Requirements for Cell Projects

Requirements for Cell Projects

Venn Diagram Flipbook

·  Must be at least 8.5” by 11” folded in half

·  All information should be supported by facts

·  Color is optional

·  Name should be written on the back

·  Must have title for entire diagram and a title for each section

·  Must have at least 6 items in each section of the diagram

Crossword Puzzle

·  Must include at least 20 significant words or phrases

·  Develop appropriate clues

·  Include puzzle and answer key

·  Can be created on the computer

·  Name on the back of puzzle and answer key

PowerPoint/ Keynotes Quiz

·  Must include a slide for each structure and one title slide with student’s name

·  Should include no more than one graphic per page and no more than 10 words per page

·  Animations are optional but must not distract from the information being presented.

·  Must include at least one image each taken by a compound light microscope, Transmission Electron Microscope, and a Scanning Electron Microscope.

·  Give credit for images used.

TV Episode

·  Turn in an outline of what is to be covered with your TV episode

·  Covers important information

·  Should have an introduction that includes the Episode title and student producing the episode.

·  Must address the What, Where, Why, and Importance of all three types of cells in our daily lives.

·  Must last at least 5 minutes or as long as it takes to cover the information.

Board Game

·  At least four thematic game pieces

·  At least 20 colored/thematic squares

·  At least 15 questions/activity cards

·  Include a thematic title on the board

·  Include a complete set of rules for playing the game

·  At least the size of an open file folder


·  Pieces must be at least 3” x 3” x 3”

·  Parts of model must be labeled and the functions included. This function should not be more than a single sentence.

·  Must include a title card

·  Name should be written on the back of the title card

·  Include all the organelles and cell components


·  Cover of scrapbook must have a meaningful title and student’s name

·  Must have at least 5 themed pages

·  Each page should have at least one meaningful picture

·  All photos and pictures must have captions

·  Must provide an understanding of the name and functioning of the cell components