fibre Claustrum hematoencephalicum 2907 Blood-brain barrier Claustrum hematoliquorosum 2908 Blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier Astrocytus 2909 Astrocyte Astrocytus fibrosus 2910 Fibrous astrocyte Ependymocytus columnaris 2911 Columnar ependymal cell Septum medianum dorsale 2912 Dorsal median septum Neurofibra myelinata 2913 Myelinated nerve fibre Oligodendrocytus 2914 Oligodendrocyte Substantia grisea 2915 Grey matter [Grey substance] Neuron [Neurocytus] 2916 Neuron Neuron motorium [Motoneuron] 2917 Motor neuron Neuron motorium somaticum [Motoneuron α] 2918 Alpha motor neuron Neuron motorium neuromusculare fusi [Motoneuron γ] 2919 Gamma motor neuron Neuron motorium autonomicum 2920 Autonomic motor neuron Neuron internuntiale [Interneuron] 2921 Internuncial neuron [Interneuron] Neuron commissurale 2922 Commissural neuron Neuron noncommissurale 2923 Non-commissural neuron Neuron funiculare spinale 2924 Spinal tract neuron Neurofibra nonmyelinata centralis 2925 Central non-myelinated nerve fibre Astrocytus protoplasmaticus 2926 Protoplasmic astrocyte Astrocytus fibrosus 2927 Fibrous astrocyte

53 NHV Systema nervosum

Encephalon 2928 Brain

Myelencephalon [Medulla oblongata] 2929 Myelencephalon [Medulla oblongata]

Metencephalon 2930 Metencephalon [Hindbrain] 2931 Cerebellum Cortex cerebelli 2932 Cerebellar cortex Stratum moleculare 2933 Molecular layer Neuron stellatum 2934 Stellate cell Neuron corbiferum 2935 Basket cell Neurofibra parallela 2936 Parallel nerve fibre Neurofibra ascendens 2937 Climbing nerve fibre Stratum neuronorum piriformium 2938 Piriform cell layer Corbis neurofibrarum 2939 Basket of nerve fibres Neuron piriforme 2940 Piriform cell Astrocytus radians cerebelli 2941 Radial astrocyte of the cerebellum Processus radians astrocyti epithelialis cerebelli 2942 Radial fibre Stratum granulosum 2943 Granular layer Neuron stellatum magnum 2944 Large stellate neuron Neuron stellatum parvum 2945 Small stellate neuron Neuron granuliforme 2946 Glomerulum cerebelli 2947 Glomerulum of cerebellum Neurofibra muscoidea 2948 Mossy fibre Dendritum neuronis granuliformis 2949 Granule cell dendrite Axonum neuronis stellati 2950 Stellate cell axon Substantia alba cerebelli 2951 White substance of cerebellum Lamina alba 2952 White lamina Neurofibra ascendens 2953 Ascending nerve fibre [Cerebellar cortical afferent] Neurofibra descendens 2954 Descending nerve fibre [Cerebellar cortical efferent] Nuclei cerebellares 2955 Cerebellar nuclei

Pons 2956 Pons

Mesencephalon 2957 Mesencephalon [] Tectum mesencephali 2958 Tectum of midbrain Colliculus rostralis 2959 Rostral colliculus Stratum zonale 2960 Stratum zonale Neurofibra myelinata 2961 Myelinated nerve fibre Neurofibra nonmyelinata 2962 Non-myelinated nerve fibre Stratum griseum superficiale 2963 Stratum griseum Neuron stellatum 2964 Stellate neuron Stratum opticum 2965 Optic layer Neuron stellatum 2966 Stellate neuron Neurofibra myelinata 2967 Myelinated nerve fibre Strata medullaria colliculi rostralis 2968 Medullary layers of colliculus rostralis Stratum griseum intermedium 2969 Intermediate grey layer Stratum medullare intermedium 2970 Intermediate medullary layer Stratum griseum profundum 2971 Deep grey layer Stratum medullare profundum 2972 Deep medullary layer Colliculus caudalis 2973 Caudal colliculus Nucleus colliculi caudalis 2974 Caudal colliculus nucleus Pars centralis 2975 Central nucleus Pars pericentralis 2976 Pericentral nucleus Pars lateralis 2977 Lateral nucleus Strata medullaria 2978 Medullary layers Tegmentum mesencephali 2979 Mesencephalic tegmentum Ependymocytus ciliatus 2980 Ciliated ependymocyte

Diencephalon 2981 Diencephalon Thalamencephalon 2982 Thalamencephalon Subthalamus 2983 Subthalamus 2984 Hypothalamus

54 NHV Systema nervosum

Telencephalon [] 2985 Telencephalon [Cerebrum] Pallium 2986 Pallium Allocortex 2987 Allocortex Neuron allocorticis 2988 Neuron of allocortex Neuron pyramidale 2989 Pyramidal cell Neuron giganteum 2990 Giant cell Neuron granulare 2991 Granular cell Neuron stellatum 2992 Stellate cell Neuron multiforme 2993 Polymorphous nerve cell Neuron plumosum 2994 Tufted cell Neuron corbiforme 2995 Basket cell Neuron fusiforme 2996 Spindle cell Neuron mitrale 2997

Bulbus olfactorius 2998 Olfactory bulb Neuron mitrale 2999 Mitral cell Neuron plumosum 3000 Tufted cell Neuron amacrinum granulare 3001 Amacrine granular cell Neuron periglomerulare 3002 Periglomerular cell Neuron breviaxonale 3003 Short axon cell Stratum neurofibrosum externum 3004 Olfactory nerve layer Stratum glomerulosum 3005 Glomerular layer Glomerulum olfactorium 3006 Olfactory glomerulus Stratum plexiforme externum 3007 External plexiform layer Stratum mitrale 3008 Mitral cell layer Stratum plexiforme internum 3009 Internal plexiform layer Stratum granulare 3010 Granular cell layer

