African American Histories and Related Works in the of Congress Compiled by Paul Connor, updated by Ahmed Johnson Local History and Reading Room Humanities and Social Sciences 2009


Revised in 2009, this edition of African American Family Histories and Related Works in the Library of Congress incorporates all the past efforts of Sandra Lawson and Paul Connor, supplemented by the edition of 84 family histories and genealogical handbooks. Because of the changing technological environment since the first publication of this guide, links to the Library of Congress vast collection of digitized records and resources related to the African American experience in have been included covering African American culture and society, places, slave narratives, records, and resource guides. These electronic resources include digitized oral histories, , maps, and photographs. The addition of these digital resources and books published after 1997 enriches the avai lability of resources pertaining to African American family histories at the Library of Congress.

In the previous edition, Paul Connor selected 183 books that were cataloged during the period 1973-1997, covering topics ranging from abolitionists, American Loyalists, and to masters and slaves, freedmen, soldiers, and Indians. In addition to published , the will find references to handbooks on planning family reunions, abstracts of notices, and even some abstracts of programs. The individual states under which these books have been cataloged are , , , , , , , , , , and . Illustrations are included in 130 of the publications, and many of them also cite bibliographical references. All entries are arranged under subject headings with pertinent cross-references, thus obviating the need for a subject index.

In 1988 the Library of Congress published Sandra M. Lawson's Generations Past: A Selected List of Sources for Afro-American Genealogical Research. This filled the need for a bibliography of published sources that was sufficiently broad to encompass African-American family histories, genealogical handbooks, genealogical organizations, newspaper collections, biographical indexes, and catalogs. This compilation complements Generations Past. Researchers, therefore, will benefit by consulting both of thes e publications.

For additional resources related to conducting African American genealogical research, please consult the guid e Afro-American Genealogical Research (

For digital resources related to the African American experience, please visit Journey Into Your Past: African American Genealogy at the Library of Congress (

Alphabetical Listing by Subject


Adams family

Manns, Terry Eugene. Forever Connected to the History of the and Whitelow Family. Decorah, Iowa: Anundsen Pub. Co., 1995. 208 p., ill., bibliographical references, index.

CS71 .A2 1995b

Adamson family, see Hall family

Adkins family, see Fitch family

Afro-American --Reunions--Handbooks

Wadelington, Weldon. A Guide to Planning a Successful Black . Raleigh, N.C. (P.O. Box 26473, Raleigh, NC 27611): North Carolina Afro-American Genealogical Society, 1986. 14 p.

E185.86 .W32 1986

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society. Journal. Index.

Walker, Barbara D. Index to the Journal of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society Quarterly Issues of 1980-1990. Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1991. 171 p.

E185.96 .A46a Index

Alabama, see Brown family; Greer family; Jones family; Lacey family; Newton family; Varick family; Embry family

Alabama slaves, see American Slave

American Loyalists

The Black Loyalist Directory: in Exile After the . : Garland Pub. in association with the New Historic Genealogical Society, 1996. li, 318 p., ills., map, bibliographical references, index.

E277 .B57 1996

2 American Slave

Potts, Howard E. A Comprehensive Name Index for The American Slave. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1997. xxii, 390 p., bibliographical references.

E444 .A45 Suppl. 4

Anderson family

Fears, Mary L. Jackson. Slave Ancestral Research in Seven Steps Within the Jackson-Moore Family History and Genealogy: With Related Families Anderson, Ball, Bedgood, Brown, Cheatham, Denman, Ewing, Fears, Goins, Gray, Harrell, Holton, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, McCants, McCrary, Mansfield, Ray, Roberson/Robinson, Scott, Turner, Williams. Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1996. xviii, 435 p., ill., bibliographical references, index.

CS71 .J13 1996

See also Applewhite family; George family; Pringle family

Applewhite family

Draughan, Addie Clark Bobbitt. Applewhite's, Archer's, Lowe's & Dicken's Family Reunion, Sept. 1, 1990 at Cedar Creek Bpt. Church: . North Carolina?: A.C.B. Draughan, 1999.

