Go to the AP European History part of the website (http://mrdivis.yolasite.com/). On the right- hand side under “Nationalism,” click on “Realism Art PPT”. This is a slideshow of some of the most well-known artists and from the Realist era. To answer the follow questions, scroll through the slides.

1. How was the work of the Realists different than the Neo-Classical era before it?

2. What was the purpose of what the Realist painters work and what they were trying to get across?

3. Name 3 Realist painters of this era.

4. Millet’s is widely regarding as one of the most symbolic of the Realist paintings. In your opinion, what is it about this work that stands out so much? What does it portray?

5. What would the caption be for Daumier’s The Third-Class Carriage?

6. Describe who the people in Daumier’s Burden or The Beggars reflected in society at the time? What was he trying to say by these scenes?

7. What statement was Courbet making by not accepting the Legion of Honor award and by refusing to sell one of his paintings to Napoleon III?

8. What does it say about Courbet that he painted a of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, a self-described anarchist?

9. Describe what Courbet’s The Stonebreakers shows about society.

10. Name 3 French Realist authors.

11. In your opinion, what makes Flaubert’s Madame Bovary a in the Realist era?

12. What was the common thread in the following Russian works: Gogol’s Dead Souls and Chekhov’s The Island of Sakhalin?

13. What was Tolstoy’s War and Peace about?

14. How and why did Tolstoy’s work and ideas influence social, political, and religious changes?

15. In your opinion, what was Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment saying about life and society in in the ?

16. What is the general theme of the work of ?