Palaeocortex 3011 Paleocortex Lobus piriformis 3012 Piriform lobe Stratum moleculare 3013 Molecular layer Stratum pyramidale 3014 Pyramidal layer Stratum multiforme [Stratum oriens] 3015 Multiform layer Archicortex 3016 Archicortex Pes hippocampi [Cornu ammonis] 3017 Cornu ammonis Stratum moleculare [Lamina molecularis] 3018 Molecular layer Substratum lacunosum 3019 Lacunar sublayer Substratum radiatum 3020 Radiate sublayer Stratum pyramidale [Lamina pyramidalis] 3021 Pyramidal layer Stratum multiforme [Lamina multiformis] 3022 Multiform layer Alveus (hippocampi) 3023 Alveus (of the ) Gyrus dentatus [Fascia dentata] 3024 Stratum moleculare 3025 Molecular layer Stratum granulare 3026 Granular layer Stratum multiforme [Hilus fasciae dentatae] 3027 Multiform layer Subiculum 3028 Subiculum Stratum moleculare 3029 Molecular layer Stratum pyramidale 3030 Pyramidal layer Stratum multiforme 3031 Multiform layer Tractus perforans 3032 Perforating tract

Mesocortex 3033 Mesocortex Periarchicortex 3034 Periarchicortex Peripalaeocortex 3035 Peripaleocortex

55 NHV Systema nervosum

Isocortex 3036 Isocortex 3037 Neocortex Cortex cerebri (Isocortex) 3038 [Isocortex] Neuroglia corticis cerebri 3039 Cerebral cortical neuroglia Strata isocorticis 3040 Layers of isocortex Stratum moleculare [Lamina I] 3041 Molecular layer [Layer I] Stratum granulare externum [Lamina II] 3042 External granular layer [Layer II] Stratum pyramidale externum [Lamina III] 3043 External pyramidal layer [Layer III] Stratum granulare internum [Lamina IV] 3044 Internal granular layer [Layer IV] Stratum pyramidale internum [Lamina V] 3045 Internal pyramidal layer [Layer V] Stratum multiforme [Lamina VI] 3046 Multiform layer [Layer VI] Neuron projectionis isocorticis 3047 Projection neuron of isocortex Neuron pyramidale parvum 3048 Small pyramidal neuron Neuron pyramidale medium 3049 Medium pyramidal neuron Neuron pyramidale magnum 3050 Large pyramidal neuron Neuron pyramidale giganteum 3051 Giant pyramidal neuron Neuron pyramidale invertum 3052 Inverted pyramidal neuron Neuron stellatum spinosum 3053 Spiny stellate neuron Neuron stellatum nonspinosum 3054 Aspiny stellate neuron Neuron stellatum parvum 3055 Small stellate neuron Neuron fusiforme 3056 Fusiform neuron Neuron ovoideum 3057 Ovoid neuron Neuron associationis isocorticis 3058 Association neuron of isocortex Neuron bipolare isocorticis 3059 Bipolar cell Neuron horizontale 3060 Horizontal neuron Neuron corbiforme 3061 Basket cell Neuron candelarium 3062 Chandelier neuron Neuron racemiforme bifasciculare 3063 Double dentritic bouquet neuron Columna corticalis 3064 Cortical column Striae fibrarum myelinatarum in isocortice 3065 Striae of myelinated fibres in isocortex Lamina molecularis [tangentialis] 3066 Tangential layer Lamina dysfibrosa 3067 Dysfibrous layer Lamina suprastriata 3068 Suprastriatal layer Stria externa 3069 Stria of internal granular layer Lamina infrastriata superficialis 3070 Superficial infrastriatal layer Stria interna 3071 Stria of internal pyramidal layer Lamina infrastriata profunda 3072 Deep infrastriatal layer Stria radialis [verticalis] 3073 Radial [vertical] stria Centrum semiovale 3074 Semioval centrum

Subpallium 3075 Subpallium

Systema nervosum periphericum 3076 Peripheral nervous system 3077 Nomina generalia 3078 General terms

Ganglion spinale 3079 Spinal ganglion Capsula 3080 Capsule Neuron pseudounipolare 3081 Pseudounipolar neuron Gliocytus ganglionaris 3082 Satellite glial cell

Nervus 3083 Nerve 3084 Endoneurium 3085 Perineurium Pars fibrosa 3086 Fibrous part Pars epithelioidea 3087 Epithelioid part 3088 Epineurium Epineurium superficiale 3089 Superficial epineurium Epineurium profundum 3090 Deep epineurium Neurofibra peripherica 3091 Peripheral nerve fibre Neurofibra myelinata peripherica 3092 Peripheral myelinated nerve fibre Neurofibra nonmyelinata peripherica 3093 Peripheral non-myelinated nerve fibre Neurofibra afferens 3094 Afferent nerve fibre Neurofibra efferens 3095 Efferent nerve fibre Neurofibra autonomica 3096 Autonomic nerve fibre Neurofibra preganglionica 3097 Preganglionic nerve fibre Neurofibra postganglionica 3098 Postganglionic nerve fibre Neurolemmocytus 3099 Neurolemmocyte Plexus nervosus autonomicus 3100 Autonomic nervous plexus

56 NHV Systema nervosum

Pars visceralis 3101 Visceral nervous system

Ganglion autonomicum [viscerale] 3102 [Visceral ganglion] Capsula 3103 Capsule Neuron multipolare 3104 Multipolar neuron Glomerulus dendriticus 3105 Dendritic glomerulum Synapsis axodendritica 3106 Axodendritic synapse Synapsis axosomatica 3107 Axosomatic synapse Neuron autonomicum periphericum 3108 Peripheral autonomic neuron Gliocytus ganglionaris 3109 Satellite glial cell