CS71.A6517 1999

Archer family, see Applewhite family

Arkansas, see Newton family

Arkansas slaves, see American Slave

Artis family

Norris, Madalene Jones. History of the Artis, Boone, , Jones, Reynolds, and White Families. Trotwood, . 612 Chandler Dr., Trotwood 45426): MJ Norris, 1986. 169 p., ill., bibliographical references, index.

CS71 .B725 1986a


Baldwin family, see Banks family

3 Bailey family

Branche, Juanita Odom. Lost Identities: of the Past--Bailey, Branche, Clarke, Floyd, Harley, Holmes, Odom, Reynolds, Walker. : Gateway Press, 1996. 114 p., ill.

CS71 .B15 1996 Ball family, see Jackson family Banks family

Chandler, Clara L. They Weathered the : The Banks/Baldwin and Allied Families. Bloomington, IN: 1stBooks, 2003.

CS71.B2268 2003

Beatty family

Jenkins, Joan A. Beatty-Gibson Family and Odyssey. 1st ed. [Georgia?]: J.A. Jenkins, 1988. Various pagings, ill., bibliographical references.

CS71 .B437 1988 Bedgood family, see Jackson family Bennett family, see family Bevard family--reunions

Bevard: Family Reunion, -3, 1983, Coolidge, Georgia. [Coolidge, Ga.?: Family Reunion Committee, 1983?] Unpaged, ill.

CS71 .B5738 1983

Mamie and Carter B[r]evard Family Reunion, July 6-7, 1985, Jacksonville, Fla. [Jacksonville, Fla.?: Family Reunion Committee, 1985?] Unpaged, ill.

CS71 .B846 1985 Bill family

Bennett, Katie Brown. Plantations of John H. Bills: His Slaves and Their Descendants, 1820-1920: Collections & Quotations. Decorah, Iowa: Anundsen Pub, 2001.

E185.96 .B39 2001

Blackmon family

Dale, Gladiola Watts. Blackmon-Moody- History. Alabama?: G.W. Dale, 1999.

CS71.B639 1999

4 Blacks in newspapers

Abajian, . Blacks in Selected Newspapers, Censuses and Other Sources: An Index to Names and Subjects. 3 vols. : G.K. Hall, 1977. Bibliographical references.

Z1361 .N39 A28 Abajian, James de T. Blacks in Selected Newspapers, Censuses, and Other Sources: An Index to Names and Subjects. First supplement. 2 vols. Boston, Mass: G.K. Hall, 1985. Bibliographical references.

Z1361 .N39 A28 Suppl. Folio Blacks in the Revolution

Greene, Ewell. Black Courage, 1775-1783: Documentation of Black Participation in the American Revolution. Washington: National Society of the of the American Revolution, 1984. xi, 141 p., ill., bibliographical references, index.

E269.N3G74 1984 Bluford family

Turner, Gladys T. Footprints on the Sands: A History and Genealogy of the Bluford-Turner Family. Dayton, Ohio: Challenge Press, 1999.

CS71.B6583 1999

Board family

Pleasant, Ray O. "Exoduster" Sally Board: An American Heritage: From Kentucky to a Homestead, 1805-1892. Minneapolis, Minn.?: R. Pleasant, 2001.

F686.B63 P55 2001 Bobbitt family

Bobbitt, Addie Clark. These Branches from Roots. [North Carolina?: A.C. Bobbitt, 19--.] 32 leaves, [2] leaves of plates, ill.

CS71 .C6 1900z Bogan family--Iowa

Washington, Charles E. The Bogan-Meyers Family History. Decorah, Iowa (Box 230, 108 Washington St., Decorah, IA 52101): Anundsen Pub., 1994. 75 p., ill., map, bibliographical references.

