This adventure for 4 players tells an episode of . It begins at the time of separation of the Fellowship of the Ring, after the Ambush in Amon Hen, and ends at the fight against .

The players -the-Grey, , and . The Wizard is still in the mines facing the while the other three are escorting the towards , Saruman accompanied by .

In addition to the four heroes, provide figures for non-player characters and creatures: Boromir , Théoden, Eomer, Eowyn, Merry, Pippin, , Saruman, Grima, 9 , 7 Uruk-Hai, 3 and 5 Trolls.

A1 For this scenario, the rules have been changed or This adventure includes 20 cards: added. They are written in red on the Legends cards. A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, K, N, Galadriel, Captives, Merry and Pippin,

Théoden, The Rohirrim, Treebeard, Saruman Fan Legend created by: Fires of (4), Isengard. black dog (yves_bgg) Legend Translate to English by: Dan Carmon (dancarmon)

Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and the four Hobbits are on their way to Mordor. During a stop, Boromir tries to take ring. To escape him, Frodo puts on the ring and, with Sam, leaves the company. At the same time, Uruk-hai arise and, despite the sacrifice of Boromir, kidnap Merry and Pippin.

Implementation - Mix and place the fog pieces on spaces 47 to 63 except for spaces 57 and 61. - Place the Wells on the usual places. Saruman - Place the Orthanc Tower in Isengard, space 71. - Place a Star token on boxes C, F, I and K. - Place 5 random facedown Rune Stones on the Mines of Moria, spaces 69, 70, 81, 82 and 84. - Place the Rohirrim (4 peasant tokens) stacked, peasant face visible, on Edoras, space 72. - Place Eomer on space 9 and Boromir (lying down) on space 57. - Place a on space 33, Orcs on spaces 37 A2 and 66, an Uruk-Hai on space 46 and a on space 61. - Mix the 4 Fire of Isengard cards. Place 3 hidden on boxes C, F and I. Return the last card to the game box. - Set aside 2 crosses, 1 Star piece, 5 Wineskins, 1 Athelas leaf (grass, 4 points), 1 gem and 1 Lembas Bread (parchment).

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The Heroes Each hero starts with 2 Strength points and 7 Willpower points. Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas are both placed on space 57 and Gandalf on space 84. At the beginning of the game, Gimli has a Helmet, Legolas a Telescope and Aragorn an Athelas leaf (3 points). Gandalf has a Falcon token: Gwaihir. Unlike other objects, Gwaihir, the Helmet and the Telescope cannot be given or voluntarily abandoned.

Saruman Gwaihir Once per game, Gandalf can discard Gwaihir and spend 2 hours to go to any other space on the game board. If other heroes (or non-player characters) are on the same space as Gandalf, they can be moved with him without spending additional hours.

Eomer A3 Can be moved instead of a hero for a maximum of 4 space per hour. He added 4 points of strength to a hero he accompanies, but he cannot fight alone. Having been banished by the King, Eomer cannot enter Edoras or to the fortress of Helm (space 0), as King Théoden has not yet been released from the clutches of Saruman.

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Wells When a hero uses a Well, he can choose between 3 Willpower points or 1 Wineskin. Aragorn can choose between 5 Willpower points or 2 Willpower points plus 1 Wineskin.

The Fog Some pawns follow a particular rule: - Creature: These tokens are activated as soon as they are discovered, including when using the Telescope. When a creature is revealed, the Saruman heroes have traced a Hobbits captive. Read the Captives legend card. - 1 or 2 gold: The hero receives 1 or 2 Willpower points. - Witch: This is Galadriel. When it is enabled, read the Galadriel legend card.

The Evil forces Saruman is placed on top of the tower Orthanc. A4 He has 7 Willpower points. Mark it with a Star token. Grima is placed at Edoras. They both never move. Bewitched by Saruman, Théoden will be healed if Grima is eliminated. Grima has 0 Power and 6 Willpower points. In battle, he uses 1 black die.

When Théoden is healed, read Théoden card.

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Moving creatures A creature movement priority: - To Isengard if it holds a captive . - To a space occupied by a Hobbit, if possible. - To a space occupied by the Rohirrim, if possible. - Otherwise, to the fortress of Helm, following the arrows. In the forest of Fangorn (spaces 22-25), creatures do not move.

Saruman If a creature reaches a square occupied by Rohirrim, or is already there at the time to move, one of the Rohirrim is eliminated. If all Rohirrim are eliminated, place the Narrator on box N.

The Combats Defeating a creature always earns Willpower points, never gold. When Gimli wins combat, alone or with other heroes, he receives 1 A5 additional Willpower point. After a victory, all the heroes having participated in combat can exchange 4 Willpower points for 1 Strength point.