Ganglion sensorium 3110 Sensory ganglion Neuron sensorium 3111 Sensory neuron Neuron bipolare periphericum 3112 Peripheral bipolar neuron Neuron pseudounipolare periphericum 3113 Peripheral pseudounipolar neuron Neuron pseudounipolare magnum 3114 Large pseudounipolar neuron Neuron pseudounipolare parvum 3115 Small pseudounipolar neuron Neuron parvum valde fluorescens 3116 Small intensely fluorescent cell [SIF cell] Neuron multipolare 3117 Multipolar neuron Glomerulus dendriticus 3118 Dendritic glomerulum Synapsis axodendritica 3119 Axodendritic synapse Synapsis axosomatica 3120 Axosomatic synapse Neuron entericum 3121 Enteric neuron Microneuron entericum 3122 Enteric microneuron Neuron entericum nec adrenergicum neque cholinergicum 3123 Non-adrenergic non-cholinergic enteric neuron [Neuron entericum] [NANC neuron]

Neuroglia enterica 3124 Enteric neuroglia

Synapsis neuromuscularis (myocyti levis) 3125 Smooth muscle neuromuscular synapse [Junctio neuromuscularis; Terminatio neuromuscularis] Synapsis neuromuscularis fusi [Junctio neuromuscularis fusi] 3126 Neuromuscular junction of muscle spindle Plica membranae postsynapticae 3127 Postsynaptic membrane fold Junctio neuroepithelialis [Terminatio neuroepithelialis] 3128 Neuroepithelial ending Junctio neuroglandularis [Terminatio neuroglandularis] 3129 Neuroglandular ending Junctio neurosecretoria [Terminatio neurosecretoria] 3130 Neurosecretory ending

Plexus entericus ganglionaris 3131 Enteric ganglionic plexus Plexus nervosus submucosus internus 3132 Inner submucosal nervous plexus Plexus nervosus submucosus externus 3133 Outer submucosal nervous plexus Plexus nervosus myentericus 3134 Myenteric nervous plexus

Plexus entericus aganglionaris 3135 Enteric aganglionic plexus Plexus aganglionaris mucosae 3136 Aganglionic plexus of mucosa Plexus aganglionaris muscularis mucosae 3137 Aganglionic plexus of muscularis mucosae Plexus aganglionaris submucosus 3138 Submucosal aganglionic plexus Plexus aganglionaris internus muscularis 3139 Internal aganglionic plexus of muscular layer Plexus aganglionaris externus muscularis 3140 External aganglionic plexus of muscular layer Plexus aganglionaris tunicae serosae 3141 Aganglionic plexus of serosal coat

Plexus entericus perivascularis 3142 Enteric perivascular plexus

57 NHV Organa sensuum

Receptores sensorii et Sensory receptors and Organa sensuum Sense organs

Epithelium sensorium 3143 Sensory epithelium Epitheliocytus neurosensorius 3144 Neurosensory epithelial cell Epitheliocytus sensorius 3145 Sensory epithelial cell Epitheliocytus sustentans 3146 Sustentacular epithelial cell

Receptor 3147 Receptor Terminatio neuralis libera 3148 Free nerve ending Corpusculum sensorium 3149 Sensory corpuscle Corpusculum sensorium noncapsulatum 3150 Non-encapsulated Torulus tactilis (Car) 3151 Tactile elevation tactus 3152 Tactile disc Epithelioidocytus tactilis 3153 Tactile epithelioid cell Corpusculum sensorium capsulatum 3154 Encapsulated tactile corpuscle Corpusculum tactus 3155 Tactile corpuscule Corpusculum lamellosum 3156 Lamellar corpuscule Bulbus internus 3157 Internal bulb Bulbus externus 3158 External bulb Lamella 3159 Plate [] Corpusculum bulboideum 3160 Bulboid corpuscule Fusus neurotendineus 3161 Neurotendinous spindle Fusus neuromuscularis 3162 Neuromuscular spindle Capsula 3163 Capsule Lamina interna 3164 Internal leaf [Internal lamina] Lamina externa 3165 External leaf [External lamina] Myocytus intrafusalis 3166 Intrafusal muscle fibre Bursa nuclearis myocyti 3167 Nuclear bag fibre Vinculum nucleare myocyti 3168 Nuclear chain fibre Terminatio neuralis anulospiralis 3169 Annulospiral ending Terminatio neuralis racemosa 3170 Flower spray ending Terminatio neuromuscularis fusi 3171 Fusimotor nerve ending

Organum visus 3172 Organ of the vision

Oculus 3173 Nervus opticus 3174

Bulbus oculi 3175 Eyeball Tunica fibrosa bulbi 3176 Fibrous tunic of the eyeball 3177 Sclera Lamina episcleralis 3178 Episcleral layer Substantia propria (sclerae) 3179 Proper substance of the sclera Lamina fusca (sclerae) 3180 Lamina fusca of the sclera Pigmentocytus (sclerae) 3181 Pigment cell (of the sclera) Area cribrosa (sclerae) 3182 Area cribrosa (of the sclera) Anulus sclerae 3183 Scleral ring 3184 Cornea Epithelium anterius (corneae) 3185 Anterior epithelium of the cornea Lamina limitans anterior 3186 Anterior limiting lamina Substantia propria (corneae) 3187 Proper substance of the cornea Lamina limitans posterior 3188 Posterior limiting lamina Epithelium posterius (corneae) 3189 Posterior epithelium of the cornea Limbus corneae 3190 Limbus of the cornea Tunica vasculosa bulbi [] 3191 Vascular tunic of the eyeball Choroidea 3192 Choroid Pigmentocytus choroideus 3193 Pigment cell of the choroid Lamina suprachoroidea 3194 Suprachoroidal layer Spatium perichoroideale 3195 Perichoroidal space Lamina vasculosa 3196 Vascular layer (Car, Ru, eq) 3197 Tapetum lucidum Tapetum fibrosum (Ru, eq) 3198 Fibrous tapetum Tapetum cellulosum (Car) 3199 Cellular tapetum Lamina choroidocapillaris 3200 Choroidocapillary layer Complexus basalis 3201 Basal complex Stratum elasticum 3202 Elastic layer Stratum fibrosum 3203 Fibrous layer Lamina basalis 3204 Basal lamina