CS71 .B6738 1994

5 Bomar family

Bomar, D. The Roots of Mary: The Bomar Family History. 1st ed. [Orangeburg, S.C: Williams Associates, 2000.

CS71.B6956 2000

Boone family

Callahan, Sharon Joyner. Shoate: The Boone Family History: With Emphasis on the Descendants of Harrison Boone & Mary Rosa Lee Cloyd Boone. 1st ed. Hampton, Va. (210 Pamela Dr., Hampton, VA 23666): S.J. Callahan, 1997. 235 leaves, ill., 1 map, index.

CS71 .B725 1997

See also Artis family Bowman family

Davis, Marianna W. History of the Bowmans: A South Carolina African American Family. West , S.C: Wentworth Printing Corp, 1999.

CS71.B788 1999 Bragg family

Bragg, Emma W. Scrapbook: Some Family Reminiscences of a Native Nashville Septuagenarian. Nashville, Tenn: E.W. Bragg, 1985.

F444.N29 B72 1985

Branch family, see Kigh family

Branche family, see Bailey family

Brevard family

Fleming, Gloria. Tracing the and Activities of the Brevard and Ingram Family of Camden, SC and Thomasville, GA: From the Birth of John Brevard in the 1700s, Janie Fagen Born About 1820 and Emma Kearse Born 1852 to the Year 2003. [Arlington, VA] (5300 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA, 22204): G.T.S. Fleming, 2003.

CS71.B846 2003

Brevard family--reunions

The Brevard Family Reunion, July 3-5, 1987, Thomasville, GA. [Thomasville, GA.?: Family Reunion Committee, 1987?] Unpaged, ill., bibliographical references.

CS71 .B846 1987

6 Brevard and Ingram Family Reunion, 30, July 1-2, 1989. Camden, S.C. [Camden, S.C.?: Family Reunion Committee, 1989?] Unpaged, ill.

CS71 .B846 1989 Bridges family, see Davis family Brinker family, see Wofford family Brooks family

Brooks, Walter. A Brooks Chronicle: The Lives and Times of an African-American Family. Washington, D.C. (472 M St., S.W., Washington 20024): Brooks Associates, 1989. xiv, 241 p., ill., bibliographical references.

CS71 .B87 1989a Howard, Barbara Esidora. Creasy Haskins: The Brooks Family History: Brooks, Haskins, Hoskins and Allied Families, 1799-2002. North Carolina?: B.E. Howard, 2006.

CS71.B87 2006 Brown family

Bennett, Katie Brown. Soaking the Yule Log: Biographical Sketches of the Brown, Cheshier, Sain, and Allied Families, 1749-1995. Decorah, Iowa: Anundsen Pub. Co., 1995. xxviii, 514 p., ill., maps, bibliographical references, index.

CS71 .B88 1995b Durr, Arleatha G. The Browns' Colorful Imprints on the Sands of Time. [Birmingham, Ala.?: A.G. Durr, 1992.] 88 p., ill.

CS71 .B88 1992c Ellison, Charlene Jerome. Brown, Thompson, Jerome: Our Family History: 1821 to 1991: Celebrating 170 Years of Our Family's Roots. [Washington, D.C.?: C.J. Ellison, 1991.] Unpaged, ill.

CS71 .B88 1991b

See also Jackson family, Kigh family, White family Bryant family

Leonard, Raymond. The Thornton Bryant Genealogical Diary. Silver Spring, Md. (10924 New Ave., Silver Spring 20903-1046): R.C. Leonard, 1999.

CS71.B916 1999


Kelly, Wilhelmena Rhodes. The Hines Bush Family and Other Related of Color from Barnwell District, South Carolina, 1842-2004. Tucson, Ariz: Hats Off Books, 2004.

CS71.B983 2004

Butler family, see Davis family


Campbell family

Campbell, Audrey L. Campbell Family Photos: Celebrating the Years--the Rev. Jeff J. Campbell Family: Laura & Calvert. Cleveland, Ohio (4106 East 153rd St., Cleveland 44128): A.L.Campbell, 1994. 48 p., ill. (some col.).