When a hero loses all his Willpower points, he may exchanges 1 Strength point for 3 Willpower points. If he loses all his Strength points, he is eliminated.

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The Balrog In Moria, Gandalf may, if desired, combat the Balrog. A victory would make him Gandalf-the- White and give him a black die. He must therefore collect 3 Rune stones of different colors. Picking one stone costs 2 hours.

If the Balrog is defeated, the Narrator advances one box on the Legend Track. Gandalf receives no Willpower point and cannot redeem points against Strength. Gandalf-the-White is Saruman immediately placed on the Durin tower located atop Mount Celebdil, space 83. This space is only adjacent to space 61.

Sunrise Heroes can collectively spend 5 Willpower points to cancel the effects of an Event card.

th A hero who ends his day before the 7 hour A6 gains 1 Willpower point.

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To win the game, you will need to: - Free Merry and Pippin before they are taken to Isengard. - Free Théoden from the clutches of Saruman. - Take at least one of the Rohirrim to the fortress of Helm. - Win the final battle against Saruman.

The game is lost immediately if: - Merry and Pippin are delivered to Saruman. - The fortress of Helm falls. Saruman - All Rohirrim are eliminated. - The Narrator reaches box N before defeating Saruman.

You can now start the game. All players throw one die: The one getting the higher results is the 1st player.

Variant for 3 players: A7 One player takes the character sheets of both Legolas and Gimli. He uses 1 figure on the board and plays once per turn. The two heroes move on horses 2 spaces per hour (except with Rohirrim). The items they carry are placed on the Legolas sheet. A creature being on the same space can be attacked by one or both heroes. If 1 space away, only Legolas can fight.

Reinforcements! Erkenbrand, commander of the western defenses of , comes to the rescue of the fortress with 1000 soldiers.

The heroes eliminate a creature of their choice. The Narrator doesn’t advance on the Legend Track. No hero gains Willpower points nor can exchange Willpower points against Strength points.

Saruman A breach in the walls! Using explosive forces, Saruman succeed drilling a hole in the wall of the fortress of Helm.

All creatures advance 1 space. The order in which they are traveling is the order of the numbers of spaces where the creatures are (lowest number advances 1st).

If the fortress is overrun, place the Narrator on K box N. k

Saruman’s creatures tear down the trees from Fangorn Forest. Day and night they feed the forges on the ground of Isengard.

Place the Star token, which is located on the box occupied by the Narrator, on space 24.

Now place the following creatures: - Orcs on spaces 21 and 26. - Trolls on spaces 22 and 23.

Saruman Saruman gains 1 Willpower point.

Fires of Isengard

Countless creatures rises from the depths of Isengard, ready to launch the final attack.

Place the Star token, which is located on the box occupied by the Narrator, on space 24.

Now place the following creatures: - Orcs on spaces 41 and 43. - An Uruk-Hai on space 42. - A Warg space 67.

Saruman Saruman gains 1 Willpower point.

Fires of Isengard

After the battles of the Fords of Isen, Saruman’s forces are now heading towards the fortress of Helm, determined to complete their victory.

Place the Star token, which is located on the box occupied by the Narrator, on space 24.

Now place the following creatures: - An on Space 50. - Uruk-Hais on spaces 48 and 52. - A Warg on space 51. Saruman Saruman gains 1 Willpower point.

Fires of Isengard

Saruman's forces are ravaging Rohan, burning villages and massacring all the inhabitants who did not have the time to flee.

Place the Star token, which is located on the box occupied by the Narrator, on space 24.

Now place the following creatures: - Orcs on spaces 12 and 15. - An Uruk-Hai on space 32. - A Troll on space 36. Saruman Saruman gains 1 Willpower point.

Fires of Isengard

Treebeard role is to protect the forests of the Middle Earth. Treebeard is the oldest of them. The Ents never take decisions in a hurry…

A hero can, in turn, use an action to try to find (and convince) Treebeard to join the fight against Saruman. In order for him to succeed, he need to roll a 6 using all the dice he is allowed to. A player can make several attempts per turn. Each attempt, successful or not, costs 4 hours, Saruman minus the number of Star pieces already placed on space 24. Gandalf-the-White rolls the purple dice and may use its power. Legolas must roll all of his allowed dice 1 at a time.

Read on if Treebeard agrees to join the fight against Saruman.

Replace the Hobbits and the Star tokens on space 24 by the Treebeard figure. The creatures in the Fangorn Forest can now move normally. Treebeard can be moved instead of a Hero a Treebeard maximum of 1 space per hour. He adds 8 Strength points to a hero he accompanied but he Reveal this card as soon as Merry and cannot fight alone. In addition, it can fight one Pippin meet Treebeard. space away.