58 NHV Organa sensuum

Pars ciliaris uveae 3205 Ciliary part of the uvea Stroma (corporis ciliaris) 3206 Ciliary stroma Pigmentocytus (corporis ciliaris) 3207 Pigment cell (of the ) Musculus ciliaris 3208 Fibra meridionalis 3209 Meridional fibre Fibra circularis 3210 Circular fibre Fibra radialis 3211 Radial fibre Stratum vasculosum (corporis ciliaris) 3212 Vascular layer (of the ciliary body) Pars iridica uveae 3213 Iridial part of the uvea Stratum limitans anterius 3214 Anterior limiting layer Granulum iridicum (Ru, eq) 3215 Iridial granule Stroma iridis 3216 Stroma of the Pigmentocytus (iridis) 3217 Pigment cell (of the iris) Stratum nonvasculosum (iridis) 3218 Non-vascular layer (of the iris) Stratum vasculosum (iridis) 3219 Vascular layer (of the iris) Musculus sphincter pupillae 3220 Sphincter muscle of the Tunica interna bulbi [] 3221 Internal tunic of the eyeball Pars caeca retinae 3222 Non-visual part of the retina Pars ciliaris retinae 3223 Ciliary part of the retina Stratum pigmentosum (corporis ciliaris) 3224 Pigmented layer (of the ciliary body) Epithelium pigmentosum (corporis ciliaris) 3225 Pigmented epithelium (of the ciliary body) Stratum nervosum (corporis ciliaris) 3226 Nervous layer (of the ciliary body) Epithelium nonpigmentosum (corporis ciliaris) 3227 Non-pigmented epithelium (of the ciliary body) Pars iridica retinae 3228 Iridial part of the retina Stratum pigmentosum (iridis) 3229 Pigmented layer (of the iris) Myopigmentocytus (iridis) 3230 Myopigmentocyte (of the iris) Musculus dilatator pupillae 3231 Dilator muscle of the pupil Stratum nervosum (iridis) 3232 Nervous layer (of the iris) Epithelium pigmentosum (iridis) 3233 Pigmented epithelium (of the iris) Pigmentocytus (iridis) 3234 Pigment cell (of the iris) 3235 Ora serrata Pars optica retinae 3236 Optic part of the retina Stratum pigmentosum (retinae) 3237 Pigmented layer of the retina Epithelium pigmentosum (retinae) 3238 Pigmented epithelium of the retina; Retinal pigment epithelium Pigmentocytus (retinae) 3239 Pigment cell of the retina Stratum nervosum (retinae) 3240 Nervous layer of the retina Stratum neuroepitheliale 3241 Neuroepithelial layer Epitheliocytus (neurosensorius) bacillifer 3242 Segmentum internum 3243 Inner segment Cilium 3244 Cilium Segmentum externum 3245 Outer segment Discus membranaceus 3246 Membranous disc Epitheliocytus (neurosensorius) conifer 3247 Segmentum internum 3248 Inner segment Cilium 3249 Cilium Segmentum externum 3250 Outer segment Discus membranaceus 3251 Membranous disc Stratum limitans externum 3252 Outer limiting layer Stratum nucleare externum 3253 Corpus epitheliocyti neurosensorii 3254 Neurosensory cell body Processus praeterminalis 3255 Preterminal process Stratum plexiforme externum 3256 Sphaerula terminalis epitheliocyti bacilliferi 3257 Rod spherule Pes terminalis epitheliocyti coniferi 3258 Cone pedicle Stratum nucleare internum 3259 Neuron horizontale 3260 Horizontal neuron [Horizontal cell] Neuron bipolare 3261 Bipolar neuron [Bipolar ganglion cell] Processus praeterminalis 3262 Preterminal process Neuron amacrinum 3263 Amacrine neuron [Amacrine cell] Gliocytus radialis 3264 Processus radialis 3265 Radial process Stratum plexiforme internum 3266 Stratum ganglionare 3267 Neuron multipolare 3268 Multipolar neuron [Multipolar ganglion cell] Stratum neurofibrarum 3269 Layer of the nerve fibres Astrocytus protoplasmaticus 3270 Protoplasmic astrocyte Stratum limitans internum 3271 Inner limiting layer

Corpus ciliare 3272 Ciliary body Pars ciliaris uveae 3273 Ciliary part of the uvea Pars ciliaris retinae 3274 Ciliary part of the retina Iris 3275 Iris Pars iridica uveae 3276 Iridial part of the uvea Pars iridica retinae 3277 Iridial part of the retina

59 NHV Organa sensuum

Camera anterior (bulbi) 3278 Anterior chamber Humor aquosus 3279 Angulus iridocornealis 3280 Iridocorneal angle Ligamentum pectinatum (anguli iridocornealis) 3281 Pectinate ligament (of the iridocorneal angle) Spatia anguli iridocornealis 3282 Spaces of the iridocorneal angle Reticulum trabeculare 3283

Camera posterior (bulbi) 3284 Posterior chamber Humor aquosus 3285 Aqueous humour

Camera vitrea (bulbi) 3286 Corpus vitreum 3287 Hyalocytus 3288 Hyalocyte Membrana vitrea 3289 Vitreous membrane Stroma vitreum 3290 Vitreous stroma Humor vitreus 3291 Vitreous humour Canalis hyaloideus 3292 Hyaloid canal

Lens 3293 Fibra centralis 3294 Central fibre Fibra transitoria 3295 Transitory fibre Fibra principalis 3296 Principal fibre Epithelium lentis 3297 Lens epithelium Capsula lentis 3298 Lens capsule Radius lentis 3299 Lens star Sutura lentis 3300 Lens suture

Zonula ciliaris 3301 Ciliary zonule Fibra zonularis 3302 Zonular fibre Spatium zonulare 3303 Zonular space