CS71 .C19 1994

See also Davis family; Fisher family

Carrier(e) family, see LeBlanc family Carroll family

Carroll, Thelma Ellen Young. Reminiscences. , Va.: Atlantic Lithography, 1995. 102 p., ill.

CS71 .S93 1995b

Cheeves, Horace. Legacy. 2nd ed. ?: NAKLo. Pub, 2004.

F292.W25 C54 2004 Davis, Joann Marie. Carter Family History. 3 vols. [?: J.M. Davis, 1991.]

CS71 .C323 1991 McGhee, Acie. These Little Lights of Mine: The William and Sallie Carter Family. 2 vols. [Kernersville, N.C.]: McGhee, [c1980-c1986.] Ill.

CS71 .C323 1980

8 See also, Bragg family; Mamie family Cathey family, see George family Ceasor family

Ceasor, Ebraska Dalton. . [Cleveland, Ohio (16220 Eldamere Ave., Cleveland. OH 44128)]: E.D. Ceasor, [1988.] 91, [28] p., geneal. tables, .

CS71 .D152 1988a Charlton family, see Artis family Chavis family

Othow, Helen Chavis. A History of the Chavis, Satterwhite, and Ridley Families: Including the Oxford and Greensboro, North Carolina Branches. [S.l.]: H.C. Othow, [c1992.] 31 leaves, ill., index.

CS71 .C4993 1992 Cheatham family, see Jackson family Cheeks family

Simmons, Frank Morris. Bridging the Gap with Reflections from Burkesville, Kentucky to Albion, Michigan: Walking in Papa Cheeks Footsteps. [Jackson, Mich.]: F.M. Simmons, 1995. xv, 247 p., ill., maps, ports., bibliographical references.

CS71 .C513 1995 Cherokee Indians (mixed descent)

Smith, Gloria L. Beginning Black Indian History and Genealogy: The . Tucson, Ariz.: G.L. , 1995. 53 leaves, ill., maps, bibliographical references.

E99 .C5 S633 1995

See also Freedmen Cheshier family, see Brown family Chubb family

Jones, Kenneth J. The Chubbs of Chubbtown. Cedartown, Ga. (428 Line St., Cedartown 30125): K.J. Jones, 1988.

CS71.C5593 1988

9 Civil War ancestors

Braxton-Secret, Jeanette. Guide to Tracing Your African . [San Pablo, Calif.?: J. Braxton-Secret], 1995. Copies be ordered from Granderson's Sharecropper, 2121 Vale Road, Suite #310, San Pablo, CA, 94806. Various pagings, ill., bibliographical references, index.

E540 .N3 B73 1995 Civil War--Genealogy--Handbooks

Braxton-Secret, Jeanette. Guide to Tracing Your African American Civil War Ancestor. 2nd ed. [(2121 Vale Rd., Suite #310, San Pablo, CA 94806): Granderson(s)/Grandison(s) Publications, 1996.] Various pagings, ill., bibliographical references, index.

E540 .N3 B73 1996 Clark family

Because They Endured: A History of the Clark and Sanders Ancestors of Rutherford and Wilson Counties, TN. 1st ed San Jose, Calif.: The Associates, 1986. 13, ii, 413 p., ill., index.

CS71 .C6 1986

See also Bailey family Clay family, see family Claytor family

Woodbury, Margaret C. (Margaret Claytor). Virginia Kaleidoscope: The Claytor Family of Roanoke, and Some of Its , from First Families of Virginia and Their Former Slaves. Ann Arbor, Mich. (1715 Arbordale Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48105): M.C. Woodbury; Saginaw, Mich. (716 E. Holland Ave., Saginaw, MI 48601): R.C. Marsh, 1994. xiv, 573 p., ill., bibliographical references, index.