The adventure ends successfully if Saruman was defeated before... - Merry and Pippin are delivered to him. - The fortress of Helm is invaded.

The heroes gaze upon the Tower of Orthanc, the sole witness of the power of Isengard is now lying in ruins. Saruman, who found refuge there, do not accept his defeat and refuses to repent. Gandalf then banishes him from the Order of the Magi. Saruman Breaking his stick, he relives him from his

powers, forever.

hands... his on Hobbits two have now he

and Fangorn Forest is only a memory. Above all, all, Above memory. a only is Forest Fangorn and

Helm, which deemed impregnable until now, now, until impregnable deemed which Helm,

of of fortress the destroyed creatures His him: to

with a satisfied air upon the sight that is offered offered is that sight the upon air satisfied a with

N gaze Saruman Orthanc, of Tower the of top On

fell. Helm of fortress The -

killed. were Rohirrim All -

Saruman. to delivered was Hobbit A -

N. box to arrives Narrator

the before Saruman defeat to failed heroes The -

if... badly ends adventure The

Galadriel Replace the fog counter with Galadriel.

The hero who enabled the Galadriel counter gets Lembas bread. When deciding to consume it (free action), the token will be returned. The 8th, 9th and 10th hours of this day will not cost him any Willpower points. When the Hero puts his time marker on the Sunrise Box, the Lembas bread is discarded.

Saruman Galadriel can move instead of a hero a maximum of 1 space per hour. If she reaches space 57, she heals Boromir.

Read on if Boromir is cured.

Boromir Galadriel is removed from the game. The heroes choose between: - Healing Boromir gives hope to the heroes, earning 2 Willpower points each. Remove Boromir from the game. Galadriel - The magic of Galadriel is very powerful. Boromir, with no ill effects, decides to continue Reveal this card as soon as and fight alongside the heroes. Take the figure Galadriel is enabled. of Boromir. He can move instead of a hero a maximum of 1 space per hour. He added 4 Strength points to a hero he accompanies but he cannot fight alone.

Captives When a fog token showing an Orc is unveiled, place an Uruk-Hai and a Hobbit on the space and then move them to Isengard as many spaces as the Narrator has already advanced on the Legend Track (e.g. box A: 0 time, box B: 1 times, box C: 2 times ...).

The Uruk-Hai and their captives always move to the direction of Isengard by the shortest route, and if numerous routes are qualified, to the Saruman space with the smallest number. If they use spaces already occupied by other creatures, they go faster. If a captured Hobbit comes to Isengard, move the Narrator to box N.

To release Merry and Pippin, the creatures must be defeated. The Hobbits do not fight.

Once a Hobbit is released, read the Merry and Pippin legend card.

Captives Reveal this card as soon as you traced one of the Hobbits.

Freed from the influence of Saruman, Théoden orders all Rohirrim to take refuge in the fortress of Helm, considered to be impregnable.

You defeated Grima. You can choose between: - Eliminate: The heroes share 4 Willpower points and can exchange 4 Willpower points against 1 Strength point. Advance the Narrator on the Legend Track. - Let him Return to Saruman: Do not advance the Narrator. Saruman wins 3 Willpower points. Saruman Players then decide if they replace the figure of Grima by that of Théoden by or that of Eowyn: - Théoden: Can move instead of a hero a maximum of 4 spaces per hour. He adds 4 Strength points to a hero he accompanies, but he cannot fight alone. If he enters the fortress of Helm, he accounts as a shield, but can neither be moved nor fight. - Eowyn: Choose one of the heroes present at Edoras. This hero immediately gains 1 Strength point. Place a gem on his record. He will earn 4 additional Willpower points each time it is on Théoden the same space as Eowyn at the end of Sunrise Reveal this card if Phase. Eowyn can move instead of a hero a maximum of 1 space per hour. If she enters the Gandalf frees Théoden. fortress of Helm, she accounts for a shield but cannot be moved.

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Eomer Eomer can now enter Edoras or the fortress of Helm. As Théoden, if he enters the fortress, he counts as a shield, but can neither be moved or fight.

The Rohirrim The Rohirrim do not fight and can only be moved with a hero. Each space costs the hero as many hours as the number of accompanying Rohirrim. It is possible to split the group of Saruman Rohirrim between several heroes to move faster.

The Rohirrim cannot enter a space occupied by a creature.

If a creature reaches a space occupied by Rohirrim or is already there at the time of movement, one of them is eliminated. If all Rohirrim are eliminated, place the Narrator on box N.

