The Essence of Breathtaking Ocean Views and Tropical Rainforests

The Essence of Breathtaking Ocean Views and Tropical Rainforests

The Essence of breathtaking Ocean Views and tropical rainforests

Hotel Cristal Ballena is located in the beautiful and blessed Uvita area in the South Pacific of Costa Rica , where high mountains covered with tropical rainforests meet the beautiful coast of the Marino Ballena National Park . This beautiful area was recently discovered as a tourist destination , and it is an area where pristine nature prevails. The region offers unique attractions , including the famous Ballena National Marine Park , which protects the long coastal strip between Hermosa Beach and Coronado . The park provides a sanctuary for hundreds of terrestrial and marine wildlife species, and the marine sector , which is much larger , is an area famous worldwide for being a sanctuary for humpback whales that come in large numbers from the North Pacific and the South Pacific during almost 10 months of the year . Other attractions for visitors include the Nauyaca Waterfalls, beautiful pristine and unspoiled beaches , extensive jungles and dramatic landscapes , steep and impressive. Staying at Hotel Cristal Ballena summarizes all this and more , is true essence of Uvita and the region known as Costa Ballena .

The Suites

Each of the beautiful and spacious suites are decorated with the best taste . The decoration is based on the use of natural colors and materials that blend perfectly with the exterior and the extensive gardens that can be seen from each of the balconies. Each unit combines luxury , full facilities and services with a warm and casual atmosphere. You will feel 100 % at home. In total, the hotel has 16 spacious suites of 52 square meters, 2 master suites of 94 square meters and a family suite of 94 square meters in size.

One of the biggest attractions is that each unit offers the guests breathtaking views of either the Pacific Ocean or the endless hills , bisques and the surrounding coastal mountain range . The elegant rooms are fully equipped with four-poster beds , air conditioning and fan, satellite TV , wireless internet, telephone , mini - bar, safe, coffee maker and private bathroom with hairdryer.

Gourmet dining in casual atmosphere

Enjoy the best gourmet cuisine in a friendly and casual environment , in a restaurant that takes full advantage of its location, with wide open spaces to enjoy the views and breathe the pure air of nature .

Our resto bar located next to the pool is called Pura Vida , where you can enjoy casual dining , international dishes as well as local delicacies while relaxing beside the pool. Pura Vida is definitely the favorite place even for the more adventurous who will enjoy a refreshing cocktail or a drink after a day full of adventure and adrenaline.

For those who love a good breakfast, at Cristal Ballena we will definitely pamper you. Enjoy the delicious and famous Gallo Pinto , or some eggs prepared " to taste " , fresh fruit, yogurt , homemade bread and other dishes you want.

For lunch , you may sit next to the pool while eating a delicious sandwich , a burger, fresh salads and other light dishes .

For dinner time , we invite you to discover our culinary artworks and taste the most delicious international and local items , as well as fresh seafood and fine cuts of meat. Finish the meal with a dreamy and original dessert, or why not, simply enjoy fine wines.

Discover, explore….

Uvita is a region where first-class accommodation , adventure and ecotourism create a perfect setting for visitors. If you love the sea and water activities , then we invite you to enjoy the whale watching tour , an exciting boat ride where the goal is to view the incredible and majestic humpback whales that come to the area in large numbers during almost 10 months of the year, especially during September and October. Other boat trips also include the 1-day tour to Corcovado National Park , which has been listed as the park with the most intense biological richness and variety of the planet. Scroll through the dense rainforests accompanied by our naturalist guide, who will enrich the trip interpreting and explaining everything you see during the tour. Another fascinating tour is the trip to Cano Island with snorkeling included, This exciting and fun excursion lasts almost 10 hours. This is especially recommended for those who love to explore aquatic and marine wildlife, with abundant fish populations, corals and rocky pinnacles. Caño Island , along with the Murcielago Islands in the North Pacific , has been ranked as the second best place for snorkeling and diving in the country, second only after Cocos Islands . Other half-day tours include kayaking around the Ballena National Marine Park , mangrove kayaking and surf lessons .

For those who are not fans of water sports , we also have abundant and diver land tours, like the horseback trip to the Nauyaca Falls, guided rainforest walks , Ultra Light flights and much more.

Sparkling in the South

Cristal Ballena offers visitors a choice of high-class accommodation with a casual and friendly atmosphere, in one of the most breathtaking natural areas of the country. The complex is conveniently located near several major national parks such as Corcovado, Marino Ballena, Isla del Cano, Manuel Antonio National Park and even Los Quetzales National Park, in the cold and evergreen highlands. We invite you to discover the fascinating region of Costa Ballena and Uvita, an area noted for maintaining the fine balance between tourism and conservation service.