CS71 .C62225 1994 Cloyd family

Callahan, Sharon Joyner. Shoate!: The Boone Family History: With Emphasis on the Descendants of William Harrison Boone & Mary Rosa Lee Cloyd Boone. 1st ed. Hampton, Va. (210 Pamela Dr., Hampton, VA 23666): S.J. Callahan, 1997. 235 leaves, ill., 1 map.

CS71 .B725 1997 Coleman family

Winston, Mary Frances Coleman. A Collection of Coleman Family Mementoes. Updated ed. Austin, Tex. (15707 Hilcroft Cove, Austin, TX 78717): Historical Publications, 1988. xiii, 28 p., ill.

CS71 .C692 1988a

10 Winston, Mary Frances Coleman. A Collection of Coleman Family Mementos. [Austin, Tex.]: M.F.C. Winston, [1983.] 65 p., ill.

CS71 .C692 1983a Collier family

Collier, Melvin J. to Africa: A Journey of Discovery. Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, 2008.

E185.97.C67 A3 2008 Walton, Mildred Collier. Collier Connections: from Europe to Morgan , Georgia. Franklin, N.C. (448 Mine Rd., Franklin, NC 28734): Genealogy Pub. Service, 1994. xiv, 210 p., ill., maps, bibliographical references, index.

CS71 .C7 1994 Condon family

Welch, Vicki S. And They Were Related, Too: A Study of Eleven Generations of One American Family! Philadelphia: Xlibris, 2006.

CS71.C746 2006b

Contee family

Sluby, Paul E. Genealogy of Contee--Countee, Tucker, and Allied Families. Washington, D.C.: T.H. Countee, Jr., 1991. Various pagings, ill., index.

CS71 .C765 1991 Conway family

Conway, Harold L. The Harry Conway Family in History. Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press; Fredricksburg, Va.: [Distributed by] H.L. Conway, 1997. viii, 129 p., ill., bibliographical references and index.

CS71 .C767 1997 Cook family

Martin, Sylvia Cooke. Another Cook Book: A History of the Families of John Samuel Cook and Laura Pocahantas Quarles Cook and Related Families. Columbia, Md. (P.O. Box 6595, Columbia 21045): Intaglio Productions, 2002.

CS71.C77 2002

11 Cooper family

Wilson, Gladys Ophelia Mitchell. The Cooper legacy, 1800's to 1995: A Pictorial Genealogy. 1st ed. [?]: G.O.M. Wilson, 1995. iv, 312 p., ill.

CS71 .C777 1995 Corpening family

Rowe, Corpening Collins. The Descendants of Corpening: A African-American Family. Fort Washington, Md. (12004 Hazem Ct., Fort Washington, MD 20744): C.C.C. Rowe, 1994. Various pagings, ill., references, index.

CS71 .C8223 1994 Couisan family

Couisan, Clarence. Couisan Family Book & Tree. San Leandro, Calif: Moonlite Hope, 2003.

CS71.C8422 2003

Countee family, see Contee family

Crittenden family

Crittenden-Hopes Family Reunion (1993: Little Rock, Ark.) 1993 Crittenden-Hopes Family Reunion, Little Rock, Arkansas, -27, 1993. [Detroit, Mich.?: Crittenden-Hopes Research Committee, 1993?] 44, [13] p., [21] leaves, ill. (some col.).

CS71 .C934 1993 Crockett family

Walls-, Lorraine. Reaping the Harvest: A History of the Crockett Family. Bloomington, IN.?: Author House, 2004.

CS71.C938 W35 2004

Cross family

Cross, Lee Elzey. The Thomas W. Cross Family Records: From 1826-1986. [Lansing, Mich.: L.E. Cross, 1986.] 246 p., [14] p. of plates, ill., index.

CS71 .C952 1986 Crowder family

Bennett, Katie Brown. Charity's Children: The Crowders of West Tennessee, 1772-1920. Decorah, IA: Anundsen Pub. Co, 1998.