Each Rohirrim that reaches the fortress of Helm will turn to shield. The Rohirrim

Merry and Pippin The Hobbits can be moved instead of a hero a maximum of 1 space per hour. If they are both on the same space, they can move together without additional cost. They cannot enter a space occupied by a creature or by an unrevealed Fog token.

If a creature enters a space containing a Hobbit (or both), is immediately captured, even if a hero accompanies it. If another creature Saruman already held the Hobbits, the new creature is hunting it (taking control on the captives), if it is stronger (an Uruk-Hai an Orc, a Warg hunting an Uruk, a Troll hunting a Warg ...). Otherwise, it continues its path along the arrow. A hunted creature moves along the arrows until the first free space.

Hobbits never fight.

Merry and Pippin can get to the heart of the Fangorn forest to seek the help of Treebeard. Merry and Pippin If Merry and Pippin reach space 24, see the Reveal this card as soon as Treebeard legend card. The Hobbits are revealed.

The heroes lay siege on the fortress of Isengard, cutting off Saruman.

The final battle Saruman uses the black dice: 2 dice if it has at least 7 Willpower points, 1 die if he has less than 7. Identical dice adds up.

It has 30 Strength points plus those provided by his creatures still on the board (except spaces 0 and 80) at the time of the fight: 1 Strength point Saruman for each Orc, 2 points for every Uruk, 3 points for each Warg and 4 points for each Troll.

When the fight lasts more than one day, the Strength points Saruman have are recalculated if new creatures appear or some penetrate the fortress of Helm during the phase of sunrise. Similarly, Saruman’s Willpower points can be affected by the drawn event card.

When the fight ends, move the Narrator to box N on the Legend Track. Isengard Reveal this card as soon as the final battle against Saruman begins. Orcs have poisoned the wells Disturbing black smoke The Voice of Saruman

In the bowels of Isengard, the servants of Saruman tries to use the power of his voice. Remove all wells in the game. Saruman generate bloodthirsty creatures. The heroes who have fewer Willpower points Saruman gains 1 Willpower. Place a Troll on Isengard, box 71. than him lose 1 point.

Saruman gains 1 Willpower. Saruman wins the same amount of Willpower

points as the heroes lose.

Darkness lies Siege engines Harassment

- If the heroes are all in the Sunrise box, place a cross Place an Uruk-Hai on space 6 and mark it with a All the heroes located on the same space that of on the first hour on the time track. The next day will Star token. This creature will never move. If a creature, or an adjacent square to it, lose 1 only count 9 hours. space 6 is already occupied by a creature, move Willpower point. - If at least one hero has already risen, place a cross this creature to Edoras. Saruman wins the same amount of Willpower near the 8 hour box. From now until the end of turn, points as the heroes lose. boxes 8, 9 and 10 will cost 3 Willpower points.

The evil forces are gaining ground The Dunlendings Saruman gathers his troops

All Orcs on the spaces numbered between 16 The Uruk-Hai located in the space with the Enjoying the ancient rivalry between the and 36 advance 1 space in the direction of the smallest number between 1 and 50 advance one Rohirrim and Dunlendings, Saruman joins arrow. space in the direction of the arrow. the men of the Dun country to his cause. If none of these spaces have Orcs, If none of these spaces have an Uruk-Hai,

Saruman gains 1 Willpower point. Saruman gains 1 Willpower. Saruman gains 2 Willpower.

A short rest Old Toby pipe-weed The Palantir

Around the fire, the heroes relax by All the heroes (except Gandalf-the-White) smoking the best weed in Middle-Earth: Saruman uses the Palantir believing he located near a river, Edoras or in the The one that is produced in . can abuse . He is mistaken. Helm Fortress, gain a Wineskin.

All heroes earn 2 Willpower points. Saruman loses 1 Willpower point.

Shadowfax Athelas leaf Eomer

If Théoden is already healed, one hero gets

Shadowfax. At any time in the game, he can Only the Rangers still know the virtues of Unless he is located in Edoras, you can discard this card to make him move 5 spaces for This medicinal plant. immediately move Eomer to a same a cost of 1 hour. This displacement cannot be space containing a hero without spending used wit h Rohirrim or move a non-player Aragorn obtains the Grass token with the character. value of 4. hours.

The presents of Galadriel Bridge Gamling

Gamling is an old soldier in charge of the defense of Heroes can destroy one of the 3 bridges. Place a Helm's Deep. cross on it. The first creature that will have to If Galadriel has been revealed and it is The creature on the space with the smallest number pass it will not move but instead rebuild the still on the board, all heroes earn 1 between 1 and 11 goes back in the opposite direction bridge. Strength point. of the arrow to the first free space encountered. If As the bridge is destroyed, the hero cannot pass there is no arrow or if no creature is on these spaces, it. nothing happens.