Organa oculi accessoria 3304 Accessory organs of the eye

Palpebra 3305 Eyelid Palpebra superior s. inferior 3306 Upper or lower eyelid Cilium 3307 Glandula sebacea ciliaris 3308 Ciliary sebaceous gland Glandula sudorifera palpebrae 3309 Palpebral Tarsus (palpebrae) 3310 Tarsus (of the eyelid) Glandula tarsalis 3311 Tarsal gland Musculus tarsalis 3312 Tarsal muscle Palpebra tertia 3313 Third eyelid [Nictitating membrane] Tunica 3314 Conjunctiva Cartilago palpebrae tertiae 3315 Cartilage (of the third eyelid) Glandula superficialis (palpebrae tertiae) 3316 Superficial gland (of the third eyelid) Glandula profunda (palpebrae tertiae) (or, su, bo) 3317 Deep gland (of the third eyelid) Noduli lymphatici aggregati (conjunctivales) 3318 Conjunctival lymphatic nodules

Tunica conjunctiva 3319 Conjunctiva Lamina epithelialis (tunicae conjunctivae) 3320 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the conjunctiva) Lamina propria (tunicae conjunctivae) 3321 Lamina propria (of the conjunctiva) Glandula conjunctivalis 3322 Conjunctival gland

Apparatus lacrimalis 3323 Glandula lacrimalis 3324 Stroma 3325 Stroma (of the lacrimal gland) Parenchyma 3326 Parenchyma (of the lacrimal gland) Lacrimocytus 3327 Secretory cell (of the lacrimal gland) Myoepitheliocytus 3328 Myoepithelial cell (of the lacrimal gland)

60 NHV Organa sensuum

Organum vestibulocochleare [Auris] 3329 Vestibulocochlear organ [Ear]

Labyrinthus [Auris interna] 3330 Internal ear Labyrinthus osseus 3331 Osseous labyrinth Vestibulum 3332 Vestibule Aquaeductus vestibuli 3333 Aqueduct of the vestibule Canalis semicircularis 3334 Semicircular canal Ampulla ossea 3335 Osseous ampulla Canaliculus cochleae 3336 Canalicule of the Cochlea 3337 Cochlea Canalis spiralis cochleae 3338 Spiral canal of the cochlea Lamina spiralis ossea 3339 Osseous spiral lamina (cochleae) 3340 Modiolus Lamina modioli 3341 Spiral lamina of the modiolus

Spatium perilymphaticum 3342 Perilymphatic space Mesothelium 3343 Mesothelium Perilympha 3344 Trabecula perilymphatica 3345 Perilymphatic trabecula

Scala vestibuli 3346 Scala vestibuli 3347 Helicotrema Scala tympani 3348 Scala tympani

Labyrinthus membranaceus 3349 Membrana nonsensoria labyrinthi 3350 Unspecialized surface Lamina epithelialis 3351 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] Lamina propria 3352 Lamina propria Mesothelium 3353 Mesothelium Membrana sensoria labyrinthi 3354 Specialized surface Epitheliocytus sensorius pilosus 3355 Sensory Epitheliocytus piriformis 3356 Piriform hair cell [Type I] Kinocilium 3357 Kinocilium Stereocilia 3358 Stereocilia Epitheliocytus columnaris 3359 Columnar hair cell [Type II] Kinocilium 3360 Kinocilium Stereocilia 3361 Stereocilia Epitheliocytus sustentans 3362 Sustentacular epithelial cell Spatium endolymphaticum 3363 Endolymphatic space Endolympha 3364

Labyrinthus vestibularis 3365 Vestibular labyrinth Utriculus 3366 Utricule Macula utriculi 3367 Macula of the utricule Membrana sensoria (labyrinthi) 3368 Specialized surface Membrana statoconiorum 3369 Statoconial membrane Statoconium 3370 Statoconium Ductus semicircularis 3371 Semicircular duct Ampulla membranacea 3372 Membranous ampulla Planum semilunatum 3373 Planum semilunatum Membrana sensoria (labyrinthi) 3374 Specialized surface Cupula 3375 Cupule Ductus utriculosaccularis 3376 Utriculosaccular duct Ductus endolymphaticus 3377 Saccus endolymphaticus 3378 Sacculus 3379 Saccule Macula sacculi 3380 Macula of the saccule Membrana sensoria (labyrinthi) 3381 Specialized surface Membrana statoconiorum 3382 Statoconial membrane Statoconium 3383 Statoconium 3384 Connecting duct

61 NHV Organa sensuum

Labyrinthus cochlearis 3385 Cochlear labyrinth Ductus cochlearis 3386 Paries internus (ductus cochlearis) 3387 Inner wall of the cochlear duct Foramen nervosum 3388 Foramen nervosum Limbus laminae spiralis osseae 3389 [Limbus of the lamina spiralis ossea] Labium limbi tympanicum 3390 Tympanic lip Sulcus spiralis internus 3391 Internal spiral sulcus Labium limbi vestibulare 3392 Vestibular lip Dentes acustici 3393 Acoustic teeth Epitheliocytus interdentalis 3394 Interdental cell Membrana tectoria 3395 Paries externus (ductus cochlearis) 3396 Outer wall of the cochlear duct Crista spiralis [Ligamentum spirale] 3397 Spiral crest [] Crista basilaris 3398 Basilar crest Sulcus spiralis externus 3399 External spiral sulcus Prominentia spiralis 3400 Spiral prominence Vas prominens 3401 Vas prominens Stria vascularis 3402 Stria vascularis Paries vestibularis (ductus cochlearis) [Membrana vestibularis] 3403 Vestibular wall of the cochlear duct [] Epithelium simplex squamosum endolymphaticum 3404 Endolymphatic simple squamous epithelium Lamina propria 3405 Lamina propria Epithelium simplex squamosum perilymphaticum 3406 Perilymphatic simple squamous epithelium Paries tympanicus (ductus cochlearis) [Membrana spiralis] 3407 Tympanic wall of the cochlear duct [Spiral membrane] Lamina basilaris 3408 Basilar lamina Zona arcuata 3409 Zona arcuata Zona pectinata 3410 Zona pectinata Vas spirale 3411 Vas spirale Organum spirale 3412 Spiral organ Epitheliocytus sustentans internus 3413 Internal sustentacular cell Epitheliocytus limitans internus 3414 Inner border cell Epitheliocytus sensorius pilosus internus 3415 Inner hair cell Stereocilia 3416 Stereocilia Fasciculus spiralis internus neurofibrarum 3417 Internal spiral bundle of sensory nerve fibres Epitheliocytus phalangeus internus 3418 Inner phalangeal cell Epitheliocytus pilaris internus 3419 Inner pillar cell Kinocilium 3420 Kinocilium Stereocilia 3421 Stereocilia Cuniculus internus 3422 Inner tunnel Neurofibra radialis 3423 Radial nerve fibre Neurofibra spiralis 3424 Spiral nerve fibre Epitheliocytus pilaris externus 3425 Outer pillar cell Cuniculus medius 3426 Middle tunnel Epitheliocytus sensorius pilosus externus 3427 Outer hair cell Kinocilium 3428 Kinocilium Stereocilia 3429 Stereocilium Fasciculus spiralis externus neurofibrarum 3430 External spiral bundle of sensory nerve fibres Epitheliocytus phalangeus externus 3431 Outer phalangeal cell Processus phalangeus 3432 Phalangeal process Cuniculus externus 3433 Outer tunnel Epitheliocytus limitans externus 3434 Outer border cell Epitheliocytus sustentans externus 3435 External sustentacular cell Membrana reticularis 3436 Reticular membrane Membrana tectoria 3437 Tectorial membrane