CS71.C9557 1998


Crowder, Samuel Edward. Ancestral Roots and Relics of the Crowder Family. Glen Burnie, Md. (436 Stiemly Ave., Glen Burnie 21061): S.E. Crowder, 1989. 48 p., ill.

CS71 .C9557 1989 Curtis family

Barner, Dorothy D. Gilliam. Custis, A Black Genealogical Journal. [Baltimore, Md.?]: D.D.G. Barner, 1990. vii, 46 leaves, bibliographical references.

CS71 .C9875 1990


Danner family, see Collier family Davis family

Davis, Thulani. My Confederate Kinfolk: A Twenty-First Century Freedwoman Confronts Her Roots. New York: Basic Civitas Books, 2006.

E185.96 .D285 2006

Davis, Willie Therman. A Davis Family History: The Life & Times of Daniel Webster Davis, His Ancestors, and Descendants. Fort Washington, Md. (3617 Oakmont Drive, Fort Washington 20744): Willie Therman Davis, 2002.

CS71.D26 2002

Herman, Berthenia Davis. A Genealogy of the Davis, Kimbrough, Flewellen, Bridges, McArthur, Henry, Butler, Wimberly, and Lang(e) Families. , Ohio (174 S. Madison Rd., London, OH 43140): B.D. Herman, 1988. 83 p., ill., index.

CS71 .D26 1988 Dear family, see Kigh family family

Denmark, Herbert Walter. Link with the Beginning: Robert & Gladys, a Black Denmark Family in America. 1st ed. Decatur, GA: H.W. Denmark, 1999.

E185.96 .D39 1999

13 Devereaux family Harrell, Dusty A. Our Family Heritage Book. Upper , MD (13022 Salford Terr., Upper Marlboro, 20772): D.A. Harrell, 2006.

CS71.D4895 2006 Dickens family, see Applewhite family

Donaldson family

Warren, Lillian C. (Lillian Carlotta). The Donaldson Odyssey: Footsteps to Freedom. 1st ed. Seattle, Wash. (2815 S. Dearborn, Seattle, WA 98144): L.C. Warren and R.E. Williams, 1991. 352 p.

CS71 .D68 1991 Dorsey family, see Thomas family Doss family

Doss-Harris, Wilma. In Celebration and Remembrance of the Doss Foster Smith Family History. [Los Angeles, Calif.: W. Doss-Harris, 1990.] 23 leaves, ill.

CS71 .D72 1990 Douglas family

Douglas, Joseph L. Perry Bailey A.k.a. Downs and Samuel A. Douglas: Relatives of Frederick Douglass: A Family History, 1733-1929. Bountiful, : Family History Publishers, 2005.

CS71.D734 2005

See also Douglass family; Murphy family

Douglass, Frederick, 1817?-1895--Family

Matthews, Harry Bradshaw. Tracing the Family of Frederick Douglass, 1817-1928: A Genealogy Case Study of an Historic Role Model. Baldwin, N.Y. (1031 Mayfair Rd., Baldwin, NY 11510): Heritage Service, 1993. viii, 1A-1B, 70 p., ill. (some col.), map, bibliographical references.

CS71 .D734 1993 Drew family

Hall, Gwendolyn Drew. Biography of the Drew Family: Robert Bruce Drew and Mary Thelma Chapple Drew. Fort Washington, Md. (1009 Sero Estates Dr., Fort Washington, MD 20744): G.D. Hall, 1992. 17 p., ill.

CS71 .D7683 1992

14 Duckenfield family

Duckenfield, Thomas Averill. Barons & Bastards. A History of the Duckenfield Family: From English Origins to an American Presence. [Updated ed.] Takoma Park, Md. (1017 Elm Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912): T.A. Duckenfield, 1994. 54 leaves, bibliographical references.

