Kaluza-Klein Gravity, Concentrating on the General Rel- Ativity, Rather Than Particle Physics Side of the Subject

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Unification of Gravity and Quantum Theory Adam Daniels Old Dominion University, [email protected]

Old Dominion University ODU Digital Commons Faculty-Sponsored Student Research Electrical & Computer Engineering 2017 Unification of Gravity and

Post-Newtonian Approximation

Post-Newtonian gravity and gravitational-wave astronomy Polarization waveforms in the SSB reference frame Relativistic binary systems Effective one-body


Einstein's Gravitational Field

Einstein’s gravitational field Abstract: There exists some confusion, as evidenced in the literature, regarding the nature the gravitational field in


Principle of Relativity and Inertial Dragging

ThePrincipleofRelativityandInertialDragging By ØyvindG.Grøn OsloUniversityCollege,Departmentofengineering,St.OlavsPl


5D Kaluza-Klein Theories - a Brief Review

5D Kaluza-Klein theories - a brief review Andr´eMorgado Patr´ıcio, no 67898 Departamento de F´ısica, Instituto Superior T´ecnico, Av. Rovisco Pais 1,


Gravity, Orbital Motion, and Relativity

Gravity, Orbital Motion,& Relativity Early Astronomy Early Times • As far as we know, humans have always been interested in the motions of objects in the


Quantum Gravity, Effective Fields and String Theory

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The Riemann Curvature Tensor

The Riemann Curvature Tensor Jennifer Cox May 6, 2019 Project Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Walters Abstract A tensor is a mathematical

PPN Formalism

PPN formalism Hajime SOTANI 01/07/2009 21/06/2013 (minor changes) University of T¨ubingen PPN formalism Hajime Sotani Introduction Up to


Quantum Gravity: a Primer for Philosophers∗

Quantum Gravity: A Primer for Philosophers∗ Dean Rickles ‘Quantum Gravity’ does not denote any existing theory: the field of quantum gravity is very


Gravity Pulls Objects Toward It Without Touching Them

Science Benchmark: 03 : 04 Forces cause changes in the speed or direction of the motion of an object. The greater the force placed on an object, the greater the