Auris media 3438

Cavum tympani 3439 Tunica mucosa cavi tympani 3440 Mucosa of the tympanic cavity Lamina epithelialis mucosae 3441 Epithelium [Epithelial lamina] (of the mucosa) Epithelium simplex squamosum 3442 Simple squamous epithelium Epithelium simplex cuboidum ciliatum 3443 Simple cuboidal ciliated epithelium Epithelium bistratificatum cuboidum ciliatum 3444 Two-layered cuboidal ciliated epithelium Lamina propria mucosae 3445 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Membrana tympani secundaria 3446 Secondary tympanic membrane Membrana tympani 3447 Tympanic membrane Stratum mucosum 3448 Mucosal layer Epithelium simplex squamosum 3449 Simple squamous epithelium Lamina propria (mucosae) 3450 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Stratum circulare 3451 Circular layer Stratum radiatum 3452 Radiate layer Stratum cutaneum 3453 Cutaneous layer Epithelium stratificatum squamosum 3454 Stratified squamous epithelium Stratum reticulare 3455 Reticular layer Anulus fibrocartilagineus 3456 Fibrocartilaginous ring Ossicula auditus 3457 Auditory Musculi auditus 3458 Auditory mucles

62 NHV Organa sensuum

Tuba auditiva 3459 Auditory tube Tunica mucosa (tubae auditivae) 3460 Mucosa of the auditory tube Epitheliocytus ciliatus 3461 Ciliated epithelial cell Exocrinocytus caliciformis 3462 Exocrine goblet cell Glandula tubaria 3463 Tubal gland Cartilago tubae auditivae 3464 Cartilage of the auditory tube Noduli lymphatici aggregati tubarii 3465 Tubal lymphatic nodules Diverticulum tubae auditivae (eq) 3466 Tunica mucosa respiratoria (tubae auditivae) 3467 Respiratory mucosa (of the auditory tube)

Auris externa 3468 External ear Cutis 3469 Skin 3470 Epidermis Tragi 3471 Ear hairs 3472 Dermis Glandula ceruminosa 3473 Ceruminocytus 3474 Ceruminous gland cell Glandula sebacea 3475 Sebaceous gland Cartilago auriculae 3476 Auricular cartilage Musculi auriculares 3477 Ear muscles

Organum olfactus 3478 Olfactory organ Tunica mucosa olfactoria 3479 Olfactory mucosa Epithelium olfactorium 3480 Cellula olfactoria precursoria 3481 Olfactory stem cell Epitheliocytus neurosensorius olfactorius 3482 Olfactory (neurosensory epithelial) cell Dendritum 3483 Dendrite Bulbus dendriticus 3484 Dendritic bulb Cilium 3485 Cilium Neurofibra olfactoria [Axon] 3486 Olfactory nerve fibre Filum olfactorium 3487 Olfactory filum Epitheliocytus sustentans 3488 Sustentacular (epithelial) cell Epitheliocytus basalis 3489 Basal (epithelial) cell Glia olfactoria 3490 Olfactory glia Glandula olfactoria 3491 Olfactory gland Cellula clara 3492 Clear cell Cellula fusca 3493 Dark cell Myoepitheliocytus 3494 Myoepithelial cell

Organum vomeronasale 3495 Vomeronasal organ Ductus vomeronasalis 3496 Vomeronasal duct Cartilago vomeronasalis 3497 Vomeronasal cartilage Tunica mucosa respiratoria (vomeronasalis) 3498 Respiratory mucosa (of the vomeronasal organ) Lamina epithelialis mucosae [Epithelium respiratorium] 3499 Respiratory epithelium; Epithelium of the respiratory mucosa Lamina propria 3500 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Glandula olfactoria vomeronasalis 3501 Vomeronasal olfactory gland Tunica mucosa olfactoria (vomeronasalis) 3502 Olfactory mucosa (of the vomeronasal organ) Lamina epithelialis mucosae [Epithelium olfactorium] 3503 Olfactory epithelium; Epithelium of the olfactory mucosa Epitheliocytus basalis 3504 Basal epithelial cell Epitheliocytus sustentans 3505 Sustentacular (epithelial) cell Epitheliocytus olfactorius nonciliatus 3506 Non-ciliated olfactory epithelial cell Epitheliocytus ciliatus 3507 Ciliated olfactory epithelial cell Lamina propria 3508 Lamina propria (of the mucosa) Plexus cavernosus vomeronasalis 3509 Cavernous plexus of the vomeronasal organ