CS71 .D8295 1994 Duckenfield, Thomas Averill. Barons & Bastards: A History of the Duckenfield Family: From English Origins to an American Presence. Updated ed. Washington, DC: T.A. Duckenfield, 2005.

CS71.D8295 2005

Dumas family

Benson, Janet Keys. The Dumas-Stanback & Allied Families History: The True Story. : J.K. Benson, 2008.

CS71.D8813 2008

Eagan family

Jupiter, Del Alexa Eagan. Agustina of Spanish and Her Descendants: With Related Families of Eagan, Kelker, Palmer, and . Franklin, N.C. (448 Ruby Mine Rd., Franklin, NC 28734): Genealogy Pub. Service, 1994. xvii, 206 p.,ill., bibliographical references, index.

CS71 .E1135 1994 Eaton family

Eaton, Hubert A. (Hubert Arthur). The Genealogy of Thomas Spotswood Eaton and Ann (Annie) Burwell. 1st ed. Wilmington, N.C.: Bonaparte Press, 1984. ii, 85 p., ill., bibliographical references.

CS71 .E14 1984 fol. Edwards family, see Shelby family Ellis family

Ellis, Jim. Chandler: The Ellis Family Story. U.S.A.: M. Chatman, 2001.

CS71.E47 2001

Embry family

Tuck, Dorothy A. The African-American Embry-Woods Family from Talladega County, Alabama, 1790- 2007. [Beavercreek, Ohio: D.A. Tuck, 2007.

CS71.E525 2007

15 Eubanks family

Eubanks, Sandy R. The Eubanks Family Tree. Rev. ed. [Washington, D.C.?: Sandy R. Eubanks, Jr.], 2000.

CS71.E86 2000

Ewing family, see Jackson family


Fears family, see Jackson family

Felder family, see Olden family

Ferguson family

Bouldin, Carol Walker. Sundays: Reflections About the Ferguson Family, Alleged Slave Descendants of President James Knox Polk, Their Perservance, Triumphs and Traditions--. Cincinnati, Ohio: SunRise Publications, 2002. F499.C18 B68 2002

Fisher family

Bryant, Carol Williams. The Moses Frank Fisher and John Campbell Family Tree. [:] C.W. Bryant, 1994. Various pagings, ill., map, ports., index.

CS71 .F533 1994 Fitch family

Fitch, Rita L. My Family Genealogy: Fitch-Welch-Pickens-Walker-Adkins Connections. Show Low, Ariz: R.L. Fitch, 2000.

CT274.F575 F58 2000

Fitzhugh family

Genealogy of Calesta Carroll Lipscomb Fitzhugh. 1st ed. 2 vols in 1. San Jose, Calif.: The Associates, 1985. Ill., bibliographical references, index.

CS71 .L768 1985

16 Fletcher family

Wilson, Gladys Ophelia Mitchell. From Slavery to Now: The Fletcher Legacy. 1st ed. [Fort Wayne, Ind.]: Gladys Ophelia Mitchell Wilson, 1989. vi, 218 p., ill.

CS71 .F614 1989a Flewellen family, see Davis family Flood family

Jones, Charles K. (Charles Kelley). The Floods and the Joneses: A Genealogy. [Kentucky?]: C.K. Jones, 1994. Unpaged, ill., map.

CS71 .F6263 1994 Florida, see Brevard family; Eagan family; Holt family; Hooper family; Jackson family; King family; Mamie family; and Pough (Pugh) family Florida slaves, see American Slave Floyd family, see Bailey family Flury family, see Newton family Fort family, see Kigh family Fountain family

White, Barnetta McGhee. A Quest for Enslaved Ancestors: The of Griffin Fountain of Virginia and North Carolina. Baltimore , MD: Gateway Press, 2002.

CS71.F775 2002

Fowler family

Peterson, Bernice Fowler. Family History, James Floyd Fowler: Six Generations, 1730-1990. [Durham, N.C. (2906 Driftwood Dr., Durham, NC 27707): B.F. Peterson, between 1990 and 1991.] Unpaged, ill., maps.