Organum gustus 3510 Gustatory organ Caliculus gustatorius 3511 Taste bud Porus gustatorius 3512 Taste pore Epitheliocytus sensorius gustatorius 3513 Gustatory (neurosensory epithelial) cell; Neuroepithelial taste cell Microvillus 3514 Microvillus [Taste hair] Epitheliocytus sustentans 3515 Sustentacular (epithelial) cell Epitheliocytus basalis 3516 Basal (epithelial) cell Plexus subcalicularis neurofibrarum 3517 Subcalicular nerve plexus Neurofibra gustatoria 3518 Gustatory nerve fibre Glandula gustatoria 3519 Gustatory gland

63 NHV Integumentum

Integumentum Integument

Cutis 3520 Skin

Epidermis 3521 Epidermis Stratum corneum 3522 Cornified cell layer [Stratum corneum] Stratum disjunctum 3523 Disjunction layer Stratum compactum 3524 Compact layer Squama cornea 3525 Cornified squame Keratinocytus squamosus 3526 Squamous Stratum lucidum 3527 Stratum lucidum Keratinocytus squamosus 3528 Squamous keratinocyte Stratum granulosum 3529 Granular layer Keratinocytus granulosus 3530 Granular keratinocyte Granulum keratohyalini 3531 granule Filamentum keratini 3532 Keratin filament Granulum lamellosum 3533 Lamellar granule Stratum spinosum 3534 Prickle-cell layer Keratinocytus spinosus 3535 Spinous keratinocyte Tonofibrilla 3536 Tonofibril Tonofilamentum 3537 Tonofilament Macula adhaerens [Desmosoma] 3538 Desmosome Stratum basale 3539 Basal layer Cellula epidermalis precursoria 3540 Epidermal stem cell Keratinocytus basalis 3541 Basal keratinocyte Melanocytus [Melanoblastocytus] 3542 Melanocyte Praemelanosoma 3543 Premelanosome Granulum melanini [Melanosoma] 3544 Melanin granule Dendrocytus 3545 Dendritic cell Complexus epithelialis tactus 3546 Epithelial tactile complex Epitheliocytus tactilis 3547 Tactile epithelial cell Terminatio neuralis 3548 Nerve ending

Dermis [Corium] 3549 Dermis Stratum papillare 3550 Papillary layer Papilla dermalis 3551 Dermal papilla Stratum reticulare 3552 Reticular layer Ansa capillaris intrapapillaris 3553 Intrapapillary capillary loop Rete arteriosum subpapillare 3554 Subpapillary arterial network Rete arteriosum dermale 3555 Dermal arterial network Plexus venosus subpapillaris superficialis 3556 Subpapillary superficial venous plexus Plexus venosus subpapillaris profundus 3557 Subpapillary deep venous plexus Plexus venosus dermalis profundus 3558 Dermal deep venous plexus Rete lymphocapillare cutis profundum 3559 Deep lymphocapillary network of the skin Plexus nervosus subepidermalis 3560 Subepidermal nerve plexus Plexus nervosus dermalis 3561 Dermal nerve plexus Terminationes sensoriae 3562 Nerve endings Terminatio neuralis libera 3563 Free nerve ending Terminatio neuralis tecta 3564 Encapsulated nerve ending Receptor 3565 Receptor Corpusculum sensorium 3566 Sensory corpuscle

Tela subcutanea [Hypodermis] 3567 Hypodermis [Subcutaneous layer] adiposus 3568 Panniculus adiposus Adipocytus 3569 Adipocyte Retinaculum cutis 3570 Skin ligament Plexus venosus subcutaneus 3571 Subcutaneous venous plexus Plexus lymphaticus subcutaneus 3572 Subcutaneous lymphatic plexus Rete lymphocapillare subcutaneum 3573 Subcutaneous lymphocapillary network Plexus nervosus subcutaneus 3574 Subcutaneous nerve plexus Textus muscularis striatus syncytialis 3575 (Syncytial) striated muscle tissue

Pilus 3576 Hair Apex (pili) 3577 Apex (of the hair) Scapus (pili) 3578 Hair shaft Radix (pili) 3579 Hair root Bulbus (pili) 3580 Hair bulb Cervix 3581 Hair neck Cavum 3582 Hair cavity Medulla (pili) 3583 Hair medulla Epitheliocytus polyhedralis 3584 Polyhedral epithelial cell Granulum trichohyalini 3585 Trichohyaline granule Tonofibrilla 3586 Tonofibril Tonofilamentum 3587 Tonofilament Granulum melanini [Melanosoma] 3588 Melanin granule

64 NHV Integumentum

Cortex (pili) 3589 Hair cortex Granulum melanini [Melanosoma] 3590 Melanin granule Cuticula (pili) 3591 Hair cuticle Epitheliocytus cuticularis 3592 Cuticle epithelial cell Folliculus (pili) 3593 Folliculus simplex 3594 Simple follicle Folliculus complexus (or, Car, ov) 3595 Complex follicle Folliculus pili primarius 3596 Primary hair follicle Folliculus pili secundarius 3597 Secondary hair follicle Cervix (folliculi) 3598 Neck (of hair follicle) Fundus (folliculi) 3599 Fundus (of hair follicle) Canalis (folliculi) 3600 Canal (of hair follicle) Vagina epithelialis radicularis 3601 Vagina epithelialis radicularis interna 3602 Internal root sheath Cuticula vaginalis 3603 Cuticle Epitheliocytus cuticularis 3604 Cuticle epithelial cell Stratum epitheliale internum [granuliferum] 3605 Granular epithelial layer Stratum epitheliale externum [pallidum] 3606 Pale epithelial layer Vagina epithelialis radicularis externa 3607 External root sheath Lamina basalis [vitrea] 3608 Basal lamina Vagina dermalis radicularis 3609 Connective tissue sheath; Dermal root sheath Stratum circulare internum 3610 Internal circular layer Stratum longitudinale externum 3611 External circular layer Papilla dermalis (pili) 3612 Papilla of the hair follicle Collum papillae 3613 Neck of the papilla Matrix (pili) 3614 Epitheliocytus matricis 3615 Matrix epithelial cell Melanocytus 3616 Melanocyte Musculus arrector pili 3617 tactilis 3618 Tactile hair Sinus sanguineus folliculi 3619 Blood sinus of the follicle Pilus claviformis 3620 Club hair Rete capillare papillae pili 3621 Capillary network of the hair papilla Rete capillare vaginae dermalis radicularis 3622 Capillary network of the dermal root sheath Plexus nervosus circularis 3623 Nervous plexus of the papilla

Unguicula (or, Car) et Ungula (Un) 3624 Claw and hoof Epidermis unguiculae (or, Car) 3625 Claw epidermis Matrix unguiculae 3626 Claw matrix Zona keratogenica 3627 Keratogenous zone Onychocytus 3628 Onychocyte Epidermus ungulae (Un) 3629 Hoof epidermis Epidermis tubularis 3630 Tubular epidermis Tubulus epidermalis 3631 Epidermal tubule Epidermis suprapapillaris 3632 Suprapapillary epidermis Epidermis peripapillaris 3633 Peripapillary epidermis Epidermis intertubularis 3634 Intertubular epidermis Epidermis lamellata 3635 Lamellar [laminar] epidermis Lamella epidermalis primaria 3636 Primary epidermal lamella [lamina] Lamella epidermalis secundaria 3637 Secondary epidermal lamella [lamina] Zona alba ungulae 3638 White line of the hoof Lamella epidermalis 3639 Epidermal lamella Tubulus epidermalis terminalis 3640 Terminal epidermal tubule Dermis (unguiculae s. ungulae) [Corium] 3641 Dermis Dermis papillaris 3642 Papillary dermis Papilla dermalis 3643 Dermal papilla Papilla terminalis [distalis] 3644 Terminal papilla Dermis lamellata 3645 Lamellar [laminar] dermis Lamella dermalis primaria 3646 Primary dermal lamella [lamina] Lamella dermalis secundaria (eq) 3647 Secondary dermal lamella [lamina] Tela subcutanea (unguiculae s. ungulae) [Hypodermis] 3648 Hypodermis [Subcutaneous layer] Apparatus suspensorius ossis ungularis (Un) 3649 Suspensory apparatus of the coffin bone Junctio osseodermalis 3650 Osseodermal junction Junctio dermoepidermalis 3651

Cornu (Ru) 3652 Horn Epidermis (cornus) 3653 Epidermis of the horn Tubulus epidermalis 3654 Epidermal tubule Epidermis intertubularis 3655 Intertubular epidermis Epiceras 3656 Epiceras Dermis (cornus) [Corium] 3657 Dermis of the horn Papilla dermalis 3658 Dermal papilla

65 NHV Integumentum

Glandulae cutis 3659 Skin glands Glandula sudorifera 3660 Sweat gland Glandula sudorifera apocrina 3661 Tubulus secretorius 3662 Secretory tubule Exocrinocytus 3663 Exocrine cell of the sweat gland Myoepitheliocytus fusiformis 3664 Fusiform myoepithelial cell Ductus sudorifer 3665 Excretory duct of the sweat gland Porus sudorifer 3666 Excretory pore of the sweat gland Glandula sudorifera eccrina [merocrina] 3667 [Merocrine sweat gland] Tubulus secretorius 3668 Secretory tubule Exocrinocytus lucidus 3669 Clear exocrine cell Exocrinocytus densus 3670 Dark exocrine cell Myoepitheliocytus fusiformis 3671 Fusiform myoepithelial cell Ductus sudorifer 3672 Excretory duct of the sweat gland Porus sudorifer 3673 Excretory pore of the sweat gland Glandula sebacea 3674 Sebaceous gland Glandula sebacea adnexa pilo 3675 Hair-associated sebaceous gland Sacculus glandularis 3676 Glandular saccule Exocrinocytus sebaceus [Sebocytus] 3677 Sebaceous gland cell Ductus excretorius (glandulae sebaceae) 3678 Excretory duct of the sebaceous gland Glandula sebacea libera 3679 Sebaceous gland Sacculus glandularis 3680 Glandular saccule Exocrinocytus sebaceus [Sebocytus] 3681 Sebaceous gland cell Ductus excretorius (glandulae sebaceae) 3682 Excretory duct of the sebaceous gland Porus glandulae sebaceae 3683 Excretory pore of the sebaceous gland

Mamma 3684 Stratum adiposum 3685 Adipose layer Stratum fibrosum 3686 Fibrous layer Glandula mammaria 3687 Mammary gland Lobus 3688 Lobe Septum interlobulare 3689 Connective tissue septum Lobulus 3690 Lobule Alveolus glandulae 3691 Alveolus Epithelium simplex cuboideum 3692 Simple cuboidal epithelium Exocrinocytus lactis [Lactocytus] 3693 Secretory alveolar cell Gutta adipis 3694 Granulum proteini 3695 Protein granule Myoepitheliocytus stellatus 3696 Stellate myoepithelial cell Ductus alveolaris lactifer 3697 Intralobular Ductus lactifer interlobularis 3698 Interlobular lactiferous duct Ductus lactifer colligens 3699 Collecting lactiferous duct Epithelium bistratificatum columnare 3700 Bilayered columnar epithelium Sinus lactifer 3701 Lactiferous sinus Epithelium bistratificatum columnare 3702 Bilayered columnar epithelium Pars glandularis (Ru, eq) 3703 Glandular part of the sinus Plica anularis mucosae (Ru) 3704 Circular mucosal fold Pars papillaris (Ru, eq) 3705 Papillary part of the sinus Papilla mammae 3706 Teat Ductus papillaris 3707 Papillary duct [Teat canal] Epithelium stratificatum squamosum cornificatum 3708 Cornified [keratinized] stratified squamous epithelium Musculus sphincter papillae 3709 Sphincter muscle of the papilla Ostium papillare 3710 Papillary opening [Teat opening]

Rete lymphaticum intralobulare 3711 Intralobular lymphatic network Rete lymphaticum interlobulare 3712 Interlobular lymphatic network Plexus nervosus interlobularis 3713 Interlobular nerve plexus Plexus nervosus peripapillaris 3714 Peripapillary nerve plexus