CS71 .F788 1990 Free Blacks, 1790

Ham, Debra Newman. List of Free Black Heads of Families in the First Census of the United States, 1790. Washington, D.C.: National and Records Service, 1973. v, 44 p.

E185.96 .N47

17 Freedmen

An Index of African Americans Identified in Selected Records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands. Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1995. 9, 34, 20, 21 p.

E185.2 .L35 1995 Page, Jo Ann Curls. Index to the Cherokee Freedmen Enrollment Cards of the Dawes Commission, 1901- 1906. Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, 1996. vii, 207 p.

E185.96 .P33 1996 Freeman family

Freeman-Ellis, Mary. The Way It Was. [Wilson, N.C.]: M Freeman-Ellis, 1986. 76 p., [18] p. of plates, ill.

CS71 .F855 1986

See also Nickens family --programs

Woods, Isabelle M. African-American Funeral Programs: The Fort-Holman Collection. 2 vols. Bossier City, La.: I.M. Woods, 1995. Ill.

E185.96 .W68 1995


Gaines family

Gaines, Clarence B. Celebrating Our Heritage: Detroit, Michigan, 2004. Chicago (The Gaines Research Project, P.O. Box A3630, Chicago 60690-3630): C.B. Gaines, 2004. CS71.G142 2004

Garrett family

Garrett-Nelson, LaBrenda. The Source of Our Pride: The Garrett, Neely, and Sullivan Families. Two Hundred Years of American History, Beginning in Laurens, South Carolina. Laurens, S.C. (Route 3 Garrett Dr.,Laurens, SC 29360): L. Garrett-Nelson, 1996. xii, 96, viii p., ports., 1 map.

CS71 .G24 1996

18 Garrett-Nelson, LaBrenda. The Source of Our Pride: The Garrett, Neely, and Sullivan Families: Two Hundred Years of American History, Beginning in Laurens, South Carolina. 2nd ed. San Jose: Family Tree Press, 2000.

CS71.G2534 2000

Gassaway family

Gassaway-Johnson, Joyce. The South Carolina Gassaways: Contents, August 1818-August 2000. [River Rouge, Mich.] (332 Campbell St., River Rouge 48218): J. Gassaway-Johnson, 2000.

CS71.G2534 2000

Gatewood family

Gatewood, Bonita. The 4th Gatewood Family Reunion: 1992, Baltimore, Maryland. Celebrating the Family Heritage Thru the Ties That Bind. [Maryland?: s.n., 1992.] Unpaged, ill.

CS71 .G2594 1992 Geer family

Geer, Manie Taylor. Manie Taylor Geer: Our Guru: March 21, 1904-October 10, 2000. Parsons, WV: McClain Printing Co, 2002.

F264.D9 G44 2002

Genealogy at Woodson Regional Library Center (Chicago, Ill.)

Strong-Eldridge, Thelma. Selected Ethnic Genealogical Sources at Woodson. Chicago: T. Strong-Eldridge, [1994.] 86 p., index.

Z1361 .N39S8 1994 Genealogy--bibliography

A Bibliography of Books on Black Genealogy. Raleigh, N.C. (PO Box 26785, Raleigh, NC 27611-6785): North Carolina Afro-American Genealogical Society, [1987.] 5 leaves.

Z1361 .N39B488 1987 Genealogy--case studies

Thackery, T. Case Studies in Afro-American Genealogy. Chicago: Newberry Library, 1989. 43 p., ill.

E185.96 .T42 1989

19 Genealogy--handbooks

African American Genealogical Sourcebook. 1t ed. New York: Gale Research, 1995. xix, 244 p., bibliographical references, index.

E185.96 .A444 1995 Beasley, Donna. Family Pride: The Complete Guide to Tracing African-American Genealogy. New York, N.Y.: Macmillan USA, 1997. xvi, 192 p., ill., bibliographical references, index.

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